Super Express (1964) - full transcript

All characters appearing in this work are fictious.
Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental.

DAIEI Company


Is the boss in?

You're speaking to him.
What can I do for you?

Oh, it's you?
I'm Nakae from Tokyo.

- Nakae-san?
- Yes.

I represent the Tozai Kaihatsu
company from Ginza.

My name's Kikyo.
How can I help you?

- Bring us some tea.
- Yes.


... I'm going to buy a piece
of land in this area.

What price range are
you interested in?

Kikyo-san, I heard a large factory
is going to be built here.

- Do you know anything about it?
- A factory?

- Never heard about it.
- Really? That's weird.

I got this information from
a reliable source.

Who told you about it?
And what kind of factory is it?


Well, what do you say?

Do you want to make
money with me?

Your regular commission is 30-40 yen
for 1 tsubo (≈3,3 sq.m.).

And I'm paying at least 100 yen.

Will you help me get this
piece of land?

Where is it?

We can't talk privately here.

Do you mind if we go to Okayama?

- Okayama?
- I'm driving.

It'll take 20 minutes at the most.
Let's go.

- Welcome back.
- Yes, it's me again.

- Here you go.
- Come in, Kikyo-san.

Sister, can you excuse us?

I'll call you when I need you.

And shut the door.


To our meeting.


So, coming back to our

... are you ready to do
business with me?

Tell me everything in detail.

Are you sure that a large factory
is going to be built here?

No doubt about it.

Daisaku Yamano-sensei
personally told me.

He can be trusted.

Where is this factory
going to be located?

Right here.

In Oto-Izumida-Kishine.

- It's a really strange long stretch of land.
- This factory...

... is going to produce
cars together with Ford.

- A car factory?
- That's right

Here's the project.

There will be a production line.

Cars will be produced
one after another...

... that's why it has
to be so long.

I see.

However, it includes the red lights district
occupying around 200,000 tsubo (≈ 66 ha).

How much are you ready
to pay for 1 tsubo?

And what's the market price?

Local farmers are quite greedy.

I think the price will be around 4 thousand per 1 tsubo.
Four thousand multiplied by 200,000…

That's 800 million.

800 million is a lot of money.

You think I can't afford it?

Leave it to me.

You have nothing to worry about.

I represent one of Japan's
biggest banks - Mitsuboshi bank.

800 million is not a
problem for us.

So, are we doing this or not?

And what is my part in this?

You're going to negotiate
with the land owners.

If a stranger like me does it...

... famers might get suspicious...

... and increase the price.

- That's true.
- Exactly.

Since you're a local,
they will trust you more.

So, are you going to
talk to them?

You'll make a few million
in commission.

I hope you want to make
money, am I right?

- Well...
- Or you're out?

"Keiichi Kikyo, 28, Niwase family,
Okayama prefecture."

"After graduating from the faculty
of Economy of Kansai University..."

"... got a job in a brokerage
firm in Osaka."

"In 1962 he resigned and started
his own business, but didn't succeed."

"The land that he had inherited was
sold to pay off his debts."

"Then he started «Kikyo Shoji»,
a trade company... "

"... which he still runs today."

Quite comprehensive.

You've been in business
your whole life.

And you want to get a
multi-million deal.

This says a lot about you.

Even I, president of a
small company...

... dream about creating a chain of hotels
and entertainment centers all over Japan.

So, do you want to make
this deal with me?

You come from an old family,
and locals know you.

You're full of energy and
drive to make money.

You're the man we need.

Shall we do it?


Let's do it.


Here's 100 thousand yen.
It's your advance for transport expenses.

Are we closing the deal?


Produced by
Hiroaki Fujii

Written by
Yasuzô Masumura and Yoshio Shirasaka

Based on the novel by
Sueyuki Kajiyama

Cinematography by Setsuo Kobayashi
Art Direction by Tomoo Shimogawara

Sound Effects by Kimio Tobita
Lighting Effects by Nagaharu Watanabe

Music by Tadashi Yamauchi
Film Editing by Tatsuji Nakashizu


Jirô Tamiya, Yukiko Fuji,
Eiji Funakoshi, Daisuke Katô

Jotaro Semba, Yasuo Harumoto,
Tatsuya Ishiguro

Yujo Hayakawa, Tatsuo Hanabu,
Kiichiro Ueda

Gakuya Morita, Eiichi Takamura,
Keneji Oyama, Shizuo Tuzo

Hiroko Machida, Sachiko Meguro,
Fumiko Murata, Noriko Hodaka

Jun Osanai, Saburo Sakai,
Tsutomu Nakata, Tikara Hashimoto

Aiko Mishima, Fukayo Matsumura,
Michiko Masugi, Keiko Arishima

Kan Takami, Koji Kosugi,
Masaki Nando, Tetsuro Takeuchi

Goro Kudan, Gen Harada,
Rin Shugimori, Toshio Mori

Directed by
Yasuzô Masumura

Already in Yokohama.
This super-express is really fast.

This is real luxury.

Keiichi, is Nakae-san paying
for the return tickets too?

Of course.

And what if I don't want to
sell my land to Nakae-san?

Even if he raises the price
from 4 to 7 thousand?

But 200 thuosand tsubo for 7 thousand per 1 tsubo
is 1,400 million. How can he manage that?

