Sunday Too Far Away (1975) - full transcript

A hard-drinking but hard-working gun shearer leads a group of Outback sheep herders into striking after wealthy landowners attempt to drive them from their territory. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Huh!...bugger me!


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma} The Sundays of my life
are all the life I own

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}When Monday is too close for me to care

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Another view was green
and another road was longer

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}and friends always waiting somewhere

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}The roads I didn't take,
I bid them all so long

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}while Sunday warms my blood
and cools my mind

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}and the dreams I thought were true

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}are now mud beneath my footprints

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}ten thousand ages behind

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}but the night can get you down
and things won't stay forgotten

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}with Sunday too far away

G'day Ivy.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You're on holidays, I suppose.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}On the way to the shed.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You were never, ever coming back.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Look at him.
When I was a learner old Garth was top dog.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Best bloody shearer.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Should get his shit together,
the old bastard

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Someone should shoot the lot of them

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'll drink to that

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}How was Brisbane?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Just alright?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What'd you do up there?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Played up.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Got among the ladies.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'm..looking for Mr. King.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Mr. King?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'm Michael Simpson.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}The rousabout. I wrote to you.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yes, Ivy.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Jesus! Look. I'll be right over right?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ivy? Put a leg rope on him

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I've come back,
but I'm not gonna bust ma gut.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'm gonna shear nice and steady.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}150 a day.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ease up on the grog...

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}put a little bit away..

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}put a lot away!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}And I reckon in four years,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I can have enough, to go down the coast,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}buy myself a calling card.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Whadaya think of that?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Very commendable.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Don't ya believe me?



{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Didn't Johnny Russel ring
Aramak Downs in '51

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Was I there?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Johnny says you were.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}If I was there, nobody beat me.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}D'you mean you rung every
shed you worked at in '51

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}'S right

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Every shed in the last ten years.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}That's stretching it a bit far.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Don't remember meeting you.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}My name's Franky Davis.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well, Frank, I don't recall that particular shed,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}who said I was there?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Johnny Russell.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I was drinking with him last week.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Do you know him?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well, he says you were there,
and he beat you.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}but only by a whisker.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well fancy that...

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}now here's a man who doesn't remember being at a shed,
but he remembers ringing it.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Not bad, eh?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}If I was there, I rung it.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, shit!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I was at Aramak Downs in '51

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}So was Foley.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah, so was Johnny Russell.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Who are you?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Franky Davis, from Aramak.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I just trucked some stock over.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Who do you reckon rung that shed?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Foley of course.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma} You're Foley's mate!
Yeah, that's right.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You say you trucked some stock over.
Is it your own truck?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah, why?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You could make yourself some money here Frank.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Look, here's ..two hundred quid,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'll pay for the call,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ivy, you can call the cocky at Aramak

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ask him to look up his books
for 1951

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}We wanna know who rung the shed.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Was it Foley, or Johnny Russell?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Aw, if you can't match that Frank,
just drop your truck keys on it.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Sure I was it?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Eighty quid!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'll have a hundred on it meself too

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Easy money!


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Johnny could have been spinning me a tale of course.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Look, either drop your truck keys on it,
or piss off back to Aramak.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'm no gun shearer

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}and I got a better talent
than Johnny at Aramak Downs that year

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}the only fast thing about Johnny is his mouth.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Foley would have the sheep shorn before Johnny
could remove the fuzz from his own arsehole.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Good to see ya.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma} Stupid prick!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}It's not funny.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, I know it's not funny mate.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}And I am really sorry, but I can't help you.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma} Oh, it's not your fault.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Why didn't you tell me you were coming back?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Now how the hell was I to know
you were setting up as a shearing contractor?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}not bloody psychic.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Cost us a fortune in grog, since inviting you.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What, do you want a refund?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}How did Trevor Burke get on to you?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}He wrote to me when I decided to give the fish market the arse.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Trevor Burke!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Treats his shearers something terrible.
I wouldn't work for him.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You've shorn for him.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I wouldn't now.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I may as well cut me throat.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hey, Luigi!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}One sharp knife mate.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah, I'll use it too.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Look, Tim..

