Super Turnt (2022) - full transcript

Libaraiers "Rilla" Stanford, a highly feared street lord and rapper has just been released from prison and finds that his immediate world has changed, but the dangers of the streets remain the same. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
What's going on, no!

No, no!

Let me go, please.



Oh my god no!


Please, please!

What's going on?

What's going on?

No, no, no!

No, no, not my baby!

My god, no!

Oh Lord, no!

No, no!

God! No!

Jesus, help me please!

Oh my god, please help my baby, Lord!

Oh God!

From Rikers to Atlanta.

It's all the same.

I spent
five years in Rikers Island.

Today I'm being transferred
in a County Jail

in Atlanta, Georgia

to be released.

So I thought it was cool

until I ran into the man
that killed my brother.

And that shit came right back.

Move it, inmate.

Say, bro.

Who the fuck is this nigga?

Blood on my hands is his brother's.

What's up, homie?

They call me Rilla.

I know who you is, big dog.

Just call me E.

That your little man?


Little soccer player, man.

Shit, can't wait to get home to him.

Prison's fucked up, big dog.

My kids not come to see
me a long time ago, man.

You gotta get up outta here, man

so you can get him straight.

So he don't end up like me,
you know what I'm saying?

You keep you and him

away from whatever got you here.


♪ I been hood raised since I was 19 ♪

♪ South side, white rays ♪

♪ El Pinas on that white thang ♪

♪ Cornstarch, light dreams ♪

♪ I've been hood raised since I was 19 ♪

♪ South side, white rays ♪

♪ El Pinas on that white thang ♪

♪ Cornstarch, light dreams ♪

♪ Draw my table nip when I was 19 ♪

Do you know him?

Yeah, that's Cortney.

He work at Turnt?

Shit, I don't know, I guess.

Is that your baby daddy?

Fuck no.

You know I like street niggas.

He was his manager.

What's wrong?

What is it?

Look, if we gonna be together,

I need to know your son.

Every time I bring it
up, you shut it down.

It can't be that bad.

♪ I been hood raised since I was 19 ♪

♪ South side ♪

♪ El Pinas on that white thang ♪

♪ Corn starch, light dreams ♪

♪ Had a gold roley fore I was 22 ♪

♪ Fucking bad bitches to a city view ♪

♪ Baby blue rig on the prowl thing ♪

♪ Up and down the shore
for the whole day ♪

♪ Right amount of paces nigga ♪

♪ Had to get some paper yo ♪

♪ Fly fat nigga bend the
corners with some flavor ♪

♪ In the all black Benz ♪


That's not gonna work.

Look, y'all gotta follow protocol

just like everybody else.

Just reach out to the publicist.

Look, I gotta go, I gotta take this.

Call you right back.

What up though?

What's up, man?

Listen, I need your help.

What you need?

Rilla's about to get out of jail

and I wanna blow his ass up.

Blow him up?

What you talking about, Turnt?

Yup, Turnt.

Look, Rita, I ain't as cool with Rilla

as I used to be.


Thought you was like brothers.

Plus you the reason he's
as big as he is now!

Yeah but, I mean I've already been here

with him before.

Look, fuck all that, all right?

Listen, all I need is a stage

and your stamp of approval

and the bag is gonna follow.


You're gonna have to talk to Mr. Denver.

I'll call you tomorrow.

Ain't no need.

Coz we gonna be there tomorrow!

We have a developing
story out of East Atlanta.

Future rap star Rilla has
been shot multiple times

at the popular Turnt studios.

Somehow he survived the attack

only to be arrested hours later.

Now we go to Bill who is on location.

This is a very sad and unfortunate story

because his brother wasn't so lucky.

He too was gunned down earlier this year

and was on the verge of
becoming a rap superstar.

Yes, this is very sad indeed, Bill.

And it raises a very serious question.

Why is rap music so dangerous?

♪ No more showing up
late, no more bullshit ♪

♪ No more drama, no more excuses ♪

♪ If you fell, ain't no
running to the block boy ♪

♪ They gonna look in your eye ♪

♪ Like this you shot boy ♪

♪ This your shot, this your
shot, this your shot, boy ♪

♪ So don't lose it, you
choose what you got boy ♪

♪ You choose what you got boy ♪

♪ 'Cause this is your shot boy ♪

♪ Take a sip of this water ♪

♪ Flip me a quarter ♪

♪ Now I'm hood obligated ♪

♪ So I gotta hit quarters ♪

♪ I'll settle for less ♪

♪ I gotta provide for my daughter ♪

♪ Put it all on the line ♪

What up?


This Russ.

Bank hit.

Okay, okay.

How'd you like y'all accommodations?

Everything good, I'm good.

Which one of them niggas
running the compound?

Joe right now.

But I think he out tomorrow.

So I think it's gonna
be one of them niggas.

Battle rappers?

Yup, yup.

Think the nigga snitched
on his self on a song

or something like that.

But look.


You know these niggas know
you gonna be out next week.

And your rank.

They're gonna protect Marcus.

Fuck but none of that, you feel me?

Nice to know.

I'ma have to kill that nigga.

Oh, big fella a problem?

Say less.

Fully loaded ENT.

Fuck it, let's do it.

You know, Russ told
me about your brother.

But Marcus is the money man here

for a lot of people.

He has to be greenlit.

That ain't gonna happen.


He make the wrong move,

I send him up there with his brother.

In here, it's the fist in the yard.

Out there, it's a bang to the forehead.

Like Nicki Minaj.

My whole
goal is to get home to my son.

But if a nigga's gonna act crazy,

I'm gonna lay his ass flat.

♪ Getting to the back on my cash tit ♪

♪ Fast whips ♪

♪ Never need to ask where
the stash is masses ♪

♪ But I'll probably
put it on the plastic ♪

♪ It's drastic, they talking mad shit ♪

♪ It's got me laughing it's classy ♪

♪ Bullshit ♪

♪ But see I don't give in
to the hate 'cause I'm lit ♪

♪ I'm focused on rags ♪

♪ Not tricks, what you focused on is ass ♪

♪ You can see I'm too thick thick thick ♪

♪ I want the back ♪

♪ That's it ♪

♪ I think they mad ♪

♪ They sit ♪

♪ I hit the gas ♪

♪ Too quick ♪

♪ Under this ass ♪

♪ Too thick ♪

♪ Too fast ♪

♪ It just too fast ♪


Looking a little rough.

What's up, Rita?

What made you come all the way from Cali?

Now you know why I'm here.

I'm here because I love you.

But you know that, right?


I do.

You always was a real one.

You taught me that.

Let me look out for you,

and let your enemies become mine.

You the one that made
me go back to Ladonna.

And I appreciate you for telling me that.

You was telling me right.

You made me want love.

For the first time my mind was clear.

And I owe you for that.

I'm sorry I ain't come to see you.

I just didn't want to see you locked up.

Pssh, it's all good, it ain't shit.

Only been five years.

But I knew you'd come around one day.

Oh nah, you know I don't do handouts.

Oh, no no no, this ain't no handout.

Now I love your ass but

you're gonna have to go
through the same shit

as everybody else.

I wanna sign you to the double R

with a contingency that you
place in Turnt this season.

You know your brother-in-law,

well, your ex brother-in-law Cortney,

he running it now.

I ain't no rapper, Rita.

