Super Buddies (2013) - full transcript

Watch the fur fly as a new breed of superhero is born in Disneys fun-filled epic adventure. An ordinary day at Fernfield Farms turns extraordinary when Budderball, Mudbud, B- Dawg, Buddha and Rosebud discover mysterious rings that grant them each a unique superpower. Before you can say,deg;Buddies, assemble; the pups unleash their amazing abilities and race to the rescue when a shape-shifting bully from outer space threatens the planet.





Good morning, Bartleby.
And happy birthday, young man.

Thanks, Gramps!



Don't worry.
I got you covered, boy.

What do you think?
Today might be your lucky day.

No way!
The last Ring of Inspiron!

Wow, this is awesome!

I have the whole set, Gramps!

Way to go, Bartleby!

Gramps, I'm just
not good enough.

How can I become
a super comic book writer

if I can't even come up
with one super idea?

All you have to do
is practice, kiddo.

I mean, I didn't become
a farmer extraordinaire
overnight, did I?

And I happen to think that
you're very, very talented.

Well, at least I have one fan.



Hanging around
the farm all summer...

Well, that's gonna
be pretty cool, right?

But not as cool as this.

For me?
Yes, sir!

Issue number one!

The first ever
Kid Courageous
and Captain Canine!

I can't believe this!
How did you ever find this?

Well, I've got my ways.

Well, your ways are awesome!

Okay, you ready, Budderball?


"Protected by the five power
Rings of Inspiron."

All that changed...

when the evil
commander Drex

seeking to capture
the Sacred Rings.

Captain Megasis, you must
take the Rings to safety.


It's the most distant
habitable planet we know of!

But it's far
too dangerous...

I may never
see you again.

Don't worry, my princess,
I will return to marry you.

Megasis sped towards Earth.

Drex's ship fired
on the Inspiron ship.



Megasis' ship was
starting to weaken.

But Megasis had a plan...

He placed
the Rings in a torpedo
and deactivated it.

Playing dead,
Captain Megasis
lured Drex in...

and fired two torpedoes.

The first was a direct hit

and the second narrowly
missed and flew directly

towards Earth
with the Rings
of Inspiron!

You'll never get
the Rings...


Megasis rammed his vessel
into the Darkonian ship.

The Rings...


"Drex thought
that Captain Megasis

"and the Rings
were gone for good."

But Captain Megasis'
plan had succeeded...

and he managed to escape
in a damaged pod,

heading in the
same direction
as the torpedo...

which crashed somewhere
on planet Earth.


Uh-oh. Huh.

I wonder what brings
Sheriff Dan and Sniffer here.

Hey, hey!

Hey, Sheriff Dan!

Happy Birthday! Surprise!

Happy birthday, Bartleby!
It's the birthday boy!

Oh, sweet mama!
You look like superheroes!

Yeah. Too bad we don't have
real superpowers, dawg.

Haven't you read
Kid Courageous
and Captain Canine?

Superhero rule number one,

you don't have to
have superpowers
to be a superhero.

Wow, this is awesome!

Thanks for coming
to my gramps' farm

to celebrate.
You guys look great!

Where is your gramps, anyway?


Evildoers, beware!

The amazing
Grandpa-Man is here!


Look at that! That's so cool!

Cool! Nice!



That was so cool!

Dude! That was major sweet!

Are you okay?

ALL: Whoa!


Gramps, you okay?

Oh-ho, sure.
Except for my hip, maybe.

it's Grandpa-Man!

You don't wanna give
my secret identity
away, do you?


Another gift?

Well, you're
only 12 once, kiddo.


Wow, Grandpa-Man, you rock!

And look, Budderball,
there's one for you, too!

Come on, Budderball!

All right,
who's ready for the Super

Birthday Treasure Hunt?

Treasure hunt?
O-M-G, I love treasure!

I don't think he means
real treasure, dogette.

Behold, Super Bartleby
and Super Budderball!

Whoa! That is so cool.

All right, gang,
let's split up
into teams of two.

When you hear
the sound of the bugle,
the hunt begins.




A circular object...
I've an idea, come on!

Aw, sweet!

Come on, boys! The hunt is on.

Meet back at the barn.

I don't know about you dudes,
but I'm going for
an epic mud bath.

Let's go!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Dude and dudettes,
this is blowing my mind.

Where is all the mud?

Armer-fay Arvin-may
crubbed-say u-say lean-cay

or-fay he-tay arty-pay,

Whoa! Slow down, Curly, bro.

I know I look like
one of your tribe,

but I'm still
learning pig latin.

What Curly said, dear,
was Farmer Marvin cleaned us

for the party and
then drained the mud

so we would
look our very best.

Whoa. Brochacho! That is
a mega-colossal bummer.

when water mixes with dirt,
mud will co-exist.



Catch you on
the flip side, dudes!



Oh, sweet mama!
That was amazing!

Gracias, young Budderball!

That's a 200-pound barrel.
I just threw it 15 feet.

Imagine what I could do
to a matador! Ole!

I wish some of your brawn
could wear off on me.

I'm a bull, you're a puppy.

I come from a long lineage
of fighting toros.

Your job is to be
cute and cuddly.

Don't get me wrong,
I like being a puppy.

I just wish I could be strong
and brave like you.

It's all in
the confidence, pup.

