Sunlight Jr. (2013) - full transcript

Hard-working convenience store clerk Melissa and her disabled boyfriend Richie are trapped in a generational cycle of poverty. Their luck may be changing when they learn that Melissa has become pregnant. But as soon as she loses her job and they get evicted from the motel they live in, their joy vanishes.

-Going to work.

It's raining'.

-No. I'll drive ya.

I got to cash my check.

-Well, hurry up.

I'm gonna be late.

-Well, good morning to you, too.

Hmm, look at you.

-You look great.

I love that color on you.

Let's go.

-All right. Hold your horses.

So, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.

-Watch out. That person --

-Ahh. I had a list with me.

It's good to make lists of stuff. It's good.

I always make a list so I don't forget.

-That's what I keep telling you.


All right. So, I'm gonna cash my check,

and, uh, then we'll do a little shopping,

get some food and some beer.

I got to fix that ham radio for that lady.

That's gonna probably bring in a couple bucks.

If I can figure out the whole you know...



-We're low on gas, real  low.

-Fuck it.

Say a prayer.

[ Engine sputtering, radio chatter ]

-Damn it.

-Sorry, babe.

-God damn it.


Wish me luck.

-Yeah. All right. I'll see you.

-I'm just gonna wait out.


Yeah, don't worry about me. Go ahead.

-You got it. It's okay.


I'll see you later.

Oh, come on, rich.

It's not your fault.

I'm the one who drove it last.

-Yeah, but still.


-Okay. Here I go.

Sorry I'm late.


I personally don't give a shit, but Edwin's pissed off.

Ay, mamita.

Your hair's a mess.

Why don't you go fix it before I leave, huh?

I will.


Christmas is coming.

-Yeah in two months.

Did your calendar break?

Oh, I forgot.

You don't know how to read.

-Oh. Ha ha ha.

You want some or not, smart ass?


-[ Repeats phrase in Spanish, chuckles]

You sound like a Mexican.

Now, that's some straight up Puerto-Rican coquito,

Not some Mexican bullshit .

-Oh, good morning. Look who decided to join us.

-Oh, shit.

You'd better call management to complain.

Oh, wait. He is management.

-Best watch your mouth, Winters.

Could have you fired for being late again.

You know, I give you the best shift of the day,

and you can't be on time.

Why is that?

-I'm sorry. I'm really sorry

It won't happen again.

-Well, you're working double here.

-I know. I know.

You know you're not supposed to be smoking that cigarette

behind the counter, so put it out.

-Yes, sir.

-And you other one, you fixing to pay for those?

-Honey, trust me.

If I wanted to steal something from you,

it wouldn't be no little shit like this.



-Your pants are wet. Yep.

Ha ha.

-Anything that says "Swabian Farms,"

Pull it all and chuck it.

-So, that college program,

Does the company pay for it before or after you sign up?

-Well, first off,

you got to be working here a full 12 months to qualify.

I told you that before.

Secondly, you don't sign up. You apply.

-Just tell me.

Do they pay before or after you sign up?

-I don't know.

Maybe you should call the lady in charge and ask her.

Better yet, maybe you can look it up online.

What's her name?

Where do you want it?

You didn't get that peanut butter over there.

Says "Swabian Farms" on it, don't it ?

Didn't I say anything that said "Swabian Farms" on it?


-Sure am.

[ Hip-hop music playing, bass thumping ]

-* Tell'em'bout it *

* These sweet bunch of b-b-brownies *

-Look at that.

Look at that.

That ain't no way to live right there.


Hey, dad.

Do you think when we get home, we can go shooting?

-You can go shooting with your uncle Jack.

I got some business to take care first.


I hate that fucking gimp.

Fucking gimp.

-Damn straight.

-* I paint a fucking picture *

-Not such a good day for rolling around, is it?

-Tell me about it.

I ran out of gas

Driving Melissa to work this morning.

-Sorry to hear it.

-No, man. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for her.

-She's tough.

-You got that right.

Sh don't even care.

I'm the one who feels like a piece of shit about it.


And I got my check, too.

You cash that for me?



-Yeah. And, uh, get me a beer with that, too.

I ain't staying.

-1.50$, please. Thank you.

Have a nice day.

-I saw your boyfriend this morning

rolling down the highway...

like a bum.

-I'm calling the cops. -It's legal.

There ain't nothing they can do.

So, I've been seeing Krystal lately.

-Mm-hmm. She's hot.

Makes me dinner every night, sucks my dick real good.

-You're going out with a gimp 'cause you fucked up...again.

-I got a weapon down here.

You got an A.K., Uzi?

-That's 3,62$.

Have a nice day.

-I miss you.


Just the water?


[ Country music playing, machinery drilling ]

-What are they building over there, Mick?

