Sunset (1988) - full transcript

Whilst making a silent film about the life of the legendary lawman Wyatt Earp, veteran actor 'Tom Mix' (Bruce Willis) discovers that the real Earp ('James Garner') is on the film set as a technical advisor. The two become friends, but when a murder takes place, the two become partners and set about tracking down the killer.

Take her off!


Somebody help me!

Help me!



-I said cut.
-That was great.

Okay, that's lunch.
Half an hour.

-Hi, Tom.

-Hello, Tom.
-Miss Victoria.

-You look mighty
pretty today.
-Thanks. So do you.

Let's go for a walk, Tom.

Randy, bring a couple chairs.

The film's looking very good.

Afraid we may have
another big hit on our hands.

-You came here to tell
me that?

-I didn't think so.

I just bought a sensational
script called Lawman.

About a famous frontier
marshal, Wyatt Earp.

Yeah, I heard of him.

"Alperin Films presents
Tom Mix, Hollywood's most
famous cowboy

"starring as Wyatt Earp,
the West's famous lawman."


-I'll get Earp as
technical advisor.
-Now hold on!

I didn't become numero uno at
the box office by playing
other people.

Tom, this is a very
important project to me.

Fox and Chaplin are gambling
on sound.

I'm betting my bankroll
on you in Lawman.

What if I don't agree?

Fact is, I'll be very unhappy.

And you'll have to sit out
your contract.

When's it up
That's four years.

What are we saying?
You haven't read the
script yet.

I may be wrong,
but I'm sure you'll love it.

Well, I'll read it. I'll let
you know in the morning.

Fine. I wanna start shooting
next month.

I still have to talk
to the famous marshal.

DIRECTOR: All right,
let's get back to work.

It should be educational,
working with
a real gunfighter.

Maybe he'll give you
some pointers.

Yeah, I bet he will.

You've got the wrong end
of the horse.

Depends on how you look at it.

If you was Tony Jr., here,
you'd think you got the wrong
end of Tom Mix.

-Bye, Alfie.

-No, but he will.

Where's he going?

-It's been a pleasure,
Mr. Earp.
-Feeling's mutual, George.

-That's right.
Tom Mix, isn't it?

That's right.

Can I give you a lift
into town?

On your horse?

No, Tony Jr. ain't got
no license plates.

I'm afraid you'll have to ride
in the Duesenberg.

There's a press conference
at 2:00.

At 3:30, you meet with
Mr. Alperin. At 4:00, we have
a photo session.

Will he have enough time
to get to the radio station
by 5:30?

If we finish the photos by
4:45. Do you have clothes that
look Western?

We'll get something
in wardrobe.

You look like a Texas oil
man instead of a sheriff.

-A marshal.
What's the difference?

Hey, here they come!

Would you ever
consider acting?

Excuse me. I'm not gonna like
staying here.

Then let's find you a place
where you will like staying.

Will Alperin be disappointed
if I don't show up for
those things?

Yeah. That worry you?

I hired on as an advisor,
not a celebrity.

Well, that's it.

I lived here before I got
famous. Quiet. Private.

-Washed my socks in the sink.

Sure, I own it.
Mi casa es su casa.

I read about it in
the Sunday paper.

-If it's in print, it's gotta
be true.

In the Chicago Tribune they
said you were in the Boer War.

-No, just sketches
and engravings.

Engravings? Isn't that how
counterfeiters make
funny money?

Cue the Earps.

-You're under arrest.

Don't kill me!
I ain't shooting!

The fight's commenced.
Get to fighting or get out.

DIRECTOR: Dialogue, Billy.

God, forgive me for all
the bad things I've done.


-We'll do the close-ups
after lunch.
-All right, that's lunch.

-Okay for me.

-Was that really just
like it?
-Just like it.

I want to get Tom's
close-ups first.

Tom, that was interesting.

-No. You handle a six-gun
pretty good.

-Praise from Caesar.

You gotta hit what you shoot
at. I just gotta look good.

Was that really the way
it was?

Give or take a lie or two.
-Mr. Earp.

Good morning, Miss Shoemaker.


Honey, I'm gonna propose.

If you don't do publicity,
I'll lose my job.

I don't want that to happen.
I'll work it out with
Mr. Alperin.

I know Alfie. He won't talk
until he gets his pound
of flesh.

Do you mind if I try anyway?

-Okay, Mr. Earp.
-Would you mind making
that Wyatt?

Sure, if you make it Nancy.

You warm an old man's heart,

Shame on you, Wyatt, trying
to pull that old man stuff
on me.

Mr. Earp?
Chief Dibner wants to see you.

-Chief of security.
I'll take you.

No need. Just point me in
the direction.

Go down Main Street.
Last bungalow on the left.

-Sounds easy.
Thanks, officer.
-You're welcome.

Hey, Wyatt.

-Chief Dibner wants me.

Hold on a minute.

-Make him come to you.

Because he's a dangerous
son of a bitch.

