Sunnyside (1979) - full transcript

Nick Martin, a young street tough, has a change of heart and attempts to stop the gang violence in his neighborhood.

How you doin'?


Meet me at Cristos later.

Of course.

Got a cake for me.

Hey, don't give him nothin' to eat.

See you later.

Hey, Nicky, you'll say hi to Donna for me?


All right.

Yeah, I know.

Yeah, can I have 86 tuna fish sandwiches

and a six-pack to go, please?

You want them wrapped?


Do you know what time it is?

I haven't noticed.

You look beautiful, you know that?

You always say that.

Do me a favor?

Do me a favor?


That's a favor?


Hey, Nick, look I been thinkin',

I gotta talk to you.


I need a drink, you know.

Got a light?

I need a drink.

It's not a bad idea.

You buyin'?

I'm hittin' the pavement, let's go.

How you doin', Donna?

Pretty good, Reggie.

I'm gonna go have a drink with Harry.



Reggie, bye.

Yeah, see you over there.

Let's go have a drink with the guys.

Oh, Nicky, no, do we have to?


Okay, then I'm gonna go home.

You wanna take a walk?


But, uh, what about?

Don't worry about them.

They ain't got no place to go.

Nicky, don't you just wish
we could get outta here,

get out of all these buildings

and go to some mountain top,

just the two of us alone sometimes?


What are you thinking about?


Do you like it?

Let's take in the carnival.


Okay, I want that doll.

That's the only one we got.

That's the only one we want.

Good luck.

Let's go, baby.



A little higher.

Uh, a little high on the mark.

It's up to you, champ.

Ah, too bad, wanna try again?

Okay, a doll for the lady.

The bottles won't scatter.

You lookin' for trouble.

Hey, blow punk.

Hey, Louie, give her the doll.

Bunch of hoods.

You have a nice time at the carnival tonight?

Yeah, I had a nice time
at the carnival tonight.

So did I.

You know, I never took anybody here before.

I mean that.

This is like my home away from home.

I haven't had much
time to do anything with it,

but it's not that bad.

And watch here, you come
into the front door here.

And this is the threshold I'm
gonna carry you over, okay.

This is my living room.

No furniture, but I haven't
had time to put it in, you know.


This is the bedroom.

It's so nice being out
here away from people.

I know.

Soon, we're gonna have our own place.

And the only noise is gonna be her,

laughing or crying.

Yeah, I love you so much.

If Tom Seaver man, you know they threw

the whole championship.

They're just reassembling.

I got a good feeling about the Mets, man,

they're on their way up.

Who cares about baseball anyway.

Who cares?

If they're bigger than a handful,

it makes them hard to handle.

Oh, look, two hands and a mouth honey.

Shit, I'm a leg man myself, man.

Fellas, please, not that kind of talk

in front of the Danny.


Danny, baby.

Listen, don't get them started

until you know their due, man.

Overtime, overtime.

I need three for overtime.

You all right.

Aw, geez, no wonder
the world's got us beat.

What about you Martin.

It's my turn to cook dinner tonight.

No kidding.


All right, Karl, Ralenski,
Jenkins, half a shift.

Stackin' with the 2:30
and they win every time.

Yeah, wait till tonight, wait till tonight.

Give me your plate.


Billy, come on, come on, come on.

Joey said a gang of guys tried to rip off

the liquor store.

Two of them got killed.

You're good?

Joey was lucky, he was in
the middle of the whole thing.

Good Danny.

Will you settle down and enjoy your food.

And I had to miss it.

Look, that's enough okay.

Let's not hear anymore. - They deserved it.

Listen that is enough.

Danny, the meal is wonderful.

Great, thank you.

I got a job interview with
an advertising agency.

One of my instructors is creative director.

Might be a shoo-in.

It'll be great if you get that job.


oh well let's drink to that.

Yeah, drink.

Hey ma.

All right.

Know who did it, Nicky?


Donna, where'd you get the dress?

At Alexander's on sale.

Isn't it pretty, I love the color of it.

It's absolutely lovely.

You know, I was looking for something

that had kind of a soft
fabric thing like this.

If I had a camera, I
could have made a scoop.

Do you think there's something great

about being killed?

Yes, that's all they talk about.

Nine, 10 years old, that's all they say.

If I get that job, we can
move out of the neighborhood.

That'd be the best thing for everybody

to get out of this neighborhood.

I can't eat no more, I
had too many hot dogs.

Okay tiger, homework and bed.

Someday I'm gonna grow up.

Soon I hope.

He's already pretty big,
what are you talking about.

Don't encourage him.

Everything gets so complicated.

Hey, don't be so dramatic.

Okay, homework and bed, let's go.

Kiss your mom goodbye.

More wine, you got wine?

There's more clams, there's more clams.

make so much food.

Hey Danny, you gotta
exhibit that work, it's great.

I'm working on it, thanks.

Look, I gotta get going, mom.

Why, it's just a little bit late.

I gotta run, I gotta run.

You didn't even touch the food.

Hey ma. - We have dishes

and sorts of things.

You stay here and
I'll call you later, okay.

Nicky, where...

I want Danny to meet Anne.

Hey, you know my sister
wants to meet you, Danny.

