Sunday Girl (2019) - full transcript

Natasha breaks up with four of her five boyfriends in one day to commit to George. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Can you tell me why?

I rather not say.

I'll just put personal
reasons if that's okay.



I hope you feel better.

Hello. Come in, come in.

I can poach an egg
if you're hungry.

No, I ate.

Yeah. Oh...

Victor, I'm sorry,
I'm not hungry.

It's all right.

Can I smoke?

By that window.

My grant money
is coming in soon.

Karen, the woman
from the foundation,

explained that there's always a delay and
they forgot to tell me to read the fine print.

- So it's working out?
- Yes.

I'm happy for you.

Getting up like this
early in the morning,

I've always hated it,
even though, I love morning.

- Victor, The reason I'm here...
- Oh, yes I...

I didn't even consider it.

It's sort of unusual for you to
be here. I like that. I enjoy it.

I suppose I'm nervous because...

I'm here because I need
to tell you...

It's over.

Over? What's over?

You and me.

To say that I am saddened
by this development is...

I don't know what it is.

That makes sense to me.

The boredom,

the dull ticking
persistence of time,

I will sit and I will write

and I'll look up the road.

The scene is sunny,

it's a mid-afternoon idleness,

car drives by
at a moderate pace,

and I think perhaps
there's no reason for anything.

But the yellow light
on the green leaves,

there's a mystery and a power.

I can't deny it.

Did I ever tell you about the time I
broke a large stained-glass window?


Well, I suppose there will be a
thousand stories I won't tell you now.


Can I suggest that perhaps you
reverse your decision?

Victor, saying yes to that
question doesn't change anything.

This... this...

This feeling inside,

I'm seeing now the time
is an emotional reality.

We've known each other
for two months and, yet,

my experience
and my reality within it

stretches out
like what the French refer to as


That of a mirror
reflecting itself.

That sounds very intense.

Earthquake for me

and a light breeze for you.

The pain is
beginning to take hold.

It's not that I don't care,
I just express myself differently.

And I suppose I must ask
the obligatory question of why.

You're not it for me.

It's nothing against you
but that's the truth.

A relationship is a
series of impressions, isn't it?

Moments that define our identity
within a pairing.

And these moments for you
perhaps me opening a door,

drinking a glass of water.

They didn't mesh
or gel or synthesize.

When you leave,

when you walk away,

I'll be left in the morning light to
consider the emptiness and discontents

of not only this day...

The rest of existence.

I think you're a really talented
poet and you're gonna do very well.

I suppose this explains
Valentine's Day.

What happened
on Valentine's Day?

The poem I gave you, I wrote
for you, did you bring it?

- What happened on Valentine's Day?
- First read it. Read it to me.

"These words I write
are now irreversible,"

they're chiseled
into the fabric of all we see,

that tiny green speck
in the middle of a leaf...

Bears their imprint.

"The empty air is
filled with these words."

- Victor, oh my God!
- Give me the paper.

It's stained with my blood now.
It's more yours than it's ever been.

You're not gonna cut yourself
anymore, are you?

- You're concerned for me?
- Of course, I am.

You love this, don't you?


God, how did I let this happen?

The pain, the pain!

How's your hand feeling?


How did I not see this?
How was I so blindsided?

Relationships are unpredictable.

That's what makes them

I suppose you're waiting to feel
comfortable with leaving.

I am late for something.

You are?

I'm not gonna lie,
I have a busy day.

Given what you've done, it would be
fairly irresponsible for me to leave you.

So, yes,
I'm in a little bit of a bind.

What do you have to do today?

A bunch of errands.

I'm a burden.

You always go right
to that kind of thinking.

Is that part
of your disinterest?


Now this is an unhealthy territory
and I should probably leave.

So leave.

I don't think you
should be alone.

I'll find somebody.

- That's a good idea. Is there someone you can call?
- There's no one.

Who's that guy you're always
seeing everywhere?

We thought it was
some kind of cosmic signal.


My sworn enemy.

He betrayed me.

He's a plagiarist
with a black soul.

He stole a poem of mine
and tried to seduce my mother.

Yeah, he doesn't seem
like he's very busy.

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

Natasha, I implore you
not to contact Fred.

Don't worry, I'm not.

Stay with them at least
a few hours, please.

Yeah, no problem.

You're real savior. I didn't
want to leave him alone.

Fred is a true friend.

Yes, he is.

Goodbye, Victor.

