Sune - Uppdrag: Midsommar (2021) - full transcript

Sune and Sophie's families decide to celebrate the Midsummer holiday together. But the day before departure, Sophie breaks up with Sune. Sune attempts to win Sophie back by doing something romantic. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Sophie, please! Wait!

Sophie, stop!

It's too late. I'll never make it in time.
Now it's too late, everything's too late.

- Jump in! It's never too late!

This has to be the coolest in the world!
- Which one? - This one!

- Get after them now!
- I know!

Sophie, stop!
Sophie, you have to stop!

Stop the taxi!

To think that you caught up with me.

That you did all this
for my sake.

Everything I do, I do it for you.

- Can I have an oyster?
- Of course.

Mm. Oh, that's so good!

Oh! Sune!

- Sune. Look. This is the best bit.

- We've seen it a thousand times before.
- 46. Ssh, here it comes.

It's sick and cheesy, but quite fun.
But 'Notting Hill' is absolutely the best.

What are you doing? Have you packed?
We're leaving early tomorrow, you know.

- Yes.
- Oh good. So you've packed?


- I can't do everything for everyone.
- I'll pack later. I have to go now.

- Where are you going?
- To meet Sophie.

- Good Lord,
you'll see each other tomorrow.

- That was really cheesy.
- Love does not wait.

Right. I have to go now.
- Go on. I'll do everything for everyone.

That's how we do it here.

I'll take that. Thanks.

Thanks, Sune!

Hello, Sune!

- Are you moving?
- Only to the square. That will be great.

- Hello.
- Hello, hi.

Hello, Sune.
How happy you look.

- Yes, I'm going to see my girlfriend.
- Ohh.


What're you saying?
You're breaking up with me?

Yes. This isn't working any more.

- What isn't working?
- This. I was expecting pizza.

What makes you think
I like oysters?

- It's a delicacy
and ... yes, it's very expensive.

And they're in all the films ...
Everyone likes oysters, right?

- Do you?
You've never tasted them, have you?

This is exactly what I mean, Sune.

- But what about the holiday?
We're leaving in the morning.

- It is what it is.

God, what's he ...
He's not right in the head.

Watch where you're going!
- Sorry. I didn't mean it!

Hello? What are you doing?
- That's exactly what I said.

We're moving because you wanted to.

- You never want to do anything!
- I don't want to move to the square!

- Hey. Want some food?
- No thanks.

Have a look at this, I've found a lot of
nice old pictures from Myshult.

Look. This is Aunt Hulda's house,
which I've inherited now. Nice, eh?

And she actually owned a third
of the whole holiday village,

so that's mine now too.

- Have they told you what it's worth?
- 27 million.

- 27 ... 27 million?!

I'm sorry she's dead,
but 27 million ...!

No, I'm just kidding. 85 thousand.

- What?
- Yes. No, sorry, Rudolf.

I don't know what it's worth.

The important thing is that we get to
celebrate Midsummer there together.

- Is that you?
- Yep.

- Why are you wearing a wig?

- It was that midsummer
in Myshult that we became a couple.

It was very romantic.
We did this ring ceremony.

- Ring ceremony?

- Yeah, you raise the midsummer pole
and use a ring to catch the one you love.

Exactly. And if you succeed,
you'll be together forever.

- That went well.
- Yep, we've been together 20 years.

What's that?
- Just something sticking out.

"To our children, if we have any.
If you're reading this, you exist."

"SoI want you to be
damn grateful you're alive"

"Greetings - Dad."

Yes, you should be grateful
that you exist.

- Thank you, Daddy Wig.
- There wasn't any wig!

I'm glad to show you how Myshult
celebrates a classic midsummer.

Håkan, couldn't you wear that
traditional outfit grandma gave you?

You're so cute in it.

- That absolutely won't be happening.
But thanks for the food.

- Sure.

What are you thinking, Sune?
That it's going to be fun?

Why aren't you all pepped up for midsummer?

Anna? Anna, come on!

Yes. I'm very grateful. Really.

Hi, Sune. I thought maybe
you could tell Mum ...

... that you'd like me to drive tomorrow.

- Mm.
- Yes? Okay.

She drives too fast,
and too close, I think.

- Mm.
- Good. You'll talk to Mum about it?

- What? No.
- Yes! Sune, come on.

Anna ... what d'you do when
someone ... sort of ...

No ... What if someone doesn't want ... any longer ...

- Has Sophie dumped you then?
- No. It's about somebody else.

- Who?
- What should they do?

- That's just a load of clichés.

- Please, it's important.
- Yeah, okay.

You should make a plan
and find the perfect opportunity

to make a romantic gesture.

- Like at midsummer?
- Yes, like at midsummer.

Do you understand that things like this
only happen on film and never in reality?

- But it can really happen.
- No.

- But why midsummer?
- That's when Mum and Dad got together.

