Super Star Super Silly (2018) - full transcript

Story about twins: The Son is a superstar and The Tung is a farmer. They changed position. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Hi everyone, this is the first time

and the only time I’m telling you
a serious story on my silly fanpage.

I wish you a happy new year,
beautiful life.

My story starts now.

It's time you make decision.

I don't have to choose.
It has always been you.

But if I have to...

it'd still be you...

and once I've chosen you…

there'll be no one else.

- Hey why didn't you stab me?
- What's wrong?

What's wrong Son?

The script's ending sucks, man.

Yeah, but that's life, isn't it?

Why is it always "love or career" for men?

Can you fix that?

We've changed the script 14 times.

I need a 15th version then.

Only one scene and he's like that,
we're screwed.

- Son!
- Hi Mr. Quang.

‎-Hi. ‎-Hey Son.

Let's go, you're late.

Sorry Mr. Quang. Let's go.

Quang waited to offer me a role!

He's not going to pay you.

He doesn't pay very well. Nonsense.

But the script's good.

It's not good if it doesn't pay.

Thinh Media just offered a role.

But I'm working on this movie!

They've got money, it's hot, you get me?

Keep it down man,
I heard rumors about you.

My sexuality?
Yeah keep that down, despacito.

I know he gets to choose his partners

and even the director

but his schedule is filled up
till the end of next year.

See ya.

‎Can you spare us a moment?

Hello, Dung's speaking.

What? One billion VND for two movies?

My superstar is not instant noodles.

Two billions a movie,

then maybe I'll get you a meeting.

The Son, The Son, The Son!

The Son really likes your project

but there is one tiny requirement.

Can we change the entire crew?

Agreed? Oh my god.

No, I'm just kidding, keep it!

Eat this.

Change the shoes, too.

Fix this!

Hello. - I'm behind your car.

- Are you?
- Slow down...


Hey The Son! You're so manly!

Be careful, Truc.

I got you something.

My braised pork.

Love you...

From a distant with pain.

Who's sad?

‎Linh's not Sad, Cuong's not sad.

Dumb girls!

Look at me. Smile.

- Speed up, Kim.
- Sure.

What are you doing?

Hello. Stop calling!
We are on our way, stop rushing.

You can't afford to pay
if we get into an accident, can you?

No damn call for you two years ago.

We need two of you.

Cop, pay me back 150,000 VND!

Pull over, pull over!

Cop, pay me back 150,000 VND!

- Just pull over!
- Oh gosh, my lemons!

C'mon man pay me back 150,000 VND!

Pull over. Chick!

Are you deaf?

Watch it man.

- You free?
- What?

Text me so I can delete it.

- You're nuts.
- Thank you.

Pay me back 150,000 VND.

‎-You look stunning today.
‎-This way, Anna.

They say you and Son are in love.
What do you think?

Where does that come from?

Me, I think that me and The Son
were born as a couple.

How about you?
What do you think about this?

To be honest, I think I don't deserve it.

Because Anna

is like a very mysterious
and elegant queen.

This dress alone weight five kilos.

- Seven and a half kilos.
- True.

So I'm like the prince
in the Cinderella story.

I wouldn't say
we were born for each other.

What if Anna and The Son
declared our love?

Would that be hot?

We all have a glass slipper in our life.

Will Anna fit my glass slipper or not?

Only time can tell.

Excuse us.

Music video, please!

What is it now?


This will be a fantastic music video

shot in Vinh Hy Beach.

There is more water than Vung Tau Beach!

That painter is going mad again.

Keep it down, despacito!
Just let me handle this.

Should we let him know
who's paying for his role in the movie?

Don't worry,
soon he'll realize you're his light.

If you can't work this out,
I'll let your boss know.

Don't be so aggressive!

I'm not aggressive!

Forget it!

Yeah! But you said it.

Think I'm mute.

But you're still talking.




Must be expensive, brother?

When are you gonna grow up?

It was Cop's fault.

He owns me 150,000 VND,
for like the whole year now.

150? You know how much is your charge?

But you're rich, aren't you?

Put your hands down!

Stinky like a pig.

It comes with my job.

Let's go.

You're not seeing mom?

Get out.


Right now, you're a million dollar star.

You forgot your roots.

Why such a big deal!

I'll sell the pigs and buy three cars.

Oh god, where were you?