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}When I've done the shed for Burke,
I'll do one for you.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Fair enough?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You really think I'll still be in business?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Come Monday I'll be a laughing stock.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You've only got yourself to blame mate.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Christ, you go contract a shed
and you haven't even got bloody shearers.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I was fussy, that's all.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I wanted the best.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Look, I know you can't break contracts,
and I wouldn't ask you to.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You're right!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I can't break contracts.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Thanks mate.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hey, look!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}No worries.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Get stuffed!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Thanks mate.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hey Foley!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What the bloody hell are you doing here?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Tommy West!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Where's your mad Pommy mate?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Thanks Luv.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What about Foley then?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Heh heh, yeah.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}He's not back shearing?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma} He'd be a weak bastard.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Poor old Tim.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Giving me the shits.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, poor bugger. You gotta feel sorry for him.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I've felt all the sorrow I'm gonna feel.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Now he's giving me the shits.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}He's always wanted to be a shearing contractor.
He's been talking about it for years.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah, well now he's giving me the shits.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ease up.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Thanks mate.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}How long's your shed going to last mate?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, 6 to 7...

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Six or seven days?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What is it just a short one?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}That's right.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, I had the idea it was going to run for weeks.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh no..

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well what the hell are you worrying about?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Me and badger don't start for another ten days.
We can help you out.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Course at the end, you know,
you'll have to transport us across to our shed.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh if it's too much trouble...
I'm just trying to help you out.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh no...

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}no trouble.
You can run them over, can't you Tim.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah, sure.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well what about you Foley? Why don't you help Tim out?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You don't start for another seven days.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah, why not?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma} Yeah, stuck.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Orright, you got seven blokes.
Only need one more.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}The gate!


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Come on!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Will I close it now Mr. King?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Course you'll bloody close it.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Would you mind telling me where I am?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You're on your way to a shed.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I see.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Why should I be on my way to a shed with you Tim?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Don't you remember?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Wake up Foley!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'm awake.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Don't you remember last night
begging Tim for a stand at this shed?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I do not.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well you did.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You got down on your knees and cried,
didn't he Foley?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Tim, would you turn around and take me back?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}As you know, I have a shed, and I start tomorrow.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well, they'll think you couldn't stay
off the grog long enough to get out of town.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What are you doing now?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Going back.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ah, where's your sense of humour?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You and Baz were also blackbirded,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}it's a six week shed, not six days.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You rotten bastard!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}It's me own fault.
Bloody mad with the grog.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You can't break contracts like that.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Christ no!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I was looking forward to seeing Ugly too.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Was Ugly going to be there? Oh, bloody hell.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You do have rum?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ah, stuff it!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}She's a ball tearer of a day.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Does it come up to regulations?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}It does.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}It's not bad.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hey Tim?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Better loosen that rum you've got mate.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, Mr. King?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, ah, where will I sleep?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Any bed, last couple of rooms.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hey Tim?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What are doin'? Playin' with your doodle in there?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Better get that bottle of rum out here.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Good quarters.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Cocky's a bit of a wowser, they tell me.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Is he?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Look, I just wanna say something.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'm pretty new at this contracting business.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Too bloody right you are.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well, there's one thing I know,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}a good recommendation is everything.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}So we don't want to do the wrong thing.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Like for example, getting pissed.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}and too crook to start work tomorrow.



{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Now you're going to find it tough enough,
not having shore for five months

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You too Garth.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Important thing is, we don't upset the cocky.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hey Tim?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Better winkle out another bottle mat.
Might need it.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ugly! Ya piss weak poop.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}G'day Barry.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}How are you Barry?
Not bad.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Wadaya want? Chocolate milkshake, or vanilla?
Very funny.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Good to see you Garth.
Yeah, nice to see you too Ugly.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Who rung your shed?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Eh? Ah, Teddy Smith.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Averaged 217.
Bastard wasn't trying.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Unpleasant little bugger that Teddy?
First shed he's rung in his life

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnMicrosoft Sans Serif}Now he's walking around like his shit doesnt'stink.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}How'd you go, anyway?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Averaged 203

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, come off it!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Bloody did. And rough sheep they were too,
I'm telling you.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Eh, was they New Zealand sheep, perhaps.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Don't you pick on me Garth.
You're a gentleman. Not like this riff raff here.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Give us a lash at that bottle here, will ya.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Arthur Black.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Foley. You heard of him?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Tom West, Basher Grant

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Where's Berry?
In his room.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hey Barry!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Arthur Black from New South Wales.