But I could see
about getting you
a nose ring.

Um, no, thanks.

Right now, I'm on the lookout
for some treasure.

See you later, Mr. Bull!


An egg is
a circular object, B-Dawg.
Why don't you go get one?

I would, but, you know,

I just don't wanna
get the chicken pox.

B-Dawg, you don't get
chicken pox from chickens.

If you're too scared,
I'll go.

This dog is not
afraid of nothin',

let alone some
scrawny chickens!

Yo, yo!
Alpha dog in the house.

HENS: We have a visitor.

You think you can
just waltz in here
like that?

What does he
think he's doing?
'Scuze me.

What exactly do you
think you're doin'?


You best put
that egg back now!

You heard what she said.

Put that back.

On second thought,
I didn't think.

young pup, you think

you're gonna walk
into my hen house

and steal one of
my sisters' eggs?


Ain't happenin'.
HENS: No way.

Uh, I'll just mosey on.
We're cool, right?

I think I better
teach this youngin
a lesson.

Ladies, charge!
Let's get him!


Run, dogs!
Giant chicken in the house!

I'm flying the coop!

Oh, brother. What a chicken.




Empty your mind
of all worldly thoughts.

We're cows.

Our minds are
always empty, Buddha.

I'd love to stay with you
enlightened beings,

but I need to meet
my brothers and sis.

Hey, Strawberry. Hi, Lollipop!

Look at you, Rosebud.
Your outfit is
out-of-this-world fantastic!

It just screams girl power.

Girl power is a state of mind.

But, you're right,
the outfit so does not hurt.

We gotta neigh it out
loud and proud, girlfriend.

Us girls ain't
horsin' around.

We can do anything
we put our minds to.

You got that right.

Well, I'd love to stay
and chew the hay all day.

But I've got treasure to hunt.

BOTH: T-T-Y-L, Rosebud!

There's gotta be
something in here.


All I've found
so far is a bunch
of chicken feathers.

Look, Buddies, in there!
Something is glowing!

Let the dirt
maestro unearth it.


Those look just like
the Rings of Inspiron
from my Puppy Chow!

Why'd he just leave them here
in a pile of dirt?

Maybe Gramps buried them,

and that's what
we're supposed to find
on this treasure hunt.

I don't know, Budderball,
looks like they've
been here for years.

Dude, do the rings
from your food float?


Oh, sweet mama!
It's the birthday cake bugle!

That dude can
sure move for food.


Yes! Cake!

Oh-ho, there you guys are!

Well, blood-sugar needs
to be taken care of and
that means cake!

ALL: Yeah!




Budderball, you found
my extra set of dentures.

I've been looking
all over for those.

(LAUGHING) Thank you,
big fella!

Hey, the Rings of Inspiron!

Budderball, did you
find them in my bag?

Have you been collecting
them without telling me?


I hope you superheroes
haven't had too much cake.

I think it's time for
ol' Grandpa-Man here

to take care of
some farm chores.

Happy birthday, kiddo.

You're the best, Gramps.

I'll check back on you
all in a little while.

Check it out, guys.

The first issue
of Captain Canine
written by Jack Schaeffer.

Budderball and I
started it this morning.

It tells us how Kid Courageous
and Captain Canine met!

Cool, dude. Let's see it!

Okay, we're at
a really exciting part.
You guys ready?

ALL: Yeah.



BARTLEBY: Afraid of capture,

Captain Megasis
made sure there was no
evidence of his landing

and disintegrated
his damaged pod.


Intruder! Identify yourself!

Greetings, human.

Captain Megasis of
the 23rd Quadrant,
planet Inspiron.

I come in peace.

Oh, thank goodness.
Not that I was
scared or anything.

Uh-oh, it sounds like
they're coming for me.

Earthling, may I shape-shift
into your form?

I need to disguise myself.
It won't harm you, I promise.

Okay. If it doesn't hurt,
I guess I'm...

Whoo! That kind of tickles!

Looks like this
is my new shape
until I can find the Rings

and turn myself back.


BARTLEBY: Captain Megasis,
now in the shape of a dog,

slipped undetected
past the blockade

to begin his
search for the Rings.

Not sure where
to begin looking,
he wandered down a dirt road.



Oh, that hurt.
This just isn't my eon.


Did you just talk to me?

Yes. Doesn't this
life-form speak?

Because my
research concluded that

human beings spoke
in words just like us.

But you're not a human.
You're a dog. I'm a human.

Are you sure about that?

Hmm, then I have erred.

My name is Captain Megasis
from the planet Inspiron.

I just crash-landed
and I took the form
of some Earthling,

not human, I now gather.

I'm Jack.


If you help me,
then I can help you.

When you meet my mom,
remember, dogs don't talk.

They bark.
They what?

Bark. "Woof, woof!" Like that.

Woof, woof.

Jack! There you are.

What happened? Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Woof... Woof, woof.

Where did you find this dog?

He helped me.
He looks tired and hungry.

Can we keep him?

Dad would've wanted us to.

Oh, the smell of wet dog.

Dad used to say,
"If you give a lost dog
a bath, he'll never leave."


Okay, I guess we'll be testing
your father's theory.

Thanks, Mom.

Over the next few weeks,
Megasis told Jack his story.

And Jack, who loved to draw,
chronicled it in a comic book.

