Sunset Promise (2019) - full transcript

The film revolve around the affection of Hieu and Mai Ngoc, their concerns, gender "boundaries" between instinct and reason, between curiosity about the age of adolescence and early ...


I like you.

I also...



Hieu... it's almost seven o'clock
and you're still passed out?

Don't you have school?

Yes, Mom. Ten more minutes.

Oh my god.

Your ten minutes are that short?

Your room is a mess,
your clothes are unorganized.

Give me your dirty clothes,
I'll wash them.

Mom, please go out.
I'll get dressed and go.

Hurry up.

What else?

You just started a new school year.
Why are you so demanding?

Thanks, Mom.

Don't skip breakfast.

Yes, Mom!

Checkmate. Finish?

Do you have any vegetable?


Good morning.

Hieu! Here, your bread!

Where are you from?

Hey. How was the match yesterday?

Broken. We lacked of players,
how could we win?

-Did you lose a lot?
-Ten thousand.


-You have any money?


This afternoon we'll kick at Dinh Do,
all in or nothing.

We must get revenge.

-Just know that!
-"Just know that!"


Hey beauties!

Do you have my Yahoo?

Only one chance.

I got it. Son the squint-eyed.


I'd like to pay.


Why do girls keep calling me
Son the squint-eyed?

Not only our school knows your nickname,

-But also Hai Ba Trung High School.

But my eyes aren't squinted.

Hey! Stop it man.


Hieu Lien!

I am Hieu. Hoang Trung Hieu.
I am a student of class 11A2,

at Phuc Yen High School, in Phuc Yen.

My friends call me Hieu Lien

because my mom is Lien.

This is Son.
He likes football, but he often loses.

Besides, he also likes watching girls,

but girls stay away from him,

because whenever he sees girls,
his eyes light up.

His eyes are sparkling,
not following any rules.

So he is called Son the squint-eyed.

NES is still our number one video game.

But recently,
computer games have appeared.

We can chat, hang out
on Yahoo using the Internet.

But it isn't that attractive
because it's pricey,

two thousand for an hour.

At the age of 17,
the most beautiful time of life,

we pay more attention to girls and love.

The coolest way to propose
is to sing a song on the speakers,

but I don't like it!

Now, the song
"Tinh thoi xot xa" by Lam Truong

from Nguyen Huy Hoang,

to Huong Ly, class 11A1, with the message,
"Keep our friendship forever!"

Quan the deer-eyed.

Now you know how big his eyes are.

He is called 'Professor knows it all',

due to his superb academic achievement.

Seven years of primary school,
six years of secondary,

four years of high school.

-Hey, hey.

What's up?

Have you ever had that while sleeping?

That? Bedwetting?


That is the white thing

after a period, once or twice a week.

Am I sick?

Why do you ask me so suddenly?

Just answer.

If you put that

into a girl's stomach,
her belly will get bigger.

After nine months and ten days,
she will give birth to a baby.

When it grows up,
its face will become identical to yours.

Do you understand?

-But, every boy has that?

How do you put that in?

How should I know?
Your question is too bad.

It's a serious question though.

I don't know.
Go away! Let me eat my yogurt.


What else?

Don't tell anyone about this.

OK, I promise.

Come in! Come in!

-The teacher is coming.
-She is in. Hurry up.

Class, stand up!

You may sit down.

I've finished scoring
your essays on Father the day before.

-Ngoc. Distribute the essays.

-How was your work?

I cheated.

And this is Ngoc,
Academic Vice Supervisor.

The girl that every boy
in this school wants to chase.

She stands out
because she's pretty and smart.

So my classmates look up to her
and call her 'Boss'.

How to say?

She's like a phoenix.

But unfortunately, right in the hencoop.

Hieu, here is your essay.

Hey, hey.

Your score isn’t as good as usual.

I had nothing to write.

Try next time.

Put your essays in your bags.

Open your books please!
Today we will study Voi vang of Xuan Dieu.

Hey, hey. Did you notice?

Boss asked Hieu.

-Xuan Dieu was born in 1916
-Oh! What a man.

I will let Phet A3 know.

Phet asked me to give
this tape to Boss, but I forgot.


Phet is the most stubborn guy
among those chasing Ngoc.

