Sunset Heat (1992) - full transcript

Eric is a photographer who lives back East. He is invited by his friend Danny to visit him in California. Before meeting Eric, Danny steals a million dollars from Carl, a drug dealer, who is also Eric's old partner. It seems that Eric and Carl had a parting of the ways when Eric's brother died of an overdose and Carl wasn't sympathetic. Now Danny's killed before he could tell anyone where the money is, so Carl tells Eric that he has to find it for him or else. And Eric is also trying to get reacquainted with Julie his old girlfriend, who is now involved with Carl. And Eric really doesn't know where Danny hid the money, so what's he going to do.

(man on radio)
'They promised us
it was gonna get better'

'when we elected the new mayor.'

'Oh, sure, you can
laugh about it.'

'But how many of you out there
like riding the subway?'

'How many of you enjoy
hailing a cab at 4 o'clock'

'on a business day?'

'Especially when it's raining.'

'And what about calling a cop'

'when there's a burglar
right outside your window?'

'Ah, but enough of me.'

'And I'm tired of talking
about this city.'

'I've got the deputy chief
of transportation'

'of the city of New York
on the line.'

'We'll be back with him
right after this.'

[siren blaring]

[Little Angels performing
"Young Gods"]

* They stand in the shadows
with holed out shoes *

* They got everything to gain
and nothing to lose *

* They're strong
hearts alive *

* They got stars
in their eyes *

* They come from the towns
of worn out streets *

* Where all the tribes dance
to all the different beats *

(on answering machine)
'Eric, it's Danny.
Remember me?'

'Good to hear your voice,
you old rascal.'

'Long time. Almost four years
between friends, eh?'


'Anyway, get your arse
out here to L.A., my friend.'

'You can stay at the house with
me. That'll be nice, won't it?'

'You know where the keys are.'

'Maybe you can shoot some,
uh, photographs with me.'

'Oh, by the way,
I've got a surprise for you.'


* And start to criticize you
cause they don't understand *

* What you want in your life
That's the same refrain *

* Always gonna be the same *

* For Young Gods *

* So stand up
and fight for your life *

* No surrender
and no compromise *

* Stand up, stand up *

* When desire is
burning your eyes *

* You're Young Gods *

* You're Young Gods *

* So when you're down hard sure
that your life's a mess *

* And you're worried that
your place in the human race *

* Has come apart
at the seams *

* Well hold on
to your dreams *

* You Young Gods *

* You Young Gods *

* You Young Gods *

[airplane droning]

[tires screeching]

(female announcer)
'Welcome to Los Angeles
International Airport.'

'The local time here
is a 11:35 AM.'

Hey, it's far out here, baby.

Hey, Eric, what's up, mate?
That Michael

he got rooms full of it. Man,
it's pure.Fuck. Do something!

What am I supposed to
do with him? He's my partner.

We're kings of
the mountain here

and he's shooting that shit.

Oh, Michael, no!

He's your brother, Eric.

Oh, hey, man.
Come on, hey, hey.

Looks like he's-he's
done too much, huh?

Michael! Michael!
Michael! Michael!

[tires screeching]

[Shanghai singing
"Please me Tease me"]

* Please me Tease me
take another bite *

* Please me Tease me
I'll make it tonight *

* Please me Tease me
take another bite *

* Oh bite me *

[tires screeching]

[siren blaring]

'Good afternoon.'

May I see your driver's license
and registration, please?

Do you know you were
going 90 in a 50?


What's this gonna cost me?

Driving this vehicle,
you shouldn't be worried

Mr. New York City.
About one car payment.

The car is paid for.


Sign here, please.

'Thank you.'

If you want to appeal it, here's
my name, here's my badge number.

I'll see you in court.
Have a nice day.

[instrumental music]

* Don't know how
I came to this *

* Been on the streets so long *

* But now there's
no place that I miss *

* I Just got to get by
somehow *

* And I'm made of dirt *

* Like someone
you can't stand to see *

* When you look it hurts *

* And have to run from me *

* I am lonely *

* The color of midnight *

* The dark end forgotten *

* I am lonely *

* The color of midnight *

* A cold and lonely day *

* Think I was
in some damn war *

* That was one whole life ago *

* I lost my brother to it *

* And everybody that I know *

* Will you be my brother now? *

* Will you be my family? *


- Thank you, sir?
- How you doing?

- Just leave it out here.
- Yes, sir.

[people chattering]

[pop music]

Eric Wright, long time.
How're you doing? How are you?

Matthew, hey, man,
how're you doing?

Ah, still tending bar.

- You here to see Danny?
- You got it.

'Uh, he's running
a little bit late.'

He left a message
for you though.

Here we go.

Some message, man.

Well, he wanted me
to take care of you.

