Super Detention (2016) - full transcript

It's X-Men meets The Breakfast Club. When five superhero teens are hauled into detention at their secret training academy, they have to work together to stop the sinister Kaelus from stealing all the students' powers.

(Smooth and funky jazz music)

- Good morning, students!

As you all know,

today is an extremely
important day for our school.

This afternoon,

Kaeluss is coming by to choose
one of you lucky students

to take his place.

So that means we're all
gonna follow the rules.

No flying in the hallways, keep
your abilities to yourself,

and please, please, be
on your best behavior.

Have a super day, everyone.

(Electricity sparks)

(exciting and upbeat funk music)

- Don't listen to them!

Kaeluss represents corrupt corporation.

Don't let your powers be bought.

- Nice sign you dork.

- Good luck marching by yourself.

(Strings whip and buzz)

- [Students] Our abilities
are not for sale!

Our abilities are not for sale!

- We will not be controlled.

Well, metaphorically speaking.

(String buzzes)

(exciting electronic tone)

- Once upon a time,

there was a story of a cat and a dog.

(Air blows forcefully)

One day, you might be in line
to take over for Kaeluss.

- [Girl In Jacket] Do you really think so?

- Trust me, I'm school president.

(Air blows forcefully)

- [Teacher] Nice work, Deja

- Thank you, sir.

It's not work if you love it.

(Knocks on window)

What's taking so long?

Going as fast as I can.

Just keep an eye out for Principal Hughes.

I don't know how I let
me talk me into this.

Stop it!

The therapist said it's not healthy for me

to argue with myself.

(Computer beeps softly)

Just gotta make sure I'm the
first one to meet Kaeluss.

Do you see anyone?

(Computer buzzes and beeps)

(sighs) Look, I sorry I got mad.

You know I respect me.

(Computer beeps softly)

Don't go silent.

Where'd I go?

(Door slams shut)

(boys sob softly)

Sir, I'm just,

it's not what it looks like, I.

(Soft gusts of air)

(Deja sobs)

- Come on, Deja. Pull yourself together.


You'll laugh about that later.

(Exciting electronic tone)

- Wait a minute,

these 40 lunches aren't mine.

But where did I put my 40 lunches?

Can I still eat these though?

(Exciting electronic tone)

(moves into slow and smooth funk music)

- Destroying personal property,

throwing a teacher's car,

throwing a teacher,

and destroying a desk.

Anything you wanna say for yourself?

(Air blows forcefully)

(slow and smooth funk music)

Destroying my desk.

Don't mess with the bull young man,

you'll get the horns.

(Exciting electronic tone)

(moves into exciting
and upbeat funk music)

- [Girl Student] She's so pretty.

I bet Kaeluss chooses her for sure.

- There she is, boys.

The whale of Kaeluss Academy.

What do you say, Liv? You
wanna be my Moby Dick?

- Sorry Jeff,

I'm not into guys who
play with their harpoons.

(Strong gust of wind and crackling flames)

- Get it off me! (Gasps in panic)

Come on.

- And word of advice,

girls don't like being compared to whales.

- Okay, okay!

(Grunts) Help me.

Go do something!

(Exciting electronic tone)


(Phone rings)

- (pants) Okay, please don't be Mr. Kent.

Please don't be Mr. Kent. (Pants loudly)

And be ready for Mr. Kent.

Okay, please don't, hey!

Who mopped the floor?

I specifically said no
mopping the floor today!

Okay, I'm coming!

Oh please don't be Mr. Kent.

Please don't be Mr. Kent!

Please don't be Mr. Kent. (Pants)

(soft electronic beep)

Good morning Mr. Kent!

You uh,

(chuckles) caught me by surprise.

I was just having some last minute

(soft but intriguing funk music)

paintings done up for Kaeluss's arrival.

- You have paintings done?

- You know what?

I'm gonna stop this before it snowballs.

I'm just, just very out of shape.

- Mr. Hughes,

when I ran that school,

I made it a priority to be
in the best shape of my life

to teach the kids the
importance of physicality.

- I'm not sure you've mentioned
that before, have you?

- Oh, I'm sorry.

Is my diligence bothering you?

I guess I figured that
since Kaeluss is coming down

to pick his successor,

we should at least look
as if we are prepared.

- Yes, sir. We are.

You know, just sorting out
a few last minute details.

- [Mr. Kent] Details?

- [Mr. Hughes] Yep,
nothing to worry about.

Just typical teenage
angsty kind of things.

- Now, let me give you my 43
plan for a successful day.

- Of course.

(Grunts) Nobody appreciates
those 43 point plans

like me, sir.

Uh, let me just grab a pen.

I know I have one around here.

I think I just put it,

(device beeps)
uh, hey.

No thank you, you old fart.

- [Mr. Kent] That was the wrong button,

I can still hear you.

- (Chuckles nervously) Sir,

- Uh huh.
- It's a funny thing, um,

old fart is what all the cool
kids are saying these days

like "What up, my old--"

- [Mr. Kent] Just make sure
you do your job, old fart.

- Yes. Okay, thank you sir.

(Moans in worry)

That is going to come up again.

(Students and teachers chants "Kaeluss")

- (sobs) Can't believe this is happening.

I ruined my whole life.

- Relax. It's one day.

- It's the day.

He's coming to pick somebody
and I'm stuck in here.

- Who cares?

That sellout represents everything

that's wrong with abilities anyway.

- Just because protecting the world

comes with money and fame,

doesn't make you a sellout.

- Spare us your fake values, drama queen.

(Exciting and suspenseful music)

- Show you how fake I can be.

- Try it.

(Low buzzing tone)

I'd like to see what
sleeping beauty over there

can do anyway.

- Oh, cat fight!

(Moves into smooth and
sensual guitar music)

Oh, wait a minute. Was that sexist?

Oh I'm sorry. I just started here.

I don't know any of your abilities.

I actually kinda hope one of you turns

into a giant cat now

so I don't seem like that guy.

- Uh, take a seat please girls.


As you all know,

today is a very important day

and you're here because

you've all proven that you
can't act like civilized heroes.

(Clears throat)

- Liv? Yes?

- What are we supposed to do all day?

- Don't care. Honestly.

You can do whatever you want
as long as you do it in here.

You can catch up on your homework,

think about what brought you here,

or uh, yeah, take a lap
like Lunam over there.

That's fine, you can do that.