He gives Ngoc a flower every day,

right in front of my classroom.

Of course, she refuses every time.

But he doesn't give up.

Give it to me! Boss will not take it.

He is a famous poet.

-Using this tape to flirt with Boss?
-With a poetic text

However, it's so strange.

Since the first day Boss joined the class,

she's rarely talked to boys.

But today she talked to Hieu.

Has she talked to anyone in our group?

-Let the fragrance not fly away

One time she came to my house...

The nature is so green. tell my parents
that I ditched school.

So annoyed.

OK, you win.

I told you so.

God loves the fools.

That's why I can't understand.

Although I am really handsome,

girls always avoid me.

The same as me.

Handsome but squint.

January is as good as a pair of...

-Eh? Yes!

Complete the verse, please.
January is as good as a pair of what?

January is as good as a pair of...

-Ngoc's lips.
-Ngoc's lips.

January is as good as
a pair of Ngoc's lips.

Keep silent, please.

He said it's Ngoc's lips.

We have three Ngoc, so, which one?

Teacher, Hieu loves the dummy Ngoc.

No, Ngoc with the small eyes!

Do you have any homework?

Go to bed early.

Tomorrow I'll go on a business trip,
remember to get up to go school on time.

Yes, Mom. Understood.

Metaphysical negation is negative...

is a negation that is caused
by the intervention...

and external impact,

which prevent or eliminate
the existence and development.

It has the positive factors
of things and phenomena.

January is as good as Ngoc's lips.

January is as good as Ngoc's lips.

It has factors that...

Do you know how to ride a bike?



Don't you look around?

Are you OK?

I'm sorry. It's quite late so I...

Damn, it's broken.
What do we do now?



Is it OK if we leave the bikes here?

Don't worry! I know this mechanic.

Let's go.

-Let's go.

Oh no! We are late.

I think we have to climb the walls.

No, I can't.

If not, being punished is our destiny.

What if anyone sees us?

I didn't tell you to do it here.

I really can't.

Come on! I'll catch you.

-I'm scared!
-I do it all the time!

You should go to class first.

Are you sure? I'm going now.


You have to promise to catch me.

Don't worry. I promise!

Who's in the backyard?

Who's in the backyard?


Is he gone?

He's gone.

I have to go now.

Line up. Quick.

Quick, quick. Line up.

May I come in?

-Why so late?
-May I come in?

-Come in.

-Hieu and Boss.
-Keep silent, please.

Everyone, be quiet!

Hey? Why are you so late?

It's your turn to help us
on civic education.

My turn today?

Hey! Don't tell me you didn't study.

Nope, I didn't.

January is as good as Ngoc's lips.

January is as good as...

See? I told you.
We should've studied by ourselves.

Now we are so done.

This is the first time I've known for sure
that I'd fail a test

but I'm still happy.

Who told you I'm that bad?

I got your faces.

Oh my god! This idiot is killing us!

Excuse me! Where is the other bike?

Two girls took it this morning.

OK, thanks.

The match is about to begin.
Where are you going?

I can't. I'm so tired.

This morning you failed to help us
with the exam.

Everyone is going to be punished.

Now the match? Are you going to cancel?

OK, I'll join.


What a prig!

Hey honey

Thought it will be far away

Forever a miracle

Is our love

Hey. If the girls avoid us,
what does it mean?

They just don't like us.

But girly stuff, who cares?

-Just asking.
-Stop it! We're late.

Hurry up.

Hey my honey
Thought it will be far away

A sunny schoolyard

Your shirt fluttered

Silly, I stand

With an ecstatic soul

Hey. What are you doing here?

-Did you see some beauties?
-Stop being silly!

-What's this?

Poems. Your forte.

-The teacher's poems.

Give it back to me when you finish.

Good morning, teacher.

I told you! You should've played like this
to win the game.

-Oh really?
-Let me play!

Didn't you pay attention to the lesson?

Hey! Can you help me with this exercise?

Let's see!

Other classes got break time early!

Wait for me, Khoa!

Thank you.

You can't even eat properly.
What are you gonna do with your life?

None of your business.

I can't ignore the man
who bought me this cake.

So delicious!

