Sunkist Family (2019) - full transcript

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They'll get divorced soon.

No way!

They don't sleep together anymore?

Couples can fight.

If they sleep apart
again, then it's over.

No. it's not!






- Jin-hae's asleep.
- Great.

- Dad? You two made up?
- Of course!

Get dressed!

It's mine!

- Let's share?
- No!


Put her in bed.



It's so good!

- What are you making, baby?
- Something good.

If you start now, won't you be late?

It's okay. Keep going.

Already did it!

- It's good!
- Isn't it?

Eat the food in the fridge for lunch.


- Leaving already?
- Gyeong-joo! Eat!

Then drink pomegranate juice!

She's like a guy! She'll
never have her period.

- Stop picking on her!
- That's right!

Whoa, Jin-hae!

Mom is too old for that.

That's a hard position.

Age doesn't matter.
Love is what's important.

- Let's not talk about age.
- Yes, ma'am.

But a baby will be a headache...

Don't worry. Mom's too old for that.

Stop talking about her
age! Early 40s is not old.

Come on!

Stop talking about my age!

I'm sorry.

Drink this.

All of it!

Got some on here.


I know what you want to say.

But my wife and I...

We won't send her to art school.


Though she has talent,
she should live freely.

Even adults don't know
what they want in life.

We can't force anything on her.

That's my opinion.

Well, then.

But Mr. Oh! That's not it...

By the way,

why does the school
still check diary entries?

Kids have their rights too.

Diaries are private. Isn't
it a violation of privacy?

Kids need to be respected too.

Short film scripts are due today.


Even if I write it, I
can't film it anyway.

Then write it so that you can.

It can be a story about a rapist
being punished by a gay superhero.

But does the rape scene
have to be in such detail?

Be free-spirited to become a director!

Where are you going?

Just give me a zero!

Stop right there!

Eat slowly and enjoy.

There's no more diary homework?

That's right! Kids should live freely.

- Freely?
- Free as a bird!

Free as a bird!

You're free enough.

I gotta go to work. Kiss?

Do the dishes freely, okay?

That's not living freely!

Freedom comes with responsibility.


I paid $10.

Is it a special day?

It's my girlfriend's birthday.

- Your wife is your girlfriend?
- Of course!


What a pleasant surprise!

- I'm about to go crazy!
- Why? Who made you mad?

The students!

They're like game characters
who get shot but never die.

They turned on me!

Really? Oh dear!

How dare they? I'm the
best at turning you on.

Like this.

Don't let the kids
drain you. Let it go.

I'll charge you up.


Like this.

Like it?

About Jin-hae...

She's talented in art like me.

But I'm not sending her to art school.

Right. She should live freely.

This is not the place.

- Right. Can't be free here.
- No.

Let's go home.

- Cheol-won.
- Yes?

When will you stop lighting candles?

You're cute when you're nervous.


Is it... your first time?


I see.

Then you know what to do, right?


Hold on. Hold on.

Wait, please!


Let's just go.

I forgot I had an appointment.

You want to go after all this?


Are you...



That feels good!

Going out again?

Gyeong-joo! Have some pizza!

See you later!

Her personality is
nasty just like mine!

No, Gyeong-joo takes after me.

She's an artist. Let her be.

What if I told you to eat
to enlarge your breasts?

My breasts and her not having
her period are different!

They're the same.

That feels good!

There's no Coke.

You didn't order it?

I thought it came with it.

Didn't you order it with this?

It's written in big letters!

Are you blind?

Can't you see?

I can't see if you hold it up close.

What's wrong with you?
You ordered this many times!

- Snap to it!
- Sorry.

Stop it! I'll go buy it!


Not at this hour!

The one at fault should be punished.

Go buy it, please!


- Coca-Cola!
- Coca-Cola!

We want Coca-Cola!

Jun-ho? You still live here?


You live here still?



What is it?

The ceiling is so high.

