Sunburn (1999) - full transcript

A group of Irish college students are about to leave for the United States, where they've landed summer jobs on Long Island, New York. Working hard in the day and playing even harder at night, they relish the opportunity to enjoy adult life far from the eyes of their families. This will be a summer to remember for the rest of their lives. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[dog barking]


Ms. Maggie, can I have
a word, please?

-I got it.
-Got what?

The money. Where are we going
to go?

-I changed my mind.

I have. I'm keeping it.

-Don't mess.
-I'm not.

-You can't.
-The fuck, yeah I can.

-No, you can't.
-Davin, I can, and I am.

It's my baby.

You've gone mad, have you?

Your dad would crucify me.

Not if we're married.

Maybe we should talk
about this later

once you've had time to think.

I don't need time to think.
We're not getting married.

I hardly know you,
for fuck's sake.

That's what the honeymoon's
for, love.

What are you making a face for?

This suit's too big on me.

Nonsense. You look handsome.

I don't think anybody else
would be wearing one.

Oh, never mind that,
you're my son.

And I'm not sending you off to
American looking like a ruffian.

You want to make a good
impression now, don't you?


I'd like to stop in here
for second.

What for?

I want to say goodbye
to my friends.

Ah, hurry up then.



-Hey, Robert.

I'm off to America in two days.

Will you reload?

I'll be gone 'till September.

You have to shoot them
in the head.

It's not working.

See yas.

-Where are you going, Davin?
-Nowhere. Go back to bed.

-Can I come with you?
-No, I'm not going anywhere.

Raymond's going to kill you.

You're taking his bike?

Oh, he's really going to kill
you. He's going to cream you.

Alright, you didn't see
me leave, right?

Good man.

Can I have your Adidas?

-My Adidas?

They're loads too big for you.

I'll grow.

-You sure you will?
-Yeah, I will.

What if you turn out
to be a midget, or something?

-Fuck off.

See you, Casper.

Bye, Davin.

["Could Have Been a Saint"]

♪ Could have been a saint ♪

♪ In a good world ♪

♪ God a heart of gold ♪

♪ Heart of gold ♪

♪ Been a bad girl ♪

♪ Could have been a saint ♪

♪ Been a saint ♪

♪ I was born too late ♪

♪ Could have been a goddess ♪

♪ Been a goddess ♪


Davin McDerby.

-Say it again?

Welcome to the work
and travel program

of the United States of America.

For over 20 years,
this program has allowed

thousands of Irish students

the opportunity to gain insight
into the life

and culture of the US.

One of the most
popular destinations

is Montauk, Long Island.

Montauk is a wonderful
summer resort,

and one that offers a wealth
of opportunities

to the visiting Irish students.

And your visa gives you
the freedom of working more

than one job if you wish.

Plenty of our students decide

to be chamber maids
in the morning,

then have the afternoons free.

And at night, well, why don't
you try getting a waiter's job

at one of the many fine
restaurants in Montauk?

-This one.

I'm not paying 800 dollars
to sleep on the floor.

You don't have to, we can pull
in extra mattresses.

We're going to be like sardines
in there.

It could be like
that everywhere. Believe me,

I've called around.

Ah, fuck it. I suppose
we'll hardly be there anyways,

between work and the beach.

That's right. We'll be working
on that savage tan, eh?

But whatever you choose,

you can be sure
that this is going to be best

summer you've ever had.

[Robert] Hey.


I know you. You're Davin
McDerby. It's me, Robert Fisk.

Oh, yeah.

Funny meeting someone from home
over here.

I hear they have the best jobs
on the commercial fishing boat.

I'm going straight there down
to the docks,

and seeing about getting a job.

You can make up to 1500 dollars
in one month.

-Fuck off.
-It's true.

A boy named Francis,
his older brother.

He came back last summer
with 2,000 dollars.

He bought a brand new set
of MacGregor golf clubs.

Brand new.

What kind of boat was he on?

-A fishing boat.
-Yeah, but what kind?

-What was he catching?


Jesus, you know a fuck lot
about fishing.

[boy] Hey, look at the surfer.

[excited chatter]

[tropical music]


[car horn]

-Aideen Higgins?

Yeah, that's me.
How many can you fit?

Well, seven is the legal limit.

Oh, but we're nine.

-Get in.

[Davin] A new boat.
A bit small.

We're used to working for it.

What were you after?

Well, it was a couple of years
ago, but it was um,

a haddock in herring.

And cod, of course.


It's not a coat and tie job.

I know. I left my gear back
in town.

We're going now so make up
your mind.

Let's go, boys.

The dispatcher is everything
to a cab cop.

It's the nerve center.
The heart and soul, if you like.

How's the pay?

It's better than the average
waitress job.

Alright, I'll take it.

Hold on a wee minute there.

It's a 14-16 hour day.

You're going to be so busy,
you're not even going to have

time to pee, let alone hang
out with your mates.

I do a bit of decorating.

-[boat engine revs]
-Hand on the bow.

It's just two weeks, peachy.
I'll be back before you know it.

-[woman] Please be careful.
-Two weeks?

Yo, fancy pants. Put these
in the back.



Good luck, Robert.