Ngoc has been ignoring me
for several days.

Did I do something wrong?

There's nothing students
do not dare to do.

Here are some self-made verses.

I looked at you through a microscope

We couldn't say anything when we met

Nervous sweating and foot trembled

Going on a date is like
Going to a dangerous place

I don't know why girls like
reading this so much?

I really like a boy.

He knows it but he pretends he doesn't.

But I'm okay with that.

That's why we're good friends.

But recently,
he hasn't even said hello to me

and looked so stony-hearted.

I'm not sad but I feel regret,

-he didn't like that before.
-What an idiot!

Dear Mr. Chanh Van,

My name is H. I'm falling for a girl,

we talked a lot.

But suddenly, she started to ignore me.

When I start talking,
she tries to avoid me.

Should I keep chasing her?

Teenage girls are very moody,

loving then suddenly ignoring.
It is understandable.

Why don't you ask her in person?

Maybe you will understand
each other better.

I'd have asked if I could.

Yeah! Let's go home!

Let's go to the market!

Goodbye teacher.

Son! Do it properly!

Hey, about the upcoming wall-newspaper,

-do you have any ideas?

Ngoc? I have something to ask...

-Hello teacher.

So lucky. The mechanic is fixing my bike,
please help me bring it back.


Go help her.

I have to go. Talk to you later.

-I'm coming.

I couldn't even talk to her.

Maybe... she will avoid me for life!

-What is your score?
-PE is next.

-Oh my god.
-The teacher is here.

Sit down please.

Teachers' Day is coming,

according to our tradition,
each class appoints a boy and a girl

to make a wall newspaper.

In our class, for the girl,
I nominate Mai Ngoc,

Academic Vice Supervisor,

About the boy...


-Me, please!
-Calm down and be quiet please.

I nominate Hieu.

-Oh my god! We'll lose again!

-Trung Hieu. Can you do it?
-Why him?

-Yes. I will try my best.

So, Trung Hieu and Mai Ngoc,

will be responsible
for our wall newspaper.

All of you please support them

to complete it as good as possible.

-Now, we'll have a 15-minute test.
-I smell something wrong here.

Please, do the test next week!

Next week, please!

Generally, it's boring.

I can't believe it!

I am not only brilliant but also handsome,

Why didn't she choose me, but him?

I understand why you weren’t chosen.

Neither was I, I understand a bit,

but him, I totally don't understand.

I think Boss has something with him.

-What thing?
-Since the day they were late to school.

Ah! I got it.

What do you mean?

If you like it that much, just do it.

Please, I beg you.
The teacher and Boss picked you, not us.

-Go home.

Oh! Quan the deer-eyed.
Want to play video games?

What's the deal?

The loser has to pay.

Where's Son the squint-eyed?

He's gone.

You dare to play without him?

OK, I'll join. Your team is nothing.

-Go. Let's go.
-Good. Very good.


I saw both of you!

-Hieu! What's wrong with your bike?
-It's broken.

Hey. Phet invited us to play games.
Are you joining?

Sorry, I'm so busy. I have to go.

But we can play for free.

-What's wrong with him?
-Ignore him. Let's go.

Let's go.

-Hello Grandma.

Hieu, you're here?

Come in.




-What's wrong with you?

I stand here

to find ideas for the wall newspaper.

You want to keep standing here?

-Make yourself at home and wait for me.
-OK, don't mind me.

Hieu! Let's start.

Hey Hieu?

Yes? Uhm... What did you say?

What's wrong? You are so strange today.

I'm OK.

I'm just thinking about the headline.

Right! The headline is essential.

Come and sit down.

The Red Scarf.
Blue Dream?

Which one do you like?

For me, these headlines are mainstream.

How about... Sunny Schoolyard?

Sunny Schoolyard...

It sounds good.
Let's set it as the headline.


You are bursting with ideas.

So... I'm just polishing ideas.

You are exactly the same as Son said.

Who? Son in our class?

What did he say?

Actually, the teacher wanted to pick
a boy to work with me.

Son said you are good at writing poems,
then she agreed.

Actually not...


Nothing. Nothing.

I'll do the conundrums,
and the headline is yours.

Did Son say anything else about me?

