Super 30 (2019) - full transcript

Anand Kumar, a Mathematics genius from a modest family in Bihar who is made to believe that only a King's son can become a king is on a mission to prove that even the poor man can create some of the world's most genius minds. He starts a training program named 'Super 30' to help 30 IIT aspirants crack the entrance test and make them highly successful professionals.

And our next delegate someone who has done path-breaking
work in aerospace engineering:...

...Mr Fugga Kumar from India!

You heard that right.
From India.

A third-world nation.

A developing nation...

The source of cheap labour.

Where all those tiresome
call centre workers live.

The 1-800 number tribe. The ones who
say, 'Hello ma'am, how may I help you?

Only think about this: who
is the worldwide head of Pepsico?

Who runs Unilever?


Deutsche Bank?

If you don't know maybe
you could Google it?

And when you're at it,
you might want to check who runs Google.

He's also an Indian.

Columbus set out to find
India and discovered America.

After all, every seventh human
being on the planet is an Indian.

Someone would have known.

So we all agree that
Indians invented the zero.

Shortly after that
we forgot how to count.

You must forgive me
for speaking in Hindi.

You'll have to adjust a little.

I've done that all my
life: adjusted to English.

Not that I have anything
against English.

It's a great language.

But to our kind,
it was a huge wall.

English stood between
us and the wealthy.

It's an important asset, this language,
an asset more valuable than money.

My name is Fugga Kumar;
Fugga means 'balloon'.

My father used to sell
balloons on the street.

He's sitting with us today
my father ...

...and my mother!

Once he sold balloons
on the road and now he's

sitting with all of you
influential people...

And all this because of one
man who changed our lives!

This is his story.

This year's Ramunajan Debate Prize goes
to Anand Kumar.

- Well done!
- You've made us proud of you.

And now the Education Minister....

- What did they give you?
- ..will say a few words....

- A foreign journal.
- honour of the...

...great mathematician Ramanujan.

The second prize is a foreign journal?



For poor people, life is road to heaven.

Education is road to hell.

You mean 'road to heaven'.

Say, 'education is the road to heaven'.

I know that.
I was joking.

Do you like my joke, children?


Then it was a good joke.

Slow-slow increase love.

Slow-slow increase love.

Watch it cross borders!

Meaning: Love grows slowly and...

...then breaks all barriers.

So as I was saying,
Education is the road to heaven.

Study like America, study like England.

Both like to make computer.

Like China, like Japan... Japan like
China and both like to invent things.


India is not like America,
not like China.

India no making computer no inventions.

India makes...

...people, Human calculators!

- What name was that?
- Lallan?

- Not yours, his.
- Anand Kumar.


Anand Kumar...

He is the calculator of Patna,
Bihar, India.

So friends, if you need any help,
come to my house.

My house is open 24/7.

I give you the keys to my house.

Young Anand, I invite you too.

You need any help...

...emotional, social, economical.

Come to my house...

...24-hour open because
India is not international.

You want India to scrape skies?

Long live Ram Singhji!

Long live Ram Singhji!

Future plans?

Further studies...

... Cambridge, Oxford, PhD in math.

Ishwar wants that too.

Ishwar? God?

My father.

You call your father by his first name?

He's my father and I call
him that out of love.

Really! But all this is
going to take eight or ten years.


I'll lose all my beauty by then.

What beauty?

Oh really?

Some people say I look like
a Bollywood star at some angles.

So do I look at you
only from those angles?

You don't think I look beautiful?

Facts are facts.

Your face lacks the
golden proportion: phi.

- I use ghee every night.
- Not ghee, phi.

The number value for beauty.
Beauty has a value: 1.618.

Beauty has a number?

You didn't get it?
Let me explain.

It's called the golden ratio.

- Look...
- That's my photograph!

Could you focus a little?

The ratio of this section
to this one should be 1.618.

Whatever is beautiful in nature...

...a flower, a butterfly, a conch,
a shell, all of them reveal this ratio.

Isn't that fantastic?

Now look at your face.

The ratio is 1.2.

No phi.

I'm a ratio?

I'm not saying it,
the numbers are showing it.

I'll make your ears ring.

What's wrong?

I hope your math warms you at night.

I'm off.

Don't go.

Stay a while.

- Stay a while.
- I'm off.

Stay a while.

Okay, tell me,
do you love mathematics more or me?

That's what I want to talk about.
Sit down for a moment.

Will you say it today?

Here you are.

I've put my feelings down in a letter.

Read it.

- Okay, I'm off.
- Where are you going?

I'm late already.

- The new math journals will be in at BHU.
- Say 'bye' before you leave!

These are 'feelings'? This is just...

Hey, you, what's your name.


Your full name?

You don't look like one of our students.

Outside students are not allowed.

Get out.


I'm only solving a problem.
Give me five minutes.

That's a foreign journal.
It has a very high standard.

I know it's foreign.

That's why I come every
week from Patna to read it.

Just a few minutes...

Don't bother from now on.
Get out.

Let me finish the problem.

As if you're going to solve it. Out!

Everyone has a right to education, sir.

None of your lip.

You dare argue with me?

Get out.

Are you going to lecture me?

Take this and put it back.

Get along with you.

I've asked his full
name three or four times.

Not a word out of him!

Get him out of here.

Throw him out.

- Never mind.
- Try to get a hold of yourself.

Deep breathing might help.

You might feel better.


You want to read these journals?

There is a way.

Get an article published in one.

They give you a lifetime subscription.

Got it?

Give me your wallet.

Solved the equation?

Will you take it all?

Mahesh Babu, what's this?
Not had lunch yet?

Now tell me quickly,
how many stamps for 55 grams to London?


Who's posting to London?

See for yourself who's writing.

Hello, son!

What's this letter?

What's in it?

It's a paper I wrote
for a foreign journal.

It's a problem in math
no one has ever solved.

And I did it!

So the white man couldn't
do it and you have?

Now let's try and encourage the lad.

He's hardly going to write
to them that he failed to do it, is he?

It will cost 220 rupees.

I have fifty and another five.

Listen up, folks.

Mr Janardhan?

You too, sir.

I need contributions.

Now give me a good stamp.

If this gets printed,
Bihar will be famous.

Nothing of the kind.

This is how the west
takes our best talent.

They stole all of this
from our religious texts.

And how did they steal
from our religious texts?


Because we didn't understand that
if you spread knowledge, it doubles.

But if you try to control it,
it loses all value.

Here's fifty and five.

The rest will be your contributions.

Here you go.

Spreading knowledge does
nothing for anyone, my friend.

Only the king's son becomes the prince.

That's feudal poppycock.

Times have changed.

Now only he who is fit
to rule will mount the throne.

I'll be back.

There's work to do.

At least, have your lunch.

Mom sent food.

When I get back.


I have to tell Kaveri
her pension money has come.

- Hello, Uncle.
- How are you?

Hello, Uncle.

Stay blessed, child.

Your son will go far away to study.

All your worries are over.

Your son has got a job.

He's sent sweets for you.

Found yourself a girl?

They say you shouldn't
hold your urges back too long.

When we're close to each other
My heart feels all right.

When we're close to each other
My heart feels all right.

The books don't hold my attention
You fill up my sight.

Meeting you beats mathematics hollow

In these mistakes, I wallow.

I ask no pardon.

Your love has changed
the tectonics of my heart.

I wallow in my mistakes.

I ask no pardon.

