Sunflower (2006) - full transcript

Released from prison, Taesik goes to live with an adopted mother. He takes a job and tries to live a quiet life with his new family. His efforts are threatened when a politician seeks to knock the family restaurant down to build a mall. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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I'll never drink again
I'll never fight nor cry again

Eating walnut snack



- Me?
- Yes.


You're retarded, aren't you?

The field of sunflowers is gone.

It's changed a lot.

I can't believe this.

My mom's out now.

Come back tonight.

I have nowhere to go.

You said you're from here.
No friends?

Go to a sauna then.

You mean a public bathhouse?

Going to a public bathhouse


Stop playing with that thing.

It's a delicate sensor.

You'll break it.

Okay, I won't.
I'm sorry.

You should know better.

No wonder it keeps breaking.

You have no idea
how expensive it is.

If broken...
Are you loaded?

You'll pay for it?


I've never used it before.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Who is that asshole with?

He's one of Changmu's boys.

Did they report it in?


Things are crazy around here.

I should ask for a transfer.

Changmu and Yangki...

They're bickering
over that Club Oracle.

You have to hold your mind.
There's war brewing.

I hear they were friends,
weren't they?

Thugs can never be friends.

They knew each other
when they were nothing.

Let's go.

What about her?

They didn't call it in.

We're shorthanded.
We got no time for that.

And it's time to eat.

She must've done something bad.

- Let's go!
- Okay.

Sugary carbonic acid gas.

Caramel, phosphoric acid.

A lot of good stuff in it.
Gulp it down.

Drink it.

Why aren't you?

Drink it, assholes.

Hitting you is useless
and so ignorant.

I've decided to change.

Damn, look at you.
You're pathetic.

Haven't I told you?

Once Club Oracle is completed,
we're done suffering.

Until then, do yourjob right.

You got that?



Who the fuck is this?



- When'd you get out?
- This morning.

Why didn't you call me?
I could've picked you up.

I'll go.

Go where?

I just wanted to drop by
and say hello.

You seem quite busy.

Where are you going?

To see Yangki.

- You don't have to see me out.
- It's okay.

Happy to see you're doing well.

Call me if you need anything.



I should leave you alone?
Whatever you do?

Fuck you.

Keep an eye on him.

Okay, Boss.


We're closed.

I thought you drowned
at the sauna.

Mom's been waiting.


Duckja, come out here.


You've been waiting for him.

He's here.


I totally forgot!

You're home, Taesik.

Let me look at you.

- How are you?
- Fine.

It must've been hard.
Did you eat?

Tell me what you feel like.

It's okay, Ma'am.

Get out.


Get out and don't come back.


I'm sorry.

Sorry for what?

I'm sorry, Mother.

Close the shop.

What do you feel like?

Some meat?

Welcome home.


I'll help myself.

Come on.


That's good.

I can't believe this.

Dukja, are you happy?

Better watch it.

Don't call me by my name again.

Or what?

This! How about it?


Where are you going?

To get some water, Dukja!

Can't you see that?


God, you're choking.

Spit it out.

Come on, spit it out.


This is your room now.

My brother...

Anyway, we fixed it up
with a new boiler.

You'll find it comfortable.

I'll do the laundry for you.

You clean the bathroom
and feed the dog.

Follow me.

Don't expect me to treat you
like a real brother.

I'm known for being mean.

- Okay?
- Sure.

I don't know the story
between you and my mom.

But I don't like you.

And I don't like living

with a total stranger.

I was so against the idea.

But I gave in to her
because it was her wish.

You should thank me.


Even if I bother you, suck it up.

Or move out.

I'll suck it up.

Here's a piece of advice
for your pathetic life.

Being dumb isn'tjust bad.
It's a crime.

It makes others suffer.
Got it?

I'll never drink again.

I'll never fight again.

I'll never cry again.

Wake up.

Get the hell up.

Get up now! I'm late.


What is it?

I forgot to give you the keys.

Lock the door if you go out.

There isn't much to steal, though.


Why are you looking at me
like that?

