Super Sharanya (2022) - full transcript

Sharanya, a shy and introverted person, is a native of Kollengode, Palakkad who moves to Thrissur to pursue engineering. She finds it difficult to cope with her new surroundings in college and her hostel.

(Indistant chatter)

I am asking if there
is a cow in your house?

It was there but we sold it.

Do you know how to graze a cow?

I have seen it.

Then this is a cow.
Graze and show it.

- Yes.


Why are you just
fiddling around?

What is this? Did you
not eat anything?

Wash it, woman.

Do I?
- Yes, you should.

We will have to make
the sound effect, right?

Which is the movie in which they
make the guys inflate the gloves?

I don't know. - You don't
know such a famous movie?

Is it Thenkasipattanam?
- No.

Sorry, sister. I don't know.
- Which school did you study in?

NSS, Kollengode.

I studied in Dubai. Still
do I speak English?

What's sound effect
called in English? - Hey!

Now will you speak English?

- Again?

Milch the cow, girl.

It's done. - Really,
the cow gives 25 litres of milk.

It's not done.

After this you have
to take two buffaloes

and a kangaroo for
grazing too. Do it fast.

'Have you ever felt that the earth
ripped open and took you in?'

'Someone went in the
earth like that.'

'Was it Panchali or Sita?
Or some other woman?'

'I wake up every day thinking
no to cry but look at me.'

'If you were with me
then you'd have known'

'that life is like a ocean.'

'It doesn't go the way
we intent. It's correct.'

'I thought not to live in a hostel
and it was the right thing.'

Hey! How many times
should I tell you?


Crazy guy!
- Move!

Yes, disconnect the phone.

Why is it lying there
like a storm hit it?

The seniors taught her a lesson.
- What?

They ragged her.

My dear Marathi girl,
I told you not to

speak Malayalam when
you don't know it.

Go crazy girl.

Oh! I will not lie. If
you look at her it seems

she has the most
suffering in the world.

She went to the terrace.

Who told you to go there?

I didn't knew that
it was a mistake.


What did they make you do?

They made her graze cows.

Do you know what they
made me do when I came?

Chettinad Chicken curry.

Do you know what is that?
- I don't know.

Still I cooked it?

That too after chasing the
chicken for more than a kilometer.

This is nothing, dear.

I said a English word by mistake.
That's why they were so angry.

Shall I go and tell her?
- Go fast.

Do get a bottle of
water when you come.

Hey, listen. If you cut
the nails on the floor

then I will break your head.

Get lost! Fool!

So the queen was here.
- Why, don't you like it?

Hey! Aren't you going to
see Navya? Come on, get up.

Go on.

Why did you keep this here?
I had put it that side.

Oh! Nice!
- I just want to go home.


Ajit Menon is joining back college
after serving his suspension.

He has told you to come.

Why should I go and see her?

If he tells you
then you should go.

What is this hooliganism?

Listen, do you know
who is Ajit Menon?

He is a football champion.
He is a university champion.


He is Kalathilakam.
Ghazal singer.

But his anger
management is zero.

Look here.

He is someone who rejected
thirteen proposals.

Why? - He didn't get the spark,
that's why.

That person is calling you himself.
All of this is a privilege.

Then you go and see him.
- He should call me for that, right?

I am on leave tomorrow.

I need to go to the hospital
to take X-ray.

Listen, there is laboratory
session tomorrow. Don't take leave.

What is this!

Where is the bucket?
- There it is.

- Present.

- Present.


She went home
fearing Ajit Menon.

- Absent.


What is it?
- My stop passed.

Where are you lost?
Can't you tell us?

Mister, someone needs to get down.
Stop the bus.

Mister, stop the bus.
Someone is getting down.

Don't keep looking. Get down.

Get down fast. Come on.

Start it. Come on, move.

If you want to study
then we will do our best.

Still you are showing
such attitude?

I didn't get the chance so I
am cutting vegetables here.

Did I say that I will not study?
Mom, how many times do I tell you?

It is not fun there. I came
here as it was very boring.

I will miss just tomorrow's
class, right? It's fine.

The other girls have no issue.

People here are special, right?

I want to keep your salary

once in this hand before I die.

I will give you only, mom.
I will not give it to anyone else.

When did you come?
- Just a while back.

Did you get down near
the post office? - Yes.

Raghu told me that he
saw you with a bag.

I missed the stop
and got down there.

She is always dreaming.
So, how'll she know.

Why did you sit there after
coming? Change your dress.

You brought this
vegetable yesterday too.

Let it be there.
It won't run away, right?

Don't sit on the
doorstep at this time.

What is this? It's going
on since so many days.

What is special about this time?
This is the best place to sit.

Mom, are you crazy
to talk with her?

What is wrong with you?

Wait, first you listen to me.

There is no way to
give you the birth

certificate for someone
born before the 1970's.

(Indistant chatter)

(Indistant chatter)

(Indistant chatter)

(Indistant chatter)

(Indistant chatter)

Mom! This plant has dried up.

That Shaila had called.

She has stitched your 'churidar'
and jacket. Go get it.

Me? - Then should
I leave that old woman?

That is a good idea.
- Girl, don't act smart.

I will not go.

There will be kids
on that ground this time.

As if they will eat you alive!

I cannot go from between them.

I go from there.

I am not like you, mom.
I look a bit beautiful.

Shaaru, if you don't listen then we
cannot go for the wedding tomorrow.

What are you both up to?

This has been going
on since some time.

Nothing, brother.
I was speaking to my family.

'Not to you.'

'Did you not understand
what I said?'

Come on.
- Get ready.

Get ready to be out.

Get him.


Isn't that Sharanya?

Hey! Watch out!
- Sharanya!

Sharanya, you learnt to drive?

Are you going to meet Shaila?

Who is she?
- Don't you know her?

She is our Panchayat Vasu's
daughter. Super Sharanya.

Who is she to decide
if she is super?

Bowl. - That's a different story.
I will tell you later.

I will beat you.

- Yes.

Yes, I will get it done.
No issues.

Here, dear.

Dear, tell her that I have taken
50 bucks which was due, okay?

I will get it done. But it
will not happen on Monday.

If you will get it done
then keep it. Okay?


Is there any other way to my
house other than the ground?

If you want to go
from the other way

then you'll have to
drive fast. Can you?

No need.


- I am not out.

Girl, watch out.

Sharanya. Super. Hey!

Go slow.

Watch out! The bike will skid.

It skid.

She fell.
- Why didn't she watch out?

Everyone come.

Are you hurt?
- What is it?

What happened?
- Her hand is hurt.

Do you want to go to the hospital?
Do you want to drive a car?

Tell us. Tell something.
Can't you speak?

Hey! Will you scare
the girl to death?

Go and bring water. Go!

Take the bike to the side.
- Shall we call your dad?

Sharanya, get on it.
- Start it.

Do you want to go to the hospital?
Do you need oxygen?

Why don't you wait till dad comes?
- Kick!

Drink water and go.

Sharanya, he is kicking.

Check it out.

(Indistant chatter)

What is it, dear?

There is a hair in it.

That's why I tell you to come on
time. Or you will find all that.

That will be your hair.
I have kept a cap.

Are you not eating?

I have not decided.
- Think fast.

The concept of depletion
layer is tricky.

I will explain you that
later. For now note this.

Listen. Ajit Menon was
here asking for you twice.

- We told him that you went home.

He may visit today afternoon.

In short, as you know

like charges repel and
opposite charges attract.

You all have learnt it in your
plus two class. I just repeated it.

If anyone has a doubt
then they can ask me.

Any doubts? Is there anyone?

Okay? Note this down.

He will stop here now.


Is everything clear to you?
- Yes, sir.

The thing is that on
the PN junction diode

the positive will connect
to the positive and

negative will connect to negative
in the forward bios. - Sir!

One moment.

Why are you calling him here?
Let him do anything there?

We are also paying, right? Let
him come here too for some time.

So what?

That time the electrons...
- Arun sir!

I have a doubt.
- One moment, friend.

It will be in this
direction so...

Listen. You also call him
once or he won't come.

The electrons movements
are like this.


He also has a doubt so please...

One moment.

He has drawn his eyebrows.

No way.
- Just look carefully. Lightly.

It seems like 'surma'.
- Keep quiet.

What is your doubt?

I had a doubt but it got
cleared once you reached here.

It got cleared, right?
- Yes. For him too.

- Somewhat.

It got cleared.
- Somewhat cleared?

I like over smart people.

- But not this over.

Oh my! Ajit!

Get up! Ajit is here.

Sit down.

What is it? Did
you fever subside?

It's gone. Did you bring medicine?
- Eat it without fail.

I will.
- What?

No, we will make her eat it.

What is special today?

Sardine fry.
- What?

Sardine fry.
- Oh!

I just love sardine.
It's my favourite.

Mom doesn't like it. So,
it's not cooked at home.

But I eat from
outside in between.

Shall I try the sardine
fish you brought, Sharanya?


Once we reduce the black
pepper a bit then it's superb.

Mr. Jibby!

Give a few here too.

Eat the rest.

Eat the rest.

You eat it.

I will buy another one.

What is it? Will you not
eat the left over, is it?

It's not that. - Then what is it?
Sharanya, eat it. Come on.

Where are you going?
- To wash my hands.

Go after this.
- Eat.

But it's said that the wedding will
get delayed if we don't wash hands.

No issues. He will marry
you then. Will you not?

Why not?
- He is ready.

No one will go from here
till Sharanya eats this.

Eat, Sharanya.
- Eat, Sharanya.

Eat it.
- Yes, eat it.

Come on, eat it.
- Eat it like he said.

Eat, Sharanya.
- Why can't you listen to Ajit?

Eat it.
- Eat it.


This mad man was here!

I will come later.


Take care of her.
- Okay.

Did you hear? Jimmy.
- Yes.

Give four snacks to Sudhi.

Okay. Nice.

- Go away.


No need. I know this will pain.

It will just prick like an ant.

- Not cat an ant.


I am pulling it.

I will kick you. It's pain so much
and you said it will prick a bit?

You cannot be trusted.
- Let me see it.

There is no bleeding. It's set.
- Fool!

"If you eat a insect
then it's a flower."

"If the branch breaks
then it's a hibiscus."

"There is a girl who
has lost her mind."

"Even if you lose you're
the queen of Jhansi."

"If you sing then
you're a singer."

"You are the wind
that keeps blowing."

"You are amazing.
You are confused."

"You have lost it."

"You are the one who gets wet.
You are the horse that runs."

"You are the one who gets wet."

"You are unlucky."

Do you want?

Eat it.

You don't want it. It's fine.

"You are unlucky."

Pick me up.
- Then come.

Now no bath for a week, okay?

Hey! You walk with pride in
the mess. Walk like that.

No need. Do catwalk.
Come on do it.

Catwalk is enough.
- Catwalk?

Hey! If you act funny now

then I will whack you. Got it?

Hey! You do it.
- Me?

