Sunstroke (2009) - full transcript

Tells stories of unrequited love. "Love and Loss. Loss, mostly", says a character. In an empty city, scorched by the sun, the young and old confuse the fever of sunstroke with the delicate birth of passion.

Quiet, please.

Can I have your attention?


It's sad that it's sadness
that brings us here today.

The birds sing...

and the sun hides the cold
of our beautiful city.

But I'm not here to talk
about the city...

I'm here to talk about love.

I hope you will honor
the passion...

I have brought to it...

all my life.
These many years...

Let me be clear...

and obscure.

Hold your questions.

Trust the mystery.

And no loud foods.

This pageant wakes me
from the dream of my life.

It lets me know I'm not dead!

I'm just...



You can't use this room anymore.


At the beginning, time.

Time latched onto space.

Now, time seems a little
distorted in this place.

It's not time.
People will say that it is time.

Maybe it is time.
Maybe it is space.

Time, space.

- Coffee, please.
- We don't serve coffee here.

Right now, your life...

stretches our before you,
behind you...

in every direction.

I don't know why, life...

is all around.

We evolve and recede forwards...

and recede and recede


I don't understand
what you are saying.

So, remember:


is the only thing.


and loss.

Loss especially.

Love wasrt created
to make us happy...

but to make us alive.

Enough about me...
let's talk a little bit about you.

What do you think of me?

Let's talk about you.

What do you like?
What do you think is right?

Both of you are living,
aren't you?

But to live is not something
you can learn...

or teach.

Life is here...



sometimes here.

We lost one.

Any questions?

No, no, good, good.
It's better like this.

Why don't we take a short break
and then resume our interesting...

extremely lively discussion...

about the everlasting,
wondrous subject...

many times painful...

often daunting...

but ever fruitful...


terrifying, that I...

I see some people have left...

for some reason.

Others have stayed,
for some other reason.

Either way...

it is disappointing.

But you remained.

You brave, you valorous!

You have elected yourselves.

Bravo, bravo, bravo!

You can't imagine what
an extraordinary journey...

you are about to embark on.

I have to go.

No, no, wait, wait.

I'd like to go around the room...

so that each one of you
can speak a bit about himself.

Now, I'd like a few moments...

to go up on the roof...

and cry a little bit.

Do you want it?

"Introduction to Russian Literature".

Unfortunately, I can't give
you this book.

But you can always steal it.

Let me see your photo.

If I give you,
you'll drop the bike.

You've got to give the keys to the
new tenants of Dad's apartment.

- Why don't you go?
- I have to get my passport.

You're too young to be a doctor.

I'm not a doctor, my father is.

Put the bags over there, doctor.

He is a psychiatrist.

He's helping my daughter
to recover.

He's in love with her.

People can be terrible.

You're too defenseless
to be a doctor.

Stop staring at her.

You can stare.

Zoyka, stop flirting with Leo.

Leo, stop staring off
into the abyss.

Look at me.

Leo, I need you to go to the
airport pick up the journalist.

The fight number is written
on a paper, over the table.

Leo, your handwriting
is so beautiful.

Do you want to see mine?



How are the woman
and her daughter?

Ah, she's a princess.

Sure, why not?

A princess.
And your father, a king.

She doesn't understand.

Yes, but she's your mother.

Defend her, even against me.

We should put our bikes
on the car...

and go for a trip again.

The two of us,
like that other time.

I've never done anything
like this before.

Like what?


Which one of you is Lucia?

Are you married?

- What kind of tree is that?
- I don't...

What kind of tree is that one?

I don't know.
An ordinary tree.

You don't know your trees.

Maybe that's why
your wife is so unappy.

I'm not married.

What do people do around here?

They take walks,
they stroll around...

they visit the cathedral.

What does your wife do?

Is she a schoolteacher?

Are you listening to me at all?

The trip was too long.

I'd really like to meet you.

- Take a seat.
- Thanks.

I didn't expect it.

Leo, could bring me a coffee?

Coffee, please.

We don't serve coffee here.

Do you have page 4?

I have 5 through 7...

and then it stops again.

I have 9 twice.

Page 8 is incomplete.

Does your eleven go like this:

"Water, water, where is water?

Water everywhere,
nor even a drop to drink."

Ah, youth.

A man wrote this once.

There was more.
But I don't remember.

Ah, youth...

perhaps the whole secret
of your enchantment...

lies not in the possible
of doing everything...

but in the certainty
of willing everything.

Who said that? You?

No, it's written on this paper.

Oh, I see.

Let's meet at this
same time tomorrow...

for a re-definition of all terms.

I am none of these men.

My work is the work
of none of these men.

You're probably right.

You haven't written anything.

You haven't said anything.

I came to hear you talk
about this town.

Leo, can you get me a coffee?

And rub my feet?

Leo, I'm not giving you
a divorce.

Zoyka, you're 13 years old.

You like her, don't you?

I like everybody...

at first.

I'm happy we met.

Yeah. I am a lonely man.

Lots of men are lonely men.

That's enough.

