Super Z (2021) - full transcript

The adventures of a family of genetically modified super-zombies. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Once upon a time,

lost in the woods,

a sinister laboratory
called “the purgatory”.

In this forbidden place,

owned by a merciless CEO,

a mad scientist believes
he is a genius,

and tests new viruses
on guinea pigs.

After many genetic experiments,

both sadistic humans

develop a sort of evil creature.

That is how,
through pain and screams,

that four little zombies are born.

But this hellish CEO,

wishes to increase his turnover,

seeks to innovate, and to give
them personality.

Hi beauty!

Here, it should be
an explosive combination!

Who's that for?

It's for you!

Be proud, you'll serve science.

There you go!

Where's mum eh?

Oh yes mum is there!

That one's hot!
Naughty girl!

Wanna see it pervert dog?

What the hell?

Got a problem dickhead? Eh?

Jerk me off for a change bastard!

Don't be afraid!

Hey come back!

Let us go fucking humans!



Come here bastard!


What's that?

They talk now?

We can't predict all secondary effects!

Seriously Germain?

So that they now operate as a family.

What the fuck did you do?

They're crap as hell!

What's that bunch of degenerates?

Degenerate yourself old cunt!


Pile of shit!

Small dick!

I innovated sir, as you asked me.

Test their immortality.

With pleasure sir!

It's not worth it, I assure you...


Fucking human shits!

A huge step for science, isn't it?

Isn't it?

What do you think I fucking care?

I don't give a fuck about
the Nobel Prize!

Your innovation is not bad,
but you must discipline them!


Make at least sure they're polite.

That language is intolerable!

Get fucked mafiosi!

A son!

Make me one, I want a son loser!

We'll see later, behave!

Screw you wretched maggot!

I'll skin you alive you're dead!

You won't do anything at all.

When I'm done with you...

You'll be entirely our slave.

You think you can control everything?

Almost little man, almost,

you know... science!

We'll see!

I warned you whore!

I told you I'd skin you!

G'night old man!


Gertre help!


Help me!


Don't worry my darlings.


Gertre, at last!

They're able to operate
like you and me!

Ah yes!

Your Middle-Eastern friend
will be delighted!

Sure, see you soon Nicolas!

Come Stephana!

Come quick!

Forward march!

Follow me Georgette!

Come on Marcelline!

Quick my love.

I'd like to see you in heels!

You're alright girls?

Yes dad.

I'm fed up sweet Gertre…

- Where are we going?
- Shut up!

Hurry up!


So good! You like that big sweetheart?

Swallow my cock like it's 68!

Having fun, human?

Dinner's ready darlings!

What's up sweetheart?

Stop sucking dummy!


Wow wow the fucking hell
is going on here?


Yo-yo yeah, my name's Yvon, yo-yo.

'Sup parents, what the fuck?

Nice style!

Sexy wig!


Come back kiddo!

There're bums in the house!

Come back my little brat!


I lost him!


Come on here kiddo!

I was kidding kiddo!

Don't stay in the woods alone!

Damned he must be terrified.
Come in girls!

I was about to play mother.

We'll find a new one
promised my love.

C'mon finish your dinner.
Hop to it!

We're dealing with that sir.

They were delicious!

Not very fresh though!

For the road!

My love, my feet hurt.
I don't want to walk anymore!

Come on!

Ladies first!

Let's go!

Stop heckling!

I can't do my make-up!

How will you start that
my sweet Gertre?

I love you!

Oh my god, he comes again!

He wonderfully turned look at him!

You're so cute my lil' Zombinou!

Ok! Cry, there now, don't worry!

Let it go, cry, that's it!

You're feeling better?

What a beautiful male!

More balls in the family!

Let's adopt him Stephana!

My darlings?

What about a younger bro?

They're nice eh?

So? What's your pet name
my lil' Zombinou?

Yvon? It was my grandma's name,
you know?

How ugly, poor lad!


You're ok dickhead?

Cut it out girls!

Enough now!

He's traumatised now!

My poor little guy!

Enough! Let's go!

Ok my love.
Let's go my Zombinou.

There we are. The whole team.

Do you like your new family?

You're comfortable my Zombinou?

Stop Georgette, enough!

He's a bit different,
don't you think my love?

It's the second generation.

Let's go!

I'm not used to that anymore.
How do you use it again?

