Super Monsters Furever Friends (2019) - full transcript


OK, OK. Here's a blue one!


And a gray one!

Oh, oh, you should put some up
in those branches!

Higher! Higher!

And here's a yellow one!

Where should I put this one?

I know, that carrousel!

Great idea!

Igor, Esme, look!

We have sparklies!

Aren't they pretty?

Is that dragon-fire?

It is! The little sparks represent
the start of something new.

How perfect!

The first night of spring is all
about new things and beginnings.

Our family always has a Sparklies
Hunt to celebrate first night.

Almost. This year, his siblings
have an MMA tournament.


Mixed Monster Arts.

Oh, how exciting!

MMA is fun, but a Sparklies Hunt
is even funner!

Spike's dad took our older kids
to the tournament, and Spike

and I planned this treasure
hunt for the Super Monsters.

We hid sparklies
all over the park.

Come on, Mom, we still have
to hide the rest of them!

I'm hiding the sparklies
for the Super Monsters who fly.

And I'm hiding them
for everyone else.

Say, Spike, would you like me
to hide some of the sparklies?

If you don't know where
they are, you can play too.

No, thank you, Igor.
I don't mind not playing.

Besides, hiding the treasure
is the best part!

All done!

Perfect timing, look!

Happy First Night, everybody!
I'm so happy Spring has sprung!


That smells wonderful!
What did you bring?

My abuelita made quesadillas!

And my dad made
Transylvanian "ghoul-lash."


Potato salad!

Egg salad!

Baked beans!

Fruit salad!

[Count Dracula]
Corn salad!

Pumpkin mole,
made with Mexican chocolate.

Cozonac cu nuca,
made with Romanian walnuts!

Three bean casserole,
made with real magic beans!

Tiramisu, made with real lady fingers!


Would anyone care for a bite?

Thanks, Dad! Ladyfingers are
my favorite cookies!

Oh, ladyfinger cookies!
Of course!

What did you think they were?

-[Mrs. Gong] Cookie?
-[Igor] Oh, yes.

[speaking Spanish]

Frankie is here!

[Lobo] There's Katya, Cleo
and Zoe!

The decorating committee is here!

[Esme chuckles]

[Igor chuckles]

[background music]

-[all] Hi!
-[Lobo] Hi, happy First Night!

[background music]

I forgot the extension cord!

[Zoe chuckles] It's OK, Daddy,
they still look really pretty!




Looks like our First Night
celebration is ready to begin!

And just in time, too.

Sun down!

Monsters up!



[Lobo howls]






Super Monsters!

-[Glorb laughs]
-[Cleo chuckles]

Goodness, you two have really
been cooking up a storm!

We have, and speaking of storms...

Could you give us a little help
with the weather, your Highness?

I'd be happy to!

I do love a nice spring rain shower.

So do I, but I do not like rain
on my elotes,

it makes the queso soggy.

Cleo, I think I'm going
to need some help.

We've got this!

Mummy power!

[background music]


[Abuelita sighs]

-Thank you!
-[speaking Spanish] Gracias.

-Great job, mommy!
-Thank you, Cleo.

I couldn't have done it
without you.

Cleo is getting so good
at controlling her mummy powers.

[Cleopatra] You should see her
at the petting zoo!

She's been using her wind power
to help Griffy learn to fly!

Oh, that reminds me.

Dr. Jekyll planned a First Night
picnic for the Monster Pets!

They'll be in the park
later tonight.

I can't wait to see Griffy!

I promised I'd give him
another flying lesson.

-[all] Yay!
-The Monster Pets are so sweet!

And so fun!

Henri loves playing
with the Wingoats Bubble and Trouble.

Don't you, Henri?

-[Henri purrs]
-[Katya chuckles] Oh!

[Lobo sniffs]

Mmm. What is that?

It's called Cozonac cu nuca.

It's a Romanian sweet bread.

-Would you like a--
-[Lobo gulps]

Oh, yum!

Lobo! Well-behaved werewolves

do not snatch things out
of other people's hands or paws!

You need to try
to be more patient!

Sorry, Abuelita.
I'm sorry, Count Dracula.

I accept your apology,
young werewolf.

Now, what did you think
of the walnut bread?

It was delicious!

Would you like a taste?

I added nutmeg and cinnamon
to the recipe.

[speaking Spanish]
Mmm. Muy sabroso.

