Sunny Daze (2019) - full transcript

A life-altering friendship is formed between a man and 11 year old child after the passing of the boy's father.

J woke up this morning j

j same old thing j

j nothing to do j

j; Wait for that horn to ring j

j ring, ring, ring j

let me tell you
something about fame.

There is a moment with fame,


and then it's over.

Then you chase it, trying
to stay on that high.

When you get successful, it's
something and you're young,

it's easy to lose perspective.

It's easy to forget
what you were doing

that got you successful,

what inspired you to
become successful,

and that happened to me.

My inspiration was always
the thought of being free.

Free of doubt.

Free of fear

writing songs made life
a little more livable.

Then I lost it.

I lost my voice.

My name is sunny.

And I'm an addict.

Boom, boom, boom, yeanh.

Tyes to me, go.

Go, go, go, spread out.

Lacrosse players
go all the time.

You got push and
start playing lacross.



Eyes up, get home.

Concentration, there you go.

There you go!

No walking man, we
don't walk on the field!

What's wrong?

What do you want from this game?

- Hard work.
- Look at me, look at me.

What do you want really?

You doing it for you, though.

You wanna get an education?


You wanna buy mama a house?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

So we buy mama a house. - Okay.

Buy mama a house.

Say it to the world!

Buy mama a house!

Looking good Sean.

All that time and
effort, hard work.

Just like your daddy says.

Hard work pays off.

And soft feet don't eat.

- You know what's up.
- Oh really?

You know what's up.

How's school?

Pretty great.

Pretty good. Pretty good, great?


You know what your dad
says about that, too?


I'm hear it in my
mind every single day.

Take care of business, Sean.


So how've you been?

I'm good.

You happy?

Happiness is a state of mind.

There he is!

Sunny chase!

You choose to be happy.

What's up my man?

Ah, pretty good.

- How's the family?
- How you doing man?


- Boo.
- Oh, hey.

What's up? - My brother.

How are ya, how you doing man?

What's going on, sorry.

- You tired?
- I'm in a zone.

Long day, you got me a arink?

Yeah, I diq, salut.

Welcome man. - Thank you.

Been a long day, a
fucking long ass day.

I am sick of this grind bro.

The smog and
traffic, the people,

it's a job not to
let them get us down

but you know what, I'm not,

I'm not gonna let
them get us down.

It's cause you are
Buddha, my friend.

To Buddha - to Buddha.

J give a little bit,
don't take anything j

we still doing it?

Yeah, I am.

Change is good right?

I need to cleanse my temple.

You know me.

Robby, I need to change man.

You know what you need, man?

What do I need?

You need to fucking get it back.

Get it back, get what back?

Get you back, sunny.

Yeah, you, you the man.

The guy, the kid with the plan.

Okay, you, get it
back, the man in there.

The man that I know,
the man that I love.

- Okay.
- Sunny.

Here's to me and youl.

- Next year.
- Next year.

I love you dude.

I love you too, bro.

For real, I really do.

I fucking love you too, man.

No, but I really,
really love you.

But I will always love you more.

In a good way.

Hey pal.

Please just take it.

I know you need it, okay.

You can just take it.

You can pay me back when
you got it, okay man?

Seriously, just take it.


What's up?

Whoa, it's been
a long day, buddy?

Yeah, I'm dying, I am aying.

Oh youre dying.

Hey, can you order a vodka soda?

Can I get a vodka soda?

- Yeah.
- How about a double?

- Can I have one too?
- Yeah, yeah.

- Knew that was coming.
- No, no, good.

- Got it.
- Thanks.

Um, 1 gotta pee.

- Oh wow.
- You gotta pee?

- I gotta pee baa.
- I really gotta pea.

- Oh yeah, I gotta...
- So, I'm gonna go.


Okay. - Cool.

Be in there in a
minute to pee with ya.

I'm gonna take this.


- Hey.
- Hey.

I thought
you were coming back soon.

Yeah, I'm coming home real soon.

I mean, not real soon
but in a little while.

Like a bit.

You have to take the kids

to school tomorrow remember?

Yes, I remember that
Valentina, I'll be there.

Also, you have angel

because I have to
work tomorrow night.

It know.

Honey, I'm gonna be there.

Yeah, sure.

I love you.

Sunny, where the hell is Mel?

Um, I don't know, where...

Where is he?

Don't fuck with me.

It don't know.

Don't fuck with me.

What do you think he went?

I have no, how, why...

Where, what, where, you're
with him all the fucking time!

Where the hell is my husband?

I don't know. (Light rock


- What, who is it?
- Open up.

Open the door, open
the fucking door.

- Who is it?
- Open the fucking door!

Hurry up!

Ow, fucker, Jesus.

She's looking for you.


Who? - Your wife.

Glve me some, give me some.

Hurry up, 1 gotta go.

Feel free to use my hand buddy.

Jesus Christ.

Put your foot on this door.

Put your foot on that door.
Yeah, yeah.

Check it again,
is she out there?

Your fucking mustache
looks terrible.

Yeah, 70's porn called,

they want their mustache back.

Oh, the mustache
is awesome, fuckers.

- Here, here, here.
- I gotta go.

- It's awesome.
- Am I good?

- Yeah, hold on.
- My mustache, look at mine.

Good? - Hold on, hold on.

Am I good?

Suzy, Suzy, Suzy, su.

Now we're good, now we're good.


Just hold your
fucking nose, all right.

Hey, here, here,
here, bring this back.

Bring this back, okay?

I left some on the counter.

J you lost in the
light that you found &

- Hi.
- Hey.

Sorry, I'm late.

Can I come in?


You're fucking wasted.

I'm not wasteaq, at all.


How many drinks did you have?

Just a few.

This is getting old, sunny.

You don't
really appreciate the things

or the people you have
until they're gone.

- Straight to the hole.
- Oh.

Three Mississippi,
four Mississippi.

Oh he's gonna go!

Lifelong friends are there

from the beginning to the end.

You go down there?

Mickey, was my best friend.

Mickey always saw
the best in me.

Even thought he knew
t was in trouble.

He kept me on track.

I love you guys.

That's what friends do.

- I love you guys.
- Hey.

- You guys are awesome.
- Good job.

Hey, families
till the end, right?

If you can tell anyone,
you can tell me.



Hodgkin lymphoma.

But it's early, it's all good.