Goodbye, Natasha.

Fuck, no, fuck.


Stupid question, can I get
any gas for 66 cents?

No, ah, are you out?

Well, my car is not reliable
and it's all...

I mean I could buy you some gas.

You would do that?

Sure, yeah.

No, no, never mind, no.

- I'm just not...
- Bye.

- Look, if you change your mind...
- Yeah, thanks. Focus Natasha, focus.

Yeah, come in.

So what the hell were
you doing out there?


You must have walked up
to the door five times.

It took you like three minutes
before you even decided to knock.

Oh, I didn't know
you were watching.

Yeah. But why'd you do it?

I thought maybe I had
something else.

This have to do
with Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day?

Did something happen?


What do you mean?
What does that mean?

I mean we didn't see each other.

There wasn't anything else?

Can you come over here
for a second?

Just leave it there.
Fine, just get over here.

- What's going on out here?
- I've been digging all day, I'm not done either.


Dispute with my landlord.

- Your mother?
- I prefer not to think of her like that.

I made steak.

Salt, fork, knife.

I didn't expect to eat.

You don't want
the fucking steak?

Are you gonna sit down?

Just bear with me
'cause I'm confused.

How does a person...

Maybe not a person, I don't
really think of you as a person,

you're more like a feeling
or a notion or a whim.

You would have been called a
free spirit before psychology came in

and now it's a coping mechanism
or projection

or reaction formation
or whatever,

but you, this area of mist that
I've been dating these past months

who drifts without purpose in
some other worldly social plane

who knows
no schedule or commitment,

you made it a point of saying there was a
specific time and place that you wanted to see me.

And as if that wasn't enough,
for some reason,

some mystery
that I'll never solve,

you walk up to my door several times back and
forth before you even consider to knock on it.

I'm here because I have
to tell you it's over.

It's over?

Our relationship?


That's... it's great.

Terrific. Fan-fucking-tastic.

You're unbelievable. It's over
just like that? Are you kidding me?

How else would it work?

I don't know.

Maybe you say "I'm unhappy. Hey,
can we try working on this?"

Some indication
that you're making an effort.

There's nothing I
could have said.


You know I'm not a woman and I
don't know what it's like to be a woman,

but I would say that if I was
gonna break up with a man,

the least you could do is do it
right after we've had sex.

I'm... I'm relaxed,
I'm ready to listen.

I'm not ticked the fuck
off by all this slippery sketchy behavior.

God damn it.

Is anything you've
ever said to been true?

Ever? Once? Have you ever once
told me the truth?

You came into my life
and lied and misled me

and then at some arbitrary point
you just decide you're done.

I'm being honest.

Now you're being honest.
Now you are.

And you know it's confusing
'cause this isn't like you.

I know you don't like conflict and I
know you dread direct communication.

So this isn't how
you would want to do this.

No, no, no, you would just stop
talking to me until I figured it out.

I'm absolutely certain of that.

I'm trying to be more mature.

Trying to mature.
Look at you trying to mature.

Let me tell you something
about maturity though.

It means a whole lot
of not getting what you want.

Thank you for the steak.
It was very good.

Was there anyone else?


Goddamn it, Natasha,
don't be cute.

Yes and no, I guess.

Do you realize what a shitty
answer that is to that question?

That's got to be the shittiest possible
answer to that fucking question.

Hey, Natasha, have you had another
guy's cock in your mouth recently?

Jeez, let me think, yes and no.

Yes and fucking no.

I swear to God, it's like you're
trying to provoke me.

- I'm not.
- I fucking hate you, you fucking bitch.

You're the fucking worst.
Are you kidding me?

Ah, you
cheating lying blond nightmare,

you're everything I hate and despise and
I don't even want to think about you again.

I'm sorry, just venting.

I know.

Come outside with me,
I have to dig some more.

I'm actually late for something.

I swear to God, I swear to God,
you are coming outside,

I'm gonna ask you
some goddamn questions.

Let's go!

I am digging what's
known as a ha-ha.

A ha-ha?

It's like a ditch.

It's one sided,
so it forms a wall.

Basically, a ditch. I'm digging
a ditch. I'm a ditch digger.

- You said it was called a ha-ha?
- Yes.

As in ha ha. Isn't it funny how
life is so awful and pointless?


How about that?

Why are you doing this?

My neighbor has recently
acquired a goat.

I didn't even
know it was legal to own goats.

But the goat eats my landlord's plants and
she thinks that cheap fencing looks ugly.