- Have some fruit.
- Thanks.

- This is for Jin-hae!
- Here.

Miss? What are you drawing?

It's ma'am. I draw happy
people's hidden faces.

You're not a Miss?


You'll make mom mad.

Why would I get mad?

No way!

You're cool, babe.

- Have some.
- Thank you.

Let's eat.

It's a birthday song.

Mr. Yang!

Hi, Gyeong-joo!

What were you doing?

I came as soon as my classes ended.

Happy to see me?

Hey! Did it finally start?

It's okay.

From all the stress, I
finally started in grade 12.

I wish a war will start,
so everyone can die!

Are you crazy? What war?

Artist Jung Mi-hee's
'Hidden Happiness?

Sounds good.

What's hidden where?

It's sexy! Even the title!

I want to draw you too.

Why would you draw him?

I was so happy here when I was young.

And Jun-ho's really special to me.


I am pretty special.

Why are you so skinny?

Your arm is tiny!

How can you draw with this?

I've always been weak, but
my techniques got better!


You have good techniques?

Then why couldn't you get married?

It's obviously by choice.

I was married. He died
in just 6 months though.

What about kids?

I can't have babies.

Why not?


It's okay.

It's because I was sick,
but I'm all better now.

It's my fate to focus on my art.

Raising kids costs too much anyway.

They say kids are baggage.

They can be hassles to raise.
You're better off not having kids.

- Let's drink!
- Cheers!

What the heck!

Wow! Black girl!

This is new.

How about something hot in the dark?

So you can imagine someone?

Angelina Jolie.

Yeah, right. Not your first love?

First love?

You mean, Mi-hee?

So, she was your first love!

She moved here to draw you?

You expect me to believe that?

No, she didn't move in.
That's always been her house.

Touching her arms and stuff!

How could you do that?

I feel bad for her!

No husband, no kids,
and skinny as hell.

A tiny body with just breasts...

She wasn't like that before.

You noticed!

You saw she has big breasts!

Stop! I just feel bad for her.


You know I hate artificial things.

I hate voluptuous bodies!

Think I'll fall for that?

Mi-hee liked me, but I said no,
and chose you, you know?

- If I liked her...
- So you did like her?

No, that's not what I meant.

She doesn't compare to you!

You're elegant, classy, and sexy!

And flat with nothing
curvy in the way!



- Get my pillow.
- Right.

You're like a magnet.

You draw me to you like this.

My body can't help, but
get attached to you like this.

- I'm sleeping! Turn the light off.
- Really?

Are you sleepy?

Are you sleepy or not?


- Get your hands off me.
- Okay. Just my hands, right?


About your birthday...

I want a surprise! Don't tell me.


My mouth will be too busy to talk.

That's great!

Thanks. Yours is good too.

The new girl is out of paint.

Can I...



- Jun-ho.
- Hmm?

Aren't you excited to see me?

Of course I'm excited. Totally!

You don't look like it.

I want to capture excitement in you.

Go ahead.


That tickles! Stop!

I'm totally excited!

Don't goof around!

No, I'm seriously excited.

You don't look like it!

I'm excited!

- Again.
- Okay.

Come on!

That's it! I like that look!

- Really?
- Stay just like that.

- Don't move.
- Okay.

He likes pretty girls too?

Hey! Give me a towel.

Ever heard of an umbrella?

Can't you talk nicely?

I'm older than you!

Why can't she be half as sweet as you?

Do boys like pretty girls more?

Yup! We only like pretty girls.

But that doesn't mean
it always works out.

If he has someone already,
he can't like her, right?

But if she's really pretty,
he'll try to make it work.

He can just break
up with the other girl.

Break up?

- What did you do yesterday?
- Me?

Why do you ask?

You said we're hassles.

What did you do with that lady?


I went over for a
second to do something.

But that's a secret.

Why? Did you two play?

Why would we play?

It's not like that, Jin-hae.

Your face is flushed!

