Sun and Moon (1999) - full transcript

Thrown out of his crash pad after traveling the West Coast, a young man, David (Yahn Soon), hits the streets without money or direction. Fortunately a little girl (Maya Aguayo Schmidt-Feng), points him to a rooftop where other homeless people have crashed. There he's mistaken for another "David" (the renter everyone in the building has been expecting) and suddenly lands a free apartment. One by one the strange tenants get introduced, including a beautiful multi-tattooed masseuse who uses a forked "guava tree stick" for "treatments," and two crazed brothers who are Froot Loop junkies. An old girlfriend appears on the scene and tries to turn David's seemingly aimless life around. Produced as part of Rick Schmidt Workshop.

- Mongolia is a
drinking country.

[guitar music]

I was there for two years
with the Peace Corp.

♪ Marry me, marry
me, you will see

♪ I am born at the hand
of a wise and foolish God

♪ Wish, wish, wish upon a star

♪ How far will we go

- Hey.


What's up, I didn't
know it was you.

Just reading, relaxing.

I listened to all your
CD's this morning.

- I had been working in
the city for over a year

in a film school,

the director of the school

had been embezzling
money, so it closed down

and I needed to get another job.

It was the end of the
second summer I was there

and I was about to head
out to the countryside

to an elementary school.

- I'm really getting
attached to your bed.

Every time you, whenever
you leave in the morning,

I crawl off the couch and I come

and I sleep in here
until about noon.

It's great, it's really nice

except your dad loves to garden

I think at like 8 in the
morning or something.

It's throwing me off.

- When I was 16 years old,

I met the woman I thought
one day would be my wife.

- So I was leaving my
apartment couple days before

I was to leave
the city entirely,

on my way over to
some neighbor's house.

And it was about
5 o'clock, 5:30.

I was walking
towards their house

and a shortcut was in
this alleyway between

a very large building and an
unfinished wrestling stadium.

- So what?

I know.

Well, I thought you said
til the end of the month.

- So I'm at this retreat

and the ratio of girls to
guys there was probably

seven girls to every guy.

So there was a dance
at the end of the week,

and I'm thinking, once it
came time for this dance

that I was going to
ask someone to dance.

I was going to do something
with that kind of ratio.

The odds were in my favor.

- A lot of people
were milling about

doing their shopping
for the day.

- Monique, I thought you said
til the end of the month.

Well, where do you
expect me to go?

- [speaking Mongolian]

So over and over again,

I'm sorry, I'm drunk.

I just wanna talk, just
listen to me for a little bit.

And after about 50 of
these kind of people,

you've heard basically
the script, I don't know.

♪ I'm not normal

♪ Dances are we won't go far

♪ Let's fall in love

- Needless to say after
the next few months,

we started dating and
it continued on and on

for the next about
3 years into it.

And we had lived
together for a time,

we're full expecting just to
stay together and everything.

We had a few problems
here and there,

in life a few things
you have to deal with,

it's normal in any relationship.

But what was to come in
the future was something

that I wasn't expecting
I'd ever have to deal with.

And that I would never want
anyone else to deal with.

- I should put in context.

You know, after dealing with
these people for a whole year,

and after the whole
thing with the school

and all the
frustrations, you know,

I put so much aside, I'd
been so patient for so long.

I'd been constantly
understanding, okay,
it's difficult.

It's a third world country,
they have a lot of problems,

they're developing,
blah blah blah.

- I was at work one day
and I got a phone call.

And the manager just
called me over and said,

"Dave, line one."

So I picked it up and
all I heard was a voice

that was kind of crackling
and crying a little

and it was her.

And I just said, "What's wrong?"

And she said, "I need you
to come to the hospital."

And I said, "I'm at work, I
can't just get up and leave."

- I got...

I don't have any money.

You know I'm looking for a job.

What do you...

That's bullshit.

- Whole summer long,
I've just been,

just snapping,
every now and then.

Arguments, little problems,
didn't have patience,

blew up with some other

foreigners in town,
arguments and stuff.

But I'd never been in a fight,

never got in a fight
my entire life.

♪ You said we had it out on me

♪ We taste the world,
it tastes like meat

♪ And some day soon
it will all end ♪

- And I didn't really
know what to think,

I just said, "What
happened? What's wrong?