-Probably an other strip mall.

Just what we need.

-Hell no.

But you can make a good living at it.

I did pretty good at it.

I made some good money.


What happened to that?

-Man, that money's history.

"What happened to it?"

Shit, man. Life happened to that

I gambled it, you know.

I had this other girl back then, this girl Tammy.

Man, this chick was a piece of work.

She was a borderline personality disorder.

You ever met one of them?

-You're crazy, man. -No, man.

She was crazy.

She was bat-shit crazy.

-Thank you.

-He ain't yours.

I don't know what difference it makes.

-Hey, Jimmy. How you doing?

-Great. Thank you.

-Please. How you doing, Mel?

-I'm all right.

-I miss your ass.

Is it still fat? -Shut up, Justin.

-Watch it, guy.

-Don't worry, Jimmy. I got it.

-I'll be outside if you need me.

Keep the change.

-Thanks, Jinny.

-Bye, Jimmy.

-If you don't leave and leave now,

I will knock you on the head and tell God you died.


How can I help you, sir?

-Maps. City maps.

-I got it.

Right there.

Is this all you have?

-That's it.

-This will have to do.

All right.

How much?

-Uh, that's 4.95$.

With the water...

It's 8.76$.

-Come on guys, let's go.

-Thank you.

Y'all have a nice trip.

Sunlight JR.

-I'm locked in the bathroom!

The fucking handle came off in my hand!

-Good Lord, Justin. Give me a break.

Better let me out of here...

Before I fucking report your ass!

Missy, come on babe.

-I'll call Edwin. He'll let you out.

-Come on!

-I told you, don't mess!

-And take this shit back, too.

-Aww, man.

What the fuck, Missy?

Come on!

If you don't let me out of here, I'm gonna press charges.


-Hey, Richie!

You coming?

-Hold on!

-Come on, Richie!

-Jesus, give me a break, would ya?

Hold on!

What, already?!


Who's the jerk-off that parked in front of my space?

-I don't know.

I mean, it's got a big-ass wheelchair in it.

Anybody can see that.

-I don't know.-Damn!

I'm gonna find that guy, man.

-Hey, Darth, cigarette.

-Yes, mother. -Hey, Richie!


-Of coarse I missed you, babe.

Give me a light.

-I heard you got a new man in your life.


-Mnh, mnh.

Always getting married, man.

You know this.

-All right, you freaking' losers.

It's about time we started having a little fun around here.

-Richie, we are having fun!

-I'm sorry.

What do you want the pillowcase for?

-You have some in your room.

-Yeah, we got a pillowcase. I'll be right back.

-And step on it, Darth.

-What are we gonna do with the pillowcases?

-I'm gonna have a little race.


And the winner...

Gets to finish this here bottle.



-Come on, you people. Up to the starting line.


Molly, are you gonna participate in this one?

-No, I'm sitting out.


Let's go.

All right. All right. All right.

Come on. Get ready.

On the mark!

Get set!

-Darth! Oh, my God! -Mom!

-Hey, man. -Get back!

-You got to wait till I say "go," man!

-All right. Then say it!

-All right! Go!

-Move! Move! Move! Rusty takes the lead by --

iArriba! iArriba! Come on, Jorge! iArriba!


-Don't they have rages south of the border?

-Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!


-Here we go!


-Not me, baby I'm taken.

Hey, buddy.

Did you get wet?

I sure as shit did.



[ Rock music plays faintly on radio ]

[ TV shuts off, radio music continues ]

Uh, I made you Richie's special Spanish Mac and cheese.

I hope you like it.

-You're sweet.

Sorry about this morning.

You didn't do nothing.

-Yeah, but still.

You know, I really missed you today.

-Me too.


-I like the flowers.


How about you?

Come home all right?


-Some jerk-off parked in my space.

I had to move it down to Molly's room.

Believe that?

-I didn't know if you'd left it on the road or what.

-Oh, come on. I take care of my business.

-I tried talking to Edwin about that college program again,

 but he just keeps on blowing me off.

-I don't know.

 Call the number, I guess.

Just, I hate to make phone calls like that.

I never know what to say.

-Just be yourself.


-It's crazy town's "butterfly" from mix 100.7.

-* Come, my lady *

-I love this song.

