Sunshine Cleaning (2008) - full transcript

A family. Rose and Norah, in Albuquerque, lost their mother when they were young. Rose is responsible - a housecleaner, raising her seven-year-old son Oscar. She's also having an affair with Mac, a married cop, her high-school sweetheart. Norah can't hold a job. Their dad, Joe, is quirky. When Oscar is expelled for odd behavior, Rose wants to earn enough to send him to private school. Mac suggests she clean up after crime scenes, suicides, and deaths that go undiscovered for awhile. Rose enlists Norah, and Sunshine Cleaners is born. Norah bonds with the dead, Rose finds out that it's a regulated business, and complications arise. Can a family marked by tragedy sort things out?

Attention all fellow deer!

If you find deer feed
in the middle of the forest,

be a bit suspicious.

'Morning, sir.
How are you doing?


I'm looking for a 20-gauge,

maybe a Coach
or a Western Competition Special

Yeah, I think I have
just what you need.

- Try this one on for size.
- Thank you.

- Man: Hey, Cliff.
- Yeah?

The 12-gauge and 20-gauge shotgun
shells should be here by Thursday.

Make it Tuesday
with the 454 Casull.

I can see you

In the summertime

Throwing caution to the wind

As you reach and touch the sky

I can see you...


It's a real rager, huh?

You're a long-forgotten truth

In the twilight of my day...




Norah, the restaurant's on the phone.

You're supposed to be at work.

I'm sleeping, Dad.

Who carries you among the clouds

Keep your eyes wide

As you cross the universe

Put your future in a box...

Hurry up.


- You're fired.
- I just-

I can see you

In the summertime

On the shoulders

Of a giant

As you reach and touch the sky

And I wish

I could see you one more time

You are the cure for it.

Just a couple questions here.

All right, it was a 12-gauge?

A 20-gauge.

So it was a Coach gun?
You were behind the counter?

Sir, here's your contract.

I hate these shotgun cases-
a real pain in the ass.

And he had a shell in his pocket
when he came in here.

Inside his jacket.

- He brought his own ammo?
- Then he was up there.

The guy scattered all over this place,
and every blob of him a biohazard.

Hey, Carl, he's over here
in Fishing too.

Yeah, a real pain in the ass.

All right, thanks.

- Thank you, guys.
- Thank you, gentlemen.

All right, we're wrapping it up.

Three grand just to wipe the asshole
up off the floor.

Hey, you can handle this report
tonight, can't you?

I got a thing I gotta do.

Is it a blonde thing
or a brunette thing?

You are strong.

You are powerful.

You can do anything.

You are a winner.

- Ooh. Hey.
- Aunt Norah's here.

Finally. Thank you.
I'm gonna be so late for class.

And she brought Crunchy Corn.

Crunchy Corn, Crunchy Corn,
Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy Corn.

- Hey.
- Sorry.


Guys, don't eat too much of that.

He's gonna be hyper all night,
you realize that?

Yes. Yes, I do.

All right. How do I look?

- Oscar: Good.
- Yeah?

I'm kidding.

I love you.

And don't tell him any more
Lobster Man stories.

He had nightmares all week.

Okay, just use some
common sense, okay?

Okay. "Thank you so much."
You're welcome.

He hears this horrible sound.

This is how it goes.


Snap, drag.

Snap. Snap, drag.

And the thing is that he knows

that Lobster Man
is out there somewhere,

and he's totally screwed

'cause his tongue
is stuck to the mailbox.

Well, then why did he lick
the mailbox?

Because he has OCD

and is obsessed with
licking mailboxes.

Well, then why wasn't he
in school?

Are you gonna let me tell the story
or are you gonna drive me crazy?

Well, maybe he didn't go to school
because he had the ACD.


You should hear the way he goes on

about his lean body mass

weight index bullshit. God.

When was the last time
you even played basketball, Mac?

He needed to be brought down
a peg or two.

I'm sure you pulling your groin muscle
really impressed him.

I should introduce him
to your sister.

Oh, yeah, Norah and a cop-
that's a good idea.

Hey, you know, I was working
a scene today

where this guy offed himself
in a sporting goods store.

So they brought this
cleaning crew in, right?

You would not believe
how much they charge for that shit.

With the body there?

No, the body's gone.
It's just blood and stuff.

That's gross.

Yeah, well, if you ask me,
it's a racket.

You ought to get into that.

Do you think that's all I can do,
is clean up other people's shit?

Come here.

Come here.

You know that's not what I think.

- Will there be anything else?
- Yes, please.

- Yes, sir.
- A cup of coffee and your name.

Oh, forgive me.
I forgot my nametag.

Customer: Yeah, I noticed.

- Waitress: It's Emma Jean.
- Emma Jean, I'm Stan.

Nice to meet you, Stan.


I thought your class got over at 9:30.

Why isn't he in bed?

He said he was scared.
I think he was faking it, though.