Hey sunny.

Wake up man.



Yeah, yeah, it's me.


What are you doing man?

What are you doing?

All right, you fucking it up

'cause that's what it
looks like you're doing.

At least that's what
it looks like to me

put what do I know, I'm a
dead mother fucker, right?

Hmm hmm.

Hey, you wanna die, sunny?

Are you ready to die?


No, no.

Don't quit on me, man.

Not yet, okay, not yet.

You got things to do.

And you promised to take
care of my boy, remember?

Yeah, I remember.

It's me bro, wake up.

I miss you Mickey.

Come on, don't quit on me bro.

Don't quit on me.

Let me go back to sleep.

Sunny, wake your fucking ass up!


Fight you mother
fucker, fight right now!

Wake up!


Dad, wake up.

Dad, wake up.



- Dad!
- Hmm.

Wake up.


What the fuck are you doing?

You slept with the lights on.

Have you had enough to drink?

And you fucking reek by the way.

Uh, just give me a second.

Can you get up
and fucking shower?

It don't need to shower.

Yes, you fucking do.

You reek. - Jesus, I'm up!

I'm up!

We're already 15 minutes, late.

Come on. - I'm up.

Hear that.

I heard ya, go!

- Be ready in 15 minutes.
- Jesus Christ.

- I don't have it.
- You don't have it?

Yeah, I don't have money.

Take a shower.

Whoa, there we go, you ready?

- No.
- Adios.

- Be good, okay?
- Okay, bye babe.


- Supermarket.
- All right.

Yeah, let's go, we'll
go to the supermarket.

Hey, don't forget, yeah.

The water.

I got the water, thanks.

Say bye, say bye mom. - Bye mom.

- Say bye, look at mom.
- Bye!

- Say bye.
- Bye mom.

- Bye.
- Say, see ya later.

What you guys
wanna get is sober.


- Um, sure.
- Is that about right?

- Sure, that's part of it.
- Yeah.

Right now?

Why not?

You, sunny, should come back.


By come back, I
don't know about that.

I just uh.

It's time. - I'll say.

You'll say, what do you'll say?

Hey man.

Youre sitting right
next to me partaking buddy.

I'm a partaker
and you know what?

I'm partaking and resetting
and getting clear, okay.

And you should do the same

'cause youre
starting to worry me.

- Really?
- Yeah, really.

- Wow.
- You ready for your comeback?

Is he ready?

I'm telling ya, your comeback
has just been sitting there

waiting for you.

- Really?
- Yeah, really.

How do you know that?

Hey listen, out of
anybody that we know,

this guy whatever you
think, it happens.

That's why.

I mean your thoughts
or reality is,

just fucking anything you want
man, get it done, that's all.

I mean, do you know that?

Yeah, I know that.

Does he know that?

It's to roll.

Time to roll.

Give me five.

Oh, give 'em five.

Oh you cutey pie, come here.

Oh I got you.

Why'd you reach out?


You're my friend right?


Gooq, I just
thought I'd say hey.

It's been a while.

You get busy with
the kids and stuff.

Your real friends
are there for you.

Just taking over,
life's busy man.

They see right through you.

Reach out.

Touch someone.

- Glad you did.
- Yeah.

Yeah, I really am.

You wanna get together?

- I do.
- When?

But why is it so
hard to ask for help?

You going to see Sam today?

- Yeanh.
- Um.

Actually I am going
to see Sam today.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

I'm gonna sign my life away.

- Dad.
- Yeah.

You re getting
fucked by them buddy.

You wanna try again...

You're getting fucked!

Okay. - In exactly 41 minutes.

- Bye bye?
- Bye bye house.

Bye bye house.

It's gone.

And we're good.

What are you drying?

I'm making an ocean.


So can 1 get you
any more coffee?

What, is she coming?

Who knows, no, I'm good.


Sorry, I'm late.

I had a lunch that went
long and then I uh,

valet couldn't find my car.

And so, there was traffic and,

and the valley here is just,

I mean it wasn't. - Sit down.

Sit down, come here,
sit on daddy's lap?

- Mmm.
- I know.

Say hi to Samantha?

- Hi.
- You say, hi Sam.

Okay, well sunny has signed.

I just need your
signature right here

and I think then we
will be all done.


Can I talk to you for a second?

What you wanna know?

I got no money.

I have nothing left.

So get a job.

Let me ask you something.


What happens to our
kids if I get sick?

1 guess you go to the hospital.

- That's funny.
- Yeah.

Pretty good.
I got to the hospital.

But seriously?

You ever think about that?


You should.

Remember what you said earlier

about how you didn't
have a choice.

Yeah, I remember it.

I said it.

Well, guess what?

You had a choice.

And you wanna blame everyone
for where you're at.

But, the choice
was always yours.

You chose to walk out.

You chose to hang it up, right.

You chose to remarry.

I mean, who's choice was that?

I'd lay down in traffic for you.

You know that.

That's the difference
between you and me.

You're you. - And you're you.

- Over here daddy, now!
- Time to go.

- Come on dude.
- Bye.

Oh my gosh, anh.

When making deals with
yourself doesn't work,

you start making deals with god.

That's Jesus.

That's god's son.

Who's god?

God is.

God lives here.

He lives everywhere.

And he sits up in
heaven, look at me.

He sits up in heaven.

And he watches over all of us.



I pray to god from time to time.

Asking him to give
me the strength.

To get away from this shit.

You wanna make god laugh?

Tell him your plans.

All right, what
do you guys want?

- Oh I'll have a soda.
- And sour patch.

Nice try, how about
some apple juice,

orange juice or water?

H20, what do you want?

- Jules, come on.
- What do you want?

- Jules?
- Hello?


What do you want?

Just an iced tea.

- Just an iced tea?
- Yeah.

- Just an iced tea?
- Yeah.

What do you want, huh?


No, I want a bubble gum.

Gum, Popsicle, water, apple.

It only takes a little
crack in the door

before you say let me in
and let's do it again.

What's up brother?



$120. - Appreciate it.

Doing all right? - Yeah.

New years, man, I'm done.

I am.

It's the last time you're
gonna see me is new years Eve.

- Okay.
- Learning a new living.

For the nose right?

Is there a phone here?

There's no phone in here.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

- Where's your phone?
- What are you...

What are you doing?

Where's the phone,
where's the phone?

Sorry man.