You only. Walk.

"You are unlucky."

"Listen. Listen.
You have to listen. Let me run."

"Let me give you another
listen. Shine you girl."

"You be listening. Because
or else you'll be missing."

"Wait for my, come on.
Will tell me what it is?"

"Watch me, how I dance.
Come on, see me."

"As they say, I am smart girl."

"They gonna say that,
you did very well."

"Look at her, she is a fighter."

"Get well, they say.
I am a fighter."

"Got to be a queen,
you call me a queen."

"She is very unlucky."

"The stomach is burning."

"There will be a explosion."

"We will lie and then smile."

"Let's play a old song."

"Let the money flow."

"Let the head start spinning."

"Like a small parrot
from the nest."

"Like you die in
your childhood."

"You are such a loser,
who always loses."

"You are someone who
will stay under a rock."

"You are someone who has been
suffering pain since a long time."

"You are very unlucky."

Come, let's go and eat.
- I won't come.

There will be unfriendly
people in the canteen.

You look at her. She has been told
to sit like that for 24 hours.

She is still so cool.

Then what is wrong
with you? Come with me.

"You are very unlucky."

"If you eat a insect
then it's a flower."

"If the branch breaks
then it's a hibiscus."

"There is a girl who
has lost her mind."

"Even if you lose you're
the queen of Jhansi."

"If you sing then
you're a singer."

"You are the wind
that keeps blowing."

"You are lost.
You are a defeated one."

"You are like a
broken pile of wood."

"You are all wet."

Come on.
- Leave it.

Leave it. Move back.
- You move back.

You move aside!

I am hungry. Move aside.

My God!

"You are very unlucky."

"Look crazy mind,
there goes a dream."

"The crazy mind,
comes as a crazy person."

"Like a crazy person,
sleep runs away."

Isn't 'Bawara Mann'
song about Rama?

No, this is about India.
Have you heard?

India goes far away.

I heard sisters say that we
can see the Trichur Pooram

fireworks from here.

Anyway, who is so eager to get up
at three in the night to see it?

I am.
- Then come and see it.

I am very bored here.

Let's go to Ernakulam.
We can go to my house too.

We can go to Ernakulam
but not to your house.

- Sharanya, will you come?

Navya is here.

Why are you all here? Haven't
I told you not to come here?

Someone told me that Pavaratty
Church can be seen from here.

Yes, we can see Statue
of Liberty from here.

Are you making fun of me?

Sister, she might have
laughed as she found it funny.

Alright, go.

Go. Leave.

Then we will go to
Ernakulam next Sunday.

What is it?

My slippers.

(Indistant chatter)


'Pay attention,
travellers of Kochi Metro.'

'Please be beware of
pickpockets while pickpockets.'

'Happy journey.'

They didn't use to announce
this before, right?

May be because you
all are new here.

- Pathetic!

'Wishes you a safe
and pleasant...'

Did you think it's a dog?
- Break!

Metro has become like
a local bus in the end.

Oh my! Shucks!

Forgive me, sister! It's
her first time in the city.


"Talking on the phone that
she may call herself Madonna."

"Taking the road and
looking for a new place."

"Walking like a caravan
and tatoo of friendship."

- My God! Nice!

This will not work.
- What's wrong with it?

You can only wear it.
- Yes, Sona is always right.

Go away. Very nice!
- One for me too please.

You want? Come on.

"Seating down. Beating down.
It's my pleasure."

"Tweeting down. I am beating down.
I am closing to you now."

"Shipping. Bipping.
Kick me straight back to my mama."


This is the famous synagogue.

But it's written
CSA Church on it.

That... Where? Yes.

It's CSA Church
and synagogue too.

There she goes.
- Her head got stuck.

This is the house where
Big B (movie) was shot.

I know it.
- Oh my dear Bilal!

Don't you feel like Vienna here?
- It was good.

God, save me!
- It's a museum and not a temple.

"When I am talking
and shopping for you."

"Coaching down. I am breaking
down like a wreaking ball."

"Shouting that,
I am mad and down like my aunt."

Devika, come to mama.

I cannot walk any more. We've
been walking since so long.

What if we eat food here?

Shucks! Not here.
I know a very good place.

We'll go there.
- Come.

Take me to the place
where we will get food.

Food! - Stop acting like Dileep
from Pachakuthira(movie).

Are you Mount Mary?

Is this the super biryani?
This is very bland.

- It's not bad. How is it?

Don't give such a food
to even your enemies.

This never happens. Now let's
not come here anymore.

We will never come here again.
You can come.

You have an emotional
attachment with him, right?

Whatever! We will
complain to him then.

No need. We will eat and
leave from here fast.

I will tell.
- It will come now.

Is the food okay? Do eat
to your heart's content?

Tell me if there's anything.

Okay. Eat it.

Brother, since you asked I will
tell you. Biryani is very bad.

The chicken is juicy.
Even the rice is not sticky.

It's nice! Then what?
- We cannot even eat it.

The chef is on leave.
It's his wedding.

What wedding?
- There's a new guy.

It would had been nice if
it was the old guy. Eat it.

Shafi, clean table number five.
- Eat it.

Look at the shark.

Look at it.

It's a dolphin and not a shark.
- It's not a dolphin.

Do you know something? Dolphins
are mammals and not a fish.

You started again?

Why did you create a scene at
the hotel? There was no need.

We gave money, right?
And the food was also bad.

We could have gone to the
hotel I told. - Really!

If we had gone there then you
would had ended up in the bathroom.

You seem very experienced.

This is her problem.

We got bad food from the place
which served delicious food.

It was embarrassing.

The food is about to get digested.
Why to talk then? Just walk.

Hey! What are you doing?

Sorry, I didn't see.
- Where were you looking at?

I didn't see for real.
Right? Sorry.

This is your routine it seems.

To dash in to girls and
then feign ignorance.

Routine! Really!
Don't talk nonsense.

Why are you holding my hand?
Have you given me something

to hold? - He dashed unknowingly.
People are watching.

Sharanya, don't talk nonsense.

Dear, did you see us coming?

We dashed by mistake, right?

Explain this girl.

This girl is smart.

Leave it...
- You know nothing.

You know nothing.
- Where are you going?

- Railway station, uncle.

First settle this.
- Are you insane?

To fight on the street?
- Martin.

Drop them to the station.
- I am saying, let's go.

Where to go?
- Try to go home.

Don't act smart.

What is it?
- Get lost!

What is wrong with you?

Hey! Did you see the
fish in that man's hand?

We have seen it somewhere.

Sorry, you were angry back
then, right?

Let's reach the room. I
will finish all your doubt.

She told them the
place when they asked.

You could've shared the
phone number too, right?

What a foolish girl!

He dashed with so much force.
My hand would have got uprooted.

It was not that much.
You overdid it. - You don't speak.

There was a huge ruckus there.
- Ruckus!

I mean he dashed me.

You all stood still
after seeing that.

- You think that you are very bold.

You are a bolt and not bold.

Mister, drive safely. That old
man would have landed in my lap.

What if we order
two crab meat curry?

he will say what he wants.

Just take 'puttu' for now. We
will order if we want anything.

Okay. Then so be it.

Today afternoon four
girls came here.

They said on my face that
the biryani was not good.

I was stunned.

The biryani had got a bit burnt.

I put it on the chef, you know?

Shafi, three plate
of 'puttu' and beef.

Get it fast.

The other girl is very nice.

You are blabbering since some
time now. She ain't special.

Which girl? Would
you mind telling me?

The issue that happened
at Marine Drive.

- Her? Not her.

The girl who supported us.

The other girl was
just not good looking.

This girl is nice. Isn't it?

She is not that great.

She is a very nice girl.

Doesn't she look
like our Shilpa too?

Stop speaking nonsense.
- Who is Shilpa?

His old crush who studied
with us in Queen's Mary.

I will tell you in detail.
What was her name?

Who knows?

She had called her a name.
What was it?

Jennifer? It was a simple name.
- What are you saying?

Let it be. Varun, but both of
you will look good together.

I felt it then itself.

What is all this? Making couples
out of girls passing on road?

Oh my! What is wrong with you?

My dear Varun,
don't fall in to such cases.

You had an experience, right?
- What are you saying?

My brother.

Do you think I will say
just like that? - No.

Just think that I like
her very much that's why.

Varun, what's supposed to happen

will happen.

I felt that she is
yours once you saw her.

My brother,
I am fine even if she is not mine.

What if some rowdy guy is
going to marry that girl

then we will teach him a
lesson, right?

That is not the reason.

I am saying why is he
interfering in unwanted things.

Still what was her name?

- Shucks!

What was the name?
I have no idea.

A guy came with a fish in
his hand and dashed on me.

She was supporting him fully.

As if she is related
to him since ages.

How is he related to you?

Sharanya, are you listening?

Devaki has brought
a petty headset.

You will be lucky if it lasts
for a month. - Then where is it?

Yes, that's the important thing.

I told her to check
it out properly.

Why are you smiling so much?

First act foolish and then...

Sona's boldness which overtook
Sharanya foolishness.

That was today's
main attraction.

Now if Sona and that guy will
become a couple like in movies?

Who told that?

I will give you a nice one.

My dog will love him.

And after you
brought the headset?

Show me. I didn't see it.

Did you steal it?

Which movie are we going to?

We are going to watch Carbon. You
can watch Spiderman if you want.

Just keep quiet for a
while, Abhi.

Mom, we are going to watch
Fahadh Faasil's movie.

Mom, Deepti might have told you.

- We are planning on starting a

chips business. We
need your blessings.

First Phenyl. Then mobile shop
and then the computer shop.

Why is nothing working out?

Mom, computer
business is down now.

But this is a profitable
business, right Abhi?

Yes, it is.

I am fine with everything, Abhi.

You just don't pick up a
fight like in the past.

Whom will we fight with?
It was so long back, mom.

Why do you keep repeating it?

do you know the company name?

Karumuru. How is it?

Very very nice!
- Thank you!

Look, I am informing you all.

Swati's wedding has been fixed.
- What?

She will go first.
Don't know about the rest.

One source of
income will be gone.

It's enough. Don't create
a scene talking about that.

Then what? - Mom,
shouldn't we get him married?

Yes, now that is only lacking.

"Since the time I saw you."

"My heart is getting defeated."

"Your face will show magic."

"I will rewrite our
story with a feather."



When did you decide about chips?

Mom, you don't know about Abhi.
We came to know yesterday only.

Hope you won't make
it in our house.

If yes,
then tell him it's not fine.

It's not in our house.
He will look for another house.

What's next then? Catering?
It will be great then.


I like one girl.

Which one?
- The girl Varun spoke about.

Oh my! Then what about him?

He doesn't even know her name.
I found out about her.

- Sharanya.

- Yes.

Sharanya Vasudevan. Proud GCA.
Kollengode Town. Number 29.

Isn't this enough?
- How do you know all this?

From Instagram.

This is a very messed up this,
Deepu. Do you know something?

