Super Hybrid (2010) - full transcript

Late one night, a mysterious car is brought into the Chicago police impound garage after a deadly traffic accident. The on-call mechanics soon discover the car has a mind of its own. With hundreds of horsepower and two tons of reinforced steel at its command, it's a seemingly unstoppable killing machine capable of outrunning -- and outwitting -- humans.

She just doesn't do it for me.

I don't see you
strolling out of there

with three hotties
on each arm.

I got Jessica's digits.

No, you didn't.

She left her number
on a napkin on the bar.

Yeah, and I got it.
You're just jealous.

Yeah, Jessica...
are you sure that was a girl?

Well, she did have a pretty deep voice,
now that you mention it.

I wasn't the only one
who took her number.

Did you see the size
of her hands?

Yeah, she was...

Holy shit.

Oh, listening to your crap
almost made me miss it.

Dude, don't.



Just leave the car alone.

Oh, shut up.

Check this.
There's keys.

Hey, man, just get in the car.

Dude, wait. I bet you
this is some sort of setup.

- I bet there's some cops down the all...
- You bet your ass it is.

Some rich dude needs
insurance money,

parks it here, leaves the keys...
boom. Gone.

You want to disappoint
that guy?


What the hell? My door just...

What the...?

Where's the ignition?

No, it's probably one of those cars
without any...

No, man, it's gone.

Dude, the door...

dude, I told you
we shouldn't have done this.

Why'd you talk me into this?

Just... dude, I can't...

I can't get out either.

Stand back. Stand back.

We've got a two-car collision.


What was that?

Don't know.

Nobody could have
gotten out of here alive.

Sorry, man,
but we're remodeling.

We're not taking any more cars
until we're finished.

Come on, man.

I got, like, 10 minutes left
in my shift.

Don't make me haul this thing
all the way across town.

At least
you're getting home soon.

I'm pulling a double shift here.

Yeah, but I'm guessing
you don't got a pregnant wife

waiting for you at home.

Okay, man. And consider it a present
to your last days of freedom.

All right.
Thanks a lot.

? Now I gotta play for real... ?

? I'm telling you, I'm telling you ?

? Now you're gonna know the deal ?

? Yo, I'm telling you ?

? I'm telling you, I'm telling you... ?


David, have you seen my locket?

Hold on, Til.


Locket, locket.

The one your mom gave you?

Yeah. Yeah.

What's the big hurry?

Some of us have a job.

And feel free to grab some groceries
if you get a second, hmm?

Okay, bye.

Oh, and don't call me
tonight, okay?

Ray wants to start docking us
for personal calls.

Yeah, well, I can't reach you
on your cell phone either.

Yeah, I work in a concrete box.
What can I do?

Hey, Til, speaking of work,

when are you gonna cut
yourself loose from that place?

I mean, the promotion... what was that,
like, three weeks ago?

Those grease monkeys
don't deserve you.



You know, David, there's a lot of jobs
that don't involve your back.

Yeah, I know, but my back hurts
even when I'm doing nothing, so...

Well, they've stopped
paying you for that.

Hey, Til, what's the word
on my wheels?

I can't go to interviews
without it.

The bus makes me sweat.

Yeah, I'm working on it.
I'll see you in the morning.

Before you become a millionaire,

would you be so kind as to organize
this pile of shit?

Insurance won't cover any files
lost during construction.

And I'm not taking the blame.

Enough with the scratched-CD routine,
Ray. I got it.

Yeah? Then how is it
not done by now?

You know, I am just praying that you get
that supervising job in Imperial.

Be careful what you wish for.

I've got to see an eye doctor.

The dumbass doesn't know enough
to put on the parking brake?

You think when they remodel
we'll get a little reception in here?

Why? Who are you trying to call?


Hey, Gordy, where's Hector?

And we're off.

I can see you guys.

Bobby, tell Gordy to put his ears
back on

and answer the damn intercom.

He's looking for Hector.

Gee golly, sorry, Sarge.

He's not on this level,

but I'm going to get Al
to go look for him.

Oh great. The retarded
leading the retarded.

Listen, Hector was supposed to have
all the newer models...

moved to the Imperial facility
by yesterday.

I still see a couple up here.
What about down there?

No, we're pretty much
cleared out here.

We're just working on
some old inventory.

study on your own time.

Oh gee.

Do you mind, Al?

Mind what?

Stay with me, brother.
You going to find Hector.