You happy?

What, I take that long?

- Yeah.
- You took 20 minutes.

Guys shh, what do
you guys wanna do?

Damn it.

Why are you so good at this?

Family is everything.

It's the only thing
that matters to me.

And I'm failing at it.

Sean, your mom's here.

Dad, can we finish this game?

We gotta go, Sean.

Come on, please?

Please Annie?

All right, yeah,
I'll go talk to val.

All right, kitchen.

What you gotta do dishes again?

Hmm hmm, you know it.

No girl talk.

There's love all around me.

But if you don't love yourself.

I moved here
what, six years ago?

With a dream, with a purpose.

I don't know, I just feel like,

I was so happy.


But then I feel like,

sunny has changed. - Hmm.

He doesn't talk anymore.

I really wish I knew what
he was going through.

But again, we don't talk.

And you know I love his kids.

I love them.

Ah, but damn it's just,

I don't know, I feel like,

I'm exhausted all the time.


I'm bitter

I'm not happy.

I'm not, Annie, I'm sorry.


I just don't feel,

oh my god, un.

What's the word?


- Fulfilled.
- I feel you.

I don't feel that way.

- Yeah.
- T don't.

Look, I'm living it too.

We all live it.

As women, as moms, we.

We sacrifice.

You know, it's part of
the job description.

At least that's what they think.

Hey look.

It's okay.

I feel you, Valentina, I do.

You're gonna get
through this, okay.


You got him.

Some don't.

Come here.

I love you.

Thank you.

You're getting a little old
for me to tuck you in huh?

I'm never gonna be too old.

You're gonna be tucking
me in till I'm 30.


You're a good boy.

Give me a hug. - Thanks.

- I love you.
- I love you so much dad.

[ Love you too kid.


Fyes opens, eyes closed.

Good night, I love you.

Night dad, love you.


Glve me some room, come on.

Not that much room, come on.

Hey. - Hi.

- Love you.
- I love you.


How was your day?

- Good.
- School?


You mean enh, good?

- Yeanh.
- Yeah.

- Boys?
- No.

- You sure.
- Hmm hmm.

I'll kill them you know.


I think I'm gonna go to sleep.

- Dad?
- Hmm?

We have a game tomorrow.

Hmm hmm.

And cheering.


You're coming?


Of course I'm coming.

I'm coming to cheer for you.


Glve me a, give me a j.

Give me a u.

Give me a I.

Give me an e.

Give me an s.

What's it spell?

Jules, that didn't
sound so good.

I love you.

I love you, too.

You got something in your teeth.

J February 1st, Sunday morn j

j picked up the phone to call &

j call my brother so
we talk for a while j

j but he's gone j

he wanted me to
walk over here and

specifically ask you to

come over the house and
spend some time with him.

Before he dies.

He literally told me

to tell you

toughen up.

Come on sunny, you know him.

He wants his best
friend to decide.


J seems so close just
like a day away j

j little boy j

j with an innocent face j

j so close I just
wanna walk away j

j now I'm gone j

writing a song makes
life a little less painful.

It makes life a
little more livable.

Come on dadq, let's go!

You are running out
of fucking money, sunny.

When are you signing
the house away?

I did.

[T's just a house.

Yeah, fucker, it's just a house.

That woman, I cant believe it.

You can say her name.

Come on, you can say it.

I don't know what
to say her name.

Just say her name once.

You needed to get more money.

But I dian't.

I know she's making
a lot of money.

Works hard, she's good.

And you made a
lot of money, too.

Remember that.

And you ve still
got it, I know it.

Sunny, there is nothing
that you can't do.


- There he is.
- What the fuck are you doing?

- What's up?
- Are you all right?

- What's up?
- What?

You gonna give me a hug?

What's up?

Come here. - Oh yeah.

Hey, you look like shit.


I look fucking great. - I mean.

You look, you ve looked.

- Duh!
- You've looked better geez.

- I'm good.
- Can I get a beer?

How much of that
shit did you get?

A lot.


Like a lot, like, more than
you should have by yourself?

- Uh ha.
- Or, hold on.

Because I like slept like.

Hold on.

A good three hours last night.


What are we dying?

I don't wanna die.
T don't wanna die.

- I mean is this a joke?
- You think it's a joke?

I mean fill me in.

I don't know why I texted you.

I'm stupid actually.

Texting my ex-wife's
boyfriend, man.

How long man, how
long you been doing this?

Too long.

How did you you get
into this situation

when you had the world
in the palm of your hand?

And now you re calling me.

Fill me in sunny, like...

I don't know man, I really
don't know what happened.

I'm a fan of yours, man.

And it kills me to see you
suffering through life.

Like how do you get here man?

Please tell me you're not
doing it around the kids?

Yo, what's up?

What you doing?

You're killing my fucking
atm machines, man.

What are you doing?

I was, I'm not anymore.

Now I'm driving around
because I needed some air.

Are you fucking wacky right now?


- Are you wacky right now?
- What?

Yeah, okay, I guess
that answers it.

Do you know what time it is?

Seriously man, what
the fuck are you doing?

A lot of people
hang out it the day.

Dude, just fucking
be careful, okay?

Wait till I get there.

When you're in it, you don't
want to hear from anyone.

You tell yourself, fuck that.

I don't wanna stop.

Okay, leave me alone.

It's loyal to me,
it doesn't judge me.

I'm good at it.

- How are you man?
- Hey.

Can we take a picture man?

- My turn.
- Come on, come on.


I like the pressure!

- Sunny?
- Yo.

You doing okay?

Shit yeah, you?

You look like you just
beamed down from a spaceship.

Hey, whoa.

Relax man.

A little action on your
black sweater, there.

Don't do fun stuff
and wear black.

That's a golden rule.

It don't care.

This is a judgment free zone.

All right, you guys
wanna turn this party up?

Hey, I'm old.

I'm gonna have one more beer.

Maybe one more.

I don't know, I'm
fucking out of here.

I'm going home, I'm
gonna go to bed.

Stop being a pussy, Rob.

- All right guys, let's go.
- It's boys day out.

- Yeah, seriously.
- All right?

I need this.

All right, what
are you proposing?

I gotta jet.

My own, g5 fucking jet.
G5 fucking jet.

Right down the street.

I say I take you guys on
my jet to Vegas right now.

- Fuck yeah.
- Let's fucking go!