One day,
I see about 10,000 girls.

One lakh girls see me.

I don't mind it

and am working for our
business named Karumuru

you are looking for
unknown girl's address.

There's a girl named Lakshmi
staying above our house.

She cut her hair.
I didn't see it.

Leave it here.


Alright, so you mean to say
that you don't see anyone?

Then how did you marry my sister?
- Don't you know?

I know.

My sister came to your
shop for buying a SIM card.

You didn't activate the card for
a week so that you can see her.

I didn't do it.
- So she came.

You got introduced.
Got hooked up.

She is a fool so she married you.
Isn't that the story?

What's wrong in this story?

My story's better than your.

Let it be. But why did you
narrate your story to me?

The thing is that I share
everything with you.

Varun shouldn't know about this.

I will tell him. He is a small boy.
He may not be able to tolerate it.

Betrayal! - There's no betrayal
here. Anyway he cannot woo her.

Do we have to do this? There
are many here who cannot dance.

Will we do this dance?

Isn't the cooling
glass a bit over?

As if you will rock without it.

"I am thinking about you
on a nice full moon night."

Brother, sister is here.
- Oh my!

Is this side okay?
- Yes, it is.

I am not high. Pour some more.
- One moment.

Close the door.

Listen, how much will it cost

to make wedding videos?

Something is working out.

It will be from Palakkad.

So, what is this?

I got this from inside the CPU?

This is not what
you are thinking?

This is an oil poured
in the computer.

Look, you can drink but don't
speak such nonsense to me.

I will break your head else.

What is your name?
- Sharanya.

Your smartness is nice.
- What is this?

No, we were becoming friends.
- Go on.

Go on.
- We got it.

Thank you, sir.
- It's okay.


I am getting married.
It's in Trivandrum.

All the other details are in the
card. So, I will meet you then.

Miss, what is the boy's name?
- Manik.

Good name.

That's it?
- That's it?

- Are you leaving? - Bye.

That... Shucks!

What is this? Gurukul tradition?

It's said that knowledge
spreads, right?

Do only women have this issue?

I don't do gender discrimination
while clearing doubts.



Are you the scholar
of your class?

It's not like that, brother. I
just study the subjects as taught.

I am stubborn about the
university records being mine.

Is that it? I am no one to break
those records. I am no one.

He has done ITA, Polytechnic

and worked for two
years at Infopark.

He came here after all
that, got it?

Sudhi, enough.
- Don't clash with us, okay?

- Get lost!

Is this a college
or mental hospital?

Don't know.

Sir. Assignments.
- Okay.

rectifier and transistor topics...

Just study that.

Also, study well for
the university exams.

Or you will have to
roam like Ajit Menon.

But isn't he a
university topper?

My dear!

Here smart people cannot pass
then how can that drunkard pass?

Go on.

Oh my!

Oh my! It's gone.

"In the depth of the sea."

Look at him go.

Yes, I was talking
about this fish.


At Kochi.

I will show you now.

Look. This mister had it.

Look, Sona's enemy.

Did he send you a request?
- Yes.

- Keep quiet.

Still how did he...

This is a marine fish. It
seems he has a marine aquarium.

Keep quiet.

Didn't you accept the request?

- Do it.

Seems like a poor guy.

Shall I?

Yes, do it.


Did you?

We want to start
a chips business.

It's a good house.

Start chips, fish,
dried fish or any other business.

It's a good house.

Some people used to do
fodder business here.

They took good care. - To stock
goods and to set a stove here.

Then what? You can set a stove
here and cook. I will support you.

Enough. Do you want to use
the outer area? - Yes, I will.

Use this area as
much as you want.

(Indistant chatter)

'Hi! Do you know me? We
met in Kochi that day?'

'Then how is that fish?'

'Which fish?
- The one you had that day.'

'Him. He is doing well.
I fed him today morning too.'

'Do you know his name?'

'I call him Rahul.'

'It's real name is clown fish.'

'Oh! Is it?'

'It's the fish from the
movie Finding Nemo.'

'Oh! I never knew
he was so famous.'

'They are watching this
movie in the hostel today.'

'That's why I
accept the request.'

'My luck.'

'Alright then. Bye.
See you later.'

'For sure.'

You have been chatting since some
time. Who is it? Is it a girl?

It's Vinu.
- Which?

Dog Vinu?
- Yes.

Nothing. He was just
speaking about himself.

- Don't ask. It's all very sad.

Sad? But you were laughing.

I was just laughing
but it was very sad.

(Indistant chatter)

Money is important thing.

You need to give six
months rent in advance.

(Indistant chatter)


What if we set the flowers?

You sit there itself.
- Why?

We can't do it.
- Oh!

We should not go for all that.

Look at those guys.

They got drunk with half the
money supposed to buy flowers.

It's right...
- See his eyes.

Fool! What is he wearing?
A python skin?

Look, sit and cut here.
We will put the flowers.

See, I also need flowers.

If you come there then I will break
your legs. Just sit here and cut.

We will tell you
when they'll come.

Happy Onam, sir.
- Happy Onam.

Another fool is here.

are you cutting flowers?

What does your dad do?
- He is a UD clerk in 'Panchayat'.

My dad contested elections
in the 'Panchayat'.

He lost by six votes.
- Okay.

Sir, can't you tell me?
I will do it, right?


I will drink water and come.


Happy Onam.

Who is that?
- Happy Onam.



Ajit, what about Divya
from second year?

No need. There is no spark.

Then can I...
- Alright!


Why do you escape on seeing me?

I was going to the washroom.

You are scared of me, right?

It's not like that.
- So you are not scared?

A little.
- I am very rough.

They all know it. Ask them.
- I know.

What do you know?
- That you are very rough.


Let it be.
You are dancing, right?

Which song?
- 'Parimala Chiragha'.

Which is that song?
- Is it from Spadikam!

"Parumalacheruvile padippura
veettil..." - I don't know. Leave.

Shall I go?
- Where to? Sit.

Sharanya, whom are you
very close in this campus?

Sona. Sherin and all those guys.


I am good friends with Sangeet.
I like him very much too.

Mister. Mr. Ajit Menon.

- Mr. Ajit.

Can I go to the washroom?

You go and do anything.

I am singing after some time.
Be present for that.

Sudhi. A minor.
- Okay, I will do that.

What is this?
- It's Onam, right?

"Onam flowers. Onam flower."

What is wrong with him?
He says I don't pick his call.

I wanted to slap him there.

He is rough, he says.
- I am even more rough.

What all does he asks?
Is he interviewing me?

No one can be more smart
than you in the bathroom.


"Girl, there is no faking girl.
It's you that I need."

"Girl, o yes indeed.
Since morning..."

What is it?
- She won't dance she says.

They are booing everyone.
They even heckled Sangeet.

If you don't cooperate in this then
I won't help you with anything.


Do we have to wear
cooling glass?

You have to wear it. Then what!

Do you want more?
- No!

Anyway you all don't deserve me.

Thank you, Sangeet.
For a wonderful song.

We will send them next.
- Read it.

What is it?
- It's Ajit's.

What is this?
- Read it.

Coming up next is the
heartthrob of college girls

and the most talented
guy in this college,

Ajit Menon's who
will sing a song.


Sir, will I get a stone?
- Stone!

Yes. Stone.
- For this?

We should blame the HOD for
giving such useless guys a chance.

It's okay, sir.
- What? It's fine.


This is a song you
all know. This song

is dedicated to a girl whom I
love the most in this campus.

It will be the song
Karimizhi Kuruviye.

This is his usual song
since school days.

Is it?

"It will change sides. It will
change sides and then blink."

"It didn't touch you."

This is an embarrassment
I've just heard about.

"You will light a lamp."

"You will burn
like the oil lamp."

"You have hidden in tied hair."

"You didn't call me
during the rains."

"You didn't came to
meet me or call me."

"You didn't came to
meet me or call me."

"You didn't say anything
to me since long back."

"You didn't say anything
to me since long back."

"You didn't say it. You didn't."

"You didn't say anything
to me since long back."

"I didn't see you flower bud.
I haven't heard you smile."

Very nice!
- Once again

wishing you all a very
happy and prosperous Onam.

The next dance is...

Okay, all is set?
Will you humiliate me?


God bless me!

Team Dhaba Girls on stage.


"In a house high
up on a mountain"

"we planted a tree
eighteen times."

"There is an affection
for you in my eyes."

"I poured some water on it."

"I poured water in the pond."

"In a house high up
on a mountain..."

If you had anger with me then
would you take it out on the dance?

Did I do it?
You are dancing, right?

You ruined the step. - I said, I'm
not coming. Why did you force me?

I told you so many times.
- Stop the song.

Stop the song.
- Where is the switch?

I told you many times
I am not coming. - Sudhi.

You are very bore.
- You are.

Lower the curtain.
- I will do that if you want.

Sharanya. - As if you
are very great. Go away.

- Enough with your innocence.

The choreography!

How was the dance?

It was very nice.

Oh my!

Look... Look at what
you are doing.

Shucks! What is this girl doing?
Tell that girl to dance well.

Which girl?
- The one in the corner.

That is you, fool.
- Yes, it is.

I was a fool to take you.


'Will you be angry
if I ask something?'

'What is it?'

'Why are you troubling
me on Instagram?'

'Can't you share the number?'

'I will never disturb you.'


'I am more comfortable
on Instagram.'

'Why the phone number when
you don't want to call?'

'Don't call me, okay?'

'I told you not to call.'

She will do that.

She will do that only.

Abhi, keep quiet. Let me see it.

'At least you could
have said hello.'

Whom are you chatting with?

Who is it? Tell me.

I will not tell you. You
have no right to know that.

I will tell you. Ajit Menon.

- No way.

Is it someone from our college?

So it's not Arun sir too?
Then who is it?

By the way, good night.

- Yes.

- Yes.

Do you know who is it?
- Who is it?

Do you remember the guy
we fought with in Kochi?

The same guy.

Are you crazy? You idiot!

Don't shout. I am just chatting.

Is that it?
- I gave my number today.


You watch out.

You cannot give your
number to Ajit Menon.

But you can give him, right?

Is Ajit Menon your aunt's son?
You foolish girl.

- He is a fool. This guy is nice.

My God! Good night!

- What is it?

I hit my head.
- What?

I hit my head.

Morning, sir!
- Sit down.


You can write anything
you feel about me openly.

You don't have to mention your
name. You can write openly.

What are you looking at?
Come on, write it.

He wants to know what you
say about him. It's for that.

But we are not writing
names, isn't it?

You are so foolish.

He will know your
handwriting well.


I like you a lot.
Abhi sir, you are my life.

Sir. Mr. Arun.

Don't laugh and write it you
fool... - You are the fool.

Dear Arun sir.



'On that shore and this shore'

'I waited for you. Wow!'

'Dear Arun sir,
which brand mascara do you use?'

'I would love to know that.
Your own S.'


'You seemed like
a good teacher.'

'I understand
everything you teach.'