Please tell me."

And she said, "Dave,
I've been raped."

And I said, "By whom?"

It was my first thought.

I had never
experienced that much

instantaneous anger in my life.

♪ What the hell do you mean?

♪ Here it comes

- I saw this drunk
and I went [sighs]

and I just walked away.

Well, he saw this, I
didn't realize he could.

He was a ways off.

And a moment later I
felt this very large

smack in my shoulder.

And I look down,
there's a big rock,

it just hit me in the shoulder.

I turned around, startled,

and I saw the guy looking at me.

[speaking Mongolian]

- And she said, "Please
just come to the hospital."

And I yelled back, "By whom?"

And she just said it was Joe.

Well, Joe was her
roommate's boyfriend.

Now, I'd never met
this guy before.

I didn't know what he looked
like or anything about him.

But I just said, "Where is he?"

And she wouldn't tell me.

She wanted me to be with her.

She didn't want me to do
anything rash at the time.

- I was furious, you know?

This guy just wanted it so bad.

And so I went toward him.

I just marched across
the field between us.

And shouted out to him
[speaking Mongolian].

What did you throw
a rock at me for?

I don't even know you.

What is your problem?

And this man is standing
next to him like,

you don't wanna do this,
you don't wanna do this.

But I did.

- I mean, am I not
clean enough for you?

You know it's not easy...

Coming from one
coast to another.

I just need two more weeks.

What, is it the sign?

Is it the sign?

Because I can't take
it out right now.

- I still had that
feeling inside of,

I guess call it
rage or whatever.

But I wanted to get my hands
on the guy who'd done this.

I think anybody would've
felt the same way.

But she wouldn't even
tell me his last name.

I had no idea where to
find him or what to do.

But she was more
interested in protecting me

and making sure that I
didn't do anything stupid

than she was in her own
health and safety at the time.

- I got close to him, I
did the little, you know,

last minute evasive action,

but he caught onto
my sweater sleeve

and I couldn't shake him off.

And so I just blew and I
started hitting him in the head.

And when I'm hitting him,
his head's popping back

like I'm hitting him,

well, like I was
hitting him very hard.

It looked like...

I was surprised.

I remember again that thought
train in the background,

sort of disconnected
from reality.

I remember thinking,
"Hey, it looks just like a

fight scene in a
Hollywood movie, whoa."

- Well...

I was really really
counting on you.

And this is just fucked.

- For a year or two afterwards,

it was something that was
always hanging over us

and always hanging over me.

Something I wanted to remedy,
but I didn't know how.

There was only one time
that I actually came

face to face with him.

And it was when I was moving
her out of her apartment.

And she got out of there
pretty much right away.

As I was moving things
out, I was carrying...

It was an old antique
television, 27 inch screen,

but it had a huge wood box,

thing must've weighted at
least 100 pounds if not more.

And I was so enraged at
just being in her apartment

where it happened.

I was lifting this
thing up by myself,

and as I was walking
out the door,

he passed me going
inside the door.

And all I did was looked
at him and I said,

"You better run."

And right then, she grabbed me,
held me and said, forget it.

Drug me into the car said,

"We're leaving, we're
getting out of here."

And I never got a chance to
go back in that apartment.

- You're putting...

Where do you think I'm gonna go?

Where do you think I'm gonna go?

I'm gonna walk down the street

and not know where
the fuck I'm gonna go.

- I remember the sound
that his head was making

when I was hitting it.

They really have it
right in the movies.

It makes this watermelon
crunching sound.

I think back and there's
always mixed feelings.

I could've tried to get
away, maybe he could've

thrown another rock at me.

If he had hit me in the head
with that rock to begin with,

I could've been totally brained.

But having never been
in a fight before,

and having always
tried to avoid it,

I still feel this
tremendous satisfaction

with finally striking out and

finally telling
someone "Fuck you."

- So I pick it up with
my foot, I look in,

and I can see glass all
over our living room floor.

I'm just about to go
through and investigate,

and from the right hand
side behind the door

this big bloody
fucking hand shoots out

and says "Come and get
me, come and get me."

And I'm like, "No,
I don't think so."

And I jumped back and I
bailed into the bathroom

as quick as I could.