- Thanks man.
- You got it.

Ha ha ha.

What are you doing here?

What the hell
are you doing here?


There are plenty
of other clubs. you work here?

I own this place.

Wow. You look great, Julie.

Save it.

Just an observation.

Yeah, well, you can observe
the God damn exit sign, Eric.

He's waiting
to see Danny.

I want you to leave
the moment Danny gets here.

I don't want you in here again.
You won't be served.

Don't serve him another drink.

You're not welcomed here.

I have a man who loves me now.

Good for you, Julie.

You asked me to marry you
and two months later

you're gone for four years.
Fuck you.

Fuck you!

'I saw that.'


What's up with her?

You picked a great place to
meet, Danny boy, I'll tell you.

Oh sorry, I-I thought
she'd be happy to see you.

Anyway, just have
a look at you, eh?

You look great,
you old rascal.

Could do with a shave,
but great.

I need a drink.

I thought you were broke.

What're you doing sending a
limousine to the airport for me?

My fucking divorce.

- Divorce.
- Divorce.

You know, I had to buy her out
of the house for $400,000.

The bitch!


Oh, look.
There's Alexandra.

Hi darling? How are you?

Wait a minute.

That doesn't explain the
limousine at the airport though.

My fucking ship's coming, mate.

Your videos
paying off alright.

Nah, different ship.

I'll tell you
about it later.

I've got a business meeting.
I'll be back in about an hour.

If I'm not back, pull yourself
a lovely and enjoy the house.

But before I go, there's someone
I wanna introduce you to.

Hey, your car
looks great, doesn't it?

Yeah, I'm surprised
you didn't sell it.

Hey, I wouldn't do that.

Anyway, you got
the pink slip, you bastard.

Come on.

He's a great guy,
you'll love him. Come on.

(female #1)
'Come on.'

Eric, I'd like
to introduce you to Lena.

Lena's, um, one of
my favorite models

and an extremely
talented actress.

[clears throat]
Lena, this is Eric.

Eric's my oldest and dearest
and loyalest friend.

How do you do, Lena?

Alright, then.

You seem to be getting on well
already. I'll see you later.

Oh, Lena,
can I get you a drink?

Bourbon and water.


This is for you.

Go on. Take it.
It's loaded, be careful.

[bike revving]

So, where're you from?

I'm from New York.

But I'm staying
at Danny's out in Malibu

He has a view of the pacific.
Have you seen it?


Would you like to see it?

Get me another drink.

Sure, I'll get you another drink
when I'm done with mine. Okay?

There, you're finished.

That's very cute.
Yeah, I'm done.

Uh, Matt, could we
get two more, please?

Yeah, coming right up.

I have a boyfriend.

You know, I'd feel better
if you didn't bring him along.


Is that lipstick or blood?


- Okay.
- Okay, what?

I won't bring him.

[bike revving]


Danny, look,
I'm nervous. Alright?

I almost laid it down
around that last corner.

Look, I could take it back
and then relax, okay.

They won't even know
what hit 'em.

It'll be bang, in and out,
just like in the movies.

Yeah, well,
I hope you're right.

'Look, I told you!'

These guys are here every
fucking week like clockwork.

They pull up right over there.

I watched 'em
every Friday for a month.

I just can't believe
I never thought of it before.

Where is your gun?

Shit. I can't believe
I've got a gun in my hand.

Would you relax?

We won't even need 'em, okay?

It's gonna take ten minutes.
That's a 100 grand a minute.

You think about it.

Stop pissing about.

Lovely boat, isn't it?


[sensuous music]

Danny boy.

[music continues]

Do you have any lotion?

My skin is so dry.

Sure, we got lotion.

Oh, shit! Danny! Man, I gotta
get outta here, I can't do it.

- Shut up!
- Fuck you.

I cannot do this!
Take the gun, damn it!

Take it! I'm outta here.

- Stay. No. Now, listen!
- God damn you.

- Danny, please!
- Shut the fuck up.

- I can't do it, man!
- I'll blow your fuckin' brains!

- You got it? You got?
- Okay, okay. Yes.

- Take the gun and get up. Okay?
- Danny, I can't do it.

- Alright. Shh!
- I can't.

Put this back on.
Put it on.


[mysterious music]

[sensuous music]


[mysterious music]

'You're always busting
my ball, huh?'

You're always doing this,
man. Open the bag.

I trust him.
So, alright, check it out.

[intense music]


[music continues]

'Don't anybody move.'

Who the fuck are you?

Shut up.

'Put the bag down
on the ground and back off.'

Your making a serious
fucking mistake, man.

No, we're making some
serious fucking bread, man.

I'm gonna get you,
you little fuck.

- You're dead.
- Oh, yeah?