You know what they say about
bearding a lion in his den.

Sometimes the same thing
applies to dangerous
sons of bitches.

You could've made a hell of
an actor.

Marshalling and acting
aren't too far apart.

One time, I wasn't packing my
six-gun, and Doc Holliday
was drunk.

He was roaring he was gonna
shoot my earlobes off.

I went for a hideout gun.

Luckily, he thought I had one.

-Oh, every word.

Give or take a lie or two.

Watch yourself, amigo.

It's just a Western.
Some Indians die, big deal.

-Watch your step.
-Michael, please!

Hold on.

Excuse me, but you're in
the way of some very
dedicated drinking.

Well, I'm sorry.

Hey! What picture are you in?

I'm not.

-Name's Earp.

Wyatt Earp?

Well, I'm Billy the Kid,
and she's Calamity Jane.

Mary Jane Cannary was a dear
woman, but she looked like
an unmade bed.

-This young lady's much
too pretty.
-Thank you, Mr. Earp.

Mr. Earp is here.

I'm Marvin Dibner.

Well, have a seat.

Apparently, Mrs. Alperin knows
you're here in Hollywood.

Mrs. Alperin would like you to
pay a call on her as a favor.

You know who she is?

Did you ever meet her?

-You don't say much, do you,
-No, I don't.

Also, it's Mr. Earp.
Or Marshal, or even Earp.

Not Wyatt until I tell you.
And while I think of it

don't ever question me again.

Just trying to be friendly.

You're trying to stay
ahead of the game.

Your boss's wife wants to talk
to me, you want to know why.

Probably your boss does, too.

My job is to get curious about
anything involving
Mrs. Alperin.

What's bothering you?

Your bad manners and the fact
you don't hear too good.

I told you not to try
questioning me.

And I meant it.

-Thank you.
-Thanks, Mr. Earp.

First off, don't ever crowd
anybody unless you got
a first-class reason.

Did you do a lot of time, boy?


For what?

Armed robbery.

Make a move, it'll be
the mistake of your life.

-Oh, yeah.

-Marshal Earp to see
Mrs. Alperin.

If you'll follow me.

I'll inform Mrs. Alperin
that you're here.

Not much like Denver.

Mr. Earp,
thank you for coming.

-I've hoped to see you again.
-I wanted to hear from you.

It wouldn't have been fitting.
I didn't think you'd remember.

You've never been forgotten.

You are just as I remember.
Perhaps taller.

-Is it possible that
you grew?
-Not likely.

Then there can only be
one explanation.

I was wearing high heels.

You were. Soft, gray kid
high-button shoes.

-I undid them.

-The buttons were
yellow ivory.

That night in Denver,
you said...

That if you were ever in
trouble, I'd come.

Let's go outside where we
won't be interrupted.

Alfie told me you were here,
and everyone else is afraid.

-Of each other. Of...

Of your husband?

Yes, I suppose so.

They're afraid Alfie might not
want me helped.

With your son?

I met him today at the studio.


I received a letter from
a woman I used to know named
Candace Girard.

She runs a place
called the Candy Store.

She says Michael hurt one of
her girls and I suggests
I buy her off.

-Rhonda Lopez.
Please see her.

I've no one to turn to.
I'll pay anything.

I'm not for hire. I'll do it
for the way you held
the roses.

Christina Alperin a very
lovely lady who married
the wrong man.

Easy to understand.
When she met Alfie

he didn't want
to take over the world.

He was still "The Happy Hobo"
that people laughed at
and loved.

I'm here to tell you, Wyatt,
when he wanted to be

he could be the most charming,

giving, funny man.

Especially when he
wanted something.

He sure did want Christina.

Aren't you hot?

It's open.

-The press awaits.
-Better get her done,

I explained that you have
pressing engagements and must
be done by 6:30.

-I didn't.

Tom's taking me on a tour.

Starting with Grauman's
Chinese and ending up at
the Candy Store.

-Good evening, Mr. Mix.

Allow me to introduce
Mr. Wyatt Earp.

-Yes, I'm not dead yet.

I can see that.

Promise not to close us down
like the saloons in Tombstone.

-I never closed a saloon in
my life.

-We know what Tom drinks.
-I'll have...

No, let me guess.
A Waterfill and Frazier

and a cold Dos Equis to chase.

Close enough.

CHERYL: How long do you
plan to be in town?

EARP: As long as I find
it interesting.

-We'll do what we can
to keep you.
-I think that'd be nice.

-Miss Alperin.

Victoria Alperin,
Alfie's kid sister, and...

Dutch Kieffer.

I'm surprised a marshal
knows the Chicago underworld.

East or West,
a crook is a crook.

Did Tom tell you that our
ladies all look like
famous movie stars?

Greta? This is Mr. Wyatt Earp.

-It's a pleasure, Mr. Earp.
-My pleasure, Ms. Garbo.

Amazing resemblance.

