Super Spy Ryan (2020) - full transcript - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(gently chiming music)

(dramatic music)

(slow electronic music)

(upbeat electronic music)

- Whoa, oh, no, a missing gummy!

Yay, now it's perfect.

- Gus is gonna love it!

(television chirps)

- [Television] Incoming call, Combo.

Incoming call, Combo,
incoming call, Combo.

- Mommy, Gus's birthday party

in the Virtual World is starting soon.

We have to go! Where's Daddy?

- He was wrapping Gus's presents in the living room.

He should be done by now. Let's go!

(upbeat chiming music)

- [Television] Incoming call, Combo.

- Ryan, Gus's birthday party is starting! Come on over!

- And don't forget my gummy cake! Yay!

- I'll be there as soon as Daddy's done wrapping presents.

- Guys, I think I need a little help.

- Okay.

- Not this kind of help, oh, no.

That's for the presents, Emma, Kate.

- Don't worry, Ryan, you go ahead.

We'll meet you at the party.

But first, can you show me how to get there?

- Sure, Mommy, I'll show you.

(dramatic orchestral music)

There's a secret button back here.

(button chirps)

(Golden Console throbs)

First you have to turn it on.

(Golden Console trills)

Now punch in the secret code, R-W-3-2-1.

Virtual World, here I come!

Bye, Mommy.

- Bye, Ryan, have fun.

(upbeat electronic music)

- Whoa, this is so cool.

Well, I better hurry 'cause I'm running late

to Gus's birthday party.

Oh, it's pizza, get over here.

Oh, I didn't get it.

(whistle tweets)

Whoa, a soccer ball, that was fast.

(dinosaur roars)

Look, it's a dinosaur egg, and it's cracking!




(upbeat electronic music continues)

(happy electronic music)

Hey, guys!

- Surprise!

- Ah, Alpha Lexa, this is not a surprise party.

- Every party's a surprise party!

(Ryan sighs)

- Hey, Happy Birthday, Gus!

Cool presents!

- Thanks, Ryan, look at this present Peck invented.

They look like normal glasses,

but check this out. X-Ray Spy Goggles,

- [Group] Whoa.

- Oh, gosh, it's nothing.

- Activate!

Oh, wow.
(slow electronic music)

Wow, gummies!

How did everyone know exactly what I wanted?

I have the best friends ever!

(slow electronic music)

- [Robo Combo] Pack Rat, look!
Ryan's in the Virtual World!

The moment we've been waiting for.

- [Pack Rat] Robo Combo, there it is!
Zoom in, zoom in!

- Now zooming in, Pack Rat.

- Ryan's Golden Console.

(Pack Rat laughs)

He uses that to come to the Virtual World.

Now it will belong to me, the Pack Rat,

so I can collect anything I want

from the real world! (laughs)

- But Pack Rat, what's so
special in the Real World?

- Birthday presents!

I want them all, starting
with the ones in Ryan's house!

Oh, she just turned on the Golden Console.

(alarm beeps)

- The wormhole has been activated!

(Daddy wails)

- Ah, watch out!

Are you okay?

- Now is my chance.

(alarm blares)

(Pack Rat laughs)


(slow ominous music)

- Hey, I thought the portal was open.

- It was. Wait, what's going on?

The portal was here. Where could it be?

Oh, no, the Golden Console!

It's gone!

(slow ominous music)

- What do we do?

- The Golden Console is mine! (laughs)


- My sensors are detecting a glitch.

It would appear that everyone

and everything is being, um, baby-fied?

- Huh. Well, every plan has its glitches,

and this one is tiny. A baby glitch!

Get it, Robo Combo? (laughs)

Laugh with me, Robo Combo!

(Robo Combo laughs dutifully)

(everyone cries out)

- Everyone, stay calm.

- What is happening?

- Guys? I feel weird.

- Hungry weird? Or too
many gummies weird? Or-

(Combo Panda cries out)

(Gus squeaks)

- What's going on?
(overlapping chattering)

- Gus just took birthday to a whole new level.