Never seen a pretty girl?

Have fun with yourself.

Congratulations on your election.

We expect a lot from you.

We're counting on you.

Don't you worry.

I'll have the market renovated

and bring back customers.

Thank you so much!

Development doesn't happen
for itself.

It takes us to abandon the old
and welcome the new.

That's right!

I will never disappoint you!

- Cho Pansu! Cho Pansu!
- Thank you!

Thank you!

It's disgusting.

Let's get out of here.

It stinks.

Hey, we're back.

How are you?

What are you doing here?

- What?
- What brought you here?

I was told to report to...

Not that.

Why'd you come back here?

I know Korea is freaking small.

But why?

Why here?

Don't you know me?

We went to middle school together.

You don't remember?

You bullied me like crazy!

If I were you,
I wouldn't have come back.

People here don't like you.

I'm saying this for your sake.
Leave town.

I'll be good. Trust me.

You will?

If you say so...

I'll be watching you.
Don't cause any trouble.


I said no basketball on duty!

We're on a lunch break.

- Did you eat?
- Yes.

- I'm off to lunch.
- Okay.

I got it when I was younger... intimidate people.

Now I think it looks horrible.


It's absolutely a turnoff.

- What?
- A turnoff.

So, what is it that you want?

You know what.

Is it possible?

It's a work of art.

Why don't you leave it?


If you want it erased,
it can be done.

But it'll leave a trace.

And it costs a lot of money.

How much?

It's 30 by 50, so...

I can't give you
an exact number now.

But I'm sure it's a lot.

A lot.

What if...

Never seen anything like this?

Of course not.

Think of me as a guinea pig
and do it for free?

We're not social workers.


I don't think
that's gonna work.

I'll make life easier for you
City Councilor Cho Pansu

- You can't go in!
- Let go!

I don't need an appointment!

You can't see him
without an appointment!

- I need to talk to him!
- What's wrong with you?

What's the matter?

She forced herself in to see you.

It's been a while.

You can leave us.

Yes, sir.

Sunflower Lady,
what can I do for you?

I'll make it short.

I'll never sell you my restaurant.

So don't bother.

I'm doing everything I can
to develop our community.

You got a hearing problem?

Stop bothering us
by sending those thugs.

Or I'll bite back.

You play a nice daddy
for your kids?

I'm sure
they'll learn a lot from you.


Everybody on earth is bad.

You're old enough to know that.


It's hard to get a job these days.

Why don't you work here?

I'll pay you.

What? No?

- Taesik got a job?
- Yes.

At Wellbeing Garage
down the street.

Wellbeing Garage?

Has he gone insane?

And he went to the hospital
to have the tattoo erased.


And he's living
with that Sunflower Lady?

What the hell is he up to?

Who says you can come up here?

This is the only place of mine
on earth.

Get down now.

What are you hiding?

Oh, cigarettes.

Fine, you can smoke.

Go ahead.

Is it good?

You're pathetic.

Quit smoking.

I hate the smell.

Leave now.


Can't you call me brother?

I told you not to expect that.

I can be a good brother.

But I can't be a good sister.

What happened to your face?

My face?

There's only one reason for it.

What's that?

I'm too pretty.

The world won't leave me alone.

It's so tiring.

I'm used to it, though.


- Hey
- Yeah?

That's Oh Taesik.

Both Changmu and
Yangki were scared of him.

No kidding.

He looks docile.

He got kicked out of high school,

and started causing trouble.

Back then,
Choi Dopil ruled the town.

But he couldn't stop that ass.

Within 2 years,
he lost his turf to him.

Then Yangki and Changmu
were his underlings.

That was 10 years ago.
Damn, time flies.

Look, it's raining.

The sun is out,
and it's raining?

- You tell me.
- It feels cool, though.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Me? Nothing much.

You know what he did then?

When drunk,
he becomes a beast.

Dopil didn't know that
and gathered up his boys... get rid of him.
But he ended up dead.

Look at him drink.

That's a lot.

It's about to begin.

