Suntan (2016) - full transcript

For middle-aged Kostis, life has passed him by. As the newly appointed doctor of a tiny island, Kostis spends a dreary winter alone. By the time summer arrives, though, the island has turned into a thriving, wild vacation spot with nude beaches and crazy parties. When Kostis meets the beautiful and flirty Anna, he falls hard for her and goes out of his way to conquer and impress her. Before long, Kostis is spending nearly all of his time getting drunk, partying hard, and even making out with Anna. What starts as a rediscovery with his lost-long youth, though, slowly turns into an obsession as Kostis is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his Anna. Suntan celebrates the beauty and strength of the youthful body, while simultaneously embracing its inevitable decay.

- Mr. Makridis?
- Yes.

- Kostis Makridis, our new doctor, right?
- Yes.

- Welcome!
- Thank you.

- I'm the Mayor.
- Nice to meet you.

- You haven't been waiting long, have you?
- Not at all.

- Let me give you a hand.
- There's no need...

I got it! It's not far.

- OK, thank you.
- You're welcome.

So, you've never lived
on an island before?

No, not really.

You're gonna love it.

Our island is very beautiful.

Small but beautiful.

And very quiet.

- Good morning, Nikitas!
- Good morning, guys.

Good morning.

Everyone's on a first-name basis here.

What's the population?

In the winter, about 800.

It's very peaceful.

It will clear your mind.

Here we are: the clinic...

The town hall...

And your house.


Everything is within walking distance.
No need to go far. You'll love it.


The last doctor lived
here too, poor soul.

So, keys. One for the
house, one for the clinic.

- Perfect!
- Welcome! And, Kostis...

- May I call you by your first name?
- Of course.

Give me a shout if you need anything!

Take a deep breath?

One more.

One more.

You lungs sound perfectly normal.
And your throat looks fine.

If the cough persists, I suggest
you go to Paros for a chest X-ray, ok?

Thank you very much.

You can put your clothes back on.


Crap weather... Rain...

- Who's that?
- The new doctor.

I'm off with the youth!

- Doc, I'm Takis!
- Kostis.

- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.

- How's it going?
- Good.

- What's up?
- It's all fine.

- How do you like this place?
- It's nice.

- The weather's a bit rough today.
- Yes?

Winter, darkness, loneliness...

But you can handle it?

It's all good, it's all good...

Summer will be here soon...

Loads of pussy, mate.

Loads of pussy... We
get all sorts here...

But young pussy is the hottest.


There's a disco nearby, La Luna.
It opens at 4am.


They all end up there hammered
and fuck like rabbits!

I'm too old for that...

Come on! I'll hook you up.
Takis will take care of it!

Hey, get a shot for the doc.
It's on me.

Does this hurt?

A little bit.

- How about this?
- A little more.

Take a deep breath.

Does it hurt now?

It does... Breathe again...

Your liver is a little swollen.
Do you drink Mr. Thodoras?

A couple of glasses a day.

You should quit for a while, OK?

- OK.
- We're done.

If it still hurts after you quit,
come see me again.

- Thank you, doctor.
- You 're welcome.

What's with all the frozen meals, doctor?

You'll ruin your stomach!

Hang on a minute...

I got those fresh from the garden
this morning. On the house.

- Thank you!
- Don't mention it.

- What do I owe you?
- 18.60.


- Here you go.
- Thanks.

Have a nice day.

The royal baby boom seems to have breathed
new life into the Principality of Monaco.

A happy Prince Albert
is handing out presents

to local children in
honor of his new heirs.

Gabriella Therese Marie and
Jacques Honore Rainier,

who will henceforth be known as
Marquis of Baux and Countess of Carlades,

were born on December 10 and announced to
the people of Monaco by 42 canon shots.

Happy New Year to the
beautiful island of Antiparos!

Mayor, this one's for you!

Why don't you want me milady?
Is it because I am a fisherman?

Because I have a huge cock!

I'm a naughty man,
like any boatman.

And you think that if you're with me
you will not be having fun.

And be quite.

- What happened?
- I crashed.

- On a motorbike?
- Yes.

- Is that it?
- Here.

Your ribs?

- A little bit.
- Lift your shirt, please.

Does this hurt?

A little.

Take a seat.

- Were you driving?
- I was.

