Sunburn (2018) - full transcript

Four longtime friends - Francisco, Joana, Simão e Vasco - spend one hot weekend in Francisco's stylish countryside house, right by Alentejo's seaside. Their sunbathing and summer leisure are suddenly interrupted by David's phone call (a former common lover, who left a deep mark in each of them): ten years later, he's back. Suddenly, tranquility is replaced by a boiling tension, motivated by secrets, hidden truths and unanswered questions from all those years ago. All they have to do is wait. But as tensions arise, the questions hovering over each of them is: what will happen once David finally arrives? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Maybe someday,
I'm find you

To fool myself,
To make myself empty

Maybe someday,
I'm find you

Only if I implore to you,
You'll tell me lies, for me to dream

And in the sweet flow of the Samba,
I lost myself in a Whirl,

And no...
Never to come back again

And if you wanna dance,
And if you wanna dance,

I can teach you,
The cadence of Samba

The cadence of Samba

I'm gonna call lansa, Ogum,
And I hope to God

I'm gonna make a macumba
To love you

You bastard
I'm gonna make, I'm gonna make

wish you a life
Of disappointment

I don't wish you fondness
Or forgiveness

And may you be happy
With whoever you find, but...

Never return here
To curse my home


A film by Vicente Alves do ?

Yes, it's me.


No... of course I remember.

No, it's fine... You called?

He's here with me.

Yes, if you want
I can pass hm to you.

It's David.


Yeah, I usually don't
answer private numbers.

They're here with me, yes.

You wanna come around?
Of course, you can come around.

You're always welcome.
Are you in Portugal?

Yes, Mariana knows.
She'll tell you how to get here.

You'll get here in 2 hours.

Anything you need,
if you get lost or whatever, call me.

Okay. See you soon.
Bye. Bye. See you soon.

I already asked you
not to smoke here, didn't I?


If all goes well, It's two hours on the road
until we meet for the first time in ten years.

I bet you weren't expecting that.
This one, you weren't expecting'.!

A two hour trip...

Enough time for me to talk with you,
as if you were here with me.

On the passenger's seat.

You see...
I'm not coming over...

to have a few drinks,
and get sun burnt near the pool.

No! That's not why
I'm gonna come over to you.

It's not out of nostalgia...

I've thought of writing
you an e-mail... a letter...

But I doubt you'd read
any word of it.

Because". even asking
for forgiveness in a letter

is net the same as asking for forgiveness,
in front of you.

And you need me to do that.

You need to see me cry,
to see me suffer. Right?

As if my pain
finally gave you a reason,

for these hellish ten years.

Do you have someone?

I just want to arrive and see
that you're unmarried, and childless.

That you're unfulfilled.

That you have nothing settled
for once you return to Lisbon.

Neither for tomorrow,
nor for the next twenty years.

Good morning!

...Good morning.
... Good morning...


Do you want...?

I do.
Just a little bit.

Thank you.

You want some, Sim?o?

I'll have a yoghurt.
For now.

Do you guys know
what you wanna do today?

Joana? Sim?o?


I dunno, Vasco said there was
a farm nearby that rents horses.

Maybe we could go for a ride.

We could go to the beach.

Must be full,
today is weekend. Sim?o?

You go ahead, I'll stay.

No, no, no. Either we're
all going, or none of us are.

I'm not In the mood.

Can you pass me the coffee?

Thank you.

I'm clue to deliver the first draft
to the company in three weeks.

And when does the shooting begin?

It's better if you don't know.

...You want some?
... No, it's much too soon for me.

Tell me something: why don' you
ask Francisco to lend his house?

You'd stay here. I'm sure he wouldn't mind.


the sun...

the pooh.

And flies.

Do you really think someone
can write something here?

Depends on the thing.

It's the first time you
don't tell me anything.

Not even a line.

You used to give me all
your screenplays for me to read.

It's a pornographic film,
a heterosexual one with nuns.

I doubt you'd have any interest.

Hi, it's me.
Yes, it's fine, yes.

I miss you too.