(Takes a deep breath)

Decided I'm gonna put the effort

into the kids who deserve this day.

(Slow and groovy keyboard and drum music)

Frankly I'm a little tired of

fixing the squeaky wheel all the time.

- Wait, does one of you turn into a wheel?

(Sobs quietly)

- Okay, I still have a lot.

(Gears clank and door locks)

- What are you doing?

- What does it look like? I'm leaving.

- Oh I'm pretty sure Principal
Hughes was clear on us

staying in here for the day.

For all we know, this is a test.

If we do as we're told,
we can still meet him.

- Who's in?

- Better than sitting in here all day.

- Can we grab a bite to eat?

- Why not instead we make a list of ways

we can better improve ourselves?

I'll go first.

I can brush my teeth more.

- Andrasta, how about you?

- Man this thing is really tight.

- You're doing it wrong. Move.

(Door knob shakes sturdily)

(smooth and sensual funk music)

- Well hello there!

They call me Metabolism.

I just transferred here and anyways,

my mom said I should try
and make some new friends.

- Great story kid.

Sure it took a lot of courage
for someone who looks like you

to talk to someone who looks like me,

but I will save you some effort.

I'm out of your league.

I'm into older or bigger, muscular guys.

- Well,

my mom always says the
worst they can say is no.

Guess I'll call her

and let her know she was wrong.

- Move, I'll summon a monster
on the other side of the door.

- [Andrasta] Okay, relax pageant queen.

I'm gonna try to find a
way to the other side.

- No one cares about your
little puppet strings, okay?

(Air blows increasingly fierce)

(electronic tone and electric sparks)

- He locked it.

(Moves into calm but mischievous music)

- You think?

- That's his ability. He locks things.

- How do you know?

- I think he, um, comes here a lot.

(Students chant "Kaeluss")

- Alright students. Settle down.



Claire? Claire, come on.

- Settle down!

- Thank you.


I don't need to tell you
how important today is.

This is the most important
day in our school's history,

you know that.

Someone here is going to be

given the greatest
honor a hero can receive

and you've all worked
extremely hard for this.

I'm so proud of you. All of you.

I want you to know

no matter which one of you is chosen,

every one of you in this room is my hero.

(Enchanting tone)

- He's here.

(Students cheer)

- Oh.

Claire, how do I look?

New tie? Okay? (Mumbles) Okay.

(Calm and confident music)

- Clear for entry.

- Good to be back.

- Welcome to--
- Principal Hugs.

- Ms. Potter, Kaeluss's
personal assistant.

And I believe it's Mr. Hughes, yes?

- No, he's right. It's Principal Hugs.


(Calm and confident music)

- That's it.

I officially missed it.

(Smacks desk) Way to go, Deja!

Nice work, moron!

(Air blows forcefully)

- Hey, quit being so hard on yourself.


Do we use plural?

- This is so stupid,

I should be out there getting picked.

- What a shock.

Liv assumes another thing
will be handed to her

on a silver platter.

- I don't need anything handed to me.

My ability makes me more powerful

than anyone in this school.

(Klon chuckles softly)

(mellow but confrontational music)

- Something to say?

Or do you just grunt?

- You have no idea what you're asking for,


(Air blows softly)

(flame roars softly)

(grunts in shock)

(soft but intense music)

- Are you kidding me?

- I'm sorry, us princesses
can be so clumsy.

(Low, brilliant tone)

- What is your problem?

You could've killed me!

- Whoa, I don't want
anything to do with this.

(Strings whip through air)

(moves into calm and confident music)

- You have a fantastic
school here, Mr. Hughes.

- Oh! Thank you very much!

Yeah. We like it, you know.

And I always say (chuckles)

work hard and you will hardly work.

- Is that so?

- I actually have no
idea. I just made that up.

I'm very nervous. I'm
just trying not to vomit.

- Please don't.

Nothing to be nervous about.

Kaeluss has been looking forward to this.

- It's okay, I've got it under control.

Key is to smile. It
suppresses the gag reflexes.

These, uh, your people?

- Oh yes.

Just a few members of
Kaeluss's security team.

- That's funny.

The most powerful man on Earth
needs security. (Chuckles)

- Honestly, they mostly handle fans.

- (Chuckles) Don't even
get me started on fans.

I was a fan one time and--

(students chant "Kaeluss")

I was reading this book,

it's talking about love at first sight.

I don't know if I believe in all that.

(Students cheer)

- [Security Personnel] Where
would you like this ma'am?

(Relaxed but dramatic music)

- Just place it on the stage, please Able?

- [Mr. Hughes] Part of security as well?

- That is the exam.

It was designed to analyze
each student's abilities

to help narrow down a choice for Kaeluss.

- Oh. Very high tech.

I would be helpful

if I got the students to start right away.

- That would be super duper.

Just tell them to place their hand on it

and the exam will do the rest.

- Piece of cake.

(Students chant "Kaeluss")

(students cheer)

- Students, the time has come.

One at a time, we are
gonna form an orderly line.

And we are going to calmly place our hands

onto the machine.

This will help Kaeluss pick a successor.

(Students cheer and stampede)
I don't, one at a time.

Holly! We don't have the perfect oasis!

Don't! (Screams)

(comically mischievous music)

- (chuckles) I wouldn't worry about that,

Ms. Potter built that exam herself.

- Mr. Kaeluss, uh,

I didn't get a chance earlier
when you were outside.

I just want to say what a
honor it is to meet you.

- You know this school has come a long way

since that old coot Mr. Kent ran it.

(Chuckles softly)

I wish I had recorded you saying that.

Oh, it would've made a good ringtone.

- Uh Ms. Potter,

I assume everything's ready?

I'd hate to see a media
mob ruin a glorious moment.

(Moves into relaxed, futuristic music)

- Yes sir.

- Oh! You guys,

you don't have to worry about the media,

we're very isolated out here

for security purposes, so.

We do even have an internet
connection or anything

except in my office,

which, of course, either
of you are free to use.

Mi office es su office, es your office-o.

So, whatever you need!

- You are too kind, Principal Hugs.

- Said my name.

(Flames ignite fiercely)

- What was that?

- Um, you know what?

We've been having some plumbing issues.

Recently, you know, uh,

kids with abilities and
cafeteria fiber just (grunts).

Uh, I'm gonna go check it out.

You two go ahead, just
get started and, uh,

just, I'll be right back.

