Sunbeat (2017) - full transcript

Gabriel and Iris head back to their family holiday home in Portugal with their daughters Emma and ZoƩ, a couple of adorable six-year-old twins, for a vacation. In the heart of the sun-drenched countryside, as the little ones swim and laugh, the couple's past begins to rear its head. Emma is overwhelmed by a secret that is simply too big for her to keep, and which she has no right to share with her twin sister. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
You're having your milk.

Think the tree has drunk enough?


Take your shower.

You can drink now.

This goes here...


Why are you scared?

Give me a kiss.

Like your room?

I love it here.

He's old, let's put him away.

- Is he Daddy's?
- No.

- Bom dia!
- No...

- What's up?
- I like Grandpa Carlos' bed!

Get out of my bed.

Go with Mummy and your sister.

Off you go.

Let Daddy sleep.

Get lost, I don't want to see you!


I touched you!

I'm the rabbit, you're the wolf!


Stay here. Don't move.

Stay, I'm keeping you.


- I'll go.
- You don't have to.


Let's do circles.

No fish?

Hold on tight.

Stretch out like I showed you.

Like this?

You're going so fast.

Why weren't we in Portugal before?

I work too hard.


Who'll look after everyone?

Someone has to, right?

Can you do it?

That's why.

- Was it beautiful?
- Yes.

Feeling revitalized?


Go on, Diego, jump!

Go on, do it! Jump!

They're nuts. He's scared.

Come down, Diego.

- Can I do it?
- Not allowed, Zo?!

Dad and Mum said not to climb trees.

They're both alike!

Emma, cry-baby!

Emma, cry-baby!

Come on, let's go.

The big kids bother me.

Let's go back now.

Why didn't Dad teach us Portuguese?

I don't know.

We can never do what others do.

You hungry too?

Ok, you'll let me?


You're beautiful.

Come here.


Thanks, sweetheart.

Can I take it for my room?

No, you can't.

Why not? It's allowed.

It's my photo. That's me in it.

It's not you.

It's me, it's not Zo?.
It's my face.

Who's the little girl who looks like me?

Mummy, who's the little girl?

The first daughter Daddy and I had.

Before you and before your sister.

Where is she?

She's in heaven.

We used to come here
before her accident.


She slept in my room?


Why's Lila in heaven?

She drowned when she was two.

We were at your uncle and aunt's.

Judith and Miguel have a pool.

And Lila fell in it.

You weren't with her?

I was having a nap.
I didn't feel well.

Miguel was supposed to watch Lila.

And Daddy?

He wasn't with us, he was working.

Didn't Uncle Miguel see her in the pool?

No, he didn't see her.

But wasn't he watching her?


Come and see.

Come here.

Daddy and I are lucky to have you.

You're our two little suns.

I was so happy when you were born.

It was incredible.


People laughed
at your little faces in the stroller.

But we knew you apart.

With you, it was crazy...

You were like a second Lila.

The same little baby.

The same baby? Her spitting image?


A gift from heaven.

I had hoped so much...

Don't tell Zo? about Lila, ok?

But, Mummy, that's not possible.

Promise me.

I promise, Mummy.

Zo? would tell Daddy
and he forbade me to tell you.

It's our secret.

All right?

I love you, sweetheart.

What are you doing?

Let's put our glasses on.

Let's tan in our room.

- Why're you here?
- To mind my nieces.

What the hell?

My sister's idea.

You couldn't mind them.

Moving in long?

Cut it out.
Two days, is that ok?

Emma! Zo?! Look who's here!

Nice Bermudas.

What a beauty!

Already here? Great.

Hot lady!

Girls, come and see!

- Lights out at 8.
- 8:30.

Can you check my shoulder?

You drag. Want a drink?

Coffee. To be in shape
to watch the girls sleep.

Good idea!

Auntie Judith!

You're a giant now!

I can barely carry you.

Look at me. Wow...

I'll put you down.
Let's see your sister.

She's sulking.

Are you in a bad mood?

Maybe you need a big cuddle too!

Good evening.


My God... Gabriel!

It's been ages since I saw you, my boy.

Emilia, this is Carlos' son,
the French boy.

He's handsome.

You're not bad either!

Thank you.

Your father told me
you had two other girls.

Yes, twins.

How wonderful!

I can't wait to see them.

Do they speak Portuguese?


So, how are you?

I'm ok. We're getting old.

No, you haven't changed.

You have to be happy now, my boy!

That's the idea.

All right.

If not, you worry.

You sit in your armchair
and when you get up,

you're a bitter old man.