That's right.
Right, left, and a front kick!

Doesn't it feel so real?

Throw him!

A spin kick!

He evades the knife and holds him.

He twists his arm
and goes in for a kill!

That's how he died.

Oh, that's what happened.

Here come Yangki and Changmu.

Look at them.
They couldn't look more scared.

After Taesik went to jail,
everybody thought...

...either Yangki or Changmu
would take it over.

But this guy named Byungjin
who limps because of Taesik...

...teamed up with Cho Pansu
who was a pimp then...

...and took over town.

What's going on?

What is it?

That's Cho Pansu!
That's him!

Byungjin was stupid.

Yangki and Changmu
alleged loyalty to Cho Pansu.

Byungjin thought
he'd be ruling the town.

But he thought wrong.

The rain is stopping.

It looks as if we staged this.

It's stopped.


That's what happened.

And he's back.

Trust me.
He'll fuck up big time soon.

- Get out.
- What for?

We'll do some interview.

When he first showed up,
I was so nervous.

I even prayed for him to leave.

But he begged me for a job.

And I couldn't say no.

I didn't want him
to hold a grudge against me.


So I thought I'd fire him
if he wasn't any good.

But he works so hard.

I hate those who goof around,

but love those hard workers.

Taesk is good.

- What about drinking?
- Right.

Not at all.

We all went drinking
and asked him to drink some.

He didn't.

He's changed. Very nice.

I can't believe it.

We're working here.

What's that?

Where are you going?

Have Taesik help you.

I'm not a slave.

Get back here!

You haven't taken care of that?

We're not building the mall?

We've bought all the land
around it, asshole!

When will the construction finish?

In about 3 weeks.

It makes me so crazy!

I'm gonna crazy.

Why should I step in
to get anything done?

Get the boys tonight.

Yes, sir.

When X falls in between 0 and 2,
what's g(t)?

It's 1.

When X falls between 2 and 3...

...g(t) is square (t-1 ).

Let's use the formula.

From integral 0 to 3,
gt, dt is...

From integral 0 to 2,
1dt plus

Integral 2 to 3 is
square (t-1 ) and dt.

So if you calculate this,
1 is t and o to 2...

How important do you think
infinitesimal calculus is in life?

That depends on
what kind of life you live.

For what you want in life?
You should know it.

What's he doing here?

What are you doing here?

You didn't come to pick me up.

What's that?
You'll study here?

You wanna go to college?

- Yes.
- What?

What for?

Why can't I?

No, I'm just saying...

Sure, why not.

You can't be too old to study.
It's my bad.

Taking all the courses?

No, just English.

Just English?
What about the others?

I'm good at other subjects,

but not English.

What about math?
You'll just pick answers?

I'm good at math.

You're good at math?

But you're dumb.

- Can you do integral calculus?
- Yes.


You can do integral calculus?
Don't lie to me.


I went to see you in jail.

Why'd you refuse to see me?

Just because...

So you've become a teacher.

I wanted to see you once and for all.

You did? Why?

To tell you I'm sorry.

That's all?

Nothing else?

What else do I have to tell you
except that?

What are you looking at?

Can't you see?
Done talking to her?

Yes, I thought you'd be waiting.

Why would I wait for you?
Am I nuts?

That's a portable multimedia player.


I don't know.

You can take pictures, play music,
and watch movies with it.


- You're lying.
- It's true.

Knock it off.
What do you take me for?

I'm not stupid.


- You can do integral calculus?
- Yes.

How do you do it?

Do the differential backwards.

I know that!

How do you do it backwards?

You just do it.


What's wrong with this?
There's no taste to it.

It's pretty good.

You can eat it all.

Hey, check them out.


Isn't that the girl
you have a crush on?

How do you do differentials?

Do integral calculus backwards.

Are you kidding me?

No, I'm...


Get up, asshole.
Get up.

Get the hell up.

Son of bitch!

You piece of shit.

She's mine.
I've been eyeing her for 2 years.

And you're hitting on her?

You're totally mistaken.

Mistaken my ass!