- Are you sure?

- [Mr. Hughes] Absolutely,
absolutely. Go ahead.

(Moves into devious and mysterious music)

- Should we get started?

- Absolutely.

(Moves into intense action music)

(boys grunt)

(wind howls)

- What is this?

(Gears wind)

- Oh! Had the craziest dream.

I was like in detention and I, I,

okay, not a dream.

Okay, at least I'm not naked.

- Sir I just wanted to say that
I actually wasn't involved--

- Sit down!

All of you.

So it's not enough that you have to

ruin the day for yourselves,

now you have to ruin it for me too?

(Chuckles softly)

Glad you think that's funny

'cause now I'm gonna be down
here babysitting all day.

I'm gonna miss the whole visit.

(Smooth and seductive music)

Anybody think maybe I
would've enjoyed today?

Maybe would've been a lot of fun for me?

- Sir, maybe we were
looking forward for today.

- You know what? Save it.

I'm just gonna do my head down
and feel sorry for myself.

(Students chant "Kaeluss")

(machine beeps)

- All the students have applied.

- Perfect.

(Students cheer and applaud)

- Legacy.

(Regal and proud orchestra music)

What does it mean?

Is it about what we leave behind?

Or is it about setting the path

for the next hero to follow?

I look around this room

and I see so many heroes ready to step up,

take over where I leave off.

Maybe even one of your teachers.

Have you applied yet?

- Um, no sir.

- Well why not?

I mean teachers included.

Don't count yourself short. Step up!

What do you say students?
Should your teachers apply?

(Students cheer and applaud)

Come on up!

When I started here,

we were the first with abilities.

And with each generation, we
grow more and more powerful.

There's more power in this room today

than there ever has been before.

But who wants to hear me make a speech?

Let's find out

who is my replacement.

(Students cheer and applaud)

Now when I press this button,

the exam is gonna run its program

and tell us the mightiest hero that's

worthy of taking over.

(Machine beeps and whirls)

In just a few seconds we'll know.

(Machine dings)

It's done.

(Machine beeps)

And the hero best suited

to take my place is


(Students and teachers
mumble in confusion)

- [Claire] What's going on here?

- What's going on is
I'm not stepping down.

No one is taking my place!

From now on, I rule over all of you!

- We're not just gonna stand
by and let you do this!

(Soft chiming tone)

- Oh, what's wrong?

Your abilities not working?

How could that have happened?

Oh! Oh, wait!

You voluntarily gave them to me!

(Chuckles) You couldn't
have made it more easy!

You literally brought every
kid in the world with abilities

and put them in one room!

Thank you for that, by the way.

- Why are you doing this?

- Because I am sick and tired

of listening to men tell me where to go

and who to fight.

I am the future!

Now don't be frightened.

Hey, don't be scared.

While my people transform this
place into my new fortress,

you're kinda like my first guests.

Maybe I should say hostages

but eh, to-may-toe, to-mah-toe.

Lock it down.

(Tablet beeps)

(students scream and panic)

- It's gotta be over by now, right?

- Who do you think got it?

- Who cares? It's not me.

(Sighs softly)

(calm but villainous orchestra music)

- Well done, sir.

- Thank you, Ms. Potter.

(Tablet beeps)

- Security has sealed the doors,

nobody can get in or out.

I check today's attendance and
all the kids came to school.

- No doubt to see me, of course.

- No doubt, sir.

(Computer beeps)

- Perfect.

Perfect, perfect.

Perfect plans make me
very happy, Ms. Potter.

- Um, I, um.

(Serene but suspenseful music)

- Well I don't like "Um".

"Um" is what comes before an excuse.

- It's just the computer
showing 316 students

in the school today.

- Here comes that "Um".

- The exams only recording 310 captured.

- [Kaeluss] Where are the other six?

(Computer beeps)

- Detention.

Sir, I can send a team down.

We'll use the element of surprise.

- No, no. No need.

You catch more flies with
honey than vinegar, Ms. Potter.

- I'm not sure I understand.

- Let's give them what they want.

We'll send them a personal
invitation to meet their hero.

They're gonna fight over
who gets to go first.

- Understood.

- Candy you take from a
baby is always the sweetest.

(Moves into mischievous orchestra music)

- Principal Hughes.

Was Mr. Kaeluss deciding
solely on abilities or

were they taking grades
into account as well?

- I don't know.

They had a testing unit they designed,

so I guess is it favored abilities.

- Oh.

- You would've stood a good chance.

(Cool and upbeat music)

- You think?

- You all would've.

Opportunity is not just about
being ready at the right time,

it's about being ready all the time.

(Scoffs quietly)

Scoff if you like,

but someone in that auditorium
just proved me right.

- Hey, who has the most
powerful ability in the school?

- (Chuckles) That's impossible to say.

- Come on, that's lame.

That's like when you ask your parents

which kid they love
most and they say both.

- Learned a little bit
about Andrasta here.

- It's not. I mean, take
Liv here for example.

She can summon demons from any shadow.

That's extremely powerful.

- Thank you.

- But no shadow, no ability.

(Sighs) It's not about your abilities.

It's about you, plain and simple.

(Fist knocks on glass)

Ms. Potter!

Is, uh, is everything okay?

- Of course.

But as it turns out,

Kaeluss is not willing to name a successor

until he sees the whole school.

So he's extended a personal invitation

for these students to be tested.

- We still have a chance!

I knew it!

(Hands slap together loudly)

- You sure do.

Come on, kids.

- Uh,

I'm afraid that's out of the question.

These students have to
remain in detention.

- Please Principal Hughes.

This is a second chance.

- Kaeluss asked for you yourself
to be there, Mr. Hughes.

He said that he may even choose you.

(Grunts indecisively)

- I'm sorry,

I wouldn't be much of a principal
if I went back on my word.

You're gonna have to tell him no.

- I guess we go with vinegar.

(Nefarious action music)

(laser beams hum)

(screams in pain)

- (grunts) I can't see!

- Oh, lady!

What are you doing?

- All of you come with me now.

- You're hurting him!

- I suggest you do as I say
and make the right choice.

- Hey lady,

we're the bad kids.

(Air blows forcefully)

(loud smack)

We never make the right choice.

- Woah! Action movie line guy.

That's what they should call you.

- (Moans) What happened?

- Sir, she hit you with something.

And she said we had to go see Kaeluss.

- Why would she do that?
It doesn't make sense.