[everyone cheering]

I love sack races!

Me too!

Remember, the secret to winning
the water balloon toss

is to be slow and gentle.

U-huh, got it! Oops!


Oh, oh, oh! Doh!

[Cleo laughs]

Oops! Sorry, Mrs. Mash.

OK, who's ready to play

Me! This park is the best place
to play bat-boomerang-golf.

It's so big and wide,
I can really get my speed on!

OK, Drac, ready when you are.

Let's go, let's go!

Come on, Drac,
throw the boomerang.

Oh, bats! I forgot to bring it.

[Henri meows]

It's OK, Drac, we still have
sack races and water balloons.

My mom and I planned
a special game too.

[Drac gasps]
Really? What is it?

It's a sparklies hunt!

Oh, sounds cool!

Sparklies hunt? Yeah!

What's a sparklies hunt?

It's like an Easter Egg hunt,
but instead of eggs,

we hide dragon sparklies.
Like this one!


Every dragon family makes up
their own rules for treasure hunts.

In our family, the first rule
is to have fun.

-I like that rule!
-[everyone chuckles]

You each get to keep all
of the sparklies that you find.

And the first monster to collect
eight sparklies

wins a special prize!

The prize is a dragon jewel,
made with real dragon magic.

-[everyone gasps]
-[Zoe] So pretty!

Wow, awesome!

[Henri purrs and meows]

[Zoe chuckles] I think Henri
really wants that prize.

Henri! If we win, we can put
the dragon jewel on your collar!

Henri is super excited!

Nothing's more exciting than
a dragon treasure hunt!

Well, in that case,
what are we waiting for?

Let's get started!

Ready, set, go!

Let's go, Henri!

Yeah! Even my treasure hunting
moves have moves!

[Glorb pants]

I spy with my zombie eye.

-[owl hoots]
-[Zoe chuckles]

I'm ready to win.
Fast, fast, fast!

[Lobo laughs and howls]

Lobo! You have to slow down,
or you'll miss all the sparklies!

Well, we did say the first rule
is to have fun.

He's definitely having fun.

[Spike and Mrs. Gong laugh]

♪ Dragon sparklies glow ♪

♪ And moon flowers bloom ♪

♪ It's the first night of spring ♪

♪ Under the monster moon ♪

♪ A wondrous night of magic ♪

♪ And big dragonflies ♪

♪ We monsters celebrate tonight ♪

♪ Under rays of monster moon light ♪

-[Lobo howls]
-[Frankie stomps]

♪ Woo! In delight! ♪

♪ All the werewolves howl ♪

♪ And the chanting too ♪

♪ It's the first night of spring ♪

♪ Under the monster moon ♪

[Lobo howls]

I found three sparklies!

-[Katya] So did we!
-[Henri meows]

I found four!

Two for me!

I found three,
but I'm going to keep looking.

Me too.

Spike, you did a really good job
hiding those sparklies.

I didn't find any.

Well, Lobo, you were running
so fast, you didn't even look.

Running fast is the best part.
[Lobo howls]

[everyone chuckling]

Hunting sparklies is so much fun!

Henri and I are going
to go look for more.

Spike, you and your mom
made a really great game.

I'm having so much fun,
and I want to keep playing.

But, I promised I'd help Griffy
with his flying lessons tonight.

Why not do both? You can
help Griffy practice flying--

And Griffy can help you
look for sparklies!

That's a great idea!

[Glorb squeaks]

Oh, Glorb, I'm sorry you didn't find
any sparklies.

Do you want me
to give you a hint?

[Glorb squeaks]

OK, if you're sure.

[Glorb squeaks]



[background conversations]

[Mr. Howler]
Hola, mamá.

[background music]

Wow, this food looks amazing!

[speaking Spanish] Gracias, mamá.
Gracias, señor Dracula.

[Count Dracula]
A monster moon!

On the first night of spring?

I wonder if...

Oh, wouldn't that be something?

[Sammy giggles]

Hello, Mrs. Snow!

Hello, Sammy!

Sammy, why don't you come with me
while your mommy gets something to eat?

Have fun, cutie pie!

Oh, Sammy!

[Sammy giggles]

[Sammy gasps]

Sammy! I've been working
on a new magic trick, just for you.

[Sammy babbles]

Watch me pull a bunch
of snow flowers out of my hat!

Abra-Kada-- What?

