Sunny (2018) - full transcript

Based in the early 90s in Washington DC, this film tells the heartfelt life story of a girl named "Sunny". Like many young girls growing up in an urban community, with the lack of family, ...

Don't ever let
nobody tell you otherwise.

You out here being a role model.

Misha, I'm
not nobody's role model.

You my role model.

♪ I don't understand why ♪

You got something for me, daddy?

- Yeah baby, jump in.

♪ Every time you leave ♪

♪ I turn around ♪

- So what you looking for, sugar?

- Damn girl, why you rushing?

Can I at least get your name first?

- Foxy.

- Foxy.

Can I get your real name now?

- Look nigga, is this
the Young and Restless

or do you want some coochie?

- Yeah baby.

I want some coochie but I like

to ease into these things.

- Nigga, you must be a cop.

- Nah, baby.

- Let me see your dick.

- Hey, baby.

- Let me see it.

- Yo what the fuck?

- Nigga, if you move, I'll cut it off.

- Why you going all postal on me?

- I'm not trying to hear none of that.

Just take out our wallet

and put it in my pocket.

- Shit.

- Put it in my pocket.

- Fuck.

We have a 187, on Holmer Avenue.

The 230 block.

Any responding officers, copy.

- Detective TJ speaking.

Be there less than five minutes, copy.


♪ I need you to understand ♪

♪ Being hurt was apart of the plan ♪

♪ I need you to understand ♪

♪ You can't be my man ♪

♪ I need you to understand ♪

♪ I don't want you no more ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ I don't understand ♪

♪ Why ♪

♪ Why you got to treat me so bad ♪

♪ Why why why ♪

♪ Every time you leave ♪

♪ I ♪

♪ Turn around and take it right back ♪

♪ Not no more ♪

♪ I don't understand ♪

♪ Why ♪

♪ Why you got to treat me so bad ♪

♪ Every time you leave ♪

♪ I turn around ♪

♪ And take it right back ♪

♪ Uh oh ♪

♪ Not no more ♪

- Yo, you wack.

I wreck you every time in this Joe.

- Nigga, get the fuck out of here.

You know I'm your daddy
when it comes to this here.

- Nigga, you lunching.

Matter of fact, got some paper right now.


Nigga scared to bet some bread.

- Tay, you scared to bet the bread?

- Tell him.

- Rob, shut the fuck up.

Y'all niggas know I'm dope, shit.

They need to put me in this motherfucker

the way I be whooping ass

- Shut the fuck,

hey Rob?

That nigga scared

- Yeah yeah yeah, whatever.

Hold on, wait let me guess.

What, y'all niggas like a dynamic duo now?

You Michael and he Bubbles?

Oh no, wait.

You Kid and you Play.

Shit, I mean.

Y'all niggas need to go on tour

across the globe and shit.

That's the only way y'all
niggas would get the hoochies.

- Whatever, play the game

you know I get the hoochies.

- Name one, then.

Ugly motherfucker.

- Yo momma, nigga.

- Hold on, you want to fight?

- What's up?

- What's up?

- What's up?

- What's up?

- Whatever.

That's my momma ugly anyway.

- Shit I don't care, she got some money.

- Hey Dolo.

- Yeah, okay.

- Yo phone ringing.

- Man, let that shit ring.

- Let me guess, hey, Rob, Rob,

let me guess.

That's one of his motherfucking hoochies,

ugly ass hoochies that
he probably got pregnant

and he trying to play run away dad.

- Man I did get one of my
ugly ass hoochies pregnant

but I aint run away, son.

- Aight, that's it.

Pause this shit.

What's up?
- What's up?

- What's up with all these yo momma jokes?

- You know what's going
on me and your moms.

- Okay, yeah yeah, nigga.

Hold on.

Nigga, grab the control early before

I even fucking can play.

- Pass the bud, man.

- Shit nigga, cheating ass.

What up, baby?

Yeah, he right here.

Hold on.

- Nigga, who is it?

- Nigga, answer it.

- Yeah hello, who is it?

Man, don't ever do that
bullshit again, man.

- Nigga, how was that bullshit?

Handing you the phone
cause your blood sister

wants to talk to you.

- Yeah, nigga.

- You bugging, nigga.

- You know she hella needy, nigga.

- As a matter of fuck, Rob,

how the fuck this nigga
even get in the house?

- I don't know.

Smoking all our goddamn weed,

eating all, all our goddamn food.

- Man, speaking of food.

Y'all need some more milk.

Y'all ran out, I just checked.

♪ Uh okay ♪

♪ Roll back to the 90s ♪

♪ The 80s ♪

♪ You can be my ♪

- Yeah, so you know I
slipped by Misha's crib

the other day.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Man, what's up with this nigga, man?

- What's up with y; all?

- You got new workers and shit, man?

- This 3,000.

- Naw, its half.

- What's up with the rest?

- I got you, I got you.

I'm working on it.

Shit, half these niggas
owe me money out here

and they aint been paying nothing.

I mean they be having excuses for days.

- I'm not trying to hear
your problems, fool.

You my problem.

Them niggas, they your problem.

- Word.

- But nah, I'ma need you
to handle that though,

cause I need mines up front, you feel me?

- Yeah I do.

- Why you be letting these
niggas slide, though?

- What?

I let no niggas slide.

- I mean you damn...
- Calm down, man.

- Aint no amnesty beard
in those dope game.

First warning, we beating your ass.

Second warning, let's just say

there aint no second warning.

- This nigga here.

- End up like them niggas on Holmer ave.

- Holmer ave?

- What happened to them
niggas on Holmer ave?

- Lets just say second warning happened.

- Man what the fucking
I'm talking about, man

that gangster shit.

Tell you guys can holla,
man, fuck these niggas man.

Me and big man on the same shit, ya dig.

- Look, Joe, if I had to kill every nigga

who owed me money.

Nigga, I'd have a cemetery
full of bodies out there.

- Man, you know you aint
got to do none of that.

You know I'll sleep all these
niggas out here for you.

- That's cool and all.

You my nigga.

For real, look man.

You my nigga.

Like what am I supposed
to tell they wife and kids

- Tell em I'm gone, I don't know.

Fuck it, man.

- You sound crazy.

- Look, I know if I'm gone,
I'ma take care of my kids,

watch over Sunny,

shit, you can fuck my girl for me.

For real.

- This nigga bugging, man.

But look, I done seen
this police car circle

the block a couple of times

and they aint looking for us.

Probably looking for
your hot ass, big man,

so we about to bounce.

- Aight man, y'all niggas be safe.

- Tough ass nigga

Don't pay them niggas no mind man

- Hey honey.

- Hey, baby.

How was work?

- Well work was work.

- Oh my babe looks tired.

Well, heres your food.

- Thanks baby.

- Anything for my babe.

You know its no problem.

Now just don't go getting the itis,

because tonight I have a special treat

for you after.

- What's that?

- You just eat up

and meet me in the bedroom.

- Baby you know I don't want to miss that.

- Oh babe, I forgot to tell you.

- What's up?

- I need you to pay these bills for me.

My money's all tied up right now.

- All tied up?

In what?

- Well, let's just say there was a sale

at the lingerie store

and I might of gone a little too far.

But it was worth it.

You like my lingerie don't you?

- Yeah baby, I like it.

Well how about I give you money

and let you pay it yourself?

- Okay, babe.

- Um, baby, don't worry about it.

I'll just take care of it later.

- Thanks, babe.

