Sunset Pass (1946) - full transcript

Rocky and Chito have the money they were protecting stolen. Using an unusual hoof print to identify one of the robbers, Rocky arrests Ash Preston. When Rocky is shot, Ash helps him recover. Chito finds the stolen money and Rocky lets Ash, having quit the gang, return it to clear himself. But Ash's ex-partner Cinnabar has a bank robbery planned and to get everyone out of town, he sends then gunning for Ash claiming he is a murderer.

Do you think we can
leave the horses here?

Yes, I don't think
they will accept them.

I hope you're right.

Come on, Chito. Above.

See who's here.

Good morning, ladies.

Hi cool.

Hey Judy, it looks like the
chest we saw in Currivan.

Can we join here?

If you find a place...

We will put myself.

When we're done, split up.

You three south to the Blind Trail.

You understand?

Let's go.

Do you speak english, beautician?

Yes and you?

Is that what I should do?

Me too!

Let's see how funny it is!

You can get involved in the
romance and make them a comedy.

Sorry to interrupt, lady....

Preston. This is Miss Baxter.
We met on the train.

I belong to the group "Red Stocking Blondes"

My stage name is La Lolita.

I perform at the Wagon Wheel Dance Hall.

Oh, you're an artist, aren't you?

Yes, many people say that I have talent.

I understand, miss.

My name is Chito.

-Are you Mexican?
-No, I'm Irish.

Are you kidding?

My name is Chito José
González Bustamante Rafferty

-It's because? -My mother was
Spanish and my father Irish.

With that combination, you are no stranger to me.

It's simple.

The Irish fight first.

Against who?

Against the Spaniards before they started to love them.

Well, I see you and I need
to get to know us better.

Why don't you come to the salon
one day and watch my show?

I would like to. When?

Whenever you want, you already enjoy your salary.

Shut up, because you're going to lose your shirt, Chito.

Can I avoid my shirt?

Do you live nearby?

No, we are foreigners.

We finished the job and went to
Wagontown to find another one.

You don't have to speak like an actress.

I am not an actress. My brother
has a cattle farm on Sunset Pass.

It's close to Wagontown, right?

Yes. I just finished
my studies in the East.


Don't move and nothing will happen to you!

Leave the gun...!

... otherwise, you will be riddled with balls.

What was that?

They threw the dynamite post truck away.

Everyone stay in place!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Me too.


Guess who was on the train.

-Who? -Jane.

Are you sure?

If she found out,
I would have to kill her.

- If I were, I...
- Two would be dead.

All right. Stop arguing.

I was waiting for Jane until next week.

Women always manage to be surprised.

Take it and hide it.
See you tonight at the Wagon Wheel lounge.

I'll be there.

We will see you.

Where are you going now

I'm going to Jane.

You are crazy? Everyone and see.

It is. I may need an alibi.

You look faster than a train.

Maybe I'll go.

Do you want a canter near the
train you just fell in love with?

Maybe you are right.

I have it or not,
you always do things your way.

When you get to the
ranch, hide Blackie well.

Do not tell me what to do.

I taught you and Slegle everything I
know and now you are starting to hear me.

Come on, move.

Okay, but don't say
that and don't warn.

There was another attack on the train.

And in the same place.

Jane, dear.
Did you see the bad guys?

-Not. -Ash isn't coming?

Ash doesn't know that I'm coming.
I wanted to surprise you.

-Oh, right. -Let's go.

Hey where are you going?

I want to help Miss.

Let the young woman take
care of her business.

- We have more important things to do.
- Yes but....

Let's go!

Guys, where can I find a saloon?

Let's introduce you.

What is more important than
a young woman in difficulty?

We! We're in trouble up to our necks.

Now he will think that
I am not a gentleman.

And what do you think it is?

My father was a gentleman,

I am a gentleman,

and all my children will be gentlemen.

In a few minutes,
you will think of something else.

Take care of our weapons.
We will go after them later.

Okay, kid.

Well, let's hear the song.

