Supa Modo (2018) - full transcript

Jo, a witty 9-year-old girl, loves films and superheroes. Battling a terminal illness, she dreams of being a superhero, and inspires other kids in the children's hospital to play out scenes from action films. One day, her mother Kathryn takes Jo back to her rural village to spend the rest of her short life with her family. Against all odds and battling the time left her, the whole village takes it upon themselves to make Jo's last wish a reality: to make a film and star in it.

Dear viewer:
It's the final fight scene.

Don't mess with a yakuza!

Here comes another one!

It's a Chinese Mexican standoff.

Let them fight!

The end... until the sequel.

Wasn't that great?
Good. Then let's go.

Wave goodbye to Mike.

Did you watch the one
where Jet Li fought himself?

He was so cool,
no one could touch him.

Phillip, Jet Li or Jackie Chan?

Bruce Lee would finish them both!
– No way!

Bruce Lee is just a man.
Unlike Batman, he is a superhero!

Exactly. Bruce Lee is real.

But Bruce Lee is dead.
Superheroes don't die.

Mum! Mum!

Oh my baby.
How are you Jo?

Mum, we just saw a movie.

You should have seen it.
It was so awesome!

Mum, today is not Saturday?
– I just missed you.

Mrs. Makau.

Baby, we're going home.

– Now.

Mwix is going to help you pack.
– Okay.

So? Superman or Iron Man?

That's easy. Man of Steel.

If Iron Man is rained on, he will be
as rusty as an old Maweni bus.

Home? Mum, what are you doing?

Help her pack.
I am going to pay.

What will you tell her?
She needs to know.

Mwix, all she needs to know is
that she has to be home. Understand?

If you had one superpower,
what would it be?

Super strength?
– No!

Fighting skills?
– That's not a superpower.

What then?

Same as always... to fly.

Kush, I'm leaving.

We will all leave someday.

They don't get it, do they?

We need to show them.

Who needs a ride in the Batmobile?

Really, Mike?
– Sure. To Maweni, right? Jump in.

Jo, Mighty Mike's is always open
anytime you want to pass by. Okay?

Cool. See you later.

Need some help?

We can manage.

There is one missing.

I gave it to Kush to protect him.

My Jackie Chan one,
where he is drunk.

He is drunk?
– Yeah.

Jackie Chan would get drunk
and beat up the bad guys.

A drunk girl fighting?

He's not a girl. He's a man.

A man called Jackie?
– He's Chinese.

Mum, can I just tell you the story?
– Okay.

Jackie was like "Let's do this!"

And one by one the bad guys
charge at him like...

He sips some beer and becomes powerful.

And that's when...

Okay, okay.

The rest you'll tell me when?

– That's right.

Look at him punching through walls!

And for some strange reason,
swinging a leopard by the tail!

Three blankets?
– You know mum.

Are you happy to be home?

Mwix, promise me something?

When I won't need these posters anymore,
will you give them to my friends?

At the hospital?

She shouldn't be here!

She had friends at the hospital
and the doctors said...

We are her family, Mwix.

There is nothing they can do for her,
that we can't do here.

She is not going back.

Two months.

I am going to need your superpowers.

The yellow ones first,
and take them slowly.

Mum, when will I go back to school?

I'll be back after my rounds.

And Jo, let me not hear

that you've left this house
when I leave.

Did you hear me?

You're lucky.

While you're at home having fun,
I'll have a whole week of exams.

But after that,
it will just be you and me.

Hey, Mama Njuguna.

Good to see you.

Hey, Mama Mwix.
I was sure I'd find you here.

I heard Jo is back from hospital?

Did she get better?

She's home alone before the holidays?
– Don't worry.

She can come here during the day.
– You know how busy she gets!

She can help out here.

My son is free during holidays.
They can play together.

So don't worry.

Everything looks good here.

What did we say?

You have forgotten your mission.
– No, no Sensei.

What is your mission?

To save them all so I can finally fly!

In time my student.

I'm flying, Sensei.
– Fly harder!

– Why don't you hurry up?

Just wait!