Yes, and besides Greta, we
have Janet Gaynor, Pola Negri

and the Gish sisters.

I forget you're here
on business.

Mrs. Alperin wanted me to talk
to Candace Girard.

I see. About the girl
that Michael beat up?


You'll find Candace
in the guest cottage.

That's where she lives
and sometimes entertains.

Use the back door.
Tom knows the way.

Will you be here when
I get back?

Depends on when you get back.

How you doing, pal?

Hiya, big boy.


-You aren't what I expected
you to be.

I don't know, exactly.
A little less civilized.

You're not exactly what
I expected you to be, either.

What exactly did you expect
I'd be?

Taller, maybe.

Candy! It's Tom Mix, honey.



Cadillac Eight. Recognize it?


I got a lousy feeling
about this.

Yeah, I got the same
lousy feeling.



Oh, shit.

-Michael Alperin.
-Yeah, we met. Get the car.

SHERYL: Candy!
Open up, it's important.

-It's a raid.

-Killed her!

-Don't go in there!

-No! No!
-Cheryl, come on! Cheryl!

Tom! Get your hat and close
this door!

-Cheryl! Shut up!

Cheryl! Listen to me!

Listen to me! Listen!

Get down! Get down!

Pull yourself together.
Go in there and keep your
mouth shut.

Come on, Tom!

-I didn't know you
could drive.
-I can't.

Hey, look out!

Close that door, honey.

-Get him undressed.

Candy Girard was murdered.

They're looking for Michael.
We gotta keep him here.

-I don't think so.

-I killed her.
-He disagrees.

He's drugged.

-You mean drunk.
-That too.
He's gonna be sick again.


-Real sure.

-That's sure enough for me.
-Honey, come on.

Wait, wait.

We gotta go.
Can you handle this?

Sure, I'll just pretend he's
my ex.

It's gonna be a couple
of days.

I'll manage.
I'll call in sick.

I'll call you as soon as
I get home.

Tom, come on.

-Where is he going without
his pants?

I killed her.

God, I hope you're lying.


I'm okay.

I'm all right.

Will you sleep with me?

I'm old enough to be
your father.

You're old enough to be
my grandfather.
Now answer the question.


I just need to be held.

At one time or another,
we all do.

-Why did you tell Cheryl
where I was?
-She asked me.

I figured if she asked,
you'd tell her.


Grand girl.

A grand 26-year-old girl.
Could've done myself
permanent injury.

-About 16.
-You got more cars.

GUARD: Mr. Mix!

Captain Dibner wants you and
Mr. Earp to report to
his office.

Mr. Mix and Mr. Earp.

Wyatt Earp,
Captain Blackworth, P.D.
Tom, you know him.

Have a seat.

You boys were at
the Candy Store last night.

-Guess we was.

Candace Girard was killed
shortly before you left.


-Yes, sir.

I'm a tequila man.

Waterfill and Frazier.

You saw a girl. Cheryl.

Gotta hand it to you.
You sure are up on things.

We need to talk to her.
She was

close with Candy.

Real close.

Maybe you'd talk
at headquarters.

So far, you've been telling us
things. Ask questions,
you'll get answers.

What do you know about
Candy's murder?

Very little.

Practically nothing.

No idea who killed her?

-Could be the man in
the black Cadillac.

The one that drove out of
the alley.

-License number.
-I forget.

Yeah, I forget too.

Well, if I was you,
I'd damn well try to remember.

You'd have trouble remembering
when you get pushed hard.

Let me give you an example.
Why did you raid
the Candy Store?

It was engaged in the practice
of prostitution.

That's illegal here.

Come on, captain.

Candy's been around a long
time. It's a gold mine.

To stay open, she had to be
paying someone a lot of juice.

I don't know. That's not
my department, that's vice.

Well, there you go.
That's the way it is in
the big city.

Everybody's in another
department. All nice
and legal.

Tell me, captain. With all
those different departments

have you got a department that
looks into crooked cops on
the take?


Sometimes you get pushed
too hard

you got a tendency to forget.

Afternoon, Dib.

You're not gonna let him
get away with that?


What are you gonna do?

I don't know.

But I'm gonna love it.

Get out of town, Earp.

-Smile when you say that,

That was great.

How'd you like it?

Well I thought it was real

But I've never been
in a fight like that
in my whole life.

-And Buffalo Bill didn't kill
-You'd win your bet.

Bill Cody was a good man, but
not as good as his publicity.

Like a movie star cowboy I

I get the impression you're
not comfortable being a
famous cowboy movie star.

What would you say if I told
you when Teddy Roosevelt
and his rough riders were

charging up San Juan Hill,
I was in Muskogee busting

I'd say that you and I
were a whole lot alike.

Part fact and just enough
fiction to sell newspapers.

I guess nobody's entirely
comfortable being anything.

I think the trick is to know
the fact, and don't believe
the fiction.

Tell me about
Captain Blackworth.