- In Vegas baby.
- Yeah.

- Fuck yeah Vegas.
- There we go.

[Robby I fuck yeah.

You re gonna go to Vegas?

- Fuck no.
- Yeah, exactly.

- Are you fucking kidding me?
- You can't go to Vegas.

- No way dude.
- He knows this.

You cant go to Vegas either.

I'll go if you go.

- Oh, challenge.
- Here we go, oh come on.

- Whoa that's...
- Really?

- This guys is my favorite.
- Vegas?

Come on boys,
you only live once.

- Fuck it, fuck it, Vegas.
- There we go.

Yes, Mel?

- My wife hates me anyway.
- Awesome.

All right yeah, what do you say?

What do you say?

He can't go cause my
ex-wife won't let him.

Did they break up this week
or was it this last week?

- Both.
- We're not together.

- Are you sure?
- Fuck off.

You know I can do
anything I wanna do.

- Oh wow.
- What you wanna do?

- Big man.
- Tell him Finn.

Go go fucking Vegas, right now.

I feel reckless.

I just don't care.

J yeah, yeah j

I talk to me j

j look here people j

here we go,
let's start it, boom.

Is that all you got?

- No baby let's go.
- Let's go.

There we go!

Could I do cocaine
off of your body?

Can I watch him?
Yeah, you can watch.

I fucking dare you sunny
to do that right there.

- That one right there?
- That one right there.

That's a fucking canon ball.

One feels good.

Two feels better.

- Need another drink?
- Yeah.

Give her another drink,
it's kind of what I do,

so, don't worry.

- Here, don't move.
- Yeah, yeah, thank you.

S50 what do you do,
what do you do?

- Oh...
- Hopefully me.


You okay man, you good?

Yeah, I'm good man.


Wait, how do you...

Fuck, she just
fucking texted me, man.

I fucking forgot.

Let's fucking turn around.

Turn the plane around,
turn the plane around.

I wanna fly!

I wanna fucking fly!

I'm never drinking again.

Oh I can't believe I cheated
on my wife, oh my god.

Oh my god. - With a hooker

- ah!
- You had a hooker

- oh yeah.
- Prostitute, call girl.

I already feel bad
enough, all right, fuck.

Somebody that
touches you for money.

She was not a hooker,
that was not a hooker.

We're getting on the
freeway and we're driving

without sunny, where
the fuck is he?

Call him again.

No, I'm not going
to fucking call him.

I call him 50 times.

Why is this my
responsibility, Finn?

You fucking call him.

Uh, oh my god, I' m never...

You know, maybe this will
teach him a goddam lesson.

It doubt it.


What the fuck are you doing man?

You gotta go all the way
to Vegas to kill yourself?

- Huh?
- Huh.

What is huh?

Hey listen man.

Be a fucking man.

You are running out of time.



Wake up man.

You all right?

Yo, wake up.



I'm in the shower.

Hey sunny, you have
angel today, okay.

Don't fuck it up.

Don't just fuck it up.

J you had it all,
it slipped away j

j color of the wind j


J fresh when you
heard them say j

j fresh when you
heard them say j


Ji full of charm j

j; Made with magic j

don't stop, have
a cup of coffee.

Then decide to make a move.

All right, you coming hard
at me, coming hard at me.


Look at me son, boom, boom.

J get up, get up,
get on your way j

j; Don't throw away the day j

j rise up rise up j

you can do anything
you want, all right.

Hard work.


You look tired.

Tired of listening to you.

You don't look right.

You just look weird.

I can be here all night,

if you want me to.

I know you're stressed,
okay, I am too.

Where are you?

It's like you're fucking lost.

Ll ook at me.

Tell me how you feel.

I can't even provide for you.

You know what that
feels like, huh?

I can't provide for my kids.

And you think...

I can't provide for anyone!

You understand that?

No one, I am fucking nothing!

I'm nothing.

I think you're
drinking too much.

And I think that's a problem.

You know, you re right.

I'm sick of it.

What, what are you saying?

That I can't do this anymore.

I can't be around you
anymore, not like this.

And I love you and I
love you so fucking much.

And you're special
and not just to me,

put everyone around you.

I can't fucking do it.

And, I'm going back
to Mexico City.

I'm taking angel with me.

I'm losing everything.

I'm watching it all slip away.

You have any plans to come back?

Yeah, I mean.

I would never take
angel away from you.


I just have to, you
know, figure it out and,

and feel good.


Have a wing.

I don't, I just feel.

I feel sick, you know, I'm
like sick to my stomach.

You know how I am, I get.

I get fucked up and I
don't care, I don't.

- You don't.
- No, I know, I know.

Nobody's gonna
tell her, you know?

And then.

- And then what?
- Then I sober up and I.

I hate myself.

- What are you gonna do?
- I don't know.

What am I gonna do sunny?

What do you want?

I want to be good.

- So be good.
- I wanna be good.

I just keep fucking it up.
So don't fuck it up.

I can't control it, I
don't know what to say.

She doesn't even know, you know.

- So tell her.
- No, I, tell her.

- Tell her.
- Tell her.

Why, tell her.


- Why not?
- No, no, come on.

Tell her, are you
fucking kidding me?

My life would be over.

She owns half the bar, sunny.

This fucking bar, that we
love and come to all the time.

Gone, okay.

I worked my ass
off for this bar.

It's a great bar.

I love this fucking bar.

No, no way.

Ah, it's just, it's
always one night.

You know, one night.

We make a decision,
left or right.

Your life is over.

She went to Mexico with her mom.

Why didn't she tell us, I mean.

She just went, she wanted
to go see her family.

And wanted to get
away for a minute.

Hey fucking jackass.

Watch where you're
fucking going.

You fucking moron!

What are you looking
at you little bitch?

- What'd you say?
- Shut up.

What you d say...

You don't fucking talk to her.

Open your fucking
ears you jackass.

Bring it and you too,
you little fucking honey.

- Fuck youl!
- Fuck off.

Hey starsky, why
don't you pull over?

I'm coming, I'm
coming, here I come.

Don't move. - You.

I'll take care of you
after, you little bitch.

- Come on buddy, get on them.
- Dad, don't do this.

Don't worry about, I'll
get this motherfucker.

Sunny, please just chill out.

What the fuck?

You want some”?

Did you say something
to my daughter?