'Thank you for being
a good teacher.'

Which vegetables do you want to
cut? - Tapioca. For making chips.

Yes, we can do chips.
How many kilograms? - What all...

About a hundred kilograms?
- Not that much. What is the rate?

What is the process?

It is a single blade.

Hey! - We have double blade
if needed. What do you want?

My dear! You called me?

I just called. I disconnected
that day when you called, right?

I just thought of saying 'hi'.

Alright, then bye.

Hey! Don't disconnect. Shucks!

Who is it?
- It's nothing.

Who was it?

You ran as soon
as the call came.

Now there is no
use of hiding it.

Don't stress. Tell me, is it a girl?
- Yes.

God, then it's the
one whom I guessed.

Then you will fall down
if I say who it is.

Is it Sali?
- Not at all.

The girl's name is Sharanya.

The girl who fought with
me that day at North.

I knew it. I had guessed it
from your behaviour that day.

But I told you that I like her.

I knew it when I saw
your overacting that day.

I am to be blamed for this.
- You have to support me for this.

I have sacrificed
my youth for you,

Shilpa and Queen Mary's.

I will woo her.

I will not get a girl better
than this in my range.

She is educated,
intelligent and wise too.

She has standard too.

Your range?

Forget that. I don't have
the time to argue about that.

You betrayed me.

You only said that she looks
like Shilpa and all that.

So what?
- She doesn't look like Shilpa.

- So what?

Why did you hide it from me?

That... - Hey! The
machine has started. Come.

You guys told me not to
buy the fish that day.

We connected through that.

But I liked her.
- What about Sali then?

Sali... - You walk.
This is called as destiny.

He is arguing for nothing.

Hello. Yes.

I called to ask a doubt.

Your business is small, right?

It's like a mill
activity, right?

What more is going on?
- Nothing, hang up then.


What are you doing?

It's very nice to travel
from above the river.

If you do that then
you will crash. Step up.

If I come to Trichur
then can I see you?

No way. I am very busy here.

I am wearing Sona's dress.
It's itching too much.

What are you wearing?

A vest.

I was not...

I didn't ask due to that.

Do you know the place I just
passed through? Punisherry.

There are good rivers here.

There will be river for three more
kilometers. Then it'll be my home.

Do you know the place
where I am now? Alanchode.

You will think there
are many trees here.

There is nothing here.

Mom, drink it or it will
get wasted. it's expensive.

Stop calling me mister.

What will I call you then?
- Call me by my name.

Or you can address
me informally.


So fast?

We are going to
Trivandrum tomorrow.

- It's our teacher wedding.

What are you doing tomorrow?

Tomorrow I will be here itself.

Alright, I will hang up then.
- Fine then.

- You can go alone.

I doubt that she invited
me to that place.

Is she crazy for that?

we will go to see her once.

What is this nuisance?

Last week it was Coimbatore. Then
it was Manchery for a wedding...

Panangode station
then Trivandrum.

I cannot do it. My body pains.

Varun, I had come to
Masanagudi, Mysore

and many places for
you and Shilpa... - No!

No. I got it. I will come.

So there will a lot of
locals in the wedding.

Who are they?
- Who else but us.

Where will we stay?

I have arranged our stay
in the house of a few kids

working in Technopark who
are well known to Dog Vinu.

Okay. The what about the cost?

I will take care of it all.
- Okay.


Looking at me do you
feel that I am...

I knew it.
- I...



Bye, mom.

"Moonlight in the eyes,
I saw it when it flashed."

"A long while ago.
A long while ago."

"I am besotted by you even
when you don't speak."

"A long while ago.
A long while ago."

Brother, Vinu is not here.
He went to his native.

We know it. I had called Vinu.
He told us to meet you.

Yes, but brother the
arrangement here is a bit...

There are four people
in two rooms here.

Your privacy...

That's it? We need no privacy.

Shoe has to be kept here, right?

My God!

Dog Vinu. He is the main guy
here, right?

Brother. No one sleeps in the
hall, right?

No one does.
- Then we will sleep here.

Listen, I will bath first.
- Okay.

Brother, where is the bathroom?
- Bathroom?

Yes, I saw it.

I will take a bath and come.
- Yes.

Brother, can you keep the match?

The game has been called off.

- Can you keep the music channel?

Keep it then.


Listen. You call her once
and then ask where to come.

(Indistant chatter)

(Indistant chatter)


My God!

Are you not taking a bath?

What is this? With what
right are they here?

They are here due to Dog Vinu.

He had told me about them.

- Hello.

I saw many missed calls.

Do you know where I am?

Ernakulam, right?
- No.

I have come to Trivandrum.

Trivandrum! Why?

Why? - We are coming to
the wedding tomorrow.

We? Who else?

I have Varun with me.
My friend. Didn't I tell you?

Why did you both come here?

You called me and told me yesterday
that you are going to Trivandrum.

So I felt like you invited me.

Oh my!
- Listen.

Where is the wedding?
It's in which hall?

Kavadiar Hall.
- Shucks! I cannot sleep.

You send me the location.
We will come there.

- Just to meet you.

Oh! Fine.

Listen, one moment.
I will call you.

Here things are getting worse.

Will anything work out?

Do you know why I rode bike
for 250 kms in the rain?

To attend Anu ma'am's wedding.

Not for that.
- Then?

I want to tell you something
important before my phone goes off.

It's too late.
I will think about it.

Good night.
- No, don't disconnect.

Dear Sherin!

Move! All of you
don't get on my head.

Oh my! Did it finish so fast? It
has been just two and half hours.

My phone got switched off.
- Poor guy!


I had told her my
matter very nicely.

Then what?

Don't tell me that she said yes.

She didn't say anything.

She changed the topic nicely.

She said,
she will think about it.

She said she will think?
- Yes.

You are a very big rascal.

You said, you got the
number how many days ago?

Three weeks.

Let's go to sleep. Fate.

That girl might be destined to
toil her whole life with you.

I hope your words turn
true, you rascal.

Move your hand.

Varun. Varun.
- Yes.

- Varun!

Get up.

Listen, do you have a red shirt?


All of them are
wearing red shirt.

So she told us to wear it too.

I have one.

I have nothing.

- Do you have a red shirt?

Red shirt?

I have no chance at all.

Brother, please check.
You'll have it.

Show me your shirt.

There is a red shirt.
- It's not red.

That is more than enough.
Please give it to me.


I have not worn this too much.

We want a new one.
Not a worn out one.

I had kept this for
some other work.

My dear brother, we won't take
it to Kochi. We'll return it.

The thread is coming
out from the shoulder.

We'll return it.


I am feeling very hot.

Last time when I had submitted
assignment in the class

sir made everyone applaud.
- Is it?

Yes, it was a roaring applause.

Sharanya, you...
- Sharanya.


When will it end?

The wedding tradition is
different in Trivandrum.

It's not like Trichur
and Palakkad style.

We get 'boli' for wedding here.

Have you eaten it?

It's very tasty.


Mom was asking me
about my wedding.

I said,
please see after some time.

I am not yet of
marriageable age.

- At the science exhibition...

Then mom was asking...
- a 'sambar' making robot...


At that time mom asked me if
I have someone in my mind.

- What can I say?

He was such a good sir.
Look at his condition now.

Sharanya, your eyebrows are a bit
thick. You could've trimmed it.

This is nice.
- Is it?


This is nice.
- This is also nice.

Couldn't she make them happy
since they are toiling so much?

You make them happy then.


The robot is my dream project.

Sharanya. Can we click a selfie?

Yes, we can. Come.

Sona. Selfie. Come on.

We will take it later.

We can take it later.

You are right.
We will take it inside.

We all can click.
- Come here.

Come. Come here.

I wanted to talk about my robot.

Hey! Come here.
- Sit there.

Sit there.
- Sir, what about your marriage?

- I mean, bride seeing.

Where is she?
- What is this? A party meeting?

Didn't I tell you?
- No.

You didn't.
- Look there.

I will come right now.

Let's go out nicely.
- We will go after eating the feast.

Let's go out.
- After eating.

- Hi!


He is Varun.

Yes, he was there that day.

Yes, I was there.

Aren't you coming there?
- Isn't Sona there?

We will stand here.

You please stand here for a while.
- Yes, I am here.

She always keeps

lying on the bed like
a snake the whole day.

She is so happy on
seeing these brats.

You know them?
- Who are they?

You know them?

We reached just now.
- Really?

Can I go there then? Okay.

Will you eat and go?
- Of course, we will.

- Bye.

Look at her coming here
with so much happiness.

Look, Arun sir.
- Where?

Arun sir is going towards them.

That is nice.


Who are...

We are Sharanya's friends.
- We...

Sharanya's friends!
- I am her sir.

Arun Raj.
- Good morning, sir.

Good morning.

I am going to insert a
fridge in that robot.

There is no stop to talking.

We are from Ernakulam.
- Kochi?

Okay. - We were in
Trivandrum with some work

and Sharanya said she is
here when I called her.

- So, we thought about seeing her.

What's with the red shirt?
- Red shirt!

That is called a coincidence.

We just wore red in the morning.

We saw that everyone's
wearing red here.

This is maroon colour.

You guys will leave now, right?

Sharanya told to eat
food and then only go.

Alright. Can you
give me your number?

- Yes.

He took his number.

Tell me.

- 970.


- 50.


Is it correct?
- Correct.

What is your name?


- Alright, sir.

He is so nice.
- He is a nice teacher, right?

Arun sir. Here.

No, I will sit there.
- Aright then.

Good afternoon, sir.

Where are you going? Sit.

That's why I called you here.


Mister. Come.

Hey! Come here.

Deepu! You want to sit here?
You sit at some other place.

Sharanya, when will you leave?

We will go after some time?
- What about you?

We will leave once you leave.

Sir, in our
differential amplifier

I have a small
confusion in CMRR.

How is...

Are you having a doubt now?

No, you only said that I can
ask a doubt even at midnight.

Then call at midnight.

He is asking a doubt
while eating food.


Did you think about
yesterday's matter?


Deepu, do you really
have to do this here?

Keep quiet.


Did you think?


It's okay.

What is okay?

It's done.


Eat it, rascal.

My God!

He is giving his 'pappadum' to
another person on his happiest day.

Do you need banana?

I have it.

I am asking you
due to happiness.

You don't act very nice.

Okay, it's done. Next!

Hi, man!
- Hello!

- Stand fast.

- Did you eat?

Yes, here.

It's set?
- All the best.

Okay, next.
- All the best!

Everyone look here.

Is everyone ready?

Okay. One. Two. Three.

God bless us.

Tell your mom and set
everything, okay?

Abhi, run this thing
well at least.

We all are here, right?


All of you also put it.

Deepu, put it.
- Dear, you put it.

Then we will put together.

Oh my! Put slowly.

You tell me one reason. Give
me a reason to say yes to him.

Don't tell me it's
fish breeding.

This is a big nuisance.
Don't you want to take bath?

