Sune - Best Man (2019) - full transcript

Sune's class is going on a secret school trip. Sune and Sophie are really looking forward to spending time together when Sune suddenly realizes that Grandpa Helmer's wedding is the same weekend. Panic. Class trip with Sophie, or his best friend Grandpa? Sune can't make his mind up so decides to do both. Or something in-between. At the same time, Rudolf is suspicious about the bride. Is Grandpa's new wife just after his money? And Karin runs into her former love, who is everything that Rudolf is not. Welcome back the Andersson family. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
What are you doing?

Who are you?
- You. A later version.

- What? Later?
- I'm from the future.

- What were you doing in my room?
- I wanted to warn you.

- About what?
- Just listen. I'm in a hurry.

- My time in your present is limited.
- OK, I get it.

- I can only be here a short time.
Then I have to go back to my own time.

the future.

- OK I understand.
What's it all about?

- Right.It's like this ...
What the hell was it again?

Oh yeah, I've got it.
You're about to make a choice.

And that choice is not good. For you.

Although It'll be bad for me too,
... in the future ...

- What's this about? What choice?

Well, you will ...
Damn, now the time is running out.

- Just tell me what kind of choices!
-- All right, this is important.

You absolutely can not ...
This is important ...

Which choice is wrong? Which is right?

Are you coming with us in the car, Sune?

Or taking the bus? Sune? Hello!

- What?
- You coming by car or the bus?

- When are you leaving?
- Now. Two minutes.

Why are there 800 jackets
in the hall?

- I'm taking the bus. So's Sophie.
- OK, so you can fill the dishwasher.

What? No, can't Anna do it?
-No, I'm going too.

What was that? Is something broken?

Wait. I'm coming with you.
- OK, just hurry up.

So we're off, yeah?

- Does Sophie know
you're not taking the bus?

Oh yeah ...
OK ... you go on. I'll get the bus.

- OK. So you have to lock up.
- Yes.


Stop, stop!
I think I've changed my mind.


Dad, can you stop?
- No!

No, no, it's OK.

You got to vote for our
fun activity this term.

And the results are in.

Oh yeah. It'll be ...

Is it OK if I ...? - Sure.
- It'll be ...

- ... what was it we said again?

- War? No.
-The trip.

- Yeah of course!!
It'll be the Mystery Tour!

This means two things:
Take responsibility for yourselves

... and do as we tell you.

And it's a break from Mum and Dad.
- So where are we going?

- That's what's best about a Mystery Tour.
It's secret. Destination unknown.

No one knows where we're going or what
we're going to do, not even your parents.

The only one who knows is Tove and ...

I have to know where we're going.

You already do. I'll tell you again later.

- Yes, absolutely.
So I'll find out after the lesson.

Then you can come and ask me ...

... where we're going and
what we're going to do.

- But it's a secret.
- Exactly, it's a secret.

So you don't find anything out,
my lips are sealed.

- Right then, I have to get on.
- Yes.

Hi, little man. How did it go today?
What won the vote?

Destination Unknown.

Isn't that what you wanted? - Exactly.

It's on the 5th? - Yes ...
- That's when Grandpa's getting married.

The whole family is going to a wedding.

- What? Are you kidding?
- No, you actually knew about it.

I can't take it any more!
God, give me strength!

Yes. Or maybe a diary.

Have a think and decide
what you're going to do.

So little man.
Have you made up your mind?

- I've decided that ... I'll go along.
- To? - What?

- To the wedding or your class trip?
-To ...

... the wedding.

Good. It'll be great fun and grandpa
will be super happy. I'll call him now

Feels good doesn't it?

Nice to come to a decision at last, eh?
- Yeah, nice ...

- You forgot to close ...
What's up with Sune?

- Classic FOMO.
- Eh? What did you say?

You forgot to close the fridge ...
What's wrong with everybody!

Good that so many parents could
be free in the middle of a weekday.

I felt it was important to deal with all
the questions arising before the trip.

- Ask away. No question is too stupid.
Like "What can you eat in the forest?"

You can eat just about anything.

For example, you shouldn't eat sea eagles,
but you can eat them-

- Or you can just ask some very common
questions we got by email and so on.

It's great the kids won't have any screens.

Sune. Where are your parents?

- They couldn't get here,
so they asked me to take notes.

We hear what you're saying and take-

- Excuse me. Oh, what a crowd!
- Yes, it's all about the trip.

Could Sune skip the last lesson?
- Err ... OK ...


- For Grandpa's wedding.
- What? No!

- We talked about it.
You packed your bag yourself.

- I don't understand. The class trip is
this weekend. That's what the bag was for.

You're totally confused now, Mum.

Could you discuss this in the corridor
so we can get on with what we're doing?

That was totally embarrassing!
- Really. What are you doing?

I changed my mind.
I don't want to come to the wedding.

OK, fine, so this is what we'll do.
You get to call Grandpa and tell him.

-No. Can't you do it?
-No. OK, then you're coming.

You can be absolutely confident-
- There was just one other thing ...

The money we paid into the class fund ...

- Well now that Sune isn't going.
- What do you mean?

It's like we go out and eat
and I order the smoked ham ...

... and you have a seafood platter ...

... or two and an expensive dessert,
flambéed or whatever ...

- Hi, Grandpa. It's Sune.
- Hi, Sune!

My favourite grandchild!

I'm so pleased you called -
I have a small question for you.

Can you be my best man?
- What does that mean?

- You give me the ring.

You're the most important
person at the entire wedding.

- Ah. That's lovely.
You've made me so happy, Sune!

But you called me.
Is there something you want?

- Yeah ... I was just going to say
that I'll probably bring a jacket.

- But that's good.

After all, It can get chilly.

I've transferred the money to you.
- OK.

Can I just check it ...?
Sometimes it gets ... the technology ...

So it's not a screenshot. No.

