Sunflower (2000) - full transcript - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Planned & Produced by
Hidemi Satani & Koichi Ishida

Screenplay by
Shinsuke Sato & Isao Yukisada

Whose is this?

Directed by
Isao Yukisada

How many ear piercings
do I have?

Why ask that now?

Don't look.

Just the one.

No, two.

That shows how little
you think of me.

You just don't get it.

I don't see any connection
between that and the hairband.

Well there is.

Are you listening to me?

A freak wave caused
the vessel to capsize...

Those confirmed dead include...

...a party of young tourists
on a fishing excursion...

Manabe Tomomi from Tokyo...

I know that name.

"Tomomi Manabe"


What are you doing?

Hi, this is Tomomi Manabe.

Hear that?
That's her.

Do you remember me?

Tomomi Manabe?

Probably one of your
one-night stands.

So many girls.
Now one of them is dead.

She's an old classmate.

From when?

Elementary school.

Hang on.
I'll make a call.

It can wait!

My classmate is dead.
We can talk later.

Whatever, I'm moving out

Can't you just wait?

Why should I?

Come on...

Is that you, Tanaka?

I saw it.


No, I can't make it.

It's not my place to...

I know what you mean.


You want me to contact
the other classmates?



Let's go.

I have nothing to say to you.

What about the phone bill?
It's mostly yours.

Let's go, driver.

- You sure?
- Yes, please go.

No, don't go.

Hey, Teruaki.

C'mon Teruaki.
Hurry up.



You scared me!

Is this about Tomomi?

The funeral's tomorrow.

Are you going?

Tanaka asked me to
round up all our old classmates.

Why Tanaka?

Maybe somebody asked him to.

So why pick you?

He can't make it to the funeral.

That's typical.

What does that mean?

He was in love with Tomomi.


But you're going?

It's a funeral.
How can I refuse?

It's not as if it's a wedding.

You loved her, too?

No, but she left me a message
a couple of days ago.

She called you?

I don't know.
It's unnerving.

It sure is.

Come with me.

Look, I have no reason to.
Besides, I'm busy.

I'm no student.
I work.

So Tomomi is dead.

It just happened,
I don't know the details.

It's hard to believe
but I feel sorry for her.

Will you come, Yumiko?

Who else is going?

Kitaoka is.

Of all people...

Okay, when you get to that bit,
fling your arms back.

You got that?
Right back.

From the top.
Let's go.

Maybe I shouldn't go.

Why not?

After school, we only ever
exchanged New Year cards.

But you said you'd come.

No, I didn't.

If Kitaoka won't be there.

Sure, why not.
When is it?

The day after tomorrow.

But I don't have any
mourning clothes.

Anything black will do.
I don't have anything either.

Are you alright?

What a nasty boy.

Do I need to wear
black stockings, too?

Anything black will do.

It's a bad month for me,
I'm totally broke.

This color really looks good
on you.

I'll do it myself.

Call me if you need me.

You know, I did run into
Tomomi recently.

It was last year.
She'd really changed.

Can you make the funeral?

She was here twice
with a guy.

A different guy each time.

She was popular.

Look, I don't want
to speak ill of the dead,

but Tomomi had no substance.

Okay, but will you be at
the funeral?

That really suits you.

Especially with that outfit.

Alright, I'll take it.

Thank you very much.

He always leaves a window open.

Nothing's changed.

Still the same.

Let's go.

Good day.


Okay, see you later.

Call me.

See you all tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

Don't you be late.

Mike's the late one.


It was in the newspaper.

Any photos?

There was one.

You still have it?

Of course.

It's somewhere in here.

I'm home.

Hi, Dad.

Came home, did you?

What are you looking for?

That newspaper piece about Tomomi.
I'm sure it was here.

It'll be there.

Wait a minute.
You made tempura on Tuesday.

Did I?

Yes, you did.
I remember.

That's right!

You used it to soak up the oil.

It's here.

Yes, this is it.

Here you are.

What's for dinner?

It says.
"Missing presumed dead"

"Fishing Boat Overturns"

"Tomomi Manabe
Missing presumed dead"

She could still be alive.
A one in a million chance.

You're right.

Do you remember?

We played "throw the nail"
the day Tomomi left town.

I don't remember that.

I don't know why
but you didn't turn up.