You stop me?

Cut it out!

Let go!

What the...

Stop it!

What's going on
between you and this ass?

Stop hitting him!

Damn, I'm pissed.

What should I do with him?

Look, asshole.

I love Huiju
See this?

Can you see this?

You stole money from others
and got that tattoo?

You're really something.

- What the...
- How touching.

You wont' see her again, right?


Huiju, you disappointed me.

You know I love you.

I don't like you!

You'll love me eventually.

Leave her alone, will you?


What'd you just say?

You know what?
You're digging your grave.




It's been a while, Huiju.

- I don't like you.
- I missed you, babe.

This is a joke.




It's an ointment.

What do you say?


Don't tell mom
what happened today.

I don't want her to freak out.


How do you know the math teacher?

Long time ago...

You dated her?

I knew her.

Congratulations on your election
as city councilor.

Maybe you should run
for Congress.

Rushing things is never good.
One step at a time.

My next goal is mayor.

I'll serve you with my life.

I'm counting on you.


Hey, Changmu.

Sit down and drink.

There you go, Changmu.
You're the man.

I like that.

I know you boys are busy.
I'll get to the point.

It's about Club Oracle.

I expect one of you boys to help me.

I'll do my best, sir.

It's not running a super market.

It'll be the biggest club in town.

I have the right business mind.

I'll never disappoint you.

I have the business mind, too.

I'll make it full of pretty girls.

And I'll book popular singers
and comedians.

The most important thing is
to hire the right waiters.

I'm sure it'll do well
whoever runs it.

What about the Sunflower Restaurant?

Didn't I tell you
that I needed that land?

I'm doing my best.

You should've given me the job.

If she doesn't listen,
I'll bulldoze the place.

Don't worry.
I'll take care of it.

Yeah, you do that.

You're too soft.
Not good for the business.

Make it smooth, okay?

The business mind?

What a talker you are.

Oracle is mine, okay?

I don't know if you...



I'll take care of
that restaurant...

...and take over Oracle.


It's a piece of cake.

I hate those without manners.

Go say hello.



Stop it, guys!
Stop it!

They're your boys?

- Well...
- Why?

What are you doing here?


It's just...

It's my mother's place.

Your mother's?

What are you doing?

- Taesik.
- Leave.

Don't get me wrong.


Okay, I'll leave.

Let's go.

Shit, I almost got fucked.

Come on, let's go!

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

What did they want?

You don't need to know.
It's nothing.

You know Taesik was there.

You wanted me to get fucked?

You never listen to me.

I should fucking kill you.

Watch your mouth, asshole.

What the fuck!

What's important is...

...what he has in mind, okay?

You think he's back for nothing?

What if he's with the Mob
from Seoul...

...and wants to take over
our town?

Even Mr. Cho can't stop him.

If so, we're screwed.

But I'm friends with him.

How many times
did you visit him in jail?

Not once, right?

I did 5 times for 10 years.

You call yourself a friend?

Fuck you.

I heard you, asshole.

Didn't he say he would destroy it?

What the hell did he do?

Sir, there's a problem.


You should know, too.

Go ahead.

Neither Changmu nor Yangki
can touch that place...

...because of Oh Taesik.

Who's that?

Don't you remember?

Oh Taesik from 10 years ago.

One who whacked Dopil?

He's back in town
and you didn't tell me?

Keeping an eye on him... see...

...what cards he has hidden... put on the table?

That's not it.


We've been watching him.

- He's done with this field...
- This field?

What's wrong with this field?

What's wrong with it?

Help yourself.

He's tougher than he looks.
Be nice.

Come here, eat.

You do integral calculus well?

- A little bit.
- You said you were good at it.

I am.

This is how it works.

I can't believe this.

You didn't finish high school
and are better than me.

When I was in jail,
there was this math teacher.

He started teaching me
to kill time.

I was a cell leader,
and he was nice to me.

So he was like your tutor.


I see.

But no English teacher?

I waited for one, but none came.

What did that teacher do?

He took kickbacks from parents?