Yeah I did see that.

He deserve it.

I mean, you don't have
to be a rapper, Rilla.

You just have to take care
of your family, that's it.

I mean you lost everything.

I didn't lose everything.

My mama did.

For chasing the sun for that rap shit.

She died from the coronavirus.

That put me in a deep place mentally.

So by the time I was being transferred,

I was happy, I was on
my way to see my son.

Then I seen this nigga face,

and all that shit came back to me.

So right now to be honest with you, Rita,

I might not make it out this bitch.

Wait a minute, you're telling me

the nigga that killed Kenny is in here?

Let's go, Stanford.

Rilla, look, he gonna
die in here, you not.

Do you hear me?


Get your mind right and stay focused.

You're not gonna die in here,

you're getting out of
here, do you hear me?!

Bones, motherfucker.

Fuck, man.


Hey, what's up, you good, big dog?

My card ain't working.

Oh, shit, the one from Rikers?


Oh yeah, they canceled Speedcom.

They gave us some new shit.

Everybody all fucked up
right now though, big dog.

- Ain't close.
- Straight up.

I ain't been able to use my phone

this whole year.

Yeah, me neither.

Who you trying to call?

What the fuck you mean?

Chill out, bro.

On the plug.

I'm getting my dude out.

You got a line?

Yeah, I do.

All right, come on, pop.

Take the cares.

I'll get a glass of white wine please.

- Si.
- Thank you.

Vino blanco.


Ola, Maggy.

This guy's gonna give you and ready.

You call and give his message.

Si, bueno.

What's the number?

Appreciate you.





Who's calling?


Yeah, it's me.

Yeah they moved me from Atlanta.

Oh that's good, is it better?


The whole
compound know the only person

that got a line out was
Jimenez and his wife.

You know me, I'm staying out the way.

So they watching him.

Which means they watching me.

But I'm ready.

What's up with Kevin?

Oh, my dad went to go
pick him up from school.

Oh, okay.

Let me know-

You ain't good here, nigga.

And you sit or get your
big head ass knocked down.



My mans already smoked
your ho ass brother.

Fuck is you talking about?

I'm gonna kill this nigga!

Get the fuck down, get the fuck down!

All right, need assistance.

Back off, back off.

Lock it down!

- Rilla, you straight bro?
- Man down, man down.

Mommy, mommy!

- Mommy!
- Kevin, where are you?

It's time for dinner and
mommy can't find you.

I'm in here.


Kevin, come here.

What did I tell you
about playing in there?

It's dangerous and you could get hurt.

If I didn't hear you calling for me

you would have been gone,
what would have happened?

And I would be gone forever?

You don't wanna be
away from mommy, do you?


You're mommy's boy?


Oh, come here.

All right, listen, go wash your hands

and get ready for dinner, okay?

Hey, baby girl.

One hand, I can't be more proud of you.

Even downright amazed.

Mm, what's on the other hand?

The way you take care
of that boy as your own,

that's amazing.


Dad, like I told you before,

Kevin is a part of Labarius.

All right, I loved him.

You would do the same thing for mom.

Yeah, but we were married.

Plus your mother was no
drug dealing murderer

and damn sure wouldn't
be in anybody's prison,

away from you in the first place.

I don't think he
actually killed anybody.

He just has this, like street persona.

Besides, when he was good,

things were great.

I doubt that.

What about his real mother?

I'll raise she's worse than him.

Hey, you wash them good?

Yes, ma'am!

Pizza, pizza, pizza!

Let's go, boy.

Look, you can't give so much of yourself

that you don't have enough for yourself.

Don't you want a child of your own?

What are you trying to do?

Love you.

♪ It comes too low ♪

♪ Something about the way things end up ♪

Damn, you smoking without me?

What's wrong with you?

First of all,

I almost lost my brother today.

He was almost killed in prison.

Besides this music,

he's all I got in this world.

What you mean?

You got me.

Got you?

You have a son that I don't even know.

And I feel like you
hiding something from me.

But you love me, right?


Okay, look.

I have a son.

His name is Kevin, and he's six.

I lost custody of him.

Think about him all the time.

His father's bitch got him.

That's the only reason why I came back.

Now fuck all that.

When your brother get out?

He actually out tomorrow.

I can't wait to see him

back in the studio.

Will you take me to pick him up?

Yeah, anything you want, baby.

Thank you.

And I'm sorry about your son.

I know what that feels like.

Me and my brother was
taken away from my mom

when we were kids.

But she never came back.

So, Jugg raised me,

taught me how to rap,

and everything else in this life.

Yeah, but you know,

there's always room for new teachers.

You know how prison work, nigga?

It's like a ecosystem.

Things run a certain way.

OG, I ain't worried
about none of them niggas.

You know how I made it this long?

By staying out the way.

But I stay in line of the bullshit

that's going on here.

Now, you know you got a
problem with dude out there.

But that was out there.

In here, he the money man.

What that mean though, I'm saying-

- Like I said.

It's not just the inmates.

That man money run all
through the compound.

Somebody gotta replace that.

Everybody in the compound
know you ain't kill him.

But the COs feel like that
you sent the unauthorized hit

and for that, they don't want you in here.

I ain't worried about them, homie.

Sorry to bring that shit
to your cell though.

Nah, nah, don't worry about me.

They know how I get down.

I'm solid.

You really gotta watch out

for these young motherfuckers
trying to pull rank though.

See, you new here.

So I'ma show you all the pockets

so you can get home to your son, nigga.

After that, ain't nothing I can do.

Yeah, I respect it, yeah.

So you the one that
turned my sister out, huh?

Nah, I'm just playing, Zina, right?

Yep, Zina Holloway.

You must be doing something right.

'Cause she happy and that's
all I give a fuck about.

I am.

But we should take you to a hospital.

Fuck, no.

This nigga killed Faze last night.

You talking about Faze?

The nigga that owned Fully Loaded?

Yeah, yeah, a beef
with some ho ass nigga

that entered the compound this week.

Some bitch ass nigga named Rilla.

Ooh, bullshit.

You know this nigga?

Yeah, Faze, he killed
his brother years ago.

Plus that's my baby daddy.

But when I see him, he's on sight.

So this nigga owe you child support

or something?

Nah, total opposite.

He made me lose my child.

I pulled like 20 bodies for him.

I did all his dirty work.

Soon as I had to go away,
he turned his back on me.

I ain't seen my son in five years.

I don't have no idea how to find him.

Well what about his girl?

Didn't you say she had him?

I mean we gonna run into that
goofy bitch sooner or later.

What's her name?

Ladonna or some shit.

Yo, that's it right there!

Turn around!

For what?

This the shit we looking
for, turn it around.

Where the fuck is the phone log?

Where the fuck is the log at?

Your husband called from prison yesterday.

I need that log.

Shut up.

Got that bitch.

And you better not say shit

'cause I will be back.

Ass bitch.

Find it, baby.

What you gonna do?

We need to kill that bitch.

Faze was like my motherfucking brother.

I wanna make this motherfucker feel it.

Find the address.

Hold, not right now, not right now,

my son in there.

trying to stay out the way

so I can get outta here.

But I almost lost that chance yesterday.

I ain't seen my girl Ladonna
and my son in five years.

She's been taking care of him

since I've been in prison.

She a real one.

What happened to your hand?