Remember? You make a circle
and throw nails into it.

It was the day Tomomi
moved away.

I never asked
why you didn't turn up.

Good shot.

I remember now!

It was the day of the
solar eclipse.

The eclipse?
I don't remember that.

We went and Tomomi gave us
pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seeds?
Are you sure?

You ate them.

Can you eat them?

I don't believe this.
You said they tasted great.

Did I say that?

When was that?

The day of the eclipse.

Just you wait!

Hey, Teruaki.

Is that you, Tatsu?

Long time no see.

Look at his,
a beard no less.

Look, but don't touch.


My wife and kids.

She's beautiful.

How in the hell did you catch her?
Was she drunk?

Anyone else here?

Tanaka's here, too.

Is that Tanaka?
He's really porky.

He's a tatami mat maker.

Too busy to get skinny.

What a bad looking dude.

What the hell is this?

You're being disrespectful.

We're sorry for your loss.

No, don't.

My Tomomi!

"Funeral Service for
Tomomi Manabe"

Mika, hurry up.
Come on.

You're late.

- But Mika...
- Not just me!

It's all your fault.

What's that?

It's a Walther PPK.

Are you crazy?
We're at a funeral.

Very bad taste.

Isn't it so cool?

Thank you all for attending
the funeral today.

Tomomi would be grateful.
I'm sure.

I hesitate to bring this up
at this time,

but the police have just called.

Apparently they've found Tomomi.

I'm afraid we have to go and
identify the body.

I must apologize that we
have to keep you waiting.

I appreciate your understanding.

I'll be back.

Me, too.
I need a bigger handkerchief.

- You? Cry?
- I have to.

That'll be the day.

Let's all go.

We've prepared drinks and
some food.

It's a bit early
but you're welcome to it.

- Well?
- We'd better.

My sympathies.

Sorry for all the delay.

Are you going now?

Yes, to identify her.

My most sincere condolences.

Are you going?

I'm sorry.
I'm just not up to this.

I can't do it alone.
We both should go.

They'll have cleaned
her up by now.

I shall escort you.

I think I'll be able
to identify her.

Thank you, Tanaka.

Not at all.

Right, Tatsu?

Sorry for the delay.

If you need more,
let me know.

Will you be quiet!

Thank you.

My pleasure.

That's it there.

Thanks for offering us a ride.

Not at all.
Sorry the car is such a wreck.

What the hell is that?

Get rid of it.

It's a classic novelty piece.
I'm not throwing it away.

That's not the point.

It's alright. We'll just squeeze
into the back seat.

I don't mind.

It'll be a bit cramped.

It's really cramped!

I'm sorry.

Why are you all here?

It's too depressing down there.

it's a funeral.

Did Tomomi go to the same
high school as you, Mika?

Yes, she came back when
we were in second year.

Is that right?

But we didn't talk that much.

She was in a different class

You remember this?

It brings back memories.

Where's the mouthpiece?

Don't you remember?
Someone stole Tomomi's.

Everyone reckoned that Kitaoka
was the culprit.

- That's right!
- I remember that.

It wasn't me!

What's that?

"Tomomi Manabe"


Come on, confess.

You still have it?

Look, it wasn't me.

You missed Tomomi on purpose.

Cut that out.

I saw it, too.

Don't tell me you
love Tomomi?

He does.

She's too ugly.
She'd dirty the ball if I hit her.

Yeah, right.

It'd get real dirty.

I bet it would rot.

It'd go all green and rotten.

And stink, too.

You think she heard?

I didn't say anything.

Who was the last one to
see Tomomi?

They were supposed to meet up.

Tomomi and Teruaki?

She just called me.

What did she say?

She left me a message,
"Remember me?"

So you didn't talk to her?

I haven't seen her since
primary school. That eclipse.

Not everyone remembers that.

We all went to watch it.

When was that?

We all went.

It's your fault we're late.

We'd better hurry up.

So it is your fault.

Stop it!

They're so soft.

You guys are late.

What are you doing?

You're really late.

Let's go.

Come on.

Hurry up.

Wait for me!

Is it far?

She's still following us.

She is, too.

I wonder why she went out
on a fishing boat?

Maybe she liked fishing.

Not that I knew of.

Did you see her often?

