Super Monsters: Dia de los Monsters (2020) - full transcript

The Super Monsters celebrate Día de Los Muertos in Vida's hometown with her magical family, some new monster friends and a spooktacular parade.

Super Monsters!

Día de los monsters.

Are you excited for our trip?

For sure!

I can't wait
to celebrate Día de los Muertos.

- In the amazing Monster Town!
- Me too!

I can't wait to meet Vida's grandfather
and see his hacienda.

Vida says it's magical!

It sounds amazing!

Sure you don't want to come with us?

I'd like to, but I don't want
to miss Halloween. It's the…

…best night of the year!

Halloween is amazing,
but so is Día de los Muertos!

I wish there was a way
we could be in both places at once.

Me too! Katya,
don't you have a spell we could use?

I wish I did! Sometimes it's so hard
to choose what to do.

It is, but it wouldn't be Halloween
without vampires and witches.

And mummies and dragons too!

So much fun!

What's wrong, Albert?

Oh, Vida! I still haven't worked out
the ending for our dance.

Oh, it's OK. I know you'll get it.

I hope so.

I just want our dance to be really good…
and big… and…


Yeah, fantástico!

Don't worry, Albert, it will be.

Your dance
for the Día de los Muertos parade?

I love parades!

Me too! And I can't wait
to visit my hometown

and celebrate the holiday
with all my friends.

Look! It's almost time! Sun down…

…Monsters up!

Super Monsters!

Oh, I love it when you do that!

It's so cool!

Who's ready to go to Monster Town?

We are!

Let's go, my friends!
What are you waiting for? Hop in!

Hey, Vida!
Bring us something from your hometown!

OK, I promise.


- Bye!
- See you soon!

Grrbus, ready!

Grrbus, zoom!



Vida, my darling!

Hola, papá.

Everyone, this is my abuelo:
Papá José.


Papá, these are my friends.

Albert, Frankie, Zoe.

- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.

And, of course, cousin Lobo!

Hola, Papá José.

Ah, Lobo! I almost didn't recognize you.

You've grown.

Did you hear that? I've grown!

And you must be Grrbus.
Vida has told me all about you.

Thank you
for bringing everyone here safely.

De nada.

Why don't you show your friends around?

Great idea! Come on everybody, follow me!

I wonder where Vida's friends are.
I want to meet them!

I do too!
I'm sure they must be here somewhere…

This place is amazing!

Isn't it wonderful? Nacho, Pepita,

Fuego, Jackie and I have
so many fun adventures here!

Because everything is protected
by Calavera Magic,

we're safe no matter where we go.

- Will we get to meet your friends?
- I hope so!

I'm sure they're here somewhere…

What was that?

I'll show you our float for the parade!

That's our Día de los Muertos float?

It will be,
but first we need to decorate it.

I'll make papel picado banners!


Papel picado banners are a great way
to celebrate any holiday.

- I'm in charge of sugar skull balloons!
- Perfecto.

I'll add marigolds.

Flowers and sugar skulls
are an important part

of how we celebrate
Día de los Muertos.

And I'll add the fairy lights, because…

everyone loves fairy lights, right?

- Yeah, they do!
- I'll work on the ending to the dance.

- Great, we all have a job to do.
- Well… what are we waiting for?

I still don't know
what to do for the ending.

Keep working on it.
You're such a good dancer.

I know you'll come up
with something fabuloso!


- Here you go, Papá José.
- Thank you, Vida.

Don't worry.
This sort of thing happens all the time.

All… the time?

That's it! That's the perfect move
to end our dance!

Wait! Show me how you did that!

Hey, wait…

Come back!

Wait! Stop!

Feeling good and looking great!


The name is Nacho!

You're Nacho?

You're Vida's friend?

I am! And who are you?

I'm Albert.

Alberto? I like it!

Up top!

You're a short one, aren't ya?

Got ya!

So, Alberto, what's the word?
What are you doing out here?

I'm looking for a magical creature
who's an amazing dancer!

Oh, you mean like this?

Not quite what I was looking for…

I'm just playing! I can't dance,
but I know exactly who you're looking for.

You do?

Yeah. That girl's got some serious moves.
Follow me!

We'll be able to see better from up there.

See anything?

Hang on.

Yep, there she is.

That way!

Come on, jump! I'll catch you!

Are you sure?

It'll be good. I promise.

Told you. I'm super strong.

What's that?


Look out!

Pepita! Seriously, you've got to work
on those brakes.

Yeah, sorry about that.

You're a flying burro!

That's amazing!

Thanks! Flying's the easy part.
It's the sudden stops I have trouble with.

So… who are you?

I'm Albert.

Or you can call me Alberto.

Alberto? Hello! Hi! Hola. I'm Pepita!
Wanna be my friend? Let's be friends!

Nacho, I have a new friend,
but you'll always be my friend.

Alberto here is looking for
an amazing dancer he was following.

I need her help
with the ending of my dance.

I said we can help find her.

Absolutely! I'll help find her. I want to.
Do you? Let's go find her!

But first, I have one question.
Do you know how to ride a flying burro?

I can try.

Good, climb on board!

- This is so cool!
- I should probably warn you.

- She likes to do tricks.
- What do you mean, she likes to...

Adiós, Nacho.

