Sunday Afternoon (1966) - full transcript

Reflections on life and death through the eyes of a medicine doctor, researcher on blood deseases, under the anguish of consulting a terminally ill young woman. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

That same afternoon...

... the infirmary's senior patient
had died.

She was pregnant.

And she only thought
of her unborn child.

The outcome was predictable from
the beginning with a low margin of error.


even though death was always
a comfortable way

of appeasing my nightly scares...

deep down, I couldn't help feeling...


Though I knew that
in my chosen specialty

every patient admitted
was virtually a hopeless case.

The only person to whom I ended up
granting a diligent complicity

was my assistant.

Who had already learned
not to say a thing on occasions like this.

If she said anything, it could be
something related to a new case

or, as in this instant,

to ask me if I would accompany
her to the hospital cafeteria.

I told her I wouldn't be having dinner.

I'd head straight to the laboratory.

L?cia simply replied
that she would join me after dinner.

I tried to dissuade her,
for her constant presence irritated me.

And even more so when she showed
herself full of energy and confidence

every time she felt
I was exhausted.

Just like now...

It's just that those who put themselves
under our protection...

die even though they look healthy
and are still young

and despite their symptoms
not being apparently serious.

They don't know that the destruction
they carry inside themselves

can no longer be stopped.

And that my lie is
utterly useless to them.

I felt an absurd need to hurt her.

And I let her know that
this was a task for the cleaning lady.

She coldly replied that she did it
to avoid having the staff whisper

that my nerves were
getting the best of me.

Or that my ability to work
was beginning to diminish.

I expressed my ironic surprise
that she worried about my prestige.

She, however, chose not to reply.

and with an awkwardness

that was typical of her, but which at that
instant no one could have seen coming,

she suggested we
go to a movie instead.

She told me the name of her chosen film
without even waiting for me to react.

And every inch of her tried to hide
from me that it was utterly necessary

for me to unwind my mind

and get away for a few hours
from the tasks that obsessed me.

While I gazed upon her...

I suddenly saw something that made
my memories of Clarisse return.

It was still so recent...

that it seemed Clarisse could
suddenly come walking in, alive.

Clearer than the day I first saw her...

or rather, barely saw her...
- The next patient.

- Yes, doctor.
... mixed up with the other patients.

You may sit there.

What is troubling you?

- Clarisse Isabel Vasconcelos?
- That's me.

You'll have to speak louder.

Well, some months ago I started
feeling a pain here.

Did you see a doctor?

- I did.
- And what did he say?

- It seemed to be my spleen.
- What?

- It seemed to be my spleen.
- The spleen?

- And what did he order?
- Some tests.

Well, let's take a look at that spleen.

Lie down there, please.

Now wait a moment, OK?

Excuse me.

Does it hurt here?

- Does it hurt?
- No.

- What about here?
- No.

Does it hurt?



Unbutton your blouse.

Can you tell
what's wrong with me?


What's wrong with me?

We're going to make a few tests
and take some X-rays.

- But do you think...
- Doctor, please!

Call in next Wednesday so we
can take a look at the results.

- Please wait in the lobby, I'll call you.
- Will I be examined right now?

No, you'll get a number
and they'll schedule an appointment.

Anything else... doctor?

No, ma'am, have a nice day.

For a brief moment,
I stopped hearing L?cia's voice.

Her cautious voice...

I tried to make her realize what was most
important to me then was to be left alone.

Inhumanly alone.

Not caring about the analysis, diagnoses
or the results of my work.

She would listen to me
in her usual way...

barely showing anything
of what she was thinking.

She'd be damned
if I foresaw that she dominated me!

Seeing her sitting there
started to annoy me.

Waiting for me to put
my hand on the microscope

that she gazed at
while pretending, I believe,

to be uninterested
in what I was telling her.

She stopped insisting
we'd go to the movies,

naturally thinking that
in such a state of mind

it would be impossible for her
to get the best of me.

Sometimes, as in that moment,

due to a gesture of sensitivity,

I would wish that everything
was brutally different.

That my field of expertise wasn't
incurable blood diseases.

That Clarisse wouldn't have died
as it couldn't have turned out differently.

