Super 8 (2011) - full transcript

SPOILER: In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident. Shortly after, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, and the local Deputy tries to uncover the truth - something more terrifying than any of them could have imagined.

I am so worried for that boy.

Joe's going to be okay.

She was everything to him.

Jack's going to step up.
He's a good man.

But he's never had to be a father before.

I don't think he understands Joe.

How long did Elizabeth work there?

Five years?
No, I think it was six.

What do you think was in the coffin?

Jesus, shut up.

I am just saying, because of how she died.

You guys weren't wondering that?

No. I am eating macaroni salad.

I was wondering about that, too.

I heard it crushed her completely.

Steel beam, those things weigh a ton.

I don't know how you guys can eat.

Try a turkey roll and you will discover how.

Lucy, down.

Get down.

Joe? You seen Joe?

Bet Joe's not going to want to do
my movie anymore.


Why do you think why?
The story, it's about the living dead.

His mother's not a zombie.

But she's dead, shithead.

These turkey rolls are pretty good.
Told you.

I just want to talk to you, Jack.
Get him out of here.

Hey, Dainard.

Would you just wait a minute?

Jack. Jack, just let me

Get out.

Get out.

Hey, Jack.

I knew this was a mistake.
Jack, I...


Joseph, I will be home soon.

Oh, my God.
That was the longest day, ever.


What's this?
New scene. Check it out.

Detective Hathaway has a wife now?

I don't know.
I think it might make a better movie.

I need a better storyline.

and production value.

Hey, guys.
Martin barfed all over his locker today.

It was the grossest one yet.

Oh, my God. Shut up.
I never seen so many colors in my life.

So who's going to play the wife?

No way. I told you what she did
with my top hat, ok.

What wife?
Alice Dainard.

I was returning that book on codes
and ciphers.

She was in the silent reading section.

And I asked her if she'd play Hathaway's wife.

Wait. You talked to Alice Dainard, really?

You're not supposed to talk at
all in the silent reading section.

Shut up.
it's for silent reading.

She said, Yes.
We're filming tonight and she's driving.

Driving? Driving where?

That was a really good zombie murder.

Yeah, but it's not a story yet.

Older kids are entering this film festival,

15 and 16-year-olds,
who have better stories and...

cars and production value.
I have got nothing.

Charles, dinner.
I am coming.

There's this article I want you to read.

It explains everything about stories.

I just don't understand
how the wife helps make it a story.

Jesus, this is what I have been explaining.

That scene we're filming tonight,

where the wife is telling the detective

that she's scared for him,
that she loves him.

I can't believe you talked to Alice Dainard.

Charles, come on, move it.

I am coming.

And wash your hands this time.

So when he investigates
the zombie stuff, you feel something.

You don't want him to die because
they love each other.

That make sense?

Alice Dainard.
That's awesome.

You're impossible.
Charles. Now.

God, Mom, I am coming.

Midnight, okay? Don't forget.
I won't forget.

Read this.

It's not fair that I can't go to Wendy's

Every single person will be there, except me.

Well, then every single person
can tell you how it was.

Move the puzzle, get the napkins.

It's your turn to babysit.

Why can't I switch with Charles?

Maybe because you crushed Charles' top hat.

You ever think of that?

Oh, really? Well, guess what?
We're switching.

Oh, really?
Because guess what? No, we're not.

That's enough Charles!

Take this to the table.

Benji, time for dinner.

Hey, Joe.

Night, Mrs. Kaznyk.

Take a seat. We have lots of food.

No, I am okay. Really.
Thank you, though.

Put them at the table.
See you tomorrow, Charles.

Later days.

There's always a place for you here,
Joe. Do you know that?

Stop it.

Yes, sir. Thank you.



that possibility with an announcement

that, while it is not likely

the potential is there
for the ultimate risk of a meltdown

at the Three Mile Island atomic power plant

outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Robert Schakne reports from Washington.

According to the government's top


I will be out in a minute.

It's a six-week program.

Hands-on training with college coaches.

You'd like it. I know I did.

I thought I was going to have
the summer for myself.

Well, things have obviously changed for us.

And it'd be good for you to spend some time

with kids who don't run around with
cameras and monster make-up.

I have to help Charles finish his movie.

I have got nothing against your friends.
I like your friends.

Except for Cary, who can't seem
to stop lighting things on fire.

You'd like it there.

It's what we both need.

But they offered
you no real proof he was alive.

And you didn't. The decision was made.

So leave the past alone, Martha.

I can't.

Well, how much would
a ton of gold be worth today?

Okay, it's time. Don't get caught. Over.

I won't. Over.

Wait, so, guys,
people are turning into zombies

because of the chemical factory, right?

I don't see how the guy
playing Detective Hathaway

can ask where the zombies
are coming from. Jesus.

Well, technically, Hathaway hasn't even...

Shut up.

Was that a rock?
I am sorry, Smartin.

It was a Twizzler.
Hey, where'd it go?

Hey, guys, look. Guys, look. Guys.

It's okay, Smartin.
Shut up.

Hey, Alice.

Joe Lamb?


What the hell's he doing here?

Make-up, sound and special effects.

He's the Deputy's kid.

So what?
You knew that?

Charles, I don't have a license.

I can't drive with him.

You want Joe to stay back? I guess...

It's too late.
He's seeing me in the car right now.

You can trust me.

My dad will never know.

I won't tell him anything.

Get in.

So, I wrote a couple new lines.
Can I show you?

New lines?

Charles, do I have newlines?

Do you know what'd be great?

Is if you could cry during the scene.
Can you do that?

I am impressed.

You know the first place I am going to
drive when I get my license?

Want one?
New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Fireworks Capital of America.

Wait, so, I don't have new lines, right?

Because I just learned these.

Guys, there's an electrical outlet up here.

Of anything, why that?

Got it.

Charles, man, do I have newlines or not?
Oh, no.

Well, you just lost all your new lines, Martin.

Guys, this is going to be great.

Get the lights and camera set up on that end,

we will shoot this direction first.

Joe, get the mike plugged in

and make sure that
the new batteries are in the camera

before you do the make-up.
Okay. Okay.

I took apart two packs of cherry bombs
and I made my own M-80.

Do you want to see it?

Your obsession with fireworks,

and I am saying this as a friend,

concerns me and my mother.

Sweetheart, this is my job.
I have no choice.

It's nothing that you need to worry about.

What am I supposed to do,
go to Michigan with you?

