Super Monsters: The New Class (2020) - full transcript

A new class of pint-sized preschoolers arrives at Pitchfork Pines, and the Super Monsters take their superpowers to the next level - the Purple Room.

[Everyone laughs]

Super Monsters!

The new class!



[Super Monsters laugh]

The classroom looks great!

The new Super Monsters are gonna love it!

We want to make them feel welcome
on their first night of school.

Because nothing says welcome like
lots and lots and lots of decorations.

- [Gasps]
- [Lobo grunts]

- Oh! Got it!
- [Laughs] Gotcha.

You must be Lobo.

Aha! And you must be Miss Mina.

I am! I'm going to be teaching
the new class of Super Monsters.

Hey, everybody, the new teacher's here!

Hello, Miss Mina!

Hello, Super Monsters!

I've prepared a detailed list

to make sure our new students' first night
of school is absolutely perfect!

[Mina] But it looks like you've already
taken care of the first thing on my list.

Make the room perfect for the new class!

[Igor] My goodness. You've all come
a long way since you started here.

Remembering what it was like

when you started school will help you
understand how the new students feel.

The first night of school
can be a little scary for some kids.

[Everyone nods]

[Frankie] Look! There's Olive!
Her family just moved next door to us!

You'll be great, Olive!
Just remember what we say:

You are smart, you are kind, you are...


School is going to be so awesome!

- We'll show you where to put your things.
- Thanks.

Come on, Uncle Doyle! Hurry!

Going to school with the Super Monsters
is going to be the best thing ever!

- [Gasps]
- [Mina] Hello!

- You must be Rocky.
- [Gasps]

- [Lobo in Spanish] Bienvenido!
- [Spike] Nice to meet you!

- [Frankie] Hi, Rocky!
- Changed my mind. Lets go!

It's OK, you're going to be fine.

But I don't know anyone here!

Hey, Rocky, I'm Drac!
You can hang with me if you want.

You're Drac?

Uncle Doyle says you're such
an amazing flyer, even your moves...

...have moves!


Sami, I promise, all of your things
will be waiting for you in the morning.

But I need my favorite book
and my favorite blankie,

my second favorite book,
my other favorite blankie,

my water bottle... Oh!
And my crayons, my colored chalk...

Our school has all kinds of books!

And crayons and chalk
and lots of other art supplies too!

Um, OK...

Wait! I can't leave Booboo Bunny!

Don't worry, Booboo Bunny,
I would never forget you!

Is Booboo Bunny a Monster Pet?

No, he's just a toy,
but he makes me happy!

Hello, everyone! I'm Mina.

You must be Sami.
And Zoe. And Zoe's brother, Zane!

- [Mina] And who is this?
- Booboo Bunny!

He's my best friend!

Pleased to meet you, Booboo Bunny.
You can bring him to school if you like,

but I'm sure you'll make
lots of new friends tonight too.

[Sami] Here, Mommy. I'll see you
and Booboo after school.

Hey, everyone, say hello to Sami and Zane!

You guys are just in time! Sun down!

Monsters up!





Super Monsters!


I can't wait to see them use
their monster powers.

You mean like this?
Stomp, stomp, stomp!

Nice stomping, Olive!

- Stomp!
- Stomp!

- Stomp, stomp, stomp!
- Stomp, stomp!

You too, Frankie!

[Vida gasps]
Aw, poor little plant.

Wow! Your plant magic is amazing!

- I have snow magic! Want to see?
- Aha.


[Drac] Whoa! That flower looks
even cooler covered with ice!

Get it? Cooler?

- It's really pretty, Sami!
- Thanks!

[Drac laughs and grunts]


Follow me, Rocky! I'll show you around!

Oh, sure, uh... I'm coming.

You can do it, Rocky!

- [Rocky grunts]
- You're doing it!

[Spike laughs]

Has anyone seen Henri?

There he is!

I'll get him down for you!

- [Henri meows]
- Thanks, Zane!

Now that everyone's settled in,

I think it's time
for school to get started.