I'll see you later.

Hey, you know be careful.

You're beautiful.

Good stuff, Danny.

Hey Nicky, drop in again sometime.

Come on, hey so we need.

Come on, you relax, huh.

You got a little wine.

Well, you gotta understand that by now.

I'm gonna eat.

Meat for the belly and the belly for meats.

But God shall destroy both it and them.

Now the body is not for
fornication but for the Lord

and the Lord only, amen.

Therefore glorify god in
your body and in your spirit

which are God.

You can be real good, Eddie, you know.

It's getting late.

Oh, come on, you're faster.


You know how.

What do you want?

Oh, you can do it really good.

What do you want?

Oh, you know.

You want this?


You want it now?


It's too bad, later.

I wanna spoil you.

We won't have that
exciting background music.

I'll record it for you.

I never have since I gave it to the Lord.

We're not here to criticize but to listen.

We gotta feel guilty.

I don't think we oughtta
talk about that right now.

Why, you got something in mind?

The bible is plain on the topic.

Fornication is a sin.

Then let's talk about it open.

Excuse me, pops.

You know, as a student of the subject,

I would say think about it.

Praise the lord.

Yeah baby.

Harry, us getting
together with the warlocks

and the death makers tonight

could be important to the neighborhood.

Look, there's no reason
why we can't work together.

Well, what do you think?

I gotta see.

That may be too late.

I mean everybody working
together as brothers and sisters

with those guys.

It might keep some blood off the street.

The Reaper ain't no
saint and ain't overflowing

with love for you or Reg.

Reg is stupid Nicky.

Those carnival guys, I mean
they're ripping everybody off.

That's something else.

Those guys' interest is busting and wasting

and they don't give a damn why.

Nicky, you know what you are,

you know what I'm trying to say.

You're a dreamer Nicky, a dreamer.

Sure I am.

Look, we're the three toughest gangs

in the neighborhood, right?

Right that's all I care about,
that's why we need them

and there won't be any wastin'.

The bustin' will keep them happy.

Hey Nicky, how you doing?

How are you doing, man?


This is a nice place you got here,

hunter's ballroom.

It's all right, it gives
me renewed confidence

in our alliance here.

Hey, it's really beautiful to see you guys

getting along so nice.

Now if we're finished with the bullshit,

can we get on with thefucking show.

I'm fucking sure, hey
goofy that's fine with me man.

I'm horny, you know.

Everyday, we're gonna
have a fucking show here, yay.

Yeah, party.

Yeah, party.

Yeah, party.

What's with you guys?


You act like your brains
dropped through your asses.

I called this meaning to be serious.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

Yeah, talk about people
coming into our neighborhood

fucking us and our people around.

Ain't nobody gonna fuck me around.

They just can't come in here,

pretend to be our friends,
rip us off and leave.

It's time we rip them
off and make them leave.

Nick's right, we're here
to get organized man.

That means we gotta sit together and listen.

And what we're doing
here is a first, you dig that.

Trust is a must.


Don't come too close to me, man.

We got us the fucking poet.

And trust is a must.

While we man, trust in the must.

That's right man, I am a poet.

Since you got all the moves, asshole,

why don't you take over.

Oh no thank you Reaper.

No, that's okay, Reaper.

You see, 'cause now that
you are getting on in years,

I wouldn't be wanting to to rob you

what just could be your last big scam.

Grand daddy Reaper.

You get where I'm coming from.

I know where you're going.

Yeah, I know where your
mama's going too, asshole.

All right, I've had it with this shit.

We never got together before,

we don't have to get together now.

I got better things to do tonight.

Yeah, like who?

I just don't wanna hear any
more of I'm pissed about this

and I'm pissed about that

and if we could get together
we could be something.

I don't wanna hear it.

Okay, you've made your
point, let's hear the plan already.

A bunch of wise ass hoods
are running the carnival.

Everything's rigged, man.

They cut the ride short when
it gets the least bit crowded,

they're ripping off the community
and feeling good about it.


Put your dog on the leash, man.

They're supposed to be
sharing with the community.

Not only is that not happening,

but they're taking us for chumps.

I ain't a chump, night crawlers ain't chumps.

This will make the job easier.

How many of these can you get?


Look at that.

Shit, toy gun.

Here's the carnival layout.

We split up into three groups, we work fast.

Gray, this is your section here.

Reaper, you take this
section and this is mine.

We work fast, nobody gets hurt.

You got that?

Hey man, we got to bust some head,

let them know we've been there.

They'll know we've been there stupid,

we'll have their money.

Yeah, we'll take that too.

But see the way I figured...

You ain't got enough brains to figure shit.

Well, who are you talking to?

Who the fuck does it look like?

You guys got the plans for the carnival?

Got them?

Yeah, I got the fucking plan.

You got it?

I'm cool.

That's the cause.

Cause that's gonna put cash in your pockets.

You wanna bust each
other's heads, that's your shit.

That's my kid brother, Danny.

I should kick you right in your ass.

You okay?

Something bugging you?


What is it, the weather?

What the hell were you doing there tonight?

I was worried about you.

I heard you were teaming
up with Eddie Reaper.

You could have gotten your ass killed.

Danny, you hear too much.

