Sunny: Our Hearts Beat Together (2018) - full transcript

A group of friends from high school days reunite for once more time before one of them are going to die from cancer.

Back then...

why did everything feel so fun?

Why did we laugh so much?

So the greetings from the stage
was filled with laughter.

He surprised the cast and crew by coming
even though he's not in the movie.

His real-life cameo
appearance delighted the crowd.

Up next is Japan's iconic R&B diva, Namie Amuro.

In celebration of her 25th anniversary,
she performed in her hometown, Okinawa.

- "Amuro's Homecoming Show Wows Okinawa"
- During her homecoming concert,

the pop star sang "Don't Wanna Cry,"

"Sweet 19 Blues,"

"Can You Feel This Love" and other hits,

bringing joy to the crowd of 26,000.

She's simply amazing.

Ever since the 1990s to the present,

she's always been a superstar
and I think that's just so amazing.

And in the '90s,
Namie Amuro was a fashion icon for teenagers.

The "kogal" fad that began

among high school girls around 1995

featured loose socks, Ralph Lauren cardigans

and dyed brown hair.

Around the same time, Amuro's style

featuring miniskirts, platform boots...

Onto our next segment. Ms. Haruyama!

I'm done.

You haven't eaten at all. Mayu.

Oh, I'm going to Singapore next week on business.

OK. What about her get well gift?

My mother's.


You choose.

Me too.


See you.

Have a nice day.

Have a nice day.

"Kobe Beef"

Ta-da! This is the one!

Let's dig in!

Should you be eating that?

Nothing wrong with my stomach.

I guess so.


You sure did marry a remarkable man.

No recession for luxury car dealers?

I don't know, but his customers are all old men.

Oh. Rich, doddering old geezers, huh?

Keep it down!

Look at that. On the verge of death.
Won't last long.

- They can hear you!
- There's the Grim Reaper.

Either that or it's her husband.

So how's Shinji doing?

Still the same.
What the hell is he doing at that age?

He claims to be into '90s idols again.

"Back to basics," he said. I wish he'd drop dead.

Are you in good health?

Lost weight? You OK?

I'm fine.


Excuse me!

Make way please!


Are you all right?

Don't move. Don't move.

Ms. Ito, we'll give you a pain-killing injection.
You'll feel better in a bit.

We'll give you a shot.

Don't move. OK, we're giving you a shot.

"Serika Ito"

You'll feel better.

"Serika Ito"

Excuse me.

I'm coming in.

Hey, transfer student.

Nami Abe.

Long time no see.


Been here long?

I guess it's been about six months now.

I'm pretty beat.


It's cancer.


I'm not married and have no family,

so they told me directly.

The good-looking doctor told me
it's progressing fast because I'm young.

How stereotypical!

And I'm not even that young anymore!

Is your treatment difficult?

Oh. Well... sort of, I guess.

What about you?

Any kids?

Oh. She's in high school now.

What? Really?
How old were you when you had her?

It was a shotgun wedding.

No way! Seriously? You?

I see.

It's no wonder we're so much older now.

So what does your husband do?


Hold on.

Hello? Yeah, I'm at the hospital.

What? Tomorrow? But you said next week.

Yeah, but...

All right.

My husband is leaving for
Singapore tomorrow on business.

For a month.

So let me know if you need anything...

Me too.


A month.

A month left.

The good-looking doctor told me just now.

Nami, could I ask you a favor?


I want to see them.


The silly Sunny gang.

"The Six Best Friends"

Oh. I never knew you had such friends.


You don't talk about high school.

Anyway, you should be of help to her.

But we haven't met for over 20 years.
I don't have anyone's number.

Women are like that, aren't they?


They seem so close in school,
but they don't keep in touch.

Shallow friendship.

It's not like that.

I'm on my way. I'll see you there.


All right, you people are too loud! Settle down!

Stop putting on makeup! Put away your snacks!

This class isn't a hostess bar lounge!

That wasn't a joke.

Turn off your pagers.

OK then, let me introduce a transfer student.



OK. She's Nami Abe.

Where are you from?

Awaji Island.

What? Say it again.

Awaji Island.

An island?

Is she a foreigner?

OK then, introduce yourself.


An accent!

We moved here from Awaji Island.
My name is Nami Abe.

I'm not familiar with anything...

It's just a dialect! Stop laughing!

I'm really nervous, but...

I'm glad to meet you.

Let's hear it!

Your seat will be... Hey, Ume!

You can sit next to Ume.

I've got two announcements.

If you need new gym clothes,
you can buy them next week at the school store.

Make sure you get the right size.

Also, we're getting complaints again
from nearby residents

about the way you all walk from the station.

Two lines along the sidewalk. Follow the rules.

Keep it down! That's all for now.

- OK, bye!
- Bye!

Something smells.

This bag is so tacky.

It smells bad.

I know! Smells like Grandma.