Zane, Sami, Rocky, Olive...
this is your classroom now!


And for our older students,

this year you'll be moving upstairs
to the Purple Room.

- [Gasps]
- The Purple Room is real?

It certainly is!

[Cheers and screams]


Wow! A spell corner?

There's a spell I've wanted to try,
but it might be kinda messy...

Berries blue and oh, so yummy,
appear so I can fill my tummy!

Oh! That's amazing!

It certainly is!

Everything in this room
is designed to keep all of you safe,

so you can practice taking your
Super Monster skills to the next level.

You mean: like this?



[gasps] Whoa!
Frankie-mash, monster-smash!



[cheers and laughs]

- [bell rings]
- Oh!

That means it's time to leave!

Spike, Vida, Cleo, Lobo...
are you ready for a new adventure?

A new adventure? But I thought we were
going to see Mr. Gabmore at the museum.

We are!

The museum is fun, but it's not new...

That's true.

But what's new isn't where we going,
it's how we're getting there!

Follow me!


A magic mirror!

- Wait for me!
- [Vida] And me!


Hello, Super Monsters!
I'm glad you could... pop in!


Sami? Where are you going?

Home. It's a perfect night to make
a snow hill in my backyard

and go sledding with Booboo Bunny!

That does sound like fun!
But how about staying here with us?

We can have lots of fun here too.

OK! I'll stay.


[mumbles and gasps]


Aw, gravel! I ruined it!


Oh! Uh... that happens sometimes.

My color changes with my feelings.

Here, I'll help with your blocks.

Thanks, Sami. You're the best!


- [Bubble and Trouble bleat]
- [Rocky gasps]

It's the wingoats!

Ah! Not again!

- [Bubble and Trouble bleat]
- [Olive laughs]

[Bubble and Trouble bleat]

Hum. I like it.

[Bubble and Trouble bleat]

What was that?

Bubble and Trouble.
They're Drac's Monster Pets.

Their magic lets them go
anywhere they want to.



Let's see if this magical classroom
can handle my awesome moves!

Double flip, half twist.

Thank you.

And the crowd goes wild!


And now, the Dracster will attempt
a triple tornado...

- [Drac screams]
- [Bubble and Trouble bleat]




That was amazing!

[Grunts and laughs]

Hello, you two!

I wonder how Zane is doing
on his first night of school?

- Want me to go check?
- Aha.

Let's play a Getting to Know You game.

[Rocky laughs] I love games!
They make me so happy!

When you have the ball,

it's your turn to tell us your name
and something about yourself.

I'll start. My name is Mina
and I love to teach Super Monsters!

My name's Zane
and I like jokes and riddles!

Here's one! What smells the same
at breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Your nose! Get it?


Oh, I love that joke.
It's coming to you, Olive!

Got it. My name is Olive

and I'm going to be
a princess when I grow up.

And a president!
A princess president!

- Rocky, catch!
- Wait! I'm not ready!



I'll get it! This is a job
for a super brave Super Monster.

And I'm feeling super brave!

[Grunts and gasps]

[gasps and groans]

[groans and grunts]

Why can't I reach?

I feel so frustrated!


I can't do anything right!
I can't fly fast. Or high.

It's OK. You tried your best.



Don't worry, Rocky! I've got this!

- Yay!
- Woohoo!

- Where are you going, Sami?
- Oh. Hi, Frankie.

I just want to go home...

It's fun playing catch,
and that's a very bouncy ball,

but I miss Booboo and all the things
that I play with at my house!

[Rocky] Sami, would you please
stay and play with us?

This school has lots
of fun things we can do.

If you still wanna play catch,
I'll try not to throw the ball so hard.

I guess I'm even stronger
than I thought I was!

It's OK, Olive. That kind of thing
happens to me all the time.

All... the... time.
But that's why we go to school here,

to get better at using our superpowers.

Frankie's right. You're all here to learn
to use your super special superpowers.

And part of learning to use your powers
is knowing when not to use them.