You got an event at nine o'clock,
a recording session at ten

and fly to Da Nang at 11
for tomorrow's meeting.

You're not giving me a break this week?

You're in your prime,
you should make the most of it.

‎Where the heck have you been?

- Your bike?
- I parked it.

Why? Where did you park it?

Police station.

What did you do?


I told you!

I don't like braised pork
with bamboo sprout.

How about with jack-fruit?

Run run run...
He thinks I'm too old I can't chase him.

- Whose phone he got?
- Mine.

And yours too.

What's so funny?

I got him

These movies are rubbish.

What are you doing?

Arrogant prick.

I lost my appetite.

Hi Tung!

Hello Auntie Hanh!

Hello there!

Tung, help me please.

- What is it?
- My toilet is blocked up again.

Can you come over and help?


Yeah, I don't know why.

I haven't washed.

Just come, I'll wash you up.

My mom is here, how could I?

Just come.

Alright, I'll drop by later.

Be quick. Good evening Auntie.


I guess that's the price
for being handsome.

Hey! Truc.

Come have a look.

- Wassup?
- Your competitor.

She's nice. Pretty damn hot.

Not sure if your beloved is gonna hold up.

You crazy people, I've seen it.

Look! My measurements are
85-60-90 alright.

Oh my god...

Yeah she's nice as well.

Hey I've named this painting.

Go on?

Eternal love.

Well, everything has
an expiration date in this world.

And only girls can bring
happiness to each other.

Linh and Cuong said they'd be
jealous if they were me.

The two "unidentified gender" friends
of yours?

Yes, they want to hang out

- but I told them you're really busy.
- Is that Truc?

We haven't met for a month...

- I understand.
- You want to visit my hometown?

I'll try to arrange my schedule.


Three days no sleep! Let me breathe!

Yeah. Phung Anna is your oxygen tank,
get your breath from her.

Forget about that toxic painter.
She's gotten you sleepless!

I've been seeing Truc before I got famous.

Without her, I'm nothing.

What about my company?
Remember what I did for you?

Take less jobs! I'm exhausted.

How? We need money!

But I'm out of juice.



- Who?
- I don't get it..

He must be in love with the police.



The police got him?

Son fainted, guys.

Son, are you alright?

What's wrong Son?

I'm okay, not enough sleep I think.
Five minutes break, guys.

Take a rest.

Get me orange juice.

Tung writes popular dirty stuff online...

all sort of things, "virgin ghost,"
"naked woman" and stuff.

He's given the famous nickname
"the innocent boy."

He freaking stinks, too.


When did you bathe?

I only bath three times in life.

First when I was brought to life,
second when I'm leaving life.

And the third one?

The third time is before pollination.

What is pollination?

The process of transferring pollen
between two opposite individuals.

- I don't get it.
- "Make a baby," man!

I don't understand English.

- Like this.
- Oh right.

Drop me at the University of Fine Art.

- For what?
- Students cannot study without me.

The scent of night flowers

Are you drunk?

Hey I got an idea.

Your twin Tung, he looks just like you.

Why don't we get him to take the
odd jobs so you can relax a bit?

He's crazy.

You can't trust him.
I've been hiding him for years.

We can train him.

He's still your brother, right?

You're a star now,
give him something to do!

Bring him to me.

Alright babe.

Rather give it all up and start again

Without any debt on each other

We will forget the pain and move on

Is it worth it all just for you

Life is like that why am I so sad

Because of you I cannot stop the tears

Perhaps my love is special

Hopefully, he can change.

I hope so, too.

I'm so fresh.

Wow, big size.

Wassup? Shower was really nice.

Let's eat.

Yeah, let's eat.

Not embarrassed?

About what? My clothes are dirty.

We're all men, what's the matter?
Relax man.

Who said that? Jeez!

Put it away. Cover up.

I'm on a diet.

I got it.

No problem.

- What you looking for?
- Parson's nose.

Oh yeah!

You should come work for me,
get yourself together.

To do what?
I already have a job. I'm busy.

Ain't art better than raising pigs?

Bro, I've been doing art for ages...

worked with Art School for two years.

Ask Kim if you want.

If you want me to work, pay me well.
I'm really busy.

I've got to raise the pigs,
be a model, and write novels, too.

I got many jobs you see?
I don't have much time.

I'm making almost
30 million VND a year, you know.

I'm not kidding.

I'll pay you 30 million VND a month.