- Start it up!
- Don't stress me out!

Eating fresh meat prevents
against rotting!

Our brain's not dead,
yet we're zombies!

If a human passes by,
it'll be crunched.

Let's sing the glory
of zombies' freedom.

Of their freedom!

- I love you my love!
- Me too babe!

- You're hot!
- Take me off big dope!

You have them?

No, and residents gave them dessert.


What do I do sir?

Leave no trace.

Sort this annoyance as soon as possible.

And go back on the hunt,
for god's sake!

Good, sir!


Motherfucker, you pain in the ass!

Fucking efficient Smurfs!

Both of you: clean that for me!

You're so lovely!

You really think?

- Are they asleep?
- Yes.

Fancy a quickie?

Not the right time, dear.
Be more romantic and we'll see.

It's cute here, eh love?

Yes, it's wild.

If you want a special cuddle,
find a cozy place!

Let's look for a nest over there.

Hidden in nature, we'll be well.


At last!

I'm here, let me see!

There it is dad!

- Well hidden!
- This way!



Nobody will seek us here,
eh sweet Gertre?

It's perfect!

- I'm excited!
- Hey, have some respect!

A home at last!

- How charming!
- Yes.

I can decorate and all!

- We have a home at last!
- Yes.

Needs refurbishing
to honour our lovemaking.

I imagine you fucking me
everywhere during parties.

They'll never come get us here.

It's the perfect spot.

I want… Let's fuck?

Let's strengthen the bed first.

My cap, give it back!

Debrief, brats, I've work for you!

Living with sweet Gertre.

Where the fuck are the Smurfs?

It's okay not to get hard.

When I think about humans
I can't have a boner.

They must pay for what
they've done to us.

I want to see all of them dead!

I'm with you.

- I love you.
- Me too beauty.

Never forget fresh meat my love.


You can rely on me Stephana.

You're crap!


The opposite of gifted, if you like.

Seeing how much I pay you,

I'm sorry sir.


You're a bird shit!
With your fucking gipsy face!

Is he fucking serious?

How's he talking to me?

Who the fuck does he think I am?

He doesn't know who I am!

I'm a thug!

What's his problem?

How you talking to me?

I'll fuck you over!

Wanna see my balls or what?

Want to know the cost for this trash?

I can guess sir.

Sure, I guess that it is impossible

to find their location now, isn't it?

But, sir...

That's it, moron.

They can be anywhere
and you know it.

You gifted them with an intelligence
that allows them to...

What? I am responsible now?


Your drunken gang were
meant to look after them!


By the way, all of this happened
because of your incompetence!

Since you didn't find them,
you're immediately back

to your rubbish trailer.

Yeah, I'm not quite getting it...

What is he trying to say?

You're insulting my family, right?

After all I did for you?

Be fucking thankful!

I won't be pushed around!

C'mon be bold let's go!

But, sir...

Go home, less of you!

- But, sir...
- God's sake!

Shut up cunt!

Get lost!

Bloody idiot!


Sit down baby.

You're lucky, mum used to be
a hairdresser.

We should improve that.

Eh babe?
I'll take care of you.

God that's ugly!
Let's have a trendy cut.

Let's not mess it up!

We'll give you a nice cut darling!

The inspiration grows… voila!

C'mon don't move!

Voila! Beautiful!

I outdid myself!
Don't you think?

C'mon you're beautiful.
You'll be a real catch!

I'm proud of myself!

Come wash the dishes!

Useless, bullshit!


Fuck, it's burning!

Voila. C'mon.

Dinner's ready.

It's delicious my love!

Thanks, some dead's gravy?

Yes, please!

More, it's gorgeous!

Do you want some too?

Cheers my Georgette.

Not to forget the main!

Look at that!

Two beautiful foetuses!

She was pregnant, it's mating season!

Help yourselves!

They're chubby naughty girl!

What a feast!

Do you know how to eat that, children?

You suck from the hole, that's it!

Here babe!

No cap at the dinner table!


Ravishing haircut bro!

With your rotten breath!

You're the hanger-on!

- You look as dumb as a human.
- You stink!

You're different.
You stink like a human!

- Bitch, trash!
- Rot!

Bastard! You have no balls!

Well said sis!
Death to the bastard!

Enough girls!

It's very lovely I did it.