♪ I'm only trying to tell you ♪

♪ That somethings going on ♪

♪ Your sweetie pie is doing you wrong ♪

- Why are you looking at me like that?

- Sit down!

- What is your problem?

- Bitch, don't talk to me like that.

I'm your mother.

- You're not my mother.

You're just the woman that had me.

You don't provide for me.

- How dare you?

You living under my roof
and disrespecting me?

- I may be living under your roof,

but you don't pay no bills here

just like I don't pay no bills here.

We in the same boat.

- Hey, baby.

- Hey, mom what's going on?
- How's my sweet son doing?

- Good.

Give me this.

What y'all arguing about now?

- Oh nothing, baby.

You must of heard the TV or something.

- Yeah, okay.

Oh did you pay the rent yet?

- Oh you know what, I was never able

to find the money you
said you left for me.

It seems as though
somebody may of taken it.

- Somebody might have taken it, mom?

Only me, you, and Dolo stay here.

So who could of took it?

- I don't know.

You tell me, Sunny.

I see the way you prancing around here

with new clothes and no job.

- And I seen you in the
bathroom playing with your nose.

- Shut up, ho.

- Hey, ma, chill out.

- Thank you, baby.

Let me tell you something.

You will never be anything in life.

You think what's between
your legs is gonna get you

somewhere in life?

Sugar, please.

The only thing its gonna get you

is multiple trips to the clinic

and one day, they're
gonna tell you something

you're gonna regret for
the rest of your life.

- Babe, what's wrong?

- What do you mean?

- I mean what's wrong?

- Baby, you just got to keep going.

- I mean, was I doing it wrong?

- No baby, it just takes time.

- Well I don't have time.

I want it now.

You know what?

Fuck it.

- Don't say that.

- What do you mean, TJ?

This isn't the first
time this has happened.

It happens every time.

- No it doesn't.

- We haven't had sex

in over a year.

I bought this lingerie so
that I could seduce you

but nothing seems to work.

Are you fucking somebody else?

- Hell no.

Why would you say that?

- Cause you're not fucking me

and if you're not fucking me

and you're not fucking somebody else

then that must mean...

- That must mean what?

What, what are you trying to tell?

- Nothing.

- Hey get the door, nigga.

- Nigga, who the fuck is it?

- Nigga, open the door.

- Its Tay.

- Hold on.

Let him in.

- Yo Luck, what up fool?
- What up, Tay?

- Shit I can't call it.

So what's going on?

- Same old.

My baby momma tripping.

Talking about she gonna
put me on child support.

You know I aint tripping, though.

She just mad her baby sister feeling me.

- Oh is that right?

Check your boy out.

- Speaking of baby sister.

- Boy, you wrong.

You know you wrong.

- So what brings you here?

- You already know.

Its pay day, baby.

- Pay day?

Shit, show me the money.

- Nigga, stop playing games.

You know what I mean.

- Nah.

I don't know what you mean.

- I need mines.

You been holding out too long, fool.

Let me get that 1,500 you owe me.

- I aint got nothing for you.

- Man quit fucking playing games.

You got something for me.

- I aint got nothing for you, player.

Why would I lie to you?

- Nigga, fuck that.

You got something for me.

- Nigga, I said I aint
got nothing for you!

- Lucky.

We gonna see how lucky.

- So what you threatening me, nigga?

- Oh no.

I'm just giving you a
first warning, nigga.

- Well you might as well
give me my second warning,

third warning, too.

- Second and third?

- Fourth, fifth.

It really don't matter, mother fucker.

- Fourth and fifth?

I'll catch you later, fool.

- Get the fuck out of here.

Hoe ass nigga.

I aint paying that nigga shit.

- Damn, where the fuck Tay at?

- I don't know man, probably with Misha.

You know that boy, he
sprung over that pussy, man.

He can't get enough.

Something wrong with that nigga, man.

- Will you gentlemen
please step out the car?

- For what?

- For eating a bag of chips, man?

- Mr. Johnston, step out the car.

- My name is Dolo.

Don't be calling me Mr. Johnson, man.

- Mr. Johnson.

How have you been around Homer Ave lately?

- Homer Ave?

Nah, I never heard of Homer Ave.

You heard of Homer before?

- Homer Ave?

- What y'all think that's
funny or something?

- Nah.

Never heard of Homer Ave, before.

- Think it somewhere over there.

- It got to be.

- Got it.

- Let's see what we got.

So whose is it?

Look, this is nothing but a bag of weed.

Nothing compared to what I
come across on the daily.


Since y'all don't want to talk.

Turn around and put
your hands on your head.

- Turn around.

- Man, y'all planted that shit.

We don't smoke no damn weed.

We smoke cigarettes.

Touching me all rough and shit.

- What you think you got
big balls or something?

- Nigga, I do.

- Spread em wider.

- Come on man, touch me all tight

like you gay or something, man.

- Look here, little motherfucker

you not gonna disrespect
me in any kind of way.

I'll ruin your life, boy.

Now turn around and spread them.

- Damn homie, you getting all offended.

Must be gay for real or something.

- Damn.

- Officer TJ.

- Turn your ass around.

- Y'all abusing us and shit.

- Hey what did I say?

Shut up!

- That's my nuts you grabbing, man.

Bitch ass cops.

I hate y'all man.

I aint got nothing better to do.

You better not touch my money, either.


There goes my rent money.

How the fuck I'ma tell Tay this?


♪ That girl is ♪

- Look at that stupid bitch.

- Her funny looking ass.

- Like a baby midget and shit.

I'ma whoop her ass.

You just wait till she get down here.

- I'm with it.

- I'ma get her.

♪ But she's so ♪


- What the fuck is wrong with you?

- You, you aint no good.

You just like the rest of us.

You aint better.

- What you mean?

Cause I don't go around spitting
in people hair and shit?

- You fucking Tay?

- What?

- You heard me.

Are you

fucking Tay?

- That aint none of your business.

- Well it is my business.

That's my man.

- Tay aint got no girl.

- Hey!

Stop it.

- Bitch let's go

before we have to make an example

out of this nosy shit.

- Are you alright?

- I'm good.

Just a bunch of bitches hating.

- Do you need me to call the police?

- The cops?


- What?

You got something against the police?

- You mean the pigs?

No, we don't trust them around here.

- Well if that's the case.

You wouldn't trust my husband, then.

- Husband?

- Yeah he's a police officer.

Well he's a detective.

- That's even worse.

- Look, do you need me
to give you a ride home?

- No thanks, I'm okay.

- Are you sure?

You mean to tell me you're gonna walk home

knowing that you may run
into them skanks again?

- I'm good, I got something for them.

Don't worry about me.

Thanks, though.

- Aight.

- I think I'll take you up on that offer.

- You okay?

- Yeah, thinking about the police

in my best friend house.

Do you mind if we stop?

- No problem.

- Right heres good.

I got to tell her what happened.

You can come.

- Oh okay.

♪ I'm loving the single life ♪

♪ Without you there's no more lies ♪

♪ I'm married to this money ♪

♪ And divorce aint nowhere near in sight ♪

♪ I'm feeling free ♪

♪ Its all about me. ♪

- Girl.

- Misha, what happened to you?

- Some lame ass bitches tried to jump me.

- Somebody jumped you?

- Girl, yes.

I'm still good, I'm still fly.

- Hi, my name is Lauren.

- Hi, I'm Sunny.

- Nice to meet you, Sunny.

- She saved me.

- Well I wouldn't say I saved her.

- Well, thank you, Lauren.

Misha, she's the only
thing I have in this world.

- Wow.