-[Wingoats bleat]
-[Drac gasps]

-[Sammy babbles]
-[Wingoats bleat]

Oh, bats!

I'll let Dr. Jekyll know that
Bubble and Trouble are over here.

[Momo squeaks]

You're right. Those Wingoats
really love making mischief.

Just like you.

Stop that!

Leave that!

[goats bleat]

Don't eat that!

Those little Wingoats are
the silliest things I've seen!

Hello, happy spring!

[Katya giggles]

Mom, look! Henri
and I found five sparklies!

That's wonderful, Katya.

Henri is really good
at spotting the sparklies.

Henri, I had no idea you were
so good at treasure hunting!

[Henri meows and purrs]

[Momo teases Henri]

Momo, stop teasing Henri.

[Henri meows]

[Momo teases Henri]

[Katya and Ms. Spelling giggle]

[background music]

Hello, Amy! Hi, Katya!


Hi, Dr. Jekyll!

Hello, Henri.

Hi, Momo.

-[Momo squeaks]
-[Ms. Spelling and Katya laugh]

[background music]


[Griffy chirping]

[Griffy chirping]

It's OK, Griffy, you can do this.


[Griffy chirping]

Wow, Griffy, look at you!

You're getting so good
at flying!

[Griffy chirping]

[Henri meows]

Cleo, you're a really
good teacher.

Thanks, Katya. Helping Griffy
is my favorite thing ever.

[Henri meows]

I think hunting for sparklies
is Henri's favorite thing ever.

[Katya and Cleo chuckling]

And he really wants
to win that prize.

[Griffy chirps]

You want to play to? OK.

Let's go look for sparklies!

[Frankie grunting]

[Glorb squeaking]

Sorry, Glorb.
That's not a dragon sparkly.

[Glorb squeaking]

No, it's not a sparkly.

I'm not sure what it is.

May I take a look?

[Glorb squeaking]

I'll get it, fast, fast!

[Lobo howling]

Oh, sorry, Molasses.

I'm not supposed to grab things
out of people's hands, or paws.

-[Molasses squeaking]
-May I have that?

Not going to grab.

May I, may I, may I?

Going to wait.

[Ms. Spelling laughs]

[Lobo sighs]



[Lobo giggles]
Thanks, buddy!

-Oh, it's OK.
-[Molasses gasps]

I got you!

Wow! Awesome!



He found his furever friend!

[everyone cheering]

Oh, goodness!
What just happened?

Lobo just made a monster match!

What's a monster match?

That's what happens when
a monster finds a monster pet

to be their furever friend.

When a monster pet finds
their one true monster,

they create a magical bond.

[Igor] They both get
a lifetime of love.

[Igor] And their monster gets special
super-powers too.

[Lobo howling]

[Lobo howling]

[Molasses laughing]

[Lobo howling]



[Lobo laughs]

[Lobo gasps]



[Lobo gasps]

Another sparkly!

Wow, this is so awesome!

Did you see that?
Molasses and I slowed time!

[Molasses yawns]

Actually, mijito, you were running
even faster than usual.

No, really, everything
slowed down.

That's how I found three sparklies, see?

Maybe this will help.

I filmed the whole thing.

[camera click]

[Lobo] See? That's when I saw
the yellow sparkly,

and there's me
finding the red one!

Wow, is that really
how fast I was going?

Because it felt so slow!
Really, really slow.

[Igor] Let me show it
in slow motion.


Wow! I thought that jump
took forever!

But even in slow motion,
it's still like super fast!

Making a monster match
with a slow monster is so cool!

-Super cool!

Most of the furever friends
in my family are kind of small.

And fishy.

My dad's monster match
is an electric eel!

He-he, Shocker is the best buddy
a monster could ever wish for!

Without him, I'd never be able
to do this.

[electrifying buzz]

[everyone gasps]

Now your twinkle lights
are even prettier!

Thanks for lighting them up.

That sure is a super useful

Happy to help.

So your furever friend is
an electric eel?

He sure is.

And Shocker helps you control
your monster powers?

He sure does.

Hmm. But, where is he?

Oh, Shocker's at home,
in his fish tank.

Once a monster makes
a monster match,

they can use their new powers

Even if their pet isn't
right there with them.

When I get my furever friend,

I hope I get a cool
power upgrade, like my dad's.

That would be exciting,
wouldn't it, Frankie?