Sweetheart, this is my job.
Martin. I wrote a newline.


What do you mean no?
it's awesome.

Okay, so, you know that part when

I just finished memorizing this line.

it's not going to be hard

Do you mind?

So, you know that part when you say

Well, where'd the other line go?

It's gone. This one's better.

Here, I will

No, it didn't.

I have never even had any lines.

I just needed this one.



Look, look. Look.

Now I am not prepared.

Look, it flows better.

Honey, I love you.
I love you, too. See? It flows.

I know, but you keep changing things
and making it more difficult for me.

It's Martin, it's simple.
I love you, too.

It's, like, four words.

My dad works at the mill.

Four words that I don't have memorized.

Martin. Can you say, I love you?

Could you close your eyes, please?


So, the scene is very emotional.

Alice, Mrs. Hathaway
really doesn't want her husband

to keep investigating these zombie murders.

Yeah, I know. We read it. We get it.
You really hate it.

God, I am just directing.

Martin. Martin, get in position.

You need to reassure her.

Wait. Do you know
what reassure her means?

Yeah, I think so.

Okay. We're going to shoot
on Alice's side first.

Okay, Preston, so,
a few seconds after I say action,

I want you to walk over to the pay phone.

You know, make the place
look like it's busy.

Hello, hello?
I know what that looks like.


Could you stop blowing shit up for two
seconds and deal with the camera?

God. Sorry, man.

Okay, you guys, let's rehearse this.

But remember, save the real
performance for when we're filming.

Here we go. Positions, and...


So, I am going to stay here
and investigate.

I think it'd be safer if you left town
for a couple of days.

John, I don't like it.
This case. These murders.

Well, what am I supposed to do,

go to Michigan with you?

Mackinac island's beautiful
this time of year.

Sweetheart, this is my job.

The dead coming back to life?

I think you're in danger.
I have no...

I have no choice.

You do have a choice.

We all do.


I have never asked you to stop.

I have never asked you to give up,
or walk away,

but I am asking you now.


For me.

Don't go.

Don't leave me.

I need to know this isn't the last time
I am going to see you.

I just love you so much.

I love you, too.

Was that good?

Yeah. Yeah, that was...
That was great.

Production value.

Cary, you put film in the camera, right?

I didn't put it in.

What? Put it in, put it in.
Joe, get the mike ready. Go, go, go.

Get in costume, costume, costume.
Okay, I will.

Joe, help her. Hurry up.
Martin, get that tripod set up.

Preston, get in position.

I will. I have to get the money.

Go. Get these headphones ready.

Martin, you know your lines.

Hurry. Get that camera ready. Go, go.
Shut up.

We will start on Alice
and pan to the train, right?

Oh, God, I hope we don't miss it.

Shut up. I am trying.

Hurry. Get that set up.
Let's go. Positions, positions.

Ready. Start filming.
Be extra loud when the train passes by.

Here we go. And action.

Look, I am going to stay here
and investigate.

I think it'd be safer if you left town
for a couple of days.

John, I don't like it.
This case. These murders.

What do you want me to do,
go to Michigan with you?

Mackinac Island's
beautiful this time of year.

The dead coming back to life?
I think you're in danger.

I don't have a choice.

You do have a choice.

We all do.

John, I have never asked you to stop.

I have never asked you
to give up or walk away.

But I am asking you now.
Please, for me,

just don't go.

Just don't go back.

Don't leave me.

I need to know this isn't the last
time I am going to see you.

I love you so much.
I love you, too.

Guys, watch out.
Joe, what the hell are you

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Holy shit.

Go, go, go.


Joe, let's go. We got to go.

Keep going.
Are we alive?

I don't want to die.

Oh, my God.


I am okay.

Martin, you okay?

Though I think I am having a heart attack.

And I have a scrape.

Oh, my God.

Guys, did you see those explosions?

You guys seen Alice?

Guys, that was unbelievable.

Why did this happen?

Martin, it's going to be okay.

No, it's not, dude. Look at this.

Shit, shit, shit, shit.

What's all that blood?

What's the blood?

Did someone get hurt?

Joe, what are you doing?
Joe, stop.

Don't put your hand under there.

Joe, you don't know what's under there.


It's my fake blood.

It's fake.


Come here. What are these things?

No one cares. Look around you.

They look like white Rubik's Cubes,
or something.

I don't think that's what they are.
They don't move.

They're heavy, like metal or something.

There's like a billion of them.

What's going on?

Martin, it's going to be okay, all right?

Are you serious?

You guys. Get up here.
You can see everything from up here.


According to my Uncle Seth,

an accident like this is exceptionally rare.

It wasn't an accident.


There was a truck on the train tracks.
Are you serious?

What, like, driving on the tracks?


Oh, my gosh.

How could a pickup truck derail a train, man?

That's impossible.

Obviously, it isn't.

Holy shit.

Oh, my God. I know that truck.


Is that him?

Yeah. It's him.

Who? It is.
Yeah, for sure.

Who is it?

Dr. Woodward.

Dr. Woodward, the science guy?

Honors Biology.

I am not in his class.

We know.
Just shut up, Cary.

Remember when Old Man Woodward
took your Electronic Football?

Yeah. He put it in the dungeon
and never gave it back.

The dungeon?

That trailer Woodward keeps
in the school parking lot.

Dr. Woodward?

Dr. Woodward?

Map of the Contiguous United States.

What's the writing?

Dates and times.

Guys, what's this line?

It's a schedule for the train.

What the

He's alive. He's alive.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Holy shit.

Who are you?

Dr. Woodward, it's me.

Charles Kaznyk.
From fourth period.

You have been in an accident.
You're going to be okay.

Holy shit. Holy shit. Shit.

They will kill you.

Do not speak of this.

Or else you...

and your parents...

will die.

Guys, look.

We shouldn't be here.
Oh, my God.

Come on.

Shit. Let's get the hell out of here.

Holy shit. Run. Shit.

Guys, there are a lot of nails
on the ground. Be careful.

Hurry, come on, guys.

Guys, come on.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Holy shit.

Grab the film.

Guys, come on.

Move your ass. Let's go. Let's go.

Who's got the bags?
Get in the car.

Get in.

They're getting closer.

Come on.

Anybody get their plates?

I didn't get the plate.
Did you get it?

All clear.

Holy shit. That was insane.

He had a gun.

An actual physical gun.
Oh, shit.

My heart is pounding.
That train could have killed us.