♪ Keep it real ♪

♪ Keep it real ♪


You're getting creamed.

You know that guy I was telling
you about?

-That's him just walking in.

Billy Conlin. He knows about
getting around immigration.

Oh, really? What do I do?

I'll introduce you later.

Keep your hands up, slugger.
Keep your hands up.


[punch lands]
[crowd cheers]

Come on, Davin.
Put your hands up, Davin.

Here. Try this.


You with Billy?

I work with him
if that's what you mean.

Oh, yeah?

What's he do then?

Dispatcher, you know.
Pinch in cabs.

Oh, really? I recognize
your voice then.

-You do?
-Yeah, Aideen.

-Queen of the airways.
-Get off.

Good to know.


You sound tired on the radio.

-Shut up, will you?
-Hey, Aideen.

How's it going?

That's attractive.

-Thank you.
-What's your name?

-I'm Davin.

This is Veronica, my roommate.


-Hey, Billy.

What up, Rocky? How's the floor?

Is it stopping?

Ah, yeah, You're good.

-Veronica, whoa! Nice dress.
-You like it?

Delicious. Like caramel candy.

Actually that would make a very
good uniform.

-Would it?
-Yeah. Anyway you think.

A little pinch right there.

Ah, cheers. Nice one.

It'd be brilliant. Hey, Davin.

Come on, we'll go for a chat.


-Good luck.
-See ya.

You think Billy needs
another dispatcher?

No, I don't think so.

Shame, isn't it?


There's no changing your mind.

Once you do this,
you can't go back.

I'm not going to change my mind.

I consider this a long
term goal.

Alright, look. I've got some
friends in New York.

They'll be able to help you.
I'll get you started.

Hey, great.

What's your family going to say
if you don't come back?

They don't fucking care,
to be honest.

Alright. Think on it
a week, okay?

But keep it to yourself.

We don't want to give the INS
any reason to do their job.


How's your girls?

Like shit.

Welcome to America, kid.

[fisherman] We're on it.

The continental shelf,
the great abyss.

No offense, Robert,
but I'm surprised

they got you on the helm
for this shit.

Are you okay with it?

Yeah, I suppose.

You're one cool customer, mick.

I keep telling Smitty
I don't think it's worth it.

You veer just two degrees off
that shelf,

and boom, you'll drop like
a load of led.

Take the boat down like
a little toy.

I don't care how rich the fish
stock is out here.

I don't breathe water.

What's our bearing?

Three hundred and forty two,
forty one.

What? What? We're heading off
that cliff.

Forward, forward, forward,
I say.

Okay, you keep it right there.

I don't really know
what I'm doing.

I'm going to go down and check
the lines.

I feel sick.

Hey, buddy. You should probably
be wearing one of these.

We're counting on you.


[boat creaking]

Yeah, sharp housework.
Cheers, 'kay.

Eldo. Eldo?

Fuck. Billy, this pedal
is sticking again.

[Eldo] Watch your language,

Sorry, Eldo.

That party on south side just
got shut down.

Hold on, hold on.

Darcy and his roommates
are having one.

It's at the house behind the
mobile station on Bayberry.

What'd you do?

Sorry. I just got
a little distracted.

[phone rings]

-Pink Tuna.
-Hey, sweetie.

Hi Veronica. Where to?

Riverhead, where else?

More shopping? Jesus, hold on.

Uh, haven't any drivers
at the moment, Vi. Can you wait?

-I'll take her.

When's that going
to get done then?

It's done.

Billy will be over in 10.

-Yeah, see you.

Well, I'll see you, fellas.

Thanks for everything.

You take care of yourself.


What's that?

It's kelp straight
from Georges Bank.

And I'm not taking less than 350
a pound for it.

Is it fresh?

It's just off the boat.

Are you Donna Lee?

Yeah, that's right.

What do you think, Terry?

It's seaweed.

Not seaweed, kelp.

The kind the Japanese eat.

What's your name, pal?

I'm Robert Fisk.

Robert, I know the guys
on the Donna Lee.

They're pulling your leg.

Don't worry.
It's not the first time.

If you happen
to have some barnacles,

I might be interested.



I'll buy that seaweed.

-What for?
-For my garden fertilizer.

Is 20 dollars okay?

Here, you can have it.

No, no. 20 dollars.
Can you deliver it?

Yeah, alright.

Okay. I'll write down
my address.

[door closes]

Ahoy there!

What'd you catch?

Moving it on then?

Yeah, thanks for the desert.

Two straight weeks out
in the water.

Wasn't exactly what we came
here for.

What are we looking for?

-That's my room.

You're going to be
my roommate then?

-Yeah, I suppose.

Just here.

Wait, did you tell anyone back
home I was here?


Well, because it's kind
of important that you don't.

-It's a long story.

I'll tell you about
it later, alright?

Just don't tell anyone
I was here.

-Good man.

Usually looks a bit better
than this.

Big fat fucking winkler made
a mess of things last night.

Pay your rent McDerby.

Excuse me, who just found us
a new roommate?


Is that seaweed?

Ask him what it's for.



-Why seaweed?
-What's your name?

-Robert Fisk.
-Robert Fisk.