Yeah, like Grandma's house.

Must be me. Haven't washed my socks for 3 days.

- We're not talking to you.
- You must have athlete's foot.

Her head smells funky, too.

- What? Yeah, like a tatami mat!
- And tacky hair.

- Your hair's sticking out.
- What's with the weird hair?


Who's she?

Transfer student.

Nami Abe.


Nice meeting you.

Nice meeting you too!

How adorable! Aww, she's all flustered.

So, Nami Abe. What do you want to eat?

Anything is fine.


Then it'll be a surprise.

Ume, go!

Out of my Way!

Move! Move!


Get in line for once! Geez!

Hey, whoa, whoa!

Ume, you only paid 1,000 yen!

Nami, get them! Get them!

Party time! Here's some melon bread!

Nana, here.

Oh, sorry.

This is good.

Hey, that's my bread!

Give it back! What are you doing?

- There are others over there.
- No, I want this one.

- No way! I got them!
- Stop eating it!

- No way!
- Um...

Are you all... ls this like a group of close friends?

Not sure about close, but we hang out.

I'm Serika. Been here since grade school.

So I only know women.

But I'm not a lesbian.


Ume Hayashi. She's trying to lose weight again.

She drives me nuts!
I want to kill that annoying old hag!


Who's this? Where'd you find her?

- Transfer student.
- Really?

Nami Abe.

That uniform's like a protected species.

Oh, good one!

- Hey, who's this?
- Transfer student.

- Really?
- Nami Abe.

Oh, Nami Abe.

Hi, I'm Yuko.

Sharp tongued and
has a hang-up about having no boobs.

Yeah, look at them!
Her cup size is minus A! It's minus A!

Shut up! I'll kill you!

- So your boobs are dented!
- Shut up! They are not!

Look, it's Chanel.

New color.

Looks nice.

Don't use it!

How much?

- I don't know.
- Why not?

A stranger I dated bought it.

- Not again.
- You better not be prostituting.

A pro makes men pay without sex.

What pro?

Oh hi, I'm Shin.
Want to go sell panties with me?

Don't, you Chanel fiend.

- Don't call me that!
- Panty seller!

I don't get it.

I'm leaving early.

Photo shoot?


Nana was featured in "Egg" magazine

and now works as a model.

- "Top Notch Teens"
- That was so cute!

I want to be in it, too!

- Dream on.
- You can't tell me that!

- No modeling for you.
- Why not?



so frumpy.

"You're... so frumpy."

- True.
- Where do we even start?

Your socks, maybe? Wear loose socks.

Yeah, wear loose socks.

- Yours are too tight and short!
- Get loose ones.

Why do you want so much money all of a sudden?

- You already get an allowance.
- It's not enough!

Please! I need loose socks and a cardigan!
I feel so out of place now!

Are you cold? Wear mine.

I don't want yours!

- Hers is good enough.
- What are you saying?

Listen, Nami. The quake destroyed our factory,

and your father finally found a job.
We can barely pay the rent. Bear with it.

We have to be thankful.

- Mr. Abe.
- Oh, hello.

Could you do this after dinner?

But I'm the only one without
loose socks in school!

Shut up! This is the good part!

Shinji! You're too old to be watching such crap!

What do you mean, "crap"?

Don't call Evangelion crap!

Nami! Evangelion is wicked!
This will change the world!

Anime will become one of Japan's greatest assets!

You idiot, it's just anime.

What? I'm Shinji! I'm going to
change the world with Ayanami!

What the...

- Ayanami? Nami! Shinji and Nami!
- Idiot! Don't touch me!

Shut the hell up!

Can't you imbeciles even eat quietly?

If you don't shut your trap,
I'll shove my hand in it and rattle your teeth!

Or I could stick a straw in your ear
and suck out your brain!

Ayanami? Are you OK?

Mother, time to use the bathroom.

Shinji, turn off the TV!

You're 23! Work, for god's sake!


Tiny loose socks!

Hey, this has to be your grandma's.

It smells like mothballs!

Nami, we can tell you tried.

Oh, Nami! Nami!

Stop by the office for your textbooks.



- I'm...
- Don't say it!

Nami Abe.


You're so pretty now. Really pretty.

- Stylish, too.
- Please don't...

You were so frumpy back then.

Wearing your grandmother's cardigan.
With lots of pills.

And your hair!
You wore it in pigtails and looked so uncool.

You haven't changed at all.

Oh, please.
I'll be a grandma next year. Can't take it.

- Really?
- Yeah.

The uniform has changed.

Because you people had too much freedom.

It's hard to tell what they're doing
behind our backs now.

You all had everything
written on your faces. So obvious.

Oh, by the way...

Hey, she dropped by recently too! Ume Hayashi.

As the local real estate market
becomes more competitive,

Hayakawa brokered 12 and Shimizu, 10.

They performed extremely well,
far exceeding the quota.