What kind of panda-monium is this?

- Oh, gosh, this is exactly
what I was afraid of.

Ryan's Golden Console
is in the Virtual World,

and that means it can
turn us all into babies!

- [Alpha Lexa] What's happening?

(Ryan gasps)

- Well, well, well, who do we have here?


- We have Ryan because I
asked you to hack the signal!

(Robo Combo growls)

Oh, right. Well, well, well, indeed!

(Robo Combo sighs)

- The Pack Rat.

- Huh? Who's that?

- That evil chipmunk who
tries to collect everything.

- Actually, Combo, he's a hamster.

- A hamster who looks like a chipmunk?

Whose name is the Pack Rat? Uh,

that's so confusing.

- Excuse me! How dare you!

It is I, Pack Rat the Hamster.

Not a chipmunk or a rat! A hamster!

And Pack Rat is a fine name.

- Uh.

- The Golden Console is mine now,

like all the birthday
presents will be! (laughs)

- Guys, it's up to us to save those presents

and stop the Virtual World
from being baby-fied.

We have to break into the Pack Rat's lair

and get my Console back!

(slow electronic music)
(alarm beeps)

- [Peck] Good thing Super Spy Gear has been

my Super Secret Project!

- [all] Whoa.
- [Alpha Lexa] Oh, awesome.

(overlapping chattering)

(energetic music)

- Watchie talkies!

- Ooh, I want one!

- Super Spy Team, let's gear up!

- [Moe] (excited gibberish)

(slow music)

Hold on. Who's babysitting?

- [All] Not it!

- Huh?

(slow suspenseful music)

(babies licking)

- Oh, man.

- Don't worry, Gus and Moe!
We'll get my Golden Console

and get you back to normal in no time!

(upbeat music)

- [All] Super Spies, raise 'em high!

(slow electronic music)

(robot beeps)

(Pack Rat grumbles)

- Is he ready yet?

Make sure he's programmed
to collect presents.

All presents! Presents,
presents, presents!

And that cake too!
And don't forget the presents.

What's taking so long, Robo Combo?

- (sighs) The next thing you should collect should be patience.

(ominous electronic music)


- Thank Ryan's family for me.

This Golden Console works perfectly!

(slow ominous music)

(Kate mumbles)

- Where can it be?

- [Emma] Where can it be?

- It's gotta be somewhere.

- I'm telling you, the
Golden Console was stolen!

- But that's impossible, no one knows

about the Golden Console.

- Well, where is it?

Because I've literally looked everywhere.

(dramatic music)

(robot whirs)
(robot beeps)

(Daddy screams)

- I think he took it.

- Get him!

(overlapping screaming)

(electronic chase music)

(comical chase music)

(overlapping screaming)

(comical chase music)

(overlapping screaming)

(comical chase music)

- Oh, no, I can't believe this.

We have to tell Ryan the
Golden Console was stolen!

(upbeat electronic music)

(drone engines whirring)

- [Alpha Lexa] Whoa, that's a lot of GuardBots.

- Don't worry, I have a plan.

(slow music)

- Hey, I think these disguises
are actually working.

Oops! Uhh.

- Keep it down.


If we make it,

maybe we can take the
elevator straight up to the-

- [Watch] Pick up, it's Mommy!

(group cries out)
(overlapping chattering)

It's Mommy!

- No!

(robots creaking)

- [Alpha Lexa] What should we do?

- Never mind. You guys go ahead.

I'll handle these GuardBots.

Slime Blaster, activate!

(dramatic music)

(elevator dings)

- Everyone, get in!

- [all] We're in. Hurry! Come on!


Hurry up, Ryan!

- [Ryan] See ya, slime bots!

(group sighs)

- [Watch] Pick up, it's Mommy! Pick up-

- [Group] Come on, Ryan!

- Silent mode!