{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You'll bunk anywhere you can find space.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Black Arthur, more like it.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Next room!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Just..ah.. what's your name son?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Jim the learner.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}And how old are you James?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}How many sheep have you shorn?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Five thousand.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well, when you've shorn another five thousand,
you can call yourself a shearer.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}That right?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}That'll be the cook.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh yeah, who is the poisoner?



{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Bloke named Quin.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Look Tim, we pay the cook.
We got a right to a good one.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well he's a goodun.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Anybody hear of a poisoner Quin?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You hear all that silence Tim?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hey, you remember that cook we had to get rid of
on that property near Jericho in '52?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You know, he had, he had one arm.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh Christ yes!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Never heard of a one armed cook.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, he didn't last long.
We had to get rid of him. (laughs)

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Couldn't he cook?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Eh? Yeah, he was a good cook, wasn't he?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Meat balls. That was his specialty.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Rissoles. Beautiful rissoles. Best I've ever tasted.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Till we caught him. Then we had to get rid of him.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Doing what?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well, he had all the stuff there, you know..

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}the meat, the onions,
and whatever other secret ingredients he had,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}because they were beautiful rissoles..

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}and he'd pick up a lump of the stuff and he'd go..

He'd knock off one about every two seconds.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}and it was was a hotter day than today too.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}we kept...we kept on finding his hairs in the bloody rissoles,
and we thought they were from his head.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}That Quin?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Big bastard, isn't he.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}How many bottles of lemon essence have you ordered?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Half a dozen.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well I ordered six bloody dozen.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You sure? I got the list.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I haven't got it. Anyway, come and meet the shearers.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}If he can't cook, he's going to be a fair cow to get rid of.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Bloke's bound to get cranky,
travelling on a hot day like this.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Lemon essence man, is he?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What would he do with six dozen bottles
of essence of lemon?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Tell him, Tim.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What would he do with six dozen bottles of lemon essence?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma} I have a bit more of that please mate.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Wake up, you bastard.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}'Spose we better elect a rep.



{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ah, who's gonna be the rep?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Anyone want to?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}'Bout you Foley?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh no mate. Let someone else do it.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}C'mon. All those in favour?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Those against?



{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}The, the owner of the property,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}wants to have a talk to you.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'm Mr. Dawson.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}the owner of Timbaroo.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Mr. King assures me that I got before me,
as good a bunch of shearers as I'm likely to get.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'm very pleased about that.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Now you'll be doing the rams, first up today.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}My reason for talking to you
is to say that Timbaroo is a stud property.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}One of those rams in there,
won first prize at the Royal Show last year.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}We paid for him, ten thousand guineas.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}and most of my others are worth
half that and more at auction.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}We all know how easy it is for a money hungry
shearer to incapacitate a ram,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}consequently, instead of the usual double rate,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I've decided to pay double plus a half.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What Mr. Dawson's saying is

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}these rams are worth a quid,so be careful
with their pissels and be careful with their nackas

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Mr. King,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}the learner will not shear the rams.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}No, of course not.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Let him up!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Let him up?! I just got the bastard down!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Let him rest!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I want a meeting!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What about?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}The cocky.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What about him?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}He's driving us up the wall.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hey, cut it out! You're a contractor now.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What do you wanna do?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Men have had a vote!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}They voted to ban him.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}The cocky?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}From his own shed?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}He's driving us mad.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}If he carries on running up and down like a headless chook
the place'll be ankle deep in pedigree balls.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Anyway, that's the vote.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Wait a minute...

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What am I going to tell him?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Tell him to go home, put his feet up
and count his money.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh Mr. Dawson...

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Take it easy you old bastard.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}And yourself.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Been away from it too long?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You see the cocky?



{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Tar pissel!