Are you okay?

Oh, shit. No.
My camera's shattered now.

Guys, I have never had
a teacher aim a gun at me.

It's hard enough to drive
without everyone yelling.

Guys, keep it down.

You will die. Your parents will die.

Guys, this is not good information.

Oh, shit. The focus ring just fell off.

No one cares about your camera.

Guys, am I the only one shaking?
And I am also crying.

We can't tell anyone we were there.

My dad can't find out I took his car.

Do you guys hear me?

It's okay.
We're not saying anything to anyone.

We're not saying anything, are we?




No one's going to know.

No one's saying anything.



I never should have done this.


Joe, wake up.

Make sure you let Lucy out, all right?
Okay. I will.

What are you going to do?
You going to be with Charles today?

Yeah. I will be with Charles.

All right. I am heading in.
There's something I got to deal with.

Don't forget to get the yard.
I will.

Mom, come on.

No. You are not wearing that.

No one in this house is wearing that.

Oh, really?
Compared to Debbie's, these are long.

Listen to your mother.

So, I can't go to Wendy's party or
wear the shorts? Not fair.

Jennifer Anne, not fair is Africa.

Mom's racist.

Do we have any more English muffins?

Why don't you get up and check.

Peg, tell the twins to stop.

I can't, they don't listen.
Morning, Joe.

Good morning, Mr. Kaznyk.

Hey, Joe.
Did you hear about the train crash?

It's on the news.

instead opting to use military personnel,

which for this reporter
only adds to the mystery.

Of course, we will have
much more on this story as it develops.

Coming to you live from Montgomery
County, Channel 14 News...

Can you believe this?


It's on the news, that means it's real.
I know.

Local teacher Thomas Woodward
is still being treated

by Air Force medical personnel after
last night's train derailment.

Woodward apparently fell asleep
at the wheel of his pickup truck,

which was hit by the speeding train.

This is gross.
Well, how about you clean it up?

That would be a great help.
Thanks so much.

derailment, the largest such
accident in Ohio's history.

The condition of Woodward,

who has taught at Lillian Middle
School for the past six years

Looks like a disaster movie.
Doesn't it?

Oh, my God.

Sit down.

Joe, that's awesome.


We can use it. We can film it.

You want to go back?

Holy shit, that's mint.

You're a total brain.

We got to go get the camera fixed

and the film developed from last night.

I am going to go steal some
money from my mom.

If any of the footage is usable
from last night,

that means we need Alice
to play the wife again.

Oh, yeah.
I thought she was really good.

Dude, she was mint,
but she's never going to do it.

I think she will.

There's no way.
You heard what she said.

Well, that was before the new scenes, right?

You honestly think she cares
about the scenes?

She was totally wigged.

Yeah, she was. We all were.

Lens is cracked. Focus ring broke.

You think it's fixable?

I think it's cheaper to buy a new one.

The camera's busted, man.
It's over.

We can use my dad's camera.

It's got some...

Hey, Alice. It's Joe Lamb.


So, we have some new
scenes for the movie and

Charles and I were hoping you'd be in them.

No. No, I am done with that.

I need this film developed
as soon as possible.

Can you do overnight?

Asshole, no one can do overnight.

You want to buy some pot?

No. No, thank you.

Well, what's the fastest you can do?

I can make it a rush.
You will get your film back in three days.

Hey, what's your sister up to?

The hot one, not the other one.

I don't know.

I am watching the crash on the news.

Yeah. I saw it.
I should go.

Wait. Hold on. Let me come over
and I will bring the scenes

No, no.
I will be right there.

It's a good idea.
Don't. Don't come.

I don't care what Charles wants.
I said no on the phone.

You totally did, I know that's true, but...

But now you're at my house.

I am. Which...

I don't understand how you guys can
keep working on that stupid movie.

You should go.

What's this?

He was just inviting me to a party.

Good morning, Mr. Dainard.

She's not going to your party.

Yes, Sir.

You. Get out of here.

You go home and you don't come back here.

I don't want to see you.

Ally, come inside.

Ally, I am in the kitchen.

I will do it.


Cut. That was mint.

Oh, my God. With the train So good.

Joe, reload the cap gun.

We will shoot another angle next.
Alice, that was mint.

Martin, go a little faster next time.

I will try, Charles, but I am still
crying about last night, man.

I feel like I am crazy.

Guys, did it really look good? My death?

Dude, it looked awesome.
That was magic.

What do you think happened?

You mean why he crashed the train?

I just got a horrible feeling.

Dude, what are you doing?

That whole thing's an Air Force train.


I make models. Like, plastic ones.

You know, glue them, paint them...

And he's not embarrassed by that.

Look who's talking, Math Camp.

Thanks. Can I have a coffee, please?
Cream on the side.

He's so sophisticated.

Shut up. I like coffee.
No one likes coffee.

Air Force trains, even the models,
have these hooks...

They do. For when the
trains are loaded on the transport ships.

Every car in that crash had hooks.

Joe, would you stop
talking about it, all right?

Wait, guys.

Am I the only one who doesn't
understand what any of this means?

Probably, Smartin.
Cary, shut up.

You shut up.
I don't like it when you call me that.

I am sorry, Smartin.
Let's just go cry about it.

Dr. Woodward had that map.

He drove onto the train tracks.

Maybe there was something
he wanted to...

To destroy, yeah.
My God, will you guys just shut up?

Maybe he was just sick of being old
and wanted to kill himself.

That's a dumb idea.

He had a gun. Why not use that?

There are infinitely more effective
ways to commit suicide.

Pills, hanging...

Pussy. Stop taking the fries away.

I ordered these for a reason.
Excuse me.

Could we get another order of fries?
Because my friend here is fat.

Funny, chompers. At least I don't
have to use a booster seat.

You could jump from a building.

Or fall down some stairs.

Well, that's not really effective.

If it's the Air Force, what would
the Air Force have on the train?

Jesus, shut up about it.

You heard what Old Man Woodward
said, we can't talk about this.

Joe, seriously.
Do you really want to take a chance

that something could happen to your dad, too?

All right, easy, easy.

It's loaded. Move out.
Yes, sir.

Yes, Deputy. I am told this crash has
caused a whole mess of confusion.

Well, as you can expect,
the local authorities

are trying to figure out just what
happened, as well as how to help you.

it's all under control.
It will be a very fast clean-up.

Colonel, there isn't anything that
I should know, is there?