Don't worry about that.

Nakae-san represents one of the three
largest banks in the country.

But according to your research...

... this man is listed as a
National railways employee.

Our brokers don't know
anything about him.

That information is outdated.

He is now president of the
Tozai Kaihatsu company.

But that company's authorized
capital is 6 million.

Besides, import and tourism
are struggling now.

Why would a well-known bank
engage the services of this man?

We've been talking about
it for three months.

The final sale agreement should
be signed tonight in Tokyo.

It's too late to worry
about it now.

And what if you conspired
with him to cheat us?

If you're not paid, you
won't give the land.

I trust Nakae-san.

You're talking about his
upbringing and career...

... as if we're some important people
who are selling their family land.

The land we're selling is useless.
Nothing but stones.

Even if I worked all year round...

... I could make 300-400
from one hectare.

With the price of 7 thousand for 1 tsubo,
I'll get 21 million yen for a hectare.

If you put this money in the bank,
you can earn 850 thousand a year in interest.

So, thanks to Nakae-san, I can get
twice as much without doing anything.

We're approaching Tokyo.

Come in.

Nakae-san, I've just arrived.


I took the landowners to
the restaurant.

Good job.

You've been working
for four months.

There have been many difficulties,
but you made it.

Kikyo-san, I'm really
grateful to you.

Thanks to you, this deal
has been made possible.

But they're getting stubborn again.

Now they want 8 thousand
instead of 7.

They're not getting more.

Those lousy rednecks
are so greedy.

Did you talk them into this?

If you doubt me, then I don't
need anything from you.

I'm out.

I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said that.

Will you try to convince them?

And I'll raise your commission
to 120 yen for 1 tsubo.

I'll try.

By the way, are all
the papers ready?

- Yes, everything is ready.
- Good.

Then you can go to the
restaurant too.


- We'll go together.
- What for?

It's not safe to carry all
that money by yourself.

Don't worry, I'll go by car with
my personal driver. So, go ahead.


- Here you have.
- Thank you.

I'll see you tonight and
tell you how it went.

What a beautiful woman!
Is she your friend?

It's my friend's wife.

Well, let's go.

The signing is now finished.

We're really grateful.

Now I'm ready to give
out the money.

Since the sum is very big...

... we signed cheques for
the Mitsuboshi bank.

Please, make sure the sum corresponds
to what the agreement says.




Here you go.










Here you are.




Kikyo-san, your commission
will be paid in cash.

There's a lot of fuss now,
we'll do it later.

Have you received all the
agreed money for your land?

I've never held 47 million
in my hands before.

Is this real money?

Do you guarantee that I'll get money
when I return to my town?

It's more reliable than money.

Your land is very important
for me.

Please, accept my
sincere gratitude.

On top of that...

... we also paid for you to stay
in a wonderful hotel for three days.

You can go to a night club
in Tokyo tower...

... and see other sights
in the city.

Kikyo-kun will take you there.

Have a good time.

Kikyo-kun, let geishas
bring saké and food.

Kikyo-san, something terrible
has happened.

The share price has dropped
from 76 to 25 yen.

It's a 51 yen decrease.

Damn, sell immediately.

Even if we sell now...

... we'll lose 25 million yen
from 1 million shares.

It's everything you have
on your deposit.

Broke again...

A large factory is being built, the share price
is growing and the very moment I buy shares...

... the facotry blows up.
What a coincidence!

Kikyo-san, it was a gamble
all along.

It makes no sense to spend three times
the amount of deposit on a purchase.

Leave me alone.

I need a large sum of money
as soon as possible.

Don't hurry.

It's the second large loss.

What happens twice,
will happen again.

You shouldn't gamble on
stocks anymore.

No, I'll try again.

Anyway, you don't have
the capital for it.

You've already sold the
land you inherited.

I'll find the money.


But it's better for you to return to Okayama
and earn as a real estate agent.

It's none of your business.

Welcome back.

Keiichi, where did you go?

- To Osaka.
- To the stock exchange again? Did you make any money?

If you have money,
lend me some.

Have you come here to
borrow money?

Kobayashi-san, thanks to me
you sold a useless land for 32 million.

Could you lend me 1 or 2 million?

I don't have that kind of money.

How's that possible?

It's been less than six months.

I spent all of it.

We built a new house,
bought a car for our children...

... and there's nothing left now.

Well, less than 100 thousand.

I heard your woman from the Okayama
cabaret is planning to open her own bar?

That's why I'm here.

It's impossible. The share price has dropped,
and now I'm broke.

Stop lying. You earned a lot
from this deal with Nakae.

It's impossible to lose all that
money on stock exchange.

It was 120 yen for 1 tsubo.
In total, 24 million yen.

All it took was one small failure,
and all the money was gone.

Your commission was too low.
It's the Shinkansen, after all.

The Shinkansen?
What are you talking about?

Don't pretend you don't know.

The land we sold will be used
for the high-speed railway system.

To be exact, for the second line
between Osaka and Fukuoka.

They cheated us really well,
didn't they?

The Shinkansen line?

Nakae and you tried to convince us
that there would be a factory.

You come from a known family,
so we believed you. We shouldn't have.

We sold our land for 7
thousand per tsubo.

