Sunghursh (1968) - full transcript

The Prasads live in Banaras circa 19th Century, and consist of Bhawani - a thug, who poses as a holy man, luring devotees and robbing them; his wife - who will have nothing to do with his ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
"Where the compassion
tolerates iniquity."

"Where enmity tolerates the sin."

"Where anger is suppressed."

"Where forgiveness
resides in every eye."

Excuse me.

Where is the inn of Mr. Bhavaniprasad?

It is in the market.
- Whom are you asking for?

Have you come on a journey?

Then wait in the hermitage.


I shall wait in the
inn of that great man.

You are getting involved
into the wrong person.

To save the people from him,
this hermitage has been opened.


I won't wait anywhere else.

I have heard that Mr.
Bhavaniprasad is like a God.



My boy.

Why have you come here?

What if grandfather sees you?

I had made this porridge.

I have got it for you.

You have it fast.

What is it?

Don't you remember your mother?

I remember you a lot.

But what can be done?

I am very scared of grandfather.

I can't even cry in front of him.

Whenever I miss you, mother.

I cry secretly.

Your grandfather is very heartless.

Take this.

Wear it around your neck.

I have got this from far off place.

There is God's blessing in it.

Now you are growing up.

Your grandfather will
give you initiation.

That time God will save you.
- Kundan.

What are you wearing around your neck?

Remove it.

No grandfather.

Give it to me, I say.

Oh God.

Give it to me.

I have told you many times
not to believe in this mother.

A son should not trust his mother?

Has this ever happened?

There is no other mother
for Kundan except for Akali.

And he has to trust on her powers.





Cry out your tears.

Cry as much as you want.

It is better if your tears dry out.

You have to try hard to live.

What happened?

Why is Kundan's mother so excited?

It is the motherhood
which is getting excited.

She had taken porridge for Kundan.

He couldn't eat it at all.

Before he could eat, father-in-law..

..didn't let him have it.

I have told you so many times.

To be strong.

Not to meet him.

How can I avoid meeting him?

A father can be strong enough.

But what can a mother do?

Tell me?

We can console ourselves
if god snatches away our child.

But, if a ruthless
man on this earth..

Why are you silent?


If you have the guts
then complete your sentence.

I had told you to avoid.

That you people shouldn't
meet Kundan at all.

Do you know the consequences
of not obeying me?

Don't say anything, did you hear that?

She is sad because of you.

Not because of me,
but because of herself.

She has done some magic.

She separated the son away.

Let her suffer for her own actions.

Oh, you are crying.

See my hands have become
wet due to your tears.


See Kundan is crying.

And he is not telling
me what the matter is.

I kept my hands on his eyes.

Then I found my hands
to be wet with his tears.

You ask him what is wrong with him.

Why is he crying?

When I asked him,
he said nothing happened.

But I am sure there
is something wrong with him.

He is crying.


You have said before,
to breathe while talking.

Not to speak like a parrot.

Come on let us see
what is wrong with Kundan.

Kundan, why are you crying?

Mother had come to meet me.

Grandfather scolded her a lot.

She went back crying.

Don't worry son.

When you will grow up..

You leave your grandfather
and go back to your mother.

Play this instrument.

No, I won't play it today.

Kundan, you play it, I will dance.

She is right, you both will enjoy it.

Play it.

She is a very sweet girl.

What is her name?

He is name is also sweet.



I wanted to adopt this kind of girl.

Do you know all her details?


Six years back.

Her parents drowned in the Ganga.

She was two years old then.

She came along the shore
floating on the waves.

And from there the old man saved her.

Since then she has
been living with the old man.

Will the old man agree to give her away?
- Why not?

He's worried that he may die any day.

What will happen
to the girl after him?

If you adopt her he'll
be relived of this burden.

Tell him that god hasn't
blessed you with a child..

..and you're a childless woman.

That's the reason
you want to adopt the girl. - Okay.

I hope you don't have any problem.
- It's all because of the divine blessings.

Remain seated.

They're the family with whom Naubatlal's
men weren't sharing our address.

I don't know where
they wanted to misguide us.

I've heard that Banaras
is full of imposters.

I thought that
they also might be thugs.

No, my child.

It's a sin to doubt somebody.

You're great.

I feel at peace after
getting to behold you.

I've come from a distant land
with lot of hopes..

..and we planned to live
in your guest house.

I've heard a lot
of praises about you.

I'm your servant.

You're exactly what we had heard
and expected you to be.

I'm blessed to have you as my guest.

You've come with lot of devotion..

..I'll personally accompany you
during the prayer. - Thanks a lot.

From where did you
get such nice clothes?

Mother gave me.

Do you know, I got my parents back?
- From where?

I met them.

Mother says when I was small.

I got lost in a fair.

And now they got me back
after great difficulties.

Where are your parents?

There they are.

Do you know.

They have paid uncle a lot of money.

And they gave me nice clothes.

I am going with them.
- Where?

Very far.

Going to Calcutta.

When will you come back?

When I will grow up.

How will I recognise you?

I shall recognise you.

You keep this instrument
with you always.

I will recognise you by this.

Okay I am going.

My daughter.

Kundan, keep the
instrument safe with you.

Let's go dear.

You boys.

What are you doing?

Get out.

Get out.

Get up.

How dare you stare at me, rascals?

Naubatlal is destined to get
killed by your grandfather.

Well done my boys.

This is how you must
treat Naubatlal's children.

That Bhim came in
between to save Kundan.

Otherwise I and Ganeshi
would have taught him a lesson.

Son Dwarka, next time shall see them,
where will he go?

Someday or the other we will definitely
take revenge from them of our ancestors.

They must be your enemies.

Why are you teaching enmity
against them to my kids?

I don't want even them to keep roaming here
and there for revenge when they grow up.

These are not coward's children,
Ganeshi's mother.

We son and the father. - Will definitely
destroy Bhavaniprasad's family.

Who dare to?

Who can even think to destroy
my family in front of me?


You came to the den
to challenge the tiger?

I will throw you out of this den.

How could your sons even dare to..

..raise hands on my Kundan?

Even I can raise
my hands in this matter.

If you remain in front
of me for some more time.

Then with your bad blood..

..I have to dirty my house.

You purify it.

Sir, if you say then
shall I with his blood..

..make his house impure?

Get my weapon.
- No.

No, I won't let this happen
in front of my eyes. - You get aside.

Today either he will survive, or me.

Why are you both behind
each other's lives?

There is the kind of
blood in both your bodies.

Why do you forget?

Your grandfather was his father cousin.

This brotherhood got
destroyed that day itself..

..when his father killed my grandfather.

We have blood relationship.

But now we need not follow it.

But only destroy it.

Today I will kill him.


Don't cross your limits.

Otherwise your children
will get orphan today itself.

Please don't say that?
- Ganeshi's mother.

You stay back.

I have not learnt to disrespect females
while the males are having a dispute.

I wish that your
husband lives for years.

But explain this stupid person.

Not to mess with Bhavaniprasad.


I feel like strangling you.

My enemy challenges me in my house..

..and return back safe.


One more devotee
is here in front of you.

Fill his heart with your devotions.

He will be your strong devotee.

I will tell him today.

What is the religion of his ancestors.

Today he will realise.

That worshipping you.

Is a big job.

Tonight I will give him an initiation.

Give strength to this child.

This prayer will get complete..

..when a man will sacrifice
all the desires in this world.

Will quit all his relationships.

Hence you will have to sacrifice
your son and your daughter-in-law.

Son and daughter-in-law?