Congrats to those of you who also met the quota.

Fabulous. Let's hear it!

On the other hand... Hayashi.

It's no big deal if you can't meet the quota.

It's just a goal for everyone to work towards.

But Still...

What the hell is this?

Why must we pay someone
who can't broker a single deal in 6 months?

Sure, this company exploits its employees.

We're a sweatshop. We're evil.

But depending on your effort,
maybe things could...

Answer it!

Hello, Hayashi speaking.

Land a deal for a whole building for once!




We meet again after 20 years,

but you're dying! I don't get it!


Hey, is your property in order?

I wonder how much that
awesome private room costs per day.

Serika is rolling in money.

I heard she runs a few companies.

She was always the leader type.

So what do we do?

Let's make it happen.
Reunite Serika with the others.

But I don't know where they are.
The school doesn't, either.

Maybe we could hire a detective or something.

But that must cost a lot.


"Nakagawa Detective Agency: Affordable Service!"

OK, sure. I'll find them in a jiffy.

Wow, so it's been 20 years
since the "kogal" fad, huh?

And did you sell your panties
and prostitute back then, too?

Huh? We never did that.

Oh, yeah! I met this kogal
through a dating service

but she took off with my money
while I was taking a shower.

You girls were obnoxious.

Screw you, that wasn't us!

See, there you go. Using such foul language.

This is why former kogals are so...

Excuse me, could you hurry up?

Oh, this?

So... three girls, huh?

Yuko, Shin, and Nana.

OK, you'll pay for expenses plus a reward of...

100,000 yen per person. How's that?

I'm offering you a discount.

All right.

OK. Thanks.

Hold on a sec.

Hey. Yeah, the fourth race. Yeah, yeah, I know.

I knew I could count on Omega Tribe.

Huh? How much do you think?

Yeah, start from there.

Can we trust him?

If he can't find them,
let's disappear without paying.


Oh no, Oh no, oh no! Why didn't you wake me up?

I overslept too. I couldn't help it.

- You never do when Dad's around!
- Wait!

My socks! My socks!

Here. Hurry up.

- You dummy!
- What?


Your lunch! Take your lunch, Mayu!

Why didn't you wake me up?

I tried to.

- Where are my socks?
- Over there.

Get out of my way!

What are you saying?

Don't wash them with Dad's underwear!

What's the fuss? Stop complaining.

Buy me some loose socks!

Take time to eat breakfast.

Okonomiyaki isn't breakfast!


Nami! You can't do well without eating breakfast.

I'm Shinji. Nami's over there.

- I'm going now!
- Wait!


Take your lunch!

Eat just a little.

See you!

Oh my god! This is okonomiyaki!

Oh my god!

Look underneath! It's rice!

- No way!
- Carbs on carbs!

- Awesome!
- You're not eating it?

No! I don't want it!

I've never seen anything like it!

Oh, hey, wanna go today?

Go where?

Sounds good!


Want to go?

Which one, then?

- Pasela.
- No, Ban Ban.

I want to eat the honey toast!

Hey, are we taking her, too?

Oh, come on. She brought a snack.

Right, Nami?

You're annoying.


You two are alike.

Nana probably thinks so too. Let's go!

Hey, what's the matter?

Skipping work, mister?

I'm going there now.

That's funny. Just give us your wallet.

30,000 yen for tea?

That's 10,000 yen for each of us.

We could go to the cops.
Let's go to the police station.

Pay 30,000 yen or we'll go to the cops!


Mugging businessmen is tacky, Buritani!

Don't use my last name! Call me Mirei!

You look char-broiled, Buritani!

You have no boobs, minus Z cup!

Huh? They're not that bad!

Go sell panties if you need money!

Oh, but yours wouldn't sell.


Mirei Buritani.
She's been at it with Serika for years.

They were friends until junior high,

but she changed in high school
and began using drugs.

Though I think she quit.

Should we help?

I don't want to get my vest dirty.

Stop it, you idiots!

If you don't shut your trap,

I'll shove my hand in your mouth
and rattle your teeth!

Or I could stick a straw in your ear,

and suck out your brain!

I can't see! I can't see!

Take her that way!

Why can't I see?

Nami, are you OK?

I'm hungry.

So, do you all agree to let Nami in our group?


You're awesome, Nami!



Ready, set...

Isn't it too short?

One more. Down to the second button.

How do you hold it?

Show it off like this.

It makes your face look smaller.

- Say cheese!
- Smile!

Your eyes aren't smiling!

17 years and I'm still not used to your face.

- Shut up!
- Ow!

Long time no see, Ani!

- Oh hey, you all.
- Excuse us!

Hey, come to my room later.

- No way!
- We're fine here.

Nana! I saw you in this month's "Egg"!

You were so cute!

"Cho-very-good"! So awesome!

Get out! Go upstairs!

So awesome!


Still best friends, huh?