So, ha-ha.

I can see why you're upset.

Four Saturdays...

We've been dating each other for several months
and I've only seen you on four Saturdays.

- You counted?
- No.

Four is a low enough number
that it doesn't require counting.

If it were, say, 35,
maybe I would have had to count.

And 35 by the way would have been
a reasonable number of Saturdays

to spend with the person that
I've been seeing for several months.

I don't even know where
to begin with that accusation.

It's not an accusation,
it's a fact.

Sometimes you were traveling.

Sometimes you were sick.

One time you're supposedly
visiting sister was supposedly sick.

Are you saying I was lying about both
my sister visiting and her being sick?

If you found out that she was sick
and you decided to lie about her visiting,

is that some kind of mitigating
circumstance or something?

I didn't realize.

The text messages.

I'll be sitting wherever minding my own business
and you'd start a conversation and I'd engage.

Because goddammit, I like you.
We are dating.

Go back and forth and then at
some arbitrary moment you stop.

I get distracted.

- Distracted by what?
- I don't know.

- What's so distracting?
- I guess it's always different.

It's like I'm looking at you
and you're here

but at the same time it's like at
any second you can just drift away.

It's like where are you when I'm
not looking at you?

Do you even exist?
Are you even real?

Are you even out there
in the world doing things?

Being alive is very literal.

You gotta be somewhere
doing something.

So how have you managed
to avoid that?

I'm sorry, I'm not literal,
I can't avoid being who I am.

Dealing with you
is so frustrating,

I get so angry sometimes
I want to kill myself.

How would you do it? That's
always been my problem.

What kind of response is that?

Obviously, I'm not making
you feel better.

I'm surprised you're still here.
You seem willing to put up with this.

Your impression of me
as far as I can tell

is that I go out of my way to
frustrate or hurt you or, I don't know.

I wish that were the situation because
then at least there'd be some clear logic

to all of your behavior.

Probably right.

There's no logic to it.
I can't explain it.

So that's it?

That's all there is?

You don't know what you're doing
or why and things just happen?

Can't argue with that.

Are you aware of the expression in the economics
that there's no such thing as a free lunch?

Maybe, I don't know.

It means everything has a cost,
even things we think are free.

That reminds me...

And I know that this is gonna
come off like I'm the jerk here but,

I really hate to ask,

you, um,

I need ten bucks. Do you
think I could borrow ten bucks?

I'll pay you back with interest.
It's just it would really help.

Breaks up with me and has
the audacity to ask for money.

I let you vent though.

Damn worthless piece of trash.

Not even caring.


Goddamn worthless life.

Already shitty enough. Now I'm
dealing with this fucking bullshit!


What's your name?

Natasha. What's yours?


Do you want to get up
and keep walking?

Which way should we go?

You're not speaking?

Can you please just make
a decision? I don't want to.

Look, I don't want to make
a big thing about it,

but it does kind of seem like you
don't remember that it's my birthday.

I'm gonna fucking kill you.

This is a paper bag with a
literal ball of trash inside of it.

Are you really
that much of a dick?

What are we doing? It's...

You do
this stuff and it's like...

Four-leaf clover,
good luck charm.

I mentioned that months ago.

How did you know?
I always feel so unlucky.

Did you intentionally
make it blue?

Well, since you're not speaking and now I have
my gift, I guess I don't need you anymore.

It's beautiful and I
love it. Thank you.

Is there anything I can
get for 66 cents?

That is one sad question.

- Okay, whatever.
- Hold on.

Keep your money. Next.


This will make you fat and this will
give you cancer, so don't do either.


Now go away and leave me alone.

Natasha, is that you?

As I live and breathe.

- Hi.
- How are you?


This is my friend Carla.

Yes, her name is also Carla.

Carla, Natasha here is
an unbelievable artist.

One of Anton's people.

She's a painter and a sculptress
and she's doing this project.

She takes these photos of people
crying and she posts them.

Oh, I showed you.
Do you remember?

That sort of tableau with the
old woman with the bright dress

and then the sort of muted tones
in the background.

And that face, passion.

That sad, desperate passion.

I mean can you imagine
these lonely souls all around us

dotting our landscape with their television
and their fast food, how do you even find them?

I go to hospitals
and cemeteries.

That answer, well, darkly comic,
shows an admirable pragmatism on your part.

And Carla, Anton and all
his wisdom found a way

to wrangle her
into an assistant position.