Is that why the phone cut off?

Don't tell me you've been in here fighting

and you about to get out.

When is this gonna end?

I mean when are you gonna grow up?

I ain't trying to hear
that shit right now.

You know what, it's all about you.

Everything is about you.

You don't give a fuck
about nobody but you!

I know I put you through a lot.

But I love you and my son.

Yeah, I doubt that.

You don't think I wanted
to have your child?

But I would not want to have a child

who's not gonna have a father, a family!

I thought we were gonna get married.

But your past came back with you

and it sure as hell came back with me.

I give your son the love that he needs.

Love that you ain't never give nobody.

What you came down here to beat me up?

Huh, that's what you came down here to do?

I told you when I get out of here,

I'ma take care of my family.

That's what I'm talking about.

If you cared about your son,

you would never have him
around drugs and shit!

I love my son.

I wouldn't put him in
a situation like that.

This is legit business.

I don't know how you
expect me to believe

either one of those.

You don't even know.

Rita Robinson want to sign me.

I mean I didn't know better.

But I guess it's a start.

You wanna bring Kevin
to see me next week?

Yeah, he wanna be here when you get out.

He has a surprise for you.

Time, Stanford.

Let's go, Stanford.

♪ Man these niggas, these hos ♪

♪ Many ain't who they say they is ♪

♪ Some good and they rap ♪

♪ Shit don't mess out a way to live ♪

♪ Around fully loaded ♪

♪ With a fling of this rapper weed ♪

♪ It's something and it's stuck there ♪

♪ That's the way that it gotta be ♪

♪ This ain't Brooklyn or Harlem ♪

♪ You in Atlanta with problems ♪

♪ We can kill you nigga ♪

♪ We just gonna smoke your apartment ♪

♪ Shoot up the house of your mom ♪

♪ Bleach bottle with Tyler ♪

♪ Drive some drink in Ladonna ♪

♪ Your lil thick baby mama ♪

♪ Your time coming, nigger ♪

What's good?

That shit hard, bro.

That ain't gonna bring
my brother back, is it?


All that money I'm
circulating up in there

and he still get killed?


That nigga jumped the light.

Trust me, he probably
won't be making it out.

You sure it was Rilla?

I'm positive.

I told you I was tussling
with the big ass nigga.


Streets know.

And they love Rilla's ass

so that shit ain't gonna be easy.

And this is your time now.

So don't go fucking it
up like my brother did!

I'm out.


Turn this shit back up.

What's up, man?

What's happening?


What's good, boy?

What's happening, brother?

You good?

All right, come on.

Let's get in there, man.


What's good, you know who I am?

My daddy?

Yeah, that's right.

Your daddy home now.

What's up, what you
doing right there, man?

You a little rapper?

That's the only music he listens to.

Let me hear something.

Oh, go ahead Kevin.

Let your father hear what you got.

Oh, come on, Kevin.

My name is Kevin

and if you mess with me

I'm going to beat you up.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You can't run around beating people up.

Where you get that from?


Yeah, he found your music on his iPad

and then he sneaks and listens to it.

Aigh't, well look,

we're not gonna listen to me no more

or anybody else.

You understand, that's bad, you dig?

No more of that.


Straight soccer.

We cool with that?


Okay, what type of position you play?



What does a striker do?

I just kick the ball real hard.

But I keep slipping and falling

because my shoes are old and not good.

Oh, no wonder why you keep falling.

Uh-uh, we gonna have to fix that.

The next game, I'ma have some new shoes.

We gonna fix that, right?

Yeah, but it's today.

That was his surprise.

I was gonna tell you
when we got in the house.

Oh, man, that's wonderful.

First day home and I get
to watch my son kick butt?

Yeah, let's go!

Mr. Denver?

She's here.

Great, great.

Have a seat.

Thank you.

Thanks, Valerie.

So, Cortney mentioned you wanted
to speak with me personally

so I immediately cleared my schedule.

Yes, thank you so much
for taking the time.

My pleasure.

As you know, things can
get pretty busy around here

whenever we start a new season.

Yes, the industry is in an uproar

waiting for the winner
of Turnt every season.

So let me ask you this,

how many seasons has it been on air?

My wife and I founded it back in 96.

Wow, congratulations.


You know, we had to make a few adjustments

because of the pandemic.

But we're still going strong.

And I tell you what,

the streaming and
virtual events, now king.


The internet is where it's at.

That's actually the reason
why I wanted to take

a meeting with you.

Do you remember Labarius
Stanford, AKA Rilla?

I sure do.

How could I forget?

He was shot on our
property a few years back.

Please don't tell me you're here

to discuss that young man.

Actually, I am.

Artists like him make your show.

Your audience tunes in
to see people like him

because that's who they can relate to.

That's true.

But you do know our
ratings hit an all time low

after that event took place.

And you know, the fact he
went to prison right after

caused us to lose sponsors left and right.

Truthfully, it hurts the other contestants

more than it hurts the show.

Well I can't argue with you on that.

I mean this show has been
a backbone for many artists

since I started my record label.

In fact, my most successful
artist started on Turnt.

I guess what I'm trying to say

is that the hip-hop
genre has a lot of fans

and I think that you should
think about bringing it back.

I can't promise you that.

But I can promise I'll think about it.

I have a question.


Why is this so important to you?

We all know Rita Robinson
only signs female artists.

Is this a chess move,

you're looking to sign
your first male artist?

You can't ask me to take a risk

if you're not ready to.

Mr. Denver, do you
know why my record label

is so successful?


Because all my risks will be lower

than my counterparts.

Because you leave everyone
else to take the risks?

No, because I take
them when others don't.

You have a nice day, Mr. Denver.

Your daddy's still here?

No, he at the airport.

Oh man, I thought
he'd be retired by now.

Shoot, he still hate me?

No, this his last year at Delta.

And yeah, he still hates you.

Are you going to sleep
in mommy's room too?

Son, what you mean?

You six years old, you still
sleeping with your mama?

No, my uncle sleeps in there sometimes

but I have my Spiderman
bed in my own room.

Mmm, you just
get ready for the game.


All right.

It's not like that.

Jan, look.

I need to hold the keys to your car.

Aren't you gonna make it to his game?

Of course.

I got something to do.

What you need to do
just went in the house.

No, what I gotta do is
take care of my damn son.

So let me.

It ain't no gas in there

and I ain't got no money.

♪ This is my life through my eyes ♪

♪ My pain, my cry ♪

♪ My blood through my veins ♪

♪ My love, my pain ♪

♪ My son, my name ♪

♪ My daughter, my aim ♪

♪ Gunfire exchange ♪

♪ Touch mine, get slain ♪

♪ My daddy, my mama ♪

♪ It's my house on my drama ♪

How you doing, you good?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm chilling, man.

I'm proud of you, dog.

This where the sidewalks get you huh?


What you talking about, man?

Yeah, staying on the
sidewalks off the street.


You know what though,

it was actually your sister
that kept me off the street.

Now she family oriented,

she a piece of you, your
brother, your mother.

When all that shit fell apart,

hate to say it but she
don't want this no more.

You know, I tried to
stick around but it was,

I can dig it, bro.

I understand death.

My mama died, she just lost it.

She's the one that took it the worst.

It was tough on here.


Rita told me to give you this.

She got a package for you.