If you do well, I'll give you 70.

How much do you want?

100 million VND.

Wow. That's double my salary.

He's a farmer or a jewelry seller?

100 is still not enough?

Okay, you pay me 100 million VND.

On one condition.

You have to visit mom.

Alright 70 million.

Or just 30 is fine with me.

I don't need money.

I'll help you. But you have
to visit mom once a month.

Get out of the water man.

This is way better than my piggy bike.
That thing is so loud.

Of course, slow down though.

- What you looking at!
- A pimple.

God! Keep your eyes on the road man.

Hold on! Be careful!

‎Where is the brake?

- Which way?
- To the right.

- Left, on the left.
- I’m heading to the right!

‎Why the heck are you turning on
‎the windscreen wipers?

Stop! Hit the brakes!

Hey jerk, how the hell are you driving?

Take his car, guys.

‎They must be on drugs or something…

Why are people driving like mad?


But which one is the fake one?

Who is who? Who is who?

Stop that crap.


We both have a birth mark
but mine is bigger and darker.

Tung is always bigger than Son.

I mean the thighs. What do you think?

Let's make some money.

This is really good.

He's friendlier than you.

I didn't expect it, hard to distinguish.

But you have to watch over him.

He's unpredictable.

- Dung!
- Huh?

Lee Joon is in Vietnam.

Can you get me a role in his movie?

That's a bit tough,
but I'll give it a try.

Phung Anna must be able to help.

Can you give me a break?

Okay fine. Phung Anna is your oxygen.

I've got to go. I'm leaving.

Where are you going? We got work to do.

I know!

Hello, Mr. Son.

Scene 42. The male character
has to fall in love better.

He must care for his beloved more.

Try to improve it.

Help yourself.


Ah! I'm The Son, are you Phung Anna?

It's like we've never met.

Do you like my dress today?

Beautiful! But might be a little itchy.

You are strange today,
very different from your usual self.

Very nice!

Drawing combines with juxtaposition.

I was inspired by our love story.

- Oh really?
- I'll show you something.

‎What is this?

This is Phong Gangster in Cold-blooded.

This is Kiet Xu in On The Edge.

And this is Prince Hai
in the movie Wild Flowers.

I looked great, didn't I?

I like this character the most.

Sometimes, I want to give up
to be with you.

Because when I'm with you
my life is much more relaxing.

Guess which movie this is?

- That must be you.
- Yes.

And who's this?

Don't you have to ask!

What are you wearing?

Do you like this?

Such a fancy watch.

I got many more at home.

- He looks like actor The Son, doesn't he?
- Yes, I think so.

I heard he is with Phung Anna.

Actors are playboys, right?

What's wrong with you?

Tung and Phung Anna have disappeared.

I told you many times to keep an eye on
them. Something bad must have happened!

Go home. We'll shoot early tomorrow.

I understand.

‎-This is beautiful, isn’t it?
‎-Yes, it is.


Time to go?

I won't forget your b'day.


His phone is out. I'll give him a lesson.

You said he did fine!

Yeah, he is.

Pick it up.


Baby! Where are you hiding?

You are amazing tonight.


Damn it!

- Why you hit me?
- My image is not to ruin.

Ruin what? What did I do?

About Phung Anna?

Dare to say hi?

I'm not saying "Hi."
I meant I did her twice.

I was going to do it once
but you know, I'm only human.

I did think about your image and all.

But she was all over me.

I think you would have done the same.

You turned me into cheap garbage.

That's what you get
if you keep staying with mom.


Hey! Don't talk about mom like that.

You think your job is easy?

Always have to lie about everything.

This is your pay.

I don't need your money.

You blame mom for our parents split-up?

I don't like traitors.

What the hell do you know?

If you followed dad...

you'd have been much better.

Better what? Like you are?
Then I don't need it.

You have always been on his side.
One day you will regret.

How impudent! If I have a chance,
I'll beat the crap out of you.

Truc, I'm really sorry.

I really wanted
to attend your birthday party.

But Tony just got me
a precious meeting with Director Lee Joon.

I'm in Vung Tau now.

I'll see with you as soon as
I'm done here.

I love you.


One hour. Just talking.

No holding hands, kissing or flirting.

Alright, I'm not an animal and she's...

my sister-in-law!

But you have to be caring.

There's a party planned for
you guys at the bar.

Make sure she has fun!