You got it all wrong!

Damn it!


Come and take it!

Why'd you bring so much?

Must I carry all this
and come on a bus?

Then you should've called, Mom.

How can you say that!

What's all this?

You stopped being a painter
to be a butcher now?

Yu-mi loves meat.

You love meat too.

I like crisp bills of cash.
Then will you start a bank?

Come on. Cut it out!

Stop making my blood boil!

Don't get her pregnant again!

This will last a lifetime.

Don't worry.

I sometimes have my period
and sometimes I don't.

Your girl is getting old!

- Jeez.
- What?

- You're not old.
- Forget it.

- Grandma! You came?
- Hi, Cheol-won.

What's all this?

They're mine!

Why you! You don't need these already!

Don't fool around and be careful!

Don't be like your dad!

What's wrong with Jun-ho?

Use them all!

- Hello.
- Hi.

Why do we have to go to Busan
on your brother's birthday?

Ungrateful wench!

He paid for your college!
You should be thankful!

I can't go.


I have an important appointment!

Hey! Come back!

You're free, right?

Let's go.

Go get changed.

Why does she always get sick
whenever I try to take her with me?

Because you always complain!
I'm about to throw up too.

Then throw up, wench!

Stressed because of Grandma?

It's because of you!

I didn't do anything.



Wasn't there a male pharmacist here?

I'm the only one.

I see.

Ah... One spray, please.


The spray.

It's nothing dirty.

Many people use this.

Not the nasal spray.

Let's go!

You know, the spray for weak men.

Oh! I see.

Kids' digestive pills too, please.

Give it to Jin-hae. See ya.

What are you drawing?

No! I'll show you when I'm done.

- Why?
- I'm embarrassed.

Who's your model?

You have to see the
nude model to draw fully.

Your shirt is ruined.

- Sit.
- What are you doing?

It's true.


When you paint, you're so sexy, Jun-ho.

You're sexy, Jun-ho.

You're sexy, Jun-ho.


Go back inside.


What's this?

Come by anytime.

When did you make this?

It looks good.

That's a lot of food!

- Can I eat it?
- Of course! Try this.

- I gotta go.
- Take some with you!

- You're back?
- Hi.

Why is he leaving so early?

- He's probably embarrassed.
- Try this.

- Like it?
- It's good!

- Gyeong-joo! Try this!
- No thanks.

Have some!

See ya!

Leave the artist be!

You're back earlier than I thought.

Jin-hae begged me to come.

She did?

Mother outdid herself this
time. How can we eat all this?

Should we share some of it?

Mom may complain, but...

Share with who?

Some of my customers
and the neighbors.

Not that lady!


You brought up sharing this,
so you can give her some?


It's good to share. I'll brag
about your thoughtfulness.

Mi-hee could be starving alone.
Don't forget to brag about me.

Of course.

No! Don't give it to her!

Okay. I'm sure she cooks well.

What does she cook well?

How would I know?

Yeah, right!

Explain that shirt!

This shirt?

What is this?

I can explain.


I didn't take my shirt off. She
sat in front of my knees and...

Your what?

Did she touch your
legs as she painted?

What! No way!

I know everything! You're bad!

Jin-hae! Wait!

What are you doing?

You left a sick child
alone and did what?

I can explain. My painting...

Your sob story, again?

You had to give up painting
because I got pregnant?

You would've become
a successful artist?

Why bring that up?

You said you don't want to live
Iike your mom, but you're the same.

My mom is right!

What if Jin-hae gets pregnant
from a guy like you and gets married?

Are you crazy?

Why bring Jin-hae into this!

Don't curse your own kid!

You're out of your mind!

Are you sick?

Apologize first!

But you hit me for
asking for some paint.

- Want another hit?
- I'm sorry!

If they're sleeping apart
over another woman, it's over.

But being forced to live
together is even worse.

You mean they should get divorced?

Divorce is not
necessarily a bad thing...