Oh, maybe it'll happen tonight,

just like Lobo and Molasses.

Frankie, honey, you shouldn't
get your hopes up.

It's unusual for someone as young
as Lobo to make a monster match.

But... But Lobo just got
his monster pet.

And Katya and Henri were matched
when she was smaller than Sammy.

That's right, Sammy Lammy.

Katya was younger than you
when a tiny blue kitten

hopped right into her playpen.

And he's been helping her
with her magic ever since.

See? A monster match
could happen anytime.

Any time.

You know, Frankie? I didn't find
mine until I was a grown-up.

[Momo squeaking]

But now, I have Momo.

And she was definitely
worth waiting for.

Your monster match is a mouse?

I thought all witches had cats!

Witches are just like
other monsters.

We can be paired with almost
any kind of pet.

That's what makes
monster matches so wonderful.

You never know how
it will happen.

You never know how
your monster pet's magic

will change your super-powers.

And you never now when
it can happen to you.

Zoe is right. You never know
when it could happen.

So that means my monster match
could happen at any time!


It could happen tonight!

A monster match would
be super fun!

It would!

But, other things are fun too.

Like magic tricks.

And flying lessons.

[Griffy squeaking]

And looking for dragon sparklies!

And winning the treasure hunt!

-I'm going to win!
-We are going to win!

We are going to win.

No, I'm going to win.

[everyone cheering]

Hmm, maybe there's a sparkly
over here.

You're getting warm.


[Zoe laughs]
This way?

Warm, hot, hotter.



Really, really cold.

-[Spike] Freezing!
-Spike, look!

[Zoe] There's a new pony
on the carrousel.


It's a unicorn.

I don't think so.

Unicorns are really pretty.

With rainbow manes,
and rainbow tails.

That pony is all gray.
Kind of ugly.

[pony neighs]

-What? It's real!

She's real.

[Zoe neighs]

Zoe. You speak unicorn?

Uh-huh, everyone in my family
speaks pony.

But sometimes, we have trouble
with the accents.

[Zoe neighs]
Hello, little unicorn.

We didn't mean to upset you.

-[unicorn neighs]
-My name is Zoe.

And this is Spike.

Hello. What's your name?

And what are you doing
on the carrousel?

[unicorn neighs]

[Zoe neighs]

-[unicorn neighs]
-What did she say?

She says her name is Luna.

-Hi, Luna.
-[Luna neighs]

Luna says she was hiding
here on the merry-go-round

because she isn't pretty
like the other unicorns.

And she doesn't have
their rainbow magic either.

-[Luna neighs]
-I'm sorry, Luna.

I didn't mean
to hurt your feelings.

[Luna neighs]

Luna says she accepts
your apology.

[Luna neighs]

Maybe Zoe could paint you
rainbow colors.

She's a really good painter.

[Luna neighs]

Well, I don't think paint
would work.

-[Luna neighs]

But I do have an idea that might
help you feel better.

To the art supplies!

[Luna neighs]

[Zoe giggles]

I was telling Luna that she's
welcome to stay and play.

But someone needs to tell
her family that she's OK.

I'm sure they must be
very worried.

[Luna neighs]

I can see that Zoe has something
special planned for you.

So why don't I let the other
unicorns know you're safe?

Daddy, do you know where
Luna's family lives?

I think so, it's the grove of pine trees.


-[Luna neighs]

Got it!

[Zoe chuckles]

OK, you two. Have fun.

I'll be back in a little bit.

-[Luna neighs]
-[Zoe struggles]

[Zoe laughs]

You know? I think it's possible
there might be

another monster match tonight.

Do you mean Cleo and Griffy?

I do. Cleo's been helping Griffy
with his flying lessons for weeks.

She's so good with him.
And he adores her.

Cleo would love to have
her very own monster pet.

But, you know? Most mummies
never make a monster match.

Well, even if they aren't
destined for a monster match,

I know Cleo and Griffy will always

have a very special friendship.

-You found one!
-[Griffy squeaks]

-Great job, Griffy!
-[Griffy squeaks]

-You want to try going higher?
-[Griffy squeaks]

OK, here you go.

[Griffy squeaking]

There you go!

You're doing great.
You've got this!

Look at him go!

-[Griffy purrs]
-[Drac] Come back here!

[Drac gasps]

[Griffy falls]

Oh, no!