I get it! I'll spoil her more than pigs!

Good boy.

Alright, no kissing no flirting.

One kiss for each?

Do you get one?


I'm here.

I thought you wouldn't come.

I hate you so much.

- Come in.
- Come in.

Give me the flowers.

Calm your tits.

You look darker than in your photos, Truc.

What photo? I'm still the same.

Oh, I mean this teddy bear... is dark.

That's the birthday present you gave me.

Yeah, it looks dark.

You're working with so many hot girls...

you must have forgotten about us.

How could I forget!

Mai Linh who does "miscellaneous selling."

And you are Hoa Cuong
which means "the tough flower."

You're wrong.

This is Linh and this is Cuong.

Did you really forget?

I'm joking.

He's joking.

Why? Because Cuong wears glasses

and Linh has curly hair.

You are so cute...

and different from other girls.

- How different?
- Big boobs but no brain.

You guys have big brain
and that thing is...

sexy as well.

Try to touch her...

you will know the consequences!

I didn't do anything!

That's your line in the movie, you forgot?

Oh... I'm acting now...


How can I forget a line
in the movie I played.

It was a great movie,
called The day before I died.

Live another day!

I'm acting...

How could I forget that film.

That is one of my best movies.


When is Lee Joon coming?

He must be stuck in traffic.

In Vung Tau?

Traffic jam everywhere.

That's a silly watch you're wearing.


Do you like it?

You should come to my house.

I have some spare ones at home.

Nah, I wouldn't dare to.

Damn it, why boys always sigh
when I ask them to come home with me!

Have a good time.

Bye bye.

Let's go.

Hey Kim.

- They just got out of the apartment.
- Good!

- Good boy!
- Ya.

You must be tired.

Go relax at my house!

I got plenty of watches. You can pick one.

- Well...
- Don’t you complain?

Give me back my phone!

Don't you get on my nerve.


I want that painter off Son.

Calm down, despacito!


Calm down.

Fuck calm down!

I'm in panic, too.

Oh my god!


You look happy today.

You look happy.

It's your birthday, of course I'm happy.

I would have brought
some pigs if I had more time.

What? What did you say?

Never mind.

You're bit strange today.

You're riding without a helmet
and taking me to a bar.

It's normal.

- Let's drink.
- Cheers!

Three shots means nothing. Watch me!

You are bad-ass.

Where is Truc?

Is she not here?

- Nope.
- We thought Truc went out with you.

You're a really good actor.

Are you acting again?

You even changed your outfit!

You are amazing today,
no need to act more.

Would you want a snack?

The hell.

Young couple. That's love I guess.

Couples fight all the time.
Being single is the best!

That's why we are together.

How is everybody?


Are you drunk yet?


I'm drunk.

I just want to say something.

More than 20 years ago,

someone was born.

Usually, I'm only concerned
about two things.

The first thing is the weight

and the second thing is
the fluffiness of the hair.

But never mind that.

But this one is the exception.

I know for sure

if I don't let everyone in the world knows

she's the one I'm in love with,
it isn't fair.

So here it goes...

my love belongs to her.

And today is her birthday.

I would like to dedicate
this song I wrote for her.

This song is called
"Be Heo oi" in Vietnamese.

And "Hey Piglet" in English.

I pet you and care for you

Give you a clean cut and wash you well

Always together since you were little

I love you much
Feed you well but I am skinny

Raising you makes my life tough
But I am still working hard for you

I make you a home
And care for your nails

Even take photos with you

Without you I would be a mess

Be a good girl and do not get sick

Without you, life would be meaningless

Do not get sick babe

Care for you, feed you day and night
So you can grow up

The faster you grow

The sooner you will leave me

It's my heo

It's my lovely lovely heo

It is exactly OK my heo

That is a really bad behave.

Damn it!

Damn it!

- Damn it!
- Damn it!

Damn it!

Security, sorry!

You touched her ass!

What? Now you touch my ass as well!



‎-Hi Mr. Son.
‎-Hi Mr. Son. What happened?

That's great! But we have to
bring her down way more.

I want the media to promote

Anna and Son
as the best couple in showbiz.

Make it dramatic guys.

The hell are you doing?

Keep it down, despacito.

Leave us, Kim.

‎Calm down.

What's the matter?

I didn't allow Tung to do that, did I?

I just wanted the best for you...

I didn't want to upset your girl.