Hey, that's not the way, Nick.

I'll take care of my business.

You got your job, your art school.

That's your business, you take care of it.

Hey Nick, Eddie Reaper man,

he's a killer.


I saw some of your graffiti today,

it keeps getting better.

Oh yeah.

Hey, Danny, why don't you get a girlfriend

or something man, might clear your head up.

Stop the con, Nick.

Con, you call that a con?

Danny, I don't have talent like you.

You got a way out.

It ain't that easy for me.

You okay?

Make sure you clean up before mom sees you.

How are you doing, man.

Are you going to a funeral with that shit?


Drop them out, man.

Going to a funeral with that suit, man,

all black shit.

So what's the deal, Desi.

Well, it's a gift, we're going to smoke.

For weed?

Nope, legit cigarettes

with the city tax stamp on them.

Oh yeah?

Yeah, two bucks a carton.

Okay, get me 50 carton.

I can't sell you 50, you gotta
buy 3,000 cartons or more.

I don't want 3,000 cartons, I want 50.

Well, I can't give you 50.

But I want 50.

I just can't give you
50, you gotta get 3,000.

stuff it.

Hey Reaper.

Hey Reaper wait, I'm not
here to fuck around man.

I'm here to take care of
business, you understand?

I can't sell you 50 cartons,
you gotta buy 3,000 cartons.

I don't want them.

Well, let me give you
some friendly advice, okay.

I got some advice for you.

Yeah, what is that?

Rico's auto body up the block,

they do excellent work.

What is Rico auto body got to...

I'll show you.

I'll see your face again, yours too.


Tell them Eddie Reaper sent you.

I get a good discount.

Hey, how do you like this wine?

It needs some ice.

Ice, you don't ice in the stuff.

You enjoy it.

Oh, Nicky, how are you?

Little wine?

I don't drink that stuff.


Hey, Danny was here, but he left.

I don't want him around.

Hey, come on Nicky, he could be valuable

as your brother looks good in front of...

Knock it off Harry, I don't want Danny here

and don't forget it.

Okay, okay, I was only...

Okay Nick, I understand.

All right, so we agree.

How's everybody's spirits?

Terrific, right guys, huh?

You got it.

Good, let's go.

They're ripping everybody
off, that's their whole thing.

Hey, no drinking.

Hey man, how long minute?

Some kid be throwing that
shit in front of my woman

and my man.

You're gonna have to answer me, motherfucker.

You're a joke man.

You're the fucking joke

Man, what's the matter with you?

Move around.

Let's get going.

I tell you one thing, they
won't rip anybody off anymore.

is packed with that top broad.

Whoa, check it out.

You see any cops come around here?

No man, check it out.

Give me your money, man.

Go to hell, man.

This jackal has a toy gun.

Give me a couple cracker jacks.

Do it.

That was a beauty.


Here's your prize.

So what happened tonight?

Yeah what's all this
killing crap that went down?

That's what I'm talking about.

Hey, hey, hey, man, Reg wasn't...



That damn Ice, he's cold-blooded.

What are you talking about?

What do you mean what am I talking about?

You were there.

Okay, okay, okay, okay,

just forget it, just drop it now, okay.

Hey fellas.


How are you doing?

Hey Nick.

The money.

Nick will take care of it.

I think boy got hurt a little.

You okay?

Is the money together?

In the bag, Nick.

Everybody stay away
from the clubhouse tonight.

Things are gonna be hot there.

Let's go.

Get some ice in that.

It'll get back tomorrow.

Can you put this in the bag there.

Hey Nick.

Nick, take this man.

We decided.

You know, you guys
have a way of saying a lot

when you're quiet.

Which one of you is the most pissed off?

I am.

Reaper's a warlock.

The warlocks are bloodthirsty

and we're walking into that ballroom

to hand them out money.

I mean does that make sense...

Relax and keep cool.

The money will be split.

Nick, you know Reaper ain't stupid.

You know, Nick.

And Reggie, you got brains in your ass.

Hey Reaper, you used real guns.

That was dumb you wasted Reg and Bibi,

shot a carnival guy.

That was stupid.

It was supposed to be toy guns.

No killing, no arm robbery.

That's true Nick.

So what?

Now we're split the take 50/50, right?

You listening to me?

Look man, Reg was my business.

That was personal.

He was dumb.

Always drinking.

Yeah, and he talked too much to women.

It wasn't part of the deal.

Hey, I'm talking to you.


We were supposed to
teach those carnival guys

they couldn't come and rip off the community.

That was the deal.

Oh look man, I ain't running
a sunday school, you know.

If you're too soft.

That's bullshit, Reaper.

Put the gun away.

Reaper, you keep your
motherfucking ass off my turf.

You got it?

okay Nick, you got what you wanted

and I got what I wanted.

Now we split and we're even, right?



Hey, we did good Nick.

It shows what our potential
for the future could be.


Split it up.

It's already split.

We should keep you to our next adventure.

Hey Nick.

Nick really you know on a personal note,

blowing up isn't good for your health, man.

Hey, Alden, enough, okay.

Hey man, what it is.

Those guys are crazy.

Hey, we came out with
more than we went in with,

right okay?

You feel better?

I think so, Nick.