Are you hungry? I'll make you something.

You make killer instant noodles.

Yes! I'll make some with love!


Who's this? I don't recognize her.

She's Nami, our new member.

Nami. Nice to meet you.

Butterflies, huh? You're blushing!

Hurry, which one?

Which one?

Does it look OK?

Some guy offered me 300,000 yen
for sex the other day.

And you know what? He had bad breath.

Weird faces! Say cheese!

Look, this one has two models in it!

There are two models!

It really changes you.

Show me again!


- Got one!
- How old?

- 28!
- That's so old!


I want to try too!

Don't touch us!

Sorry, sorry!

- I'll give you money.
- How much?

20,000 yen.

Not enough. A million!

10 million!

100 million!

Stop making fun of adults!

But it's fun!

For always... I'll be there...

I'm home...


What's that? Cos-play?

Buy your own uniform.


You found her?

That's Yuko?

Her boobs are huge!

Oh my god!

She met and married a doctor
through a matchmaking service.

A doctor?

She's rich!

A cosmetic surgeon.

Then her boobs must be fake!

Oh, cute!

Oh, hang on, sorry. Go to mommy.

- OK, come here.
- Sorry.

Wait a sec.

Hey, what's the matter?

What a cute puppy.


- It looks good enough to eat.
- Huh?

- Long time no see.
- Yuko.

What? Nami?


You haven't changed, Nami.
Recognized you right away.


Yeah. And Ume...

You're still the same too.

Your boobs have undergone
a transformation, minus A cup.

Hey, are they your friends?

Yeah, old friends.

Oh, from the ballet company?
Or the equestrian club?

Yeah, from around then.

Yuko never tells me anything about her past.

Ballet? Horseback riding? You?

This is a form of compensated dating...

Shouldn't you be going now?

I'll be operating all afternoon,
so eat dinner without me.

Yeah, OK.

Well then, have fun, everyone.

So, how old is your daughter?

A freshman in high school.

Wow, so big? Unbelievable!

Your boobs are unbelievable.

Get your hand off me! I'll kill you!


What do you want?


We want you to go see Serika.

Well, as much as I'd like to...

But what?

I just don't think we can go back to those times.

We've changed. Our circumstances are different.

What? Because you're loaded?

I don't want to be dragged back to my past.

And you two piss me off.

- Why?
- Using a private eye to spy on me.

But we had to find you as quickly as...

Private information is supposed to be protected.

Who is this detective?

Do you have his card?

I can't stand the thought of this guy
having info about me.

Well then, farewell.

Come on.

Shut up!

The other two, Shin and Nana.

I'm having trouble finding them.

I see.

I'm kind of amazed they can stay
so hidden in these times.

I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure
they're lying low on purpose.

Urn... I'd like to ask you
to locate another person.

This person.

Sure, as long as you pay me.

Hello? Dog food?

Just feed it something from the fridge.

You're still here? You can go now.

I'll find your husband's other woman soon.

Who cares? The taste doesn't matter...


Your husband's having an affair?

I've been suspicious for a while.

It's a younger woman. A few, actually.


So I wanted to find proof
and divorce him for a sum,

but I'm worried about my future.

You seem to have a happy family. Lucky you.

I don't know what my husband is really doing.

And my daughter's a rebellious teen.

We're not that happy.

What? Do you still have sex?

- No.
- For how long?

Since our daughter was born, so...

- 15 years.
- 15 years?

He's definitely having an affair!

You think so?

Yeah! You should check up on him too!

He's definitely sleeping around!


Hey, don't you think kids
these days are all so quiet?


Yeah. My daughter is always
staring at her smartphone.

We were so loud. Always told to shut up.

But we never listened.

We used to laugh like crazy every single day.

I wonder why everything seemed so funny?

This is bad!

You look bad in all of them!

Who's this? Who's this one?

That butt! She has a nice ass!

Hey, man!

Haven't gone yet.

Oh, really?

See you later, then.

Hi, What'll it be?

You in junior high? Want some milk?


A beer.

"COD," then.


I said COD.

Yeah, COD.

Cash on delivery.

Pay 1,000 yen now.

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

You're Ume's friend, aren't you?

Come here often?

Uh, no, I... was thirsty.

I see. Oh, but you're still
not old enough for that.

I spin here sometimes.


I'm a DJ.


Drop by sometime.

Uh... I have to use the restroom...

Wrong way.

What is this?

What is this? This has to be fate!

Wataru is so cool!

He's gorgeous!

Rubes don't belong here.

The restroom, right? Just take a leak here.


Don't call me that!

Who do you think you are?


Got it. Got it.

Thank you very much.

Let go of me! Buritani!

What a tacky wallet.

My money!

You only have 1,000 yen!

We could sell your underwear for 20,000.

- Open up.
- No way!

You have no choice. Open up!

Shut up!

Nobody will save you like in the movies!

Stop it.