Got a license?

That's not good.

- Your name?
- Anna.

And yours?


- Hello, Kostis.
- Hi.

- Your surname?
- Anagnostou.

Oh, come on doc, let them come in!

You are not allowed to be in here.

Please, they'll be quiet!

They'll be quiet. Be quite!

Thank you Doctor!

They're my friends.

I can tell.

- How old are you?
- 21.

And you?

49? 54?


I'm twice your age.

Where are you staying?

At the camping site.

Good. Step this way, please.

This might sting a little.

May I?

Are you afraid of doctors?

It's you I'm afraid of...

Why, am I hurting you?

A little bit...

How long have you been here?

We just arrived.

Will you stay long?

About a month.

If we survive that long!

You 're good to go.

- That's it?
- Yes.

You're OK.

Any good beaches around here, doc?

The island's got plenty.

There's one in particular, but
somebody has to show you the way.

You can show us.

I don't clock off before 3pm...

That's when we get up!

Take this to the chemist's.

You're the best doctor in the world!

You saved my life!

And you made me laugh.

Join us and you'll laugh more.

What's up, doc?

How are you?

Good and you?

What brings you to our camping?

I thought I'd go for a swim.

How's the service?


- Stop by whenever you want!
- Thanks.

Excuse me, do you have a light?

Hi, Kostis!


It's me, Anna!

I came this morning...

- Oh right, from the clinic!
- How's things?

I'm fine. Sorry to bother you,
I was looking for a light.

You're not bothering us.

- Thanks.
- Join us.


Thank you.


- Half-thong.
- Yes.

Haven't seen that before!

You should cover your wound up with the
sarong, to shield it from the sun.

Sorry, I have to go.
Thanks for the light!

Doc, do you go out at all?

Sure I do.

We'll see you around then.

Who knows...



Evening. Can I get a gin and tonic?

- Hey Kostis, how's it hanging?
- Hi, Takis.

- All good?
- All good.

- Flying solo?
- That's right.

Mate, can I get some space?

Pour us a couple of shots, will ya?

Make that three, no four, for the ladies!

Bottoms up, girls!

- Didn't I tell you about the summer?
- Yeah...

Lively, full of people...

It's crazy, right?

Loads of pussy, mate.

Loads of pussy.


Of course, what do you mean "yeah"?

Take your pick: American pussy,
British, French, Greek...

There's something for everyone!

A friend of mine even fucked
a Japanese chick last night!

Have you ever fucked a Jap?

- Not really...
- Well, you will, tonight!

Get us another round!

- Not for me.
- Why not?

I'm off now.

Come on, stay and have a drink!

I'll catch you later
Takis, nice to see you.

Fine, fine...

You take care of yourself.

What's up ladies?

My back is killing me, doc!

That's cause you're on your feet all day.

I have to cut back, huh?

You need to rest.


Here you go.

- How much is it?
- It's on the house.

- Thank you!
- Don't mention it!


Save me!


Hey guys!

- Hi...
- What's up?

Hey, doc!

Didn't you go out last night?

Why, did you?


I went to a few bars.

- How's your leg?
- Wanna see?


You're not being very careful.

You think?

- Kostis?
- Yes?

Are you hungry?

A little bit?

Wanna join us for lunch?

- Come on!
- Come on!

Wait up!

There's six of us.

Come on.

Do you still get hard-ons?

- Yeah, sure.
- Good for you!

You're absolutely fine.

- Thank you!
- He can swim, do whatever he wants.

- Thank you, have a nice day!
- You too.

What's the trouble?

Doc, it's her back again.

It's 3pm, I'm afraid I have to go.
Please come back tomorrow morning.

- Can't you just take a look, real quick?
- No.

- I'm in a lot of pain.
- I'll see you tomorrow morning.

Can't you spare 5 minutes?

It's 3pm and I've already
seen 40 patients today.

Five more minutes won't hurt you.

I'll see you first thing in the morning.

- Fine. What can we do...
- I'll see you first thing in the morning.

Let's go mother.

- Bye.
- Bye.


- You're Kostis, right?
- Yes...

Don't you remember me, man?

It's Orestis, man!

Orestis... - Orestis?
- Orestis, from uni?

No way!

What's up, man?
It's been too long!

Unbelievable! Haven't seen you in ages!

