Super Furball (2018) - full transcript

When a young girl acquires a secret superpower from her pet guinea pig, her ordinary life turns upside down. She decides to use her newfound powers to make a difference in the world, which ...

I have to tell you something.

It's actually from my diary

called Emilia's Super
Fantastic Diary.

And you really shouldn't tell
your diary stuff to anyone,

but since I'm Emilia, I
guess I can tell you this.

It all happened near my home,

the cove, and the
butter factory,

and the school
and Simon's house.

It was really strange and scary.

As a story at midnight, it
was totally dark and glum.

My mom always says
I shouldn't be too,

what's that word?


But sometimes, I just
have to be a bit negative.

It all started when our
biology teacher went fishing

at midnight.

During the day, he's
at school with us.

So he has to fish at night.

- Hullaballoo.
- Hullaballoo.

- Let's go get him.
- Let's go get him.

C'mon, c'mon, hush, hush.

Hey, what, what,
what is happening?

What, hey, hey.

What, hey, hey, hey,
hey, help, help, help.



Well hello, did
you run away again?

Actually, it all started

when this pet store
opened near us.

They used to sell house plants.

I'm not interested
in house plants.

Or maybe I would be, if I
was a plant, like a cactus.

But animals are a
different story.

I always stopped by the window

and I passed by it very often

as it's on my way to...

Oh no, school!

Not again!


See you guys.

Oh, hey little guy.

Hey, hey, you two boys!

Stop there, stop
what you're doing!

It's your principal
speaking, the prince, yeehaw!

And a few pieces of information.

When washing your
hands, remember,

one piece of paper per hand.

I mean, two pieces
of paper per hand.

No, one piece of paper per
pair of hands.


Oh and health alert, be
aware, pin worms, diarrhea

and parasites,

so wash your hands and no
rubbing heads together.

We have lice.

Yahoo, yeehaw!

Morning Simon.

You're not the
only one that's late.

Hey there, you guys remembered
to wipe your filthy feet

outside, right?



Seaweed for Simon.

Like your breakfast?

Open up wide, baby.

This isn't seaweed, it's clover.

Today we'll discuss the
old enemies of our waters.

Any guesses?

What could that be?

What bacteria could it be?

Not the yellow bacteria,
not the magenta.

Come on kids, you
need to participate.

Success in life.

Simon is my best friend.

A lot of kids think he's strange

but his dad is the strange one.

He has a seaweed
stand on the beach.

Simon often has seaweed as a
snack because it's healthy.

Greasy Antero bullies him.

Every morning, Greasy Antero
styles his hair with butter.

They have a lot of it, as his
dad owns the butter factory.

And everyday, he bullies Simon.

Who knows the answer?

The clock is ticking.

And the correct answer
is Cyanobacteria, yes,

and where do we have it?

Yes, in the Baltic Sea
and what does it cause?

Good, eutrophication

and what does it kill?

The organisms.

Boy, I'm on a roll today.

What are you doing Simon?

And what
causes the pollution then?

You're idiots.

Idiots, that's correct.

Idiots pollute the ocean.

Well done Simon, our weed
and algae specialist.

But pick up the
pencils you dropped.

Yes, let's keep this classroom
and the nature clean.

Dad and I were thinking
of buying a telescope.

But not a big one,
it's not practical.

It would be too
heavy when traveling.

What're you looking at?

Isn't it cute?



Look at what Kiersha
shared with everyone.

Greasy got a pool
for his birthday.

Cool, right?

Pool slides are great.

Yeah, I always go on them.

My dad can't even handle
a small slide though.

What's that noise?

I don't know, it
only used to stink,

now there's that noise.

Hi there, I made this basic
weed and moss based porridge.

There you go.

If you want to
make it more meaty,

sprinkle some animal
plankton on top.

Oh, Emilia, are you hungry?

We've got dessert as well.

You can make a nice
jam from a jellyfish.

Take a look.

Oh, don't worry.

It's not from this cove, have
to clean it seaweed elsewhere.

Don't know how long I
can keep this stand open,

the trees are grain.

Here you go.

Sorry, but I'm not really hungry

and my moms waiting for me.


Hey mom!

Emilia, I've got
a surprise for you!

Simon, come along with us.

What kind of fur
ball do you want?

Seriously mom?

I get one finally?

