Sunes sommar (1993) - full transcript

It's summer and Sune Anderssons family is planning a holiday in Greece. Sunes father, Rudolf is sulking because then he won't be able to go on his beloved fishing trip. But after seeing how much the Greek trip is going to cost, he comes up with a great idea: Let's go on a camping trip instead. A lot is happens during this trip and after a while Rudolf discovers that the camping trip might not be as cheat as he thought. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Come on, then!

-We're in a hurry.
-Rudolf, can't you park better?

-What about the bag?
-I don't know, come on now.

-We've talked about it.
-Mom, the bag!

-Put it wherever, just come on.
-The boys will go with you.

-Just bring it!
-I can't!


Magica de Spell has taken
Scrooge McDuck's number one

-...penny, I have to help...

-We're not going to Duckburg!
-Don't say that.

Boy... my dear boy,
a decision is a decision

and a decision is what you stick to.
Okay? Come on.

What a lot of people.
Are they all going to Greece?

No, they're going
to different places. Look...

What country is that?

Switzerland. They speak
a funny language called yodeling.

It sounds a bit like this...

They live on the mountains
so they're good climbers.

-Yes, that's me...

Just a moment...

Thirty-five thousand?!

Let's discuss one thing.

If we take this away...

If we take just two seats...

Then the kids can stand...
we can take turns.

Then you can fit more people on
the plane and make more money.

Besides, my kids are
almost always in the cockpit.

Hey, the youngest can go as
hand luggage. He's done it before.

That's no problem. And, no food
on the plane, we'll take our own.

So I make it...

22 grand...
What do you say? 22? 25?

Sorry, it's 35... And cancellation
insurance is extra.

Look, Sune!

You're being a little difficult.


Look, Sune...

-Can I have some?
-Mom's going to be furious.

I know...
but we can't afford Greece.

Especially not now, Håkan.

Of course you can have a taste!
Come on, boys.

Håkan. Come on, now!

Maybe I'll see you in Greece.

Hello, how were the stables?

Good. What's that?

That? That's our home
for the next few weeks.

-What about Greece?
-Greece was too expensive.

So we'll have to be the palest
on the block this year as well.

-Like every year...
-Left, Sune.


And now straight ahead.

I hate you!


Put it down.



If I could just disturb you
a few minutes. I have a...

...a little present which I found
in one of those

second-hand shops in town.

I thought I'd give it to you
as a small... compensation.
It's an old sun lamp.

Here's a finesse. It's a distance...

a distance measure
to avoid burns.

You can see for yourself.
There's a little card as well...

"Sunny in mind,
brown in kind. Rudolf."



Are you sad, mom?

No, Sune, mom is moved.

Is she happy now?

You see, Sune... in a few years
when you're a bit older

then you'll also
come to understand that women...


-Where's the paddle?
-In the garage.

Let's go and fetch it.

-Where are you going?
-You have three guesses!

Wake us when it's time to go.

-But, we're leaving now!
-Tell jokes tomorrow instead.

Family, listen now.
Dear family, listen now.

It's five o'clock, we have to get
going before the traffic gets heavy.

Rudolf, in that case
I want to drive the first stretch

so I can sleep later.

Of course.

Jump in Karin, I'll guide you out.
I'll stand here.

It's clear now, Karin. Karin?

-Yes... it's... okay.

Back up...

Karin? Wait, wait... stop!
A little more.

A little more... Thanks!

-What? What's he saying?
-I think he said reverse.



Good morning.

Good morning.
Mrs. Gunnar, I should point out...

I didn't try to... steal this

because we have...
we have our own.

Which actually will be quite empty
because we're going on holiday.

So that... it'll be a quiet life now.

Well... all that remains
is for me to...

hand over a fresh morning...



Water, please.


-How much was the window?
-What window?

-At the travel agent.

Karin, love...

Whatever happens,
I want you to know

that I've always loved you...
And the children.

-And you.
-Yes... it'll be fine.

-The doctor will be here soon.
-Why's he taking so long?

-Sune... Sune...

Now I can see you, Sune.

Can you do me a final favor?

Can you go out and find a doctor
and say it's quite urgent?



How much was the mail box?

400. Why'd you ask?

-Håkan, really...

A big bloody cement mixer
to mix the plaster.

And in the middle of the chaos,
Ingemar Stenmark turns up.

And asks if I want
to go out for a spin. Well...