- Mum and Dad?
- Mm.

- Who really have got relationship issues.
- Sune thinks so too.

- We don't involve the children
in these things.

- I want the best for the whole family.

- Come straight to me, not through Sune.
- Okay. But you drive too close.

- And you go too fast.
- I never drive too close!

Hello. Hi. What are you doing?

- I'm just talking to Mum.
- It's nothing.

Sorry I didn 't seem keen on
the whole midsummer thing.

It's important to me too.
Okay? You're fixing this.

It's going to be
the best midsummer ever.

- She was really positive. Nice.
- Yes, it was nice.

Well, so Sophie dumped you.
- No, I...

- Yeah she did.
So what are you going to do?

- I don't know.
- I do.

- How do you know? You're just—
- Yeah, a kid.

But I've had to watch over a thousand
of Anna's romantic comedies.

I do know this. You have to get back
with Sophie again at midsummer.

Like Mum and Dad.
- Why?

- You have a responsibility
for future generations. - What?

- If Dad hadn't done it with Mum
just then, we wouldn't have existed.

- You can't think like that.
- 'Course I can. It's just like this note.

And in the film. 'I always see
our future kids in your eyes.'

- Yes, but ...
- Think of your children.

Little Sune and little Håkan crying
because they didn't get to exist.

But no, they can't cry,
because they don't exist.

- So what do I do?
- Sune, listen to me.

You must complete a mission
to fix it. Mission Midsummer.

- But how?
- I don't know, I'm just a kid.

Do you remember
the three-second rule between cars?

- If you'd shut up for three seconds,
it'll be easier to drive the car. Thanks.

- You're very close to the car in front.
A thousand and one, a thousand and two ...

The only thing I'm close to
isn't that car, but losing my temper.

- Listen. How about doing something fun?
We could say nice things to each other.

I can think of something to start, so ...
You're incredibly good together.

- Yeah, okay ...
- Thanks.

- When the car in front brakes,
then you brake too.

- Stop it! I've been driving for 20 years!
- There must be something on the radio.

It's during the midsummer weekend
that most couples decide to divorce.

Five times more then
than during the rest of the year.

Now a real classic
with Lars Winnerbäck.

- That's your husband's favorite?
- Yes, it is.

But ... yes, we broke up yesterday.
- Why didn't you say something?

- That's the case anyway. Here we have
'If you leave me now' on Rix FM.

Please, will you sit—
- Maybe we could all be quiet?

We can all be quiet, everyone.
That'll be fun.

Here it is! Look at that, guys!

It's changed quite a lot
since we were last here. Very nice.

- A little more life.
- Looks a bit more valuable, doesn't it?

27 million may not be
completely unrealistic?

- One thing at a time now.
- Yes, yes.

It's just as nice and cozy here
as I remember it. How's it going for you?

- Fine. We just have to get Pär
off to football camp. We haven't packed.

Afraid we won't get there 'til tonight.
Sophie, do you want to talk to Sune?

- No, it's ok.

- Sune, do you want to say anything?
- No, I'm good.

- Right, we're out of here.
See you later. Bye!

Everything okay with you, yeah?
- Good, yeah, really good. Great.

Perfect. Thanks.

- Excuse me. Hi.
- Hello.

- Where does the midsummer pole
usually stand?

Well, that's ...

- Yes?

- Can you show him the midsummer meadow?
- Why?

- Can't you just do as I ask?
- Okay.

Which house are you going to live in?
- That one.

- Oh, are you the ones who inherited
Hulda's part of Myshult?

- Yes, I think so.

- Are you goin to move here,
or will it be a summer cottage?

- Either way, we're going to
celebrate Midsummer.

It's supposed to be really cool.
- Really cool, well, maybe ....

- After that we'll see.
Dad probably wants to sell.

But Mum will probably want to keep it.

- Haven't you decided?
- No ... I don't know.

- Why d'you want to see
the midsummer meadow?

- I just wanted to take a look.
My parents were here when they were young.

Well, here it is anyway.

Yeah ... Alex.
- Sune.

- Backwards that's like 'anus'.
Sounds funny. Anus.

- Sorry, but what's that?
- A pump and a sensor.

Couldn't you be more pepped up
about midsummer? - Yeah yeah.

I don't want to live every other week.

We need to be super-pepped,
for Mum and Dad's sake.

- Yes, but god, so much nagging.

- Yeah, but, I hate to say this,
but you're the smallest and cutest.

So if you're full of pep,
that's worth the most.

- Yes, that's true.
It's both a blessing and a curse.

But then, I'll want something in return.
- Like what?

- Wow!
- Håkan ...

Hey, you can't be in here. Out!

- Can I drive it?
- No, certainly not.

- Why not?
- Because—

out of it. To start with you're too small.
And anyway, it doesn't even work.

Right, out you go.
- Can I drive it if I fix it?