I am shell-shocked
and she wants to bath.

So you won't take a bath today.

She always has her reasons
to not take a bath.

Is this for showing to people?

You don't change the topic
and tell me something.

- I said, yes.

I don't know the reason.
He is a very good guy.

I am not concerned
about the consequence.

So you are only smart in
studies, right?


Book. Pen. All is there.

I am going to the class.
I will come and call you.

Today is the inauguration,
right? All the best!

Give me. Sona!

Give me! Give!

Oh my God! She is in trouble.

Take it. Mom, take it.
- Take it.

You also take it.
- Take it.

Take the 'laddu'.

Alright, let me take it too.


You should keep exact 250.
Don't increase it.

Now is it fine?

No, the food has not
reached. Did you eat?

If you are not going home this
Sunday then can I come home?

Some company employees
want to see you.

No issues. They are all decent.

Shaaru, my food is here.
I will call you back, okay?

Such a nice girl.

What is wrong with him?

When he calls Shaaru...

My dear Varun.

I am just enjoying
a different feeling.

Now he will be busy
with teddy bear,

dairy milk,
pillow with love sign

and Valentine's card.

He will be very busy with
that. I just need that.

Sharanya is not a girl
like you are thinking.

I know it.
- She doesn't like it.

She is very intelligent.
- Don't tell me she

doesn't like Diary milk silk.
I won't believe.

Then what.

She likes that.
- Even I do.

But she doesn't like
other items he mentioned.

My brother! She likes teddy
bear and dairy milk too.

What is this? Don't tease
a person like this.

Look at his eyes.

Go away!
- He has become so angry.

He is in love.

What is it?

Deepu is not like
you are thinking.

He is just like me. A poor chap.

Tell anyone if he is
a poor guy or like you?

I don't like him no matter what.

He also doesn't like you.

So will you come with me on Sunday?
He and his friends are coming.

He will be coming to check if
you have any physical defect.

Why don't you throw the
'achappam' on her face?

Where is it?

Did you finish it?
My mom had sent it.

Yes, it was for eating
only, right?

I gave it to that Swati
and at a little too.

Anyway, everyone will ask
for things once it gets over.

Your stomach is making
sounds like a express train.

You are lying comfortably, right?
Get up.



Are you coming on Sunday?

Are you some antique piece to be
demonstrated in front of them?

You don't have to take the
trouble, Sona.

Then shall I leave you alone?
No way.

It's a bit of an issue.
Still I will come.

Pull out that probe.

Sir, I cannot plug this in.

Then pull it out.
You will be content then.

Look here.

Arun seems angry.

I don't know. He has been
angry since a few days.

His tone has not
been good nowadays.

He said that your
tone was not good.

You don't have a personality.


Don't you know how
to draw resistance?

I do. - Then what have you drawn?
A building?

I have not signed even one.
You should draw all of it again.

Did you hear it?
What is this? A church?

I have said many times that
the curve should be smooth.

Sir, everyone has
drawn like this only.

Me and Sangeeta
drew it together.



You only mind your
business, okay?

You were not the innocent
girl who was in first year.

You are out of this world.

You do one thing.
Draw it all again.

You all acted smart when I
was a bit friendly with you.

I told you all to write feedback

but you wrote nonsense about me.

Sir, I got the output.

There is no sense in this.

Wow! Wonderful!

Don't you still know what
is noise signal and output?

You have been lying in this
lab since a long time, right?

I will not tell anything
more to you. Idiot!

I think he didn't like it when
I asked about the mascara.

Sharanya, did you draw it?

Did St George Church
became Puthan Church?

Do one thing. Come to the lab only
after changing everything. Out!

Sir, the CRO is emitting shock.

You first show the output. He
doesn't even know to connect wires.

Follow me.

Follow me.

This book is...
- That's Ajit Menon.

Let's go.

Do you know why I called you?

I have called you to
give you a happy news.

I am getting married.

- No, congrats!

I am marrying you.

Are you surprised?

You don't have to tell me now?
You can think and tell me?

Do you need time?

How much?
- Six...

Six minutes?
- Six months.

What is it? Is it too much?

No, you are right.

A person needs to think
six months about marriage.

No issues. I will wait for
six months. Think and tell me.

Also, this dress is very boring.

This doesn't suit you at all.
Don't wear it, okay?

Six months.

Why did you tell him six months?
You could have just said the truth.

And if he comes to stab me for
refusing it then will you save me?

What will you say
after six months?

God knows!

You can ask for
another six months.

We'll deal with it now.

there is something on your face.


Take that.
- It will be enough.

You go.
- I will not.

Did you fever go?

This fever will not subside
like that. It's love fever.

Come. Come.

It's broken.
- Mister, give a 'pappadum'.

Give one or two.

Where are you guys?

Where are you sleeping?
- Where?

There are chicks over there.
- Just amazing!

That is Sharanya.
- Sorry.

- Hi!

This is Sharanya.

- That is Sona.

This is Mr. Amal.

- This is Dog Vinu.

I have heard about you.
- Sorry man!

This is...
- Raja. George Raja.

Are they kidnapping us?

"You leave it."

"In the room, outside
someone bring a love letter."

"Shaaru. Shaaru. Shaaru.
You love me. Don't refuse it."

"You love me, Shaaru."

"Shaaru. Shaaru. Shaaru.
You love me."

"Don't refuse it. You love me."
- Look. Look there.

We can see full
Trichur from here.

She is not ordinary
to sleep in sunlight.

She is totally awesome.

Hey! Can we leave?
It's been so late.

- Shall we?


Sir, book.


The diagrams are not good. Some are
not good. You should redraw that.

Sir, there is a paper in it.

read it and reply to me.

Sir, it cannot happen.
- Why?

I am not as old as you think.

- I love you.

Sir, this is a very bad thing.
You are my teacher.

Yes, I am but... Shaaru.


Don't tell anyone
about the letter.

Don't tell anyone else. Please.

"There is simmering inside of
me, an anger."

"There is some more
mischief in me."

"Sometimes it feels
as if you are mad."

"From near or far away,
I have decided to scare you."

'Dear Sharanya, from the
day I laid my eyes on you'

'I know you are
the one for me...'

'It will be a credit to have you
as my lover and mother of my kids?'

'I love you.'

What is this? Is it blood?

Are you a sniffing dog?
- It's not blood.

'Yours faithfully, Arun Raj.'

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

You call and wish her just after
the clock strikes twelve, okay?

Or else it may get serious.
- She will not create such a scene.

My dear, I have suffered it so
I am telling you. Do call her.

Got it?

Look... - You made me
spend a lot of money for this cake.

If you smear this on my
face then I will show you.

Devika, bite.
- Here, dear.

Hello! Happy birthday to you.

My dear,
I am so tired due to celebrating.

No, that...
- I just felt sleepy. Just hang up.

I called up since Varun told me.
Alright then, good bye.

He called in the night
to say happy birthday.

"Shaaru doesn't feel sleepy."

"Shaaru doesn't feel sleepy."

Don't you have basic
hygiene, dear?

"Shaaru doesn't feel sleepy."

Do you want?

Eat it.

You will not change.

"Shaaru. Shaaru.
You are drama queen, Shaaru."

"You are not sentimental.
Please don't come near me."

"Shaaru. Sharru.
You are drama queen, Shaaru."

"You are not sentimental.
Please don't come near me."

Two more months to go.

Move aside. Move aside.

Are you not seeing?

5049. Just check and tell me.

Go and check.
- Okay!

Move, silly.

(Indistant chatter)

(Indistant chatter)

You failed.
- What?


Sir! Sir!

Sir, why did you fail me?

Because you deserve it.

You were very undisciplined
during this semester.

No attendance and
assignments too.

I did it.
- I didn't get any.

Sir, don't do this
keeping a personal grudge.

What personal grudge?

I told you not to tell the other
thing to anyone but you did, right?

Sir, they found it out.

Does your family know
that you have a lover?

Shall I make it public?
- Sir.

Don't come to me
again saying this.

Got it?

- Dear, we reached the hostel.

- Hostel.

I will come.
- Shall we come to college?

No, I am coming.

What is the need of crying now?

She hasn't yet
lost a class test.

Did you all fail?

My branch is different, uncle?
- You are lucky.

She was just too happy
since a few days.

Mom, don't talk like Arun sir.

So even the sir understood?

My dear daughter!
Tell me, what happened

for you to loose concentration?

Did Arun sir tell
you something else?

What else? What do you expect?

He doesn't like me.

What for? What is the reason?

Dad, you won't understand.

Where do you all stay?

- Dharavi.

- What's important there?

- Really?

Where do you stay, dear?
- I live in Vyttila, Kochi.

Vyttila. What's important there?

- She is important there.

Are you coming home this week?

Shall I not come?

Don't come.
- Why do you come every day?

You learn a few things here.

If she sits here then
she can study well.

Then let's leave.
- Okay.

Alright then.
- Bye.

Shall we?

What is it?
- I am here to drink tea.

- There is no tea.

I am here to see Jimmy.
- He is dead.

Did he?
- Just go from here.

Just pay attention to
her when she comes.

You don't pay attention at all.
Then how will she pass?

Is it because we
didn't pay attention?

Aren't you Sharanya's parents?
- Yes.

I am Ajit Menon.
Final year student.

- Son, where are you from?

Mammiyur, near Guruvayoor.

What is important there?

Only mom and me are at home.
- Is that important?

I like Sharanya.


I mean, I love her.

I am interested in
marrying Sharanya.

What did you say? You look
like my age. - Leave it.

- No? Who are you?

Are you the student
or teacher here?

- Who?


What did she tell you?
- She will think

and say after six months.
- Leave.

Why to talk to him anyway?
Where is she?

Hello! I will give
you death certificate

and not birth certificate. Move!

I would have tripped.

He's Sharanya's father.

Or I would have killed him.

I know that, dear.

Good that he didn't
order tea or we would

have had to do plastic
surgery to your face.


You didn't hear or see anything.

Heard it, Jimmy!

Who gives a 500 buck note, rascal?
- Sorry, Ajit.

Now it seems like I failed you?

He is angry as I rejected him.

I felt he is innocent as
far as I have seen him.

Deepu, just leave.
I am very angry.

Are you in a mood to fight?
- Yes, you hang up.

Then I will call later.
- No need.

Sharanya, are you serious?


Look, we are fighting
for the first time.

That too for something
that I don't know.

You don't know what is under
session. That's the reason.

Then why do we chat often?

I am feeling pressure.
I will call you later.

I have to study a lot.
- Alright.

I will not call. You call me.


What is it? Is there an issue?

- Do we have to beat someone?

No need.
- We will deal with it.

There is no issue.

Alright Subhash,
I will call tomorrow. - My God!

Where is the song?

You keep the song.

You keep it in the front.

What is wrong with you, dear?

I played it. Dance now.


- Stop it.

You come a little to the back.

Lift the hand.

One. Two. Three. Four.

Move back. One.

