Super Monster (1980) - full transcript

Using several clips from previous Gamera entries, this film deals with alien forces sending all the monsters Gamera has faced in one final battle to rid the planet of its last hope.


(Super Monster)

There are 200 billion stars
present in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Our sun and its nine planets

consist of just one solar
system within the galaxy.

There are billions of other
such systems

within the Milky Way galaxy,

many greater than our own
solar system.

But, compared to the enormous
size of the universe itself

even a galaxy is but a tiny
pinpoint of light.

In our vast universe, there are
billions of other such galaxies

that are just as big if not
bigger than our own.

The universe is limitless in size,

and mankind is not the only
creature in it

that wages war against itself.

There are others who make war
throughout the universe.

From the farthest reaches of
space comes

a space ship bent on murder
and destruction.

It is the pirate space ship Zanon.

Space ship Zanon's mission is to

take the Earth under its control.

Good morning!

Is everyone doing all right?

Here you go, Sir.

That's all for today. Goodbye!

And don't forget to do your
homework. Goodbye!

Kilara, is something wrong?

Kilara, what's happened?

I feel that something bad is
about to happen.

Marsha, do you feel anything?

And you, Mitan?
I don't sense anything either.

I see. Maybe it's just me.

People of the Earth,
I know that there

are space women hiding among you.

He's discovered our hiding place.

Quick, we must transform
again before he finds us.

But why?
Just do it. Right.

You are powerless against us.

Any plans you may have to
defeat us are bound to fail.

Do not try to defeat us.
Resistance is useless.

We have a great army of space
monsters at our disposal.

We intend to take over your planet.

Surrender peacefully and no harm
will come to you or your planet.

Resist and you will be destroyed!

We're really in for it this time.

We have to find some way to
stop them.

But we don't have any weapons.
Even so, we have to stop them.

That's right. We have no
choice but but to fight.

We must find a way.

Space ship Zanon, I have arrived.

I am awaiting your orders.

Giruge! You are to eliminate
anyone and anything

that may hinder our emorts here.

Right. Proceeding with your
orders, Captain.

Hey, Sister!
You want to go out some time?

What about drinks?
For drinks?

Thanks for the offer!

Hold on now.
What's happened to you?

Right. You played very well!

Your teacher will be very pleased.
Don't you think?


Hey, Hiroshi!
What are you guys looking at?

Your favorite monster, Gamera,
is in this comic book.


Someone left this turtle
alone in Kamiari Park.

This turtle hops around like
a man!

Ha ha ha, spinning round and around.

It's just like Gamera!

That's really cool!

Yes, but I still say that
Muscle Man is my favorite.

Let me see!
Let me see!

Muscle man. We'll have to fight!

We'll discover who the real
champion is.

See? You know what I think?

We should go to Kamiari Park

and find this policeman with
the turtle.

Do you think he's really there?

Of course.
My grandmother has seen him!

Eh? That's great!

There it is, just like you said.


I don't believe it!

Huh! He really is just like
in your book.

He even has a turtle!

Good afternoon!

Huh? You kids again?

I'm not the policeman from
your comic books, you know.

But, you've even got a turtle!

Someone left it here.

So I'm keeping it until they
get back.

I sure hope they come back quick.

I don't know how to take care
of him.

He looks home sick, if you ask me.

Oh, really?

You've been reading too much
of those comics.

You know very well that those
stories are just plain fiction.

Well, that stinks.

Now you kids best run along home,
or I'll have you arrested!

I really had you scared that time!

Hi, how are you doing today?

Hey there.
Do you like talking to them?

Would you like to have one?

They're really not expensive
at all.

But I don't have any money
for a turtle.

It's okay. I'll give you one.

What? Really?
Sure. Here you go.

Thank you, but I'd rather
have that one.

So what's different about that one?

This turtle and I,
we can talk to each other.

But no one can here us...
Just you and me.

We understand each other.
Isn't that right?

I know you can.

Keiichi, hurry on home now, okay?

Huh? What's wrong, Sister?