[Cleo gasps]

[Lobo pants]

[Griffy struggles]

[background music]

It's OK, Griffy. I got you.


[background music]


[Lobo and Dr. Jekyll cheer]




-[Cleo laughs]
-[Griffy purrs]

Wow! Huh? Awesome!

Come on, Griffy, let's fly!

A flying hat?

Oh, great trick, Drac.

It's not a magic trick,
it's the Wingoats.

[Count Dracula laughs] Those
little Wingoats are hilarious.

Come back here!

[Drac grunts]

[Wing Goats bleat]

I got you!

[background music]


[Wing Goats bleat]

I made a monster match?

[Count Dracula chuckles] Drac's
mother is going to be so happy!

Wingoats? I mean, I really
like Bubble and Trouble.

But I never thought
my monster match

would be a pair of Wingoats.

I wonder if I can train them
to do tricks.

Like magic tricks?

Yeah, maybe. Or, you know?

Like a flying pig that you can
train to fetch your slippers.

Then I could just say: "Go home
and fetch my boomerang."

And, poof!

Oh, my house!

How did we get here?

Huh? All I said was: "Go home
and fetch my boomerang."

And, I said where I wanted to go.

And suddenly, we're here.

My bat boomerang! There it is!
Right where I left it.

Oh, bats.

[Drac sighs]
Hey, come back here!

[Wing Goats bleat]

Huh? Even my monster match
moves have moves!

-[Wingoats bleating]

Now that I've got both of you,
and my boomerang,

I just wish I'd knew how to get
back to the park.

Hi, Dad. I got my bat boomerang.

I see that, but, how?

I just wished I could go home,
and, poof!

[everyone gasps]

And poof, here I am!

Drac's monster match power
is teleportation?

Teleport... What?


It is a very rare power
for a vampire.

Especially one so young.

Teleportation is really cool!

Uh, what is it?

Teleportation is the ability
to go someplace

as soon as you think of it.

What? Like Drac could just wish
he was at Luigi's, and be there?

Or the amusement park?
Or the library?

That's the way
it's supposed to work.

But, he's going to need practice.

[Drac laughs]

Lots and lots of practice.

Drac's got two furever friends.

And I don't even have one.

Wait! Maybe Drac could share
with me!

Then I could teleport too!

Frankie, it doesn't really
work that way.

You never know, Dad!

It could happen.

-[Lobo panting]
-[Cleo laughing]

-[Frankie gasps]

[Katya laughing]

-[Henri purring]
-Good job, Henri!

That's six! We just need
two more.

[Frankie sighs]

Everyone's monster matches
are so amazing.

They sure are.

[Zoe giggles]
Luna thinks so too.

Luna! Your braids are beautiful!

[Luna neighs]

Luna said she never thought
she'd ever

have rainbow colors in her hair.

She really likes them.

I bet it would be super amazing
to make a monster match

with a unicorn.

[Luna neighs]

Luna says unicorns aren't
monster pets,

so they can't make
monster matches.

You never know.
It could happen.

[Luna neighs]

Oh, thank you, Luna.

What'd she say?

She said it doesn't matter if she
can't make a monster match,

she's happy she made
a monster friend.

And I'm really happy to have
made a unicorn friend too.

-[Drac gasps]
-[Frankie gasps]

[Drac gasps]

Oh, goodness!

I know it's important for Cleo,
Drac, and Lobo

to practice their new super powers.

Practice makes perfect.

But maybe we could find a better,
safer way for them to practice?

Excellent point, Esme.

And I think I know
just the thing.

Ready, Super Monsters?

[Super Monsters]

On your marks, get set.


[everyone cheering]

[Count Dracula]
Yes, yes!

[Super Monsters laughing]

[Cleo chuckling]
Whoa, thanks, Griffy.

I feel the need for speed!

[background music]

Slow motion is so cool!

[Lobo speeding]

[tense music]

-[Cleo gasps]
-[Griffy purrs]

[Cleo and Griffy cheer]

A sparkly!

Great job, Griffy!

Now we have six sparklies!

You just need two more
to win!


I want to take Bubble
and Trouble to meet my mom!

You can do it, Drac, just think
about where you want to go.


What? My mom, not museum.

OK, let's go back to the park!


Oh, not the amusement park.

The other one!

Oh, I just wanted to take
the Wingoats to meet mom.

But I can't figure out
how to get back home.