Yeah, well I won't be happy
until I bust Reaper's head.

And I want Ice, I want Ice bad.

What about Reg and Bibi?

Yeah and the other guy wasted?

That's Reaper's problem.

I got it.

I mean I got what will
pull you out of the hole.

What's that?

A party.

Hey, that's a good idea, that makes sense.

Six packs of beer, a bottle of scotch.

Listen, when you and the guys are out,

I was wondering whether I
could use your apartment.

Yeah sure, go ahead.


Hey, it's my apartment.

I know.

Well, good.

I guess you owe me another big time.

Big time. -And make sure

I don't come home early.

Don't come home early.


You guys have a good time, man.

Hey, say hi to Donna for me, all right?

Yeah, I'll say hi to Donna.

Nice party, huh.

Some party.

Let's have our own party.

Hey, let's get high and come around.

Where'd you go to school, huh?

What do you mean?

Hey man, let's get into subway.

Where are we supposed to go, huh?

Let's get high, come on Harry.

Hight, are you guys wanna go for massage?

Yeah, let's go for a massage.

His cousin.

come on.

I've never made a bed before, right.

I was in the service.

I know about you and Martin.

Off, off.

You have to make it first, come on.

Okay, okay, just five minutes.

Nicky, isn't it nice being
like this together alone?

I think we should have a drink

before this gets too serious.

Okay, I'll get the glasses.

Harry doesn't drink,
but he sure smokes a lot.

What is all this?

That's his business.

Is he a nightcrawler?


Well, then it's your
business too, isn't it?

Oh look, Nicky, this is getting

to be like the same old
subject with us all the time.

Get out of the gang before.


And everything for someone like you.

Just name it, you can have
anything you want, Nicky.

I don't want you lying on a sidewalk someday.

You know what I'm saying?

You're worrying too much.

Not as much as I want to.

I can't concentrate anymore,

I'm worried about you. - You don't have to.

What does that supposed to mean now?



Nicky, do you love me?

I want and I need you very much,

but I gotta do what I gotta do.

You all right?


You sure?

Don't worry about it.

I think mom's got the hatch for Cristos.

I mean there's no
problems, I'm your brother.

It doesn't make any of your business.

Hey, you're gonna meet aunt tonight, Danny?

I don't get it.

You got your thing to do, now do it.


What is that?

Uh, happy birthday mom.

Oh, that's so sweet.

It's from us to you, mom.

One day out of the year,
you treat yourself, okay.

Well, be good today.

You see that Billy gets home from school.

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, mom.

Thanks you guys.

Hey mom, it ain't counterfeit.

That's our deal, Nick, 5,000 up front.

I tell you what, Desi, I give you 2500 now,

7,500 when I get the cigarettes.

Reggie here will pick them up tonight.


No buts.

Hey, this is not our first deal, Desi.

I'm not the only one involved in this deal,

there's two other guys, Nick.

Desi, is it a deal?

All right, it's a deal.

But don't forget now, tonight.


All right.

Yeah, I'll see you down there.

I'll check it out, okay.

How have you been?

Yeah, I'm okay.

You guys are doing a
good job on the parking meter.

You know what we do with these next, Reggie?

No, what?

We make them into lamps.

Hey, you're right Nick,
every house should have one.

I'm gonna take these down...

You do that.

And I'm gonna sell them for 100 a piece.

Look at this.

Oh, Nick. - Look at that Mr. Grogan.

Well, last night.

Would you believe nothing was taken?

Well, don't the cops have any leads?

The joke is they haven't been here yet.

There you go Mr. Grogan.

What's it for?

It's just a little help, all right.

You give credit to everybody
in the neighborhood.

God bless you, God bless you.

Gilbert, you stay here and make sure

there's no more trouble, okay?

I'll catch you guys later.

Reaper's trying to start a war

since he's taking over the death makers.

But we made money together, right Nicky?

Yeah, that's true.

Hey Reaper.

Hey Nick.

Hey, nice to have you visit man.

How's it going?

That all depends.

Oh, something wrong buddy?

Somebody's been dumping on our turf.

Oh, man I'm sorry to hear that.

Is there's anything the warlock can do,

just ask.

We can handle the faggot
that's been spraying paint

in the building.

Well, I should hope so, Nicky, you know.

Could be more than one though.

We can handle that too.

Just tell the guy that's
been busting the windows,

he could get his arms busted.

Geez, that would be too bad man.

I hear you've been
adding bodies to your gang.

Yeah you know, boys want little security.

Give it to them, they might just need it.

Hey, what's going on in here?

Dianne, hi.

Hey, you're looking nice.

You know what I'm thinking,
I'm gonna go up to the party

and you wait here.

What I'm thinking...

Hey, what am I, some kind of a geek?

No, wait a minute.

I mean there's just a bunch of kids up there,

you know ice cream cake.

We went later...

Oh, come on Tim Molet.

Hey, wait a minute, later
we'll have a nice little dinner

you and me, a little pasta and clam sauce.

Your house?

No, no, we'll do it in your place.

Here's 10 bucks.

How come my place?

They're painting my apartment.

Painting, I didn't even
get to see the first color

of it, Tim Molet.

I don't like the color, okay.