Oh, okay, you mean that's what...?
Yeah, I'm going.

Oh yeah.

Give me some cars to move.

Yeah? Well, knock yourself out.

- Level 3 still needs to be cleared.
- Got you.

Keys are in the ignition.
Have a good time. Hey.

Do you know if Til's
coming in tonight?

Yeah, as soon as she can
tear her lips away from you-know-who.

It's about time
to get this place fixed.

Hey, Tilda, you're almost late.

Sorry, I...

By the way,

I catch your nephew studying
on the job again,

and he's out of here, all right?

You got him this gig.
You make sure he keeps it.

Yeah, I got it, Ray.

Hey, Maria, how are you doing?

Oh, I just won the Quick Pick
for a million dollars.

But I thought I'd finish
my shift.

Yeah. What is it
about this place?

I don't know.

Say, I think I lost my necklace... the
one with the locket. Have you seen it?

No, sorry,
but I'll keep my eyes peeled.

It's cool. I think
I just left it here yesterday.

Hector, where the heck are you?

Looks like Ray's meds
have kicked in tonight.

- Hector.
- Yeah, a huge improvement.



Yo, Hector.
Come on, man, where are you?

Oh Hector.

Where are you?

Yo, Hector man, come on.
Everybody's looking for you.

Okay, ha ha. You got me.
You can kill the lights now.


Come on, wake up, man.

What are you doing, buddy?

I'm looking for Hector.

But Hector ain't in there.

Did you look hard enough?

Maybe next time.

- Is this...?
- I'm going back.

Is this the car
from this morning?

I don't know. Ask Hector.

Going to the store isn't
going to hurt your back, David.

Maria, punch up L3,
will you?

Okay, you know what?
I have to go.

No, I'll ask, but... yes.
No, I love you.

Aww, I love you too.
Isn't that sweet?

- David...
- We don't get that enough around here.

Just one second.

What did I tell you
about using the phone?

Okay, I gotta go. Bye.

You know I could sue
for harassment, right?

And did you know
that there's a regulation...

secretaries only get
a 10-minute lunch break?

'Cause if it was any longer,
then you'd have to retrain them.

Hey, down on L3,
what the heck's going on down there?

Hey, when you see Hector,
you send him up here right away.

Yeah, sure. Listen, can I work
on David's car tonight?

Of course, sweetheart.

What you do during your lunch break
is up to you.

I'm serious.

You drive off into the sunset
with loser...

I mean lover boy.


Listen, we've got a shitload of work
to do before the night's out.

All these cars have got to be moved
and cleared for the painters next week.

- Okay.
- You can start by giving me

an inventory
of what's left on L3,

- on the double.
- Yes, sir.

On the double.

Yes, sir.

What do you mean, you don't know
what kind of car it is?

Take a look.

Okay, but I should warn you,

the last car I couldn't make
model and year on,

I was 15, and that was the 1914

...'14 customizable Asco Bufera.

Yeah. Thanks.

That's what I thought.

Aunt Tilda,

tell me there isn't something
seriously weird about this car.

First off, Bobby,
enough with the "aunt" stuff, okay?

I'm not old enough
to be your aunt.

But you are my aunt.

That's not the point.

As far as everyone's concerned,
we're just cousins.

Got it?

- Got it.
- Now what's all the fuss?

You should tell us, Auntie.

That's some paint job.

Doesn't feel metallic.

But it's not fiberglass.


Where's...? I don't...
there's no Bondo.

That side panel...
that's a factory part.

It's '76 or '77.

It lines up perfect.

I mean, it's got to be
a standard part.

But it's not.

That's what I said.

- Yeah, it's almost like a...
- Like what?

Well, it's almost like
you showed this model to somebody

and they built a copy of it,
but it's like they did it by memory,

because it's... it's almost right
until you look really close.

Who the hell would do
something like that?

Al, where's Hector?

Oh yeah, I was gonna go
look for him.

- Yeah.
- I'll go.

See you, buddy.


It's still warm.

It can't be.

They brought it in this morning.



That's not like any engine
I've ever heard.

It's more like listening to a...

Let me get that for you.

Pop it.

Yeah. Let me try.

You got it?

Apparently not.


Okay, you know what?
Let's get a rig down here.

We'll tow this baby up to L2, put it
on a lift and get a real look at it.

Oh wait.
We're forgetting Hector and Al.

- Til, I can get them for you.
- I'll get them.