Mr. Bhavaniprasad.

Don't worry.

You can buy them again
by performing the prayer.

First you sacrifice your son.

Here I give you my son.

Now sacrifice your daughter-in-law.

I give you my daughter-in-law.

Now you could buy your son again.

I bought my son for fifty one rupees.

Fifty one is very less.
- Is it?

Don't bother for the money.

Nothing is greater than child.

Not fifty one rupees.

The necklace which
is there with your son.

Give that.

Now take your daughter-in-law back.

And give all her jewellery to me.


I feel.

We have been cheated.

Greetings Bhavani.



Where are you running away?

Please leave me.

I knew.

You will be afraid seeing
this morph of Bhavani.

Once even I had got
the initiation of Bhavani.

My father and grandfather
were great cheaters.

And Bhavani is the
goddess of these people.

Son must choose his father's profession.

This is the tradition.

But my son cheated me.

Hence I have got you here.

Bhavani has chosen you as my heir.

You can't leave me.

Oh Goddess Bhavani.

Oh Goddess Bhavani.



Don't cry.

Don't get upset.

We will search more.

Have searched the whole city.

Couldn't find anywhere.

Where do we go now? Whom to ask?

Shankar's mother.

Are you searching for Shankar?

Has he gone somewhere?


Since last night.

But why?

did you have a fight with him?

You don't worry.

I will ask my men to search him.

And until I find him..

..I will be restless.

Very good.

This way..

..even King Dashrath
must have not gone restless.


How dare you step in this house?

To reveal the truth of..

..a cheat person like you.

Do you know this bed sheet?





Oh God!

This belongs to Shankar.

Shankar's bed sheet?

Are you sure?

My son.

This is whose blood?

Shankar's blood.

Father killed his son.


He is lying, Shankar's mother.
He is lying.


Take me to my son.

The bandits of Bhavaniprasad.

Burnt his dead body to ashes.

You rascal.

If my son is been killed.

It must be you who have killed him.

Who gave you the rights?

I got it through destiny.

So that I could tell
the entire Banaras..

..that Bhavaniprasad..

..has killed his own son.

Now even Kundan will know it..

..that you have killed his father.

I will tell him this.

You won't be able to tell this.

you won't be able to tell him.

I will not leave you alive for that.


I killed the enemy in one shot.

Please forgive me Lord.

How could I leave Naubatlal alive?

He had killed my son.

What happened grandfather?
What has happened to father?

How do I tell you my son?

Naubatlal has killed your father.


"The flames of anger
kept rising in every house".

"It engulfs the world."

"The helpless ones who suffer."

"Look for support."

Whom can this knife belong to?

Who was it?

Forget him grandfather.

Today again this iron
shield protected me.

Today I feel very proud.

The way you have taught
lesson to the enemies..

..only my successor could do it.

You only made me your successor..

..and even the enemy.

Everything is because of you.

Everyday there are
women who gets widowed.

The children get orphans and
our enemies go on increasing in number.

Those who are powerful have
the maximum number of enemies.

But this is exploitation, this is a sin.

Your religion.

God know how many more
people we need to kill.

I will never be able
to accept this religion.


You will have to accept it.

What you think to be a sin.

Is very powerful.

Once that you get involved in it,
you won't get to leave it ever.

You will see it.

I will definitely involve
you into it before I die.

I just believe in the bond of love,

You have involved me in that bond,
otherwise would have left since long.


Everyone left you.

Only I am left.

I am the one who is with
you this big lonely palace.

God know what kind of curse it is..

..that mother, grandmother,
brothers, sisters all got apart.

There is always a deep
silence in this house.

This silence with wither away, Kundan.

Loneliness will vanish.

There will be music here.

I have seen Radheshyam's daughter today.

She is very beautiful.

Just like the moon.

She will drive away
the darkness in your mind.


I will talk to him today.

"When heart meets another heart".

"Don't ask what happens".

"The eyes drop down and
there is silence on the tongue".

"When heart meets another heart".

"Had seen you once before".

"Since that day I have lost my senses".

"The love has taken a turn again".

"You are here again in front of me".

"Now see which new colours".

"Does your glimpse show".

"When heart meets another heart".

"This youth is sexy and
your body is full of fragrance".

"And to add to that is your innocence".

"Even your desires are on".

"Says your heart beats".

"Even you are excited for me".

"Your gestures show it".

"When heart meets another heart".

"Don't ask what happens".

"Don't hide your face with your hand".

"Don't exchange the day with night".

"Let the melodies spread
out in the garden".

"With few sweet words of love'.

"Oh Goddess of beauty look at me".

"Don't feel shy".

"When a heart meets another heart".

"Don't ask what happens".

"The eyes drop down
and then you get speechless".

"There is sweat all over the forehead".

"When a heart meets another heart".


I haven't seen you
anytime before in Kashi.

I have come here
for visiting the temple.

What is your name?


Yes. It is in fifteen days.

I'll get my niece married
on that auspicious day.

You've fixed her wedding
even without consulting me.

I have nurtured her with
care even without asking you.

I am her only uncle
in the entire village.

I got married four times but
couldn't be the father even once.

The reason being I wanted
to nurture my sister's child as mine.

You have come here for her marriage?

I know.

Don't worry.

I will spend my wealth
for my grand daughter's wedding.


I don't want your loot.
- What did you say?

I mean, I have not come here
for wealth only need your obligations.

People are so highly obliged by you that
they are not able to come out of it.

I don't want such heavy
obligations from you.

Only a little one.

So that we can breathe.

Please just send Kundan in the wedding.

Only Kundan?

And what about me?

I mean my village is not that worth..

..for a great person
like you to come there.

Even your wife and daughter-in-law
have the same opinion.

That these divine footsteps..

..should never leave Kashi.

I understood what they have their mind.

If I go along with Kundan..

..they they won't be
able to grab Kundan from me.

Kundan will not attend
Yashodha's marriage.

Who is Yashodha?

She is.. look just the same.

The same stature, the same looks.

I am your uncle my dear nephew.

It is so difficult to recognise you.

All your grays have turned black.

And even your mustache has grown big.

I coloured my hair black
for my fourth wedding..

..and grew my mustache after the wedding.

Your new aunty is
also very happy with me.

Okay so tell me what got you here?

Yashodha is getting married.

- Yes Yashodha.

Our small doll has grown so big.

Did you hear that grandfather?

It is been long time since I have
met my sister, I feel like seeing her.

Uncle, when is the wedding?

It is in fifteen days.

We will have a grand marriage
celebration for Yashodha.

We will invite the entire community.
- Kundan.

Yes grandfather.

Don't you want to have my permission
before attending the marriage?


I am sure you won't give me such a command
which I won't be able to fulfill.

What is it?

We have an invitation.

For Yashodha's wedding.

Is it?

They are your close relatives.

Even Yashodha is like your daughter.

If she gets your
blessing on her wedding..

..then it would be
very prestigious for us.

Along with her wedding I
feel the hobby of having a funeral.. something new.

I feel Bhavaniprasad
is no more energetic.

But we haven't yet forgotten
the promise given to our dead father.

That until even a single person
from Bhavaniprasad's family is alive..

..we will not be at ease.

Till Bhavaniprasad's men are alive.. one can cause
any harm to his family.


Ask Kundan to test his men.

Over us.

No, you won't go.

We don't have to dig out old enmity.

Dwarka will definitely go.

Yashodha is like our daughter.

And we have blood relations.

And we will definitely
fulfill our duties as relatives.

You go and tell Kundan
that due to business..

