Sunset (2018) - full transcript

A young girl grows up to become a strong and fearless woman in Budapest before World War I.


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Hungarian National Film Fund

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The early 1910's.

In the heart of Europe,

the old Austro-Hungarian Empire
reigns over many nations

and resonates
with the commotion of their languages.

The new metropolis of Budapest,

the sister and rival city of Vienna,

thrives and its name is known
around the world.

Let's lift this veil.

It suits your eyes well.

She asked for our oldest model...

This one is very fashionable.

Something more daring maybe?

And this one, Miss?

The perfect match, isn't it?

May I check your hat size?



I'm here for the position.

You should have said so.

Miss Zelma?

- She's here for the position.
- Welcome to Leiter's.

Excuse me.

Szeréna, take over, will you?

Your hat.

May I?

Did you make it?

Where did you train?

With Schwarz, in Trieste.

You've come a long way.

May I see your designs?

The boy took my suitcase.


Bring Miss's...

What's your name?

Irisz Leiter.


Are you a relative?

I'm their daughter.

Wait here, please.

Is something wrong?

It's an important week for the store.

No need to bother Miss Leiter with that.

Oszkár Brill.

We meet at last.

Come, both of you.

- Refreshments, please.
- Right away.

Just a minute, please.


We're getting them from Paris.

The fireworks will shine in the night
like suns.

And the arch?

The resemblance is unsettling.

Where was their room?

I had to rebuild almost everything.

Take a seat, please.

Why did you come here?

After what happened...

I've always wanted to work here.

It is my parents' store.

It was.

You're hiring new milliners.

This building still stands.

It's all that's left of them.

And relatives?

You have no one?

No one.

I was placed with Schwarz
at the age of twelve.

I see.

Do you have a minute?

Let me show you my designs.

I'm sure you're talented.

It will be built by Friday, Mr Brill.

- Good.
- Don't you want people to see it before?

It's an arch.
People will notice it anyway!

You won't hire me.

We placed that ad weeks ago.

Positions fill up in a day.

But I resigned.

Go back to Trieste.

Schwarz will forgive you.

I'm ready to work for free.

What do you want?

You can stay here tonight.

I can take care of myself.


We'll bring your suitcase.

The boy will take you to a nearby hotel.

I would hire you if I could.

Leave it.

You're lost, Miss?

I brought you here, remember?


Can I take you somewhere?

Why are you sad?

They didn't hire me.

It's not the only hat store in town.

It's the only one with my name.

You're a Leiter?

Deadly heatwave in Budapest!

The Emperor launches a new battleship!

Get the Budapest Gazette!

Do you have water?

Dying of thirst, aren't you?

They said you'd be back.

Hope you don't mind dust and bedbugs.


Who's that girl?

She leaves in the morning.

Damn it.

You knew my parents?

Where is it...

Here it is.

Thank you.

Good night, Miss Leiter.

I was born here.

In this house.

- Get up.
- Who are you?

Come on. Let's go.

It's me, Gáspár.

Come, he won't believe his eyes.


You know who.

The Leiter son.

What Leiter son?

They lied.

You don't even look like him.

What Leiter son?

Why the hell are you here?

Come and help me.

What happened?

That lowlife must have seen the light.

Are you a whore
to sleep with the light on?

Who was that man?

She's bad news.

Damn coachman!

You, stay here.

Go back to your rooms.

He came for Leiter.

I told Mr Brill it was a terrible idea.

Don't go.

He must still be out there.

You've seen him before?

Are you done, boy?

Why do you care?

Who are you?

You are not cut out for this city.

That man was looking for me.

He's a former employee,

obsessed with your family.

He lost his mind long ago.

But he was a coachman.

He wasn't always a coachman.

I should've locked him up.

He spoke of a Leiter son.

A son?

The store attracts the crazy
and the envious.

They'd say anything.

Some wish the store had vanished

in the flames with your parents.

I liked them.

I've done my best.

I've preserved their name
and their spirit.

First class.