No, don't.

- Take it. It's $10.
- No.

I know you need it.
Dad told me about you getting fired.


What happened?

You know what, Norah?

When you're gonna grow up
and start taking responsibility

and start taking some pride...

Rose, you love it
when I fuck up, okay?

Me screwing up
gives you the hugest woody.


Take the money.


There was a diner scene earlier,

with a waitress.

Any pie?

Completely pie-free.


Excuse me, we're all finished.

Because it's our first visit,
we did the blinds and the appliances,

but we're gonna alternate those
weekly in the future.

- And nobody mentioned-
- Rose?

Rose Lorkowski.


Paula Datzman,
cheerleading squad, junior year.

Paula Datzman, hi.

Wow. How are you?

Well, I'm Paula Datzman-Mead now.

- Oh, congratulations.
- Thanks.

We're expecting our second
in a couple of months.

God, you know, I was always
so envious of you-

head cheerleader,
dating the quarterback.

Did you and Mac
end up getting married?

No. No, you know,

I heard that he married
Heather Volkmann.

It's so great seeing you.

- Here, let me get your information.
- Okay.

And I'll send you an invite
to the baby shower.

Fantastic. Great.

It'll be like a big reunion.

The whole gang from high school
is gonna be there.


So what are you doing now?

I just got my real estate license.

Real estate?

Yeah, this is just a temporary thing

until I phase over into real estate
full time.

You're kidding. I'm in real estate
with Long & Foster.


Who are you with?

Me? I haven't decided yet.

Maybe I'll check out Long & Foster.
They look nice.

Come on.



- Hello, Miss Lorkowski?
- Yeah.

This is Mrs. Pierce
from Sandy Elementary School.

- Oscar's in trouble again.
- Okay.

His teacher and the principal
are in conference,

and they really want to meet
with you immediately.

It's not just this incident.

There have been
several episodes during the last year

where Oscar has engaged

in disruptive behavior.

There was the incident
in the gym class.

I paid the damages for that.

And the time when he locked
Jeremy Johnston in the-

Okay okay.

What did he do this time?

Now it's licking.

First it was the pencil sharpener

and then the aquarium.

It's unsanitary and it's disturbing
to the other children.

We feel that Oscar might benefit
from an environment

where he could receive
more specialized attention.

What does that mean,

"specialized attention"?

He licked my leg.

In situations like this...

...we generally recommend medication.
- I'm not doing that.

Actually, it's not so much
a recommendation as it is a requirement.

There are many drugs
that are very effective

with very few side effects.

We all feel that this is the best
solution for everybody involved.

Sure. Come on, let's go.

- I'm sorry, Mom.
- It's okay.

It's not you. It's them.

I'll tell you one thing for sure-
we are not coming back here.

Okay? Okay.

We just have to figure something out.

I'll just figure something out.

- Hi. Is your daddy home?
- Girl: Yeah.

- Can I talk to him?
- Sure.


Hi, Mac. It's me.

What are you calling here for?

I know. I'm sorry,
but I really needed to talk to you.

Look, Heather could have
easily picked up.

They want to put Oscar
on medication

and I need to get him out of this school
and get him into a private school

or something, I don't know.

Why don't we talk
about this later?

Because it can't wait, Mac.

I need to make some money. I need
to make some good money, like, now.

What about that crime-scene thing
I told you about?

I know, but do they make
good money?

Yeah, it seems like they do
pretty well.

And it's just like cleaning up a house

but there's blood there?

Yeah, basically, body fluids.


So do you think that you could
hook me up with that

with your connections or...?


Okay. Right, yeah.
Let's talk later.

I gotta go. Bye.

So what do you think?

- Norah.
- What?

Norah, are you even
listening to me?

No, thank you.

What else do you have to do?
You don't go to school.

You don't have a job and you live
with Dad. And no offense, Dad,

but do you really want to live
with Dad for the rest of your life?

You really think you can make a ton
of cash cleaning up after dead people?

I know I can.
It's very lucrative.

- Let's have a nice pleasant dinner.
- It's a racket.

Rose, you buy generic cigarettes
with couch change.

How are you gonna afford
private school?

It's only until I get
my real estate license.

And I quit smoking, by the way.

- Who's going to private school?
- Nobody, Dad.

- Did Oscar get kicked out again?
- Yeah.

- No.
- Oh, for God's sake, what is wrong

with those people?
He's an imaginative kid.

Don't they have any sense at all?

I want to have my birthday at Hinkle's.

No Hinkle's this year.
This year I'm taking you to Disneyland.

- Dad.
- Really?

- I'm taking him to Disneyland.
- Dad, don't.

I'm taking him to Disneyland.

Who wants to split a combination plate?

- Hi there.
- Joe: Hi.

- Norah.
- Hi, Grandpa.


Come on, I'm here.

- Are you sure you're okay with this?
- Yeah, absolutely.