Then you can also delete me
from the mailing list there.

The whole of that has gone bananas.
- Yes. Quite.

Mum, it'll be great fun
to go to the wedding.

You're coming?
I don't want to see any sour faces.

Never again. Now you've made up your mind.
- Wait. I have to tell Sophie.

- Hurry up and do it then.
- No, you've embarrassed me enough.

- Then I will.
- No!

-Let's go.

- Sune, the traffic ...
- Yes, Sune, now!

We got the money back.

To make up a little for Grandpa
ruining half the family tree.

- It's not that bad.

It is a little spontaneous
to get married so suddenly.

Good. So we know you approve.

Come on, kids!


Warning coming up.

Now it's upside down. Turn it.

You must be joking.

Hell! Damn!

Now we've got Inger.
She's a real health freak.

We don't know how long she's going to ...

It's all water gymnastics
and chia seeds and all the rest.

- You've never met her.
- Wait a minute, I just have to ...

There, Karin. That'll do.

- You do know it doesn't use less
if you put in less, right?

- What'd you say?

- The car doesn't use up less ...
- Right, we're off!

Now the light's come on.
It's completely empty. We have to stop.

-You can drive 200 kilometres
even with the light on ...

- What's happened? Anyone injured?
- How are you riding?

Bareback. As always. As little as possible
between my body and the animal.

Dad, do you see what I see?
- No, not usually, Håkan.

- They seem to know each other.
- Yes.

Maybe eight people live here,
so it would be strange if they didn't.

- They know each other very well.
- Yes, or ... I'll go and say hello.

What did your class say about
you avoiding the trip?

- Avoiding? They didn't say anything.

- It's different when you're not around,
I can tell you.

- OK., so what are they saying then?

- You can't sleep away from home,
you're afraid of the dark-

- Maybe you pee the bed.

Hi. Looks like you know each other?

- This is Rudolf.
- Hello, hey. Matte.

- I'm Karin's husband.
Our three kids are there in the car.

- Do you have any children?
-Yes, I have a little girl.

- What's her name?
- Her name is Karin.

- Really? Nice name.
So when can we meet her?

- Any time. She rode out
into the woods a week ago.

She just makes up her mind and she's off.
Just like you always did.

- Do you know who her mother is?
- She disappeared, left us.

- What a pain. Sorry to hear that.
But you stayed here?

- Yes. Hard to move away.

Are jobs hard to find around here?
Is there much unemployment in rural areas?

- I'm a vet. Living my dream life
with everything I need.

Well, almost ...
- OK ...

-What do you do, Rudolf?
- The Tax Office.

- Hope you're on top of your accounting.
- I think so.

A guy in my class was called Tony
and had the tonsils removed.

They called him "Tonsil-Tony".
His name wasn't even Tony, but Poine.

- Was called?
- Yes, he changed his name to Korri.

- Korri ... Maybe we have
a nicer class than you have.

- What did you say?
- don't know.

We're going. Nice ... and lovely ...
- Karin ...

- I knew you were coming.
- This is completely loose.

Who's going to pay for it then?
Zorro or what?

- Hi Dad.

How nice to see you.
Hello, Rudolf.

And most importantly ...
Sune, my best man.

- Hi, Grandpa.
- Hello. I am Inger.

- Nice to meet you at last.
- Now it's time for a wedding.

- Yes, at last.
Where are you having the wedding?

- In the community centre.
- The community centre, is it still there?

- Yes. You can't see the sea.

But if you clear some branches,
it gets nice and bright.

- And we'll have real champagne
and a string quartet.

- It sounds super wonderful.
- Super cheap too.

- I'm about to take some stuff down there.
- We can help you, Helmer.

- That's not necessary.
- Of course we'll help you.

Hello? Hi, it's Sune.


- I just thought ...
It all got a little weird.

- Yeah?
- I had to come here with them.

- Don't you believe me?
- I do, but others here may not.

- What do you mean?

- They probably think you're
afraid of the dark or something,

can't bear to be away from Mum and Dad.

- No Sophie! You have to tell them—
- I have to go now, Sune. - No!

- What are you doing!

Wait, Sophie! I'm coming.
I'll be on the trip.

See you tomorrow.
You can tell everyone that.

- OK. Bye.

- I have to get there.
- Have you got a plan?

A plan? Yes, of course I've got a plan.
I'll ... talk to Mum.

Courageous! Bold! Crazy plan!

But I mean, this ...
- This is a nice setting.

OK. Are they getting married in here?
- Yep.

- Why?
- Well ...

- Yuk, it smells.
- Yeah, it's mould.

- It is? We ...
- How did it go with the branches, Dad?

- No, that wasn't a good idea.
It has to go through the Association.

- What? Says who? Was it Cissi?
- No. Yes...

- I'll talk to her.
- Best leave it as it is.

- Hi, Karin. How nice to see you.

- Sure, same here.
- You couldn't believe it eh?

Your old Dad remarrying.
I don't think you should be ashamed.

- Why should I be ashamed?

- You are so lovely. What does it matter
if people gossip that he's too old?

- Dad wants to cut a few branches here.
- Yes, I know, but that's not possible.

Your father can't always get his own way.
You know how people whisper and gossip.

- Oh yes, I really do.
- With all the nicknames you had.

- What nicknames?
- "Bouncy Ball", "Flitter Face".

You could never make up your mind
about anything, just like your Dad.

- Like my Dad? - You're so lovely
way. Flittering back and forth.

- No, I really don't think—

- Mum? I've had second thoughts.
I don't want to come to the wedding.

- Wait a minute, Sune.
- So this is Helmer's grandson!

We'll see if there's going to be a wedding.
- About the branches?

- No. The answer to that is no.
But now I have to run, so I want a hug.

Right. Come on then. Yes, come on.

Mum, I want to go back to school.
- Are you kidding?

- Can you take me to the station?
- Why all this dithering?