- No. You're a kid.
Go and do kid stuff instead.

Håkan. Excuse him.
He's extremely stupid.

- Okay.

- He's gonna learn not to screw with me!
I know what you're going to help me with.

I want this.

- No, Håkan.
- You said my pep was worth most.

- No. You'll have to think of
something else.

Hi Dad!
- Oh, hi!

Hi. It's the year 2021 and there are
three days left until midsummer.

You can see it's a very long time ago.

But I'm going to do everything I can
to get me and Sophie back together.

So that you, yes, our children
get to exist as well.

In 99 cases out of 100 ...

... the guy gets the girl
by giving her a romantic surprise.

- Shut up, Håkan.

- Suit yourself. 99 out of 100.
These are facts.


- Okay. Like this...

You have to think big.
Really big.

The girl appreciates if you put in
the effort and really think about it.

When she sees it,
she'll say this:

- Oh, Sune! You're absolutely ...

... absolutely wonderful!

After that, you need to have
an even bigger surprise ready.

One that totally outshines
everything she's just seen.

Then she'll burst out ...

- Oh, Sune!
You are completely unsurpassed!

You're like a dream.

Good plan, huh?

A little thank you, perhaps?

Young people today ...

Hi there.

- Hello.
- Welcome. - Thanks.

- I'm Michelle.
One of the co-owners of the houses.

My name's Karin, and this is Rudolf.

I just want to offer my condolences
for Hulda's death.

- It feels very sad.
- Thank you very much.

- And then I have a suggestion-
- Hello! Are you Karin?

My name is Kim. My condolences.

- Thanks.

- As I said, my condolences -
- Sorry. I wanted to give you something.

It's from around here,
locally grown and so on.

- Really? Well, thank you. How sweet.

- How nice. So that's you done then?
- I have a proposal and I'd like to talk.

- I'm buying the house
and your share in the village.

- If you want to sell, I would love
to buy the house. We can talk about it.

- I really don't want to seem pushy,
so you can have a think about it.

- We could get a good deal.
- A great deal. Take my card.

- I'm here all the time,
Give me a call when you've settled in.

Once you've thought a bit
and you're ready to talk.

- You're a potter.

Yes, I'm a thrower. Does that interest you?

Yes ... should ...

I'll take that! So I can get back to you.
Since it's my house.

Hello. What's that?
- Just my project.

- Can I look?

What's it going to be?
- A swing.

Tobias lets me build in here sometimes
when I get a bit too noisy.

Would you like to make something?
- I think so, but I don't know what.

Surprise your parents with a butter knife.
Or something else they don't want.

Materials are there and there.

And here are the tools.
Put them back where you found them.

He's very careful, Tobias.

- What?
- Tobias backwards.

- Aha, yeah, funny.
- Or completely pointless.

Well, good luck.
- Thanks.

- No, listen. A normal socially functioning
person knows when it's time to leave.

So with that said, think about it
and have a wonderful day.

- Thank you, the same to you.
Thanks for the basket!

- Yeah see you.
- Bye!

We've just arrived, so we have to
settle in and unpack.

Then get ready for midsummer.

We want to celebrate a really classic,
wonderful midsummer together.

- Ah, no ... We don't celebrate
Midsummer in Myshult any more.

It's forbidden.

- You're kidding, right?
- No.

- That's a shame.

- It's a shame, but that's the way it is.

We celebrate Easter and
Christmas and Pentecost ...

- You're not serious?
- Yes. That's it. Seriously.

That'.s all we can do
so we can forget about midsummer.

But I really want to talk about the
other matter. It could be good.

- I want to talk too
So you can also think about my suggestion.

- Okay, thanks, bye then.
- Now they're leaving.

Hey! Midsummer, eh? Pep!

Håkan, You can't leave your cars all over
the floor. Someone could tread on them.

- Don't do that.
You might break them.

I think we're going to have to talk
to them about this midsummer ban.

Before they get too excited.
I think we should anyway.

We can't tell rthem about it. They're too
pepped up. We'll solve it somehow.

God! Shit.

- If you don't want to say anything,
I'll have to do it.

- No. We tell them nothing.

- It's just, I can't bear to lie
about everything all the time.

- What are you doing? They're fragile.
- Dad's foot is too.


- Hello there. Hi.
- Hi.

There's something I thought
I'd talk to you about.

It's been a long time since I saw you
so pepped up about anything.

Which makes this
so much harder to say.

I hope you know that your mother and I
do the best we can for our family.

But sometimes things happen
that you can't do anything about.

And it's nobody's fault.
It's not your mother's fault or mine.

- I believe in you two. It's not
as bad as it looks between you.

- Bad? What...?

- Dad, for my sake, for our sake.

Let's just focus on having
the best midsummer ever.

Midsummer, yay!

- Yay. Yes, but ...

The little frogs ....

