Sunny Side Up (2017) - full transcript

Burdened with severe social anxiety and a relentless inner voice, a young funeral director tries to take comfort in a self-imposed house arrest but is challenged by a curious neighbor.

♪♪ Had a dream where I wasn't

afraid, and the sun shone brightly
every day. When I awoke the sky

was gray, maybe someday...

Had a dream where I could fly and
a princess thought I was a nice guy.

When I awoke I fantasized, maybe someday...

it'll be okay, it'll be
okay, it'll be okay... ♪♪


You're a loser.

You're going to be late.

Wouldn't be the first time.

What am I going to do just stand here?

There's no point in stalling.

Why haven't I left yet?

Why is this always a struggle for
me, no one else goes through this.

Do it... Stop being a coward... Do it...

Open the door... Do it! Do it already!

And another step and another and
another and another and front door,

we meet again.

Who says that? Who even
thinks about the front door?

God. Turn the knob. Now!


She's so pretty. Ugh, I feel so stupid.

Don't stare at her. Why does it matter?

She'd never noticed me. Why would she?

Just look straight ahead and relax.

What's that?

Should I pick it up?
Nah, someone else will.

No, no one else is going to pick it up.

Oh, well, she probably
won't even know it's gone.

What if it has some special meaning to her?

Maybe she doesn't need her glasses case.

What do you mean she doesn't
need her glasses case?

Just pick it up for her. She might
think I'm weird, though, or that I

took it to begin with. Just be
a decent, normal human being.

Stop it!

Uh, miss? Sorry, you dropped this.

Thank you. Sometimes I'm just so clumsy.

That was nice of you.

Say something!

Anything... Great, she thinks I'm a weirdo.

Should have expected that.

I can't go this way now,
I have to go another way.

I'm going to be late, but I
have no other... Geezus!

Where'd he come from? How
long was he standing there?

Probably saw the whole thing.

That's embarrassing.

Good morning!

Good morning.

It's crowded today.

Maybe the buses are getting smaller.

Why is everyone looking at me?

They're not. Relax, it's all
in my head, so just calm down.

No one's looking at me.

I know that.

Just hurry, you're
going to be late, you're always late.

Why don't you just leave earlier?


Run! Faster!

Oh, you're so out of shape.

All right, made it.

I'll just put my coat
away, catch my breath.

Hopefully Keith doesn't notice me.

He always notices you, what
are you talking about?

Looks like someone's
late again!

Why does Keith always pick on me?

Like you've never been late, Keith?

Leave him alone.

I am never late.

Why does he do this every day?

Maybe to dinner.

I guess he thinks this is funny?

He knows I'm kidding, right?

Just smile and walk away.

Y'know I'm kidding
right man?

Of course...

Say good morning to Keith.

G'morning, Keith.

All right. Say good morning to Rhonda.

Morning, Rhonda.

How you doing kid?

Good job, say... ah geez...

Mr. Hendricks, I am so, so sorry.

This will never happen again.

I was just...

You worry too much
son, settle in. Rhonda's just

put a fresh pot of coffee
on. You want some?

Don't get used to it.

I'm not a damn personal assistant.

Is she mad at me?


Why would he do that?

Well thank you sir I greatly appreciate it.

I gotta get out of here...

Before I get started I was just going to

run to the restroom if that's OK?

By all means.

Just walk away.

Be right back.

Walk away. Keep walking.

Sorry again, sorry.

It's OK. Mr. Hendricks likes you.

You're not in trouble.

Just go to the bathroom and you'll be fine.

Todd looks very busy.

Leave him alone. John hates me.

Christ, Nate. This guy's been
here for months and he's still checking

in with you to use the bathroom?

He's just the nervous
type, John. That's all it is.

Thank the Lord you don't have that issue.

No kiddin', because John already
has so many other issues am I right?


Mental issues, right?

I'm playing... I'm playing.

You think that's funny? No wonder we don't

have you meeting the clients anymore.

Of course the kid
likes to hang out in the bathroom.

You guys are all so negative.

Maybe I'd be more positive,
Rhonda, if you made a better cup of coffee.

Oh, I'll make sure to do
that the next time, just for you darling.

That's all I ask for beautiful.

What do you guys
think we'll order for lunch?

And how about Jones family?

The Jones family,
great family, great family.

They really like St. Thomas.

But they like St. John's church better...

St. Thomas is their parish...

Why am I like this? Why?

I can't do this anymore.

What else are you going to do?
You mess everything up.

No one wants you. I know.

What's wrong with you? Why does
this happen every day? Just be normal...

Someone's going to notice. Why
am I like this?


Why am I like this?

Why isn't anyone else like this?

Look at yourself, you're a mess.

All right, that's enough. Fix yourself up.

Let's just take a moment.

Deep breath. There we go.

It'll be fine, same as every other day.
You're just going back to your desk.

OK there you go. Keep walking forward.

Stand up straight, don't
slouch. You always slouch!

Stop breathing so hard!

Looks weird. God you're so weird.
They're probably talking about you

right now. OK, compose yourself.

Smile. Nod.

Everything's going to be fine.

Everything's fine.

Don't get too comfortable, old faithful.

Nathan's in the conference
room, said he wanted to see you.