He only said you're good at writing poems,

and you have a blue notebook

in which you write down your own poems.

Not again!

Let's begin.

OK. Quick, quick.

Four parts left,

I will think about it.

OK. Don't rush too much.
The deadline is next week.

Take care!


The teacher wanted to pick
a boy to work with me.

Son said you are good at writing poems,
then she agreed.

Son, Son.

Why so arrogant?

I'm not in the mood for jokes.

You lost again? Oh, I'm sorry!

How much?

Twenty thousand.

Why did you bet so much?

Hey, want some snacks? I pay.

Stop it. Don't be so good.
It gives me goosebumps.

In or out?

Just saying. Yes.

-Buy me two orders.
-Only for who arrives first.

Wait for me!

Let see who arrives first!

I let you arrive first!

One... Two...

One... Two...

Hurry up, line up!

-Mine, mine.

Line up!

We are done now. I will review tomorrow.

Class, dismiss!


Let's go to class!

They threw it all over you!
On the back also!

It was Son and Quan!


Are you going to the board room?

Do you have the results
of the biology test?

Not yet.

This afternoon, right?

Be on time. We have a lot of work to do.

OK. I will check what other classes do.

-Run! It's Hieu.
-Not me.

It's Son. I didn't do it!

We're almost done.

We are so fast.

We can be fast if we concentrate.

We still need poems and the conundrums.
I'll think about it.

Don't rush, Hieu. We have two more days.

The weather's been moody recently.

Oh my god. Heavy rain!


Take it!

Luckily, It's crayon.

Watercolor would have gotten wet.

You are all wet.

Oh my god. Our paper?

It's all wet. I'm sorry.

It's OK.

I'll hang it on and let it dry tomorrow.


It still needs some poems.

A sunny schoolyard. Your shirt fluttered.

Silly, I stand. With the ecstatic soul.

The wind is whispering through the leaves.

Make it sound like a love song.

What a masterpiece!

Is this poem for someone?


This poem is for the girl

who took my slipper,

took my bag,

and went away without saying anything.

Actually, Hang wanted me to help her.

Just kidding!

-What do you have for me?



Am I silly? Why you keep staring at me?

You are beautiful.

Oh no. Are you OK?

Let me finish it!

The newspaper will be done tomorrow.

There's only one part left.
I can do it.

So... after you finish the work,

can we go on a date?

I mean...

It's for us to celebrate after
working hard these days.

Where are we going?

I have a secret place. So wonderful.
I often go there.

Tomorrow is weekend.
I'm planning to go, do you want to join?


But I'm busy tomorrow.

Can we meet at three?



will be colder, bring warm clothes,

It's windy there.


I got it.

But we have to finish the newspaper.

I don't want us to be scolded.

Yes, Boss!


-Are you going crazy?
-No. I'm fine.

From this evening,
you have been astounded.

I'm OK, Mom.


You spend too much time watching TV
and reading comics!

I will burn them someday!

Without good results,
you will be punished.

Set your mind at rest.

At the end of the semester,
I will rank at the top of my class.

Oh my god.

You are at the top?

I just wish you could rank 10th,
that'd be enough.

TV and comics all days and nights,
how can you be at the top?

What's wrong with you?

I love you so much,
how could you say that to me?

Then... I still love you.

Jeez! You're just good at talking.

-Eat this!
-Yes, Mom.

So beautiful!

I told you so.

How did you find this?

Frankly, I've got many memories here!

Tell me!

Come with me!

I almost drowned here.


I followed my friends,

I jumped in although I couldn't swim.

Who was that good friend?

-Son the squint-eyed.

He was also the first one who saved me.


I don't remember.

Just know that we've become close friends
since then.

But when Son saved me, I felt so strange.

Like it just happened yesterday.

So I believe that,

today or those days we worked together

will remain forever.

How is your hand?

It's better now.

Here is your handkerchief!

Keep it!

What belongs to you is yours.

Including this one.

-Hieu? What are you doing?
-I really like you.

Stop teasing me!

-You know I never tease you!

I'm sorry.

You scared me! Do you know that?

I like you so bad.

I don't know why I did it.

You like me
so you don't care about how I feel?

And do whatever you want?

I thought you were gentle and timid.

Who knows...