Your CD, My Brother's Keeper

has been streaming for five years nonstop.

So there's a check in there.

Streaming, what's that?

Well, it's like buying a record

but you just listen to it on your phone.

Check it out.

Yeah, let's see.

Oh, man.

- Right.
- Rita, mm.

She really fucking with you, bro.

Yeah I see.

I appreciate you though, bro.

Real talk, holding it down for me.

I don't trust a lot of
people with Ladonna,

to take care of my family.

But I trust you.

Like I said, there's a lot of people,

back then, that was
really rocking with you.

But today, it's Rita.

Like she really fucking with you, dog.

She put all this shit together.

I'm about to go see her right now.

You do that.

- All right, bro.
- All right.

You be easy.

All right, holla at you.

I spent my whole life

jeopardizing my freedom,

putting myself and family in harm's way.

My brother lost his life behind me.

After he died, I promised

that I was gonna keep his dream alive.

Which I did.

But I wasn't no rapper.

All I knew was the streets.

So I wasn't gonna rest till I got revenge.

I surrounded myself with real killers.

This is blood here, this physical form.

Put that shit up.

I was
blinded by fake loyalty.

I knew the game.

You die by what you live by.

But you know what the
hardest thing for me was?

She raised me way better than this.

Now you call that motherfucker,

and tell him his days are numbered.

You fuck with my family,
I fuck with yours!

she deserved more from me.

But I'm gonna make it right this time.


I felt like I let you down.

I ain't do what you told me to do.

I blame myself for that.

I was supposed to help Kenny

the way I was supposed to.

But I'm gonna fix that.

'Cause I love you

and I love Kenny.

I'ma bring it home for Kenny this time.

This time you will get the prize.

The prize is coming.

♪ It feel like the days longer ♪

♪ It ain't no way to stay strong ♪

♪ Living without my mama ♪

♪ Living without you mama ♪

♪ I got a lot to try to get through ♪

♪ On top of all is that I miss you mama ♪

♪ Living without you mama ♪

♪ It feel like I done
crossed the red line ♪

♪ Knowing that I lost you while
I was doing that Fed time ♪

♪ This is looking harder
thinking about you in winter ♪

♪ I know our days are numbered ♪

♪ Never thought you'd reach the deadline ♪

♪ And it's before I meant ♪

Hello, sir, can I help you?

Yeah, I'm Rilla.

Rita Robinson sent me.

Oh my god, you're Rilla.


Okay, I'm Monique.

I'm Mrs. Robinson's realtor.

Come on in.


I was just leaving but
everything is all set up for you

and my number is on the refrigerator

if you need anything.

Thank you.

Enjoy your day.

You too.

Shit this.

That's hot.

Oh yeah, I'm weighing that.

Looks real nice.

Push your thing, boy.

I'm finally here.

I'ma show my son the right from wrong,

give him this life that he deserves.

You good?

Well you the
clean up man, ain't you?

Good to see you, you okay?


You look amazing.

Thank you so much.

Just happy I got some new clean shit on.

Well you look great.

Ha, you know how to do it,

play the game very well.

You always on point so you
ain't got to get on point.

Thank you.

That's why you do it big.

That's your Rolls Royce outside?

Rita Robinson.

- Yeah.
- You know it!

All right, so what's going on?

Well, this is Frank
Lester, our attorney.

Nice to meet you, brother.

And this here is Thriller,
our super producer.

How you doing?

I got some heat for you.

Oh yeah, I heard it
when I was coming in.

You wanna get on this one?

- Yeah, that sound right.
- Yeah.

She's dope as fuck.

Okay then.

Here, let me play it,

let's get you on this one.

You can rock with this?

Oh, excuse me, I gotta take this.

This is my son.

Mm-mm, don't even worry about it.

He's not yours, okay?

So now you see why I had
to go get him, right?

I see why you got your man out of jail.

Get away from
him, get away from him.

That's it, you got it, Kevin.

Kick it!

Go, go, go, kick it!

- Good job Kevin, good job!
- Good job!

Is he the best on his team?

He might be, that's his first goal.

Oh yeah?

His first one, hasn't scored one yet.

I guess it's 'cause you here.

Oh, no.


I know I pushed through a
lot of things but I got you.

I'll get you a new
house, new car, all that.

We can get back to where we was at.


I just want you to focus
on Kevin right now,

try and get my career back.

What, you seeing
somebody else or something?

You got things going on in your life?

That's real though.

I respect it.


I scored!

Did you see me?

Yeah, we seen you, you did wonderful.

Hey man, nice meeting you.

I just wanted to come by and tell you

thank you for the donation to the team.

Parents really appreciate it.

Yeah, that's what's up.

You'll see a lot more of me.

Man, we look forward to it.

- Good job, Kevin.
- Good job, man.

Hey man, I see that win, dog.

You rocked that joint huh?

Good job.

How'd he do?

He scored a goal.



Maybe because his father
decided to show up.

Amazing what kids can accomplish

when their father's in their life.

Daddy, please.

Look, here, baby.

Go in the house and get
ready for dinner, okay?

Take that, will you?

He don't know what a
real father supposed to do.

Real father stays in the child life

until their last day on earth,

no matter how old they get.

See, I'm a real father.

I had your child in my
home for five years.

And you stand here with
all this fancy shit on

like you're supposed to be somebody,

but you ain't shit to me.

It takes a real man to be a real father.

All you wanna do is just be a real nigger.

Imagine somebody did this to your child.

Daddy, please, just...

Dad, just go.

Look, I am so sorry about that.

Nah, it's cool.

He right.

Sat down for five years
and thought about that.

But I ran into Cortney.

Wait, Cortney?

Like you seen Cortney?


What'd he say?

Is everything good with y'all?

Yeah, everything's wonderful.

He's 100.

He did what he say he was gonna do.

So we can get up out of here ASAP.



I told you, I don't want that no more.

I've given you enough.



Yes, Daddy?

Wait, who is that?

Rita Robinson.

You know what, why don't
you take your son with you?


Daddy will be back, couple of days.

Gonna get the house you wanted, right?

With a big swing set
and a swimming pool?


Let me see your phone.

For what, you ain't
got no business in there.

Let me see your phone.

Now look.

You call me anytime you need me,

you see that?

This is your special ringtone.

There's Daddy.

So use this so Daddy
know that you calling.

I'ma make a store run real quick.

A'ight well don't be too long

'cause we gotta get outta here.


So you must be the boss.

Excuse me?

I'm Rita Robinson, and you are?

I'm Mr. Henry, Ladonna's father.

I know who you are.

The only female music
producer in the business.

I have a question.

Why would a woman, a black woman

who so-called cares about her people

affiliate herself with a
man that don't give a fuck

about his son,

let alone a black man?

I would think that
given the current state

of the black man in America

that you would identify with Rilla.

Ha ha, I see.

You in love with him.

Just remember.

The heart fools the mind.

They say
your past will creep up on you

when you least expect it.

There was a reason why Zina
Holloway was on my team.

She's a killer.

But her soft spot is kids.


out the blue I see Russ.

- Homeboy.
- What's up, homie?

When the hell you get out?

What's going on with you, man?

Your girl with you?

Man, ain't shit,
boy, how you been, man?

I'm chilling,
man, I thought you got out

at the same time.

Man, hell no, bro.

No I had like a month left.