You know what, I'm
gonna fuck your daughter,

how's that buddy,
how 'bout I fuck her

and I'll let you watch.

I will fuck you up motherfucker.

Come on.

Dad, don't get in
this mode, come on.

- Shut up.
- You shut up.

I'm coming.

Dad, that's enough.


- Where are you doing?
- Dad no.

What the fuck you
think you're doing, huh?


What, are you out of your mind?

What are you gonna do man?

Are you fucking
crazy or something?

Talk to her now.

Talk to her now. - Come on man.

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on, you fucking sissy.

You fucking apologize to her.

- All right man, sorry.
- What?

- I'm sorry.
- Come here.

Say youre sorry. - Fuck.

- Say you're fucking sorry.
- I'm sorry.

You're talking
to my fucking daughter?

I said I'm sorry.

Yeah, you're fucking
sorry, be nice.

Be fucking nice.

I'm sorry.

It's okay, dad, I forgive him.

Tell him.

I forgive you.

You all right?

Seatbelts, seatbelts.

You all right?

You okay?

You sure'

blood over there,
wipe off the blood.

- He lost it.
- I know right?

- Oh my god.
- He almost killed a guy.

Hi guys.

- Oh hi Mrs. Samantha.
- Hi.

Sunny, you wanna come in?

Yeah, sure.

No, he's with me,
I gotta get him home.

- I don't need to go home.
- Okay, dad.

Love you, see you.

- All right then.
- Give me a hug.

You all right? Later sunny boy.

- Ah ha.
- You sure?

- By Julie.
- See you buddy.


- Hey mom.
- So how was your day?

Um, it was good.

We chilled.

You think they're coming back?


Valentina and angel,
are they coming back?

It don't know man.

- Are you sure?
- I just said I don't know.

Okay, grouch.

Today was pretty crazy.


With all the, apologize to
my daughter, you scared her.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

And then, are you like part of
the government or something?

Green berg or something,

you're president assistant
meaning you can go,

knock down doors, fight bad
buys, where's the stuff?

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about you.

You re talking about
like green beret?

- Yeah, that stuff, yeah.
- No.

Oh, so since youre
not a part of it,

I guess you're just
a fighter then, huh?

Yeah, just a fighter.


Was my dad a fighter? - Yeah.

He was.

Was he a tough one?

He was tough, real tough.


Was he tougher than you?

Yeah, he was.

Yeah, he was.

So now I know where I
got these muscles from.

Oh, hold on, oh!

Oh, pack and loaded, on!

Oh, look at that. - I see it.

I wanna see it walk all
the way back to the car

so we can start it.

Hurry up.

Hi bro, how you doing?

- Hi.
- Good to see you.

What's up?

How you doing? - I'm all right.

How you doing?

I'm good.

I don't know about that,
just heard from Valentina.


I heard that you and Valentina
aren't together anymore.

She left.

But you all right?

Do I look all right?

You tell me.

Hey look, um, thanks
for being there for Sean.


He loves spending time
with you and sunnyboy.

T like him a lot.


You know Mickey, Mickey
really loved you, sunny.

Yeah, I loved him too, a lot.

Still do.

But he always said that
you were the best man.

Remember that.

Take it easy. - Bye.

- Sunny.
- What's up?

- Hey sunny.
- Hey.

- Sunny.
- Hey sunny.

What's up?

What you doing
all over there man?

You too cool to come sit
down over here next to us?


Well then, come on, bring
your sexy ass over here.

Don't worry about it, I'm
too weak to grab anything.

Come on.

What's up man?

How are you?

I'm good man, I'm good.

I wanna be part of this.

You guys need anything?

Yeah, you know what?

I would like a nice big kiss.

Hey sunny.

Hey, you come on
down to the man cave

where we'll have a beer, huh?

Just me and sunny,
all right Joe?

Uh, you know, I can
bring the beers up.

You don't have to go downstairs.

No, no, not at all baby.

No, we're gonna go downstairs.

Sunny can take me
down there, right?

I gotta go in my room first,

get a shirt I wanna wear?


This looks good.

Nah, nah, this special shirt.

Sweetie, I'll get the
shirt for you, it's fine.

Nah, it's okay baby,
we got it, we got it.

Just help me up man,
come on, let's go now.

- Now?
- Yeah.

Shit that was easy
man, that was easy.

You wanna do it again?

Fuck no.

Let's go.

Go this way.

- Ah.
- Sometimes I feel like...

Like I'm just in
the way, you know.

That I'm just, I'm
just this baggage

that's weighing everybody down

and everybody's
embarrassed and...

What the fuck you talking about?

If you fucking went, your
kids would be fucked up.

You need to be fucking
concerned about this right now.


We got however many days
it is till the new year

and then we're doing this.

I just, I can't, I can't.

I just can't figure it out.

It's okay.

No, I don't know how I got here.

I don't know how I fucking
got here man.

I'm sorry.

It's just.

It's okay man.

I just don't know how I
fucking got here.

But you know what?

I love you.

I love, an.

Oh, aw, fucker.

Fucking ears are ringing.


- How hot is my wife?
- Pretty.

No, no, no, no, no, I'm
talking about fucking hot.

I ike...

Okay, one to 10.

- What?
- One to 10.

You can tell me. - All right.

She's 10, right.

- She's a fucking 10.
- Fucking 10.

- Hmm hmm.
- Mick, you okay?

I'm not talking
to you Annie, okay?

You, you, you
tricked me, you lied.

Okay, nobody told me I
was going to hospice.

Oh god, I, honey, I didn't
lie to you, all right.

We talked about this
just a few days ago.

No, if you don't tell me,
that means that you lied.

So that's a lie, isn't
that a fucking lie?

We told you.

Are you in on this sunny?

Of course not.

Of course not,
man, don't do that.

- Are you in on this?
- No.

- Don't, don't lie to me.
- I'm here buddy.

Did you know I was going?

Did you know I was going?

Hey sunny, is everything okay?

Yeah, Annie just give
us a minute please.


Okay, I believe you.

Oh, I forgot to tell you.


I'm breaking out of
this fucking house.

What are you talking about?

We're going to Doug's burgers.


Sean is gonna distract them.

And then you and I are gonna
get the fuck out of here.

We're gonna have
burgers and fries.

She'll find.

Are you out there Annie?


Come on now, I'm just trying
to talk to my friend, okay?