You snuck up on me there.

Come on in, make yourself comfortable.

I'm sorry.

Please, finish what you were doing.

What you apologizing for?

I'm the one who invited you in here.

You're right. I don't know.

Stop apologizing.

You're a good egg, you know that...

I'm a good egg. That's great.

At least I'm good at something...

Too hard on yourself. I mean, I
like to run a fun and relaxed atmosphere

here as much as the circumstances allow.

But, you know, the guys out there...

I knew it. The guys hate me.

I don't know what to do.

I've tried so hard.

I don't know why I can't fit in.

But I think maybe now it's time for
you to put a little bit more effort in...

Oh my God, he thinks
I'm not putting effort into this job?

What else can I do...?
There's nothing I can do.

People just don't like me...


I'll make a mistake...


It's not okay, you don't understand...

So, do we have a deal?

Excuse me?

Well, what do you say?

I mean, these are the
options I've come up with.

If you just took on a few more
responsibilities, interacted with the

team a bit more, it'll work out fine.

I... I completely agree with you.

You're absolutely right, sir.

There you go again, 'Sir.' Good one.

It's like you're not even
paying attention sometimes.

The guys out here,
they never pay attention.

Keep it up. You'll fit right in.

You can do this, just try harder.

What did you go and do to yourself?

Wish I'd gotten the chance
to know you, Eugene.

I wonder what kind of person you were.

You had a beautiful wife and kids.

What could have been so bad that you would

choose never to see them again?

If your life was so bad, what
does that say about mine?

I don't know if you know this
or not, Eugene, but I'm a loser.

Can I call you Eugene? Great.

Mr. Kindle seems kind
of formal at this point.

So... what do I do about it, Eug?

I have to try harder.
Like Mr. Hendricks said.

I owe it to him.

How many people would take a chance on me?

And I do enjoy doing this.

Why, you ask?

Yeah, why?

Good question, Eugene. Well,
we probably wouldn't have been friends.

Why not?

Don't take it personally.

Probably would have been my fault.

But, I would like to think I played
a minor role in your life and how

people will remember you.

Oh, you're doing a fine job.

Although, I think you
may have missed a spot.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Thank you. How about you?

How do you think you will be remembered?

Another good question... May I?

I don't know... it's going to take
a lot more than makeup to cover

up a lifetime of being pathetic.

Maybe a gallon of paint would do it.

We done in here?

Uh yep!

We need to get things going soon.

I'm just putting on the finishing touches.

Need any help?

I got it! Thank you very much.


Now, why
did I do that? 243.1

OK. OK. Alright. Easy... all right.

Shoot! No, no, no, no! Shoot.


Sorry Eugene.

How's it going?

You messed up.

Okay, good job.

He's lying.

Let's get moving...

Oh, God, I'm fired.

What am I going to do now?

Thank you, John.
It's a difficult time, you know how it is.

I know if there's anything
you need, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you.

He's going to
mention it, he's going to mention it.

Thank you for all you did.

Uh, I'm so sorry, sir.

I really tried to do a good job.

This poor family.

I've let them down.

Appreciate the work you did.

I've got to do better.

Good luck with that, IDIOT.

Are you an idiot?

Well are you?

Why is this happening?

Mrs. Reece...

Don't 'Mrs. Reece' me.

I specifically ordered the Pearson Cherry.

The casket that's sitting out
there says it's a Preston Cherry.

Those are clearly not the same thing.

You're absolutely
right they are not the same...

Thank you, that's what
I've been saying if you would only listen.

With all due respect, Mrs. Reece,

I ordered what you asked me to.

You signed it...

I didn't sign
that. I signed something else.

Excuse me...

Oh gosh...

I wasn't trying to
eavesdrop, but the volume of your

shrill voice has made it
very difficult. If he said...

Just gonna make it worse...

I have no reason to doubt him...

Please sit down, Rhonda...

So what's the problem here?

I'm not sure who
you are, but I did not sign that.

That's fine. Can you
show me a copy of what you did sign?

Are you kidding me?

Oh no, now they're getting into it...

The funeral is tomorrow...

I know the funeral is tomorrow...

with this!?

Please stop crying, please stop
crying, please stop crying, please stop crying.

Oh what a disaster.

No, please...

Rhonda's seeing everything.

Thank you I appreciate it...

OK, what can I do?

Offer to pay the difference...

I'll just pay the
difference, uh it's no problem at all.

So that's everything then, right?

That's it so... Sorry,
again, it's just a minor mistake.

It's fine. I'll never have a service
here again though, I can tell you that much.

Have a wonderful day.

Sorry, sorry again.

Oh, don't say anything,
Rhonda. Just let it go, just let it go...

What the hell was that all about?

It's fine. She's
she's going through a lot...

Let me tell you something, kid.

Everybody goes through things.

She was manipulating you...

OK. Rhonda...

You know that...

I get it...

You didn't do anything wrong...

I know you're trying to help...

Show a little backbone!

Just drop it, Rhonda, please!

I don't know what your deal is bud.

Oh well, nice job.

That went well.

You have to prove
you can do something right.

They're just people.
What's the worst that can happen?

They could laugh at you, make fun of you.

Hate you. Get you fired. Oh, geez.