But this boy's got to
get back to school.

What are you doing
about school?

I'm working on it.
Thank you.

What did Mac tell you
about this, Rose?

It's a crime scene.

- With blood?
- Maybe.

I hate Mac.


Some sort of domestic disturbance
kind of deal.

It was the lady got the last word,
I guess,

but of course she's in jail now.

I heard one bullet completely
shot off his ring finger.

How long have you guys been doing
this kind of work?

A while.

The last one on the left there.

It's fine.

I found it.

Do you think they loved each other?


Car. Things.



It's not working.

If you scrub and I wipe,
then it works.

- I'm spraying as well.
- Can you spray and scrub?

Joe: More and more people
are turning to wholesome foods.

Are you telling me this fancy corn
stuff is some kind of health food?

Well, it's candy and it's a health food.
That's what I'm telling you, yeah.

- Yeah, I don't know.
- Here.

- We don't have much more shelf space.
- Right, okay.

Look at the ingredients in here.
What does this say?

Look at that-


I can't even pronounce it.
It's all chemicals.

How can you call it food
if it hasn't got any vowels in it?

Take a look at this now.
What has it got in there?

- High fructose-
- No no no. Look.

The first ingredient there is...

- Corn.
- Corn!

Corn- Can you imagine
anything more healthful than corn?

It's made right here
in Albuquerque too.

You know, I've been reading
that the chemicals...

Hey, do you know if they sell
fancy corn here?

I don't know.

I heard the strawberry fancy corn
gives you bionic strength.

It's true.

There's some sort of chemical
in strawberry flavor.

And that means if you eat a whole
lot of it, you get bionic strength.

I don't believe you.

I don't care if you do or not.

You're not gonna get rid
of me very easily.

Well, I understand that as well.

I don't have any room on the shelf
for your product.

- Yeah, well-
- Like I said,

I already put in all the orders
I want for this year.

Excuse me, do you carry something
called fancy corn?

Yeah yeah yeah yeah!

That was really something, Oscar.
That was really terrific.

You got the moves.
You got the nerve.

You're a real sharp cookie.

- No, I'm not. I'm stupid.
- No, you're not.

Why are you saying that?
Why do you say you're stupid?

It's true. The teachers want
to put me in retard class.

Who wants to put you
in retard class?

The teachers.

They don't know how to deal
with somebody as intelligent as you are,

that's what the problem is.
You are a very very smart kid.

- Do you get bored a lot?
- Yeah.

- Do you look out the window?
- All the time.

That proves how intelligent you are.
They should be catering to you.

They should be doing
something special for you.

- You really think so?
- I know so.

On top of that, I think you're
a goddamn genius.


You gals did a real nice job.

Thank you.


You can call us anytime.

Call you anytime.

It was so disgusting.

And the smell was just bad.


I can't even really describe it.

But, you know,
we took all that stuff away

- and we made it better.
- Yeah.

We made it right.

Hey, I'm really sorry.


No, I feel like I got you
into this mess.

You know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna pay for your
real estate classes.


You can get your license,

get your little picture
in the Real Estate section.

And then you can drive
people around all day

talking about-

gosh, what would you talk about?

Crown molding?

I'll definitely talk about
crown molding.

Um, square footage.

Oh, yeah.

- Property easements.
- Oh, yeah.

- Appliances.
- Yes.

- Come on, what else? Come on.
- You're crazy.

Come on, what?

Why did you pick Heather?


Why did you pick her?

Come on, you know
it wasn't like that.

How was it like?

Okay, if this is gonna get all-

No no, don't.


Norah: How long is this gonna take?

Rose: All we have to do is go in there

and throw everything away- cake.

Oh. Oh my God.

I think it just takes
a little getting used to.

Just give it some time.

Great. Now we're gonna have to
clean that up too.

We need to get the stink out.

What do we do with that?


Come on.

Oh, God, it smells bad.

Slow down. Fuck, Rose,
just slow down.

- I'm not going fast, Norah.
- You are going fast.

No, I'm not. How can I be
walking faster than you?

I'm walking backwards.
I have the hard job.

You're in control of it.
You're the one pulling it.

- How can I pulling it?
- I haven't got a good grip on it, Rose.

- Fucking slow down.
- Here.

Oh my God, Rose,
you fucking idiot.

My face is burning.

You know what?
You fucking do it yourself, dumbass.

- Norah, come on.
- Do it on your own, idiot.

It'll wash out.

Where did you get those?
What are you doing with those?

I found them in the closet.

Let me take a look at them
for a minute.

Let me see them.

Let me look at them.
They're not yours, Oscar.

Let me look at them.

You'd better let me hang onto these
for a while, Oscar.


Because they belonged
to your grandma.

But I don't have a grandma.

Well, you used to have one. And when
you had one, these were her glasses.

- I'll get you another pair.
- Really?