MEGASIS: The Darkonians
enslaved the Inspirons,

and now I must find
the Rings to free my people.

While searching for the Rings,

Jack and Megasis
decided to become superheroes

and fight crime in honor
of Jack's late father.

From now on,
you'll be Captain Canine.

And you shall be
Kid Courageous.

You know, without the Rings,
I don't have superpowers,

My dad always said,

"You don't have
to have superpowers
to be a superhero."

We'll use our intellect,
bravery and wits.

I bet I would've
liked your father.
He sounds like a wise man.

He was the best.
And you know what?

We can use his
old police radio

to save people and bring
evildoers to justice.

Bank robbery in progress.

Three hostages.
All units, report.

You wanna do this,
Captain Canine?

And so our adventure begins!

BILLY: Whoa!
ALICE: That's so cool.

And that's how Kid Courageous
and Captain Canine came to be.

The rumor in
the comic book world

is that everything
that Jack Schaeffer wrote
in these comics is real.


Jack, the Rings.

Someone's found them,
they've been activated.

What? Really?

Well, I'm getting a signal,
but it's intermittent.

I can't quite
track the location.

We haven't had
a signal in years,

since that
false alarm in 2002.

I'd better make sure
this is the real thing.


Time to break the fast
with a morning snack.

Whoa, what's happening to me?




How did I get this strong?


If you are what you eat,
I'm about to become
hot and spicy!


Whoa, boy. What happened?

Looks like we can use
a new icebox, huh?


WOMAN: Billy, make sure
you take out the garbage.

All right.
Be right back, Dawg.

Oh, baby, slamma-jamma dunk!


How'd you get up there?





Oh, that gives new meaning
to "Downward Dog."

MUDBUD: Nothing like
a fresh pile of manure.

Bath time!
Oh, no.

Has it been a month already?

I'm cornered.
Must hide. Must hide!

Mom says she can smell you
from the kitchen.

Where are you, dude?

You can't see me?
I'm invisible?

This is totally radical.
I'll never have
to bathe again!

Oh, no. Sprinklers!

There you are! Sorry, dude,

but Mom will
want me to add soap
to that water.

ALICE: You guys, I'm open!

MAN: Come on, guys,
remember your defense!
Come on!

Move that ball! That's it!

Hey! That was a foul!

No foul.

That's a goal!

Now, that's one
for girl power.

It's really happening.
I verified everything.

The Rings have been activated.
This is real, Jack.

Where are they?

Somewhere close to us.

Slightly northeast.
Not too far,

but we can't
pinpoint exactly where yet.

We need a stronger activation.

Trouble is if we're
getting a reading,
that means Drex can, too.

Oh, Commander Drex, sir?

I thought I said
no interruptions,

I'm still ruing the day
I lost the Rings
of Inspiron forever!

Oh, yes, Commander.

I realize that,
but that's just it.

After all this time, I mean,
we have had a faint signal.

But that's impossible!

They were destroyed
when that fool

Megasis rammed my
ship and perished.

Well, you see, the signal came
from the 49th Quadrant.

A green and blue planet
we have located called Earth.

Megasis must
have sent them there

before he disintegrated
along with his ship.

Monk-E, we must
leave at once!

Ooh, the glory of exploration!

Oh, I'll prepare
your space pod
immediately, sir.

'Sup with the 911 howl, dawg?

The reason I called
this emergency meeting is...

Well, I noticed
something strange.

Where are MudBud and Rosebud?

What do you mean, dude?
I'm right here.


It keeps happening
to me, bro. Here one minute,
gone the next.

Sis is fashionably
late, as usual.

Nope. Right on time.
It's like I'm so fast

that everything
is so last season
by the time it gets to me.

Hold on,
I just remembered I forgot
the hat that I wanted to wear

that totally
complements my bow.

Playa, please!
And you dawgs
call me motor-mouth.

There! Much better.

Whoa! That
dudette's got mega-speed.

That's just it.

Something very strange
is happening to me, too.

I'm strong like a bull,
just like I always
wanted to be.

Buddha, anything odd
going on with you?

I'm finding myself to have
excellent mind control.

More than I ever
imagined I could.

I'm able to move
things with my mind,
including myself.

Uh, maybe we should
test your skills out.

Can you levitate that
hot dog into my mouth?


Okay, that is
the best trick ever!

So, we're just waiting on
those hot dogs, dear.

Ma'am, I just gave you one.

Before you go crowning Buddha
top dawg, B, check this out.

WOMAN: It is mustard you like?


My purse!

I know I'm usually super-fly,

but, dawgs, now I'm
scooper-fly, yo!

Wait a sec,
did you guys just see that?

B-Dawg totally saved the day!

I did? I mean,
of course I did.

B-Dawg always saves the day!

Seriously, dudes.
These Rings have
given us some epic powers!

Just think of
the good we can do.

We can protect our humans
from those with bad karma.

This is perf!

We love making Fernfield
a better place to live.

Like superheroes
for real, dawgs!

Captain Canine says,
"Superhero rule number two,

"a superhero
must always conceal
their true identity

"to protect
the ones they love."

Those superhero
suits Gramps gave us

are really
gonna come in handy.

What are we
waiting for, dudes?
Time to be super!

Fernfield, no more fear.
The Super Buddies are here!

Whoa, look!