That L?cia's smile could tear down the wall
that isolated me from everyone else.

Corpus Christi.

That I would have been to Clarisse

the man that she needed.

And that she was entitled to
in her isolation.

In her frail state.

In that hope which she had been denied.

Do you think I'll be
well again soon, doctor?

Don't you remember me?

I was here last Wednesday
for an appointment.

- Your name?
- Clarisse.

- The doctor has so many patients
to attend to. - I recall now.

You were complaining
about your spleen, right?

- It's that case you told me about.
- I know, I know.

Do you know what's wrong with me?

When I get the test results,
I'll tell you.

Since you didn't want
to tell me anything the other day...

When I know the results,
I'll tell you.

- Don't insist, it's useless.
- Oh, it's you.

If we don't use the stairs,
the coffee will get cold for sure.

It's impossible to catch an elevator
at this time of the day.

It's only two floors, and it's actually
better for us after the appointments.

You're right. Let's go.

Maria Armanda.

Head of the radiology department.

She always told
the same jokes about L?cia

and the fact that she never wanted
to come to the cafeteria

and join the group that, at 11 am.,
used the coffee break

as a pretext for a moment
to forget, to smile,

perhaps to humanize.

I believe L?cia avoided
this kind of socializing

not out of shyness,

but because she took her role
much too seriously.

She thought the only answer one could give to
the hopeless suffering of our herd of condemned

was to carry herself
in an austerely honorable way.

In every single occasion.

Even when she was alone with us.

There were those who trusted her.

And she had to respect that trust.

She didn't want forgetfulness,

the useless smile,

the eleven o'clock coffee cup.

For instance...

she had a special way of admonishing
my shortcomings without doing it directly.

She only had to pretend in a certain way
that that was not her intention.

That morning, I woke late and exhausted from
a sleepless night spent burning cigarettes.

I skipped the office appointments.

I just sat down at an esplanade

with a burdened mind.

L?cia patiently took care of
the appointments in my place.

Reporting every single case
with impeccable detail.

One by one.

That's how I knew that Clarisse
went to her morning appointment.

L?cia referred to her as
'that girl with the leukocytosis'.

And her image for a reason
that I never thought to explain.

fled from my eyes.
- May I sit down?

Yes, you may.

- Not the same doctor from the other day?
- Today she is in, it's the same thing.

So, how are you feeling?
Did you bring your analysis?

I have it here.

- What about the x-rays?
- I haven't done them yet.

- Have you had any previous illnesses?
- No, never.

And are your parents healthy?

- My mother is dead.
- And your father?

I've never met him.

What did your mother die of?

A stroke.

How old are you?

Are you married?


Do you think something is causing
that pain you claim to feel in the abdomen?

I don't know... lately I've been...

- ... somewhat irregular.
- Every single month?

The pain is constant.

It's probably not related.

Otherwise, I've always been healthy.

I think it's best to keep you here,
in the hospital.

To hospitalize me?

- Why?
- If you don't want to, I can't force you.

It's just that... now of all times...

- Do you think my condition is...
- No but, it'll be more convenient for you.

We have to take some x-rays
to be sure.

- Well, if you think it's necessary...
- We can set the date for the first batch, OK?

- Fine.
- When L?cia stopped talking

she looked at me as if waiting
for an explanation on my behalf.

A simple comment on her way of acting.

For the first time, in front of her, I felt
stupidly vulnerable and impotent.

To mask that sudden nakedness of mine

I adopted the easiest solution:

To get up and leave...
without saying a word.

When was she operated on?

Two days ago, doctor.

And how do you feel?

I have trouble swallowing...

Trouble swallowing...
That's not a problem...

Good morning, how do you feel?

Oh doctor, I haven't slept...

She's been complaining a lot.

Let's see...
So, you haven't been sleeping well?

No, doctor, I have a lot of pain...

Deep breaths... Deep breaths...

It's nothing,
You worry so and you have nothing.

- Oh, don't say that...
- A little walk outdoors, you'll be fine!

I can't,
my legs won't let me...

- Good-bye.
- Good-bye, doctor!

Good morning.
You look well, you know that?


How do you feel?

Can I smoke?

let the doctor examine it!