It was good to see you.

See you soon.

Same here.

- How are your girlfriends?
- Full of beans.

I'll spare you the gossip.

Starting again?

We're having fun tonight.
It's allowed.

Don't be a drag.

You made me come back.

The girls need to know Portugal.

- What do you know?
- Come on, you never see them.

Someone has to bring money in.
Can't you see that?

Nice moustache!

- It must be a lot of work.
- What it takes.

- Keep a custard for the lady?
- Sure.


Translate me the menu.



You do it really well.

Why don't the horses come?

We'll give them straw.

- Royal!
- That's his name?


Look, he's coming.

Pull your hand back.

You hold your hand out flat like this.

That way, there's no risk.

That's good...

Can you pet him?

Don't lean too far.

No, I said I'd do it.

Don't worry.

Don't worry, everything's all right.

I said I'd give it to him.

All right?

See, he's sweet.

Your parents are back!

Quick, get to bed!
Run like crazy!

Keep your old maid's stuff.

Thanks a lot!

Emma, not eating your cake?

I'm not hungry.

I mind you
and this is how you treat me?

Why not play with Zo??

She wants to play with the neighbours.

Go on then.

- I won't understand.
- It'll be fun.

I was here on holiday with your parents

and one night I went to a party.

I saw your Uncle Miguel dancing.

I thought...

"That sexy beast

is for me!"

And I've been here since.

Sounds pretty, see.

It means your parents invited me here
on holiday

and, at a party,

I met your Uncle Miguel...

And I stayed with him in Portugal.

I guessed all that!

Can I be alone with your mum?

No, I'm staying.

Mum looks sad.

She's laughing.

Yes, I'm laughing.

How does the Little Mermaid
breathe underwater?

She has powers.

Do you really love Uncle Miguel?

Of course.

You're weird.

Go on, scram.

Go on, Emma.

Three, four, five...

Six is missing.



The one belongs to you.

So keep it, ok.

- Some oil.
- What're you doing?

- Playing kitchen.
- Interested?


Thanks, Daddy.

Wait to see what it is first.

Open it.

- What is it?
- Open it.

How do I open it?

Like this. Let me help.

Like this.

All the gear. Recognize it?

What's this?

Your doctor's card.
Write Dr Emma.

It's not a baby bottle!

It's to drink with!

You've got it all wrong.

This is a microscope.

For looking at tiny things,
like microbes.

And this?

You're crazy.
Stay out of the operating theatre.

Two mad doctors...

This is to bite on!

It's a thermometer!


This cuts off blood...

You find this funny.

I'll put it on my teddies.

- Better here than your rat trap.
- You said it.

His dad rarely comes here.

Carlos should bring his Breton.

Too many memories...

We should've sold the place.

They're happy here.

It goes on your tongue.

That's it.
Hold on, I'll show you.

You open your mouth...

Me? Go on then. One...

Go back to physiotherapy now.

- You were good.
- I don't want to.

Miguel won't stop me working.

Are you crazy?

Don't mention that bastard
in front of my daughters!

Ease off them a bit.

Shut your damn mouth!

Got that?

Screw you both.

Let's carry on...

Cuddle you...

Rock you...

Cuddle you...

Rock you...

What're you doing?

I'm getting out of your way.

This is so dumb...

- I'll let him calm down.
- Ok.

See you.

She's split. Happy?


She's split. Happy?

Don't piss me off.

Be nice to my sister.

Your bitch of a sister

sucks off my daughter's killer.

Stop it.

You're both totally crazy.

You make us stir up shit
coming back here.

Get lost.

You have to be nice.

That one's very nice.

He's ugly.

His tongue again.

He pokes it out a lot.

I think that one is really pretty.

And that one too.

His teeth are ugly.

That's how it is.

Where are you, Daddy?

I ate all my food, I promise.

- Stop it!
- When'll he be back?

When'll you be back?

He wants to talk to you.


Give it here.

We slept in Mummy's bed.

She won't go to the river.

He must come home. Hang up!

Here we go!

We're going away!

We're going away!

Hold on a second!

It's funny, but it's naughty.

Why wouldn't we do it?

Are you crazy?

We've flooded the room.

Coming with us, Mummy?

All right, let me on board.

Hold on...

Tickles don't scare me!


You're laughing too?

Everything ok?

I'll make their dinner.

It brings too much back.

We must leave.

Coming, Zo??

First one somersault

Then another

And a fourth one

And I set off every morning

Climbing out of the wheelbarrow...

Why is he all dirty again?