Two. Three. Four.


- Like this to the side.

Why is your phone switched off?

I am calling you
since some time.

I switched it off for the
time being. What is it?

Nothing, we have to deliver goods
to Kakkanad. I called to say that.

Why are you slicing one?
Slice three together.

Did you fight with her?

Why are you asking
like a detective?

Oh my! I forgot to do something.
- What?

I didn't change the
WhatsApp display picture.

Change it.

How to put the picture
of a crying child?

Then keep a flower bouquet
on that kid's chest too.

It will be boring, right?
- It will be amazing.

No need for a
display picture now.


What is mood swings?

- Mood swings.

Mood swings?
- Yes.

Are you kidding with me?

She says that she has that.


When will that Sudhakar
come who has went on leave?

I am tired of working here.

I have to run here and
there and do this too!

Adjust a little.
That man is sick.

Brother, I don't what it is.

But I found out that
a girl is the issue.

Brother, think that girl
is this thing and slice it.

Yes, slice it. Go on.

- Hello.

Why did you switch
off the phone?

I was mad, that's why.

Why did you not pick the call?

I was in the practice area.
I didn't see it.

- No, I did it on purpose.

Where are you now?

I left home. Now I am
about to reach Coimbatore.

Coimbatore! Why?

I need some peace.

You don't want to hear me
blabber, right?

Are you alone?
- Yes.

My dear Deepu, go back.
Don't get me tensed.

One moment. Are you
really in Coimbatore?


Aren't you lying? You
are in Ernakulam, right?

No. - Make a video call
if you are in Ernakulam.

I have no internet.
- You won't have it.

I am in Coimbatore!

What are you eating then?

Curd rice.

Not curd rice but...
- Wait.

How can the phone recording be in
Malayalam if you are in Coimbatore?

It's because I am on the border.
- Look at this liar.

Prove if you are in Coimbatore
first and then only call me. Bye.

Whom were you screaming to
that you are in Coimbatore?

It's Varun's issue.
She is a very mad girl.

What is this?

Throw this away.

Wait there.

What is it?

I heard that you are in love with
some girl from Trichur. Is it true?

Love? You are still
studying for SI exam.

You have not yet selected. So,
question me once you get it, okay?

What was your reaction
when I said about Abhi?

You just didn't kill me. Now
you come to me with your case.

I will not support you.
- Listen, there is no time

to talk now.
I will tell you in detail later.

I will go and be back soon. Varun
is waiting. - Where are you going?


- I won't ask if you have lost it.

But this is too much.

I get scared once you come here
thinking you'll take me somewhere.

Varun, I told her without thinking.
- Why?

If you had told me
before you said that

to her then I would
have done something.

Do you have any
work in Coimbatore?

What work will I have?

This is a matter of my prestige.
She has challenged me.

I am a very nice boy.

For you and Shilpa...
- Hey! Forget it.

I will not come even if
you tell me about any debt.

Just make me reach
Coimbatore anyhow. - Hey!

What is this?
Don't fall on my feet. Get up.

I want to ask just one thing.

Do you want to see Ernakulam
people losing to Palakkad people?

No. No way.
- What?

I just want to say that only.

But what will I gain?

If I die then you will not

have to repent
thinking about that.

- Yes.

If we take a photo from internet
of Coimbatore and Photoshop

it then? - That won't work.
She is very intelligent.

You go and dress.
- Mom, my blue shirt.

So next is the buzzer round.

There is a buzzer
in front of you.

The person who presses
first can answer.

So first question?
- Identify this personality.

Press the buzzer.

- Yes.

Vava Suresh.

- Miss.


Leon Trotsky.
- That's the correct answer.


Ten points to Polite Rascals.

Ajit is looking for you.

He is standing below the
tree waiting for you.

Is she is witch
to go near a tree?

Now what is this issue?
Let me go and check it out.

My course has finished.

Now I will come here
just to write papers.

I am planning a
solo Himalayan trip.

Before that we had
some issues to settle.

Six months are over.
You didn't say anything.

Six months are over, right?

Yes. It finished day
before yesterday.

Sir, I thought a lot
about it but I can only

see you as a elder
brother. Sorry.

Elder brother!

do you have any other commitments?

Not because of that. But I
can only see you as a brother.


If I give you some
more time then can you

change my position
from a elder brother?

I have drunk a little vodka.

Can I go? I have some
practice remaining.

- My friends.


I am good friends with Sangeet.
I like him very much too.

How many nocturnal votes

did Donald Trump get in 2016
US presidential election?


Sangeet, today I will kill you.

Wait there!
- Answer is 304.

I will kill you, dog!
- That's the correct answer.

There is some issue.
- Let's go.

- We quit.


No need.


My dear brother!

You are Sharanya's lover, right?

I would have wanted to.

If anything happens to her

then I will be the
most affected person.

If I kill you now then my Himalayan
trip cost will get wasted.

That's why.

That's why.

I spare you.

I don't know...

You... Am I a drum?

On one side you are there.

Leave me.
- No need.

There is Arun on the other side.

I am just asking you out of
curiosity. Is she the only girl?

Today, I will kill him.
- You go fool!

- Leave him. The trip is important.

Go away!


Why did you come in
between the quiz?

We are grateful for
the beer you fed us.


My dear, I commend you.

You went to Coimbatore
to convince me.

If I get my hands on you
then I will kill you.

Is this Photoshop?



'Even if I show courage still
you will say that I am a coward.'

'I am standing
outside your college.'

- I will teach you a lesson now.

What is this?
Lord Ayappa celebration.

There are people here or
I would have punched you.

One moment. You come here.

You have two option.

Option one. Go and enjoy
with Sona and team. - Okay.

Option two is...
- Option two.

- Yes, sure.

Then go fast. I will sort
this and come. - Okay.

Hey! That is option one.
- Option two is there. Okay.

I get very angry when someone
switches off their phone.

When you don't pick up the
call I feel as if you died.

Look at your face. It's so dirty.
I don't feel like scolding you.

Don't tell me if
you don't want to.

Where are you going?


Is this Sona's father?

Where are you going?
- You?

Do you want to see
the motor show?

Which show? - Let it be. Do you
remember the theory I told you?

Particle wave dual nature.
We will go to see that.

Don't talk like that to me
now at least. That too now.

I am very hungry. Will
I get something to eat?

You are hungry. You want to eat.
I will do something. Come on.

Why didn't you say
anything when I got

angry on you?
Did you get scared?

It's not that.

I don't get angry on
the people I like.

I cannot.

Even if brother Abhi
gets angry on me

still I won't feel
like saying anything.

But I won't spare others.

But I am totally reverse.

I get angry on close people. I get
scared if others tell me something.

I also get upset
about small things.

Do you why I got sad after
going to the fields that day?

When I went for a tour mom
cooked some snacks for me.

But I kept it inside as I was
very scared to take it out.

It got spoiled and then
I went and threw it.

I remember all that then. Mom would
have worked so hard to make it.

You get sad for these small
things, right?

I am too sensitive, man.

What is it? How is business?

It's just okay.

- Coming.

What is this? A crown.

Where is this connected to?

It's tech fest so I thought
about making the kids happy.

- Where are you?

I am dead. Keep the phone down.

Our dance is in between the break
of Taikuddam bridge's performance.

You come fast now.
- Okay.

Where is this fool?

Do you know Tamil?
- Yes.

I know to read it and write too.

- I am from Palakkad.

If you would have said
that before then I

could've bragged in
front of my friends.

Shucks! I didn't knew it.

What happened in the hotel?

I am feeling shy
to say about it.

Tell me.
- You will laugh.

I will not.

My dad went to a hotel and

tried to wash his hands under a tap
by turning it after eating food.

But water didn't come out.

Dad didn't wash his hand.

But that tap had to be lifted
up for the water to come out.

It's not funny.
- It isn't?

There was a similar tap in
a hotel I went last week.

I felt sad after
thinking about him.

Oh my! My dear pure soul!

We enjoyed happiness
after our dad died.

I have said, right? He used
to drink and beat us everyday.

And about my mom. She
was somewhat like you.

Your mom makes snacks
and gives you, right?

My mom won't even ask
anyone if I leave town.

In the end, I would call and
tell her that I ran away.

But your family is so cool.

You go to watch movies with
brother Abhi and your sister.

I want such a family.

Then come there.

When will you take me there?

What is it?

I remembered the
scene of a movie

when I look at this.

Which cinema?

There is a story about a ship that
crashes a iceberg and sinks, right?

Did you remember that movie?
- Yes.

Do you want it?

One moment.

- Shaaru, grandma is in intensive

care due to breathing problems.

Oh my! Intensive care?

She is fine now.
There is no issue.

I will come.
- How will you come now?

No issues. It's not so late.
I will come.

Then you come to
Palakkad and call dad.

- Fine.

What is it?
- Grandma has breathing problems.

She is in intensive care.
I have to go there fast.

I will drop you.
- It's fine.

Just drop me to a bus depot.


I am leaving. I will reach and
call you. - Alright, then bye.

Is this going to Palakkad?

Oh my!
- Get in.

- Hello.

There is too much
rush in the bus.

Is it?
- A man's bag is on top of my head.

I left in a hurry, right?

I am feeling sad.

You don't cry. It's fine.

I told you that I will
drop you home, right?

No, it's fine.

I will come to Sona's
house next week.

Where to?

Okay. Bye. Kisses.


You are very lucky.

Don't make her sad, okay?

Like I made Shilpa suffer.

Got it?

"It got inside of
me like green moss."

"The next day I embraced it."

"He sat beside me
during uncertain times."

"I had held a handkerchief
in my hands tightly."

"It got inside of
me like green moss."

"The next day I embraced it."

"He sat beside me
during uncertain times."

"I had held a handkerchief
in my hands tightly."

Welcome to Sona's palace?
- Looks more like a bird nest.

He is my cousin.

- Hi!

He has been staying here since
a long time to learn editing.

This is my own laptop.

"I walked and opened
the doors of my heart."

"I said it all when
I didn't have time."

"We will spend time in the
rain by opening a umbrella."

"In the village
and in the shade"

"I waited for you
like a gust of wind."

"I looked at you
got hold of you."

Press it.
- Hey! I said, yes.

Come on.
- It's done.

You should pack like this.

"I hid in the thorns."

"I gathered on top of the lips"

"like a droplet."
- This is my mom. This is my sister.

This is my brother-in-law.

This is Sharanya.
- Sharanya.

I just know that.
- That is Sona.

Sit kids.

- I will get food.

- Come on, sit.

- Sharanya.


Take 'avial'.

Don't you want it?
Dear, do you want it?

Did you like it?
- Nice!

It's nice, isn't it?

"Coming barefoot..."

Listen, you sit in the front.
She will sit behind only.

"While sitting idle,
you were the one who told me."

"In the center of the
city and near the shore."

"In the village
and in the town."

"You keep me very near to you."

"It got inside of
me like green moss."

"The next day I embraced it."