I'm so sorry. Do you hate me now?

I don't dare to see you anymore.

But... I still want to see you...

So, you also...

Since when?

-When, what?
-I mean...

since when did you like me?

No one would ask that stupid question!

Just ask yourself!

Hey Ngoc, wait for me!

Ngoc. Hey, Ngoc.

Wait for me.

-You're not teasing me, are you?
-Tease what?

-I don't know.

So why are you so fast?

I remember all those days

Love you like there's no tomorrow

And we walk side by side
Even if it's sunny or rainy, I'll wait

To walk next to you.

I don't even mind the sunshine at noon

I'll go against the wind to be with you

The summer we're together

The summer we're together

The summer we're together

The sun shines in your eyes

Twinkly beautiful like the sunset

Ngoc? Ngoc? It's Hieu!

Then your gorgeous smile in the sun

What if we're separated

I like you, I love you
and I want to be with you forever

Feeling our love in the rain

Bride and groom, tie rags to the head,

to go over the bridge!

The sunset here is so beautiful.

If you like,
I will take you here every day.

Can you do it?

I'm just afraid someone can't go!

The summer we're together

The summer we're together

The summer we're together

The summer we're together

Our wall newspaper failed to win

because other classes
hired artists to do theirs.

But Ngoc and me don't care much about it

because we had the prize in our hearts.

Both of us don't want anyone to know,

so we don't go public
with our relationship.

That's why Ngoc still has some followers.

I don't like it.

Maybe I'm jealous!

But I'm in love though!

Hey my honey
Thought it will be far away

Forever a miracle, is our love

And I know a simple thing

So funny!

Hieu... If you keep singing, I'll leave.

I sing so you know I'm always behind you.

Hey my honey
Thought it will be far away

Forever a miracle

You go first.

Why are you so late? Let's have a dinner!

Yes, Mom.

-Can we eat now, Mom?
-What? Do you know what time is it?

I love you, Mom.

Hieu Lien!

Hieu Lien!

Open the door, dude!

What are you doing here?



It's not a movie!

What are those?

-A secret for men.

Just watch.


Don't be ridiculous!

I know you like it!

-Turn it off! I have to go.
-Wait. This is the best part.

Hieu! Open the door!

Quan is here. Go with him.

And bring this secret with you!

What should I wear now?

My parents aren't home today.






Hieu! Hieu! Come here!

Hieu. Hieu.


Hieu? Are you OK?

Yes, Mom. I'm okay.

Dinner time! It's 7 p.m.!

From now on, no more violent movies
and comics!

How can you study with that?

Please take this paper boat!

Hey Ngoc. Help me.

Been waiting for me?

-I waited so long yesterday!
-I'm sorry.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday.
I had stuff to do.


I swear.

-Can you forgive me?
-I don't know.

This Friday, see you at 6 p.m.
at the lake.

I will wait.

How long have you been here for?

I thought you wouldn’t come.

My face is almost blue.

But I still came. Not like someone.

Or let me just go home.

Ngoc? Just saying. I just waited a bit.


What's wrong with your hands?

No. Just mosquito bites.

Let's go.


Don't open your eyes.

Where are we going?

It's a secret!

So beautiful.

Happy birthday!

I... love you.

What did you say?

I... love... you.

I also...

I love... you too.

Ngoc! I love you!

Alright! Put me back!

I love you.

You did all of this for me?

I would do anything for you.

What a gift of the gab!

Thank you.

It's been so long
since I've been so happy.

So every time you're with me,
you're not happy?

-No. I mean...
-Just kidding!

As long as you're happy, I'm happy.

Please don't!



Don't touch me!

You are a bad guy!


Please let me go home!

Ngoc! Ngoc!


-You are back!
-Hi, Dad.

Why don't you leave? Where did you go?

Did you go with boys again?

-You... You... You...
-I'm sorry.

You bitch!

I'm sorry, Dad!

Shut up! If you keep talking, I'll...

What will you do?

Are you going to hit me? Go ahead!

Mom! Dad! Please don't fight!

I don't want you to fight!

You know what? Get out!

Do you still want to hit me?

You think you're
qualified to be her father?

You said I'm not qualified to be her dad?