Where are your parents?

- I don't have any parents.

- Siblings?

- I have a brother but he's
not really too fond of me.

- Why would you say that?

Why wouldn't him be fine
of a pretty girl like you?

- Pretty?

- Yes, you're beautiful.

You don't think so?

- I think she's all
that and a bag of chips.

All that.

She just not prettier than me.

- Hey, Sunny, can I use your bathroom?

- Yeah, you go ahead inside.

- Oh hi, ma'am.

I'm Lauren.

What the?

What the fuck?

What's TJ's wallet doing here?

- Hey do you think Mr. Johnson

knew anything about that murder

that happened on Homer Ave?

- Man, they all know something.

They just don't talk.

You know that's the code
out here in these streets.

- Yeah well, stupid code.

They wonder why crimes are
committed in their community.

Everybody's walking because
nobody seems to be talking.

- Yeah.

- Is that a call in?

- No, its my wife.

- How she doing?

- Getting on my back.

- Oh yeah about what?

- None of your business.

- Damn, you don't have
to be so feisty about.

Hell, if I had a bomb wife like yours

you wouldn't find me on her back.

- Man, whatever, shut up.

- No, that's cool.

Hey uh,

what happened with you and that hooker

you picked up the other day?

- What you mean what happened?

- I mean like come on, what happened?

- I did what I was supposed to do.

- That's a lie.

- A what?

- Come on, TJ.

I'm a detective, I know when you're lying.

- Man, whatever.

- Yeah.

- You know what?

- Look TJ, I've been
your partner for what,

three years now?

It's cool.

- What's cool?

What are you talking about?

Man, whatever.

- Man I can't wait to graduate.

When I graduate I'm gonna get a job.

- You gonna do what?

You gonna be right here with me

doing the same shit.

- There you go again.

- Uh, there you go again.

Look, I'm really tired of you talking

that positive shit, for real.

- And you always talking that negative.

Don't you ever think we could
be something with ourselves?

Become doctors, lawyers, mad scientists,

or anything.

- Look, I don't,

I don't think about us making it

but I do think you could.

- And why don't think you could do it?

If I can, you can.

You know I believe in you, right?

- I believe in me, too.

I believe I'm good at.

- Stop.

- No seriously, you know
that's what pays the bills.

Plus, every now and then,

I enjoy getting me some good dick.

- Don't say that.

I don't want to hear that.

- Why cause you're too good to have sex?

Girl, you probably got cobwebs
and some more down there.

- First of all, the last nigga

that got some of this poonany

lost his mind.

- Misha.

- And don't ever forget it.

- Misha, wait, hold up.

- Get with the program.

- No wait.
_ you hear what I said?

- I did.
- You didn't even say it

- But what I didn't know.

- What?

- Is that you have a poonany.

- Bitch you aint shit.

- You really have one?

- Yes a whole one

and its nice, its prim, and its proper.

- Does it work though?

- Bitch?

- Look, I'm just saying.

I didn't know you had one

until two seconds ago.

- Whatever.

- I'm just saying.

- Whatever.

- Do you know who's party this is, though?

- I don't know

but we gonna have some fun.

- Yeah, I heard Tay was gonna be here.

- For real?

♪ Five in the morning ♪

♪ And she just getting home ♪

♪ Talking about the overnight scenario ♪

♪ Scenario ♪

♪ There she was ♪

♪ Bright as a dove ♪

♪ Screaming showing ♪

♪ Let me show you love ♪

♪ This how the story goes ♪

♪ I'm gonna cover for you ♪

♪ Scenario ♪

♪ Mrs. Thing got game and show no shame ♪

♪ She said she wanna go ♪

♪ I said meet me at the ice show ♪

♪ I see where what this about ♪

♪ Wait a minute ♪

- Close my goddamn door, bitch!

You think you just gonna
disrespect me in my own house, ho?

I aint forget that shit you tried

to pull last night.

I brought you in this world
and I will take you out.

I don't love you at all.

You're only here because
you're my daughter.

♪ Waiter ♪

♪ Can we have the same table ♪

♪ We had yesterday ♪

I give up daddy

You wouldn't want to see me like this

- It wouldn't of mattered
if he was still here anyway.

He didn't love you.

He wanted me to abort your ass

and I should of listened.

♪ I wonder if they see ♪

♪ That you don't belong to me ♪

♪ Wish that you could be ♪

♪ Damn ♪

♪ Never met to fall for a G like me ♪

♪ Shit I know ♪

♪ I thought we was just having fun ♪

♪ And now you done went ♪

♪ And caught feelings letting seduction ♪

♪ But I aint mad at you ♪

♪ I know I said this was just for fun ♪

♪ Just for fun ♪

♪ You came ♪

♪ I stayed ♪

♪ We played hit and run ♪

♪ But the way you stroke me ♪

♪ I can't hide these feelings no more ♪

♪ I caught em ♪

♪ Can't give them back ♪

- Hey Sunny, why don't
you let me get sample?

- I don't do samples.

I do cash, up front.

- You know I got some cheddar.

What's up?

- Boy, quit fucking playing.

You work for Tay I would never.

- Bitch, I don't work
for nobody but myself!

You got the game fucked up.

I don't work for nobody but myself.

Tell that motherfucker Lucky said it.

As a matter of fact, fuck you and fuck Tay

- You're nothing but a worker.

My brothers your boss, bitch.

- Bitch, I got your bitch.

Ho, stay down in the dirt.

That's where you belong.

You aint never been shit but trash anyway.

- Let's go.

We got to go.

Yo, yo, yo, yo.

- Bitch, swing it.

I'll blow your fucking head off.

- Man where the hoochies at?

- I don't know.

- I aint see no hoochies all day

and its dry out here.

The work not moving.

We got to go holler at big man ourselves.

- Man, asap.

- Fuck Tay doing there by himself?

- I don't know.

He been like that all day.

- He look heartbroken.

- Yeah.

- Yeah I think Misha really fucked him up.

- Broke his little heart.

- Yeah.

- Shit.

- Damn I needed that.

- You aint never lied.

- I see why them hoochies
was buggin bout me

being with you.

- What, who was bugging?

- Your girlfriend was bugging.

- Girlfriend?

- Oh what, you aint know
you had a girlfriend?

- I don't have no girlfriend, Misha.

- Gina seems to think otherwise.

- Gina?

Hold on, Gina?

What, I haven't talkin to her in months.

She is wack.

What does she say?

I mean, she be bugging.

She really do.

- Uh, she had a lot to say.

She was trying to play me

so I stole her ass.

- What?

You stole her?

- Yes.

- Pretty old Misha.

Too scared to break a nail.

- Whatever, you don't know me like that.

I could get hit.

- Yeah, yeah.

- What, come on.

Put your dukes up, let me show you.

What, come on.

Come on.
- No, no.

You aint ready.

You aint ready.

- Yeah whatever, you just scared.

- You right, I am.

Shaking in my boots.

And I aint even wearing boots.

- That's probably one of
your hoochies right there.

- Hell nah.

Well then again, you
sort of could say that.

- Which one of your bitches is that?

- That was a bitch named Lucky.

- Lucky?

- Yeah well, technically he a dude

but he act like a bitch.

- That's that nigga Lucky?

- Yeah, you know him?

- Yeah, you didn't hear what he did today?

- No, what happened?

- He pistol whipped Sunny today.

- Pistol whipped?


Damn Lucky

look, Misha, whatever you do

don't tell Dolo.

I'll take care of that nigga myself.

- How you know she aint already tell him?