You don't need to know.

Tell me, or I'll hit you.

- Adultery.
- Adultery?

You know love is no sin.

What's integral calculus?

Doing differential backwards.

Give me a break.

How come I understand differential...

...not integral calculus?

Being dumb...

It's a sin and makes others suffer.

What the... Is that a joke?

You're laughing at me?

You think you're something
because you're better at math?


I'm sorry I was nice to you.

And don't smile like that.

Looking stupid is your concept,
isn't it?

What's that?

You don't know?

Oh, you don't know English.

You're dead.
Go get an English book!

Not studying?

I did.

Listen to yourself.

You can never study enough.

Without studying hard,
you can't make it in life.


Taesik, what is it?

Can I come in?

Sure, come in.

Sit here.

What's going on?
What is that?

I got my first paycheck today.

So I bought you something.

You should've saved it
for your future.

- What is it?
- Don't touch it.

I've never done this before.

I don't know if you like them.


How could I wear these?

Thank you.

No, I owe you so much.
Thank you.

Let me give you...

When will I get a job...

...and do what he did?

Damn, I should age fast.

I told you not to come up here.

Should I leave?

You can have your smoke.

Trying to suck up to both
mother and daughter?

Mom promised to buy me this.

Fine then.

You can watch TV on it.

I'm going.


I quit.


You hate the smell.


You're quite character.
My gift...

Buying gifts

So that's it?

That's what it is.

Come here.

You're so cute.


That's a dragon.

And a bamboo.

Oh Taesik

What's this?

Huiju, no!

Let me see.

'I won't drink. '
'I won't fight. '

'I won't cry. '

Mom gave you this?

She's really something.

This is so funny.

'Peeing on the street.
Getting full from coke. '

'Getting hair dyed. '

They're all boring.

- Give it back.
- Wait.

What's this?

'Kissing my breath out. '

Fine, I'll give you this one.


Going on a picnic


It's ripe.

I finally got to understand
integral calculus.

You said you hated math
because of that.

Taesik taught me how to do it.

He taught you?

He's good at math.

He wants to go to college.


He's really something.


If you get into college,
the tuition is on me.

Go, Taesik!

Come eat some melon.

Give me a minute.

Come on now. Eat some.

Pretty good.

Wait for your brother!
Put it down.


Hold still.

Come on, it's my favorite.

'Princess can't sleep. '

- Princess what?
- Listen to it.

She's officially crazy.

Look into the camera.

Here we go.

- I'm going home.
- Okay, good job today.

- See you tomorrow.
- Good night.


You live with Sunflower Lady?


I'm sorry about your leg.

No point talking about the past.

Forget about it.

Mr. Cho Pansu...

He wants to build a big mall.

He's bought the field of sunflowers...

...except that restaurant
standing in the middle of it.

That made him very upset.

You know what?

I hope you leave town with her.

your family will be in trouble.

Cho is a ruthless bastard.

I hope to not see you again
around here.

unsaturated fatty acid...

It's good for the system.

Drink it.

Drink it now!

Gulp it down.


I never thought the day would come
for you to visit me here.

We got ourselves a problem.


Since when?

But it wasn't Cho who met him.

Who's Byungjin?

Use your head.
That's for thinking.

I do a lot of thinking, too.

Forget it.

I think Cho made him an offer.

What would that be?

It can't be anything small.

- Oracle?
- You got it.

What about us?


Stop calling me like that.

Take care of the restaurant.

I'll deal with Taesik.

I'll kill you
if you ever come back.


You look so unique.


Doesn't it hurt?

I bet it does.

I don't understand
why you want it erased.

It's cool, isn't it?

Like an iguana with skin trouble.

Come on.

Send her out.
She's too noisy for me.

Don't you smell meat burning?

What's wrong with you?
Be quiet!

I'm sorry.

Study hard, okay?


Study hard.

I hate repeating myself.


You don't know?

I'm going to a good college.

It'd be good
if we went to school together.

You can be my bodyguard.

It's a dangerous world
for pretty girls.