"He sat beside me
during uncertain times."

"I had held a handkerchief
in my hands tightly."

'What if we go out
without these guys?'

Look brother. Deepu and team.


Look at them.
- Alright.

They are sitting here without
coming to work. - Yes.

Look at this.

Keep it there.

You do one thing. You check here.
I will look there.


Why are you here?
- I came to Sona's house.

Then where is she?
- She is somewhere...

I came back from the
Himalayan trip some time ago.

My this year got wasted.

Look at the tatoo.

Yoga mat.

Why don't you still
receive my call?


I have seen many
type of girls but

I have never seen
someone so arrogant.


Who is it?
- This is my friend. Deepu.

Then Sona?

Deepu, he is my senior.
Ajit Menon.

Oh! That...
- What...


Let it be. Pick my call
whenever I call you, okay?

What is this?

What happened to you? You are
like this since you saw that clown.

I thought his trouble ended once
he went for the Himalayan trip.

I didn't like it when you
told him I am your friend.

Then what should I say?

Tell him I am your lover? What
is it? Do you have any issue?

I have a doubt since you
are getting so tensed.

What doubt? Tell me what is it?
- If you both have an affair.

Tell me, if that is the case.
I have no issues.

Do you still know
me only this much?

Then why did he talk with
you with so much authority?

Do you think he is my lover
and I hid it from you?

It's not that.
- Then what?

I don't lie like you, Deepu.
Even I am not like that.

My God!

You calm down.

Why did I ask her
anything at all?

Don't come to me asking questions
on Varun's advice, got it?

Varun is not a person like
you think. He is a nice man.

He thinks very highly of you.

Hey! It's you?

We are here to catch fish.

Who is it? Your friend?

You mind your own business.

Alright, I am leaving.
We were here to catch fish.

Where is Sumesh? Bangalore?

He escaped or he would
have been bashed by me.

I told you not to provoke me.
- Come.

Why are you getting angry?
Leave if you don't like it.

You get in the car. - Take him with
you or even you will get bashed.

Let's go.

Get in the car.

Kill me.
- Me too.


Listen. Sorry.
For asking about the other thing.

I was foolish to ask that.

I have forgiven you.

Deepu, did you vent
my anger on him?

What anger? He acted
smart so he got bashed.

I cannot believe that you
will do something like that.

My dear, do you know where all
me, Varun

and brother-in-law have took
fight during the last 1.5 years?

There will be big fights during the
festivals and singing competition.

If my memory is right then I have
participated in 10-15 fights.

What? Can't you believe it?
- No.

You can confirm it from Varun.

Do you know Sumesh?
He was our main buddy.

There was some issue with
him due to Varun's one case.

The police roughed up Sumesh.

So we stopped all
of it due to that.

Do you know one more thing?

Me and Varun had
some goods that time.

Is it? Where?

On March 31st 2017.

Me and Varun threw that
fertilizer in to the river.

I am not going to believe it.

No need. I just told you.

Then why did you not
tell me till now?

It is not a good thing so I felt
I should not give you any tension.

You said about Menon today
itself, right?

Let it be. Promise me that
this won't happen again.

This won't happen again.

Also, tell me if Menon
tells you anything. - Okay.

Can we go fishing?
- Such a big issue happened...

My hands and legs are shivering.
And you want to catch fish?

He has participated
in 10-15 fights?

He is saying as if he
did something great.

Dear, I am telling you since
the beginning this is not right.

What did you say then?

You think once more, okay dear.

Sharanya, aunt is calling you
to eat flatbread and chicken.

Come. There are too many
flies in the balcony.

I have lost my sleep..." Oh my!

We are trying to get
her out of one mess.

And you are...

What's happening?
- Really?

Do you know who is her lover?

You will get bashed up.

Forgive me, cousin sister.
I will not repeat it.

If I tell mom what you're doing
here then you are a gone case.

I understood.

First leave my collar.


You told me about some lover
before, right? Who is it?

What for?
- So that I can be a bit cautious.

There is no need of you knowing
that. - Alright, fine then.

- Okay.


"I will forget everything."

I will forget.

Then you didn't say anything?

You stood mum?

I had boxing gloves that time
or I would have bashed him.

You should've used
the boxing gloves.

No, no more fights.
I promised her.

No need. We can talk
and finish it, right?

We can.
- Then call him right away.

I don't have his
number for that.

You should arrange his number
from somewhere and call him.

I will do that.
- Okay? Come.



Hello. Is it Ajit Menon?


I am Deepu. Sharanya's friend.

Yes, tell me.
- Why don't we meet face to face?

What do you want to talk?

There is no issue.
We just want to talk.

Tell me a place.


You can call your friends too.
- I don't need them.

Then come alone.
- Which place in Ernakulam?

Where? - Shall we call
him to Varun's house?

That won't work. - Then tell
him that we will inform later.

We will tell later.

Ernakulam is very well known to me.
I will come day after tomorrow.

We will too.


'Day after tomorrow.'

He didn't play fair.

We will set it
after the meeting.

Arun sir will fail you anyway.
He was humiliated in such a way.

You keep quiet, fool!

He has a reason to
fail you at least.

I fear he may fail me too
due to being your friend.

The coconut price is more
today than yesterday, right?

Deal with that price.
I don't know anything.

Do you know something else?

This Ajit Menon and Arun sir
studied in the same class.

Hold this.

The matter is only that much.
Nothing more. - You hang up.

It seems that the
move backfired.

I said, right?

I am Abhilash.
Deepu's brother-in-law.

We had called you that
day, right? It was us only.

This is our friend.
Sumesh. Ajit.

The thing is that...
- Brother.

I will speak straightforwardly.

He is our buddy. Him too.

He likes a chick very much.

That chick studies in
your college. The chick is

very important to us.

Brother, we heard that you have
been troubling her since very long.

So if you do that again...
- Hey!

There is no other issue.
What's done is done.

We forgot whatever
that happened till now.

Stop it. We are here to warn you.

If it's fine then we can
shake hands and leave.

What do you say?

You will have to come once
again, Sharanya.

What if it's not fine?
- We will beat you up.

A very good beating!
- Hey! You are talking too much.

Hey! You go, man!
- Did we talk to you?

Hey! Sit down.
- Just leave.

Sit down.
- Have snacks and leave.

What is it, brother?
You think and let us know.

Ajit, shall I ask one thing?

What is it?
- Shall I say it?

Ajit, shall we get beaten up?
- We will.

Then why did you come here?

I was a bit pumped up.
- Shake hands.

I want to fight.

This is an unknown place.
We will be beaten up badly.

His hands are so big.
We will be beaten badly

black and blue.
- End it fast.

Look at his shoulder.
- We will handle him somewhere else.

Okay. Okay.

So, brother. Can we shake hands?


Clap your hands. Yeah!


We were short of guys.
- So now it's sorted, right?

It's set. Is it set?
- Then can we party?

Then what?
- Come.

What is it? I loved you
sincerely but you...

Should you keep the CR here?
It should be kept here, right?

You will suffer even more.

Switch on the power.

Your rejection
was a shock to me.

Come. Come.
- Sir.

Arun sir! No need?

Pick him up.
- Hold his leg.

Pick him up. - Let's go this way.
There won't be any class tomorrow.

Ask him.

The thing is that I will come at
the right time to eat biryani.

I will reach early that day.
- As if I will buy you one.

Look he is going.
- Hold him.

We can pick up a bottle.
- Deepu!

You should tell me if you
want to say something.

Or you should not bring useless
people and threaten me. Got it?

Who is useless?
- Brother Sumesh.

Who is useless?
- Brother Sumesh.

I asked you who is useless?

Tell me!
- Catch him. Don't spare him.

Come fast.


Sumesh, catch him.
- Leave him.

Wait there. Come fast.
- Wait right there.

Don't beat him.
Stop it, brother Sumesh.

Don't beat him. Move away!

My God!
- Go away!

Beat him!
- Yes, beat him!

Don't spare them.

Go away! You...

Run away from here.
- Separate him. You beat him.

What did you say? Yes?

Who is useless?
- Tell us.

Tell us.
- Look at his tatoo.

You went to the
Himalaya to get a tatoo?

Where did you get it from?

Come. Come fast.

Start the car. Go fast.



The car is here.
Come on. Please.

Run! Come!

It will be an issue if
there's a police case.


Start the car.

Will you drop me at Edappal?
- I will drop you at Edapally!

I am in! Drive.


Is Ajit inside that?

Open the gate!
- Open the gate!

I will burn you if you don't
open the gate. Open it.

Open it, you rascal! I will...

Start the car, Dog Vinu.

Doctors said that he
didn't get a shock.

A blow to the head is
the reason for injury.

Arun sir is totally fine. He
will be in hospital for two days.

Anyway, due to Sharanya's
interference he was saved.

Give her a big clap.

What is going on here?

There will be some problems due to
brother-in-laws in many families.

Here it is different.
Always together.

I was happy looking at
all this previously.

But now I feel that there
was no need for so much love.

Mom, why are you talking like
a daily soap mother-in-law?

Daily soap! You are the only
one who is spoiling him.

Mom, what are you saying?

Abhi went with his
work and now...

So what? He should be the one who
should give him better advice.

Or else they should go to
fight people for petty things?

I will leave.
- Abhi...

Abhi, where are you going?
- I won't commit suicide.

Hey! What are you looking at?
Go and call him.


What is this?
Where are you going?

I have called your mother as
mom even more than my mother.

Now I will not sit with you
mom and see the daily soap.

I will have two pegs
and be back soon.

Where is he going?

He will be back. You go.

- What do you think of yourself?

I was going to call you.

You might have known the matter.
- Don't speak a word.

The whole college knows it.

I cannot walk in public.

People are saying that I am
friends with thugs in Kochi.

This is just pathetic!

Look, I just called to explain
him and not beat him up.

That's when he said... And brother
Sumesh beat him up there itself.

And I got stuck in between that.

There is a ready made answer
for everything with you, Deepu.

All my friends told me not
to be in a relation with you.

Sona might have said that.
I will talk to her later.

My dear brother,
Sona doesn't decide my fate.

I have a laboratory
exam after two days.

And then seminar presentation.
I cannot concentrate at all.

That is important for
you, right?

Is this all not important?

Deepu, I am here to study. Don't
talk as if you don't know anything.

Even I have gone to college.

Then what is the use?

Then you go and do your assignment
and seminar. Don't wait to call me.

Do you know how assignment
is spelled? - What?

Do you know how assignment
is spelled? - Why?

Tell me, do you know?
- I will gain nothing from that.

Sharanya, I also know to insult.

You will weep.

Get lost!

It's fine if she give me
bad words and beats me.

But she mocked me
for my English.

I couldn't tolerate it at all.

What is this nuisance?

You won't understand.
But I felt it differently.

Her love seems a
sacrifice to me.

Should we think like that?

- Yes.

I have a grand idea.

My dear,
I will not come to Coimbatore.

Not that. But I will be
staying away for a few days.

