Sune vs. Sune (2018) - full transcript

On his first day as a fourth-grader, Sune is welcomed by an unwanted surprise. A new boy is in his seat, and he's everything Sune wants to be. Not only that, but his name is also Sune - it's the worst possible start to the fourth grade. Sune must use all his cunning to stop Sophie from breaking up with him and choosing the other Sune. At the same, Håkan notices that his big brother is about to enter the boring adult world, their dad Rudolf has a midlife crisis and wants to quit his job to pursue a career in music and their mum Karin glares jealously at the new Sune's perfect mum and her even more perfect car. Welcome to the Anderssons. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
There's quite a lot of them ...
- Are you starting to chicken out?

- No absolutely not.
Do I look like it?

What on earth's that?
- A laser sword.

- They didn't have them
in the time of the knights.

- It was invented several million years ago

- Maybe in a galaxy far away.

- What difference does it make?
- It doesn't, because I've got this.

- Seems a little over the top.
- If you can have—

- Stop arguing!

Hear that?

You have to be kidding!

He seems nice.

What's it saying?
- Something about eating.

It's trying to destroy our world!
- Don't listen!

- We can take him!
- No! Håkan!


What are you doing?
You're half an hour late.

- We're just playing.
- You could still get back on time.

- If I had a phone I could ring
and tell you I'm gona be late.

- A phone? A watch is good enough!
- My friends all have phones

- You're not fooling me with this, Sune.
You don't need a phone.

Sophie doesn't have one.

When did you get that?
- I've always had it.

Race you home! Come on!
- Race you home? Sune, I'm driving!

You shouldn't race your bikes in traffic.
You could get killed!

You haven't developed your
peripheral vision yet.

Oh my God...!

Well ... that went fast.
- I've got gears.

- I meant the summer holidays.
- Oh yeah. No, that hasn't got gears.

- No.

So, um, see you tomorrow?
- Yep. Year 4.

- Sucks. A lot.
- Definitely.

Hey! You took a shortcut. Cheating, but ...
- There was a bend.

- Yeah yeah, I dealt with it.
I have reflexes like a ... cobra!

Don't leave stuff lying around
where people are walking.

Somenody could get hurt.

- It's Håkan's. I don't do that.
- Good.

- I'll take it up with him, then.

Well ... see you..
- ... see you.

Wait ...

♫ There's something I want to tell you
Oh no, what's she doing now?

♫ It's dark now and you've gone to sleep

That's our song! She wants me to join in.
I'm good at singing.

♫ And I'm right next door
and I want you to see

♫ Oh, I hope you can read my thoughts

'Cos I'm tone deaf.

- Yeah ... bye. Again.
- Bye.

You think I should have said something.

But I'm taking it easy,
because I have a plan.

I'm going to give her the best present.
A Woryagi card.

530 in battle and 70 in power.

No one knows
I've been collecting all year.

Now I've got this. It's for her.

Compilation of flows and processes
within the Tax Agency's own operations

Håkan, can you pass the butter?
- Stop rocking the chair.

- Hello? Can I have the butter?
- I'm teleporting it to you.

- We know you can't.
Only I can do that.

I can teleport and throw flame.

- What about me?

- You can freeze
and turn invisible.

- Ice is better.
- Fire melts ice.

- But ice puts out fire.

I just keep freezing
and your life-points soon go to zero.

- No no, don't touch it.
- What's that?

- An advanced database.

Enter a name there and it tells you
all about them.

Address, salary, tax.
- Like the internet.

- Who's using the printer?
- I am, darling.

- Did you find time to finish the report?
-Yes ... sure ...

It took five weeks.

- Yes, I know.
As long as we can have a holiday.

- We will. If Lennart likes it,
maybe it'll lead to something.

- You know I love you
even if you don't get to be a boss

- I love you too.
- I know. And I'm already a boss

What's all this?
Search: Sune in Glimmerdagg. Was that you?

- I wanted to find out more about myself.
- You shouldn't touch.

- My parents are Rudolf and Karin.
- If you forget, check the database!

Are you still freezing?

- Haha, you are so
completely screwed ... !

That went well, eh?

Looks like it.

The floor may have been damaged.

Hurry up, little man.

You know how important
the first day of middle school is?

- Absolutely.

- Your first moment determines
your whole time there.

- What do you mean?

- Be on time.
- Why wouldn't I be on time?

I hate this car!
- You can't hate a car.

- Better to hate a person?
- You shouldn't hate anyone.

All cars are equally valuable ...

Sune? - Where's he going?
- I think ...

Fourth year, here I come.

Hello! Welcome. You can sit down.

- I suppose I'll have to repeat myself.
I'm Mia Morén, the class team leader.

What's your name?
- Sune.

- You're Sune as well?
- "As well"?

- Hey, Sune!

- Hi ... Sune.

- What should we call you?
- We can call him ...

... I mean the former Sune.
- Who? Me?

- No, the first Sune.
- That's me then.

- What's your last name?
-Andersson. -Andén.

- Hmm... Sune A ...
That's not going to work.

Okay, here's what we'll do:

The Sune sitting behind Sune
will be Sune 2.

- So am I Sune 1 then?
-No, you're just Sune.

- Sune 2? What kind of a name is that?

How much of the repair is covered
by the insurance? What? But...

It'll cost us more than the car's worth.

Do you think it might be better
if the car was completely wrecked?

Ok, hold on a minute.

In that case I'd liketo report
my car completely wrecked.

What do you mean "extra premium not

So I'm not getting anything back at all?

Just a moment ... Damnation!


What a summer, eh!
-Summer? Huh!

- You know, sun and swimming.
- I've been working most of the time.