I'm not living with Grandma like you!

I want to go home.

Finish my homework and go!

If they do the creak-thud,
it'll get better...

Then make them.

How could I?

Actually, I tried but it didn't work.


Why do you eat so much?



Your parents got worked up
in a fight this morning, right?


It says to spray when worked up.


What in the world?

Get out.

It's okay, Jin-hae. Couples
fight once in a while.

They'll make up soon.

They broke the table and stuff!

I sprayed it after they were
really worked up, but it didn't work!

Sorry, Jin-hae. I gotta go.

Can you go back home
okay? Let's talk later!

Do you even care what's
happening to our family?

They could really get divorced!


What? Don't you even care?

That's why no man likes you!

A pretty woman is trying
to steal my dad away.

Maybe she's lonely.
Introduce a boyfriend to her?

A boyfriend?


Are you lonely, Mister?


It's been years since I
finished a painting like this.

It's great.

I can't come for a while.

Can I leave it here
until the painting dries?

- You'll just leave it and go?
- What?

Pay for my studio use.

Don't worry. I'm popular
with older ladies.

Your card, please.

I won't hit you! We need to talk!

Don't you get it?

I got it.

Take this invisible
card to the bar owner

and tell him that she's the
one you mentioned, right?

They have to start dating.

It's very important.

What's with that look?


I shouldn't take it, but I will!

Kim Chi-gon!

Yes, Sir.

- I like your concept!
- Thank you!

I saw news on a successful
monkey brain transplant.

Then it'll be possible in humans.

As his beloved wife is
dying from a car accident,

a young man comes in brain dead?


So he transplants her brain into
him and loves his wife in his body.

And then?

- But I can't make it.
- Why?

Let's say his wife
screams from the bathroom.

'What's this! Help me!'

The he runs over.

He says, 'What's wrong?'

She says, it got bigger! What do I do?

'What do you mean?'

'It's sticking out!'

Stop it, Chi-gon.

Mrs. Oh.

We shouldn't stop the
creativity of growing kids

or the branches will be crooked.


Director? Pruning is needed.

- Freedom to...
- Mrs. Oh.

Just because we're older, we
can't judge and cut them down.

Are you absolutely sure
of what you see and feel?

- It's interesting. Keep going.
- Yes, Sir.

Wasn't it great today?

I'm exhausted.

Dong-sik. I can explain.

'Wasn't it great today?'

I remember! You love beef, right?

Of course, you do. How's this?

No need to explain why
you were exhausted.

Don't say anything to Jin-hae, right?

You catch on so quickly. Amazing!


Enjoy the beef.

Right. You need both
to maintain that figure.


You'll make a good businessman.



Jin-hae said she was
going to your house.



- Where'd you go?
- To Dong-sik's.

I don't think so.


I went to Gyeong-joo and
Cheol-won to discuss something.

Why go and meet them
and not talk at home?

Just drop it!

Lying is bad. Why lie?

You lied, so Mom's mad!

I did not!

If I become a liar,
it's all your fault!

- Put me down!
- Jin-hae! You got it all wrong!

I put it in the drawer...
but it... disappeared.

Another spray, please.

Thank you.

Come in.

Hey! Wait!


Are you okay?

I'm fine. Keep going.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

Take it slowly.

Take it slowly.

Wait! Slowly...

Hold on.

You finished before starting,
and now you have no sense?

Why do you have that?

Don't come back ever!


Last game. I really have to go.

Who cares about her?

His parents got divorced too.

It's good to have similar backgrounds.


When is he coming back?


Let's go.


Wanna watch a movie later?

I don't like movies.

I came for a drink.

Make sure you pay.

Where is he?


Turn it off!

Why are you sleepy so soon?


Are you sleepy or not?

Cut the crap.

Yes, dear.

I cleaned up the kitchen.

I fixed the table and
washed the floors clean.

It's so shiny that
cockroaches slipped on it.