Your love has changed
the tectonics of my heart.

Here you go.

Why are you smiling?

What? Me smiling?
I'm not smiling.


I'm not smiling.

Eat then.


- What?
- She's called you.


Hop on to my cycle,

I promise you the delights

Of several Saturday nights.

Trusting only to God above

And to the power of our love

We'll forget about Monday.

To leave my home to see you

You don't care a bit.

I look for you

What anyone thinks of it

But what does love mean to you?
How do I tell you

In the darkness of my life,
you're the only bright spot.

I wallow in my mistakes.

I ask no pardon.

Your love has changed
the tectonics of my heart.

Brother, forget it.

Jayanti Devi!

What is it?

I think your face has phi in it.

Phi? What does that mean?

Your face sure has it.

Who's getting the good news
this time, Rajendarbabu?

Did you win the lottery?
You're walking on air!

Jayanti, my dear.

- What is it?
- Come here.

What is it?

Where are you?

You'll wake the dead.
Here I am.

I'm here, standing in the sun.
Stay where I can see you.

Come along, move it.

- Coming.
- What's taking you so long?

Do you want the world to hear you?

Good God!
Whatever next! Have you run mad?

Had a peg or two?
Have a care.

The children are around.

Where are the children?

And how did they come into the world.

- We brought them into being, right?
- Shut your face!

What's for lunch?

- What's cooking?
- Let me go. I'll tell you.


Pumpkin, schmumpkin.

Make us a feast,
baked bread with real butter.

Ask me why?

Okay, why?

Did we get that gas connection?

You got admission to Cambridge.

- Truly?
- How?


Anand's article impressed Professor

Richard so much he got you admission
and has invited you there himself.

- Where are you off to?
- Wow!

I have to tell everyone the good news.

And Jyotiprasad's loan has been passed.

You once asked for my full name?

Here it is.

Cut this to fit Anand.

You know... London it's so cold that your pee
turns to ice before it hits the ground.

What rubbish you talk!

This coat has holes in it.

Patch it with my shawl.

What are you doing?

You'll feel cold.

Nonsense. I don't feel the cold.

I'm too hot.


You have to stop laughing
if you want me to take a picture,

Sorry, sorry, I won't laugh.

I promise not to smile.


This is the first
passport in the family.

Come in, come in...This is Anand.


Oh this is the Cambridge
don in the making?

He is.

Very good, very good.

- Proud of you and all that.
- Thank you, sir.

After All...

...people from your society
don't really get that far, do they?

You've got admission, right?

But will you manage to get there?

England isn't next door, you know.

My father paid half by taking
a loan against his provident fund.


And the Education Minister
said he would help.

He'll cover the rest.

- The Education Minister?
- Yes.

The money?

Anyway...all the best!

Thank you.

Don't mention it.

Hold my hand.

Hurry it up.
We shouldn't miss the boat.

Come along, come on.

You haven't bathed?


The shampoo is over?

Never mind, never mind.

But you can go into the kitchen,
can't you?

I've not eaten a thing since morning.

Just betel leaf?
My stomach is growling.

Send me a glass of aloe vera juice,
will you?

But it won't give me gas, no?

I'm meeting the Great Unwashed...

Hello, sir.

And how may I help you?

You do remember, sir?

You do remember, sir?
You said you would help?

When you came to my college?

I did invite you, yes, indeed.

I invite anyone who has done
good work for the country.

You did good work and so I invited you.

And today I proclaim...

...that if anyone wishes
to do something for his country.

I will invite him again and again.

Yes indeed.

Sir, sir, you may have forgotten...

...but you said you
would help me with money.

I have got admission...

Did you say money?

Oh no, no, no-o-o...

Do not start thinking
about money at this age.

What will become of you...?
Is this your father?


Greetings, greetings,
but you must explain this to your lad.

Keep him away from money.

He must not fall into
money's honeyed trap.

He must stay away from women and money.

At this time of his life, he must
depend only on the magic of hard work.

Did Bhagat Singh ever think of money?

- Did he?
- No.


I'm not explaining things clearly.

That day you blessed me...

I have got admission abroad.

I want to go abroad, I need your...

- You're going abroad, are you?
- That's right.

Which country?

I've got admission to Cambridge.

- Cambridge?
- Yes.

Very good.
You should go.

Go to Cambridge.

Go to France. Go to Britain.
Go to America.

Go to UK, go to New York,
go to New Jersey, go to Bahrain...

...go to China, go to Japan,
go to Tokyo, go to Beijing....

Wow...I think that's a poem.

But never forget your native land.

Never forget the land where the
Ganga flows... the land where the Buddha...

well, His land anyway.

Very nice. Go away.

Go away.

Happy journey,
happy journey, you can go.

- Happy journey,
- go.

Who's next?

- Sir, I don't think you understand...
- Time's up.

One minute.

Come along, you lot...

Hand those over...

I'm Anand Kumar

I told you, time's up.

Is there a little salt in this?

Yes, yes.

- I told you, time's up.
- Sir.

I'm Anand Kumar..

- You're done here.
- One moment

- You've taken twenty minutes already.
- Didn't you talk to him?

And then there are all these
people who want the minister's help.

Get up now.
The minister has other work.

- I'm trying to...Let me tell him...
- On your feet.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

There are two hundred people
and only two will we manage?

Make it easy on yourself.
Get up.

Get me some room-temperature water

What's this?

I'll catch my death of cold.

Sir, you promised...

Not cold water, room temperature...

I'll catch cold.

Move on, now.

One minute!

You gave me this medal,
do you remember?

Wonderful, the minister has seen it,
now will you move?

Take this away and get
me room temperature water.

Move along, move along.

Don't worry..

We'll get you to England

You took out all your PF,
didn't you?

No other way we can help.

Rajendra Babu,
why struggle like this?

Let me put in a word and
fix them up in the post office.

I'll speak myself.

I can give you seven thousand.

You have to put something
up as collateral.

Is the house in your name?

If you can't put the house up...'s difficult.

Is there no loan
to help educate a child?

No such loan.

And what do we do in the night?

We go to sleep.

And what do we do then?

We dream.

And what do we do in the day?

We make the dreams come true.

Gopal, I really need my money back.

Can you arrange something?

I wish I could.

I spent so much on Bijlee's dowry.

Life doesn't end if you
don't go to Cambridge, does it?

You are my son, after all.

Here, eat this.

- What happened?
- Dad?!

Oh God!

- Oh God!
- Ishwar?

Give him some water.

Ma, stay right here.

Anand, carefully now...

Pranav, bring the cycle.

Coming, coming.


Hold on.

Got some money?

Don't worry.
I have some.

Where did they go?

Come on, quick...

Hold on tight.

Take your slippers!

We won't let anything happen to him

Where did they go?

Try to go faster.
Pedal faster!

We're close now,
the hospital is here.

Quick, quick...

- Pranav...
- Faster, faster.

The chain broke!


You shouldn't think
of a future with me.

Marry someone else.

Forget about me.

Just because my face
lacks the golden mean?


Poppadums, poppadums!

Poppadums, hello, mister!

Poppadums, poppadums! Coming ma'am.

Buy my poppadums!

Buy my poppadums, crisp and crackly!

Five rupees a packet...
fine spicy poppadums!

- Five rupees
- Come towards me.

- Poppadums?
- How much?

- Show me
- Give them to me.

Sir, my money?

Half a rupee less?

Will do.