Do you know how much
the Shinkansen got for this land?

I don't.

The price was 45 thousand yen when
it was sold to the Department of Land.

So 38 thousand multiplied by 50 thousand
tsubo equals 1.9 billion of profit.

You cheated us really well.

Is that true?

Don't pretend you didn't know.

Last night I had a guest from
the Department of Land...

... and he complained a
lot about Nakae.

We, the landowners, also have
a grudge against him.

And you should watch
out around here.

I see...

So that's how it was.

Nakae must have paid you more.

At least 30 or 50 million.

Please, lend me at least one
million from that money.

I have to pay off a debt
as soon as possible...

... otherwise I'll lose
my house. Please!

I'm going to Tokyo soon,
and the office will be closed.

You can take a leave too.


Tell your director that Kikyo
wants to talk to him.

You lost on stock exchange and
want to borrow 5 million?

What happened to the
Kikyo-san I knew?

Actually, I'd like to
get 10 million.

You must be kidding.

We paid your commission in full.

We don't owe you anything.

I understand that.


... selling the land in Okayama
to the Shinkansen...

... brought you 1.9 billion.

Even if you subtract the 1.4 billion in costs,
that still leaves 500 million.

But even that's not all.

I found out that you did the same in
Shimonoseki and that's another 300 million.

Your total profit was about
800 million yen.

That's why it would be fair...

... if you shared 5 or 10
more million with me.

That deal...

... was the result of a
lucky coincidence.

So I don't have to share...

... any extra profit with you.

A lucky coincidence?
Are you serious?

You found out about these plans
from the Constitution Party.

I was told about Toyo's
project for a factory.

They were going to start
construction in that area.

I don't believe a thing
you say.

If you don't, you can go to
Toyo and ask there.

You're lying. Someone told you
about the Shinkansen's plans...

... and you bought that
land before them.

Kikyo-san, are you threatening me?

If I go to the police...

... everyone will know
what you did.

You're a fool.
You can go anywhere you want.

You have no proof.

No one will take you seriously.

No proof?

I don't even have to try hard
to get plenty of evidence.

Your reputation might suffer if
you don't take this seriously.

Would you really prefer to have an
enemy like me rather than pay 5 million?

Think about the advantages.

I'm not the kind of person
that can be threatened.

Go away.

Fine, I'll leave.

But you'll regret it.

I'll hit you where it hurts.

You'll be sorry.

You won't do it.

Because then you'll find yourself
behind bars for blackmail.

Get out of here.

You're the one who'll
be behind bars.

I'm staying in Kanda, in a
cheap hotel called Nishiki.

If you change your mind,
come any time.

Follow the car that the
woman gets in.


I'm home.

I'd like to speak to

- With who exactly?
- Is the man of the house in?

There isn't one.

There is only the lady
and her daughter.

And what does the lady do?

Unfortunately, she's sick.
She's been bed-ridden for two years.


She's old and in weak health.

I'm looking for an attractive woman,
about 24-25 years old.

So, you must be looking for
the daughter, Yoko-san?


I'd like to talk about Yoko-san
from the Tamaru family.

Probably about marriage again?
It's no use.

Why not?

She declines all the
marriage proposals.

Pretty young women
get too ambitious...

... when they graduate
from university.

She's almost 26.
She should get married soon...

... so that her sick mother
can see her grandchild.

Even if a woman has a job,
she still needs a husband.

And what does she do?

- She works for the Shinkansen.
- Shinkansen?

She's the director's secretary
and earns a lot.

I see.
Of course.


I'd like to talk to the director's
secretary, Yoko Tamaru.

Yoko Tamaru?

- We don't have anyone with that name.
- You don't? That's impossible.

If you don't believe me,
you can check with the HR department.

Tamaru Yoko-san?

I was told she works here.

She's not on the staff list.

Oh, Tamaru-kun!
I knew her.

- She quit two years ago.
- Quit?


And who's that?

That's the executive director

What's his name?

Masayoshi Zaitsu.
A wonderful man.

Kikyo-san, you have a visitor.

A visitor?

Also, I'd like you to pay for your stay.
It's been three days.

Of course.

So, it's you.

- Here, take this.
- What is it?

- The money.
- How much?

One million.
I was wrong yesterday.

Five million is too much.
I think this should be enough.

I hope you're satisfied now.

No way. Now I won't accept,
neither 5 nor 10 million.

Why not?

I'm getting a better picture of
the kind of person you are.


You got your information directly
from the Shinkansen, didn't you?

- What are you saying?
- Isn't that right, though?

I'll nail you, rest assured.

You're a fool.

Give up your ridiculous ideas.

Take the money and
go back to Okayama.

If you want me to leave...

... bring me 50 million instead.

Then, I'll return to Okayama.

Mother, I'm off.

- Good morning.
- Morning.


Excuse me.

Which flat is Yoko Tamaru's?

Tamaru-san? We don't have
anyone with that name.

That's weird.
I was told she lives here.

Please, leave.

Sorry you had to wait.

- Tell me!
- Yes?

Do you deliver food to
those apartments?

Very often.

There's a woman there, about 25-26 years old,
with beautiful eyes and a birth mark.

That's Mr Naganuma's wife.
But everyone says she's his lover.