Someone did.

You must think you're so cool.

I'll be even cooler in a bit.


I've seen this in movies. It's kind of tacky.

Yeah, tacky because it's too cool.

That was scary.

Teenagers these days are mean.


Are you OK?

Do you have any future dreams?

Uh, no, not really.

I don't, either.

I have to start job-hunting next year
but don't feel ready yet.

I wish I could make a living as a DJ
but I'm sure it won't be that easy.

I guess I have to be a salaried worker.

I think you'd make a great DJ.


Yes. You have a nice voice,

though it's too bad people won't see your face.

You know, back on Awaji Island,
I used to always...

tune into Masaharu Fukuyama's

All Night Nippon.

He talks a lot and is really funny, too.

That's not the DJ I'm talking about.

But thanks anyway.

Oh, a friend of mine will be
hosting an event. Come hang out.

DJ Wataru. So cool.



Must be from that tussle.

This won't come off.


It's stuck now, but I saw on TV
that cooking oil works.

Oh, right.

Urn, I live right there, so...

OK. See you, then.

Oh, by the way.

If they pick on you again,
tell them I'm your boyfriend.

Good night.



Boyfriend? Yay!

I'm home!

I've had it! Work, for crying out loud!

The world will end in 1999 anyway!

Are you nuts? It won't!

Armageddon will destroy everything!

What the hell? Work and enter society!

The quake and Evangelion
were parts of those prophesies!

So I'll do what I love until then!

What do you love?

I wouldn't be here if I knew!

It's OK, I wasn't hurt.

That's not the point.

Our rule is to protect friends
when they're threatened.

You're one of us now, Nami.

I'll kill them!

Let's do it!

Why the makeup?





I don't get it.

"Lei," my last portrait. You know, for my funeral.

Hey, don't say such things.

But it'll become necessary sooner or later.

So I want to choose one that I like.

Funeral portraits usually aren't very flattering.

I'm sure they're like,

"No! Don't use that photo!"

"I look better in that other one!"

in their coffins.

Then maybe you should hire
a professional makeup artist.

You're good at makeup now.

You're the one who taught me first.

Those were the best days of my life.

Aren't you enjoying life now?

I'm not sure. I don't think about it
because daily life is so hectic.

You're luckier than I am.

My husband gambles so we never have any money.

No matter how much I work, he uses it all up.

And he can't keep a job.

Why did I marry such a loser?

My life wasn't supposed to be like this.

Don't be like that.

You both enjoy life

for my sake.


Serika, I'm sorry...

for not coming sooner.

Gosh, why are you crying?

I'm still alive!

It's not that.

My husband...

He was cheating on me after all!

Sorry about spoiling our reunion.

No problem. Your story is more fun.

Bad luck strikes everyone equally, you know?

What are you going to do? Divorce him?

Why don't you cheat on him, too?

Nami, let's do it together
through a "married-only" dating site.

Hey, I'm married too.

Oh, sorry, it's humans only.

Huh? But you're a gorilla!

What? You pig, I'll kill you!

You try it, fake boob woman!

Keep your hoof off me!

- Fake boobs?
- Yeah.

All right, that's enough! Calm down and listen.

If you want compensation, you can't go that route.

Why create a disadvantage on purpose?

What's more, he's sleeping with teens!

Oh my god!

Wow, with kogals!

They're called "JK" now.

She's still just a kid! I mean, it's a crime!

But I guess we used to be pretty far-out too.

But we never prostituted!
Girls today have no pride!

Where do they meet?

Online dating sites.

His chat app is full of texts with girls,

and I found these in an image folder.

- Oh my god!
- Look at them!


At this point I don't want compensation

I just want to...

...render it useless.

Ow, ow, ow...


Want to do it?

You know what?

I really have nothing more to lose.

"My friends want to join in on the fun. ls it OK?"

Wow, 4 girls are coming at once?

A foursome? No, a fivesome?

"No problem! I'll pay for them too."

I'll take care of all of you.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Hi there...

Huh? What, Yuko?

Let's do it!

"Raining down, see"!

Now, cross!


Single file!

Jazz hands!

"Jazz hands"!

Stretch out your fingers!



Box step!

Oh no!


What are you doing?

You really can't dance.

Well, nobody danced at my school in Awaji.

Listen, Nami.
Prize money is involved in this contest.

- "Band/Dance/Performances Anything is OK!"
- Yeah.

The school doesn't know,

but each group pays 10,000 yen
and the winner takes all.

This year the 300,000 yen is ours!

300,000 yen?

Then we'll go to...


We are?

Yeah. You're coming too, Nami.

But maybe Namie Amuro
or TRF is better. They're easier.

No, other groups will do them.
Kenji Ozawa is our best bet.

We'll stand out.

- I see. Way to go, leader!
- Right?

What about our name?

- "Submit group and members' names to enter."
- Oh yeah, last year's was a bomb.