Hey guys, do you know
what my brother said?

When someone goes to hospital
the doctors stick needles in them

and drain their blood.

Those are lies!
– It's true, I swear!

Where do you think her hair went to?
– Don't be stupid!

So if she dies, do you think
her ghost will remain in Maweni?


Imagine a bald ghost here in Maweni.

Would you be afraid of a bald ghost
that looks like her?

She needs to be taken to a witchdoctor.

Maybe she's a witch herself?

She better not come at me
with her witchcraft.

You burst the ball!

You idiot.

What are we going to play with later?

I didn't do anything!
– Maybe it's her ghost?

I delivered
nearly everyone's child here.

You are the village council.

That is why I want you
to be the first to know.

I need more time with my daughter.

I can no longer work as a midwife
here in Maweni. I am sorry.

Jo? Where are you?

Praise the Lord!
– Amen.

How are things?
– Fine, thank you.

Mwix. Come, I buy you a drink.

Leave me alone, idiots!

Hey, sexy! Sit here.

You are so hot!

Jo! Do you know what will happen
if Mum finds you here?

Keep quiet!

Shut up!
You didn't even pay me!

Let's go!
– Mwix, what's the harm?

We have never had problems with kids.
– Things have changed!

Man, she's hot!

Let’s go! Let’s go!

Wait a minute.

Hey, let's go!

You don't answer when you're called?

Sorry mum, we were... distracted.

How long has she been warm like this?

I'm fine, mum.

I got something nice for you.

Another one?

I also brought some juice.
You want some?

And tidy up this room!

Mama Mwikali!

Mama Mwikali!

Help us, please!

I left her in pain.

I know you quit but

Please help us. Please!

Mwix, go to bed!


You'll be okay.
I'm right here.


Mama Mwikali,
won't you take a picture?

I really should be going.

But you always take pictures.


Mama Mwikali, look at the camera.


What are you doing here?
– You left and I couldn't sleep.

Well, I am home now.

You won't have
to wait for me again.

Let's get you to your bed now.

It's just a reaction to her medication.
It's normal.

Put this next to your bed.

We should do something for her.

We already are.

I mean something special.

Jo is special.

She's a little superhero.

She's a little girl.

We've done everything we can
to keep her comfortable.

This is pretending, mum.
You should tell her the truth.

What's the harm in a little pretending?

Jo, pass me the salt.

Aren't you going to use your powers?

Just try.

You have to concentrate.
Close your eyes.

Okay, Sensei.

You moved it!
– No, I didn't, I swear!

If you don't believe me,
then keep your eyes open.

Just look at it. Concentrate.

We heard what you told the council.

Just know the entire village
understands you.

And you never told me
Jo is at home.

I really missed her.

I'm sure you're glad
now that she's not in hospital.

Nobody can stop me now!

With all her enemies defeated,
Supa Modo can finally fly!

Let us pray!

Lord you are the giver of life.

We know you hold life and death
in your hands.

Father we commit this family
before you and we say thank you!

Thank you for Kathryn

and her service to our village, Lord!

We remember Mwix.

Lead her back to righteousness

and away from the dens of iniquity
where she has been whoring.

Lord, we now commit Jo
to thy loving hands.

Heal this child, Lord.

In the name of our saviour Jesus Christ.

But Father if you want to take her
away to you then take her!



God is in control.

Lord bless this food. Amen.

Dens of iniquity?

Mwix, you were seen
at the Satellite Bar?

Mum, I wasn't there.

Don't you think
we have enough problems?

Mum, I never went to Satellite.

Where did you go then?

What are you doing?
– I'm using my powers.

What have I said
about those games at the table?

Were you at Mike's?
– So what if –

That is no place for my daughter.

It is for drunks
with nothing better to do.

Mike's not bad.
He showed us movies at the hospital.

Go and put on your sweater.

You're growing horns.

Sweaters, hot water bottles...

She needs to go out,
play with her friends.

And just be a child.

You! I'm warning you, Mwix.

Don't test me!

What say do you have on this child?
When you prefer roaming around bars?