..I won't be able to come, but my
younger brother will definitely come.. bless the bride.

Okay sir.

Very nice.

First the 'Ras"..

Then said 'gul'.

Very good.

First the 'Ras'

then said 'gul' then said 'le'..

..this way she broke the 'rasgulle'
in two pieces. - Wow wonderful.

From where did you get
to drink early in the morning?

No, I haven't even had
a drop of alcohol since morning.

I have got high seeing her glimpse.

She has just arrived
fresh in the garden.

Where did you see her?

I didn't only see her..

..but saw her with proper attention.

But till date I am not sure
if it was the reality or my dream.

Next time you carry water along and
splash it on your eyes while seeing her.

Even you started suggesting me.

Laila I haven't seen you before.

But have come here knowing
that Nawab Wajid Ali..

..who has given you the
title of 'Laila of the sky'..

..would be able to do my work.
- Yes tell me.

What can I do for you?

I have that people lose
their sense on seeing you.

See how people liking her embarrass her.

We believe God to have various morphs.

Who has many morphs.

What can I cal you Laila, if
I can hear many voices from your side?

I have only one morph.

Don't get confused with the voice.


I have a very old enmity with a person.

He is my enemy.

I want you to make him your
lover and put him in my feet.

Excuse me.

I do not involve myself
in such contemptible act.

You will be paid a lot for it.

Think over it.

There are many other
such places in the market.

Go and buy your required nymph, a
bomb from there who can put him on fire.

He is not affected by the fire.

He is Kundan not only by his name..

Even his deeds.


If you don't like the deal,
there is no use of telling you.

My men are going o his mission..

..but I was thinking if he escapes from
them then at least will be trapped by you.

"If my youth gets burnt
in the fire of love".

"Then man is not a big thing,
even the stone would melt".

"Even a stone would melt".

"In a gathering,
everyone thinks me to be theirs".

"Don't ask me about
the world of my gathering".

"Some are flames, some are dews".

"Everyone gets the
glimpse of what they like".

"Everyone gets their
heart satisfied here"..

"Everyone is crazy for my love".

"Everyone is mad for my body".

"Everyone wants to".

"Enjoy my youth".

"They want to see me once".

"They want to see here".

"They want to see there".

"Because in the gathering
everyone thinks I am theirs".

"If I look at one side,
then my lovers get crazy".

"If my body gets burnt
in the fire of love".

"Then humans are nothing
even the stone would melt".

"Then even stones would melt".

"Suddenly if I happen to".

"Life the stole from my face".

"There are news on my looks".

"As if there are flowers on the flames".

"Nobody dares to look at me".

"The people with vision,
who say being upset".

"Then I let them speak".

"It is better that'.

"I let my beauty be behind the stole".

"Because suddenly if
I life the stole off my face".

"Someone might lose senses,
some might fall short of breathe".

"If my body gets burnt
in the fire of love".

"Then human is nothing
even a stone would melt".

"Even a stone would melt".

Very nice.

If Nawab Wajid Ali Shah wouldn't have
given you the title of 'Laila of the sky".

Then I would have
called you as my darling.


The one who gambles in the darkness.. did you come in
the morning for business?



..what I have got for you.

Mr. Raja sahab.

From today onwards,
Laila will dance only for Ganeshiprasad.

Will sing only for Ganeshiprasad,
did you understand?

Yes Laila?

You reached little late sir.

The things have already
been decided in the gathering.

The poet has reached now with a broom
to clean the remaining dirt. - Shirt up!


You will have to pay for it.

Tell us how much to pay.

Hear some abuses from your lover.

Well said.


Make it finer.
- Okay.

I'm going to the confectioner's shop.

How many sweets should I order?

Order sweets and motichoor laddus. Got it?
- Yes, grandma.

Shall I put up the flags, sir?

Stop asking and fill
the courtyard with flags.

I want everything to be perfect
on my niece's wedding. - Okay, sir.

If you want everything to
be perfect then what are you doing here?

Go and do some work.

My fourth wife, where do you want me
to run around in this heat?

You're not a delicate
flower that'll wither away.

Go and check the guests who
were supposed to come from Kolkata.

Go and check if arrangements
of their stay have been made or not. Go.

Why do you always tell me to work?

Don't shout
or I'll expose you before everybody.

Don't expose anything,
keep everything intact.

It'll help in the wedding.

- Okay.

My child,
don't cry on this auspicious day.

Grandma, what about Kundan brother?
- He'll definitely come.

He'll definitely come.
There's still time. I'm sure he'll come.

Grandma, I heard that
Kundan has arrived at the banks.

Brother Kundan!

Uncle Bhim,
look at the antics of the bride.

She has left her wedding
rituals to come and meet her brother.

Brother Kundan!

You made me wait so long.

I had lost all hopes
that you would come.

Stupid girl!
How could you get married without me?

I told mother that I wouldn't
sit in the palanquin until you come.

Kundan, my son!
- Mother. - Kundan.

You haven't enquired about
your mother for so many years.

I always missed and
thought about you, mother.

I was alive only to see you.

Now that you've come back
I'll not let you go away from me.

Did you see my nephew?
He has arrived on time for the wedding.

- Bless you.

Uncle, you didn't have any child.

Have you adopted this girl?

Oh no! What are you saying my nephew?

Why do you think that
my wife is my daughter?

She's your aunt.
- I made a mistake.

Fourth one. Seek her blessings.
- Let me touch your feet, aunt.

So, the uncle and nephew have met.

Let's go and enjoy some drinks.

"I've a carefree heart."

"I'm a colourful person."

"To celebrate today's occasion,

"..I've drunk a little."

"Make me wear anklets
and watch my movements."

"Wonderful, brother."

"Dress me in the red
scarf and watch my movements."

"Make me wear anklets
and watch my movements."

"Your movements are so graceful."

"Dance, beautiful lady."

"Somebody's nose ring sways."

"Somebody's earrings dance."

"Everybody will hold their
breath when they watch me sway my hips."

- Like this."

"When the wedding
of somebody is fixed.."

" youth wakes up."

"My youth wakes up."

"Somebody please get me married."

"And then watch my movements."

"Make me wear anklets
and watch my movements."

"Somebody attracts with her eyes
while the other one steals the heart."

"The eyes of the third
one rob those who look at them."

"The world is crazy for you."

"Let me behold the
beauty of your youth."

"Remove the veil
from your face and.."

"..and watch my movements."

"Dress me in a red
scarf and watch my movements."

"Make me wear anklets
and watch my movements."

You're Kundan. Right?
- Yes.

Who are you? How did you come inside?

The doors opened to welcome me.

I'm Naubatlal's son. Dwarka.

Brother, it's you. When did you come?

A little while ago.
- I waited for you till late in the night.

I hope you've no problem
where you've been asked to stay.

I'm comfortable there.
But, there's one problem.

What? - How can I enjoy drinks alone?
- That's not possible.

I'll give you company.
I'll make arrangements.

Arrangements have been made.
Come with me.

That's not done.

You've come to my place
for the first time.

The first meeting should in my house.

Are you scared to go with your enemy?

No. I'm not scared of my enemy.

I was concerned about my guest.

Come with me.

Two and half steps of the horse.

Save yourself.

You're very smart.

Your moves are very smart.

I'll play such moves that
it'll be difficult for you to escape.

Just wait and watch
how my soldiers surround you.

Get a new glass of drink.

What are you thinking, Kundan?

This will enter
your house without force.

You won't be able to escape.

Do you know him?

He's the one who
attacked you in Banaras.