- Ryan, someone-

- [Ryan] Stole the Golden Console?

- Yeah, someone who wants
to collect Gus's cake

and birthday presents.

- [Ryan] That someone is the Pack Rat.

I'm going to get it back.
You protect our presents!

- Don't worry, Ryan, I've got it covered! (laughs)

Oh, hey, give it back to me. Hey, wait!

- I better go help him. Good luck!


(upbeat music)

- [Alpha Lexa] Wow!

- [Combo Panda] So many toys!

- [Ryan] I see a door across the room,

and that giant key must open it.

- [Alpha Lexa] Guys? I think
we're in a claw game.

- And we have to be the claw.

- Who will it be? Ah!

Buckle up, Peck!

- What?

Oh, gosh!

- I'll go first. Let's play!

(game trills)

(electronic carnival music)

And grab, Peck, grab!

(Peck cries out)

- [Alpha Lexa] That's not the key!

- Peck, don't squeeze it too hard, or--

(Peck cries out)

(overlapping chattering)

- Huh.

(electronic carnival music)

It's my turn.

I'm Alpha Awesome at claw games!


- Ahh!

- [Ryan] Hold on, Peck!

- [Alpha Lexa] Yeah!

- Got it! Now please bring me back!

(Peck babbles)

- [Alpha Lexa] No!

- [All] Peck!

- Hand Grabber, activate!

(dramatic electronic music)


(Peck cries out)

Hold on tight, everyone!

- Gotcha, Peck!

(grate snaps)

(group yells)

- I've got you guys!

(dramatic music)

We did it!

- [Combo Panda] Yeah!

- Ah, let's use the door next time!

- Let's get moving!

(Pack Rat yells)

- Robo Combo, go stop those
super annoying spies once

and for all!

But first, has my henchman
collected any birthday presents

from Ryan's house yet?

- Uh...

About that, gotta go!

(Pack Rat growls)

(slow suspenseful music)

(robot beeps)

- Umm. I don't think he knows
what a party horn is.

- I don't blame him.
Those things are confusing.

(robot sniffs)
(gentle chiming music)

(party horn blares)

(Robot crashes)

(family laughs)

(slow suspenseful music)

- Hey, wait, come back!

- Get him!

- Get him.

- Let's go. Hurry.

Got you, robot.

- Give me the presents.

- You are not going anywhere.

- I can help.

(Mommy laughs)

- [Daddy] Look, he can't move.

- Perfect!

- Yeah.

(family cheers)

- No!
(slow music)

(slow ambient music)

(grate rattles)

- [Combo Panda] Whoa! A treasure collection!

And I'm sure they won't miss one. Hyah!

Combo, likey.

- Combo, we don't have time for treasure!

We have to get the Golden
Console back before-

- Alpha!

- Yeah! (babbles)

- Don't worry, Alpha.

We'll turn you and Peck back to normal!

- [Robo Combo] That's what you think! Huh.

- [Both] Robo Combo!

- The Pack Rat and I are impressed

that you made it this far.

- [Ryan] Uh-oh.

- Not good!
(dramatic music)

- But you will make it no farther!

- Oh, yeah? We'll see about that!

Super Spy Scuba Mode, activate!

(upbeat music)

- Challenge accepted. It is on!

- [Ryan] Sharks!

- [Combo Panda] Yikes!

- Let's split up!

- [Combo Panda] And trap him!

(ominous music)

- Ready?

- Yeah, come on.

- You are going to regret that!

- Combo, keep Alpha and Peck safe!

- On it!

(upbeat guitar music)

- That's it! An escape hatch!

Hyper Speed, activate!

(rocket thrusters)

- [Robo Combo] Not so fast!

- [Combo Panda] Ryan! You're gonna crash!

(Ryan yells)

- [Robo Combo] No!

System reboot. System reboot.

- Epic fakeout!

- [Ryan] Quick, before he wakes up!

Turn it this way.

- And, uh? Uh? Whoa!