- Did you hear Lennart's left?
- What?

- We have a new boss.
- No. No that can't be.

I'm just about to submit this.
- There'll be redundancies.

- But we agreed on the report.
- One of us older people will be let go.

- "Older"? I'm actually younger than ...
- Here he is.

"Think outside the box.
Are you creative or dead?"

- Then I'm dead.

Because this is about as inside the box
as it could possibly be.

Like a set of Russian dolls ...
- Are we talking boxes here?

Hello. You must be Rudolf. - Rudolf.

- Hello. Dan.
- Rudolf. You said Rudolf. I said Rudolf.

- Lennart said you had a report?
- Did he say that?

- Yes. Is it ready?
- No, not quite.

It took a little longer
than I thought.

I ... should have worked on it
over the summer, but things came up.

Sun and swimming.
- You said the opposite a minute ago.

- Yes, thank you.
Swimming and sun, yeah.

- And what's that?

- This is ... nothing important.
I'm just walking around carrying something.

Internal mail. It's going out.

- Okay, so the report's coming this week?
- Yes, you can count on that.

He's twelve years old.

I've got something for you.
- Oh? What?

- It's a surprise.
- Okay.

Look! My power's at 30.

Wait a minute ...
What sort of Minions is this?

Where's my class?

What's going on?
- Sune's telling us about the USA.

- He's eleven years old.
What's he doing in Year 4?

- He repeated a year because
he was travelling so much.

In Los Angeles once, we were eating,
and I asked about the menu—

- Or like in Woryagi.
- Yeah?

- He protects himself with his shield
but doesn't look behind him.

Something knocks against his back.
"Damn, a T-rex! Help!"

And then just: "Aaahh!"

What? Don't you know what Woryagi is?
- 'Course, but I think it's an anachronism.

Dinosaurs in the Middle Ages.

It wasn't a dinosaur, it was a
dragon. 510 in power. Right, Albin?

- I don't bother with that any more.
I gave my cards to my sister.

I like documentaries more.
- I love documentaries!

I once saw a film
about a guy who built tract houses.

It was so exciting because it was real.

- Yeah, reality made it so good, didn't it.
- Yes, exactly.

Ok, this is Tobbe.
He's your middle school music teacher.

- This is my inner rhythm.
Everyone has their own inner rhythm.

Can you guess what it is?
That's right, your heartbeat.

If you close your eyes and listen, you'll
hear your inner rhythm

Your music.

Without it, you die,

and that's called cardiac arrest.

Anyone can have cardiac arrest.
So it's good to have a defibrillator ...

Okay, Tobbe.
- Yes.

- We were supposed to be talking
about a parents' coffee morning.

Oh yes, of course ... Err ...
What was that about?

So, next Friday we're having
a coffee morning for your parents.

They're coming to watch
what you've chosen to perform.

- Yes exactly.
And what you perform are—

- Is.
- Is ...

What you perform is-is-is up to you
Poem, song, dance, a piece of writing.

Or maybe just a rhythm.

How do your inner
rhythms sound?

Go on, listen!

Can I hear yours? Listen.

- Sophie, So-phie-phie,
Sophie, So-phie-phie ...

- Great!! Go on!

Listen! Our rhythms
are talking to each other.

Who do you want to give
your inner rhythm to?

- Sune.
- Okay, Sune, let's hear it.

- Sune, Sune, Sune, Sune
- Okay, once more ...

- She meant Sune.
- The old Sune is called Sune 2.

- Aha, but was it him you meant?

- She must mean the new Sune.

- Um ... yes ...
- Okay. Let's hear you two together.

Sune, Sune, Sune
Sophie, So-phie-phie

- The language of the heart!

Why isn't this working!

Gona try this instead!

Very grown-up ...

Come on! We're storming the mother-ship!

You can't have a laser gun
and a regular one.

It will be an anomanacolism.
- What are you talking about?

We're losing him! Do something!

- You can have them. You get them.

Oh, no! Sune's got dead boring!

What's up, little guy?
- Sune doesn't want to play.

- You can play with me.
-You can't play.

- I play very well.
- Dream on, Dad. You're the living dead.

But it's okay. It's what I expect.

Hello darling!

- Hi
- How did it go with the boss?

- It was good ...
He ... felt younger. Rested, refreshed ...

- How about the report?
- Yeah, fine. I gave it to him.

He's going to read it.

and we can only hope
that I can keep the job.

-What did you say?

- Yeah ... no ... Just hope it goes well
and he likes what he reads ...

-Then we can buy a new car soon.
- Karin, no.

And he will make the face of heaven so fine

That all the world will be
in love with night.

"Hey, Dad. Nice to see you."

Give me my Romeo. And when I shall die

Take him and cut him out in little stars.

Why are you sitting there?
- You're talking weird.

- It's Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet,
the grreatest play in the world.

- You were right.
- What's the problem?

Oh no! Sune's teacher again.
- Aren't you going to answer?

- No, she'll want to talk about
Home and School again.

- You want to give it up?

- Of course it's fine for the rest,
who don't have to get involved

- So you don't want to do it?
- No.

- Well, shouldn't you tell her?

- It's not so easy to say.
Well, it's easy to say ...

It's easy to say, but not so easy
just to come right out with it.

She's gone now.

- Shhh! I heard something.

Classic control strategy.
Trying to make you look childish.

You mustn't fall into the trap.
- You really think he's trying? Seriously?

- Yes! You could end up
the baby of the class

and that could take years to get rid of.

I heard about a guy called Örjan.
They called him Pampers in Middle School

He's 36 now,
and they still call him Pampers.