Do you remember the incident?

The attack came from behind that day.

You had worn a protective
iron gear that day and so you escaped.

But, today I'm wearing silk shirt.

And I'm also drunk.

Drink more. More.

Kundan, everything is fair in enmity.

To avenge the death
of his forefathers.. the duty of a child.

Isn't it?

My approval doesn't matter, brother.

The fruits of the seeds
of enmity sown my our ancestors..

..has to be borne by us.

Play the next move.

I've already made my move.

I've won the game.

He lost the game while trying to win.

Uncle Bhim,
go and check what happened.

"When heart meets another heart".

So, you've come to challenge me.

You tried to act smart.

It's time to get lost. Go.

I saw her from head to toe.

Now there's neither
her head nor toe here.

Long live Dwarka!
You've served a wonderful drink.

I visualized the woman I was dreaming of.

What if she comes before you in person?

I'll embrace her immediately.
Who spoke just now?

you served a wonderful drink.

Now I can hear her voice too.

Long live, Dwarka!

You've served a wonderful drink.

The woman I was dreaming
of has appeared before me.

Now that you're
here I won't let you go.

You've to tell me your name and address.
You've to share everything with me.

Tell me, beautiful lady.


Are you Munni?
- Yes.

He is been fed with poison.


How is Dwarka?

He is safe.

I have come here for the wedding.

Coming here you have
shown us great respect.

We are very grateful to you.

And now while leaving
don't keep any grudges.

No grudges.

There is a thirst in mind since long.

Which I want to get satisfied someday.

Our guest is returning
back remaining thirsty..

..this is going to make us unhappy.

We will talk in Banaras.

I will wait for you.

Even there you won't find
anything missing while we greet you.

I am leaving grandmother.

Stay alive son.

Thank you.

Mr. Dwarka.

How can I help you?

I am leaving.

Without taking your revenge?

Now this game..

..will be played in Banaras.

It is difficult.

The destiny is with
the enemies at each step.

He got saved by the attack of the knife.

I will wait for you in Banaras.

You try to influence
Kundan by showing him love..

..and get him to Banaras.

If while influencing him..

..what if I happen to fall for him?

I know about your profession very well.

You are making a mistake Mr. Dwarka.

The game of love is double edged sword.

The player can himself get injured.

Player gets injured if he is stupid.

This beauty..

..this youth..

..these gestures..

..not only Kundan..

..even angles will fall for you.

Is it?

When I see you..

..I lose my senses.

You set a fire.

Even your brother had held this hand.


Try to get Kundan
to Banaras at earliest.

And what if I get him somewhere else?

This cannot happen.



Since then mother and grandmother
along with Yashodha and Gopal..

..are here with my uncle.

I stay with my grandfather in Banaras.

All stay at different places.

I do not like it.

I can understand your sorrow.

Why will you be in sorrow?

Tell me about yourself.

I will.


Some other time.
- No, today.

I have many questions in my mind.

How and where you lived?

How were you nurtured?


..I was in hell away from you.

Now being close to you,
I reached the heaven.

Now, don't remind me those days of hell.

I want your sorrows too
along with your happiness.

And there should be
no secrets in between us.

Is this not enough for you..

..that every moment..

..I was lost in your thoughts.

It was your thoughts
which got me close to you.

You have a long life.

You are home.

You are not worried for your meals.

Why do make your mother wait for you?

Mother keeps getting excited.

You give me such heavy breakfast that I
do not feel hungry for the rest of the day.

But you feel thirsty, nephew. Right?


Where do you stay out for long?

I was in the farms.

Near the mango garden.

I like it there.

There is nice breeze there.

The birds keep chirping.

The sweetest sound is of the cuckoo.

Cuckoo, cuckoo.

Did you find any?

No, not here.

Here there are all parrots.


Where did this come from?

The hair which is so long.

Grandmother had hugged me.



All your hair have turned white.

Nephew has got this hair
black by roaming in the sun.

Don't hide from your mother.

Tell us.

Tell, isn't there some girl?

"This love is crazy
and the body is wounded".

"Love is crazy and the body is wounded".

"There is a heart filled
with emotions at both the ends.

"Don't ask me the
condition of my heart."

"Don't ask me the amount
of restlessness of my heart."

"The amount of restlessness is there,
is here too".

"Crazy love".

"Our stories, the songs of my heart".

"Either you understand
or I will know them".

"You know about my heart".

"I know about your heart'.

"Love is crazy and the body is wounded".

"Love is crazy".

"Your hair are messed
up and the stole is falling."

"There is a smile on your lips".

"I am lost in love, but".

"Today even you are lost today".

"Don't ask about the
amount of restlessness".

"The amount of restlessness is here,
is there too".

"Love is crazy".

"Moon and the stars
and the beautiful sights".

"Shouldn't take away your beauty".

"Keep your body protected from others".

"Look everyone has an eye up on you".

"Love is crazy and the body is wounded".

"At both the ends there
is a heart filled with emotions".

"Don't ask me about the
restlessness of the heart".

"the way it is here, it is there too".

"Love is crazy".

Mr, Lalchand.

I cannot understand you at all.

What do you want to say?

I want to say many things.

But you are not trying to understand.



It is a lovely night
full of stars in the sky.

Lovely night.

There is a sea shore.

A Sea shore.

We both are sitting close to each other.



Why are we sitting?

Okay, we are not sitting,
we are standing.


I take your hand in mine.


Like this.

And while doing that I say

Nawab wajid Ali Shah..

...if wouldn't have given
you the title of 'Laila of the sky'..

..then I would have..

..called you as darling.

There was no need of such a
big story for a simple kiss on my hand.

The one who really wants
to kiss on hand do it quickly.

Got it?


What a scene.

Did you see that?

What do you mean?

The one who falls from
the sky and hangs on the tree.

Oh, that is the reason you keep waiting
here even if Laila is not around.

Sorry sir.

Even you have come here in here absence.

Yes you are right.

Her memories have got me here.

I was getting eager to see her face.

I thought there must be some picture
of her over here hence came to see it.

I can't live a moment without Laila.

I've brought a new mansion.

Once Laila comes back..

..I'll marry her and take her home.

Grandmother she is the girl.

You wanted to meet
her hence got her here.

Even if you keep seeing
her for the whole life..

..still will remain unsatisfied.

She is the magic of Lord.

Yes mother.

It is a magic.

She looks as if some Goddess
has descended from the heaven.

To get us out of our sorrows.


Everyone says.

Kundan's mother has gone
crazy due to her sorrows.

Now that you have come.

I will get alright.

Completely alright.

Only thing is..

..I want happiness.

I want my son back.

it is because of you that
Kundan has still not gone to Banaras.

You stay with us as his wife.

Then even he will stay
with us for all his life.

We will keep you as a queen.


You will rule in this house.

You deserve that.

Your face shows that.. belong to a very
prestigious community.


Say a yes.

Are you shy to say that?

What to do girl?

We have to talk to you.

Kundan told us you do not have parents.

Why not?

I am her mother.

By getting Yashodha married..

..I was getting restless
for a girl child.

But looking at her I am at peace.

I will always love you girl.

Just say a yes.

Say a yes.


Forgive me.

Please forgive me.

What happened?

Why are you crying?

What has happened to you girl?

Say what happened?

Share your sorrows with your mother.

How to tell you mother?

How will she speak?

After acquiring the Goddess title.. can she tell you
that she is a prostitute.


Are you surprised?

And there is more..

..she is not only a prostitute..

..but she is been sent
to you by the enemies.