I'll think of you if a position opens up.

Thank you.


Who are you looking for?

Maybe you remember me?


I told this young lady...



You placed me in Trieste yourself.


We've sheltered hundreds of girls.

As in the burnt down Leiter house?

- Poor child.
- Please,

I need my file.

You seem to be doing well.

Where are your archives?

We don't keep the files that long.

Dear child...

what's so important in the file?

I believe I have a brother.

If that were true, wouldn't you know?

I was two when my parents died.

I'm sorry, we can't help you.

This way, please.


You really know nothing?

Kálmán Leiter is your brother?

Is that his name?

How do you know?

- From the papers.
- What?

And the rumors.

About what?

The slaughtered count. Rédey.

When I first heard about your brother,

I was glad I sent you away.

No one ever told me.

I have people waiting.

Can I help you?

Where's everyone?

Someone's here.

Where can I find Mr Brill?

Do you work here?

What's wrong with her?

They all went to the city park.

Why don't we have our own jubilee here?

And you, are you feeling well?

I'm alright.

Stay, please.

I have to go.

Ladies and gentlemen!

This week, let us celebrate together

the 30 years of our glorious hat store.

This is no time for a scandal.

I want to talk to him.

Are these Viennese feathers?

It's always a pleasure
to come to Budapest.

- I know about my brother.
- Not now.

We have a surprise for you today.

Please, Irisz, leave.


Ladies and gentlemen!

Please welcome Irisz Leiter,

daughter of the founders,
Róza and Leopold.

She has come a long way
to join us today.

Is she the surprise?

All right, release it!

How unexpected, Brill.

You're as stubborn as he was.

You lied to me.

My brother...

He worked for you too, didn't he?

He was so promising.

See that woman over there?

Countess Rédey.

Still mourning after five years.

What happened?

Mr Brill.

I don't want to hear
about that maniac anymore.


Leave me.

And on Saturday,
come to the closing party at the store!

It took me years to ensure
that the name Leiter

no longer called to mind a killer.

No one knows where he's hiding.

Pray it stays that way.

Get out.

- You're the sister...
- Andor!

Show me.

They're all over town.

Go and help them.

It seems we need more hands this week.

It doesn't mean you're hired.

Where's your suitcase?

I lost it.

Welcome to paradise.

Everyone keeps talking
about the closing party...

Who was the Viennese man?


This was his room.

You knew him?


I thought the balloon would crash.

Such a show! What for?

Did Brill tell anyone?

We'll see on the last day...

Where are you going?

"His flesh was so cut up
the autopsy took eight hours.

The killer took his time
to torture his victim..."

- What about the wife?
- She was forced to watch.

And then?

These girls have been chosen

to serve
the greatest ladies of the empire.

Wouldn't you like to go to Vienna?


Where are you going?

Let's go.

You're a pretty little flower...

Do you know that?

Let me go.

Didn't you say my name?

How thoughtful of Mr Brill
to throw this popular feast.

You look just like your mother.

I saw her face
on the posters for the jubilee.

Who are you?

My name is Sándor Jakab.

Are you alone here?

I'm with the girls from the hat store.

Do you work there?

Leave this place.

I knew your brother.

Blood will flow here this week.


Are there pictures of my brother

Why do you care?

He's a savage.

Let me sleep.

I want to know what he looks like.

Brill threw them away.

You knew him.


He got me out of the gutter.

Zelma, come, let me introduce you.

Hello. Welcome!

How was your journey?

I said black!

How dare you talk to me like that?

A crazy one.
She came on foot.

Get Miss Zelma.

- The Countess from the park?
- I have no idea what she wants.

- Go and deal with her.
- A countess? She looks like a servant.

Was it her husband
who was cut to pieces?

It's hideous. Don't touch me!

Get out of my sight!

Leave me.

- Here.
- No.

Countess Rédey?

Show me those fans again.

This store hasn't changed a bit...

Can I help Her Ladyship?

Wrap this one for me, please.


You came here a long time ago,
Your Ladyship.