- Why are you telling me that?
- You shouldn't trust—

- What are you doing?!

I'm playing ... I was aiming at Sune,
but he won't sit still.

- Oh right. Thanks.

Not a word to Mum.

- What were you thinking?
- I'm just playing. As usual.

- What?
- I'm always playing with the kids.

- No.
- Of course I am.

When you were little
we played all the time.

- No we didn't.
What did we play?

What? Is this
some kind of interrogation?

I don't know, we played a lot of things.

Oh yes, cap-throwing
- We did not.

- Why not just admit that I like
to play and think outside the box?

- I have no feeling in my eye.
- Good. that means it's healing.

That's the button. I have to check it,
because it's very ... sensitive.

Is it because new Sune's a little older
that he's so fascinating?

I can be older too. Look at them.
What have they got that I haven't?

A fake voice isn't hard. A few in Year 4
are actually talking ...

Here we go. Don't overdo it.

Hi, Sune!
- Ohh, hey. I didn't see you.

I was ... just about to ...
go this way ... sort of.

- You're talking so weird.

- My voice is starting to break.

It goes up and down and
it's hard to control. But ...

Some develop faster than others.
- Okay. I thought you had a cold.

- No. So what were you saying?

- Do you want to sing our song
at the coffee morning?

- Okay, we can do the song.

- Maybe you could play these.
- Okay ...

- Hi, Sune 2!
- Hey Albin ...

Hello Albin.
- His voice is breaking.

- Ah, puberty. Got any hair on your prick?
- Might be throat cancer.

- It's not throat cancer.
- But you can't sing?

- Yes, it's possible to control.
- You just said it wasn't.

- I know I said that, but ...

A lump of snot. That feels better.

- Where did it go?
- Do we have to talk about lumps of snot?

- Did you swallow it?
- Yes I did. - Cool!

- Hi, Sune.
- Hello!

Sune ...

It feels strange to say it out loud.
- Yeah? It's a very nice name.

- Sophie and I are going to do something
together for the parents' coffee morning

- Oh yeah? Cool.
- Yes. I think it's gonna be fun. Ciao.

What will you be doing?
- Nothing. I'm not that interested.

It all just feels a bit ...
Music is like not my thing.

I did it in something like Year 2 you know?
- Yeah that's true.

- What are you doing?
- I don't think I'm doing anything either.

After all, you grow out of that stuff.

Sophie, wait!
- What?

- I can't sing with you.
- Why not?

- It wouldn't be good
to try to sing right now.

- But I can't do it alone.

- So don't you do it either.
- But I want to.

- Are you coming, or what?

- They'll laugh at us.
- What are you talking about?

- Sophie, I don't want to be
called Pampers!

- Sune, you're being weird now.

I'm doing it anyway.

Now this is going to be exciting.
Let's go!

There haven't been as many
suggestions as I hoped.

But, Sophie's going to do something
for the parents' meeting.

So go ahead.
No pressure, just enjoy yourself.

♫ You ...

♫ There's something I want to tell you

♫ It's dark now

♫ and you've gone to sleep

♫ And I'm right next door

♫ and I want you to see

♫ Oh, I hope you can read my mind

♫ And you, sometimes you're
wondering same as me

♫ Is there anyone else

♫ who can make you weak?

♫ But we're like a jigsaw puzzle

♫ where all the pieces fit with each other

♫ Oh, I hope you can read my mind

♫ There's only one of me
and that is me

♫ There's only one of you
And that is you

♫ There are only two of us
and that is us

♫ There is only one of me
and that is me

♫ There's only one of you

♫ There are only two of us
and that is us.

That was really beautiful.

But one thing I was thinking about

Isn't this like elementary school?
A bit Minimello?

Haven't we grown out of that?

So what do you suggest we do?
- Well ... Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare.

The world's greatest play.
Yes! Theatre!

Sophie, I'm sorry! It was just weird.
You sang very well.

- It doesn't matter.
That's not what you said in there.

- I should have sung with you instead.
- You didn't want to.

- It was new Sune.
He said it would be childish to sing.

- No, you said that.
- He said it first, and so I thought—

- Don't you have a will of your own?
- Of course I have. What do you think?

- Well then ... Sune, who are you?
- I'm me!

- I don't recognize you.

- What?
- You're not yourself.

- It's him who isn't—
I'm certainly myself!


So you like Woryagi?
- What?

- I thought you only liked documentaries.
- Who are you?

- Ever had your face frozen?
- What are you talking about?

- So if you don't want that
stay away from my brother!

- Go away.
- Okay. Whatever you say.

You asked for it!

Help! There's a deadly drop here!

"You are not yourself"?
You always are, aren't you?

How I'm standing now,
I'm standing as myself.

And now
I'm also standing as myself.

Whatever I do, I'm myself.
I can even—

—and still be myself.
It's me doing it. I came up with it.

Wait ... Did she just check me out?
Not good. Then I'd better be a bit cooler.

No, this feels stiff.
Only because I'm thinking about it.

Hi, little man!
- What are you doing here?

Don't ever come here!

- I've missed you too.
Know what we're going to do today?

Come on. - Wait!
- I have to talk to Sophie—

- How nice. Do you know what—
- Karin!

Why are you walking so fast?
- I'm not walking fast.

- Do you have to run?
- I'm walking quite normally.

Sune, I'm letting go now, okay?

- You're hiding from Mia.
- No, that's not true..

I just don't have time to talk.
- Don't you want to be a class mother?

- No, we have to find Håkan.

I'm here, Mum.

- Yes. Good. Then we'll—

Where does this way take us?
- To the teacher's lounge.