No, we just swapped New Year
cards every year.

You said you saw her.

Just in passing.

We didn't spend any time
together since we graduated.

What a way to die.

Maybe her boyfriend
liked fishing.

No, it was a trawler,
not cruiser.

Maybe her boyfriend
was a fisherman.

Are you serious?

Surely it wasn't suicide?

No way.

Tomomi, suicide?


When she was younger she
did have that tendency...

I... met up with her last year.


I ran into her in Yokohama
last year.



It's been years.

Are you alone?

Are you working?

No, I've still got
things to do.

How about you?


I've got things to do, too.

Okay, see you around.

See you.

Was that it?

Just that?


But one thing that sticks
in my mind...

She looked so lonely.

Push harder!

Everything okay?

Push harder.

Almost there!

It kicked over!

Hi there.

A friend of Tomomi's?

Yes, from elementary school.

I was maybe the last one
to see her alive.

Where was that?

At my apartment.

You were seeing each other?

Not at all.
She was one of my students.

Actually, I was asleep when
she suddenly turned up.

It was past midnight,
I was surprised.

We weren't dating
or anything.

As I recall,
she seemed to be quite depressed.

Did she say why?

No, she didn't.

She said she was just
paying me a visit.

So there was something
between you two?

Well, no...

I just felt a little awkward.

Rumor had it that she'd sleep
with just about anybody.

So, of course, I felt...

I see, so it was man trouble
that caused her death.

Not really, I...

When was this?

It was two nights before
she died.

Good evening.

Come in.

Sit yourself down.

Like a drink?

No, thank you.

It's such a mess.

Is there anything I can
do for you?

For me?

That's not it...

Is anything wrong?

- The Stranger -
by Camus

And then?

I didn't probe any further.

So you don't know what
it was?

Yes, quite.

And then what?

She stayed overnight.

Did you have an argument
with Takahashi?

No, I didn't.

That's good.

Professor, please,
don't let it worry you.

Just the other day...

I ran into and old friend.
Now she's a photographer.

A still photographer?

She told me all about it.
It sounds like an interesting job.

it's freezing the action.

In her mind she sees the action
and isolates one part of it.

From that she can tell if it's
going to be a good shot or not.

Photographers never actually
see things as moving objects.

So she said.

It's a woman?

She says that women are
quite good at it.

Good at what?

Like I said...

Looking at the world after stripping
away any distracting movement.

But to actually isolate
any single moment,

you need to perceive
its essence.

Yes, apparently that's how
the world works.

Did something happen?

Then what?

That was it.

You didn't do anything.

She was gone when I woke up.

So no clue there, either.

Did she want to be
a photographer?

No, I don't think so.

I'm sure her boyfriend
was involved.

What's his name again?


This Takahashi,
is he here today?

I've never met the man.
I only know what she told me.

No, I'm not Takahashi.

My name's Sasahara.

But I was going out with her.

Then who's Takahashi?

I don't know.
An ex-boyfriend?

No offense, but she told me
she was seeing Takahashi.

That was probably a lie.
She often said things like that.

There was that one day...
It was strange, to say the least.

We were talking about
our relationship,

how it was starting to
become awkward.

We decided to cool it.

It was the day we were to
break up.

"Cool it"?
What do you mean?

A sort of a
cooling off period.

We're not home right now,
please leave a message.

Better change this, too.

It's... I'm Sasahara...

No one is home right now.
You've reached Sasahara.

I blew it.

It's okay.

No one is home right now.
You've reached Sasahara.

Do I sound like that?

Get me an ashtray.

Do you remember what
your first love was like?


Do you remember?

No, I don't.

I remember mine.

You know how I hate the sun.

But he wrote,
"You're just like a sunflower."

Isn't that strange?

A sunflower always faces
to the sun.

Not like you at all.

What did he mean?

I wonder the same thing myself.

But I was very pleased.

So that probably was
my first love.

When I moved away,
I gave him a sunflower.

Let me ask you something.

Remember what you first
called me?

A penguin.

Did I?

Because I never sit down.

I did.

I remember now.

So this...


That's a great break-up story.

It was cruel.
I don't understand her.

I think everyone has had
a similar experience.

It makes her very
"convenient" doesn't it?

It wasn't like that.

When things aren't going well,
splitting up can help to...