Yes sweetie.

- You finally get one.
- Yes!

Hey, hey, be careful, okay.

Some animals have
been on the run.

They can get a little
tricky sometimes.

A rare beetle is still missing.

Choose carefully.

I know mom, I know.

A guinea pig?

Kind of boring.

But I've always
wanted a guinea pig.

Let's look at the
other critters as well.

Like a fish.

Aw, aw.

You're so cute.

Ow, hey, why did you do that?

- Hey mom, this guinea pi...
- Don't tell her.

If you tell her it bit you,
she won't buy it for you.

You won't get it.

Emilia, what about
the guinea pig?

This guinea pig is so cute.

I'll give you a discount
since this is a strange one.

Keeps it's own company,
doesn't like baths,

walks it's own path.

Perfect, yes, we'll take it.

Come to the register.

What does
a fur ball like that need?

Food, cage, some
love and affection.

You have some kind of
preferred customer card

or rewards points?

Gold, silver, copperton?

Just the debit card.

I hope you find your beetle.

We always find them somewhere.

They're always crawling
around somewhere, I just...

It's just crisp bread
for the bunnies.

You're gonna need
a water bottle too.

Guinea pigs can't run in wheels.

But this little
guy can do anything.

What about fluffy?



How about Pavarotti?

Is it a boy or a girl?

- Mom?
- Hm?

- Is this a boy or a girl?
- Oh, I forgot to ask.

Don't know.

It has to be a really cute name.

Anita Hirvonen?

There's no telling
with these things.


Hey look.

I think it's a sign, maybe
it wants to be Halonen.

Or, Tarja, the pig.

Guinea pig Halonen.

It's guinea pig Halonen.

Well I gotta go home now.

Bye Simon.

I got the world's
cutest guinea pig today.

Her eyes look like
two giant balls.

She has lovely little bug teeth.

Snacks are ready in the kitchen.

I'll be right down.

She's like one fluffy
ball, all rolled in and...

Come on, kiddo.

The sandwiches are getting cold.

Okay, I'm coming.

Mom's boyfriend Pertti
gets on my nerves.

Why are sandwiches so important?

Why does he eat all the time?

All right Em, mom's waiting.

Let's get moving.

Dad, what're you doing here?

Came to eat, okay?

And say hi to you.

Not a moments peace here.

But it's nice that dad comes
over to see us for dinner.

Mom and dad got divorced
when I was eight.

They're friends, even
though dad has a new home.

It's peaceful at dads but boring

because he's been writing
his book for five years now.

He just writes and
writes and writes.

I like living her
with mom and Pertti.

No peace here but it's
cleaner and it smells nicer.

I see Pertti has his
brewery going again.

At the resort next week,
you'll get the best beer

this side of the Baltic.

How was your summer vacation?


That's funny, I wish I could
go away for even a weekend.

A few days at the spa.

What happened to your finger?

Uh, no.

The guinea pig, her
cage, I got scratched.

Oh no, they might have
to chop off your finger.

Well it needs to be disinfected.

Well, I better get going.

Bye sweetie.

Bye dad.

Mom is a nurse and she
knows about these things.

Ah, this Uber's expensive.

She always has a first aid kit.

You never know if a
guinea pig will bite.

But mom's boyfriend Pertti,
he's not exactly a genius.

He eats all the time.

He's from Turku and thinks
that you don't get fat.

Well, her business, not mine.

Goodnight little one.

wakey wakey, anybody home?

Who's there?

It's me.


Can I get a double cheeseburger
with an order of fries

and a milkshake?

Nah, it was a joke.

Guinea pig humor, you know?

Hop in.

C'mon get in.

I don't think so, go away.

I know you're not
real, I'm dreaming.

Yep, it's a dream.

Come on now and
put on a sweater.

It's chilly out here.

Well it's just a dream.

There's a situation in Norway,

a stuck in a
drain, code seven six one.

Sorry dispatch, I'm in the
middle of a two four five.

Roger that.

We got a cow stuck
in a house in Mexico.

He can't get out the
doors or the windows.

Hey, take it easy.

I'm gonna wake up.

Aren't we a nervous one?

Two seven four, ETA Mexico,
two hours 30 minutes.

Actually more like,
say, two and 40,

I gotta go grab grub first.

Over and out.