Well, uh looks like all
we have left is to pick out the casket.

If you'd like to follow me to the next
room, we can take care of that right now.

Ok let's mosey on over...

That wasn't so
bad. See what a little effort does?

You're doing fine, you're doing fine,
you're doing fine, you're doing fine,

you're doing fine, you're doing fine,
you're doing fine.

Here are a few samples
on display of what we have to offer.

Oh, they're gorgeous aren't they, Harold?

I guess.

I already know which one I want.

That one over there with the angel.

Are you sure?

You can take your time.

That's a little steep, isn't it?


Honey please, let's...
She's in heaven with the angels, Harold.

This is perfect.

You're right it's... perfect.

That was easy!

I bet not everyone is this easy.

Well, everyone's different,
but you two have been pretty easy.

Well, once you come to terms
with the possibility that you're next it

gets a little easier, you know what I mean?

Sure do I mean for
all we know, I could be next.

Oh, I doubt that.

My rickety old body I should probably
pick out my casket too while we're here...

Oh, stop it.

If you do I'll have to get one
for myself just to prove my point.

Oh, your boss would love that, huh?

Employee of the month?

No, you're right!

Maybe we'll pick one out for ol'
Harry here, get the couples discount!

Why would you say that?

Yeah, why would you say that?

No more jokes.

Know why I asked you in here today?

To get fired?

Because Mrs. Clancy complained about me?

What? You didn't upset her again, did you?

It's neither here nor there.

Rhonda told me about the incident with

Mrs. Reece and the casket earlier today.

I'm sorry...

It's okay.

You remind me a lot of when I
was younger, I used to burden myself

with everything too, it's not good.

So, I've been thinking and I think
we should look again at that option

we discussed earlier today...

Option we discussed?

What on earth is he talking about?

The 30 day leave of absence?

No please! I can
do better, I can do better, I...

Can do better!

I'm sorry.

That's okay. 387.2

I've never been fired before.

Who said anything about being fired?

Heck no. I just think...


You need to take some time
out and deal with whatever's bothering you.

And maybe start the
process of talking to someone.

Even Mr. Hendricks thinks I need help.

It's useless.

We'll set you up with unemployment.

And if you don't want to
come back, I'll respect that.

But if you do, then your job is
going to be here waiting for you

and then we can reassess.

You mean then I'll be fired.

I just want you to be
okay. Everybody does. 400.1

Everybody knows.


How are you going to tell your mom?

How are you going to face anyone again?

You're a disgrace. You're an embarrassment.

You're disgusting.

Oh, why did I look at him?

Maybe he didn't notice.

He noticed.

Excuse me.

This guy is weird.

I'm weird.

At least I don't have to
ride this thing for a while.

At least I don't have
to do a lot of things.

How much will I get from unemployment?

Will that cover everything?
Are they going to replace me?

Should I get a new job?
Should I get help?

What am I going to do for that long?

I want to be alone.

For the whole month.

Can't imagine what that'd be like.

♪♪ I love silence... I love being alone.

All these buzzing noises, my
mind can't roam. Ohhh. ♪♪ 427.1

Attention Smart
Foods shoppers, it is now 9:50 pm

and the store will be
closing in 10 minutes.

Hmm, these will last a while.

I'll take a couple of these,
maybe a couple more.

A month, that's a long time.

Maybe a few more.

Perfect. All right let's
see... canned food.

Yeah, wow these are great.

OK, one last aisle.

Hurry up, someone's going to
look at you and think you're a freak!

Oh, these are nice. Just get a bunch.

Just hurry up and fill the cart.

This is so embarrassing.

How many eggs should I get?

Couple dozen, right?

Maybe more. Just get a couple more and go.

That guy saw me,
probably thinks I'm an idiot.

I don't ever want to do this again.

She's looking right at me isn't she?

She probably thinks I look stupid. Forget
it just hurry up, you're almost there.

I hate standing in line like this.

Everyone else is getting like four
things and I have this giant cart.

I look so weird.

Wish I was home. Almost there.

Come on, you can do it.

All right.

Ooh, calendar.

Couldn't have gone somewhere else, huh?

Oh man, this guy hates me.

I'm looking
forward to this, let me tell ya.

Oh, finally.

"You have one
new voice message... New message."

Hi honey, I'm
just calling to see how you're doing?

Haven't heard from you in a few days.

I hope work is going well.

Give me a call. Love you.



Hi honey, I'm
just checking in to see if you're doing

all right. It's been a few days and
well, I don't want to bother you, so

I'll let you go. Just give
me a call when you get this.

Love you.

Great. 475.1


Hello, fish. 476.1

Doo doo doo doo doo.

Is there someone there?

Oh my, you scared me!

I'm sorry, I would never do
that, are... are you all right?

Everything got
dark for a moment, I was all alone.

Did you try turning on the light?

I did! I called for help, but no one came.

Did you hear me?


Of course not.

Well, maybe you weren't
calling loud enough?

That's what everyone says.

It's useless.

Well, I... I can hear you now.

Stop being weird.

Why are you like this?

Stop being weird.

Stop being weird. You're a sad, lonely guy.

You're boring. You're a
sad, stupid, boring lonely...

And you're too afraid
to be a normal person.