Yeah, I'll get you a better pair
than this.


I think it, like, seems wrong

to throw everything away
like we're erasing her, you know.

It's our job.

I bet this is her.
I bet that's her.


Look at this.
Rose, look at this.

It's her daughter, I think.

Shouldn't we do something,
like try and find her or something?

It's none of our business, Norah.

What? What? What?

Just give me the dustpan.

I got it.

What if she doesn't know?

I mean, wouldn't you want to know
if this was Mom?

Mom was not like this.
Mom never would have been like this.

- Winston.
- Hi.

Hi. I spoke with you on the phone.
I'm Rose Lorkowski.

- Hi, Rose. How are you doing?
- Hello.

So our situation is that...

we are doing some post-mortem

kind of specialized cleanup stuff

- and we had this really difficult...
- Smelly.

...really smelly job

where this woman had died
and she'd been there for a while.

A decomp.

Yes, a decomp.

Follow me.

Rose: The lingo, I guess.

You have your
general-purpose cleaners,

your extraction cleaners,
your odor control,

disinfectants, stain removers
and shampoos.

Steamers, buffers, foggers-
that kind of stuff's right here

for rent or purchase.

And quick-absorbing sawdust-
it's good for vomit.

Personal protective gear
is right there.

If you have any questions,
come find me.

- Cut it out.
- Let's get what we need.

Suits, protective wear or something.
(door chime jingles)

Just go over there.

- I'm on it.
- Just get stuff.

- Winston.
- Hey, how are you doing, Carl?

Did you hear there's a couple
of amateurs poaching jobs?

No, I didn't.

Carl: Bruce said they did a decomp
for 500 bucks.

- Winston: 500?
- Yeah.

What do you want to bet they threw
all that shit right in the dumpster?

Well, I certainly hope not.
What else you got there?

I got five gallons of Quick-Dissolve
and this here.

- Have a good day.
- You too, brother. See you soon, Carl.


One, two, three, four, five of those.


I have that puzzle.

It's a tough one.

I got lost in the fur and gave up.

That's $68.24.

Do you like cats?

Nice going. You freaked him out.

I asked him if he liked cats.
I was being nice.

You want to bring these back
when you're done-

rules and regulations,
biohazard cleanup, you know?

For you.

How much was that again?

Turns out it's against the law
to throw biohazards in the dumpster.

Who knew?

How perfect was he
with the one arm?


The creepy guy, you know.
I wonder if he was born like that.

He wasn't creepy.

Dude, he has one arm.

They think we're a couple of hacks.

We are a couple of hacks.

Oh, okay, here it is.

Let me out here.


Because I got shit to do, okay?

I got a thing.

I'm dropping Oscar off at 7:00.

You got class tonight?

Mortgage Lenders and Financing.

Mortgage Lenders?

Well, Heather's pregnant again.

Do you know that?

He's never gonna leave her.

You're pathetic.


Why are you following me?

I'm not following you.

- You're following me.
- No.

- You're following me.
- No, I'm not.

- You're not?
- Following you? No.

I'm sorry.

I really thought
you were following me.

It's all right.

Now it's not moving.

Maybe if we push the alarm.

I'm sure it'll start up in a minute.

Again, I'm really sorry.

Don't even worry about it.

You have nice veins.

You should give blood.

Yeah, could you check
if there's any messages for me?

Room 211.


Thank you.

I am strong.

I am powerful.

I am a fucking loser.

"Sunshine Cleaning."

Yes, I thought we'd put
a positive spin on things.

- Nice.
- My son drew the design.

Hi there. That's a real nice job
you did there.

Um, where's your arm?

- Oscar.
- That's all right.

- I'm sorry.
- Kids.

- Kids.
- He's cute.

Thank you.

I was hoping that I could put
some of these out by the register.

Winston: Yes, sure.
Put them right over there.

This is great, but you guys
might want to consider

getting out there and really
marketing yourselves.

Marketing ourselves like...?

Like funeral homes,
property managers.

You can get in with insurance companies.
They'll throw you a ton of work.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

- Insurance companies?
- Oh, yeah.

That's a really good idea.

You guys have your BBP, right?

A BB-what?

Your BBP, bloodborne pathogens

No, I don't.

I could sign you up
for the next seminar if you'd like.

- Yeah, I'd like.
- Okay.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome,

Rose from Sunshine Cleaning.
You gotta love that.


I think you're gonna like
this Econoline.

The girls have gone into their own
business, Sherm.

They're doing crime scene
and trauma cleanup.

- It's a real growth industry.
- Sounds kind of gory.

Yeah, it can be. It can be.

We're gonna be taking some contaminated
materials to the incinerator,

so we're gonna need
some space in the back.

- There you go.
- How much is it?

It's $1999.

Whoa. Any room
to come down on that?

Oh, that's the ground floor.

I'm probably gonna lose money
on this one.