Hey you, where are we going?

What did you say?

Where are we going?

Going to Lotti.

Why Lotti?

Tell me about it,

I wanted to go to the
ski resort in Germany.

Two seven four,

how the weather
looking up there?

We got some snow coming down.

Hey back seat, turbulence ahead.

We got another case of a puffin

stuck in Iceland.

Two seven four, free tomorrow.

Over and out.

Alrighty, roger that.

Over and out.

You already said that.

Oh, sorry.

Over and out.

You don't have
to, you already said it.

Okay, nevermind.

Over and out.

Why are we here?

You'll soon see.

Okay little missy,
this is your exit.

Help me.

Hello Emilia,
it was quite a ride.

You did well on that slope.

Could've stuck the
landing a bit better.


Ah, wait.

I'll upload this to the net.

Longest selfie stick in
all of Finland.

Who are you?

What are you?

I'm the guinea pig, the
giant guinea pig, you know.

Open your mouth, come on.


How does that feel?

How does what feel?

I'm guessing a guinea pig
bit your finger today, right?


It was a sign, you know.

What is this?

You've been chosen to be
super fur ball, quite an honor,

you know?

Who exactly chose me?

Aw, the guinea pigs, not
me, but the little ones.

I just handle the PR and
supervise the actions

of the super fur balls.

Every time you take a sip

from the guinea pig
Halonen's bottle,

you turn into super fur ball.

So cool!

Yeah, super powers.

Hey, can I kick Greasy's butt?

No, you can't abuse your powers.

You cannot abuse your powers.

Your mission is more
important than you think.

A school of herrings
are riding in the cove,

breaking everything.

You have to calm
down the herrings.

Hm, cool, you're beginning
to get into your guinea pig

groove now.

Ah, horrible teeth.

Hey, Mr. Halonen, I had the
strangest dream last night.

I see you have baseball today.

That's fun, right?

It sucks.

Take your water bottle with you.

It's, how do you kids say?

Tots hots.

Nobody says that mom.

Uh, seriously.

I look fine.

I look fine.

Don't forget the water bottle.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Bye bye.

Tots bad.

Where is it?



Where is my shoe?

Today we're gonna
be playing baseball

or as I like to
call it, crazy ball.

We're gonna stick to the basics

and have some fun.

I hate baseball.

It's the most boring sport ever.

The PE teacher is so
crazy about sports.

She eats a ton of
cottage cheese.

Today the teams will
be selected by Antoro.

It's dangerous to
eat that much cottage cheese.

And Emilia.

Well gee wiz.

Let's go.

Okay, the best ones here
with me, lose with Emilia.


One at a time Anturo.

Emilia, go ahead.


I'll take Peter, or
better known as Farty.

I like to have Simon on my team

but he always strikes out.

Why do I have to
choose the teams?

I don't want to.

If I choose him, we'll lose
and everyone will blame me.


Of course she'll take
Simon, they're dating.

Aw, cute couple.

No we're not.

Simon, Emilia's team wants you.

I'll take the dog.

Hey, hey, I don't want Simon.

Let's pick new teams.

Yeah, we don't want Simon.

All he does is strike out.

This is really horrible.

Strike three.

Thanks four eyes.

You missed 15.

Such a lame loser.

Yo loser.

Oh boy, this is never gonna end.

This is it, kids,
the last inning.

Simon, go to the out field
and stay out of the way, 'kay?

Go as far as you can.

Simon, catch it.

Next batter.

Mikey, step up.

Emilia, you're next.

Second out.

Only the second?


Do I have to?

All right, let's get a move on.

I'm not missing lunch today.

If you miss, you'll lose.

Sorry, when you
miss, you'll lose.

Hey, I need to
ask you something.

What happened to your face?

Quit talking and play some ball.

Oh boy, this is really exciting.

The last and final strike

and then we can get a move
on to that chicken casserole.

Come on kids, let's
get it moving.

You'll lose even though
we had Simon on our team.

Like, yay.

That's a foul, that's
clearly a foul ball.

That's right, Emilia's
last hit was a foul ball.

It was the third and last
out of Emilia's team.

Chicken casserole,
this way, please.

That was some hit,
very interesting.

Yeah, where did the ball go?

It's from the elementary school.

Ugh, the sound barrier
broke some windows.

Here too?