Typical male logic.

No, that's not it.
How can I put it...?

It's hot, isn't it?

Won't it be great if it is
Tomomi's body?

No, obviously we'd all rather
it wasn't her, but since we're

holding her funeral,
it'd be a relief, wouldn't it?

Please forgive me.

I saw you crying earlier.

Tears show the depths
of our love, don't they?

Can I ask you something?

Did you arrange to
see her again?

What you just told us,
I heard it directly from Tomomi.

So you met her after she'd
stayed over that night?

Yes, I think so.

Weren't you supposed to meet
up with her the following day?

Actually, it didn't work out.

You didn't meet up?

She never turned up.

I'm afraid that was
probably my fault.

Come on in.

Are you open?

Come inside.

Do you do breakfast?

Yes, we do.


It is you.

Excuse me, but you're
Manabe, aren't you?

That's right.

It's been yea rs!

How've you been?

It's me!

Don't you remember?

We were in high school together.

You don't remember!

Remember when we went
shooting the rapids?

I got swept out to sea
but by a miracle I survived.

You must remember that!

Sorry, no.

Excuse me.

Can I still order?

Where are you going?

To a river.
The Xanadu River.

What's that?

It's a fabled river. It flows
through caves and out to sea.

No one has ever found it.

Why go to such a
dangerous place?

Pure romance, I guess.

There must be something there.

Like what?

I wonder.

I won't know till I get there.

I'd like to go, too.

Will you come with me?

I might just do that.

Aren't you waiting
for someone?

It doesn't matter.

Is it very deep here?

When I'm someplace like this,

I sometimes lose the sense
of where I am.

But you're still going, right?

I won't get washed away.

By what?

By myself, maybe.

Listen to this.

It's about a friend of a friend.

Her boyfriend is a make-up artist
and he enjoys making her up.

As time went by, she became
unable to do it for herself.

So she always asked him
to do it.

Now they're no longer together.

They broke up?

Yes, but they still have
something going.

Just a physical relationship?

A physical relationship...?

If they're no longer soul mates,
then it's just physical.

Isn't that right?

It was me doing the

So she was actually
talking about herself?

So it appears.

She let me practice my
technique on her.

But once I became a make-up artist,
our relationship went sour.

So finally we separated.

But I still did her make-up.

Thanks to her,
I got better at it.

Even after we separated
I still improved.

I could look at her

After a while she began
to trust me

to do it without
her input.

I did her make-up on
her last day.

Good morning.

You're early.


I was still sleeping.
Can you wait a while?


Thank you.

Is this a new color?

You don't like it?

Actually, I prefer it.

Do you?

I'll use it from now on.

You're spending more time
at the mirror than you usually do.

You want breakfast?

No thanks.

Listen, Yuichi.

What do you think of my face?

Very pretty.
That make-up really suits you.

What is it?

Throw it at me.

Hit me with the ball.

Why not?
Am I so dirty?

Am I too dirty for you?

What's this about?

It's weird.
Why did she go out to sea?

The sea can be scary.

Like the end of the world.

The end of the world?

She died so young.

I wonder if she left anything
behind in this world?

Of course she did.

I heard that if you leave
something unfinished here,

your soul can't enter into
the celestial world

That rules me out,
doesn't it?

How about you?

Same here.

It started raining.

I'm soaking wet!

What bad luck.

I always thought the school
was bigger than this.

That's your phone.

What's up?

No, I'm outside.

It's raining?

It's not raining here.

You're with some other girl.

Don't be silly.
I'm at a funeral.

Yes, right.

Hey, Kitaoka!

Where are you now?

How come you're dancing?

Look Mari, I'll call you back.
After the funeral.

Okay, see you.

You've got problems.

Who was that?

A friend.

Some girl, right?

A female friend.

Introduce her to me!

I've got to go to the washroom.

- Tomomi Manabe -

Sorry for the delay.
This way, please.

If you wouldn't mind.

You'll have to make
an identification.

So there's a possibility...

...I mean,
maybe Tomomi is still alive.

She could be!

We're holding her funeral,
you idiot.

Yes, but still...

Thank you.

Thank you for that.

Can we help you?

Has the funeral finished?

No, it's about to start.

I see.

Here's a towel.
You'll catch a cold.