Hey Mr Poppadum Man!

Yes, ma'am?

How much for a packet?

Five rupees for a packet.

Give me two.

- Two?
- Yes, please

There you go.

Here you go,
ten rupees, please.

Here you go.

Hello, idiot!

Do you have eyes or
potatoes in your head?

Can't you see such a big car?

If you must kill yourself
Use the good offices of the Ganga.

Anand Kumar?

You're Anand Kumar, aren't you?

What's this, have you bought
up the city's entire supply of papads?

Bought them?
I'm selling them.


But how do you know me?

If I would not know the city's
most brilliant mind, who would?

Perhaps you don't know me.

My name is Lallan Singh.

You won the Ramanujan Gold Medal in 1997

I was there.

I won it in 1987.

I'm also a gold medallist.

Srinivasa Ramanujam was
once my hero too.

Then I discovered that
the real hero is elsewhere.

Listen to me.

Before you discover zero

you must discover the
other nine numbers.

Zero achieves its value only
after it joins them.

What is this, a man like
you selling poppadums?

You have talent.

- Come here, you.
- Yes, sir.

- Get over here.
- Coming.

Come this way.

Bring the cycle along.

Give him your cycle.

I am a teacher,
Anand Babu, I can recognise talent.

Come with me.

Take it easy.

Sit back.

Put the glass up.

We shall travel in style,
with air-conditioning!


Indian Institute of Technology.

One applicant out of every
hundred thousand gets in.

The rich are willing to
pay anything to get their kids in.

Hundreds of thousands of rupees
change hands at the coaching classes.

In Kota, in Gujarat, it's
a business and the dividends are high.

Politicians, businessmen, everyone wants
to put their money into this business.

All the best university professors and
college lecturers teach there and here as well.

I've started my own coaching class in
Patna: The Excellence Coaching Centre.

Anandji, join me as a coach for princes,
a Dronacharya from the Mahabharata...

...and together we will groom
a new prince, a new Arjuna each year.

Now let me introduce you to
the numbers that give zero its meaning.

Good morning, sir.

Good morning.

This is Anand Kumar.

He is a brilliant teacher
and under his guidance you, VIP students will
get a VIP entry into IIT.

Anandji, all yours.

- Think carefully.
- I've thought about it deeply, Mishraji.

We'll make Anandji a star...

...and we'll rake in big money.

Anand Kumar will now
teach at Excellence Classes.

Hey buddy, make it quick.

We'll celebrate with sweets.

Anandji, our admission rate has doubled.

Sit down...sit down.

Our ads have appeared in the papers.

Here, a full page and here,
a half page.

Look at this.

It is time for you to
get a vehicle of your own.

This seems old and weak.

It looks weary too.

Brother, look at that one.

Money has come into the room.

Money will dispel the gloom.

Money will light up the dark.

Money is a walk in the park.

Money will dispel the gloom.

You got what you asked for.

This is all about
the illusion money spins.

Money falls around you like rain.

Money will dispel your pain.

Maa, Look who's here.

- Who?
- Here she is

This is Phoolwa.

She is going to do all the house

...and you're going to rest.

What do you want to become?

Computer engineering
has the highest pay so...

That clarity will help you get there.

You are now an authorised
signatory and this is a little gift.

If m1 equals m2, what is
the equation of the straight line?

Who will try?

Y-1 = X-1

How can anyone be so wrong?

Got it?

They've come to pay but
they can't afford the fees.

They were asking
about any scholarship...

No such thing.

On the ground floor, your coaching class

and on the first floor, a restaurant,
a bar and a huge banquet hall.

Patna's elite will celebrate
their weddings there.

The land is available for a song
because it's for educational purposes.

Get it?
What did I tell you?

Education is the road to heaven.

And business is the means
to get on to that road.

And at this time,
education is the best business.

If you've longed to do it, do it now.

What do you care about others?

The road is long
and you can't turn back.

Those who shredded your letters unread

Will now hang on your every word.

They'll look at you with new eyes.

You've left your troubles behind.

And now there's
a smile that you've learned.

This is the illusion of money,
its power.

Money falls around you like rain.

Money has come into the room.

Money will dispel the gloom.

Money will light up the dark.

Money is a walk in the park.

Reading some hot stuff?

No sir.



You have a yen for learning?


Which class are you in?

I had to leave school.

Do you understand this stuff?

I solve it too.

Try substituting Log X for T.

Is it done?

Bugger! Drop those books
and come do the dishes.

Coming in just a minute.

They're calling you.
Come fast, you idiot!

I'm there.
In a minute.

Just let me...thank you.

Where to? Can I drop you somewhere?

Thank you, let's go.

Loves studying, does he?

Who? Radhe Mohan?

Sir, he's nuts.
He keeps studying on his own.

I tried to drum some sense
into him: this won't get you anywhere.

Why do you think that way?

What's there to think, sir?

Do you remember the tribal
boy Ekalavya in the Mahabharata?

He was better than Arjun at archery so what
did their teacher Dronacharya ask of him?


He asked for his thumb to be chopped off.


Just so that Prince Arjun would not
lose his position as the best archer.

Nothing has changed.

The sons of kings will still be kings.

You're talking feudal poppycock!

The world has changed now.

The king's son won't inherit.

He who deserves to
rule will mount the throne.

Who will break this tradition?

Like the Dronacharyas of the Mahabharat,
teachers today partner with kings.

And that's how it will always be.

Isn't it?

We will still demand
the thumbs of our Ekalavyas.

And the princes will still
be considered the smartest.

Who will change things?

By the way. what work do you do?

I had to leave school.

No provisions for such loans...

No provisions for that.

Education is everyone's right.

- Will you study, Master Puppet?
- I will study!

- Will you go to IIT, Master Puppet?
- I will go.

Do you have the money, Master Puppet?

I don't.

Then what will you become,
Master Puppet?

Mister Puppet.

You need sweaty wads of cash,
or your studies will be a car crash.

What is the need to do all this?

Everything is going so well.

For whom?

For us.
The family is...

We're doing well.
The family is...

Anand Sir will coach poor kids...
Free coaching...poor kids

Anand Sir will coach poor
kids...poor kids... Free coaching...

Hear ye, hear ye...

Anand Sir will coach poor kids...
Free coaching...

Admissions have started.

Sir, sir

What is it, Mishra?

Anandji is opening his own centre.

His own centre?

- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.

Must we have a hostel too?

Feeding them, clothing them, the books,
the electricity, the water bills.

It's perfect.

Take it.

Where is Anand Sir?

We paid premium fees for his class.

Is he coming back or not?

We don't want these
second-rate teachers.

We will demand a refund.
You'll see.

Keep it well.

Why did you quit your job?

How much can I fight my father?

Even when Cambridge didn't work out,

I said you had a future
with the coaching classes.

And where are the kids for
whom you're making this sacrifice?

Where are they?

This is good work,
I agree, but I have to pay the price.

My father wants me
to marry an IAS officer.

Never mind,
I'll spend my life with some stranger.

But I warn you, your life will be ruined
just as much as you have ruined mine.

Here's your stupid love letter.

No one will come
to this centre of yours.

You will drown and you will drown alone.

Put this money away with the rest.

There's lots to be done still.

Master, Master.


Master, from tomorrow,
Suresh will not come to work.

Why not?

He's going to Patna to study,
to try and get into IIT.

- IIT?
- Yes.

And what will he do
with a degree from IIT?