Not that I can think of, Deputy.

I understand you have
concerns about our cargo.

Well, I'd like to see that manifest, yes.

Well, that's not going to be possible.

Colonel, I have got a lot
of people in my town

that are going to want to know
what's taking place.

Which town is that?


Deputy, if you're asking me if we
had any dangerous property

on board this train,
I can assure you the answer is, No.


Excuse me.

They gave me the run-around for two hours

before they allowed me to talk to anyone.

I'd say they have had
their hands full, Jack.

Nelec, the Colonel,
refused to show me the manifest.

He told me they're carrying mostly
airplane parts. I don't buy that.

It's Air Force, Jack.
Airplane parts sort of make sense.

Sheriff, I am telling you,
there's something else going on.

They're taking molds of tire tracks.

Why would they be doing that?

Who would they be looking for?

And they're packaging these weird
little cubes into these crates.

Weird little cubes?

Yeah, they're loading them onto these
red trucks. There are dozens of them.

Sheriff, I think you need
to go check it out.

And I think you need to take a break.

Jack, I have been telling you this
since Elizabeth.

You're a good deputy,
but you need to take a vacation.

Go home. Take off the uniform.

Go fishing. Give your son a hug.

Hey, Breen, I am not sure Edie's paying
you to listen to the radio.


Hey, Sheriff.

What's that?

Walkman. It's like a stereo.

Play your own cassette tapes.

You want to try?

I don't think so.

Kids walking around with their own
stereos, just what we need.

It's a slippery slope, my friend.

Yes, Sir.



You know, in scene. Where is it?

Where'd you learn to do this?

Mostly the Dick Smith
Monster Make-up Handbook.

Hey, Joe. We need some more
footage of the train crash.

You know that train model you just made?

Your cargo train.
I want to blow it up and film it.

Let me blow it up.

Yeah. Sure.

Gnarly. Yes.

Here, take this, will you?

It's fine.
They can blow it up.

I don't care.

You want to see it?
The train?

My train model.

The train I made.

Dude, that's bitching.

Dude, that's like the third time it's happened.

What the hell?

So how am I supposed to be a zombie?

Pretty much just be a lifeless ghoul,
with no soul. Dead eyes.


Did you ever have Mrs. Mullin?
For English?


Kind of like her,
but hungry for human flesh.

Like she wants to turn
somebody into a zombie.

Because that's kind of what zombies do.

Oh, my God, yeah.
That's really good.

Not bad.


Careful. There was a gas spill.

I don't even know how much fuel I lost.

You don't seem to be asking
very many questions.

Give the man some time, Mr. Blakely.

He's only a deputy, he's not the Sheriff.

Doesn't matter.

I think this is most likely a bear attack.

Security cameras showed nothing.
Someone had erased

Vicky, you heard
from Sheriff Pruitt this morning?

Negative. Still no word.

Vicky, you need to have Dayton send
a C.S. unit out to Edie's,

and you put an A.P.B.
out on the Sheriff and Breen Haskell,

and send units over to their houses
immediately. You copy all that?

Copy. And, Jack,
we're getting a lot of unusual calls.

What kinds of unusual calls?

I have never seen
this kind of thing before.

I mean, what the hell
am I supposed to do?

The insurance company guy
thought I was joking with him.

Look at my Bonneville over here.

They'd have to have
a winch to take that out.

You been having any
troubles with anyone lately, Izzy?

Well, I was thinking
you should talk to Louis Dainard.

Yeah. I didn't help him out
with financing last year,

and I wouldn't be surprised if this was
some sort of sick retribution.

My generator is missing.

The phones aren't working.

My dog's gone. Disappeared.

The phones won't produce a signal.

Call the station and file a report.

I will have someone come out and take
care of each one of you. Okay?



I got four guys on this case.

People don't feel safe around here.

You know why? Because they're not.

We need to get the National Guard.

Air Force hasn't answered a damn question.

They have got trucks over
at Woodward's house.

Now, Ben heard they were looking
for Woodward's research.

Research? What the hell?

Shotgun in one of those trucks,
he had, like, a scanner.

Like a Geiger counter.

They're saying it's just clean
up at the crash site, too,

but they're taking molds of tire tracks.

That means they're looking for
someone. Now what does that mean?

Have you seen Lucy anywhere?

No. I am sure she's around somewhere.

I put a couple of slices
in the fridge for you there.

I ate those.

Sorry, kid.
Yeah, no problem. I will find something.

You got to be kidding.

Pick that up, will you?

Hey, Vicky,
you got power down at the station?

On and off And Brook County's in the dark.

Do me a favor and get Water & Power
out there right now, will you?

So, the Air Force is looking for a car.
Alice's dad's car.

They're taking tire prints
from the crash site. Over.

I don't want to hear about it.

This is what I have been talking about.

They could be monitoring us right now.

Jesus, shut up. Over.

And the military is at Woodward's
house looking for his research.

Whatever that means.

You cannot flake out on me and be a dick.

Are you going to come and
help me tomorrow or not?

I need you to make Alice a zombie again.

Okay. I will do the make-up.


The cables are gone.
All the poles are empty.

Same thing over here in Rose Hill.

Somebody took the damn wires down.

Holy shit.

Hey, Rooney, you got anything in Lillian?

Hey, Rooney, you copy?

We got a half mile of copper missing.

Lines are back up at M-38.

Truck 14, Rooney's out at the junkyard.

I will give you an update
when I hear back.

I want to know who took them.

Twenty microwaves

gone from my inventory.

Everywhere you look,
things are going missing.

We have got trains crashing,
people vanishing.

Belmont County's without power.

You know what this feels like to me?

This feels like a Russian invasion.

Debbie, I don't think
that the Russians have anything to do

with what's going on in town.

But I am calling the curfew
because of these exact concerns.

Unless you can tell me who's been
messing around with our stuff,

I say it's the Soviets.

I like you, Jack,
but we need Sheriff Pruitt back.

We have got good people
working on that.

Mr. McCandless.

Since Wednesday morning,
my ham radio is a mess.

Some frequencies which I like to scan,

I am hearing military chatter,
but it's distorted.

And I don't know what it is.
Have you heard that?

Mr. McCandless, can I have a word
with you in private, please?

It was like having my radio hijacked.

I am sure that must be very annoying.

You don't know
those frequencies offhand, do you?

Sure I do. 13-2-0-1

Patty, why don't you get
in touch with Vicky.