We come back... I mean,
I'm be back tomorrow night.

Sim?o is gonna stay.

My voice?
No, nothings wrong}

I just called to say hi
and I love you very much.

Yes, we have internet.

Alright. I'll turn on
my computer later if you want

and we can chat on Skype.

Talk to you later.
Yes, I'll text you.


Sim?o, I'm going to the village.
Do you want anything?

...Bring me a pack of cigarettes.
... Ole.

Don't let Joana
fall asleep in the sun.

...Did you hear that, Joana?
... Yes.

...Call me if you need anything.
... Okay.

...Let me work!
... Only If you let me read.

No! You'|\ watch It in the cinema,
when it premieres.

This film is about him, isn't it?

Have you thought about
who's going to play me?

Let me guess. Emma Stone.

You wish.

Actually, I think I'm
a lot cuter than her.

How about David? Any Ideas?


I'm give you three choices.

Ryan Gosling.
Ryan Reynolds. Chico Buarque.

Chico Buarque?

Chico Buarque is
old enough to be our clad.

Darling, there are
people who are ageless!

Have you wondered
what he's gonna do here?

Relive memories.
See how we're doing.

It's been eight...?

Ten years. I remember very well the
day I said goodbye at the airport.

You never spoke to him again?

I sent hm a few messages,
but he never replied.

How about today? Did he reply?


I thought you'd already stopped.

...Does it work?
... Let me try.


I'm buy a new one
when I get to Lisbon.

He knows...

David knows.

Thank you, Saint Rita of Cascia.

My saint of impossible causes.

Thank you.

Thank you
for hearing my prayers.

He's back.

He's returned.

He's coming.

Everything okay?

It's not "sunburn...

It's... heatstroke?.

Isolation, fever.

In fact, film titles
have never been your strong point.

I know nothing
of what happened to you.

I preferred 'st this way.
It was for the better.

I don't see you anywhere.

I don't keep any photograph of you.
Nor do I search you amine.

We destroyed
everything that remained,

even the inscriptions of the books
you gave me every birthday and Christmas,.

I tore them and they ended
up in the trash, like some presents.

I suppose you've
done the same.

None of us was honest,
and today we piously believe so.

But time tends to erase
the bad things we do,

as if it was the only way
to save the life that's left to live.

Why do we he so much,
when we love someone?

When you left
Through that door

You told me my love,
It's Sate, it doesn't matter

You 7/ find it too
A new love


When you left
Through that door

You saw me in front of a mirror
Perplex and exposed.

And I cried to the Gods
To swoop you up

With my pain...!

I've turned the night
Into my home

I've loved a thousand men...
Until dawn

Until you returned
With your eyes mu of sorrow

And your cry...

Now I Want to see you
Search for me, and feel regret

Now I want to see...

Now I Want to see you
Look back, and feel humiliated

[know Why...!

Do you stiff think of me
When you fuck with him?

And, do you still think of me,
Think of me?

I know you do, I know you do,
I know you do.

When you left
Through that door

And you told me my love
it doesn't matter

You 7/ find it too,
A new love.

Are you really going
to make a movie about us?


But don't worry, I'll change
the names. No one will know ifs you.

Can you believe I still think
about him when I'm fucking other guys?

No, no, no.
The road is open, I checked.

Yes, the fire is on the other side
of the woods, you can come.

What I wanted to tell you, is that...
if you want me to, I can tell them to go.

No, why?
Hello, hello? Hello?

Does David
know he was institutionalized?

I don't think so.

Why don' you call Mariana?
Aren't you curious to know?

Why don't you call her?

Aren't you her friend?
Call her.


I don't know her all that well.

Besides, he must be
arriving... and that's that.

Must be nothing.

And what if he comes because of Sim?o?

Sometimes, I wake up
in the middle of the night. ?

As if you were there,
and we both speak, and you reply.

Sometimes, I close my eyes,
and I can feel your smell...

and see your lips, and kiss you,
the way we used to kiss.

Do you remember?

Kiss me, David. Kiss me.
Take me and tell me you love me...