No no, you guys just go
upstairs, okay?

I'll meet you up there.
Let's not start that again.

All right.


Hey, Til, come check this out.

What... did you repark the car?


What do you mean, no?
We just...

Well, they... they just
kind of moved.

Oh, okay, very funny.

Let's get it moved back
before Ray has a fit.

- Tilda!
- Al! Al!

- Tilda, open up. Open up.
- Okay, come on.

- Tilda!
- Al! Come on.

- Tilda!
- Al! Al!

Help! No! Al!

- Let me out, Tilda.
- Hold on. Hold on.

Let me out.




Let me out!



Stay here.

Help! Help!


Let's see
a show of hands...

who thinks Hector and Al...

were killed by a man-eating car?

I'm not crazy, Ray.

You think I'm an idiot? Huh?

Al... oh, and Hector eaten?

Come on, you guys,
you're probably in on this.

I'm not crazy.

Ray, there... there was something
really weird about it.

Oh, well, that's a far cry
from it looks like it might attack

and devour a man,

Now I want to take a look
at this goddamn vehicle,

whatever it is.

- Ray, wait.
- Hey! Shut up, Tilda.

- Don't.
- Al, Hector, get out here!

- Ray, don't. Listen to me.
- Don't listen to you?

Finally something
that makes sense.

Ray, you have to believe me.

- Til.
- Gordy.

Til, don't... tell me this isn't
more to do with Lake Forest.

What are you talking about?

Nothing, all right?
Nothing, Sarge.

Talk to me, Gordy.

Look, it's complicated, all right?

Come on, spit it out.

She's had a rough time, all right?

Freshman year at school
she had to drop out.

She was having panic attacks,
thought some people were stalking her.

Well, that explains
the raving antics.


I'm not crazy.

All right, where is it? Hmm?

Now what did you do
with the car?

What the hell was that?

Al? Hector?

You guys come out now,
before I bloody up the inside.

Hey, does anybody hear a car engine?
'Cause I don't hear a car engine.

Ray, just...

Ray, Ray, get away from it.
Get away right now.

Tilda, just because
you've got issues with cars...

don't mean we all do.

This feels like the other car.

Gordy, get a crowbar
from that toolbox.

We're gonna pop
this damn hood.

You think
that's a good idea, Ray?

Ray. Ray.

Just listen.

What the hell was that?

All right, Gordy,

go ahead.


Get to the stairs.

- Come on, Bobby.
- Oh jeez.

All right! Jeez!

Come on, let's go.

Til, get outta there.
Come on, come on.

You have to jump.


Get up, get up.
Come on, get up.

Come on. Look out.

Look out.

Look out.

What the hell
are we dealing with here? Huh?

How should I know?

All right, okay, okay, you were right,
all right? Take a medal.

How many of them are there?

One. It changes.

What? Come again?

It changes?
Like a shapeshifter.

What, like... like one of those robots
from outer space?

I don't know where it's from.
But you saw underneath the hood.

I mean, that thing's not a machine.
It's like it's...


Right, where did it come from and what
the hell is it doing in my garage, huh?


Maybe that's what it does.


Well, I studied this thing in school,
in marine biology...

it was this kind of squid called

"parateuthis ennoculatas,"
something like that.

I mean, it could make itself
look like other things...

like a shell, a rock, a piece of coral.

A fish would come swimming by,

see what looks to be
a nice, safe hiding place.

In it goes, and it's lunch.

Yeah, like some kind of giant
camouflaged squid.

I mean, it looked
almost insectoid.

I have no idea. Maybe...
maybe it's some sort of hybrid.

Thank you for the scientific
analysis, Newton,

but who cares?

This thing could have been evolving
for millions of years.

Ray, what are you doing?

It could have been imitating a cave
or a hut by the side of the road.

Cars could be the latest form
that it takes.

Cars can move.
They wouldn't have to wait for dinner.

They could...
they could become real hunters.

Is that what you are? Huh?

A hunter?

Whoa, it's on the run.

All right, hey hey,
it's getting away.

No one's seen one of these
before, right?

How would I know?

How do we know Area 51 doesn't have
a whole damn fleet of them?

- What if we caught one?
- This isn't one of your trophy hunts,

Ray, okay? This thing
has killed two people.

Hey, we don't know that, okay?
We don't know what happened to Hector.

Let's stick to the facts,
all right?

Okay, we need to get help.
We're gonna call the precinct.

Oh, hello, Officer.