I think something bad might
be about to happen.

How can you know that?

I guess I can just tell when
things like that

are about to happen.

Wow, you sound like you might
be a real space woman!

And maybe I am.

Okay, thank you very much!

Be careful going home!

Unknown to most,

the enemy from space was about

to cause a series of great disasters.

Worried about the strange eruptions,

the government quickly
assembled a research party

to investigate them.

The mystery continues to
baffle the scientific community.

After the destruction of the
research party,

the self-defense force is
mobilized to defend the country.

Keiichi, I really wish you'd
spend some time on your homework

instead of playing that organ.

Yes, but I was just playing a
song for my new turtle!

See? I was playing the Gamera
March that I wrote for him.

That silliness again?

It's not. He likes it when
I sing to him.

I can't imagine how lonely it
must be,

being a turtle with no one to
talk to.

Keiichi, does he really
understand you?

Of course he does.
Isn't that right?

Keiichi, don't you think that
he may

be getting sad in the small tank?

He'd probably be much happier
if he were outside,

where he could play in the
rivers and streams.

You really think so?

Animals aren't meant to be
kept in such small places.

I'm sure he'd be much happier.

I'm still not so sure.

Well, since he understands you,
why don't you ask him?

Do I have to?
Yes, you have to.

Would you be happier if you
were living outside?


He said yes.

Well, then,
why don't you take him down

to the river where you and
your dad fish?

I sure am going to miss you.

Don't forget to think about
me every once and a while

when you get the chance.

Well... Goodbye.


The super-sonic monster Gaos

proved too much for the
defense force to handle.

Unchallenged, Gaos made a path
of destruction towards Nagoya.

Hey, what's that thing?

Where is she?

It looks like I'm going to be
stuck here forever. But wait!

I must not be getting enough sleep.

I'm starting to imagine things.

This is Giruge. This is Giruge.
I have an urgent report.

Go ahead, Giruge.

One of the space women has
just revealed herself.

You can use your radar to
track her.

We must destroy her.

Sorry I'm late!

Marsha, hurry out of the car!

Hurry and turn back to an
Earth woman.


I'm sorry!

We have to be careful when we
transform from now on,

or else we will give away our position.

Their radar can track us

as long as we are transformed
into space women.

I don't want any of us killed.

That will restrict us.

That's right,
but we don't have a choice.

That's right.

From now on,
unless it is absolutely necessary,

we must keep ourselves
disguised as Earth women.


Gaos is in Nagoya, and there
is nothing we can do to stop it.

Unless we can figure out
something to do,

the city will be destroyed.

We must find a solution fast.
Yes, we have to.

What's that? Why are they closed?

Good afternoon!
Oh, it's you!

I didn't know you had company.

Oh it's okay. Ah, allow me to
introduce my friend Keiichi.


What's the matter? You look sad.

I came here to apologize.


My mother told me that my turtle

must be very unhappy living
in cage.

I see.

So I let him go in the river.
Are you mad at me?

You did just fine, Keiichi.

I'm sure that your turtle is
very happy

now that he's free to swim in
the river.

I know he is.

Well, I'm very happy to hear that.

But me.
What is it?

Do you play the organ too?

Yes, sometimes.

Well, do you mind if I play
the Gamera March

I wrote on your organ?

No, how does it go?

I think you'll like it.

Sister, what I'd like more
than anything

is for my turtle to be able
to fight Gaos.

Your turtle against the
monster Gaos?

You see, if he could turn
into Gamera,

then he'd be able to fight
and win.


Now Gamera is the only one
strong enough

to protect the Earth.

I know that the odds are
against us in this.

But now I have hope that we
can win.

I think it's worth it to
fight for the Earth,

no matter what the cost to us.

And you?
I do too.

Keiichi, do you mind if we
run out for a minute?

We won't be gone for long.

Go ahead.


We have to join forces and
fight with Gamera.


Look out!


We were nearly killed!

Gamera! It's Gamera!

Gamera! Gaos is attacking the city!

Hurry up and help!