And as I was turning, I saw
the two people from downstairs,

they didn't see the hand
because it was right between

my face and him.

And so they're still
standing there in terror,

What's going on? Why
has he ditched us?

So I close the door
to the bathroom.

I don't know if
this guy is armed,

I don't know what's going on.

There's just blood, there's
somebody in my house.

There's glass everywhere.

So I scream at them
through the door.

"Get out of here, call 911,
call 911, get out of here."

And so I hear, they're
slamming the door.

Now I'm in this bathroom
with nothing but a little

rinky little lock
things in the door.

I'm in this little 6
foot by 8 foot space.

There's one door,

one door that leads to this
guy with his bloody hand.

And then there's another,
there's this window

that goes to this light wall,

the same light wall that was
that I share with my room.

So I figure that it's better
to bail out the window

than to sit in here
in this bathroom

not knowing what's gonna happen.

With only this little chain
thing holding the door.

So I open the window,
and I clamber down this,

down all these pipes and
stuff to the floor down below.

And the roommates, they see
me knocking at the window.

And their eyes are huge.

Like what the hell is going on?

Now there's this guy
outside the window banging.

So they open the window
for me and let me through,

and somebody's luckily on
the phone calling the police.

Well, the police showed up
probably couple minutes later to

five minutes later.

And they go through,
they kick down doors.

They go up into my house and
tear the whole place apart.

Can't find the guy.

So they go around
the back of the house

and find that he's passed
out in a pool of blood

back behind the house.

And they tried and roused
him and try and drag him

out of the back and
he puts up a fight.

And the next thing I saw was,

I'm out front of the house,
there's all these cop cars,

paddy wagons, all this stuff.

They drag this guy
out from the back.

And these are big
fucking SFPD guys

and there's four of them
dragging this one guy out.

He's kicking and screaming,
spitting at them.

Just saying, "You're
not my fucking father,

get your hands off me."

And I'm just like oh my god.

And they throw him in
the back of this truck

and slammed the door shut.

And this big cop, he's kind
of laughing, "Jesus Christ."

And I say, "Is he on drugs
or something? What's up?"

He goes, "Oh, man, he's
definitely on something.

Because it took four of us
plus two cans of pepper spray

just to get him to calm down."

And that was the calmest
they had gotten him.

- Yeah, well.

Yeah, well.

I'm out of...

You won't even see me
when you come home,

so don't worry about it, okay?

[rhythmic music]

[foreign music]

- Well, I've been seeing
this woman for about 2,

2 and a half years, and
we had this mutual friend.

- So I'm friends with
this guy who's a roofer

and he has a friend who
is a roofer with him.

And one night, he was like,

"Let's go over to this
guy Wa's house and

see what's going on with Wa."

[foreign music]

- Dave came from the east coast.

He's a artist and musician.

Both of us thought
he was the shit.

- So we get there and this
guy comes out on the porch

and he's like really so tough.

Just so tough that you
can't even believe.

So then I find out later
that he's been banned

from most of the local
bars because he is,

he gets into fights and
nearly kills people.

- In the meantime, my
girlfriend of 2 and a half years

decided that she was
not into me any longer.

And she broke up with me.

But we're still sleeping in
the bed together every night.

[rhythmic music]

- He comes out and he's
got this scar on his face

that is like, it goes all
the way down his face.

Like through his
lip, down his face.

And then later that
night he tells me that

when the chainsaw
bumped back in his face,

it tore through the sinus cavity

and he's got a plate
here and plate here.

I mean, it was pretty crazy.

He's really brutal.

So anyway, I start
realizing that this woman

that is his girlfriend
is a police officer.

- Needless to say, she
started seeing my friend

Dave from the east coast.

And they started fucking.

I could do nothing about it.

I knew they were doing it, but
they wouldn't admit it to me.

I asked him to his face,

"Are you having sex
with my ex-girlfriend?

My pseudo ex-girlfriend?"

- So I think to myself,
"That's a little bit crazy."

there's like some sort
of illegal dealings,

not too bad, but having
to do with a pig.

I'm like, I'm not normally
friends with pigs.

So this is a little bit
uncomfortable for me.

[rhythmic music]

- I shouldn't have believed him.