All over the school and
we're over the budget.

Come in kitchen,
Prince one calling.

Cancel the meatballs tomorrow,
just mashed potatoes.

Ricky, potatoes only.

Simon, do superpowers exist?

No, why are you asking?

I can't really tell you.



Listen, I gotta
ask you something.

We've all been wondering.

Are you two together?

What do you mean, us two?

Well, you and Simon.

No way.

Poor Simon, everyone
thinks he's a freak.

I heard that all he
eats at home is seaweed.

Can you imagine?

I guess he's kind
of, kind of, different.



We're not sure - Hey.

About the situation at the cove.

Hi babe.


Coming in overnight

- but we do know.
- Hi there boo boo.

Property has been damaged

and several boats
have been vandalized

and released from their anchors.

Hey, Simon's dad is on

- the news.
- We have one more

standing by.

Sir, can you let us know
what's happening today?

No vandalism before but
only the butter factory

polluting the algae, reeds
and other vegetable goodies

from the sea.

Horsetail and salt marsh
have disappeared, well,

all together.

The police have
no clues of the perpetrators.

Those punks should be
sent to juvenile hall.

You don't know that, they
could be adults as well.

Why would an adult
do something so stupid?

Why would an adult wear a bib?

Well, cleanliness matters, dear.

The situation is underlined

by an explosion
beneath the surface.

The police are investigating

however, Meteorological
Institute explained.

Someone just hit a
baseball into the water.

Up next, financial news.

Super fur ball.

It's super fur ball.

No going.

Are you deaf?

Wait up super fur ball.

Super fur ball.


I'm so tired.

Down here,.

I know you're the
super fur ball.

What are you?

What am I?

Blazing Belinis.

You talk?

Yes, though they keep saying
herrings are a quiet bunch.

Is this kind of a joke?


We need your help,
super fur ball.

You know this cove near here
in the Baltic Sea, yeah?

Yes of course.

It was on the news.

The young herrings are so mad.

Soon something
terrible will happen.

Is it you herrings
that are making the mess?

Oh look, she's talking to
her friends in the sewer.

So, it's time for,
what is it time for?

Will they use their
first lifeline?

It's ask the teacher or me.

Yes, they're using it.

The correct answer.

Biology projects
about the Baltic Sea.

And how do they go about it?

Very lazy hands here today.

You'll do it in pairs.

In a moment, we'll be
choosing project partners.

Does everyone understand?

Okay, now.

Do we have anyone
without a partner?


Ah, Emilia and Simon.

Aw, look at the cute couple.

Will it be a church wedding?

I'll do mine alone.

I see.

So, Simon has to
do his alone too?

Is that okay?


Emilia, take water systems
and Simon, islands.


Yes Emilia?

What do herrings need?

Well, that's for you to
find out on this project.

I kinda need to know right now.

What do herrings need the most?

Well I guess,
like all other fish,

clean water most of all.

And what have we said about
messaging during lessons?

Where is our
degenerate going now?

I'll give you a hint, lots of
fresh air, he knows it well.

Go outside and take a lap.

Hey, look at that.

Oh my god, let's take a picture.

Here comes the aardvark.

Oh my god.

Who did this artwork?

If we can't find
the guilty party

then everyone will clean.


It was her.

No no.


Of course it was
Emilia, we saw her.

Yeah, we saw her.

Well if Emilia won't confess

then it's gonna be altogether.

Thanks a lot Emilia.

Yeah Emilia, some
friend you are.

Teacher, it was me.

One, two, three, bang.

There we have it.

Simon will wash it.

Chop, chop.

It's okay to show your feelings,

just not to trash your school.

Why did you do that?

They bully me already and
we may have to move anyway.

What, why?

No more clients at the cove.

The whole place is
polluted and vandalized.

No way, where to?

Why do you care anyhow?

Am I going crazy?

Herrings are asking for my help.

Or am I crazy already?

I'm talking to a guinea pig.

Emilia and I are
going to the pool first.

Where are the towels?

Oh no.

More horrible than I remember.

Of all superheroes, why do
I have to be guinea pig

with these teeth?

Sorry, nothing personal.

Emilia, it's pool time.

No, don't come in.

Hey, is everything
okay in there?

Everything's fine.

I'm doing my homework.


Are you all right?

Is everything okay?