I feel well.

I know it's nothing,

for you we never have any problem,
any disease...

It's always better that way!

Please sit up,
I must listen to your chest.

I'm leaving.
Tell him I went to the lab.

Deep breaths, please...


Why put me in hospital,

for what you're doing to me...

Do they treat you badly here?

To be here or not,
it's all the same. I don't feel any better.

- Does it hurt?
- How long will I have to stay here?

If you want, you can leave.

I wonder...
If my disease is drawn-out...

I need new tests and an x-ray.

The x-ray will be done Monday, doctor.

OK. Take it.

The hospital is not a prison,
if you want to leave, the door is open.

This way, please.

Please get up.

Can I leave?

No, you still have
to wait a moment.

X-ray on the thorax.
You can undress in there. In there.

The tomography of the windpipe
is ready.

Yes, let them in.

You're leaving the x-ray for later?

It's better,
the x-ray is from an in-patient.

Be careful with that.

- And the cane?
- Leave it there...

Careful... ready.

When I tell you, breathe in deeply
and say "iii" loudly, understood?

Are you listening? You have to say "iii"
when I tell you. Say it!

It's OK. Ready,
breathe in, say "iii".

- You can change the plate.
- In a minute.

Ready. Say "iii"...

Say "iii".

- You can call the orderlies.
- I'll do it.

Ready, breathe in.

And the papers?

- They're here doctor.
- Let me see...

It's OK. You can leave.

We probably need no more than
six sessions to know the result,

but in any case, please keep me
acquainted with the progress.

Yes, sir, absolutely.

- There you are, hello!
- Hello!

Don't you want to come upstairs
with us in a minute?

No, thank you very much.
Maybe next time.

- You don't know what you're missing!
- I've work to finish.

You have an assistant
who's such a sweetheart!

Don't worry about them!



The x-rays you spoke to me about
are almost ready.

About the other cases, the first results
are here. You want to see them?

Show me the one of that workman
in room 4, if you please.

- I've settled the date of the operation.
- Thank you.

Poor guy, I never saw a man
cry that way.

Please, don't let it get to you.

Room 1, bed 6...

It's that girl...
What's her name?

- Clarisse.
- Clarisse.

The results aren't very good.

The tests are worse
and the anaemia has accentuated.

I see...

Why have you placed her in surgery
considering what she has?

As soon as there's a vacancy
in hematology, we can move her...

Look, the x-ray...
I think it's this one.

This here is OK...

It's the analysis that is the problem.

You'll have to give a transfusion.

- Why? I don't feel weak!
- But it's necessary.

- Let me see.
- Here.

- Does it have to be today?
- No, it can be tomorrow.

But... it's that I don't
feel weak at all!

We'll see about that.

- Have you been sleeping well?
- So-so.

- Does it hurt?
- No.

- And here?
- No.

- Doctor, do I give her the radiothermy?
- Please do.

This is not going badly at all.

You know that your weight chart
has been increasing?

Is that to make me laugh?

- Does it hurt?
- No.

And here?

No. How long
do I have to stay here?

Have you given up the idea of leaving?

I feel well here...

Good morning! So, how are you,
do you feel any better?

Doctor, if it's cancer
I don't want to go into surgery again.

But who told you it's cancer?

It's a cyst, it's not serious.

Can we begin?

So, how are we?

- Will it last long?
- You'll see it's very easy...

Will I get better?

You certainly will.
Don't speak, it'll tire you.

- Is he always in that mood?
- He? He, who?

I've been thinking...
I want to change my doctor.

Calm down, while you're here,
you'll have to get used to him.

He doesn't like me very much,
does he?

We never know what he likes...

I don't want you to help me
die like this.

So much time lost
in this cursed big place...

I feel stupidly available,
nothing more.

Available all the time in here.

And for what?

If I knew at least
what would become of me...

It doesn't matter...

It doesn't matter...

Start preparing the next transfusion.

Yes, doctor.

Do you feel alright? Pay attention!

Do you want me to go with you?

- Hello!
- Hi!

I didn't know you were here.

I thought this would be deserted,
as usual.

Do you have a cigarette?


Do you need to see that now?
I'm almost finished. - No.