Known far and wide as
"Dirty Bernie."
Not a nice piece of work.

-I get the feeling he'd like
to kill one of us.

Maybe both.

If it's me, I'm counting on
you to avenge me.

-Oh, no. Too early.

Says you. This morning,
I need some help.

Do you know a girl named
Rhonda Lopez?

-Alleged to have beat up.

Met her once or twice.
Can't say I got know her.


Gone. I tried to reason with
him but he just walked out.

-No, in your pajamas
and one of my coats.


You know I don't drink
tequila. He took $5 out of my
purse and called a cab.

I tried to reach you but
you'd already left the studio.

-Checkered, I think.

-Don't know where he took

Maybe. We gotta be careful
how we do it.

We don't want the cab company
calling the police.

-What the hell did you run

Mr. Alperin would like
Mr. Earp to have lunch
with him.

I'm sorry we couldn't meet
sooner, Mr. Earp.

But I've been out having
business meetings all week.

Twelve, sometimes 15 hours
a day.

Couldn't even take time out
for lunch till now.

You must enjoy your work.

Most of the time
it's a real challenge.

Keeps me on my toes.
Keeps me young.

-Have you ever seen any
of my pictures, Mr. Earp?
-A few.

My biggest problem
is staying in shape.

Not like it was when
I was an acrobat.

These days I have to
steal time just to work out.

I've found that a strong,
agile, average man

can nearly always beat a
strong, clumsy, big man.

Now, you take, for example,

You remember Arthur,
my chauffeur

who was unsuccessful
in preventing you from
seeing my wife.

Please, don't misunderstand
me, Mr. Earp.

I'm not opposed to you
seeing my wife, if she
wants to see you.

I'm opposed to people
not doing their jobs. It was
Arthur's job to stop you.

Even if he knew I was

But he didn't. That's the

So the strong, agile,
average man

showed the strong, big,
clumsy man.

The error of his ways.

-Arthur must love his job.
-Arthur has no choice.

He's on parole to me.

There is nothing more
important than the welfare
and safety of my family.

Which brings us to the reason
that you saw my wife.

-I understand that she asked
you to help Michael.

I've been told the police
suspect that Michael may have
murdered Candice Girard.

If you really want to help,
Mr. Earp I suggest you
get him to turn himself in.

I'll try.


Where is he?

Why would I know?

You were at the Candy Store.
I presumed you must've
seen him, helped him.

To hide, to get away?

If he did kill Candice
Girard, that would make
me an accessory.

However, I did see another
member of your family.

Your sister Victoria
on the arm of Dutch Kieffer.

What is it that you want?

To do whatever I can
to help Christina.


Because she asked.

That's okay, we've gotta
go anyway.

Hey Marvin, how are you?

-Call me.
-And me too.

I got a favor to ask you.

I want you to tell Dirty
Bernie to lay off Wyatt.

He wouldn't listen
to me.

You don't want to get Earp mad
enough to blow down Alfie's
house of cards, would you?

Expose him for what he is.

Turn down my favor.

Pick your lard ass up out
of that chair and walk out
of here and you'll find out.

Go ahead, Marvin.

Take that chance.

-I'll see what I can do.
-Not good enough.

Either do it or don't.

Get it?

Have a nice day, Dib.

How was your lunch?

The man is crazy.

Underneath all that happy
lovability and charm is
a brutal sadist.

-It's been spotted.

Nobody's been able to
prove it

although it's a topic of
conversation in the industry.

Okay, I've got some
bad news.

We just got a report that
Michael has been arrested
and booked

for the murder of
Candice Girard.

Only a matter of time before
they locate the cab driver
who picked him up in

front of you place.
The minute they tie you into
this, you're in danger.

We gotta get you out of town

-Go to the ranch.
-And don't go home.

Let me borrow your car.

What's the next move?

-He don't know how to drive.

This time I gotta stop you.

Tell your boss to go to hell,
Arthur. I'll talk to the
parole board.

-They'll listen to him.
-He's worse than Folsom.

-Nothing's worse.
-I gotta see Mrs. Alperin.

Mr. Earp, please come in.

It's all right, Arthur.
I'll explain to Mr. Alperin.

Tell your boss I pulled a gun
on you.

Tom called.
He said you were on
your way.

-Tell me about Michael.

-I don't think so.

-I'll try.

-There's something else.

It's not just Michael.


Mr. Earp, If I knew you were
coming to see Christina I'd
have given you a ride.

I asked him to come by.

Saved you the trouble of
pulling that gun on poor old

Darling, shouldn't you be in

I'm much better.

Christina took a nasty fall

Luckily no bones broken, huh?

The doctor strongly
recommended that she stay
in bed for the next few days.

I know how worried you are
about Michael.

Please, for my sake, you've
simply got to take more
care of yourself.

Now, go on.

Back to bed.

I'm sure Mr. Earp
will understand.

Thank you, Mr. Earp.

I'll be up shortly.