What's up?
- I'll help you with the off-roader.

You stay pepped up for midsummer. Okay?

- You won't regret this agreement.
- I already regret it.

- Too late!

- This feels fresh.
- You think?

- Mm, almost real, in a way.
- Yes.

I'm sorry, Sophie.

No more oysters


- And there's the little reception party.
- Oh, how cute.

Hey! Hello! Welcome.

- Hi, Sune. Nice sign.
- Hello. Thanks.


- Welcome to ... Myshult.
- Hello!

- This is for you.
- Yeah?

- It's got cinnamon.
- Okay. Err, thanks.

- Should I eat it?
- If you want.

- Oh god, hold on ...

- Err,nNo, I was just kidding.

- Well, I can't stand it!
- But ...

- Are you ready?
- What?

- Have you got relationship issues?
- No, no, absolutely not.

- Okay. Good for you.
- Yep. Great, actually.

Ouch! What the fuck!

Oh for fuck's sake!
- It opens outwards.

A summer hit can last for many years,
but a summer dud only lasts one summer.

Two days before midsummer, we know
nothing about this year's summer song.

will it be alive forever or
are will we just listen to it this summer?

Summer is not an eternity

summer is, as everyone
knows, never—

Have you seen Dad?
- No.

Strange. No, I'm going to
look for him. Okay?

Our deal will be fulfilled tonight.
- No. I've been thinking about that.

Nicking an off-roader's too much of a risk.
Even your fake pep isn't worth it.

Are you sure? You know that
folk costume Grandma gave me?

- Yeah?
- I'll wear it. Even the hat. Mum'll melt.

- You'd never do that.
- Are you prepared to take that chance?

- You're so incredibly cute in it.

Okay. Let's do it.

- Okay. What's up?
- Yes ... it's Anna.

She's on at us all the time that we
should be fighting for our relationship.

- Well, Karin's about to turn 40.
- Yes?

- It's absolutely the most dangerous age,
and Anna may have seen it.

Women around the age of 40
top the divorce statistics.

Then all of a sudden without warning
she just takes off with the plumber.

- The plumber?
- I'm afraid that kind of thing happens.

Here's what you do.
You handle the situation.

Do something really awesome for Karin
on Midsummer's Eve

so she can see you're still the top guy
you always were - even now.

You should be better than the plumber.

Otherwise, she may file for divorce
before you can say 'water trap'.

- 'Water trap'!

- Fine, ignore me. I'm only trying
to help. Maybe you want a divorce.

- Hello.
- Hi.

- What are you talking about?
- About water traps and the plumber.

- The plumber?

- You can't trust plumbers.
- But tax agency guys never lie.

- No, let's hope not.
- Yes.

I have a perfect new plan for you.
- Håkan, I don't know if—

If you die, Sophie will feel
very sorry for you and fall deeply in love.

- It'll be no good if I die
because then I'm ... dead—

No. But if you're close to it.

- I don't think I should
listen to you any more.


- No, but ... Okay then, tell me.
- Good.

You won't regret it.
Just imagine this:

You have an accident
and Sophie sees it.

Look out!

It's very important that she does.
Then she just screams:

I can't live without you, Sune.

- But will this really work?
- Of course it will.

- It feels a little ... over the top.
- You want me to like you or not?

I can't live without you, Sune! '

- Okay then.
- Good decision.

Tobias? Did you get my email with
the purchase contract? Have you printed it?

- I'll get the ink today and print it
tonight, so you'll have it tomorrow.

- And you'll keep it to yourself?
- Mm.

- Not a word to anyone, and especially
not to Alex. Do you promise?

- Okay.

Sweet ... sweet Karin.
My little ... babe.

No, hell no.

What the hell...?

Karin ... 20 years married—

- Oi! Rudde!
Check this out!

Aircraft with a banner, man.

Yeah, yeah. No, I don't know...

It shouldn't say Yvonne. We tear that off
and put a tape with Karin instead.

She'll be so happy.

- Maybe we can talk about it later.
I have to finish writing my speech.

- We'll have the drone too, won't we?
- Okay.

- Then I'll be back.
- That's not necessary. It's fine.

Dad? Have you seen Mum?

What is it?

- I sit down and try to do one thing
and stuff comes at me the whole time!

- Well, sorry. But have you seen Mum?
- No. She's left. I don't know.

- Okay ... yeah.
- Thanks.

- Dad, have we got a ladder? What?
- What?!

- Have you seen a ladder!
- No! Have you even looked?

It's impossible to get on with this
when I'm interrupted all the time.

- Okay.
- Maybe I'll get some peace inside!

Oww! Fucking bastard car!

- Have you been fighting a lot?
- No. I'm worried about Rudolf.

He and Ragnar were sitting
talking. Something about divorce.

Anna is so different and 'believes in us'
and that 'we can do it if we fight'.