I didn't come here especially.

This is the best place
for a moment of peace and quiet.

No one ever comes here

- Everyone has already seen this.
- Yes, down there it's very noisy.

Everyone has already seen this.

I know that that patient of yours
in room 1...

There was nothing to do. We didn't
expect it would be so sudden.

How old was she? She was young.

25. She was from Alentejo.

It's terrible to think that, sometimes,
maybe we could do something...

I don't know, another doctor...

Didn't you say there was nothing to do?
The best is to move on.

What are you doing here? Don't you
know you can't leave the ward?

I need to talk with you.

It's almost time for the consultation.
You can speak with me then.

Up there they always look at me,
I feel uncomfortable.

But what kind of provocation
was Clarisse planning?

Seeking me in the office knowing
it was forbidden by the regulations?

That woman that died,
what was her problem?

I can't answer.
It wasn't my case...

Then she died by mistake...

I thought that only happened
to your patients.

Well, now I've said everything,
will you go upstairs?

What is there for me?

I decided to play her game
and see where she wanted to go.

But what has gotten
into your head?

Why do you never directly answer
the questions we ask you?

It depends on the question
and those don't have a direct answer.


Can I ask you
another kind of question?

Is that a question?

- Do you think I'm pretty?
- I do.

- And does it please you that I'm pretty?
- Beauty pleases everyone.

And you too?

Me too.

In spite of those lumps
that have appeared on my neck?

Lumps? Let me see...

It's terrible! It's the train driver.
His wife died here in this hospital.

Whenever he passes by, he does this.

I've never understood if it's despair
or to put a curse on us.

I don't need you to have pity on me.

I must! Your stupid presumption!

The first time I noticed the memory
of Clarisse was disappearing in me,

I felt remorse.

But not any more.

Little by little.
I reached that serenity

I needed so much.

I even accepted the idea
of sitting amongst strangers

to see the film L?cia
had managed to bring me to.

I must admit that it surprised me,

the way she held my hand

in certain parts of the film
that had impressed her.

I remember perfectly that scene

and it was easy for me
to rebuild it in every detail.

It's brackish water!

It's the only kind there is.

It causes all kinds of diseases
and mortal fevers,

like madness,
forgetfulness and typhoid fever.

- Maybe that's why there's so few of us.
- Are there many children here?

There are less and less
since the water became like this.

You could use the parish well.

The water is light and pure.

And wouldn't it become brackish
as soon as we began using it?

Get out of here, you little devil!
You're just like your father!

Yes, go and see the nice father he has
and the nice bars that guard him!

Sorry, but I can't see like that.
Thank you.

Haven't I seen you before?

I don't think so.

I suppose you want freedom.

We're very well here!

That's a stupid lie.

All men like to cultivate a technique

called remorse.
Are you sorry for what you've done?

- Yes, I am.
- Me too!

Why were you arrested?

We robbed a man that had asked us
where the small chapel was.

We took his money and clothes
and gave him a beating.

Just for fun, we took him to the small
chapel, as that's where he wanted to go.

When the sacristan opened the door,
we threw him inside and ran out.

But we were unlucky.

"All those who do wrong, hate the light,
because light is the contrary of evil."

You have to reconcile with the light.

We're ready!

You have to receive
the maximum light possible.

The sun is strong
and the sun is the ultimate light source.

Look at the sun
until you're full of light.

Don't close your eyes!

Don't close your eyes!

I?m blind!

I can't see!

At this moment, and in spite of L?cia,
I got up and left the cinema.

She followed me, displeased,
asking me why I didn't like it.

I volunteered to take her home.

When I was in the car,
I heard her saying:

I forgot to tell you,

Your patient in room 1
left the hospital this afternoon.

I should have shown
my annoyance anyway,

because L?cia hurried to say
with a poisonous sweetness:

I've already noticed
you have a special interest in her...

The special interest I give any patient.
Why did you discharge her?

I thought it no longer any use
for her to be admitted,

especially against her will.
Any way...

In her case, it's the same.
That's what you wanted to say, right?

I made her a treatment with the new
ampules we received the other day,

as you asked me to do.

It's nothing more than
a simple stimulant, as predicted.