Really? That's all
you're gonna do then, is it?

Alright, well.

Won't be needing
these then, will you, huh?

[water splashing]

Yo, yo, I know you!

'Yeah, I know you.
You're Danny Rollins, right?'

Huh, what the fuck
are you doing?

Are you out
of your fucking mind?

Oh, shit, Danny, I told you
this wasn't gonna work.

Shut the fuck up!

- Shit, Danny!
- Shut up!

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
that's Danny Rollins man.

That's that little
bullshit video director.


[firing continues]

[motorbike revving]

[firing continues]

Goddamn it!

I can't believe
that little prick ripped us off!


[Eric laughing]


No, no, no.

[romantic music]




[Eric exhales]

[Lena chuckles]

You know, when I first
came to L.A..

...I thought it'd be really
dirty the first month.

It is.

You know, but the ocean..'s beautiful.

Hey, come up
to the roof with me.

We can hear the ocean.

I just wanna stay here.

Come up to the roof.

Oh, I just wanna lie here.

Come on.

You be here
when I get back, then.

[Lena gasps]


Where is he?

Where the fuck is he?

- Who?
- Don't fuck with me, bitch.

Danny Rollins.

I don't know.

You're in his fucking house.

Where is he?

I don't know.
I'm with Eric.

Check the kitchen.

Eric who?
Where the fuck is Eric?

Where is he?

- He left.
- Yeah, right.

Watch her ass.


Yeah, this is Detective Cook.
Detective Cook!

I want an APB put out
on a Danny Rollins.



'Wanted for aggravated assault.'


One last time.

Where the fuck is he?



[dramatic music]

- 'Come back this way, come on!'
- 'Where is he?'

- 'No, there. He went this way.'
- 'Where?'

[music continues]

'There he is.'

I see him.

Come on.

[gunfire continues]

That bastard.

Where'd he go?



Did you see who it was?

He was too fucking big
to be Rollins.

- Are you sure?
- Definitely.


Hey, whoever it was,
he'll wash up tomorrow.



- Lookie here. Eric Wright.
- Who the hell is Eric Wright?

He used to be
hot shit around here.

Alright, let's wipe
this place clean.

What about her?

Get about her.

C'mon, baby.

Let me hang up
your coat.


Shit. Fucking.


What's that all about?

What am I gonna do now, man?

What am I gonna do now?

Calm down. Relax.

Holly will help you.
Holly will help you.

No, she won't.
That bitch.

I'll beg forgiveness,
she likes that.



Jesus Christ.

[melancholic music]

'I get a call
in the middle of the night'

can't go back to sleep.

And I write this poem,
now listen to this.

'"I used to hear the waves
crashing in the distance.'

"Now it just
sounds like freeways.

"I used to listen
to music to help me sleep.

"Now music keeps me awake.

"I used to dream about a woman.

"Now I've forgotten her face.

"The mystery is gone,
the mystery is gone

"and it's not in the wine,
it's not in the powder

it's not like before.
The mystery is gone."

I wrote that this morning.

Cook, good morning.

Wait inside.

Don't you think
it's a little early for poetry?

It's never too early
to arouse a soul.

Did you find your money?

It wasn't my money
that ran across the parking lot.

We hadn't completed
the transaction.

Well, did you take care
of our little problem?

Not yet.

Track it down, Cook.
That's what good cops do.

Try to keep up appearances.

[birds chirping]

Yeah, well, there's
a bug in the ointment.

And it's a bug you know.

The guy at Rollins'
house was definitely

your former partner.

Eric Wright.

Are you sure about that?


Yeah, I'm sure.

He was seen last
night at the Army Club.

Had words with Julie and left
with the redhead we iced.

'I put an APB
on his red Corvette.'

I'll talk to Julie.
You find Eric.

[birds chirping]

[knocking on door]


I told you, I didn't
wanna see you anymore.

I know, I'm sorry.
I need your help, Julie.

You need a loan,
go to the bank.

- Wait a minute?
- Go ask your redhead for help.

- Would you let go off the door?
- She's dead, Julie.

Will you just cool out?

Just walk away, man.

- David, put that gun down.
- She doesn't wanna talk to you.

So now, go.
Walk away.

Give me this.
Enough of this shit, okay?

What are you doing?

Julie, listen,
the cops killed that girl.

I need your help
to find Danny.

And I gotta use your car.

You're doing it all over
again, aren't you?

'Julie, please, just get
your keys'

'follow me with your car, okay?'





You know, your sister
can be a real

pain in the ass sometimes.

She's still mad at you.

She is still
stubborn as hell.

[engine revving]

[tires screeching]

Eric, that's my gun.

David, what are you
doing with a gun?

- It's my dad's.
- Put it in the glove box.