Hey, Dave, you seen Milner?

No, sir. I haven't.

Jack, there's a huge sinkhole by my garage.

It sunk almost a foot.
I will take care of that.

Hey, Tom! Tom!

You seen Milner?

Have you tried his office?

Have I tried his office?

What are you going to do about the power?
It's been out for two days.

Hey, Rosko.

Rosko. I need you
to get every radio we have

and you tune them to those frequencies.


Hey, Milner.

Don't you have a radio scanner
with a descrambler?

A voice inverter, yeah, at home.
Whatever. Get it.

Bring it down here and set it up
for me. Would you please?

Sure thing.
Jack, what is this?

I think the Air Force
is using unassigned channels..

Hey. He was at my house yesterday
morning. You aware of that?

We brought him in for the car lot
and other stuff. He's clean.

Well, I'd appreciate it if you'd inform
your son that my house is off-limits.

And so is my daughter.

I think the make-up was better yesterday.

No, it's good.

I think it looks good.

I should have cleaned up my room.

Did you make all these models?

Yeah. Yeah.

That one is the Hunchback
of Notre Dame.

We watched that one on TV.

This is the train they want to destroy.

Looks real.

It looks so old.

Yeah, that's dry brush technique.

It's when there's a coat of paint.

and then you put something
like Euro Gray over it.

Euro Gray?

Oh, my God, there's like 14 different grays.
It gets crazy.

What was that necklace?

The one you were holding
at the train crash.

Was it your mom's?

My dad gave it to her the day I was born.

She wears it all the time.

Well, used to.


It was bad how she died and...

but my dad got it back.

Guys, what the hell?
No one knew where you were.

We're here.

You got to play the soldier.

I thought you were calling Evan.

Evan blew us off. He's a pussy.

Excuse me.

It's okay.

You got to do it. You're the only one.

Well, what the hell you mean they
found my dog in Brookville?

That's another county over.

Lucy. That's where she is.
I mean, we have got nearly 30 calls

from people who found local dogs,

but the thing is the calls coming in aren't local.

It's like they all just ran away
in every direction.

This isn't like her,
she just doesn't disappear.

Okay, okay, calm down.
Just tell me what she looks like.

She's got dark hair. It was in rollers.
Do you know what rollers are?

Yes, I know what rollers are.
Okay, so...

Hang on.

Negative, unable to recover data.

That's definitely Air Force.

Yeah, it's Air Force, but what does it mean?

What are they doing
transmitting on these frequencies?

Maybe it's not even Air Force.

I bet you five bucks it's Air Force.

Five bucks?

We're going to need units to prepare
for Operation Walking Distance.

What did he say? Operation what?

Walking Distance.

What's this?

He worked at Romero Chemical.

Found out some things the company was doing.

And after what you told me last night at
the bar, I thought you should know.

Are we going to get in trouble
for being here?

Production value.

Stop talking about production value.

I think the Air Force is going to kill us.

Don't cover my mouth.

We just made this discovery today.

You understand this is top secret?

Of course.

I would never have given
you this information

unless we had worked together in Vietnam.

Those were hard times.
I'd rather not talk about it.


You're a good friend.
You, too.

Nothing so far.

How much more is there?

About 60 more boxes in the basement.

What, more tax returns?

It's here somewhere.

We will find it. If not,
Woodward will tell us where it is.

What the hell is that?


Hey, Mr. Lamb.

Get in the car.

Mr. Lamb, that's your camera,

but, technically, that's my film.

I would like
to help you out, Deputy, I really would,

but we operate on a need-to-know basis.

Why are your trucks sweeping the town?

We will be out of your way shortly.

All right, then I am sure you won't
mind me contacting D.C.

Talk to some friends about
Walking Distance.

All right, we will do it that way.


Let's talk.

Just not here.

This is new, all of this,
for the both of us.

Dealing with anything.

Just us.

So, I am going to make this
as simple and as clear as I can.

You're not friends with Alice Dainard.

When I say No,
I don't mean Maybe.

I don't mean Yes.

I mean No.

I have known
Louis Dainard for a lot of years.

He's been nothing but trouble.

Your mother used to say
he's not such a bad guy.

He just needs a chance, that he was sad.

Well, I tried to be good to him.

And I can't, not anymore.

I will not allow him
or his daughter in this house.

I will not allow you
to spend time with her,

doing projects or whatever
it is that you do. That's it.

I hope we're clear on that.

We're not clear.

What'd you say?

We're not clear.

You and I aren't clear about anything.

We couldn't be less clear.

Just because Mom died doesn't mean
you know anything about me.

You don't.

You don't know anything
about Alice, either.

She's kind.

We're not going to have
this discussion right now.

She's nice to me.
I don't care what she is.

Her father is an irresponsible,
selfish son of a bitch.

You listen to me.
I have got 12,000 people in this town

who are scared out of their mind.

They have got one person to rely on.

It used to be someone else,
but now it's just me.

Move, move.

Let's go. Move.

Deputy, drop your weapons.
Put your hands on the car

I am here to see Colonel Nelec.

He told me to meet him here.

You're under military arrest.
Drop your weapons.

Where's Nelec?

I don't want any more trouble, do you?

We have been going through your
belongings, looking for evidence.

What you knew.
How you knew it.

Who else might know.

I remember you in the lab.

And I recall
we didn't always see eye to eye,

but that is no
excuse for doing what you did here.

So, in the spirit of moving forward
and avoiding more trouble,

why don't you just
tell me where you put your research

and who else knows about it.

I know you had someone document
the crash that night.

Tell me who that was
and I will help you.

I swear to God on my mother's life,

if you help us now,
we will take care of you.

I have seen what happens, Mr. Nelec,

when you take care of people.

It is mine.

He is mine.

I am going to bait him and catch him.

He's in me, you know.

As I am in him.


when you see him next,

as I am sure you will,

I will be watching you, too.

Are you...
Were you sleeping?

Before. Earlier. No.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I am fine.

You want to come in?


Power's still out.

Room's still messy.

I couldn't sleep.

I was thinking.

I wanted to tell you something
before tomorrow.

Don't let Charles blow up your train.

I don't think it's right.

I know he's your friend.

He's so bossy.

But I have known him
since kindergarten. He's really nice.

He shouldn't always get what he wants.

I mean, who always gets what they want?

I know I don't know you at all.

Even though it sort of feels like I do.

Do you not feel like that?

No. No, I totally do.

I am just kind of in shock
at this entire conversation.