Don't make a mess
in my cab, alright?




♪ You're looking good ♪

♪ You're looking good ♪

♪ So good, it hurts ♪


Come over!

Come on, Aideen.

♪ Your big green eyes ♪

♪ Your combed brown hair ♪

-Come on.
-No way, Davin.

Your supposed to be the fucking
brain, Com.

Jesus, look who's here
and about.

You like "sex on the beach?"

That's original.
What's in it anyway?

Loads of things. It's lethal.

Alright, just the one.

Can't have just the one.

It's two for one night.

Some of us have to work,
you know.

So, you're not planning
to go back home then.


Don't worry. Your secret's safe
with me, but how come?

Ireland is not a place
for people with aspirations.

Ha, what are your aspirations?

Um, the pursuit of happiness.

Best of luck.

Speaking of pursuits,
did you shag Billy yet?

Shut up.

I just want to know.

None of your business.

I just couldn't help wondering
what was behind all

those long hours, you know?

I have to send money
back to my mom.

Plus, pay off the travel loan.

And I want to save a bit.

-What for?
-The future.

So you want to spend your one
and only soul in America

saving for your retirement?

I have my fun.

Now, here's my roommate.

Let's see if we can get us a
drink out of the old chiseler.

-You're dressed like a girl.
-Yeah, what do you think?

Robert Fisk. Are you the one
with the seaweed?

Not anymore. I sold it.

Then what's with the paint?

That's for my new job.

Where are you working now?

With the woman that bought
the seaweed.

You're joking.

You're really milking this one,
aren't you?

Thanks. I'm off.

-Nice meeting you, Robert.
-Yeah, it was nice to meet you.

See you, Davin.

Yeah, say hi to Billy for me,
will you?

Fuck off.

-She's nice.

Hey, what are you? The play boy
of the western world now?

Hey, Cormick. Another round.

-Robert's buying.
-No, I'm not.

Alright, I'll buy another round.

No, I don't want a round.

For fuck sake,
is there a special out here

for boring people?

Come on, Robert. We're in
America, let's celebrate.

Let's show them what we're all
about. Cormick, another two.

Fuck, it's getting heavy.

But a day is a day
though, right?

I didn't say carry
it all the way.

Yeah, you did. Look here.
Do you play golf, Davin?

It's a real true test.
You're up against yourself.

You've got nobody else to beat.

I'm not that good.

Davin, me paint!

I'm sorry. Let gravity take
a turn, will you?



Hi, Robert.

I'm sorry I'm late.

I had an accident
with that paint.

It burst open.
It may have been loose. The lid.

We should go back to the store.
It's their fault.

I don't know why you--
I did kind of drop it.


I went by the store
this morning, but it was closed.

Look, I was about to run down
to the beach for a quick swim.

Why don't you come with me?

-Might make you feel better.

Let me see if there is a suit
for you. Come in.


[waves rolling]

Is it alright with the waves?

It's great with the waves.

Come on, you'll love it.

[Aideen] So what is she like?

Is she sexy?

-Do you fancy her?

What? Not at all?


Is he blushing, Eldo?

He sure is.

I don't think I have to put up
with this.

I'm a paying customer.

I have a right to my privacy.


-He fancies her.
-Oh, yeah.



[Davin] I know drink comb.
Go on, ask me anything.

Give it a rest will you, Davin?

[phone rings]

I would be great at bartending.



I'm calling from Ireland
for Davin.

Hold on. It's for you.

I know every drink.

Personality, talk
to the customers.

It's from Ireland.


Didn't think I'd find you,
did you?

Who's this?

Not sure. It's only the mother
of your fucking child.

Margaret, how are you?

I'm in the jacks every morning

puking my guts out,
thank you very much.

-How are you?

Well, isn't that nice. I hear
it's gorgeous where you are.

Yeah, um.

What's up, Cormick.

-Davin, are you still there?

So, Davin, if I didn't know
you loved me so much,

I'd think you were pulling
a legger.

No, it's not like
that, Margaret.

What's it like then?

Geez, Davin. The least you
could do is offer me money.

-Four hundred pounds.

Jesus, Margaret.

Hey, sorry, listen.

Here's a list of some people
in New York, right?

Just call when you're ready,


You alright?

Okay, good.
I'll see you later, alright?


[calming music]

Is um, a Robert Fisk
working here?

Yeah, come on in.

-She's gorgeous.
-Shut up.

What did you come out here for?

Did you tell anyone back home
I was here?

-Did you?

I need to borrow some money.

-How much?
-Whatever you can manage.

I need about 400 pounds.

Jesus, Davin.

Look, I wouldn't ask if it
wasn't important, Robert.

What's this all about?

You can't tell anyone.

I got a girl in trouble
back home.

-Never mind who.

-Yeah, pregnant.

What do you think?

Was it Ginger Conway?

Fuck off, she's a kill.

-Give us a hint.

-Do I know her?

-Look, I can here for help,
not 20 fucking questions.

Would you like a drink, Davin?

Oh, no. I'm grand, thanks.


It's very kind of you, Robert.

So when will she get that?

-This afternoon.
-Oh, great. Thanks.