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What'd you do to that ram?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Mr. Dawson!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Mr. Dawson?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Mr. Dawson.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I think that shearer was having a joke with you.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Take your water bag.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You alright?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}How's Garth?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, there's a letter from Mum.
On the mantlepiece.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What's she say?
Nothing much.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}How'd the first day go?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'd forgotten what scum they are.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I saw one of them this afternoon.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}An old shearer.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Outside the shed on his hands and knees.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah, the bloody contractor.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}By God they need taking down a peg or two.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Radio news:{\i1} In Brisbane this week, the state industrial court is sitting{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}to consider an application by the grazier's association{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}to have the prosperity bonus for shearing removed.{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}The bonus of ten percent was introduced last year
following record prices for wool.{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}with the slump in prices this year,
graziers have asked that the bonus be removed.{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}The Australian Worker's Union have indicated{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}that they will take industrial action{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}if the bonus is removed.{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}Buckingham Palace officials are expected to make an announcement today{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}on Princess Margaret's reported engagement..{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Is it any good?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}to Group Captain Peter Townsend{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Pig's food

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}How you feeling this morning?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Better tar 'im up son.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Get out of it!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Son, you wrote me you'd shore five thousand sheep.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You haven't done five.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What were you? A rousy?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Pack your things and get out.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Tell the kid how you got your first shed Tim.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Lied to the contractor, like the rest of us.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Take your time, and don't cut 'em to pieces.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Thanks Mr. King.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}We gotta do something about the cook.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}He's gettin' worse.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What do reckon he's put on these sandwiches?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ah, they're not bad.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}How long you been shearing?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Twenty years.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Bit more.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Where abouts?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Western New South Wales, Queensland.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}All over, really.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}First shed in this area, funnily enough.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ah, I'm buggered now.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Used to be able to go once.
But I'm buggered now.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}There's a good one for ya.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma} Aah!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well waddaya know.
Berry sheared exactly one forty.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hey Tim, I think you made a mistake with the last one mate.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}One fifty nine, that's right.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}No, two above that.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What Arthur? One eighty nine. Same as Foley.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well the men have had a vote.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Quin goes.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You can tell him tonight at tea.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Tomorrow's Saturdy. You can be back by Mondy with a new cook.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}It's good.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}No, it really is. Try it.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}He probably heard the whisper that you blokes were unhappy
about the food. So he's made an extra effort tonight.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh come on! At least try it.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}The men had a meeting..

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}'Spose we better have another meeting.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Why me?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Eh, you're the rep.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah, ah, I'm just picturing that Quin.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}He, he's a fair level of fella, isn't he?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah, I've seen you go, and you're good son,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}but, ah, I, I don't think you'd beat that Quin in a straight fight.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Listen, if he was fighting clean and I was fighting dirty,
I still couldn't beat the bastard.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}It's a pity Tim didn't supply Quin
with more of that essence of lemon.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well it seems to me, that Quin with lemon essence,
would be an easier prospect than Quin without lemon essence.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Mail truck tomorrow.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Mail truck tomorrow.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Mail truck tomorrow

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What time?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}About half past six.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}And what...

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'm a shearer.
Yes I know. I've seen you.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What have you taken?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Essence of lemon.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}A few bottles of essence of lemon.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Why essence of lemon?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}To get rid of the cook.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}He drinks it. It's mostly alcohol.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'm not a thief.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You're a good imitation of one.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I left the money.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}On the shelf

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Thank you.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'd like to watch the shearing.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Sorry luv, there's no women allowed in the shed.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}If I call my father, you'll be off the property.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What's the matter with the cook?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}His cooking.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hey Quin!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Come here.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}This breakfast...(spits)..tastes like roast turd.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}That sure is a lot of mail.
Just one of the blokes loading it.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You got the mail on there yet?
Just about.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah, I tell you, that Quin..
meanest bugger I ever met.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah, you never were much of a knuckle man Tim.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}No, if I see him on the tracks, I'll stop and give him a lift.
Same as I would anyone else.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}If he turns nasty, I'll flatten him.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You're a brave man Harry.
You have to be, on this job.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}See ya Tim.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Mr. King'll be down to see you as soon as he can.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hello there. You could do with a nice wash.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Wentworth, you're a sight for sore eyes.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}And how's the ah....

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}How's Noddy behaving himself?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well of course we've just met,
but I think we'll get along very well together.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}That's great.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ducks on the pond!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ducks on the pond!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Good morning.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}She claims we owe her a favour.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You invited her.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You invited her.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}She invited herself.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What favour?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I told ya!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}She turned a blind eye about the lemon essence.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Will you, leave please, Miss Dawson?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}The men are having a meeting.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You're allowed to watch one run.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}That all right by you?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yes, of course.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Morning Al, how about a hair cut.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Stay still, and we'll knock some of the wool off you.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Turn it up!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Put your knee in!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Thank you.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}It's Saturdy