You know, Mr. Earp...

At first, I considered you
to be a good investment,

but lately you've become
more trouble than you're

If anything happens to

you're gonna have to come
up with a new definition
of trouble.

I'll try and come up this

What am I gonna do for

We'll get you the clothes
you need.

Asuncion will get you what
you need.

-The housekeeper.

Listen. Under no conditions
are you to leave the ranch,
you understand?

I do.

-This is serious.

-Get in.

-Yes, sir.

Don't stop for anything and
check to make sure
nobody's following you.

They only built 141 of these
babies and it could outrun
anything on four wheels.

You know how hard it is being
in competition with a horse
and 16 cars.

Nancy, I'd rather be with
you than almost any car.

What about your horse?

-Don't answer that.
-Get her going, George.

-What are you gonna do
without me?
-Whatever I can to help Wyatt.


Candy's my mother.

She thought I looked cute
and provocative in
men's clothing.

She knew people would
assume we were lovers.


And I wouldn't have to

I expect that's why Dirty
Bernie's looking for me.

It's Candy's customers.

Various notations on their
lifestyles and preferences.

Who is "Hellman, Robert"?

The mayor.

Enough in here to get a lot of
important people in a lot
of important trouble.

You knew about most of
these things?


According to this,
Michael's a lot like
his father.

No, not really.

Michael's basically passive
unless he drinks.

But, Alfie...
He enjoys hurting people.

There are some interesting

about Dutch Kieffer and


She likes women, and he
likes to watch.

You're a long way
from Tombstone, marshal.

Where can I find
Dutch Kieffer?

Well you could try the
Kit Kat Club.

-There you go.
-Thank you very much, sir.

Hi, Tom.

May I take your hat?

Who the hell let you in?


-The door was open.
-There's a doorbell.

I rang it.

-Nobody answered.
-You could've knocked.

How well did you know
Candy Girard?

What the hell business
is it of yours?

You may not like this,

but I'm making it my

My houseman was the
Australian light heavyweight
boxing champion.

He's going to kick your ass
all the way to Pasadena.

-Well, in the meantime...
-There is no "in the

You were at the candy
store the night she was

So were you.

So were a lot of people.

So what?

You think your nephew
killed her?

How the hell do I know?

In case you hadn't noticed,
Michael's a serious lush.

When he's drunk,
he's been known to beat
up women.

Maybe that's what happened
with Candy. Maybe he lost
control and killed her.


As anybody could see,
you're all broken up
about it.

Son of a bitch!

Somebody with a real bad
temper killed Candy.

Hurt him. Really hurt him.

I recognize you.

You're Tom Mix, the
movie star.

I hear you've sparred
with Jack Dempsey.

Come on, mate.

Let's see what you've learned.

-Yeah, okay. Marquess of


I gotta go look.

-Come on!
-Smash his face in!

Damn you!

Son of a bitch!


Compliments of
Mr. Jack Dempsey.


You wait till I tell my
brother! You'll never work
in this town again!

The guy is still out cold.

You sure?

Well, I kicked him.
He didn't seem to mind.

He knows it was your Cadillac.

He knows you were at the
Candy Store the night
Candy was killed.

You better figure out
what to do with him
before the club opens.

I know what.
I just haven't decided how.

I'll be home.

When you're finished,
call the station.

Get the car and bring it
Give us a hand.

There's no "us." I'm out
of this.

You just give advice, huh?

In this case, right.

In this case, wrong.
You're in this up to your

You stop playing cozy or
you're gonna end up on a hook
in somebody's meat locker.

-You can't intimidate me,
-The fuck I can't.

-Not that big.

Trespassing. Assault.

-That can get you hard time.
-Not if I shoot the witnesses.

I doubt you'll do that.

You had me whipped
and tied like a calf ready
to be branded.

Yeah, I did that.

You broke in. I don't know
who you are.

I know who you are, Dutch.

If I was some unknown

you'd have called the police
instead of tying me up and

leaving me down there while
trying to figure out what to
do with me.

That's Captain Blackworth
of the police department.

I know who he is.

Then do what you gotta do.

Gun or no gun, I'm gonna call
your bluff and walk.

When Captain Blackworth

I want you to persuade him
to lay off Cheryl.

-I don't have that kind of
influence with the captain.
-I think you do.

Anyway, you try.

Because if Cheryl has any
trouble with Blackworth,
or you, or anybody

the DA is gonna get
a certain black book.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

-You're wasting time again.
-I don't know about any
black book.

Drop it!

I'll kill you.

Now, about that, I have

If he doesn't drop it by
the time I count three

you kill him.



Now, what I got here is
a 12-gauge, full-choke

Go ahead and count three.
Let's see who gets killed

Your call.

Okay, I've made my point.

You can take it or leave it.

Sorry we're on
opposite sides.

Well, that's usually the

And if you touch me again,
I'll kill you.

Likewise, Mr. Earp.

In an actor's world,
things aren't what they seem.