You don't even believe me!

For once, why don't you listen to me?
Or even Jo?

Are you ready?
– For what?

Your friends asked me
if you want to play football.

Why? But they know I suck at it.

Mum, can I go with Jo to the market?

Don’t worry if you can’t. Just play.

Mwix, I’m not sure I can do this

Get into the game.
Don't be afraid.

None of them have your powers.

Mwix! Dancing this Saturday?

Listen. When the ball comes to you,
just do your thing.

Listen to your Sensi.

It's "Sensei"!

So, are we going or what?

Jo, go to defence!


I'll be busy.

Are we good?
– We are good.

It's okay then.

If you change your mind,
let us know.

Is that Jo? Are you sure she's...
– Just watch!

Jo, go for it!

I think we may have overstretched
your powers a bit.

That was awesome!

I see you've been training!

How about you take her home?
So she can get her strength back up.

I forgot my bags.

Rule number one?
Don't tell Mum.

Don't tell Mum.

I'm afraid I haven't much to offer.
If I knew you were coming...

It's okay, Kathryn.

Was she angry?
– Not angry, concerned.

We are all concerned.

You know, I try not to forget,
when my son was in hospital.

But right now, I can't even recall
the colour of his hospital room.

Even the ward number,
I can't remember.

But what I do remember are the bills,

And the accountant, oh my God.

He was only good at

bringing the bills
at the worst possible time.

But it should be enough
to get her back to the hospital.

Jo won't go back to the hospital.

Watching her friends die one by one.

I have a lot of work to do.
– Of course, Kathryn.

This is still yours.

Go get me some candy.

The red ones.

I'll wait here.
– Okay.

How are you feeling?
– I'm okay.

You're just in time.

Do you mind watching the shop
for a moment?

I'll be right back. Come in.

That candy has taken long.
– Pato put me in charge.

You go that side.

These look good.

Take what you like.

Hey! Stop!
– Sit down.

Leave her alone.

And you'll have to pay for those.

And what will you do about it?

Do something.

Mike, did you see what I just did?

Hey, run!

Did you chase my customers away?

Some men came and tried to rob you.
But I stopped them with my powers!

Well, that deserves a reward then.

Wait, hold on.
Don't tell your mum.

Tell her I gave you a mango.

Otherwise we're both dead.

Wait for me outside.
– Jo! Modo!

Did you see that?

We should do another big one.
With more people.

I'll think about it.
– Okay.

Thank you.

What was that?
Why are you lying to her?

We are not lying.

I go visit these kids every week.

One week they are there.
The next they are gone.

This is the only
quality time they get.

What happens,
when they believe this?

I like this one.

You look just like a real hero.

I am a real hero.

I was playing football with Njuguna.
Then I froze him with my powers.

Then they couldn’t catch up to me.
So I scored a Goal like Messi.

What happened next?
– I was just joking.


Your sister is a comedian.

I said no!
– Everyone else has agreed.

Did you see her playing?
She's never been happier.

Well it's not right.
Did you ask the chairman if it's okay?

I told you, he wouldn't agree.
We'll do it without him!

I need to show you something.

I am so tired.

Aren't we going to the football field?
– Do you think it's football every day?

Then why are we here?

We came to the market to shop.

Would you rather be at home with Mum?
Wearing three sweaters? Three blankets?

Do something.


Give me my sister's bag!

Kathryn. You'll ruin it.

Where are you going?
I am not done with you yet.

That was great.

You did well there.

Guys, she is coming.

Jo is coming.

You're really a hero, you see?
– What's going on?

Mum, did you see that?
– Kathryn, we were trying to help you.

Who asked you?
Who's child is this?

Who's the mother?

Is it you?

No, maybe it's you?

You've all decided that I don't know

what's right for my child!

So you've decided
you'll raise my child for me?

You are lying to her!

Are you okay?
Are you hurt?

You see? She could have died
because of your games!

I am sorry, mum.
– How will sorry help? How?

The driver is running away!
Catch him! Catch him!

Where is Jo?

I just wanted to save Njuguna, mum.

I know.