Great. But if you have
any other question...

I am always here.

Where is the cathedral?

Is it difficult to find?

Leo can take you.




What's with "wassup"?


- Come over. I wanna see you.
- Really?

- Dunno. What are you doing?
- Nothing.

- Come over then.
- When?

Now. Come now. I need you.
I feel lonely here.

Hey, you.

- Going out?
- Yes.

Come here.

Did I ever talk to you
about women?


What did I say?

That they are great.

They are great.

Did I say anything else?

You said that men are great too.

They are.

People are great.

Some of them, anyway.

Children are good too.

You were a good baby.

Be a good man.

Okay, Vladimir?

Buy your princess
something nice.

She deserves it.

Everybody deserves it.

Would you like to have coffee?

I used to like coffee.

And you don't, now?

No, I still do.

Let's go?


Ask again.

Let's go.

- Where are we going?
- My cousirs house. Come.

And why do you think
I should meet your cousin?

I can't do this.

Can you read my palm?

Tell me the future.

You are a beautiful girl.

That's the present.

Now give me the future.

You will take a sunny walk
with a young man.

- A boy?
- A young man.

Right. What else?

The walk goes on for a while.

You and the young man...
there is something happening.

Something happening?

A feeling.

It's like nothing
you've ever felt before.

You mean nothing
the boy has ever felt before?

- Young man.
- Right. What else?

That's it.

You being beautiful...

the sunny walk and the

For a man to be powerful,
he must be brave.

That was beautiful, Vladimir,

Arert you going to ask
how I spent the night?

Stop imagining the future.

No, sorry.

Did you sleep well?

Thanks for asking.

I dreamed of you all.

And you?

Coffee... coffee won't let me sleep.

I like coffee.

Not as much as you like me.


but, still, a lot.

Do you like me?


I didn't think that tonight
I would...

I'd been waiting for so long.

Whatever I'm feeling now...

it must be what people talk about.

I left home.

I came to this hotel.

And now I'm in love.

What's wrong with me?

What did I do yesterday?

It must be some kind
of sunstroke.

Have you ever done anything
like this?


And I think
I'm going to do it again.

Where are you going?

To do something like this again.

- Why?
- I don't know.

What about us?

What about me?

I will always remember you...

as someone I met...

and then forgot.

If I stretch my hand out toward the
house, I touch Kata's thigh or hand.

Because Kata and the sea
are here.

Even if I close my eyes
the sea remains.

If I werert here, the sea
would be here without me.

I open my eyes and there is the sea,
the sand and Kata's hand.

If I wish too, I can close
my eyes and see Tuzolto Street.

Old Mr. Hackl's house,
the number plate on the door.

Black numbers on white enamel.

18 or 19...
I can't make out the number.

I can't make out the number,
no matter how I try.

Now I look at the house
and I see the old lady.

Even though she died
two years ago.

I see old Mr. Hackl come out
and lock the door.

I see the shop window with
the tiny porcelain things...

that aren't for sale.

But whoever is looking at the
house now can see the number.

If I open my eyes, I see
the vibrating sea before me.

And I touch Kata.

- What is it?
- Nothing.

Life moves so fast.

I see children trying...

struggling, and searching

Did I do that?

Do I do that?

Roaming around lost,
under the sun...

Iooking at each other,

"Is it you?

Is it you?"

Every night a sleepless

as we try to soothe
the beast inside us...

with the music of someone else.

Their skin is fresh
and they don't know anything.

The opposite of us.

Our skin is old...

and we don't know anything.

- Don't you have the key?
- I gave it do Dad.

Did you get your passport?

I went down there.

They said I don't have
a birth certificate.

It's hot out here.

You don't know what's going on.

What's going on?

Why you?

You're on fire!

Where did you come from?

Three hours ago I didn't
even know you existed.

I don't even know...

I don't even know
where you got on this boat.

I give you my honest word...

That I'm not...

that I'm not the person
you might think I am.

Nothing ever happened to me.

Nothing ever happened to me,
even remotely similar to this.

And it never will again.

How does the mundane
and ordinary...

become so terrible and savage...

when the heart's been destroyed
by too much happiness and love.

This is the core of the text.

Let's do it again.

How does the mundane
and ordinary...

become so terrible and savage...

when the heart's been destroyed...

by too much happiness and love.

I must have lost my mind.

I must have lost my mind.

Or we've both suffered
some kind of sunstroke.



You shouldn't lie on her bed.


I got stung by a bee.

Ah, nature.

Will you look at it?
I think it's bleeding.

Let me have a look.

- I don't see anything.
- Blow on it.

Zoyka, you feel so much
tenderness for people...

that you moisten your lips
when someone comes near you.

- Will you kiss me?
- Ah, Zoyka.

Come on.

You bit me!

- To get the poison out.
- This is my room.

- I'd hardly call this a room.
- Shut up, Zoyka.

A place, maybe, an area.

As you are not yet an adult...

I must tell you
that she is just a child.

Anna, no! Nothing happened.
You must believe me.

She doesn't mean anything to me!