Come on,.

No, no, no.

I don't have time.

What do you mean?


Come on, it's time to relax.

Emilia, where did
you fly off to now?

Seriously Emilia,
no joking around.


What on earth are you doing?

Emilia what's going
on, are you okay?

There you are.

What're you doing?


I see you bought
the teeth and ears.


Wear them for the carnival.

Well then.

I guess I'm super fur ball now.

I can handle those herrings
and Simon doesn't have to move.

It's a bit lame
to be a guinea pig

but still, I'm a super hero.

But first, I need to
work on my flying skills.


Hi, so if you could fly,
how would you fly straight?

Birds have tails,
witches have a broom

and superman has a cape.

- Aha!
- Why?

And if you only have a scarf?

Why only a scarf?

I can't tell you right now, bye.

Look at this.

It was all good yesterday.

A running wheel.




The herrings.


Hi there mom.

I'm at, no we're
not on the computer.

The homework is almost done.



It's cold, it's cold,
it's really really cold.

All right, operation herring.


Oh you made it, nice to see you.

Sorry for not getting you then.

I couldn't figure out
a talking herring.

I thought I was going, uh,
you wanted to talk to me?

Yes, we have a gulf
shore catastrophe.

Quiet, go do
some herrings things,


Uh, what's that gross stuff?

Oh, that, all the
time, that dura lock pipe

keeps spewing poison.

It's very difficult
for us herrings.

Usually we're easy going,

but this is what poison
does to herrings.

We become mean and angry.


That unsuspecting
school of perches

moved here a few weeks ago.

We used to be like that,

swimming happily
into one direction.

But now all of that is.

The whole gang is ocean crazy.

Couldn't you find
another part of the ocean?

The perches have
been all over the sea.

Even worse pollution everywhere.

We have to end the poison
from entering our gills.

You have to remember,

a poisoned herring
is an angry herring.

An old saying in the sea.

When a rowboat comes,
it's the worst.

It's a halloballu.

So, how can I help you guys?

We have to get out of here.


Hm, mm.

I almost forgot dessert.



Did you finish the cake?

I was really looking
forward to eating that.

Oh no, there it is.



Oh no, I look so terrib...

Terrific, just terrific.

If the herrings won't calm down,

they'll ruin everything and
Simon will have to move.

I have to do something.

Swim in here.

No, no one to fight with.

What is that smell?

How's the temperature?

Ocean, perfect, yes.

Goodnight and no hullaballoo.

No, no, no, no.

Mission accomplished fur ball.

What are those?

They're herrings ma.

Pertti, come here.

Oh wow, fish.

They're called herrings.

Why are they in our bathtub?

Well, I have this
biology project

and I have to study the growth
and behavior of herrings.

Oh, they look so good.

You should fry them.

No, you're not
gonna fry them, okay?

Crab and cream cheese
filling sounds so good.

Oh and instead of rye flour,

bread them with
crisp bread crumbs.

Do we have crispy bread?

No frying them
and no crispy bread.

Two days and then
the bathtub is empty.

But mom, do you want
me to fail my project?

I won't get in to high
school or university

and then I'll end
up on the streets.

Two days, okay?

End of discussion.

Oh, this is so much better.

Babe, I can't
find the crispy bread.

Are you serious?

We are not frying
anything from the bathtub.

Thank you Emilia.

We feel so much
better and cleaner.

What do you
herrings like to eat?





Or maybe yogurt?


I am wondering if you have...

Dad always has animal plankton.

Thank you.

What do you need it for?

It's just something, so
you don't have to move.

What do you mean?

Fine, don't tell me.

What's this?

You're bringing
algae to school now?

You can't bring it to school.

It's not algae, it's plankton.

Now give it back.

Simon, why did you do that?

Shame on you Simon.

Who made this mess out here?

Who did it?

Is it true?

Was it him?

Greasy always win.

He can do anything and
he's everyone's favorite.

He always has cool stuff.

His dad owns the butter
factory down by the cove.

He buys weird stuff
for the school.

He's probably the
richest man in town,

arranges all kinds of events.

Good news from the Baltic.

The vandalism at
the cove has ended.

Although the police did
not find the perpetrator,

Are the herrings still
swimming around in our bathtub?

Well, I have no other
place to put them.

I don't know what to do.