So... here's something
that doesn't need any superpowers,

but will still be a lot of fun!

Each of you
can paint a picture of yourself,

and we'll hang the pictures
over your cubbies!

Oh! You got this!

[Rocky gasps]
OK. Eyes...

- [laughs]
- [Rocky] Nose...

It's beautiful! Like me!

Glorb, if you think that food is tasty,

you should try the oatmeal cookies
my mom and I made.

[Glorb nods]

Ugh, I'm the worst artist ever!

And it's the wrong color!

Ah, that's much better! Hey,
I think I'm getting the hang of this!

Huh? What? Not again!


Oh! This floor is so colorful!

Wow! Where is it taking me?

You'll see!

[Gears moving]

It's so beautiful and clear.

Whoa! I can see a moon buggy!

- So can I.
- We all can!

[Zoe] Whoa! I didn't know
my zombie powers could do that.

This room is specially designed

to help each of you find new ways
to use your monster powers!

- Awesome!
- That's amazing!


[Bubble and Trouble bleat]

[Bubble and Trouble bleat]

Whoa! Hey! Knock it off, you two!


- [Bubble and Trouble bleat]
- No!

[Bubble and Trouble bleat]

Chasing wingoats was not on my list!

Don't you worry, Mina.
If you believe you can do something,

anything is possible!
And I believe I can catch those goats!

Here, little wingoats!

[Bubble and Trouble bleat]

I've got this!

- [Zane grunting]
- [Bubble and Trouble bleat]

This definitely never happens at my house!

Whoops! Sorry, Sami!

Come on, little wingoats! Come to Rocky!

- [Rocky gasps]
- [Bubble and Trouble bleat]

Ugh, I almost got them!

I can't do anything right!

Rocky, it's OK!

I sure wish I could help Rocky!




I'm sorry I got so mad.

It's OK, Rocky. We all get upset
and frustrated sometimes.

Who'd like to hear a story?


What could possibly go wrong
with story time?

[Gasps] I think I'll take a break
from casting spells

and go see
if Mina and her class need any help.

That's a great idea, Katya.

Today's story is:
The little snowball that could.

- [All] Yes!
- [Mina] "Once upon a time,

there was a little snowball
who dreamed of being a snowman."

Oh! Wait a minute... Where's Sami?

- [Gasps]
- Sami?

- Huh?
- Oh, no!

Everything is perfectly fine.

That is, it will be perfectly fine
when we find Sami!

- We'll help you look.
- Aha!


- [Bubble and Trouble bleat]
- [Rocky groans]

Whoa! Hi, Mina, do you need some help?


- [Drac gasps]
- [Igor] Mhm...

What's Katya doing out there?

She's not in the kitchen!
Or the supply closet or the theater!

I didn't see her in the backyard.

Is everything OK?

Yes. I mean, it will be
as soon as we find Sami.

She's been wanting to go home all night.
I'm afraid she may have left the school!

- We'll help you find Sami!
- Yeah!

- Just tell us what to do!
- [Nods]

OK, everyone! We're all gonna
need to work together to find Sami!

That means you need to use
all of your Super Monster superpowers!

Uh, are you sure?

I thought you said we were supposed
to take it easy with our powers.

Yes, but now we have a super problem.

And super problems
call for super solutions.

Monster powers to the max!


You're a monster!

I sure am!

Whoa! And you can fly!

I sure can.

Come on, let's go find Sami!

[Music begins]

♪ Can we do this?
I know we can! ♪

♪ Because our friend needs
A helping hand ♪

♪ This won't be easy
It's a little bit scary ♪

♪ But we know our powers
Are extraordinary ♪

♪ So, whatever it takes
Ready or not ♪

♪ We gotta give it all that we got! ♪

♪ It's time to help a friend
We gotta pull together to save the day ♪

♪ It's time to help a friend
Super Monsters are on the way ♪

♪ We gotta keep going
When the going gets tough ♪

♪ To lean on each other
And never give up ♪

♪ Pushing to the limit
We'll try more and more ♪

♪ Hey, Super Monsters
It's time to soar ♪

♪ We're searching for a friend of ours
We've got to use all our powers ♪

♪ It's time to help a friend
We have to pull together to save the day ♪

♪ It's time to help a friend
Super Monsters are on the way ♪

[music ends]

We've looked everywhere.
I think we should all...