She's very excited to celebrate with us.
What sort of normal teenager is that?

That sounds serious.

- Do you remember Susanne?
- Liam's Mum?

Right, yes.

Her husband ran away with his old
confirmation teacher. Just like that.

- Do you think that Rudolf ... ?
- No, but it can come on suddenly.

Mid-life crisis and stuff like that.
Off he went with a waitress.

- Isn't a waitress a bit of a cliché?
- Well, a yoga teacher then.

- Speaking of clichés ...
- Potter?

- That's not so cliché.

He said something about
being tired of lying.

- Go for it all the way
with the midsummer celebration.

It's your 20th anniversary.
You have to surprise him.

Think outside the box.

Poledance! It's known as lapdance.



- This is quite high up.
- But you have to go all the way up.

It has to look like a real accident.
Besides, you'll have a soft landing.

- No, I can't climb up there.
- Okay, you'll only have yourself to blame.

Too bad for little Sune
and little Håkan, who'll disappear.

- Where are you going?
- Good luck!

I talked to this Kim, you know, one of
the co-owners of the village, again. And—

Håkan's fucking cars!
They're everywhere!

She says there's absolutely no Midsummer
celebration in the village.

I haven't dared tell
the children anything yet.

They can't just say no, can they?

You own a third of the village
now, don't you?

- Yes. That's why they
both want to buy me out,

They don't seem to like each other.

Whoever manages to buy my share
gets a majority and can decide everything.

The only thing they seem to agree on
for some reason is the midsummer ban.

Hello! Mummy!

- What are you doing?
- Picking flowers for midsummer.

Aren't we, Håkan?
- Yes. Great fun.

- Wow. That's really nice.

- Dammit!

Their pep, Yvonne. It's killing me.

I hate to see them so happy.

- Rip off the sticking-plaster
and tell it the way it is.

You can't sneak around with this.

You said it!
That's exactly what we need to do.

We go behind Kim and Michelle's backs.

We go where they can't see us.

We celebrate in secret.

I don't have to mention any ban,
so no disappointed children.

You put this awful midsummer right
and no yoga teacher runs off with Rudolf.

- Exactly!
- Nice.

- Will you help me?
- Of course. It's my favourite sport.

- What are you like, Yvonne Bindefeld!
- Yes ... Ouch!

- There it is. Partly my fault,
because I just put it back where it was.

- But, listen. What's the plan?
- You find a good place.

I buy wood for the pole,
amputate my toe ..,

... and everyone gets a surprise.
We're leaving now okay?

Sophie? Do you want to come with us
to buy some wood?

- Yeah sure.

- What was that?
- Probably nothing.

You should never give up. I've never yet
seen a film where the hero gives up.

- Okay. But what should I do?
- Sune, I can't help you any more.

This requires you to enter
the darkness alone.

If you want to win Sophie back,
you have to make her jealous.

That's all.

- How are you and Sune?
- We're fine.

- Or not?
- No, I don't know.

No, then?

No, but...

... I broke it off before we came here.
- Okay.

He's actually a good guy,
but lately he's ...

- Maybe it'd be best
to let go and move on.

Yes Yes. Here.

This is going to be great.

Hello, Hi, yeah I think I've
found the perfect place.

- Hi, Sune.
- Hi. Want it?

- Yes thank you.

- Alex -
- May I ask you something?

Oh sorry. You go ahead.
- No no, it can wait. What did you want?

I have to go into Tobias' house tonight
and find something and I need your help.

- But it sounds like burglary.
- No, it's not a burglary.

More like visiting him when he isn't
in and doesn't know we're there.

- That's exactly like a burglary, isn't it?
- Are you with or not?

If you want to win Sophie back,
you have to make her jealous.

- Love to. Absolutely That'll be great.
- Okay, that's good.

Don't you normally decorate the pole
on Midsummer's Eve itself?

- Good to be ahead of the game
in case something goes wrong.

- Like what?
I mean, what can go wrong?

- Well...

If it still does not start,
the problem is probably the battery.

Then we need a wrench.

- Wrench!
- What do you need me for here?

I'm not doing anything.

- So do something.
Give me a wrench.

- Plus you can keep watch.
- Yeah yeah, I can do that.

Okay, I'll go in, you stay here
and keep watch.

- What if he comes? Shouldn't we
have a signal? Like an eagle?

- Can you sound like an eagle?
- No...I don't know.

Then don't try to sound like an eagle.

- We've fixed it so it won't fall over.

We can secure it tomorrow.
The ropes can be fixed in the ground.

- What can go wrong?
- True.

Alex? Alex?



We have to get out. Tobias is here.


What the hell...?

Turn it off! People will hear it!
- How do you do that then?

What are you doing?!
- Youtube. How to turn off the engine.

No, wait.
- Alex? Where are you going?

I need to pee.


Bastard eagles!