I just want to make room
for some new product.

We can pay cash.

We have some cash.
We have some cash we can put down.

Cash is good.

What about all this rust here
on the thing?

- Character.
- Norah: That's bullshit.

We were just at Motor Mart
down on Lomas.

They had a Chevy G-series
for $1900.

Power steering?

- Oh, yes.
- Yes.

What's this?

Oh, that's a CB.
What you do with that is

you push down on that thing
and hold that other thing down

and it makes your voice go up
in radio waves.

It goes right into the heavens.

- Heaven?
- Uh-huh.

How about a test drive?

There you go.

And don't forget about
some personal protective equipment.

Oh, shit.

Shit. Fuck. Shit.

What, you think I don't know?

You may have been hot shit
in high school.

What are you now, hmm?


Okay, you got 20 bucks
and you want to buy three pizzas.

The pizzas cost $3 apiece.

No, let's make that $5 apiece.

You got a coupon that takes $2 off.

Okay, $2.

The delivery boy shows up.

He's a friend from school
who's very very poor,

so you give him a tip
of five bucks.

- Okay, $5.
- What do you end up with?

Okay, you have $2 left,
and you spent $18.

You just figured that out?

Yeah, it's not that hard.

Here's Frank.

That's it. There's our shrimp.

They look pretty damn good.

Shove them in there.

How many boxes we got?

See? That's the difference
between an ordinary person

and a person
with business acumen.

That's a good word for you to remember,

business acumen.

We're gonna be rich, pal.

We're gonna make some money grow
because that's the smart way.

It's capital, and you don't spend that.
You invest it.

So that way we can get the new SP250
and have money left over.

What are you talking about?

The binoculars Grandpa's getting me
for my birthday.

What binoculars Grandpa's
getting you for your birthday?

These binoculars.

They've got some internal
stabilizer thing. It's electronic.

So that way if you're on a speedboat
or something, it won't matter.

And when it's really cold outside,
they won't freeze, so...

Honey, honey, come here.

Listen to me.

Sometimes Grandpa
promises things

and he really wants
to make it happen, you know?

No, he's really gonna get them.

He has a plan.

- He has a plan?
- Mm-hmm.

- Oh, no.
- Oh, yeah.

Okay, if you say so.

Squeeze that for me.


Don't be nervous.
People do this all the time.

I'm not nervous. I'm fine.

Oh, that's the needle?

That's a fucking cocktail straw.

Trust me. I'm really good at this.


Wasn't that fun?

I think you might have oversold it.

There's a thing tonight.

oh, never mind.

- What?
- No, it's nothing.

It's just my friend-

- What is it?
- You wouldn't like it.

I might like it.

I knew you wouldn't have
any fun here.

No, I'm having a good time.

It's okay.

Oh, no, thanks.

It's just lamb's breath. It's mellow.

Yeah, thanks.

Straight edge?

No, I'm just-


You'll just think it's weird.

What? No, I like weird stuff.


Well, sometimes I think that
when you get high or when you drink,

- When you alter your consciousness-
- You don't drink either?

No. I just think that when you do
stuff like that,

it weakens you psychically,
like it creates cracks

and then bad stuff
can seep into those cracks

and maybe never go away.

That's so weird.


You should probably just
tell people you're a Mormon.


Your boyfriend's winning
the necklace game.

He's not really my boyfriend.

You just tickle my neck a little bit.

I'm totally gonna win.

You still have your whole necklace.

I like the white ones.

I'm gonna try a white one.

It's pretty good.

I need some beer.

- What are you doing?
- This is Cary Fleming live at the scene

at Wyoming Indian School.
Tragedy struck today

when an out-of-control driver
crashed into this autoshop

killing one employee.

The driver of the automobile...

apparently suffered a heart attack
at the wheel

- and is in critical condition.
- Hello.

- Unbelievable.
- Yeah, I'm watching it now.

Okay. All right.


Dude, get off.

The guy's driving down here
and has a heart attack,

comes right through the front window
at a high rate of speed,

and hits one of the employees
in here.

The poor guy's in about five pieces
and there's quite a bit of blood.

You guys are BBP-certified, right?

We adhere to all proper procedures
when handling

potentially hazardous situations.
We're very professional.

- I thought you went to that thing.
- I did. I'm not done yet.

It's fine, trust me. If you could get
the Wet Vac and the Burnbox...

Are you guys all finished up in there?


Great, then I can handle it
from here, can't I?

What's a "bastard"?
Jeremy told me I was a bastard.

So what's a "bastard"?

It just means your mom wasn't married
when she had you.

It's no big deal.

You know, in a couple of years
you're gonna find

it's a free pass to cool, all right?

You'll probably start a band
called Bastard Son,

use it to impress the chicks.

The whole bastard thing
is working for you.

You're the coolest bastard I know.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Hello. Sunshine Cleaning.

Of course.