Sure I say.
What's a few... What is it?

-Is there food in that?
-My dear little friend.

This isn't a food trolley.

This has peoples' organs
on the way to the lab for analysis.

So then maybe you're a doctor?

-Sure I am.
-Then you must help my dad.

He's in that room
and is in bad shape.

-That room, you said?


Oh, God...

-How are you feeling?
-Oh, God...

-Chocolate wafer...
-Chocolate wafer? There it is.

How strange, it usually...
But, that's also good.

Then I think you should try it
if it's so good.

Well, try it!

Go on, then!

Mmm... good!

You're stupid.


Sune, we're leaving now.

But... what have they
done to you, dad?

-That wasn't funny!

He fell for it!

-Anna, help me...
-That was fun.

-You looked so funny.

-Don't be angry, Sune.
-It was just for fun.



This is... this is completely...

Can you see a train, Karin?
Me neither!

Millions of unemployed,
but they carry on like this!

Where are we headed, Karin,

when we can't trust our
state-owned companies?

Where are we headed?!

-On holiday, dear.
-Well, yes... but...

-What are we waiting for?
-For you.

Oh, sorry!



-Rudolf, are you coming?
-Yes, I'm...

I'm on the way, I just...


-Hi! What's your name?

-What are you fixing?

-Do you have a mom?

-Don't you get dirty?

-Do you have hair on your willy?
-None of your business!

-Are you a greaser?

-Where's the car from?

-Why don't you drive a Volvo?
-Because I don't!

-Can we go for a ride?

-I said no!

I think you're being difficult!

-I can't think of it.
-Don't touch that!

-Who is it you look like?

-I said no!
-I don't know...

-A celebrity, you said?
-Go ahead!

-Are you thinking of a singer?
-Yes, maybe...

Go to hell!

-You said Andersson?
-That's right.

-Can't I do anything?
-I said no!

Rudolf Andersson.
Five people, tent.

-No, a caravan.
-It's no bigger, and it'll be cheaper.

Ah, yes. A veteran...
It'll be the same price as a tent.

Seven days... that's good.
You'll get away before...

...the Germans come.
This year will be crazy.

A housing association
from Düsseldorf.

-200 caravans!

But they have money.
They buy stuff like this.

We make it here...

The authorities are sick of
Germans taking them

so we get to sell them.

-"Exotisch", they say.

It means "good" in German.

Damn, that I can't remember
that celebrity...

-Maybe it's John...

Uh... "give peace a chance--"

Pohlman. The weather guy.


You're twins, aren't you?

-Tom Jones.


-I hope you'll enjoy it here.
-Thanks very much.

-Ask for Rune if there's anything.

No, Rune...

Sven-Bertil Taube...

Wow, licorice boats!
Can I have some?

-No, damn it!

-What is it?


-Maybe you also like cars?

I'm fixing it up.
It's not ready, but...

Maybe later
I could invite you for a ride?

-I also want a ride, and him too.


It's... ox blood, yeah, metallic...
a cabriolet. And, oh yes...

Firestone. The tires, I mean.
They're illegal, but I don't care.

Careful... There.

Leather seats, too...

-What's your name?

Leffe. And here's a lever...

Then you can... like this.
Lie down like this and drive.

The steering wheel is smaller.
Air conditioning...

There you are. Where's Anna?

Huh? Wait, you can come
down like this...


Hi, mom. This is Leffe.

-He's showing me his...
-Leffe... I see.

This is Anna, my daughter.
She's only 14.

-Come on.
-But mom, he was only showing...

I don't want to hear it.
Come on, now.


-Yes! There's no gas.

Yes, there is!
Turn the knob to the right.

Turn the knob to the right, he says.

-Watch out!
-God, what a flame! Get it out!

-What is it now?
-There's a wasp in here! Get it out!

Time to eat!




Speed freak!

Please, it's better if you set the
table so we can clear out--

-Save a little food for me as well.
-Shall I take those?

Take me instead...


"The pale moon shone over
the dragon's green blood.

When the prince plunged his
silver sword into the dragon's heart

it died with a horrible wheeze.

The prince could finally
ride to the castle

where the princess
was held captive.

He dismounted from
the white horse...

...looked longingly up
at the princess' window

and started to sing."

Step up, step up my beauty

My song touches you

Come redeem my pain
which alas

Consumes me

What are you doing?