Why didn't Emma eat?

It's like seeing her.

Especially here.

Stop mixing things up.

Wheelbarrow police!

Come here, you.

Heavy... What did you eat?

- A hippo?
- No, two hippos.

How about you?

What did you eat? A mouse?

No, a rabbit.

Want a sandwich?

No, I'm not hungry.

Tomorrow, custard tarts.

Special delivery. Bedtime.

Hold on tight, young ladies.

Let's go to bed now.

Cuddle you... Rock you...

Just relax now. Give me your hands.

Let's go together.

Come on, stretch out.

Feel the current?

Great, isn't it?

- Like it?
- Yes!

Look, the current carries us.

Quick, you have to swim harder.

You're not very brave.

There, like that. See?

I've got you.

You're messing around...

Come with me.

Go on, swim!

Swim properly...

Want your sister to join us?

Emma, come here.

- Come on.
- Don't want to.


- Coming with us?
- No.

It's not even cold!

You little Pinocchio...

No, you're Pinocchio!

Dad's really careful.
Don't be afraid.

I don't want to.

For me?

Want to dip your feet in?


Coming with us?

Are you sulking too?

No, I'm not sulking!

No one's moody, stupid.

Show them how to skim stones.

I'll show them.

Daddy'll skim a stone. Ready?


Not bad!

- Yeah, not bad!
- Another.

See that, Emma?

That's how it is. Ok?

The oldest ones are the daddy and mummy.

Hold on. Watch!

He's the big brother.

And the bears are...

Give it here!

He's mine now.

We can't take him.

Put him away.

He's not ours.

Whose is he?

I can't tell you.

Not true. You're mean.

I'm not mean.
I promised Mummy.

What's the secret you can't tell me?

You have to. It's not fair.

I'm not too little.

- We share everything.
- It's a sad story.

I hate you.

The rabbit is Lila's.

Who's Lila?

Daddy and Mummy
had a baby before us.

That's Lila.

But, at 2, she did a silly thing.

She went to Judith's pool on her own.

Can we go there too?

No, we can't.

Because Lila fell in it.

And now she's in heaven.

Lila's in heaven?

Just because she fell in the pool?

Yes, Uncle Miguel
was supposed to watch her.

But he didn't.

And then she died.

Don't make Daddy and Mummy sad.

Dying's not allowed.



That's a sad secret.


Zo?'s going too fast.

I won't die, will I?


Of course not, petal.

Don't be afraid, Emma.

Your sister can carry on.

I'm sick of always being careful.

Nothing will happen to you two.
I know that.

Did Lila like playing on a swing too?

Lila loved it.

We'll talk about it later.

Don't go wild on the swings.

- I can't watch them?
- I didn't say that.

All right, Emma.

That one.

That one.

Here, sweetheart.

- I want that one.
- This one?

You'll give her the bouquet.

How'll we know if she's pleased?

Lila won't say thank you.

She's all broken.

She can't come back.

You can talk to her in heaven.

She protects you.

Like an angel?

Yes, like an angel.

Very pretty. For me?

No, for Lila.

What is this shit?

I want to take them to her grave.

Can't you leave them alone?

They're too little for that.

I'll do as I want.

Stay here. Come on.

Why d'you feed them this shit?

Give it a rest with Lila!

Like it like that?

Go on, swing!

Yes, Emma, good.

You've got the groove.

They were waiting for you.

So was I.

A nice big smack!

A big smack!

You're nuts.
You drew on Lila's picture.

I've given her wings.


She can fly off now.

Daddy and Mummy can stop worrying.

She needs her bunny for company.

All right.

Make a wish.

One, two, three...

Lila's flying off.

Zo?, it's over there!

Last night, Lila went into my dream.

What was she doing?

Playing with us.

Come into my dream too, Lila.



How d'you know the way to the cemetery?

It's that way.

It's like a fairy tree.

There, Lila, it's for you.

Called the village?

Of course I did!

Have you found them?

They're fucking alone!

Gonna let them all die?


Slow down.

It wasn't dangerous, Daddy.

Lila protects us all the time.

Lila can't protect you.

She's dead.




Is it true Emma looks more like Lila
than I do?

Emma is a lot like her.

Did you and Mummy have me
to replace Lila?


No one ever replaces anyone.

But did you love me like I was Lila?

No, I loved you for yourself.

I kept away from you at first.

I was scared of losing you too.

You were so tiny.

Twins are a lot of work.

Did people take me for Lila?

Some got confused, yes.

Not Mummy and me.