Look at you!

- What's up, what are you doing here?
- I'm the local doctor!

Been here six months.

No way! I remember the last guy.

Decent little man.

Are you on holiday?

Yes, we come every year.

- We have a house up there on the hill.
- Really!

That's my wife, my kid
and Grace, the nanny...


We come weekends, whenever?

- So you're a family man now.
- I'm the real deal!

I don't know what to say. Since my
daughter was born it's been like...

It's like I'm full of light.

I come home from work...

and everything's different.

It's amazing, you gotta try it man!

- I heard you went to the States, huh?
- Yes.

Cardiac surgery or something?

Yeah, plastic surgery. In Los Angeles.

- How about you?
- I did a postgrad in Thessaloniki.

But it didn't really work out.

- There were setbacks, you know...
- Good, good...

So here I am.

Good for you!

- Are these guys your friends?
- Yes.

- Hi guys!
- Hi!

You guys know Argyris?
I heard you're going to his party?

- Great, I'll be there too.
- Oh really?

Yeah, he lives right next door.
Old friend of my wife's.

- We'll see you around then.
- You bet!

- It was great seeing you again!
- Get in here!


- Is everyone having a good time?
- Yes!

I can't hear you!

Everyone put your hands in the air!

Every single year we have
a blast in this house!

It's the best party you've ever been to!

Come on now, come on now...

Grab the person next to you
and give them a hug!

And kiss your neighbor without fear...

Like there's no tomorrow!

I want everyone to start kissing!

Put your tongues together!

Such a wonderful feeling!

I can see some amazing couples
forming at this party!

What a night!

We've come to this island to make love!

Nobody came here to be alone!

My dear friends grab your neighbor.

Nobody leaves this place alone!

Kiss like there's no tomorrow!

Dance like there's no tomorrow!

This is amazing!

Put your hands in the air!

We throw this party every year
to show you a good time!

It is absolutely amazing...

For us, there's only love...

There's no sadness, only love.

Back off!

You either kiss everybody
or you kiss no one.

What's up Kostis?

- Hey, Orestis!
- You made it!

- Did you just get here?
- A few minutes ago.

We were having dinner with some friends.

- Sweet!
- Yeah, cool...

- Some party, huh?
- It's not bad...

It's not really my scene though.
Or yours.

This is for my wife...
Your friends...

- My friends?
- Your friends!

I've only known them for a few days.

Chill out, you haven't done anything wrong!

Got any white hair around your dick?

A couple.

Me too!

So, how come I haven't heard
anything about you all this time?

- You know how it is...
- I don't!

If you stop calling people,
they stop calling you.

You know, besides, my personal life hasn't
exactly gone according to plan...

And here I am.

That's OK man!

Want a drink?


I'll go set us up
and then we really talk?

I'll be right back.

Hey Nikitas.

What's up Kostis?
That's a whole lotta beer!

Crazy. Nice.

Say, what's this I heard
about grandma Argiro?

What do you mean?

Says she came to the clinic
and you refused to see her?

I simply told her
to come back the next day!

It was 3pm and I had to leave.
It was no big deal.

Are you kidding? You refused to see her
because it was 3pm?

I 'd already seen 40 people that day!

What difference does it make
if it's 40 or 440?

It's August for Christ sake!

We sit around scratching our balls all
winter long and suddenly you're too busy?

- OK you 're right.
- 440! For crying out loud!

Don't get me crazy!

- What do I owe you?
- 11.50 euros.

- Thank you.
- You 're welcome. Watch out next time!

- Aren't you goin' in?
- In a minute!

- Chicken!
- That's not funny!

- It kind of is, though!
- No.

- Are you shy?
- No.

- Petite bourgeois!
- You 're wearing a one piece!

Up yours!
You little pencil pusher!

I'm the local doctor
everyone knows me here!

- So what, doctors don't have dicks?
- Go on, get out of my face!


Come on doc,
like there's no tomorrow!

Thank God, he made it out of here alive!

I don't think he is gonna make it.

No hope whatsoever?

I doubt it.
He is an old man and a heavy smoker.

I have to hand it to you though,
you 're always on your toes.

Do I drop you off at home?

No, at the beach near the camping,
I want to take a dip.

Sure, as you wish.

I 'II do it just for you.