- Does she suspect her condition?
- How should I know?

When I decided to look for Clarisse,

driven by an impulse
I didn't dare to deepen,

I had already imagined where to find her.

But I had to look for her many nights,
in the most intuitive places.

"Why eight days?", I asked her.

She answered me
she had no money for more.

People have inside them
an attraction for filth!

The living-dead of my clinic,
as soon as they were free,

they only lived for one purpose:

to try everything
that convention had prohibited them,

to soften the terrible lucidity
of arriving at the end.

Jorge, wait, Jorge!
Take me out of here!

Take me, I feel empty.

- Are you alone?
- Yes. You came because of me?


- Tell me if you came because of me!
- No, I was just passing by.

Thank you.

- How do you feel?
- Tired.

- You need to rest.
- Don't go.

I need you.

Lie down and let me examine you.

I need you in another way,
don't you understand?

Please, don't be so complicated.

That's cowardice,
you're always pretending.

Good night, there's no need
to get attached to me.

Can I know something?

- You think that I...
- I don't think anything, sorry.

No, don't leave.

A little bit of tenderness, even if not
very meaningful, it would be so much!

No one ever liked me,
I always had to invent everything.

Even when my mother was alive,
I was nothing to her.

I can assure you
that wouldn't help much.

Give me a cigarette.

Light it for me.


Sit down here.

Let me examine you, you've had
no treatment for a long time.

You don't want to lose even a bit
of your clinical case. Until the end...

- Any pain?
- Yes.

- Does it hurt here?
- Yes.

And the joints?

They hurt a lot...

Especially lately.

Don't force me
to go back into hospital!

- I can't force you.
- I wanted...

- Good morning.
- Good morning, doctor.

- What dose does he already have?
- Five thousand.

At six thousand, you can cut it.

Take it.

Thank you.

- It's this, isn't it?
- Yes, it is.

Armanda, wait for me,
I want to talk to you.

I want to ask you a question.

- Private or professional?
- Very professional.

Then go to my clinic.
For you, I'll charge half price.

Have you made the tests with
the mixture from Germany yet?

Well, the case is not my specialty,
but in fact I'm replacing Neves.

It's that emulsion for leukemia...

- Have you been there yet? - No,
not yet, but I'll try to go tomorrow...

- What were we talking about?
- If the results...

Yes, the results.
It's too soon to know anything,

but if you want,
I can send you some samples.

I'd appreciate it.

I haven't see you upstairs for coffee
in a very long time!

Too much work.

Or are you following the example
of your assistant?

- I've separated the most typical analyses.
- What?

- I've separated the most typical analyses!
- OK, OK...

Can we go to the laboratory?

I have to leave,

but if you don't mind,
continue doing it alone,

you already know the reaction time.

Don't you think
you're being unduly careless?

You too?

Me what?


- It's about time...
- But what's the matter with you?


Can I know now where we're going?

Always straight on,

when you arrive at the horizon,
you stop.

It's there.

The horizon doesn't exist.

Only if you want to go round the world.

You're so stupid, dear.
Don't you understand anything?

My horizon is you.
I'll go where you go.

Then straight on.

Wait... Jorge.

What's wrong?

Nothing... Nothing... It's nothing.

Let's go.

I feel so tired.

- Maybe the effect of the injection has
passed. - No, you just need a little rest.

Do you think I'll live long enough
for you to feel something for me?

Are you crazy?
What's all this nonsense!

You are afraid to die!

Faster, Jorge, faster...

If it would end like this...

would you be afraid?

Wouldn't it be crazy
to have accepted her challenge,

even if it was just to know
what she was really thinking?

Suddenly, a car was in our path.

Clarisse took her foot off of the
accelerator and screamed at me to brake!

It was close,

but it was enough for me to know that
I wasn't the only one lacking courage.

She was really afraid of dying.

The director has
already asked for you twice.

And another thing:

that boy who is
in ward 2, Carlos Alberto...

Yes, I know who he is!

His fianc?e came today to speak
with me. They want to get married.

And does she know
he's not long left?

She wanted to know
if marriage can harm him,

- I mean, if it will shorten his time...
- It's up to her to decide.