Your mother isn't home yet,
she's still at the bank.

She's working
the graveyard shift.

Graveyard shift?



-[Henri purrs]
-What is it, Henri?

[Katya gasps]

I see it, Henri!

We only need one more!

Way to go, Katya!
Good job, Henri!

[Henri meows]

-[Katya gasps]
-You're not part of the game!

Bring that back!

[Frankie panting]
You can't catch me!

[Zoe laughs]
Yes, I can!

[Zoe gasps]

[Zoe gasps]

[Luna neighs]


You got me!

[Luna neighs]

[Zoe] Wow!

[Esme and Igor laugh]

Luna! You're a moonicorn!

[Luna neighs]

Zoe! You made a monster match!

With a moonicorn!

-[Luna neighs]
-[Zoe laughs]


-[camera clicks]
-[Luna neighs]

Daddy! Enough pictures.

Just one more.

Luna, since you're a moonicorn,

that means your magic
comes from the moon.

[Luna neighs]

So, moonicorns can't use
sunlight to make a rainbow path.

[Luna neighs]

But maybe you can use
the moonlight to make a moonbow!

[Luna neighs]

[Zoe gasps]


[Zoe laughs]

Oh, bats.

Making a monster match
is awesome!

I'm really happy for Lobo,
and Cleo, and Drac, and Zoe.

I know you are, Frankie.

But, I'm kind of sad, too.

It's OK, Frankie.

No, it's not OK.

It's not fair.

Making a unicorn monster match
was my idea.

Maybe there's another moonicorn
hiding on the carrousel.

Then Zoe and I could race
our ponies across the sky.

I don't think that's--

I'm just going to go look.

You never know. It could happen.

[Super Monsters laughing]

♪ Everything's better
With furever friends ♪

♪ Betcha I can find mine too ♪

♪ Yeah, everything's better
With furever friends ♪

♪ We can stop around together
Monster and... ♪

♪ Monster moonlight
Shining so bright ♪

♪ Show me what to do ♪

♪ Oh, it's true
There's a monster match for me ♪

♪ And it could happen tonight ♪

♪ You never know ♪

It could happen anytime,
right, mom?


Anything is possible, Frankie.

But it might be years
before you make a monster match.

And some monsters,
like Cleo's mom and me,

never make a Furever friend.

But even without
a monster match,

you already have some amazing
monster powers.

You're the strongest monster
in Pitchfork Pines Preschool.

And you have the best
monster stomp in town.

My super stomp is super awesome.

[Frankie stomps]

Oh, Frankie!

[Esme and Igor laugh]

[Frankie laughs]

Frankie, would you like to use
some of that super strength

and help me carry some things
back to the preschool?

I don't really feel like helping.

I understand.

You stay here with the others,
and I'll be back in a minute.

I just need to drop off
a few things, and feed Goldie.


Maybe Goldie is my monster match!

She could live in our fish tank
with Shocker!

Hi, Goldie!

I'm sorry to disappoint you,

Goldie is just
an ordinary goldfish.

She's a very delightful
little goldfish.

But, she's not a magical
monster pet.

Oh, bats.


Fluffy! Oh, Fluffy!

Can we help you, Mr. Gadmore?

Oh, thank you, Frankie.

Fluffy slipped her leash,
and she's hiding.

Fluffy loves to play

But, I'm getting a little worried.

We'll help you find her.
Won't we?

-Of course, Frankie.

Here, Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy.

There she is! I found her!

And I found
some dragon sparklies too.

[Mr. Gadmore] Oh, there you are,
my little Fluffy wuffy!

[Fluffy squeaks]

That's OK, Fluffy.

Not every pet can be
a monster pet.

And, besides, you belong
with Mr. Gadmore.

He loves you just
the way you are.

I could help the grown-ups. Or,
I could go play with my friends.

[Super Monsters laughing]

I guess I'll help clean up.


[Zoe laughing]

There's one!


I didn't know I could do that.

I've never been able to take
anyone with me

when I use my zombie powers.

I bet that's your power-up
from your monster match!

-Want to try it?
-Hmm, I don't think so.

Come on, Frankie. It'll be fun.

[Zoe chuckling]

[Frankie laughing]
That tickled!

[Frankie laughing]

Hey, I found another sparkly!

[Frankie laughing]
One more, and I win!

Oh, I'm going to keep looking!

OK, Frankie, good luck!