What's this? Davin McDerby
sending money home?

Always thought your money went
to the pursuit of happiness.

Oh, yeah.

Always trying to give back
to the poor bastards back

in Ireland, you know?

I've already guessed it, Davin.

Well, you keep that under
your hat.

I have me reputation to uphold.

Do you really?

-Good luck.
-See you.

-Hi, how are you doing?

[motorcycle engine]

[Fiona] McDerby residence.

Can I speak to Casper, please?

It's Davin. Hi Davin.

-It's about time you called.

Could you just put
Casper on, Raymond?

What happened that night?

Did she tell you
she was on the pill?

That's none of your business.

Yeah, well, unfortunately,
it is.

I had to pay off that little
tyrant 300 pounds.

-You what?
-That's right.

So now you have to come back,
which is a shame,

because we all got used
to you not being here.

Just put Casper on,
you fucking blowhard.

Listen, Davin. The party's over.

I've already booked
you on a flight.

You have a week to say
your goodbyes,

and get yourself together.

I'm not coming back, Raymond.

-Hello, Davin.

Get off the fucking
phone, Casper.

You get off the fucking
phone, Raymond.

Bye, Davin.


Have you already weighed
that money I just gave you?


I just want it back,
I changed my mind.


Good man.


-Is Billy there?
-No, he's driving.

What's the story on him
and Veronica?

You don't have to protect
him, Aideen.

[phone rings]

Pink Tuna.

Oh, hello, Mrs. Barters.

Yeah, I'm just putting
in the last stitches now.


No. No, I wouldn't say
it's too red.

Well, actually, today might
not be so good.

I need to talk to you.

I'll tell you what.

Why don't I call you
when it's ready? How's that?

-[phone rings]
-Hold on.

Pink Tuna.

Yeah, okay. About 10 minutes.

Billy, I got three
at the station

for you to go to Harren pond.

That's not on my way.

It is if you take Mietenhaus.

Mrs. Barters.

What the fuck? She hung up.

She gave it to me.


Carolyn, the women
I'm working for.

Lucky you.

Yeah, but I don't know
what to do.

What do you mean?

She's my boss.
It's not proper, is it?

Yeah, so she fancies you.

No. Do you think?

What? She bought you cover alls,
did she?

Covering not much at all,
that's what these are.

She does fancy you, Robert.

You should by fucking thankful.

She's old.

She was married. I don't even
know if she's divorced yet.

That's strange, isn't it?

What's strange?

Well, I'm only 21.

Well, do you fancy her?

I'm talking about the age
difference here.

Suppose I did... Well, it just
doesn't seem proper.

What would people think?
Suppose my mom found out.

Exactly how old is she, Robert?

[Eldo] If she ain't old at all,
I'd do her in a heartbeat.

[woman] Shut up, Eldo,
you pervert.

[Eldo] Does she have all
her teeth, Robert?

-They heard everything.
-The pedal got stuck.

Robert, come back.

[phone rings]

Pink Tuna.

♪ Talk to me baby,
I'm action man ♪

♪ Out on the town doing
The best I can ♪

♪ Lord, lord
I'm an action man ♪

♪ Lord, lord
I'm an action man ♪

♪ I'm handling the morning
Handling the night ♪

♪ Doing my loving with all
My might. ♪

♪ Lord, lord
I'm an action man ♪

♪ Lord, lord
I'm an action man ♪

♪ Come to the wild,
We'll sit on a log ♪

♪ Wounded on the street
Little likely dog ♪

♪ Lord, lord
I'm an action man ♪

♪ Lord, lord
I'm an action man ♪

This is real leather.

That's disgusting.

How many cows had to die
for that?

Alright, Davin. Give us a spin.

Not me, thanks very much.

It's a disgusting display
of American access.

People are starving, you know.

Yeah, well, it's not made
of corn flix, you silly twit.

Hey. Hey, Robert.

I need a chat.

I didn't mean to spend the money
on a car.

It just couldn't have worked
out better.

The truth is it's a pretty
practical investment.

How much money do you spend
on cabs?

How much time do you waste

And another thing.

That is now your car.

She is a classic.

You following?

So if I put a little work
into it,

resell it for loads more
than I paid for it.

I already paid for it.

Loads more than you paid for it.
I'll double your money.

-Come on. Hold on for a second.
-Leave me alone.

That's what you got
to do in this country.

You got to speculate.

You got to take a risk.


What are you doing?

Get out of the car,
for god's sake.

[phone rings]

Don't pick up.

[voice message]

Carolyne, this is Henry.

Since I haven't heard
from you much,

do you think the 12th,
1 p.m. to 4 is okay with you?

If it's not, please call me,
or have your lawyer call me.

It will probably save us time,
i.e. money if we got together,

or at least talked on the phone

Of course you probably
wouldn't want to do that.

One more thing, I'd really like
to get one weekend at the house

before the summer's over.

I don't think that's too much
to ask. Alright? Bye.

I was afraid to pull
all the big ones.

Carolyne, you're going
to hurt yourself.

Let me do it. Carolyne.


Sorry. I nearly had it there.

That's it.
It's just a little fella.


That's Eldo's cash
in there, alright?