I think the song is going to be very acidic.

What will happen to our money?

You take the money to the last penny.

Do you have to go now.
I have to pay to transport the flock.

I also have to pay...

Wait. Wait.

The railway company is responsible.
It is as if they have robbed a bank.

They will have to return the money.

And when will it be?

How can I know?
There will be an investigation.

The last one lasted six weeks.

I'm so sorry. I will open it as soon as possible.

We have to do something about it.

Come on, Chito.

There you are. Come on, naked.

I traveled to Tucson to hire you.

The railway company said
you were his godparents.

You were on the train to
avoid exactly what happened.

Sometimes, something goes wrong.

Explain why you
didn't use weapons.

Because many people would be hurt!

In other words,
you made the bad guys mock us.

You would think you were on the side of
the bandits, instead of against them.

-If you say something like that again....
-Come on, Chito!

My Spanish blood is boiling.

If I can say before....

Look, Rocky.

This is more than a common theft.

It is a tragedy for our citizens.

Without money, everything stops.

It is such a thing that makes a
prosperous city an empty village.

Even if you tried to stop the
theft, that would be enough.

However, this did not happen.
You failed.

No one is to blame, only you.

I think you're right, Mr. Daab.

I have no choice but to report
to my superiors in Tucson.

I advise you to leave the city before people
find out who you are and how you failed.

I would not be responsible
for your safety if they knew.

That's it, you're fired.

Poï, Chito.

Mr. Daab, the crowd outside is growing.
What are we going to do?

How much money do we have?

Less than $ 7,000.

-Open the door and pay the rest.
-Yes sir.

I forgot to ask....
Oh, I'm sorry....

-This is Mr. Slagle, my treasurer.
- You're?

Are you in a hurry.

-Yes. When I heard the message...
-Do you always wake up so late?

-Who are you?
-The railway company detective.

-And why is he listening to me? -I
think he wants to hide his own mistakes.

-You can go. -Thanks, Mr. Daab.

-I would like to ask...
-I've decided.....!

... if you don't return the stolen
money before opening in the morning.

-It's not too long.
-Probably not.

But not impossible.

I have to ask you something, Miss. Preston.

Why did you stop me from
shooting from the train window?

-You're wrong. -I'm not wrong.

Are you saying that I'm lying?

-I asked and waiting for an answer.
-Stop harassing me.

How do you talk to a lady?

-Don't get involved, Jenny.
-Can I ask what you want?

I'm talking with you. Excuse me!

Why? I don't feel guilty.

Maybe she should be
the one to apologize!

Keep your hand away from the gun, please.

-Ash, please take me home.
-Ok, Jenny.

We will meet again.

We'll be here.

-Now, you lit a rope in a
barrel of dust. -Really?

Ash Preston will not easily forget that.

You seem to know how you care.

Most men in the city would
not want this on their skin.

Especially after the train robbery.

Thank you for the warning.

- My name is Rand Curtis.
-I'm Rock and this is Chito.

-Friend. -I'm on your side.

I like that you have the
courage to face Preston.

If you want a friend, please tell me.

I need kindness now.
I need to rent a car for a few hours.

This brown horse is mine.
You can borrow it.

Thanks, I'll borrow it.

Well, Rocky. But we started here.

Not exactly.
We were also in worse situations.

Don't talk about them.

Yes, Rocky. But I think the
problems are haunting us.

And when you look at that girl.


-She's very cute. -Yes.

-And very smart. -Too much.

Rocky, do you think it has
anything to do with these spills?

The mind is not leading.
Our job is to find the truth.

I like it better

Forget the girls before I get back.

Look at the bank. He watches the
entire movement of Treasurer Slagle.

Where are you going?

Find our horses. And I'm going to take a look.

Remember: No, girls!

Yes, I heard, not girls.

No girls.

No girls?

I paid the boys.

The railway has two
detectives in the city.

- Did they see Daab? -Yes, but calm
down, Cinnabar. I took care of them.