Them folk fuck around and came to my cell

and got me up out of there.

Ain't no shit, you know ask no question.

- You feel me?
- That's crazy.

What you got going on now though?

Shit I'm trying to get in the studio.

Trying to get like you.

Oh, for sure, for sure.

I'm gonna go to Starlight tonight.

You wanna hop in with me?



Hell yeah, shit, let me
just drop my little ho,

whip out, and shit, I'll pull up with you.

All right,
cool, we'll follow you.

- All right.
- All right.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Give me a minute.

Yo, where your sister at?

She's somewhere around here.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Man, I almost had this nigga!

Really, what you mean you almost had?

He had another nigga with him.


There was kids out there!

See, that's the difference
between me and you.

I don't give a fuck when kids are around

or who they belong to.

If they in the way, then
they just in the way.

And I thought you was a killer.

Listen here.

All that subliminal shit you talking

is gonna get you killed
right here in this studio.

Reference my son again.

Z, what the fuck is you doing?

Damn, sis, you got a bad bitch.

I like that.

I like that.

Yo, y'all bugging.

♪ They call me the realest ♪

♪ They nickname me Rilla ♪

♪ I'm untamed in the
game, a fucking gorilla ♪

♪ And I ain't safe till the
strap is under the pillow ♪

♪ And I ain't moving or saying a word ♪

♪ Without them zeroes ♪

♪ Nigga still grilling
with the hard beats ♪

♪ Tony Montana, thick in the scarface ♪

♪ You better parlay, it's
Brooklyn to Barclay ♪

♪ I'll make you stiffen up
nigga like some hard clay ♪

♪ Five years in my life
gone and I learnt ♪

♪ Me and Rita had to do it for Turnt ♪

♪ And yeah he taught me and he fought me ♪

Come in.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How you doing?

Wait, everything straight?

What, I can't just come and see you?


Course you could come see me.

But you're not gonna sit here and act

like Rilla ain't come home.

We can't act like it's cool.

It's not, it's actually fucked up.

You know he came to see me today.

I looked this man in his
eyes after five years

and guilt hit me.

All right, well you
think I don't feel bad?

When do we get to live our lives?

When can it be about us?

Rilla's living his.

Look, I just can't turn this off.

I love you, Cortney.

You love me?


You sure?

I can't tell.

Maybe here too much.

All right, I love you too.

Just making sure.

But I know Rilla.

At this time, Ad,

things is what they is,

I think we need to leave this alone.

We have to.

Well, I think that it's
a little late for that.

Oh, shit.


Guess we're gonna have to figure it out.

- Okay.
- You wanna figure it out?



What up though?

How are you today, my brother?

I'm doing good.

You must have made your mind up.

Well, yes.

Rita obviously knows her shit

so I'm inclined to agree, but,

my only quirk is that
this is a family show.

And if any bullshit breaks out

I will have no choice
but to permanently ban

artists like this from my show

and I will hold you fully responsible.

Do you understand?

Oh yeah, I understand.

- You know-
- Cortney.

Are you sure you want
to put your whole career

on the line for this guy?

People like this will always
screw good people over.

Yeah, that's true but,

you know sometimes good people

will screw people over too.

Talk to you later.

Just give me the tracks and the beat,

you know what we gonna do, right?

Come on, bro.

- I got you.
- Absolutely.

All right, well listen,

we need at least one of them to be a hit.

So I'm locking you and
Thriller in the studio

all day tomorrow.

And as soon as Cortney get here,

we just gonna go over the rest.

And here is your contract.

You can have your lawyer
take a look at that.

If you have any questions at all,

do not hesitate to give me a call.

My phone always on.

You can get that back to me right now.

Hey, what up though?

You all right?

Ah, yeah, I'm good.

- I'm good.
- You know,

you the only person I know
that say "What up though?"

Yeah well, where I'm from
everybody say it, so...

But look, I gotta quick out

so I'ma get right to it.

First thing is I had to pull some strings

as y'all probably
imagine to get this done.

So we gonna get y'all on the
next upcoming show, okay?

Bro, the judges were reluctant to do this

because they know I used to manage you.

And they scared about violence, okay?

But look, the good thing is

if y'all pick the right song and kill it,

the world is yours.

The world is ours.

- Yes.
- Right?


So we had Kenny here,
we had you here before.

So the time is now.

All right, and what's the bad news?

Well, well, well, the bad news is,

if something do happen,

they gonna fire me

and they gonna ban rap
music from the show.

Point blank, no questions, over.

All right, well check this
out, that's not gonna happen.

So you can dead that, we
ain't even thinking like that.

- Dead.
- Right.


So y'all give it up for my boy Rilla.


- All right.
- That's right.

- All right.
- That's right.

Yeah, yeah.

You ready?

Like a motherfucker.

That's what's up.

♪ And I mean everything I'm saying ♪

♪ Our past is our past ♪

♪ Shorty I really go ♪

♪ I love your romance ♪

♪ I can't let it go ♪

♪ I hope I'm making this clear ♪

♪ I need you right here
for the rest of my years ♪

♪ I had a valentine before ♪

♪ Ain't nobody make me feel like you ♪

♪ I put a lot of thought into it ♪

♪ I'm hoping that you'll be my last ♪

♪ My last ♪

♪ Valentine, my last, my last ♪

♪ Valentine, my last, my last ♪

♪ Valentine, my last, my last ♪


You like that, huh?

Yeah, it's nice.

It is.


So you know your boy had
a gun in my car today?

Who, Russ?


You trust that nigga?

Yeah, he good money.

- Mm, all right.
- Absolutely.

He got some niggas off
my ass in the joint.


Yeah he definitely 100.

Well if you rock with
him, I'ma fuck with him.

You ready for tomorrow?

I mean shit, this whole week,

like this is it.

Yeah, I'm ready.

I just feel like I did
someone's dirt in this city

and the people in it.

That all this right here, man,

Kenny deserve this.

You deserve it too, all right?

And you're gonna get it.

I mean us as black people

we gotta fight 10 times harder

dealing with this
institutional racist bullshit.

And all we trying to do is
just create generational wealth

for our kids, and they can
create it for their kids.

You're right.

You always been uplifting to your people.

And your son is in good hands.

Any man be a damn fool to mess up on you.

Absolutely, you treat a motherfucker

like a king, you hear me?

Thank you.

I just hope that he gets it
before it's too late, you know?

You should fly him out
here so I could talk to him,

tell him about jail and the streets,

and just maybe he stays his little ass

on the sidewalk like Cortney.


You know, baby,

I can't be the only woman that
gets to see this side of you.

Like, there's no way.

You're amazing, Rilla.

I appreciate you, Rita.


Ain't this your baby daddy?

He out here making moves with some lady.

What you mean?


About to do a Kesha on that nigga.

Rock-a-bye, baby.


You know, from New Jack City.

Man, better write my book, hit me.

Hit me!

Nigga you can't go up
into Turnt shooting up shit.

That ain't the move.

You know I had to go in there

and beg them people for my brother's body?

They said dead or alive,

he's still property of the state.

So basically I had to buy his body back

just to give him a funeral.

That's fucked up.

Yeah, that's fucked up.

Nigga, what you even rapping for?

Amaretta, let him hear that shit.