But now he tells me that she's
become this elusive shadow presence.

For my part,
I say I have patrons.

I have galleries.

Let's write your name
in the sky. And she says to me...

I'm just dealing with some
personal issues at the moment.

There's always dealing
going on and issues.

Not... George, I hope.

No. No, I was actually... I've
been feeling like I need to sort of...

What? Need to what?

I feel I need to commit
to George more.

Commit? Is there somebody else?

I'm sorting it out.

- George is wonderful.
- Carla.

This Carla, sorry. Can I talk
to you privately for a minute?

Excuse us.

I have...

It's a long...

My cash flow...

Can I borrow ten bucks?

You never cease to amaze. Of course, I
can help you. That's what I've been saying.

I know. Thank you.

I can't imagine how you manage
your life that these things happen to you.

I'm working on it, I promise.

I know, I know.

Here's twenty. Call me.

- I will.
- Seriously.

I will. Thank you.
Thank you. Bye, other Carla.

And stop hiding.


Come on, come on,
come on, come on.


- Hi.
- Hello.

Ten dollars' worth
of gas please.

Sure. Ah...

This is fake.

- What?
- Yeah. Just forget I said anything. Um...

No, wait. How can you tell?

Well, the texture is off and if you look
at it through the light, there is no strip.

You've got to be kidding me.

- I'm sorry.
- How is that even something you're looking for?

I should've pretended
not to notice that.

I mean they come in
every now and again

and they get mad at us whenever
we accept them.

You know, it's not a big deal. Like,
honestly, I can just take it.

No, it's fine.

Look, um,

it seems like you're just
having a rough day.

I mean just
let me buy it for you.

No, because...


No, look,
you listen to me, okay?

I just know that you're in grad
school for law or medicine

or even
something like architecture,

it's a little bit cooler and you just have
this stupid job to pay down your debt

and I walk in and you think,
"Oh, look at this,

what a nice little story to say how we
met and fell in love and got married."

And we can laugh when a grandpa
asks us what a gas station is.

But no,
today that will not be who I am.

And it's gonna slow me down

but maybe the universe is
telling me that's what I need now.

So I'm gonna park my car, I'm gonna go get
my bike and I'm gonna do what I need to do.

- I mean, did you start med school...
- Bye.


Uh, I tell you what,

you hear a lot these days
about the feminism and all that.

But if you ask me, women
never change one bit.

Guess I wouldn't know.

You will one day.

Pack of American Spirits.


It's open.

Meet you in the middle?

It's a deal.

Bite my lips.


I'll do anything. Please.

Tom, we need to talk.

Are you breaking up with me?


I thought something's
going on after Valentine's Day.

Wait, what? What do you know?

You called me. Seemed upset.

What did I say?

Oh, to be honest, I was pretty
out of it as well.


All right, sorry.

So this was...

The last guy I broke up with suggested
right after sex was a good time.

Well, it's one idea.

Did this make it easier for you?

Would've been fun.

Yeah. I have a feeling that guy
would have been upset no matter what.

I do feel like I didn't really
get to know you though.

It's an interesting time in
my life. But I felt I owed you.

Sex, apparently.

Obviously, we won't pretend
to be friends but you seem okay.

Yep, fine.

Is it okay if I go?

Yeah, sure.


Have a nice day.

You, too.

Hello, Kim.


What the fuck, I thought
you were locked out.

What the hell was up
with you on Valentine's Day?

Did something happen?

I think you had a lot to drink.

I'm moving out.

Apparently, your check is
ready over at Anton's.

What? Really? How do you know?

Well, Debra told me that Anton told her that
he hasn't been able to get in touch with you.

So, Debra talked
to you instead of me?

- Well, for a talking.
- When was this?

Oh, like today.

And I was saying that I didn't
know what was going on with you.

But I thought that it could be
something like serious maybe.

Are you spying on me?

Everybody just wants to know
what's going on with you.

I mean, you've been more and more
private or something and I don't know,

I just want to make sure it's
nothing like really bad.

You haven't like found God
or anything, have you?

Finding God would not be
a change for me.

As I've told you many times
and you are well aware

that I believe in a vengeful
and spiteful God.

No, no, no, I mean like have you
found God with like other people?

You're not worried
about like drugs?

- What was going on with you that night?
- I don't understand. Who cares?

If it's not drugs
and it's not a cult,

I mean, you don't post anything
unless it's like an art project

and you disappear
for days at a time.