You should have seen me make
fun of them at the bank.

Look, Slagle, don't play with detectives.
They are not that stupid.

-Wait. -I'm in a hurry,
I have to change.

-But Miss, I can help you.
-No, I'll take care of my business.

Yes, me too. Do you remember
the man who gave you the money?

-How would I forget you?
-I'll look.

-Style. -Lolita,
I wanted to see how much you earn.

To begin with,
this is not a bad thing. Why?

Because I think he's one of the
bad guys who stole the train.

In that case, you will earn a lot of money from it.

That will be a good reward.
I'll try, Chito.

You let me go and I'll tell you everything, right?

Oh, no, Romeo. I thought I knew
all the tricks, but this is new.

If I let my men undress,
it will be because I love him.

But I fell in love with you.

If you bring a gold ring on this
finger, I believe.

Ale Lolita....


What did you promise?

No women, but it's a business.

Foreign trade...

Now that his sister is in
town, Ash can try to leave us.

-I'll tell Ash what to do.
-Yes, he needs to be informed.

And also what you should do.

Shut up.

She said she would be helping with this
Slagle. He's in a room with another man.

-Hi, Slagle. -What you want?

You do not know? I'm impressed.

-You look surprised.
Who was here with you? -No one.

And why was the door closed?

Come on, nothing,
I had a date with a woman.

Where is it?

Sorry big boy,
but did you know that three is a crowd?

Yes, and I will tell Mr. Daab how
you intimidate honest citizens.

That's another thing that
Tucson chiefs can say.

If you don't apologize.

OK I am sorry.

What are they doing over there?

Did she have a date with him?

Yes, and I frustrated him.
But the girl didn't hear me.

Come on, let's go.

Didn't I tell you to hide Blackie?

Wait. Don't speak to me as one of your
employees just because your sister is here.

I give orders.

I was in town collecting
money from Slagle.

Where are they?

They are in saddlebags.

You shake. Try to control
yourself before you lose patience.

Jane is constantly watching me.

Get rid of the money, right?

And what should I do with them?

Hide, but take Blackie
to the mountains first.

Let's go.

There are two things to do:
this horse and its sister.

Come on boy.

Yes, but I'm going with you, Rocky.

No, you have a date with Lola.

-Let's go.
- Are you going to Rancho Preston?

Where else? I have some
unresolved issues with that girl.

Yes, but you can have problems.
I should go with you.

Look, someone has to protect the city,
the bank and Slagle. Is important.

Yes. When will you be back?

Depending on the circumstances.

But I don't know where and I will find it.

-But I know where to find you.

Well, what do I look like?

Where is the dress from?

They were part of the show.
The show was canceled.

No wonder.

But I took that dress.
I thought they would be useful one day.

Well, where's my horse?

Do you have a horse?

Didn't you promise to teach
me how to ride last night?

I said everything last night.

So Mr. Slagle would have to do it.

I did it. Wait here, I'll get the car.

Maybe we could be blindfolded.

-Hello, how are things in the city?
-More or less.

-No news this morning? -Not.

-Wagontown has a good problem.

That's Sunset Pass, right?


- Do you want to stretch your legs?
-I do not mind.

Then you are determined to find them.

Yes. I have to do this.

By myself?

Sometimes you want more.

You are a very interesting guy, Rock.

After the fight with
Preston, he took a risk.

I get paid for the risk.

This is what I thought. I think
that's why I was silent last night.

Well, I hope you have completed
the work you came to do.

Others have tried.

You don't need a lot of Preston either.

No. I had a son named Range.

He was a good boy like you, Rock.
Maybe a little younger.

-Ash Preston? -Well, I can't do that.
If I could....

Range was a little crazy,
like most young people.

Things got worse when he boarded Preston.

Maybe he found something.
Anyway, he disappeared on Sunset Pass.

How many cattle does Preston have?

Only one herd,
composed mainly of cornilargos.

I'm sorry for the girl,
it's a shame she had to come back.