It's fine, it's fine,

you have that
conversation, it's fine.

Can you just let
me do that please?

Just let me talk to my friend.

Okay, okay,
I'm gonna go downstairs.

Can't you just
fucking come with me

to get a fucking burger,
I mean look at me man.


I really, I really,

really want a fucking
burger right now.

- All right man.
- Okay?

Okay? - I'll do it, we'll do it.

I fucked up okay, I messed up.

- You fucked up?
- I fucked up!

I'm sorry, please,
please, just, listen to me.

Let me talk okay?

Sunny, sunny, no, get the
fuck out of here please.

You fucker, you little shit.

You brought him
there, you fucker!

Go die, go die, why don't
you die you little shit?

I hate you!

You fucked up my fucking life.

Come on, come on.

Don't touch me, don't
touch, I don't want you.


I'm sorry man, I don't mean
to make you go through this.

I'm so.

Sunny, wake up!

You had a rough night?

It was a long night, okay?

Is it that obvious?

I don't know sunny, why don't
you go look in the mirror.

No, I'm serious,
come on, get up.

Wait, what?

We're gonna go
look in the mirror.

- What?
- I'm gonna show you.


Look at you.

Look at that, right there. What?

You re still asleep, okay.


I don't like seeing
you this way.

What way?

What are you talking about?

That way!

You look like shit right now.

You don't have to train
me if you don't want to.

I don't need to get
trained by you anymore.

What are you talking about?

I know you feel obligated
because of my dad and...

No, I don't feel
obligated, okay?

Sean listen to me...
Bullshit, bullshit!

I don't feel obligated man.

Fuck you.

I don't need to be
around you anymore.

- Don't talk like that.
- You're not yourself.

You're different.

Fuck you and fuck
this, I'm outta here.

What are you talking about?

Where you going? - Back up!

Why you doing this?

You know why I'm doing
this, 'cause I miss him, okay?

I miss my dad!

You weren't suppose to leave me.

I don't have anybody.

Except you.

- What...
- You're not a man!

You don't know what
I'm going through.

Fuck youl!

I'm done with itl

You don't know shit!

So, we good?


We're good now.

Are you?

The way to
you, by babita hariani,

read by babita hariani.

The way to you,
visualize your future.

You can achieve anything
you set your mind to.


You see it.

That you step towards it.

There are tools to use.

Steps to take and exercises
to sharpen your skills.

If you...

Merry Christmas everybody.

Shit, shit.

You think you're gonna
let her train you?

I don't know, maybe.

I meant like are you coachable?

Am I coachable?

You know what, actually,

I think you can be coachable.

I mean, just imagine it.

Hmm, yean.

You can be coachable sunny.

You know what?

Just find the way to you.

Just find the way to you, like
the girl says in the tapes

and books or whatever.

How about you, how you doing?

Um, I'm good.

I'm kicking ass in school.


Get a lot of ladies.


- Yeah.
- Really?

Hmm hmm.

How's your mom?

How's she doing?


Uh, just.

She's sad.

I don't know sunny, it
just, it just hurts me.

It hurts me to see her
just put a happy face on

everyday like nothing's wrong.

I know something's wrong.

How you doing inside?

- Right here.
- No, yeah, right there.

In your heart.

Right there.

It's broke sunny, it's.

One half is telling
me to cry out.

And be sad about my
pops, that he's gone

and my mom and shit,
but the other one,

is telling me, Sean you
have to be fucking strong.

You have to be strong
for your mom, your dad.



You re right.

What am I gonna do sunny?

You're doing it.

I'm doing what?

Becoming a man.

That's the cards
you've been dealt bro.

Let's go
baby, go, go, let's go, go.

One, two, three, ah!

Let's go.

That's my boy!

[Boy I Mark, set, go.

Oh goddamn it.

Hold on, hey.

Fuck, fuck, fuck,
goddamn it, goddamn it.

Fucking football.

It's not his fault mom, relax.

Sunny boy, sunny, are you okay?

Does it hurt it a lot.


It hurts, it fucking hurts!

I broke my fucking kneecap,
what do you fucking think!

- Oh.
- It's hurting bad, okay.

Dammit, there goes
my fucking season.

- It's okay.
- Sunny listen to me.

He drives right to
children's hospital, okay

and I will meet you there.

He broke is fucking knee.

He just had major surgery.

- No shit, I know.
- Wake up sunny.

What is wrong with you?

It's my fault,
what, I injured him?

- Read my lips.
- Stop.

Sunny boy is done with football.

Who the hell are you to
take that away from him?

His mother

take what away from him?

He only plays it 'cause of you.

Thank god he plays this game.

It's the one thing in his
life that makes him normal

in this crazy world
that he lives in.

Is this about you?

Using your son to...
Oh here you go.

To just succeed at
something that you failed at.

I didn't fail.

Far fucking from it.

You know, it's one of the
things that made me who I am.

What is that sunny,
a youth football coach?

I'm just trying to teach
the kid something about life.


Why do you fucking
hate me so much?

Oh poor sunny.

Listen to you,
you fucking hate me.

I do everything.

I pay for every bill.
Yeah, you do.

You screw up and I fix
it every fucking time.

And now you hurt my child.

So, I'm like an unfit father?

Look at you.

Look at you. - Look at you.

I know you think
I'm a piece of shit.

Okay, but I ain't dying alone.

Okay, look in the
fucking mirror.

Who are you?

Fucking walk around like
you own the fucking place.

It's a fucking joke.

No, you know
what's a joke sunny.

You're the joke. - I'm the joke?

Well you should fucking
know, you fucking married me.

You know what else I know?


Don't think for a second,

I don't know exactly
what you say about me.

Yeah, that's right.

He tells me everything.


My friend who happens to
be your fucking boyfriend.

- Oh he's not boyfriend...
- Finn, remember him?

He's not my boyfriend.

- Not this week but...
- Fuck you.

Fuck me, fuck you!

I tell that guy in there,

all the amazing
qualities about you.

I should just tell him
the fucking truth, man.

Just to fucking run.


Your kids don't respect you.

They're embarrassed by you.

'Cause you re nothing sunny.

You know what?

You did me the favor the day
you walked out that door.

- What are you playing?
- It's a game.

You care if I go?

- I want you sta...
- T know but.

But we'll let her hang, okay?

She can sleep,
I'm gonna go home.