Shut the fuck up tarts!

Bloody bastard!
What the fuck you're saying?

Enough stop it now!
Understood? Eh?

Can't we eat in peace in this house?

Thanks my love.


Come on!

Let's raise a toast...

To our victory!

And death to humans!

Death to humans!

Glory to zombies!

Glory to zombies!

It's also thanks to our daughters eh!

They made their father proud!

Thanks dad!

We made the humans run away.

Good girls, I'm proud of you.

My Zombinou why are you crying?

I want to hunt too mam!

It's no big deal my baby,
it'll happen one day my love!

You're too young my darling!

Here my sweetheart.

With that you'll become
a big zombie!

- It's for me?
- Yes my love!

- Thanks pa! Thanks mam!
- Pleasure.

He didn't even hunt!

It's unfair!

Cut it out girls!

That's enough now!

Your cooking was really
delicious my love!

Thanks sweetheart!

Wanna see it?

Oh my love! Oh fuck!

Oh yes-yes!

- It's big!
- You're tight!

So who's the boss?

- Bend down naughty girl!
- Oh my god!

Oh I love it!

You like getting fucked bitch?

Pull my hair!

I'm your thing!
You're so hard!

Put this one on!

Screw me, screw me!

Big dope!

Lick my anus!

Oh yes!
So you like it?

My love you fucked me so hard!

- I am so happy with you.
- Me too Stephana.

But you deserve more than
this pitiful existence.

We'll take our revenge soon!

Revolt is coming I promise you!

Calm down my love.

I like our peaceful little life.


Zombies deserve more than
this wretched fate!

And you! You!

- I want to give you the whole world.
- Oh my sweetheart...

Look at that.

It's my promise my beauty!

Oh my dear Gertre!

You'll be my dear zombie queen!

Trust me!

I'll find a solution to avenge us.

Until a solution is found...

I'd like you to take care of me.

- Naughty girl!
- Come on my love!

Oh yes, yes, keep going!

- You like that?
- Ah yes!

Oh my love!

It's a shame you don't
have bigger breasts!

You lout!

Now what Stephana?

You piss me off!

I was saying it just like that.

Make up you mind with your ring,
you like me as I am or not?

Recognize that...

I know I'm flat
it isn't easy for me!

Excuse me it's fine.

Shut up and jerk off asshole!

- You leave me like that?
- Fuck off!



You should be ashamed you asshole!

Forward my darlings!

Let's go hunting!

Yes dad!


Where is my Zombinou?


My Zombinou?


But where is he?

My Zombinou?

Some day my prince will come,

some day he'll make me cum.


Augustine where are you?

Soup is ready gosh almighty!

I'm here pa!


What are you doing
all naked in water?

But I'm bathing!

Soup is ready gosh almighty!

But I'm comfy here gosh!

You're shameless.
Gosh what a bitch!

You're like your poor ma!

Come on! Put your clothes back on
and come home to us! Chop chop!


That turns you on eh?

Dipping your ass in water?

C'mon hurry up slacker!

What came over you about bathing?

You're in heat or wha'?

You turning on the beasts, ain't ya?

You're a big nympho!

C'mon hurry up to supper!

Gosh almighty!

C'mon shake a leg!

You're only a floozy!

C'mon, hurry up.


Augustine where are you?

To supper gosh almighty!

I'm coming!

Hey will you let me change
clothes or wha'?

Goodness my Zombinou?

Where did you dawdle?

I was worrying!

Why are you dirty?

And also what's that?
My mincer!

Never hunt alone!

It's too dangerous,
you understand?

You understand?

What's going on with you?


I won't tell your father.

But don't do that again ok?

Come on!

Let's have a bath, you're gross!


That's hardcore cousin!

Yeah, there I admit that…
fuck yeah!


- We'll drink to this.
- Yeah.

Let's have a drink!

Taste this!


Times are difficult cousin.

Honestly I can't complain cousin.

Fuck he fired me!

I know cousin they're all
fuckers anyway!

They're all fuckers!

Never mind!

But I liked my job!

Look what I'm reduced to!

Doing retail like that!


You aren't gonna bawl!

C'mon have a wee drink!

Careful with alcohol, not too much!

C'mon cheers!

Fuck, how am I going to
feed the chick now?

And my nine kids?

He fired me like a shit the fucker!