♪ I done seen plenty
niggas counting me out ♪

♪ Real bars, real pain and
I'm really from the city ♪

♪ Too hard, they hate ♪

♪ That I'm really bout to spit ♪

♪ A young black girl ♪

♪ They don't got a rip about her titties ♪

♪ I'm with it, if you ain't ♪

♪ Nigga fuck I ain't worried bout that ♪

♪ Does she write her own
music that ain't much to ask ♪

♪ I'm as ready as the
greatest thing number fast ♪

♪ God forgive me if you will ♪

♪ But see me fuck a
wreck, cut some slack ♪

♪ I ain't know these niggas was phony ♪

♪ I'm a ho 'cause I ain't
know y'all niggas was homies ♪

She hungry.

She trying to get on top.

You niggas just out here
trying to kill each other.

So are you trying to
say I ain't capable?

Hell, no.

Nigga, get the bag, fuck that.

Nigga, what?

This nigga just killed
your motherfucking brother!

Fuck this!

♪ The G is for the greatest ♪

♪ The R is for the ratchet ♪

♪ The A is for the almost
famous you lil bastard ♪

♪ The B is for the beer ♪

♪ Cool whipping with navigation ♪

♪ The Y is for the yes man ♪

♪ Nigga it's no relation ♪

♪ The G is for the greatest ♪

♪ The R is for the ratchet ♪

♪ The A is for the almost
famous you lil bastard ♪

♪ The V is for the vehicle
whipping with navigation ♪

♪ The Y is for the yes man ♪

♪ Nigga it's no relation ♪

♪ The G is for the greatest ♪

♪ The R is for the ratchet ♪

♪ The A is for the almost
famous you lil bastard ♪

♪ The V is for the vehicle
whipping with navigation ♪

♪ The Y is for the yes man ♪

♪ Nigga it's no religion ♪

♪ The G is for the greatest ♪

♪ The R is for the ratchet ♪

♪ The A is for the almost famous ♪

Feeling like a family

for the first time.

My mama would be so proud of me.

Ready, show me how to do that.

What up though?

Okay, all you have to
do is kick the ball to me

and I'll try to get past you.

Okay, cool, show me.

Oh, wait a minute, like that?

Almost like that?

It's been a lot.

Me too.

- Okay, okay.
- Got you.

- Oh, scored it.
- Okay.

- No more.
- No.



Got it?

That's how you do it?

Okay, I'll talk to you later.

Go get your ball.


I got that side.

He really needs this.

Yeah, yeah, I gotta
get back into his life.

I'ma start picking him up though.

Specially after tonight
when I get with Turnt.

Most definitely the Turnt show.

- Absolutely.
- Oh.

Oh, she ain't got it.

Okay, watch, watch, boom.

Here we go.

Take it light, light, light, light, dog.

You trying to murder someone?

Good evening everyone.

The time has come again

where musical artists
from around the globe

compete for their shot

to be featured on the hit TV show Turnt.

Turnt has catapulted
some of the biggest names

in the industry into megastardom.

Welcome to Turnt, were stars are born.

I'm your host Jay Riley Parker.

So stay tuned

and get ready to be blown away

by this year's future stars.

This will be one to remember.

All right!

This evening's first artists

comes from here in Atlanta.

Blonde hair, brown eyes, beautiful,

voice of an angel.

She's been singing since the age of three.

At the age of 11,

she sang at her grandmother's
retirement party.

An agent from Atlanta was there,

picked her up, discovered her.

She's been singing and
songwriting ever since.

♪ If you wanna take a ride with me ♪

♪ Come to the scene, big city dreams ♪

♪ If you wanna turn it up the dream ♪

♪ Come try, live it free ♪

♪ Hey you wanna take me round this ♪

♪ Feel by my side, come let it be ♪

♪ Hey you wanna take me round this ♪

♪ Feel by my side, come let it be ♪

♪ If you wanna take a ride with me ♪

♪ Come try, own the beat ♪

You just gonna play with it all night

or are you gonna roll it up?

Man, here.

So what's up with your girl?

She ain't fighting with us no more?

Z just in her feelings

'cause that nigga Rilla
keep on dodging death.

Told her she should
have killed that nigga.

And to top it all off,

you know he gonna be at Turnt tonight.

Oh, he gonna be at Turnt tonight?


Oh, I'm definitely
killing that nigga tonight.

Well, hope you feel lucky tonight,

ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome to the stage,

Rita Q.

♪ Tears and roses ♪

♪ Wouldn't change how ♪

♪ I feel right now ♪

♪ You got me all messed up,
you got me all messed up ♪

♪ Tell me what have I to ♪

♪ The past when we used to mess ♪

♪ How can we get back ♪

What's happening?

Can I help you?

Yeah, we here for the show.

Do you have an invite?

The fuck I need an invite for?

Motherfucker, I'm Jugg.

This is a virtual show.

There's no audience due
to Covid regulations.

Y'all hear this shit?

You mean to tell me you
two big motherfuckers

is scared of some shit you can't even see?

Welcome back to Turnt.

Well, I'd like to welcome
to the stage, Drop That Ego!

Jay Riley, appreciate it.

Y'all ready to slow it down a little bit?

♪ Oh oh ♪

It's your girl Star.

We up here at Turnt
with the gang gang gang.

We Fully Loaded ENT, what's good?

Fully Loaded.

What the fuck is so funny?

Look, y'all ain't getting in.

I don't give a fuck who y'all-

- Who the fuck you
think you're talking to?

Who the fuck this motherfucker

- think he is?
- Who the fuck

you talking to, homie?

All right, all right, all right.

So much excitement, so
much talent tonight.

I can hardly contain myself.

I'm like a kid in a candy store.

So is everyone ready for that
surprise I told you about?

Oh come on, one more time,

you can do better than that.

For the first time this year,

Turnt is bringing the rap
genre back to the stage.

Our next musical artists, as in artists,

a capital A,

coming to us from the great
state of New York, Brooklyn.

His influences, great New
York rappers of the past,

I'd like to introduce you to,

it is my great honor,

the one, the only Rilla!

Put your motherfucking hands in the air!

Put your motherfucking hands in the air!

Put your motherfucking hands in the air!

And wave them like you just don't care!