[tires screeching]

Where's a good
place to dump this car?

There's a place a few miles up.

Show me.

[engine revving]

[lively music]

[music continues]

'Julie, bring me your keys.'

You are out
of your fucking mind.

'Forget it. I've had
enough of this shit.'

Bring me your Goddamn keys.

What are you doing?

Help me out.
Come on, help me out.

Bring him the fucking
keys before he blows

my head off, he means it.

Come on!


Thanks. Listen, David,
I'm sorry

but you're gonna have to hold
for back to the house, okay?

- That's cool.
- Great.

Hey, Eric.
She still loves you.


Look, leave the car, take the
keys, here's your gun, okay?

- Thanks a lot.
- You got it.

- You coming?
- Ugh, it's my car.

Look, pull the car over, okay?
I wanna walk.

- No, I am not pulling over.
- Pull over!

Pull the fucking
car over!

'Happy? I pulled over,
you wanna walk?'

- I do.
- Here we are, Julie.

I'm not getting involved
in your shit anymore, Eric.

I don't deal drugs.
I am a photo-journalist.

- I pay taxes.
- Bastard!

How dare you point a gun
at my brother's head?

- He pointed it at me, Julie.
- Oh, shit.

Julie, only you can help me.
You know everyone in town.

- You gotta help me find Danny.
- Forget it!

- That hurt.
- Good! I don't care.

- Yes, you do.
- No, I don't.

Yes, you do, Julie.

No, I don't.
And don't flatter yourself.

Listen, I don't trust you.

And trust is as important
as love and if you don't know

what that word means,
look it up.

- They're gonna kill me, Julie.
- Call a cop.

The cops are the ones
who killed the red head!

[instrumental music]

Don't say anything
or I'll change my mind.

[instrumental music]

And don't touch me.

[instrumental music]


Mr. Madson wants
to talk to you.

He's got legs,
can't he walk?

Don't fuck with me, kid. I ain't
got time for this. Come on.

It's a lovely day.

Yeah, it was.

Why don't you
like me, David?

Oh, gee, Carl,
I don't know.

I mean, after all,
you always treat me so good.

Where's your sister?

I don't know.

Where is she?

I don't know
where she is.

[pop music]

That's her.

You think you can handle it?
I gotta go make a call.

[music continues]

I wanna work on the intro again.
Can I help you?

Yeah, I am looking for Holly.


'I'd like to talk to her.
If she has a minute?'

- Yeah.
- Yeah, that's right.

'Business or pleasure?'

Kind of personal.


I'm a friend
of Danny Rollins.

Hey, I don't want to upset you.
He's in little trouble.

- And I gotta talk to him.
- He's in trouble here, too.

He banged on my door last night
and told him to get lost.

Should have been here
four fucking hours ago

to direct this video.

Any idea where
I could find him?

That's real funny.

No. I don't know
where you can find him.

In fact, if you find him,
tell him to eat shit and die.

'Excuse me.'

'Okay, that's it. It's over.
Everybody can go home.'

- Seems like your type.
- Used to be.

[indistinctive chattering]

Doesn't that weasel
have any friends.

You're one to talk.

I've got another
place we can look.

[ominous music]

Oh, darling,
that's upside down.

No wonder they keep
bouncing out.

Ooh, you put on a few pounds
since you left the DeLaurenti.

Listen, you need to make
the hoops bigger

so it can accentuate
your neckline.

Listen, girls.

You must be down for rehearsal
in a few minutes.

If you are not down here,
I'm gonna use the whipping.

You know, I would do just that,
don't ever forget it.

My, my, my, my!

Just what I've been waiting for.
what I've been looking for.

That's beautiful, so fabulous.

Oh, yes. Fabulous! Wooh!

Eric, I heard that you was here.

But you know
I didn't believe it.

Hey, Brandon?
How are you man?

So good to see you.

- Hey, remember Julie?
- Oh, yes.

You always
did have a good taste.

Well, I wouldn't know what his
tastes are these days, Brandon.

Oh, really?

Bran, have you seen Danny
Rollins around? Is he here?

I say he is.

I don't know what you boys upto.

But he rode that big hunk of his
here this morning.

Went up the stairs,
hiding out in the office.

And he won't come out.

And he keep on saying,
"don't tell anybody I am here."

"Don't tell anyone I am here."

Who does he think I am?

Thanks, Brandon,
I'll take care.


Okay, ladies.

This is his bike.


It's me, Eric.

Hey hey hey.

Hey, I knew you'd find me.

'How you doing, man?'

You old rascal,
you still need a shave.

- Hi, Julie.
- Hello.

Ha, just like
the old days, isn't it?

She only leaves one cheap pile,
I'll tell you what.

Hey, Danny, what have
you done man?