Power's back.

No, no. Keep it.

It's... It's so weird.

Watching her like this.

Like she's still here.

She used to look at me...

this way, like really look,

and I just knew I was there,

that I existed.

He drank that morning.

My dad.

He missed his shift.

Your mom took it for him,

the day of the accident.



He. He wishes...

I know he wishes it was him
instead of her.

And sometimes I do, too.

Don't. Don't say that.

He's your dad.

Is... Is this normal?

No. This is new.

Want to tell me where you were?

Or should I tell you?

Sit down.

I should go to bed.

I want to talk to you.
I said sit down.

I don't want to sit down.

Then go.

Be just like your mother and leave.


Go ahead. Go.






Ally, I am sorry.






Firelight at 0500 hours.

Operation Walking Distance
is in effect.

T-minus four hours to evacuation.

Evacuation in T-minus four hours.

Why are you not reacting?
That thing went through my wall.

I told you not
to pick it up in the first place.

What are you so angry about?

That I am not
going to let you blow up my train?

That's part of it. Just a part.

Hey. Tell your sister that Donny from
Olsen's broke up with Karen.

That shit ended about a week ago.

What's your problem?

My whole movie's a disaster because of you.

I know my dad's being a turkey.


We're still going to finish your movie.

It's not about the movie.

What are you talking about?
Of course it is.

Just forget it.

Why? There's nothing wrong.
We're going to finish the movie.

I can get the camera back.
I know where my dad put it.

We can still make the festival.

It's not about the movie.
Then what is it about?

Jesus, you don't get it, do you?
It's obvious.

What's obvious?
God, you're a dumbass.

That night of the crash,
you started getting all weird.

What? What are you talking about?

Like Mr. Attitude, all of a sudden.

Your movie was over.
That's what you said. You were upset.

Oh, my God.
I gave you a camera. I helped you.

Don't pretend like you did this for me.

You didn't do this for me,
and you know it.

This was never about me.
This was always about Alice.


I am going to stay here and investigate.

I think it's safer
if you leave town for a couple of days.

John, I don't like it.
This case. These murders.

Well, what am I supposed to do

Well, you're the one
who wanted the wife in the movie.

Not so you
could fall in love with her.

What do you care
what I think about Alice anyway?

Because I like her.

That's why I asked her to do
this thing in the first place,

so I could get to know her.
Not you.

You like Alice Dainard?

You're such an idiot.

Watch out.
Joe, what the hell are you

Oh, my God. Shit.

Shit. Look at all that smoke.

I can't use this.

You won't even
let me blow up your train.

Everything's bogus.

We could make another train
and blow that one up.

I do like her.

Sorry about that.
Shut up.

It's okay.

That's not even what bothers me.

She likes you, too.

That's what really bothers me.

I know it sounds stupid.
Why would she ever like me?

I haven't leaned out yet and the doctor
says it's going to happen.

I don't know.
Everything's just so bogus.


Joe, what the hell?

What is that?

What is that?

Mr. Harkin. What's going on?

Evacuation. The fire.

Wait, wait.

The county is being evacuated

due to a wildfire that
is raging out of control,

and threatening to reach
the Lillian chemical plant.

Please take with you essential items only.

If you are driving your own vehicle,

follow the Caravan
to the evacuation center:

Please remain calm.

File in.

File in, please, file in.


I left the medication my wife needs.

Sir, the town is sealed off.
No one's allowed in.

H through N.
I can't get it anywhere else.


Excuse me.

Charles, oh, thank God.

I went back to the house
and you were gone.

Yeah, they put us on the bus.

Hey, sweetie.
Hey. I am going to find my dad.

You going to tell him about that huge

Come back if you can't find him.

Mr. Dainard, it's Joe Lamb.

I know you don't like me
and I am sorry about that,

but I am looking for my dad.

It took her.

It took Alice.

I saw it. It was big.

And, I don't know, it was something.

I have never...
I have never...

No one believes me.
They just keep giving me pills and...

No one believes me.

I believe you.

That thing took her?

We have to go back to town to find
Alice, to find her. Come on, guys.

Dude, she's dead. Alice is dead.
Don't say that.

First of all, I want to live. Okay?

Joe, what do you
actually expect to do, man?

The town's closed.
We're not allowed to go back.

Look, I have an idea.
I am going whether or not you come,

which I really hope you do.
Come on, guys.

I have six tons
of explosives in this thing.

Let's find that thing and blow it to shit.

As if I am going to help you.

Do this for me,
I will babysit the twins next week,

so you can go to Wendy's stupid party.

I am not shitting you.

You can't ask me any questions, though,

and you can't tell anyone.
I am serious. Nobody.

Does it have to be him?

Yes or no, you ugly freak.

I am about to rescind the offer.

This whole evacuation
thing's really freaking me out.

Making me rethink my priorities.

Saw you over here
and thought maybe we could kick back.

We... We totally could.

I asked Charles about you
and he said you're a great guy.

I totally am.

Will you hate me if I start our
relationship by asking a favor?

So, there are
rules to being in my car, okay?

Where the hell are we going, anyway?

We're going to go to the school
and open the trailer

Woodward has in the parking lot.
I bet that.

I bet that's where he's keeping his research.

Research. What research?

We're going to learn everything we can
about that thing,

so that we can find it
and that's how we're going to save Alice.

Come on. Let's go.

Dorks, no shoes on my upholstery.
And no one touches my C.B.

You got it?
The dungeon? Are you serious?

Why else
are there six padlocks on the door?

We're going to the school.

Since when did this one become so bossy?

I don't know.

I got to take a leak.

What am I supposed to do, piss in here?

Thanks for the hospitality.

Am I going to go in alone,
or are you going to end up coming with...

driving your own vehicle,

follow the Caravan
to the evacuation center:

If the Air Force has already
searched Woodward's house,

wouldn't they have
searched stuff in the schoolroom, too?

Yeah, man, I was just
thinking about that, too.

Maybe his room, but not the dungeon.

Woodward keeps
all kinds of weird stuff in the dungeon.

Shut up!

So, what kind of music
does she like, your sister?

I don't care. Disco, I guess.

I can get back into disco.

We shouldn't take River Road,
they put a roadblock up.

Dork, I saw it. Observe.

So, what, I just wait here like a douche?

Yes. Thank you so
much for doing this.

Do you have a tire iron?

Joe, let me try.

Joe, let me try.