- Cause they don't talk.

- I mean you're right.

So I already did.


- Gossiping ass Misha.

Well I guess a female gonna be a female.

- What that's supposed to mean?

- That means Misha gonna be Misha.

- That's right.

Misha gonna be Misha.

- Hey, you feeling
yourself a little too much.

- Whatever.

- Why don't you put that out
and let me do the feeling

and get this round two popping.

- Yes.

- Look.

I know you don't care

but I'ma tell you what happened anyway.

I was pistol whipped for no reason.

- Girl you probably deserved it.

- Deserved it?

Momma, I'm your daughter.

How could you say that to me?

How could I deserve it?

- I'm sorry, baby.

You want momma to kiss your boo boo?

You want momma to go
get that big bad monster

that did that to you?

Don't worry.

Everything is gonna be alright.

- Fuck you.

- Oh I'm sorry, baby.

I'm not a ho like you.

So there will be no fucking me.

- This what you want, momma?

You want me gone?

You want me to pull this trigger?

You don't care for me.

Dolo doesn't care for me.

The only person that care for me is gone.

I guess me and daddy can be together now.

- Yes, pull the trigger.

I don't care, do it.

You can't do nothing right.

I'll do it.

- There's no bullets, ma.

- Is Dolo here?

- Sunny, what's up?

- Is Dolo here?

- You alright?

No, he was here earlier.

Why, what's up?

- Nothing, its cool.

- Wait, where you going?

- I don't know but its cool.

I don't need nobody looking after me.

- What do you mean?

You were just about to leave here

with no direction to where you were going?

- Look Tay, it doesn't matter.

I've been in these streets by myself

for a long time.

I don't need nobody taking care of me.

- Sunny.

- I'm serious, Tay.

You seen how Dolo treats me and my mother.

I can't even begin to explain all the...

You know what?

It doesn't matter cause
it doesn't bother me.

- Well if it doesn't bother you

you wouldn't be sitting
here talking about--

- It doesn't bother me.

Nobody knows what I've been through.

From being mistreated by my own family

to ending up in an alley
in some strangers car.

To missing my dad.

- Mr. Johnson?


Well, I can't sit here
and say I'm in your sneaks

cause I'm far from it

and I can't say I understand you

because I can't.

Shit, I haven't been
through half the stuff

you've been through

but at least I can say, I care.

- You care?

- Of course, Sunny.

- What is it that you care about?

What is it that you care about, these?

Answer me, Tay.

What is it that you care about?

Cause nothing about me says the word care.

You don't care for--

- Sunny, I care.

I really do care.

♪ Believe me when I say ♪

Oh snap

- What?

- Come here real quick.

Let me show you.

Man I got this new shit.

♪ I've been hurt so many times ♪

♪ Its hard to love ♪

♪ Send me an angel ♪

♪ To mend my heart from above ♪

♪ Patience is running low on faith ♪

- What's up with your two left feet?

♪ I really want ♪

♪ Break it down ♪

♪ If I give my heart to you ♪

♪ Don't break it ♪

♪ Its already scarred
from past relations ♪

♪ If your heart is true ♪

♪ I do ♪

♪ I'll take it ♪

♪ You and I could build a foundation ♪

♪ Please ♪

♪ Don't break it ♪

♪ Don't break it ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ Don't break it ♪

♪ Don't break it ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ Don't break ♪

♪ No ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ Please don't break ♪

- Hi, how you doing?

I'm Lauren.

I met you the other day.


Is Sunny home?

- Sunny don't live here.

- Well do you know where I can find her?

- I'm pretty sure if you rolled up

one of these back alleys
you will find her.

- What do you mean if I roll down

one of these back alleys I will find her?

- You must not know Sunny.

- What do I need to know about her?

- She's a ho, a home wrecker.

- Wow, how could you say
that about your own daughter?

- Because that's my
daughter and I mean it.

That's what she does for a living.

Ho ho ho.

- Look, when you see Sunny

could you tell her to call me?

- Sure.

Will do.

She's probably out sleeping with your man.

- Excuse me?

What did you say?

- What's up?

- Hey big man.

Answer when an authority's
speaking to you.

Another man said what's up.

How bout you acknowledge him

or we could make this
pretty difficult for you.

So tell me.

What do we got here?

- With what, my crib?

- Yeah, I know that much.

Kind of looks like a drug house to me.

What do you think, partner.

- Hey uh tucker, man chill out, brother.

Let me talk to big man alone for a second.

Just wait for me over there.

- Yeah officer Tucker.

Why don't you go sit right there

and let the men speak.

Man what's up with that cock sucker?

- Hey watch your mouth.

That's my partner you talking about.

- And so the fuck what?

And who am I to you, huh?

Tell me.

- Hey, hey listen.

- Nah, you listen.

Who am I to you?

I guess this job of yours more
important than family, huh?

- Family?

Nigga, if this jobs more
important than my family,

your ass would be busted right now.

- So what do you say?

You threatening me?

- Threatening you?

Man whatever.

- Yeah, whatever.

How's my sister by the way?

You treating her good?

- What is that supposed to mean?

Of course I'm treating her good

that's my wife.

- Oh yeah.

I heard her and moms talking.

- What?

- Yeah, mister TJ.

Rumor has it, you can't please her.

- Man what the fuck you talking about?

- Hold, hold detective TJ.

- Man what the fuck you
talking about, nigga?

- Just cause you can't please my sister.

Kind of fucking charge of that.

- Hey, hey what's he saying?

Hey come on, hey.

- Yeah, mister TJ, why don't
you tell your partner here

what I'm talking about.

- Hey you do me a favor, shut the fuck up.

- Yeah fuck you TJ, you aint shit.

Just like me, nigga.

Just like us.

Fucking cocksuckers.

- Easy, easy, easy.
- Motherfucker.

Fuck outta here with that bullish.

- I'm so tired of this nigga.

- Girl, you should of
left him a long time ago.

- Right, he aint shit.

Man I'm so tired of him.

I'ma leave his ass.

I'ma leave him.

- You should.

You should of been did that.

- Nigga taking all my money.

Like damn.

It like I don't even got no money

to put in my gas tank.

I mean.

Got us eating baby food and shit.

- Girl you funny.

♪ Lets get this party ♪

♪ I got the bitches the hoes ♪

♪ The hoes ♪

♪ The bitches the hoes ♪

♪ I got the bitches ♪

- Look at this dummy.

Come on little dumb dumb.

She so stupid.

Look at her.

- I'm not scared of you, Gina.

- I'm not scared of you, Gina.

Hey girl, I'll be back.

- Alright, girl.

- Aight.

Look, I'm sorry for the other day.

Hey, I mean it.

I was bugging.

I was just jealous of the
fact that you was with Tay.

- How did you even know we were together?

- Come on now, we bitches.

All we do is know things.

Tay aint shit, no way.

He don't love nobody.

All he care about is
what's between our legs

and pay no mind to our hearts.

- How long was yall together?

- For a long time, boo.

How long y'all been hooking up?

- Not long.

He aint my boyfriend or nothing.

We just friends.

- I see.

You his new little booty call or whatever.

- I wouldn't say that.

- Well it was nice to get
to know you a little bit.

- Yeah, I guess it was nice
to get to know you, too.

- Ayo, Gina, what was that about?

- I'm just doing what bitches do.

- Oh.

♪ I'm calling all the ladies ♪

♪ Hey I said ladies ♪

You wrong girl.

- But I'm so right.

- Tay.



- Oh shit.