Yeah yeah,
we're in the garage here.

We have a little situation.

There's one of those "pentacoccus
innoculates" or whatever it is.

It's on the loose and, uh...

oops, we got disconnected.

Let's just say they find Al's
or Hector's body.

There's no way in hell anybody
would believe us.

It's either death row
or the loony bin.

Come on, guys, we could
vouch for each other, right?

This is a big story, all right?

It's a really big story.

I bet you we could get, like,
$250,000 for this.

I mean, that's more
than $60,000 each.

$50,000 each. Maria.

Yeah yeah, $50,000. Maria.

What are you talking about?

We're gonna trap this sucker.

Anybody who doesn't want to participate
can go up to the office,

help Maria
with the crossword puzzle.

What's a five-letter word
for "loser"?

This is bullshit.

If we work together,
we can catch it.

The elevator pit.

We could raise the car elevator.
The pit's almost 15' deep.

If we force it in there,
it'll be stuck.

There you go. That's right.

All right, first thing...
we're gonna go up to L2.

We're gonna block off the ramp
leading down here, all right?

Barricade it.
It'll be stuck down here.

- Bobby, this is crazy.
- Til, this could work.


There's no stopping him
when he gets an idea, Til.

That's right, baby.
Let's go.

Come on, let's go.

Hey, listen, somebody needs
to stay down here

and watch the car while we are
working on the barricade up there.

You think Bobby's up for it?

- I'll do it.
- That's my good girl.

Now keep an eye on it. Make sure
it doesn't go up the ramp or change.

No, this barricade couldn't keep out
a golf cart.

I'm gonna get another one.
Keep your eyes open, man.

God damn it.

Maria, Maria.

What's up, Tilda?

Maria, I need you to call
the precinct

and get some units over here
right away.

And why would you
want me to do that?

Maria, I'm serious.
This is an emergency.

Oh, okay.
What kind of emergency?

God damn it, Maria,
I'm serious.

Tilda, are we under
a terrorist attack?

Is your hair on fire?

Did... oh, did little aliens
land on the roof?

- Maria.
- Come on, Til.

You know, I would expect this kind
of bullshit from the guys,

but you of all people?

Maria. Maria.

See? Told you.

Damn it.

The door up on main...
it's welded shut.

- Listen, you don't want to do this.
- No no, hey, Tilda, we can do this.

- No.
- If you want to go, that's okay.

I understand.
Just don't stick around for me.

All right, guys, we need
to pull the elevator up.

Afterwards you meet us

We're gonna run whatever it is
into the elevator pit.


What happened to you?

I know what happened to Al.

All right, Bobby, come on.

This is teamwork.
I need you.

You can help Gordy and I
round it up.

You know what, Ray?
The door up on main is welded shut.

Yeah, to keep
the crackheads out.

You're not getting away
with this, Ray.

Whoa. Are we having fun yet? Whoa.

This isn't funny, Gordy, okay?
Come on. You know that this is wrong.

Til, I'll tell you what I know.

There are a few things
that I did learn with Ray in the army.

There are leaders
and there are followers.

And I am no leader.

Ray is an asshole, okay?
He's put all of us in danger.

Yeah, maybe.

Like this...
what, this monster hunt?

Okay? We're mechanics, Gordy.

We're not X-Men.
We can't possibly do this.

Listen, if things get weird,
I got your back.

We should get going.
Are you coming?


Where are you guys?

Bobby, Bobby, watch out.

We got it.

It's trapped.


What's going on?


Hey, it's me.


Come on.


Hey, it's me.


Somebody help me!

Everybody, up to main now!

- What the hell's going on?
- It's headed after Maria.


Maria! Maria, get out of the way!

Get away!


Come on.

- Hold on. Hold on.
- To what?

Get out of the way!

Who the hell is driving
that thing?

No one.

Stop it. You're going to kill us.



Hey, come on.

You need a little fight
in your diet!

- Gordy!
- Get to the stairs.

Come on.



Oh no.

What was that?

Oh no.

He was a good man.
He was a brave man.

Shut the hell up.


Ray. Ray.

Ray, where is the key?

The key?

The key...
the key's on my desk.

Help yourself.

Oh no.

Are you gonna help?

How long are these emergency lights
gonna burn?

Three hours,

if you change the batteries
when you're supposed to.

I don't think these batteries
have been changed since... ever.

Okay, so we need to get out
of here now.

There is no way out, Bobby.