Anything else I can do?

- No. Get out.
- There must be something.

How about a foot massage?

I'm good at massaging
the entire body like this.

That tickles! Stop!

Come on!

How could this be enough to forgive me?

Hit me harder! I'm serious!

You stupid bastard!

You crazy fool! Die!

What's wrong with me?

Something's pulling me.

You must be a magnet.




Since we didn't do it for
days, Jun-ho is acting up.

To keep it under control,
I sweat so much

that it smelled like chlorine.


It smells.

- It smelled like what?
- Chlorine.

I'm pure and innocent, please take me.


Nothing happened.

You sure?

I swear nothing happened!

I'll forgive you one last time.

Don't meet her again!

Not even by accident!

I swear I won't meet her again!

Then I'll begin.

To the left.

Did you see my phone, babe?

Why is it so hard!

I know, life is hard.

You're great.

I feel like we connected.
We understand each other.

You talked non-stop. Shut up!

Mi-hee? You're mine tonight.

Mi-hee... Let's have another drink.

Help me!

It hurts.

- So heavy!
- Ow.

- Of course it hurts!
- Who are you?

Who are you?

I want to throw up. Put me down.

Wake up!

Why isn't Jun-ho calling me?

I don't believe this.


Mi-hee! Come here!

I'll warm you up.

Like that?



You can sleep more.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...

It's okay.

I thought it was great.

You were amazing last night.

Last night, the pillow...

How about breakfast?

I can explain...

Way to go, Dong-sik!

Ah... Thanks.

She must've fallen for that bar owner!

My parents did the creak-thud!

What? Really?

Do it with some thought and care!

You should hear her song!


Can't you pick out
something brighter to wear?


Please stop trying to block
my freedom of thought.

What damn freedom!

Give me a zero too!
I'll just get fired!


Be quiet!

He was amazing that night.

Why can't I sense it now?



Stop moving! Hold still.



Why am I so tired with no appetite?

I'll take responsibility!

Responsibility for what?

You said it was great.

It was amazing.

Are you saying that I
may not be the one?


I like that better.

Let's go watch this movie.

- I don't like movies.
- What?

Isn't this what you asked
Gyeong-joo to watch?

Don't you want to watch it?

I only wanted to watch it Gyeong-joo.

She has no interests in
men. She only likes me.

Did you eat?

Not hungry.

Why come home early?

You should date to find the right guy.

How can I date?

There's nothing wrong with you.

What man would see me as a woman?

You'll get your period soon,
then your breasts will grow.

And you're not the only one
who's not having periods.

It feels worse when it stops
altogether way too soon.

You've had enough!

Three kids are enough.

So what if it stopped!

Why are you home early?

Go sleep in your room.
I'm not in the mood.

I don't have a room!
It's Gyeong-joo's room.

I'm fine. Please go away.

What's the matter?

Why is he so weak?

You want to do it that badly?

He's probably weak from
fooling around every night.

That's enough! What are you doing?

Can't you tell the difference
from going too far and being free?

Are you doing it with different girls?

No. It's just one girl.

Really? That's my boy.

What's the problem?


I want to make it work,
but I don't think she does.

She's not good to me.


Loving is about giving your all.

If you want something
in return, it's not love.

She won't give me the chance to give.

What do you mean?

Didn't you take a bunch of
condoms? Still didn't do it?

I did.

Just once.

At first, I was drunk
and it was a mistake.

But now, I want to protect her.
She's older, so I want to be serious.

You did it just once? But
you want to protect her?



There's something delicious.

Say 'ah'.

She gave you a bite.

You know how good it is.

But she won't give it to
you again. Then what?

You go nuts!

You wonder if she's eating it
alone or with someone else!

You go crazy!

Women are not that simple.

They're very complicated,
delicate, and complex!

So men get frustrated!


I should marry her.

What? No! Don't be so dramatic!

You married Mom because
she's your first love!


She wasn't the first one?