Honestly I don't even think
she is my daughter!

She is the child of another guy!

-Don't offend me!

You know nothing!

You know nothing!

Yes, I don't know.

But everyone knows already! They knew it!

-Why can't you admit it?
-Bring me along please!


-Ngoc, where are you going?
-Just go.

You bitch! Like mother, like daughter!

Are you still mad at me?

I'm with you!


Where should we go? It's so dark!

-Excuse me!
-What's up?

Do you know where are we?

It's close to Bat Cave.

-Still in Ngoc Thanh town, right?
-I don't know. I'm not a local.

Yes. Thank you.

I think if we go this way,
we will possibly find a house!

Are you sure?

Trust me! We can't get lost.

I think we're almost there!

I think we're lost!

Maybe. I'm looking for the highway.

What's wrong?

Let me see!

You have a fever. You are ill.

Ngoc! Are you OK?

I'm OK. Keep going!

Oh no.

Ngoc! Ngoc! Do you hear me?

Ngoc! Ngoc! Wake up!

Ngoc! Anyone here?

Help me. Anyone? Ngoc! Help me!

Please anyone?

Ngoc! Help me!


Anyone inside?

Help me! Please help me!

Help me! Help me please!

-Yes. Let me see.

Hey! High fever!

Put this cool towel on her forehead.

It's raining heavily outside.
You can stay here with me!

-Don't worry!

Let me dry your clothes in the kitchen.

Thanks, Grandma.

Okay. Get some rest!


You woke up? Why don't you sleep more?

I can't sleep.

Don't worry!

Tomorrow... it will be fine!


My parents must be very worried.

I'm sorry.

Because of me, you can't go home tonight.

It's not my first time.

I left home when I was in sixth grade.

Mom, where are we going?

We're going to meet someone.


-Your dad.
-Dad? Do I have a dad?

Do I have a dad?

I'm going to meet my dad!

That day...

I thought I would have a normal family.

Then I realized...

my mom went to divorce my dad.

That was also the last time...

I saw my dad.

Where did he go after that?

I don't know!

That day...

I went to Xuan Hoa.

I slept on the bench.

How about you?

Since my dad came back from abroad,

he has been always gambling and drinking!

Creditors come to my house every day.


I'm scared.

Don’t worry.

Everything will be alright.


Why are you here alone?

I didn't want to wake you up.

Are you tired?

What if you get sick again?

I'm fine.

What a beautiful place!

It's the first time
I've talked to her that much.

I also realized
Ngoc and I had the same hobby.

The field is full of sunshine
The scent is diffused

Bustling the wind
The soul is full of ecstasy

My heart is filled with happiness

Please keep this spring in memory

This spring is marked with love

Afraid that you will change your heart

Nothing lasts forever

But I will always wait for you

You know how to make a poem?

It's just I have never read you my poems!

You dare to hide them from me?

Stop! If I catch you, I will...

Ngoc. Wait for me!

-Lunch time!
-Let's eat.


Don't you say thank you?

You're such a pig!

Go ahead!

If I were a pig,
you would be a pig's wife.

What is this feeling?

Maybe I have never had it before.

Is this happiness?

But I don't know how to deal
with my mom and Ngoc's parents.

There's one thing I know...

that I'll always be with Ngoc,
no matter what happens.

Goodbye Grandma, we have to go.

Come and visit me when you're free.

Yes. Thank you.




Don't hit him.

Please stay calm!

They're all grown up.
Besides, nothing bad happened.

We have invited Ngoc's parents.

Please stay for a while.
We will solve this together.

Go home!

Go home!



You're so noisy!
Do you want our neighbors to complain?

Why did you chain me up?
I have to go to school.

I told the teacher to give you a break!
Stay home and think!

Love is not for children!

How dare you not sleeping at home?

I have to go!

Summer is coming. Exams are finished.

You just want to play around!

Don't embarrass me more!



Mom! Mom!

The field is full of sunshine
The scent is diffused

Bustling the wind
The soul is full of ecstasy

My heart is filled with happiness

Please keep this spring in memory

Ngoc... Wait for me!


Are you fed up with me?

No! Why do you say that?

You just dozed off.

You don't care about me!

Even when I sleep... I still think of you!