God, I hope my Electronic Football is in there.

Joe, this is impossible, man.
There's no way we can do this.

These things are made like
a bank vault, like a safe.

Professional robbers can't even
get in through these things.

They're so...


I loosened it for you.

Look at all this junk.

He's got movies in here.

I can't believe we're breaking
into the school.

Who does that?
Nobody does that. Idiots do that.

Dr. Woodward was dishonorably discharged
from Nellie Air Force Base in 1963

because of subversive conduct,
whatever that is.

Charles, check it out.
It's Old Man Woodward.

Back when he was like
Middle-Aged Man Woodward.

He's been tracking this thing since 1958.

What is this?

It says, April 8th, 1963 incident.

I don't know.


We have to find this thing.
Come on.

Okay. Sorry.

told them that this creature

is more sophisticated than any of us,

that his species is
predominantly subterranean.

And that he is being treated

without compassion or respect.

I explained that all he wants
is to rebuild his ship,

a craft made up of those cubes,

a complex shape-shifting alloy.

Remarkable material
that we will never fully understand.

He has been desperate to reconstitute
his ship since it crashed here in '58.

But instead of giving him
the help he needs,

we have held him as a prisoner

Guys, it's Dr. Woodward.
He's been restrained

and experimented upon, biopsied,
and tortured by Nelec.

Through pain and lack of compassion,

we have taught him to hate us all.

We have turned him into an enemy.

I told them I knew these things

because he made contact with me,

that he makes a psychic
connection by touch.

Oh, my God.

What is that thing?
What the hell?

I can't watch this.
Martin, you're going to throw up, man.

The moment we made contact,
I understood him, and he me.

What I know is that if we don't change
this and begin helping him,

we will all pay the price.

But Nelec won't listen.

He wasn't trying to kill it.

He will have me discharged.

He was trying to help it escape.

But I won't give up.

I will do everything in my power

to set him free.
Oh, my God.

You guys hear that?
Help him rebuild that ship. I won't...

Freeze. Nobody move.

Do not move.

We got positive I.D. here.
It's just a bunch of kids.

Oh, shit.

Search them.

Let me see that.

I rolled those M-80s myself.

That's right.
Jesus, Cary, shut up.

You're the Deputy's boy.


Move out.

Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
Oh, shit. Oh, shit.

Breaker, breaker.
Requesting police backup.

Breaker 1-9. Is this the police channel?

Staff Sergeant.
Hi. How are you doing?

Hey, Mr. Lamb.


Hey. Where the hell have you been?

What are you wearing?
Come here.

The Air Force set that fire.

They want the town
empty for some reason.

This whole operation,
this whole military operation,

the evacuation, everything, it's all bad.

We need to find
Did you hear about Joe?

Look, dispatch
just got a call on citizens' band.

Joe and some of his friends,

they were grabbed by military
personnel at the middle school.

Preston, you tell me everything,

and I won't throw you in jail.

Yes, sir.

But I think you should look at this first.

Chief Master
Sergeant, Dustoff-03 is 20 minutes out.

Roger that. Perimeter secure.

Standing by on lookout.
Prepare to engage.

Teams Kilo-Lima-Mike-November in position.

Teams Oscar-Foxtrot-Quebec-Romeo in position.

Cocked and locked. Ready to go.

What's going to happen to us?

I think we're going to die.

Cary, shut up, man.
They wouldn't do that.

I am not kidding.
I think they're going to kill us.

They're not going to kill us.
You know why?

Because we're just...

Hold on.

Hold on.

Was that that thing from the train?

Why are we stopping?

Why are we stopped?
Holy shit.

Contact with precious cargo, three
clicks from city center.

Currently heading towards

Driver. Can you see anything up there?

No, sir. Nothing.

What's that gun?

Sako Bolt Action thirty-aught-six with...

Okay, we get it.

Those aren't bullets.
He's loading tracking darts.

Here. Tag it.

Yes, Sir.

Open the door.

I don't feel good about this.

Sir, is there a particular area
that you'd want me to shoot

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.


Oh, my God.

Get us out of here now.

What other firepower do we have?

There's a monster out there, Joe.

What the hell is it?

I got it, sir.

Guys, the seat belt is killing me.
Unhook it.

Come on.

Come on.

This is Nelec. Use the big guns.

Whatever happens to me, do not let it

Joe, open it.
Open the door.

It's bolted.
I want to go home so bad.

Open the door.

Please, sir.
Just let us out.

Please open it.

Where are the keys?

Overmyer had them.

Help me. My leg's stuck.

Please, sir, open the door.

Please, open the door.

Another one dead.

Guys, there's broken glass.


Martin. Martin.
Let me get on your shoulders. Come on.

Go, go, get up.

Here we go.

Come on, Joe. You can do it.
Come on, Joe.

You can do it, Joe. Let's go.
Come on.

Come on.
You can do it. Come on.

Joe, please. Go.

Come on. Break the glass, you pussy.
Come on, Joe. Hit it. Come on.

We got to go.

Come on, guys, hurry.

Come with us. We got some questions
for you. Come on.

Oh, no. Is she dead?
Just come with us.

Hey, fellows,
I have got orders from Colonel Nelec

to personally deliver this man back to base.

He's all yours, Staff Sergeant.
Let's go.

What are you doing?

Where are we going?

To find our kids.

Hey, guys. Guys, I found them.

Hey, guys. I found my firecrackers.


Let's go, guys, they're coming back.

I think we should go. Come on.

Guys, come on.

No. No, look.

You dorks are alive?
I thought that...

What the fuck?

Donny. Donny.

We need a ride into town.

Okay, but just so you know,

I am massively stoned right now.

Do you want me to drive?

Guys, what was that?
It sounds like gunshots.

Joe, where are we going?

I saw something in the cemetery.

Woodward said it was subterranean.
I think I know where it is.

What the hell is that?
Move the damn car.

Joe, turn the car around.

I can't. There's a tank behind us.
Holy shit.

What are they shooting at?
Guys, we have to run.

Donny. Hey, Donny, wake up.

He's too stoned.
Drugs are so bad.

Why is everyone firing?
We got to go.

Guys, come on, hurry.

This is crazy.
What is going on?

Look. It just exploded.

Sir. The weapons are misfiring.
All of them.

Surface-to-air. Radar.
It's a mess out here, sir.

Guys. Guys, run.

Come on.

What the hell is this?

Go, Cary, go.


What the hell? Holy shit.