[Rocky gasps]

Uh! Snowflakes! I think I know
where those are coming from!

Follow me!




Where'd this ice come from?

Wow, that's really cool, Olive.

Thanks, I know!


Oh! This way!

I think Sami
might be around here somewhere!

I sure hope so.

We really miss her
being part of our class,

don't we, kiddos?

- [Frankie] For sure.
- [Katya] That's right.

Rocky, you did it! You found Sami!

I did it?

[Laughs] I did it! I flew fast enough!
And high enough! And I did it.

I found Sami!

- Great job, Rocky.
- There you go, buddy!

You followed the clues!

That was good thinking, Rocky,
and great flying!

Sami! Oh. We were worried about you!

I know how much you want to go home.

But I really think you'll like school
if you just give it a chance.

- Oh, I love school!
- You do?

But... then why'd you leave?

- I was just looking for these guys!
- [Bubble and Trouble bleat]

I wanted them to go to my house
and bring back Booboo Bunny.

But they don't seem to understand me!

Hear that, Bubble? Trouble?
Sami needs our help.

Let's go get that bunny!

[Bubble and Trouble bleat]

[Sami gasps]
Booboo Bunny! You did it!

Thank you, Drac! Thank you, wingoats!

[Snow hitting]


- [Bubble and Trouble bleat]
- Come back here!

Oh, no!

Don't worry, Drac. I've got this!

[Bubble and Trouble bleat]


Thank you, Rocky!
You saved Booboo Bunny!

I had to! I didn't want you to lose him,

that would have made you sad.

It would have made me really sad.

I know what it's like to feel really sad.
And really mad. And really happy.

I understand. This first night of school
has been really emotional for me too,

and for the wingoats,
and especially for you.

That's why I wanted Booboo Bunny.

- Huh? Why?
- So I could share him with you!

And you don't have to worry, I'm not going
to try and go home during school anymore.

I like it here with all my new friends!

And the best teacher ever!


[all talking]

- Welcome back!
- Perfect timing.

There is something here on my list
we haven't done yet...

- Recess!
- [Cheers]

♪ We're having the best time ever
I'm amazed by what to do ♪

♪ What I'm seeing now, has me saying wow!
It's so fun to get out with you ♪

♪ Friendship feels like a gift ♪

[Lobo howls]

♪ And helping a friend gives me a bliss ♪

♪ I'm having the best time ever
There's always something new ♪

♪ The best time ever
I'm amazed by what all you do! ♪

[Music ends]

Well, that was quite an exciting first
night of school for you and the kiddos!

It was! I think we all learned a lot!

I know I did.

I'm so happy I made new friends!

And you know what the best part is?

We get to do it all again tomorrow!


[all] Sun up!
Super Monsters!

[All chattering]

Wait, Sami! Don't forget your bunny!

Ah. You should take him with you.

He'll keep you company
until you start feeling better.

Really? But doesn't he
make you feel better too?

He does! But sharing him with a friend
makes me feel even better!

♪ La la la la la la
Super Monsters ♪

♪ Super Monsters ♪

♪ We're Super Monsters
We're human in the daylight ♪

♪ We're Super Monsters
We become monsters at night ♪

♪ In Pitchfork Pines we learn
And help each other grow ♪

♪ There's magic in twilight
That's when we start to glow ♪

♪ Sun down
Monsters up! ♪

♪ I'm Drac, flying fast ♪

♪ Cleo, wind power
Spike, dragon clouds ♪

♪ Zoe, zombie vision
Lobo, super speed ♪

♪ Katya, magic spells
Frankie, stomp ♪

♪ We're Super Monsters
Monsters ♪

♪ Monsters!
Until next time we monster up! ♪

[Music ends]