-* Come, my lady, come, come my lady *

* You're my butterfly, sugar, baby *

* Such a sexy, sexy pretty little thing *

* You got me sprung with your tongue ring *

* And I ain't gonna lie *

* 'cause your loving get's me high *

* so to keep you by my side *

* there's nothing that I won't try *

* butterflies in her eyes and the looks to kill *

* time is passing. I'm asking, "could this be real?" *

* 'cause I can't sleep, I can hold still *

* the only thing I really know is she got sex appeal *

* I can feel *

* too much is never enough *

* you're always there to lift me up when these times get rough *

-* I was lost, now I'm found, ever since you've been around *

* you're the woman that I want, I'm putting it down *

* come, my lady, come, come, my lady *

* you're my butterfly, sugar, baby *

* come, my lady, you're my pretty baby *

* I'll make your legs shake, you make me go crazy *

* come, my lady, come, come my lady *

* you're my butterfly, sugar, baby *

* come, my lady, you're my pretty baby *

* I'll make your legs shake, you make me go crazy *

* unh, come and dance with me *

* come and dance with me, unh, unh, unh, unh *

* yeah, come and dance with me *

* you know you got to dance with me *

* unh, yeah, come and dance with me *

* come and dance with me *

-You don't need these.

-* you know you got to dance with me *

-Oh, baby.

-Sorry, Viv.

I don't know what is wrong with me.

I slept through my alarm again.

-Thank you, sir.

You hung over, Mamita? You all right?

-I'm just tired.

I'm mad hungry, too.

I feel sick.

Must be coming down with something.

-Oh, my goodness.

You really are a dumb Blanquita, aren't you?

-Fuck you.

-Tired, hungry, and now very chumpy.

Huh. Let me see.

-Thank you.

-Good Lord.

-I'll take three of those, too.

-Sure thing.


That's 9.72$.

I'm sorry, ma'am, but you're gonna have to hurry on up.

-Oh, good morning, ladies.

Looking mighty fine today.

Honey buns, why don't you and me step in the office?

[ water splashing, bucket rolling]

[vehicle approaches, hip



I can smell your pussy through the window.

-Fuck you!

Tell your daddy to behave,

'cause he's acting up, and I'm about --

-He don't listen.

Ha ha!

Bye, Missy!

-Bye, Kyle.

-It's okay.

[ mid-tempo music plays on radio ]

Justin's stalking me again.

-He keeps coming to the store.

-I don't know why.

-I'm gonna kill him, Melissa.

This time, I'm gonna freaking kill him.

-Don't be stupid.

Mom's probably egging him on, knowing her.

-Your mother is an alcoholic bitch.

-Look who is talking.


You still love him.

That's why he's stalking you, 'cause he's in love with you.

And he wouldn't be in love with you

if you weren't in love with him, too!


-I said it.

'cause I know it to be a fact.

I hate that guy.

I hear his name, and it get's me nuts.

I swear to God, that  guy -- I...


This is perfect for you. Maybe you'll learn something.

-I reckon you'd better clean up your act

If you're gonna be a daddy.


It's brand-new, still got the tags on it.

-Well, it's too soon to know if it's a boy or a girl,

but I think it's so cute we should buy it just in case.

I'm pregnant.



-Come here!

Big papa.

Big papa in the house!

You know it!

-Well, maybe it's not --

I wouldn't have my son wearing that.

-Oh! Oh! Oh!

-I have to check and see if they have a daycare at college.

-No way, Melissa.

I'm taking care of the little guy.

-I'm gonna make an awesome daddy.

-You will, indeed.

-You know, I got some powerful sperm.

Yep. Sure do.

I thought you couldn't make babies.


-I want a little girl.

I want to dress up a little girl so bad.

-Listen, I want to ask you something,

and I want you to tell me the truth.

Did you ever get pregnant with Justin?

-We already talked about that.


-Yeah, okay.

Okay, but, uh...

Did -- Did you want to have a baby with him?

I'm not gonna get mad.

-He had Kyle.

That was enough.

-I'm not talking about that dick head's kid.

-Look, Kyle -- He don't have nothing to do with Justin

-Yeah, and he don't have nothing to do with you or us, either.

-Yeah, that's true.

-All right.

So, uh...

Well, let's get married?

-Are you...

Are you asking me?





-Hmm, All right.

-What took you so long to answer the question?


Come on. We're in a restaurant. Cut it out.

-Hey! Stop it.

-Can you -- Can you wait till we get back home?

-I love you.

-I love you, too.

-I mean it. I really love you.

Come here.

So, you think I can make an honest woman out for you?


-I've been a bad girl.

-Yeah. you really have been.

-Oh, yeah.

-And you're gonna be...

an even worse girl in about two minutes.

-Wait a minute. You made me miss the room .

-Right here.


Come on, now. Wait.

Come and get it, baby.


-No, it's okay.

-It's not for you. It's for the baby.


-Well, if you say it like that.

-...Cloud comfort pillow-top bed.

Serenity awaits at Boca Beach Club SPA,

Near Clearwater Beach.

-5.35$ is your change.

You sure you don't want a bag?

-No, thanks. Have a good one.

-All right. Well, thanks for shopping at Sunlight JR.