2327 Grove Avenue.

Okay, we got it.

No, thank you.

All right, goodbye.

What was that?

A suicide.

It's a good thing.

Oh, man.


Stay in the van, okay?

If you get thirsty, there's some soda
in the blue cooler, okay, sweetie?


Hi. Mrs. Davis?


We're the cleaning crew.

Yes, I wanted to give you the keys.


In the den

where my husband-

I had bread.

And when I-

Do you need me to show you?

Oh, no no no.

We can find it.

Okay, that's good then.

My son-in-law is coming

to take me to lunch
at the Howard Johnson's.

They have such nice rolls
at the Howard Johnson's.


Mrs. Davis.

Mrs. Davis,

would you like me to sit with you
for a little while?

Yes, dear.

I believe I would.



Is she okay?

Yeah, she'll be okay.

Why is that lady so sad?

Well, her husband died

and she misses him.

Maybe we could let her
use our CB.

And then she could talk to him.

Tengo mariscos para ustedes

at a very good,
very very good price.

Cien dolares para usted y...

I can give you a deal.

Smell these shrimp.

Take a whiff of these shrimp.

Yeah, it's good.

- Oh, no.
- Por que no?

No no no.

No no, digame.

- Hello.
- Hey, it's me.

Norah, is that you?


Have you ever been trestling?

So when you're at the crime scenes,
are the bodies still there?

No, the bodies are gone.

But it's weird, you know,

'cause we're, like,
connected to them

in a strangely intimate way.

And, I don't know,

I guess it's weird.

I have seen a dead body once, though.


My mom.

She was in a Movie of the Week once,
you know.

- Really?
- Yeah.

There was this bunch
of Hollywood people

and they were filming
in Old Town.

And they saw my mom

and they just thought
she was beautiful

and talented,
'cause they gave her a speaking part.

Oh, yeah?

- Do you want to hear it?
- Mm-hmm.

"I recommend the pecan pie."

"I recommend
the pecan pie."

Yeah, that was her line.
That was it.

That's pretty cool.

It was on TV and everything.

Me and Rose didn't see it.

But Rose said that Mom
talked about it all the time.

I don't remember.

I don't remember her much at all.

But I have a box of her stuff.


it's just things that she touched

and little things.

How did she die?

It was a do-it-yourself kind of thing.

I think the train's coming.


Yeah. Yes, it is.

Oh, yeah, okay.
So this is where we climb

up to that girder.

What was I before I was born?

What happens when we die?

I'm not climbing up there.

Come on, this is trestling.

This is what it's all about.

It's like this big pissed-off God

and he's right up in your face,
like, screaming at you, you know?

He's so close,
you can smell the metal on his breath.

If you already live in heaven,

where do you go when you die?



Oscar: Can you see
everything down here?


Hey, beautiful.


I started thinking that you were
on a date or something.

I was-

I got you something.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

It's for your business cards.

You put your cards in there

and, I don't know, impress people.

It's beautiful.

You don't like it?

Look, this thing...

...that we've been doing-
It's not-

Let's not do that.

I don't want this anymore.

So that's it.

That's it then.

Brown or flowery?


- Sure?
- Mm-hmm.

All right, good call.

Okay, go get your stuff together,


- Thank you.
- (phone ringing)

Sunshine Cleaning.

Hello, this is Henry Schmeer,
State Farm.

State Farm. Oh, State Farm. Hi.

- I spoke with you about a month ago.
- Yeah, what can I do for you?

We've got a house we need to turn around
and our regular guys

are busy in Santa Fe today.
I thought I'd give you a call.


The house on 60 Howard Avenue

in Antelope Springs.

All right. All right, thank you.



Blow off the shower.

I can't blow it off. I RSVP'd.

- Just tell them we can't do it, Rose.
- This is an insurance company, Norah.

They can throw us a ton of business.
This is our in.

Yes, it's our in.
So don't go to the damn baby shower.

Norah, these are my old buddies
from high school.

It's really important to me.
Just go and get it started

and I promise I will come
and help you finish it up, okay?

- Fine. Fine.
- Thanks.

- Oh, pee-yew.
- Stay out here.

- But why do I always...?
- Because I said so. Stay here.



Shit. Dad.

Oh, shit.

Damn it, you scared
the shit out of me.

I'm busy here.

Dad, what are you doing?

The goddamn restaurant bastards
wouldn't buy my shrimp,

giving me this crap about
the Board of Health or some bullshit.

They shut me out.
They just shut me out.

They got some kind of goddamn
restaurant syndicate, I'm sure of it.

Dad, I need you
to watch Oscar today.

- I can't.
- Why?

I can't. I'm busy today.

Dad, come on, I'm kind of
in a bind right now.

Yeah, well, it's tough bringing up a kid
by yourself, isn't it?

Try two.

I'm over here.


Hi. I was wondering
if Oscar could hang out here with you

for a while.