The one you marry
becomes your first love.

It must be like that.

Don't say anything to your mom!



She's so sensitive these days! I
almost died making up with her!

She kissed me so much,
my mouth still feels numb!

But why do you think she's mad today?

I have no clue.

Me neither.

How could I know?

Oh Yu-mi, please?


Let's host your mom's
birthday party here.

Want to?

It's okay.

Now, you're wearing a dress?

Nu-ri said... you like her
because she's pretty...

You mean Nu-ri is pretty?

No! That's not it.

Forget it.


It I don't meet your expectations,

could you tame me?


Where were you?

Where else would I go, but the shop?

You went to the shop?

I see.

Ah... Well...

The truth is...

I don't know If I should tell you.

I stopped by somewhere
for your birthday gift.

Are you curious?

You went to Mi-hee's
house to buy my gift?

- Mom? My boss...
- Get out.

Not talk in front of the kids...

Get out!

And stay out!

Why are you doing this?

You never hear me out, and
decide things on your own!

Don't be so selfish!

I'm selfish?

If you won't work at the shop,
then do some housework!

How can you say that when
you're roaming around!

I'm sick of this.

This is why men roam outside
and don't come home.

So get out!

You hardly work, so I
have to do everything!

It's because of you!

At my age...

I don't want to live
like this! Get out!


Are you sure things were
good with that man and her?

Ah... I wouldn't know.

You didn't go?

Ah... Well...

What are you doing?

I was just...

Snap to it!

Pack the meat, not the calculator!

What the heck!

You suck at calculating...

Stay focused!

Stop yelling! Not you, too!

What really happened?

I didn't do anything. I can explain.

Fine, then.

Take that straight to the bar.

Why are all the girls in our
house like older sisters?

Why do I have to go to Grandma's?

What are you doing?

Your dad and I need to talk.

Can't you forgive him?

Today's your birthday.

Gyeong-joo will sing you a song.

You love hearing her sing!

We'll have a party at dinner.



I don't know why I was born.


It's Mom's birthday. Come now.

I'll be right there!

How can you call me
132 times in one night?

Damn it.


I have to go somewhere now.

Meet me later at the bar we first met.

What do you mean?



What's going on?

Why drop her off here?


I'm her mom only when she needs me.



I haven't seen you in so long.

Sorry. I came for the painting.

Ready for your exhibition?

Except for my nude painting.

I drew another one just in case.

Why didn't you come that night?

What night?

- What?
- Hold on.

I'm late.

Let's talk later.

- Jun-ho!
- Sorry!


What birthday party!

Come on!

You're so stubborn just like your mom!

Why aren't you eating?

Tell me what's wrong and eat!

What's the matter?

Not now. Where's Mom?

I sent 1000 texts.

Mr. Yang!

Your scarf is flying without any wind.

Thanks for the band and everything.

It's Mother's birthday,
of course I should do this.


There's one spot left
in the nude section.

They're both good. I can't decide.

What the hell!

Oh no! Watch it!


What are you doing?

I have to go back!

Mr. Yang!

I saw that movie.

The main character
is funny just like you.

I'm funny?

You should try to see
what's in people's hearts.

Don't men only look at appearances?

Not me!

Hey! That's enough!

She's getting weirder.

Try calling your mom.

- Cheol-won!
- Mi-hee!



It's Mi-hee?

You know her?

I'll bury those idiots! Who
said to get divorced for real!

Young man?

Got a shovel in the trunk?

- A shovel?
- Kidding.

Step on it!

The older woman?

- What?
- Are you crazy!

If your mom finds
out, she'll go insane!

I'm serious!

She could kill you, so
get out of here now!

What did I do wrong?

There was nothing between
you two. You weren't in love.


Then why would Mom get mad?

I told you women are not that simple!

Are you jealous because
I did what you couldn't?

- Crazy!
- Are you nuts!


Jun-ho! Like it? Like it?