You know I'm pretty.

What, you don't think so?

How much is it?

Going to the same college
with Huiju

Why don't you leave?

We're not thugs.

We don't want any trouble.

Cooperate with us.

To my eyes,
you're nothing but thugs.

So save it and get out.

- God damn it!
- What?

I'm Lee Changmu.

And I'm about to lose it.

Don't you get it?

Lose it or not,
you don't scare me.

Get out, asshole.

- Get out of here.
- Fuck it.

Okay, boys.
We'll do it my way.

Get out!

- Trash it.
- Okay.

Let go, asshole!

What are you doing?

You crazy bitch!

Call the cops, please!

Call the cops!


Changmu, are you okay?

What are you doing?
It's our restaurant!

- Leave us alone!
- What?

What should we do?

I saw it coming.

Let's go.
We have to stop them.

God, I hate this situation!

Wait a little longer.

Hold your horses!
I said wait, didn't I?

Damn, it hurts.

That was your daughter, right?
She hit me with a weapon.

A weapon?

What was it then?

She almost killed me with it.

Stop staring at me.

Look, we'll call it even today.

Or I'll have her arrested.

I'm very well aware of that area.

A lot of witnesses.

I'm not bluffing.

You're nothing but trash!

Look here.

This car is 14 years old.

It's been quite well maintained.

Look, it's in good shape.

Come on, let's go!


Mom... Mom...

I gotta go.

What'd you bring him for?
It's nothing.

This is nothing?

God, it's broken.
I don't think they can fix it.

I'm sorry.

It's totally broken.

I'll buy you another one.

No, I don't need it now.

Buy me one
when I get into college.


The pictures are good, though.


Let's see who laughs last.

It's Cho Pansu, isn't it?

How do you know that scumbag?


Good job today.

That's how we get things done.

Let's drink.

Hey, Taesik.

I have no business with you.
Let me talk to Mr. Cho.

You're the Oh Taesik, huh?

I've heard about you.

I have a favor to ask of you.

I promised to myself
that I'd never fight again.

Help me keep that promise.

I force you to fight?

What makes you think that?

I was going to ask you help me
with my business.

I have a job.

You should have bigger goals in life.

I'm satisfied now.

My business is legitimate.

Thank you.
But no thanks.

That's a shame.

Do me this favor.

It's a favor?
More like a threat to me.

What's so difficult?
We're helping each other.

It's very easy.

We'll set the table.

You arrest him afterwards.

He's on parole.
It'll put him back in jail.

Can you do it?

No problem.
You know I'm good.

What's up?

You don't need to know.

- Let's go eat.
- Okay.


I hear you guys are good.

You got that right.

What's wrong with it?

I want something special.

Like a flying car in the movie.

Cool, isn't it?

Put wings on my car.

You're kidding.

I am?

I had a burger for lunch.

You think I ate that to joke
with you?

Come on, put wings on my car.

We don't do that here.

Go to a different garage.

A different one?

You should be able to tell us
where I can have it done.


Please, don't.


I'm sorry if I offended you.

You're sorry?

This guy is so arrogant.

What are you doing?
Beat him.

I'm sorry.

Sorry my ass!

What are you doing?

Stop it!


Why are you doing this?

Stop it!

I'm okay.

Why are you doing this?

I'm okay. I'm okay.

What are you doing?

- What are you looking at?
- I'll poke your eyes out.

That's enough.

Let's go.

Are you okay?


I'm glad you didn't lose it.

You did well.

They're leaving?

Who's that stupid ass?

He couldn't get him upset?

Anyway, Taesik has changed a lot.

He would've knocked them out
10 years ago.

5 big ones, and...

Are these all you have?

That's right.

I need more.

Can I order them in sets?

You didn't know them?

Never seen them before.

No reason?


It is true.

You did get beat up.

When I heard you got beat
by petty thugs...

I didn't believe it, but it's true.

You know him?

He's just a kid.

A kid?

You call me a kid?

Watch it.

Get out of here.
Don't bother my son again.