- Can I help you?
- Karin! - Oh Hi—

- I've been calling you.
- What? I didn't hear anything.

Sune talks so much
you can't hear yourself think.

I'm sure you already know that.

- No.

- Okay, then we'll get off home.

- Just a word about the Home and School—

- Yes. Sorry, but I can't be a
class parent this year.

I've got a lot on at work.

There's an important project
I have to get right.

But I'm very flattered.
- No. Nobody's asked you.

Do you want to resign the position?
It does carry a lot of pressure.

Yes ... yes, yes.

Yes. Work is very busy, as I said.
- That's fine. Good.

Bye then, Sune 2.

- Bye, Mia 3.
- See you tomorrow.

You see, nothing to worry about.
Wasn't she nice?

If I take a nut like this ...

... It feels right, like it's mature.
Take it easy, don't stress.

This will be ... No, no one eats like that.
But then maybe that's how I eat?

No, this is how I eat.

No. It's over. I'm screwed.

Hello, hello!
- Is that how I'll end up?

Wonder what he's thinking about.
Boring stuff like tax tables, for sure.

What's he really doing?
How can he be so natural?

Wonder what he's thinking.

Probably painting
some magical fantasy world.

Is this a waxy or a floury potato?

Only one way to find out.

No ... it was rotten.

But it's pretty good.

Okay. If I stand like this—
- Sune. Can I talk to you?

You don't look okay. - I'm not.
We're doing Shakespeare in class.

- Why?
- I suggested it.

- Not good. - Sophie's playing Juliet,
and Sune's Romeo.

- Why him?
- The class voted for him.

- Oh. Not good either.

- He tricked me!
I have to make everyone understand that.

- No That'll only make it worse.

Nobody'll listen. He's got the upper hand.

- What should I do then?
- Nothing.

Keep your head down.
Stay in control of your emotions.

- Will that really help?

- Very much.
Emotions are man's worst enemy.

Aha. I didn't know that.

My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand

to smooth that rough touch
with a tender kiss.

- Saints do not move,
though grant for prayers' sake.

Then move not while
my prayer's effect I take.


It doesn't feel right. - What?
- That ... that Sune is Romeo.

-Why? - Because ... well ...
- What?

- Because first he says can't sing.
Next minute he's as good as anyone1

- I said I didn't want to sing.
I changed my mind.

- Oh yeah? But—

- You were supposed to be
doing something with Sophie.

But she was all alone there.

Is it wrong to help?
- Of course not.

- And he's supposed to be an actor!
- I am an actor.

- Yeah sure!

Yes, but ... well ...
Some people have natural talent.

- Not just that. Well maybe that, but—
- What else? What do you mean?

- Him and Sophie.
What you don't see, like ...

He is someone ... completely different.
He's fake.

-What do you mean?
- Can you give examples?

- Yes ...

- You can't accuse someone
without evidence.

- Evidence? This isn't a trial.

- However, if you are accusing someone,
you must have some proof to offer.

- I have proof.
- Yeah? Let's see it then.

I will ... I've got it ... in here.

How can I go back?
Look at this hand. It's my hand.

I don't know who I am any more.

Am I anyone? Do I exist?
Hang on ...

Håkan. Do you know what's wrong with Sune?

There's an evil Sune clone in
his class.

that's eating up his brain.

Oi! That wasn't nice.

- The other Sune is playing Romeo
with Sophie, so Sune is jealous.

- Let's call his mother.
- No! I don't want that.

- So let's go over there. It's better
to talk among four eyes.

What if she's only got one eye?

Then we get to sort it out
among three eyes. Come on.

Have you noticed
there is something wrong with Sune?

- Yes I have. You too?
- Yes. What have you noticed?

Well, I've noticed a lot.
Same as you have.

- Okay, then you'll have
to talk to the music teacher.

- Yes, of course.
- Good

- Now?
- Yes, at once.

Does he know what it's about?

- No, you'll have to explain everything.
Come on.

- It's important, Rudolf.
-Yes, yes.

Jealousy gets you nowhere.

You do stuff you regret
and get a guilty conscience.

Your conscience is like someone
telling you you've made a mistake.

Who then persecutes you
like a rotten bully ...

... who needs a good punch in the face.
Think about it.

Now let's see ... This should be it.

Oh! Looks pretty fancy.

Hey! Karin. I'm Sune's Mum.

- No, that's me.
- So, there are two Sune ...

- Yes, I was just kidding. My Sune said
that there is another Sune in the class.

But he didn't say he was so handsome!

Right. Well ... it's about
the parents' coffee morning.

They're putting on a play.

- Yes, they are. Isn't it fun?
- Yes—

- Yes. I'm looking after the marketing.
- The marketing ...

It's great fun. I'm a class mother.

- Really! You enjoy that?
- Yes.

I involve myself in Sune's school.
I think it's super-important.

I'm actually on my way there now.
So tell me, what were you saying?

♫ Open your door
and say you want me here ...

Well ... we just wanted to say
hello and welcome. - Thanks.

Welcome to the area. - Say hello.

- Hello and welcome.
-Thanks so much.

- Right, we won't disturb you any more.
- No problem. See you.

Keep walking. We're going this way.
- But the car's there.

- No, we're going this way.
Let's make the best of such nice weather.

Did you shit yourself?
- Yes. No, it's fine.

- Do you want to try it?
- No no ...

Is it you who's the class ...
- I understand.

Not like the kids who try everything.
- No ... It's wonderful.

Yes, my wife ...
And me too, of course ...

Are you the music teacher?
-Yes, for now.

Music is my life. But I've done
everything, even sitting in an office.

- Oh. My son is—
- But it didn't combine with music.