Or if you don't love me,
that you pretend that you stay with men...

For I die every day,
at the same time.

At this time of day,.

I hate the
end of the day.

When the sun gees dawn,
right before the night.

Kiss me, David.

Save me. Fuck me.

The world needs tenderness,
and to fuck, is to make tenderness possible.

Do you still want it?

I do. What about you?

What's wrong, Joana?


...I was wondering if it's not too early...
... Too early?

Sorry, you're right.
Seriously, don't do that.

...He called me.
... So what, he called everyone.

Including me.

...You're telling me that doesn't
change anything? No!

Promise me!

...No, seriously don't do it, Joana
... Then, promise me!

Promise me, that no matter
what happens, our deal ts stilt on}

You promise me, then. Come on! Promise me}

I don't know!
Okay, I don't know if I can do It!

...It was going too well, wasn't it?
... It Isl

If all was well, we wouldn't be arguing
because of a phone call.

It is not just some phone call,
and you know it!

...What If he's coming for you?
... What?

...You're gonna tell me It hasn't
crossed your mind yet?... Nonsense[

Don't He!

Don't He!

Okay, let's assume that's the case.
What does it have to do with anything?

...It doesn't?
... No!

It's the man of your life!

...It's the man I had sex with[
... What you did was really ugly.

...But we have gotten past that. We moved on!
... Life is ugly, Chico!

Life is ugly, Chico.
That's why people have children.

Get out! Get out!

What happened?

Joana, what happened?

It was nothing, I'm be fine.

...Has David arrived yet?
... No, no.

What am I doing here, Sim?o?

You're the one who knows
me better than everyone else.

Tell me...

Why do I always fall in love
with men who I can't have?

Darling! Come here, come here.

My ex was right.

When I have a child,
Bergman at age 6 and Tarkovsky at 8.

So there will be no illusions.

...Francisco is waiting for him.
... I know.

I should have gotten
out of your lives after David left.

Why did you break up with him?

You never told me.

You and Francisco have a plan.

I have a movie to make.
Vasco is getting to know someone.

Whether good or bad,
everyone recovered after he left.

Nothing like a joint to cool off.
Pretty heavy mood today.

And I don't feel like arguing
during the whole weekend.

Joana, you want a drink?

Dry martini,
that's her favorite drink.


...Where's Sim?o?
... He's just changing.

...Do you still talk to him?
... Yes.

He said we're gonna
go for a coffee this week.

...How long has that been going on?
... Six months.

6 months just to get laid?

...He's got a very complicated life.
... We know, a wife and children.

With so many lonely fairies on the internet
looking for a husband... Really?

He said we're
gonna have coffee this week

and Ts gonna happen this week.

I don't understand how can you
like hm if you've never seen hm?

I see hm every day... on Skype.

That wouldn't work for me. Skype?

Francisco, not everyone is like you.

A few words on the internet
and after a couple of minutes

there's a guy
knocking at your door.

Manet is a different man,
serious, responsible,

he wants to do things
the right way. And that's it.

It's not like he gets around
and then just leaves.

Manel is different
and I like him that way, okay?

I really don't give a shit
about the whole gay culture thing.

The gay scene,
gay night, gay parties...

For God's sake, It's
always the same thing!

Who screwed who,
who got some ass,

who took it up the ass,
how many they did...

Who bought this car or that house.

Who went to Ibiza,
who took more drugs...

For Gods sake!

You think because you're dating...
deluded with a married man

...who, by the way, can't wait
to cheat on his wife with a man...

do you really think
that makes you the Virgin Mary?

I'd appreciate if you didn't
refer to me as a woman, Chico.

...It's quite offensive.
... Offensive is the way you think.

You're gonna tell me that a man
who screws a lot of men is a whore?

Isn't he?

My therapist says...

"... if people feel love, it's because
there's still love on the other side. "

Nobody loves alone.

It was she who made me come here,
do you believe that?

She told me:
"Take flight and go there.

"Tell him what 'st is you've got to say
and finish this once and for all.