Hey, Helen. How are ya?


-This there is Helen McCormick.



You the lady from the college program?

Nice to meet you.

-No, she's, uh, gonna give you a drug test.

-Oh. Didn't I do one of them already?

-Yes, What, are you worried?

-Hell no.

I don't do drugs!

Come on. Let's do it.

-Hey, little man. What can I do for ya?

A ball, huh?

-Why, Richie. What a pleasant surprise.


-And how in the world is my beautiful daughter?

-She's good. She's real good

-Yeah, too good to come and see her mama?

-No, I mean, she's working all the time.

You know how that is.

-Yeah, "Sunlight." -Whatever.

-Put your cup in here, please.

Can you straighten up here?

This place is kind of disgusting

-Yes, ma'am.

-No! Nuh-uh! No!

-How did you know that family services wrote me up

for not having enough food in my cupboard?

-I'm sorry to hear that.

-Oh, don't be. It's not their fault.

They think they're doing their job,

But they know that foster care doesn't give me enough money

to feed all these damn kids.

-You stop it!

-Did you get this at the food bank?

-Yes, ma'am.


They're not giving out any more peanut butter,

and that's all Jeral will eat.

I don't know how I'm gonna feed that boy.

Are you stayin'?

-Listen, I want to talk to you about Justin.

He's been hassling Melissa again.

He's been showing up at her job, you know, shit like that.

-Well, that's because the restraining order's up.

-Well, I'll just get my 9

and settle it the old-fashioned way.


-You know his mama died.

Sorry to hear that, Shit happens.

-Yeah, but I got to pay Justin my rent now.

That makes him my landlord.



You want a motorboat ride?

-Yes. -All right.

* Motorboat, motorboat

* Goes so slow

* Motorboat, motorboat goes so fast *

* Motorboat, motorboat, step on the gas! *

-Sam. Come here.

Listen, I want you to go tell the other kids

we're gonna have noodles.

They can have noodles in butter or cottage cheese or ketchup.

You find out what they want,

and you come tell Kathleen, okay?

-Yes, mom.

-I win! I win! -Oh, that;s great.

Why don't you take her over there to play Cody?

Kids -- give them an inch, they'll take a mile.

-Yeah, I wouldn't know.


Hey pumpkin.

Ooh, look at you.

-Oh, she likes you.

You want her?

-Well, I'm about ready to have my own, so...

-Oh, well, good luck -- or congatulations...

I guess.

You like Zeke?

-Yeah, I do. It's cute.

I like "Z" names.


Zara or Zora.

You like Zora?


That sounds like a witch.

Or a stripper.

-Or both -- A stripper witch.


My daughter's gonna be an ass kicker like her mama.


-I like old-fashioned names, too, like...

Like Jamie. Jamie.

She could be a boy or a girl.

-Yeah, Jamie's all right

It's not special, though.

What about, um...

What about Chester?


-How come you always think of boys' names, hmm?

Are you gonna love this baby if it's a girl?

Do you think I wouldn't love the baby if it was a girl?

Come on, lady.

Who are you talking to?

-My dad didn't give a flying fuck about me.

-Well, I'm not your dad.

I'm your daddy.

-Rich, they're sore, Don't touch.

Ow! Ow!

How come you're always so horny all the time?

You just act like I never fuck you.

So, I was thinking,

so I can get all those extra hours you were talking about,

can I work a couple extra shifts a week for a while?

-well, funny you should say that, Mel.

Starting next week, I'm gonna have to put you on graveyard.

You can still work mornings if you want to,

but I'm gonna have to switch your shift over the graveyard.

Where's Vivian? She does graveyard.

-She did graveyard.

Vivian quit.

-Well, I can't do it.

I'm gonna get robbed or raped or something.

Why can't you do it?

-'Cause I'm the assistant manager,

and you 're the cashier.

Now, you want to go train to be an assistant manager,

Then you tell me what to do.

Until then, I'll tell you what to do.

We clear?

-I don't know.

Called me on the phone.

She said she didn't want to work here no more.

Maybe she wants to be a drug dealer .

Well, maybe I'd rather sell drugs than work the graveyard.

Good Lord.

Hey, Kelly.

You want your smokes?

-Yeah. Thanks, Mel.

-Suit yourself.

Just don't let me see him behind the counter.

-Are you gonna let me have those extra shifts, or what?

-Yeah, if you can handle them, you can have them.



What's wrong with you? That's her family!

She don't work here no more.

Why should I have to look at them?

-You know, you're an asshole, you know that?

-Yeah, well, you best watch your mouth, miss.

-I can't do the graveyard.

-You will do the graveyard, or you won't have a job.

Now get back to work. You have a customer.


-No, I'm good.

I'm good!

Got some work to do here.