You're a bird shit!



Shut up!


Get lost!

Bloody idiot!

Ah there you are!

Morning my darlings bon appetit!

Morning daddy.

I'll find a way to screw them.

My love it's ready!

A little treat.

No Stephana I'm not hungry.

- A little finger?
- Oh yes.

- Thanks mum.
- You're welcome my sweetie.

Eat girls.

- Build up your strength.
- Yes dad.

Paws off Marcelline!

Yvon is not up.

Stop coddling him!

A little bollock!
That's what's good!

Two bollocks!

Where is it?

Give it back!

Stop now or you'll wake up Yvon!

Keep your energy for the humans.

Much trouble about so little!

Stop will you!

C'mon enough I must find a solution.

You believe in me Stephana?

Yes my love.

Come on let's go.

Let's go!

Come on! A little dead's gravy.

Come on!

Let's go!

Breakfast my baby.
Come on up!

My Zombinou?


He'll drive me crazy!


My lovely little scamp.

He's soft and sweet.

So soft, so sweet.

My little scamp.

Hold on dude...

Who're you spying
on me like that?

It's me sweetheart, Yvon,
your humble and ardent admirer.

I don't get what that poor
dude below is saying!

Poor dude?

C'mon show up, don't you worry!

Let's have no haste sweet lady,

I don't know how you will
interpret my appearance.

No worries I'm no racist y'know,
I'm Augustine...

You're shy eh?

I know this my beloved,
pardon me.

But before you I can
now speak freely.

They call me Yvon!

- Yvon, y'say?
- Yes.

But who are you?

You're a rapper?

I've some experience in this job!

I personally like rappers,
they're rebels!

Yo, yo.

Do a rap there dude,
c'mon yo-yo!

Yo-yo Augustine!

I show myself to you cous-cous!

Sure you won't freak out cousin?

About my di-dick!




You turn me on loads eh!

I'm all over the place now!


Gosh almighty here's the dad!


Dash off dude we'll meet shortly!

But my sweetie...

Dash off the bastard is
quick to lash out!

Augustine, to supper gosh almighty!

Cook in casseroles
and boil the ham!

Mix with girolles
and enjoy the human.

Next, sauté the eyes...

In the broth!
C'mon! Take a dip!

Add afterwards the dead's gravy!

Taste matters!

There you are,
aren't you ashamed?

You'd sworn never to do it again!

I'm doing all the fucking job!

Sorry but c'mon…

Cut it out!

C'mon set the table they'll be back soon!
Chop chop!

You bastard!

You're kidding me!

What a feast!
Sublime, what a crunch!

Bollocks popping under the tooth!
Well done my dears!

I'm blushing sweetheart!

- Dad did you like the seasoning?
- Delicious.

I'm proud of you!

That gave me strength. All together!
Death to humans!

Death to humans!


Sweet Gertre?

You're still there?

What's there for me then?

Let's see that.

What a beautiful blonde!
Looks are those boobs!

They're magnificent!

Not a wrinkle, what firmness!

Either a I or M cup!


You're so hot!

I know someone
who'll be delighted.

It'll drive him mad to suck this pair!


I'm hot and super wet!


They suit me well, it's delightful.


Wait what's that you whore?

That's silicone everywhere!

That's a scam bitch!

You'll pay for it!

So what losers?

Who's the boss?

It's me!

It's Sancho!

It's fucking me!


Whose's the biggest eh?

Whose's the biggest?

Mine! Mine's the biggest!

Fuck, what the fuck is going on?

Aren't you done fucking up
my forest asshole?

Having fun?

What's that shit?

It's me!

No girls, leave him to me!

Let him go!

We bring you along,
son of a bitch!

Hurry up!

- Hurry up!
- No let's draw out the pleasure!




D'you like your little slut?

They're magnificent!

An artist's job Stephana!
Marvellous, how d'you do?

Touch, touch...

Wanna suck?

C'mon take me whole scoundrel!

I love that!

- Slut!
- Yes fill me!

Bang me deep!

- Take it all!
- It's huge go on!

Now's the time,

of blowjobs in the fields.

Of gentle zombies,

yes it's a true paradise!

C'mon girls, in unison
with uncle Sancho!

Now's the time,

of blowjobs in the fields.

Of gentle zombies,

yes it's a paradise!