I didn't believe him.

I should've just smacked him
upside his head, but I didn't.

I should've kicked them
both out on their asses

on the streets, but instead,

I hung my head, put my tail
between my legs and left.

[rhythmic music]

- What are you doing here?

- [David] Hmm?

- What are you doing here?

- [David] I'm sleeping.

- Why are you sleeping here?

- [David] I don't have
anywhere else to sleep.

- All the other people that
don't have a place to sleep

sleep on our roof.

- [David] On the roof?

- Yeah.

- [David] How do they get there?

- The fire escape.

- [David] Oh, okay.


- You're welcome.

- Hi.

- You must be David.

- Yeah, yeah, I'm David.

- Why did you come
up the fire escape?

- Why did...

It's a good question, actually
the front door was locked.

- Oh.

I have your keys downstairs.

- You have the keys.

- [Woman] Yeah.

- Yeah, let me in.

Can you take this?



- Hurry up.

- Be cool.

- Did you see the size
of the sign on that guy?

- He had a very large sign.

- Dude, I think that's the Dave.

- It's the Dave, dude.

- I think the Daves
are moving in.

- That sign.

That sign could be well hung.

- The Dave is moving in.

The Bill is out, dude.

Ex-nay on the Bill.

- The Bill was not cool.

- The Bill was not cool, dude.

He sucked ass.

- Okay, dude, let's go.

- [David] All right, yeah.

Well, you know, it's just.

I do that all the time.

It's so hard to find
a place to live.

- [Shannon] 15?

- Oh, yeah, 15.

- You've seen it.

- Yeah, I have seen this one.

- Yeah, okay.

- I've seen this one.

- So I'm just gonna go
into my apartment to get...

- Okay, all right.

Hi, who are you?

- I'm Maya.

- You're Maya?

Maya with a Y?

- Yeah.

- You live here?

- Yeah.

- Okay, will I see
you today or tomorrow?

- Maybe today or tomorrow.

- Maybe today or tomorrow, okay.

All right.
- [Maya] Bye.

- Bye, Maya.

She's cute.

- Yeah.

Oh, careful.

- There we go.

Yes, well.

Yeah, that looks my place.

Maya, can you open
your door a little bit?

There we go, thanks.


- [Maya] Bye.

- [David] All right.

Thank you, bye.

- Yeah, bye.

Right here, next apartment down.

- There?

So if I need like
flour or vanilla...

- Whatever, just knock.

- Okay, all right, bye.

- Bye, bye.

- Bye.

- [Maya] Bye.

[bass music playing]

- Nice.

- A couple of summers ago,

must've been a
junior in college.

And I was on summer vacation
with my good friend Ezra.

And we were visiting my
home in upstate New York.

Spent about a week together,

his girlfriend was
working at a camp nearby,

so we'd hang out there.

And we decided one day
to spend an afternoon

in Woodstock, New
York, which was

old stomping grounds for me,

it's a quaint little
cultural town.

And we figured we'd just
go there for the afternoon,

catch some dinner,
have a good time.

And so we get to the
town, we park the car,

and we go off into the
woods a little ways

behind this parking lot
that I was familiar with.

And we decided we'll get
stoned, just wander around

town for the afternoon.

And we're in the midst
of rolling a joint,

and we light the end of
it, I take a few drags,

pass it to Ezra, Ezra
takes a few hits.

And suddenly he says
to me to put it out.

I thought he was joking so
I just took another hit.

He says, "Seriously, put it out.

There's a cop behind you."

I was like whatever.

And I turn around
and sure enough

there's this mountain police
Woodstock bike officer

right behind me.

And he's caught us red handed

with a lit marijuana cigarette.

And a small dime of weed.

And we immediately are
being taken downtown.

He's calling another cop
to have the cop car come,

he's booking us,
he's cuffing us,

he's putting us in the
back seat of the car.

Ezra and I are pretty
shocked by this.

It's the first time
we've ever been arrested,

and don't have the
mercy of the law.

I made some attempts to talk
my way out of the situation,

saying that I was a
regular around town.

That I'd gone to high
school with some people,

just trying to get out of it
and the cop wasn't hearing me.

And next thing, we're driving
through downtown Woodstock

heading towards the
police department.