Nothing we can't get out of.

Eric, you're not gonna believe
what I have done.

Can we, uh, talk alone?

She can stay.
Come on, tell me. Tell me.

I swiped a million
dollars off of Carl Madson.

- Why did you do that, Danny?
- Didn't know it was his.

Not that I give a shit.
He's a slim-hearted bastard.


He did.
Lena is dead.

They killed her, Danny.

And they shot at me.

- I didn't know.
- You didn't know?

You didn't think they'd come
to your house looking for you?


No. 'Cause you don't think.

You never fucking think.

What are you doing
stealing money, Danny, huh?

I was broke.
I needed the money.

Hey, man, sell your house.

I like my house.

I'm glad they didn't get you.

Danny, they're gonna kill you.

Tell me what happened.

One of them recognized me.

One of them recognized you?

Who else knows about this?

I hid the money.

It's not just the money.

There's a dead girl
laying in your bed.

What do you plan on
doing about that?

Getting my skinny arse
out of town

that's what I'm planning on
doing about that.


You're un-fucking-believable.

What do you expect me
to do about it?

I didn't kill Lena.
She is dead, right?

Give the money back.

You're not just
dealing with Carl.

One of those guys was a cop.

- Cop?
- Yeah, a fucking cop.

Now, forget it, even if I did
give it back, they'd kill me.

I am going to Jamaica.

- Jamaica?
- Yeah.

- 'Jamaica?'
- Yeah, come with me, Eric.

We'll split the money
down the middle.

A million's worth
ten million down there, man.

No, I don't
want to go to Jamaica.

I like my life.
My life is good.

You always were so fucking
superior, weren't you?

Always so much better than me.


- Give the money back.
- No.

What a piece of shit
you turned out to be, Danny.

I give up.

Danny, Danny.

If you just
give the money back.

Yeah, right.

Yeah, pull the other
one that's got bells on it.

I am not giving it back.

I wanna try one more thing and
you'll never see me again, okay?

- I think I misjudged you.
- Yeah, well, that happens.

What are you gonna do?

We'll talk to Carl.

I don't think
you should do that.

Look, Julie, he thinks
I stole his money, okay?

Do you know
where I could find him?


Here, here, write on this.

[instrumental music]

I'm sorry, Julie.

What's the matter?


[dance music]

'Just a little more.'

[indistinct chatter]

I don't want anymore.

[chatter continues]

'You've always
had great taste in women.'

I know that.

Bye, sweetheart.

She loves that pool.

Good to see you. Get into
something a little skimpier.

Oh, Christ.



Thank you.

Thank you.

Oh, my God!

[indistinct chatter]

Look at you.
Look at you.

God, forgive me.
I love this city.

Make sure he's alone.

[dance music continues]

Eric. Unbelievable.

Hello, Carl.

I see you
haven't changed a bit.

No, but I have.

Yeah, you know...

You don't look like
you're having a good time.

My party boring?

No, no. Very exciting.

Excuse me if I seem
surprised to see you.

Are you in town on business?

No, I'm outta that business.

Oh, that's right.
What are you now?

You're a phono-journalist or
something, right?

Yeah, something like that.

Come on, Eric, you like, uh,
like playing like a little kid

in the street
with a camera, huh?

Yeah, I like it.
It's legal.

No one ever
accidently takes too much.


it's not a bad thing.

Like being a stamp collector
isn't a bad thing.

All the choices
one can make in life.

Well, if you like it, hey.

Let me buy
an old friend a drink.

What would you like?

I like to cut the shit, okay?

Yeah, it seems that we
have a problem, don't we?

Look, we don't have a problem.

I didn't take your money.

Danny Rollins took your money.

And a few kilos.

Your problem is with him.

I am here as a Phono-journalist.

That's it.

Let me ask you something, Eric.

How do you plan
to get out of fucking town?

They're looking for the guy that
killed that red head.

You know, the one
with the world's longest legs.

You wanna know something?
They think you did it.

Yeah, they are looking to put
murder one on you, buddy.

Everyone's looking for you.

Your skin is under
her finger nails.

Your finger prints
are everywhere.

Did you use a rubber?
You did, didn't you?

Way to go, pal.
Safe sex.

You should have
taken the rubber with you

because that's
positive identification.

Can we talk some place?

Sure, man, I think we
better, come on, man.

Get you a drink or something?

I could get you a drink.

Come on, Carl.

Why are you
doing this to me?

You know I don't
have your money.

Hey, any partner that walks out
on me and disappears

for four years is
no friend of mine.

Don't expect any favors from me.
I am not Michael.

No, you are not Michael.

He was my best friend though.

[phone ringing]

Michael was
your best friend, huh?

I want my money, Eric.

Get it.