Dwarka has left her here.. that she can trap you with her beauty
and hand you over to your enemies.

Enough grandfather,
do not speak a single word.

Otherwise even I would say something..

..which will hurt yourself respect.


I respect you a lot grandfather.

But I will not give you the rights.. disrespect Munni this way.

She is pure like the river Ganga.



Do not mind his words.

I know you since childhood,
you are a nice girl.

I trust you.

I trust you completely.

You trust this bitch.

And do not trust me?

Then ask her, if you trust her.

Whether her mother's
name is Champa or not.

Wasn't she a prostitute
at Nawab Wajid Ali Shah's court?

Ask her.

Who is the famous dancer of Calcutta?

Nawab has given him the
title of 'Laila of the sky'.

The poisonous snake is
front of you stupid person.

She has come here to bite you.


tell him that all this is not true.

Tell him.

Come here.

Tell him that all these
allegations are false.

Say Munni.

Why are you quiet?

What will mother think?

What will grandmother think?

What will everyone say?

Whom have I got as
their daughter-in-law?

You have to get rid off
these allegations upon you.

Answer him Munni.


Why don't you have any answer?

Whatever grandfather said, is it true?


Is it true that Ganga's
daughter is a prostitute at Kashi?

Is it true or love was fake?

And you are along with my enemies?

Is it true that making me fall in love with
you was a way to drive me towards death?

I don't want to hear
my name from your bad mouth.

Why didn't I understand
about you before?

After meeting you,
Ganeshi's men had attacked me.. had sent them there.

No Kundan.

Go away from here.

You're a woman so I've spared you.

If there was some other person,
I would have beaten him.

Listen to me.

You sinner lady.

Didn't you hear what he said?

Get out from here.

I will pull your tongue out
if you take Kundan's name again.

Get out.
- Kundan.

If I wanted,
I could have killed you in to pieces.

But I m leaving you alive.

Only because..

..the cowards who have sent you here..

..go and tell them.

..if they have the guts
to take revenge from Bhavaniprasad..

..instead of taking
the support of a woman..

..come in front and attack me.



You have hurt a woman's emotions..

..I wasn't a prostitute today.

Now I will show you
what a prostitute is.

I will take a revenge
of this humiliation.

I will take a revenge.

I will.

I will.

A man bitten by a snake
doesn't get time to ask for water.

It's been four days that Mr. Bhawani
Prasad was attacked but he's still alive.

He's a pious man.

I've heard that he's
revered by everybody in Banaras.


Please let us
behold your grandfather.

Uncle, that's not possible.

Grandfather isn't allowing
anyone except Kundan near him.

- Yes grandfather.

I am unable to lose my soul.

Don't talk this way,
you shall get better.

I am the devotee of Goddess Bhavani.

Until I..

..don't see you in that morph..

..I won't be able to die.



There is a bag near me..

..give it to me.




..the weapon which was offered to

..Goddess Bhavani.


have it, keep it with you.

Till date..

..we have given any
offerings to the Goddess.


Nobody can achieve anything without it.

Oh Goddess Bhavani.
- Grandfather.

What did you do?

Can anyone be a great
devotee by killing our people?

If this is the case then
I don't want such devotion.

This is not a murder.

This is an offering.

it is a deed in a righteous manner.


Kill me and offer me to the Goddess.

I will go straight to the heaven.

You think you will go to the heaven,

But will I be able to sit with peace
after killing you with my own hands?

My entire life shall be a hell.

The one whom we love.. can he be the great
devotee by killing someone he loves.

You are telling me,
even you are a great devotee.

Have you ever killed
any of your close relatives?

Can you ever kill anyone
close to you? Tell me.



Goddess, forgive me.

For your devotion,
I couldn't give any of my successor.



I can't tolerate this anymore.

Goddess, you please take my life away.

So, you're not able to die. Right?

You need blood before
you take your last breath.

Look at this.

- This is blood.

The blood stains on this sheet.

This blood was shed many years ago.

The vermilion on my forehead
was washed when the blood was shed.

Can you identify whose blood is this,

- Grandfather..

What are you doing, mother?
Can't you see grandfather's condition?

Don't trouble him like this.

I've come to set him free, my son.

Remember that..

..he has already done
the greatest act of his life.

Yet why can't you leave our body,

You're the one
who killed his own son.

Who could've done
this heinous act except you?

Mother, why are you acting crazy?

Naubatlal killed my father.

The person lying in
front of you killed your father.

Ask him who made me a widow. Ask him.

Ask him who made me a widow.
Who's responsible?

Grandpa.. grandpa..
is mother speaking the truth?

Grandpa, say that she's lying.
How can this be true?

Grandpa, why are you quiet?

Swear on Goddess Bhavani
and tell me who killed my father.

Did you kill him
or did Naubatlal kill him?

Grandpa, answer me.

Grandpa, did you become a great devotee
after shedding my father's blood?

Grandpa, answer me.

Did you become a great devotee
after shedding my father's blood?

Grandpa! Grandpa!

Answer me.

Answer my questions.

Answer my questions, grandpa.

Oh Goddess Bhavani.

Why did you share
this truth with me, mother?

I'll have to perform
his funeral rites.

Why did you tell me?

Kundan! Kundan!

Take it off.

Why are you wearing
this blood stained blanket?

It's the symbol of
my father and grandfather.

The good deeds of one
and the sins of the other one.

It's stained with both.

My heart shudders
at the sight of this, Kundan.

This blanket is stained
with your father's blood.

This is the blood that sacrificed itself..

..but never boiled to shed
somebody else's blood.

I've got this shirt
from my grandfather

and this blanket from my father.

The peace I get after draping this will
never be experienced..

..after wearing the shirt.

Grandpa, you've expired.

But your deeds are still alive.

The hatred, the conflicts
that you conceived is still alive.

The sins that you've left behind
in this world I'll repent for them.

I was supposed to play with blood.

But, you've already done it.
Whose blood is this?

This is the blood of the innocent soul who
was sacrificed before sins and tortures.

The enmity that has
been prevalent for generations..

..I want to cover it with this blanket and
drown it in the Ganges forever, Dwarka.

But, I need your
help to achieve this.

Kundan, you want to get
rid of everything very easily.

But what about the vow we brothers
had taken before our father's dead body?

I vowed to wear your or Bhawani Prasad's
blood stains on my forehead one day.

One should definitely
attack his enemy.

But, I came here to
extend my hands of friendship.

You've lost all courage
after your grandfather's death?

I've not lost courage, I detest
this life of hatred and animosity.

Don't you wish to end this enmity?

Don't you wish to get
rid of this life of hatred?

Don't you wish to get
rid of the fire of anger, Dwarka?

I'll set you free.

Don't worry, sir. I'm here.

Uncle Bhim,
call a doctor immediately.

Step aside, I'll kill him.
- Uncle Bhim, have you lost your mind?

All our differences and hatred
has ended with grandfather's death.

Dwarka is my brother.

look what has happened my brother?

I didn't come here to fight with you.

I came here end the enmity
that has been going on for generations.

Please forgive me, my brother.
Dwarka, forgive me.

I won't survive, Kundan.

Nothing will happen to you.

The doctor has said you'll be fine.
Your injury will heal.

This injury won't heal anymore.

Please take me to brother
Ganeshi as soon as possible.

If I don't meet him before I die.

He will break loose.

Nothing will happen, Dwarka.

You won't die.
You'll definitely meet your brother.

Don't waste time, Kundan.

Take me to my brother by any means.

I want the enmity that has been going for
generations' ends right before my eyes.