But I got scared.

That wasn't your job.
– Whose job is it then?

I don't know.

I know it's all not true.

I wasn't that sick girl anymore.

And I finally
didn't miss the hospital.

A movie? Like Mike's?

That's what she said.

Like the ones she likes
with heroes and karate.

What do you know about making a movie?
– Nothing.

Then how...?
– I don't know.

But I know I can't do it on my own.

You wanted to help before, right?

I won't mourn her anymore.

The people of Maweni collected money
so that your child can get medical help!

Those same people saw her put herself
in danger because of ideas like this.

That child is ours.
Even if we aren't her mother.

If she wants to be a cartoon,
let her be a cartoon!

I'm sorry.
I just wanted you to be happy.

It's alright.

You're still my Sensei.

So I'll get a proper costume?

What do you want?

Mike, just wait.

I know you haven't come to say sorry.

You were right, okay?

Alright then, I get it.

We want to make a movie.


Fine, just tell me then.
– A superhero movie.

And you want me to make it, right?

I am not sure anymore.

Wait, Mwix wait!
Why a movie?

It's for Jo.

What's the story?
– I don't know. She'll let us know.

He is lifting up the veil.

It's the right one!
He found his bride!

You're missing the moment!

Tell me more about your film.

Rico is the thug! Halima is with the kid!
And Rico steals the kid!

Oh God, a thief!

Cut! Cut it!

You are supposed to steal the child,
not the bag!

Steal the child like this, got it?

And run away with the child!

Did I come from Nairobi to steal kids?

Next we will need assistants. Crew

Say hello to my little friend!

Okay, I need a volunteer.
One person.

Hold it like this.

– This is how we record sound.

How long do I have to hold it?
– Until I tell you.

And if I get tired?
– You're not allowed to.



What is it now?
– Doesn't the movie village have animals?

It's so quiet.

– I can do it.

Did you have a good day?
You did really well.

Alright, a scream wakes up
our sleeping hero.

But there’s one thing
she has to do first.

Our hero runs to the rescue.
No time for that!

So she decides to fly!

Wind! Wind!
Give me more wind.


The bad guys have decided
to kidnap all the children.

I know I know you’re asking why?

Well because children are the future!

But don’t worry, okay?

Because someone is here to stop them.


Are you okay?
– Yes.

Are you sure?

Maybe it was a rock?

Play it back again

I still don’t see it.

All three today because it’s a cold night.

Take your water.

Hey, take your water.

Positions everyone!

Here it is.

What is this?
– The mat.

What for?
– You asked for a carpet.

A red carpet! Red!

Hollywood take me now!

Let's start the movie.

Don’t be surprised that we started with feet

It is just Njuguna walking home.

He is just happily walking.

Little does he know...

Maweni is no longer safe.

The main villain has decided,
it's her time now!

Meanwhile on the other side of town,

the villain's henchmen
are taking away the children.

Stop it! Stop!
My child!

There is nowhere safe for the kids.

But right on time our little hero
is on the job!

Supa Modo to the rescue.

It's a super powered fight now.

You will not defeat me!

Oh no I feel weak.

I feel so, so weak.

Supa Modo has to go to her fortress
to get more power.

I am Supa Modo.
– I am Supa Modo.

I am Supa Modo.
– I am Supa Modo.

And the army of Supa Modo
are here to finish the job.

Let's run for our lives!

Come here! I am not afraid of you!

He stole a Bike on the wrong day.

Why is it not moving?

Because Supa Modo is here!

You’re not going anywhere.

And the children take them down,
one after the other.

Supa Modo stops the thief.

Right on time.
Supa Moda appeared!

I think I better run!

Where are you going without us?!

They won because together
they are stronger than a hundred men.

There she is.

Maweni's daughter, Supa Modo.

Now we can say goodbye to her
because Maweni is finally safe.

Supa Modo now flies back
to her fortress.

Now we finish our movie.
The End

You will all get at least one.

Do you want the big one?

Now that we've finished the movie,
what next?

I don't know about you.
But what I do know is...

I am going to Hollywood.