I don't mind.
It's me that should have died.

What do you mean?

I suppose you could say
I killed her.

So you must be Takahashi?


If I had been more considerate
to Tomomi...



Who are you?

You bastard!

Stop it!

He killed her!

Poor Tomomi.

It wasn't Tomomi.

The police got it wrong.

I'm not sure if it's good news...

What happened?

Those stupid cops,
it didn't even look like her.

But they still require
family identification.

Of the wrong girl?

They're not used to it.

They should be,
this is a port town.

So where on earth is Tomomi?

Where are we going?

To Tatsu's pub,
where else?

Let's go.

- Why my place?
- Why not?

It's not suitable.

Nowhere else is open
this late.

We all agreed.
It's Tatsu's pub.

You're coming, right?

Would you like to join us?

Really, may I?
Thank you.

Come on.

Can I come, too?

Sure, why not?

Let's go.

It's me.

We'd better purify ourselves.

Yes, with salt.


Bring us over some salt.

Sprinkle it on us.


Hello, again.

Would you like to join us?

Yes... well...

Why do I have to serve
you guys?

Why did you do her make-up
after you separated?

I liked her eyes.

That far-off look she had.

But didn't you find it hard to
get close to her?

She had a strange magnetism.
I don't know how to describe it.

That's a tough one.

Bad service!

Help me out. I haven't had
time to have a drink yet.

That's your job.

Come on.
Help me out.

What's this?

So it was you!

Look what he's got!

Cut it out!

Tatsu, your toilet's filthy.

So what do you care?

That sunflower seed.
She gave it to you, didn't she?

What are you talking about?

It wasn't pumpkin seeds,
it was sunflower.

What's this about?

Remember that story
about her giving a seed?

It was actually a sunflower seed
and she gave it to Teruaki.

Good morning.

What's this?

Who put hamster food
on the desks?

Tanaka did.

No I didn't.
Pick them up.

It was you!


So they were sunflower seeds?

Yeah, I remember that now.

You can't eat sunflower seeds,
can you?

Remember we were raising hamsters?
It was their food.

What were their names?

Some rock stars' names.

Toshi, Match and Yotchan.

And Yotchan escaped.

Yeah, that's right.

And then Shoko's cat ate it!


Your cat ate our
pet hamster.

I remember.

Then the cat...

Not here!
Get him outside.

Geez, you're heavy!
Grab ahold.

You ate too much.

Throw it at me.

Throw the ball at me.

First love...
throwing nails...

Not pumpkin seeds,
they were sunflower seeds.

Hamsters, Yotchan...

The cat...

Maybe Tomomi...

Maybe she just wanted to
see the sun.

Out on a boat you have the
sun all around you.

I bet she went out
to see the sun.

Because she's a sunflower,
isn't she?

A sunflower?

Thank you.

That's where I planted the
sunflower seed.

The one that you gave me.

Look how many there are.

Go home, will ya!

I'll have some gum.

Where were you?
We're closing.

I just met up with Tomomi...

What, are you drunk?

No, it was Tomomi.

About this high
and a fair complexion?

With blue eye shadow?

Where did she go?

Towards the sea.

The sea?

Well, let's go there.

Sounds good.
Shall we?

C'mon, let's go.

I'll go, too.
Let's all go.

C'mon, that means everybody.

I'll stay here.

Don't be like that.
Come with us.

Were you for real?

Yeah, probably.

So she must be alive?

Not you, too?

Wait for me.


...this is Tomomi Manabe.

Do you remember me?

This feels great.

What's he doing?

Isn't this fantastic!

It's half buried.


What are you two doing?

We're negotiating.

What about you?

We're all negotiating, too.

I bet it still floats.

Let's take it out and
go find Tomomi.

Don't be stupid.
No way!

It was a joke.

C'mon, let's go back.

Are you serious?

No bloody choice!

Dig it out!

They're all crazy.

What do you say, professor?

Shall we join them?

Come on.
Give us a hand!

One, two, three!

Aren't we a bunch of fools?

Who's bright idea was it?

Shut up.

Damn you!
Damn you, Tomomi!

Lost something?

I'd better buy another phone.

I just bought this one
the other day.

It's not mine.

Whose phone is that?


Kumiko Aso

Aya Kawamura

Yoshihiko Hakamada