You're stupid. Why are you
like this? Stop being weird.

You could go outside and
find out what's going on.

Anyone else could do it, but not you.

See what happens
when you don't do anything?

Is your power back on?

No. Not yet...

They told me a guy drove
right into a pole down the street!

Was he hurt?

Not sure.

Sad thing is now I'm gonna have
to throw away so much food.

Same here, I was
going to make a casserole. 512.1

Looks like that's outta the question...

Really? You're gonna have to
show me the recipe. That sounds really good.

Hey. Is the power back on?

Not yet, honey.


Oh no. Oh no.

Why would you do that?
Why would you do that?

She probably thinks you're a creep now.

You look like a creep.
Get away from the window!

Oh, God.

Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.

Oh, God. Hide now!

Don't move!


Don't say a word.

Hey, is your power off?

I know you're home, dude, I just
saw you looking out the window.

And fixing the blinds after.

Are you going to answer me or not?

Easy. Wait it out and she'll go away.

All right man, thanks a lot.

Guess I'll leave you alone then.

I heard that!

Thanks for your help.

What is she... what is she doing?

Is she making fun of me?

She's pretty.

Is that the first time she's talked to me?

What's her name?

You should have said something,
she knew you were here!

What an idiot. She'd
probably hate you anyway.

Yeah, that's a good point.

'As she walks away,
he contemplates all the times they've

passed one another. Should he?

Shouldn't he? Before he can come
to a logical answer, he stops her.

'Beth', forces its way out of his mouth.

She turns to him, a glimmer in her eyes.

'Yes?' He waits a moment and says... '

'I really like you.' She
responds, 'I really like you too.'

That's nice.

'And so Beth and Joshua decided
it was best to go their separate ways.' 556.1

'The End.'

This isn't so bad, you're going to be fine.

You're fine, just go to sleep and
things will be better when you wake up.

When's the power going to come back on?

'I stand on the end platform
of the tram and am completely unsure of

my footing in this world,
in this town, in my family.

Not even casually could
I indicate any claims that

I might rightly advance in any direction.'

'Life sucks and then you die.'

I gotta get better books.

Wake up! Do something!

You could be doing something
productive, anything.

I know. But what?


I don't know. You can always
try something... active, maybe work out?

Yeah, I could.

You've talked about it enough.

What good would that do?

That's true.
All right, let's think about this.

What if the girl comes back?

Yeah, right.

Why would she do that?

She's your neighbor.

It's not out of the realm of possibility.

That's a good point.

What's another reason?

I'm done with this conversation.

Hey, I say when you're done!

Uh, huh.

You got a few weeks left, maybe you
can get yourself into some sort of shape.

At least look like a
presentable human being!

Honestly, it's difficult to
look at you, you're scrawny and tubby.

That doesn't even make sense.

Just get started already.

I was wrong.

That was pointless.

Here we go again.

This is so pathetic.

God forbid you get a girlfriend.


Be quiet.

Calm down. It's OK, everyone does this.

Think good thoughts.

She was pretty, wasn't she?


This is wrong. Pick someone else.

OK, that's better.

There we go.


That's nice.

OK, get the lotion, get the tissues.

You're gonna need it.

You like that, don't you?

OK, just a little bit of lotion and...

A little bit of lotion and...

Damnit again!?

Great job. All right, forget the lotion.

Just clear your head.



No, no, no, no, no.

Quiet, quiet! Stop, stop, stop, stop!

X the window! X the window!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!



Looks like the power's back!



I heard that!

Are you ever gonna to respond to me?

Was she listening?

Oh man, when did she start?


Well, hello neighbor!

This is how you
choose to introduce yourself.

Um, how long were you listening?

Not long. You can actually
hear pretty much everything coming from

your apartment. Just wanna let
you know my power's back on.

In case you were wondering.

Sorry. How much did you hear?

Are you worried that
I heard you watching porn?

Yep. That's it.

'Cause it's no big deal, really!

I um... I wasn't... I
wasn't... I wasn't watching porn.

Very believable.

Are you sure?

'Cause it sounded like it.

OK, end this. Get out of the conversation.

I wasn't watching porn.

H-how do you know
that wasn't my girlfriend?

Because you're still here talking to me?

I want to die right now.

Do you have two girlfriends?

Sorry. Um... I'll call
and have this problem fixed, ok...

It's no problem, really...

This won't happen again, I promise...

You know I'm kidding right...

Have a good night!

Everything I do ends up a disaster.

Why can't I do anything right?

What if I could just stop worrying.

Screw it.

On second thought, let's keep talking.


How are you?

I'm all right. You?


Things could be better.

Yeah, me too.

What are you doing right now?

Getting to know you.

Well, I don't want to be too
forward, but would you like to do that

over a bottle of wine?

Sure. My place or yours?

C'mon over.



I actually prefer white.

Thank you.

Care to dance?

I don't like this song.

Why did you want to talk to me?

I've always found you so interesting.

I had to know more about you.

Why did you finally decide to talk to me?

I needed to take the chance.

Was it worth it?

Without a doubt.

Is this is what it feels like to be normal?

I wouldn't know.

♪♪ People see us together
and they say it ain't fair... "♪♪

Are you going to get that?

♪♪ "Like finding..." ♪♪


Where on Earth have you been?