What you mean "doing"?


Boys, your mom and I
are going for a walk.

When we get back I want you
in bed, preferably asleep.

Okay? It's been a long day.

-I want to sleep in the awning tent!
-No, I'm sleeping there.

It's far too warm for me
in the caravan. Run along now.

-It's bed time...
-Good night.

Where should we go?
To the beach?

No, there's too many
people there...

But that hasn't bothered you...

-I see...
-That way...

-You can lean on me.

-Are you okay?
-Oh, yes...

Morning, love! Look.
Sun... hot... wonderful!

The century's coldest night!

And ants...

Millions of ants...

Red ants! Damn, it itches!

Karin, even in...
there's even ants in the cast.

There's an ant wall here
I can't get to! But 250 kronor!

-That's what they wanted!

Nothing... They can't do anything!

But you have to pay taxes
to those clowns!

If that quack was here,
then he'd see... he'd see...

-Good day!
-This is a real coincidence.

-You could easily...


-You arrived yesterday as well?
-Yes... we did... over there.

Yes, well. It's nice
for children here... to run around.

-Yes, really... really.
-Woods and things...

-It's too warm to go south now.
-Just what we said.

We thought of going to Greece,
but it was too exp... warm.

So we...

We thought that Sweden
is so great at this time of year.

So we dusted off the old caravan
and came here. Right, Anna?

Yes, well...

Well, shall we...

Yes! Thanks for the job
on my foot. Very good.

I forgot to say that before.
I feel nothing, it's completely...

...numb in a strange way.

I do have... I am a good...

They said so in the maternity ward.

They told my mother because
they had to grab me with a...

Both forceps and one of those
suction cups, so I had...

...basically, a banana skull
until secondary school, but...

-Don't embarrass us...

-It's no problem.
-Sorry, he likes potatoes.

Well, have a good summer,
and all that. Bye...

So long.

-I'm ashamed.
-Karin, it wasn't that bad.

-I can go back and apologize.
-You will not!

-You okay?
-Yes... thanks.

What did you do that for?

If you see a black cat crossing
the road it means bad luck.

But if you spit three times over the
left shoulder, nothing happens.

-That's just superstition.
-Yeah, yeah...

But I've managed
pretty well so far.

Maybe because I am
a little superstitious.

My God, seven years bad luck!
Someone give me the salt.

Quickly, give me salt!

But, darl... Rudolf, calm down...

It's okay now...

Come on, sit here.

-Would you like coffee?
-No, thank you!

it's good for the nerves.

You haven't had breakfast yet.

-Karin, he'll be fine.
-But, the boy needs fiber.

-There you are.
-That's true... Sune.

Wait a little.

Come on, darling.

-What are you looking at?
-I'm not looking at anything.

I can see
what you're looking at, Karin.

-Are you jealous, Rudolf?
-No, but...

-I see what I see.
-But, darling...

What do those little boys have
that you don't have? Hmm?


The ambulance comes...
It's going to save 1,000 people

who've been bitten by
the hairy beast. The army comes!

They shoot with tanks. Bang!
Oh, no... another miss.

Now the spider's
eating up the tanks!

Oops... no harm done!

-I hope you didn't get hurt, ma'am.
-Ma'am! That's good!


-Perhaps you would like to join us?

Håkan, watch it...

-Yes, but only if I win.
-You'll need a little help to win.

Anna, don't go too far.
You're only 14.

You can play with me.

Yes, yes...

Okay, guys, let's go!

Well, well...

-Coffee! Where's the coffee?
-You were meant to pack it.


-I have to have coffee!
-Go buy some, if you're desperate.

I'll be right back.

Go! Go! Go!

Let's go.

Give them to me!

Give them to me! Stop it!




Excuse me.

The ordinary personnel is behind

making cement for the Germans.

But just press the button and...

...Rune will be here.

Take it easy.
All we want is coffee.

Yes, take it. It's yours.

-And I'll have one of those.

By the way,
what do you call those?

We call them ni... no!

No, we call them "wiener brot".

"Wiener bronts."

Oh, no you don't.

What the hell?

Line up and pay for the coffee!
It costs 22 kronor per cup.

Hi there.

They're probably watching TV.
At least 14 channels.

And they've got a fence.

-They're probably really rich.
-Are you rich, if you have a fence?

-I think so...
-I also want a fence.

Not so fast, slow down!