It was before your time, Miss.

Send the bill to this address.

The show is over.

Come here, all of you.

We are expecting a member
of the royal family this week.

These gentlemen wish to meet you
to prepare for the visit.

Mr Brill will arrive any minute.

- Wait for me here.
- All right.

Give me more!

You did it on purpose!

Get out of my sight!


Did you know my brother?

It's starting all over again.

What is?

What's starting again?

You can't stay here.

Tell me.


Stay in here.

Time suits you well.

Von Koenig.

I thought
you never left Vienna anymore.

You were at the hat store this morning.



I'll have to stay here...

the whole jubilee week.

You're just afraid
Leiter will come out of his lair.

That monster?

Have you no respect
for your late husband?


I'm not as tough

as your husband was.

You are.

You're of the same breed.

Miss, we're here.

Two crowns.

Mr Brill...

Look around you.

It's all ready.

The guests are impatient.

They want to know when it begins.

I'll come back.

You can't leave without my permission.

Do you feel better?

Ladies and gentlemen.

Only one client has ever set foot
in this room.

It has been sealed since.

That client was Empress Sissi herself!

Legend has it she dropped a hairpin,

lost within these walls ever since.

It's like opening a tomb!

I saw the Countess.

I think my brother wanted to save her.

You may not want to work,
but some have to.


Listen to me.

I'd like to trust you with this room.

Have some more champagne.

Make it fit to welcome a queen.

Excuse me.

No riding, little lady.

I won't let my animal die.

I'm looking for a coachman
named Gáspár.


He's with his boss.


Where is he?

I wouldn't go there if I were you.

Last station!

Did you know him?



Where is he?

Come, I said.
He'd be nothing without me.

He gave me something.
At the store.

He didn't want to stay there.

Where did I put it?

- Who the hell are you?
- Gáspár!

Get back to work!

Finish cleaning!

Get lost.

Tell Leiter I can't gather that many men.

Get Dongo, Kapzsi
and the Király brothers.

And the mutes. All of them!

- Who are we after?
- None of your business.

A man from Vienna,

just arrived in town.

- Let's go.
- Leiter wants him.



I'm looking for Leiter.

No women inside.

Are you deaf? It's men only.

You're the new entertainment?

I told you to leave.

Who is it?

Take her to the tram.



Never come back.

I'm sure he cared once.

About what?

The Countess...

Why is he sending me back?

How should I know?

Stop the tram.


I know where they're going.

What's this? Where are they?


I was summoned urgently
for the Countess's dress.


Stay here, I'll find him.

Miss? May I help you?

She's from my entourage.

Your Excellency.

Where is he?

You've awakened us.

Enjoy the show.

My dear friends.

you'll hear an exceptional musician.

Please welcome

our young prodigy.

Come on! It's time.

- Leiter!
- Von Koenig!

Don't move, I'll come back.

The jewels! Hand everything over!

The rings too!

Where's Von Koenig?


Let him go!

Von Koenig escaped.

We said Von Koenig, and him only!

What did you tell him?

Bring the jewels!

You wash now.

Let me go.

You're afraid of blood.

You think what you just saw is evil.

But evil hides in men,
it corrupts them.

It feeds on men like Brill,

who sacrifices his girls.

The milliners?

He makes them think
they have been chosen.

I knew one of them.


It doesn't matter.

Of the hat store
only our name remains.

What was the girl's name?



What happened to her?

I'll destroy the hat store.

With you.

You're a stranger to me.

You're staying with me!

Is he up?


Take me to the police.

You were there last night.

He's dead.


I knocked him out.

He drowned in the Danube.

I should have listened to you.

They say there were dozens of men.

This gentleman works for me.

What were they after?

Your friend from the park.

Von Koenig.

Were you seen at the villa?

With them?

They'll come here.

- They'll kill each other first.
- Go and find out.

You weren't there...

You're afraid of him.

If he's dead, there's nothing to fear.


- What do I do with these?
- Get rid of them.