This is just honest concern.

- You were never locked out.
- Give me something.

George and I took a break
a couple of months ago.


So I started seeing this guy.

- Yeah?
- And it was really casual.

- Uh-huh.
- Then I met this other guy and I liked him

and since things were so casual,

I didn't really feel it was
necessary to tell anybody anything.

And then you started seeing
George again, right?

Yeah, at one point
that happened.

What is that? What is going on?

It was a complete fluke and I
was just in a place in my life

where I was really open
to the possibilities

and that combined with the crazy flukish
streak of meeting men I was interested in.

Right. But what are you saying?

I met a couple other guys
and started dating them.

Two guys?


Plus the other two
guys you're seeing?


And George?


You're dating five guys
at the same time?

Only for a couple of months.

You know I had a feeling it
was something like this.

You're my roommate,
you're bound to know something, I guess.

Like, I am impressed and also a little
disturbed. You might have a problem.

You think?

I can't even imagine.

The thing is, unless you tell a man
you're not dating, he thinks you're dating.

And I just didn't
want to let anybody down.

I've such a hard time telling
people unpleasant things.

So, is one of them Anton?

No. Why?

Oh, why not?

I mean I know he's
a little bit older than you,

and might be like
your boss or whatever,

but it's totally
something you should consider.

Fine. You could just be his
flavor of the month, but so what?

He took Sara
all over the world with him.

He did have a meltdown when they were in
some square in like Sao Paulo or some place

where he was like screaming
at her for being a whore

and these old ladies were
watching and crossing themselves.

And now she's some
sort of Catholic because of it.

But come on, restaurants, trips,
clothing, it's completely worth it.

And, besides, if he's into you, then
it's definitely way more legit than her.

I mean she never
has anything to say

and the attraction has to be about
how her boobs are always on display.

Every time she talks to me,
all I can do is stare at them.

They're just so jiggly and... and
fluffy and like really distracting.

You know it's nothing sexual or anything
but sometimes I want to take a nap on them.

Where is this conversation?

You're dating five guys.


I'm really only dating two now.

What happened?

I broke up with three of them.



All today?

Do you have any cash?



Like three dollars.

Can I borrow it?

I want you to know that I care.

Listen, I'm late for something.

Come over here.

- Kim.
- Just come over here.

Bring it in.

You are loved
by no one else than by me.

Please stop.

And you can date as many men as
you want and I will never judge you.

This is unpleasant for me,
and I would like to leave.

You will not only endure,

you will prevail.

You need more help than I do.

I'm here for you.

Okay, bye, Kim.


Hey, Natasha.

Is he in?



Oh, great, duh.

Is he?

He's in the back.

I just came to get my check
and then I'm gonna go.

Cool. I'll look for it.


I think it's in the back.

Seriously? Can you like...

Don't worry, I'll cover for you.

Just show me the picture
because I don't believe you.

The note said 114.

If he's wearing the hat, it's
not the right one. Show me.


- He's wearing the hat.
- That's what I told you.

That is right.

What do you want me to do?

He's wearing a hat.

- Fucking hat!
- Anton.

Go with it. It's fine.

That's what I was going
to do anyway.

Did you get it?

- You were hiding, huh?
- Come on, Debra.

Great. Terrific. Thank you.
See when I see you.

There she is.

Hey, Anton.

Just picking up my check.

You're coming back here or what?

Close the door.

You got a valid passport?


You avoiding me or something?

I just came to get my check.
I didn't know you were here.

I called, I texted,
I didn't hear anything.

I was gonna call today. I was
running around and then forgot.

I'm leaving for Rome
tonight for a shoot.

I'll be there for a week or so.

After that is Dubai,
then Hong Kong.

There's a guy in Rome

that can assist me
or it can be you

if you leave tonight.

Tonight is soon.

It's only soon because you
never got back to me.

I called you what,
a week ago the first time?

Anton that's really amazing
and, of course, I want to go.



Dubai has some visa
bullshit we have to work on,

but otherwise you should have
time to get what you need in order.

I don't think I can though.

- Are you suggesting that I should have to convince you...
- No.

- To take this amazing opportunity?
- No, of course, not.

I'm not even sure you deserve
it at this point.

I understand if you
feel that way.

Is that your way of saying
you don't want to come?

No, it isn't...

- it's... it's not about what I want.
- Yes, it is. What do you want?

How long do I have to decide?

Let's see...