You are always in my mind!

How about tomorrow?

The following day?

And the days after?


Please remember...

that I always love you!


I love you too.

Ngoc! Ngoc!

Hello Madam!


Our U17 national player!

Why are you chained up like this?

Oh no! I forgot!

I'm sorry.

I didn't know your team
was training today.

Change your clothes! The coach is waiting.

Come on! Hurry up!

-Let me get your clothes!

Hey sir!


You are so brave. Dared to leave home.

And go with Boss.


Hey, where are you going now?

I don't know!

Boss went to school this morning.

She sent you this letter.

Seems like her dad
has a new job in the South.

When I passed by,
her family were packing up.

Hurry up!



Sorry. Sorry.

The train from Phuc Yen
to Ho Chi Minh City

will depart in three minutes.

Boss! Boss! Boss!


The train from Phuc Yen
to Ho Chi Minh City has departed.

Any guests who've missed the train,
please wait for the next train.

Thank you.

My dear crying prince,

don't cry.

I always want to call you
by that dear name.

Our love has started with tears, right?

Hey Hieu, your result.


January is as good as Ngoc's lips.

If life was a novel,

My first chapter would be our fairy tales.

-Oh? It's not...?

Luckily, it's crayon.
Watercolor would have gotten wet.

But you are all wet!

Oh my god? Are you OK?

You came into my life,

you showed me how to love
and how to be loved.

You gave me more faith in life

so that I can bravely deal
with those first struggles in life.

A sunny schoolyard. Your shirt fluttered.

Silly, I stand. With the ecstatic soul.

The memories of that day
always stay in my heart.

A trembling guy, hugged me
and cried after speaking out.

How cute!

Hieu! What are you doing?

I really like you.

But, your tears are so beautiful.

You don't care how I feel!
Only do what you want!

And since then,

I knew we belong together!

I like you so bad.

I don't know why I did it.

These days were my happiest days.

I will keep these
sweet memories deep in my heart,

Ngoc! I love you!

the place of respect and affectionate.

He is the only one.

We divorced.

It’s my fault!

I'm so sorry.


This time is not as good as usual, right?

I have nothing to write.

It's a new chapter.

Like you always said,

we're still young.

We are not in control of our own lives.

Hieu! Please understand it for me,

and don't cry.

You have cried too much.



If we're separated,

whenever you miss me,

just look up the sun.

When the sunset glows,

I will come to you

with the very last sunshine.

Promise me!

Don't let our love

end with tears.

Your crying princess!

Mai Ngoc.



I don't believe you.

No longer!

Let's go home.

Train tracks are hard.

We can't deal with it.


Hieu! It's almost seven o'clock!

Why are you still sleeping?
Don't you have school?

Everything is still the same.
My mom still scolds me every morning.

But my mom seems to care more about me.

About Son, he still has that smile.

At least he knows his limits
when it comes to teasing.

It's strange...

absolutely no one mentioned Ngoc.

As if she had never been here before.

About me, I have a new habit.
It's looking at the sunset.

until the very last sunshine.

Eat more! You have to stay healthy
for new school year tomorrow!

Yes, Mom.

Son and I will go and visit
the old school for the last time.


Get back quickly for packing.

Yes, Mom.

I'm a bit tired. I need to get some rest.

You're going to Hanoi tomorrow?


So do I.


No retake?

I'm so done now.

Where will you go?

Czech Republic!

I have relatives there.

I'll probably do some trading stuff.

How will you live?

If people can, I can.



this is our last time here.



Any news from Ngoc?


Will you go and find her?

I don't know.

I'm not sure.

Do you still love her?


Until now?



Can you promise me something?


You have to find her!

Why should I?

I don't want you to struggle like this.

What do you mean?

Don't mention her!


Trust me!

I will find her.

But not now.

That's my boy.

This room is messy.

Today, I will clean this room by myself.


Join me!

Do you hear me?

Join me! Hurry up!

Done! You stay here,

I have to finish packing for the flight.



Be careful!

Promise me! Be a successful gentleman
when you come back!

I'm already a gentleman.

And you, focus on studying.

Take care!

The spring is marked with love

Afraid that you will change your heart

Nothing lasts forever

But I will always wait for you