That was too close.

- Promise to tell your parents
they mustn't sell the house.

- Okay, I promise. But why?
- What's this?

- Do not sell the house!
- Where did all the eagles come from?

This turned out really well.
You're good at handling things.

Thanks. It's what I'm best at.

- What was that?
- Some sort of slurp, I think.

Or maybe someone throwing up a little.

The pole! It's sinking!

- Quick!
- Stop it!

- What should we do?
- 'What can go wrong?'

Karin ...

Karin, every time I see you

despite 20 years together,
my heart pounds in my chest ..

for you.

And all I can say is ...

There's nothing after that ...
to make up ...

- 'I love you ... Karin. '
- Yes, that's good.

- But you don't have to write that.
Because that's where the drone comes in.

- I think we might hold off
on the whole drone thing.

I still think it's the glue that
holds the party together.

I thought I should kind of
emphasise this.

- That it holds the party together.

You read it and present it.
- That's all?

It's bad? It's bad.

- No. No, it's so damn good!

I don't believe anyone else on earth
could have written that!

Do you know what this is? Okay...


- You're fishing. catching fish.

- Not me. You!
It's you pulling in Karin.

- So she's in the water? Why?
- No no, it was like a parable.

- Okay.

- How are you?
- What?


Hello? Mm.
Yes, Mum. I know.


How are you?
Anything I can do?

What are you doing?

- I just went a little low.
It's okay now.

- Sure?
- Mm. Yes.

You have to be careful just so
you don't end up in a coma. Diabetes.

- Oh.


You remember
you were supposed to help me, huh?

- Are you really sure about this?
- Yes.

- It's actually pretty shitty.

- Yes, but I'm sure.
- Yes. Are you going to help, or what?

- What?
- Yes, take that one.

- What are we going to do?
- You'll see.

- Doing well?
- Absolutely. We can put them here.

- Okey- dokey. What nice planks.
- Yes, aren't they?

- How good you are at sawing!
- Thanks. Happy to help.

- Damn, how round the hole's going to be.
- Thanks. I enjoy drilling.

- Here, Sune, you can hang them.
- Oh thank you. What an honour.

Two so that it doesn't hang squint.
- Nice work.

- Thanks. It was just nice
to be able to help.

- So, now we can stop pretending.

Thing is, will it make any difference.
- What d'you mean?

My parents hate each other
and quarrel all the time.

I made it so they would realize
they have something in common.

- The swing?
- Yes. And me.

- Should this be in the swing?
- Mm.

- Why does it say 'KAM' on it?

- I still have a lot to do tomorrow.

I'm going to the coffee shop.
- Okay.

Have you talked to your parents?

- Err ... no.
- No?!

I've done my part of the deal.
Now it's your turn.

Yes, that's how it is.
We have to think about what we want to do.

- Mum, I've been thinking.
This business about selling the house.

- That's exactly what we're talking about.

We aren't allowed to
celebrate Midsummer here.

- What?!
- I've talked to Kim and Michelle.

Kim says they can make an exception
if we sell the house to her.

- No, you can't sell!
- Then we can't celebrate Midsummer here.

- No Midsummer pole? No ring ceremony ...
- I think we should sell.

- We'll get a good price.
- I agree.

- Midsummer is the most important thing.
- No. I want to keep it.

- So do I, but I really want to give you
a wonderful midsummer here too.

Like the one that Rudolf and I had.

I don't know.
Looks like it's up to you to decide, Sune.

Do you want midsummer
or do you want to keep the house?

Which do you choose?

It's the day before
Midsummer Eve 2021.

Tomorrow I will do the ring ceremony
with Sophie at the midsummer pole.

Like your Mum and Dad,
or grandma and grandpa did-

-20... or 40 years ago.

If you exist when you watch ...
Or, yes ... ehm ...

Good luck.

- Hi, stalker.
- What? No.

- You're stalking my parents, right?
- No, I'm just ...

- You're just training your eyesight?
Did you check the disk tutorial?

- No, I ... I was just on my way home.

- Eh, but...

Are you okay?

You seem to be having a lot of fun,
you and her ... that girl.

- Mm, yes.

- Are you maybe in love with her, or what?
- No.

- It looks a bit like it.

- Yeah, but I don't think so.

Because I think that ...
I think ... that ...

- I don't think so. No, actually.

- Look, Sune ...
One thing I've been thinking about ...

- She's very low. She's unresponsive.

- I'm on my way there now.
- It's Alex. I have to ...

- If this is one of your inventions again!
- No,Sophie, it's for real now. Seriously!

Get something sugary from the coffee shop!
- Why?

- She needs sugar. She has diabetes.

- What's best?
- Honey, soda, something with sugar in it.

Hurry up!

Alex, hello. Wake up.

Here's some honey.

Give her some more.

In the workshop.
Yes, I'm in control. - Alex!