Kilara, is that Keiichi's Gamera?

It sure is!

My turtle really did it!

My turtle turned into Gamera!
My turtle turned into Gamera!

Gamera! Gamera!

Hey, Boy!

What's that you said?

My pet turtle has turned into Gamera!

Yes, now he can go and fight!

Say, how about we go for a
little walk?

You can tell me all about him
along the way.

Okay. But I'm sure Gaos will
be defeated soon.

Damn it, I don't like being
out here like this.

Do we really have to get the pictures?

Of course, pictures are important.

I can't see him anywhere.
Where is the stupid thing?

There he is! Get the pictures, get the pictures!

Hey! Hey! Stop the car!

Hurry, hurry! Come on!
Let's get out of here!

Go ahead and get them!
Right, right!

Come on!
I'm taking them!

Did you see him on TV last night?

Yeah, I saw him fighting on
the news.

Hey, Boy!

It's you!

I saw Gamera fight.

You mean, you saw him
fighting too?

Yes, I was there when it happened.

Really? That's cool!

And if Gaos appears again,
then Gamera is finished.

How can she say something
like that?

You believe he can win,
don't you?

Of course we do!

But why would she want him to lose?

Gaos has been defeated.

I think that Gaos was under
Zanon control.

They destroyed our home world.

And now they seem intent to
destroy this one as well.

Hey, it's Gamera.

Keiichi would have loved to
see it.

It's okay. I'm sure he's
seeing it in his dreams.

That's right.

He did it. Gamera won.
He did it!

Giruge! Who is this Gamera?

Keiichi seems to be somehow
connected to him.

Well, find out more about him.

Gaos has failed us.

Our next attack will be made
from the sea.

Take the boy as hostage and force

the space women to reveal themselves.

Yes. I'll begin right away.

Mom, Mom! Did you know that
Gamera defeated Gaos last night?

On with this monster nonsense again?

I'm really not interested in
your silliness.

It's funny. I wonder why it's
not in any of

the newspapers or on the
television today.

It sounds to me like you've
been dreaming again.

But all of my dreams seem to
come true.

Like with Gamera, I dreamt that
he would come to protect us.

Stop with this nonsense and
see if your father is awake.

It's Sunday isn't it?
Let him sleep.

He just got back anyway.

Last night I dreamt that
Gamera would fight

the monsters in the sea.

You certainly do get excited
about these monsters.

I wish you'd learn to be a
little more

serious about your school work.

But wait. I know someone who
will listen to me.

See you later!

Crazy kid.

So the next attack will come
from the sea?

You mean you really believe me?

Of course I do.
That's great. Bye now!

Hey, Keiichi!

Oh, it's you. Gamera won last night.

You're right.

How'd you like to go out for
hamburgers to celebrate?

What? That'd be great!

So, you think the next ones
will come from the sea?

You mean you believe me too?

Of course I do.

Say, Keiichi, have you told
anyone else about it?

Yes. I told mother this
morning and...

The woman at the pet shop!

The pet shop?

That's strange.
Why aren't I getting a reading?

It must be because she's
disguised as an Earth woman.

These silly people will never succeed.

Hey, Sister, what are you doing?

Oh, nothing!

Say, Keiichi, would you like to
go to the ocean and see Gamera?

Is that really possible?

Yep. Just follow me.

Now close your eyes.


You want to see Gamera,
don't you?

You'll have to do as I say.

Help me! I'm feeling sick!

I don't want to be in this anymore!

What, Sister!

We're here?
That's right!

But how?

Hey, Sister, I'll bet you're
a real space woman.

That's right.

I'm here to help the Earth.

That's great!

What's that out there?

It's headed this way!

Is it okay, Sister?
It's all right!

It's still coming!
We'll be all right.

Ah! It's Gamera!

Good luck!


That's it, Gamera!

Use your fire, Gamera!

Hurray! He won! He won!

What's wrong here?
How did he lose?

Hey, Sister, what are you doing?

Oh, it's nothing. Come on now.
It's time to go.

Not the teleport again.