What are you talking about?

What the hell?

I had Al weld it shut
two days ago

to stop the break-ins
and keep the junkies out.

You welded an emergency exit?

It's an emergency exit, Ray.

I didn't know back then that we'd be
stuck in here with a killer car.

You're such an idiot.

Oh, come on.


Look, we're all shaken up
by what's happened.

I understand.

But I... I still think
we should stick to the plan.

We have a plan?

Not anymore.

- Yeah, we're gonna catch this sucker.
- No.

- Tilda, I know how you feel...
- We're going to kill it.

Could someone tell me
what's going on here?

It's bleeding.
If it can bleed, it can die.

Tilda, you saw what it survived.
It's not gonna be that easy.

That's why we have to
move fast.

Well, what if we hide on the stairs
till someone comes?

The next shift only arrives
Monday morning.

We might not survive till then.

The Messerschmitt KR200,
the Citro√ľn 2CV prototype,

the Mercedes Smart Car...
three cars off the top of my head

that are narrow enough
to fit up those stairs.

All it needs is one of those and...

Maria, Maria,

I'll get us out of here.

Trust me, okay?

Huh. Huh.

Now listen...

Wait wait, "now listen" my ass.

With all due respect,

who all of a sudden
put you in charge, huh?

Nobody. I'm not.
No one's in charge.

Well, it sure sounds to me
like somebody's in charge.

We're doing this together, okay?

Whether you like it or not,
you're not running a platoon.

You run a garage, okay?

You check cars in and out.
You write up repair schedules.

You're not a leader, Ray.

You're just a bully.

It's hurt, okay?
We've still got light.

The ramp down to L3
is barricaded.

That means we can work
down there.

Let's go.

Hey, Tilda,

if you're not in charge,

how come everybody's
following you, huh?

Hey, Ray, if you want to help,
come with us.

If you don't,
stay where you are.

It's up here.

Then why are we?

Maria, help Bobby pull the chain
across the ramp.

That's like stopping a bull
with a string.

You'd know.
You're the hunter.

Or did you buy those
trophies on eBay?

A warning system.

A built-in delay.

You really think that's gonna
do any good?

I feel better already.

Okay, we might not
have power,

but as long as the batteries hold out,
we can make more of these.

More of these? What for?

You ever hear
of a Burmese tiger trap?

I have. It's a pit with sharp spikes
at the bottom,

covered to make it look
like the ground.

Yeah, we watch
the Discovery Channel.

Hurry up. Let's go.


That's right, come on.

Pull. Come on, let's go.

Come on.

Come on, guys,
let's move.

- On the double, come on.
- Keep going.

One two, one two.
Let's move, come on.

I'll start over here.

Is everything okay?



Look, at least now we know
for sure.

Guys, the lights are going.
Hurry up.

Let's get the headlights on.

This one doesn't work.

Over here.

You got it.

Over here.

How is it going
up there, guys?

We don't have much time.

Okay, that's gonna have to do.

We still need time to get upstairs
and pull the tarp across the shaft.

I'll go upstairs
and block the elevator.

Bobby, Ray, you guys
pull the tarp out.

You're the boss.

Well, what can I do?

Get some rags,
some bottles... glass bottles,

some gasoline...

One order of Molotov cocktails
coming up.

Hey, are you all right?
Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

All right, it's down to L2 now.
We gotta move.

Okay, listen,
stick to the plan, okay?

It's the only way that
we're gonna get through this.

If anything happens to me,
you get them out of here.

Oh, you think
I can handle that? Huh?

Hey relax.

She'll be back soon.

There's nothing
you can do anyway.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- How are you holding up?
- I can't find any bottles.

- Have you checked the trash cans?
- Yeah.

Al keeps a stash of beer
in his repair bay.

No no no, you're not going to L2.
That thing's there right now.

- Hey, Darwin.
- What?

Get her number
and get it over with.

And get back to work.

There's too much work.
Let's go.

Thank you.

- Hey.
- What took so long?

Never mind.
I'm finished up here.

Pull the tarp up
and I'll help you tie it off.

Where's Maria?

Hey, where did you go?

Nice work.

I'm guessing
it's on its way to us.

The ramp's still blocked. By the time
it figures its way out, we'll be ready.


Bobby, watch it.

Cocktails, anyone?

I could use a dry martini
right about now.

Okay. You guys
get everything ready, okay?

I'm gonna go lure it up.



Bobby, no.