?Be happy, David.

"Embrace the idea
that you can be happy,.

?You've got 45 years,
you can? lose anymore time.

...Time is something
we don't have after we hit 40.

"Time to believe that the meaning of life
is still absolute, and not just consolation.

"You're not a person
who likes consolation. ?

When you find cut
that I'm doing therapy...

Me, who of all people,
didn't believe that stuff.

I always had the antidote
for depressions.

Mikonos in the Summer, Rio de Janeiro on
New Year's Eve, and Madrid on Gay Pride.

They were all things you loathed...

Don't worry. I don't insist
much now, either.

Not that it has turned
me in a 40-something bore,

but rather that I've
stopped believing in joy.

Asked to marry him,
right in the middle of Largo Camoes.

He looked so slow-witted

Speaking of marriage,
I wonder if David got married?

He used to talk
so much about it.

You goofball!

I'm getting a new car this week,
my Smart is on its last legs.

Maybe he got married.

He got married and 'rs
coming to Introduce us his wife.

...What a dumb idea.
... Why? He talked about it a lot.

Did he ask you to marry hm?

No, but he told me
he'd like to get married...

...after he found the right man.

Or the right woman.

...(Heady it wasn't one of us.
... How do you know?

Like a good \aw yer, Vasco is trying
to get one of us to take the bait.

...Sorry, Francisco, I didn't get that.
... You didn't? Yeah, right.

Only in this case,
my dear Vasco,

you and your arguments
are useless.

He's entitled to his opinion, Chico.

A lot happened between
the time you and I dated him.

You were with him,
for what, 6 months?

For God's sake!
Get a grip, Vasco!

18 months, Chico.
A year and a half.

And its doesn't matter
how long you're with someone,

it matters what
you've experienced.

That's why he left you.
Like this, in the click of a finger!

Got fed up with the drama from a fairy
who never came out of the closet.

Don't be ridiculous}

You're such a jerk.

I didn't know you had
ownership rights on him.

For your information,
he called everyone here

before he called you.

Vasco! Don't go there.

Did he also call you, Sim?o?

He called me, Francisco!
He tried to talk to me.

So don't put yourself in a
place where you don't belong.

You're not gonna call him?

...Let him be.
... Go easy on him.

Francisco, come to the table.

Come on.

...Stop it, guys!
... Enough! Enough, man!

Take him Inside, Joana[

...I'll knock you out!
... Are you insane?!

Did you hear what he said?
He shouldn't have said those things!

Like what?

You don't understand, Sim?o.

...I don't?

Why not?

What is it that we don't understand
that makes you the only one who does?

David fucked me over twice.

The second time was you.

...Be still!
... Sorry, Joana.

...Hurry up, I wanna pack and \eave.
... Don't be an idiot!

Don't be an idiot?!
You saw what he did to me?

I'm not staying in this
shitty house any longer.

Fuck. What will I say at the office?

That you were In a fight.

You can already see it.

... Time.

It's in our faces...

Even the things that didn't happen.

I've made a list of questions... you know
I've never been one for conversations.

But this time,
I've made a fist of things I have to say.

and some questions Yd Kike
for you to answer.

I know all toe well that
I've never made you happy...

Neither you, nor anyone.

It's a quality of mine...

to destroy the lives of
everyone around me.


Fa' stiff like to know if what
you used to say was true.

You see... sometimes words
turn into gigantic things.

I know how that's like.

I must've said a lot:... I love you! ",

just not to fee! lonely.

Did you do the same thing?

When you told me you loved me,
was is it true, or just to make-believe,

that we were like other people?


He's leaving.
You're not gonna do anything?

Vasco! Forget about Francisco.
Seriously. He'll get over it.

But don't leave,
I'm sure he wants you to stay.

Give him a
chance to apologize.

... To explain himself.

Joana, please don't
make things harder.

We can talk about
this later if you want,

but fight now let me
go back to Lisbon.

You know what I think?

What? Say it.

That this ts a great
opportunity for you to leave.

That's nonsense, Joana.