Hey look, Di, you know
what I'm saying to you, huh.

Ha, we have some nice beer, huh.

Get some wine, I'll meet you later, okay.

Okay Tim Molet. - Okay, hey.

You look great.

I'll take the gift.


Boy, that Harry sure can't pick them.

Or they pick him.

No, he picks them
you see 'cause he can tell

if they love him or not
'cause when they hate him,

they love him.

He told me that.

Come on.

Go ahead.

I'll blow up some balloons a bit.

Listen, later I want you to go over

and check out the cartons.

Make sure that they're
full and hide them good.

Tell Desi, Harry will come
by with the money later.

All right.



And if you run out of
fingers, use your toes.

You're making a joke, right?


Everybody don't be nervous, don't be nervous,

it's not your party.

High gearbox, how are you doing?

Happy birthday Ms. Martin.

Happy birthday to you.

Look at the place.

It's okay.

Do me a favor, let Billy
finish the decorations.

Oh man, what are you doing out there?

What is this stuff?

Oh Nicky, that's such a beautifully

basic design, you know.

This is my mom's
party, it doesn't fly here.

Take it down.

Here, help me with this.

Yeah, all right you get
those potato chips over.

this nice.

You gotta know how to do this.

Because in the restaurant
business, you gotta do this right.

Hey, did you do this?


No, I ain't do that.

Hey guys, take this out...

Take it easy.

Hey, I'm trying to
decorate this stuff, all right.

Reggie, where the hell is Danny man?

He should have been here a half hour ago.

I don't know Nick, we gotta get this ready.

And listen, go over to
the bakery and get the cake.

Okay, but first I gotta finish doing this.

Just put them up, put them up.

Will you go.

No, I can go, I'm going.

I got my two daughters here.

They were almost killed, you know that?

This place, it is more than a mess.

What are you talking about?

Don't push.

What happened?

Oven blow up?

These guys came in here,

they've completely destroyed the...

Are you okay? - Hey Donna.

Jeez Danny, look at you, I'm so sorry.

It's okay, I'll lick it off.

Dana, what happened?

The oven blew up or something?

No, Reggie.

Oh God.

Thank God I kept it in the bag.

How are you doing Erin?

Hey listen, Danny, this is sister, Anne.


How are you doing, Ms. Rosario.


Hey, sorry.

Why don't you give me that?

Don't worry about it I'm gonna

take it with Danny.


Well, I'll go get my jacket.

I can come back and help if you want.

Yeah listen, you gotta
tell Nicki I'm gonna be late.

All right.

Well I guess I'm gonna miss the party.

Okay, Reggie

I got some more important stuff to do.

Give Nicky my love.

Listen, tell Nicky to meet
in the club past afterwards

all right?


I got some stuff to do you know?


You look like a mess.

Oh, thanks, Reggie.

I appreciate it.

Hey, I made it.

You're late, where you been?

Had a job interview.



Glad to see you two met.

All right, hey listen, the
bakery was messed up

by a bunch of guys in stocking masks.

I think I know who did it.

Don't worry about it.

Look she said she'll talk to you later.

Reggie is helping clean up and he'll be here

in a little bit.

How are you doing, Billy?

What happened and why?

She's on her way.

She's on her way.

Everybody hide.

Hurry, eat the cake soon.

Blow out the candles so we can eat the cake.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear Martins

Happy birthday to you.


Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear Martins

Happy birthday to you

Come on.

Come on.

All right you guys, I'll
see you in a minute huh.

That's it Reg.

Thanks, Desi.

All right, listen, make
sure that you tell Nick

that I'm gonna see him later on

with the rest of the balance, all right?

Yeah, well Nick told me to count all this

and see how much was here and check it out.

I don't care what you do.

Just tell him that I gotta see him later on.

Yeah, well you know, I'll check it out.

I don't care.

Check it out.

Take it easy Desi.

Yeah, take it easy.

All right.

I turn you on, don't I?


You got your own room?

Sorta, why?

Don't you like girls?

It doesn't feel like you hate them.

We just met.

It's gonna happen sooner or later so,

why not sooner.

You tango?


I'm supposed to be leaving that's all.


Nick's in the bedroom.

Well, how about the john then?


If I don't get out of here
I'm not gonna be able to walk

through the living room.

We're having a good time.

Oh, come on.

Why are you putting me out?

Turn me on.

I gotta turn the water on to turn you off.

If you do it I'll screem.

Excuse me.

Come on, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

No, come on.

Come on don't be crazy, will you?

No, come on.

Come on, will you stop it?

We gotta get out of here.

I'm well at home.

I don't know what the
hell you're doing in there.

Hey, hurry up guys come on close it up

so we'll get out of here.

Come on hurry up.

You see what I see?

Check yourself. - I'll be right back.

We're right on time, man.

They're unloading now.

We'll wait a few minutes.

We're gonna be riding
on them like white on rice

getting all they smokes.

They're getting ready to go.

Then we're getting ready to go.

All right, now.

How you doing Reggie?

I'm doing all right.

What are you doing here?

I don't know,

came to visit.


He's mine Reaper.

Nope, it's my turn hotdog.

Yeah, well you must be joking.

You better move on before I kick...

Before you what?