Do you realized how much damage this is?

No big deal! Phung Anna's gonna
make it up for us.

Don't you ever do this again.

Watch your language, buddy.

You need to remember the old days.

"I just want to be an actor."

"I'll do anything until my last breath."

Remember how you were down on your knees.

Now you are raising your voice on me.

Is that how you show your appreciation?

I don't mean it.

I can turn you into nothing right now.

Look back to the old talents

who were against me.

How fast they disappeared.

Make your decision.
Come with me to the top.

Or stay filthy with your beloved.

The Son! Who is the girl in the video?

Is she the Cinderella you always mention?

She's just a fan.

Wake up, who do you think you are!

Hey dumb-ass, don't try to be dangerous.

Or both dangerous and dumb?

Ugly bitches,
don't even try to screw things up!

You better watch out.

Calm down ladies, despacito.

The Son's glass slippers
must belong to Cinderella Phung Anna.

You destroyed my hope
so I take down your belief.

Excuse us, everybody.

Stay away from our The Son!

‎Stay away from him! Did you hear me?

‎If you dare to mess with Son,
‎I’ll teach you a lesson!

Open the door! Bitch!

I can turn you into nothing right now.

Make your decision.

Come with me to the top.

Or stay filthy with your beloved.

Are you alright?

Yeah! Everybody's against me.

Drinking, cursing, fighting,

is that you Truc?

We had too much to drink that night.

You know the media.

Even if we want to forget, we just can't.

Million fans out there
think that I'm their idol.

So tell me, what will you do now...

if those people want you to choose

between your career and me?

Why everybody makes me choose?

You know what I would choose.


Do you have time this week?

I'm meeting a new partner.

It would be much easier
if you can be there.

Yeah I get it.

This is a big contract. I need your help.

How dare you show up in here?

This thing costs more than my pigs.

Give it to me, don't break it.


I'm sorry, bro.

Tony Dung said you wanted me to see Truc.

That's why I went. I just wanted to help.

Get out of my house.

Truc loves you.

How dare you say her name!

You know, when I met Truc

she was really happy.

She didn't know I pretended to be you.

She kissed, hugged me.

How dumb you are to think

that a movie star like me

would ever want you to go
on a date with my girlfriend.

Bro! I heard she is
coming back to her hometown.

None of your business. Go feed your pigs.

She's very sad now. She needs someone.

No need to tell me. I know what to do.


He must have forgot
Vinh Hy is my hometown.

Please pull over. Please sir, pull over.

‎What is going on, Mr. Driver?

‎Is that The Son the actor?

What do you want from me?

Everybody knows who you are.

Forget them.

The most important thing
is we have to be together.

What's going on?

What's going on?

Truc, Truc.

You should go. Whoever you are,
you are not my concern.

Lies will kill love.

Honesty kills it faster.

You can be mad at me

or even hate me,

but please don't leave me.

I look nice, don't I?


Please don't tell me
that this is your outfit!

Oh no! This is just for swimming.


I need some tranquilizer.

I'll get some for the whole crew.

Push stronger!

Here we come.

A man must control himself.

A man must control himself.

A man... must... control... himself!

But it's okay...
to get loose... sometimes.

She's so hot!

- Hello.
- Why did you steal my motorbike?

For my business.

What business?

Pig delivery.

Are you crazy?

Do you know how much that bike costs?

Special pig.

What's so special?

A special one!

Really fair skin tone and dances a lot.

She got very tasty legs too.

The pig swims really well.
But it's for worshiping.

All pigs get eaten after worship.

You let me have this pig?

If you like it that much.

Hurry up and bring me my bike back.

Hey bro, hey bro.
I gotta go. The pig is ready.

Hey... hey...

Can I lean on you, Son?

Sure! We are a couple, right!

I'm serious! You've got to trust me!

Trust me! That guy at
your party was not Son.

He must be Tung, Son's twin brother.
You should ask him.

They must be playing with you.

This is so out of order!
You're not their toy.

They treat you like a ball
and... pass you around!

‎I bet one of them will reach out
‎for you again!

You must teach them a real good lesson.

Why is it bigger than before?

How can you know?

I've seen it.

Your birth mark.

Yes. The doctor said I've got a flu.

What flu?

The... uhm... "Salmon" disease.

Salmon is a fish.

In general... it is...

It's an... erection...
I mean... skin disorder.

That's an odd disease.