That's 571 dollars there.

Suppose you want me
to deposit it.

No, I want you to go shopping.

Well, maybe I will.

What's with you?

You never gave me an answer.

About what?


I just think you can do better.

Oh, yeah.

Look, I like Veronica.

But she's not your income

She's mad about me, though.

I mean, that's a great thing.
Having someone care about you

like that, you know?

She's a real bed bug and all,
you know what I mean?

Careful you don't have
a heart attack.

-Oh, Aideen.

If you happen to see Veronica,

don't mention to her
what I just said.


-Hi, is Billy here.

-Where is he?
-He's in his cab.

-He's not coming in?
-He's working.

Is he angry with me?

Just what is it with you two?

I'm not your fucking marriage
counselor, alright?


Cheers, lads.

Hey, Aideen.

Hey, chins. Move over there.

Fuck off. I've been waiting
here 20 minutes.

It's alright, Davin.

Picnic tables outside.


Two minutes on the patio. Scoot.

Oh, geez, Davin.


What is it?

It's a farm cutter.

It's supposed to make
you see better.

I don't want to look
at you that good now.

You think she's attractive?



In an obvious 'please fuck me'
kind of way.


Now you have it.

When do you go back to work?

-I'm not going back to work.
-You serious?

I'm not working my ass off

so he can run around
with that slapper.

Bit right.

My own fucking roommate.

After your own boss.
That's shocking, really.

-I don't know what I saw in him.
-Neither do I.

You're far too good for him.

-I'm an idiot.
-You're grand.

You know, you just need to get
out more.

Jesus, can you make more?

Sure can.

Talk to me.

The test showed...

There's more than two men
I can't pick.

We have to operate again.

Who'd believe it? I mean really,
who'd believe it?

What's wrong?

What's the matter?

I don't know. It's just...

He's dying.

Sorry, I'm not usually
like this.

[on TV] Can't you talk
to your friend?

It's embarrassing.

It's okay.

[romantic music]

[upbeat bar music]

[Davin] You don't really
need me.

It's Saturday night, Davin.


Come on, let me go have a bit
of fun, Cormick. Will you?

You got all staffed up.

She's too mature
for you anyways.


-Fuck off.
-I don't fancy Aideen.

Come on, Cormick.

Yeah. Get out of here.

You're a good kid.

[upbeat music]

Off we go.

[engine revs]

You're out of petrol.

I'm not out of petrol.
I filled it up this morning.

Well, you'll have to fill
it again, won't you, Davin?

That's life in a big fat
American car.

Oh, give it a rest,
won't you, Aideen?

If you're not part
of the solution,

you're part of the problem.

Follow me, kids.

["Blister in the Sun"]

[all singing]

♪ And I'm so strung out ♪

♪ I'm high as a kite ♪

♪ I just might stop
To check you out ♪

♪ Let me go on ♪

♪ Like a blister in the sun ♪

♪ Let me go on ♪

♪ Big hands.
I know you're the one ♪

♪ Body and beats,
I stain my sheets ♪

♪ I don't even know why ♪

♪ My girlfriend,
She's at the end ♪

♪ She is starting to cry ♪

♪ Let me go on ♪

♪ Like a blister in the sun ♪

♪ Let me go on ♪

♪ Big hands,
I know you're the one ♪

[Billy] Aideen?

Oh, it's fucking Billy.

-Aideen, what's going on?

What's going on? Eldo's AWOL,
that's what's going on.

Left his can outside
with the engine running.

Hey, Billy. You know what I said
about Veronica?

I think we can talk
about that tomorrow.

What do you think?

I don't know what you see
in her, I don't.

I mean, she might be the ride
of the century,

but you still have to turn soon
now again.

[laughing on radio]

She's not the sharpest tool
in the shed,

you know what I mean?

Besides, there's more to life
than a great pair of tits.

Kids, huh?

Um, I was just thinking.


-Well, I was just thinking.

Could you be pregnant now?

-Well, you can't be.

-Don't worry.
-Okay, that's good.

I never did this before.

You were great.

Yeah? You serious?

You were great, too.


Jesus. Who'd you say lives here?

-Ralph Lauren.
-Who's that?

[kids chatter]

[passes gas]

That's disgusting. You're not
getting in that swimming pool

until you've used the jacks.

Alright, folks.
Let the games begin.

Geez. Keep your jacks on.


I love America.

♪ Chasing back my steps ♪

♪ Back to the place
I never left ♪

♪ I got to say
I might forget ♪

Would the lady care for some
light refreshment?

Perfect timing.
What do you have?


That would be lovely.

Do you happen to have some ice
with that?


[man] I know who you are.

Stop this minutes. Come back.
Come back!

I know who you all are.

You're not going to get away
with this.

Thanks for the dip!

[Davin and Aideen chatting]

Liar. Fucking liar!


What happened?

I think your bollocks
hit my ribs.

Listen to that.

Is that the ocean?

'Course it is.

What the hell did you think
it was?

I've never been.

Are you joking?

Back in Ireland, just not here.

Oh, you don't know
what you're missing.

Got, like, waves,
and you can actually surf.

I'm going to get a surfboard.