What are you gonna do?

Before I kick some ass.

That's what I'm gonna do.

You gonna do what?

I'll tell you what you're gonna do.

You're gonna get your ass over to that party

and tell Nick that we're leaving him

half his cigarette.

Yeah, well Nick told me
to count these, you know.

So you guys...

You guys ain't taking shit.

Get me out of this chair.

Damnit, hold his feet.

Let me kick his head.

Paging Dr. Smith.

Line one, please.

Dr. Smith.

Dr. Siddleman, line one, please.

Thanks for being here tonight.

That's okay.

Hey Nick, if I can get
this job at an ad agency.

All right, we'll get a place in the village

and you come with me.

We'll fix it up, a couple of weeks

and we send it for mom and Billy.

Forget it.


Because things are too heavy now.

I gotta clear them up first.

Things they're gonna stay heavy.

Well that's for me to worry about.

I'm gonna help.

You're gonna do shit.

Hey, I told you once to
stay out of my business.

You can't say that to me anymore.

Don't you understand what hurts you

affects mom and Billy and me?

Then you get your ass home

and you take care of mom and Billy,

I'll take care of the rest.

Don't talk to me like that.

Can't you understand that
somebody might love you.

Take a cab home.


Don't you feel?

I don't need your money.

I'll have another Cristos.

Are you all right Nick?


Thanks for helping out at mom's.

I really appreciate it.

Hey, always a pleasure anytime.

You wanna take care of the boys too.

Where's Harry?



I can't believe Reggie didn't make it.

Hey Nicky, you're knocking yourself out

talking about it.

Come on.

That skinny bastard, Reaper.

He's fucked us around enough.

What do we do?

You still got your connection?

Anything we want.

Hey Nick, the cops are looking for you.

I don't give a shit.

It's time we kick their ass.

We're ready Nick.

He's getting so greedy,

he wants everything:

us, the neighborhood.

I mean we can sit still

or we can fight back.

Well all right then, let's bust some heads.

We're gonna need
something heavier than that.

I can deal with it.

you go deliver the message to Reaper.

Nicky, what are you doing here?

You missed the party.

Yeah it was a great success especially

for you and Danny.


Oh God, come in.

Welcome back.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine, I'm okay.

You shouldn't be working so late.

Is there someplace we can go and talk?


Come on.

This all right?


Nicky I'm afraid for you.

Don't be afraid.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

You've been listening to too many tales.

Nicky, which one of the
nightcrawlers was killed tonight?


Oh God.

Nicky, why did you come tonight?

I was concerned.

Why do we have to live like this?

Why do we have to

be afraid to go out in the streets?

Why can't we laugh and run and play

like normal people do?

Soon baby.


Nicky, promise me you
won't do anything crazy.

You're so beautiful.

Nicky, make love to me.

Hey, Nick, what are you doing?

What am I doing?

I'm eating the brownie.

What am I doing?

Hey Mike, we got their president.

President of the
nightcrawlers, I'm honored.

What's the charges?

Double parking?

Hey, we're just taking
you in for questioning.

Let's take him down to the station.

If you want questions man.

We'll give you a tour, baby.

Why you gotta cuff me?

Let's go.

Just get in the car.

I thought you're cold man.

You're cold.


Hey, easy.

Just came to talk.

Check this shit out.

The nightcrawlers come crawling to talk.

We wanna set up a meeting.

Do you believe this faggot?




Let's take them upstairs and talk to Reaper.

Hey, Reaper?

Some nightcrawler chumps
wanna talk to you about a meeting.

Do you wanna talk to them?

They're here, ain't they?




Tomorrow morning, at the
old tracks on freeman street.

Your turf, huh.

We're coming clean at 8 o'clock

and we just wanna talk, okay?

Nick wants to talk to me?



Tell Nicky we'll be there.

That's all.

Danny, Nick was grabbed by the cops.

Oh for christ's sake for what?

It's routine...

Is he alright?

How do we get him out?

We don't do nothing.

They'll turn him over in 48 hours.

Well, what about Donna.

We've got better things to worry about

and she's got to worry about Donna?

Hey, Alvin.

All right.

All right.

It is Nick we need.

We got all this stuff and nobody to wire it.

What are you talking about?

A building.

A building?


I don't understand.

We're gonna blow it up.

You gonna what?

We're gonna blow it up.

Wild child's bringing all this stuff.


You got the fuse and stuff?

You know I'm a wild child.

He has it all Danny.

So what?

Are you asking me to do it?

Not really.

Then why did you bring it up.

He wanted to ask.

Well, go ahead and ask.


Guys go dance.

Come on.

Just get something, huh?

I don't know.

I'm thinking maybe I can do it.

Remember, you stay in that warehouse.

You see something you bark twice.



What we do we get right in there.

You know what I'm talking about?

And that's exactly what we're...

Hey Danny.

Danny, not now come on.

Okay, let's go.

Come on.

Come on.

Okay we'll help you down.

Come on let's go.

Come on move it out.

Hey man, I got dynamite.

Oh Jesus, we're doing him a favor.

This place is a disaster.

What the hell is this?

What does it look like?

Reaper's mother.

I need your knife.


Hey, I think I hear something.