Mr Brill should never have taken you in.

Did you know?

Your brother tried to kill him.

Finish getting ready and come down.

And keep your mouth shut.

Your attention, please.

We supervise openings and closings.

Comings and goings.

No undeclared guests.

No midnight adventures.

All this for the special guests?

They're preparing something outside...

Nobody will ruin this week.

And now, get to work.

I want to be proud of you.

Mr Brill gave you a task.

Where were you last night?

We had to finish Sissi's tomb for you.


This is infinitely beautiful.

I see that Mr Brill selects
his milliners with great care.

Irisz, they're coming.

- Is he here?
- Who?

Make way! Stand aside!

Look out, Miss.

Your Highness, welcome.


I told you to stay inside.

Our new collection.

How eccentric...

Quite remarkable.

Perhaps for the next derby.

This one is ravishing.

Why buy a hat here when you can...

Miss Leiter will take your measurements.

Has the hairpin been found?

I looked for it.

In vain.

What was that?

It went off just like that.

At least they're having fun after Vienna.

Shut up, idiot.

You see, my dear,

we were right
to come to this dusty city.

You know how to spice things up.

Such a pity we'll
miss the closing party.

It will be magnificent.

She ordered one of each model.

- Why were there fireworks here?
- It blew up.

Start making the hats.

I'd give the girls an hour.

If you must.

Lili, come.

I told you, it's not for ladies.

Who then?

Are you from Vienna?

If you'd like me to be.

You think the Princess will take you
with her to the Kaiser?

Your turn.

Don't you want to see that with me?

A cursed family struck
by tragedy once again!

Have you seen? We're in the paper.

"Jubilee closing night.
The whole city is invited."

Look at this:
"Massacre at the Rédey villa.

The concert had already begun

when the Countess's villa came
under attack..."

She can hear your darkest secrets.
Seekers of truth...

- I'll go with you.
- ...listen to the Faceless Woman!

"Here is Belladonna,
the Lady of the Rocks,

The lady of situations.

Here is the man with three staves,

and here the Wheel,

And here is the one-eyed merchant,

and this card,
Which is blank,

is something he carries on his back,

Which I am forbidden to see..."

Come on, gents, it's over.
Clear the tent please.

The Leiter milliners, follow us!

Have you seen this man?

Where were you?

Stay with us.

What are these posters?

We cut the sleeves below the elbow
and take in the waist.

Yes, like that.

What are you preparing for?

This is no everyday occasion.

- Where's mine?
- Patience, Miss.

Is it this one?

Dance like that.
At least they'll notice you.

Behave yourselves!

What dance?

Don't undress here.

What about her?

What's wrong with the girls?


they're excited.

Your turn, Miss Zelma.

The best one is for you.

I'm not supposed to go.

You deserve this chance.

And the young lady?

Not her.


This belonged to your mother.

It was found after the fire.

Why do the girls have new dresses?

Because one of them will be chosen.

What do you mean?

Is one of them going to Vienna?

Not just to Vienna.
To the royals.

Has this happened before?

Several times,
Even in your mother's days.

Who'd refuse to work in a palace?

Who was the last to go?

I don't remember.

Was her name Fanni?

Belted at the waist.

What was her name again?

Are we done?

I think it was that one.

In the red dress.

What happened to her?

Try asking Brill.

I saw my brother.

He warned me about this place.

What did he say?

I don't know if he's right.

What happened to Fanni?

Is she dead?

I don't know.

Who does?

Can you make him come back?



Brill said,
you're not supposed to go out.

What's your name?

Róbert Vincze.

You'll keep me safe.


We're closed, Miss.

- Who's singing?
- You shouldn't be here.

I'm Kálmán Leiter's sister.

Don't say that name here.


Go back to the workshop, Miss.

Where were you?

We'll never be ready.

Come and help us.

Hurry up!
Stop dreaming of Vienna.

Our milliners work for Her Highness
day and night.

Did you find the girl?


I don't know.

And him?

Is he coming back?