A pauper is a prince.

Or a shotgun

is a mop.

-You'll have to give this up.

You're gonna get
yourself killed.

People been saying that
to me for 50 years.

You think we can we go
someplace quiet where
we can talk?


Hey, Mix!

Come on!
Hola, Maria Chiquita.

-Sure, baby.

Tom Mix.

I don't give a damn who he is!

He broke in, he wrecked the
place and he insulted me!

I want his damn legs broken!

He practically accused me
of killing Candy!

Look, shut up.

Did you hear what I said?

All right, I heard you.


-I'm at El Coyote.

Mix just came in with
Earp and the girl.

There are a couple stunt
riders here that think
Mix is a phony.

If the price is right
they might enjoy proving

I'll be home in an hour.
Let me know what happens.


Well, are you going to take
care of Mix or
do I have to tell Dutch?

What I do is my business.

-You're not gonna tell
Dutch anything.
-The hell I'm not.

-Except what I want you to
tell him.
-Oh please, no.

Otherwise, you're gonna have
two gimpy legs, little sister.

You're gonna go home.
You're gonna call the cops.

Tell them that Tom Mix
beat you up, then raped you.

They'll never believe me.

They'll believe you.

I want you to cry a lot

and show them the bruises.


And they'll believe you.



Ride her, partner.



You were wonderful.
Where did you learn
to dance like that?

When I was younger, I fell in
love with an exceptional lady
from Buenos Aires

who believed a man wasn't
a complete lover unless
he tangoed.

-Didn't give you much choice.
-I took lessons for a year.

What was this lady's vocation?

She was a tango instructor.

-Hundred percent.

Give or take a lie or two.

-To honest men.
-And brave women.

And friendships, tried and

Hello, boys.

We seen your circus
wagon parked outside

thinking we'd come in and
tell you right to your face.

-You're a half-breed
candy ass.

Not exactly a hot bulletin.

That's why we hire fearless
high-spirited stuntmen
like yourselves.

Why don't you boys mosey
to the bar and buy a drink
on me.

-We don't want a drink on you.
-We'll buy the little lady a

How about it, little lady?
You want to have a drink
with real men

instead of a half-breed
candy ass and his granddaddy?

Before you make two big fools
of yourselves

I suggest you look under
the table.

Do what?

I'd do what he says.
This here's Wyatt Earp,
famous lawman

who's been known to carry a
pearl-handled colt pistol
which I just bet

he snuck out of his holster
while you boys are trying to
pick a fight.

Yeah, right. I know who he is.

He didn't come in packing
no hog leg.

-I thought you were looking
at my car.
-We wasn't.

Wyatt Earp or no Wyatt Earp

I bet you don't have a gun
under the table.

It's your funeral.

-I'm going to kill you!
-One move and I'll pig-stick

Now, take my advice and run,
while you still have your

Hey, Mix, baby!

Hello, Tom.

Let's take a walk, Dib.

Excuse me, darling.

Me and Marvin got important
business to discuss.

-Walk or I'm gonna bust your
fuckin' arm.

-Can the bullshit.

You set me up with those

-Tom, l...
-You listen to me,
you lying sack of shit.

I asked you for a favor.
Now I'm telling you.

Get Alfie to lay off Wyatt
or so help me God
the next time this happens

I'm gonna rope your fat ass
and drag it the length of
Sunset Boulevard.

Ain't gonna be enough hide
on you to patch a pinhole,
you got it?

Just counseling the chief
on the error of his ways.

I don't know what he told
you, Dibner.

Since I'm a little more
civilized than him, I want to
get my two cents worth.

From here on, you give me
trouble, I'll kill you,

-Say it. Convince me.

-Anymore trouble, you'll kill
-I believe you.

So from now on,
whether you live or
die is up to you.

Excuse me.
Can I go to the bathroom?

Hold on a second, we gotta
get something straight.
I threatened to rope him

behind my horse and drag him
and you waltz in here and
threatened to kill him.

-I don't like being
-Sorry. Won't happen again.

Bad as being upstaged.
I'm a movie star.

What are you doing here?

You were supposed never to
come to this house.
We had an agreement.

Had an agreement.

What in the hell is that
supposed to mean?

Any agreement didn't include
you beating Victoria.


-She did.

She fingered Mix,
but I know what really

And how do you know?

A year ago we made a deal.

I don't deal with anyone
I don't know everything about.

I know who and what you are.

I knew a guy like you
when I was starting.
Cocky guy.

Wore spats and a derby
all the time.

He used to brag about how
smart he was.

Till someone shot him
in the mouth.

If Mix is arrested for assault
and rape, what happens
to his movie?

I'll close down for a few
days. We'll recast.

Tom Mix will be washed up.

Provided he's found guilty.

Doesn't matter.
The press will find him

Blackworth's arresting Mix is

But not until I get
Candy's little black book.

-Nancy Shoemaker.

Mix is hiding her up at his

Hello, George.