♪ Now brought a sick
man to a nigger D-I-E ♪

♪ I ain't got one more chance like BIG ♪

♪ Now I'm riding with
no insurance and no ID ♪

♪ It's gravy baby and I'm
back on my Grilla game ♪

♪ G is for the greatest ♪

♪ The R is for the ratchet ♪

♪ The A is for the almost
famous you little bastard ♪

♪ And V is for the vehicle
whippin with navigation ♪

♪ The Y is for the yes man ♪

♪ Nigga is no relation ♪

♪ The G is for the greatest ♪

♪ The R is for the ratchet ♪

♪ The A is for the almost
famous you little bastard ♪

♪ And V is for the vehicle
whippin with navigation ♪

♪ The Y is for the yes man ♪

♪ Nigga is no relation ♪

♪ G is for the greatest ♪

♪ The R is for the ratchet ♪

♪ The A is for the almost
famous you little bastard ♪

♪ And V is for the vehicle
whippin with navigation ♪

♪ The Y is for the yes man ♪

♪ Nigga is no relation ♪

♪ The G is for the greatest ♪

♪ The R is for the ratchet ♪

♪ The A is for the almost
famous you little bastard ♪

♪ And V is for the vehicle
whippin with navigation ♪

♪ The Y is for the yes man ♪

♪ Nigga is no relation ♪

♪ It's real hot man, blame yourself ♪

♪ If you ain't got me and you
still broke man blame yourself ♪

♪ All records open this
hope, I sold myself ♪

♪ Like I committed and I
did it man to help myself ♪

♪ Can you get it man ♪

♪ The critics say I outdo myself ♪

♪ I'm just rhyming,
winning, face the jail ♪

♪ I top jump to the lama hit him ♪

♪ If he rappin then he ain't on my team ♪

♪ And you know I got drama with him ♪

♪ Why I'm a touch for his casket ♪

♪ Let his mama miss him ♪

♪ See I'm so feral,
got the Feds after me ♪

♪ Or a police squad ♪

♪ Now I got the trace after me ♪

♪ When they die they gonna
name a whole city after me ♪

♪ Damn bricks losing
weight like Jenny Craig ♪

♪ Ski hos after the show,
they dine then give me head ♪

♪ Torpedoes, mess around they
be flying for your head ♪

♪ No disrespect ♪

♪ But nigga you'll be
lying when they dead ♪

♪ The G is for the greatest ♪

♪ The R is for the ratchet ♪

♪ The A is for the almost
famous you little bastard ♪

♪ And V is for the vehicle
whippin with navigation ♪

♪ The Y is for the yes man ♪

♪ Nigga is no relation ♪

♪ The G is for the greatest ♪

♪ The R is for the ratchet ♪

♪ The A is for the almost
famous you little bastard ♪

♪ And V is for the vehicle
whippin with navigation ♪

♪ The Y is for the yes man ♪

♪ Nigga is no relation ♪

♪ The G, The R ♪

♪ The A, The V ♪

♪ The Y ♪

♪ I see you, Rita ♪


♪ I see you Rita ♪

♪ You know what it is ♪

Appreciate it, big dog.

Good job, bro.

You did it, man.

Your brother, your mother
be proud of you, man.

That's what's up, man.

I really appreciate you.

Can I get a round
of applause for Rilla?

My man, Rilla.

Let me holla at you my brother.

What's happening, homie?

What's up?

What's up, nigga?

How you doing?

Yo, I got something in the back, man,

we need to go blow something.

On me.

I'll kill y'all motherfuckers right now!

I don't give a fuck, motherfucker
y'all mess with ours!

This fucking fucking guards.

The fuck this guy think
he is, Tupac or something?

Motherfucker think

- he's Tupac.
- Bout to get his ass,

he ain't no fucking ho.

I kill y'all
right here right now!

Pussy ass nigga!

What the fuck?

- Hey, move that thing!
- Not that serious,

fuck them!

Go to commercial!

Go to commercial!

What the f-


Probably had something to do with it.

You need to stay away from him.

can't believe this shit,

five minutes ago I was
on top of the world.

Now I'm in the same spot
I was the last time.

Ain't no telling what would have happened.

If this nigga Russ wasn't with me,

this the second time he saved my ass.

We dipped out of there so quick

I forgot to even check on Rita.

We just gonna lay low ass trap,

till I figure shit out.

You got a lighter?

I should have
never left her, man.

Come on, man.

Chill, chill.

Chill, chill, chill.


Is it going to voicemail or what?

Fuck, man!

Can't get the fucking girl on the phone.

Whoah, fuck!

Exactly, fuck.

So what's going on?

I shouldn't
have left her, man.

Look, go to the back.

- Don't do that.
- You want this?

Yeah I do.

Tricked your ass, go on back there.

You know what, fuck you.

Fuck, man, she's not
answering this shit, man.

Shit was crazy.

Hold on.

This nigger.

Man, what the fuck you want?

What's up, nigga?

Motherfucker just got killed, dog.

That's some ho ass shit.

You better watch how you
fucking talk to me, nigga.

I know you was fucking Ladonna.

You think I didn't know, right?

You better be lucky your
ass didn't get hit tonight.

Rilla, hey man, I'm...

Man, fuck all that, where's Rita at?

I don't know, she probably
went to police, man.


Man, shut the fuck up.

It's your girl Star,

we up here at Turnt
with the gang gang gang.

We Fully Loaded ENT, what's up?

Yo, it's not even that serious.

No, fuck them, fuck them!


What up, yas?

You have reached the one

- and the only Star.
- No.


What up, yas?

- You have reached the one
- Baby, pick up!

and the only Star.

If you just saw that fat ho,


I should have never left.


What's up, Zina?

What happened?

Same shit always happened.

Black men killing each other

and calling it a fucking rap beef.

Rilla straight?

He hit.

Police looking for him
and that dude he be with.

Mmm, you know where he at?

I'm just trying to make sure he straight.

He probably with Rita.

You know, she just bought a studio

down on Walker street.

All right.


Hey, Zina, wait, what you about to do?





Call Rita Robinson.

What the fuck?

I can't talk right now, Cortney,

they just tried to kill us in a drive-by.

Rita, that was Zina.

Was it a black old school?


She was just up here looking for Rilla.

That was Zina.

Are you okay?

No, I'm straight.

But listen, I'ma have to
hit you back, all right?

All right.


Hey, hey, hey, hey baby, hey!

- Hello?
- Rilla.

What's up, babe?

Yeah your baby mama
just came through here

and tried to kill us.

Oh, man!

Listen, babe.

You're gonna have to fly back to Cali.

I'm about to act fucking crazy out here.

Rilla, where's your son?

Hey yo bruh, I gotta go, man,

I gotta get my son!

Where you going?

All right, I'm out.

Here I come.


What the hell happened?

Look, Brad, do whatever you gotta do.

Just calling to see if you're safe.

Oh yeah, okay, eat a dick.

Tired of him already.

Ah, go!

Jesus, get out, go!


- What do you want?
- Where your fucking daughter

- at, old man?
- I don't know.

Where that bitch at?

She took my son!

I don't know!

Yo, let's get
the fuck out of here.

911, what's
your emergency please?



2-5 copy, standing by.

I'm just waiting for the officer

to come to take the statement, okay?

How you doing, sir?

How many dead?


Both the mother and son are unharmed.

- All right.
- Okay.

I'm Detective Kruthers.

Oh my god.

There's no way Rilla can deny you.

You look just like your father!

You know him?


There's two other shootings tonight.

One at Turnt Studios,

and another one at a recording studio

owned by Rita Robinson.


Yes, sir?

Can you take the boy?

He doesn't need to hear this.

I'll be right there, okay?

- It's okay.
- I'll be right out.

So how many more people have to die

before you're next?

Your father is dead right now!

You gotta stop protecting that guy.

I fucking hate him!

You should.

Come on, let's get some air.

Let's just go for a ride.

No, I don't want to leave him.

Bitch, I said get in the car.


Get your ass in the car!

You telling me

that your brother in law
fucked your old lady?

And she raising your
son from another bitch,

and your baby mama just
popped at your new bitch?

Look, I just killed her bitch!

And you want us to go down to

your womans there at the house?

Bro, you trippin!

Man, nigga crazy.

Save all the jokes, man.

What's happening, bro?

Yo, they kilt the old man.

What about my son and Ladonna?

The copper man took her.

And took your son too, brother.

Man, what?

What's up, bro?

Shot it up, man.

Zina ain't playing.