-27 cents is your change.

Thank you very much.

-Thank you.

-Get a full house and a monopoly.

[ Truck horn blares in distance ]

-I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sick. Really sick.

-Thank you for shopping at Sunlight JR.

You need a bag, sir?

-Check it out.

20 bucks.

-Come on, man. 20 bucks. You can sell it for 40 $.

Dude, you can buy one of these new for 30 bucks!

Come on, man. All right.

Give me 10 bucks, and you can sell it for 20$.

-You're -- -Come on, man! Give it a spin.

-You're killing me, man.

-Come on. man I'm your friend.

Just take it, man, Take it.

You don't want it, nobody's putting a gun to your head.

We got to wait till after hours.

-Mick, I don't think, uh,

The clientele's gonna mind watching a little pornography .

-Yeah, and in walks the lady from the liquor board,

and I'm shut down.

-Come on, man. I'm just messing with you.

Through the cables.

Appreciate, man.

-That machine's gonna work like a gem.

-Yeah, sure.

-* Maybe I've forgotten my name *

-Hey, Micky. Tell you something, man?

-Yes, sir.

-Melissa, uh...

Turns out, she's gonna have a baby.

Congratulations, papa! -Yeah.

-That's awesome, man! Yeah!

I got four.

I got tree boys and one baby girl.


-And, uh, they're hellcats, all of them.

A matter of fact,

My oldest boy Brian just had a baby of his own.


-Not me. Unh-unh. Unh-unh.

My grandson's gonna call me "captain"

-Yeah. Yeah.

Man, I'm too young to be called grandpa

or pawpaw, or fuck that man.

-I can't believe it, man.

The whole time, I thought I was...

I thought I was shooting blanks.

-Hey, look.

The lord works in mysterious ways.


-I can't really say .

I'm the sonographer, not the doctor.

I'm her to take a picture of the uterus,

and when the doctor comes in, she'll interpret it for you.

-Oh. All right.

-Take a few deep breaths in and out for now.

-Yes, ma'am.

  That's your baby.

-I can see it.

-Mm- hmm.

-Oh, thank God.

Thank God.

Thank God.

Thank you.


How stupid can you be?

You know how much this shit is gonna cost us?!

-I was bleeding. What was I supposed to do?

-Call your fucking man!

That's what you are -- -My phone is spent!

-Then use the fucking pay phone, like the old days!

All right.

Look, Mel...

Did they do anything for ya?

Can you tell me that?

Did they give you any pills? Can you tell me ?

-I got vitamins.

Did they actually do anything?

-I saw the baby. It was alive

Isn't that good news?

-Well, that's great news,

but we already fucking knew that, didn't we?!

Now we get to pay 1.500$,

or twice the amount if they send it out to  a lab

or did some bullshit tests.

All that money down the drain

Just to find out what we already knew in the first place,

Is that you're fucking pregnant.

-You're an asshole!

-Wow! Fucking news flash on that one!

We already knew that!


Hey, you stop this shouting or I'm calling the police.

-We're having a spat. We'll keep it down.

I can hear you all the way down in 4.

-Don't make a federal case of it. Come on.

Where's the girl?!

-Right here, sir.

No bruises, no broken bones.

-All right.

-Have a good night.

-You heard the lady. Good night.

-Just keep it down, all right?

-Fucking idiot.

-Uh, that's bad for the baby.

-So is screaming and yelling , dumb ass.

-Yeah, well, I'm sorry, Melissa,

But I've been through the whole hospital system.

You got to be careful.

I know how these thieves operate, okay?

Just next time, call me.

-I hope there won't be a next time.

-I'm not saying there will be.

Are you still bleeding?



I printed these out for you.

-Edwin put me on graveyard

Oh, nice.


-The work may affect the amount of your check,

however, we do not count the first 65$ of earnings

In a month, plus 1/2 of the remainder.

This means we count less than 1/2 of your earnings

when we figure your payment amount.

-Now, you may still qualify for other work incentives ,

and you'll continue to receive medicaid.

 Now, there are a lot of job openings

for the handicapped in high-tech fields.

-...Empty fields with piles of dirt,

but in just two years,

 this could be the bay area's premier shopping center.

-This development was proposed

  for this site almost 20 years ago.

After calling it quits four years ago,

developers are ready to move forward

 with plans for the mall and university town center

in Sarasota county.

...And manatee county Hendersen development company

Plan a 315 million $ mall

similar to the international Plaza in Tampa.


-How workers compensation

and other disability payments may effect your benefits?

Uh, the windfall elimination improvisation has it.

We also have a publication in the government pension offset.

You can get these publications

either from our website...

Mr. Barnes?

Mr. Barnes?

-Do you have high

-That's right. -Nah.