I want to join NASA; I want
to look for life on other planets.


You've never seen an electric bulb,

You've never watched TV.

You've never seen a city and you
want to look for life on other planets?

Get back to work quietly.

Learn: and you conquer the world.

But learn to know your self.

Learn: and obstacles are defeated.

But learn if those habits are your own.

To learn is to crush all woes.

Do you think you'll reach the
kind of kids you want to reach out to?

All I know is that
there's no turning back.

Learning is your auspicious shield

Learn: for it levels the field.

He who learns will conquer the world.

Learn: for justice comes
flowing from learning.

Learn: it makes you sure of who you are

All human happiness
is tied up with learning.

I don't want anything
less than 30 students."

We can't pay for thirty.

We can try.

Raghunath Bharat reporting, sir.

You wanted a scoop?

In this day and age when everyone
has made education into a business...

...he's giving it away free?

"I want us to write about him."

Free tuitions for the poor.

The admissions have started.

Free tuitions for the poor.

The admissions have started.

Sell this as well.

Sell it. Sell it.

What will you do at IIT?

Learn about the theory of relativity.

What is that about?

One way to understand it?

If you travel at the speed of light,
time starts running backwards.

Do you have bus fare?


How do you plan to get there?

The same way man got to the Moon.

Here, here's the money.

Study hard.

Don't worry about me at all.

Hey, hey.

Run, Urmila, run.

Get away from here.

May I come in, Sir?

You may.

Please take me in your class, Sir.

The class is full.

I'll sit on the side, anywhere.

I was just one mark
behind the thirtieth.

Just one mark?

That's a very important one mark.

It's the difference between
a good try and a victory.

There are hundreds of thousands
who lose by just one mark.

And until you understand
the importance of that one mark... won't stand a
chance at getting into IIT.

So spend this year working
hard and come back next year.


Go now.

What is your name?


Kusum from Baksar.

Suresh from Kotiya

- What does your father do?
- He drives a rubbish truck.

He is a labourer in a salt factory.

He drives.

What will you do at IIT?

Biotech Engineering.

Sit down.

Nuclear Scientist.


Munger, sir.

That's quite far away.

When did you leave home?

Two days ago.

Have you eaten?

I ate when I left home.

My name is Fugga.
I'm from Baliya.

And that's me, Fugga Kumar.

I wanted to study so badly
that I just ran away from home

and came to Anand Sir's class.

How did you get to Patna?

I stole the neighbour's
hen and sold it and got here.

Sit down.

- How are you?
- Good.

What's in the wallet?

- Nothing.
- Why keep an empty wallet?

For the time when I have
something to put in it.

Sit down.

What's your name?


What were you doing
before you came here?

Worked in a cement factory.

When did you study?

Before the morning
shift and in the night.

And you?

Night watchman.
And then I would study.

How old are you?


You don't look eighteen.

I eat once every two days.

Give me a chance to catch up.

Right, sit down.

So now, let me see...

Does anyone know the speed of light?

May I, sir?

The same as the speed of darkness.



Hello, Hello, Anandbabu.

Did I do something to offend you?

You didn't even call.

Hello kids.

I am Lallan Singh,
your teacher's friend.

Look what I've got for you.


Go on, take one,
So you've started your own Institute.

It's only an attempt.

Good, good, makes for good publicity.

Teaching for free.

If you had told me, I would have opened
it as Social work of Excellence Coaching.

Now don't worry about this lot.

I'll look after them.
You come back where you belong.

No, I'm not coming back.

These kids need me.

I hear your savings are over.

I'll manage.

Don't worry about me.

How can I not worry about you?

I am your well-wisher.

Is this your version
of a social revolution?

This experiment is bound to fail.

With it, you will fail and you will
take all these children down with you.

Never mind.

Let's do one thing.

Return where you belong.

I'll double your salary.

A premium teacher should
not waste his time.

A premium teacher should
teach premium kids.

We'll find a good assistant
teacher to take over this class.

Who says this?

Where is this written?

Raaj purano.

In that story of all stories,
the Mahabharata.

It takes a kingmaker
to train a king.

No one puts lame horses into the Derby.

They stand outside the
railway station and give children

rides for two rupees a throw.

You see?

Then let it be a race.

Let me show you

...that the lame horses
outside the station... the Derby.

I made you.

I will break you.

Go home, Lallanji.

A storm threatens.

And suppose your experiment works

and one or two of these go to IIT?

What will happen to the rest?

Back to the drains and
the dung and the darkness?

Back to the drains and
the dirt and the darkness?

Where are you off to?

At least eat your dinner!


What are you doing?

What's wrong?

Are you scared?


Of what are you scared?

Of what are you scared?

What do you have to lose?


What do you have to lose?

What do you have?

What do you have to lose?

Then why are you scared?

So you'll be hungry, tired, ill.
What of that?

What will happen?

Will you die?

You were dead the day you
were born in a house of poverty.

That very day.

The rich build a beautiful
road for themselves.

They leave our roads
filled with huge potholes.

But that's the mistake they make.

They teach us how to
leap over those potholes.

When the time comes you'll see...

...the highest jump,
the farthest...

The longest jump will be ours.

- We will jump!
- Learning is your auspicious shield

Learn: for it levels the field.

We will jump!

He who learns will conquer the world.

- We will jump!
- Learn: for justice comes flowing from learning.

Learn: it makes you sure of who you are

- All human happiness is tied up with learning.
- Nuclear scientist.

Marine architect.



Who will jump?

Biotech engineer.

Mechanical engineer.

Who will jump?

Who will?

I will sir.

I'll do it, sir.

I will sir.

I will sir.

I will sir.

I will sir.

Learning is your auspicious shield

Learn: for it levels the field.

He who learns will conquer the world.

Learn: for justice comes
flowing from learning.

Learn: it makes you sure of who you are

All human happiness
is tied up with learning.

For two months now,
we've been hearing this.

Anand Sir is coming back,
Anand Sir is coming back.

Give us a date.

When is he expected?

We gave you a million rupees.

We gave you a million-and-
a-half for the additional guarantee.

I assure you, we have some first-
class teachers in Excellence Classes.

Why are you so worried?

It was Anand's name
that brought us here.

Now tell us straight:
When is he coming back?

Bring him back or get
our children into his centre.

We can't get in.

He'll only teach poor children.

And if our children don't get in,
you will end up poor.

We are not the only
parents who think this way.

What are you thinking?

I picked him up off the
road and raised him to the stars.

I put his mug on hoardings.

And now he competes with me!

His payments are pending, right?
Stop them.

Let's see how tough he is.

There Lallanji was preparing for war

And we were preparing
for our examination.

Children, heads up!

We're a little short of books.

We will get more.

Where's everybody?

Anand has come.

Go, go, he's calling you.

Each of you shake everyone's
hand and introduce yourself.

Make it snappy.
You only have ten seconds.


- Enough.
- Okay, okay.

Was sir saying something?

Now tell me how many
handshakes happened.


Sir 900.




One doesn't shake hand with oneself.


Eight months.

We have eight months to the examination
and we have twelve months' work to do.

How will you do it?

From now up to the examination,
you must seek the lessons in everything,

look for the chemistry of life,

ask what physics principles
make the fan turn,

Ask how birds fly?

Ask the lightning why it strikes.

Ask relentlessly.

Ask questions, get the answers.

Then ask questions about
the questions. Eight months.

This is a disease.

Get to the root cause of it.