Super Puppies!

All we need now is
someone to rescue.

CAT: Help! Someone help!

Dawgs, that's my cue.
I call first dibs
on saving 'em!

Let's go!


Help me!
Somebody, please help!

Uh, I'm stuck up here.

Cute costumes and all,
but really,

why don't you go fetch
one of your human friends

that can really help me?

A cat with attitude.

Oh, I'll give you
some cattitude.

You ain't seen nothing,
dog friends.

This one's
all yours, B-Dawg.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
back up, back up.
I ain't helping no darn cat.

No way, no how.

You can't refuse
to help someone

because you don't
like them, B-Dawg.

Superhero rule number three,

a superhero is
a friend to any being
in need of rescue.

How we gonna get
that cat down, dawgs?

I can't be rescued
by a smelly dog. Yuck!

Uh, I got it.

If we can't get to the cat,
then we'll just
get the cat to us.


We got a 10-66, Sniffer.
Cat stuck in tree.

SHERIFF DAN: Whoa, Nelly!

Saved by a dog.
Now that's a cat-astrophe.

There she is! Let's go!

Well, at least
the cat's safe.

Maybe we need to practice
a little bit more.


You talking about practice?
Practice is for posers, yo!

Oh, no. Help!

It's looking like a small
town named Fernfield.

To think I've been this close
all these years.

I'd better go
and check this out.

You stay here and
monitor the readings.

I've got to find
whoever has the Rings
before Drex gets the signal,

if he hasn't already.

Guys, something's wrong.
The candy store is
never open at night.

I know the hours
like the back of my paw.

MAN: Unbelievable!
Sweet candy!

Okay, here we go, 20, 40...

Guys, somebody is robbing
the candy store.





Look at the cute puppies
with the superhero costumes!

Yeah. Pretty scary
guard dogs, Mr. Swanson.

Oh, I'm shaking in my boots!

Dudes, does anyone
else get the sense

we're not being
taken seriously here?

Welcome to the world
of a blonde pup.

They're gonna have to learn
a lesson in girl power.


Way to work it, Rosebud!
All right!

Watch what happens when
and gumballs mix.

What's he doing? What? No!



Help me! Hurry up! Quick!

Stay... Stay back!

Stay back!

What are you doing?

Stay back. Stay back
or I'll dice you
into wiener schnitzels.

Okay. Okay. Here we go.

Time to reach out
and touch somebody, dawg.


Take it easy.
Who's a good puppy?

Dude, there's only one way
to teach this guy a lesson.

Where'd he go?

Oh, oh, oh!

Dang, that is
a super-wickedie-wedgie, dawg!



I'm so scared!

What? What?

So gross!

Subdued by caramel, dude.


SIMPLE TOM: It's in my eyes!

This is all your fault,
all of it.

I promise I'll be good!

What's happening?

I think our work
here is done.

Oh, I better untie
Mr. Swanson before we go.

It's so sweet and sticky!

Let's roll, dawgs.

SIMPLE TOM: Who were they?


The door is ajar.

The door is ajar.

Okay. I mean...
Hey! Stop right there!

Freeze! You are under arrest!

Put your hands
behind your back!

MR. SWANSON: No, Sheriff.
The thieves are inside!

No, no, Sheriff!
You've got the wrong man.
It's me!

Look, it's Mr. Swanson.
This is my candy store.

Oh, hey, Mr. Swanson.
How are you?

Sorry about that.
Honest mistake.

Yeah. Yeah. Hey! Hey!

Good work, Deputy!

Okay, okay, okay.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Please, take us to jail.

Just keep us away
from those crazy puppies!

Yeah, yeah!
Those puppies,
they aren't normal!

Let's move it.
It's history unfolding,
like, now.

This is Sofia Ramirez
from Fernfield Local News,

live on the scene
where a sweet robbery

has just been thwarted.

Sheriff Dan,
can you please give us
the gritty details

on what went
down here tonight?

Deputy Sniffer and
I have to go through
all this delicious evidence

before we can come
to any conclusions.

If you'll excuse me, ma'am.
Mr. Swanson.

If I hadn't seen
it with my own eyes,
I would never believe it.

They were super puppies.

Well, there you
have it, folks.

It seems a group
of super puppies
have saved the day.

Who are these pup crusaders?

Stay tuned for
the latest developments
on this incredible story.

Super puppies?

Super puppies.

I have to get out
of this small town.
Now, let's go!

Excuse me? Hey! Can you...

DREX: Monk-E,
what is this place?

Earthlings refer
to it as a farm.

It's where they
produce a vital

substance of
nutrition called food.

(GIGGLES) I'm so
excited to explore
another planet, Commander.

Monk-E, I suggest
you get comfy

because you're
not going anywhere.

You're going to
stay right here
with our ship

and protect it
from Earth creatures.

Oh, space fudge!

Hush, Monk-E!

Aye aye, Commander.
Good luck finding the Rings.


Mmm, tasty.

Ah, ugh.



I'll body snatch
this human life-form

and disguise
myself as one of them.

according to my research,
that's not a human. It's a...

Be quiet, Monk-E.

Phew, what a stench.

Sooey! Pigs!

Hello, little piggies!
Good morning to ya.

Ugh, yuck!

What in the blazes is that?