The cop's on the radio, he's
oggling some tourist girl

with big breasts.

And the cop on the other
car is turning around,

making a u-turn to check out
the girl he's talking about.

Just some typical cop behavior.

But I guess friendly.

We get to the station and they
begin to search our clothing.

And they had me... they book me.

They finger printed me and
they had me stand in a cell.

And then the cop, while he
was putting rubber gloves on,

asked me to undress.

So I was getting pretty
freaked out at this point.

I've seen my movies
and heard my stories.

And heard stories about
anal probes and what not.

I was getting pretty terrified
as he put these gloves on.

He's asking me to undress.

So I undress and he asked
me to take off my pants,

I take off my pants.

He asked me to
remove my underwear,

so I remove my underwear
and I'm standing there naked

in front of him in this cell.

And I said to him, "What
do you want me to do?

Bend over and cough?"

He chuckled, he thought
I was pretty funny.

And he proceeded to look
through all my clothing,

leaving me standing
naked in the cell

and tells me I can get
dressed and go sit down.

He then proceeds to do
the same thing to Ezra.

And at this point, we knew
that he wasn't going to

actually probe us, but
we felt so humiliated.

And we're making some
jokes as a resolve,

which they were into.

They were chuckling
at what we had to say.

It's worth noting that Ezra
has got really really long

red dreadlocks going
down to his waist.

And he's got white skin, and
he's probably the biggest

Bob Marley fanatic I've
ever met in my life.

And so near the end of
the whole procedure,

after we've been
talking to the cops and

they've been pretty
light with us.

One of the cops behind the
desk says, "You guys all right.

Most of the people we
get arrested in here,

they're telling us to
fuck off, kicking at us,

spitting at us, they're
just being real dicks.

And you guys are pretty
good natured about this,

I'm sure the judge
will appreciate that."

And Ezra, he does this
look, he turns to me

and kind of this quizzical
look on his face.

Then he turns to the officer
and he says, "We're high."

[light jazz music]

- [Jared] Okay.

There you go, you knew
it was the last one.

You wanted some, didn't you?

You're spitting all over me.

[knocking on door]

- Hello?

- [Voiceover] Hey.

- Who is it?

- [Voiceover] It's me.

- It's you.

- It's me.

- It's you.

- What's up?

- How you doing?

- I'm good, how are you?

- I'm very good.

- So he's here finally.

- David.

- That's the name, David?

- Yeah, he arrived.

- He cool?

Have you talked to him?

- I mean, I talked
to him a little bit,

but I... I didn't
talk to him too much.

I was just sunbathing
up on the roof.

- What was he doing on the roof?

- Him?

- Yeah.

- He came up the fire escape.

- He came up the fire escape?

- Yeah, with all of his stuff.

- Was the front door
locked or something?

- That's what he said.

- [laughs] Really?

- Yeah.

- Wow, does he have
a lot of stuff?

How'd he get up the front?

- He had a guitar, on his back.

- Cool, a musician.

- He had a backpack full of
some shit, I don't know what.

And a very large sign.

Huge sign.

Saying "David's Place."

- I guess it is now.

- Yeah, exactly, exactly.

- Jesus.

- He seems like a nice guy.


- David's Place.

- I don't know, you know.

Coming up the fire
escape with his sign.

It's a little odd,
but he seemed happy.

- Were you sunbathing?

- Yeah.

- Geez.

I hope he's cool.

- He is.

You should go talk to him.

- Yeah, I'm sure.

If he does some music,

maybe I'll hook up
with Chip or something.

- Haven't heard a thing
since I let him in.

About a couple hours ago.

- Like is there any
furniture coming?

- Nothing, nothing.


- Geez.

- Not a thing.

I just let him in, he
seemed very grateful.

Little, he seemed a little
confused, which was funny.

You know, he's kind
of like "Oh, yeah.

Oh, you have the key, oh yeah."

You know, so...

Then I let him and
he was kind of...

Didn't seem to, you know...

I don't know, little off.

But who am I to judge anyway?

- Anything's better than
that previous guy, too.

- Oh, come on.

- We don't wanna
talk about that.

- No.

- So you doing all right?

- Yeah, I was just taking a nap.