I tried to play when I was free.

But it was as if the job was constantly
building shells around the notes.

The melodies just fell silent.
I sat thinking about my life ebbing away.

So one day 30 years ago I just upped
and left. And never came back.

It's the best thing I've ever done.
I don't regret it for a second.

Where do you work?

- The Swedish Tax Agency.
- Oh fuck.

- Yes ....

I can play a little.
- All right!

Wait, I'm stuck.

If you hold it here...
and I hold it there ...

- Wait ... You can probably
loosen the strap.

- No, it's easier to cut. There.

- You cut your hair?
- Yes, of course.

- But you must have had that a long time?

- 20-30 years, maybe.

But it'll grow back, won't it?
Here we go! Are you in?

- I'm more of a drum guy ...
- Yeah?

- So swap back.
- You can have your hair back too.

- Okay, then here we go!

♫ Take me back

♫ back to when I got my very first record

♫ biked around humming Billie Jean

♫ in a world where
we disappeared in an 8-piece

Listen, I'm in a group of people
who meet to play now and then.

We meet on Thursdays.
You can come if you like? - Yes please!

- Hi.

- What are you doing?
- Listening to my heart.

- You couldn't have done that years ago?

- Take the piss if you like,
but I have to let the music out.

- You know what?
Everyone has shattered dreams.

- Yes, yes ... that's it.

- Me too. I'd've liked more money
so we could buy more stuff.

And have more fun.
But I don't waste time regretting it.

You have to bury it deep inside.

- Didn't hear, Music.
- Okay.

I'm going to bed.

- Okay.
Karin! Do you know where the car is?

- Yes. I do.

- Yes ... that's good.

Rise and shine, darling!
- What? What time is it?

- Five. A little early, but I need time
to get ready today.

I've bought crisps, soft drinks, cakes
and sweets for when you rehearse.

I've been jealous of Sune.
Like he was a living nightmare.

- Good.
- I'm going to apologise to Sune.

I wrote down what to say to the class.
- Yes. Exactly.

I realize now how sick I've been.
- Quite.

Taxi's here. Get dressed.

- Wait! This isn't nightmares.

- What are you talking about?

- You're right, Sune is a clone.
- Doesn't matter now.

- Remember you said Sune only
watches documentaries?

And he thinks
Woryagi is childish.

- Håkan, there's no point.

- Yes there is!
He was playing Woryagi on his phone.

- And he was laughing.
- No, he wasn't.

- I swear. Laughing like this:

What time is it?
- A bit late for you, young lady.

Do you want muffins?
- No.

- They'll be all the better later on.

This'll do, won't it?

Oh hi! You're in early too!

- That's great!
You can help with carrying.

I've arranged for us
to rehearse in the auditorium.

It'll feel more realistic.

- Definitely, yes!
- And I've set up a catering table.

Art makes you hungry!
- We've brought—

- Of course verything here is organic.

Otherwise, it'd all be full
of trans fats and palm oil.

Enough to drive you insane.
But you can relax.

- Ugh yes. That's really nasty.
- It's very harmful, yes.

So what have you brought?
- We've got ... just crap.

Old crap ... for recycling.
- Okay.

- Get rid of this, darling?

- Oh, you help each other.
- Yes.

We've completely given up sugar.
- Yeah us too.

I usually give the children
small pieces of apple

that you can roll in cocoa ...

... with just some crumbs ...

It's crunchy and delicious.
- Okay!

We've been given an upgraded room

and Sune's Mum has given us
a fantastic spread ...

... that you don't have to get stuck into
all the time ...

But before we kick off,
Sune 2 wants to say a few words. - Sune 2.

I know you know
what happened yesterday.

I said you were fake, Sune, a liar.
I just want to say ... that ...

I still think so!
Thank you!

Well ... I thought
we were getting an apology.

Sune has been lying the whole time.

What's this?

I printed it out from Dad's tax records.

That's me, Sune Andersson, Glimmerdagg.

And there:
Sune Andén, Glimmerdagg. Mamma Gabbi.

- Shit! A dodgy Mum too!
- What? No, there!

He's not older, he's younger.

And he's never lived in the United States,
but in Orsa.

- Shit!

- What's that mean?
- Sune's a clone. - I knew it!

Let's get some grub and make plans.
-Good idea!

- You know it doesn't work for real?

- Yes, I'm a kid, right? Not a lunatic.
- Okay.

Oh hi! Hey.
- Is this your car?


No, we have a ... Lexus.
Latest model. It's so nice.

- Right. NX or RX?
- RX.

- Oh, those are great!
-Yes, very nice.

So ... what are you doing here?

Well, Let me explain.
This car's been here for too long.

So I was going to get it towed.
It could be a drugs car.

- Ugh!! that's nasty.
- Right. And with all the kids around.

- I don't want it sitting here.
Hold on, I'll call the police.

- No...

I called the police ...
Where did it go?

- Some woman came and picked it up.
She looked very unpleasant.

Dirty, smelly, greasy hair ...
- Scary!

- I thought this was a safe area.
- I have to run.

I have buns in the oven. Seed buns,
organic. For charity.

Roll, just potato. There you are.

- Did you order two of these?
- Sune, you only live once.

- Okay. I'm taking back my name,
my girl, and my dignity

I'm taking back all of it.

- And you'll get your revenge.

- And, I won't say that he lied.

I'll wait for the right opportunity.

- Then you'll get your revenge.
- Question is, just how?

- Let's blow him up.

- No. We can't blow him up.
We have to use the evidence wisely.

Off you go ...
- Oh no! My Juliet is dead!

Then you kiss her,
snatch up the cup of poison and die.