Take them wherever you want,

the tub must be
empty in the morning.


Tickets to a spa.

A spa?

Are you serious?

Yeah, I won a raffle at work.

Five tickets, can
you believe it?

I'm so excited!

Emilia, we have
two extra tickets.

Would you like to
ask Simon to go?

He's not even
answering my phone calls.

I'm gonna ask someone else.

Dad has a new
girlfriend, Annelilla.

I call her cotton
swab Annelilla.

Dad doesn't like the name and
doesn't get the reference.

Hi Emmy, hey.

Ah, hi.

Hey, you made it.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, good to see ya!

Okay, what's going on
with all the hugging?

So unnatural, so uncivilized.

All right, let's go swimming.

Wait, hold on.

I left something in there.


Just remember to lock.

There's a lot of
human plankton here.

On TV, I saw small fish eat
dry skin from peoples feet.

Sounds delicious.

Who's hungry?

Everyone, let's go, let's
go, it's time to eat.

Chlorine, no, chlorine is
the worst poison for us.

We go totally
crazy, hullaballoo.

Ah, everyone back,
everyone back.

This is no good, this
is no good at all.

Everyone, ah!

Get back into the barrel now!

Hey, get back now.


Well, we don't want to
shut out any customers

but herrings don't
tolerate chlorine.

But they could get used to it.

If we sell people
a luxury spa weekend,

they don't want to be
swimming in fish soup,

now do they?

But couldn't you maybe
remove the chlorine?

We are going home now.

So sorry about this.

That's fine.

And you're welcome
back any other time.

Of course, without the herrings.

Sorry ma'am, the
sauna's full of scales.


And one more thing, just a tip,

children need to
have boundaries.

How come I can't
trust you to behave?

Hey Em, cheer up.

Mom was just embarrassed
because of the herring fiasco.

But she was so angry.

She only gets mad
because she loves you.

Mom must have loved you a lot.


Why do you say that?

She was always so mad at you.

She had other reasons.

Grownups are so weird.

That's true, you
can't understand them.

There is one thing about mom.

Simon, I tried calling you.

Sorry, I must've missed it.

What do you have in there?

You can't bring
that in to school.

It's my biology project.


What is in there?

Get that thing away right now

or the janitor
will take it away.


I'm sorry but I can't
think of another way.

I have to take you
back, do you understand?

Yeah, big herring, not
a cry baby.

I'm so sorry, but what
else could I have done?

Emilia, you did
everything you could.

You tried to help, thank you.

We have to solve
this problem alone.

There might be a
big hullaballoo.

This is not cool at all.

Simon won't take my calls.

He doesn't even sit
with me at lunch.

Have some more.

You're so skinny, the
winds gonna break you.

Where's Simon?

Now there's a skinny kid.

Kitchen Donna is right.

Simon should eat
something, he's too thin.

Once, Simon was
waiting for a bus

and a huge gust of
wind swept him up.

It flew him against
the window in Ikea

and he got stuck there.

The police came
over to detach Simon

but it wasn't easy.

Simon got so flat, it
was hard to stand him up.

All kinds of cool stuff
keep happening with Simon.

Listen, I gotta ask this.

What's the hold up here?

What happened to you Emilia?



Maybe telling me would help?

The water is so
dirty in the cove

that Simon's dad has
to close their stand,

then Simon will move away.

I'm sorry honey.

It doesn't matter anyway.

He doesn't want to
be my friend anymore.

Even if Simon does move away,

you'll still be best
friends, sweetie.

That's what counts.

And listen, it's not
too late to make up

before he moves away.

A good friend will forgive.

Even dad and I
don't fight anymore.

You're right mom, I'll
talk to him tomorrow

and apologize.

That's good.

Oh, and dad told me
something about you.

And you're the best
daughter in the world.

Maybe we've grown apart

like they say in Cotton
Swab Annelilla's magazines.

How do you grow apart?

Why can't everybody
just be friends?

Why are some more
embarrassing than others?

Oh no, if Simon has to move away

then we'll really grow apart.

Hey, my night shift
is starting soon.

And lastly,

an update on one of
our ongoing stories.

The situation at the Baltic
Bay is heating up again.

Vandalism in the
bay of East Helsinki

has returned with a vengeance.

Last night, a food
stand disappeared.

What in the world?

The police have no suspects.