What's good, Sunny?

- I just wanted to take a shower.

You have a towel?

- Yeah yeah, if Rob didn't take em

they should be like top of
my cabinets in the bathroom.

- You and Rob share towels?

- No way.

I wouldn't want that
nigga balls on my towels.

- Right, thank you.

- Whatever.

♪ Disco music ♪

♪ Disco music ♪

♪ Is fine sometimes ♪

♪ Yes it is ♪

♪ I want to dance ♪

♪ To a love song ♪

♪ Love song ♪

- What's up with Lucky?

- Shit, I don't know.

Boy solo got his ass all worked up.

- Solo, man who the fuck is Solo?

- Shit I don't know.

Solo, polo, dolo.

Some shit like that.

- Damn, got him walking around

looking all bugged out and shit.

- Yeah, man.

- What is he scared of something?

- Got to be.

Look at him.

♪ It won't be long ♪

Yeah just keep looking at
that motherfucker, man.

I aint left the crib in two days.

That motherfucker don't
want me to go nowhere.

- Damn.

Dolo got this nigga like that?

- This shit aint got
nothing to do with Dolo.

He worked out over his sister.

- Man that shit over some pussy?

- Worse than that.

Lucky smacked Dolo's
sister out with a pistol.

Smacked the shit out of her ass, too.

- Damn.

If that would of been my sister

I'd be beating on that
nigga's ass right now.

- Who you telling.

- Hey man.

Is that door locked?

- Yeah Lucky, its locked.

- Yo, white ass, what's up?

What's the deal for the day, man?

- Came up on the dice game last night.

- Oh yeah?

- Yeah, we got rent money.

- My nigga.

- Well matter of fact, I got rent money.

- Nigga, we got rent money.

Hold on for a second.

Let me see something.

Don't you owe me 100?

- What?

- Here, keep the change, nigga.

Yeah nigga, don't try
to figure that uno game

when I made your ass draw four.

The color is blue.

- Uno?

I don't even play Uno for money.

Damn, who coming down the steps

with them heavy ass boots?

Yo, Dolo
- What's going on?

Nigga, hand me my shirt.

Which one of y'all got a little hoochies

in the bathroom?

- Hoochies?

- Yeah, aint no nigga
in the shower, right?

- No, its your sister.

- The fuck you mean its my sister?

- Nigga, don't even play like that.

Hey Dolo, it aint even like that.

- What you mean it aint like what, Tay?

- Nigga, it aint like that.

You know I wouldn't do
that without your approval.

- My approval?

Nigga, you don't need my approval.

What the fuck?

I don't give a fuck about Sunny.

- Here we go.

- She don't give a fuck I
got to be the big brother

to the biggest ho in the neighborhood.

- Man, nigga, don't even say that.

- Man, fuck all that, man.

I guess it true what they say, right?

- What?

- Aint no fun if the
homies can't get none.

- Quit bugging, man.

Always laughing, nigga.

- I'm out of here.
- Know this nigga

sensitive, man.
- Yo, Dolo

where you going?

Hey at least give my shirt back?

- Hey.

What's up, Girl?

- What's going on, Gina?

- Everything, everything.

So are you doing anything tomorrow night?

- Not that I could think of.

Why, what you got going on tomorrow night?

- Well me and my girls are having

this little get together tomorrow night.

- Okay.
- And its gonna be a drinks

and a whole lot of ganja.

No wait, that probably
isn't up your alley.

Knowing that your miss good girl and all.

- I wouldn't exactly
call myself a good girl

but nobody's perfect.

I'll give your little get together

a little thought tomorrow.

You can't really get beat up by somebody

and go hang out with
them the very next day

its a little weird.

- Girl, it was just a misunderstanding.

- It was just a jealousy.

- Alright, alright.

You got me

but anyways, what's up with you and Sunny?

- Nothing, we cool.


- Y'all cool?

Oh wow.

I aint know.


I thought maybe y'all
would of, never mind.

- You thought maybe what?

- Nothing, girl.

I aint trying to come between y'all.

- And how would you do that?

- Well from what I heard

my girl said that she seen Sunny

the other night at Tay's doorstep.

- That's okay.

Sunny and Tay are friends.

You know Tay is her
brother's best friend, right?

- So why did Sunny spend
the night with Tay then?

Well from what I heard,

my girl seen them the other day

and they was laughing and giggling

like they were a couple or something.

I don't know.

Might just be a lie.

You know girls talk.

- Can you give me a minute?

- Rob, you know your ass some shit, nigga.

I'm like Michael Jordan on that ass, boy.

- Michael Jordan?

More like Michael Jackson.

- Sunny?

- Misha?


Misha, are you there?

- Hey, I think I'ma go to
your party tomorrow night.

- Cool.

- You homewrecker.

♪ Day by day ♪

♪ We were lovers ♪

♪ Always on each other ♪

- Bartender.

Let me get a Long Island.

Excuse me, how'd you get this picture?

- Oh, so this is you?

- Yeah, that's me.

- So that must mean your
sister is the homewrecker?

- Homewrecker?

What you talking about?

- I don't know

he would go behind my back

and get some young skeezer.

I do right by my husband.

I cook for him.

I clean.

And if he lets me,

I fuck him good, too.

- Listen, you aint the
only one going through it.

We all got problems.

- What you know about problems?

You look too young to
even look like you know.

- Let's just say,

looks can be deceiving.

- I just don't understand.

I mean look at me.

Is there anything you dislike?

- Not at all.

- I mean why would my husband

jeopardize all this

for a tramp?

- I mean, you got to understand--

- No.

Nothing to understand.

I don't need your help.

I'm fine.

♪ She is the only one ♪

♪ For me ♪

♪ My heart is there for you ♪

♪ Yes it is ♪

♪ You know my love ♪

♪ My love is true ♪

♪ Don't make no tears fall from my eyes ♪

♪ Don't make a grown man cry ♪

♪ Two wrongs don't make a right ♪

♪ We should not argue and fight ♪

♪ I'm tired of arguing ♪

♪ See the tear drops ♪

♪ See the tear drops from my eyes ♪

♪ These feelings I can scream and hide ♪

♪ Never let you see me cry ♪

♪ Don't you make a grown man ♪

- You need some help?

- No!

I'm fine.

- Baby, I didn't ask you how you look.

I know you fine.

I asked do you need some help.

- Hey so what was all that
with you and big man earlier?

- What you talking about?

- You know, overheard
him saying some things.

- What did you hear him say?

- I don't know if I want to repeat it.

Must be pretty offensive

if it caused you to throw
him around like that.

- Dude, what are you talking about?

- I don't know.

He said something about

how you couldn't please his sister

- Look, look.

That's none of your business.

- See, no see.

I knew you'd get offended.

Shit, big mans the one
who should be offended

if your banging his sister and all.

- Look, that's my wife
you're talking about.

- Wife?


No wait, hold on a minute.

So wait, that would make big man.

- Yes.

Big man is my brother in law.

- Holy shit.

Look uh, if there's ever anything you need

to talk about or anything.



Feel free to speak up.

- So when can I see you again?

- Shit, you tell me.

- Well when do you want to see me again?

- Tomorrow, the day after that,

and the day after that.

- Yeah yeah, whatever.

You just running game.

You know how y'all players do.

- How do we do?

- Fuck and bounce.

Don't worry, give it a month

and you'll be on to the next.

- Don't jinx yourself, babe.

- I'm not jinxing myself.

I'm just telling the truth.


- Nah, you just tripping.

- And matter of fact,

what happened to you yesterday?