He's just a teacher.
I'll handle him.

Hello, this is Anand Kumar.

Look, you're a teacher
so I can't use foul language.

Please select a juicy expletive

and assume I spat it at you.

Go on.

I need twenty lakhs.
Send the money.

I don't have it.

If the business doesn't make money,
close it down.

If I don't shut down, what will you do?
Kill me?

I'll have to.

You're ruining the market.

You son-of-a-gun,
how dare you threaten my brother?

I will come to your
house and kill you there.

Why are you getting
so hot and bothered about?

- He's...
- I'm talking to him, aren't I?

Don't get worked up.

Look I'm not going to pay
and I'm not closing the class either.

Now do what you want.

And the nth term is negative 1 by 37268

People ask what was so special
about Anand sir's teaching style.

But teaching wasn't his trade;
magic was.

He would say:

Don't start writing right away.

First let a smile burst inside you.

Then use your head to build a formula

Do you see it?

And here he comes to the run up...

If Shoaib Akhtar bowls
at 143 miles per hour

and the boundary is 63 metre away

how much force must
Tendulkar apply to hit a six?


The chicken Fugga stole?

Yes, sir?

What if she were
to lay an egg for Fugga.

Do you see it?


And two for Kishore.

And four for Kusum.

And eight for Aazan...

And so on and so on... many eggs would Urmila get?

If a train is travelling
at 120 mph and one by one,

we knock off compartments from it,
at what speed will the engine travel?

When a question vexes you,

When a question perplexes you,

Split hairs if you must

But grind it into the dust.

Without questions,
our lives would be dark.

Like a bulb lighting up,
that's the question mark.

That's the question mark.

That's the question mark.

Clouds float above us at heights where
the temperature is minus 35 degrees.

Why don't clouds freeze?

If you double the radius of this bottle,
how much milk will flow out?

Don't take it for granted
because it's in a book.

The world is waiting
for you to take a new look.

Life gets exciting when
you challenge the given. the Impossible.

When you teach your
teachers a thing or two

When they say you can't
and you show them you do.

When you change their
'why' into a 'why not'?

When your brain lights
up with a lightning spark

And you become a living question mark.

That's the question mark.

That's the question mark.

Tendulkar will have to
whack it with 10,513 Newtons.

The speed of the engine won't change.

Four times as much milk.

53,68,70,912 eggs

Not one of those losers should pass.

Spoil his name.

Go tell it to the newspapers.

File a police complaint.

Do what you want.

Close that centre down.

We'll cut off his electricity.

Go on, do it, Cut those wires.

The electricity has failed.

Anand Sir taught us to see.

He taught us to think.

We looked for solutions everywhere.

We could do anything.

We could become anything.

We could make anything.

We were ready.

But Lallan was willing
to go to any lengths...

Come out, you cad!

Yes, come out, come out.

Don't huddle inside.

This Anand Kumar ruined
the fine flower of my virtue.

He said he would get me into
IIT but nothing happened.

Sitting inside like a cabbage.

Come out.

What happened?

Brother, how can I
tell you my tale of woe?

This Anand has ruined me forever.

- Anand Kumar did these bad things to you.
- Very bad things.

Sister, can you tell me one thing?


What does Anand look like?

This is Anand Kumar himself.


- What?
- That's Anand Kumar, you dingbat!

Every stratagem needs a plan.

It needs revision.

If you don't know that,
how can you make it work?

Next time, plan it well.

Work it out.
Do some revision.

What say?

Cleverclogs Tripathi

- Clever Clogs?
- Tripathi!

knows the score of every World
Cup football match before it starts.

How does he do it?

Because he's clever?


Because he fixes the matches?

Because he's a Tripathi?
The answer must be in his name.

My turn with the book.


- I need it now.
- Take it later.

Sir said we should share.
Come on, give it to me.

- I'm using it.
- Take it later.

- Give it to me.
- I told you to wait.

I need it now.
- Wait!


Now it's torn!

Keep it then.

There are two kinds
of people in the world.

There's Ricky

and there's Bholu.

You'll get only that one.


Six hundred?

So expensive?

Ricky has everything readymade,
served up on a plate.

Bholu has nothing,
only his wits and his willingness to work.

When you've decided on a goal.

You can get out of every hole.

No question will defeat you

No rough ride will unseat you.

When your brain is afire.

Get your basics in order

Get your principles right.

Behind every door, under every bed
Lurks a question mark.

Across the sky, inside my head

Hangs a question mark.

In the river running, on its cool bed a question mark.

We'll work, we'll wrack our brains.

- Sir, any chance of a second-hand copy?
- No chance.

It keeps me from sleeping,
that question mark.

We won't let it get away so easy,
that question mark.

You can run but you can't hide,
Question mark.

You can run but you can't hide,
Question mark.

You can run but you can't hide,
Question mark.

I've got you some books but...

Next question, ten seconds only.

Next question, ten seconds only.

Next question, ten seconds only.

Next question, ten seconds only.



Cleverclogs Tripathi?

He laid great stress on the name.

Listen up, I have it.

You're so stupid.

How Clever Clogs tells the score.

- He tells it with his mouth.
- Go on, eat.

A new solution.

Go on, eat.

Go on, eat.

Anand Sir fought like a tiger
but he lost the battle with hunger.

I know you're doing great work

but there's no way
I can make a loan to you

for a free coaching scheme.

You know it's good work,
you say it's good work

but you can't support good work?

It should show some profit, right?

You don't even have any collateral

so how can the bank
advance you any money?

Just a moment...

Yes, sir?

Of course, sir...In a moment, sir...

But eat something, please.

Go on.

Take them.

The children...

Take them for the children...

His helplessness took Anand Sir
to the one place he never wanted to go.

Anand Babu!

come in.

Come in, come in.

Sit down.

It's very hot.

Shall I turn on the air-conditioning?

How have you been?

That bank manager is my friend.

He was saying you need money.

You should have come to me.

Am I not a well-wisher?

Never mind.

Better late than never.

Let me feed your hungry children.

Take it.

But I know you are not
shameless enough... take alms

To keep your honour intact..

...let me suggest a little competition.

Between your kids and mine.

If they beat my best, I'll feed them.

But if mine beat them,


...well then you close your centre.

That simple.

What do you say?

What's to think about, Anand Babu?

If your rag-tag bunch can't
take this simple competition,

how are they going to face IIT?


Three months of food?

Is that all you want?


If Anand Kumar's students lose,
then Anand Kumar...

...will close his centre and
return to Excellence Coaching Classes.

Why are you doing this?

He's sworn on his brother's head.

What if you really have
to shut down the centre?

It's going to close anyway.

I have no money left.

Right then,
if that's what you both wish.

Thanks sir. Thanks.

You have two hours.
That's lots of time.

- Do not hurry.
- But keep it moving.

- Kusum...
- Yes, sir?

If you find yourself at a loss with
a question, give it 15 to 20 seconds

and then move on.

Come on then.

We'll eat well this evening, right?

Anand Sir?

Prithvi, how are you, young fellow?
- Hello sir.

How are you?
- I'm well...

...but why aren't you teaching us?

Is it our fault we were born rich?

Did you eat today?

Yes, of course.

They haven't.

Hey guys this way.



Good morning sir.

Good morning, good morning.

My name is Purushottam.

I will be your invigilator today.

Raghunath Bharat speaking.

- Mr. Raghunath.
- Yes, speaking.