She sometimes orders delivery, but
more often comes here with her husband.

They always order expensive
dishes with shellfish.

They're good customers.

Is that man 50-ish and
speaks with an Osaka accent?

No, he's about 40.
Very well-groomed.

He looks like a president
of a big company.

And he often comes to
the apartments?

Seems like it.
They come to our place often too.

Speak of the devil!
Here she comes.

That's her alright.

Two steaks, please.

- As usual?
- Yes.

You're the only one
in this neighborhood...

... who orders steak
a few times a week.

Your husband must really
like meat.

Today's performance in the
opera house was wonderful!

Kikyo-san, when are you going
to pay for your stay?

I'll pay tomorrow, don't worry.

If you don't, I'll kick you out.


Who is it?

Urgent message from

Come in.

Great apartment.
It must have cost around 6 million.

- Who bought it for you?
- What is it? What did Nakae-san want?

Did Nakae-san buy it?

Or was it Zaitsu-san?

Who are you?

Keiichi Kikyo, a real estate
agent from Okayama.

So, you lied about having a
message from Nakae-san?


Get out now!

That's exactly what I expected to hear.
But I'm not going to leave so easily.

I'm calling the police.

Tamaru-san, do you want
your sick mother...

... to learn about it
from the neighbors?

About how her daughter doesn't work
in the Shinkansen corporation.

About how she quit
two years ago.

About how she goes to the
Mori apartments every day.

And that she's not a secretary...

... but a prostitute.

That she goes to the greengrocer's
and to the butcher's.

And sometimes eats suishi
with her man...

... or goes for a walk with him.

So what?

Your man is the Shinkansen's
executive director, Masayoshi Zaitsu.

Should I continue?

Do you make love in this
luxurious bed?


What do you want from me?

I have a few questions.

If you answer them,
I'll keep your secret.

What questions?

What's the connection between
Zaitsu and Nakae?

I don't know.

Has Nakae discussed about
Shinkansen with Zaitsu here?

I don't know.

Sometimes you came to Nakae
in the Grand Hotel...

... and brought him brown
envelopes with cheques.

Who were they from?

I don't remember.

I see.
I'm not leaving, then.

Can you get me 100
thousand yen?

I don't have that
kind of money.

And you're living like this?
Don't lie to me.

I said I don't have it.

This bed is really comfortable.
I envy Zaitsu.

How about we have
fun together?

If you agree, I'll leave.

Fine, but only on
one condition.

You'll never come here again.

Promise that you won't
blackmail me.

I promise.

- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.

People like you surprise me.

You slept with a stranger that
you've never seen before.

I don't want to upset my
sick mother. That's all.

But you didn't want to pay
100 thousand yen for that.

You promised you'd leave.

So you want money more
than anything.

Have you saved a lot by
sleeping with me?


... must have learnt from Zaitsu about plans
to build the Shinkansen line.

If the police finds out,
he'll be arrested for corruption.

You know very well about the relationship
between Zaitsu and Nakae.

And you're going to tell
me everything.

I'll threaten them.

I'll say, "If you don't pay,
I'll tell the police".

I'm going to blackmail them.

You don't know how much longer
he's going to support you.

And using blackmail, we can get
much more out of them.

If you really want money,
joining me will be much smarter.

Enough talking.

If you change your mind,
come to me.

I'm staying in Kanda,
in a hotel called Nishiki.

Come and tell me everything
about Nakae and Zaitsu.

For your own sake.

I'm grateful that you have agreed
to come despite being so busy.

It's better for me not to
show up in your office.

- Do you have some urgent business?
- Yes.

I feel embarrassed to
ask you this...

... but could you break up
with Yoko Tamaru?


A real estate agent named Kikyo
has arrived from Okayama.

He's trying to kick up fuss...

... and sticks his nose

If you break up with that
woman and sell the apartment...

... there will be no way to
find a connection between us.

It would be a great relief.

But I can't break up
with her right now.

Why not?

Zaitsu-san, you should know...

... that you have to
be careful with women.

Any mistake might cost
you your life.

I know that you really
like her...

... but if you do break
up with her...

... I'll find you someone

- I have to think about it.
- Please do.

But it's in our common interests
that you do it as soon as possible.

Things might escalate.

This Kikyo can be a threat.

So he's not going to come
here anymore?

We have to sell it immediately.

But that wasn't what
we agreed on.

This apartment belongs to me.

I'll find you another one.

But from now on, you have
to break up with Zaitsu-san.

- Why?
- You should understand that yourself.

The deal is done, and you
have to break up now.

But Zaitsu-san didn't
even talk to me.

That's improper.

- I love him, after all.
- Love?

Don't be ridiculous.

All you need from him
is his money.

But you can't keep
receiving it forever.

He's going to leave you,

Fine. Then, I want to
get a compensation.

A compensation?
Who said you're entitled to one?

You better pay up.
I know a lot.

Are you trying to blackmail me?

- Call it whatever you like.
- And how much do you want?

- Ten million yen.
- What?

I want to buy a cafe in Shibuya
for 20 million.

You fool!
You're not getting anything.

You cashed in on that land deal.
I did a lot of work for you.

I see that I spoiled you.

In any case, until you buy me a new flat,
I'm not going anywhere.