- Well, I didn't
mean to disturb.

I just thought I'd
come up and say hi.

- Nice to see you.

- Yeah, it's good
to see you too.

- You been hiding out
in your apartment?

- I've been working non stop.

- Yeah, you're
looking a little...

- Morgan's got me running
all over the place.

- Does he?

- But it's cool,
I'm learning tons.

- Good.

- Get my foot in the
door and everything.

- It was nice to see you.

- I'll see you soon.

- Take care.

- Bye.

- Oh, hey, hey.

- Hi.

I'm getting all
these visitors today.

- Hey, yeah, well you know.

I saw Jared, he was here.

- Yeah.

- I knew you were home.

So I just thought...

- Wanted to come say hi?

- Yeah, hey.

You know...

Hey, you know, I'm sorry.

That guy, that
guy came in today?

- Yeah, David.

- Yeah, David came in today?

- Yeah, Jared and I were
just talking about that.

- He didn't seem
like a very cool guy.

- When did you see him?

- Oh, you know, on the roof.

Just saw him on the roof.

Like when he was
climbing on roof.

- Did you see me up there too?

- No.

No, no.

- I was up there.

I was sunbathing.

- Oh, well.


- Surprised you
didn't see me there.

- Yeah, well, me too.

- Yeah.

- I mean, I don't know,
I wasn't up there.

- So how you been?

- You know, pretty...

- Yeah?

You're looking a little better.

- Cool, yeah.

Well, I'm sorry
about that whole...

- Yeah, don't, let's not talk...

- That cafe thing, yeah.

- That was little strange.

Little strange.

- Well, you know, it's
just like a weird...

Kind of like a...

- Your time in your life...

- You know the...

- I know.

- I was thinking maybe
we could like go to a

movie sometime or
something like that?

- That's an idea.

- Yeah, you think so?

- Who knows.

- Yeah.

- Maybe.

- Yeah.

You smell real nice today.

- Thank you, you
always say that.

Is this for me?

- That's yours, yeah.

I gotta go.

I gotta crap, sorry.

- I was probably about 16 or 17.

I had just gotten off of work,

I was sitting at my house and
there was a knock on the door.

And I went to the door
and it was my friend.

Call him Jake.

An his motorcycle had
broken down on the freeway

which was about four blocks
from my house at the time.

And he came in and we were
talking and I just said,

"I'll just give
you a ride home."

So as we were driving
to his house, he said,

"You wanna come in
and have a beer?"

I said sure, why not.

So we stopped at the
store and he went in.

He came out, two 40
ounces of Rainier ale.

And we proceeded
to go to his house

and we're drinking and talking.

And he starts to get a
little too deep on me.

Reading me his poetry.

About drinking red wine
and swimming women.

Next thing you know, I get up,

I'm totally drunk.

I sit back down on his
bed and I'm passed out.

I'm out.

And next thing I know, I
wake up and he's fucking me.

And all I can think of and see

when I close my eyes
is demons and devils

and scary shit and I
felt like a little bug

that had curled up into a ball.

And I must've passed out again

because I woke
up, got out of bed

and looked down at him and
he was passed out on the bed.

Condom still on.

And I walked into the
bathroom and I puked.

And I puked for about
three days straight.

[guitar playing and singing]

[door knocking]

- Hey, welcome to David's place.

I'm David.

- Yeah, hi, you
see the ceilings?

- Yeah.

- Those are real thin
in this building, okay?

I'm right above you.

- Okay.

- Could you keep it
calmed down a little bit?

- Yes.

- I appreciate it.

I sleep during the
day, I work at night.

That's really thin, okay?

- Okay.

- You got it?

- Yeah.

- Okay, thanks.

- Okay.


[playing guitar softly]

Hey, Shannon.

- [Voiceover] Hi.

- Hey, what's up?

- [Voiceover] Nothing,
how you doing?

- Good, how are you?

- [Voiceover] Good.

- I'm bored.

Entertain me.

- [Voiceover] Why
don't you come over,

we'll all go upstairs.

- Okay.

- [Voiceover] Bring your guitar.

- Okay, sure.

- Me and one of my best
friends got this one together.

It's a Celtic knot.

And then I have this one up
here that I got when I was 14.

This one I got done over
a long period of time.