Hey, get it yourself, Carl.



It's for you.



Do you hear that?

Do you hear that?

'That's your
little fucking friend, man.'

Have you got it?


Ask him again.




Not to worry.

Eric knows where it is.



Must have been disconnected.

You're a fucking asshole,
you know that, Carl?

Now, you give me my money.

And you get Cook's merchandise
and you bring it back to me.

Don't think that you can
slip back into New York.

'Cause I know where you live.

422, West nine street,
apartment C.

I know where you buy
your groceries and I even know

where you get your
fucking film developed.

Now, I want my money.

And you got 24 hours.

Carl, listen to me.

I don't have your money.

I have no idea where Danny
stashed your money.

But you know
how to find it.

I couldn't find it if I had to.

Hey, you got 24 hours .

Come on, back inside
he's alright, he's a big boy

he can take care of himself.
We'll enjoy ourselves now.

You've got 24 hours.

[instrumental music]

Hey, Eric.

Man, you look like
you could use a drink.


[indistinctive talking]

'You're here to see Julie?'


She's in the office.
I'll go buzz her.

Oh, leave
the bottle, okay.

[instrumental music]

- You okay?
- No, I am not okay.

Let's go sit down.

[instrumental music]

So, what did Carl say?

Did he believe you?

They killed Danny.

Oh, my god.

Carl's out
of his fucking mind.

What did he say?

'Wants me to find his money
but he's killed the person'

who knows where it is.

- I got to get out of here.
- Oh, wait wait a minute.

- We could go to my house.
- 'Fine.'

- Mathew, I'm going.
- Okay, goodnight.


[instrumental music]

'Goodnight, Julie.'

'Thank you.'

& You know that I want
your love babe &

& logic says you
can never have it &

& My defences say
I didn't want it anyway &

& You know sometimes I am liar &

& If you ever want
me to love you &

& you ever want
me to care &

& It's just what
I've been through &

& Nothing like what
I'm going through &&

Holy, shit.


- Hey, Eric.
- Hey.

David, make Eric some food
I am gonna go freshen up.

- It's alright, continue.
- Eric, you need some food.

Yeah, it's no problem
I can make you turkey sandwich.

What have I been doing?
I'm a Photo-journalist?

Hey, let me ask
you a question.

Are you and Julie gonna
get back together or what?

Fuck, if I know.

'Cause you're the only
guy she'll act normal around.

- Do you know about Carl?
- What about Carl?

I hate that guy.

You know after you left.

She goes into the closet.

She gets out these pictures of
you and her from over the years.

Packages them packages them
and she takes the cart box

empties it out, cleans it
and she puts it right

there in the middle
of the living room floor.

And she starts
making cat litter.

Of all the pictures.

I swear in god
packages and packages them.

And then there was one
picture I saw of you naked.

- It was funny.
- Why?

Well, I don't mean
that the picture was funny.

What she was doing was funny.
She tore it, like some sort

of ceremony
or something.

Eric, you bastard,
oh oh oh.

She did that, huh?

It looked funny
when she did it.

- Oh, my god.
- It looked funny when you did.

Then she saw that picture
you had in Time Magazine.

Yeah what did
she think about that?

Holy shit, she was
so fucking angry.

'How angry was I, David?'

Oh, I gotta go watch
some pro-wrestling.

Oh, good idea.

- Thanks for the sandwich.
- Goodnight.

Enjoyed your sandwich?

[phone ringing]

Oh, it'll be the club.



Yeah, just got home.

'No, I'm really tired.
I am just gonna go to sleep.'

'No no, it's not that.

Listen can I call
you tomorrow?

No, I am just
really tired.

Okay, goodnight.

I know.
Me too.



Shouldn't lie
to your boyfriend, Julie.

You're doing really
well for yourself.

I'm proud of you.


I had some help
in the begining.

Friend of mine co-signed
the loan for the club.

But I made
it a success.

Kinda hard to believe, huh?

I even surprised myself.

I don't find
it hard to believe.

Your he
in love with you?


It's kind of complicated.

He was there for me
when you left.

Running the club kinda
helped me clean up.

Once I got cleaned,
I looked at him

and then I realized he wasn't
who I thought he was.

I've been trying to break
it off but he won't have it.

Why did you leave?

I had to.

Why did you leave me?

Everything was getting
so distorted.

Carl, Michael and I... were
making more money than God.

But there's Michael,
he's jammin'

three grams of cocaine
in his arm every day.

Carl's playing around
dealing guns.

Holly's snorting in
an ounce of blow a week.

We were all doing
this crazy stupid shit.

Michael OD's, my own brother
OD's and all Carl can say is

"Hey man, that, that's just part
for the course, man."

If I didn't get out when I did
I'd be dead right now.