I want Ganeshi to embrace
me right before my eyes.

Please take me to my brother.

Kundan, take me to my brother.



In this attire you look..

I look like a bride
of a reputed Hindu family. Right?

Do you know..

..I've seen you in this
attire several times.

I wished to bring you
home dressed as a bride.

Sir, come quickly.

Your brother is badly injured.

- Yes, Dwarka.

Go and meet him immediately.

What has happened to you?

Oh god!
Look what has happened to him.

Oh no! I'm ruined.


Please speak.
- Mother!

What happened?
What has happened to my brother?

Dwarka.. Dwarka, who has injured you?


Dwarka who is he?

Who has injured you?

tell me his name and I'll kill him.

Yes, Dwarka.

I'll stain my hands with his blood.

Dwarka, tell me. Who is he?

Who is he?

Yes, Dwarka..

Dwarka.. Dwarka..


Who are you?

Who killed my brother?

Why was he looking at
you continuously before he died?

What did he want to say?

I'm unfortunate that
he couldn't say anything to you.

I had sent some men with him.

Where are they?

The men left him alone and ran away.

Why did they leave him alone?
Where did they run away?

Brother, have you succeeded
in taking revenge?

Have you got peace
after making me a widow?

Wipe off the vermilion
on my forehead with your hands.

Break my bangles. Break them.

Madam, what was his name?
- Whose?



The person you fell
in love with in Banaras.

Who told you about it?

It's clear from your plight.

I can clearly see that
after you came back from Banaras.. always stay lost.

You neither dress up like
you used to nor do you sing or dance.

You don't even stay
in the dance room now.

Greetings, madam.

What brings you early
in the morning today?

I went to Ganeshi sir's
mansion this morning.

Accept greetings from him.

Nisar, tell me something.
What happened to Dwarka?

He was beaten. He thrashed him badly.

What's his name? Kundan.

I've heard that he's
revered a lot in Banaras.

A kind man brought Dwarka here.

Or Ganeshi Prasad wouldn't
have got to see his brother's dead body.

Didn't Ganeshi's
men bring Dwarka here?

No. All of them ran away.

None of them came back.

Kundan's life is in danger now.

Mr. Ganeshi is going to
Banaras to avenge his brother's death.


No, he won't go. I won't let him go.


I know you're Kundan.

Once I saw you with your
grandfather on the banks of Kashi.

Your mother and grandmother
helped my maiden family a lot.

So, I was startled
to see you here, brother.

How did you come here?
What do you want?

The fire of hatred that's
burning between the families..

..I came to extinguish it, sister.

But, what shall I do now?
Who shall I talk to?

Dwarka has made me helpless.

I haven't slept
in the past 8-10 days.

So, I'm staying here
so I beg before all of you.. forgive me for
the mistakes of my forefathers.

So, I came along with
Dwarka so that the enmity ends.

But, he left us.

He left my hands.
- This enmity will never end.

The family in which fires
of anger and pride burn all the time..

..won't show mercy
and compassion to you.

Therefore forget what you wish to do.

Go away from here.

Tell Ganeshi that
Laila has come to meet him.



Shall we go, madam?
- No.

"Come to me, look at me".

"Come to me, look at me".

"You will find youth in these eyes."

"Come to me, look at me"

"Listen to my heart beats".

"You will get your story in them".

"Come to me, look at me".

"On my lips that are shivering".

"You will find one of your songs".

"In my eyes having tears,
you will find".

"few lost things belonging to you".

"Come to me, look at me".

"Listen to my heart beats".

"You will get your story in them".

"Come to me, look at me".

"Come today".

"Come today I want to hug you".

"For you, I will break
every promise that I have made".

"The one who exploits".

"Are somebody else".

"Here you will get me".

"Come to me, look at me".

"Come in the arms of love".

"Hug me tight".

"You will find a restless
and a scared heart".

"You will find a restless life".

"Come to me, look at me".

"Listen to my heart beats".

"You will get you story here".

"Come to me, look at me".

What is this?

Why are you chasing me?
What do you want?

And what if I say..

..I want you, then?

Please leave me alone.

And I request you.

Don't leave me alone.

That was enough the
way you humiliated me.. front of my mother,
and grandmother and others.

Go away from here.

Okay I will leave.

Return me my bangle.

Which bangle?

The one matching with this.

Why don't you remember this bangle?

I don't remember.

Do you know what are people
who keep forgetting like you called as?


And what about people like you?

What are people like you called, Munni?

You had come along
with enemies to kill me.

What do you think,
I have forgotten everything?

No, how will you forget?

When the killer was on your head.

Then I had thrown my
bangle and had woken you up.

Isn't it true,
that you had come along with Dwarka?

If you would have got hurt,
you would have realised.

If instead of Dwarka I
would have tied you upside down.

With the help of a rope.

Then you would understand.

Was that you Munni?

You tried to kill him Munni?

Oh no.

Kandi had changed
the glasses of alcohol.

And the one which
you were going to drink..

..Dwarka had it.

Did you see how he was swinging?

Drink it Dwarka.

What thing did you give me to drink.

- Kundan.


When we met in Kashi the first time..

..What were your intentions?
- To seek blessings of the Ganges.

That lady Champa when she got
me here from Kashi as her daughter.

She died.

I had gone there carrying flowers.

I had this hope in mind..

..that will meet my
childhood friend Kundan.

Then why did you go away from there.

I was scared Kundan.

I was scared of your love.

The way you met me.

I thought if I face you once more..

..then won't be able
to hide anything from you.

My secrets will be revealed.

And you will start hating me.

If my Munni would show me her sorrows.

Then you think I would have hated you?

You wouldn't?
- No.

I would have hugged her.

And would say, Munni.

Both God and Humans
have been unfair to you.

Forgive all of them.

No, Kundan. God has been
kind to me and has given you.

This moment, this time is mine.
Everything is mine.

I won't let you go
away from me for a moment.

My Munni has gone mad.

Yes, I have gone crazy meeting you.

When Keeping your image in my eyes..

..when I close my eyes.

Then I get scared to open my eyes.

Scared that you might get vanished.




I am your Munni, Kundan.

Laila was the dancer.

And I want to forget her right now.

Kundan, please don't
call me by that name again.


Mr. Rajasaheb is here.

I told him a lot,
but he is not ready to leave.

He says,
won't leave without meeting you.

Yes darling.

How are you?

I was fine till now.

What got you here?

Just to listen to you, to talk to you.

This place has become very silent.


It is been long since there
has been any dance show here.

I have stopped it now.

I know that,
but why has Ganeshi stopped coming here?

I thought he is upset about his brother.

So I thought I should
come over for some fun.

You better leave Mr. Rajasaheb.

I have stopped dancing and singing.

You better don't
take pains to come here.

Laila, don't be so rude to your lovers.

Take this.. is a necklace of real diamonds,
which you returned back that day.

I got it back for you.

Nobody else can.


This is not a court.

This place belongs
to 'Laila of the sky'.

Think well before you come here.

I am leaving you this time.

But if you come here again
then I will throw your dead body out.


Now we will decide upon
this once we have the dead body.

Remember Ganeshiprasad.

Dogs don't leave chasing so easily.

I am tired Laila.

I am tired of keeping
this weapon with me.

I missed you a lot last few days.

I really missed you.

But the situation was
such that I couldn't come.

I was scared.

That you might get angry.

Why will I be angry at you?

Laila has got that thing from you..

..which I had not thought
of even in my dreams.

If Ganeshiprasad too gets that thing from
Laila, then his dreams will come true.