- Look, the train—
- Enough! I've had it with your screens!

Can't you decide anything for yourself?
Will you stop being indecisive for once?

Take a bow and arrow and
run off into the woods.

Maybe live there until November.
- I'm just saying -

- Well, go on the class trip. Go on.
But get there by yourself, if you dare.

- OK, I'll run away.
Then you'll never see me again.

Great! A decision at last.
Thanks. Good luck!

You were right, I need a real plan.
- Now you're talking.

- So what do we do?

Mission: get to the bus stop.

Dress: tactical combat.
You have to get past all the grown-ups.

You distract them by
shooting a flare gun.

Three, two, one.

Everyone runs away. You lie down
carefully on a longboard.

You skate after the bus.

You grab the undercarriage and
attach yourself with snap hooks.

You almost lose your grip,
because your arms are a little weak.

At a red light, you stop
right next to the school bus.

Then you let go,
roll over to the other bus.

Time for the repeller gun.
You deliver an epic line.

Hi, Sophie. I'm here now.

- I love you, Sune.
Now and forever.

You smile in four different ways.
Weird. Then you tongue kiss each other.

Then you burn out
into the American desert.

But it's so boring there,
so you go to ... to the moon instead.

When you've landed on the moon
you take out your whole arsenal of weapo—

- OK. We won't be doing it like that.

Let's check the bus times.
- OK. Yes! Let's check the bus times

Did you and Dad talk about
who the woman is?

Please don't get any weird ideas now.

I don' get weird ideas.

Hi. - Hi.
- Inger is very nice.

- Thanks, Rudolf.
That does make me happy.

Yeah ... What was I going to say ...?

- Yeah, I get curious when a new love
turns up out of the blue.

So now you have to tell us everything
you know about her. I want to hear it all.

What her last name is, what she
did before. Where she's from?

What job does she do?
- "What's her social security number"?

- Can you tell me all that?
- No.

That's what's so wonderful.
I hardly know anything about what she did.

I don't even know where she lives.
- You don't know where she lives?

Helmer, this may sound a little ...

I have to raise a warning finger.
There are women out there who-

- No, I don't want to listen to this.
I don't believe you.

- Helmer, it's-
- No!

There's a discrepancy here
with Inger's address.

- Was I too hard on Sune?
I have to say sorry to him.

- Debt restructuring isn't pretty.
- Tomorrow won't be too late.

The bus leaves in eight minutes. Go now.
- Mum and Dad are right underneath us.

- They'll see us. What are you doing now?
- You'll be like a winch.

Turn slowly, so I can hoist down
and grab a ladder.

- Wait, we ...
- Hold on now, Sune!

I can't be driven by a guilty conscience.
I mustn't argue and apologise.

Turn now!
- It's too heavy! I'm being dragged out!

- Keep turning!
- Wait, somebody's coming.

- You have to be kidding!

Oh, Sune.
I'm glad you're awake.

You know there're ghosts up here?
- Yes.

- I want to talk to you. Do you have time?
- Absolutely.

You're going to be the best man.
- Yes?

You might want to have a look
at the ring you're to hand over.

You pick it up when the minister says,
and then you give it to him.

-Mm. Feel.

No, that's not necessary.
I can feel with my eyes.

Inger will be super happy.
- No-o!

- What?
- I forgot to engrave it.

- Oh no.

But, Sune, what's the matter?
You seem a little ...

Is there something weighing you down?
- You could say that. It's my brother.

- Ah. It's not easy being the eldest
all the time. I know.

If you need to talk about it,
you know, you always have me.

- Thanks, Grandpa. I need to sleep now.
- Yes me too. Good night now, Sune.

Did that look weird?
- Yes.

It felt strange, but it wasn't strange.
It was a video game.

- Yes? Well. Yes, good night.

- Good night.
- I've a pain in my chest!

Naturally Inger prefers living here.
- You need to drop this Inger business.

- Look me in the eye and say,
"I'm dropping this Inger business now."

- Yes. OK, Karin, I'll drop this
thing about Ing ... now ...

But what the hell ...?
- Where are you going now?

- I'm dropping it now, aren't I?

What are you doing?
- I'm going to do some repainting.

- No, you should be going to bed!

Have we missed the bus now?
-The bus! - Yeah ...

- I've got a life-threatening spinal
dislocation. But that doesn't matter.

- But I—
- Quiet!

Lights out. Sleep.

She's meeting two old men at the same time.
Cosy. Won't be cosy for long.

Now they'll believe me.

What are you doing?
- We've got another chance.

Mum is going to town to pick up something.
You hide in the car.

- And then?
- Take the train to where your class is.

Kiss Sophie, then you'll owe me a Lego
Ninjago .

Every month for the rest of my life.
That's all.

- Hello, Inger Olsson.
- Hello.

Inger, Inger, Inger, Inger ...

-So this is your second home?
-What do you mean?

- I saw the guy coming out of here.
- Ah, yes.

Are you going to marry him too?

- That would be inappropriate.
- You could say that.

He's my brother.

Does he happen to
live in this luxurious house?

No, in Australia. He's here
for the wedding. This is my house.

So you're living here now? A bit odd,
since there are lots of photos of ...

Of me.

Yes, that's it.

Yes ... Are you wondering why I'm here?
- Yes, I am actually .

- I wanted to say I think it's wonderful
that you two are going to marry each other.

There, I said it. That was nice.
- Rudolf.

I'm not stupid, I understand.
You think I'm going to scam Helmer.

- No, how can you say that?
I'm deeply hurt.

- He wants to think he's paying for it,
but he doesn't have much money.

- No, he hasn't.
But it seems you have. - Yes.

I have no children of my own.
So then there's more for you.

- Yes, yes, there is.

- Don't say anything to Helmer.
- No, of course not.

- I want to do it myself.
After the wedding.

- What is it?