I understand that they have problems.

Yes, it costs a lot to send
the girl east to study.

Yes, a lot. You need help?

Not really.

Well, if things get
complicated, give us clues.

Thank you, I will.

Something is going on at Sunset Pass, Rock.
I need to keep my eyes open

because from now on you are in Preston.

All right.

Nice horse, Rock.


Good luck.

Calm down, boy.


Come on, Blackie, let's go back to the ranch.

The breakfast smells good.

It's the first decent
meal since you left.

I always said I didn't end
up having a wife at home.

What is it?

Ash, I was thinking
about things last night.

I said I didn't want to talk about it.

You avoided responding
or changed the subject.

This cannot go on.

What you want to know?

How long has Cinnabar
been working for you?

About four months.

Where he came from?

I didn't ask him.
It is difficult to find help.

You mean Texas.

Where did you get the
money to stay in the east?

Still from the ranch.

The cows have not received a litter
for several months. The stove is empty.

Well... I applied for a small loan.


What is happening? You know that I will give you what you want.

Everything you deserve.

He took money from the train...

... with a gun in his hand.

Don't lie anymore, Ash.
What happened to you?

We came from a decent family.

How can you get into
something like that?

It is funny. I know you were
bothered by yesterday's attack.

-Because you participated.
-I was in town.

-Well... -Well, I...

It's useless, Ash.

I saw Blackie last night.

You think there is more than
one black horse in Arizona.

Nobody like Blackie.
I've known him since a foal.

I know him perfectly.
I saw him a while ago.

You did the theft.

I got into debt and
found no alternative.

That seemed easy.

Are trains crashing and killing people?

I didn't kill anyone, Jenny.

So, I'm as involved as you are.

I have to do it and that's enough.

Is that money in this house?

-Not. -Where can I find them?

-I can not say.
-Ash, believe me.

I will help you.

I find one.

I'm not the only one who saw Blackie last night.

-Where are you going?
- I'm going to the city.

-Why? -Vyda a.

-So you don't care what happens to me.
-Yes, it's interesting.

I will always be interested, even if
you have become a liar and a thief.

And I don't know what else.

You say I stole it for you.
Okay, I did it.

I would do anything for you.


-And now I found out.
-I'm trying to help.

But you won't let me go.
I can not do anything else.

It is better to live in prison than to depend.

Jane, wait.

-Ah are you the owner of that
horse, miss? -Not.

-Yes. It's ours.
-I needed those clues.

-Grey! -Give me that gun.

-Where is the money?
-If you are so useful, find them.

You cannot avoid it that way.

Look, Preston, I'm not a marshal.

I work for the railway and
I need to get the money.

Try to find them.

I'll do it.

But in the meantime, what will happen to your sister?

I can't help you if you don't speak.

What kind of person are you?

Did she say the gunner stopped
me from you last night?

He will have to pay
for what you did.

He will have to live here and resist
what his neighbors and friends were.

It's gonna be hard.

If you give me the money,
maybe I will take you to help.

What's the answer?

-I don't have them.
-So where are they?

I can't say.

-Did you try to convince him?
-Yes, she tried.

I'm sorry, Miss. Preston.

Money will not be useful
to you if you go down.

And you still don't want to talk.
Someone put them in a good place.

Perhaps he is afraid of something serious.


Maybe he is worried about what will happen to you.

-Maybe murder.
-Don't listen to him!

-Are you going to say? -Not!

Well, I did what I could.

I will be and must be taken to prison.

I don't understand you, Preston.

You have a good ranch, a beautiful
sister... many things to live for.

And you are going in the wrong direction.

It was the only way.

Ash, don't you want to change your mind yet?


The key... in your pocket.

-Who made this?
-He is seriously injured.

-Was you! -Do you think
I would bring you here?

It wasn't Ash.

Go to the barn and
bring me cobwebs.

- Spider web?
-They are to stop the bleeding.

She has a fever. I hope he gets over it.

-Chito.... Chito.
-Who is Chito?