I am.

I'm going to learn.

I just don't know
how you manage yourself.

Manage what?

Every time I see you,

you're living like
there's no tomorrow, but somehow

you still manage to send
money home.

Well, that was just kind
of the one time.

That car, you know.
That must have cost

you something.

I kind of got a loan for that.

-That's fucking awful.
-Isn't it.

This is a cowboy's drink.

John Wayne.

No wonder he died.

I don't know how you're doing
it, but you're doing it.

Well, you're very responsible,

Totally irresponsible.

-I've done things like--
-I don't want to be responsible.

I'm tired of it.

Everyone can fuck off
and look after themselves.

From now on, I'm having fun.

Went to the beach,
getting a tan.

Maybe I'll get a surfboard
and go surfing with you.

Yeah, now you're talking.

The stars are spinning.

Thanks for the ride.
I mean, the lift.

-See you, tomorrow.
-See you.

So that's where you've been
all night.

Get your hole rolled, yo.

Fair played you, Robert.
Some boy.


Fuck, Davin, wake up!



[man on dispatch]

Is somebody out there? I need
some cabs at the train station.


Thank fuck.

Oh, fuck.

Whoever it was knows
how to knit.

It was an employee.
It was the employee.

They called him Ralph.

My name is Riddick Lester

Why do you think they called
you Ralph?

I have no idea. I have no idea.

Aideen, wait.

This mushroom walks
into a bar, right?

And the barmen says,
"Sorry, we don't serve

your type around here."

The mushroom goes, "Why not?
I'm a fungi."

Hey, good luck
with Billy, alright?

-Cheers, Davin.

Alright, lads. What's up?

Jesus, I'll tell you. My heads
clamming like a fur bat.

You got to pay your rent, Davin.

I'm going to pay my rent, Pat.
I already told you that.

Today, Davin.
It has to be today.

How am I going to do that?

Look, I'll have it for you
by the weekend, definitely.

You've been saying that for over
a month.

We already took a vote, Davin.

What kind of a vote?

No more extensions.

Alright, lads.

I got a small room in the car.

I don't need this fucking
shit hole.

Been a real pleasure living
with yous.

A real life experience.

I'll leave you. Good luck.

Fucking loser.

[man on dispatch]

Yeah. I don't know.

I don't know what's going
to happen.

Yeah, he's not happy.

This morning, yeah.

Police called.

Yeah, I suppose they must have
seen the cab, or something.

Alright, and now I'm just
top myself.

You should get down to Murphy's.

She told me so.

Yeah, yeah. I'll send a cab
for you.

Good luck.

Wake up, Davin.

This came in for you yesterday.

I'd have gotten
it to you sooner,

but I didn't keep
the forwarding address.

Which ones are these?

Those are the air bags.

-The what?
-The air bags.

Cushion in the sole,

give you the extra spring
in your step.

Oh, I'll walk around a little
bit more.

Knock yourself out, love.

-Hey, Davin.
-How are you doing?

-Alright. And you?

-You sell trainers?

Need a pair?


-What's that?

That's the first payment
on the loan.

I don't need it now.

Well, I have it now,
so you better take it.

Listen, I'm sorry about
you getting kicked out.

Wasn't your fault.

-Have a seat if you like.
-Alright. Cheers.

-How's Carolyne?


Oh, you doob. Did you?

-I don't believe it.

You know what.

Shut up, will you?

Do the ones I'm wearing come
in this color?


Well, you better
be getting back.

Carolyne is going away
for the weekend

if you want to come out
for a swim.

You're not living there,
are you?

Well, no, but I'm working there
all weekend.

I just thought it'd be alright
if a friend

came over for a swim.

Alright, yeah. Well, I'm pretty
busy at work myself,

but I'll twinkle my own.

Davin, it's my birthday

Alright. Well, I'll pop up.

Alright, Davin. Feel free.

Okay, good luck.


I know what we need.

Do you have any black?

What do you want black for?

Make some smoke come out
of that smoke stacker.

-Here's your smoke.
-Fucking bollocks.

I've been working hard on that.

-Stop fucking with the cake.
-It's definitely strange.

Reminds me of an alien.
Alien, right?

You know what that is?
That's my son, alright?

-Thought of a name for it?
-Maybe son of a moron.


Thanks for all the advice, lads.

You can always
be really helpful.

-I really appreciate it.
-Oh, dry your eyes, Davin.

Listen, I'm older
than you, right?

Been there, seen it, bought
the t-shirt, all that shite.

My advice to you is get as far
away from this woman

as you possibly can.

-He's right.

You back home,
you're a dead man.

You can always get a job
at the missionaries.

They're always looking
for people, Davin.

I don't think you would
be so entertained

if you were in my position.

No, that's right. I wouldn't be
laughing, I'd be crying.

You actually taught
me something.

Can we just go back
and concentrate

on the fucking cake, please?

We're working on it.

-What the fuck is that?
-I'm not finished.

Why're you're putting a penis
on the cake?

Because it's Robert's penis,
you know?

Nice, I like it. Yeah.

A little ding dong
for frisky Fisk.


[beach music]

I tell you. You just got to keep
your arms back like this.