- I got this.

(Chill and upbeat funk music)

(string whips and buzzes)

Tell us what's going on.

- Kaeluss has stolen the abilities

of everyone in the school.

He just need yours to complete phase one.

- No way.

- Kaeluss doesn't want
anyone to succeed him.

Stealing your abilities is the only way

to ensure that he will be
the only ability out there.

- Does she have to talk like that?

I mean, she sounds so robotic.

- No, I can switch it.

- [Metabolism] Oh yeah?

(Sharp buzzing)

- His guards have locked down the school

to keep anyone from getting in or out.

He'll take over the world

and crush anyone that gets in his way.

- I don't like that voice.

- Yeah, change it.

- Guys, please. This isn't helping.

- Make her do an accent.

(Sharp buzzing)

- Even when the world surrenders,

Kaeluss will wipe out the entire school

as a show of ability.

- Eliminate the whole school?

- Yeah, she just said that.

Man, they should call you Deja Vu!

- They do.

- Oh.

- [Liv] So what do we do?

- Okay, I gotta get you guys out of here.

I can unlock the doors
if I can get to them.

- We can't run.

We have to go in there and fight them,

take them down.

- Says the peacekeeper.

- Don't include me.

- There's guards everywhere.

They'll rip you apart.

- I can handle guards.

- Alright. Everyone stop.

Alright? No one's fighting.

I'm gonna get you kids to safety,

I'll get word to Mr. Kent

and he can send some help.

- Sir, you can't do that alone.

- You said it yourself.

It's about being ready all the time.

We're ready.


- I can't put you in harm's way.

(Chill and upbeat funk music)

- I have a way that we can stay safe

and rescue the students.


We need to find out everything we can

about this machine.

- On it.

- [Liv] Pretty brave.

- I'm the president.

Took an oath.

- I was just about to say I had a plan

to stay safe and rescue people.

I actually think he's got some sort of

idea stealing ability.

(Pats softly)

You know,

you gotta stop throwing yourself at me.

- How long does it take to find six kids?

(Electronic buzzing)

(slow and inquisitive funk music)

- Okay,

do you know what you're doing?


Okay. You sure you're up for this?

This isn't a test sorta thing.

- No problem.

Just unlock the door and get the word out.

We'll take care of the rest.

- Alright.


they're gonna need you.

- Not my battle.

- Pretty easy to win the fights you pick.

- I'll get them to the auditorium.

Then they're on their own.

- Okay, (chuckles)

good luck.

I believe in all of you.

(Claps hands)

(chair thumps loudly)

It's okay, got it under control.

And up we go! (Grunts)

We're all good!

I'll just dance myself in.

A little section at a time.

Any of you have the
ability to create a ladder?

(Air blows forcefully)

- Okay, let's bring it in.

- I don't do huddles, sport.

(Heroic and inspiring music)

- Everyone's counting on us.

Now I know today we screwed up,

but this is our time to show them

that they were wrong.

So let's get up there and kick some butt!

- Good pep talk.

Sorry, I was asleep.

No idea what's going on.

(Slow and inquisitive funk music)

- Gotta get to my office.

Keep going at it. Come on. (Pants)

Okay, use this as a lesson.

What have I learned?

I have learned I am

(pants) quite claustrophobic.

(Blows air) Power through,
Hughes. Power through!

(Grunts) I'll have a nice pickle.

I'm a claustrophobic to most (mumbles).

(Smooth and rhythmic music)

- Finally.

- They did not want to come quietly, sir.

- (Smirks) Teenagers, so brave.

So rebellious. Ooh, stupid.

And who's this?

(Soft humming)

- Lunam. She's a werewolf.

- Interesting.

Don't think I ever heard of
a werewolf ability before.

- I'm one of a kind.

- And what did you do to get yourself

locked up in detention?

- I didn't do anything.

They always lock me up on a full moon

for everyone's safety.

My ability is too much for me to control.

The curse only lasts a few minutes,

but it's intense.

- Well let's fix that, shall we?

(Devious but groovy music)

(machine beeps)

Well, looks like I would've chosen you.

You know, if this whole
thing wasn't a scam. (Laughs)

- Pretty brave.

- [Kaeluss] What?

- Taking little kid's abilities.

- Young man, if I were to fight you,

I would destroy you.

You should be grateful I'm
only taking your powers.

- This one has an attitude, sir.

- Not for long.

(Machine beeps)

What do you think you're doing?

(Students mumble and panic)

- Plan b.

(Energetic and futuristic music)

(string buzzes)

(laser beam hums)
(Kaeluss grunts in pain)

- What are you waiting
for? Punch in the code!

- It's not working!

(Energy beams buzz)

- You probably typed in in wrong.

Tell her again.

- The code is four two three.

- Food! Anybody got food?

- [Student] Got a sandwich.

- Food? Oh, oh, what is this?

(Student mumbles)

Thank you. Thank you.

Wait. Does this have mustard on it?

Doesn't matter, doesn't matter.

Thank you!

(Moves into energetic
and futuristic music)

- Liv, get the kids out of here now.

(Computer beeps)
- What? No way!

You do it! I'm way better
at fighting than you are!

(Chuckles deviously)

- Skinny kid's first, huh?

(Ground rumbles)

Uh oh. Oh! (Grunts)

(laser beams hum)

(computer beeps)

(moves into energetic hip hop music)

(nunchucks whistle through air)

(stick buzzes intensely)

- You guys need medical benefits.

(Wind blows forcefully)

(nunchucks whistle through air)

(laser beams hum)

- Here, use that.

(Low humming)

(laser beams hum)

(energy blast explodes)


- It's not working.

I punched it in like three million times!

(Machine whirls and buzzes)

- Sorry guys, I don't trust
anyone with the real code.

Not even Ms. Potter.

(Power surge thunders across floor)

(moves into suspenseful heroic music)

- Help us.

- It's a shame.

Would've really loved to have kept that

puppet thing of yours.

(Air blows forcefully)

Well, well, well.

Isn't this interesting?

(Moves into soft, encouraging music)

- Get up.

Take the others and leave.

- Are you crazy?

We're not leaving you here to fight him.

- Don't worry about me.

- Sacrificing yourself
for your little friends.

I didn't think you had it in you.

- I'm not sacrificing myself,

I'm gonna punch you in the face

until you don't have a face.

- Aww, now come on.