Why didn't you
take me with you?

You didn't want to go.

What do you mean,
I didn't wanna go?

I was so angry when you left.

When I didn't hear from you.
I-I thought you were dead.

Until that picture of that
little girl on time magazine.

I'm sorry,
I-I gotta go.



Take me with you.

- No.
- Why not?

By this time tomorrow half the
city will be tryin' to kill me.

What's the real reason?

What do you
want from me, Julie?

I want you back.

[instrumental music]

["Every time I kiss your lips"
by Geoffrey Leigh Tozer]

& I &

& been down this road before &

& I think you get my meaning &

& What we've been through &

& Doesn't matter anymore &

& What really counts &

& Is just a feeling &

& Every time I kiss your lips &

& Every time I touch your face &

& Every time we get close &

& Is like the first
time for me &

& And every time
I see your eyes &

& Every time I hear your voice &

& Every time we make love &

& Is like the first
time for me &

& I could've said &

& I've never been
in love before &

[camera clicks]

& You know the story &

& Don't let the past
get in the way &

& Of somethin' good &

& Don't you look back &

& Or you'll be sorry &

& Every time I kiss your lips &

& Every time I touch your face &

& Every time we get close &

& Is like the first
time for me &&

Oh, yeah.


I got to deal with this man
for a moment, baby, okay?

You wait for me inside, I'll be
there in a minute. Alright?

- You want me to leave now?
- Yeah, now.

I'll be right there.
Just trust me.

'You got my money yet?'

- No.
- What do you want?

I got something
you're not gonna like, man.

I don't wanna see it.

Yeah, you do.

You better stop bringin'
me bad news, Cook.

It might not be healthy
for our relationship.

Oh, God, damn.

I want him.

You got him.

Hmm, Eric, Eric,
where you going?

- I gotta go.
- Don't go, Don't go.

I gotta go, Julie,
I can't stay here.

I'm never gonna
leave you, baby. Don't worry.


Don't fuckin' move.

'Huh, God oh, my God.'

I'm sorry, Julie.


'Well, look who
we got here.'

You're little buddy Danny
was a total pussy.

But I got to hand it to him.
He kept his mouth shut.

[intense music]

Get dressed.
Get in the car.

You must like to live

Your 24 hours are now 12.
I told you to get in the car!

I meant everything
I said to you, Eric.

Somebody get this slut
out of my sight!


You left. You didn't give a shit
what happened to her.

I did.

I took care of her.

I co-signed
for her fucking club.


You fucked my old lady.

I didn't know.


- Carl, don't!
- Bitch!

You know now.

Get her out of here!

You got 12 hours, pal.

And you... I never
liked schmuck.


What's the matter?

All messed up
and no where to go.

- Eric, put this on your lip.
- Forget it.

Here, shirt.

I need a car.

- Where are we going?
- 'Pekon Union.'

- Where's that?
- 'Downtown, L.A.'

- What for?
- I got to see an old friend.

- I need a gun.
- I have a gun.

Not that gun.
I need a real gun.

- I'm really good with guns.
- You know how to use a rifle?

Yeah, I used one at ROTC.

When were you in ROTC?

- High school.
- High school. Great.

Hey, hey.

How come you never told me about
Carl and your sister, David?

I was afraid to.

You had my car in there
all this time.


'What was I gonna do?
Just leave it up there?'

- Someone would have--
- Forget it, just get in.

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter]

Hey, excuse me, brother.

[indistinct chatter]

[indistinct chatter]

Relax, Eric.

Some of them
got to be honest.

One honest cop I know gave me
a ticket for a 175 dollars.


Go ahead, give
her a kiss.

David we're here.

- Sup, man?
- Hey, man, where've you been?

Out of town. Hey,
you look great.

I see you've maintained
that waistline, huh?


Hey, look.

I heard about your brother,
Michael, man.

I'm sorry.

This is David,
he's a friend of mine.

The new right hand, dude?

'Something like that, yeah.'

What can I do for you?

- Tikki!
- 'Yeah.'

- Watch the rigs.
- No problem, Jimmy.

So, you back
in business.

No, this is private.

- Private like in a 3-5-7.
- Private like in a 3-0-8.

For him?

Hey, he's the best.

Show you what I got.

I got shotguns and long guns.

I got die hard
and two medium models.

I got the whole Rambo line.

I got a gun so big,
it will bust a Robocop.

Check it out.

'Well, Jimmy, I see business
is booming.'

'See something
you liked, David.'

You got a model 70 Winchester
with a big red fume.

Uh, yeah.


I hope he never fuckin' calls.
I wanna kill you so bad.

[phone ringing]


It's me, Carl,
I got your money.

You know, I like that.

Bring it to me.

Oh, you want it?