Why is everyone firing?

Go, come on. Move ahead.

Oh, my God.

Come on, guys, move.

Did you guys see those explosions?

They were... They were huge.

Oh, my God.

Whose house is this?

It's Kathy's. I got it off the fridge.

Kathy? Yeah, I know her.

Charles, what are you thinking, dude?
That's not yours.

What, I am thirsty. I am in a war zone.

Clear. Clear.
Come on, move.

Let's go, move out.

Guys, come on, let's go.
Where are we going?

To the Cemetery I am...

Guys, what happened to my leg?
Man, it hurts.

Holy shit, Martin, you have got
a bone sticking out of your leg.

Joe, give me that thing off the curtains.


I have got to go find Alice.

You guys stay here with Martin.

You going to be okay without me?


I am not staying with the girls.

God, Cary. Shut up.

Calm down.
Come on. Come on.

It hurts, Joe.

Okay, this is going
to hurt really bad, okay?

Jesus, Martin, I haven't done it yet.

Just Just follow me. Just follow me.

I have been following you
for the last five blocks.

What are we doing here?

Come on, through these doors.
Help me.

Help you with what?

We have to get inside.

Okay, okay. For what?

I will tell you in a second.

Why is there dirt in these windows?

It's here. Hard on three.
One, two, three.

One, two, three.

One, two, three.
One, two, three.

This This is scary.

You got any sparklers in there?

Are you kidding me?

Alice is down there.

I came to your house that day

to tell you that I never meant
to hurt anyone.

I swear to God.

I am sorry, Jack.

About what happened to your wife.

It was an accident.

It was an accident.

Joe, I don't understand

This way.

Why are you so surprised?

I always wear lipstick on my shirt.

It's Sheriff Pruitt.
I know.

Cary, look.

There are bodies everywhere.

What is this?

We're under the water tower. Look.

She's got to be here.
She's got to be here.

It's eating a person.

She's here.

Oh, my God. I see her.

Okay. We're going to
use your firecrackers.

I don't think
that's going to hurt him, Joe.

There's other tunnels.

I need you to make noise
right here in two minutes.

Make it loud and make it last.

Give me some sparklers.

Make sure you're gone when it blows.

You can't be here. You got to run.

Where are you going?

Come on, Cary.

Alice. Alice.
Please, we have to go. Come on.

Alice. Alice.

Please, come on.
We have to go. Alice.

You're alive.
You're alive.

You're alive.

Are you okay?
Can you hear me?

What is this?
What are you doing here?

I am just doing the best
I can to save you.

How did you know?

Your dad.

He told me. He was worried.

And flipping out.

We have to move.

Excuse me?

Where are we?

I left my bag in the car,

and then I went
out to the car to get my bag

It's been locked up for years.

It's terrified and hungry
and it just wants to go home.

When it touched me, I knew.

I need you to help me
get the Sheriff down.

Follow me this way.
I will get us out of here.

Sheriff, we came that way.
Don't argue with me. Just follow me.

Come on, kids,
let's go with the Sheriff.

This way.


I told you to get out.
What are you doing here?

I thought this was the way out.
Okay, I tried.

Hey, Alice, welcome back.

Come on.
We got to get out of here

Guys, hurry.

Come on, go.

She's gone. It took her.
I don't want to be next.

Go. You don't want to be here. Go.

Joe, what are you doing?

Ally, what the hell is he doing?

We understand.

But not everyone's horrible.


Let him down.

I know bad things happen.

Bad things happen.

But you can still live.

You can still live.

Okay, wait a minute.


Look out.
Get down. Get down.

What is he doing?

He's making a model.

I got you.

I got you.

This is where my friend was attacked.

By who?
I have never seen him before.

He looked pale, crazy.
He bit my friend.

Then what happened?
He was dead.

And then...
He got up and walked away?

How did you know?
Anything left behind?

Yes, this fell out of
the pocket of the attacker's pocket.

Thank you.

Hello, Mr. President.
I am Detective Hathaway.

I am here to discuss some urgent matters
regarding your chemical factory.

Are you referring
to the recent incidents?

Yes, I believe I am.

Tell the chairman I will call him back.

You have three minutes.

You want to tell me
about those employees?

I was sorry to hear
of their unfortunate accident.

That was no accident.
Did you see the bites on their neck?

Are you suggesting some connection

between my chemical company
and those, those...

Those were zombie attacks.

Romero Chemical
has nothing to do with any such thing.

Then what happens in Building 47?

You wouldn't mind
if I took a look around, would you?

Of course not.

Good day to you, Mr. President.

Good day, Detective.

He knows.

Judith. It's me, your boss.

I need you to buy my wife
a ticket to Michigan.

It's too dangerous for her here.

I just love her so much.

John, I don't like it.
This case. These murders.

Well, what am I supposed to do,
go to Michigan with you?

Mackinac island's
beautiful this time of year.

Sweetheart, this is my job.

I just love you so much.

I love you, too.

I can't believe
we weren't killed last night.

Okay, now you have to leave town.

No. I am staying here with you.

I don't know what
I would do if something happened to you.

What if there are
survivors down there?

There were no survivors.
Did you see that crash?

Excuse me, sir,
were you in the wreck?

That settles it.
I am not going anywhere.

It's been two weeks,
and the murders continue.

This investigation is like no other.

It's putting too much
stress on this town and on my marriage.

Could zombies be real?

Hello? This is Detective Hathaway.

I will be right over.

What's happening here?

A military police investigation.

It was a suicide.

A suicide? Who was it?

A former Air Force officer.

Said there was
a secret he couldn't keep any longer.

It says he worked for Dr. Peter Braken?

I never would have given
you this information

if we hadn't served together in Vietnam.

Those were hard times.
I'd rather not talk about it.


I am here to discuss your involvement
with Romero Chemical?

I was the one
that developed the special compound

to turn all these humans into zombies.

It was supposed
to be used as a military weapon,

but it got out of hand.
So I made this antidote

that will hopefully
cure all of the zombies.

That's incredible.
How much have you made?

Just this one.

Would you like to help me test it

on this innocent victim of my creation?

Honey, I am home.

Good news. We found a cure
for the zombie infection.


Sorry. It didn't work.
I wish it worked.

I tried. I am sorry.
I am so sorry.


This has been
a Charles Kaznyk production.

We had such a fun
time filming this movie, The Case.

So much fun that I hope you pick it

for the Cleveland
International Super 8 Film Festival.