Your friend, a Mexican, is probably in town.

-I'll find him. -Hurry up.

It's Ash.

Take it from behind.

Cinnabar and wants in the back room.

Tell Cinnabar that...
I will tell him myself.

-So it was you shooting at Rock.
-Who did you think it was?

-I should know.
-And you shot me and almost killed me.

Too bad I didn't do that.
I have a good idea....

This will change your mind better
if you want to stay healthy.

Cinnabar and wanted to save.

From now on, I will take care of myself.

-I'm leaving you.
-You can not exit.

- I've had enough.
-You are too complicated to leave us, Ash.

And we only have one job left.

The railway company will
pay the bank in two weeks

and when that happens,
we’ll pick it up and leave.

No not me.

Don't be silly, Ash.
What if your sister finds out?

He already knows everything.

Did you tell her that you killed Rains Curtiss?

Are you still blaming me?
I didn't kill him!

-Was you!
- It's our word against yours.

Yes, two against one.

You should have killed Rock
when you had the chance.

Yes. How do you think he will
pay you to save your life?

As soon as he can, he holds and.

-Hey, where's the money?
-You said hide, didn't you?

Yes? Well, I want them now.

You will give me your share when you have good sense.

In the meantime, try to remember.

Cinnabar, from now on you and
your men avoid the Sunset Pass.

Who do you think you're talking to?

If I open my mouth, you will hang.

And I have my own
interest in Sunset Pass.

I'm actually the treasurer
of a topographic bank.

Topo¾... they are buried there.


You can dig under all the trees in Paso,
but I don't think you will find the money.

Okay, stay with them.

I don't care how you get rid of them.

What will you do after the arrest?

I accept my punishment.

But I will tell you everything.

If you are as skilled as I think, it is better
to cross the Arizona border than Rock recovers.

-I think Ash will bring problems.
-If so, I know how to get rid of him.

Something that washes away all suspicion.

-Hey, are you Chito? -Yes, why?

-Rocky is seriously injured and needs you.
-Where can I find him?

-Come on, I'll take you to him.
-Yes I will.

How are you?

I'm still on fire.

-You know what? -What?

I think I will live.

You will not live unless you are silent.

He too.

-Where is it?
- He went to find Chita.

Yes, Rocky. You will live.

The railway company
returned the money.

Your time will come.

I said your time would come.

The railway company paid.

-When are you going to pay?
-Tomorrow, the first thing in the morning.

Tomorrow morning?

-Is everything there? -Everything, Mr. Daab.

I changed the safe combination.

A very wise measure
of how much is in it.

I'll give you a new combination
when we open tomorrow.

-Are you hungry? -Not much.

You have to eat, Dr. said. Warren.

I don't have much of an appetite.

You're leaving....


-Ash Ash?
-I'm taking him with me.

I knew this would happen,
but I was hoping that...

I know it's hard. I've been thinking about it.

In the past two weeks, you have given Chit and
me a care we haven't had since childhood.

I've made many arrests in my
work, but never like this.

I feel like I cheated on
someone in the family.

Jenny, if anyone deserves
help, it's you.

I don't follow the rules to the letter. I think
if you asked now, I would drop the case.

You saved my life.

Basically, I have good features, but....

I'm not surprised by you and I'm not asking
you to do something you shouldn't be doing.

I hope something happens.
Chito had a hunch.

I think it would take somewhere,
but it is not the case now.

It seems that we have reached
a desperate situation.

It would be better if
he was honest with me.

He has a special loyalty
to his accomplices.

He does not speak.

Okay, I'll start as
easily as possible.

I will take you by train to Tucon.

Therefore, no one will report you to Wagon Town.

He's getting ready now.

When you go away?

As soon as Chito arrives.

It works like a search
engine for money.

Lolita, there is a moon on the river.

Lolita, there are stars in your eyes.

The moon, you and I are three.

I love and the moon is wise.

Come with me, I am the one who loves.

Come with me while the stars shine.