Come on, let's get our asses and gear

and get the hell out of here.

Man, are they in for a surprise.

Why won't you hurry up?

You think it's gonna work?

It's gonna work, Harry.

Meet me back here in 15 minutes

unless Nick shows, okay?

All right.

Don't you think you've
helped your brother enough?


Wow, you're a mess.

And you didn't get any sleep yourself Ann

but you still look cute.

Is mom home?

No, she left.

And you better be glad 'cause she boiling.

How come you and Nicky
didn't come home last night.

We was helping Donna.

Helping Donna.

How? - Goodbye.

Goodbye Billy.


Don't tell me about it.

You're still cute Ann.

Helping Donna.

Your mom always leave so early for work?

You ask a lot of questions, don't you?

I just wondered.

Excuse me.

I think I better go freshen
up so we could go see

the apartment in the village.

Oh yeah?

Not changing your mind are you?


I just can't let the guys down.

I mean if Nick doesn't show...

Do you plan to be the gang leader?


Well you're full of excuses,

I thought you said you had it with gangs.

Look, you don't understand.

You got it all wrong.

I hate all this crap.

Then leave it alone.

Don't step in that shit anymore.

You've shown your love for
Nick and risked a lot doing it.

Danny, dried-up balls are useless.


Hey Nick, you okay?

I was worried about you.


What's the matter

We didn't spend the night here.

I know.

I told you once to keep
your ass out of my business.

The guys had a problem
they asked me to help...

It was none of your business.

And you had to get her involved.

Danny, that was dumb stupid.

Yeah, that's what it was.

I don't wanna be dumb anymore man.

I've had it.

I've been sitting here
watching my big brother

trying to be smart...

You stay the fuck out of my business.

He didn't mean that.

Motherfuck shit.

Where are they, God damn it?

Something ain't right.

Look at that.

Something's going on.

It's all right, man

Hey Reaper, man,

We should've had a piece, man.

Bush, come here.

I want you to go to the club house now

and get some guns.

You know where they are?

Hurry up.

Come on.

Your name is Harry.

Yeah, Harry

How are you doing Harry?

Hey, Desi how are you?

All right.

Sit down. - Nice seeing you.

Nice seeing you too.

What's up?

I'm here to buy.


Steel butts.

How many do you need?

15, 20, 25.

How much you got?


This kid got guts huh?


250 bucks for 25 guns.

What are you gonna do with 250 bucks?

I don't know.

I just need them, Desi.

I don't know you guys.

I don't know.

You need 15 of them, huh?

What are you guys getting
ready to start a war, huh?

Could be.

Hey you know I wish
somebody would do something

to those savage warlocks.

You mean Reaper and his boys?


Ready for this?

Remember his clubhouse?

Feast your eyes we blew it up.

You guys did this?


Hey Frank, come look at these things.

Hey Desi, sorry to hear about your car.

It's a real bad thing to do.


Hey Harry, you know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna give you a dozen 38s

and I'm gonna give you something else.

And a nine-millimeter automatic.

It's a gift from Desi

for your good deed.

All right?

Thanks a lot Desi.

Hey Harry, I like your style.

Maybe someday you come work for me huh?

I gotta think about it.

That'll be good.

We can use him.

Come on.

Come on.

Okay would everybody just stay back.

Just stay back out of here.

Just stay back, okay?

Just stay back.

Keep them back huh.

Hey, buddy just keep them back okay.

Let's go.

Hey Nicky, your mother.

Hello Mrs. Irena.

I always used to take you to
this park when you were little.

Remember Nicky?

I remember handing out ice
cream for the good humor guy

where his ringing was

He used to give me free ice cream.

You were always so nice and so smart.

So what's happening to you, Nicky?

Nothing, ma.

Times are changing.


You call what we just saw nothing?

Can't you see how tough you're getting?

How can you call that nothing?

That was something another gang did.

It's always somebody else.

I love you boys so much.

I don't know what I did.

I know you loved your father.

You didn't do nothing wrong ma, nothing.

Don't cry, ma.

Don't cry.

Someday I'm gonna move
us out of this neighborhood.

Soon, I'm gonna do it.

I guess I'm a good teacher,

the nurses say you're a hot number.

Tony, go stand by the door.

Don't let anybody in, okay?

Come over here.

What about Nick?

Another one.

Come here.

He's out.

Anybody by the door?

No, just the nurse.

All right.

Hey, handle with care, okay?

These aren't from a discount drug store.

Everybody take your gun, hide it right away.


Don't click 'em.

Are they loaded?

Shut up.

Come on just hide them right away.

Pick it up, let's go.

Come on.

Hey, come on, are you watching the door?

Did you get yours?

Okay, put it...

You dropped it on the floor.

Just put it away.

Here, put it in the box.

You know, you got brains in your ass too.

Dr. Jones, surgery please, Dr. Jones.

I saved you the nine-millimeter automatic.

Thanks, Harry.

Listen, this is serious fellas.

We're not playing.

Two days we're gonna
take Reaper and his boys.

I have Alvin and Harry checking
every move that they make.

I was coming down.

I have to see you.

My parents are going
crazy they know about...

I'm with you not them.

I'm still their daughter.

You know something Donna?