Look, she said if anything
happened to her,

I was to take charge of you.

She made it back
last time, right?


Come on. Come on.

Come on.


Get on.

Got any more of those things?

Ray, we've got to help them.

Down to L2.


I got it!

What the fuck?


Maria, no!


- The stairs.
- I got it.

Come on.

Come on.

- What's going on?
- Where's Maria?


in the pit.

- What?
- No.

What happened?

Oh shit.

Listen, there's no time for tears.

We've got to move the SUV.

Then let's do it.

Hey, how do you know

it won't just crawl
into some corner and die, huh?

How much experience have you had
with wounded animals?

You have no idea.


Don't. Tilda, don't.

Come on, Bobby,
move the damn car.

Guys, keys.

Hang on.

Bobby, get out!


No. No.



Must have pushed that car
out of the way, huh?

Probably got hungry again.

Huh, Tilda?

- You son of a bitch!
- All right, I'm sorry.

- You son of a bitch!
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have said that.

I got him this job.

And now I...

just like his mom.

Hey, it's...

Hey, listen.

Sometimes that's just,
you know...

that's just the cards
that life deals, you know.

It's got nothing to do with you.

Hey, listen.

You gotta pull yourself
together, all right?

We still have a job to do.

Hey. Hey.

I thought we were gonna
follow the plan.


This isn't how you catch
a Burmese tiger.


Who's gonna be the goat?

Let's go.

This reminds me
of the good old times.

Yeah, are you happy now?

Damn it.

We're lucky if we have enough gas
to get over to the ramp.

- How about you, hmm?
- What about me?

Are you still calling the shots?
Is that the way it is?

You want to take over, Ray?
Be my guest.

I'll take over?
I thought you weren't even in charge.

I'm just trying to get us out of here
alive, okay? Why don't you shut up?

Yeah? Well, you'd better hurry up.
Ain't many of us left.



There it is... blood.

It's still hurting.


Damn it.

I guess this is not
our night, huh?

Hey, Til, you know about that promotion
you applied for...

I told them you were
the best mechanic I had,

but supervisor... you know, you didn't
have the balls for that, I said.

Anyway, I didn't know about you then
what I know about you now, huh?

Why don't you
shut the hell up, Ray?

Do you even know how to use
that thing?


There you go, killer.

You know, I try
to give you a compliment,

and you want to blow my head off?
That's not nice.

I'm gonna show this to you
just once.

So pay attention.

If you want to shoot something,
you put it into your shoulder,

wide stance, aim, fire.

You want to reload,
you pump it.

You got that?

You're still a jackass.

Yeah, you're welcome.

Hey, Tilda,
you ever go hunting?

Not before tonight, no.

You know, sometimes
when an animal's being hunted,

you know what it'll do?



That's right. Come to Papa.

Come on.
Tilda, let go, baby! Let go!


Tilda, are you there? Tilda.


Hold on, Tilda.

The strong survive, huh?

So I guess it's 50/50, huh,

since, well,

they're all dead?

Well, you know,
I was thinking...

it should be more like 60/40,

since, well, I mean
I'm still the boss, right?


How do we get out of here?


somebody wanna explain to me
what the hell is going on?

I've been trying to call all night.

Oh my God, Til, are you all right?
What happened?

Your car's all set.

Knock yourself out.

Til, just a minute.

Channel 1 News?

? A man ?

? Once said to me ?

? When lightning comes
from the sky ?

? God is angry ?

? A priest ?

? Once said to me ?

? If I question what he speaks ?

? That's blasphemy ?

? I don't know ?

? is he wrong or is he right? ?

? He knows what he's been told ?

? But I can see ?

? The light ?

? Who should I believe? ?

? Who can I believe? ?

? If I want to be free ?

? I've got to believe in me ?

? Who should I believe? ?

? Who can I believe? ?

? If I want to be free ?

? I've got to believe in me ?

? My mom ?

? Once gave to me ?

? The opportunity ?

? To join humanity ?

? The man ?

? Drilled in to me ?

? "To live a life that's free ?

? Is a felony" ?

? Who's to know? ?

? Am I wrong to think I'm right? ?

? Empty words don't hold ?

? Once you've seen ?

? The light ?

? Who should I believe? ?

? Who can I believe? ?

? If I want to be free ?

? I've got to believe in me ?

? Who should I believe? ?

? Who can I believe? ?

? If I want to be free ?

? I've got to believe... ?