I've been worried sick!

I'm sorry, um, the
power's been out for a couple of days.

Well, that's no excuse.

My God, I almost called the police.

Geez, Mom, why do you always go overboard?

I just want to make sure you're all right.

You're my baby.

Lord knows I only have one.

Darn push ups.

I knew they were a bad idea.

How have you
been? Anyone giving you any trouble?

No, everything's fine.

Are you taking your medicine?


Are you sure honey?

You know it's important.


How's work?

I can't take this
anymore. Just tell her to stop already.


Are you sure?

Is Keith bothering you again?

You there?


You know I'm here if you need anything.

Have you been eating well?


'The job market is
as tough as it's been in a long time.

Now on to some tragic local news.

A man was found dead in
his apartment this morning.

Police say he was lying there for
a week before anyone found him.

According to reports, the only
reason he was found at all was because

of complaints from neighbors
over the rancid smell.

Jason has more for us. Jason?'

'Thanks, Richard!

Yes, at this time, this man has
not yet officially been identified.

He has no friends or family that
the investigators are aware of.

It's just sad, sad, sad, sad, just so sad.

Back to you, Richard!'

Oh, no more news.

Damn push ups.

Just checking
to see how my little man's doing?


Am I getting worse?

I don't need anyone. That's
the point, I feel stupid around people.

I feel stupid around... no one.

This stinks.

You need someone to talk to.

She seems nice, she
hasn't made you feel bad.

She doesn't seem to think you're weird.

She's so pretty. She doesn't
want anything to do with you.

I've got to try. Right?

I've got to do something to change things.

I've tried. 778.1

I've tried.

So what's one more try going to hurt?

Here we go.

Take your time...

Wait, one more thing.

♪♪ Alone, in the moonlight.
Just me and you... ♪♪

Now what?

♪♪ The love that we're
making, it still feels brand new.

Cause I'm lost in the moment...
Lost in the moment with you. ♪♪


♪♪ Curtains of darkness
pinned back by... ♪♪

I should say, something.

What should I say?

♪♪ And the sweet smell of love reminds me
how far that I'm lost in the moment... ♪♪

It's not life or death.

She probably does think you're weird.

At this point, anything will do.

♪♪ People see us together
and they say it ain't fair... ♪♪

Hello? 797.1




Maybe she doesn't know I'm home?

Stop it! I have to do this. It's not a big
deal. It's not worth worrying about.

I don't really care. I
should have made my bed,

darnit. Nothing I can do now... It
looks awful... I'll shut the door.



You're taking forever.


Are we seriously
gonna go through this again?

It's now or never.

Are you gonna to invite me in or...?

Uh, I mean...

Whatever, I heard your
music, so I figured you were home.

You can hear everything, huh?

Everything. I've been meaning
to give this to you for a while, but

you're not the easiest guy to
get a hold of... What's your name?

It's been a long time
since someone's asked me that.


Gregory Samuel?


I figured.

It was either that or Rebecca Graham.

We finally meet after all this time.

Emma Poesy.



Well, um...

You're seriously not going to invite me in?

Oh, uh, yeah...

Cool. So this is it, huh?

Yep. I'm still um...

I like it, it's real minimalist.

Oh, are you playing video games?

What? No, I was...

I will kick your ass
at any game, your choice.

Excuse me?

I will kick your ass
at any game, your choice.

I highly doubt that...

Do you have any more of those?

Uhh... I
don't think so. 842.1

I'll go check.

Mm hmm. 843.1

You can... 843.2


Found one.


Oh, you're
welcome. And I got a... 846.1

That's fine.

Oh, video games. Two player...

Two player...

You don't think it's
weird to eat it like that?

No, I think it's a delicious snack.

Hey, you're not a serial killer, right?




Why would you ask that?

Because I never see anyone enter this
apartment. Or leave it for that matter.

It's all really suspicious is all.

I just... I just like my
privacy is all, you know, people...

I'm kidding. Are you serious right now?

No. No, no, of course not.

People suck. I get it.

If you have to hack one up
every now and then so be it.

I get it. Dude, I just killed you.

You suck at this.


Ah, that's better.

What is wrong with you?

A whole ton of shit.

Ugh, I have such an early day
tomorrow, what's your day like?

It's not an early day,
it's not a super late day either.

I guess it's uh, I mean, I'm...
I'm doing stuff throughout.

Um, so I guess it's... it's an
average type of day give or take.

All right, well um, if I'm free
how 'bout I come knock on your door and

say hello and you can
open it if you want to?


I mean, I may not be home is all.

It's actually starting
to look kind of busy.

I'm a 'take things as
it comes kind of guy... '

Yeah, I said if you want to. I mean...

I don't know why you wouldn't but whatever.


Just killed you again.

Alright, that was fun.

Gotta get going. Can I go that way?


Cool. Well it was
nice to meet you, Gregory.


Greg. I'll see you tomorrow, Greg.

Told you I'd kick your ass.

Easy. Don't get ahead of yourself.

She's out of your league.

No one would want to be with you.

You're a loser, remember?

But... what if?

No, no, no, no, no.

But... what if?

She's great.

Huh... Minimalist.



I'm fine.

Are you sure? How are you on money?