Well, Juliet, I will lie with thee tonight.

That's it!
I've got the best plan.

We put deadly strong chilli
in the poison cup.

- Good idea.

Or even better: real poison!
- No. - No.

Or rat poison! He's a little rat.
- No. - No.

Okay. We go with the chilli.
But where do we get it?

What are you doing?
- Playing the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

- You are so deeply disturbed.

Here, give it to me. Jump down.

No, what are you doing ?!
"Best before 1990."

- True. It might make it weaker.
- Or maybe stronger. We have to test it.

- True. - No, not you!
- Who's gona test it, then?

I think it's strong enough.

Can we pour it into Sune's eyes now?
- No no no. Hold off 'til the finale.

First we show him the proof.

Swear you won't tell anyone!
- I'll do anything.

- Anything! Okay ...

Now this is the situation:

Sune has said that
he wants Sune 2 to be called Sune.

What? I wasn't expecting that.

Not something I'd've asked for,
but thank you.

Sune 2 doesn't want to play
the role of Romeo.

So he's handing it over to Sune.

- Well, I wasn't expecting that.
But sure, I'll step in.

What's the matter?
Why aren't you playing Romeo?

- Because... I just don't want to.

- But we've rehearsed it,
you know it all by heart.

And you thought it was fun.

- Yeah ... Not any more.

- What are you going to do forthe parents?
- Nothing.

- Come on, Sophie, we have to rehearse.
I've a lot of text to memorise

My lips, two blushing pilgrims,
ready stand

To smooth that rough touch
with a tender kiss.

"Romeo kisses Juliet passionately."
Right, I suppose I'd better—

- Hold on. Something doesn't feel
right about all this.

- It actually says here—

- Why did Sune suddenly
not want to do this?

It feels like something's happened.
Something he can't talk about.

- I suppose he'd rather
watch documentaries

and speak American.

- I have to talk to him.
- No. Let's just practise the kiss.

- Sophie, Wait!
There's something I have to tell you..

- What?
- Promise not to say anything.

Look at this.

You can wait, maybe the economy—
- No, we'll sign right now.

That feels great!

- We'll be in touch when
the car can be picked up.

- What? Surely I can take it now, can't I?
- No, it takes a little time—

I can take anything, you've got a lot.
I'll have ... that one.

60 in power.
That'll sort you out!

Hello there.

How are you?
- Fine.

Who are you?
How did you get in here?

- I am your conscience.
Something's weighing you down.

- No. It's his own fault.

Should be his conscience
psyching him out.

- If you blame me
you're blaming yourself.

Where are you going now?

Not rösti!

I look forward to reading it tomorrow.
- Tip top.

Hi, Tobbe. It's me. Hi.

Listen, I can't rehearse tonight.

It's not possible,
I have to work overtime.

Hello Dan. I didn't realise it,
but I'm a flower.

And you're a boot keeping me
from getting taller. I'm 1.80.

Maybe there aren't any
flowers that grow to 1.80

Oh yeah, sunflowers can be tall.

I'm handing in my resignation
from the Tax Agency.

Nothing will make me come back.

Okay, so the loan's approved now?

Sure, I know it's a lot of money.

that's why we need to borrow.
Thanks. Bye.

I need to talk to you.

- I have to talk to you too.

- We've got a new boss ...

This report that ...

I could get fired.

- What! Why didn't you say something?
- I thought you might get angry.

Have you been fired? - No.
Thank God for that!

I wouldn't get angry,
I'm a supportive wife. You know that.

- Yes. - That's good.
- I've quit my job.

- What?
- I know what I want.

Music is my vocation
and I'm going for it with all my heart.

There you are.

- What are you saying?

- You said you wouldn't get angry.

- I'm not angry. - What are you saying?
- I'm saying—

- I hear what you're saying, I'm not deaf.
Of course you should. Definitely.

- Are you sure this is okay?
- How many times do I have to say it?

- Of course! I am a supportive wife!
Understand? - Okay. Sorry.

- So. Off you go now and drum.
- Cheers! - Have fun!

- I will. Love you!
- The same.

It's really nice to be here.
Such a feeling of freedom!

- Yes, you're looking younger.
- You think so? Thanks!

Okay, then here we go! One, two, three...


- Hi, Rudolf. I found this.
-Yeah ... It's ... an old report.

- It's really good!
Why didn't you submit it?

- You think it's good?
It's very much inside the box.

- So inside the box it's outside the box.

I came here looking for
someone to replace Lennart.

And I found him.

- Oh, well, good ...

- So. - So.
- What do you say?

- That's good. Cool.

Would you consider becoming a manager?

You don't have to decide immediately.
I need some indication by morning.

Now you're looking older again.

- Can't sleep?
- none of your business.

- The milk's expired.
- Uh-huh? I don't care.

- "I don't care." Do you know how
fast a cow has to run to ...

Can't you sleep either?
- No.

I was going to read something boring
to make me fall asleep.

But I got stuck into
Tax Variations in Tabular Form 77-78.

It's amazing!

- Yes, good luck, then.
- Sleep tight.

Darling! I have something to tell you
that you'll probably like.

Maybe even make you proud—

Where's Mum?
- She left.

She said you should take me
to school, because you're unemployed.

Hi Sune.Thank you for helping
my Sune fit into the class.

- Oh, I probably didn't do much.

- No, he's always talking about you.
- Really? - Yeah.

He looks up to you. You're so funny
and you make people laugh.

- He's funny too.
- He gets that from me.

His father and I are divorced.
It wasn't working any more, he's a jerk.

It's been a bit tough on Sune.

He was nervous about moving.

His father's still where we came from.
In Orsa.