- Nothing. I have to go now.
- Then I can come with you. - No.

-Anna. You have to help me.

It's a little embarrassing, but I need
to fix something with my wedding ring.

- So I was going to borrow your car.
- Right, but you need to talk to D—

- Don't say anything to Inger.
- I'm not very good at lying.

- You definitely shouldn't lie.
You just shouldn't tell. Great.

- Aren't you going soon?

- Have you seen Sune?
I have to apologise to him.

- Too late. He's moved out.
- Stop it now, Håkan.

- It's true.
His bed was empty this morning.

He's never coming home to see Mum again.

That's what he said. He mentioned Berlin.
- What are you talking about?

- I'm not saying anything.
He is gone.

Sune? Hallo?
You have to come out now, Sune!

That was maybe a bit over the top.
- Just as well to be clear.

Now we need to hide you in the car.

It'll be good to see if Helmer's awake.
- No!

Can you help me roll in the tires?
They're only going in there.

- What?
- You're very sweet, thank you!

- We'll take my car to look for him.

- I usually don't worry like this.
- Let's just go and find your son.

Where have you been? Sune's gone.
He seems to have run off.

- That's annoying.
Where's Helmer?

- Inside. Taking a shower, I think.
- Good.

What's all this cheap and nasty bunting!

It's supposed to be a day of joy.
We can't have this sort of rubbish!

- I'll get the car, and meet you.
-Thanks. Really great.

- I brought you this.
- What's that?

- A bayonet. In case you meet a bear.
- Shut up about guns!


Helmer? Are you in there?
I was totally wrong about Inger.

That's an amazing woman you're going
to share the rest of your life with ...

What are you doing here? Where's Grandpa?
- He's gone.

- Gone? Gone where? Was he angry, sad ...?
- I wasn't really supposed to say.

- Dammit!
- What's happened?

- I sent him a stupid note about Inger.
Now he's vanished.

- Don't say anything to Mum.
- I don't like lying.

- What's going on?
- Well, Grandpa has gone ...

- Will you stop it!

- What are you doing?
- She's wrong in the head.

You go a little stupid during puberty.
It's hormones and stuff like that.

At that age, I was totally wrong
in the head. I still am.

- Where's Helmer? - The bride
doesn't need to know everything.

The groom is allowed to have some secrets.

Give me the blanket.

You should have brought
a blanket I could hide under.

- It's still a blanket.
- That's not a blanket, it's a tea towel!

How am I supposed to hide under that?
My legs stick out.

- Sshh! Someone's coming.

Helmer! Helmer
- What are you doing?

- We have a deserter

Helmer's thinking of backing out
of the wedding, and he's escaped.

- What the ... How on ..

- What the, what the? How on, how on?
I don't know-

But ... what the hell ...? Helmer!

- Karin. Karin!
Are you coming or not?

Helmer! Stop the car!

Helmer! Shit!

We'll go along with Matte.
Stay here and take care of Inger.

- What? No, absolutely not.
It'll get ... Anna, Anna can do it.

- What's going on? You pushed me into—
- No time to talk about it now, OK?

- OK, but just calm down a bit now.
- Calm down? Can you just listen please?

Inger mustn't know that Grandpa's gone OK?
Stall her.

- I don't like lying.
- So don't lie. Just say anything.

- OK, I'll say you said something stupid to
Grandpa and you've gone to look for him.

Perfect. No! You can't say anything.
Inger doesn't know what I said.

I want to go in the ambulance too!
- We're leaving, come on.

Come on now.

- Were you planning on going without me?
What were you even thinking about?

Hi, Anna.

What are you doing here?

- What am I doing here?
What are you doing here!

- I'm going to town to get something fixed.
What are you doing here?

- I was ... just going to ...
hang out with you for a bit.

Have some time together before ...
It's great being best man.

- Do Mum and Dad know that you're here?
- Yes of course. - OK, fine.

Sune's not picking up.
- Neither's your Dad.

I have to understand what's going on.
- Yes, me too.

- Why would Dad have changed his mind?

He was so happy and in love yesterday.

- I've really no idea.
He is a little gaga.

- No, don't touch that!
- What is it?

- An anaesthetic gun for horses.
- What would happen if I shot Dad?

- No pocket money for life.
- I don't get pocket money anyway.

- He'd wake up some time after the wedding.
- Please. Shoot me. No I'm kidding!

-So you're going into town, then?
-Yes, exactly.

- Can you get to Glimmerdagg from there?
- Yes, certainly.

- But where's Helmer?
- He's dead.

- What? - No, he's not.
He's coming. Everyone's coming.

- But where were they all going?
- They were ... going to get food.

- Now?
- Yes, they needed something extra.

- OK ... But Karin was going to help me
with my hair. Do you have her number?

- She said I'd do it.
- What? Can you do that then?

- Absolutely. I studied hair design.
Didn't Mum tell you?

- No, but that's so nice.
- You think so?

You're driving incredibly slowly now.
- We're not in any hurry, are we?.

- No, but ...

What's the fastest you've ever driven?
- Well, I've probably been up to 140.

- Then Mum was right. - How?
- That really you're a bit scared.

- Scared? She's a fine one to talk!
You shouldn't drive too fast.

Scared, did you say?
- Good, Grandpa!

Why does he only put in 10 litres?
- Because he's a freak.

Look, spare can!
No, it's empty.

We can go to my boat and get petrol.
- We'll never be able to do it on time.

I'm really glad you care, but
the wedding isn't 'til late this afternoon.

- Its over.
- We can always hitch to Gothenburg.

- Wait, what did you say? Is that where
we're heading? To Gothenburg?

- Yes, to the goldsmith.

- Give me that.
We're going to get petrol.

- Where do you keep the boat?
- Shouldn't we ask Karin to pick us up?

- We totally ignore Mum
and really get a move on.

- I have a bit of a pain in my knee.
- Then you need to move quickly.