She's already decided.

What would you do in her place?

If I had the same courage,
I would do the same.

And you don't think you have?

Maybe I'm a little
too selfish to do that.

Are you still resentful
with what I said yesterday?

Forget it. Have you done tests
with these ampules?

Let me see.

And I've also done tests
with Maria Armanda's.

I don't care about her,
I already know the results.

Well, those at least, so far

have managed to stabilize
the number of leukocytes.

- And anything else?
- You think it's not enough?

Excuse me, doctor,
do you remember me?

You don't remember me?
I'm the daughter of that patient...

What's her name?

Aurora da Concei??o.
She's in room 1.

- Wait here.
- Is she better?

Wait a moment, I'll see.

Please, go to room 1
and bring me the papers of Mrs...

What's her name?

Aurora da Concei??o.
I'll wait here for you.

- There's a phone call for you.
- Me? Wait a moment, please.

Hello? Oh, it's you...

See that lady there, so good-looking,
speaking with the supervisor.

Who is she?

- It's someone healthy!
- You don't know that!

At least, she moves alright.
She moves better than we do.

She may have something inside.

They should have called us already,
we've been here so long!

Wait a moment.

Let me see.

Thank you.

- You know why your mother's been
admitted? - No, they didn't say anything.

- Well, she needs an operation.
- Yes?

Yes, but... she has a tumour
but don't worry, it's nothing.

- Nothing to worry about, understand?
- Thank you very much, doctor!

I'm sorry, thank you very much.

It's nothing, it's nothing...

Did you sleep well last night?

- I came as soon as I received your call.
- I wasn't expecting you.

If you only knew
how impatient I am for you...

I woke-up in the middle of the night
and haven't slept since.

I've brought you a new medicine
that will make you as good as new.

I miss you so much!

What are you thinking about?


About the little time I have...

I wanted to live only for you, totally,

but I feel something in you
I don't understand...


I'm sorry. You do your best, I know.

You put up with me, and that's a lot.

I don't put up with you.

Have you noticed
you've never said "I love you"?

Do you think I need to?

I didn't want you
to answer me with a question.

You're right,
it was an unnecessary question.

Jorge, pretend
I didn't say anything.

Being you is already so much,
that I'm not entitled to ask for more.

You have to take your injection.


Is this how you worry about me?

Alright, I'm sorry.


Take off your coat.

Clench your hand.

It's alright, leave it there.


Bend your arm with the palm open.

Of the last images of Clarisse,
almost nothing remains.

not remorse, not mourning.
Just an absorbent darkness,

a confirmation of that
selfish and poisoned peace

that I accepted
each time with more intensity,

the always predictable death
of the patients in my department.

A death that is
the responsibility of no one.

I got used to seeing in L?cia
a little more than a simple assistant

whose presence is inevitable.

Her enigmatic simplicity
invaded me little by little

without me realizing.

One night,
when I was working on a report,

she must have noticed
something abnormal in me

because she unexpectedly asked me
if it was the same memory.

I didn't understand immediately
what she meant,

then I answered that
I no longer had memories,

I discovered that her hands
were cold and pleasant...


- Have you been awake for long?
- No, I only just woke up,

I needed a smoke.

- What time is it?
- I don't know.

But it's not yet dawn.

No, I don't want to sleep.

I don't want to sleep any more.

Do you hear?

Don't be silly.

Your assistant likes you.

Why do you say that?

Because of the way
you sometimes talk about her.

I don't want you to think
of another woman.

- You promise?
- I promise.

Turn to me.

You don't like me at all.

You're a fool.

I don't feel well.

Don't let me sleep.

- I don't want to sleep, ever again.
- Where do you want to go tomorrow?


I don't know, we'll see.

We didn't go to the mill after all.

- Which mill?
- You never notice anything.

I told you about it.
It's a long way,

but it must be wonderful
to live there.

Let's go there this afternoon.

I'm remembering
that nonsense with the car.

When I think of that, I'm terrified.
You could have died.

It was as if I wanted to force
a complete fusion between us.

Don't think about it anymore.

- Do you want anything else?
- What do you want?

- A brandy.
- A coffee for me.

Why aren't you honest with me?