You'll regret this.


Is it about money again?

I pawned my watch yesterday
to pay you.

- You have a visitor.
- A visitor?

A young woman.
I think her name's Tamaru-san.

- She came.
- Should I bring her here?

To this dirty room?
No, I'll go to her myself.

This is a love hotel.

Exactly. No one comes
here during the day.

No one can hear us here.

So, you came.

Do you want to make
money together?

That's right.
Nakae turned out to be greedy.

And so, you came to me?

You like sly and unscrupulous

I love you.

When this is done,
I'm going to leave you.

I see.

Then tell me about Nakae
and Zaitsu.

You're going to blackmail Nakae.

What's my share?

How much do you want?

A half.


I first met Nakae 3 years ago.

I was working as a secretary
in the Shinkansen at the time.

I often visited Zaitsu-san's

His wife has TB and has been
bed-ridden for a long time.

Zaitsu-san is interested
in ancient pottery.

That's how he met Nakae.

One day he showed up with a recommendation letter
from a member of the Constitution Party...

... and they immediately
got on.

I don't have a fever today.
I feel so good.

My hands are so cold.
Touch them.

Yes, I'm very glad.

- Sir...
- What?

- Nakae-san wants to see you.
- What is it about?

He brought a rare jar from
the Joseon dynasty.

He wants you to see it.

It's very good. I'd like to buy it.
How much is it?

If you like it, you can keep it.

I don't feel good about it.

I can't get presents from
you so often.

Don't worry, I don't have
any secret intentions.

Tamaru-san, you work so hard.

I'd like to thank you
for your dedication.

Are you free tonight?

- Let's go somewhere.
- Alright.

Let's go, then.

There's a place in Yotsuya which
serves very good fish.

But I'm afraid.

You think I want to seduce you?

I'm not so arrogant.

You can trust me.


Would you like a drink?

For me too.

This is my wife.

So, feel free to eat and
drink anything you want.

I owe everything to
my husband.

Nice to meet you.

So, Yoko-san.

I'm a simple man.
Let's talk directly.

You need money, don't you?


This is a small report by
a private detective.

"Yoko Tamaru, 23 years old..."

"Born in 1937. Elder daughter of
school teacher Kenjiro Tamaru."

"At the age of 11, lost her father
in a train accident."

"Was brought up by her mother,
who worked as a maid."

"When she turned 18,
her mother became bed-ridden."

"From then on, she started working in
a bar while attending high school."

"In university, she had an
affair with her teacher."

"But he later left her because
he had wife and children."

"In 1959, at the age of 22,
she got a job in the Shinkansen."

Is that right?

You're well-informed.

Currently "isn't looking
to get married."

"Wants to open and run her
own accessories store in Ginza."

That's what you said
to your friend.

Is that true?


In that case, I have a
job for 10 million.

What do you say?
Are you interested?

What kind of job?

You need to become someone's
second wife for a year.

It's not just being a lover.

You'll have an apartment worth
6 million at your disposal.

And you'll also receive a
500-thousand monthly allowance.

What do you say?

And who is the man?


The director?

That's right.

Zaitsu-san is an important man.
He can't tell it to you himself.

But he's in love with you.

If you just look at him,
you'll see it.

It's very serious.

His wife is very sick.

Next to a pretty girl like you,
he'll feel younger himself.

With your salary of 25
thousand a month...

... how many years will you
need to fulfil your dream?

Plus you need money for
your mother's treatment.

If you do this, you'll have
your store in a year.

Will I get money and
an apartment for sure?

Rest assured.

So, I agreed to it.

It took a couple of months
to seduce Zaitsu-san.

Eventually, he invited me
to a hotel.

Did you love him at
least a bit?

Not at all.

You slept with him for money?

Well, yes.

I've been poor since I was little.

I've always been short of money.

Isn't it better to marry a rich
man instead of doing this?

Not all men are reliable.

Getting involved with the teacher
who had wife and kids was a mistake.

I don't want to depend on men anymore.
I want to be my own person.

And what happened next?

How often can we see
each other?

I don't know.

I knew that we'd break up
after tonight.

It's so hard to part.

I owe your wife an apology.

I'll never break up with you.

Director, do you love me?

Yes. This is the first time
I've fallen in love.

- Then, I have a request to you.
- What request?

This hotel is so

Maybe you could find an apartment,
at least for a month.

Let's live together and enjoy
each other to the fullest.

You're right.
I thought about that myself.

I'd like to be with
you all the time.

There's a nice apartment.

I can tap into my savings
and rent it.

Will you come over
from time to time?

I've been dreaming about
this life for many years.

I wish it would never end.

Does it mean you want it too?

Are you okay with being my secret
lover for all your life?

I'm not an old maiden who
dreams of getting married.

All I want is to love and
be loved, like now.

We came to the apartment in Akasaka
that Nakae bought every day.

Zaitsu-san liked playing
this couple game.

Every month, I received 100
thousand from Zaitsu-san...

... and Nakae paid me 500 thousand.

And what happened between
you and Nakae after that?

A time came when he started
blackmailing us.

Director, I thought you
were an honest man.

- I'm surprised.
- What are you talking about?

I'm talking about your
charming secretary.

Are you hiding her in your
apartment in Akasaka?