- Hello!
- Alex, what's my name in reverse?

What's my name in reverse?
- Enus.

- Here's the soda.
- Yeah, thanks. Sit down.

Okay, here. Try to drink.

Good, Alex.

- Thanks so much!
- Should I call someone?

Your parents?
- No, I can do it myself.

Well, are you back together now?

Coming up news and weather. We could
hardly have better midsummer weather.

It will be an absolutely perfect day.

- Right? What can go wrong?
- Nothing.

Now for the news.

- Here's the last bag.
- Do we have herring?

- Yes, it's in this one.
- Good.

- And beer and aquavit?
- Yes. Check. Czech beer.

We fixed it. Then we have everything.
We also got a midsummer pole.

It just stands there
without sinking away.

You shouldn't take anything for granted.

- Strawberries. Where are the strawberries?
- You got them.

- No, you were right by the strawberries.
- I haven't brought strawberries.

- But, Rudolf! Oh God.
It's 50 kilometres to the store.

I'm leaving right now.

- You forgot the key!
- Thanks.

Hurry up now, please. Go, go!

- Maybe it's best if you drive, Karin.
You drive faster. - Thanks! Finally!

- Go for it.
- Okay, love.

No, honey. Sto ... stop!

Stop the car! Honey, stop!


Karin, stop!

Karin! Stop!
- What's going on?

- Mum's just going shopping.
She'll be back later.

Hi. Do you have the old midsummer
stuff stored anywhere?

- Midsummer has been banned in Myshult.
- Yes, but ...

- Yes, Yes. You can look in
the storage area upstairs here.

Can I have these?
- Sure, sure.

Are Kim and Michelle Alex's parents?


So 'KAM' stands for
Kim Alex Michelle?

- Yep.

- Is that their swing up there?

Yes, but they broke up last midsummer
and now just argue all the time.

- So that's why they banned
midsummer here in the village.

And therefore both of them
want to buy your house.

Whoever gets it will get to decide
everything in the village.

Then there'll surely be even more trouble.

Have you sold it?
- Err ... Thanks, hey.


No no no no!

- Good morning, darling.
- Good morning.

- Happy Midsummer.
- Thank you, the same to you.

- Can you take a picture of us out there?
- Of course.

- I'm smiling for real.
- No.

Let's see, let's see ...
- You're not really smiling.

- No, I smile like this.
- Look here. How do you really smile?

We had a deal! What is this?
We were supposed to make Sophie jealous!

Michelle said Kim bought the house!
So it makes no fucking difference now!

Fuck off!

- Where ... Sophie?
- What did you say?

- Have you seen Sophie?
- Yes, she went inside.

I think we happened to switch mobiles.
- You think?

- Yes, I think this is yours.
- This is little Daddy's mobile.

- It's not what you think, it—
- No, it's much worse!

Your little game to make me jealous!
Just imagine a future without me!

It's over now, for real!
Got that?!

Your fucking explanations.
You only think of yourself!

- You wanted to buy the house too.
- Yes, for Alex's sake.

- I'm moving away.
- Please don't. Stay here.

- I can't!


What's happening? What are you doing?
- I've ruined everything!

Stop, wait ... Wait!

Sune, wait!

What's going on?

Sune? Wait!
Tell us. What happened?

- Sophie hates me, Alex hates me.
Everything is my fault. Fuck midsummer!

- Right, come on, tell me.

- I thought if only we could celebrate
Midsummer it'd be me and Sophie forever.

Just like for you and Dad.

- It wasn't midsummer itself
that made us get together.

Me and your Dad may not
be together forever.

- No? We're not going to ... are we?

- You can't know that.
- But that's how it's going to be?

Are you leaving me for a plumber?

- It was you going to leave me.
- What? No. Where did you get that from?

- Yvonne said that.
- What did I say?

- That Rudolf might be thinking of taking
off with some yoga teacher or potter.

- That was a feeling I got from you.
I felt I should say something..

- Why are you talking about a plumber?
- Well, it was ... Ragnar! - There, Ragnar.

- It was Ragnar who said it.
- Me? You said that Anna suspected ...

- Hello. What are you doing here?
- Anna, what did you say to Rudolf?

- About what?
- About divorce.

- No. Are you going to divorce?
- Who told you that?

- It was Sune. -What?
- Someone had dumped someone.

It was about Mum and Dad.
- No, that was about Sophie.

- So did Sophie say
we were getting a divorce? - No.

- But has Sophie broken up with you?
- Yes.

- So you're not getting a divorce?
- No, no, it doesn't look like it.

- So all this midsummer pep
was a waste of time.

- And I put on that nasty folk costume
completely unnecessarily?

Everything's my fault. I started all this
by listening to Håkan.

- Don't blame me, I'm just a kid.
- Yeah you are. But now it's too late.