I've always been honest with you.

I believe that you like me a little bit,

I know perhaps you've never done for
anyone what you're doing now, but...

When you start with these fantasies...

Even if I could force you,
I wouldn't do it,

but I'd prefer another kind of affection...
a deeper one.

You never worried about me,
about what I did before knowing you.

To me, you've only existed
since the day I met you.

That's selfishness.

Even if I tell you
that when I came to Lisbon

I'd already been in love once before?

At that time, I thought a passion
like mine didn't exist.

It was wonderful, while it lasted.

He'd been married eight months and
had to go to Germany with his family.

I never saw him again.

Aren't you jealous
that I've loved another man?

Don't think about that,
now I love you much more.


I never expected to see you here,

give me a kiss
and tell me what you've been doing.

Sit down?

Thank you. I haven't seen you
for more than a year,

- but I wasn't mistaken, it was you.
- It's a pleasure.

You're unrecognizable, my dear.
What happened to you?

I've been ill. Give me a cigarette.
Have you had lunch yet?

It's a pity you're almost finished
or we could have eaten together.

Excuse me, please.

I'm glad I found you.

I need to talk to you about Cl?udia,
I don't know if you remember her.

She had to quit her job, she was there
for eleven years, poor girl,

eleven years, imagine!
You certainly remember that.

I never saw her
so disturbed as she is now.

You know, I remembered,
who could find something for her.

He knows half the world, Vasco.
Do you still get along with him?

- He's in Germany now.
- I didn't know you were married!

Time really flies! But you're not well,
you've got to take care of yourself.

You know, men don't pay
much attention to such things.

You must convince your husband
to take more care of you.

I know how men are!

To be honest,
you don't look the same!

I have leukemia.

- Don't talk such nonsense, my dear!
- I have leukemia.

- Tell them it's true, Jorge.
- Don't dramatize things?

No, Jorge, it's not worth
dramatizing, right?

It's not important at all.

I must be grateful to wake up
in the morning and feel alive!

It can't be, my dear,
maybe there's something...

There's nothing.
Tell them if there's something,

that you've been horribly mistaken,
that there's nothing to do.

- They want to hear it and me too!
- Clarisse!

- Clarisse!
- My God, maybe it was the sun!


Don't let me die.

Tomorrow we'll go to the hospital,
until you're fine, just for a few days.

- But there's no cure.
- We'll find one.

When it's of no importance anymore.

I don't lie to you, you know that.

I know.

And I also know
that you don't tell me the truth.

You need to rest.

We didn't go to the mill...

But we will.
One of these days.

Sunday. ls Sunday OK?

Sunday afternoon.

Let's have lunch elsewhere.

Are you afraid of meeting
your friend there again?

She isn't to blame, but...
I don't want to see her again.

You need to rest.

Jorge, when I die, swear
you won't think about another woman.

I'll be whatever you want me
to be to you: your wife, your lover...

What is it, Clarisse?

I'm a good for nothing...
I'm a good for nothing...


You're crazy, Clarisse,
you need to rest...

I feel well...

Whenever I come here,
I cannot resist!

There were times
when that worked with me.

But since the nuclear fission...

One must always try.

That touching perseverance gives me life.
Just as humanity's evolution.

But humanity develops for the good!

Of course, with the
previous generation's resentment

which didn't benefit from that good!

And it's so big, that grudge!

What would happen
if people didn't die?

There would probably
be no progress.

Fortunately, they die!

It's a heretic that recognizes it.

One can't live well

when it's known that man is nothing
and the face of God is hideous.

He's a lucid heretic.

What is "to live well"?

I'll begin once more
my periodic inquiries:

to see the evolution of
that one evolution that feeds me.

This time, I prefer to go like this.

It's much more discreet.

Yes... sure...

As soon as I know anything,
I'll tell you immediately...


Good night.

On that same afternoon, the oldest
patient of the infirmary died.

She was pregnant.
Her only thought was her son.

This could have been foreseen from the
start with hardly any margin of error.

This is the case to solve now.
It was waiting for you.

It's an emergency transfusion.

OK, I'll come in a minute.

- Don't you want a coffee first?
- Sure, in a minute.