I love you dad.

I love you so much, okay.

See you in the morning. - Yeah.

Hey, I'll walk out with ya.

Hey, Finn, would
you do me a favor?

Go by my house and feed the dog.

- No problem.
- I can go.

No, it's okay sunny.

- It's on the way, I'll go.
- Finn's got it.

It's no big deal, I can go.

Sunny, Finn's got it.

Thank you.

- I love you.
- I love you dad.

Little girl, I'll see you too.


- Hey.
- What?

- Hey.
- Fuck her man.

Where you going?

I'm going.

It's my dog Finn, okay.

I raised that dog.

I walked that dog, I
take that dog on hikes.

Me and him.

Fred and me.

So you know what, I think
it's worth it, okay.

You know what else I fucking do?

I pick up every one
of his shits too.

S50, I think I deserve to
go to half of my house

and feed my dog.

Come on man, sunny!


Yeah man, slow
down, take a beat.

Do you really wanna
go to war with her?

I mean, it ain't your fight man.

Listen to me. - What?

Think about yourself man.

Think about getting
this head right.

Getting back on top.

It's time.

What the fuck do you care, Finn?

- What do I care?
- Yeah?

I got a fucking phone call
from your ex-wife and you.

You think I wanted this?

I just wanted to
date your ex-wife.

Now, I'm in the middle
like I'm some shrink.

Okay man.

You're right.

I don't care.

Go feed the dog.

I couldn't get out of
that hospital fast enough.

Mmm mmm mmm muanh.

Now here I am.

Hi Fred.

Hi, hi Fred.

What are you doing?

My fucking house.

Fucking my tree.

My fucking tree.

My other tree.

I missed you freaay.

I missed my Freddy, woof,
woof, who let the, woof, woof.

You hear something Fred?

J I'm at home j

J coming home j

I can't face the truth.

I can't face reality.

J I figure I'll say something j

life's a funny thing.

No matter where you go.

There you are.

I a fire inside j

j I'm picking up the pie j

j and that's okay, hey j

I can't even bear to
be present in my life.

Too much time by myself
is toxic, I know that.

It wants to sound gooq,
it wants to sound good.

It wants to sound good.

Come on baby, come on,
we go, come on, we go.

We're coming aown.

Goddamn it.

Oh shit.

J mister guitar, won't
you make me a star j

j and I want you j

j show me the way j

j to another day j

j and I'll owe you j

J playing these bars,
earning my scars j

j and I want you j

I'm at the point now
where I don't feel

as if I can stop.

J show me the way
to another day j

I can't stop.

J and I'll owe you j

j and I'll wait j

I know I'm slowly
killing myself.

J find some goals j

it's that little voice.

J and I'm stuck outside j

telling me just one more ti.

That I'm in the cold j

j dancing all night,
under these lights &

j in my old shoes j

I feel like I'm walking
around with a gun in my mouth.

J end of the show,
got no place to go &

j except home with you j


Come here.

Just relax.

Close your eyes.

Bring em.

- What's up?
- Good to see you.

Thanks for coming.

It's good to see
you, hello, hello.


They feeding you okay?

Where you goi ® you going?

I'm gonna get
something to drink.

Hang on.

All right buday, I'll talk to
you in a little bit all right?

What's up?


You okay?


Stressed a little bit.


You look tired.

I bet, I'm a little
stressed, I was up all night.

That's understandable.


Hang out with
your kid, all right?


Where you going?

I'm gonna get some coffee.

- Coffee?
- Yeah.

You okay?

- Yeah, I'm okay, why?
- You sure you're okay?

I don't know, just that guy
had surgery this morning

and I didn't see you here.

'Cause you know, I gotta
be honest with you,

vou look fucking awful.

When he got out of surgery,

he was wondering
where his father was.

So, if you're okay, you're okay.

Yeah, I'm okay.

Hey. - Yo, get in.

- What's up?
- What's up, what's up?

Doing all right?

Yeah, I'll take three.


Sounds good.

That's it, I' m done.

What do you mean you re done?

I'm done.

This is the last time
you're gonna see me.

Nothing personal.

It's either I die.

Or I get on with my life.

- That's pretty fucked up.
- Yeah.

Good luck.

Okay sunny.
See you around brother.

What the fuck am I doing?

This is the same song
I'm living over and over.

It's like a merry-go-round.

I can't get off.

Hola, it's
Valentina, leave a message

and I'll call you back.

There's a voice in my mind

that supersedes all reason
and that voice wants me dead.

- Visualize your future.
- It says...

One more session with darkness.

One more chat with the devil.

It's the aarkest
feeling in the world.

I'm disgusted with myself.

My skin is crawling with shame.

I am so sick of who I've become.

Don't you
think you've had enough?

I fucking hate myself.

Help you find your way to you.

What the fuck are you saying?

Shut up, shut up, shut up.

Shut the fuck up, shut up.

1 can't be around you.

I miss my dad.

I don't have anybody.

Wake up.

You're fucking wasted.

You fucking it up,

'cause that's what
it looks like.

You are running
out of fucking money.

Can't you die you little shit?

Your kids don't respect you.

Dad, don't get in
this mode, come on.

Sunny, wake
your fucking ass up now!

Fuck it.

Oh fuck it.

Fuck it.

When I stare at myself in the
mirror, I don't see myself.

Who are you?

You re not here.

What you doing sunny?

What are you doing?

You're not here.

I know I'm fucked up right
now, but you're not here.

What the fuck are you doing man?

I don't have to listen to you.

Put the belt down.

You're gonna do this
to your family sunny?

The family you love?

You re not here.

Don't look at me like that.


- Sunny.
- You don't know man.

You're fucking giving up!

You don't know man!

Mickey, youre not here, just go.

What you gonna, youre
gonna hang yourself?


In angel's room, you're
gonna hang yourself?

You're gonna have her
come in and find you dead?

That's what you want?

No, I don't want, I have to.

Well do it all the way, man.

One belt, what if
it doesn't work?

Why don't you get
fucking two belts?

- I will.
- Huh, get two belts.

I fucking will.

Don't be a pussy,
do it all the way.

- I'll do...
- Do it all the way!

Get two belts then.

I'll fucking get
two fucking belts.

I'll get.


There it is, it's two belts.

Get out of my way.


Mickey, you're not
even fucking here!

Get the fuck out of my way!