I couldn't.
The sand kept coming up.

No, like this, right?
Then arch your back.

Just plane there on the wave.

I would have lost me face
if I did that.

No, you just need to get used
to it.

Look. Like this.

[all] Happy Birthday!


♪ For he's a jolly
Good fellow ♪

♪ For he's a jolly
Good fellow ♪

♪ And so say all of us ♪

♪ And so say all of us ♪

♪ And so say all of us ♪

♪ For he's a jolly
Good fellow ♪

♪ For he's a jolly
Good fellow ♪

♪ For he's a jolly
Good fellow ♪

♪ And so say all of us ♪


[loud music]

Where did Davin say this party
was anyway?

Where Robert's working.

I wonder if this old lady
will be there.

Nah, she's gone off to New York
for the weekend.

-It's going to be a zoo.
-Davin said he only invited

ten or fifteen people.

He needs at least 50.

Come on, we might as well walk.

Yeah, the cab's not coming.

I'm going to kill Billy.

No, there's no beer,
but I have this, though.

You shouldn't be in there.

Do you mind, Robert?

I'm not messing,
get out of there.

Yeah, yeah, shut the door.

Get the cups.

What are you doing?

Come on, Robert.

Go on, will you?


You've done quite well for
yourself, Robert, haven't you?

Robert, is this her?

-Which one is she?

I'm just teasing you.
She's gorgeous, Robert.

So, tell us, Robert. Is it love?

-I don't know.
-Look at you.

He's in love.

You're going to help clean
this mess up.

Of course I will.

Will you lighten up, man?
It's your birthday.

Did you know this fellow made
over 2000 dollars

on a fishing boat this summer?

Is that true?

Two thousand.

We're from the same neighborhood
back home.



Do you have an opener?
This is fucking useless.

[music stops]
[people chatter]


Police? 42 South Parker Lane.

Several kids are trespassing
in my house.

They're having a party.


The police are on their way.

Anyone still here when they
arrive will be arrested.

I'll clean this all up.

Just let me explain, Carolyne.

Happy Birthday, Robert.

-Fuck off.
-Come on, man.

[cars drive off.

[heavy rain]

Just go soft, soft!
Fucking hell, man.

Is that Aideen?

[Davin] Let's not talk about
the party.

[girl] Carolyne ruined
the party.

She called the police.

Fucking place cleared like
it was on fire.

How many people were there?

Loads. It was packed.

Told Robert she'd have
him arrested.

Fucking hell. Where is he now?

I tried to give him a lift.

-So where is he?
-He must have left.

Let's get out of here
before the cops come.

No, we're going back.
We've got to find him.

What are you talking about?
He could be anywhere.

And I can't take all of you.

[all] Yes, you can.


-That was Robert.

-We just passed him.
-Are you sure?

Yes, come on, turn around!

-Alright, alright.
-Turn around, Davin.

Alright, give me a fucking
chance, will you?

[Aideen] Robert, come on,
jump in.

Come on, love. You'll catch
a death out there.

Come on, Davin.

We're sorry about what
happened, Robert. We all are.

We're not leaving
until you get in.

Few scoops,
it'll be grand, Robert.

Pull yourself through.


How was I to know she was going
to come back?

I'm not a fucking psychic.

You let it get out of control.
You told too many people.

-It was a party, Aideen.
-Yes, for you?

Oh, fuck off. We had fun.
Come on.

Yeah, well, he's not having any
fun now, is he?

Yeah, that's not my fault.

Oh, no, it's never your fault,
is it, Davin?

No, actually, it's always
my fault.

That's the story of my life.

Look, Aideen. He could have
stopped it anytime he wanted

and he didn't.

He's not the type to stick up
for himself like that.

Well, he's got to take
responsibility for that then.

What? Like you're taking
responsibility for that baby?

That's not the same thing.

It's exactly the same thing.

You know, there might be more
to that story

than you get in that fucking
fax machine.

Yeah, well,
how would I know, Davin?

You haven't told me, did you?

I'm going to bed.


Fuck off, will you?
You'll wake Gillian.

Can I sleep over maybe
on the floor, or something?


I can't stay in my car.
It's like a fucking sponge.

Come on. Where am I going to go?

I don't know.

I was going to tell you about
the baby. I was, it's just--

It's just the more time passed,
I had forgotten,

and I didn't want to tell
you anymore.

Look, it was just one
of those things, you know?

It just happened.
A one night stand.

She's no childhood sweetheart.

We both decided we weren't going
to have it,

and I was going to pay for it
and all,

but then she started talking
about marriage.

She left me no choice.

What do you mean she left
you no choice?

Well, I wasn't going to end
my life

just so she could have a baby.

Davin, it's your baby.

You're having the baby,
same as her.

You've got to go back.

No, what I have to do is put
as much distance

between me and her as possible.

Jesus, Davin. Don't you see
a pattern here?

Yeah, I see a pattern. I want
to fucking break that pattern.

For five years, Aideen, I've
been trying to leave that place.

And finally, I did. I'm not
going back, no way.

-So that's it.

I'm a fuck up, Aideen.
I always have been.

I didn't think so.

Yeah, well, you're wrong.