If you wanna stay in this stow death,
waiting for the guy, that's on you.

Just don't ask me to
pretend nothing happened.

...What if he gets here?
... I don't give a damn, Joana}

I don't give a damn if it's been
ten years! I don't give a damn!

There are things you don't forget.
Do you understand that?

Now please, let me go.

What if he gets here and says,
"I know I've done a tot of shit,

...I know it's been ten years,
but I could never forget you

"and I want to try again...

Because of this guy,
I never trusted anyone again.

People are evil, Joana.

They may even have
the best of intentions,

but they always
end up hurting others.

Remember how he
broke up with me?

With a fucking text message.

You were in love with him.

I remember that.

I never told you.

I never told because 'it seems
that the more you talk about things,

the more they stay with you.

I was pregnant with David's baby.

I found out three weeks
after he left for Brazil.

There are things that
kill us on the inside.

I died Inside.

You place two pills here

and then you wait
for the body to expel...


We're very similar.

We think we can
control everything.

Control life as if it were
an Excel spreadsheet.

I could've had a child
with any of the guys I've dated,

but I couldn't have a child
with a guy who was desperate.

And David was desperate

because Sim?o had clumped him.

I'm tired of being alone.

I'm tired.

...What have you done?
... I've sent him a message.

What did it say?

For hm not to come.

...When you and David broke up...
... We never broke up, Vasco.

That's right, we never broke up.

We were very young, 18 or 19,
when If ell in love with him

and we started dating.

And I thought that was it.

That my life would
be like that forever.

Even though I knew he
was screwing other guys.

One day we were
coming back from the beach,

I remember there
was horrible traffic,

and we were stuck for hours.

And I brought it up.

Deep down I didn't
want to break up at all,

just wanted to see how
much he'd miss me if I left.

And I suggested
we give It a break.

He looked at me, winked and said
yes, anything I wanted.

It was the worst
car ride of my life.

From that day on, things
were never the same again.

Until this one clay, when he
called to give me the good news.

He had a new boyfriend and
really wanted me to meet him.

...That boyfriend...
... I can't even remember.

It was only after that
he started dating Sim?o.

And from that point
you know the whole story.

Se, no.

We never broke up.

Years later, after he was clone
with Sim?o, we went out for dinner.

Do you remember
the time he had that Asia phase

and wanted to
move to Vietnam?

Anyway. We had dinner,
got wasted on sak?,

then we went to Bairro Alto
to drink some more.

And when I took him home,
I stopped at his door,

he grabbed me,
kissed me and told me,

"Whatever happens, you'll always
be the man of my life,

"but now I have to live it...

The... it" was you.

He got out the car,
closed the door

and that was the
last time we were alone.

That doesn't invalidate
what we experienced together.

I know, I know.


It was very selfish.


It's gonna take him longer.

The roads are closed
because of the fire,

he'll have to
take a longer route.

Manel, no, I haven't met anyone new.

That's exactly the problem.

I haven't had anyone beside me
for so long and it's time, Manel.

If you ever divorce your wife,
the last thing you're going to want

is to be with a guy.

Manel, you're going
to discover so much.

So much.

And I... have already clone all that.

I did that when I was 20

Different? No, I'm not different.

No, this cannot go any longer.

Of course I understand your side,
but you've gotta understand mine.

I don't believe that...
I don't believe It, I'm sorry!

You've been telling me
that for months,

but then you
never have the time.

Manel, look... If you
really wanted to meet me,

you'd have already gotten
yourself to come to me.

I know, but that's not
my problem, that's your problem!


I'm being selfish?

No, Manel, but I have to think of myself...

I want to have someone
who's always there for me.

Not a ghost.

Manel, for that, I've already
got my own ghosts. I don't need...

I don't need to have another ghost
besides me, do you understand?



... Spill it out.


I was just staring at you.

Watch out,
that can be dangerous.

I know.


I bought a sea bream,
and forgot he hates eating fish.

Have you told hm?

About what, us?

No, I haven't...

Mariana might...

She knows.

They were together.