I was there last night.

And I saw you walking with
a pretty young woman.

I had someone carry out
an investigation for me.

A vase is just a vessel...

...but I see you prefer
living vessels?

Have you told anyone
about this?

I understand.

Your wife is the only daughter of Kohei Kudo,
the Constitution Party's leader.

If he finds out, he'll be very upset.
It's better if he doesn't.

- Please, don't tell him.
- For this...

... I'll ask a favor of you.

- What favor?
- This is a very unpleasant story.

People might start talking about
your visits to that apartment.

Someone might recognize you
while you're there.

Or you might be seen together
in a restaurant.

I'm not asking for much.

I need the project for the
second line of the Shinkansen.


I want to know where exactly
in Okayama the line will be.

I'd be grateful if you told me.

And what are you going to do
with this information?

I'm going to buy the land
where that line will be built.

Are you trying to involve me
in corruption?

Well, that's correct.

You giving me this information
will be our secret.

No one will know about the deal.

Even if it comes out...

... no one will be able to find
any connection between you and me.

The police won't have anything
on you either, so don't worry.

The profit from selling the land is
going to be split between the two of us.

So, are you going to
tell me or not?

No way.

That's a mistake.

"The Shinkansen's executive

... spends time in his
secretary's apartment."

I can only imagine how upset your father-in-law
is going to be. And he's an important man.

It's going to be a scandal.

I see.

Nakae is an unscrupulous man.

He learnt where the Shinkansen line was going to be,
but he didn't have the money to buy the land.

So, he started blackmailing Kohei Kudo,
Zaitsu's faither-in-law.


I already received the information
I needed from Zaitsu-san.

But I have a favor to
ask of you too.

Could you ask Mitsuboshi
bank in Yokohama...

... to lend me 2 billion?

I don't have anything to do
with the Mitsuboshi bank.

Pardon me for saying
this, but...

The president of this bank and you
were roommates...

... and groupmates in Kyoto University.
You're close friends.

You're like brothers.

If you ask...

... to lend me just 2 billion...

What if I say no?

That's not an option.

In that case, the fact that
Zaitsu-san shared information...

... about the construction of
the Shinkansen will be made public.

Besides, there's also his affrair
with his secretary.

Newspapers will be delighted.

What do I care?

Your poor son-in-law...

... will lose his position
in society.

Your daughter will be miserable.

Your own reputation and political
career will suffer.

Are you threatening me?

Not at all...

I'm just a stray dog.

Why would I pick fights
with you, Sir?

Thanks to me, you're going
to cash in.

I deserve a half.

The profit is 800 million.

Kudo got 400 million,
Zaitsu and Nakae 200 million each.

And what did you get?

Apartment and monthly allowance.

Less than 10 million in total.

Nakae gave you 10 million
and got 200.

And Kudo...

... got 400 million for one
talk with the bank.

So, it wasn't only Nakae
who committed fraud.

Both Kudo and Zaitsu
were involved too.

If you help me,
we might have a chance.

Are you ready?

What do I have to do?

Your words aren't enough
to blackmail them.

- We need evidence.
- What evidence?

Leave it to me.

You're still using that
apartment in Akasaka.

You're still in touch with
Nakae and Zaitsu.

Nakae told me...

... not to show up
there anymore.

Does he know about us?

Not yet.

We have to act quickly.

I need money.
Lend me 500 thousand.

When we get our money, I'll pay
you back twice the amount.

I feel terrible.


Because Nakae-san told us
to break up.

Do you want to break
up with me?


But it's for your own sake...

Not at all.

Let's take a photo together.

So, we have something left
to remind us.

After we break up...

... I don't want to forget the
happiness I experienced here.

What do you say?

- Fine.
- Great.

Can we do it with
this lighting?

Yes, you just need high exposure.

I don't want you to look sad.

- Let me see the camera.
- You've seen it before.

When I was a student, I used to be interested
in photography and collect cameras.

Can I see it?


Zaitsu-san, what are you doing?

Why have you brought a camera here?
What are you going to photograph?

You want us to break up.

And we decided to take
a photo together.

Whose idea was it?

- Yoko-san's?
- Yes.

- I'm taking this camera.
- What for?

Zaitsu-san, you're an
important man.

What were you thinking taking
photos like that?

That woman can blackmail
you with them.

You have to be careful.

Yoko will blackmail me?
No way!

She's a dangerous woman.
She's not who you think she is.

Until now, she pretended
to be meek...

... but now she's changed
her tune.

That woman isn't dreaming
about being your lover.

She wants money.

I used her to blackmail you.

She's ready to play any
part for money.

Are you mad at me?

You can be mad all you want.

But you have to break up
with her right now.

Yoko, is this true?

I'm sorry.
Forgive me.

It was like that in the beginning,
but now it's different.

I really love you.


I don't need you anymore.
Don't even come near Zaitsu-san.

Director, this man cheated
and blackmailed you.

Don't listen to him.
Believe me.

Please, hear me out.

You don't believe me?

All I'm asking is one more night.

Then, I'll leave.

Are we really going to forget
everything we had?


Do you know a man
named Kikyo?

I don't.

If I find out that you teamed up
with him to blackmail me...

... I'll take revenge!
Remember that!