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Will you turn off the bloody light!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma} (race call on radio{\i1}:Pommy Dave's having trouble there with Free Max{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}and Finaru Fighter is going into his stall now.{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}He's being followed up by Bonny Eton,{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}Gay Foal, and then In Sickness{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}Water music doesn't want to go into the line,{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}nor does Jan's Fault, but the attendants now are getting behind them{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}and sure enough, they're going in.{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}Dow Scot is ready...{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}One a little bit restless in his stall there is Sir Chime...{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}Settling down better now...{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}shouldn't be long now before the starter presses
the button to send them on their journey of one and a half miles.{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}And they're racing. And Bonny Eton was best away{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}out from Simple Interest{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}then came Day Column Sem Calm{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}First Time settling well with Water Music{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}and Top Feat{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}Left behind them about two lengths away{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}is Seneru Piping followed up by Dow Scot{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}Not so long is Free Max, and settling down in last place{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}is In Sickness and Golden Realm.{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}Approaching the ten furlongs point and
Bonny Doon {\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}is bolting along quite nicely in front by about a length and a half{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}then comes Tom Solemn{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}and He's Deaf on the outside of Sem Cart,{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}About two furlongs further back{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}is First Time with Queen Mack already dropping out of it,{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}Oroo Fighter is next along{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}followed up by Waterman {\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}and still battling.....

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}They've passed the mile post now and heading{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}and heading towards the seven furlongs post{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}where it's Bonny Eton still making way out front{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}but they're strung out like Brown's cows{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}Bonny Eton now leading from {\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}from Sibling Eton and Tom Soul

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}then comes Free Max, moving forward now

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}with a great run for her first time{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}They're being followed up by Jazz Coat and{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}from Pinaru Five{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}and then along from them is Water Music{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}and they're being followed up then by

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Free Max,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}C'mon, hit 'im. Hold your ground.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hold your ground. Hit 'im.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oof, oof,
In the stomach. In the stomach.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ya got him now. Get 'im down again.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}get him down. C'mon, get 'im down again.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, beauty.
That's enough.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Radio: {\i1}Hoad is now seeded number two
to reigning champion Ken Rosewall{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}in the New South Wales tennis championship
to be held on November the ninth{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}How long we been here?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}About four weeks.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}More like four fucking years.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}radio: {\i1}the prosperity bonus removed. The bonus of ten percent{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}was introduced last year following record prices for wool.{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}With the slump in prices this year{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}graziers have asked that the bonus be removed.{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}This would reduce the shearing rate per hundred{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}from seven pounds thirteen and ninepence{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}{\i1}to six pounds eighteen and six.{\i0}

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Pig's arse!


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}They're not clean.
Yes they are!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}There's dirt on the leg.
That's not dirt, that's a stain. It's been there for years.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You gonna be long with the light?



{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Today, is my wedding anniversary.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You mean to tell me you're married?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah, I've got a son.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}He be..ah..oh, he'd be twenty now.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Is he a shearer?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well, I brought him up when he was fifteen,
he spent one day.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}heh, he shot through.
Caught the train back to his mother.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}First I heard of you being married.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Wife worked it out one day,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I spent with her, three years in twenty one

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Three years all told.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}That's shearing for you, Foley.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Where's your boy now?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well..I heard last year, he'd gone down to Sydney

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}working at window dressin' or somethin'

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah..I went down to Sydney, spent a whole month there.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hah, by crikey Foley, there's an awful lot
of shop windows in Sydney.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}D'ya find him?



{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Don't forget to turn out the light.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What time is it?
It's Sunday!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'm jack of you mate!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What's wrong?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You're a bloody alcoholic!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You don't mean that.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hopeless old drunk! Fuckin' piss pot!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Aww..I have a few drinks. Like any shearer.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You don't mean that.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You've always been a very good friend of mine Foley.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Bloody Sunday!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Not too long to cut out.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well...Tim reckons..ah.. next Tuesday or Wednesday


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Think I'll go and take a look at..ah..tomorrow's sheep.




{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Goin' over to take a look at tomorrow's sheep.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'll just..carry on with my letter.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What's the matter with you Berry?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Waddaya mean what's the matter with me?
There's nothing the matter with me.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Are ya queer, or somethin'?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'm not queer.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You're always writing letters.
Who do you write letters to?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}My wife.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}God, bugger me!
What the bloody hell's wrong with you?