Doesn't sound like the Klon
that sent me all those letters.

- What's he talking about?

- Eh, go on and tell them Klon.

Tell them how you used
to send me all kinds of--

(grunts defensively)

That's gonna cost you!

(Moves into high energy action music)

(wind blows forcefully)

(flames crackle intensely)

- [Andrasta] Guys run!

- I'm not leaving!

(Energy beam hums)

- You're gonna be so mad at me for this.

(String whips)

(laser beams hum)

(students scream in fear)

- Kids these days, huh?

(Moves into devious action music)

(moves into soft, smooth,
and intriguing music)

- [Liv] Stay quiet.

- You think the others are alright?

- Yeah.

Hopefully Mr. Hughes
made it to his office.

(Moves into smooth and intriguing music)

- (grunts) Alright.

Students might not respect me,

but at least the pay sucks.

- You said we hired the best.

How could you let a bunch
of kids take control.

Okay, Pike. Walk me through what happened.

- I don't know, the kid
was controlling you,

trying to save the day.

- Did it work?

- Are we still employed?

- This is why nobody goes
to your poker nights.

- Hey!

Kaeluss, uh, was just getting
me to look up in the vents.

Make sure none of those
kids are trying to escape.

Some of them were pretty wily

so he wanna,

do I have to stop?

You know, like I should just stop.

You're not buying this.

- You're the principal right?

- Yes, Principal Hughes.

You look like an Andy


if I get close, you gotta say it.

If I rhyme, same thing.

- I heard this cat runs the school

and his ability is only a level one.

- That's true.

That's, uh, I always say,

it's not about the size of the ability,

it's how you use it. Huh?

Ah, this guy gets it.

- No, I remember now.

This dude locks stuff.

(Security personnel laugh)

- (chuckles) Pathetic, right?

(Chuckles) You've messed up my tie?

I also unlock things!

So, you know, both.

Anyway, thank you for
laughing with me, not at me.

That's something I appreciate

and I'll remember you for.

- Woah, woah, woah.

Nice try, Goldilocks.

(Smooth, intriguing synthesizer music)

- Ah, see what you did there.

'Cause I lock things.

Not sure where the gold
part comes from but

guessing brains aren't
your strong suits since

you're just a couple of
lowly guards. (Chuckles)

(yelps femininely)

(moves into lively and
intriguing synthesizer music)

(gears whine and whirl)

(security personnel grunt)

(Mr. Hughes chuckles)

Not so useless after all, is it?

- Let us out of this!

- Sit it off. Don't worry,
it doesn't last forever.

- How long?

- Well, let's put it this way.

Your feet are gonna wear
off before your mouths do.

- What?
(Gears whine and whirl)

- Oh, I can't hear you.

Oh yeah, I'm awesome? Thank you!


(Security personnel grunt)

(gears wind)

- Don't you ever do that to me again!

- You didn't give me much choice.

- You should've let me fight him.

- He would've killed you.

- So what? You should've let him.

- You don't mean that.

- You know what? Save it, Pres!

I'm not a (mumbles)!

(Objects smack wall with loud thump)

- What was all that letter stuff?

- What?

I don't know, okay?

He was probably trying to confuse us.

- Yeah that's, uh, that's
what I thought too.

- I hate this stupid place!

- Hey, be angry if you
want but keep it down.

Some of us are trying to hide.

- Attention students.

(Soft, intriguing music)

After much thought and deliberation,

I have decided as your new principal

to change today's lesson plan.

I'll now be teaching you that
(gear wind and doors unlock)

every action is a reaction.

You see, you have decided to take action.

Now you'll have to deal with my reaction.

Good luck to you all.

- What do you think he means?

- Who cares?

- Okay, what about that one?

- [Metabolism] Another locked door.

- Wait, why don't you just do your thing?

You know, bulk up and rip the door off?

- That's not how it works.

I need calories to turn into energy

and that fight took everything I had.

So if you got a turkey here or something

I might be able to help.

So how does yours work anyway?

You like make monsters?

- I don't make them, I summon them.

- That's pretty awesome like.

And have to do what you say?

- Yes, if I keep them small enough.

The bigger they are, the less they listen.

- Sort of like teenagers then.

- Yeah, sort of.

You should really keep food on you.

You're kinda cool when
you're the bigger version.

- Isn't this cool?

- You're right, I'm sorry.

- It's alright, I'm used to it.

This is like my fourth
school in three years.

Everywhere I go, I gotta
pretend like I'm two people.

A jock who wins football games

and the invisible kid.

- Which one's harder?

- Well the nerdy looser,
popular sporty guy,

they all got problems.

I mean, I think everyone thinks
either side's got it better.

- Yeah, sometimes I feel
bad when I complain.

I mean I look at people like

nerds or whatever

and I think okay, at
least it's not that bad.

- I think teenage is like Latin

for crappy years or something.

(Liv giggles)

Too bad, man.

I'm really hoping this
school is gonna be different.

(Deviously suspenseful music)

- [Kaeluss] Ms. Potter,
give them their abilities.

- Yes sir.
(Machine beeps)

- Oh yeah, I've been dreaming about this.

Give me that earthquake ability.

Gonna rip this school in half.

(Cracks knuckles)

(machine beeps)

- Uh, Ms. Potter,

nothing over a level four.

- [Ms. Potter] Of course, sir.

- Woah woah woah. What's the deal?

You promised us abilities.

- You said we'd be gods.

- And I'm delivering.

I'd be a complete idiot to
give all these abilities

to criminal elements such as yourselves.

So be happy with your level four.

Go find those kids.

(Moves into serious and
deviously suspenseful music)

(machine beeps and whines)

- Hey look! Principal Hughes.

(Liv chuckles)

- Hey, um,

I didn't get a chance to
say thank you back there

when you pushed me out of the way.

- Don't worry about it.

I'm taking a saving a person
a day challenge for charity,

so you kinda helped me out.

- Come on, let's go check on another--

(loud chugging)
(Liv grunts)

(suspenseful robotic music)

- Not good.

- Now you see me,

now you don't.
(Sudden electric buzz)

- Liv? I can't see!

He's blinded me!

(Moves into energetic and
intense hip hop music)

(wind blows forcefully)

(flames crackle fiercely)

- It almost feel bad.

It's too easy.

(Demonic growls)

(Able grunts)

Oh, it's the witch!

- You say it like it's a bad thing.