- Huh?

- Yeah yesterday.


You were supposed to get up.

- Oh yeah.

You right.

- So.

- So what?

- What happened?

- What happened with what?

- Nigga, what happened with you yesterday?

Why didn't you come see me?

- Oh I got caught up fucking
with some nigga named Lucky.

- Lucky?

Lucky that stay down there on 21st?

- Oh, nah.

Some other nigga named
Lucky from outta town.

Which Lucky you thought?

- I thought you was talking
about my cousin Lucky.

He stay on 21st.

- Oh, I don't know him.

I don't know that Lucky.

- Yo, Tameka.

- Oh shit, big man.

- Big man?

How the fuck big man and
Tameka know each other?

Who was that?

- What, you jealous?

- Nah, you bugging.

- Damn Rob, you can at
least act like you want me.

- Okay, you're right.

I am jealous.

So who was that?

- Well, that was my brother, big man.

You know him?

- No, not at all.

- What up, cuzzo?

- Damn Lucky.

What's going on?

- Aint nothing new.

Its how I roll on the regular.

- Is there a problem?

Cause if it is, I need to be in it.

You family.

You know that right?

- Yeah but I'm also a man, my nigga.

I can handle my own weight.

- Look, I aint trying
to hear all that shit.

To me, you always gonna
be my little cousin.

I don't give a fuck how big you get.

- Yeah, I hear that.

So why you here?

What's up?

- Here, I came to give you that.

You know what to do with it.

- Oh yeah?

I know what to do with that.

You aint got to tell me twice.

- Oh shit, that's my wife

and I still got to go past Lauren's house.

- Lauren?

- Yeah, you remember your
cousin Lauren, right?

- Yeah, of course.

How she been?

- I mean, since you don't
visit your family anyway,

I just figured you forgot about us.

- Whatever man.

What up with her, though?

- Aint nothing much.

She just got a little problem at home.

So I just figured I'd
stop by and go see her.

- What you gonna try,
mediate the situation?

What you Gandhi now, my nigga?

- Yeah.

Call me Farrakhan, nigga.

Nah, but for real though,

just gonna give her some bread.

That should do a little
mediating to her situation.

- Well shit, I'm headed that way in a few.

I can knock out two birds with one stone.

I can drop that off to her

and you can make it back
to your wife on time.

- What, what you trying
to say I'm pussy whipped?

Nigga, please.


- Whipped cream, miracle whip,

they don't even call you big man no more,

they just call you big whip, my nigga.

- Look, I aint trying to hear all that.

Don't let me hear that this money

didn't make it to my sister.

I'll talk to you later, little nigga.

- Yeah what's that?

Your first warning.

- Man why the fuck you
got all these locks on

and who the fuck is this nigga?

- Your daddy, nigga.

Tell your momma stop paging.

- Hey my nigga, let's bounce.

- Motherfucker.

♪ Are you ready baby? ♪

♪ Feel my body rise girl ♪

♪ I'm committed to you ♪

♪ Got a freaky feeling for you ♪

♪ And its getting stronger ♪

♪ And stronger ♪

♪ Feel my nature rise ♪

♪ I want to give it to you ♪

♪ Got a freaky feeling for you ♪

♪ And its getting stronger ♪

♪ And stronger ♪

♪ Look what we're about to do ♪

♪ I want to get nasty with you ♪

♪ Girl I want to knock it ♪

♪ Don't stop it ♪

♪ I'm addicted to the ♪

♪ Taste of you ♪

♪ Have a love seizure ♪

♪ Sexual pleasing ♪

♪ Don't tease me ♪

♪ Feel my body rise girl ♪

♪ I'm committed to you ♪

♪ Got a freaky feeling for you ♪

♪ And its getting stronger ♪

♪ And stronger ♪

♪ Feel my nature rise ♪

♪ I want to give it to you ♪

♪ Got a freaky feeling for you ♪

♪ And its getting stronger ♪

♪ And stronger ♪

- Hey, there's no way I'm
gonna let you drive us home.

You're way too drunk right now.

- Dude man, I got this

I got this, watch this, got this.

- You can't even put
the key in the ignition.

- Dude, I'm trying.

Hold on, I'ma get this.

- Can't put the key in the ignition.

- What's so funny?

Dude I can't put the key
in the ignition so what?

- Exactly.

You can't put the key in the ignition

here or at home.

- What the fuck is that supposed to mean

or at home?

What are you saying?

- I'm saying.

I'm saying, look, look.

Anytime, anytime that I bring up girls

or sex, you get so defensive, you know.

I never hear any of your sex stories

and you know as men we
love to talk about sex

and its all about the poonany.

No but with you,

I never hear any of your stories.

And I put two and two together.

Earlier, big man said you
can't please his sister, right

and the other day you
tell me that your wife

won't get off your back.

So I figured that big man's sister

must be your wife, right?

I mean, hell.

I'm a detective.

Listen, TJ.

Face it.

You're just like me.

- Just like you?

What the fuck that supposed to mean?

- Look, TJ.

Its cool.

You know, you've uh,

you've been my partner for

awhile now

and I um,

I think its time that you come out.

- Come out?

Fuck come out, come out of what?

Man, what the fuck?

I'm not gay.

- Nigga, both of y'all bright as hell.

- And you look like a monkey

- Nigga, your momma.

- You're right, I don't fuck with her.

- Damn that's cold.

Look at this white ass nigga.

- Yo.

- What's up?

Nigga, what the fuck?

You just gonna ruin what
me and her got going on?

- My bad.

Did I interrupt something?

- I mean, you aint
really interrupt nothing.

I mean, we aint really got
nothing going on going on.

I mean, its like, whatever bitch,

what's up?

- You seen Dolo?

- Nah, he came by here earlier.

What's up?

- I just heard some crazy shit

- What's up?

- Come holler.

- Shit, aight.

- We'll be back.

- This shit gonna take forever.

I'll be back.

- Man hurry your bitch ass up.

I was kicking with this
girl earlier, right.

We chilling, smoking.

That pussy got finna
banging that shit out.

Pulling her tracks, smacking that ass.

- Nigga, what's up?

- Man, my bad.

We got into it.

But anyway.

Big man came by her crib early.

- Oh shit.

You banging one of big man hoochies?

- Even worse.

His sister.

- What, his sister?

Shit, my man.

Well look, that's cool and all

but that's all you had to tell me?

- Nah, I found something else out.

Lucky Big Man cousin.

- What?


How you know that?

- It don't matter how I know but its true.

- Damn.

- Oh yeah.

And Dolo, nevermind.

- And Dolo what?

Rob, quit bugging.

What's up with Dolo?

- Dolo looking for Lucky.

- Shit.

Man where's Dolo at?

- Nigga, that's why I came over here

to ask your bitch ass.

- Call him and look,

don't call me a bitch no more.

That's gonna be the last
time you call me a bitch.

- Man, whatever.

You bugging.

- Hey, change of plans.

Call you tonight.

Hey, girl.

- Hey, Gina.

♪ The more I love you ♪

this don't seem like
much of a party to me.

- I know, girl.

Everybody bailed out last minute.

But just stay for awhile.

You aint got nothing to do anyway.

- Yeah, you right.

- So why didn't you bring Sunny?

- Sunny?

You aint said we could bring anybody.

- Y'all girls right?

- Yeah I guess.

- Well you could of brought her.

Hey Misha, you want something to drink?

- No thanks, I'm good.

- Girl, come on.

I want to see your wild side.

Every good girl got a wild side.