Look, I'm walking really weird.

When children run away, it's a reaction.

Oh, a reaction? That's a relief,
I thought he was controlled by aliens.

- Rudolf, stop it.
- It's usually the father's fault.

- Excuse me? - Nothing personal, Rudolf,
that's just the facts.

Oh OK, the facts, that's great.

So the fact that Mummy here told her son
to run away and live in the forest

... when he asked her for help,
has nothing to do with the case?

- Did he have a present father figure
that he could turn to for help?

- Are you kidding me?
- I don't know.

I just feel very lonely right now.
- You're not alone, Karin.

Good atmosphere in the ambulance now.
Over. Hello?

There's the car!

- Yes, so it is. - Stop.
- Yeah stop. - I'm stopping.

Are you walking as fast as you can now?
- How beautiful it is here.

- Yes, nice to be able to move.
- Sune. Do you know what this is?

- It's sallow.
- Yeah? Is it really?

- Yellow or red. It can be called
bird cherry too. I always mix them up.


Do you think I'm crazy
getting married at my age?

- No.
- but ... what will people think?

- Don't worry about it.
- You're right, I don't care.

It feels good.
I don't care.

What is it now?
- Jump up, I'll carry you.

You can't do that.
- Yes I can, I promise. Go on.

Stay here.

Hello. What's going on here?
- Nothing. I'm just looking.

Where did they come from?
- They were probably already there.

- Just a routine thing. - Did they see us?
- Probably.

Do you know anything about this car?
- Parking on a bend means a big fine.

- It's not my car anyway.
-Then that's yours?

- So you're a vet?
- Yes.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm supposed to be picking up two pigs.

- Two little pigs.
- Piglets? - Exactly.

Are you alone?
- Yes, I am alone.

- Why's he saying that?
- I don't know. He doesn't think.

- Darling, we have to get down
on the floor and hide for a bit.

- What for?
- Dad's just a little wrong in the head.

There should be a can in there somewhere.
- Why didn't you tell me?

- This is my little hiding place.

Inger wanted to get married by the sea.
- Why don't you then?

- Because ...Yeah, well ...
it's a little late now and ...

That's a little sensitive.
It's not that important, though.

- I found it!
- Reserve can, good.

- But ... what do we do with this?

Should I pour it into the other can?
- No, we've got petrol in a can.

- Do we need two cans?
- No.

- So why did I bring it then?

- Yes ...
Or we can leave it.

- Should I leave this in the car later?
- Yes. - Yes ...

... Good. But ... Dad might get angry
that it's a different can.

- Really? You think so?
Well, then we'll take ... both.

- Should we bring this can back later?

- No. Although ... what do you think?
- I don't know.

- You have trouble making up your mind?
- No.

- Me neither. - Good.
And this ... has got holes in it.

- So there's no decision.
- Right.

When I can't make up my mind,
I usually ... I usually count.

No, it hasn't been reported stolen.
It belongs to a Rudolf Andersson.

- Should we send out a description of him?
- No, no.

- He wanted to avoid scrap costs.
- These bastards should be thrown in jail.

- We simply scrap the car.
- No, there's no need for that.

- There's nothing wrong with the car.
-Nothing wrong? Are you kidding me?

This is hanging off.
- You probably shouldn't pull that.

Look here then.

-Håkan, what are you doing?
Dad's going to jail.

- I have to shoot the policeman.

I think I hit the dog.

It's a nice car? - What?
Maybe you should stop pulling bits off it—

- What's happened to Lancer?
What's wrong with the dog?

- Lancer! Honey, Are you OK?
What happened?

Hey! You're a vet, aren't you?.
- Yes, that's right.

- So don't just stand there, do something!
- Yeah do something!

- Yes, I'm doing something ...
Ah yes, it's one of those ...

Good pulse ...

Have you been feeding him Frolic?
- Every morning.

Good. There's a lot of fibre in that.

What's he talking about?

- It's going to be all right ...
I think.

Yes, no, I can take ...
I'll just take him to the car.

- Where are you going?
- We'll come and help.

- He'll get really stressed
if he wakes up.

- It's a female.
- That's even worse.

- What are you doing?

- Who, me? What are you doing?

Who came up with the idea
of shooting a police dog?

It was me.

- Yeah, yeah. That ...
-Karin, now you have to help me.

Give her the syringe calmly and gently
here just above the shoulder blade.

- I can't possibly ...
- Trust me, you can.

Come on, hurry!

- Here?
- Right there. It's the antidote.

What did that mean?
- I don't know.

What's it going to say in the ring?
- "Yours forever."

- Jesus ...!
- What do you think it should say then?

If you were giving Sophie a ring-
- I'm not giving Sophie a ring.

- Why not? Shall we see what they've got
at the goldsmith's? - No.

Anyway. That's what it's going to say.

I don't care if people
think I'm embarrassing.

Put that in the ring.
- What?

That you don't care if people
think you are embarrassing.

- A bit long, isn't it?
- Yeah ...

- Thanks to Inger I don't care
any more about what others think-

- Grandpa, have a seat here
and rest a bit.

- Why?
- Because we've walked so far.

- Well, I'm not tired. The car-
- No! Sit down!

Sorry, but sometimes you have to
listen to your body. I'll be right back.

- How's it going?
Can you feel her heart?

- she's coming round now.
- So we know there's a heartbeat.

- If you just give her some space.
- Now she's moving. Look.

-Hello. Hi.
- Look, she's waking up.

- Great, good. Thanks.
- High five.

- Lancer!

But it's absolutely incredible.
How did you do it?

I just did my job actually.

Or yes, it's is probably
more of a vocation, actually ...

I have to go. An urgent case.
It is a musk ox giving birth.

- I thought musk oxen were male.

I mean musko ... cow.
It's the same. I always mix them up.