I don't-

See, I have this baby shower thing

and Norah has a job
and my dad is incapacitated.

So would that be okay?

Yeah, sure. Yeah.

You are a lifesaver.

You did your hair different.

Yeah, I did.

Do you like it?
It's, you know.

Yeah, I do.

- All right, you be good, okay?
- Okay.

You be good.
And I will be back

as soon as I'm done
with everything.

Okay. You good? You okay?

Thank you.
Thank you so much.

You're welcome.

You'll do good, Rose. Okay.

All right. A Porsche. Great.

Hi, it's good to see you.

Everybody is here. Fantastic.

Hello, everybody.

So, Rose, how are you doing?
Are you still cleaning houses?

No, that was just a temporary thing.

Rose has gone into real estate.


Actually, I own my own business.

Oh, what kind?
Is it a real estate business?

No, it's a biohazard removal

and crime-scene cleanup service.

It's a real growth niche industry.

It's highly competitive and technical.

And what is that exactly.

A biohazard removal whatever?

Well, a lot of times

when people die,

it can be kind of messy, you know.

So what we do is, we go in
and we clean up the mess

and make sure that everything
is clean and sanitary.

'Cause people don't realize
the safety risks

involved with the removal
of blood and body fluid.

I cannot imagine.

You like doing it?


I do.

Um, we come into people's lives

when they have experienced
something profound and sad.

They've lost somebody, you know?

And the circumstances,

they're always different,

but that's the same.

And we help.

In some small way, we-

we help.

What's that?

That is a propeller.

And when I'm done prepping this wing,
it will go on the end.

Like that?


It doesn't fly.

Right, like my helicopter.

Must be hard to build models
with just one hand.

It is.


No no no no no.

Come on, kitty.

Here, kitty kitty kitty.

Good kitty. Good kitty.

Come on.

Aww, did you get left behind?

You are the sweetest thing.

You are the cutest thing ever.

Did you get left behind,
little kitty kitty kitty?

Oh, shit. Um, uh...


Okay, can you stay there?

Oh my God.

Come on.

Fuck. Fuck.


Oh, please, help!

No, God damn it!

I've taken five different
chocolate bars

and melted them
in these diapers.

You can taste, look and smell.

And the first to guess
all five correctly, wins.

Crunchy poop.

Um, Paula,

I'm sorry, I need to go.

There's somewhere
that I need to be.

No, you can't leave now.
We're just starting to play the games.

Yeah, well,


Oh, no.



Fuck. Norah.


what happened?

- It was an accident.
- You did this.

- It was an accident.
- Oh my God.

It was an accident, Rose.

Oh my God.

Norah, what the fuck happened?

Norah, come out here.
Get out of this car.

- Rose, calm down.
- I have to deal with this by myself.

No, I am not going to calm down.

- It was an accident.
- Oh my God.

Winston. Winston.

- Sorry.
- Hey, Rose. Are you okay?

Just everything is really
horrible right now, you know?

Oscar is asleep in the back.

Okay, good. Good.

Norah ruined everything.

She burned down a house.

A house! She burned down
a client's house.


How do you know?

Carl told me.

How does he know?

It's his job.
It's what he does.

We burned down a client's house.

How do you get around that?


Oh. See, I thought I would get
a better rate once I was certified.

There's not a lot that I'm good at.

I'm good at getting guys
to want me.

Not date me or marry me,
but want me.

I am good at that.


and cheering.

I was really good at cheering.

Cheering is good.

Yeah, but it's not as marketable
as you'd think.

- Hey, Dad.
- Hi.

Do you mind keeping an eye
on Oscar for a while?

Yeah, sure.

I just gotta go get a couple
of my shifts back.

Don't go back to being a maid.

It's not a good job for you.

Dad, I need a job.

I owe, like, $40,000 on that house,
and that's on top of everything else.

So I just-

Yeah, well, you're not gonna earn
$40,000 by cleaning houses.

I'll figure out something to do.

I will.

Can I make a sandwich?

Yeah, go ahead.
You know where everything is.

Go make up with your sister.

She's your sister.
Go make up with her.

Dad, please.

What's this?

Just open it.

Why do you have my mom's ID?

I found it

at work.

Me and Rose did a job
a while back,

and there was a woman

who had-

look, we're supposed
to throw everything away,

but I mean, she kept
these pictures of you and I-

This is her fanny pack?

I couldn't throw them away.

You were following me that day.

I should have told you.
I know that.

And I, so stupid,
I just got scared and I...

I didn't know what the situation was

between you and your mom.

I don't know what went on.

But I just thought that of everybody,
that I would understand.

You would understand?

My mom was a pathetic drunk.

I'm an idiot.

I actually thought
that you were interested in me.

I just wanted
to do the right thing.

- Please don't.
- Don't call me.

- You got that?
- Yeah, it's light.

I'm sure I'll be able
to turn this around pretty quick.