-I've just about had it with him.
-Me too...

If I lie on the road
and pretend to be run over

and you report it,
they'll put him away for life.

Stupid... What if he comes back
when you're lying there

and I'm at the police?

Yes... Then he'll get scared
and feel like a murderer.

I can lie really still.
I learnt it at kindergarten. Look!



Håkan. Håkan!


Håkan, wake up...

-We're gonna get him for this.

Come now...

We'll think of something.

Be still...

One star for you, Håkan.
An excellent bowstring.


Right, then...
Take it easy, listen, listen! Boys!

Pay attention.
This is not a toy.

It is a weapon. I will test the bow.
Give me an arrow, Sune.

See the tree over there?

Give me some room, please.

Is it my turn now?

Sune... the fence.

Are we going to?

Come on.

-Karin, look here.
-A pair of Queens.

-Full house.
-But, I also have that card!

-I don't understand.

-But, look here!
-Dad is cheating!

-No! It's a misunderstanding...

-Here comes that greaser again.
-His name is Leffe.

-He should be shot!
-Even worse, he should be killed!

What's wrong with him? There are
some who want a ride with him.

-Why drive around in an old car?
-So you've never been young?

Yes, of course. But we spent time
on character building activities.


We did... did...

Scouting... playing the flute...

But, we were small then. Don't you
remember when we got engaged?

Yes, but...

-Another hand?
-No, tell us!

-Do you want to hear?

It was like this. I was on my way
to the kiosk to buy a drink.

And he turned up... Dad, that is...


Oops... oh, dear...

Hotdog stand piece of shit...

Do you feel like a ride?

No, I can't afford it.

Wait... but, what's that, then?

-What do you usually have there?
-It has to last me the week.

It's enough for a little ride.
It's enough.

Well, Karin...

-This is the tenth time we...

I thought it would be okay to get...

a little something for you.

Check the glove compartment.

Rudolf... it's an engagement ring!

I bought it myself at...

The horn...

-So romantic...
-It was, wasn't it?

What's this? Oh, really!

-No, no...
-More cheating.

What did we agree on?

-You tickle him!
-No tickling!



One more! One more
and then you've got them all.

You're winning... One more...

-How nice. Can I see them?
-Of course.

-Where did you buy them?
-In Paris. My dad worked there.

Oh, sure...

Yes, you got that thing.
You got a million.

Like a stream that flows to the sea

Longing pulls me away

Longing pulls me away

Like a swallow glides on the wind


But, little one, are you out here?

-They're gone!


-Have you got five kronor, mom?
-You're dreaming, little one.

Come on, wake up.
We're going to bed.

That's it. It was a dream.


Relax your wrist.


Get them!

Relax your wrist.


-Do you have to work on holiday?

No, I collect these.
Some of them are really valuable.

Is that valuable?

If you look at the serial number

you can see that this
was made in... Greece.

Quite unusual in Sweden.

-Do you want this one?

Catch it...

-Is that valuable?

-How do you know?
-It just is.

Can I keep it?


Yes... I'm coming soon. Goodbye.

I have to go home to eat.


-We're going home soon.
-So are we.


What's happening, Håkan?

-I'm clearing up a little.
-I've got a surprise.

-Take as many as you like.

Have you stolen them?

That's it, goddammit!


What a damn... what a...

Out the way!

Woof woof...

Look at the ball!

-Let's see the shot!
-Come on!

-Take the shot!

My wife... back...

You can do it!



-You're lying!
-You heard what I said.

Three points in every match.

Which wasn't so strange
as I was just over two meters tall.

-You're lying!
-No, I'm not!

I shrank to average height when
I got an elevator on my head.

-Is it true?
-Yes! Have I ever lied to you?

-It has happened.

They did a TV-special on me.
Very high ratings.

Hello, darling. Hello...
I've missed you so.

You must be very tired. Sit down.
Children, it's dad time!


Sit down. Here's a cold beer,
and your pipe is filled.

Right, careful...

Listen, stop everyone. Stop.

Sweetheart... what is it?

-Karin, what is it?

Well, it's...

"To the Andersson family.

"Invitation... the departure party
of Lenny and Bettan...

Dress: Formal."
What snobbery.

Who brings a jacket
on a camping trip?

-You. I packed it.
-Please, can't we go?

-They've got good potatoes there.
-Anna, no...

Oh, there...
Of course, we can go for a while...