(both yelling)

(water erupting)

- Ahh!

- Whoa!

- We did it!

No! Combo!


- Combo! Combo!

- All my friends are babies!

How am I supposed to save
the world without their help?

(watch clicks)

(slow suspenseful music)

(robot creaks)

(upbeat music)

- Let's get him!

(robot whirs)

Great. Now we need some help!

- [Both] Emma, Kate!

- Get the robot!

- Wrap him around.

- [Mommy] Go, Emma, Kate!

(overlapping chattering)

(Kate laughs)

- [Daddy] Oh, good job.

(Daddy laughs)

(phone chirps)

- Oh, it's Ryan. Why don't you go help them?

- I'm on it.

- Ryan?

- [Ryan] Mommy, everyone else turned into babies.

I have to save the Golden
Console all by myself.

- Ryan, you're the strongest

and bravest Super Spy Leader
around! You can do this.

- [Ryan] But this whole time,
I had help from my friends.

I can't do this without them.

- You can do anything. I know
you'll surprise yourself.

And, who knows? Maybe your
friends will surprise you too.

- Uh, Mommy, I need your help.

(slow whimsical music)

(Mommy sighs)

- Daddy does not surprise me.

(Daddy groans)

- Go help Daddy.

(Ryan sighs)

(slow orchestral music)

I can do this!

(upbeat music)

Here we go.

Hey, Pack Rat!

- You made it past my collections?

My Bots? Even Robo Combo?

- Of course I did!
I'm here to save my friends

and save the world!

- Really?

(energetic electronic music)

That's what you think. (laughs)

- Get back here!

(upbeat electronic music)

Take this!

- Ha! You can't catch me!

- Magna Ray, activate!

Take this, Pack Rat! Hyah!

(coins clanking)

- Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!


(Ryan cries out)

Now I've collected you and your presents!

- Why do you care so much
about birthday presents?

- No one has ever given
me a birthday present.

So, I'll collect my own!

- You should have said so!

We would have thrown you
your own birthday party!

- You're too late! With
the Golden Console,

I have everything I need to
throw my own party! (laughs)


- Hmm.

(Ryan gasps)

(slow music)

Well, you don't have everything.

You're missing the most
important part of all, friends.

And if you don't believe me, we'll show you!

- We?

(upbeat music)

(babies laughing)

- No! Stop it! (wails)

Where is, where is the light switch?

Not this! Not that one! No!

No! I can't see!

(buttons beeping)

(frustrated gibberish)

(Pack Rat laughs)

Found it! Finally.

Wait, what?

- [Ryan] Hey, Pack Rat, looking for this?

- What have you done?

(upbeat electronic music)

- Hee-yah!

- No!

(alarm wails)

(ominous music)

- Guys! You're back!

(Pack Rat cries)

- Don't be such a baby, Pack Rat!

- We saved the Virtual World!

(group cheers)

- [Combo Panda] All right, Combo-Bunga!
- [all] Yeah!

(upbeat music)

- Come on, guys, we've got this. Teamwork!

- You're not getting away, robot!

- Come on, guys! We've got this!

(robot whirs)

(television pulses)

- Look!

- Ryan did it!

(dramatic music)

(television chimes)

- The robot's gone!

- Yay!
(family cheers)

- We did it!

- We did it! Good job!

(upbeat music)

(upbeat electronic music)

- More gummies!

- Hey, it's time to party!

(group cheers)

- Yeah!

- I love being old!
This is the best birthday ever!

- Open wide!
- Open wide!

- Yum, yeah!

More cake!

- And pizza!

(dramatic music)

(Pack Rat sneers)

(upbeat electronic music)

- Oh, I didn't know you were still here.

Well, thank you for watching
my Super Spy Adventure.

And join us next time!


And the Golden Console? We
have to keep it a secret

between you and me. Shh.

Thank you for watching, bye!

Remember, always stay happy and rise up. Bye!

- Catch ya soon!