It means my birthmark
can grow big or small...

depending on situations.

So, when does it get bigger?

When life gets tough.

And when gets smaller?

When life's easy.

So when does life get tough?


Huh? Why now?

Stop asking questions.

Why is your breath so heavy?

I got asthma.

Damn. I am the real victim.

I thought you don't want to soak?

I thought I could control.

Let's go, we're late.

- Life's still very tough.
- What?

Not yet! It's transforming.


I ruined it again!

So stupid of me.

Go for it! Go for it! C'mon!

‎C'mon! Go for it!

Fill in gas by yourself, okay?

Hey stop!

Bang, my brother!

Bang. Bang.

- Truc.
- Where you going?

Fishnet... fishnet.

Why he's acting like a kid?

He's slow. He must have been bullied!

Don't worry about it! It happens everyday.

I'm your boyfriend! Let me handle it.

Bang! Come with me! Nothing to be afraid!

Tell me what happened!

I can't remember...


Truc's boyfriend?

Yeah, recently but no promise.

Don't you worry about anything.
I'll back you up.

But we need good tactics. You get me?

God no! You can't throw that.

Big rock. Bigger rock.

You can't carry that one.
This one is fine.

Where is he then?

That's him!

He's big! Really big!

No, he's tiny! Let me!

Yo kid!


Really really big!

Really really big!

Can't you see he's tiny?

Hey kid, whatever you
took from Bang, return it now.

If I see you bully him again

I'll cut your ear off.

Really really big!

- What are you doing to my dad?
- What?

Really really big!

Yeah I can tell.

Hey pal! I'm The Son. I'm very famous.

If I post a photo online
I'll get billions of likes.

No Facebook.

I'm on every TV in this nation.

He doesn't have a TV.

Count to three.

I'm fine.

Fish here smells so fresh!

Hi there fading star.

What you just said?

I said what I think.

Say it again.

Are you deaf?

Hey guys! Can one of you apply
sunscreen on me?

Take my photo!

- Run run run.
- Wanna race?

‎Hurry up!

Does my hometown look poor?

Not at all, it's quite beautiful.


When will your dad return?

Once a month, mostly.

That's tough.

He hasn't changed much, has he?

Liar! You've never met my father.

I'm just joking, of course.

It's the first time you visit my hometown.


I want to confess.

I'm not the movie star The Son.

I am The Tung, his twin brother.

I'm just a pig farmer.

I fell in love from the first day we met.

But I know

the real me isn't worth your attention.


I knew everything.

How could I not see the truth.
It's just that everything...

you did for me on this trip

is too sweet.

I wish...

I could forget everything

and lean my head on your shoulder.

That would be much better.

You should forget everything.

As long as you are with me

you will never have to worry.

Son, why don't you eat?

Where do you want me to take you to?

Cau Kieu. Bo Ke. Dam Sen.

Wherever you want to go.

Then go dry the fishnet first.

You are hugging it.

And keep mumbling.

The pig is not ready?


Oh! I used to play
that when I was a kid, too.

- Is that so?
- Run run run.

That's Bang, your brother.

So swag with the big wheel.


I need to love someone tonight
without a reason.

What you doing here?

How about you, bro?

None of your business. Answer my question.

You really take the pig out to swim?

Stop it man.

I'm taking Truc to the sea.

What did you say?

I took her back to her hometown.

Who asked you to?

Where is Truc?

You called my girlfriend a pig

and you wanted to eat her.

- Brother.
- What now?

Get changed.

Be careful, bro!

I miss you so much.

My darling.

I'll never let you go again.

Too many takes!

I think this is a
very simple scene for you!

Let me remind you
that you are playing with your girlfriend.

She's very pretty.

You are not playing with your pigs.
Get it?

Is there a scene with the pigs?

I'll do that one. That's easier.

Just an example!

You are a movie star how can we
tell you to play with a filthy pig.

Focus, and remember...

it's fierce, not feces. Do you get it?

I'm a little surprised with you today

even though we've worked before.

Anyway, let's do it.

Do you know how happy I was last night?



That's how you do it! Pair of hearts!

Four of a kind! Straight flush!


That's how you do a love scene.

Act like that okay?

I'm the makeup guy.

Yes exactly!

Oh god, perfect.


Last night.

What did we do?

Are you really asking me that?

It was like a tsunami.

You were amazing.

Last night and this morning.