Yoko, you're not going to
catch me off-guard anymore!



Enough of this drama!

I'll find you another apartment.

Don't come here anymore.

Got it?

It's me again.

I wanted to ask you something.

What is it?

Has a young woman ever
come to Kikyo-san?

- No, never.
- Has she ever called him on the phone?

I never seen such a woman.

Are you sure?

Well... some woman named
Tamaru came.

And she called today too.

I see.

But Kikyo-san forbid me to
talk about it.

I won't tell anyone.
Thank you.

So, it didn't work out
with the photo.

If Nakae hadn't shown up,
it would have worked.

Alright. Next time, we'll
use a voice recorder.

- What voice recorder?
- This one.

You have to hide it
in the apartment...

... and make Zaitsu
tell you everything.

Especially that part about
Nakae and the Shinkansen.

If the connection between Zaitsu
and Nakae becomes clear...

... it will be proof that a case
of corruption took place.

If we then take it to
the police department...

... detectives there will
be thrilled.

- But we can't do it.
- Why not?

Zaitsu-san isn't going to come
to that apartment anymore.

Nakae told him everything.

Damn it.

I was sure this would work.

Zaitsu, I didn't expect such
carelessness from you.

You let yourself be tricked
by a woman and blackmailed.

Nakae-kun, where did you find
that bitch?

She betrayed us and teamed up with Kikyo.
What are we going to do now?

I'm sorry.

By luring Yoko away from us...

... Kikyo got an ace.

I don't have any ideas.
Should we pay him to keep his mouth shut?

That's not going to work.
He'll try to blackmail us again.

What do we do, then?

The woman is the real problem.
She has to disappear.

That's true.

It's easier to get it done
with a woman.

We have to eliminate Yoko.


You shut up!

Is she going to come tonight?

It's too dangerous.

Zaitsu, you have to
tell her to come.

It has to be done tonight.
But carefully.

What has to be done?

You know that yourself.

Do it yourself. If you hire someone,
they will blackmail you.

But how? If I threaten her,
she'll run away.

It's no use threatening
this woman.


I'm ready to commit any crime...

... for money.

But murder...

We're talking about a lot
of money here.

Nakae-kun, you have to do it
in a smart way.

Think it through.

Now, you're a boss of
a small company.

If it works out,
you'll run a big company.


And make up a good alibi
for yourself.

Then, Kikyo isn't going
to hurt us anymore.

Invite him to the Yotsuya restaurant.
I'll arrange everything.

What is it about?

Have you given up?

You're a tough nut to crack.

Fifty million to get rid of you
isn't that much, after all.

But you're a bit late.

I have some more material now.
So, the sum has increased.

- 50 million isn't enough anymore.
- How much do you want?


100 million.


Let's discuss it over a drink.

Come to the Yotsuya restaurant
at 6.

You're putting up a good front.

I hope this isn't a trap.

- Nonsense.
- Your traps aren't going to help you.

If something happens to me,
the police will know.

I have no intention of
setting a trap for you.


Thank you.

Do you have a day off today?
It's unusual to see you at home.

I'm a bit under the weather.


It's me, Zaitsu.

Come to our apartment tonight.

You asked me for one last date.
So, we're going to spend this night together.

I still love you.

Please, come.

Zaitsu, she's just a woman.
There are many others.

One lives, another dies.
It doesn't matter.

You have to succeed me and
become a big politician.

Zaitsu-san invited me.

It must be a trap.

He changed his mind
too quickly.

What if it's not?

It's a chance to record

You have to go.

Nakae seems to have given in.

But I'm scared.

You won't get any evidence
without taking this risk.

And without the evidence,
we won't get any money.

I want money.

Look at Tokyo.

New skyscrapers are rising one after another.
Roads are going off in all directions.

The entertainment industry
is booming.

But who runs this world?

Who gets all the benefits?

Large corporations are
the new daimyō.

And we're the poor peasants.

Having a monthly salary
is good...

... but a clerk is a bug, who
rummages in dirt all his life.

I hate that kind of life.

I want to get some money and
set up my own company.

Please, go there.

Alright, I will.

You will?

I will.

I want money too.

Don't worry.
I'll come there myself later.

I need one important piece
of evidence too.

What do you want?

You will slip sleeping pills
in his drink.

When he falls asleep, you will
undress him and lie next to him.

And I will take a photo.

Do I have to be naked?

Yes. A voice recording isn't enough.
A photo is much better.

Make a copy of the key
and give it to me.


Nakae-san is late.
It's already 7.

He just called and said
he's coming. Here you have.

- I'm leaving.
- Wait.

If you leave, I'll be in trouble.

Nakae ordered you to
keep me here.

It was stupid of me to wait
for him for so long.

Don't say that.

Are you Kikyo-san?

You bastard!

Take that!

You dumbass...

... if you value your life,
get out of here right now.

We're from the Yamamoto gang.

Remember us!

Don't cross our path anymore.

Got it?

Who is it?

It's Nakae.
I'm here on Zaitsu-san's request.

Open the door.

Zaitsu-san had some
urgent business.

He's going to arrive
in Tokyo soon.

He said you will spend your
last night in the Hama hotel.

Get ready,
I'll take you there.

That's a lie.

I'm not lying.