Pepita, you're amazing!

I know! I keep telling people that.

Do you see her? Where is she?

Wait, are those sparkles?

I don't see anything.

You know what that means?

- What?
- More flying…

and more tricks!


Told you, I'm great at flying!

Just not so good on the landing.

It looks amazing!

- It's amazing!
- So good!

It's fantastic!
It will be the best float in the parade.

You really think so?

- Everyone will love the dance we do on it.
- They sure will!

Albert, how are you doing
with the ending dance moves?


Where did he go?

Oh no! He must have wandered off!

Now, now… don't be nervous.

Even though it's a large area,
this land is very safe.

- It is?
- Oh yes.

And never forget:
our land has Calavera Magic.

I know Albert is safe,
but we still have to find him.

Vida's right. The parade is soon.
He's in charge of the dance.

Well, then let's go!

- We should probably help.
- They'll be fine.

What's happening?

There he is! The Sky Guy!

The Bird with the Word!

The Wing King himself!

My main man! Fue...

- I am Fuego!
- Dude, I was doing the intro!

You were taking too long.

- You know him?
- Yeah, we're mates. We hang out.

Hey, Fuego! Next time give us
a little warning before you land!

Nah, where's the fun in that?

And who is this?


And what brings you out here,
young Alberto?

I was following the sparkles.

Ah, don't tell me.
She was dancing, am I right?

She was! She was the most amazing,
most incredible dancer I've ever seen!

Well, when we find her,
be sure to tell her how good she is.

- She likes hearing that.
- You'll help me find her?

Hop on!

He's not as fun as me!
He doesn't like to do tricks.

That's OK.

Pepita's right. I don't do tricks.

Who needs tricks
when you can fly as high as I can?

How high is that?

Hang on and I'll show you!

I'll come with you!

Show off!

I'm not sure I can see her
from way up here!

Don't worry, I can.

Yep, I think I found something.

I think I found something!
That way. I saw sparkles!

Sparkles? Were they gold and purple
with bits of green

that look like pickle sweets?

Yes, they were!

I know those sparkles! Let's go!



That's the dance move
I was telling you about!

These are my friends
I was telling you about!

And I'm the one
everyone is always talking about.

Oh, Jackie! You haven't changed.


Hello, my friends!
I'm so happy to see you all again!

And we're happy to see you!

Welcome back.

I missed you! Did you miss me?
Of course you did. How could you not?

Pepita! I missed all of you!

Everyone, this is Fuego,

Nacho, Pepita, and Jackie.

- You've met Albert. This is Frankie.
- Hey!

- Lobo.
- Hello.

- And Zoe.
- Hola.

Finally my new friends
get to meet my old friends!

I found you!

It took you long enough!

I did leave you a trail
of sparkles to follow!

I know, thank you. But you were so fast,
it was hard to catch up.

Do you think you can show me
how you do that big dance move?

- I don't know. How much money you got?
- Money?

I'm kidding! I'm a jackalope.
What am I gonna do with money?

Of course I'll show you
how to do my dance!

Great, thank you! We better hurry,
the parade is going to start soon!

Albert's right!

And we still have a lot to do.

Sorry, everyone. I have some bad news.

What's wrong, Papá José?

The tractor meant
to pull the float won't start.

Oh no!

How can we dance in the parade
if we don't have a float?

- What do we do?
- I don't know what we can do.

Need help?


Grrbus can help us!

- Is everybody ready?
- Ready!

It's been, oh, oh, oh
So long, oh, oh, oh

Since I've seen your smile

But now we are together again

Sí, cariño, it's been a while

So we honour all the monsters
That came before

Ay, qué bueno verte de nuevo

It's the day that we celebrate

El Día de los Muertos
Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos…

Alberto! Get ready to catch me!

That's not a good idea!

I caught you, now you catch me!

Bet you didn't see that coming!

It's the day that we celebrate

El Día de los Muertos
Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos

Juntos, estamos juntos de nuevo



- Ready to help us with the ending?
- Who, me? I couldn't.


OK, give me some room. Here we go!

Follow me!

So we honour all the monsters
That came before

Fue tan bueno verte de nuevo

It's the day that we celebrate

El Día de los Muertos
Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos…

He gets me every time!

Estamos juntos de nuevo


We are together again…


You and your friends made
this celebration so special.

It was so much fun!

Thanks so much for everything.

- I will miss you, my darling.
- And I'm going to miss you.

- Wait, what about your animal friends?
- We didn't get chance to say goodbye.

That's OK. I'll say goodbye
to the animalsfor you.

Even Nacho?

Especially Nacho.

- Do you think we'll ever see them again?
- I have a feeling we will.

See you later. Come back again soon!

Grrbus ready!

Grrbus zoom!


- So cool!
- How was your trip? Good?

How was Día de los Muertos?

- It was really fun!
- How was Halloween?

- It was spooktacular!
- We even saved a little something for you!

Did you bring us something
from your hometown?

Actually, we did.

We did?

Yes, we did. Look!

Hola, Pitchfork Pines.

Who is that?

I am Fuego!

I'm Pepita!

I'm Jackie!

And I'm Nacho!

Meet our friends!


You really brought back something special.

- That's not all we brought.
- What else did you bring?

We brought back a new dance!