It is very mysterious. That's how we
get musk cow, musk ox

- We'll give you an escort.
- No no, that's not necessary.

- Of course we'll escort you.
- Yes, that'll be ... that'll be ... fun.

Come on, Grandpa, jump in!
- What are you doing?

You can't let the car roll like that!
- Come on now! Jump in!

- Oh my God...!

Håkan! Quiet, it's not funny!

- The dog was so hot
and it was breathing like this ...

And I revived it.
- Yes, you did.

- It wasn't dead, it was just knocked out.
- Absolutely fantastic you were.

I gave it mouth-to-mouth.

I baked such an amazing caramel almond cake
this weekend. I'll bake one tonight.

Now you have to be the map reader.
The fastest route to Gothenburg.

Karin. That's them!
Yes, there they are! Drive alongside!

Wind the window down!

Let's have some music in here.

Tell them to stop.
-Helmer, ignore the message!

- Message? What the fuck?
- Nothing. Stop the car!

Look! The police!
Flashing blue lights and everything-

- They must be escorting someone.

There'll be no class trip for you!

Can't you hear anything!

- Did Dad even see us?
- Doesn't look like it.

- You're too far behind. Speed up a bit.
- I'll drive round on the inside.

Turn off here. That's the quickest way.

- They're turning off! Go after them!
- How can I with the police there?

- So forget it then.
- I'm turning off.

- You can't turn off now!
- Make up your mind!


-Where are you driving now?
-In the central reservation!

- There's no road.
- I know that!

I've baked a lot of caramel almond cakes.
But this one was magnificent.

Stop it now, Rudolf!
- I'm accelerating so we get ahead of them!

- Don't do that!
- Yes, do it! Rally!

- Hold tight, Håkan!


Now we're getting somewhere!

- Oh Anna, I really want to look now!
- No, no, just a little longer!

God, how lovely it's
become in here. Crazy!

It's obvious that an international artist
has been at work.

- Thank you.
Yes, it's not too bad.

- I went through a period when I
wanted to go abroad and play artist.

But now I'm not playing.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news,
but we have to take it down.

- What? - Fire safety.
Emergency exits. We have-

- Yes, things like that are so dull.

But Helmer knows we don't do this.

He doesn't want everyone
to get burnt alive, does he?

Is the van buggered then?
- It seems drivable, miraculously enough.

I'll go and give Karin a blanket.
- No no no, I'll do it.

I was just about to do that anyway.

-Are you cold?
-Yes, a little.

- There you are.

I'm sorry we got into this mess.
- I'm grateful you're here.

And that you're fighting completely
selflessly for my Dad's sake.

And for our son.
- Anyone would have done that.

You want some water?
- Yes please.

you've a lot of unread texts here.
- Yeah? Shit.

She's meeting two old men
at the same time ...

What are you looking at?
- Nothing. Nothing important.

Your mother is a very nice person.
So am I. And you too, of course.

- And Matte?

- It's sometimes hard to tell who's
good and who's not.

What's she looking at now? That—

No no no no.

What's this?

I can't hear you, Karin.
Ah, I can hear you now.

- So what's this?
- I just happened to follow her.

I thought she was with another man,
but it was her brother.

I love your Dad. I want him
to be happy and get married.

But it's not too late yet.
- You think?

They're a thousand miles away
and we don't know where they are.

- Exit 227 towards Örtagården, Viskanäs.

- What are you talking about?
- Nothing.

Let me see.

I'm trying to keep track of my brother.
Because you're not very good at that.

- Give me the iPad.
- If you give me your phone.

-We don't have time for that!
- It's my screen time now!

No, we must be consistent. Here.
- OK, fine. Thank you.

We've found them.

I'll wait outside.
- Aren't you getting anything for Sophie?

- No, that's fine, thanks.
- OK.

He's in this direction.
- You stay and look after Håkan.!

- OK. Wait ... Håkan ...?
Hang on. Håkan. Where's Håkan?

Hi. My class is arriving
on a bus from Glimmerdagg.

Do you know where it'll stop ?

- They can park anywhere in town.
It depends a little on the bus company.

- Hold on.

Look, a bus like this.
- Your Dad's calling.

- I don't want to talk to him.
Look at the picture!

- They'll probably arrive
at the main terminal.

Now you've got a text message.
- Oh bollocks.

- What's happening?
- Didn't you get my text?

Dad's close. Turn round.

- Shit!
- What are you doing?

I was checking to see if you had any
brochures. I see you have.

- You'd better jump back over.
You can't go in there.

- I have to, because a man is chasing me.
If he comes you have to stop him.

He's disgusting.

- You still there, Håkan?
- Yes, I'm here.

- Good. Now listen, this is important.

- I have to go to the main bus terminal.
- Roger. Where are you? What can you see?

- I'm in some weird office
with a lot of old people.

- Do you see any exit?
-No. Although ...

- I'm on the roof.
--Good. I like roofs.

Hi. Have you seen a little blond boy?
- No.

- That was a very quick answer.

- Was it? But I haven't seen anyone.
- You haven't seen anyone.

- OK. He was right here. Strange, eh?
- I can't help you.

- This is an information desk,
but you can't help me. Perfect.

Good. The right man in the right place.
Thanks for your help. Thanks for nothing.

- I'm running towards the tracks.
- Affirmative.

- What? What did you say?
- I said "Affirmative".

- What's that mean?
- No idea.

- Can we have some radio discipline?
- What's that mean?

- No idea.
I'm moving back into the building now.

Håkan, stay there!
- Bye!

Don't look any Gothenburgers in the eye.

Where are you?
You have to talk to me so I can guide you.

- I don't know where I am.

You're getting to sound
really annoying now.

- I'm going into some kind of bar bar now.
- Good. Now take it very quietly.

From now on, I'm your eyes and ears.

I can see you now. Stay there.
- Where's Dad? I can't see him.

- I see him. Wait.