(SNORTS) I am Commander Drex,
feared leader of
the Darkonian race.

You are to forfeit
this planet and the
five Rings of Inspiron.




make the pod disappear.

Copy that, Commander.

One set of candy lips.



Fern... Fernfield
Sheriff's Department.

It's Marvin.

You gotta get over here!
What's that?

There's a UFO on my farm!

Now, slow down.
Calm down, Marvin. What...

A green pig talked to me,
for crying out loud!

Okay. All right.
Come quick!

I'm on my way.


what is this spacecraft?

It's what they
call a pick-up truck.

They come in lowrider,
semi and monster.

it doesn't fly, and you must

actually steer it
with your hands.

Er, um, hooves.


I'm not surprised
these Earthlings use
such horrendous ground ships.

Monk-E, what is
the current location
of the Rings?

In astronomical units,
they are very close.

You just need to
follow that yellow line
and you should locate them.

Sniffer, that looks
like Marvin's truck.

This music alone
is enough to justify
destroying the whole planet.

Whoa! Look out!

Watch where
you're going there...

Road hog! What the...



Come on, Sniffer!


Are you sure it's you?

I think I'd know if
I weren't me, Marvin.

All right.

Well, the spaceship is
over there in the pig pen.

Come on. Have a look-see.


I think you might wanna
start wearing a hat.

Sounds to me like
you got a little

too much sun on
the ol' noggin.

Well, you believe me, right?

It's not that I don't
want to believe you,

but why don't you
just go on inside

and put your
feet up a little bit

while Deputy Sniffer
and I collect some evidence

in your smelly, old pig pen?



Greetings, fellow alien.

Good afternoon, sir!

And welcome to Galaxy Burger.

I need your help getting
the Rings of Inspiron.

Onion rings?

Onion? Why would
I want rings from

the planet Onion,
you bubblehead?

Did you say you want
the Hubble hamburger
with those rings?

A Hubble hamburger?
What is this nonsense,
you insolent alien?

Um, sir, if you don't
eat beef, we also have

the Orion's Belt
Blaster pork sandwich.

Hey, Sheriff Dan!
Hiya, kids!

Is everything okay?

Uh, well, just
a little misunderstanding
is all, nothing heavy.

Your grandpa thought he saw
an unidentified flying
object in the pig pen.

I know a lot about aliens.
Let's go investigate.

Be careful.

Sheriff Dan,
this is Myrtle at dispatch.
Come in, over.

Sheriff Dan and Deputy Sniffer
at your service!

We got a 10-53 on Main Street.

We're on our way, Myrtle!



Hold on
to your hat, partner!

Just a bunch of muddy pigs
and mud pies.


Ugh, ew, Bartleby,
what are you doing?

It's all right, folks.
Nothing to see here.

Sheriff Dan has it
all under control.


Holy pork chops,
pigs can drive!

Not well, but they can drive.

Ah-ha, confident,

adorned with
idiotic facial hair...

He must be the leader.

Quick, Deputy Sniffer,
my lasso!

Let's hog-tie this here pig.

I've heard of
green eggs and ham before,

but never just the green ham!

Oh, no!

Hold tight, Deputy.

Time! Holy Dinah!

That was faster than
my record at the Fernfield
Grand Prix rodeo!

You have the right
to remain silent.

Listen, you...

What happened here, Sheriff?

Was this somehow in connection
to any of the strange events

that have happened in
our quaint town of Fernfield?

Loose pig run amuck,
or out of the muck,
I should say,

now captured!
Reign of terror over.

He won't be bothering
any pretty ladies
like you anymore.

Clearly, folks, this isn't
Sheriff Dan's first rodeo.

Fernfield's safe once again.





Uh-oh, under siege!

There's something here...
What is it?

I think I feel
some kind of a button.

Look at that!


Okay, what would
Commander do?


I know!

That symbol on
the side of the ship,

I've seen it somewhere before!

this may come off as

a little shocking,
but I do come in peace.


Bartleby, are you okay?


What was that?
Let's get him out of this mud!


Yo, where'd it go?

Something weird is going on.
Wait, I know! Come on!

ALICE: Gross.

It would seem appropriate
that I do some exploring.

That's the reason
I enrolled in

space school in
the first place.

If Professor Bananamunch
could see me now.

Oh, greetings, Earth beings!
I'm honored

to visit your

and interesting-smelling


Oh, I'm flattered,
but you're not really my type.

Help! Help me! Help! Help!

Oh, no! That girl
is in real trouble.

We need to help her.

The Super Buddies are
in high demand, yo!

What did this
town do without us?

Sit tight,
I'll be right back.

She's in 8-B,
but the door's locked.

Super Buddies to the rescue!


Doors aren't a problem
for Super Budderball!


I can hear
someone whimpering.

Smoke, dissipate.


Oh, no! We're trapped!

Buddha, move the debris!

I can't move it...

Now what do we do,
super dudes?

We're superheroes, remember?
Let's not panic.

I think that train already
left the station, dawgs!

ALL: Captain Canine!

Captain Canine,
is that really you?
You're real!

You five puppies have
the Rings of Inspiron?

You have no idea how long
I've been searching for those.

These are the real
Rings of Inspiron?
Not toys?

Yes, and lucky for you pups,
I tracked them here.

We have no time to waste.

Grab onto my neck,
and don't let go.