Yvon! Set the table
we're dead hungry here!

Having a drink is pleasant!

Having a drink is good!

But don't wank under the table!

Having a drink is sweet!

My sweet Gertre!

My Stephana!

- I love you!
- Me too.

- It was fantastic my love.
- Yes so good.

- By the way, I wondered...
- Yes?

Y'know the revolt,
humans and all that…

You found a solution?

Not yet but looking for
a solution, I swear.

Trust me you'll be
my dear zombie queen.

Yeah, yet you already
said that sweetheart...

You're being harsh there beauty!

I obsess and think
about it everyday!

I don't want to put you in danger
we've to be careful understood?

Yes perhaps so...

But if you wanna do something…
good for me.

Yes tell me?

Look after the youngest more.

I'm worried about him.

Why? What has he done?

He's not flourishing at home.
I feel he's unhappy...

I'm worried he'll do
silly things sweetheart.

Ssh… no, calm down!

But I'm so worried!

He should also get on
better with his sisters.

Yeah, it'd hardly be luxury!

What a good idea! Yeah!
But yeah!

What about...
A good hunt?

Hunting together as a family!

Oh yes my love that'd be great!

I love you!

Oh cousin?


You're shitting or what?

Oh cousin?

Shit, what the fuck?

My love I'm bored shitless!

Be patient my dear.

Hey pa!

Here are our preys!

Ready pa!


Good stuff!

You've got nothing floozy!

You're gross!

Look at mine!
They're bigger!

What else do you have?


Cheers my sweeties!

Aren't we good?

Yo-yo my bonita
hey you're there?

Yvon? It's you?

Yes! Yo my putana!

Hola my lad!

Careful what you say god sake!

Since when are we so buddy-buddy?

Sweetie, you're so… divine!

Your burps are exciting!

Good! But keep your cock
in your panties!

I actually like when
you chat like that!

I've a present for you sweetie!

Oh lord!

I'm moved, thanks dude!

It's very sexy on me!


Very form-hugging on me!

I'll be a turn-on!

You're happy?

For sure!

Gosh almighty!

Naughty boy, eh?

Oh yes, naughty-naughty.

Gosh almighty-almighty gosh!

Y'know what?

You deserve a reward!

Let's meet tomorrow beauty!

Let's see whether you behave!

And I'll give you a naughty treat!

Sweet lady, what honour!
What fervour!

Still don't wanna show up?

Gosh almighty!

Who're you talking to
dirty bitch?

Nobody dad.

I told you not to take my beers!

Gosh you bitch!

You're like your poor mother!

C'mon! Make food!

You drunk.

What's that?

Fuck, it stinks like shit!

I'm fed up with your promises!

Oh I swear...

What a mess this family is!

I asked you to watch him!

Didn't see him leave sorry.

You're selfish!
I can't rely on you!

But I was stoned!

You're irresponsible!

He swore not to do it again!
Why he did that to me?

Why you didn't tell me
he keeps running away?

What would you have done?

You hunt that's all!
You're a useless boor!

Look at everything I do for you!
You don't give a fuck!

You're unfair it's not true.

Yes it is!

You only care about eating and hunting
and fuck me and whenever you want!

Get off me!

Stephana calm down!

My love I beg you forgive me!

- I was meant to be your zombie queen!
- You are!

Really? I'm the family maid!

I cook, I wash, I clean!

I'm in lockdown here all the time!

- I promise you that…
- Don't promise anything!

I hate you!

No don't go!
I'm begging you! Stephana!

I hate you sexist pig!

Fucking shitty family!

Ha love...

What a bastard!

What a fucking asshole!

Sweet Gertre my fucking ass!

Fucking garbage!

I'll avenge you cousin!

I want to get back into the job.


I also need my men.

I'll send them over with equipment.

You are the best.

Congrats again my dear friend!

Thanks sir.

Fucking gypsy idiot!

Fucking asshole!

It's hot, hot, hot, hot!

Jacquot's boiling!

Tonight at Jacquot's,
let's stuff our nose!

It's hot!

C'mon Jacquot!

It's hot!


My god!

It's my promise my beauty!

Oh my dear Gertre!

- The kid got home.
- Leave me alone!

C'mon don't cry!

It hurts me to see
you like that.


Please Stephana listen...

Listen to me.

Forgive me.