What's wrong with it?

That thing makes me feel sick.

I think it would be much
easier to just take a train.

Please wait.

There might be another
monster coming.

Don't you want to stay?

I've had enough.
I'm ready to go!

But wait just a minute!

Wait up!


Now wait here just a minute.

Don't you say that.

Sister, I'm starting to think
you might be a bad space woman.

How's that?

You didn't even look happy after
Gamera killed Gaos and Zigra!


Keiichi never stays out this long

without letting me know where
he is.

I understand. I haven't seen him,

but I'll let you know as soon
as I do.

Thank you very much. Good day!


What's this? How'd I get here?


Sister, how ever did you do that?

Just a little trick.

I know it has to be that
space woman.

I'll get back at you sometime!
You'll see!

I get it.. You and the other two.

You're not really Japanese,
are you?

I guess it's okay if I tell
you the truth.

My name is Kilara.

The others are Mitan and Marsha.

I see! So, do the three of
you live here?

No, we stay in the van at night.

You sleep in the van?
All three of you?

How do you fit?

I guess I'll just have to
show you. Okay.

Giruge! You'll be punished
for your continued failure.

Just one more chance!
Please, I promise

that the space woman will be killed!

All right,
I'll give you another chance.

While Gamera is there,
I'll send Viras.


Stand back a bit.

And here we are.

What? There's nothing in there!

That's what you think.
Look in here.

What? You mean it's in there?
You've got to be kidding me.

Don't be so hard headed.
Look in the box.


Now I know that you're a real
space woman sent here to help.

Thank you.

Keiichi! Close the box!

What's the matter?

They're preparing to attack
us again.

You mean you know when they
do it?

Please take me with you.

You can show me how Gamera fights!

Sure. But first let's close
up the van.


Kill him, Viras!

We won!
Happy now?

Damn it!

Giruge! You've failed again.
Explain yourself!

I know my mistake now.
The boy isn't the one.

Gamera is helping the space women.

Why didn't you destroy them
to begin with?

Because I didn't know where
they were hiding.

But now I know where they
have been staying...

But now I know where they
have been staying...

And they won't escape me!

Your mother came by.
She was worried about you.

You'd better head home.

Right. See you later!

What is it?

Don't tell anyone our secret, okay?

It's safe with me. Later!

What happened?
Did you tell him everything?

Yes. But it's okay.
He's really very nice.

Have you both gotten your
days off of work?


Things are really happening fast.

Soon we'll have to show yourselves.

So. it's happening.
It's happening.

Have a good night!

You too, and no more reading
those monster books of yours.

All right!

Well, you really did a super
job today Gamera!

That stinks. I was just dreaming.

I thought it was real.

What's that? Still closed?

Oh, wait.
I know where to find them.





What's that?
You mean you were sleeping

while someone tried to kill you?

What do you mean?

I mean someone tried to kill you.

Your car isn't there anymore!

What'd they do to it?

They must have burned it
while you were sleeping.


But how did you survive
inside that box

while the rest of your car disappeared?

That's because the box is protected

by a powerful force field.

Then why not use the force field
to protect the van as well?

Because the force field
requires a lot of energy.

And we only have enough to
protect the box.

This is terrible.

That means they know where
we've been hiding.

We have to find some way to
get back to the shop.

But how?

Keiichi, can you do us a
small favor?

Sure, but how can I possibly
help you?

We'll transform and hide in
the box.

Then you can take us back to
the shop.

I understand. But won't the
space ship's radar pick you up

while you're turned into
space women?

Normally it would, but the force
field keeps us from being seen.

Okay, let's do it!


Hey, Boy!

What are you doing there?

Is the woman who runs the
shop in?

I see.

What's wrong? Any trouble?
No, I told her you weren't in.

Reporting mission completed.

Proceeding with other objectives.

Now that those women are out
of the way,

Gamera will be easier to defeat.

Right. We'll send Jiger.


That's it! Gamera's here!

How did he find out?

We won again!

Giruge! You've failed me again!
You'll be killed for this!