MAN: There's the girl!

The Super Pups
and Captain Canine
saved me!

Whoa, dawgs!
That was way too
close for comfort.

What you did back there
was very dangerous.

You pups have much to learn

before you're ready to handle
the power of those Rings.

Now where did you find them?

At my grandpa's farm.

Drex will track the signal
to the originating position.

We must hurry,
we are in great danger.

There, look!

Oh, my!
Sofia Ramirez reporting

to you live with
the real Super Pups!


Pups, now.
There's very little time.

I know it's in here somewhere.

What are we
looking for exactly?

The symbol on the spaceship,

I'm sure it's here in
one of these comics.

Dude, these are just comics.
They're not real life.

See? It's in issue number one.


They came out of the smoke

with superhero costumes on.

Are the five
Super Pups descendants

of the elusive Captain Canine?

Five Super Puppies?

But how?

The Rings!
They have great powers.

Oh, my goodness!
The Buddies have
the real Rings of Inspiron!

Our Buddies are superheroes!

And that symbol means that
the evil Drex might
be here in Fernfield!

The Buddies
could be in trouble!


Charge! (LAUGHING)

Oh, this planet
and their music.
You, there!

Yes, I'm talking to you,
you idiotic life-form.


Good golly, Molly.

The name's not Molly.

It's Commander Drex!
And I'm about to snatch
your pathetic body.


What in tarnation?
(SNORTS) This can't be!

Hmm, hmm.

Primitive, hmm,
but it'll have to do.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
stop right there!
You are under arrest!

This is illegal

There he is.

Hey, Sheriff Dan.
Are we ever glad to see you.

Yeah, that spaceship
was real.

It belongs to
the evil Drex who came to

Earth to capture
the Rings of Inspiron!

Aren't you a genius?

We're pretty sure
our Buddies have
the Rings

and are in grave danger.

Hand over those poopies
and the Rings, now!

Guys? That's not
Sheriff Dan...

I am Drex, feared leader
of the Darkonian races!


So, you sit on
this oval-looking

and it turns into something
called a chick?

You got it.
Yeah, and then you
become a mother,

my alien friend.

That's out of this galaxy.

May I try?

Don't sit on it, it'll crack!

Well, aren't you being
a bit of a mother hen?

I don't think so.


Help! I'm being held captive
in my own jail! Help!

Sniffer, it's me,
(SNORTS) Sheriff Dan!

That pig swapped
bodies with me!

Jiminy Cricket, Sheriff Dan!
You're a pig!

Oh, boy, Sniffer!
It sure is good
to hear your voice.

Even if I did have to grow
a pair of pig ears to do it!

Well, shucks. I'm guessing

you don't want
the double bacon

breakfast burrito
you had me fetch you.

Think I'll be taking
a break from bacon.

What exactly happened,

My body's been
taken by an alien!

Seems Farmer Marvin
isn't crazy after all.

Come on, partner,
the kids are in trouble.

Now we've gotta
warn the Buddies.

It is time to get
ready for the biggest
challenge of your lives.

Protecting the Rings
from Drex is

the most important
thing you will ever do.

Can't you stop him?

Without the Rings,
I have no superpowers.

Uh, you could
borrow mine, dawg.

Unfortunately, as soon
as you found the Rings

and they were activated,

they became bonded to you.

So now,
only you Buddies can use
the powers to stop Drex.

They seem to work
in a mystical way.

actually a logic to it.

We all have
a vibrational field that none

of us can see,
but all of us can feel.

The Rings take your
natural skills and abilities

and amplifies them many times.

It's time I showed you just
how powerful they really are.

If you have
the skill to elude capture,

the Rings will allow you
to blend into your environment

and move through objects,
or objects to
move through you.

Well, looky here.
The egg thief is back!

let's learn 'em there's no
picking on us chickens.

Chicks normally dig me!

Birds of a feather,
defend together!

No, wait!
Honestly, I'm a vegan!

Let's get him, girls!

Yo, what just happened?

Camouflage not only
saves you, MudBud,

but when you focus on others,
your invisibility
extends to them as well.

If you are quick
of foot and mind,
you will become supersonic.

Standard dodgeball rules,
if a ball touches you,
you're out.

If you carry great strength,
you will be stronger
than a raging bull.


ALL: Whoa!

Strong like puppy! Ole!

MEGASIS: If you have
clarity of thought,

you can develop your mind
so you can move
many objects at once.



Wow, this is cool!

COW: Whoa, we're floating!

Better stop, I might throw up
all four of my stomachs.

Wow! What just happened?

Very good, Buddha.

positive energy will always
win over negative energy.

If you are agile,
you will become
as flexible as rubber.

B-DAWG: Marco!

B-DAWG: Marco!

Don't let your
ego take control.

smooth is more important
than fast, in your case.

Yo, smooth is fast.
That's totally my
new motto, dawg.

Marco, dawgs!

ALL: Polo!

Drex's big weapon is
an electrical charge.

B-Dawg, remember,
when your Ring is activated,

your body has the metabolic
consistency of rubber.

Electricity cannot conduct
through rubber.

So only you can protect
your Buddies
from a direct hit.

Now that you have mastered
your individual skills,

it's very important
that each of you stop

thinking of
yourselves as individuals.