I think if you let me know
by let's say...

eight o'clock tonight,

I think you'd have
a fighting chance.

I want to go.

Well, you soon learn in life that
it's not what people claim they want,

it's what they actually do.


Maybe I'll see you tonight.
Maybe I'll see you when I get back.

Okay. Thanks.

I hope I see you, Natasha.


You're not like actually hungry
or anything, are you?

Uh, not crazy hungry, I guess.

- Let's just... just walk.
- Cool.

- I'm sorry I'm not hungry.
- Not a problem.

I do that stuff, though. I
say let's meet here at this time and eat

and then I show up late
and say I'm not hungry.

What can I say? I hate myself.

I've been meaning to talk
to you about that.

- Sure you'll agree soon enough.
- Me? Never.


Oh, God.

What is it?

Oh God.

I think I'm having
a heart attack.

Are you... are you serious?
Should I call 911?

No, no, no, no, don't do that. It's not a
heart attack. I just... I need to sit down.

Of course. Here.

I told you those are
gonna make you fat.

- You know her?
- Yes. I mean, no, but yes.

God, I'm freaking out.

Relax, just breathe.

I think this is a panic attack.

Oh, there was something
on the TV with this guy,

knew exactly what to do
when his girl had a panic attack.

- Was that... was that a documentary?
- No.

So it could be right, so it
could be wrong, and you don't remember?

It might be good
that I don't remember.

I think I'm better.

My plan was to distract you
with my incompetence.

I suppose it sort of worked.

this doesn't return you to...

Anyway, is this at all connected to the
conversation we had at the bar last week?

Did I tell you
what I really like about you?

I don't really know
how to take compliments.

You're mean.

Fine, tell me.

I just did. I really like
that you're mean.

I'm pretty sure that's not a compliment
'cause I'm having no trouble with that.

Most people think it's helpful
to be around people

who say nice things,
which has an obvious logic.

But it wasn't
until I met you that I realized

that being around someone who says
mean things is actually much healthier.

You criticize me or stuff I do and I
think you're right, I need to do better.

Nice people are totally
unhelpful, though,

because they only make you think
everything is fine when it never is.

What if I'm holding you back
with all of my negativity though?

Then I'm weak.

I'm just supposed to be negative
all the time, that's my role?

You're not supposed
to do anything.

It sounds like I am.

It sounds like I have to be constantly
putting you down or sabotaging your dreams.

I won't go that far,
it's not like we are married or anything.

Oh my God.

Are you upset?

Yes. And deeply disturbed.

It's the worst
compliment possible.

And you have a deranged view of
what makes a healthy relationship.

I know you did it.

- You're saying I did what you say I do.
- Didn't you?

You know I can box your ears
from where I'm sitting.

You keep threatening like that
and I had to look up what it means.

- It's when you hit someone on both...
- Obviously I looked it up.

Now who's mean?

I wonder where that went out of style. It
seems like such a good way to attack someone.

We can start getting into bar
fights, do it all the time.

We'd be like the new
Bonnie and Clyde?

I think they had sex problems.

We could be like them
without the sex problems.

How do you want that?

Sounds bad.

So that's a definite no, right?

I'd think about it.

Great. Next time someone asks how
things are going with you, I can say,

"Awesome, we're thinking about
rowdy bar fights and sex problems."

That's nice.

It is, isn't?


I don't want to freak you out.


I think we should.

- You're not...
- No. No. No.

- Okay. Because that...
- What am I, some psycho?

You never know.

- I mean, right, not that but...
- Oh.

Okay, just to recap,
I started talking

and I thought maybe you thought
I was talking about marriage.

- I thought you were breaking up with me.
- No, okay, forget it.

- Forget it all? We're not talking about anything?
- No, I mean... Yeah.

We could or you could,
life moves on, you can move in.

All I'm saying is growth,
progress. I think it's time.

That's really beautiful.

There's a feeling that I get that
usually goes away or never arrives

and I want to continue that.

It's warm. I'm bad at this.

Yeah, you really are.


I need to smoke a cigarette.

- I didn't mean to...
- Winston,

you didn't say anything
you shouldn't have said.

But you need a cigarette?

I don't want to say
anything I don't mean.

Okay, I appreciate it.

Hey, could you not smoke
in front of the entrance?


You're smoking right in front of
the entrance. Just go to the corner.


It's a city ordinance.


I thought you were out of town.

I got back early.

Let's do something tomorrow.

Why not right now?