We don't have any suspects,
this is a total mystery.

Yeah, we're on
our way to school.

And then the fish pushed

- the stand into the water.
- So many fish.

So many fish.

I lost everything.

Reed porridge, reed
patties, plankton bars.

What will I sell my customers?

What will we eat?

Where on earth is Simon?

He's an hour late.

He's never late
when we have a test.

The city is being vandalized,

the water supply
system is broken.

It's difficult to
investigate, the sea is busy

under the surface but the
divers don't dare go in.

We're closely.

Hey it's my dad,
look, he's on TV.

Yeah dad, you're the man.

It's totally absurd to
claim that our butter factory

has anything to do with
the problems in the bay.

Well this is very strange,

I've lived here all my life and.

What're you doing?

Where's Simon?

Simon is not coming
in to school today,

he's moving away.

No, he can't.

I didn't have time to
apologize or even talk to him.


Hey, I know what
causes all this.

You do, really?

Give me names.

The power is gone because
the herrings have done

something under the sea.

Ah, I see.

Please explain in more detail.

The herrings are getting sick

because poison is
pouring into the cove.

They're going totally crazy.

We need an extra broadcast
and an emergency bulletin.

We need the radio back on.

Come on, cloppity-clop,

Come on.

I keep a spare
generator for emergency.

The radio will never die.


Our guest today, on
our Prince One radio,

is little Emelia
Neeman, with hot news

about our power outage.

Go ahead Emilia.

Yes, the power is off
because the herrings are...

Yeehaw, talk about herrings,

let's listen to some
herring music now.

Emilia, you need to speak up
because the generators, uh.

Hullaballoo, hullaballoo,
hullaballoo, hullaballoo

hullaballoo, hullaballoo,
hullaballoo, hullaballoo.





Can I help you with something?

Where's Simon?

Previous tenants?

They left already.


They left so suddenly.

This can't be happening.

I didn't even get
a chance to say goodbye.

We were fighting the last
few days, he was mad at me.

It was all my fault.

What was all your fault?


I thought you had left already.

We left some dry algae
behind, we came back to get it.

You can't move away, please.

Found it.


Let's get going.

Simon, I know what's
causing all these problems

but it's so strange, you're
not gonna believe me.

Try me.


So a school of
herrings from the cove

came to shore to attack people.

Environmental toxins
mess with their heads.

We should get them to safety.

The herrings.

Why didn't you say so?

It's not the first time.

Environmental toxins
cause behavioral problems.

There are many pipes
on that sea floor,

like the one from
the butter factory

and the main electricity line.

That's probably what's
causing the problems.

The herrings are
eating away at that line.

Soon, they'll break everything.

We have to save that cove.

My dad tried already.

We need to calm down
those herrings right away.

I'll handle the herrings

so your dad can
open his stand again

and you guys won't have to move.

What can I do?

How do I calm down
all the herrings?

Why do I always fail?

Emilia, you are
a super fur ball.

Not everyone gets that honor.

What can I do as a guinea
pig or whatever it is

that I turn into?

I don't want to be
a mega fat fur ball

with gigantic buck teeth.

I won't do it.

The appearance
is no coincidence.

Music please.

Guinea pigs are cute,
chubby and furry

so that they can
get close to people,

especially close to children.

And you were not made
super fur ball by mistake.

You are a resourceful child
with a vivid imagination

and you need to learn
how to be brave.

Emilia, if you're good
as plain old Emilia,

you're good as super fur ball.

Be brave and say the most
beautiful words out loud,

"I am guinea pig,
super fur ball".

I am a fur ball,
a super fur ball.

I am a fur ball,
a super fur ball.

I am a fur ball,
a super fur ball

and I need that water bottle
to be a super fur ball.

Mom, where's guinea
pig Halonen's bottle?

Where's that bottle?

In the dishwasher.

Why is it in there?

It wasn't clean then
the power went out.

Mom, open it.

We can't open it mid cycle.

We need to wait for the power.

There will be no power
if I don't get that bottle

out of there.

Don't be silly, trust
me, you can't open it.

What's with all this noise?

For some reason, Emilia is
worried about the cleanliness

of our dishes.

I need to get that bottle out.

What bottle?

It's Halonen's bottle in there.

You can't be shouting like
this in an apartment building.