Who's speaking?

I have some important information for you.

And how do you know this?

This is for them,
let's begin distributing.

Lallan had everything:

The money, the press,
the industrialists...

It was his last chance
to destroy the upstart class.

He was leaving no stone unturned.

Our students work very hard.

But every Evil Empire has its white knight,
waiting to take it down, armed only with the truth.

Note down.

The public has turned out in large numbers
to see the result of the competition.

Perhaps they think the result
might give a new direction to society.

I'll come after the
results are declared.

See you.

Where have you been, sir?

Here, where else?

You don't even print
my picture these days!

Come now, eat some of these,
they're very good, You'll enjoy them.


Namaskar, come, come.

Now we would like to invite
Mr Purushottam to the mike

We can't find Fugga.

He will announce the
results of the competition.

What does that mean?

Please come, sir.

It means, he's missing.

I've looked everywhere.

This is all yours.

And the last of our
money is missing too.

The competition was a tough one.

Both teams seem to have worked hard.

The students of Excellence scored

52 per cent.


Anandji's students scored

49 per cent.

And so I announce that the winners
are the students from Excellence.


Thank you.

Thank you.


just as Anandji had agreed,

he must announce
his return to Excellence.


And will close...

...his own centre.

Please come.

Remember we signed an agreement.

Go on then.

Anandji has been forced to do this.

There was no such agreement.

How do you know?

One minute, one minute.

If there was such an agreement...

...we want to see it.
To prove there was no undue pressure.


What pressure.

I will show it to you right now.
Hold on, one minute.

Purushottam Sir,
will you please show me that paper?

Things will be sorted out right now.

Why are you shouting?

What is it?

Give us a minute here, we're looking.

Show it to us.

I have no idea where it went.
I had put it right here.


Where can it have gone?

I handed it to you right then.

We were together
when I gave it to you.

I can't see it.

Look for it.

When there is no agreement,
what's the fuss?

Then it's Anandji's decision
to close or not to close.

Why are you getting so excited?

You shut your gob.

You eat my snacks and drink
my tea and then insult me?

You can't threaten the media.

I am not a lackey of corporate
interests like the rest.

My name is Raghunath Bharat.

Take note.

Noted, noted.

Now be silent.
Anandji, you tell them.

Tell them you signed an agreement.

I signed nothing.
My centre continues.

What are you saying?

What do you mean?

This is cheating?

And what destiny has
done to these children?

If that's not cheating,
what is it?

A blessing?

You swore on your brother's head.

He will die, if you break your word.

I have no intention of
dying any time soon, Lallanbabu.

We have been shoved so far back...

...that even the God of Death
would take his time to get to us.

Thank you.

I stole that paper.

I know.

It is very difficult to put
something above your self-respect.

Anand Babu knows that his
duty comes before anything else.

You loved a good man.

I have good taste in men.

Why couldn't you crack the paper?

Was it tough?

No, sir.

Not that tough.

We knew most of it.

Do you lot want to go to IIT or not?

We do, sir.

Close your eyes.

Can you see yourself in the world of IIT?

Can you see it?

We can, sir.

What do you see?

Sir, it's big, imposing.

The rooms are air-conditioned,

the classrooms are big.

What else do you see?

It's so clean, so neat.

The kids are all wearing
expensive clothes, jeans, jackets.

Their hair is silky with shampoo.

They laugh at our oily hair.

They're all talking English, fluently.

And we can't keep up.

Want some?

It's good for your brain.

Take it.

We don't have the guts to talk to them.

Our brains are jamming up.

Hello. Excuse me.

No, this is my seat.

You will have to get up from here.

You sit here,
I'll go somewhere else.

No, you sit down.

Sit down.

That day we were taking the exam with
kids whose houses we would have cleaned.

whose shoes we would have polished,

whose dustbins we would have emptied.

Sitting next to them
our brains just stopped.

Maybe that's why Fugga ran away, sir.

He was frightened.

He must have thought
we'll never catch up.

We can't compete.

There's no place for us in
this English-speaking world, sir.

Have you seen a film?

Any of you?

- No, sir.
- Anything?

Jai Santoshi Maa, sir.

- And?
- Sholay.


Then tomorrow, no studies.

It's Holi and at 11 am, you will go to

Gandhi Chowk, outside Excellence, and in
front of everyone, you will present a play.

And all of it...

In English.

Not a single word of Hindi.

If anyone says a single word in Hindi,
back to the village you go.

Twenty minutes.
Not a word in Hindi

Remember: tomorrow, 11am,

Gandhi Chowk, only English.

Twenty minutes.

And until the play has ended,
no one leaves the stage.

Why do you want to strip
them in front of the world?

If I don't strip them, they won't learn.

And that thirty-first student?

What was his name?


Go find him.

I want thirty students, a full thirty.

Go find him.

And how do we feed them?

I don't know.

One word in Hindi...

...and it was back to the village.



Welcome to Excellence Coaching Centre!

- Hello...
- Hello...

- Hello...
- Hello...


Say something new.

What do you want to say?

Good Morning, Happy Holi

today is celebrate in Holi.

Go on, say something new...

We have as a performance in English,
only English.

Hope you enjoy and appreciate.

Thank you, Happy Holi.

Happy Holi...

How many men were there?

There were only two of them, Sardar.

Only two of them!

And still you come

- empathy-hand?
- Empathy handed!

Gabbar my hand...
I will shoot your blood, Gabbar.

- Open hand...
- What happened to English?

- But...but...
- Forgot your lines?

- One condition...
- He's forgotten his lines.

One condition..

But one condition.

- Don't dance.
- Basanti...

Basanti will be dance in open glass.

Oh yeah. Open glass!

Her foot..her feet moves
on the glass and please my sardar.

- And please my sardar.
- Get along with you.

I will dance right away..

Please don't kill my
Veeru...I will dance...

Kill him.

Basanti don't dance
in front of these dogs

Idiot, speak in English.

Today I will dance.

- Go go go go!
- No no no no no!

I will dance.
I will dance...I will dance.

Today I will dance.

- I will dance. I will dance. I will dance.
- No no no no no

- Go go go go
- No no no no no

No no no no no.

- Give them a chance.
- Today I will dance.

- I will dance. I will dance. I will dance.
- No no no no no

No no no no no

- I will dance. I will dance. I will dance.
- No no no no no

- I will dance. I will dance. I will dance.
- No no no no no

No no no no no

No, no, no, no

No no no no no

- No no no no no.
- No.

- No no no no no.
- No.

- No no no no no.
- No.

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"No no no no no"

"Basanti no dance
in phront of these dogs"

"Basanti no dance
in phront of these dogs"

"Basanti no dance

in phront of these dogs"

"Basanti no dance

in phront of these dogs"

- "Basanti no dance
- "No no no no no"

- in phront of these dogs"
- "No no no no no"

- "Basanti no dance
- "No no no no no"

- in phront of these dogs"
- "No no no no no"

"It's a Holi Holy Holiday.

It's Holi for you and Holi for me
It's Holi for us all.

It's a Holy Holi happy Holiday.

Hey, what happened to the English?

English Holi, Happy Holi, yaar.

I won't speak English

Not to my father-in-law.

My heart is Bihari and so is my tongue

And my heart is my law.

He told me you told him
I told you no tell her

I told her no tell you
I told you no tell her

I told you she tell me
He told her to tell you

So tell me to tell you
She told him to tell her

—That's English for you.