A woman called, but wouldn't
leave her name. She sounded

You didn't recognize the

It was English. It could have
been Miss Alperin.

She asked for you. When I told
her you were out, she asked if
you could be reached.

I'll get it.



This is Christina.

Dutch Kieffer knows you've got
Nancy up at the ranch...

Strap on your shooting iron,
pardner. We gotta go save

This here is my buddy!

-Wyatt, Cheryl!

What about the funeral?
What if you're not there?

If we're not back in time,
take Cheryl to the funeral
and stay with her!

Come on, Wyatt! We gotta go!


Me neither!

-It's still dark!
-It'll be dawn in 10 minutes!

Fasten your seat belt!

How much further?

About 50 miles.


Oh, shit!

What do you think you're
doing, mister?

Mostly trying to stay alive.

Hey, I know you.

-Ain't you...

That's Tom Mix.

Yep. Wyatt, I want you to
meet... What are your boys

-This here is Henry.
-And this here is Fred.

Henry, Fred,
I want you to meet Wyatt Earp.

Morning, boys.

-Now you're on the Circle C.

You're only about 15 miles
southeast of your spread.

Well, we sure would appreciate
the loan of a couple
fast horses.

Damned old flu. I'm getting to
where I can't even stay on a

Go on!

Hey, what do you want?

What do you want?

Let go of me, you big bastard!

-I'd feel a hell of a lot
better if they was a camera.

Let's get her done.

Get in the car!

Get in there and shut up!

Spread out!

MAN: Get off me!

My God!


Well, you done good, pardner.

Of course, a couple more

To ensure the resurrection
to eternal life

through our Lord, Jesus

we commend thee, Almighty
God, our sister,
Candace Girard,

and we commit her body to the

Earth to earth,
ashes to ashes,
dust to dust.

-ALL: Amen.

Bless you, my child.

Cheryl King?


I would've given you this
sooner, but I couldn't
find you,

my card.

If you need help, please call.

I'm sorry.

-A man gave me this envelope.
-Open it.

You know a Leo Vogel,


It's a safety deposit box key.

Glad you boys finally
showed up.

What are you doing here,

I'm about to arrest America's
favorite movie-star cowboy

for felonious assault
and rape,

unless you try to stop me.

And I hope you do.


You've got to be kidding.
Who am I supposed to have

You'll find out all about
that at the station.

Let's go.

I'm primed.

You wanna take him?

I'd like to, but he's not
worth it.

You bit off more than you can
chew, asshole.

-Don't bet on it.
-Call my lawyer, Saul

I'll be all right, honey.
You go with them.

Normally I'd run you and your
lesbo girlfriend out of

but you made some
dangerous enemies here.

I'm looking forward to what's
gonna happen when they
catch up with you.

How's your nose?

You better get out of here,
Blackworth, before I forget
I'm a lawman.

You know, I don't think you
killed half those men
you say you did.

And the ones you did kill,
I bet you shot them in the

Let's find out, you son of a
bitch. Draw.

My men will cut you to

Not before I shoot out your

Another time.



I'm not packing a gun.

-I sure am, pardner.

Tom, you need a new sidekick?

Can I get you anything,
Mr. Mix?

Naw, I don't expect to be here

Don't count on it.

-Hello, Michael. How are you,
-Not very well.

-Mind if I ask you a
-Yes, I was framed.

Who'd do that?

Whoever got the bartender to
slip me a mickey, then made
sure I went over to Candy's.

-And you found her dead.

No, she said, "Never trust an
Alperin," then she died.

I suppose she was trying to
name the killer, huh?

But unfortunately she just
didn't have enough time
to be specific.

Well, you can take your pick,
though. I mean, there are
four Alperins.

Well, three, if my mother
decides to narrow the field.

What do you mean?

You didn't hear?

She's in the hospital.
She's not expected to live.

How much do you think there

Maybe this'll help.

"Hi, baby.

"The man who gave you this
key is an old friend

"and a good lawyer.

"If you need any help or
advice after you read this,
give him a call.

"They say that confession
is good for the soul,

"so here it goes.

"On August 11th, 1916

"I was a guest aboard
Alfie Alperin's yacht,

"which was returning from

"I witnessed Alfie Alperin
fighting with his first wife.

"Then he hit her,
and pushed her overboard.

"When he saw me,

"I was sure he was going to
kill me.


"he led me to his cabin,
where he beat me

"and raped me.

"Afterwards, he said that if I
kept my mouth shut

"he would set me up in

"Now, baby, I want you to give

"...give this letter
to the district attorney.

"It will protect you."

NEWSMAN: It's an exciting
evening, ladies and gentlemen.

We expect a gala turnout
tonight of major stars.

Arriving now is Mr. Alfie

No statement right now, okay?

The press conference is
all set.

Any other news?

What's wrong?

Mix and Wyatt are at the

Can they hurt you?

I better get dressed.