I mean, yeah, I can get on the internet,

You know, but I can't fix them or nothing.

I mean, um, you know what I fix?

I fix, like, television sets,

electronics, stuff like that, you know?

Mid-tech, I call it.

-All right. Well,

I'm sure there are some classes in there

for you to update your skills.

You look in there.

-And I'll see you next month.



-Just seemed like a lot of blood.

-Well, I've had patients bleed their whole pregnancy long

and everything was fine.

I hope that's not me.

-It's very rare.

It usually resolves itself after the first trimester.

You said you had a sonogram. Is that correct?

-Oh, yes, ma'am.


It was kicking its little legs

and punching its little fists the whole time.

I couldn't hardly believe it.

-That's good.

All right.



-Would you like to keep a journal?

I sometimes ask my patients to do that.

In fact, I had one patient that told me

she used to write letters to her baby.

-Oh. okay. Thanks.


Should I bring this back next time I'm here?

-Oh, no. It's not for me, it's for you.

-Oh, okay. I-I'm sorry.

I thought it was, like, some kind of homework or something.

The only homework you have is to take care of yourself.

Eat healthy and no smoking.

-Oh, yes, ma'am.

-The scratch-off game

with the highest prize payoff percentage ever!

25 people will become instant millionaires...

-No, it's okay. You can have it.

-So keep the winning streak alive,

and play the 25th anniversary millionaire scratch-off game...

[ Crickets chipping, owl hooting ]

-Stop it Rich.

-Leave me alone!

God damn it. Jesus.

Do you realize that you're falling asleep?

-I'm not. I'm reading.

-If you fall asleep again,

then I'm -- I'm gonna insist that you take a nap.

You're asleep again.

Hey, how you doing? -All right.

Let me know if i can get you anything.


-Take a nap, babe. I'll watch the store

Yeah, go.

Go. Sit. Take a nap.

I got it.

[ Refrigerator door closes, glasses clink ]


-Hey, Winters.

You and me need to talk.

Right now.

No, just me and her.

Sure thing. Talk.

-Well, apparently you forgot the rules.

Video camera up there's got pictures of your boyfriend here

waiting for customers while you're sleeping on the chair.

-Hey, hey.

She was tired, man. It's no big deal.

It's not gonna happen again.

-You, my friend, got to go.

Adios. Goodbye. Right now. -Come on, Edwin.

-Hey, it's not safe for a woman here

All alone by herself at night.

-Vivian did it.

-Well, I can't speak for Vivian,

but it's not safe for Melissa.

-All right, look. Either he goes, or you both go.

 What's it gonna be?

What's it gonna be?!

-I'll be outside.

-You are full of shit.

-Yeah, well, I don't know why

you went and put me on graveyard.

It's bullshit. I've been working here eight months.

-I'm sick of your lip.

What about all the nasty talk

I hear coming out your mouth all fucking day long?!

I'm out of here.

-Hey, you leave, you ain't never coming back,

You do not have a job. You get it?

You know, I'm wondering if they got a camera

In the walk-in,

taking pictures of you jerking off,

You nasty man! -All right. That's it.

Off the premises, both of you, or I'm gonna call the cops!

Get off the premises right now, or I'll call the cops on you !

Right now!

-You should have woke me up, Rich.

Now look what happened. I .just lost my job.

-Wait a minute. You're saying it's my fault?

-I'm just saying you should have woke me up

when customers come in!

-So you are blaming me for trying to help you

Help our baby be healthy? Is that it?

Come on, Mel.

-Sure I'm blaming you.

All right.

-It's my job, not yours!

-We'll figure it out, baby.

I'm gonna take care of you, all right?


-You pay for the nights you stay here, okay?

There is no credit.

-M-M-My wife, She can maybe help clean some of the rooms?

Okay, yeah.

This is a job interview now, huh?

No. I have a maid. She's very good.

If you stay in your room past next week,

I'm calling the police.

-Hey, hey, Jimmy.

I got the rent, man.

-Hey, do you guys want to stay with me and Kristi?

-No, thanks.

-You can sleep on the floor, man.


-I think I got something, Rich.

Aw, shit.

-Think about it. It could be a lot worse.

We could be this guy. -Ha ha.

-Kind of looks like Edwin, though, don't he?

-That fish is way cuter than Edwin.

-Yeah. -Trust me.

-God damn it!

How many times do I have to tell you?!

Just go there and sit down and be quiet!

I have a fucking headache!

I can't stand it.

I can't stand it!


[ Kathleen shouting indistinctly ]

-...Double homicide of a young couple

continues to create controversy more than a half-century later.

[ Door opens, closes, child babbles]

-in the Klondike, The Hoffman Crew...



-You're getting through it over there, dad.

-How did you hear about the double homicide?