This is how you get it.

You meet at Matador beach
in one hour.

You know where that is?

Yeah, I know where it is.

Good, then be there in one hour
with Julie. You got that?

No, guns, Carl.

'One hour, Carl.'

One hour.

But I tell you somethin', pal.
I'm through fucking with you.

Good for you.

What the fuck
are you looking at?

Now, we get the money.

I'd like to mess you up.
So fucking bad.

Oh, I'd like
to mess you up.

Fuckin' lover boy, uh?

Oh, your fuckin'
lover boy, huh.

You slut!

The fuckin' shit
I did for you.

Your fuckin' hands tied.

You gonna go see your fuckin'
lover boy, uh? Hey.

- Uh?
- No.

'Fuckin' bitch.'

Nothing here.

He's not here.

He probably got caught
in traffic.

[phone ringing]

(male #1)

It's him.

Listen, mother fucker.

She dies in five minutes,
if you don't get your ass

down here with my money.

'I got it, I'm right here.'

Get that fuck.

- Hey, Carl.
- What?

I see anyone but you come
this way or any guns

your money takes a bath,
you got that?

Wait a minute.

Come on, come on, shit!

Let me ask you a question.

What's stopping me
from coming over there?

And chopping your dick off,
mother fucker.

I got a pro with me.

Oh, yeah? You got a pro
with you?

What have I got?
A bunch of fuckin' amateurs?

Do it.

[gun shot]


[gun shot]


Ha ha, hey.

'Good shot.'

I wanna see Julie, now.

Get Julie out of the car.

'Lover boy is waiting.'

- Out.
- 'Ah.'

Okay, now that we got
that over.

You listen to me, okay?

Do you hear me?


I'm all ears, pal.

You see the blue towel
in the middle of the beach?

'Do you see it?'


'Meet me there.'

There's a path off
to your left

just you and Julie,
you got that?


You take the money down there,
and when I see it

then you get
your old lady, man.

Hey, Carl.

Your head is about
the same size as a headlight.

You know what I'm talking
about here?

So, either we do it my way

or your boys would be scrapping
you off to highway.

We wouldn't
want that to happen.

Alright, you first.

- Hey, David.
- What?

'Stay down.'

And count heads.

'Okay. Be careful.'

'Yeah, right.'

[intense music]

[indistinct talking]

Let's go. Come on.

[music continues]

Keep it moving,
keep it moving.

Okay, let's get
this over with.

- You okay, Julie?
- Hmm-umm.

I'm sure the two of you have
a lot you'd like to talk about.

Untie her.

Show me the money.

- Untie her, you son of a bitch.
- Untie her yourself.

What do you want to do?
Stand out here all day?

We could.


'Give me the money.'

Let her go.

- Fuck you.
- No, fuck you.

Give me the fuckin' money.

- Let her go, Carl.
- Fuck you.

Just fuckin' do it!

Give me the fucking money!

- You're alright?
- Yeah.

I want to ask you a question.

How do you fuckin'
expect to get away with this?

I got a question for you.

How you gonna get back
to your car, huh?

- Shoot him!
- Get down!

[gun firing]

[firing continues]


Shoot him!


Holy shit.

[firing continues]



You son of a bitch.


[firing continues]

Where you going, man?

- Fuck you!
- Get back here!

I'm out of here, man.

Damn it! God!
Damn it.

You stupid fuck.

[firing continues]


Shut up!

This is really pissing me off.



She's like you're mother
and you wanna fuck with me?

Get out of the fuckin' way.

There you go, take it.

Get up, get up.

Fuck out
of the way, Carl.

I'll get you.

Son of a bitch.
Son of a bitch!

Get the fuck out
of the way, Carl.

[gun firing]

- Alright--
- Drop it!

Police! Drop it!

Throw the gun on the hood.
Drop it!

- Detective Cook--
- I know who you are.

Shall I read you
your rights?

- Look--
- Up against the car.

Spread 'em baby!


Alright, you got it?

- Here we go.
- Yay.

- Thanks, guys.
- Thanks, guys.

- You're welcome.
- Hey, thanks, Brandon.

Hope you have more luck
with this hog than Danny did.

Hope you have a good time
in Broward too.

- Take care.
- Thanks.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

Hey, folks,
how can I help you?

There's something wrong
with one of my wheels

you wanna check it?

Sure thing, Son.

- Be nice.
- Right.

That's strange.

What is it?

The gauge is busted.
Just a second.

Both your tiers
ought to be flat.

Oh, I checked 'em twice.

This is the strangest thing
I have ever saw in my life.

Uh, never mind, never mind.
Forget it.

Julies, I think this runs
like a million bucks.

- No way.
- Yeah.

Oh, my God.

I don't believe it.