Come with me Laila.

Leave this notorious place,
people keep coming here for you.

I keep thinking about you the whole dy.

If anyone else look at you,
I am just not able to tolerate it.

I want to keep you in
front of my eyes throughout.

With your eyes shut?

Shut inside my eyes.


Hey Ganeshiprasad! You rascal.

Who is this scoundrel?
- If you're brave enough then come out.

Listen.. please don't go,
it must be Rajasaheb's men.

What would you do if you had the weapon?


Go away.

Where did you
go away all of a sudden?

The doctor advised
you not to talk, sir.

- Yes.

Rajasaheb did a big
favour for me while leaving.


At least I can be
with you for some days.

I've heard people give space in their heart
too while giving space in their house.

He is our guest.

Till I am here, even he will stay here.

I will make arrangements for his stay.

Did you see my Laila?

Yes, I saw her.

She is so beautiful.

I love her a lot.

I can sacrifice everything for her.

But I couldn't understand till date
the amount of love she feels for me.

If she loves me or not.

You take rest.

- Yes.

You don't have relative
here in this city?

No one apart from you.

Tell me if you have any problems.

Don't worry about me.


Please take your Munni
away from this place.

Laila's lovers will not let her survive.

Send my Munni back to that Laila.

Whom Ganeshji loves so much.

Don't you love Munni?

Don't you want me?

I love you a lot Munni.

I love you a lot.

But I can't take away Ganeshi's
happiness for my selfishness.

I can't make him sad.

He doesn't know me.

But I know who I am.

I will sacrifice my love.

But I will never hurt him.

You will sacrifice me for him?

Who rates your Munni with their money.

They want to give and take
hearts being high on alcohol.

I hate these people.


I am yours.

I love you.

Please don't separate me from yourself.

I will be disgraced.
- Munni..

Kundan's conscience is guilty,
you've to help him.

You don't know how much we
have been rude to Ganeshi's family.

We have killed his father.

Made his mother a widow.

She died due to the sorrows.

My grandfather has killed
many innocent people.

He is no more now, but he indirectly
has put all the blames upon me.

I'm entangled in his sins.

I have killed Dwarka with these hands.

I have to make up for this mistake.

I have to give up on my dreams and
wishes and help Ganeshi and his family.

This is my duty.

Then listen to me Kundan.

I can't gift my love to someone for you.

You fulfill your duties..

..and I will fulfill my love.

From where did you get these flowers?

I had gone to the temple.

Have got these from there.

Whenever I see you,
I remember my brother.

You've helped us many times.

I'm your servant, sir.

If I will be of any help to you..

..then I will feel blessed.

Without any reason of any expectation
how can you have so much of belief?

This is not belief.

This is selfishness.

I had thought I will make
Dwarka reach to you alive..'ll be a good deed that'll help
to erase my sinful acts of the past.

But, I wasn't
destined to be so lucky.

Dwarka had come to Calcutta.

But it was of no use.

Yes, will always be sad about it.

Till the end of my life.

He was such a brave and a fearless boy.

Have you heard of Kashi's Bhavaniprasad?


But he is no more now, he is dead.

But his grandson, Kundan is alive.

He is still alive.

Do you know him?

Yes, I know him very well.

If I won't take the
revenge of my brother..

..his widower wife,
his orphan children..

..then think that Ganeshi
is not Naubatlal's son.

Will you come with me to Kashi?

Even I will come to Kashi.

Are you going to bathe in the Ganga?

I have committed many sins.

Even I will get chance to lessen them.

Such beautiful flowers.

Have you got them? -Yes.

Laila, did you love the flowers?

I love them since childhood.

Get flowers for Laila every morning.
- As you order, sir.

Give us alms. God will bless you.

Listen.. here are some..

What did you say your name was?

Well.. - Bajrangi. Don't you remember?
- Oh!


Give some donation
to the ages on my behalf.

You give them money,
I'll give them grains.

I also want to earn some good deeds.

Give alms, god will bless you.

You all wait here, I will ask madam.
- Okay.


These people are entering inside.

Give them grains.


Listen, tell him..

..pray in such a way that
Munni must get her love back.

He will not listen to such prayers.

Why not?

You are giving him grains.

You are getting your love.

Then why not he get his love.

Take, madam has given this.

God bless you.

God bless your madam too.

Hail Lord Shiva.

Nothing happens by t heir saying.

God knows I am not your madam.

You are my sir.

Why have you come here?

You had left the door open for me.

So I entered in.

What do you want?

Why have you come here?

I have come to say something.


Your rudeness has irritated me.

Have I irritated you
or are you irritating me?

What if Ganeshi comes to know about it?


Am I his wife to get scared?

Do you why have I come here?

So that I can take you away from here.

Yes, it's a fact.

You are surprised?

Please go and sleep.

If master is upset..

How can the slave sleep?

There is no use of such talks.

Nothing makes difference to you.

You can't see anything apart
from restlessness and stubbornness.

I don't understand.. you became this way.

I have become shameless.

But it is for you.

Not for anyone else.

Your selfishness is not
going to let me achieve anything.

If love is selfish
then yes I am selfish.

I cannot remove you form my heart.

I cannot live without you,
not even for a while.

Why don't you understand?

Time has changed our paths.

It didn't let me be your Kundan.

It didn't let you be mine.

It changed our appearances too.

But it changed our hearts.

I am only yours.
- No.

I will sink in your arms.

Please accept me.

No, Munni, no.

Kundan, this is a fire
which can't be extinguished.

Please accept me, Kundan.

Hug me tight.

Munni, get back in your senses.



Shut up!

I am not Munni.

I am the owner of this house.

You will call me madam.

Got it? Madam.


Sir wants Kundan. Right?

I will kill all people
named Kundan in Kashi..

See the preparation of my boys.

Hit the target.

Wonderful! What great skills!

Did you see that?

I said.

All these knives will
be put into Kundan's chest.

Our Sir must be somewhere else now.

If he leaves that woman.

Isn't it?

Ill-mannered fellow.


Dare you talk anything
nonsense about boss.

I've thrown the dice.

My prediction won't go wrong.
I can see everything.

What is the future of my family?

Your family, great confusion in mind,
there's problem..

Which language is this saint?

This is the language of the future.

This will be the language
of the country in future.


We didn't ask about the language,
we asked about our future.

What is he saying?

Tell us about our future.

Your future is in danger.

Big danger.

Shall I reveal what it is?

Tell us fast.
Help us get rid of the problem.

Shut up you naughty boy. If you
talk too much I'll slap you hard.

Don't listen to him.

Tell us more.

Listen. Your husband got killed.

Tell us what had happened?

Your husband was Dwarka.

He used to drink.

He got into trouble.

How could he save
himself from the enmity?

You're right. That enmity
resulted in his death.

He was great.

He was drunk.

He poked the knife in his body.

He landed in trouble.

What did he go through?

You know everything.

I know.

I've come here.

You asked me. Glory to lord.

Glory to lord.

Bajrangi is here.

He says he has some important work.

Do come again.


This Bajrangi is from where?

Why are you asking us?

Ask your astrology.

You don't trouble him.

He has come from Banaras.

Got his injured father along.

There are ulcers in my feet.

I want to felicitate the great person.

I will wash his feet
and drink that water.

Thirty thousand, I had got from home.

I have given twenty two thousand
to the jeweller for her ornaments.

And these are remaining
eight thousand rupees.

So much cash you keep carrying.

I hope you don't cheat on your master.

I had even one more thing to tell you.


Answer my question first.