...What about Sim?o?
... Sim?o would never tell.

Why not?

That's between us.

If it's a boy,
we'll call him Francisco.

What if it's a girl?

Or twins?

What if I can't get pregnant?

I came to pick up the tupperware
from lunch, I forgot them.


...Is Francisco here?
... He can't right now.

Okay. Maybe I'm come back later.

What's your name?


...I've never seen you around.
... It's my first time here.

Of course.

Paulo, nice to meet you. I'm Vasco.

...Look at you, huh?
... What?

...You must go to the gym a lot.
... No, only when I can.

...You guys really like that, right?
... You guys?

Yeah, you guys-

We like a lot of
that and other things...

Don't get me wrong,
It's your business.

...I have nothing against it.
... No, that's fine. No problem.

Anything else you need
besides the tupperware?

No, no... I'm be back tater.
It's better that way.

Think about it. I don't
want you to leave empty-handed.

Easy! Easy! Slow down!

Not here.

Easy! I've never done this before}

Shush. Quiet. Quiet.

...Who was that?
... The boy from the restaurant.

He came to check If
we needed anything.

...What did you do?
... Nothing he didn't want to.

What about Manel?

It's like Francisco said,
we talk on the phone

and then I jerk off in
front of the computer screen.

...Don't say that.
... Why not?

Why can't I be like you?

Fucking and dating. Having fun.

Enjoying life, going to Ibiza...

Because you're not like that,
you never were.

Doing what others do
is not a shortcut to being happy.

You could write self-help books.
You'd make a fortune.

I can't.
You know I rarely do what I say.

Why did you break up with him?

Anyway, it's not important.

What's important is for him
to show up once and for all

to end this stupid anxiety.

We look like four school
kids the clay before prom.

I broke up with him because
he wanted the same as you.

The same as me,
what do you mean?

To get married, have children.

He even got an interview
with a social worker.

Then he got it in his mind
that we were gonna get

a surrogate mother tn the States.

He had money.

But I said no.

I didn't want to get married,
didn't want children either.

I didn't want to go through the
same ordeal I had with my parents.

I mean, with my father because my
mother 'rs stilt nowhere to be seen.

Was that it?

I broke up with him for the same
reasons that would've made you stay.

I think we both need a drink.



...What happened?
... Have you seen him?


Sim?o, he was here
and just disappeared.

...Maybe he went inside.
... No, he didn't. He disappeared.


...What's going on now?
... It's Sim?o.

...He must be In the bathroom
... He's not!

What did you tell hm?

He was telling me why
he and David broke up,

I went inside to get
two glasses of wine

and when I came back,
he was gone.


What did he tell you?

I'm check if he's inside.

They broke up because...




Tell me! Why? Tell me!

Because David wanted
to be a dad and he didn't.

He's not Inside.




If I knew what I know today,
everything would've been different,.


Do I still have time?
Do we still have time to reshape the past?

We made you suffer so much...

But, you see, it was impossible far me
to be indifferent to what you'd done to me.

Maybe not,
maybe you don't understand,.

It's like the tale of
the boy who cried waif,.

We never forgive the
treacherous innocence, don't we?

It's necessary to sacrifice
something, and between us,

innocence was only the title
of a brazillian soap opera,

one of those you loved to watch
Sunday morning, with pizza and coke.

Our story has aged like one of those
seen in the soap operas, sweetheart.

A cliche'!
Who'd have thought... '

We Wanted so much to be different, that
it all ended up becoming an enormous cliche.

The five of us were so modern
and old at the same time.

That's what happens, when you go to first
communion, join the scouts, go to church,

confess your sins to the priest...

And you dream of marriage,
and kids, and the Last Rites.

Boy meets world,
world fucks boy, boy goes nuts...

boy kills himself,.



There's no turning back, right?


There's things we do
that we can't turn back.

Sim?o, it wasn't your fault.

It was me who didn't
want to have that child.

He also tried to call me.

I didn't pick up, so he texted me.

He missed me and
really needed to talk to me.

And you?