You re giving up?


Get out of my way.

You're not my friend.

Don't say that.

You're not my friend.

Knock yourself out.

Come on. - Leave me alone.

You said you were
going to do it, do it.

Leave me alone, please.

Please, Mickey, I'm
sorry, I'm sorry.

What the fuck are you doing?

You have a wife, you have kids.

People that love you.

What are you doing?

What are you doing sunny?

Take that fucking belt off. No.

Take it off, take it off.

Leave, please, leave.

Don't watch me.

Please don't watch me Mickey.

I'm not looking at you anymore.

I'm not leaving.

I'm not leaving, you wanna
do it, go ahead and do it.

I et me see,

come on, let me see!

You know what you're doing?

You know how to do it, huh?

Stupid man.

Little angel.


Leave me alone.

You look like shit.

You didn't fucking hear me?

You didn't hear me calling,
called 30 fucking times sunny.

And then when you
didn't answer the phone,

I came over here as
quick as I could.

Are you fucking okay?

Yeah, I'm all right.

You know.

If you don't straighten up,

you're gonna fucking
kill yourself, okay,

it's getting obvious.

Okay, just listen
to me for a second.

You listen to me.

Shut up, listen to Mel

okay, I'm done listening to you.

I'm fucking done.


Everybody is worried about you.

I gotta call from Finn.

You know what he said?

He said that when you were
at the hospital yesterday,

Damon said, you looked
like you were wacked.

Were you wacked?

Wacked at the hospital?

I did not say that.

What I said is you look tired,

you looked distressed,
you looked distraught,

you looked haggard, you do.

You look like shit.

Everyone's worried about you.

You don't look like you.

I love you like I wish 1
loved my actual brothers.



Guys, can 1 just, can I
have like five more minutes?

Just with him please?

It's all right guys, I get it.

Bring it in, let's
do this thing.

What's up buday?

All right, full disclosure,
t was a full-on addict.

You know, I was snorting
coke, I was shooting up.

I was drunk all the time.

Spent the first year of
my kids' life in rehab.

And I'm telling you
this sunny, 'cause,

I feel like you
need some help and,

I've been down that,

that long, dark,

shitty road and I'm
not judging you, okay.

But buddy, drugs or no
drugs, you are lost.

And you're sinking fast, man.

You're at the point
where you're giving up.

And we all see this.

But you gotta make the decision,
you gotta make the choice

and you gotta do it now.

'Cause you re either gonna die

or youre gonna reach out
and start pulling yourself up

and let us help you.

I don't know, we just
don't wanna see you

do anything you can't
come back from, you know?

You know how I feel man.

I fucking love you brother.

I love you too.

Sunny, you still
have it, I know that.

Fuck the house.

That's what I said.

New house, new life.


Thank you.

Thank you all.

J who was around when we
had a dollar to our name j

j we didn't care much for
the fortune or the fame j

j we were just keeping law j

j we knew the good lora
would get us through j

when the emotions, the
pain became too much,

the thoughts of death and
dying found their home.

What I realized?

Death is not the
greatest loss in life.

To me the greatest loss
is what dies inside you

while you're still alive.

You don't like something?

Change it.

And if you can't change it,

change the way you
think about it.

[T's okay to ask for help.

Everybody needs help at
some point in their life.

& cause we all
live, we all die j

j but it hurts if we don't try j

my epiphany?

I ove.

It took someone yanking
me out of my black cloud

and shaking me with love.

Letting me know they loved me.


J I can't be what this
world wants of me j

I don't claim to
have all the answers.

But I do know I have today.

Watch after my boy.

Be there for him.

See me soon.

S we keep marching strong
and helping those we see j

I love you sunny.

You're a special dude,
man, remember that.

I mean, man, live for
me, have a good life.



That's what I want.

& cause we all
live, we all die j

j but it hurts if we don't try j

just lost, just lost.

But un.

Look, I know we.

We have our differences, we...

I want you to know something.

I would do anything for you.

Regardless of what I said
to you or anybody else,

I am always there for you.

Look what we made in there.

Pretty special hun?

And that's forever

I love you.

I'm really glad you're okay.

Mmm, how you feeling?

- Good.
- Yeah?

How you feeling?

I'm good.

You look different.

I bet.

I wanna read something to you.

Is that okay?


Better yet.

How about you read it?

- Okay.
- Jules.

Come up here.


Whenever you're
ready, go for it.

I don't even know
where to start.

[Sunny and sunnyboy I
so I'll just in.

I'm bringing all the positive
things back in my life.

Shedding all the fat.

I lost the fight that I once had

after a failed marriage and,

being away for so long, I just,

I just dian't want to
chase the race anymore.

Fame, fortune, all that shit.

So I hung it up

to be with you guys.

10 raise you guys, to
take you to school.

Coach your sports.

Watch all your
great performances.

And I raised you two to be,

great people, special.

At least I think.

I lost a sense of myself.

I lost, a sense of who I was.

Oh man, I was just, I've been
down on myself for so long.

Almost 10 years, I was
circling the drain.

I almost gave up.

If there was an off switch,

I probably would
have turned it off.

But somehow and
someway, I didn't.

Now it's time to get back up.

It's time to get
back in the world,

be present in my life.

I've always loved
you guys so much.

You re everything to me.

Life is too short.

And you guys deserve
to see me in my best.

How you doing buddy?

Uh, pretty, pretty good.

How are you doing?

I'm really good.

Yeah, I can see that.



Something's different about you.

It's in your eyes, I can
see it all in your eyes.

You look like the old sunny.

Are you back?

Dad said you'd be back.

He did?


You know, I was waiting this
entire time for you, right?

That's what friends do.

I gotta take a shower man.

Go do your homework.

It don't have homework.

Go write a
synopsis or something.

Okay, I'll write a
poem, how about that?

Write a poem.

2:30, I'll come here at 2:30.

- 2:30, tomorrow.
- 2:30, tomorrow.

Hey Sean.


If you need anything.

If you need a friend.

Or a dad or.


I'm here.


Thanks coach.

Thank you.

I appreciate you.

Get out of here.

All right, I'll see you
tomorrow at 2:30, remember.

- 2:30.
- Love ya.

I love you too, man.

It was all worth it, you know?


I own it all.

How's everybody doing tonight?

It's really good to be back.

You ready to get down tonight?

Why don't we just do this thing?