- Nah, Gina, I think I'm good.

- Yeah she think she good.

Wait till she.

Hey Misha, my friend wants you.

- Um, where's your bathroom?

♪ Feels so good ♪

♪ To be loved so bad ♪

(♪ Gerald Austin & Blue
Lovett - Turn Out The Stars ♪

playing in background)

♪ You say we are through ♪

♪ Its over ♪

♪ Between me and you ♪

♪ The fire has gone out ♪

♪ Its time we both found someone new ♪

- I'm sorry.

♪ Oh ♪

♪ How it hurts ♪

♪ To hear you say ♪

♪ Those words ♪

- I'm sorry.

♪ Cause there'll never be ♪

♪ Another someone for me ♪

♪ On this earth ♪

♪ So pull the moon down from the sky ♪

♪ I won't need no moon light ♪

♪ If you through with these arms ♪

♪ Lock the door to my heart ♪

♪ And walk away ♪

♪ With the key ♪

♪ And turn out the stars ♪

♪ When you leave ♪

♪ You ♪

♪ Always be ♪

♪ The one I always need ♪

♪ And if its over for sure ♪

♪ I'll just ♪

- Open the door!

Mister big man

come on, get up.

You're making this too easy.

Come on.

Come on, big man.

Man fucking...

Oh, oh fuck.

Oh shit.

Oh fuck.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Fuck no.

- I'm about to call this
hoochie I met the other night.

- What you hoochie you getting now?

- Your momma, nigga.

What the fuck was that?

- Dolo, whats up, man?

- What's going on, man.

What you guys talk about earlier?

- What's up, man.

- What you had to talk about?

- Man, look.

- Hey man, look.

We need to talk.

- Talk about what, nigga.

- About Sunny, man.

- Don't nobody give a fuck about Sunny.

- And don't nobody give a fuck

about no damn Dolo.

Look, I'm tired of you dissing
me like I'm not your family.

If you don't want to deal
with me, that's fine.

Just keep my fucking name out your mouth.

- Man, I don't got time for this shit.

- No, you're gonna listen.

Now I know I'm not perfect but I'm trying

and I, I know how I act bothers you

but do you ever talk to me about it?

No so how am I supposed to know?

You and mom, y'all never ask me nothing.

How am I, what's going on,

where have I been?


I feel like if I die, neither one of y'all

will show up to my funeral.

- You don't need to talk like that.

- Why, Dolo?

Does it bother you?

Then show it, that's all I ask.

We all have our flaws but I'm your sister

and I doubt you know half the
shit that I've been through.

- Shit like what?

- Okay, like getting beat on,

getting dissed, and getting raped.

- Raped?

- Yeah Dolo, I got raped

and the crazy thing is
its somebody that you know

and I didn't tell you

cause you always criticizing me

rather than trying to help me out.

- Man, who was it?

- It doesn't matter who it was, Dolo.

I'll take that shit to my grave

before I ever tell you.

And now that you know, what you gonna do?

- I'ma kill that motherfucker!

- Exactly, that's exactly
why I didn't tell you.

I knew you was gonna go
and do some reckless shit.

Everybody knows that you in the streets.

I know about your reputation

just as much as you know about mine.

We live in the same house,

we have to hear about
each other in the streets.

Dolo, I'ma just tell you this

before anything happens to you.

I love you.

No, Dolo, for real, listen.

I love you.

Can you say the same thing to me?

- I don't know.

- Okay, can you give me a hug?

Show me some type of affection?

- I'm out of here.

- Damn, I'm never getting my shirt back.


- Detective TJ.



Yeah, I'll be right there.

- Well here you go, Sunny.

- Thank you.

- No problem.

Make yourself at home.

You know, it sort of like we family.

- Don't say that.

- Why?

- Because I like you

and that would be incest.

- Yeah, whatever.

Hey look.

About Dolo.

- Tay.

Don't worry about him.

- He loves you, you know?

- I guess.

- Nah, think about it.

People only let things bother them

because they care, right?

- Yeah.

- So your reputation bothers Dolo.


Because he cares.

- You're right, I mean.

I know that he cares

its just, it wouldn't
hurt to show it, you know?

- Yeah I fell you.,

well, goodnight, big head.

- Wait.

- What's up?

- You not gonna read my a bedtime story?

- What?

- No, I'm just playing but
stay here for a little bit.

I enjoy your company.

- Well, too bad.

I don't enjoy yours.

- Don't be mean to me.

- No man, cool out.

I'm just playing, I'm just playing.


- So?

- So what are we about to do?

- Tay, don't start acting like a cornball.

- Cornball?

Shit, what are you talking about?

I'm a fly ass gangster.

- A gangster?

Nah, I think you're a lover.

- Whatever.

- Does your radio work?

- It wouldn't be sitting
there if it didn't.

- Okay little smart ass.

Oh this is my song.

♪ Rain down on me ♪

♪ That's your love ♪

♪ Will shower me ♪

♪ Just rain ♪
- You don't know

nothing about this.
♪ Rain on me ♪

♪ Rain down on me ♪

- Man shit, I'm older than you.

You don't know about this.

- What's up with you and Misha?

- Misha?

I mean.

We just be kicking it.

I mean.

Why do you care anyway?

- I don't.,

- Yeah right.

- Tay, why did you touch
me like that the other day?

- Why did I touch you
like that, the other day?

I mean, it was just a touch.

I just wanted to make you feel better

- That wasn't no ordinary touch.

Why don't you make me feel better again?

♪ I needed a round away ♪

♪ That's the one for me ♪

♪ I need a girl that ♪

♪ Bamboo ill greens at least ♪

♪ Fuck ♪

Yo Luck.

- What up?

- Nigga, the fuck you want me to do?

- What you mean what I want you to do?

- That motherfucker Dolo at
the corner store right now.

- What?

I'm on my way.

- Yo, let me flat line
this motherfucker, man.

Nigga, that's why I called you.

- Aight, do that for me then.

- Aight.

♪ That's the one for me ♪

- Trying to get your
ass busted in Uno again?

- Hell nah.

I aint playing you
again, cheating ass Rob.

- Cheating?

- Yeah nigga, I seen you
handing them draw fours

under your hat, nigga.

Who the fuck is that calling
your phone like that?

- Damn this bitch Tameka
blowing my line up.

I know that's her.

- Nigga, she got you whipped like that?

- I aint answering that shit.

- Nigga, you gonna answer that shit.

- Fuck.

- Told ya.

- Hello?

- Hey, what's up?

- Damn Tameka, called me about 100 times.

What you want?

- Rob.

Why you acting like that?

You really bugging.

- Because, you done call
me about a million times

like I'm your man or something.

What's up, what do you want?

- Rob, you don't ever act like that.

Why you acting so mean?

- Look, you keep asking me
the same fucking questions

over and over again.

What do you want, Tameka.

- Nigga, I was calling you

because I wanted you
to fucking console me.

- Bitch, I aint your man.

You got me fucked up
with these other niggas.

- Oh I got you fucked up?

- Yeah.

- Well that's cool.

That's why I'm gonna get my
cousin Lucky to fuck you up.

- Lucky?

- Lucky?

- Bitch, whatever.

Don't hit my phone no more and fuck you.

Fuck you.

- Do you want to tell
me what this is about?

- Where did you get that?

- It doesn't fucking matter, TJ.

Who is she?

Is this why?

You can't make love to me?

You could of told me.


All I want to know

is where did I go wrong?

What did I do wrong?

- Baby.

- Please.