Your son my ass.

I know the whole story.

What a fucked-up family.

How can you adopt a guy
who whacked your own son?

You call that a family?

Shut up.

You whacked her son, right?

Choi Dopil.

What? What?

It's late.

Go to your room.

He really killed my brother?

Did he?

How could you do that?

How could you adopt a man
who killed your son?

Things happen in life.

It was an accident.

Still, it was him who killed
my brother.

After the funeral...

I went to see him in jail.

I wanted to ask him...

...what he did to deserve that.

Then what?

He started crying,
saying he was sorry.

I'd never seen anybody
cry like that.

Seeing him cry...

I realized
he'd just made a mistake.

And that he wasn't a bad person.

So I visited him a few more times.

I watched him for 10 years.

He was a good kid.

So I decided to make him my son.

I must be crazy.

I thought you had quit.

I want to, but it isn't easy.

I'm sorry.

I wasn't thinking right.

I'll leave.

Take care of your mom.

What about us?

Mom and I were happy
to have you with us.

Now you're leaving?

You're so funny.

You come and go as you like?


I'm thankful.

I came to thank you,
and you tell me you're leaving?

My brother was her son.

But he was a piece of shit.

He would beat her for money.

I was very young
when I heard that he died.

But I was very happy.

That mom would never be
beaten up by her own son.

Don't go.

I don't care what others say.

And mom is happy with you.

I've never seen her that happy.

Live with us.

I'm going down.
Smoke another cigarette.

I'll call you brother
from now on.


God, it feels awkward.

So you're saying...

I ordered Dopil to hit Taesik.

So one died,
and the other ended up in jail?

And I cheated Dopil
out of the field of sunflowers?

If you leave Taesik and us alone,
I'll keep quiet.

You must be going senile.

Let's say that's true.

Why make an issue out of it now,
not 10 years ago?

If even you gave an order,
it was my son who did it.

It's my son's diary.

I couldn't care less
if you become a Congressmen.

But if this diary gets out...

You're going down.

It's Dopil's?

Yes, it's his.

What are you gonna do?

What do you think?

Nothing gets done
without me stepping in.

We should take care of this.

This is impossible.
Taesik, open this for me.



Hi, Wellbeing Garage.

Taesik, it's me.

Sunflower Lady is in danger.


She blackmailed Mr. Cho.

- He won't leave her alone.
- What do you mean?

What happened 10 years ago...

It was Cho's work.

He gave Dopil the order.

What she knows is true.

I'm telling you
Cho won't let this slide.

Taesik, be careful.

I called to warn you.

You missed class.
Where'd you go?

How will you go to college
if you play hooky?

She's been drinking all day.

Mother, I'm home.

Hello, son.

Nobody can touch us now.

I fixed the problem.

Give me a minute.
Let me finish the song.

?Fall, this lonely night

?Bugs are crying

Let me tell you.
Life is a battle.

Doing your best isn't enough.

The winner sleeps with a beauty.

And the loser sleeps alone.

- Understood?
- Yes.

Let's go, boys.

One, two, three.

Let's go!

Nice serve!

Far, further!

Guard! Guard!


She got hurt because of me.

No, don't be saying that.

If I had sold the restaurant,

it wouldn't have happened.

I didn't think
I wanted that much out of life.

Taesik, she's family.



Nothing's more important
than family in life, okay?

Yes, mother.

Okay, we'll sell the place
and leave.

We'll start all over.

Take it.

It's for her surgery.

It should be enough.

I saved it for her wedding later.

But we need it now.

Byungjin, it's me.

I need to see Mr. Cho.

Where should I go?

I need to talk to him.

- Or...
- It's Oracle.

- What does it mean?
- A prophet.

Crazy bastards!
A prophet at a night club?

What can he predict?

Who knows?

I hope to see them go down
before I die.

But I don't see it happening.

- Let's go eat.
- Okay.

Want a shot?

No thanks.

What'd you wanna see me for?

My family will leave town.

Oh, okay.

Nobody's stopping you.

Thank you.