One more, and we win.


[Katya giggling]
We found it!


[Frankie sighs]


One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight!

-You win!
-[everyone cheering]

-[Cleo] Congratulations!
-[Katya] Woo!

Good job, Katya.

Thank you for
a really fun game, Spike.

You and your mom made it
the best treasure hunt ever.


It's beautiful!

Thank you!

-[Henri purrs]

Looks like Henri really wants
that dragon jewel.

He sure does.

OK, Henri, ready to put
this on your collar?

-[Henri meows]
-Just hold still,

one more second and, OK,
I got you.

[background music]




[Katya giggles]

[everyone gasps]


[Igor laughs]


That's a lot of big magic
for a little witch.

Thank goodness Katya has great
teachers and friends

at preschool
to help her learn to use it.

It's not fair!

Katya already had Henri,
and now she gets more magic too?

This is the worst First Night ever.

How come everybody got
a monster match except for me?

You know? Spike didn't get
a monster match either.

You're right!

I should go find him.

We can be miserable together.

[Frankie grunting]
There he is!

[Spike grunting]

Come back here!


Ha! You got me!

-[bird chirping]
-[Spike laughing]

Tag! I got you!

[Spike gasps]



-[Spike's mom laughs]
-[Spike laughs]

Mom! I got a monster match!

It's Phoebe!

Isn't she wonderful?

Hello, Phoebe!

Mom, look at my wings!

Spike, your wings are amazing!

They're so big!

They are big!

Really, really big!

And big dragon wings means
that now my flap-hop glide...

is my flap-hop fly!

I can fly!

But, be careful!
Remember to look both ways!

Don't go too far!

Don't worry, Mom.
I've got this.

Your father is going
to be so happy!

And your sister and brother
are going to be a bit jealous.

[Spike laughing]

They look so happy.

They sure do.

Spike's dragon wings
are amazing!

They sure are.

-[Griffy squeaking]
-[Cleo] Woo-hoo!

Way to go, Cleo!

You got this!

Hmm, dad?

I'm really happy that Spike
and Cleo have Phoebe and Griffy

as their forever friends.

I know you are.

And I'm happy that Lobo, Drac
and Zoe made monster matches too.


And I love Henri, he's the best.

[Henri meows]

[Katya laughs]

And Katya's new powers
are so cool.

I'm really happy for my friends.

So, how come I feel so bad?

You know, Frankie? You could be
happy for your friends

and still be sad too.

You can?

You sure can.

And it's OK to feel sad.

It doesn't make you
a bad friend.

As long as you don't try to make
your friends feel bad

because they have
something you don't.

I don't want
to make them feel bad.

I want them to enjoy tonight,

so they can remember it forever.

But I don't want to pretend
that I'm not feeling sad.

Because... I am.

I'm going to help clean up.

[wand swishing]

Oh, I was going
to help clean up.

Dr. Jekyll has a lot
of picnic things

to carry back
to the petting zoo.

I'm sure she could use
a super-strong, super-helpful,

Super Monster to help her.

On it!

Dr. Jekyll.

You must feel really sad.

What makes you say that?

Well, all of your monster pets
are matched.

So now, they'll go live
with their one true monster,

and you'll be all alone. Right?

Oh, Frankie, that is so kind of you
to be worried about how I feel.

I will miss Griffy, Molasses,
and Phoebe.

And the Wingoats.

Especially the Wingoats.

They are so silly, and so sweet.

But, I know they'll still
come to visit me.

They can play at the petting zoo while
their Super Monsters are in school.

But it will never be
the same as it was.

Doesn't that make you sad?

Not at all.

In fact, I'm actually really,
really happy.

Even though your friends
have new friends?

And... and you don't?

Frankie, it's my job
to help monster pets

to find their furever homes.

And tonight was the best night
I've had in a long time.

I'm just sorry that Jerry
the Jackelope had to miss it.

[Frankie] Oh, how come Jerry
couldn't go to the picnic?

[Jerry groans]


How'd he get so big?

Is he OK?

Frankie, do you know the story
of Pinocchio?

The puppet boy, who's nose grows
bigger every time he lies.

Exactly! Jerry is
a lot like Pinocchio.

But it's not just his nose
that grows.

Jerry's whole body gets bigger
whenever he tells a fib.

Really? I didn't know
Jerry could talk.

I've only heard him chirp.
What does he say?