The way of the world
is odd in the extreme.

No one cares about your dreams.

If you're speaking English,
that's enough.

So what if your English is rough?

You throw stones, we reply with rocks.

You throw stones, we reply with rocks.

- Basanti no dance
- No no no no no

- in phront of these dogs
- No no no no no

- Basanti no dance
- No no no no no

- in phront of these dogs
- No no no no no

Do you get what I am saying?

Or are you only listening
to how I'm saying it?

The road to Ramgad is a minefield.

Tell your father-in-law to be careful.

No police station, no facilities.

Not even a greasy spoon café.

We chase bandits on horseback.

We flash knives and gun racks.

Basanti sweats up a storm.

The dacoits chew on a plug.

You throw stones, we reply with rocks.

You throw stones, we reply with rocks.

Basanti no dance

in phront of these dogs.

Basanti no dance

in phront of these dogs.

- Basanti no dance
- No no no no no

- in phront of these dogs
- No no no no no

- Basanti no dance
- No no no no no

- in phront of these dogs
- No no no no no

- Basanti no dance
- No no no no no

- in phront of these dogs
- No no no no no

Basanti no dance

in phront of these dogs.

Basanti no dance

in phront of these dogs.

Basanti no dance
-I'll write about you.

We had fought English and won...

...but the fight to conquer
hunger was still to be won.

If Anand Sir could solve
any mathematical problem...

You lookin' at me, kid?

...he could also confuse
any mathematical issue.

Are you Ghantewala?

No, no.

That was my father.

I am Ghantewala Junior.

This shop is going to close down.

Are you nuts?

I employ eighty people here.

In three years,
four months and twenty-one days,

this shop is going to close down.

You an astrologer or something?

A mathematician.

I hate seeing someone
else's calculations go wrong.

Since you seem like a good man,

I thought I should explain it to you.

Let us say about 1500
people eat here every day.

If each spends fifty per head,
that's Rs 75,000 per day.

That's your income every day.

In a month that's two
million fifty thousand.


Fifty into fifteen hundred means
four hundred and fifty thousand.

But there are problems.

Your clients are abandoning you.

The A/C restaurant
that's opened next door?

Twenty per cent means 300 people.

Have you considered depreciation?

At 13 per cent. Now adjust for
inflation Raw material costs

Over 30 days,
how much does this become?

Four hundred and fifty thousand.

How much was your profit?


In mathematics, we call that zero.

Anand Sir caught him
in a maelstrom of numbers

From which only he
could free poor Ghantewala.

That's the way of it.

Things change... a flash.

I told you all this
because you're a nice man.

See you around.

Hold on, hold on.

You diagnosed the disease.

Is there a cure?

Anand Sir had a cure.
Of course he did.

There is.

But it will cost.

You will have to give me rations
for thirty people for three months.

But first today's lunch.


Sit down, please explain.

Why didn't you do this earlier?

Maybe they're right.

Don't they say: Necessity
is the mother of invention?

But storm clouds...

...were beginning to darken the sky.

Are you fine

- Didn't you bring the lady wife?
- Madam will come later, she is a little busy

Okay. Okay

Take this.

May you live a long and happy life.

Happy birthday, Sir.


You were a teacher.
What did I make you?

CEO, sir.

Not a CEO.

I made you part of the coaching mafia.

And did I do that so you could ruin me?

Here I am trying to restore Bihar's lost glory,
bring back the splendour of ancient Nalanda.

I've invested billions so that
education can be a path to progress.

I've opened dozens of classes
all over the UP-Bihar belt.

We have a joint venture in Gujarat,
investors are coming...

and what do we have here?

Bring those newspapers.

Bring them here.

Here you are, sir

Don't stand behind me, all hangdog.

Come face me like a man.

What is this?

What is this?

In Hindi.

And here...

in English.

Everyone's talking about Anand Kumar.

Do you know what this means?

People will start asking why they have
to pay for what he's giving away free.

And they'll say we're
looting the people.

We're dacoits.

And what will the investors say?

Yes, sir.

Sir, I tried.

I cut his electricity off.

I sent a woman to defame him.

I sent him a death threat.

And we had a competition


A kiddie game?

I cut off his electricity?
I sent a girl to defame him...

I want no risks.

Not one of his students will
sit for the exam, do you get that?

Got it?

Got it, sir.

No, you haven't.

I won't believe you until
you say it three times.

Go on then.
Repeat it for me.

I understand, sir.

I understand.

You're in the big league now, Lallan.

You're dealing with the big boys.

These fancy suits you wear?
I'll strip you naked.

Don't show your face at the party.

Get out.

Hey you!

Where does that teacher live?

Hello, buddy, where's the teacher?

Down that lane?


Masterji, Masterji.

Hey, Raghunathji.

Why is he getting into this mess?

You're teaching, stick with that.

How are you?

Never mind how I am.

They've put out
a contract on your head.


They've put out
a contract on your head.

Listen to him.

I am a professional,
a thorough professional, you get it?

But I will not kill you.

Do you know why?

When I was in jail...

...your father made up a story about me

working in the city
and kept my mother happy.

Those fake letters let her live.

Those letters kept my mother happy.

Which is why
I'm here

to warn you.

Nevertheless, it will happen very soon.

Be careful.

I have a request to make

Go on then.

If something happens to me,
don't write about it.


Many people are trying
to bring about change.

They might lose their courage.

I'll be seeing you.

Look, Pranavji,

if death is written in Anandji's fate,

a hundred policemen
won't be able to stop it.

And if it isn't written in his fate,
an atom bomb won't be able to harm him.

I didn't come here for
a lecture in philosophy.

I came to ask for police protection.

This is not philosophy, sir.

But try to understand my plight.

Our workload is huge.

And I have only 41 constables.

Many are on duty to protect ministers.

Five are outside the
temple after that incident.

Twelve are left.

Of which two are heart patients
so they can't be given strenuous duties.

Three have diabetes so they
can't be given stressful work.

And one of them has a pregnant wife.

He's gone for the delivery.

You tell me how I can spare someone.

Where's Pranav now?

The children's food is ready.

You'll have to take it there.

There was a letter.

Hold on a moment.

Greetings, Anand Sir.

You dropped your towel.

- Look at me.
- Pick up your tiffin carrier.

Let me help.

I seem to have dropped everything.

Let me get this.

Thank you so much.

No need for thanks.

This was only our duty...

Is that any place to shoot him?

You should have shot him in the head.

This darned thing is stuck.
It won't budge.

What do you mean stuck?

Tell you what,
shall we crush his head with a stone?

Are you nuts?

Pick him up and let
the train do the work.

Is he dead?

Did you kill him or not?

The minister is on the phone.

We shot him.

That's all we know.

That's all you know?

You shot him and you
can't tell me he's dead.

Sir, there was some confusion.

They're saying they don't
know if he's dead or alive.


We did our best.

Sir, we shot him in the stomach

and then dragged him on to
the tracks for a train to finish off.

He would have died but then
his brother came on the scene.

Shut up.
Shut the muck up.

If he survives,
he becomes a hero, a media hero.

Should we go kill
him in the hospital then?

We'll barge in and finish him off.

Oh right, kill him in front of
everyone and make a martyr out of him.


Take a whole bunch
and go out there...

...and make it seem
like a Naxalite attack.

No one should survive.

Kill Anand and
his students, in the hospital.

If even one of them sits
for it and gets into IIT...