I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

You don't need to do that.

I'm almost done.

Carolyne, I feel terrible.

I do. I didn't plan this.

I told this one person
that he could come over,

and he told all
these other people.

What's that?

It's what I owe you for the last
two weeks.

-Take it.

I'm sorry.

It wasn't my fault.

I gave you keys to my house.


There's really nothing to say.

I feel bad about it.

It was a mistake
for us to get involved.

It's not a mistake.

It's a good thing, it is.

It's the best thing that's ever
happened to me.

-I'm sorry.
-Carolyne, please.

[calming music]

Davin, wake up.

-I need some money for food.

[phone rings]

-Is Aideen there, please?


Well, well, you surfaced
at last.

Yeah, is Aideen there?

She's gone back.

-She left three days ago.

You blew it, Davin.
She was keen on you.

I mean, you were such

You're getting burned, man.

Are you flying back today?

So I don't have anything
to say about you and Carolyne.

I know I fucked it up for you.

I didn't mean to.
I really didn't.

I just wanted to tell you that
before you went back.

Here, I have the rest
of the money for you.

-Where have you been?
-New York.

Not going back home then?


I don't want to back either.

You're going to need some
managing for that.

I don't care.

Did you ever get to go golfing?


Have you even talked
to her since?


-Not at all?

It's over.

I mean, I suppose it's bound
to end, you know?

Sooner or later.

I was hoping to stay.

How about your family?

Would you miss them?

I would sure, but not as much
as I would miss her.

I'm shocked, Robert.

I had no idea you felt
so strongly about her.

I love her.
I don't mind saying that.

She may have been the love
of my life.

I can't imagine finding another
like her.

You will, of course.

You don't know that.
No one knows that.

Did you see Aideen before
she left?

I thought she was leaving today?


Same flight as mine.

She's not gone?

She went away for a bit
traveling, but she's back.

How are you getting
to the airport?


I'm going that way. I can give
you a lift, alright?

I already got me ticket.

I'm not going
to charge you, Robert.

Do you need money for gas,
or something?

No, I'd just like the company.

I don't know.
I already have my ticket.

Just let me drive you
to the fucking airport.


'Cause I want to drive Aideen,

and it'll go a lot smoother
if you were there.

Do you fancy Aideen?

Look, it's the last favor
I'm ever going to ask you.

Just let me drive you
to the airport,

and when Aideen's around,
act like you like me.

That's platonic.

I know.

Well, I'm not finished
packing yet.

Okay. I'll wait in the car.

[girls chatting]

-Is that Davin?

How did you do it? Slip him some
ecstasy, or something?

No, I took him golfing.

Carried his gulfs for him.

He was mad about that woman,
you know?

I really fucked that one up.

So how's New York?

It's great.

I have a crap job,
but it pays alright.

The money's floundering that
place. Do you want to see it?

You'd like New York.

-I'm sure I would.
-I'm serious though.

You should try it.
It'd be a real life experience.

-I'm serious, though, I mean--

If I could make money,
think what you could do.

I mean, you've got a brain
in your head.

You're better than most people,
Aideen. You got a job like that.

There's no one holding you back
in this country.

There's nobody holding me back
in Ireland.

That's because you're different.


You don't have to butter me up.

I'm not holding a grudge
against you.

I'm not trying to butter
you up.

I just want you to stay.

I just feel like I'm starting
to get my head sorted, you know?

Getting straight,
and you're leaving.

And I feel bad about the way
things worked out for us.

It could have been alright if I
hadn't made a mess of things.

Jesus, Davin.

It's a bit late for this,
isn't it?


When I saw you drive up,

I thought maybe you changed
your mind about going back.


Davin, you've got to go back
and work things out

with this girl and her family.

I mean, I'm not saying
you have to marry her,

there's no way they can make
you do that anyway.

You just got to talk to them,

and figure out something
everyone can live with.

Geez, you've got to try,
At least, for your own peace

of mind.

I'm going to send money back
from New York.

Keep that bugger happy, I swear.

Then go back and tell her that.

I already sold my ticket.

I can loan you money.

I can't, Aideen. If I go back,
I'll get stuck there,

I know I will.

The day I left home was
the happiest day of my life.

[calming music]

-[Aideen] Billy!
-[Davin] Billy!

[both] Bye!

Geez, what happened?

I don't know.
Something's burning.

[engine dies]

That's not steam, that's smoke.

Fuck this, I'm going to leg it.

-Come on, hurry.

Before that gas tank blows,
if you please.

-You going to be alright?

See you.

Good luck.


[airplane engine]

Wait! Aideen!

I'm coming with you!

♪ So drunk in the August sun ♪

♪ And you're the kind of girl
I like ♪

♪ Because you're empty
And I'm empty ♪

♪ And you can never quarantine
The past ♪

♪ Did you remember
In December ♪

♪ That I won't eat you
When I'm gone ♪

♪ And if I go there
I won't stay there ♪

♪ Because I'm sitting here
Too long ♪

♪ And I've been sitting here
Too long ♪

♪ And I've been wasted
Advocating that ♪

♪ Word for the last word ♪

♪ Last words come up
All you've got to waste ♪