(Electricity buzzes)
(Liv grunts in pain)

- Liv!

(Moves into suspenseful and intense music)

(Able yelps in fear)

- I can, I can see!

I can see!

(Moves into energetic and
intense hip hop music)

- Don't just leave me here, Alice!

(Moves into soft but suspenseful music)

Alice, I can't get out of this.


(Alice whistles jovially)

- [Andrasta] You see anyone?

- No.

I don't think the others are coming.

- What are we supposed to do?

- Go back there and we
finish what we started.

- Hey, what is your deal?

First you want nothing to do with this,

now all you wanna do is go fight?

Make up your mind.

- You are the one who asked me
to fight in the first place.

I was completely happy
to leave you guys too.

- I wish you did!

- If I did, you'd be dead!

- [Deja Vu] Alright, just calm down.

This isn't helping us.

- I don't need this.

- Wait.

We need a plan.

We can't just go storming in there.

- Stay out of my way. That's the plan.

- Don't make me take over.

- Stay out of my head.

- You're gonna get people killed.

So stop thinking about whatever

petty feud you have with
this guy and work with us.


You wrote him some letters

and he wouldn't let you be
president of his fan club?

- [Deja Vu] Andrasta that's enough?

- Or did you think if
you sent in those letters

he'd let you be his new sidekick?

Let you carry his cape around.

- You don't know me.

- We all know you.

You're the big loner tough guy

that beats kids up for
running into him accidentally.

The one who only cares about himself.

So yeah, we know you. We just hate you.

(Soft, sorrowful orchestra music)

(door slams shut)

- Andrasta come on!

(Loud, forceful thump)

That was a low blow.

- What? You're on his side?

- I'm on everyone's side!

And in case you haven't noticed,

there's a madman that's
gonna kill everyone we know!

- Well why is he giving me such a problem?

(Low, foreboding tone)

(moves into groovy and
high energy funk music)

(bones crackle)

- He saved your life back there!

- Yeah and if he joined
in the fight earlier,

my life wouldn't of needed saving.

We could've saved everyone. He's selfish.

(Moves into soft, worrying music)

(moves into soft but intense music)

(nunchucks whistle through air intensely)

(air blows forcefully)

(Pike grunts)

(moves into suspenseful robotic music)

(laser beams buzz)

(loud electronic buzzing)

(air whips around forcefully)

- Like it or not we need him.

He's strong and he can fight.

- I'm not apologizing to him.

- That's fine, just talk to him.

- It won't help, he hates me.

(Suspenseful robotic music)
(wind whips about furiously)

(Pike grunts in fury)

- You alright?

Looks like Pike took your breath away.

(Klon gasps for air)

- Look, I don't know why he's so upset.

We all got our own battles.

There's a lot of people counting on us

to put this aside and work together.

You understand?

(Klon gasps for air)

(laser beams buzzes and echos)

(Pike laughs)

- This one gave me a headache.

Bring the roof down on them,

we don't need to bring them all back.

- It'll be my pleasure.

(Wind whips about furiously)

- Fine.

I'll talk to him.

- Thank you.

(Wind whistles and blows)

(intense and dramatic music)

(air blows forcefully)

(security personnel grunts)

- Look,

we have no idea what your
deal is with Kaeluss.

But the fact is

we need you.

So if you can help us save everyone,

we'll help you duke it out with Kaeluss.


(Sighs softly)

- Good enough.

- Okay, great.

We need to regroup, find the others.

Let's go.

- Who knows?

You might even like trying to help people.

- Yeah, think I'll try it.

(Comedic guitar chord)

(Klon groans)

(slow but rhythmic funk music)

(gears click and door locks)

- Oh for once in your
life please be there.

(Buttons beep)

Come on, come on.

(Futuristic scanning tone)
- Hughes.

I told you to call me the instant

that Kaeluss chose his successor.

I have the media--

- Quiet!

- Excuse me?

- Listen,

I know how this is gonna sound,

but Kaeluss has taken over the school.

Alright? He's not what
he said he was gonna be.

He's taken all the kids' abilities.

You need to send for help right away.

- Is this some kind of a joke?

I tell you Hughes,

I will never understand
your sense of humor.

- Shut it!

Alright? This is not a joke.

So you need off your wrinkly arse

and send whatever military
you can to help us

because we're in real trouble here.

Do you understand me?

- Alright. I'll make a call.

- Thank you.

Please tell them to be quick.

I don't wanna have--

He's here!

(Intense and thumping suspenseful music)

- It's alright. I made a rule.

Help is on the way.

- You hear that? It's over.

(Door knob jiggles with force)

Nice try but once I lock something,

it stays locked until I say so.

- Or unless I say so.

(Electronic beep)

(intense and suspenseful music)

- What is this?

What's going on?

- I thought you said
you could handle this.

- And I thought you said there
wouldn't be any problems.

I guess we're both liars.

- You're a part of this?

- Kaeluss is the future, Mr. Hughes.

I'm just securing my position.

- But the kids.

- Let you in on a little secret.

I hate kids.

(Energy waves hum)

(moves into energetic and
intense hip hop music)

(Alice whistles jovially)

(moves into low, suspenseful music)

(loud thunks)

(moves into soft but suspenseful music)

- Little pig?

(Loud thunk)

Little pig?

(Loud thunk)

Let me in.

(Loud thunk)

- I really want to,

but I'm not gonna say chinny chin chin.

- I'll summon a monster for the door.

- No, no. Just rest.

Maybe the others will
find a way to get here

before this psycho lady can get in.

- I hope, and soon.

- Me too.

I guess we're even on the
life saving stuff now.

- Yeah, I guess we are.

- Thanks for that, by the way.

It turns out I'm kinda
like addicted to seeing.

Oh and that monster you summoned?

Phenomenal bite on that guy.

- Um hmm. She's a nasty one.

And she's not letting go anytime soon.

Hey, in case I don't get a chance,

I wanted to say sorry for
being mean to you this morning.

You know, when you asked
me out or whatever.

- That's alright, I'm used to it.

- No, it was rude of me.

- Does this mean you'll
go on a date with me now?

- (Giggles) I'm like five
years older than you.

- So what?

When you're 30, I'll be 25.

- Maybe when I'm 60 and you're 55.

- Oh, I'll trade you in long before that.

- I'll tell you what.

If we make it out of here,

I'll introduce you to some
of my younger friends. Deal?