You wanted to have this last night
with Zaitsu-san yourself. Let's go!

No. I'm staying here.


I don't want to go anywhere.

I see.

Suit yourself.

Did you meet with a
man named Kikyo?

I said I don't know him.

Don't lie.

You came to his hotel room and
called him on the phone.

Why did you meet with him?

Did the two of you agree to
blackmail us behind our back?

I can see it in your
eyes, bitch.

- We learnt it from you.
- What did you say?

You blackmailed Zaitsu-san...

... and got him to tell you about the
construction of the Shinkansen. All for money.

You will do anything for money.

You're the one who blackmails people.
So don't accuse us.

Look at that, two suckers are
trying to blackmail me.

Do you want to kill me?

Exactly. If you die, it will
be much easier for us.

It's pointless to kill me.

Kikyo-san knows everything.

So what?

If you die, there will be
no evidence.

No one will believe him.

- There is evidence.
- Like what?

Kikyo-san has it, and he will
bring it here.

- Do you want to buy it?
- Stupid bitch.

That sucker is dead by now.

I thought you were smarter.

You could get 10 million...

... and open your own store
in Ginza.

You could have anything
you wanted.

- Murderer! You villain!
- You can scream all you want.

No one will hear you.

The walls in this apartment
are sound-proof.

A bitch like you deserves
to die.

A woman blinded by greed is
a monster. Go to hell!


Shut up!
It's time to die!


It wasn't easy.

A voice recorder?

What a stupid toy.

They're like children.

To Akasaka!

Hold on!



I'm sorry for yesterday.
I didn't keep my word.

Why didn't you come to
the restaurant?

I changed my mind.

Then again, if there's no evidence,
there can be no blackmail.

So, there's no need to pay.

I have evidence.
It's a tape.

What tape?

From a voice recorder.

It's a 30-minute conversation between
Zaitsu and you about the Shinkansen.

Do you want to buy it?

You're bluffing.

I'm not, actually.

Yoko made it.
She's very smart.

Stop with the nonsense.

If you don't buy it,
I'll take it to the police.

If you're interested, come to
Yoko's apartment in Mori...

... tonight at 8 o'clock.

Did you get that?

You look hurt.
What happened to you?

Stop pretending.

You know what happened
very well.

Where's the tape?

Here it is.

How much are you paying?

Can I hear it?

Of course.

- Murderer!
- You can scream all you want.

Want to hear more?

It's pretty clear that
it's Yoko and you.

In order to get this piece of evidence,
we used two voice recorders.

One was among the flowers
and the other in a book.

We were afraid you would
find one of them.

So, what are you going to do?

You didn't expect me to have evidence
to put you away for murder, did you?

It's a present for you
from Yoko-san.

Are you buying or not?

How much?

I'm paying 100 million,
like you wanted.

Are you serious?

If I take this to the police...

... you'll be facing murder, not corruption
charges. And that's capital punishment.

Everything you have isn't
enough to pay for this tape.

How much do you want?

200 million.

Everything you got from
your Shinkansen fraud.

Very well.
It's a deal.

But on one condition.

Which one?

Tell me what you did with
Yoko-san's body.

If you tell me,
I'll sell the tape.

I took it to the Tokyo Bay
in my car.

I tied a rock to it
and drowned it.

I see.

Hey! Nakae!

I'm not selling you the tape.

I'm not selling it to a bastard
that killed her like that.

I thought you wanted
your 200 million.

Yes, I did.

But when I heard this voice,
everything changed.

I didn't think that my love of money
would get someone killed.

The money that I was going
to get from you...

... I promised to split
with Yoko.

I can't take it all.

But Yoko was killed.

A dead person has no
use for money.

Someone who died trying
to get evidence...

... has no use for anything.

It must have hurt to die...

Kikyo-san, if money is what
you really want...

... then I'm surprised to hear
that from you.


Someone who makes money
has to be ruthless.

Do you think so?
Is that how you think?

I know it.

Listen to this voice
again, then.

- Murderer! Help!
- Shut up!

And now?
Don't you care?

What's all this for?

I see.

- Do you enjoy it?
- Help!

Shut up!
It's time to die!



You bastard!

How does it feel?
Want some more?

Do you understand how
Yoko felt now?

How did you murder Yoko?
Like this?

I'll kill you too.

I want to kill you.

And revenge Yoko's death.

But I don't need to.

You're going to be
executed anyways.

You're facing prison,
cuffs and hanging.

Hey, Detective!

Come in.

Everything was like he said.

Here's the recording.

Kikyo-san, could you identify
the victim?

It's her, no mistake.

Kikyo-san, thanks to you...

... both Kudo and Zaitsu...

... have now been arrested
for fraud.

This evidence of corruption
is so overwhelming...

... that they won't get away
this time.

Thank you.

All I wanted was money.

Nothing else.

But they killed this woman
for it.

Do you confess the corruption
case with the Shinkansen?

If you tell us everything, it will be taken
into account in your murder case verdict.

Detective, I'll tell you

Just don't sentence me
to death.

We'll take it into consideration
in your final sentence.

Is that so? There's nothing
more important than life.

I will live.
I'm so lucky.

I will confess.
Right away.


Look, it's the Shinkansen!

It's so fast!
It's really incredible!