How big was Lila?

Did she wear my blue dress?

I didn't want you to wear her clothes.

At two, she was as tall as...

as your belly buttons.

She was very clever.

She spoke well, even Portuguese.

She laughed all the time.

She loved to sing like you, Zo?.

Lila matters to Mummy and me,
but you didn't know her.

So try not to think about her.

Why didn't you talk about her before?

I feel bad I wasn't there
when she had her accident.

I wasn't with Mummy either.

It hurt me to talk about it.

But that was bad for Mummy.

That's Lila alone in the water.

And in heaven too.

And this is me

and Emma on a flower-grave.

Mummy, doesn't Daddy believe in angels?


Let's not talk about that.

So, for Daddy, where is Lila?

I don't want to talk about it.


Not now.

Sweet dreams...

Stop it!

- Want an orange?
- No.

I'm picking one for Mummy.

I have to take it all out
'cause of you.

No! Emma...

Get down, it's dangerous.


Keep still for me.

I'll clean it with water.

It's cold, but it's ok.

Something else now...

There, like that.

I'll be able to see the cut now.

It's just a tiny little cut.

You're doing well, baby.

Sorry, Daddy.

Don't apologize, it's not your fault.

I'm going

to give you a little shot

so I can stitch you up.

So you won't feel any pain.

Keep still, honey.

Let the anaesthetic work.

Are you going to heaven like Lila?

No, Zo?, no one's going to heaven.

Excuse me...

My daughter cut open her head
falling off a wall.

The cut's about three centimetres.
I gave her five stitches.

Did she lose consciousness?

No, she got straight back up.

But she's having sleepy spells.

You kept her awake in the car?

Lila always fell asleep.

That's Emma.

Shit, Iris!

- Nurse!
- Careful, Zo?. Stay here.


Are you ok, Mummy?

Have they been gone long?


Why didn't you catch her?

Don't worry, it's nearly over.

I'll stay with you.

- Daddy!
- I'm here.

You were brave. I'm proud of you.

Go to sleep too, Zo?.

I can't. I'm a nurse.

Nurses keep watch all the time.

Nurses sleep too
and Emma's fine now. Go to bed.

You look like an Easter egg!

Ask Mummy for a bottle.

Bottles are for babies, Zo?.

With your "stisses", you can have one.

Yes, you can.

A bottle, Mummy, please!


Mummy, come here!

A bottle, please!

Not coming ?

I'm cold.

What's wrong?

She was breathing in my arms.

Bubbles were coming out of her mouth.

Her lungs emptying, they said.

Calm down.

Calm down.

- I died the day she did.
- No, Iris.

Iris, come here...

Come back.

You can't drive in that state.

What are you playing at?

My babies...

I can't protect you.

Sorry, Lila.

You've reached Iris. Leave a message.


Be good, girls. I'll be right back.

Look, I'm driving!

Are you crazy?

Come back, Zo?.

Open up, Judith!

Fucking open up!

Open the damn door!

I know she's here! Open up!

- She's not here!
- Open up!

Stop making such a din!

Where is she?

No idea!

I won't go until you tell me!

Fucking open up!

Calm down.

What about the girls?

Give her some space.

Everyone splits up.
The kids'll get over it.

We haven't split up!

You're sick.

You love this, bitch.

It's your fucking bastard's fault!

He killed us!

Screw you!

You were here...

Let me speak.

She said she's not here.

Get lost now!

Cut it out!


Piss off!

You wrecked our lives!

You killed my daughter!


Stop it, Gabriel!

You maniac!

Are you ok?

Come on.

Isn't Mummy coming back?

She'll be back, don't worry.



Not true. She doesn't care!

She does.

She won't come back.

She will, I promise.

Daddy, will you tell us a story?

You're too tired now.

Mummy always tells us a story.

Mummy's not answering.

- Hang up.
- I'll say a message.

Come back, Mummy.

I love you.

Mummy prefers Lila.

She doesn't love us anymore.

I'll grab a few things.

Ok, we're on our way.

We'll hurry.

What's the news?

They did a scan.

It's her spleen.

There's internal bleeding.

An emergency operation.

That means the spleen's ruptured.

What are you saying?

What's wrong with Mummy?

It's nothing. Don't worry.

She's in good hands.

How long now?

Half an hour.

I'll see if I can learn more.

Watch the girls.

See you later.

Let's do a hug for Mummy, ok?

Close your eyes and have a hug.

Mummy, I love you.

My love...

to J?r?me and Agn?s
to Rose

Subtitles by Ian Burley