I just drew and you just slept!

Don't lie! I'd know if I did it or not!

That's true. A man knows that.

He did do it!


With a pillow.

What are you doing?

He masturbated with the pillow.

You're not even worth a pillow, fool!


Stop embarrassing yourself.
She doesn't like you!

How could you say that?

Stay out of this! What
do you know about love?

You don't even have your period yet!

Stop it!

Are you out of your mind!

With that nasty temper,
who would even look at you!

- What?
- Stay out!

Don't you dare!

- Why you!
- Stop it!



It's a misunderstanding.

- The truth is...
- 'Too bad it has to end'?

You lied to me!

I can explain everything.

Shut up!

Stop it! Let him explain!

I don't need to hear it!

It's over between us!

You got us all wrong.
There's nothing between us.

Did you just say? 'Us'?

- Us.
- Us?

How dare you say that!

Honey! Let's talk. You stay back!

Shit! What the fuck!

Oh shit!

Come here you!

Stop it!

You too!

It's too bad, huh?

It's because I can't paint!

Are you okay?

Jun-ho! Jun-ho!

Like doing it again? Jun-ho!

Damn bird!


Why... Why...

Fool! What the hell is going on!

- Mother!
- Mom!

How could you!

You started a fire?

Not you too, Mom!

Stop it, Mom!

It's your birthday!

Who cares about that now!

I thought you met a bad husband,
but it's the other way around!

What do you know! Why yell at me?

- Why you!
- Stop being so selfish!

Don't talk like that
to your moms! Stop it.

You always cut me off! You don't care!

Because you always screw
up, we get neglected!

Don't say that to Dad!

Let her! She's right!

Stay out of this, lady!

What did you just say to me?

- What!
- Why you!

Shut up!

We don't care?

If we sit down and offer you
tea, that's showing we care?

We live together and
eat together every day!

That's showing care!

Then why don't you care about
me? Why do you neglect me!

My kids criticize and
my husband has an affair!

Do you know how hard things are for me?

It's a misunderstanding! How
could we know everything?

We're not gods!

Damn! Shit!

You swore at me?

- No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did!

- You heard wrong.
- You said it!

I didn't swear at you!

Stop it!

I don't even want
to give it to you now.

I painted it. It's your birthday gift.

My birthday gift?

If I don't care about you,
why would I paint this for you?

This is for me?

It may not resemble
you, but see the flat body?

It's you.

You've been painting this at her house?


Why didn't you tell me?

You said to make it a surprise!

Mi-hee is pregnant!

- What?
- We're getting married!


You stupid moron!

Grandma! Stop!

How could you get her pregnant!

- Grandma!
- Stop!

Who cares! We'll be happy!

Mother! Mi-hee is not pregnant!


I'm not pregnant!

- You're not?
- No.

What did you do!

♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪

♪ Happy birthday dear Mom! ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪

Still! This is for
Mi-hee's nude painting!

Oh my!

You're not mad anymore, right?

We'll see.

No more misunderstandings!

Gyeong-joo made a song!

Break it down!


What's wrong?

Go to sleep.

A mother is always right
where she should be.

There you go.



I have good news.


Hold on.

You're sexy even with toothpaste.

I got it!

- You did?
- Yes!


- She started!
- What?

- You know!
- Really?



I was wrong back then.

You mean you're sorry?

No, I like you!



- You came?
- Like it?

Yang's here.

- Hello, sir!
- Hi! Let's get started!

I'm 6 weeks pregnant with twins!

How could you get her pregnant!

You jerk!

They're fighting again. Don't worry.

It's okay. They'll clash
then do the creak-thud.

Stop it!

A baby is a big deal.

Don't worry. I'll protect you.


Wait! I just got dressed.


I want you. You're like a magnet.

Mom, Dad, Cheol-won, Gyeong-joo,
and even this little guy...

Now, Pa-ju will protect them.

Anyway, we're one big happy family.