I've never dared go to the naked chicks!

Can I take a look?



I don't see anything wrong.

The bone has healed nicely, see?


This pain sounds pretty normal. If it
doesn't go away, take some painkillers.

- When do you go back to Athens?
- In about 20 days.

If the pain doesn't subside,
you should see an orthopaedist.


Otherwise, painkillers and rest!
Don't forget your crutches.

Thanks a lot.

- Thank you.
- Get well soon.

- Here you go!
- Thank you doctor.

Who's next?

- What are you doing here?
- I came to pick you up, hop on!

- Where are we going?
- To that fabulous beach you told us about!

I'm tired of the camping beach.

I still have 20 minutes to go.

Get rid of them, they seem fine to me!

Take a seat, please, like
a normal human being.

Hurry up, let's go!

I'll just change into my trunks.
Wait here, it's a bit messy.

- Didn't I ask you to wait outside?
- It's not that bad.

That's not mine,
it was already here.


- Single bed, huh?
- That was here too!

I'll go find some shade!

Drop that!


Was that it?

I'm sorry.

- Why you little doc?
- I'm sorry.

Are we going?
I'm bored!

What's with the long face?

Don't worry, the summer is long,
plenty of time to make it up to me.

I'll see you tonight.

I love your ass!

- Good evening.
- Evening doc.

- Have fun.
- Thanks.

We talked about this over the phone.
500 is all I have.

- I pay bills in my sleep.
- Fine.

If it's not October,
then November without fail.

- I'm just asking you to make an effort.
- Come back in October, but call first.

Who knows, I might
have gone bust by then.

Every month it's the
same story, Johnny.

See you around.

What's up doctor?

I'm good, yourself?

- Madness!
- How's business?


- What about you?
- Fine.

How's the clinic?

I got off at 3pm.

That was it?

So it's beer time?

Don't go swimming, you've
had too much to drink.

You're a doctor, I don't
need to be telling you this, huh?


Thank you man.

Let's go guys!

- Makis, what's up?
- How's it hanging, bro?

Join us, dude!
Kostis, this is Makis!

- Nice to meet you.
- Hey, man!

This guy's huge. He's the real deal.
He's a legend around these parts.

- Love.
- Love, man.

Love and a great boner.

- That's right!
- That's right, man!

- Did you take a shower, man?
- Why, do I smell bad?

How about you?

- Yes.
- Are you into soap?


- Haven't you told him about it?
- No.

How's the pussy gonna
sniff out the dicks, man?

- A man's dick needs to transmit signals.
- You're fucking brilliant, man!

- Fucking soap suds!
- You said it!

Hey, tell me...

What does a blonde say after a blow job?

Do you love me?


Love and a great boner.

Look at them play!

They're playing!

Let's go.

Four! Four!

Bring'em on!


We are going to La Luna,
are you coming?

Yes, let's go! La Luna, La Luna!

Come on!

We're gonna have a blast!

Kostis, put your hand right there!


Hey Gina!

- Hold your horses!
- Come on, Gina!

Take it easy!

Kostis, get over here!

Take it easy!

Get over here!

Hey, what the fuck?

Lay off, you asshole!

Fuck you!

- What the fuck just happened?
- Fuck off, you creep!

- Who the fuck do you take me for?
- For what you are!

Fuck off, you creep!

Lay off, Takis.

- What are you on about?
- Let it go, Takis.

- What the fuck are you talking about?
- People are looking, stop it!

What are you, the pussy police?

Fuck off, you cock-blocker!

You were asking for it, you fucking slut!

- Go fuck yourself!
- No, you go fuck yourself.

He's drunk.

You fucking slut!

You're all hungry for dick!
You fucking bitches!

C'mon, get down on all fours!
Go on, crawl! Keep going!

This ain't no disco,
this is a pilgrimage!



- There he is!
- Good morning, I'm sorry I'm late!

- I had an emergency in Paros.
- Tourist or local?

- Excuse me?
- Tourist or local?


Step inside!

My little doc!

How are you?

Where have you been?

- When?
- For the past five days!

We went to Mykonos on a friend's yacht.

You went to Mykonos?
Without saying a word?

- To whom?
- To me!

You said "See you tonight!".

I've been searching high and low for the
past five days, like a fucking idiot!

Why didn't you say you were leaving?