If I were fond of jewels..

..then I might have cheated.

Don't even question of his honesty.

I trust him more than myself.

Since he has come he has
been a great support to me.

He is looking after
the business so well.

Those other businessmen
do not recognize me at all.

You were going to say something.

I will someday.

Why are you shy saying
it in front of me?

Not shy.

But you might not like it.

This will result in sneezes
and won't kill mosquitoes.

It'll get rid of
all evil spirits, my son.

We don't have anything.

Don't sneeze. It'll scare the smoke.

Go away from here.

Oh no!

"Sneeze and say.."

"Sneeze and say."

Where are you hiding?

"I can reveal the secret in hearts."

"Sneeze and say who's hidden inside"

"I'll find him
and reveal the secrets."


Move out you will get what you want.

Whatever is there inside will come out.

And whatever will
come out will be known.

But you move out first.

Call me uncle.

He is a saint.

He winks.

The devotee of Bhawani
from Kashi winks and speaks.

The world is two-faced.
Why do you call yourself Bajrangi?


Saint you are great.

I will get my Lata.

You tell her my feelings.

Okay make it fast.


In this attire..

..don't I look like
Nawab's court dancer?

"That which had pictures of love".

"I broke that mirror".

"I broke that mirror".

"Learnt to live smiling".

"Gave up dying slowly".

"Gave up dying slowly".

"What is the voice of heart".

"Don't know what the secret is'.

"What is the voice of heart".

"Don't know what the secret is'.

"If somebody asks me".

"Getting scared of
the sorrows in my destiny".

"Changed the path of life".

"That what had pictures of love".

"I broke that mirror".

"I broke that mirror".

But today after such a long time.

How come you danced?

Nobody can predict
what Laila may do and when.

Laila's truth is not correct.

Don't pay heed to it.

So, you don't want me to trust you.


Because I have no control on myself.

What if suddenly I leave
everything and go away?

Where will you go?


With whom?

Why will I tell you?

Quite possible..

..I might run away with Bajrangi.

If it Bajrangi then it is not possible.

You trust him so much?

How is he related to you?

He is no one.

But still I feel him close to me.

Is it?

And how about me?

You know this better.

If you know about mine
and Bajrangi's real character..

..the you will surprised.

I didn't get you.

What do you mean?

Bajrangi is guarding you at every stage.

And me..

..I am used at every stage.

He is your good deed..

..and I am your sin.

My brother died and you are still alive?

I was scared by Mr. Dwarka's death.

Why have you come here?

I've heard that
Kundan is in Calcutta.

You're lying to save yourself.
Get out.

Anybody around?
Catch the man. He shouldn't escape.

Kundan is definitely in Calcutta.

Caught him. caught him.

You killed Belly to stop him
from giving information about Kundan?


I have served Bhavaniprasad honestly.

Till the time there
is blood in my body..

..nobody can harm Kundan.

You don't know Ganeshi.

Even your angels will
tell where Kundan is.

You try your best.

You cut me into pieces.

But you won't know about Kundan.

What happened?


Mother I felt.. if Kundan soaked
in blood is standing before me.

No mother.

Tell me.

Where is Kundan,
otherwise I won't leave you alive.

If I survive, I won't leave you alive.

That time I had left you for Kundan.

Otherwise instead of Belly..

..would have killed you.

Beat him.

He will kill you.

You want him to kill Bhim uncle?

And I hide here like a coward?

I won't let Bhim uncle fall in trouble.

No. -Get aside.


Uncle Bhim.

Uncle Bhim..

It's me.

I'm Kundan, uncle Bhim.

Why did you come here?

How could I leave you alone?

Go away from here.

If Ganeshi's men see us,
we will be in trouble.

Two! Here you so.

See if that Bhim is alert or not.

He's a tough guy.

I will carry this bed sheet to Ganeshi.

Why are you carrying this bed sheet?

I will show this to him.

And will force him to.. my son's life.

I myself will go to him.

Today this enmity will come to an end.


He will kill you.

I have spent my entire life crying.

Have mercy on your widower mother.

You have given birth to me.

Then encourage me to live bravely.

Kundan!- Mother, stop him from going.

Son! Son, please don't go.

I've vowed to protect you.

Nothing will happen to me. Let me go.
- Son!

Take this back.

Give me my prisoner back.

I didn't get you.

I know and you know the
meaning of releasing Bhim.

Where is he?

- Kundan.

How are you related to Kundan?

What will you get by knowing it?

I want to know about the character of
people who are betraying me in my house.

You are forgetting.

This is my house.

I can keep whom so ever I want to.

Kundan is here?

In this house?

Not in this house.

He is in my heart.

In my eyes.

You betrayer.

What am I hearing?

This is your Laila's voice.

This is Kundan's Munni's voice.

I love Kundan.

And I have loved
him since I was a child.


If my life is of any use to Kundan..

..then I will think
I got married to him.

I won't kill you so easily.

I will kill him in to pieces,
for he killed my brother.

He snatched my love from me.

Where is that coward who
took a woman's help to attack me?

You had come to take
the support of a woman.

Shut up!

Fallen woman!
- No!

Kundan? No.

Kundan go away from here.

Go away, otherwise he will kill you.

Why did you stop Kundan?

Come in the light.

Let me see the face of that sinner,
by killing whom.. my oath will be accomplished.


Yes master.

I am Kundan.

I am the grandson of your
father's killer Bhavaniprasad.

The one for whom you
had taken an oath to kill.

I have fulfilled my duties master.

You fulfill your promise.

Was this your duty?

To keep attacking me secretly?

To slowly add poison to my happiness.

I have always tried to serve you.

And have always tried
to protect your happiness.

You have only protected yourself.

You kept serving me for..

..when I realise that you are Kundan..

..then I might forgive
you and leave you.

You had no guts to stand in front of me.

Yes, I had no guts.

To stand in front of
a brother being his enemy.

And now I am tired of living this way.

You take my life.

But you please release
me from this old enmity.

You will never get released from this.

I cannot let you go easily.

I can still see my father's dead body
in front of my eyes, floating in Ganga.

I can still feel Dwarka's..

..lost breaths.

And I have embraced them.

He had forgiven me.

And keeping the same emotions
in mind I came to you..

But it is my misfortune that
Dwarka couldn't tell you anything.

You are lying to save your life.

You had killed Dwarka.

You killed him.

Uncle Bhim.

Get aside.

Let me kill him.

Uncle Bhim.

Uncle Bhim.

Uncle Bhim.

Uncle Bhim.

Uncle Bhim.

What did I do?

The person for which I was surviving..

..I killed the same person.

No Kundan..

..God had mercy on me.

That he let my life.. taken for you.

No, I was getting rid
of grandfather's sins.

But I end up committing another sin.

C'mon tell me. Why did you
make me commit one more sin, uncle?

Don't cry.

This must be the good deed of the past.

That I got killed by my son.



Take this master.

The knife having the
blood of my ancestors.

Insert it in my chest.

I don't want a life..

..where I will be called to have
done a good deed by killing people.

You please release me from this
struggle between Good deeds and sins.

Release me master.

Release me.


I have got that thing
from your door step..

..which I had never thought
of even in my dreams.

I got my brother back.

I got Dwarka back.

This bed sheet has the
blood of that innocent person..

Who was killed for the
race between sin and good deeds.


I want to pack the enmity in this bed
sheet and want to throw it in the Ganga.

"Forgiveness mellows down anger."

"When you show it to others."

"Saint Kabir tells his disciples.."

"Nobody can win in anger."