Your love...

It was mixed with aggression.
It was beautiful.

Strong and passionate.
You know what I mean?

Passionate love.

I watch you from afar and I cry. I cry.

The audiences will definitely cry!

Now for the next scene,
I want more aggression.

Way more aggressive like anger.

Bro. Why do you hang out with such weirdo?

That Phung Anna...

My god! She's raging like tsunami.

Get it done
and... I'll show you a tsunami.

I really cannot enjoy that kind of beauty.

What's wrong, Truc?

How's your face?


If you don't love me anymore

you didn't have to hit me.

Damn it!



What's going on?

My god! Such a waste of powder.

The script has been changed?

You changed it, remember?


‎Is that someone from the crew?
‎He looks unfamiliar.

Behave yourself!

- Watch out!
- Stop!

You bastard!

What bastard? What did I do?

What you did to Anna?

I didn't do anything to Anna,
just made fun!

Are you kidding me?

You love Truc, don't you?

Who wouldn't? She's so pretty.

You're a farmer! You're not worth it!

How about you?

We've been together four years.

Four years, so what?

Truc loves you, takes care of you,
and what about you?

Heartless! You've never
been to her hometown.

What do you know?

She has a retarded brother

and a family to take care of!

None of your business!

You are an asshole.

Alright, let's sit up
and talk this through. So intense!

What's "Salmon" disease?

Salmonellosis is a disease which affects
digestion system of the pigs.

You know the truth right?

My feelings for you are strong enough
to recognize who you are.

I put a lot of patience into you.

But it turns out you are
just the same as every other man.

Always do what you like
and never think about my feelings.

Truc! You've got to understand for Son.

He's a movie star, not a farmer like me.

He's really busy.

Yes. You are busy.

So busy that you forgot
I need someone to be with me too.

Forgot that I'm waiting for your calls.

You make me feel like I am
your little pet.

Whatever I say now...

would be pointless.

I'm sorry.

You've said sorry hundreds of times!

But it doesn't mean it's going to be okay.

Tell me...

for four years,

do you ever think of me when you wake up?

Or before you go to bed?

I'm not in any of your dreams.

You only have fame and career
in your mind.

When I only have you in my mind.

That's not true, Truc.
I will always love you.

But I cannot feel it.

It's been just two days with Tung

and I have realized something
that you should have done in four years.

Think about that.

If it wasn't Tung but someone else.

Would me and him
be able to keep a distance?

No, I cannot...


I like you, Truc.

A pig farmer like myself

would never think...

there would be a day

I would meet such a sweet girl like Truc.

I'm in love with Truc.

But I know

there's no future.

Anyway, I should stop talking.

I don't want to fight.

Both of you get out of my life.


‎Hey! Slow down!

Bro! There's no point
wearing glasses in this situation.


You look ridiculous.

Shut up.

This must be Truc's brother?

Yeah! That's him.

Is he going to do it?

Yeah! He is.

- How would you know?
- I taught him.

- What now?
- Run.

Run! Stay alive to apologize to Truc.

Don't mess it up again.

Someone can make your heart broken.

But you still love that person
from the bottom of your heart.

How did you get in here?

It's my resort.

I can go anywhere I want.

So as we have agreed

tonight I'll "love someone
without a reason."


There are so many men around you.

Why does it have to be me?

Because you are weird.

None of the men I know
is as unique as you are.


You don't know me yet.

I can blackout
the whole city if I want to.

If you shut this door,

your career will be over.

I told you not to get on her nerves.

She bought our company.


Don't I own my house and my car?

Even your private bank account is frozen.

I don't want this either.

It's going be a tough time for you Son.

But if you really have no choice
then just give me a call.


You used me like a tool.

- Kim!
- Made me work my ass off.

- Kim!
- And now take it all for yourself.

- I'll tell you something.
- Kim!

- I'm a human being.
- Kim!

- A human!
- Let go!

Security, where are you?


From tomorrow,

the media will know
how you used your brother

to lie in public.

Let's see if you can deal with that.

Take it all! Give myself back to me!

Back where you belong.

Get him out of here.


I will teach you a lesson.

I took the inspiration from our love.

Oh really?

Every detail has something
from you and me.

Linh and Cuong say I'm always dreaming.

To them, everything will fade away
in this world.

Do you think so?

For our love to never fade away,

there is a solution.

We have to love each other more.