- Really?
- "Serikas."

- Tacky!
- Hey!

- Think seriously this time.
- OK, I'll be serious.

How's this, then? "Ume & The Children."

No way!

- "Ume-Chil"! Why not?
- You're not the leader!

Hey, how about "Sunny"?


Yeah, Sunny. What do you think?

What does it mean?

Where the sun shines. A sunny spot.

Don't you think this place is like that?

Oh, you're right.

Sunny. How about it?

I like it. Great, Shin!


Then let's say Sunny when we pose.


Let's go! Sunny!

Nami, go to the front.

Let's go! Sunny!


This won't work.

Not with her.

You don't have what it takes.

You know you're the problem, right?

You're not even trying!

That's a bit harsh.

Huh? I think you're too nice to her.


I never knew you were a lesbian.


I quit.

I hate hicks like you.

Don't quit.

Friends should stay together.

Since when were we friends?

Why do you dislike me?

No reason.

I just hate hillbillies.


No! Don't quit! Let's dance together!

- Let go of me!
- I won't!

- Let go!
- No!

What's all the commotion?

Hey! A friend?

Good evening.

Don't talk outside. Come on in.

Stop it.

Why? You never bring friends over!

Just leave us alone.

I'll cook something. Come in.

You're not my mother!

Excuse me.



Your new morn is from the west where I'm from.

Is that why you dislike me?

Shut up.

But people can't choose
where they're born and raised.


Can't you drink?

A year hasn't even passed since Morn died.

But that hostess from Osaka...

I can't believe it.

You couldn't possibly understand.

My family's having a hard time, too.

Dad's factory was destroyed
and he has to do unfamiliar work.

My grandma's going senile.

My older brother...

He's an anime geek and a social recluse.

That's why I'm saying we
should value our friendships.

Mister! I want more!

Give me a break. You're high school students.

Shut up! Pour me some!

Me too!

But still, I don't like you.

But I like you, Nana.


A lot of things shocked me here,
but you took the cake.

You're so unbelievably beautiful and attractive.

"Cool" is how you say it, right? Cool, right?

Compared to you...

I'm just so ugly!

That's why I really like you, Nana!

I thought so too.

When I first saw you,

I thought you were so incredibly cute!

- What, really?
- Yeah.

I wanted to become friendly
with you like everyone else!



I love you!

I love you too!

- Nana!
- Nami!

Oh, you found her?

Yes, I'll drop by tomorrow.
Yes, I'll go with you.




Nami, it hurts!

Breathe slowly!

Nami, help me! Nami!

That's Shin Iguchi.

She used to run a beauty salon but it went under,

and she got divorced a few years ago.

She then began working nights

and is now the hired proprietress of that bar.

The divorce was because of domestic violence

and her alcoholism.

She's also pretty deeply in debt.

It's all so typical.

Any kids?

A 5-year-old girl,
but she lives with Shin's parents.

Shin probably isn't fit
to be a parent at that rate.

What will you do?

Maybe you shouldn't meet her...


Sunny. Good times.

Sunny is such a tacky name.

Who came up with that name?

Oh, it was you, since you were so uncool.

OK, let's go.

Let's go see Serika now.

I'll close this place early.

Remember how we used to leave school early?

Hey, what are you doing? Open the bar.

I'm taking today off.

You can't decide that.

A friend came to visit.

She has to work now so go away.

Shut up!

- Who do you think you are?
- That hurts!

Be grateful you even have a job,
you alcoholic hag!

Let go!

Let's sell her off to a brothel.

Go to hell! I don't prostitute!

Then we'll sell your kid!
Bring her here right now!

Let go of her!

I'll rent this entire place.

This should be enough.

Thank you very much.

Enjoy your evening.

Let's just sell her off.

- You try her out first.
- Why me?

I don't want to.



Shin. Quit working like this.

What do you know?

"Working like this"?

You're right, I can only work like this!

You always used to look down on me like that.

- No.
- Yes you did, you hick!

Who cares about Sunny?
I don't want to see anyone!

I don't want to work like this anymore!

I want to see my daughter!

She... She still wets her bed!

She needs me to be with her!

I can't see Serika like this!


Don't leave without saying anything.

Come here.

I see.

That's so hard.

Shin used to be so upbeat.

What about you?

Is it hard?

I think the ending is near.

Don't talk like that.

You know what, though?

As the protagonist of the Serika Ito Story,

it wasn't a bad life.

What about you?

As the protagonist of the Nami Abe Story.

It's kind of strange, but...

Ever since getting married,

giving birth my daughter and becoming a mother,

I'd lost sight of my own existence.

But after seeing you again
and trying to find everyone,

I feel like I've found myself again.

Back in high school,

you helped change me.

And now you're doing it again.


You look like the protagonist.

Nana used to be like that too.

I'll find her.

I promise.


Time for a video message!

What's that?

Oh, like on TV?