-She got fired from the Sunlight JR.

-That figures.

-...Way ahead of the Hoffman team and the Dakota boys.

-There we go.

-So far this season,

His wash plant has produced 10 ounces of gold,

Worth around 16.000$.

-You know, you got him and her living here.

I' m gonna have to charge you more money.

You realize that, right?

-You got to do what you got to do.

-This dude rolling his little wheelchair

All over the carpet.

It's wear and tear on the house.

-Hey, Justin. No problem. I'll pay it.

I'm gonna come over and put one in your fucking head!

-Oh, my God.

-I'm gonna put one in !your fucking head!

-Get the fuck off me! -Motherfucker!

-Come out here and control... -Rich!

-...Your silly ass boyfriend!

-Rich! Get off!

Rich! Get the fuck off him, Rich!

-You've been stalking her!

-He's been stalking her.

-Good grief!

-Yeah, you wanted to start some shit?!

-It's a whole another ball game 

-You know I got the keys to the house!

What's that supposed to mean?

-This is my house!



-Fuck you! Fuck all y' all!

-Go home, Justin!

-Richie Barnes,

You act like you're 10 feet tall and bulletproof!

-Yeah, I am! -Shit!


There's a big-ass mess in the living room.

-The Florida lottery is celebrating

our 25-year winning streak in a big way.

-Hey, pussy!

Come back here! I'll kick your ass some more!

 -Every make, every model, with up to...

 I got him good.

Right in the choppers.

-And up to 1.500$ instant cash back.

You could drive away with the money in your pocket.


Rich just about choked Justin to death out there.

-No. I don't think it's funny.

I don't think anything's Goddamn funny,

 but it's better than crying all the time.

That's what you used to do when you were a little girl .

That's all you wanted to do, just cry.

And now look at ya.

There's two men out there in the kitchen fighting over you,

and you should be happy -- They love you.

-That ain't love.


Rich doesn't hit you. Never has.

So you dig good there.

Hey, you want a beer?

-No. I'm fixing to eat.

-Every time I look at you,

I see my pretty little girl, Miss.

So pretty.

-Quit drinking whiskey, mama.


You gonna make me some food, too?

Yeah, of course.

-You got some good ones.

-Yep. That's my Richie.

-Justin loves you, too.

Don'.t you forget that.

-Well, I'm just saying that, you know, since his mama passed,

He's kind of come to Jesus

and he's taking better care of Kyle

and he's taking care of his property.

-Yeah, and selling pills to junkies.

-Well, no. I don't know nothing about that.

-You don't know nothing about nothing'.


-It's nice to have a real stove to cook on.

At the motel, all I had was a hot plate.

You know what's that?

-Yeah, it's like. um, one of them things,

  like a little table you plug in, right?

-That's right.

It's what you use to cook in jail with.

  Can you get some plates, hon?

I want to check these tater tots.

-I love tater tots.

-Oh. yeah. You got to eat the fish, too.

That's where you get your protein.


Tell 'em dinner's almost ready.

Here, you want to flip 'em ?

-Thank you.

-Be careful. It's real hot.

That's it.

I missed you.

-I missed you, too.

-Help children in need by attending the...

! Come on! Dinner!

Will you tell 'em?!

-Hey, Mel. Can I get a beer?

-Nope. There's none left.

-Here you go. -Yep.

-Hey, Cody, can you go run over to the fridge


I don't know why you don't believe me.

I'll go.

Sit down, Cody.

-83 degrees.

Call it partly cloudy. 74 right now at the airport.

-Oh, shit.

How come I'm always the last person

to know when we got folks in the house?

-No folks -- Daughter.

-Ah, leave Richie be. He'll kill you in your sleep.

-God damn.

Kathleen, I got enough shit to worry about

without having a house full of damn vagrants!

-Just wait a minute!

-You come in here --

-I come in here, yeah.

-We have been here all afternoon cooking!

-I don't need all these people in here!

-You wouldn't believe the amount of effort

that went into doing this meal!

-It's mama's whiskey.

Don't tell her I swiped some for ya.

-Oh. Thanks, babe.

-Yes, they have to stay!

-There you go, Cody. -Thank you.

-I notice this one needs a little help with her food.

-That's Chloe.

-I know who Chloe is.

Chloe, come here.

You gonna have some fish?

Come on. You said you would.

I done.

Well, let's have a little bit more.

Got to eat something. Chloe? Come on.

[ Kathleen and Tom arguing in next room ]

-I'm not hungry.

-Kathleen always tries to get him to eat our food,

but he don't ever wanna.

Well, you want some more ketchup?

See, if you put a lot of ketchup on it,

you won't taste nothing but ketchup.

It's real sweet.

-He should go live with some Mexicans.

Just try to eat some.