- Okay, but you gotta tell them up front.

I don't kiss on the first date.

I'm a classy dame.

- (Chuckles) Oww. Stop making me laugh.

- Sorry, it's kinda
all I got going for me.

- No it's not.

(Seriously suspenseful music)

- Shake.


And I'll rip this door off!

- What is that?

Lady you're so lucky I don't have like a,

like a ham sandwich or
something right now.


(Switches flip on)

- [Liv] What is it?

- Food!

(Loud thunk)

(moves into low and smooth funk music)

- They could be anywhere.

How do we even know where to look?

(Alice whistles through air)

(loud crash)

- They're probably down that way.

(Low whirling tone)

- Had a bite to eat.

- Thanks.

- Hey just don't forget
to tell your friends

how heroic I am.

- Principal Hughes probably
unlocked the door by now.

Maybe we can find a back
way to sneak everybody out.

- He's probably still in his office.

- Let's go.

- [Metabolism] Guess you'd
never think you'd be hanging

in a principal office
if you wanted to, huh?

- [Klon] Shut up.

- [Metabolism] Come on,
are we not friends yet?

Come on, I'll be the sidekick.

I can even kick people in the sides.

Changing my name to Kickside.

- Woah! What happened?

- Where's Hughes?

(Futuristic whirling tone)

- It's over, kids.

(Deja Vu gasps in relief)

- Mr. Kent, I'm so glad you're here.

Look, something terrible
has happened at the school.

- [Metabolism] Hey man.
What do you got there?

- Mind your business.

- Sir, if you can send in the cavalry,

we can save the others.

We just need some backup.

- You kids surprise me.

- Thank you, sir.

- It wasn't a complement.

(Moves into calm but worrying music)

- When I was in charge,

my students knew the meaning of greatness.

They understood that they had
to do what they were told.

- What did you do?

- What you should all have been doing.

I follow the chain of command.

You kids are too stupid to
know when you have it good.

You're like that moron Hughes.

- Hey! Principal Hughes isn't a moron.

- He's 10 times the principal you are.

- You think five kids
can make a difference?

- Hey man, you alright?

- [Mr. Kent] You are the
bottom of the barrel.

- I'm done.

- Hey, uh, guys?

I think tough loner guy
is having a moment here.

- What?

For crying out loud.

- When we get out of this,

I'm gonna personally make sure you pay.

- You do that son.

I'll be waiting right here.

- Hey! Come on!

I thought we had a deal!

- Deal's off.

- We don't have time for this drama!

- What's changed?

- He was reading some file he stole.

(Calm but worrying music)

Sorry bro. Not judging.

Just trying to speed things up.

- Look if you wanna stay and get killed,

that's up to you.

But count me out.

- What was in the file.

- None of your business.

- Fine, we'll find out my way.

(String whips and buzzes)

(moves into calm and
emotional keyboard music)

- Good morning students.

Hope everybody's having a good day.

I see I've interrupted science class.

I like to introduce you to a
new student who's joining us.

This is Andrasta.

Andrasta would you like to tell everybody

a little bit about yourself?

Maybe where you're from?


Well she's, uh, just ready to learn.

There's a seat right up there for you.

- [Students] Our abilities
are not for sale!

Our abilities are not for sale!

- [Andrasta] We will not be controlled!

I mean, metaphorically.

- Tuck in that shirt, Mr. Francis.

Morning girls.

(Slaps hands) Another one for me then.

(Chuckles) Alright.

(Papers smack the ground)

- [Students] Our abilities
are not for sale!

Our abilities are not for sale!

- [Mr. Hughes] Andrasta, a minute please.

- [Students] Our abilities
are not for sale!

(String buzzes)

- What was in the file?

- I don't know.

I didn't see anything.

- Hey, is that Whitey?

(Calm and intricate string plucking music)

Are you alright?

- How did you escape?

- Well I give credit where credit is due.

- It's Kaeluss.

He's using telepathy.

- You managed to defeat my best people.

Here's a thought. Join me.

Be part of my team.

You're obviously better
than the people I chose.

- Oh no, no. This is freaking me out.

Like those commercials
with the babies' heads

on the grown up bodies.

- No.

Well, given our current situation,

I can't say I blame you.

So let's go with another plan.

Meet me in the auditorium in five minutes

or I'll destroy the entire school

and everyone in it,

starting with this guy.

(Moves into soft but
suspenseful orchestra music)

Oh, you can't see me.

I'm holding up Principal Hughes.

(Loud thunk)

Five minutes.

- What do we do?

- We stick to the plan.

- I think if we work together
we can stop this guy.

I mean he's powerful, but he's one guy.

- What do you think we should do?

- Whatever you want.

- Are you seriously leaving?

- I am not the guy that you need me to be!

(Soft and bittersweet music)


Trust me on this, I am not the hero!

It's not who I am!

Come with me.

(Scoffs sorrowfully)

- [Metabolism] I really
hoped I was wrong about him.

- Can't do it with just four of us.

- I can barely stand, let
alone summon anything.

- Well that's it.

We just give up?

- It's the only way to make
sure no one else gets hurt.

We all wanted to be heroes.

We still can.

It's just gonna cost us a
little more than we thought.

- Are they always this late?

I said five minutes, right?

- You coward.

(Low, suspenseful music)

- Sticks and stones, Principal Hughes.

- Why would you do this?

- Well I'm sure in my autobiography

it'll say something about,
you know, basic instinct.

Take some time, you know,

get poetic about self preservation.

But the truth is probably
more likely arrogance.

What can I say? I like to be on top.

- You had everything.

- Yeah, I did.

And that's the thing
about having everything,

you always want more.

Okay, I didn't wanna have to do this,

but your classmates aren't
giving me much of a choice.

So let's get this over with.

(Mournful orchestra music)

(energy wave buzzes)

- [Deja Vu] Stop.

- Oh, you got a lot of
guts showing up here.

Not a lot of brains, mind
you, but a lot of guts.

- Let them go.

- What? No!

Never said anything about that.

- Let them go and we'll
give you our abilities.

No more fighting, those are our terms.

- (Chuckles softly) Those are the terms.

You know, if I didn't
hate you kids so much,

I'd probably like you.

But wait, two, three, four, where's Klon?

- He left.

- Of course he did.

Wouldn't be a surprise.


You give me your abilities,
I'll let them go.

- Don't do it!

- Shut up!