Yeah, but to your future self.

Who goes first?

Serika, obviously.

OK, you first, leader.

I also look good naked!

What are you saying?

- Strip, then!
- OK, sure!

To my future self.

With this personality, you're probably single.

- Definitely.
- Not married.

But you've got a career.
Not as an office worker, but...

I wonder... Running your own company, maybe?


If it isn't Serika CEO!

Men work for you,

you wear nice clothes and drive a cool car.

You'll be rich!

That's what I think!

To my future self!

Well... I'm pretty sure...

You've lost weight
and look like a different person.

No way!

Huh? I'll be slim! You just wait!

You all just see if I don't!

So I'm sure guys are falling all over you,

but don't fall for some no-good guy!

Hi, Yuko! How's it going?

I'm doing great!

Let's see... What should I say?

You've probably snagged a rich boyfriend
and live really happily.

- No way!
- You're being tricked!

- I won't be tricked!
- You're gullible.

And my boobs will be this big!

- Huge!
- A great body!

- From minus A cup!
- They'll grow!

OK then, Shin's turn!

My plan is to become a hair stylist
and save up money

to start my own salon
by the time I'm 25 years old.

I'll only get married
if the right guy comes along,

- but I do want kids!
- Kids?

Can you raise them?

- You can't!
- I will!

Shin, a morn? Scary!

Nana, what about you?

- Nana will be a model!
- Yeah, a model!

- Give us a pose!
- Yeah!

Pose, Nana! Pose!

Three, two, one!


You're so cool!

Nana, you're so cool!

And last but not least...



How are you?

- So uptight!
- "How are you?"

Back in Awaji,
I never really thought about anything.

But after meeting everyone,

now I feel like I could do anything!

- Right?
- Yeah, so...

I'm looking forward to the future.

I don't know what I'll be doing,
but there is one thing.


Stay friends with everyone forever, OK?

What are you saying?

I love you!

Wait! Serika's crying!

Give me the camera!


- Don't cry!
- I'm not Crying! Stop it!

Oh gosh, seriously? Nana is crying too!

Why are you crying, Nana?

- Gosh, both of you!
- How adorable!

Let's get in the frame together!

Yay, Sunny!

- I'll go drink some water.
- I'm thirsty too!

- Get strawberry milk for me.
- Me too! I want banana milk.

I can't remember all that!

I can't remember that!

Oh, come on!

A high school girl
who drinks directly from the faucet!


Is it fun being Serika's pet?

You all make me sick. Sunny? How tacky is that?

- See the dancing monkey?
- Serika, right?

Yeah, that monkey!

And that fatso is shaking all
that blubber like this!

And that giant, too!


Say what you want about me,
but don't badmouth everyone else.

I heard you used to be friends with all of them.

But you used drugs, so they...

Hey. Don't make it sound like
Serika ditched me or something.


- Hey, stand up!
- That hurts!

That hurts!

Strip her and take photos to sell.

Hold her down.

Stop it!

Take off the bottom, too.


Let go!

Take everything off.

Ow! Don't!


You OK?


Hey, think you're so cool? Get lost!

No, don't!

Don't! Please don't!

Serika ditched you
because of your drug addiction,

and now you're a bully.

What a loser.



Don't ever come near us again.

Let's go.

The last one, Nana...

I still can't find a single lead
to her whereabouts.

This girl, right?

I contacted the editor at the time.

I heard she was popular but suddenly disappeared.

She also dropped out of high school.

What happened?

It's sort of...

OK, well, anyway...

This sure was a wild time.

Everyone seems to be so full of themselves.

But it's impressive.

All of Japan was revolving around
high school girls then.

What did it feel like to be in the center of it?


Oh, by the way, that person you asked about...

The other one. This one was easier to find.

"Wataru Fujii Investigation Report"

Welcome. Sit anywhere you want.


Dad, I'll be going now.

OK, take care.

Want anything?

Oh, get ketchup, then.

- The wholesale kind.
- Yeah.

Oh hi, welcome.

May I help you?

It's been so long.



Are you ready?

- TRF again!
- How many were there?

- Serika! You were right!
- Everyone's the same!

- See?
- We can win!

- We'll win for sure!
- I told you so!

How's this? Cho-very-good?

- That's awful!
- What the heck! Show me!

Way too much makeup!

So ugly!

What's wrong, Nami?


You're acting strange. What happened?

I'll go drink some water.


There you are!

I've been thinking about you. I'm sorry, Nami.

I should have been nicer to a rube like you.

It was my bad.

It's OK, it was my fault, too.


Then will you be my friend?

Are you on something?

So what if I am?

Then let's do this together.

We're friends, right?

This makes you feel great.

Don't look at me like that.

Hey, I don't like that look.


Why are you looking at me like that?
Yeah, like that!


What's that look in your eyes? Huh?

Why? I'll pose in the center.

No, get back here.