Sune was worried about making new friends,
fitting in, and so on.

But you seem to be someone he can trust.
- Yes ... you might think that.

- He's so happy to be playing Romeo!
- Hasn't he told you?

- Told me what?
- No, nothing.

I just wanted to tell you.

- Happy now?

- Oh fuck off! - Not you.
- No, I hope not.

- Oh, my little friend, life ...
He thinks he can run away from it.

You should talk to him.

- I'm going to!
You're just trying to rub it in.

"What did I say?" you said.
- It was you who said that.

I'm in your imagination.
- I know!!

There he is.

Sune, wait!

It was wrong of me
to force you to give me the part.

I understand why you lied.
- So that's what the note was about? Well?

You used it to get the part.

- I was just about to put
everything right. I promise.

- You told Sophie? - No ...
- You promised!

- Listen to me!

Sophie, wait!

- You blackmailed him!

- You make it sound so serious.
- It is serious!

- All he's ever done is lie to us!

- So it was okay to do something worse?
- No, but...

- I don't know if I can be friends
with you any more.

So ... how did that feel?

Håkan, press the button.
- We're not at school yet.

- We can jump off and buy a new car.
Give the family a little aurprise.

- Can we really afford it?
- Yes, probably.

- My father's become a manager.
- That's nice.

- Press it.

Hello! Seen these? Aren't they nice?
- They're great!

I brought leaves to eat off, instead
of plastic plates.

Completely organic.

- Leaves?

- Yeah, I drove out
into the woods to pick them.

- Oh, you have a car? Can I get
a lift later? My car is in for a service.

- Of course. That'll be fun.
- Good.

You should steam the leaves,
because of bacteria.

Of course.
So let's do a little steaming.

Ah, hello. This is Karin Andersson.
How's my new car coming along?

And don't say "can't"
even if it isn't ready yet.

- It has actually arrived. - That's good.
And not a moment too soon.

You can deliver it to me at Söder School.

We can't ...

Blah, blah. I'm the customer.
You do as I say.

- Oh, what was that all about?
- It was ...

... the catering company. They're late.

- There's nothing worse.
Here they are now.

- Hello, hi!
- Oh! That worked out well.

- Is this where the party is?
- Yes. But your service has been poor.

What are you dissatisfied with?

I went over it with your boss
to make sure this is sorted out

- Who did you talk to?

- Some name like Linkan. Luppan.
I can't remember.

-I own the company ...
-Yes, but nothing's happening here.

Go and get on with your work!
Take your geriatric colleague with you.

God ... Excuse me, but I ...

It's hard to have to be like that.

- I'm really not like that.
- I am.

- I can be like that too.
If I have to be.

My apologies. Difficult customer.

No, you can do without customers,
can't you?

Difficult customers.

- Yes. What can I do for you?

- My father has become a manager.
- You have to be quiet now.

- Congratulations. So you're going
to treat yourself to a new car?

Can we have a little race?

No, I'm not allowed to do that.

To begin with you need to drive carefully

- Can we drive to Legoland, then?
- No. Not now anyway. Sometime soon.

But I'm driving you to school.
Then I'll talk to Dan about—

- What?

The letter. - What letter?
I left a letter for my boss.

He can't be allowed to read it.

You'd better come to work with me.
- But Sune's doing his play at school!

You'll have to skip that.
This is more important.

Go to hell. I don't need you,
you're just my imagination.

- What?
- Oh ...!

Thought you were someone else.
You can go to hell, too.

What's happened?

Sophie doesn't want to be friends with me.

- I've become evil.

- No, you're not evil.
- How do you know?

But Sune, this is the most
childish thing you can do.

Sitting around feeling
sorry for yourself.

- But I don't care if I'm childish
or evil or whatever.

And I don't even know who I am any more.
I don't care about that either.

But even if you don't know
who you are, I do.

Who am I then?

You're someonewho make things right
when you've done something wrong.

Björn used to go to school here ...

Now she's raving again ...

... but there's something
in what she's saying.

I'm the kind of person
who makes things happen.

A master!

Hi, Rudolf.


Yes ... it's fine. I just wanted to say ...

... I want that job.

- Are you sure?
You were a bit hesitant yesterday.

- Yes, I really want the job.
I do.

- Okay fine!
So let's talk to HR.

- Hang on ...
I want to have a look at your chair here.

It's very smart, isn't it.
Let me just have a seat for a moment.

Wow. It is very ...

Are there levers ...? Gosh.

This is ... perfect seat height.

A little stretch.

Now ... I think I'm ready to talk to ...

- Can I have my letter?
- What letter?

- The letter behind your back. It's mine.

- Ohh! - You took it.
Will you give me the letter?

- No, unfortunately I can't.

- Really?
Now that's astonishing.

- Yes, but, well ... no. There.

- That was the envelope you ate.
Here's the letter, Rudolf.

- You could have said that earlier.

Now I have cellulose fibres
throughout my whole body.

Bleached paper. And glue. And ink.

Have you seen Sune?
- He was in the library, I think.

Have you seen Sune 2?
- Yes, I saw him in the computer room.

Where are you, Sune?

No! - What?

- He's going home.
- WHo? - Sune!

- Be quiet! We're trying to read.

- Yeah and I'm trying to save a friend!

I went to the Maldives.
Have you been there?

- No, not exactly in the Maldives.

- You must. It's fabulous.
Turquoise water and ice cold drinks.

But it's my car!

Do you have to behave like a 4-year-old?
- I am a 4-year-old!

He has a much bigger car!
- Your car is very nice.

- No, it's tiny and ugly!
- No, it's lovely! - No!