I'm sorry.

So sorry.

- Oh my love!
- My sweet love!

Don't cry my love
I swear I'll change!

I like your fishy smell!

My little shrimp!

You know I want
what's good for you!

I love you Stephana!

Me too!

It's their fault damned humans!

We wouldn't be in this mess
if not for their bloody experiments!

I know.

But we'd need an entire army
to finally be done with them!


- What?
- But of course!

This is the solution Stephana!


Hurry up!

Plotting a trick my darlings, no?


Open it wide uncle!

This'll get you high!

Thanks my darlings.

It'll give me good memories!

Stop! C'mon now Marcelline!
We agreed not to! Put it in!


One last for the bastard!

Stir, stir, stir, stir...

Kids! Family meeting!
Come on here!

C'mon, debrief!

Daddy has important news
so listen, enough!

Well, my darlings.

The time for revolt arrived!

We, zombies,

will finally take our place
in this world!

They despised us!

They tormented us!

- They tortured us!
- Yeah, bastards!

- They'll pay for it!
- Yeah!

I have the solution!

Their water reserve!

It's the weak point.

We'll contaminate it.

We will make Man in our image!

That said, bon appetit kids!

Honor your mum!

Taste that!

Oh it smells nice!

My love you surpassed yourself!

This is for me!


Don't play with food!


I love that!

Come on!

- C'mon here bitch!
- Oh yes fuck me!

Death to humans, yeah!

Let's go children of the fatherland,

the day of glory has arrived!

Revolution! Come on!

Augustine-tine, dick.

I'll show you my big di-dick.


I'll give you my big di-dick, dick, dick.

Augustine-tine, dick.

Sweet Augustine...

Let's at last consummate
the burning love that grips us!

What's that mess?

It's me sweetheart, Yvon!

I'm not afraid to leave
the darkness and open up to you!

Yvon? God almighty my love!

You made up your mind?

Here sweetie!

Come here naughty boy.

I'm horny now!

Funny smell that!

My love, at last!

What d'you prefer?

Wait for it!

You poet!

I'd really like to fuck her,
gosh almighty!

She's got nice teeth!
Pretty necklace for my cock!

After all she's of age!

Gosh almighty, what the fuck?

Fucking bitch! Augustine!

You show your pussy to anybody?

Cool! Breakfast in bed!

Shut the fuck up gypsy!

Son of bitch, you soiled my kid!

And you, you will get punished!

Gosh almighty!

Don't you dare touch my female
miserable human!

Kick the shit out of him my love!



Follow me!

Get the fuck away you muck!

Fucking bitch!

C'mon go!



Gertre fuck wake up!

Fucking motherfuckers!

Run with the kids
I'll slow them down!

Quick move forward!

I'm gonna destroy you!

- Where's your brother?
- Dunno!

He cleared off!

Quick, quick, quick! Ouch!
Damned they got me!

Fuck! I'm too old for this shit!

Stop messing around guys!

Stop it tickles!

Careful with my dress!

Oh the prick!

I'm coming girls!

We got him Mum!

Well done darlings!


1 - 0!

To your right Gertre!

I'll make you eat
your own balls bitches!

Go zombies!


Feels fucking great!

I'll show them my balls!

C'mon let's go!





Follow me darling!

Zombie bastards!

I'll fuck you...


Down, fucking bitches!

What do you want to do?

Accomplish my father's plan!

I won't disappoint him!

2 - 0!


Turn over you trash!

You killed my cousin
you fucking rot!


On your knees!

Lie down!

Oh it fucking sucks here!

Every zombie for himself!

Back to the kennel fucking dog!

Fucking bastard!

Must be it!


Hands together!

I find this so romantic!

Hi, hi it's Regis!

It's summer it's hot it's
sunny vacation time

in our beautiful countryside!

All the kids are getting
laid in haystacks!

It's gonna get hot down there!

And to start off well here is
our summer's hit! Yeah!

You're ok darling?

Wanna see it you perv?

They'd be proud of you my love!

It's a new day!

No my dear, it's a new world!

Everything's gonna change!

You met me at a strange
moment of my existence!

You really think
it's going to work out?

Let's try it out, you know
science these days...

everything is possible!

In a sense,
that's what scares me!

Don't worry, we'll find a way
to bring her back!

Well, dear friend, congrats!