In order to defeat Drex,
you will have
to work together,

utilizing all of
your superpowers
as one force.


Our kids!
Let's go see them, Buddies.

Stay put. That could be Drex.

The Darkonians can possess

any life-form they choose
and use it as their own.

They call it "body-snatch."

What a piece of space junk.

Sheriff Dan, what are you
doing back here?

How come those kids are
in your cruiser? Bartleby!

That's not Sheriff Dan,
it's an alien. Watch out!

That's right, old man.
Watch out.




Oh, no!

Don't worry.
He's just stunned.


Into the red structure!

Do what he says.



It's locked.

But we've gotta
find a way to stop him.


I don't know if
this is the best time
to read, dawg.

Guys, with all
we've seen today,

it's pretty obvious that
the rumors are true.

Everything in
the Captain Canine
comic books is real.

There's gotta be something
in here to tell us how
to defeat Drex.

Start reading.


Something tells me that ain't
good in the hood, dawgs.

Are you sure
this is the way to
Fernfield Farms, old buddy?

Even with four legs,
this seems further
than I remember it.

I'm afraid I got us lost.
No offense, Sheriff, but

you really stink.
So bad that I can't
pick up the trail.

Do you mind going
downwind from me?

Oh, sorry, old boy.
And I agree,
I'm a little ripe.

What in the blazes is that?

Gotta call Sheriff Dan.

That was Sheriff Dan.

Breaking news, as a meteor has
unexpectedly changed course

and is heading
straight toward Earth.

Scientists report the meteor
changed direction

and is accelerating
at a rapid pace toward us
without explanation.

They estimate only hours left
before its devastating impact.

We go now to Sofia Ramirez,
reporting live from the field.

Thank you, Tom. This just in.

A strange electrical storm
is also being caused

by the meteor as it
gets closer to Earth.

Stay inside.
Keep your loved ones safe.

Super Pups,
if you're watching,
please help us.



Looks like it's
up to Grandpa-Man
to save the day.

Stay behind this tractor.
I'll flush out Drex.

And remember
what I taught you.

Drex, it's I, Captain Megasis.

Megasis? But your ship!
I thought you were dead!

You thought wrong.

After all these years,
I look forward

to obliterating
you once and for all.

Without the Rings, you have
no powers to match me.

We'll see about that.

You missed me.

That's all you got?



You're through, Drex.


Captain Canine! No!


Come out wherever you are,
you little Super Poopies!

I think it's
time to surrender.

Without your
not-so-furless leader,
you haven't got a hope!

Captain Canine
said we will have
to combine our powers.

the Rings of Inspiron,

and I will consider
sparing your lives.

We have to
believe in ourselves.

It's time to be a team.

It's time to really
be the Super Buddies.

We will never
surrender the Rings
to evil like you, Drex.

Positive energy will always
win over negative energy.


ALL: Om...



This is going
to be like taking
a bone from a puppy!



Way to go, Buddha!
Good one, Buddha!

ALL: Uh-oh.

Don't worry, dawgs.
Super B-Dawg is in the house.


No, you didn't! Electricity
can't conduct through rubber.


Uh, fine. Try to stop this!

I got this one.



Now what, dawgs?
We can't play defense forever.

Nobody bullies my
brothers and sis!

Now it's my turn to...




Brave like puppy,
strong like bull.

That was awesome, dude!

Way to go, Budderball.



That was great! Ole!
Viva el puppy!
Viva el puppy!




There you are,
you little traitor!

Oh, no! Busted!


Enough of this puppy play!





I can't hold it forever.

MudBud, this would
be a very good time
for us to disappear.

Gotcha, bro.

that did not sound good.

The Rings of
Inspiron were hidden

in a torpedo
and sent to Earth.

Captain Megasis defeated Drex
not by using his superpowers,

but by using his intellect.

He tricked him.

So, how are we gonna do that?

Drex wants the Rings, right?
Yeah, so?

So, let's just
give them to him!


What was that?



DREX: I know you're in there!

It was
a valiant effort, dawgs.

I have really
enjoyed being your brother
and the leader of this pack.

Superheroes never give up.

Enough of these silly games!

Give it all you got! be obliterated!


Dudes, let's split.

Budderball, get in quick!

MudBud, come on!

Come on, Buddha!

Follow me, guys!


You can't escape me!

ALL: No! No!

Give me the Rings now,
or I will blast you.

Here they are, Drex.
But you have to promise

to leave Earth
and all of us alone.

No, Bartleby, don't!

Yeah, don't!


I don't make promises.

I make threats and keep them.

That wasn't so hard.

Now that I have
the Rings of Inspiron,
I will rule this galaxy!

Please, just
leave us in peace.
With pleasure.

Your final hour of peace.

You see,
I've redirected a meteor
to collide with Earth.

It's going to hit
right here in Fernfield!



There you are!

Stop, in the name of the law!

You are under arrest!
You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say
can and will be used

against you in
a court of Earthling law.

Now, please give
me my body back
so I can cuff you.

(LAUGHING) If you insist.
Take it back.

It is a sorry bag of
charred bones anyway.


Sheriff, you're back!

My body!


I love you, body.

Oh, oh.

I'm outta here, dude. handcuffs
here and...
Good riddance, Earthlings.

Stop right there! Hey!
I was arresting you!

Do not get on
that spaceship, mister!