So silly, losing my balance
and falling over like that.

Is that you, Tom?

Yes, Christina.

I saw Michael. He sends his

-He didn't kill that girl,
did he, Wyatt?

No, I'm sure Alfie killed her,
just like I'm sure he did this
to you.

Why do you protect him?


He's not Michael's father.

He promised me that if I
married him, he'd raise
Michael as his own son.

I guess for a while he even

But the thought of
another man...

Then, when the doctor
told him that we...

That he couldn't
have children,

he grew to hate Michael.

I did everything I could
to protect him.

What about Michael's
real father?

He never knew.

I don't seem to have had
much luck with my men,
have I, Wyatt?

I'm so tired.

Try to rest.

He'll never bother you again,
my dear.

Welcome to the first annual
Academy Awards.

Before we start handing out
our little statuettes,

I wanna introduce
an entrepreneur,

a brilliant clown who retired
his tuxedo coat and baggy

and is now one of Hollywood's
most successful producers.

Known by millions of his
adoring fans
as "The Happy Hobo":

Mr. Alfie Alperin.

Landmark in Hollywood history,
ladies and gentlemen.

Arriving now, we can see
Tom Mix.

But who's that he's got in
the car with him?
It's Wyatt Earp!

Thank you.

Thank you, ladies and

Thank you for remembering.

to all of us here today

for being here to celebrate
this most important event for
our industry.

As some of you know,

my dearest wife, Christina,
is seriously ill in the

So unfortunately, I'm gonna
have to leave before you
honor the winners.

Let me just say this in
parting: have fun, enjoy

and all those of you who are
working my studio, at Alperin,

especially the ladies, don't
stay up too late, all right?

Enjoy yourselves. God bless.
Have fun.


I'm taking you in.

And what makes you think
you can you do that?
You're not the law here.

No, just a citizen making sure
a murderer doesn't escape.

I'll shoot if I have to.

You're insane.

This is Candace Girard's
confession that she witnessed
you murder your first wife.

You're making a scene,
Mr. Earp.
Walk with me to the stairs.

If I don't?

I killed Candy.
I've got nothing to lose.

-Go on, Alfie.

Get out of here, Alfie.

Walk to the stairs.

You couldn't have beaten
Candace up like that.

What happened, you and Dutch
find her after Alfie got
through with her?

Finish her off with an ice

And I loved every minute
of it.

Hold it right there, Earp.
Get your hands up.

Get away from him,
Miss Alperin.
Dib, get his gun.

We got a report from Paso
Robles police. Four men were
killed at Mix's ranch.


Sure. I killed them. Well, two
of them. Tom got the
other two.

-I arrest you for murder.
-Let's go.

Get back!

-Get out of the way, Bernie.
-He can't do that.

-Shut up!


-He can hurt Alfie and I'm not
going to let him.
-But not like this.

-Not like this. Let us take
care of him.
-She killed Candy.

Alfie has paid you a fortune.
Now just go down the stairs!

-There's too many witnesses.
-Shut up!

-Miss Alperin...

-No, Dutch. It's gone too
far. Go away.

-Oh, Christ.
-You son of a bitch!

No! Dutch!

-Dutch, give me the gun.
-Tom, go get Alfie.

It hurts.

Why did you kill Candy?

She was gonna tell about
what happened on the boat.

I had to protect Alfie.

You don't understand, do you?


bad people like me and Alfie

only have each other.

Daddy. Daddy...

Go on! Don't slow down for
anything. Get me to the boat
as fast as you can.

-Did you hear about Mrs.

It was on the radio. She died.

Just step on it!

I think we're being followed.

Come on. Can't you shake him?

Just get me to the boat
quickly. It's all I ask.

You stop this goon behind us

or you're gonna see the inside
of Folsom for a long time.

Do you hear me, Arthur?
Do you hear me?

Where are you going?
What are you doing? Come on,
you passed the boat.

Hey! Son of a bitch!
No! No! No!


-Help! Help!

-I can't swim!
-Hang on, Arthur!

Help! Help!


-I'm all right.

-Better call the police.

I'm sorry about that, Arthur.
You'd have drowned us both.

You should have let me drown.
They're gonna put me away
for life!


Then why don't you start?

Keep walking till you find a
place you feel like settling
down and starting a new life.

You mean it?

Hey, I'm the hero, Arthur.
I always mean what I say.


Por nada, amigo. Get going.

You know something, pardner?

You're developing a real knack
for upstaging me.

Some folks would rest
a whole lot easier if you
burned this.

On the other hand, I could
open up the candy store again

and have the mayor cut the

That you could.

Got a match?

CONDUCTOR: All aboard!

Come back.

You never know.

Now you take care
of that big guy, will you?

-I'll miss you.
-And I'll miss you.


I'll tell you like I told your
mother a long time ago.

If you ever need any help,
you know where to find me.

Yes, sir.

CONDUCTOR: All aboard!

So long, pardner.

Adios, amigo.