But bear in mind that you've
got a long drive the next day.


Turn the page.


-Aren't you going to build, Håkan?
-No, it just crumbles.

I think I know a way
to make it hold better.

Dad... dad can help dig a little...

What's this...?

No, no, no! No...

Bye, bye...


-A hundred on the guy in the cast.

Here you are, boys...

No! No...

What are you doing here?
I want to be alone.

Move aside, boy...

You've worked hard. For nothing.

'Cause you don't collect
"The Phantom" rings, do you?

What about those on the front?

Haven't had them in years.
But we have these.

They like glitter. If they get glitter
they're like putty in your hands.

I don't need to tell you.
You're a ladies' man, huh?


Should have something to put it in.

Here... this.

Really nice...

Great. We'll start with that one
and then we'll see...

That's good. Do you
have to wear a jeans jacket?

-Right, let's go.
-Are we alright now?

Let's behave well...

How nice... now.
How nice that you've come by.


Hello and welcome!

-This is weird.


No, the yellow one.

Let's make it simple.
You can sit where you'd like.

-I can sit here.

You're alright aren't you, Rudolf?

Just a minute, Karin, I'll fix this...
There we go.

And the whole happy group
is seated.

-I'm sorry...
-The crutches, yes...

Well, let's see if you'll enjoy

what we've scraped together
from the pantry.

This is for you, Håkan.
I hope you'll like it.

Please break the bark,
as the lumberjacks say.

Cornelia, pass the salad.

This pig didn't run around in vain.

-Actually, it's saddle of deer.
-Can you ride them?

Youngsters... they're so wonderful.

-This looks marvelous, I must say.
-And free!

-Don't talk with food in your mouth.
-But the holiday money's low.

-Isn't it, dad?
-Håkan, think of your allowance.

- Greece would've been cheaper.
-Let's have a look. No...

I touched the button,
all the numbers are gone.

-That's a shame...
-Stop it...

Anna, I don't know
if we've told you

but we thought we would get you
a moped for your birthday.


We haven't seen you at the beach.
Did you swim somewhere else?

-Yes, we did...
-We've made a few excursions.

We were at Hägernäs Castle.
Have you been there?

-No, we haven't.
-You've missed something unique.

One of our best preserved
Renaissance castles.

-And a golf course just beside it.

-Do you play?
-Well... yes...

Be honest,
what's your handicap?

I haven't got a handicap.
Well, there's my foot

but that's just temporary.

Christ, your foot isn't a handicap!

-Well, it is in a way...
-Mom, may I be excused?

-Cross your legs, Anna.

You know very well what I mean.

Kids these days...

Karin, this is a genuine
Chateau du Neuf du Pap.


Known for it's rich bouquet
and it's very full body.

Let the girls have
that to themselves.

We boys... can have
something a little stronger.

Bottoms up... Lenny.

Cheers to you.


Hey... do you know why it's called

"Jonsson's Absolute"?

-Because you get absolutely...



No... no, no...

Rudolf, don't drink anymore.
You know how you get.

"You know how you get."
No, how do I get?

Silly. And you see double.
And you'll get car sick tomorrow.

Hi there.



-You said tomorrow.
-I know.

There was so much fire in your old
banger I drove the whole way.

Hello, I'm Kenny, Lenny's brother.

I see...

-Everything worked out?
-Oh, yes...

You've made quite a feast!
And you found the wine cabinet...

It doesn't matter, it's quite okay.
Hello, Cornelia.

-Hello! Did you just arrive?

Some patients cancelled,
so I thought I'd come today.

-Oh, you're also a doctor?
-Also? A colleague, how nice.

-Where do you work?
-Tax... no, I mean with Lenny.

He did the job on my foot.

-Nasty accident. My wife was...
-Really good job, Lenny.

-Hello there.

Would you please
put your foot up here?

-Where are we going?
-We're not going. I am.

-Then I have to have something.
-Okay, choose quickly.

You must make my bed
every day until Christmas.


Amateurs should never
put a cast on anyone!

-Does it hurt?

-Hold him.
-Oh God...

Alright, Rudolf, alright... Ouch!

Brave, yes... you're brave, Rudolf.

-It's gone.
-My leg!

-The cast, Rudolf.
-How's it feel? Can you move it?

I'll try... I'll try.



You have to wait.


Karin... It's time.

Cigar! Help yourselves.