Anand becomes a hero.

Before the exam, I want all this over.

Now go.

Everything is over
Get on with it.

Let's go.

Doctor, Doctor,
my brother, he's been shot.

Please, take a look at him.

I beg of you, please, he's bleeding,

We'll pay anything.

Get away with you.

Fill out this form.

Please admit him first.

This is Anand Kumar.

He teaches poor children free.

- Please do something
- You're going to teach me?

Do your work.

Now these people are going to teach us.

Open your eyes, son.

Pranav, please hurry.

Yes, yes, Ma.
I'm bringing the doctor right away.

- Hurry!
- Coming.

I'll hit you so hard,

You'll become an ENT
specialist in a minute.


- Who do you think you're talking to?
- Shut up.

No, no, don't be like that.

- I'll fill the form.
- Don't worry. Ignore him.

He got his seat in medical
college with a donation.

He knows nothing.

You don't worry about a thing.

Anand Sir is like a God to us.

Hey Raju, get over here.

Check his vitals.

Get his blood group.

Organise donors.

And get Dr Jha to come here.

I am filling the form.

Don't worry about a thing.

We won't let anything happen to him.


Get this.

Tonight, they're going to come.
In large numbers.

With guns and weapons.

They want to kill you.

Oh God!

and they want to kill the students too.

Why did you run away?

I funked it, sir.

I thought we would never
be able to compete with Excellence.

Are you happy?

No, no.

At least...

...educate your children well.

Quick, now.

Nothing is going to happen to you.

Move, move, move.

One minute

What is it?

Hey, kids, Anand Sir wants a word.

This is the time.

The time to make the leap.

You've immersed yourself in theory;
time for practicals.

Time to turn knowledge into action...

Learn: and you conquer the world.

- ...the time to fight.
- But learn to know your self.

Learn: and obstacles are defeated.

But learn if those habits are your own.

To learn is to defeat all foes

To learn is to crush all woes.

There are two kinds
of people in the world:

One is Ricky.

and Bholu.

They'll come with more confidence

And less ammunition.

They must be sure we're sitting ducks.

I agree. For a half-dead teacher
and some students?

How much would they think they need?

We need to exhaust their bullets.

Without hurting them


Or what difference between them and us?

They brought two guns and a knife.

Not even too many bullets.

First we make sure
they run out of bullets

and then we lure them into
a gas chamber and lock them in.

Listen, the hospital is
going to be attacked by Naxals.

Get everyone into one room.


Are there rocks in your ears?

MTurn off all the lights.

Get on with it.
We'll take care of the rest.

We have nothing, they have it all.

How can we compete?

Today, it isn't the
prince who mounts the throne

but the man who proves his worth.

The hospital seems deserted today.

Learn: and you conquer the world.

But learn to know your self.

Learn: and obstacles are defeated.

Learn: and you conquer the world.

But learn to know your self.

Learn: and obstacles are defeated.

But learn if those habits are your own.

To learn is to defeat all foes

- The tyre is heading towards the petrol.
- To learn is to crush all woes.

Learning is your auspicious shield

Learn: for it levels the field.

He who learns will conquer the world.

Learn: for justice comes
flowing from learning.

Learn: it makes you sure of who you are

Radhe, Radhe...

The sound is coming from there.

Radhe, Radhe...

Where is the sound coming from?

Now look there.

This is the law of reflection.

That means the sound may
not be originating from the

place where it seems to be coming from.

If the angle of incidence
is equal to the angle of reflection...

Radhe, Radhe...


Learn: and you conquer the world.

- No one here.
- But learn to know your self.

Learn: and obstacles are defeated.

- They're over there.
- But learn if those habits are your own.

- No, no, over there.
- To learn is to defeat all foes

To learn is to crush all woes.

Keep some bullets for later.
You might need them.

Locks on both sides.

Are they outside or inside?

Step away.

Be very quiet.


Where are those kids hiding?

There's something spooky
about this hospital.

The sound seems to be coming
from there; that's where they are.

Hold on.

They're fooling us.

When light moves
from one lens to another

The object in between can vanish.

Means what is between can disappear

Learn: and you conquer the world.

But learn to know your self.

Don't be in a hurry
to pick up your pens.

First smile, close your eyes., and you will
find a solution. build a formula in your head.

- Hey, let me go.
- To learn is to crush all woes.

Sorry, let's go.

What's going on?

Where are we?

What's this

Are you going to kill one of your own?

Open the window.

Cleverclogs Tripathi knows the
score of every match before it starts

because the score before
a match starts is always the same:

zero - zero.

- Liked it?

You got distracted
from the real problem.

Where was the problem?


Where were you looking?


This is called a distraction.

- What is it?
- Distraction!

Got it?

Hey, there are more coming.

Let them come.

How does the eagle catch the mouse?

She does not swoop on
Point A where the mouse is

She changes her angle to

the Point B where the mouse will be.

42 degrees.

What's that?

That night we used all that
we knew to fight what we had to face.

But not a thing came near Anand Sir.

After a night of fighting,

we went and slept in front
of the examination centres.

All thirty sat;
I gave the exam the next year.

And the question still was:

how many of those thirty
were going to make it to IIT?

How many were going back to
the dirt and the dung and the darkness?

This was the moment of Bihar's destiny

To see if the old tradition would hold...

...Or if those who were truly
capable were going to mount the throne.

Now close your eyes...

...and take thought for your parents.

Where is the money?

I have nothing.

Where is the money?

- Where is the money?
- There's nothing left.

You've taken it all.

Urmila, Urmila, you're in.

It happened.


They did it.

All thirty.

All thirty.

All thirty of them into IIT?


You can make it

Your destiny...

Is for you to make...

Be who you strive to be

Be the Pauper or the Prince.

The world's on your ally.

One who can score the highest marks

The new world order...

The new world order...

The new world order...

Let this be the new order of the world

The new world order...

The new world order...

Let this be the new order of the world

Anand Sir always said

geniuses thirty at a time

but he was changing
lives, thousands at a time.

Because when a child studies
then the whole family gets a chance,

everything changes

and every generation
that follows can go further.


Be the Pauper or the Prince.

The world's on your ally.

One who can score the highest marks

The new world order...

The new world order...

The new world order...

Let this be the new order of the world

The new world order...

The new world order...

Let this be the new order of the world

Your destiny...

Is for you to make...

Be who you strive to be

Be the Pauper or the Prince.

The world's on your ally.

One who can score the highest marks

The new world order...

The new world order...

Let this be the new order of the world

Drive away ignorance...

...with your intelligence..

Help your dreams break free.

Help your dreams break free.

Nature has...

...given everyone this opportunity...

To earn your right

The new world order...

The new world order...

The new world order...

Let this be the new order of the world

When you've a talent...

You can swim against the tide of time.

Like an alchemist...

You can turn sand into gold

Caste doesn't matter...

Nor does creed.

Let you be known for your work

That is the tradition


All the differences...

Be the Pauper or the Prince.

The world's on your ally.

One who can score the highest marks

The new world order...

The new world order...

Let this be the new order of the world

When you've a talent...

You can swim against the tide of time.

Like an alchemist...

You can turn sand into gold

Caste doesn't matter...

Nor does creed.

Let you be known for your work

That is the tradition


All the differences...

Be the Pauper or the Prince.

The world's on your ally.

One who can score the highest marks

The new world order...

The new world order...

Let this be the new order of the world

The new world order...