Thank you for everything.

Are you coming to my party?

We're having Oscar's birthday party

at Hinkle's on Saturday.
It'd be great if you came.

Sounds like a blast.


I know what you're thinking, Oscar,

but the ones we saw at the store
were full of gimmicks.

They didn't have the heft
that these have.

They didn't have the weight.
There's no history.

Wow, is that an old Zeiss?


Some classic binoculars
you got there.


Sorry I'm late.
Oh, look at you.

- Hi, Dad.
- Hi, dear.

Where are you going?

Get it together.

Okay, I'm sorry.

I know that you think
that I ruined everything

and that I fucked up really huge,
and I'm sorry, okay?

You know what I don't get, Norah?

It's that I ask you to do one thing.

I can't even ask you to do one thing
without you messing it up.

I mean, Jesus, Norah, it's not like
I don't have enough

to deal with in my own life, but now
I have to take care of you on top of it,

and I can't.
It's too much. I can't do it.

I'm not asking you to.

This business was
everything to me, Norah.

Well, why weren't you there?

I was going to be there.
I told you I was gonna be there.

You couldn't just wait
to burn the house down?

Yeah, but you weren't there
and I couldn't...

I couldn't do it by myself.

I just...

I should have been there.
I know.


I just...

I really wanted to go
to that baby shower.

So stupid.

I just didn't want those girls
looking at me like I was just a maid.

You're better than them, Rose.

What are you gonna do now?

I don't know.

They said that I could have
my old job back if I wanted.

I can put in a good word for you.

I don't need you
to take care of me anymore.

It's not your job. It never was.

Well, somebody had to take care
of you, Norah.

You know what I remember
about her funeral?

My shoes.

They were too small
and my feet hurt.

That's what I remember.

You know what I remember?

You wouldn't take your shoes off
after that.

You wore them forever.
It drove me crazy.

I'm still mad at you.

- All right.
- Like, really mad at you.


I hear you make model airplanes.


Is there any money in that?

No, not really.

Hey, what did you get?

Winston gave it to me.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

You can open my present.


So the guy said that if you're careful
they'll last a whole month.

- So you can't shower and shit.
- That's good.

Now these are guaranteed to make you
look like a total badass.

What does that say?

"Lil Bastard."


It's cool, Norah.

I'm thinking of taking a road trip.

- Where?
- How?

In the van.

- No, I'm selling the van.
- What?

Don't sell the van.

I can't afford the payments,
guys, come on.

- Just wait a while.
- Give me a break, please.

It's your birthday today,
happy birthday

It's your birthday
with Hinkle's Fun Center Crew

So happy birthday to you,
happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Oscar.

- Pick up, pick up, pick up.
- Hello.

Norah, turn on the TV, channel 65.

I probably shouldn't,
but what have you got for sweets?

Oh, I recommend the pecan pie.

All right.

One pecan pie coming up.



Today was Oscar's eighth birthday.

And we did a big thing for him
at Hinkle's.

And Winston came.

After dinner Norah and Oscar
played centipede

and put ASS as their initials

and got in big trouble by the manager.

I don't know

if you're in heaven or not,

but I know that you're not here.

And that is too bad for you,

because you really missed out.

You've missed out
on some really great stuff.

I hope you can hear me.

- Hi, Dad.
- Hi.

I gotta talk to you.


I have to move in
with you and Oscar for a while.

- Why?
- Just temporarily,

just until I get my own place.

You lost the house.

- No.
- Dad, how could you lose the house?

I didn't lose the house.
I sold the house.

I had a very good business opportunity
and I took it.

I hope it's not shrimp.

No, it's not. It's nothing fly-by-night.
I have a partner.

I have a really good partner
who knows the ropes

and I'm gonna be working
under them.


"Since 1963"?

Yeah, it gives us a sense of stability.
People like that.

But it's a lie.

It's a business lie.
It's different from a life lie.


I can live with that.

You'll be the boss.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

All right.

When I die and they
lay me to rest.

Gonna go to the place
that's the best

When I lay me down to die

Goin' up to the spirit in the sky

Goin' up
to the spirit in the sky

That's where I'm gonna go
when I die

When I die and they lay me to rest

I'm gonna go to the place
that's the best...


You'll get used to it.

Prepare yourself.

You know it's a must

Gotta have a friend in Jesus

So you know that when you die

He's gonna recommend you

To the spirit in the sky

Gonna recommend you

To the spirit in the sky

That's where you're gonna go

When you die

When you die
and they lay you to rest

You're gonna go to the place

That's the best

Never been a sinner

I never sinned

I've got a friend in Jesus

So you know

That when I die

He's gonna set me up

With the spirit in the sky

Oh, set me up
with the spirit in the sky

That's where I'm gonna go

When I die

When I die
and they lay me to rest

I'm gonna go to the place

That's the best

Go to the place that's the best.