I can send you some.
Taking your medication?

Mom. Everything's fine.

It's always fine. I don't know
how many times I have to tell you

that it's... it's fine.

Honey, are you OK?

You sound different.

I'm in a hurry, that's all.

Sorry, I have to get ready.

Ready for what?

I'm meeting a girl later.

I'm, um.

I'm meeting a girl later.

Why did you say that?

Oh, my little man's met someone?


What? Now that you've got a
date you're too grown up to be my little man?


What's her name?

What's she like?

I don't really have
time to go over this right now.

Look at you getting all shy.

That's cute. Just be careful, honey.

Not everyone understands you.

Every time.

I just don't want anything to upset you.

I just don't want anything to upset you.

You know what I mean?

I do. Thanks.

Love you, Mom. Bye.

She stood you up, get over it!

You're back to what you wanted all along.

You're alone. You're fine.

You don't need anyone to feel good.


Hey, it's me!


Let me in!

Oh, now you want to
come over. She's just like everyone else.

I don't even care at this point.

Hey Greggy, brought you some breakfast.

Nice boxers. I'll just
put this in the kitchen.

Oh, am I too late?

Looks like you already
started cooking breakfast?

I'd say past late at this point.

Dude, I'll make you my
famous eggs, they're the best.

What are you doing?

Making scrambled eggs.

I don't like scrambled eggs.

That's why I don't cook them that way.

Do you have any chocolate chips?


I saw you buy all that
food at Smart Foods the other day.

You're telling me there were no
chocolate chips in that pile?

You ate them all didn't you?

No. Wait, you saw me?

Yeah, I thought it was weird.

You thought it was weird?

Yeah. Eh, this'll do.

You're gonna love these. Trust me.

I'd rather not.

What's got your
boxers in a bunch this morning?

Why did you even bother dropping by today?

I don't know why you're being a dick,
but if I leave, I'm taking my eggs with

me. That's a goddamn promise, Greg.

They're done, grouchy.

Eat. 978.1

What's on your mind?

It's nothing.

Tell me, I can hear you thinking from here.

I'm sorry, it's
just um, it's stupid, but I just

thought you were going to
stop by yesterday, that's all.

Oh, my God. Did I say that?

I mean...

I don't even remember saying that.

Did I fucking say that?

No, no, it's... it's fine.

This is such an issue...

No, no...

You'd think that I'd be aware of it but...

Don't worry about
it, it's okay, it's no problem. I...

They're actually pretty good.

They're world famous.

So you do this every morning?

Not every morning.

All right, listen.

This is my favorite part of the day.

It gets so quiet here so I enjoy
how the crackling overpowers the

silence for just a moment.

I... I don't know. That
sounds weird doesn't it?

No. Are you kidding me?

I do the same thing.

Well the opposite thing.

When I feel like I want to bitch to
somebody but no one's around to hear it,

I love vacuuming the apartment.

Drowns out my screaming.

It's great fucking therapy.

You should try it sometime.


You want some?

I'm okay, thank you.

It's been nice having someone to talk to.

I don't do it often.

Yeah, I've noticed.

What's up with that?

I don't usually talk about this.

Well, then what do you usually talk about?

I just... I don't feel
comfortable around a lot of people.

People are shitty.

Yeah, but uh, it's more than that.

I have issues interacting with anyone.

I was uh wondering about that.
Is that why you never get out of here?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything
by that, it's just it's different.

Do you know why I bought
all those groceries the other day?

I was given some time off work
and I just didn't want to

face anyone for a while.

Yeah I get it. It's like a staycation.


Cool, for how long?

A month.

Fuck, you're staying in here for a month?

That's nucking futs!

You know, every time I
start feeling comfortable around, you...

Calm down, you big weirdo!

Jesus, you got to get out man.

I just told you that I can't.

Can't what?

Let's go do something!

If I had a month off from work, like,
I don't even know, like that would be

a dream. I hate my fucking job.

What do you do?

I work at Smart Foods.

It blows.


I don't really want to talk about it.

Screw you. I just told
you I work at a damn grocery store.

Pouring my heart out to you and
you can't even tell me what you do?

I'm a...

funeral director.


Get the fuck out of here. That is so cool!

So you're around like dead
bodies, like, all the time?


That is so creepy!

So like you do their makeup
and like dress them and shit?


Holy shit!

I just got a great idea. You should
do my makeup as if I was a dead body.

I don't think that's a good idea.

Yes, please. It would be so cool.


Please, it would be so
much fun. Please, please, I promise.

Ah, this is going to be great!

Alright. I'm going to go get my makeup.

I will be right back. Don't go anywhere.

Not that you were gonna anyways!


Lock the door. Lock the door.

Lock the door.

So, do I look like a dead person?

Not quite.

Well, I'm not getting naked or anything
so you can just get that out of your head...

Whoa okay... I never said...

Well, how am I supposed to lay here?

Like... like this?

I don't know many
cadavers that look like that.

Show me then.

That's um, that's perfect.

OK, now what?

I don't really feel
comfortable about doing this...

Just shut up and do it.

I don't know where to start.

I thought you said you've done this before?

I have it's just, you know,
your face is more vibrant than the bodies

I usually work on.

Did you just sort of give me a compliment?