Wish I knew where she was at.

She ain't playing but

is she hot, bro?

Shit, we all hot, man.

I can't even go see my son,

I can't go to police station.

I can't do nothing right
now till that bitch is dead.

I can dig that, but,

shit, you know I got somebody

if you need to take care of that shit.

Shit, somebody like who?

The nigga really cap, bro.

I fought the nigga knees back in the day.

I'm the one that had his
ass out, truth be told.

But, bro, if you need me, I got you, bro.

Just let me know.

All right, let's just
get out of here, man.

It's two on five over here.

Shit, say no more.


Nigga, this shit look suspect.

Where we at, man?


You don't trust me?

Man, you know how many niggas
I done bite it for you bro?

I'm here to help you,
bro, put it like that.

This the spot right here.

Ain't to bad.

See, this shit cool.

Relax, my nigga.

Ah, you made it.

What the fuck?

You a snitch!

You a dead ass nigga, nigga.

- Shut up, man.
- Fucking with this ho, nigga,

you a bitch ass nigga, man.

You're right, he's a snitch.

He's my snitch.

And young man, don't let
me see you in here again.

Now get the hell out of my office.

Thank you, Mr. Warden.

He's my Takashi.

And brought you to me, you know why?

Because I promised that he
won't go back to prison.

Motherfucker's right.

And you know I'm a man of my word.

Oh, shit!

I've been waiting to kill
your ass for five years.

Hello sir, can I help you?


I've had surveillance on your son

and that bitch over there.

But she didn't wait, did she?

She had a little entanglement
with your brother-in-law.

These hos ain't loyal.

Fuck you.

I ain't scared of you, bitch ass nigga.

Where's my son?!

You gonna die.

Oh, shit!

That's a good motherfucking question.

Now where the fuck is my son?!

You are not the mother!

You know what, bye, bitch.

Please don't kill me,

- I'm pregnant!
- Fuck out of here.

As bad as
it hurt to hear her say that,

Fuck out of here, bitch.

still gotta make sure

she get up out of here.

She ain't got nothing to do with it.

This nigger a dirty ass cop.

Our son is at the precinct.

You wanna get your son back, right?

I can help you.

We just gotta get rid of
these two motherfuckers

and the system has no choice
but to give him to you!

'Cause you're his mother!

Dumbass nigger, she's
gonna kill you anyway.

Nah, man, I'ma kill you first, nigga!

For bailing out on us after you got back

with this bitch?

I lost my son behind you, my nigga.

All them niggas I had to kill for you?

Where you at, son?

At the police station.

Where is mommy?

Hey, baby.

This mommy, we gonna be
back together real soon.

I love you.

This is not my mommy!

Where is my mommy?

I want my mommy!

Son, don't cry.

Daddy and mommy right here.

Keep my son away from what got me here.


Hey baby, mommy's right here,

mommy and daddy, okay?

prosecutor watched the video

on Zina's phone.

And seeing that I wasn't
the one that killed Jugg

or his sister, so they
dropped all charges.

And who do you think was waiting on me?

Yup, Rita.

This woman ain't never turn her back on me

or act fake with me.

If anything, she pushed me to be better.

Ladonna's a beautiful woman.

Always be mama's baby, right?

But she
outgrew me a long time ago.

It's time for her to live her life.

I have never seen Ladonna
this happy before.

Cortney's a good dude

and I know he gonna treat her good.

Kevin is gonna live in LA with me and Rita

and Rita's son Johnny.

As far as me rapping,

well I ain't ever been no rapper.

But the wierdest thing happened.

Do that one more time.

still worked her magic

and finally got her first
male artist to go number one.

That's right, my son.

Kevin is the one that'll keep

my little brother's dream alive.

Can you imagine that?

♪ I'll be there with your
family when they need ya ♪

♪ Taught me to always be strong ♪

♪ Taught me right from wrong ♪

♪ I try to be like you
with everything you do ♪

♪ You brought me in this world ♪

♪ So I look up to you ♪

♪ You gave me a roof ♪

♪ Frigerator full of food ♪

♪ You gave me your all ♪

♪ So my love goes to you ♪

♪ I try to be like you ♪

♪ With everything you do ♪

♪ You brought me in this world ♪

♪ So I look up to you ♪

♪ You gave me a roof ♪

♪ Frigerator full of food ♪

♪ You gave me your all ♪

♪ So my love goes to you ♪

♪ Everybody's involved ♪

♪ Gravy, baby ♪

♪ This the sequel right here ♪

♪ Uh huh ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Super Turnt ♪

♪ And they said we couldn't do it, man ♪

♪ They call me the realest ♪

♪ They nicknamed me Rilla ♪

♪ I'm untamed in the
game, a fucking gorilla ♪

♪ And I ain't safe till the
strap is under the pillow ♪

♪ And I ain't moving or saying a word ♪

♪ Without them zeros ♪

♪ Nigga still grilling
with the hard face ♪

♪ Tony Montana, dick in they scarface ♪

♪ You better parlay, it's
Brooklyn to Barclay ♪

♪ I make you stiffen up
nigga, like some hard clay ♪

♪ Five years of my life
gone and I learnt ♪

♪ Me and Rita had to do it for Turnt ♪

♪ And yeah he taught me and he fought me ♪

♪ And when I went down
she was fucking Cortney ♪

♪ But I ain't mad though ♪

♪ I just collect and our paths go ♪

♪ Like shit don't stink these
niggas is just asshole ♪

♪ Which with the working
this is Rilla, homie ♪

♪ Shit, please don't make
me have to kill a homie ♪

♪ While these streets trying to
send this fake niggas on me ♪

♪ Monkey niggas trying
to be gorillas, homie ♪

♪ You should know it takes a family ♪

♪ To raise a village, homie ♪

♪ And just to speak to me nigga ♪

♪ It's a privilege, homie ♪

♪ And just to speak to me nigga ♪

♪ It's a privilege, homie ♪

♪ And just to speak to me nigga ♪

♪ It's a privilege, homie ♪

♪ Getting to the back of my cash tip ♪

♪ Fast lips ♪

♪ Never need to ask where
the stash is massive ♪

♪ But I'll probably
put it on the plastic ♪

♪ It's drastic, they talking mad shit ♪

♪ It's got me laughing, it's classy ♪

♪ Bullshit ♪

♪ But see I don't give in to the hate ♪

♪ 'cause I'm lit ♪

♪ I'm focused on rags ♪

♪ Not tricks, while you're
focused on this ass ♪

♪ You can see I'm too thick thick thick ♪

♪ I want the back ♪

♪ That's it ♪

♪ I think they mad ♪

♪ They sick ♪

♪ I hit the gas ♪

♪ Too quick ♪

♪ So under this ass ♪

♪ Too thick ♪

♪ Too fat ♪

♪ I'm lit ♪

♪ It's just too bad ♪

♪ I'm lit ♪

♪ It's just too bad ♪

♪ I'm lit ♪

♪ It's just too bad ♪

♪ Too lit ♪

♪ Too lit ♪

♪ Got big bank, gas and a tank ♪

♪ Teller give me cash off the drawer ♪

♪ While they're drawing blanks ♪

♪ Let me think how I wanna
kill it in the street today ♪

♪ Really nothing to it ♪

♪ Boss bitch laying either way ♪

♪ We done working it ♪