- There's the bus terminal. I'm going now.
- Negative! Wait for my signal!

- OK. Do you know what you're doing now?
- Yes. Wait for my command.

Three ... two ... one ...


Go, go, go!


-I see him.
-Good. Go towards the flower shop.


It's like ... he knows
where I am all the time.

- He does.
He can see you in the tracker app.

- What?

Why didn't you tell me?
It's my phone.

You have to smash your phone.
- No, I'm not going to smash my phone.

I just have to turn it off.

- OK, you can turn it off.
- Then how do we communicate?

- We can talk normally. - Shit!
-Thank me later. Follow me now.

I'm turning my phone off.
- Do it.

What the fuck?!

We are just so smart!
- Now I have to get to the bus terminal.

No! There's my class. I have to go.

- No! Dad'll get you right away!

- There's no other way.
- Yes, there is!


Sune, stop!

Move! Move!

All right, Sune, that's enough now..
- Hi Dad.

Excuse me. Is this your child?
- No no no. Or rather, yes, it is.

But I'm looking for Sune.

- Are you Sune?
- No, Håkan.

- His name is Håkan, but we're not looking for him.
- Don't you know your kids' names?

- I should be looking for Helmer.
- Is his name Helmer now?

- No, Helmer is grandpa.
I have to find him. Let's go.

- Just hold it.
We're not finished. Sune, Helmer?

You're making all these names up, right?

- It all sounds very suspicious, does it?

All these names are made up, are they?

Did "Adamsson" spring up from nowhere?

Someone just plucked
the name from thin air?

- OK, now we've got a comedian.
We could listen to your routine all day.

Hi. Sophie?
- Hi.

- Hi.
- Yeah, hi Have you seen Sune?

Sophie! Sophie!


- Well hello!
- Hello.

I was checking to see if Sune was here.
- I didn't think Sune was coming with us.

- No, he wasn't.
- Wasn't there a wedding or ...

- Yes, it's today actually.
Yes, great fun

- It's here in Gothenburg?
- No, in the country, so quite a way.

- So what are you doing here?
- Rudolf and I came here with Sune.

- I saw you and thought "Sune" ...
- Have you lost him?

- No, we're not that far away.
- Now Håkan's gone too.

But it doesn't matter, it's fine.

- Hello:.
- Hello.

- I came to Gothenburg with Matte.
We're old friends from childhood.

- I thought you were here with Rudolf.
- Yes, him too. We came as a little group.

If you see Sune, just tell him to come
and find me. He already knows that.

Maybe he's gone to get a soda?
Yes, that's it, I remember now.

He was thirsty. Really wanted a soda

He doesn't drink it usually,
because you shouldn't.

- but today though ... it's cold ...

Right. Well. See you!
- Bye! - That went well.

Here's a guy called Sune.

Children need to know
when they've done wrong.

Withholding Friday night
cuddles for 5 to 8-year-olds is good.

Hold each other's hands. In Gothenburg
two people disappear every minute.

- Sune! There you are. Where are you going?

I ... was going to get something to eat.

- We don't have time.
You'll have to eat at home.

We have to go.
The guests will be—

- Grandpa, listen to me.
I won't be at your wedding.

- What do you mean?
- I'm going on a class trip.

A class trip?
I don't understand this.

You're my best man.

--Yes. Well ... No ...
Who's thrown up? Put your hand up!

Yes ...

But ...

Why didn't you say anything?
- It's not that easy.

Yes it is:
"Grandpa, I'm going on a class trip."

- You might be hurt, and angry.

- How do you think I feel now?
- I think ... No.

- No! They've gone! Are you happy now?
- No, of course I'm not.

- I don't want to go to
your stupid wedding!

Why do you have to get married?

It's sick for people your age
to get married.

People think you're weird.
- I don't care.

- You're like a big kid.
They're laughing at you.

- So let them laugh.
- Everyone knows Inger's scamming you.

That's not true. I understand you're upset
and angry, Sune, I really do.

- Look at this.

She's meeting two old men at the same time.
Cosy. Won't be cosy for long.

- This isn't mine.
- It was just something I found.

-You can give it to Sophie.
-Yeah? Thanks. But ... where are you going?

The car's here.
You're just going to leave me?

Excuse me. Have you seen my son?
No, it's ringing now. Go. You can go.

Hello? Hi, Sune.

Is this your Dad?
- He escaped from the police today.

- No Håkan. It's important now
that you're completely truthful.

- Then I want a large French fries.
- He's not getting that.

-You shouldn't do anything for nothing.
- That's so stupid. Who told you that?

- You did.
- Hi, Karin. It's me.

Has something happened? Where are you?

We have to be able to trust each other.
- Hello.

I saw the car. Where's Helmer?
Did he read the email or ...?

"Tell Rudolf he was right.
I'll be away for a while. Dad."

Damn. Call him back.
- He's turned his phone off.

- Where can he have gone?
- It's over now, Rudolf.

- So what do we do?
- Go back and tell them the wedding's off.

It's probably not
the only marriage in danger.

- No. He can't have gone far.
We'll take the car and look for him.

Good. Let's go.

You go by yourself.
We'll go with Matte.

- Right, we're off, Sune.
- Karin ...

Hey you!
You're going to regret this.

So he can't sneak out.

Now it's green, we can cross.
The whole group. Don't drag your feet.

Can I go?
- No, my little friend.

- Yes, Sune, you can go.
- Yes, Sune, you can go.

- No point in you being bored as well.
- But we're not bored?

--Thanks, Mum.

Stay in the middle here.
This way.

- Hi, Sune. Shouldn't you—
- No, I'm with you now.


- I didn't think you'd come.
- I told you I'd come.

What did I tell you? It's good
you came with us. On the class trip.