I've got some pale
stuff in there, just start with that.

You never pressed the
issue about the groceries until I told you.


It's none of my business.

She's perfect.

'... thought you left me, Gloria.

I didn't know what
to do with my life.

All of a sudden, I felt alone.'

I know this movie is kinda
lame, but totally my guilty pleasure.

It's not that bad.

Next time you pick. 1109.1

So, did you want to do something tomorrow?

Like what?

I don't know, something different.

Maybe something outside the apartment?

I already told you, I
don't like dealing with people.

Yeah, I know, me too.

I just kinda figured you
were messing around.

You do know you can't
stay in here forever, right?

Why not? What can you
do out there that you can't do in here?

Are you serious?

I mean why don't we just go
grab a quick drink somewhere?

OK. All right.

Done. Cheers.

I stand corrected.

Little do you know
this apartment has everything!

Some fine dining for the lady?

Can you pass the chocolate syrup?

Of course.

That was delicious!

Care to go to the movies?

What shall we see?

Some of the finest stories ever told.

"I really like you."

"I really like you too."

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Just like you.

Care to dance, m'lady?

I thought you'd never ask.


You're funny, but seriously, let's
figure out something else to do.

I'm gettin' tired of hanging out in here.

What's the girl's name?


Emma. What's that Irish or something?

I'm not sure. Remember
to ask Emma where Emma comes from.

How old is she?


Also, remember to ask Emma how old she is.

Is everything going okay?

How have you been?

Honestly... 1160.1

I've never been better.

She's great. We've been having...

everything's been great.

I'm glad to hear that, honey.

I hope it goes well. God forbid it doesn't.

I just want you to be okay.

Promise me you'll be fine?

Geezus, why can't you be happy for me?

Geez Mom, I told you it's all going great.

All right I can take a hint.

I'm glad to know my little man
is doing well for himself.

How's work?

It's... 1171.1


I'm so glad. Are you sure?

How has Keith been?

Has he bothered you?

Are you taking your medication?

You in there?

Yeah, I'm coming!

What'd you say?

Sorry, someone's at the door.

Thank God you're home, let's
get the fuck out of here, I need a drink.

It's my mom...

Oh cool, let me say hi!

No Emma, Emma...

Hi, Ms. Samuel!

Hello, who's this?

This is Emma.

Emma! I've heard a lot about you.

I'm told you've been
hanging out with my little man!

I have been hanging
out with your little man.

Great. Are you two getting along?

Yes, we are.

He's been a very good boy.

Good. What have you two been up to?

Not much.

He never leaves his apartment.

Oh, he gets like that.

Just be patient with him.

He's worth getting to know.

Oh, I know. He's great!

I'm sure everything will be different

once he's back at work.

Has he been out of work?


Honey, have you not been going to work?

I gotta go...

What's going on? Are you OK...?


She seemed nice.

Why did you do
that? You had no right to do that.

Do what?

You had no right to take the phone.

You shouldn't even have talked
to her, it's none of your business.

I'm sorry I was just messing
around is it really that big of a deal?

You just don't understand.

You always think that I don't understand.

I had a shit day at work and I
would really like a drink right now,

but that's something
you wouldn't understand.

Way to bring that up, again.

I'm sorry if my issues are an
inconvenience for you 1220.1

and for everyone.

Maybe that's why I wanted
to be alone in the first place, k?

You ever think that
maybe this is just all in your head?

Yeah, all the damn time!

You want to talk about being in my head?

Take a look at this shit.

Are you happy?

I take this and this and this and this

and all of that for my head!

Fuck you dude, you think
you have the market cornered on drugs?

I take this and this and this.

That doesn't make you special,

that makes you normal.

I'm afraid to interact with people!

And I'm afraid I put
myself out there too much. 1232.1

Clearly! But here we are.

You know I like hanging
out with you dude, but I just

wish you'd feel a little
more comfortable with me.

I'm done. I need a drink.

Feel free to join me if you want.

I'm fine, thanks.

Suit yourself. You know where I live.

Don't be afraid to come
around when you get over

whatever it is you need to get over.

Thank you.

She's not perfect.

I hate people.

I hate myself.

Loser, loser, loser.

What's this about work?

I just took a vacation.

You had me worried, sweetie.

Why didn't you tell me?

It wasn't important.

Well, I'm glad you're taking
time off then, if that's what you need.

So, Emma seemed nice!

I'm not really
speaking to her anymore 1252.1

so it doesn't matter.

I'm sorry, dear.

Are you OK?

Uh, no, I'm not OK.

I'm never OK.

I'm going to be alone forever.

You stupid, ugly piece of shit.

Look at you, you're short.

You're scrawny.

You're pathetic.

Those stupid fucking glasses.

Look at the way you dress.

Look at the way you act.

Stand up straight for once.

Goddamnit, you're disgusting to look at!

You're a disgusting piece of shit

that no girl would ever be interested in.

Just a stupid, ugly fuck!

Why don't you get up and
leave your fucking apartment?

Just get up off your fucking ass, go to the
door, open it AND GO INTO THE WORLD!




No one at work likes you.
Not that it fucking matters.

Who do you want respect from, Keith?

He's a fucking prick!

Every goddamn day.