TJ, tell me something.

- Baby

- What did I do?

- You did not do anything wrong.

You're perfect.

- Perfect?


No if I was perfect

then none of this would of happened.



Tell me something.

- Baby, its not you.

Its really me.

- Oh so you're just gonna
sit here and lie to me?

Look, what's done is done.

If you got over me, that's cool.

If you lost interest, I could understand

but you don't need to sit here
and sugar coat nothing for me

because my feelings, they're already hurt.

Now, all I want is answers.

Where did you and Sunny meet?

- Sunny?

How did you know her name?

- Look, that doesn't matter right now.

- I mean, she's a prostitute.

I was paying her for sex.

- Oh so what now?

You gonna sit here and lie to me

and tell me this was one of
your prostitution stings?

Oh so let me guess,

you didn't have sex with her.

- No.

- Whatever, TJ.

I can't believe this shit.

And this whole time

I was thinking you were gay.

- I am.

- What?

♪ Started out as friends ♪

♪ Friends turned into lovers ♪

♪ I held you ♪

- What up, bitch?

- Go back to sleep.

Go back to sleep.

The fuck.

You heard that shit?

- What the fuck was that?

- I don't know.

I'm about to go check it out, though.

- I'm gonna go.

Oh shit.

♪ Oh girl ♪

♪ How I believe in you ♪

- Nigga, I know that's not my boy.

Hey Dolo, man what the fuck?

Hey man, hey Rob.

Hurry up.

Hey Dolo, nigga, nigga.

Stay up, my nigga.

- No!
- Stay up, my nigga.

- I know that's not my boy!

- Come on, man.

Breathe nigga, breathe.

Hey call 911, nigga.

Come on Dolo, stay up my nigga.

Come on Dolo man, don't
leave me, my nigga.

Come on, Dolo.



- Dolo!

- Hold on, hold on.

Hey Rob!
- Dolo!

- Call 911, nigga.

- We got to fight it.

You have to fight it, Dolo.

- Sunny.
- Dolo.

Dolo, don't have to talk.

You have to save your breath.

Dolo wake up.

Dolo wake up.

Wake up.

Dolo, wake up.

♪ Oh girl how I believe in you ♪

♪ You're the light ♪

♪ you're the light ♪

♪ That shines ♪

♪ That has always seen me through ♪

♪ I could fly ♪

♪ That I will be ♪

♪ Forever ♪

♪ Hotter than the sun will shine ♪

- Lucky, what's up, nigga?

Get your bitch ass down, nigga.

- Fuck, nigga.

What the fuck you shoot me for?

Is it about that money I owe you?

You can have it.

- Disrespectful motherfucker!

- What you think I killed Dolo?

I aint do that shit, I promise.

You aint the only one that lost somebody.


Big man is--

- And that was for my brother.

- Now you unlucky, motherfucker.

♪ This is so hard ♪

♪ I never thought I'd ever say goodbye ♪

♪ Or I'd sit here and cry ♪

♪ Just thinking about you ♪

♪ I don't know what else to do ♪

♪ Sweet little baby ♪

♪ While you sleep ♪

♪ I'm up impatiently waiting for you ♪

- I love you.

Sunny, you're all I got.

♪ My hope is strong ♪

♪ All my friends say let it be ♪

♪ I'm holding on ♪

♪ They don't understand ♪

♪ The love that we share ♪

♪ Cause our lives ♪

♪ I really miss you ♪

♪ And all the times we share ♪

♪ You never know ♪

♪ What we have ♪

- Man.

You know what's so sad about this picture?

Her mother died of a heart attack

and her brother.

He died of a shooting.

- No.

- Sunny.

Hey girl.
- Misha.

Girl, where have you been?

I've been worried about you.

- Well, I've been worried about you, too.

I mean, I went through some things,

but you, Sunny, you a solider, for real.

I'm being serious.

Can you believe this is the first time

I stepped out of my house in two months?

And you know what helped me?

- What?

- You.

- Misha.

- Listen, I figured if

you went through all of that pain,

all of that suffering.

Losing your mom, losing
your dad, losing Dolo.

That's a lot.

I was raped but I aint
lose as much as you did.

And I had my parents to get me through it.

You aint had nobody.


You remember when we
was walking and talking

and you was saying you
couldn't be anything

or go anywhere or accomplish anything?

Let me tell you something,

don't ever let nobody tell you otherwise.

You out here being a role model.

- Misha, I'm not nobody's role model.

- You my role model.

I hope you listening to me, too.

I wouldn't be out here right
now if it wasn't for you.

Watching you overcome all those obstacles,

I mean, as hard as they were.

Sunny, that's motivation.

You might think you out here
doing nothing with yourself

but you out here being a role model.

- Okay, Misha.

- Oh shit, here come Lauren.

- Hey, ladies

- Hey girl.

- What you ladies out here talking about?

- Nothing.

- Let me guess, boys.


- We are not talking about no boys.

Besides, we deal with men.

- Oh so you think you're grown?

Well who's your man, then?

- Don't even look at me because
I'm not thinking about Tay.

Its been two months.

Plus, I got school and
family to worry about.

- Well that's true.

Well at least I don't have
a family to worry about.

- Sunny, don't say that.

You know you got me.

- She isn't the only family you got.

You have family right inside of me.

♪ You and I ♪

♪ Hit house ♪

♪ Were supposed to be ♪

♪ Since 86 ♪

♪ Just you and me ♪

♪ Never been hit ♪

♪ For eternity ♪

♪ But we got ♪

♪ I do I do ♪

♪ I do do ♪

♪ And another one ♪

♪ Good morning classic baby ♪

♪ Boy ♪

♪ I've been hurt so many times ♪

♪ Its hard to love ♪

♪ I've been hurt, too ♪

♪ Send me an angel to bring my heart ♪

♪ From above ♪

♪ Patience is running low on faith ♪

♪ If you're the one ♪

♪ Then show your face ♪

♪ I really want ♪

♪ If I give my heart to you ♪

♪ Don't break it ♪

♪ Its already scarred
from past relations ♪

♪ If your heart is true ♪

♪ I do ♪

♪ I'll take it ♪

♪ You and I could build a foundation ♪

♪ Please ♪

♪ Please ♪

♪ Don't break it ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ Don't break it ♪

♪ Don't break it ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ Don't break it ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ Please don't break ♪

♪ If I give my heart to you ♪

♪ Don't break it ♪

♪ Its already scarred
from past relations ♪

♪ If your heart is true ♪

♪ I do ♪

♪ I'll take it ♪

♪ You and I could build a foundation ♪

♪ Please ♪

♪ Give it to me ♪

♪ Conversation and fluctuation ♪

♪ Fill me with me sensation ♪

♪ And your dedication ♪

♪ Determination and
exceed my expectations ♪

♪ Boy I know that you're the one ♪

♪ Maybe sometimes ♪

♪ We want to unwind ♪

♪ Don't fight in your arms so tight ♪

♪ So don't let go ♪

♪ Don't let go boy ♪

♪ Watching the sun rise ♪

♪ Keeping you all night ♪

♪ All night ♪

♪ Pray for a lifetime with you ♪

♪ If I give my heart to you ♪

♪ Don't break it ♪

♪ Its already scarred
from past relations ♪

♪ If your heart is true ♪

♪ I do ♪

♪ I'll take it ♪

♪ You and I could build a foundation ♪

♪ If I give my heart to you ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ Its already scarred
from past relations ♪

♪ If your heart is true ♪

♪ I do ♪

♪ My heart ♪