-I'm not hungry.

-Well, all right.

Go on and put it in the kitchen yourself.

Wait. What's that?

You got bedbugs here?

-I -- I don't know.


It's bedbugs.

Look at his legs. it's on his back everywhere.

Turn up the TV, would you?


Turn up the TV!

The Friday night blitz tonight

At 11:15 only on news channel 8.

-Storm team 8 weather Max.

-What is with the attitude I'm getting here?

-Download it for free.

-Earlier this weekend,

Residents living at  Santomico

Apartment complex in Tampa called 8 news on your side

looking for some help after finding bats everywhere.

The creatures had infested several buildings.

-Come on. Sit up here.

Come on.

-Yesterday, trappers from wild life solutions showed up to...


-You're gonna make a beautiful mother.

-Well, I can't have you drinking like you did today, Rich.

No, sir.

Not you and my mom drinking all fucking day long.

Babe. Babe. Calm down.

You know, this has been a touch week for both of us.

But remember.

We got a plan, and we're taking care of our business.

And, no, I don't intend to keep on drinking like this.

But it's been, uh... it's been stressful, you know?

Poor you. "Stressful."

That's stressful?

How about working a job? How do you think that feels?

I'll tell you what. I ain't working a job,

taking care of no drunk, and plus a baby on the top of that.

 Fuck that shit! Who's gonna take care of me?

-I'm gonna take care of you.

I told you that. -How are you gonna do that

stuck in that thing all fucking day long?!

You can't hardly take care of yourself!

Oh, act like you got some brains!

Quit it, Rich!

you're gonna wreck the only thing we own!

-I told you I'd take care of you!

-Well, put your money where your mouth is,

'cause I don't fucking believe you!

What are you doing

What are you doing?!

We've got nowhere else to sleep, Rich!

Oh, I see.

So, what, you're just gonna take off, is that it?



-Shh, shh.

-You about lost your mind. No..

Kyle's asleep, though. Keep your voice down.


-Kyle, dumb ass.

-To me.


Look, I -- I'm not gonna beat around the bush.

I need something.

Baby, I thought you had everything.

What do you want


-Have a seat.


-Richie got me pregnant.

I need help.

-Why don't you ask Richie for help, then?

What kind of man is he?!

-He's gone.

I don't know where he's at,

but I got to get out of my mama's house.

And plus, you owe me.

-You are trash! You know that?!

Ever since you started going out with that cripple,

you act all stuck up!

Real stuck up!

I'm fucking sick of it!

Who the fuck do you think you are?!

-Hi, Kyle.

-Hey, Missy. What are you doing here?

-Go back to bed!

And you -- You get out of my house!

-I ain't leaving till you give me some cash.

-Get the fuck out of my house! Get up!

Go! Before it gets worse!

Get the fuck out of my house!

-Missy! Come back.

[ Mid-tempo music plays, birds chirp ]

I need to know if you're 100% sure

 You want to terminate this pregnancy.

-Yes, ma'am.


-Have you told anyone about your decision today?



-Okay. We're done.

You did real good.

Just take a minute, relax. The nurse will take care of you.


Yeah, they say everything went really well.

Um, I just have some more information for you.

I need you to, um,

check your temperature for us for the next week,

once in the morning and once in the evening.

if it ever gets above 100.4,

I need you to call us immediately, okay?

It's really important to come back in two weeks

for your pelvic exam.

Okay, now, you've been given prescription medication --

-Excuse me. Can




Uh, okay.

You've been given prescription  medication, two types.

One to prevent infection,

and the other encourages the uterus to contract

and helps minimize bleeding.

Um, sometimes...

-Put it back.

-I know where it goes.

-I do too.

-Bubba, where does -- Does this go?

-Uh, we don't need it.

-Hey, Missy. Where have you been?

-My car.

-I had a long night.

I got to get some sleep.

-No. No. No. No. You can't go back there.

Tom came in the middle of the night last night

stoned out of his mind.

And I know.

He said he was gonna quit, but

anyway, you wouldn't believe the night I've had.


Why the long face, Missy?

Well, you know, Nora decided

she was gonna have nightmares all night long.

and she was crying and she was yelling.

Then Chloe woke up throwing up all over the place.

And then you never get Cody up in time to help with anybody.

And on the top of all that,

I mean, what's going on with you and Rich?

I mean, he's been sitting out there all day long.

[ Motorcycle engine revs in distance ]

I had to do it.

-I'm sorry.

We can't have no baby, Rich.

-I knew you were thinking it.

I knew it.

What about us?

I want to be with you.

I still do.

For real?

Oh, Rich.

You're mad at me?


I'm not.

It was hard, Rich.


-I ate a whole bag of doughnuts.

-That's good.

That's good.