You can't open it mid cycle.

All right, all right.

All the water will come out.

I know what I'm doing, let
me show you how it's done.

Thanks Pertti, you're the best.


Here we go.

This is not a good time.

Emilia, where are you?

Did you do your homework?

Yes, well, almost.

All right, well
don't be too late

and don't go near the cove.

There's something unsafe
happening down there, okay?

No, of course not mom.

Bye, gotta go!

Make some space,
make some space.

Clear the area, divers
are coming up now.

I'm not going back in.

No, no, no.

The herrings are going
crazy down there.

Stop messing
around with the nets,

we need stronger equipment.

I'll go in.

The sea is my friend, the
sea won't harm a friend.

No civilians
inside the perimeter.

Get him out of here.

Bite, bite as hard as you can,

bite like you've
never bit before.

Herrings, I come in peace.

Please don't attack.

Let's negotiate,
what could I do?

It's too late, we don't want
to live in a sewer anymore.

This cove is not an open dump.

We are up to our
gills in this dirt.

I'm one mad, bad herring

who's putting an
end to all of this.

What was that?

What was that?

Okay, no more chewing.

I'll go tell them your demands.

Not in a sewer, not an
open dump, up to our gills

and they're mad.

Fix the cable and get those
crazy fish out of the water,

no matter what.

If they don't stop

causing havoc - Hey.

We're going to
lose the entire cove.

Get the big net.



Hey, who are you?

Hold on.

Okay, listen to me.

If people stop
polluting the sea,

they'll let the divers
down to fix everything.


The herrings.

Stop that,.

They don't want
to live in a stew.

This cove is no open dump.

They are up to their gill, gill,

you'll be in the guillotine
if you don't agree.

You hear this?

Get the kid out of here.


The herrings die, the
sea dies, the world dies

and Simon moves away.

Crank the shank.

Crank the shank.

Hey, what's in the bottle?

Hey kid, hey kid, come back.

Why does this always happen?

They will catch you in their net

and make you into
soup and fish tacos.

Oh no, tell them we'll
surrender, we'll surrender.

No time, the net is coming.

Help us super fur ball.

We don't want to
end up in a soup

or a casserole.

Help, help!

Here we go.

Crank, crank, crank.

Uh, so, I guess the
power cable could be, uh.

Yeah, I guess we
could fix it now, right?

I could do it.

All right, get
down there already.

The power shortage
was caused by toxins

seeping into the water,
corroding the cable.

It's a serious
environmental crime.

I can't comment on the
pending charges at this point.

We are cooperating
with investigators

but environmental industries
are very dear to me, as well.

For future generations.

I have a family and a child.

The power is back in and the
citizens can sigh in relief.

But the fish population
has weakened.

Herrings have
disappeared all together.

The state fishery says the
situation will return to normal

with time.

Why are you still growling?

Didn't I do what you
guys wanted me to do?



So cool you didn't
have to move after all.


That was quite a hullaballoo
at the cove last night.

Nesting places to
many species of birds.

That's why reeds are the
vital part of the ecosystem

of our water bodies.

The end.

Thank you, very nice.

Next up, we have Simon and
the islands on the Baltic Sea.

If you're
good as plain old Emilia,

you're good as super fur ball.

Emilia, what are you doing?

We did our projects together.

I helped Simon and
Simon helped me.

Oh look, how cute.

Sh, we're in the middle
of our presentation.

Sh, who do you
think you're shushing?

You, shut up Greasy Antero.

Are you pals with him?

No, not a pal, a
friend, a best friend.

Well then, islands,
by Simon and Emilia.

Aw, look at these love birds.

So cute.

Sh, will you be quiet?

I want to hear what Emilia
and Simon have to say.

Antero, be nice, just like
you were on TV last night.


I was going to pack it in

but then I thought, weed
based food will soon catch on.

Oh, as an appetizer, I
recommend frog spawn.

It's protein for
the whole family.

Three dollars only.


Oh, hey Emilia.

And here you go.


This should be clean
by next spring.

Hi Emilia.

Hi Antero.

This is going to be
wonderful, super fur ball.

Thank you.

And thank you for
this temporary home.

Love how the scenery opens up.

Where did you put
the rest of my gang?

Well, I had help
from my friends.


Run Simon!

Can't be bothered.

This is not my thing.