Come with me, it's the love that begs.

Come with me to the river at night.

Come with me while the stars shine.

Come with me to the river at night.

-Chito, it was incredible.
-Thank you ..

See Chito, the Christmas tree.
Do you know what that means?

Yes, miss, but not at Christmas.

Chito... Chito!

-Put me down! Low! -It is!

Topo¾ová banka. I found it!

-Chito, put me down!
-There is no time for love now! Bye.

I'll wait outside.

Oh, Ash!

Rocky! Rocky!

I found it, Rocky! I found!

Never tell me to
stay away from women.

Especially from Lolita.
One is so in love with me.

-Wait here, Chito. -Yes.

-Chito found it! -Chito?

It changes my plans.

We will return them to the bank.

The next day of waiting...

This can change a lot.

I don't want to start over.

I'm not interested in Wagontown, but in Tucson:
the prison is a prison. Let's get this over with.

I want to get this over with,
Ash, but not the way you think.

I'm trying to find
a way to help.

-I'm not asking for favors.
-Ash, Rock is trying to help.

Put your pride aside.

I do not speak as a representative
of the law, but as a friend.

Here's the money you stole.
You return them to the bank.

-Yes? -Yes, you.

-You mean you believe me?
-You saved my life, didn't you?

Yes I trust you.

If you add, I have no reason to keep it.

-But I can't... -Why not?

What would I say to old Daab?

Old Daab will be so happy to have his money
back that he won't even care about you.

Or are you still afraid of something?

If you are willing to trust me, don't worry.

I'm not afraid of anything, Rock.

All right.

-Ash went to Daab's office.
-Are you sure?

-He went down the hall.
-Wait here.

-Where did you find it, Ash?
-In Sunset Pass.

I found traces of an old tree.

I looked and... found them.

That was just in time.

The indemnity money came today
from the railway company.

-Today? -Yes.

-What is it?
-Ash found the stolen money.

Congratulations, Ash.

-Of course there will be a reward
for that... -I don't want anything.

But you deserve it.
You will be famous.

Your enemies will become your friends.
Men like Rand Curtis.

You will be a hero.

And of course, you can explain
this to the authorities in time.


I must say that it is
very recommendable.

Thank you sir.

I can't understand the boy.

Me neither.

It turns out it's bad and then
something good is found in it.

Is unforgettable.

Do you want to hide the
money in the safe, Mr. Daab?

No, I'll take care of
it when I get home.

- Ash found out where
he hid the money. -What?

Yes, and returned them to Daab.

I will take care of Ash.

Old Curtis is in the
Wagon Wheel lounge.

I think I'm going to tell him
something to open my eyes.

-No dream....?
-Yes, where he will find his son's body.

-But Asha obesia. -Exactly,
I will not give him space to speak.

And you're going to employ a lot of people for
a few hours, so they won't be watching us.

I will find all our men in the city.

-If old Dabb closes the bank, let me know.
-All right.

I want to talk to you.

I don't want anything to do
with anyone dating Preston.

Don't talk like that, Curtis.
You have to earn a living, don't you?

Anyway, I'm not doing this for Preston anymore.

- You are fired? -No, I'm done.

As soon as I realized
what a villain he was.

Too bad the rest of Arizona
didn't notice it either.

I know, I am not an angel.

And sometimes a cow that
is not mine can appear.

But who hasn't done the same thing here and there?

But I don't want to work for someone
who shoots a friend in the back.

What do you mean, Cinnabar?

Get your hand out of the case and I'll tell you.

It's about your son.

-Ar Rang? -Exactly.

-Where can I find him? -Do you know
where the top¾ is near the pines?

Yes, in the Preston area on Sunset Pass.

So start kicking there and
you'll see why I left Preston.

-If you're lying...-- If you need
a witness to investigate, I'm here.

Asha, we must meet,
if you don't go to parties.

Don't worry about him.

-Take care of me. -And if you?

I was thinking.
This valley is great.