Dad? What are you doing here?

Good, they installed
the air conditioning!

I'll leave you two alone.


She's very special, isn't she?

Do you understand me, Dad?

I love how she looks at me.
She looks at everybody...

but differently at me.

People are weak, Vladimir.

They don't mean to hurt you.

- Be careful, ok?
- Hurt with what?

Did you turn it on?

You have nothing for me.

There is nothing.
You have nothing!

Nothing. There's nothing here.
You have nothing!

There's nothing.

I think I'll have to kill you.

What is this?


You think I won't kill you?
I will kill you.

Look at me, look!

Can you see anything? No!

There's nothing beyond that.

Why would I take your life?

You don't care!

Oh, death, pain. Oh end.

All of my good times
are behind me.

I'm suicidal.

Nothing happened.

My heart wasrt broken.

My hopes werert dashed.

I'm not lost.

But, I'm a suicide.


I have always been.

An unaccomplished suicide.

You can't use this room anymore.

Coffee, please.

We don't serve coffee here.

Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?

Are you thinking of the 5 men...

I had sex with
in the last two days?

That's a lovely detail, but no.

Then, no.

It seems like yesterday,
the last night of the last night.

And today is the night of
the night of last night again.

What comes after...

the last night of the last night?

The first morning's morning.

I hope so.

I hope so.

I'm so glad you came.

Say the name of a season.

- Winter.
- Another one.


We were made for each other.

- Are your parents together?
- My father is.

I like swimming. Let's talk about
this. What is swimming?

You start.

Discuss, develop.

The whales swim.
Everyday of the week.

I want you to have the last word.


This party has been happening
every year, for many years.

It started because of a story.

These people wanted to start
a new town.

But to get here, they had
to go through the desert.

They never got here.
They got lost.

And the more they tried...

to find the way out of the desert...

the deeper they got into it.

Finally, they could go
no further...

and they couldn't go back.

So they decided to turn
the long...

slow and inevitable death...

into a grand party
in the middle of the desert...

to celebrate the journey
until here.

This story is the story
of another place.

This is so nice.

I'm thinking about someone else.

I missed you.

I was afraid you wouldn't come.

You were talking to that woman.

Why are you so quiet?

Kiss me. Kiss me.

Kiss me.

Kiss me.

Your hand is cold.
Put it on my forehead.

You are so beautiful.

The worst parts of me like you.

I leave tomorrow.

Don't lie to me, tonight.

Love me.

Don't lie to me, tonight.

Nod, if you understand.




If I am pregnant,
somebody will die.

I must leave this place.

Why don't you come with me

I never wanted you.

Until now.

Including now.

I love you.

You like him.

I love him.

According to my filthy sense
of the word.

He says you're shallow.

I am.

He says you have no talent.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.


I love you.

They say there's somebody
for everybody.

I never believed that.

It's a nice thought.

But you and I know it's a lie.

Look how many of us are alone.

But I used to think it was
possible to find someone.

- Is that dumb?
- No...

that's not dumb at all.

That's the whole thing,
isn't it?

That feeling.

But I can't find this person.

Then you're like all of us.

Skin, lips, arms, legs.

Holes and things
to put in the holes.

I want this,
but everything gets stained.

I want to be scared and safe.

I want to sleep forever.

And never sleep again.

Go on.

I don't want to shock you.

You won't. Please.

I would suck your cock
right now.

But you're too kind for that.

I don't want you to be part
of my stain.

My parents are good people...

who love each other even
when they betray.

I know they are good people...

because they've taken so long
to destroy everything.

You're very kind.

Next week...

I'll ask you
why you keep saying that.

You... there is much love
in you.

What do you think you're doing?

- I thought that...
- You thought what?

- I saw you.
- Don't be foolish, Vladimir.

Listen, there's something
you should know.

Your princess is very sick.

- Is she?
- I can't treat her anymore.

Go home.

- Son.
- What?

Fear the love of woman;
fear that bliss.

How could you?

Why? Why?

Just a girl. Just a girl.

How do you think I'm feeling now?

What are you doing
with her scarf?

She looked at me first,
not at you.

Look at me.

I am not like you.
You are old.

Why do you always
get there before me?

Son, please.

Don't you hate him?
He did this to you, too.

Of course I hate him.

It's over. It's all over.

Don't you recognize me?

Last I remember
you were eating cherries.

I believe we both left unsatisfied.

Isn't life funny?

"Funny" doesn't really say it.

- Where are you going?
- I'm waiting for someone.

- That's a beautiful phrase.
- But I am.

Would you like to have
coffee with me?

You think you won't forget me?
But you will.

You'll find a notebook
and will think:

"What did it all mean?"

You will meet another person
It won't work out.

You'll notice towards the end...

that a certain style
of sneakers is back.

The world will seem smaller
than ever...

Iove vaster.



Coffee, please.

You, thanks, me.

You're welcome.

I miss them.

Are you okay? Yes?

If you aren't, say "no".

I am sorry. I took so long.

Ah, you brought the book.

Ah, youth.