We'll leave in a few days.


If you commit a sin,
you get punished for it.

Give me one of your arms,
and I'll let you go.

What do you say?


Go ahead.

You'll be able to hold a spoon.

Taesik, your arm is fine.
Don't worry.

You know what I mean?

Have a good life somewhere else.

Consider it as a last gift from me.

It's okay.

Everything will be fine.

I'll protect you with my life.

We'll be happy again.

My dear son...

Only if I could see you again.

If I have to pick the most
difficult time of my life...

It's when we built the restaurant.

After your father died suddenly...

We were so poor then.

I wasn't eating well
so I couldn't breastfeed Huiju.

But what kept me going was you.

You were mean to me later.

But I believed
you'd come around one day.

Looking back...

It was the toughest time
of my life.

But at the same time...

I couldn't be happier then,
building the restaurant together.

I wanted to keep the restaurant.

But those bastards are forcing us out.

I'm sorry.

Mom's so sorry.

The living has to keep on living.

Yes, we'll leave.

I'll be fine somewhere else.

Yes, we'll leave.

Mother, it's me.


Mother, open your eyes.


Mother! Mother!

Mom, open your eyes.

Open your eyes!


Open your eyes!

Mom... Mom...


Mom, open your eyes.
Mom? Mom!

She was such a good person.

Being rich isn't everything
in life.

It's about living a healthy life,
respecting others.

I don't understand
why she did it.

She was such a nice person.

She should've listened to us.

She got too greedy.


It's me, Taesik.


Oh, I said I'd call you brother.


Sounds weird?


Where's mom?


She's at the restaurant.
She'll be back soon.


Do me a favor.



Everybody, focus.

Let's rehearse again.
Attention. Bow.


Nothing's impossible
if you push it.

How nice of you
to work together.

It's all thanks to you.

Get along from now on.

Run the club well.

Thank you, sir.
We'll do our best.

What's this?


Can't you hear it?

Who the fuck is crying?

It's me, fucker.

Oh Taesik.

You know what?

For 10 years, I regretted
and promised to myself.

Did you have to do it?

You shouldn't have.

Did you have to take it all?


Are you out of your mind?

Taesik, you're back.


What can you do with
that hand?

I heard about that lady.

And her daughter.

It's so sad.

I'll make it sadder for you.

I was looking for it.

You had it.

Who messed up Huiju's face?

I did, asshole.
Got a problem?

Byungjin, leave.

Unless you wanna die.

That moron!

I'm sorry.

Thanks for letting me live.

If you commit a sin,
you get punished for it.


Consider it my punishment.

Hey, do something.

This is quite embarrassing.

Give me a chance.
I'll take care of him.

Yeah? Go ahead.

This is my break
to leave a good impression.

I can do this.

He's a joke.

Should I make it worse?

Fuck! Put out the fire!

Get away from me!


I saw this coming.

I should've dealt
with you myself.

Trash is trash.

Did you drink?


I didn't drink.

Did you fight?


I didn't fight.

Then you won't be crying.




I'm sorry.

Here's the definition
of Laplace transform.

Either F9s) or L9f) are used
as notation.

Laplace transform of F9t) is...

0 to infinity.

2 and -s9t), f9t), dt.

And this inverse
Laplace transform is F9t).

Next, this is example of
Laplace transform.

When t is bigger than 0 and
F9t) is 1...

Laplace transform
of this is...

By the definition L9f) is L91 )
and integral 0 to infinity,

2 and -s9t), dt so,
if you integral calculus

-1/s, 1 and -s9t)...

0 to infinity
so the answer is 1/s.

That's it for today.

You had a hard time
staying awake.

I'll make sure those who dozed off
will get a F.

Hand in your papers to Huiju.

Everybody's impressed
with your thesis, Huiju.

See you.

Passing a thesis examination

Let me ask you something.

What is it?

Were you in love with Taesik?


I don't know.

What do you think love is?

What's love?

It's simple.

It's about happy moments
and good memories.

If you remember,
love doesn't change.

It doesn't?