There is enough water and
grass for 10,000 pieces.

I'm not that young and I don't
want to be a grumpy old man.

-You are not so old.
-I'm 26 years old.

Chito and I saved enough.

My time is looking for a wife.

He noticed this on the train.

Well, it's time to settle down.

-Is that you? -Yes?

I don't want anyone yet.

Don't you want a partner?

For business, of course.

For business?

We will take care of the land and the cattle.

We can make a fortune in ten years.

Cattle farming?

Or other things.

Just business...

I don't think I like it.

Don't have another business to offer?

Well, Jenny, I'm not good at talking, but
I think you know what I mean, don't you?

Yes, Rocky. I think I know.

You can choose it, Curtis.

It can wait.

Bowley, you stay here.
Kick the grave deeper.

-How deep? - Let's use it again.

Ash Preston is here.

Let's go.

-Hey dude? -I do not know.

Go home, quick!

Let's go! Nothing will happen to anyone.

Get out of my way.
I don't think I will.

-Hey, what's going on here?
-I want Ash Preston.

-Why? - For murder.
Rocky, we found my son shot in the back.

-Where did you find him?
-On this ranch.

-Is that all the proof you have?
-That's all I need.

-You need a deputy and an arrest warrant.
-We don't need a marshal!



Rocky, I don't want any problems.
I know your reputation and principles.

I would not be on your
side, not against you.

-I know, Mr. Curtis.
-I warned Ash.

I remember it too, which is why I'm here.

In a country where the majority live by
arms, I try to live according to the law.

But my patience has a limit.

Now you must hear the law.

That's why decent people like
you listen to Curtis's law.

That no one should accuse
and judge an innocent man.

That girl went blind, Rocky.
They told me that...

Miss Preston!

This is between you, me and Ash.

Look, Rocky, I never bluffed in my life.

But if you don't let me in, something bad
is going to happen. You can't kill us all!

It's all right! Log in.

The others will stay here!

-Take care of them, Chito!
-Yes, Rocky. Nobody passes.

-Grey. -Rock,
I have to tell you something.

- This can wait. -Is important!

Your life too.

Look, without weapons and
try to measure things, okay?

-All right.
-Where did you find your son?

At the big poplar on Sunset Pass.

-Do you know? -Yes.

-What else do you want?
-How did you know where to find Range?

-Cinnabar told me.
-What did Cinnabar say?

He said he left when he learned
that Ash was a murderer.

-Did Cinnabar say that? -Yes. He also said
he would testify during the investigation.

He wants to kill me.

He thought it would be so fast
that I wouldn't have time to speak.

It was Cinnabar who planned the attacks.

Slagle checked at the bank
when the money arrived.

They work like in Nebraska.

They involved Carlton and me.

Also the others, the Pinion Ridge group.

When Jenny came back, I wanted to stop.

They said that if I did,
they swear I killed Range Curtis.

Range was never a cheater, Mr. Curtis.

He was my best friend. When he found
out, I tried to stop him, but

Cinnabar thought he knew a lot and killed him.


Cinnabar waits for the money to
reach the bank to do the final theft.

That's what I wanted to say!
That money came today!

That's why he wanted
us out of town!

Because, we hope.

Come on, guys,
we need to get back to the city.

-You got it? -Yes,
six turns of dynamite and a short handle.

-Where have you been? -I just closed the
bank. Here's the key to the side door.

Brad, go in front of the bank and
shoot when someone approaches.

Bring the horses into the hall.

Come on, let's go.


Look, Rocky! Grey!

Chito, take care of Ash.

I think it is necessary to issue.

No, after what happened,
I don't think I will.

You are very nice, Rocky.
If we can do something for you....

-Yes, you can do something....

Chito and I are leaving work.

If Ash is hurt, I thought...

Are you saying that you and
Chito want to come to us?

-Oh damn! -What is happening?

My Lolita! I left it hanging
on the Christmas tree!

Translation Editing and Synchronization
by WesternKasa / GM NOV2020