Were you happy? - What?

- Happy when you were there?
- Yes. Or at least ...

--- It was there we decided
to get a divorce. But—

- So you weren't any happer there?
- Yes! ... but ...

... but the water was turquoise—

- There's something we have to do!
- Now listen—

- No, wait! You listen to me!
- Okay ...

We have to go to the station!
- Now? But the show's starting soon.

We have to stop Sune from going home.

- What do you mean, home?

He's on his way home! Home, home! to Orsa!

-What are you talking about?
- We have to hurry.

The train leaves in ten minutes!

- No ... Damn, my car isn't here
- But we've got a car.

- Haven't we? Haven't we??
- Yes, we have a car.

- Well, what are you waiting for?

You do know there's a car park
at the front, don't you?

- Yes. Jump in.
- But isn't this ... the drug car?

- No. This is our car.
There's nothing wrong with it.

Except it's a little difficult to start.

There. Now let's burn rubber!

- That's not how I feel now.
- How am I supposed to know that?

- There is a way.
This is my middle school exercise book.

Read that..
"When I grow up I want to"...

- "work at the Tax Agency"? - Exactly.
- There's nothing wrong with that dream.

- Yes, there is.
- That's not my child.


- Sune!

But how...

Yes! You changed your mind!
-No. I'm going home to Dad in Orsa.

- Right ... on that train?
- Yes.

- Nooo !!
- Stop being so dramatic.

- Sorry. But I mean it. You have to
stay, you mustn't go back.

Hurry up!
- I just feel a little unwell ...

You can die from eating envelopes.

What? No. Where did you hear that?

Where did you hear that?

Hello, hello. Welcome. - Hello, hello.

- Go away. I'm not talking to you.

- Sophie, listen—
- No! Goodbye!

She actually likes me.
- Okay.

We are in Verona.
The year is 1528.

The two families Capulet
and Montague are bitter enemies.

Right now, the Capulets are having
a masked ball in their beautiful castle.

While their mischievous daughter Juliet
runs around among the guests ...

... in her ... somewhat restrained
Italian way.

Then suddenly, the son of their enemy,
the Montagues, appears. Romeo!

Juliet is overcome with delight
and falls head over heels in love.

Hello, hello.
- How beautiful you are!

- It's you!
- Who else would it be?

- The other Romeo ...


- He let me play Romeo 1.

- Well, that's great.
He did the right thing.

Moving swiftly on to the last act ...

... where Romeo finds his beloved
lifeless next to a bottle of poison!

Oh no! My Juliet, what have you done?
You were so alive just now.

This feels good.
I'm a grown-up.

Let's see how he handles the chilli.

- What?!
You put the chilli in the cup?

- That's what you wanted.
- That was before I let him play Romeo.

- You change your mind a lot.

At last I can kiss you!
- No! But first ...

Give me the cup, evil jester!
- What? No...

- Right. Continue.

- Have you put something in the cup?
- I thought you were dead.

- Did you?
- No.

Don't you believe me? - No.
- I can prove it, if you want me to.

- Okay ...
- Okay.

- Okay ...
- Okay.

But first, sorry.

- It's him you should apologize to. Him.
- I've already done that.

I haven't been myself. I'm in love
with you, and I don't want to lose you.

But I don't know how you feel.
And I won't stand in your way.

I wish you all the best.

Farewell, my friends!

You see, ordinary poison.
There's just one thing I have to do.

There isn't a door there.

Sorry I lied to you about the car.
- Don't worry.

- I saw your car and got jealous.

But objects aren't important to me.
- No, they're not important—

- Darling ...

... I've bought a new car.
- Dad's become a boss!

- But ... you didn't have to.
- No, but I wanted to.

- You still didn't have to.
-Well, I've done it now.

- We already have a car.
- So now we've got two. One each!

Karin, here's your new car
that you've been nagging about.


We've got three cars!

- Yes ... looks like it ...

Boo, Sune.
- Go away. I don't need a conscience.

- I'm not your conscience any more.
I'm your sadness.

- Uh-huh?
- You did the right thing.

Soon you won't think of her any more.

- We'll be in the same class
for another five years!

- Not everything ends happily
like in fairy tales. Some things hurt.

Like being pushed down into a small ...

Wait ...

♫There's something I want to tell you—
- No. I can't sing because of the chilli.

- You don't understand anything.
- What?

- It's you I'm in love with.
- What?

- I have been all along.

No! I'll take off my helmet.
- Don't! You'll suffocate!

- I don't care!
- Neither do I.

You can breathe!
- I can breathe!

We need reinforcements!
We have to retreat!

You can't be serious ...

- We'll finally be crushed.
- No.

Not if I've got anything to do with it.

What? That's not what's
supposed to happen, is it?

- It doesn't matter, Dad.

Have you ever been frozen in the face
at any time?

I haven't kept the receipt. Smart, huh?

"The receipt?" Nah, it's fine. no problem.

- I want to high-five too.
- No, carry on freezing!

- I want to join in.
- You haven't any strength!

But I'm getting this started. Now...

No, now it's gone again. God...!

♫ There's only one of me
and that is me

♫ There's only one of you
And that is you

♫ There are only two of us
and that is us

♫ There's only one of me
and that is me

♫ There's only one of you
And that is you

♫ There are only two of us
and that is us

♫ There's only one of me
and that is me

♫ There's only one of you
And that is you

♫ There are only two of us
and that is us

♫ There's only one of me
and that is me

♫ There's only one of you
And that is you

♫ There are only two of us
and that is us

♫ There are only two of us ...

Yes, that's the best I've done.

English subtitles by
jeremys and faxeholm1234.