Take it! Take it!

Stop it!

Take it! We're friends, aren't we? Take it!

You said we were friends! Take it!



It's been so long since you last called my name.

She and I are friends now, so let me join Sunny...

I kept telling you to quit drugs!



You let that hick join your group.

Why won't you let me join?



Why, Serika?



We used to hang out all the time!

Say something!

Don't look at me like that!



Hello, Ume?

Sorry, I'm driving right now
so I'll call you back...



There's nothing for us to do.

Don't worry about it. Let's stay with her.


I didn't know her parents had long been gone, too.

She'd been working hard all by herself.

But she looks really nice.


Yeah, and cool.

So what did you do, Yuko?

About your husband.

I'm divorcing him.



I'm taking a whole lot! I even get his Ferrari!

Way to go!

Let's use that Ferrari to go somewhere!

Good idea! Where?

A hot spring?

Let's go where the rooms have open-air baths!

- I know a place.
- Really?

- But it's expensive!
- You pay, then.

Why do I have to pay?

You have money!

Long time no see.


It's Shin!

How have you been?

I've been good!


You're all so old now!

- So are you!
- You're one to talk!


Hey. What?

- You noticed?
- Oh my god!

My dream size, a J cup!


They're too big!

Go on.


Sorry, I was too late.

It's all right. We managed to
get together like this.

I'm sure Serika is pleased.

Hey, where's Nana? Isn't she here?

We tried but couldn't find her.

I see.

That useless detective!

I'll kill him if I see him again!

Maybe we should crush his balls, too! Squash them!

Hi there.

Useless detective here.

You'll crush my balls, huh?


Who's that?

The detective.

So, regarding Nana,

I've taken these measures, too.

When I ran out of the money you paid in advance,

I visited Serika at the hospital once.

She paid me extra money
and asked me to handle this.

What's this?

She asked to put out ads when she died.

"Sunny Reunion! You better come, Nana!"

- What the...
- Wow!

- All of them?
- Oh my god!

What the heck?

Brings back memories!

We're so young!

Oh, and...

I've been entrusted with

a message from Serika.

Her last wishes, in a sense.

I usually don't handle things like this, but...

it's the will of the deceased so I'll read it.

"Dear Sunny Members,"

"Are you all here?"

"I won't be mad if some of you can't make it."

"We're all adults now
and have our own jobs and lives."

We can't always be together like we used to be.

After what happened that day,
we never got together again.

Even though we used to be together every day,

no matter where we were.

Singing karaoke together, taking photos in booths,

going to family restaurants
and laughing our heads off...

Why did we laugh so much back then?

I missed you.

I've always wanted to see you.

Nami, thank you for trying to find everyone.

I never thought I'd have
so much fun before I died.

Nami, I entrust you to be
the leader of Sunny after I'm gone.

From now on, with Nami as leader,

I want everyone to have fun
together to regain lost time.

I'll join you girls from heaven.

We're counting on you, leader!

Should it be me?

Of course! What are you saying?

Uh... Ume.

"Good luck with your job."

"Just use the same energy as
when you took breads from the school shop."

Whatever that means.

Oh, that! Like this!

Like this, right?

You were so strong!


she's buying a building in central Tokyo
that your company handles.

She names you as her agent.

Really? Wow!

That's great, Ume!


Next, Yuko.

"Be the assistant leader." That's all.

That's all?

Oh, and one more thing.

"Those boobs are a bit much."

She's right!

They're too big! Get them fixed!

Lay Off! I'll kill you!

- I remember!
- Yeah, right?

She always said that!

Oh Well.


Serika is giving you her condo
and wants you to live there.

Her estate will cover your living expenses

and your daughter's education.

She also reserved a rehab program
for your illness.

And she's giving you a vacant space in Tokyo

and wants you to open a hair salon.

Serika. Thank you.

Thank you.

I'm so happy for you.

Thank you.

Thank you all. Thank you.


There's one condition
for you all to receive these.


Can you still dance?

I don't know, but we'll surely be sore tomorrow!

Want to reserve a massage?

Should we even be dancing here?

Don't worry. I'll take responsibility.

You go, leader!

Are you ready?

Whenever... are!

Ready, set...


That was so fun!


Did you see that, Serika?

I'm kind of shocked!

We did it!

- We remembered the routine!
- Yeah, we did!

Why are you crying?


Like we used to.

"SUNNY - Friends Forever"

Ryoko Shinohara, Suzu Hirose

Yuka Itaya, Maika Yamamoto

Eiko Koike, Mio Noda

Rie Tomosaka, Momoko Tanabe

Naomi Watanabe, Miu Tomita

Elaiza Ikeda

Haruma Miura

Lily Franky

Based on the movie "Sunny"
distributed by OJ E&M CORPORATION

Music by Tetsuya Komuro

Written & Directed by Hitoshi One

English subtitles by Mia Isozaki