For the first
time in my life, I didn't.


Should I set the
table outside or inside?

...Let's eat outside, It's not windy.
... I say we eat here.

What do you think, Sim?o?
Should we have dinner here or outside?


That's all we have.
Unless we cook the sea Dream.

Sea Dream.
Don't you agree, Joana?

I do.


...Do you need help?
... No, it's all good.


...Keep an eye on him.
... I know.

Yeah, where are you?

No, you don't
need to do anything.

We already have everything.

Okay, see you soon.
Bye. Bye. See you soon.

Half an hour, 40 minutes.

Maybe someday,
I'll find you somewhere

To fool myself,
To make me smile

Maybe someday,
I'm find you

Only if I implore you,
You'll tell me lies, for me to dream

And in the sweet flow of the Samba,
I lost myself in a Whirl,

And no...
Never to come back again

And 'sf you wanna dance,
And if you wanna dance,

I can teach you,
The cadence of Samba

The cadence of Samba

I'm gonna call lansa, Ogum,
And I hope to God

I'm gonna make a macumba
To love you

You bastard
I'm gonna make, I'm gonna make

wish you a life
Of disappointment

I don't wish you fondness
Or forgiveness

And may you be happy
With whoever you find, but...

Never return here
To curse my home

And in the sweet flow of Samba,
I lost myself in a whirl

And no...

Never ever return again

And 'sf you wanna dance,
And if you wanna dance

I can teach
The cadence of Samba

The cadence of Samba

I'm gonna call lansa, Ogum,
And I hope to God

I'm gonna make a macumba
To love you

You bastard
I'm gonna make, I'm gonna make

I'm gonna call lansa, Ogum,
And I hope to God

I'm gonna make a macumba
To love you

You bastard
I'm gonna make, I'm gonna make

I'm gonna call lansa, Ogum,
And I hope to God

I'm gonna make a macumba
To love you

You bastard
I'm gonna make, I'm gonna make

I'm gonna call lansa, Ogum,
And I hope to God

I'm gonna make a macumba
To love you

You bastard
I'm gonna make, I'm gonna make...

What are you doing here?

I just came here to check
if you needed anything

And why didn't you knock?

Where's your van?
How did you get here?

I left it up there.

I wanted to...

Easy, easy! Wait, wait.

It's not like that...

...I'm in the mood...
... You're in the mood, but I'm not.

But I thought you guys...

You guys.

Did you already forget my name?

I have a name.
Don't you remember it?

Do you wanna go back there?


But where do we stand?

We don't.

You should leave.


Wanna write it down?

It's okay. I have a good memory.

I'm gonna call lansa, Ogum,
And I hope to God

I'm gonna make a macumba
To love you

You bastard
I'm gonna make, I'm gonna make...

I'm gonna call lansa, Ogum,
And I hope to God

I'm gonna make a macumba
To love you

You bastard
I'm gonna make, I'm gonna make...

I'm gonna call lansa, Ogum,
And I hope to God

I'm gonna make a macumba
To love you

You bastard
I'm gonna make, I'm gonna make...

...Have you checked the oven?
... It's not done yet.

I'm have some wine.
Are you having anything?

I'm have a glass.
No, wait. Better not.

...Why not?
... Nothing, let's talk later.

...Shall I put on some music?
... Sure.

Are you alright?

Yes, of course.
Everything's perfect.

...Do you want something to drink?
... What are you drinking?

White wine,
Joana isn't drinking anything.

...I don't understand.
... Sure.

Thank you.

...Where's Vasco?
... I don't know.

Davids here.

Search for another woman,
For me, you were a bonfire

Who do you think you are?
And the longing turned into a cut

Search for another woman, One for you to
manipulate and sow What you Want

Someone for you to leave,
To play that crazy game of submission

And then you'?! say,
And you?! find me again

On that same bar

And then you?! lose,
Without wanting to humiliate yourself

My bandit with a hurt pride

Clinging to my feet

And you'll say you still want me

When you see me embraced
by another paramour

Search for another woman

For me,
You're the past