I am relieved.
- With Justin from Kothamangalam.

I will also switch off my phone.

She will call you if
I am not reachable.

Call me? Why?

She will call you.
So what will you say?

What should I say?

Then tell her that you
don't know where I am.

Tell her I was very sad and
suffered panic attack too.

Panic attack!
- She uses that word a lot.

Okay. Panic attack.

Let her know my value.

I will tell her that.

I will tell her that.

Eat it.

We have other work too. Eat it.

Alright then, we are going.
- Okay.

Mom, duck.

I will get it.
- Alright.

I have seen people been thrown
out for not doing assignment.

Why did you come here as you didn't
know the spelling of assignment?

Listen, an English knowing
girl is always a burden.

They want cutlet, sandwich
or a burger wherever they go.

My girl is fine with
a fritter and tea.

The cost is just 30 bucks.

This is all not an issue.
- Then?

They want to know the
spelling, right?

Spelling? Then...

Spelling is a bit difficult.

Hello. What happened?

Listen, she didn't call.

It has been more than two
days, Varun.

Shucks! Where are you? Come
here fast. We have lots of work.

You do one thing. Call her.

She would have ruined her
seminar due to tension.

What! I have some self-esteem.
You only call her.

then I will tell someone who has

no self-esteem. You hang up.
- Fine then.

I will not call.

Mom, duck!


Dear, it's brother Abhi.
- What is it?

Did Deepu call? I have
no clue where he is.

I don't know.
- Dear, he is at Kothamangalam.

He was crying when he called me.

Why? - Due to sadness.
You do one thing.

Dear, you call him and
convince him to come home.

Why? Brother, I called him to say
sorry but I couldn't get across.

I won't call him as he is
acting a bit over smart.

Brother, you also joined this
drama. I thought you were smart.

He might have told you to call
me, right?

Tell him not come here. Make
a house there and live there.

Tell him not to make
sister call me too.

Dear, he is pure-hearted.

Oh my!
- It went it. Another one.

Play and go. Hey!

What is this?
- What happened, man?

Things didn't work out
but it got worse too.

When I told her that
you are in Kothamangalam

she told me to tell you to live
there permanently in a hut.

Then I asked her that if you
are Mowgli to live there?

- Did she say that?

I got the report that she
is thinking about a breakup.

I will come there
tomorrow itself.

Why are you living there since
things have got so worst?

You come here today itself.

Listen. Tell him to eat and come.

One more thing, eat and come.

We have no food here, okay?


Where are you going?
- I am going home.

Tomorrow we have to buy ripe
bananas from the market. I forgot.

What about our match then?
- I am not concerned.

You only play. My life
has gone for a toss.

Also, I put the last white.

But our coin is black, right?

Okay, you tell me.
- That man has left.

You play.


How did you bear it when
Shilpa broke up with you?

I was in pain for some time.
I mean, for a long time.

But then I forgot.
But this isn't the same.

But she will go.

I am so foolish.
I had lost my mind.

I was thinking that everything will
be back to normal. But I was wrong.

You keep quiet.

Shall I go to see
a psychologist?

you go to her college tomorrow.

Talk and solve the issue.

Don't try to call her.

Go right away.

It's better to go, right?
- Yes.

I will come to your
house in the morning.

Alright. We will go.
- Okay.

- Yes.

Where is sister? - She has gone
for her grandma's death rites.

She will come tomorrow only.

Then I am leaving.
- Have food and go.

No. I have some work.
- We made chicken.

- You advice him a bit.

He will tell you.
- I am leaving, okay?

Don't be sad.

No! I will not leave you.

You mind your own business.
I will not leave you.

There is no use of you
going there tomorrow.

Her friends will
decide everything now.

Once you go there

then she will come
with her friends.

Then you will be
humiliated by them.

I will not let you get
humiliated by them.

I will not leave you.

Brother-in-law, you are right.

We are low standard but yet
we are very nice, right?

So you won't go tomorrow.

I won't. I won't go tomorrow.

I will not do anything
else once you say it.

Have you been to
Ponnarimangalam shop?

What if we go there tomorrow?
- That will be nice.

So, we will not make
fritters or anything else.

What did you just
say about fritters?


So we will go there...

To the shop.


So what is it? Breakup?

No matter what we say

I changed so much
only due to him.

I am not the same person.

You be firm on one thing, dear.

What is the real
issue between us?

I am also asking that only.

This is all like that only.

Just take this as a
phase of our life.

Your relation is
very superficial.

Nothing will change even if this
falls apart or is a success.

There is so much more to see.
I am talking from experience.

I am telling you too.
You are next.

What did I do?

But when we talk
about a breakup...

He was very nice.

I am getting irritated.
You just don't...

Where will you be after two
years? You will be very happy.

That time you will think of
this as your best decision.


If you want a Kochi guy
then I will set you up.

You go to your house for two
days. Your mind will get clear.

I am going home tomorrow.
- Good, me too.

We will leave in the morning.

Will you wait there?
- Yes.

Be careful, son.
- How many stairs are there, mom?

There are many stairs.

Are you happy now that you
have been beaten to pulp?

What is this? - You keep quiet.
Her dear, Ajit Menon.

I told you that I am
not interested in you.

Then who are you to
establish your right on me?

Since that was not enough you
even informed my family, right?

Me? When?

Hello, ma'am!
I am your well wisher.

Your daughter Super Sharanya

seems to be having an affair
with a boy from Ernakulam.

Who is this? Sangeet?

Not at all. I am a employee
working in the treasury department.

What are you saying?
- It's time to give the pension.

Okay then, bye.

Now if you go to seek
revenge from them

then they will wipe
you out of existence.

I wanted to see you
to give you an earful.

Can't you read my body
language that I don't like you?

He is so foolish.

What is it, dear?
- Sorry, ma'am.

Your son is mad.
That is the issue.

- Alright.

- Keep quiet.

It's not like that.

Get in the car.
- Mom.

Get in.

The bus is about to
come. I am leaving.

We'll meet. Okay?
We'll meet once you are back.


(Indistant chatter)

(Engine sound)


What if I also come
to Kochi with you?


I wanted to say a
proper goodbye to him.

Alright, sit.

I will also come.

Will you change your
mind after that?



Where are you going? The
shop would have just opened.

Shop! I am going to Trichur.

To see her.

My God!

So why did I preach you for
three and half hours yesterday?

what you said was right. - What?

But I have to go.
- You will be embarrassed.

Let me get a little embarrassed.
There is no other way.

Clean this and go.
- Brother-in-law, you only do that.

It's nothing. It's all like before.
I am here just to say goodbye.

There was no need for that.
- I felt like that.

Where are you going?

I... I am going for a wedding.

A friend's wedding.
- You said you're going to Trichur?

Are you coming to
Trichur to see me?

No. I have to attend
a wedding nearby.

You cannot accept, right Deepu?

Will you be humiliated
if you accept that?

If I am coming to see you then only
I have to accept, right? - Yes.

You beat around the bush?

First you accept that you came to
see me. As if she came to say bye.

Accept that you
came to compromise

after seeing me.
- Compromise. No way.

Ask Sona.

He's a liar.

I am going to a wedding. Ask
brother-in-law if you want to.

Which wedding is it? Toti and
Anci Joe. It's over, right?

You are a mistake. Keep quiet.

Look at him.

If you decide then we can
solve this issue here.

But you won't decide.

Sona, what you said
yesterday was correct.

What did I say?

You said that it will be the best
decision of my life. You're right.

So you are going for a wedding?
- Yes.

You can go where you want.

I am leaving. Bye.
- But...

Oh my!

My God!
- What?

When did you come?

Just now.

Then why are you
standing here? Come in.

Call them.
- Yes.

Come. Let's go.
- Let's go.


I was cleaning
the whole house...

Give it to me.

What is it?

Let them go. I will
teach you a good lesson.

Come. I said, come here.

Come here, you shameless girl.


Come in.
- Oh!

Kids, shall I get you a tea?

Let it be. We can give them
pudding. Do you want the same?

Yes, pudding will be nice.
- Tea is fine.

Why is everyone so dull?
What happened?


Then I will get tea.

Abhi, why didn't you
make tea for them?

Then it cannot be called a tea.

Brother, where is the fish?
- Rahul?

Rahul went upstairs once
the stitching machine came.

You go and see it, dear.

Go on. He is upstairs.
Go and see.

What all is going here?

Don't think I am so foolish.

Mom, Deepu and
Sharanya are in love.

There is some issue going on
between them. I am not aware.

Is she here to live with us?

I don't know that.



What is it?

Can you give us five
minutes together?

Okay. Five minutes.

Then what?

- Is your performance over?

It was too much!

I am here just
because mom is here.

I got angry when
I saw that Sona.

Then the things you said.

I said the truth.

You will not understand what I've
been going through since some days.

That day you said that I
will cry if you insult me.

I didn't intend to insult you.
I am sorry if you got insulted.

I called you many
times to say this.

Kothamangalam! Nonsense!

Alright, I will say one more thing.
I can also do things like this.

If I do this drama then you will
cry here. Do you want to see?

I don't want to.


had really left to see you.
- Is it? I didn't knew that.

So what's next?
- What?

No, I mean what about us?

Will that guy come
again to beat me?

He has been arrested
by excise officers.

Since he kept a Indian
giant squirrel at home.

What about Ajit Menon?

He will not come now.

Arun sir!

He respects me a lot now.



It's okay.

It's done. Done.

He has not eaten
anything since yesterday.

I gave it. It will die
if you overfeed it.

What is it? Is it the ID of
the girls who lived here?

Then you would have
sent a request.

I didn't. May be brother-in-law
might have sent them.

Then come.

When brother Abhi told about
the break up I was shattered.

But your arrogance
didn't reduce at all.

If you do it again
then I will show you.

But it will not happen again.

My God!

Hello! I should come fast?
I am on my way.

Okay. Time's up.


What are you doing?

You were here to say bye. But now
you are hugging and kissing him?

Look, dear. If you interfere
in our matter again

then I will change the
shape of your face.

Did you hear?


She left.

'It was a medical miracle.'

'I changed my mind after
coming to break up.'

'Poor Sona! Her face
was worth seeing.'

'She was stunned.'

Eat pudding.

Everyone eat. It was from
the veneration. - Give her.

Sharanya took one.
You also take one.

Take it.

Eat fritters. Mom made it.
Mom made it.

Mom didn't make it.
I brought it from next door.

Keep quiet! - 'His mom was angry
first. But later she cooled down.'

'I had said about a
principle first, right?'

'Which Arya from entrance
school had told me.'

'Life is like a
ship in the ocean.'

'My life was
somewhat like that.'

'Then I have to learn some
more things about him.'

'He lies too much.'

'I don't trust about him dumping
his bangle in the canal.'

'What a lie.'


now I will not fight anymore.'

"I saw the moonlight
like a flash."

"Back then. Back then."

"You are in my mind
without even telling me."

"Back then. Back then."