- No. The bus hasn't left yet.
Sophie is on her way to the bus.

- She wanted to celebrate somewhere else.
- You might be in time if you hurry.

- Håkan, does all this seem familiar?
- "It's never too late!"

- He's off to get the taxi to catch her
before she disappears forever.

Sune, come on! Now!

Håkan, wait for us!

What are they doing now?
- Trying to catch up with Sophie.

- Our babies, eh?

Check it! Not YouTube!

Here! Grab the helmet!
- Move over, I'm driving!

- You can drive later.
- Is that a promise?

- How do you even drive this thing?
- You swing out and push down on the pedal.

After that I'm not sure.

- Sune, come on! Jump in!
- There's one thing to do first.

- What?!

You take this side.

There. Well done.
- Now it's my turn.

- No, no, no, you can't drive.
- A promise is a promise.

- I'm regretting it already.
- Too late. - Sune?

- Hurry up, Sune!
- Coming.

Is this the shortest way to the bus?
- I think so!

- Now what are you doing?
- You said the shortest way!

Imagine that!
We finally got the midsummer pole up.

- Or not.
- Oh God.

- What are you doing? What happened?
- Sorry I ruined the pole.

- What the hell are you doing? Well?!
- It's not what it looks like.

It looks like a kid who's knocked over
a midsummer pole with my ORV!

- In a folk costume!
- Yes, that's exactly what it looks like.

- But okay, listen ...
- Help us! We have to stop Sophie.

- Who?
- The girl that Sune's trying to win back.

He could lose her forever.
- If Sune can't stop her in time.

You know, like in that film:
Notting Hill.

- Ohh yeah ...

If he can't get to the press conference
in time and get her back ...

I love that film.
- Yeah, lovely, but we have to hurry.

- Trust me on that. You, change places.
You back there. Seat belts on.

I'll sort this out, it's all right.
- Here we go.

- Is this really such a great idea?
- Yes, I drive very carefully.

There's the bus!
- We don't have time to catch up.

- We'll have to take a shortcut.
Hold on!

- Is this really the fastest way?
- Yep!

- There's lots of turns.

- Because of all the trees.
It's like that in the woods.

- Look out!

- Watch out for the trees!

There's the bus!
- We have to catch up!

- Come on, faster!

- Get past it!
- It's stopping! There's a bus stop!

- Yes!
- Damn, what a driver!

Hi. Hold on a moment.
Come on, Sune, come on now!

Sune, come on!

- Are you getting on?
- What?

Are you coming with us?

That's usually what you want
when you wait at a bus stop. - No.

Wait! Open it.

Well? What do you want?

- This is when you have to say something.
- What do you want?

- But what do you want?
- I know what I don't want.

I don't want to be with someone
who doesn't care what I want.

Someone living in a fantasy.

Someone pretending to have
imaginary kids with me.

Do you understand?
- Yes.

- Good.

- Do you want some advice?
- What advice?

- You should break up with that guy.
- What?

- Excuse me butting in,
but we have to get moving.

So either you get on,
or you get off.

No, my dear sweet millennials?
Then I have to help you. Let's go.

What's this?

- Alex built it. All by herself.
For the three of us.

That cushion ...

- Pizza Rudolfo!
- God it's so tasty.

- I want some.
- You're welcome.

You'll share? Okay.

This was probably the weirdest
midsummer I've ever experienced.

- And the most expensive.
- Yes.

I bought too many.
But you might be able to freeze them.

Hello, hi.

- You're having pizza?
- Mm.

- Here.
- What's this?

- That's the key to Hulda's house.
It's yours now.

I'm not leaving. I'm staying in Myshult.
We'll still be together.

- That's good..

And even if we're not together anymore,
we love you, Alex. Equally.

- Can I get a hug?
- Yes.

Next year, can't we just celebrate
midsummer at home. Just us, I mean?

You don't have to take everything
so seriously all the time. Right?

Make such a meal of it, you know?
- No,that's true. it's unnecessary, yeah.

- Look, Rudolf. Remember this?
- Yes ...

- Taken.
- Yes.

We don't need this. There.

You know,I've never liked plumbers.

- You can't trust them.
- No, they're a real shower.

I like guys from the Tax Agency.
Always have, always will.

- I work at the Swedish Tax Agency.

- Are you kidding me?
- No, it's true.

- Come here. Kiss me.

- Maybe we could stay like this?
- We can do that too.

Nice sign.
- Thanks.

Is there any food left then?

- What was that?

I bought a Margherita with feta,
in case you came.

- By the way ... so I broke up
with that oyster-Sune.

- Yeah, he was probably no good for you.

- No, but the one who bought this
seems all right.

- Mm. Perhaps.

- Yes, he seems really good.

- Don't you think the heart and stuff
is a bit ridiculous?

- No. Just ... very special.

English subtitles by
jeremys and faxeholm1234 @TNT