I'm busy.

Doing what?

Can you not tomorrow?

Come with me right now.

I can't. I'm sorry.


I'll call you tomorrow.

Anton's having
a Valentine's Day party.



We can go.



That'd be nice.

Sure. Yeah.

I'm sorry I can't go
with you right now.

Nothing to be sorry about.

I'll call you tomorrow.

There you are.

Are we going inside?

We don't have to.

I have to think about what you said,
so I can't say anything right now.

Hey, that's a... that's fine.

Thank you.

I'll pay.


It is about that.

I wasn't pressing you or
anything. It's really not a big deal.

It did get me thinking.

It's have to do
with Valentine's Day.

They called you too, huh?

Uh, yeah, we spoke.

It's right for you and me
to want those things.

People shouldn't be scared about
stuff the way that they are but...


It wouldn't be right of me
to lie to you.

I don't want to lie anymore.

What have you been lying about?


I can't believe I'm thinking
about telling you this.

I don't need to hear it.

You're just
totally nuts basically.

You're right, I won't tell you.
I've been dating four other guys.


Darn it, I said that.

We always used a condom, right?

Yeah, we did, okay.

Just trying to think of all
the potential risks here.

- Do you hate me? You really hate me, right?
- I'm fine really, I am.

I'm fine.
I'm fine. I'm totally fine.

Everything is great!

I'm so fucking mad!

Why does it all
have to be so terrible?

Fuck this! I fucking give up!
I fucking quit!

- Quit what?
- Life!

I didn't want this.

I just wanted a normal thing.
That's all.

I'm so tired.

- I really am sorry.
- How could you do this to all of us?

- I didn't mean it.
- I never want to see you again.

- I understand.
- When will I see you again?

- Never.
- I love you.

- I'm horrible.
- You're the only person I'll ever truly love.

- Pretend I don't exist.
- My life would be so much easier if I never met you.

I think this is where we
go our separate ways.


You'll be back!

You love me more than you know!

You'll be back! I know you will!

Slow down, hear me out.


Natasha just... I'm gonna say
something, okay?

And just listen.

Those other guys,
whoever they are, they're trash.

You're not gonna do better
than me. It's not possible.

I have to go.

You just told me you're
seeing four other guys.

You want to run away?

I'm feeling a lot
of things right now.

I can't lie one of them is rage.

There's also a deep and intense sadness,
but love is in there, too.

Hey, man, is this your car?

Yeah, one second.

- You should move your car.
- What I want to say is this,

I see a better person in you
and I think you know it.

You're seeing other guys, right?

I've seen you
every weekend for how long?

- Come on. Look, I want to get inside.
- Yeah, just put it on ice buddy.

- I have to go.
- I'm...

I looked up major female artists
and their marriages.

Now granted, a bunch
of them are lesbians,

but a lot of them ended up marrying
other artists and getting divorced

except Sally Mann. You know her?

- Yeah, but...
- Yeah. I actually liked her stuff from any...

More than anyone else's
from what I saw.

She married a lawyer
and they're still together.

- Move your car.
- Just one minute!

And he's probably like me.

He goes to these galleries
and he feels out of place,

although I liked
a lot of the stuff.

The guy with the pelican videos,
the screaming lady, the giant foot.

Fine, all your friends are
pretentious and terrible!

I don't care. Mine are
all soulless yuppies!

The point is you make me
entertained and I make you reliable.

It's great.

So you should cancel your plans
and come with me.

Is the speech over?
I'm trying to get home!

Haven't you ever been in love?

So? I have to still park though.

Stay, please.

I'm sorry, I don't
feel that way.



That's what I've got.


I'll move my car.

Thank you.

Love is dead! You happy now?

Frankly, yes!

Get the hell out of my yard!

I know deep down
you're a good guy.

- Delivery for Kim...
- Do you need a signature?

Here you go.

- Thanks.
- Happy Valentine's Day!

You, too.

Kim, Brandon sent flowers.

Oh, goodie... hello? Natasha.

Natasha, I again
apologize for not using text messages.

I cannot bring myself to degrade
language in such a manner.

Nevertheless, I would like to see you
today as custom dictates. Yours, Victor.

One second.

Hey, stranger.

Hey, Natasha.

Hey, Brandon.

- Guess who we ran into when we were out?
- Mussolini.

George. He said you two haven't
talked much recently.

I've been busy.

You two should totally come
with us to Anton's party tonight.

What's Mussolini?