Hear what I'm saying?
It's good that you—

♫ I know very well it was wrong,
I can promise you that

♫ Yes, I sold my soul but I regret it

♫ Like you, I wanted to love
and be loved, I know that

♫ It's quite simple when you think
about a little neighbour

♫ If we look up, not down,
and see each other

♫ Begin to dare to ask,
dare to listen and do it now

♫ Because you just get older,
older, then you die

♫ Older, older, then you die

♫ Older, older, then you die

Sometimes grown-ups disagree a bit.
With each other.

Sometimes things are resolved.
But often it ends up in divorce..

It can be a great relief when
one parent suddenly sees things clearly.

So, Håkan, it might just happen
that you get a new Dad.

A stepdad. I can understand you being
very disappointed with your Dad, Håka—

- No no.That's enough. Stop the car!
- What?

- Don't talk shit about his Dad.
Don't you get that?

- OK, sorry, Karin
but I was just trying to prepare—

- OK. I know Rudolf does some
idiotic stuff sometimes.

But that's because he cares about us.

I've been a real bitch to him.

- Now you're being too hard
on yourself. Again—

- We're going now, Håkan.
- Coming.

- But—

You've got to have time to meet Inger!
- Yes, absolutely. But not with you.

- Is this how you thank me for
running around after for your sick family?

- What did you expect?
How was I supposed to thank you?

- Karin, I'm sorry. Look, Karin,
I think we should talk about-

Where did he go?

- He said he was going to pee in the woods

- Come on, let's go!
- Yes, let's go.

There's a bus stop over here.

What's that?
- It's ... for you, actually.

- Oh, a ring.
- Um ... yeah. Exactly.

"I don't care what people think.
They're allowed to think I'm embarrassing."

"You give me strength, Inger."
- What? Let me see.

So he really isn't going to get married.
- Sune and Sophie are getting married.

I know where he is.
- Who?

- I have to go.
- What? But you've only just got here.

- I know.

- You don't know what you're doing.
- For once I know exactly what I'm doing.

Can you stop the boat?
- No, I can't.

- OK, fair enough.
- Sune's going home to Mummy again.

- Certainly am.

My grandfather is missing
the most important day of his life.

And I have to find him.
because he really means a lot to me

I don't care if you think
I'm going home to drink baby milk.

I'm not,
though I don't care if you think I am.

I think you should all stop caring
about what people think and say.

So all of you who really want to
stop caring, stand up.

No no! Sit down in the boat!
- OK, you can raise your hands.

Oh. Now this is broken.
But I can shout. Can you all hear me now?

That's enough now.
Come and sit here with me.

I'm sorry, Sophie.
I promised I'd be with you on the trip.

- But of course you have to go!
Get a move on.

-Sune, sit down now.
-No, Sune, sit down!

Sune, come down now!

You know what'll happen if you leave.
- And if I don't.

I ... the future ...

... I ... worries ... I knew ...

Hi, Anna.

- Where are you? You have to hurry.
- We're on our way.

Grandpa 'll be here any time now.

I have to hang up.
Mustn't talk and drive at the same time.

They're coming, they're on their way.

--What are you doing here?
- I'm going ... I know where Grandpa is.

Here! Just here.

Right ... here we are ...

Dammit, the police.

You get Grandpa,
I'll take care of this. Run!

This car- It's you!

-Where did you go?
- Me? Where did you go!

- We were escorting you.
- You weren't escorting me.

I'm still here.
- Now please step—

Oh. Look, the car's rolling.
Is the handbrake on?

- No, it's off. My foot's on the
accelerator. Could that be it?

- Then release it.
-The brake?

- No, the accelerator.
- Really? Then I'll roll away.

- No.
- See?

- You ...
- You're a very fast runner.

Grandpa! Wait!
- Sune. You can cast off the rope now

- No!
- Let go! I have to have some peace.

- It was Inger's brother on the video.
- I don't care. You were quite right.

Getting married at my age.
It's just ridiculous.

- Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
You're getting married today.

- Give me the rope. I appreciate that
you care, Sune. Do you understand?

Oh! Now we've lost the boat.

Sune ... I'm getting married today.

-But in my own way.
- Good. But ... how do we get there?

Hurry up!
- Did you bring the drinks?

Hold the wheel while I get dressed!
- Yes!

Don't worry, I'll talk to them.
I'll deal with it.

I know you're all wondering
what's going on.

Well, we all know Helmer
and how he dithers.

You should always arrive
on time for your wedding.

No. This has to stop now.
- But really, should you—

- Stop talking shit about my family!
- I'm not.

Anyway, it's not your family yet.

- And by the way,
juts what are you doing here?

Have you got an invitation?

Are you some kind of
waitress for the reception?

- Ah, here's the daughter.
Maybe she'll know where the groom is.

- Err, Dad ...
We couldn't find him.

What? But he was with you.

- We'll take a break.
So we don't get too crowded

All of you at the back stand up first.


So you got your sea view after all.

Inger, do you still want to marry
this indecisive old fool?


You do know you can rescue this?
- How?

When you go back to school, just lie low
for a while and keep to yourself.

- No, I'll be OK.
- I'll tell you all about class trips.

They're sitting by the campfire now.
Just bonding.

Maybe someone picks up a guitar,
they start to sing, it's just a sing-song.

You could have experienced all that,
so I do understand how much it hurts.

Shall I tell you about
my first class trip?

OK, maybe not.

You really have a hard time
making decisions, don't you?

- Yes. But I made
the right choice in the end.

- Yes you did.

I know a good song about
what you can and can't eat in the forest

Come on!

It goes something like this ...

♫ You must not eat sea eagles
or eat mushrooms

♫ do not eat hedgehogs
do not eat soil

Listen now. This ...
- I have no idea.

♪ "1000 misstag" (1000 mistakes) by
Stöhr Torell & Runsiö ...

... Performed by Lily Wahlsteen.

English subtitles by jeremys
and faxeholm1234. TNT 2021