Oh, Jerry doesn't speak human.

But I speak monster pet.

Like Zoe speaks pony?


So I always know what the animals
in the petting zoo are saying.

And, unfortunately,

Jerry can't resist
telling tall tales.

And the bigger his stories get,
the bigger he grows.

Hey, Jerry. I'm sorry you missed
the picnic.

The monster animals
and I really missed you tonight.

-I'm sure you missed us too.
-[Jerry grunts]


Not even a little bit?

[Jerry grunts]

We have to help him!

I wish we could.

But the only way that Jerry
could shrink back to normal

is for him to tell the truth.

The truth about what?

This morning, Jerry was playing
with my stethoscope,

-and broke it.
-But everybody breaks things.

I break things all the time.
All the time.

You're right, Frankie.
Everybody makes mistakes.

And if Jerry had just told me
what happened,

it wouldn't have been a problem.

[Jerry grunts]

But instead, he lied about it,
and blamed it on Phoebe.

Poor Jerry.

He must've felt bad
about breaking your ste...

Your ste...

-What's it called?
-A stethoscope.

It's what doctors
and veterinarians use to listen

to a patient's heart and lungs.

Wow, that sounds so cool.

I'd want to play with it too.

But Jerry should've asked you
for permission first.

Yes, he should have.

And when he broke it,
he should've told you the truth.

I wish he had.

But instead, Jerry just
kept lying until he got so big,

he couldn't leave
the petting zoo.

[Jerry grunts]

Maybe I could talk to him.

I think that's an excellent idea.

You know, Jerry? I break things
and make mistakes all the time.

All the time.

-[Jerry grunts]
-It feels bad to make a mistake.

[Jerry grunts]

But it feels really, really bad
if you lie about it.

[Jerry grunts]

Wow, what'd he say?

Jerry says that he was the one
who broke my stethoscope.

Not Phoebe.

[Jerry grunts]

Thank you, Jerry.
I accept your apology.

[Jerry grunts]

[Frankie laughs]

Goodness, I've never heard Jerry
apologize so sincerely,

or seen him shrink so quickly!

-[Jerry grunts]
-I got you!

[background music]

[Super Monsters gasp]

[Jerry grunts]

Oh, that's great, buddy!

[Frankie stomps]

Woo-hoo! You made
a monster match!

[Frankie's mom]
A jackelope!

Jerry is the sweetest, funniest,
bounciest furever friend ever.

[Jerry grunts]

You got a power-up too.

Oh, I don't think so.

Oh, Frankie, you definitely
got a power-up.

A really big power-up!

I did? What did I get?

[everyone chuckling]


You guys got really small.

What happened?

[Katya chuckling]
We're not small.

You're just big.

Super big.

I'm big!

Igor, Esme! I'm big!

I'm mega-sized!

But how do I shrink back
to Frankie size?






-I love my new power.
-[all] Yay!

Whoa, yeah!

[Frankie laughs]

[Glorb squeaks]

I tried to tell him that isn't
a dragon sparkly.

No, that definitely
is not a sparkly.

[Glorb squeaks]

You're right, Glorb.
It is something really special.

[Glorb squeaks]

Oh, got you!

[Glorb squeaks]


[Glorb squeaks]

[everyone cheers]

[background music]

[Momo squeaks]

♪ There's a monster match for everyone ♪

♪ A furever friend
That you can call your own ♪

♪ And everything is better
With furever friends ♪

♪ Magic monster pets you'll find ♪

♪ When, when when?
You never know ♪

[Super Monsters laughing]

[Frankie laughs]

[everyone laughs]

Sun up!

Super Monsters!

Best night ever.

♪ La la la la la la
Super Monsters ♪

♪ Super Monsters ♪

♪ We're Super Monsters
We're human in the daylight ♪

♪ We're Super Monsters
We become monsters at night ♪

♪ In Pitchfork Pines we learn
And help each other grow ♪

♪ There's magic in twilight
That's when we start to glow ♪

♪ Sun down
Monsters up! ♪

♪ I'm Drac, flying fast ♪

♪ Cleo, wind power
Spike, dragon clouds ♪

♪ Zoe, zombie vision
Lobo, super speed ♪

♪ Katya, magic spells
Frankie, stomp ♪

♪ We're Super Monsters
Monsters ♪

♪ Monsters!
Until next time we monster up! ♪