- What did he say?
- Hmm, I don't remember.

Are you serious?

So you do care.

Yes, Kim, I care.
Did I say I didn't?

Well, you don't talk to him
but then you care.

I'm trying
to figure out what's going on.

- Mussolini is seafood.
- Brandon, shut up.

Ask her about the...

Did you happen to get a box of
chocolates with those flowers?

Hmm, I don't think so.

That's some bullshit.

What did George say?

He said he'd think about it.

- That's it?
- Yeah. And then he walked away.

He's like weird and moody,
just like you like them.

Okay. Bye, Kim.

Please, come with us tonight.

We'll see.

Later, Natasha.

You're yelling in my ear.

Brandon, let's go.

Tonight it's gonna be awesome.

Just don't talk
for the next hour.


Are you avoiding or stalking?

I thought you were avoiding me.

I'm not doing anything.

Are you going somewhere?

You're at my house.

You ran into Kim.

You talked about the party. Obviously,
you knew that she would tell me.

What do you want?

I want to know
what's going on, George.

It seems like
you're not going to...

I don't know, whatever.

I could say the same
thing about you.

If I've been that way, it's only been
because I thought that's what you wanted.

It seems like we're two people
standing in the dark talking about nothing.

What am I supposed
to do with that?

You say these things like it's the
easiest thing in the world to understand.

I think you need
to make some choices.

Everybody has to make
choices, including you.

Why can't you just
say what you mean?

You first.

All right.

Not tonight.

I'm gonna go.

- We're gonna talk, right?
- Yeah.

Not that either of us cares,
but Happy Valentine's Day.

You, too.


I am so lonely.

I'm so completely lonely.

It's not your fault, though.

Is this voicemail or...

If you don't say anything,
it's voicemail.

So anyway how's your mom?

Oh my God.

Where are you?

No, I'm... I'm alone.

And you're somewhere else,

but you called and I didn't
answer because I am a jerk.

Read me a poem.

No, not that one.

That one's not sad enough.

It has to be a sad one
because I am really sad.

And I know I can tell you
that but it's also true.

I mean I had wine with dinner.

I gotta go.


Come in. Come in.

What's going on?

I'm hanging out and I'm really
happy to see you.

You've been drinking?

I can't move in with you.

I'm terrified and alone
and I can't.

Maybe you should sit
down. Sit down.

I'm going to bed though.
Will you come with me?

Is there any way I'm gonna get an answer about
why you ignored me all day and got drunk alone?

I was...

There was...

I lie and I'm a bad person.

Why don't I escort you to bed?

Escort service.

Goodnight. Sleep well.

You're not staying?

No. Goodnight.

You should stay.

What are you doing?

Waiting for you, I guess.

I'm here.


I know we've been off
for a while now.

You want to go inside?

I like it out here.

All right.

I want to start
by saying I've changed.

We've been doing this thing for a
while where it's like, I don't know,

neither of us want to let our guard
down and I'm... I'm past it, it's stupid.

Let's go inside.

George, what the fuck?

You should never
let your guard down.

What do you mean?

Doesn't matter why it happened or
how it happened but I got used to...

not having you around.

I'm sorry, you're saying...

That this thing of ours,
it's not a thing to me anymore.

No, please, don't.

Please don't say that.

I'm... I've changed. I'm ready to commit,
to be a consistent person for you.

Since when?

Last week. I don't
really remember.

Why didn't you tell
me last week?

I was busy.

There's nothing I can do.

You're being really
final about this.

- It's how I feel.
- You're not doing this.

I am.

So you're telling me that it has
nothing to do with anything I did

and at some point you just
decided you were done?

- So you're saying...
- Like I said, the details don't matter.

- They do. They do matter though, George.
- Why?

Please. Please don't do this.
I can move in, we can...

We can get married,
it could be here.

This is the right thing.
This is what I'm doing.

Nothing means anything anymore.

- Wait.
- What?

Say what you want to say,
I'm listening.

I'm here.

I'm listening to you.

So you can
say whatever you want.

Can I help you?

No, that's okay. Thank you.


Hello, you've reached
Anton's voicemail.

I'm currently traveling, so I probably
won't hear any message you leave.


I told you not to smoke and I
told you not to eat ice cream.

I remember.

Something I've learned though is that
even though those things are dangerous,

there's nothing more dangerous
than falling in love.


Never fall in love and never
try to do the right thing.

I have to go.

Remember what I said.