Are you kidding me?

No I'm not! Answer me!
Why didn't you say anything?

I don't get it?

Did you have a good time in Mykonos?

Did you fuck good?

I'm talking to you!

Hey, chill the fuck out!

Please, leave.

I'm not going anywhere
if you don't answer me!


- I'm not going anywhere!
- Get out!

I want you to know that I got worried.

We got this!
Come on, you chickenshit!

Have you lost your mind?
What the fuck are you doing in here?

I didn't mean to scare you,
I just wanted to talk!

Anna, listen to me?

- Anna, I need to talk to you!
- Kostis, get lost.

- Anna, please?
- Get out of here, Kostis.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to scare you?

- Anna hold on, let's talk about this!
- Get off my back!


Anna, just listen to me for a minute!

I'm so sorry about the other day.
Please forgive me.

I think your friends are
turning you against me.

Why bring my
friends into this?

- Maybe they're think they're hot shit?
- They are hot shit!

- They think they're cool and I'm not?
- You got that right!

You're out of your mind!

A month from now, you
won't even remember their

names but I want to
be with you forever!

- What do you mean, forever?
- Go on, laugh, but I mean it!

- We had such a good time?
- It was pure magic!

- It was and it'll get better!
- I'm sure it will.

- I promise. All I want is a second chance.
- Well, you're not getting it!


No, let me finish.
I never want to see you again, OK.

Please don't come here anymore.

Anna, wait...

Can we talk?

Would it have made a difference
if I'd come to Mykonos?

What Mykonos?
We didn't even invite you!

Can I talk to you for a minute?

Kostis, I want to apologize.

Really, there's been a huge
misunderstanding. You've got it all wrong.

There's nothing going on between us.
I'm really sorry!

Maybe I mislead you. But you're a grown-up
and I'm sure you can understand.

Your behavior is starting
to get very alarming.

I'd like for you to stop.

Can I talk to you for a minute?


I haven't been myself for the past
few years. My life has been hell.

I've been a mess, emotionally.

Until I met you.

I'm sorry if I did anything to put you off.

I'm in love with you
and I want us to be together.

Fuck off, little bastard!

Excuse me, are you going into town?

Thank you!

What a brave little girl!

- What happened?
- I called you a hundred times!

- It's OK, I'll take over from here.
- Get out of here.

- He's the local doctor!
- Then he should have been on time!

If anything happens to my daughter
I'll kill you.

Calm down!

The child comes first!

I'm the doctor around here!

Please, it's over now?

Why, Kostis, why?

There's been all sorts of talk about you?
That you drink, that you?

But I always stood up for you!
I always said you were a decent guy.

I thought you were different.

But look what it's come to!

The kid was bleeding, the mom was crying,
people were screaming...

I was out on the streets screaming for a
doctor, and you were nowhere to be found!

I'm sorry.

In August!

In the middle of August!

We all have to be on our toes in August!

This is the one month
that pays for the entire fucking year!

We all pitch in.
You saw what it's like.

I even drive the ambulance
and fill up the tank?

I'm the fucking Mayor for Christ's sake!


Pack up your things
and get out of here. Please.

I'll bring someone in from Paros.

We'll get a replacement within the week.

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry but...

everyone's mad as hell.
I couldn't help you even if I wanted to.

I'm sorry...

What's up doc?

- Hey, Johnny!
- How's it hanging?

- Great!
- Really?

Have you ever seen a dead body doc?

A dead body? Ever seen one?

- Of course!
- So you know...

The only thing that can't
be undone is death itself.

Everything else can be fixed,
am I right, doctor?

Look at me, everything else can be fixed.

So tomorrow morning, pack up
your things and get out of here!

Not even that asshole, Takis,
won't hang out with you.

A scientist! Even I feel sorry for you
and I didn't even finish school!

What the hell are you doing, man?

All for a frigging chick?

Forget about her and leave!

It's for your own good!


- Good evening.
- Evening.

A vodka!

What the fuck?

What an ass...


Cut it out, Kostis!

OK... Enough... Kostis,
what are you doing?

Stop it!

Come on guys!

Somebody help!

Get him outta of here!

Let me go!

Let me go.

Don't scream!
I want you!

Let me go.

Open up you pervert!

Anna, please open the door!

Open up!