Are you prepared to die?

I implore you, just one more chance.

I know I can do it.

We'll put Gamera under our control.

Then we can use him to do our work.

We can use a control device
attached to his neck.

Very well, where is Gamera now?

He's headed for the beach.

There. Gamera is now under our
control. Commence operations.

Gamera, go and destroy the Earth!

Go and destroy the Earth!

Hey, what the hell is that?

It's Gamera. Gamera is here!

Hurry up and get out of here!
The dam is going to break!

Gamera has suddenly switched
sides and attacked Japan.

The military is powerless to
stop him.

Unless some means is found to
destroy him,

it is inevitable that the country

will be completely destroyed.

What are you thinking, Gamera?

But, Sister,
why is Gamera helping the enemy?

I'll see if I can find out.

Mitan, take the controls for
a minute.


That's it. They've attached a
control machine to him.

But how do we get rid of it?
We'll have to explode it.

Explode it? But you didn't
bring any weapons!

That's right.

We're not allowed to have any
weapons for any purpose.

Then how do we explode it?

I'll act as a decoy and use the
space men's beam to destroy it.

It's something I have to do.

Otherwise, the space men may
destroy this planet

much like they destroyed ours.

But that means you'll have to
transform into a space woman.

That's right.

But they'll track you down
and kill you!

That's a risk I'm willing to take.

Marsha, Mitan, take care of him.


She's finally revealed herself.

Kilara, you can't go alone.

That's right.
Let us come with you!

It's dangerous enough for
just one of us to risk it.

Sister! Be careful!

Sister, you did it!

Gamera, you're free now!
Go and fight the other monsters!

You can beat them all!

Fight! Gamera!

Gamera! You can win!

I'm happy!

Gamera is going to fight the monster,

no matter where they are.

I sure hope he wins.

Well, I'd say it's about time
for us to head home.

This time you won't be lucky
enough to escape me!

Take Keiichi!

You've hindered my plans for
far too long.

Now I have to kill all of you.

Why don't you kill me?

I don't believe in it.
To kill any living

thing goes against my principles.

Take back your blaster.

You did great!

Thank you very much!

Why would you do that?

Because I'm a complete failure.

Sister! You'll be all right!

Meanwhile, on the planet
where the monsters are kept.


You're awake!

How did I get here?

You don't remember?

Keiichi and his friends
brought you here.

You've been hurt,
but it should heal

pretty quickly over the next
few days.

Has he been here all this time?

Yes, he seems to think you
need protecting.

He's still an only child, but
he has always wanted a sister.

He likes you, so you're welcome
to stay as long as you like.

Me as a sister, after all the
bad things I've done?


After laying waste to the
city of Kobe,

the chilling monster Barugon

made his way to the city of Osaka.

Barugon is dying.

That's it. Gamera has won!

Gamera! Gamera is coming back victorious!

You think so?
I know it.

Let's go and meet him over at
the park!

Didn't I tell you?

Gamera! Welcome back!

Giruge! You can no longer be
depended on.

I have given orders for space
ship Zanon to destroy the Earth.

Giruge! Do you hear me?


The space women from the peaceful

star are still alive.
Destroy them!

I'll show you where they are.

Aim your laser at these coordinates.

The coordinates are sent.
Space women in target. Fire!

What's happened?

Space ship Zanon is about to attack.

Even Gamera is not powerful
enough to stop it.

You must find some way.
You must!

Sister, you'll be all right!

Thank you, Boy.

If it's true that we are
reincarnated after we die.

then I should like to be born
again here.



She sacrificed herself to
save us.


Gamera is going to battle
space ship Zanon!

He'll be killed!

Gamera! Don't go, Gamera!
Come back! Come back!

Gamera! You'll be killed!
Come back! Gamera!

Keiichi, Gamera sacrificed himself

for the sake of the Earth.

He won our fight against evil!

So, does that mean we'll be able
to live peacefully from now on?

That's right.


Be brave.

You see?

Keiichi, you're a space man now.

So, let's go see the world.