What's happening?

Those aren't
the Rings of Inspiron!
Those are plastic!


Oh, no! (SCREAMS)

I think that was the asteroid!

Yeah! Gotcha!

Yeah! We're bad!



Finally, I found you all!

Mr. Schaeffer, sir?

Where's Captain Canine?

Oh, no.



Are you okay, B-Dawg?

Allergies, from the chickens.

That dude was
a totally awesome alien.

He was
an inspiration to us all.

I wanted to be just like him.

It was his life's
mission to protect
the Rings of Inspiron

from falling into
Drex's evil clutches.

Well, he accomplished
his mission.

You mean Drex
didn't get the Rings?

Not exactly.

I just wish he could have
seen this day...

And brought the Rings
back to his planet.

Wait a second.

"The Rings of Inspiron apart
hold great powers,

"but together have
the healing powers

capable of miracles!"

Surround Captain Canine's
body with the Rings!

Good idea!
Yeah, yeah!


It worked! It worked!


Captain Canine,
sir, are you okay?

I see you defeated
Drex all on your own.
I knew you could do it.

I'm proud of all
of you Buddies.

You really are super,
with or without the Rings.

We did it together, as a team.
Just like you taught us,
Captain Canine.

We just had to
believe in ourselves.

It is good to see you again,
Captain Megasis.

And you, too, Kid Courageous.

Wait a minute, dawg.
You're Kid Courageous?

It's all real, isn't it,
Mr. Schaeffer?

Yeah, it is.

You think I could
make this stuff up?


I can't believe
it's all over.

And you defeated Drex.
How did you do that?

We tricked Drex,

just like what
Captain Megasis did
in issue number one.

We gave him the Rings
from the Puppy Chow.


You kids and
Buddies proved that the

first rule of being
a superhero is true.

Rule number one...

ALL: You don't have
to have superpowers

to be a superhero.


What is that?

Whoa! Look at that!



Greetings, Earthlings.
I am Princess Jorala
of Inspiron.

As soon as
the Rings were activated,

we started tracking them
across the galaxy.


Hi, I'm Bartleby.
Welcome to Earth.

On behalf of Inspiron,
we thank you for stopping Drex

and returning the Rings
to the Inspiron people.

Bartleby Livingstone,
I hear you

were the leader
of this victory.

It was all of us,
Your Highness,

and especially our Buddies.

Please accept this as
a token of Inspiron's
eternal gratitude.

It has always
brought me good fortune.

Thank you.

And where is Captain Megasis?

I'm here, my princess.

I took the form of this dog
when I landed on Earth.

Captain Megasis,
you will be
a hero on Inspiron.

I have missed you so.

With Drex gone,
the galaxy is safe again.

The Darkonians will return
to their peaceful ways.

Buddies, please do the honor

and present
the Rings of Inspiron
to our princess.

My princess.

ALL: Wow.

Thank you for saving me.

It's been a great
pleasure having you

as my partner all
these years, Jack.

I couldn't have
made it this far
without you, my friend.

You were like
the father to me
that I lost.

My princess,

it's time for us to go home.

Princess Jorala,
I always knew that girls
could rule the world.

And now,
after meeting you,

I know that we can
rule the whole galaxy!

Yo, Captain Megasis,
if you ever need

a charismatic wingdog,
I'm your Buddy.

Catch you later,
alien brochacho.

Excuse me, Your Highness.

I am Monk-E,
Commander Drex's
former lieutenant.

I would welcome
the opportunity to be
at your humble service.

I can see you
have a pure heart.

Welcome aboard, Monk-E.


I've always dreamed of going
to the planet Inspiron!

Until we meet again, Buddies.

Thank you, Captain Megasis.

Goodbye, Earthlings.
ALL: Bye!

It was nice meeting you!


ALICE: Goodbye!

As much as I miss
Captain Canine,

when one door closes,
another one opens.

So without further ado,

let me proudly
present my partner
in our new comic book series,

Super Buddies, a very
talented young man,
Mr. Bartleby Livingstone.


Yeah! Go, Bartleby!

Good job!

"Captain Megasis
and Princess Jorala

"returned to
the planet of Inspiron,

"which glows
brighter than ever before.

"And the Super
Buddies picked up
where they left off.

"As one adventure ended,
a new one was about to begin."

Brave like puppy,
strong like bull.

Now I'm super-duper
pooper-scooper-fly, yo!

Nope. Right on time.
It's like I'm so fast

that everything
is so last season
by the time it gets to me.

That is
a mega-colossal bummer.

We can protect our humans
from those with bad karma.

Jiminy Cricket, Sheriff Dan!
You're a pig!

I am-ay outta-ay
ere-hay ude-day.

Imagine what I could do
to a matador! Ole!

let's learn 'em there's no
picking on us chickens.

We're cows.

Our minds are
always empty, Buddha.

It just screams girl power.

We gotta neigh it out
loud and proud, girlfriend.

Greetings, human.

And so our adventure begins!

That's out of this galaxy.
May I try?

Oh, thank goodness.
Not that I was
scared or anything.

Mmm, tasty.

What in tarnation?
(SNORTS) This can't be!

Oh, I'll give you
some cattitude.

You ain't seen nothing,
dog friends.

Greetings, Earthlings.
I am Princess Jorala
of Inspiron.