There's no one there.

It's closed.

What's this place?

Only men are allowed in.

Who are we looking for?

He drowned.
You said so yourself!

Enough of this.

Get in.

What do you want?

Just to see these hats.

The horror of the world hides

behind these infinitely pretty things.

My brother still has you following me?

Stop hiding behind him.

It's only you now.

I thought you'd have joined us,
but you've only been snooping around.

It will be a magnificent party!

Have some coffee.

Don't spill it on the dresses.

Dinner is over.



You have nothing to fear anymore.

That gang is gone.

Since when do milliners have to dance?

I couldn't believe it
even after he stabbed me.

The doctor said
it struck an inch away from the heart.

I know what your brother was capable of.

You idiot!

You think they will choose
a crazy country girl like you?

You know what happens
to the chosen girl?


You're beautiful.

You're all stunning.

As I look at you, I feel blessed.

We're done.

Let's go.

You're scared.

I'm not.

Why don't you stay here tonight?

A sight for sore eyes...

Miss, I'll make your bed.

It's a great year, Brill.
You can be proud.

I leave for Vienna tomorrow.

I'm late.

You're not properly dressed.

May we dance?

Gentlemen usually make this offer.

Your Excellency,

you can see that she's not invited.

Concentrate on your dance.

What do you want?

To be chosen.

But you belong here, Miss Leiter.

Why are you so keen to go to Vienna?

Mr Brill needs you.

Take me back to my room.

Are you ready to leave?

Where's your hat?

What's wrong?

I couldn't sleep.

Think of Vienna.

I would rather stay.


Pull yourself together.

Are they taking her now?

The Princess may want to try
on her hats first.

Let me look at you.

That bun is a bit loose.

Is it here yet?


Everything is ready.

What can I do if they chose the best?

I'm not sure I'll like it there.

I only wish I could be here tonight.

Make sure the girls are ready
for the party.

This has to be splendid, maestro.

Make it quick, please.

Zelma is expected.

A smile, please.

We can go.

And Mr Brill?

He'll come with his coach.


Give me that.

Don't go there.

Tonight closing celebration
at the Leiter store!

Your hat, please.

Your shoes.

I don't understand.

Those are the rules, Miss.

The new hats?

Is the Princess back from her errands?

Not yet, Your Highness.

I'd like to see the hats.

Are you impatient
to serve Her Highness?

Yes, Your Highness.

Then come join us.

Come, Mademoiselle.

May I?


Let's see another.

You look a bit weary.

Why don't you sit down?

Thank you.

I'm alright.

This young lady appears dehydrated.


She's rather pale.

She may faint.

It's ready,

Your Highness.

Don't be afraid.

It's only water.

You fooled me.

Don't you care if she lives or dies?

What do you think they're doing to Zelma?

They did the same to Fanni.

You sold them to those people.

You went to see Fanni.

Fanni was an accident.

It was meant to be the chance of her life.

You forced Zelma to go.

What did you see in there?


Because there was nothing to see!

You knew the stakes and still...

You took your brother's path.

Tomorrow, you're gone.

You think something is wrong with me.

Some people are
too difficult to understand.

I've tried.

To understand yourself?

My brother.

He projected
his own darkness on the world.

Help me see clearly.

Let's go.

He was dragged down by the abyss
your parents created.

His spirit exhausted
at the peak of his youth.

He saw horror in the world,
but it came from him.

Leave this house.

They're coming.


You saw him?

They've gathered.

And nothing will stop them.

You have to tell Brill.

You don't want that!


Open the door!

The day has finally come!

Things were hidden,
but now they're revealed!

For 30 years, Leiter has represented
the peak of civilization.

Tonight, we'll write our name
into the sky.


You've been to the Sphinx before,
haven't you?

Your hat, please.

No need.

Then, you know the way...


He's here!

Is he alive?

Are you coming or not?

Take me to him!

You don't need him!

You're spared.

Save yourself.

- How do we look, sir?
- Do you like us?


Leiter! Leiter!

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