We're making deals over here!

(Energy wave buzzes)
(Mr. Hughes yelps in pain)

- [Liv] Stop it!

- Swear you'll let them go.

- Yeah, I promise! I don't have all day!

We're doing this or what?

(Calm but suspenseful music)

- Alright.

- We'll do it.

- Oh no.

- Super!

Come on down.

Put your hand in the machine,
let's make this official.

(Machine beeps and buzzes)

- Alright, we did it.

Now let everyone go.

(Laughs maniacally)

- That was your only chance!

And you blew it!

I mean when you guys first came in,

I was a little bit nervous, you know.

I thought if they really band together,

I should be a little bit worried.

But you just blew it! (Chuckles)

- We had a deal.

- We had a deal? (Chuckles)

Never underestimate the
stupidity of teenagers

right, Principal Hughes?

You were the one with the sandwich, right?

The one that hit me?

- Yeah?

(Energy wave buzzes)
(Metabolism grunts in pain)

(students moan in disapproval)

- Are you alright?

- I think so.

- Who else hit me?

(Calm but serious music)

- I did.

(Students cheer and applaud)

- There he is.

- Let them go.

- Then what? What do I get?

Are you gonna surrender?

- No, but I promise to let you
walk outta here in one piece.

- That's no way to talk to family.

- What?

- [Kaeluss] You didn't tell them?

- Shut up.

- You see,

the reason Klon here is so
wishy washy on helping you

is because he is me.

- I said shut up.

- Let me guess, you found the files?

You found the truth?

Probably not the truth
that Hughes fed you though.

- You're worthless.

I'm sorry, I was just
trying to protect you.

- You used to send me all kinds of letters

'cause Hughes gave him some story

that I was his long lost dad or something.

And it would say "I just
want someone I can talk to,

"someone who understands me."

(Chuckles softly) I used to
laugh when I got those letters.

You want the truth, kid?

I'm not your daddy.

You're just some half cocked experiment

that Mr. Kent came up with,

trying to make a clone out of me.

(Students groan in shock)

In case I got sick or hurt.

But Hughes here is the one that

sprung you out of the test tube.

How'd that feel?

I wanna know, I wanna know.

How did that feel

to find out that you were
only made from my spare parts?

(Moves into action packed music)

(air blows forcefully)

(energy waves buzz)

(students cheer)

- Get him Klon!

- Gotta watch out for those!

You're really this stubborn?

(Energy waves buzz)

(sparks sizzle)

(air blows forcefully)

(students chuckle)

(energy waves buzz)

- Get him!

(Fists and knees smack flesh)

- Enough!

Had enough yet?

- Never.

- Come on! Is this what you wanted?

A little family bonding?

(Energy wave explodes)
- [Andrasta] Stop it!

(Machine buzzes and beeps)

- There you go!

Now you're just a regular kid!

You don't have to worry about growing up

and turning out like me!

- I would never be like you.

- You're right.

(Wolf howls)

(Klon laughs)

Something funny?

- It's nighttime.

(Monstrous growls)

- I took your abilities.

- Werewolf isn't an ability,

it's a curse.

(Wolf howls)

I know about curses.

(Energetic action-packed music)

- And I fought things twice your size.

(Lunam growls)

(Kaeluss grunts)
(energy wave explodes)

(claws rip cloth)
(Kaeluss grunts in pain)

- That's enough.

That's enough!

(Students cheer)

- Ow.

- You're better than him.

- [Metabolism] I would've
let her finish him off.

- It's a cute trick,

real cute.

Shouldn't be surprised.

Technically I thought of it.

But it's time for this to end.

(Energy wave buzzes)

(calm but determined music)

(chuckles) What is this?

I've already taken all your abilities.

- You didn't take his.

- What?
- Do it!

- No! No!

(Machine beeps and buzzes)

- Someone, food!

Please say you still feel like fighting.

(Chairs scoot thunderously)

- Hey,

thanks for coming back.

- Look,

I don't know what you saw when you were

poking around in my head,

but I'm not like--

(soft and sweet piano music)

- Hey Klon, maybe we should--

Good for them.

(Chuckles softly)

- Where's Deja?

(Chill but funky music)

(phone beeps)

- Kaeluss? What's going on?

You owe me!

You better not have forgotten me.

- Oh I didn't forget about you.

- Oh, so you saved the
day after all, huh kid?

- We did.

- Too bad you're all the way over there.

- It's too bad.

(Soft buzzing)

(moves into punchy and cool music)

- I wouldn't say I have a type per say,

but if you have any friends
who are like skinny kids,

- Hey Metabolism!

- I don't think you're gonna need my help.


So what's your deal?
You're a tough loner today?

- Or you gonna be the guy
who hangs out with us losers?

- Can't I be both?

- Well come on, we're gonna
go see a controversial film.

One Andrasta can make out and
she can protest the theater.

Win win!

What? I'm trying to help.

- Yeah, come with.

- Can't. I have detention.

(Smooches cheek softly)

(stern nudge)

(moves into calm and
super smooth funk music)

- Afternoon Klon.

- Afternoon Principal Hughes.

- I was thinking we would use
this time to write an essay.

Maybe you could tell me who you are

or what makes you special.

Help you out here with
a little mood board.

Please forgive the crude artwork.

This is you.

What makes a hero? Is it art?

- Psst.
- Brains?


This, of course, is just a suggestion.

I'm also happy to help you
out with any of your studies.

You know, my math is solid.

I'm not great at history
but if you, and you're gone.

Okay, well! Guess I get to
go see that movie after all!

(Smooth and joyous music)

- [Woman] Are you sure I'll be safe?

- Oh yeah, doc. Nothing to worry about.

We got this high tech nap thing.

It makes it so he can't use his abilities.

He's as weak as a kitten. (Chuckles)

We just basically need you to go in

and do an once-over on him.

And then we can lock him up.

Apparently (chuckles) he
got attacked by a werewolf.

(Chuckles) A werewolf!

You know what really sucks?

I got this guy's autograph a
few years back at a convention.

I waited in line for like four hours!

Cost me a month's salary too.

Now he's gonna rot in some cell,

thing's gonna be worthless!

You think it'll worth anything?

You know, the autograph I mean.

(Mysterious and concerning music)

- Oh, I think it will.

(Lasers buzz)

(moves into soft and
smooth smooth funk music)

(moves into calm but
mysterious ambient music)