'Hey, Greg! Hey, late again?'




Oh, wait... I have to get
a lady in her fucking 60s






Goddamn. You. Fucking. Fuck.

Why don't you let your
mom talk down to you more?

Why don't you let your mom
tell you that you're "her little man"

because you're not an adult,
you're a fucking child and is always

going to have to call mom because
she's your best fucking friend!

Because you don't have any real
fucking friends and you can't even

talk to your mom! You can't
even tell her what's wrong with you

because you're such a FUCKING IDIOT.

I miss her.

Then go knock on her door and
tell her how you feel, fuck-head.

This is ridiculous. We just met.

She doesn't care about me.

She didn't go out of her
way to talk to me again.

It's because you pushed her away.

It's your fault.

Deal with it.

Hi Gregory!

It's Nathan!

Just checking up on you. I
wanted to see how things are going.

I hope everything's great and
you've been enjoying your time off.

Look forward to seeing
you back at work soon, son.

Give me a call.

It's Nathan!


stupid fuck. 1310.1

Here we are again,
making the same stupid meal

day after stupid day.

It's pathetic!

Listen to the stupid boiling
sound of oil you dumb shit.

Let it drown out your loneliness.

God forbid you get out
of your comfort zone and

do something with your shitty life!


Way to go.

Now you got to clean this up.






Hey, honey! This is a pleasant surprise!

Hi, Mom.

How are things? Are you OK?

I guess.

Not really.

I just wanted to talk.

What's wrong?

Everything. 1340.1

The truth is...

I'm not doing well at work.

God, I knew it. 1341.1

Do you want me to come down there?

Why do you always do that?

Wha...? Do what?

Interrupt me, coddle me, put me down.

I just want to vent.

Geezus, Mom!

I'm just concerned, that's all.

I appreciate your concern, I do.

But sometimes...

Sometimes Mom, it's too much.

I'm sorry, I didn't know I was doing that.

I'm sorry.

I think I'm always more
concerned with hurting your feelings

than talking about mine.

So what do you need?

I need to talk to someone again.

Which I'll look into.

I need to get out of this apartment.

I need to be a person.

I need to apologize to Emma.

Well then, what's stopping you?

I'm afraid.

She's different.

When I'm with her, the voice goes away.

Oh, all the more reason to, no?

You don't want me to coddle you?


Here's my honest advice.

Get up and do it.

Okay, here goes nothin'.

Well, this is as good as it's going to get.

Yeah, it is as good as it's going to get.

Be quiet. I'm trying my best.

Your best?
Think your best is gonna do any good?

She doesn't care about you...
Yeah, she does, she's my friend!

She's not your friend.

Go down stairs and give your apology!

See if it makes any difference-IT WON'T.



Sure. Yeah, why not?

OK, I'll shut up.

I'm gonna shut up and you're
gonna be completely fine.


I'll try again tomorrow.

Let's try this again.





What are you doing here?

I um... 1389.1

Can I talk to you?

Of course. 1390.1

I'm heading out in a
little bit, but c'mon in.

Won't be long.

Is that for me?

Thank you.

Make yourself comfortable.

Can I get you a drink?

Uh, sure.

Is milk okay?

Yeah, that's fine.

Here you go.

You know what? Hold on.

Your favorite.


I'll be right back.

What is this?

That is a Hamsa.




Supposed to ward off negative
energy, bad vibes, stuff like that.

Did you make this?


Does it work?

I hope so.

Well, it's... it's really good.

Oh, thanks. It's just a little hobby.

I mean, I like making
things for people and...

You know, it calms my mind.

I didn't know you did any of this.

Well, there's a lot
you don't know about me.

Look, I know you're in a hurry so...

I just wanted to apologize
for the way I acted.

Oh man, that's okay.
Just wanted to have some fun.

I know. And that's the thing
I had a lot of fun with you and that's

that's weird for me.


I don't know,
because I think I'm not allowed to.

Why not?

Because I'm a piece of shit.

Sorry. I'm just trying to explain
how my brain works, and I uh...

Have you ever had a voice in
your head that just won't shut up?

Yeah, you should hear what
that fucker says when you're a cashier

at a grocery store.

Yeah. Huh.

Yeah, that voice says some awful things.

For what it's worth it's a little less
loud when you're around.

That makes sense. You know why?


I'm a voice terminator.

It's ah sort of my side job.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah. I've been killing voices for decades.



It's gone.

♪♪ Had a dream just the other
day that you weren't so far away and

everything was a-OK and that's the
story. When I woke the sun was shining,

like I found a silver lining,
like I found myself

in my prime that's the story.

Ain't no cloudy day can't stop me,
no chains to hold or bind me... ♪♪

Hey Greggy, wait up!

♪♪ And that's my story... ♪♪

Where you going?

Smart Foods. Ran out of eggs.

Oh cool, I'm headed there too.

♪♪ I said sunny side upside down,
right side upside down,

better turn that frown
all the way upside down.

Sunny side upside down,

right side upside down,

better turn this frown

all the way upside down. ♪♪

♪♪ I said sunny side upside down,

right side upside down,

better turn this frown,

all the way upside down.

Sunny side upside down,
right side upside down,

better turn this frown all
the way upside down. ♪♪