I'm not surprised by Son's behavior.

He bullied me just because
I didn't say hello quick enough.

Hi, Ms. Nhung, it's The Son.

The project we were talking
about a couple of months ago.

Is there any news yet?

Oh, I was told by Tony Dung
that you have moved abroad.

Who is The Son? Do I know him?

I think you should ask me about Tuan Khai.

Last night The Son called me.

Did you answer?

No I didn't.

You should block his number for good.

Yeah I got it.

You are such a good girl.

Yes, thank you. Goodbye.

I see myself as a teacher.
I taught him and he betrayed me.

I can put up with the way
Son has treated me.

But he can't lie to the public.


If you don't mind what's going on,
give me a chance.

Son, I'm really sorry
but the cast has been fixed.

Honey, honey!

No money, no love! Let me go!

- I can care for you.
- Stop following me.

Trust me!


Honey, hey!

Your son is a star but you're so cheap!

Yeah dad.

Hey Son! I don't want to waste your time.

I got this new deal with a friend of mine.

I need your help.

Hello? Hello?

Bro, what if Truc has a new boyfriend now?

I'm not surprised.

I lost her since the beginning.

Then why did you hate mom
when she was seeing someone else?

That's betrayal.

Do you know how bad dad treated mom
when you were away?

I've never seen a man so cruel.

And you. He just wants your money.

If you were a pig farmer,
he would never see you.

His business is in trouble.
What do you know?

Yeah right, intercourse business right.

Dad is my idol. Shut up.

Bro, don't abandon your girl like dad.

Hey you, are you okay?

Hi everyone,
according to the forecasting center,

the tropical depression has entered
the East Vietnam Sea

‎and strengthened into typhoon number ten.

I'm so happy.

My brother is back to mom.

This is all I ever need.

A happy family.

And about the rest...

my brother might be easy but I am not.

Who's that?

I don't want to fight! Who's that?

Who's that?

- We're even.
- Not yet.

Your pigs are really stinky.

I feed them mustard.


I'll never eat pork again!


A great man like Son will return one day.

And about Truc,
I believe he knows what to do.

It would be a mess if I get involved.

Once again he didn't
recognize my new haircut.

A million words will never bring you back.

I know for sure...

because I've shed a million teardrops.

I know because I cried.

Don't reach for me

since I'll never believe you again.

Hello. Is that Linh?
Do you know where Truc is?

Is that you, Son? Help Truc!

She ran to the exhibition in this weather.

Alright, I'm on it.

A woman's loyalty

is challenged when
her man is empty-handed.

But a man's loyalty

is challenged
when he has everything he wants.


A man should care about his woman.

It's not easy to find someone
who truly loves you

in the sea of humans.

I won't lose you again.

I'm just afraid
that you will leave me behind.


Eating with you, hanging out with you

talking to you.

Hugging you to fall asleep.

Looking at you when I wake up.

You are my biggest desire.

I just need someone beside me
to hold me when I cry.

I can't promise that...

because from now on...

you will only smile.

Yeah! Let's see for how long.

I didn't expect their love to last
so long.

They should have broken up.

It's so silly of me.

That's why you should always look out
for your loved ones.

Especially your beloved.

No matter how far you are...

Is this far enough?


We're out of gas.

I know.

I didn't ask to go catch a kangaroo.


Please don't stand up
when the lights are still off.

This movie was my biggest
box-office success last year.

It's called Crazy Intersection.


Oops, my bad...

You're screwed, Truong Giang!

Hey I'll pay back my debt next year!


Oh my god, I told you...

a good shave and a new haircut
is all you need!

- Not me!
- Shut up!

- Let me go!
- Stop talking!

- Let me go!
- Do you want to die?

She looks big,
but she is weak like me.

Hey Bang, we asked you
to take us to the island, didn't we?

Yes, I'm swinging the boat around
in an island shape!

Never mind, good for us
he hasn't sunk the boat yet.

Wanna see the coral reefs?

Bring us back to land!

Bring us back to land!

Your love, it was mixed with aggression.

It shows a fierce aspect of love,
you get me?

I watched you from afar and I cried,
imagine how our viewers will react!

Harder than raising pigs!

It's the beach...
right next to Ut's house.

Ut! Give me my food!

I didn't ask to go catch a kangaroo.

Stop splashing water, guys! Genius.

Anything is possible
in a Vietnamese movie!