I'm getting out of here.

You've become impossible.

I can't talk to you anymore, I can't even...

You try and understand.

My head's bursting with problems.

Look, I'm sorry.

I'm just afraid.

There's nothing to be scared of.

I need you, babe.

I really need you.

Let's go for a ride.

Come on let's go for a ride.

Staten Island ferry.

You got it.

You know last time I was on this tub,

I was with my father.

You never told me about your father.

He was a gambler.

Never knew what he wanted to do

but he had a way about him like nobody else.

Mom said he should have
been a salesman or something.

We just liked him the way he was.

I love you, Nicky.

He was killed doing something stupid

about seven years ago.

I'm sorry.

Manhattan's great isn't it.


Lights, activity, energy.

Someday I wanna live here.

When all this craziness
is over I'm moving out.

I hope so, Nick.

Hey look, I know this great
place over on third avenue,

it's got big cheeseburgers, iced coke.


Come on you keep saying no.

Stop saying that, please.

Do me a favor, okay?

Don't say no no more, okay?

You're beautiful, you know that?

You're always saying that.

Why are you always saying that?

Stop saying that.

I like it.

This is our night to be
together and it's early.

I just want it to be like this always.

Oh, Nicky.

Can you see?


Look at them.

Son of a bitches.

They do this every day
right before the bar opens.

Have a look.

That Reaper.

What are they doing?

Checking out that lady.

Why don't you tell me about your new job.

I thought I did.

I'm very excited for you.

Oh yeah?


What happens if I can't hack it?

That's what you thought
about our first night together

until you got it going.

How'd you know that?

I just did.

You do as good on your job,

you get a raise the first day.

You're good for the ego you know that?

Is that what you call it?

Oh lady, what you gonna
do when you grow up?

Who grows up?

If I grow up I'll be fucked
like everybody else.

Toilet mouth.

Come on, I'm serious.




You're shitting me.

Maybe, toilet mouth.

Because I think it'd be very interesting

to get into people's heads.

Oh yeah?

You wanna know something?


You're cute.


I love you.

So okay can I have the...

Just give me the number.


Five, five, five.


Eight, five.


Nine, two.


Oh good.

I think you're gonna love it here.

And you know exclusive
apartments aren't easy to find.


Oh, by the way, I wanted
to tell you something.

If I'm going to the doctor tomorrow,

you just keep calling.

All right.

But I will have to know by tomorrow.

No problem.

All right. - Right?

Okay, take care now.


Badabang badaboom.


I don't know if they're watching us.

They ain't watching us.

Take over.

HeyAlvin, I think the Reaper retired

with his bed bugs.

Come on it's getting kind
of late and dark let's go.

It usually does at night.

Can't wait to tell Nick

how easy it's gonna be.


They're stupid it'll be easy to pick them up.

Maybe, but we still have to be careful.

You never know about Reaper.

Come on, let's get out of here.

There's more where he came from.

How'd you know?

I heard him you know.

Let's get out of here.


I thought something was
wrong when you called so early.

Couldn't sleep, I had to see you.

Hey Nicky, what if I
told you I was pregnant?

Repeat that.

I think I might be pregnant.

Maybe I didn't wanna see you again.

Come on, don't do that.


Run away.

Oh I wouldn't do that now.

Be serious.

I don't wanna be serious.

Did I hurt you?

No way.

Would you get really mad if I teased you?

Are you nuts?

No, but the neighbors think I am.

Nicky, I love you.

Tell me about wonderful things,

about how great places and great people, us.


What if I told you that I
just came off a hot date.

Nicky, I'm not really pregnant.

You should be.

What about your hot date?

Which one?

That's it, that's it.

Come on.

Truce, truce, truce.

When we get our place I
want you to have a baby.


And I want it to look just like you.

I want him to look just like you.

Hey Nicky, I know a place we can start.

Tonight, okay?

From tonight on, time's gonna be ours.

I'll hang tight on that, Mr. Martin.

Listen I gotta get going.

I'll see you later, okay?

Of course.

Hey Nicky.


Let's not stop till we know we may win.

Come on, be reasonable.

Hey Nicky, I love you.

Hey Nicky, it's all checked out again.

Everything's all right.

There's just nothing to worry about, okay?


Hey, hey jeez.


Come on.

Are you serious about that apartment?



Well, how big is it?

It's a three bedroom.


Danny I can't believe it.

Bath and a half.

Have you told Nick, yet?

I'm gonna tell Nick.

This better not be like
the time you were gonna

move us all to a

Danny I can't believe it.

Turn right at the next corner.

That's them right there.

Let's go, come on.

It's time we go down there.

Up there.

Can you pull over?

Take this for a minute.

I forgot something, I'll
call you when I get home

from work, okay?

Have a good day?

Okay, you too.

You're looking surprised.

He's gonna love it.

Well, look, we're doing
it for the community.

Are we covered?


How you feel?

Ready to kick ass, Nick.

Coming now.

All good.

I'm gonna blow his ass away.


What's that?

It's his brother calling him.

Little baby brother.

He's coming.

Baby, baby.


Run man, it's a setup.

Go back.

Alvin, get down, man.



Oh, man.

I tried, man.

I love you, Danny.