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Go fetch old Garth, will ya.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Finish the one you're on, then we'll call it a day.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Old Garth's dead.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Good morning.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}My father wants to know whether you'll be
resuming work this afternoon or tomorrow.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Bloody tomorrow!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Put him in the back on the canvas.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Slide him in, that's the way.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Where's the proper vehicle?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, in use. Old Mrs. Taylor's got the use of it today.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Couldn't you get another one?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh yeah, from Smithfield,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I've got an arrangement there.
But it'd cost you fifty quid, all this way.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well, why didn't ya?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What, for Old Garth?! Heh.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}If it'd been for the fuckin' cocky, youd've done it!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah, well, too right. But then I'd known
I'd get paid for it.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}But don't worry, he won't feel no bumps.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Now if I hear, that on the way into town,
Old Garth found his way into the back again,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'll come looking for you.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I remember walkin' away from the orphanage every Saturday.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Every Saturday down the railway line.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}The line took me to town.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I remember when I was twenty,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}in Brisbane,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}down from the shearing,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}going into the bar of the toughest pub,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}and the toughest man in the bar,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Jacky Sorehnson,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}huh, big bloke Jacky,


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}sent me over a beer.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}And he gave me a nod of respect,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}and I was twenty.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}and a shearer.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I was a gun shearer.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Last day, thank Christ.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}just out of here any day now.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You been here all night?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Got here early.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Couldn't sleep.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Bloody room too hot.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Be in town tonight!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}With a bit of luck.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You better pull your socks up boy.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Or stop muckin' about.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Haven't you been trying?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, you cunning prick!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What's this then?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I dunno.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What's this?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You know I saw a bloke do this once,
in a shed in Victoria.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well I've never seen it, and I'm not sure it's allowed.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh well, it's allowed in Victoria.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What's the idea of it?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, the idea is he doesn't have to switch off between sheep.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}The cookin' oil stops it from burning out.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}That wouldn't save you much.
Save you some.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well, 'spose we could have a meeting about it.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}See if it's allowed.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I don't give a stuff.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Sure? No trouble to hold a meeting.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Nah! Stuff it!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hey, I've got some news for you blokes.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Tim tells me the court's just ruled on the prosperity bonus.


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}We've lost it.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Better hang on to your pennies,
I think there's going to be a bit of strife.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Any shed in the last ten years,
if I was there, nobody beat me.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}'S right. Any shed in the last ten years...

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}...shed in the last ten years...

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}if I was there, nobody beat me.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}'S right, every shed in the last ten years.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}'S right...ten years...


{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'm faster on cross breeds.
So am I mate.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}It's yours, it's yours.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Sevens for me. Sevens.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}On the over....Sevens...Sevens

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You bastard! (shouting)

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Pay over, pay over..

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Yeah, go!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}All right. No more bets.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Forget it!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Place your bets, place you bets.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Stupid poop. How much did you lose?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}The lot.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You know we're...odds on to strike, don't you?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}How much did you lose?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Oh, only a couple a hundred.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Listen, Tim's getting a bit wobbly round the knees about all this.
He reckons we should cop what the court says.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Otherwise they'll bring in scab labour.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}There's been trouble up north already.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}What do you think?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I don't.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}All I know is here I am again,
with the arse out of me tweeds,

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Why don't you ask your mate, Black Arthur?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}He's gone.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}And I'm going too.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You know where I'm going? Back to the fish market.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Now why don't you piss off,
and annoy some other bugger

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Hello Foley!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Franky Davis, remember?

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I hear you got done.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Now we'd appreciate it if you all
went back where you came from.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I'd hate you to think you got us out numbered.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}The town's chocablock full of stinkin' shearers,
on strike!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}We're just the welcoming committee.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}You're scabs!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}That's what you are.
You're the lowest form of life.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Well, that was piss weak.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}We got company!

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Beer for thirty, there abouts.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Stuff 'em Ivy.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Don't wreck the place.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}I don't serve scabs.

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}The Sundays of my life, are all the life I own

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}When Monday is too close for me to care

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Another view was green and another road was longer

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}and friends always waiting somewhere

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}The roads I didn't take, I bid them all so long

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}While Sunday warms my blood and cools my mind

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}And the dreams I thought were true
are now mud beneath my foot prints

{\a2}{\c&HFFFFFF&}{\fnTahoma}Ten thousand ages behind...