An ex-boyfriend of
mine drew the picture.

And I liked the idea of the sun,

but the almost has,
if you look up close,

it almost has the face of
a, it's like a Buddha face.

He has a third eye.

I don't know if
it necessarily has

all that much meaning to me.

At that time I don't
know, you know...

If anything had that
much meaning to me.

But now it does.

It has quite a bit
of meaning to me.

I feel very close to the sun,
more so than to the moon.

But this is definitely
my favorite tattoo,

and the one I feel closest to.

[guitar playing]

- What the hell is this anyway?

- Don't you have the
problem where you got

your toast in the toaster
and you don't wanna

stick a knife in it
to get the toast out,

but it's too hot to
grab with your hands?

- I don't have a toaster.

- Well, if you did.

You put this in,
you grab the toast.

You pull it out.

- I like that.

- Yeah.

That way you don't
get electrocuted,

and you don't get burned.

- Oh.

Maybe you should put
thinner toast in there.

- There you go.

- All right.

I got another one.

Here you go, I think
you'll like this one.

- Sing away.

- Okay.

- Okay.

[guitar playing]

♪ Three in the morning,
where are you cigarette?

♪ Haven't smoked for years,
don't wanna start again

♪ I shot myself in the hand

♪ And I laid myself in bed

♪ Oh, and I slept for days

♪ They thought I was dead

♪ Woke up to sound
of an angel laughing

♪ Well, she was smoking
a cigar and telling jokes

♪ And drinking sake

♪ She crawled into my bed

♪ Threw up and gave me head

♪ Oh, and I

♪ Slept

♪ For days

♪ They thought I was dead

♪ Woke up to the smell of
an angel dying, dying, dying

♪ She was choking on a
cigar, holding my hand

♪ And crying

♪ She crawled out of my head

♪ Left a note beside my bed

♪ Oh, and I

♪ I ran

♪ For days and days
and days and days

♪ This is what she said

♪ You will never be a savior

♪ You haven't even met Jesus

♪ You will never be the leader

♪ You can't even teach us

♪ You can sleep 40
days and 40 nights

♪ But I don't see any miracle

♪ I don't see any miracle

♪ Because all we've
got to believe in

♪ Is miracles

♪ All we've got to
believe in, yeah

♪ Miracles, miracles

♪ What do I do when I
don't believe in you

♪ What do I do when I
don't believe in you

♪ Because I don't
believe in you anymore

♪ Because I don't
believe in you anymore

♪ You will never be a savior

♪ You haven't even met Jesus

♪ You will never be a leader

♪ You can't even teach us

♪ Now you can sleep for
40 days and 40 nights

♪ But I don't see any miracle

♪ I don't see any miracle

♪ Miracle


- I gotta piss.

I'll be back in a minute.

- Be careful.

- Where is it again?

- Just down the hall,
right on your left.

- Okay.

- There you go.

[telephone ringing]


Hey, could you call back
in about an hour or so?


- Hey, what's in this room?

Oh, wow.

- What are you doing?

- I'm looking at your angel.

She's pretty.

- My mom gave me this angel.

- [David] Yeah?

- She protects me
and watches me.

- [David] What's her name?

- Chloe.

- [David] Hi Chloe.

- I also have that
right over there.

- [David] What?

- See the elephant?

- [David] Oh.

Elephants are really
good luck for when

people move into a new place.

- Really?

- [David] So maybe you need
to give me your elephant.

- No.

- [David] No?

- No, my sister brought
me this elephant.

- [David] What's
this? What's this?

- This is my stick.

Do you study any martial art?

- [David] No, do you?

- Yeah.

- [David] Yeah, let's see.

- Tai chi.

- [David] Tai chi.

Oh, pretty good.

- I can tell you don't study.

- [David] [laughs]

Well, maybe you
could show me a move.

- [Shannon] Sure, sit up.

- All right.

I will.

What do I do?

- Okay, hold the stick.

- [David] Which one?

I can't even see which
one I'm supposed to hold.

- There you go.

There you go.

Now just bring it
to close to you.

- [David] Close to you?

- No, close to you.

- Close to you.
- [Shannon] Close to you.

- Close to you.

- Close to you.

- Close to me.

All right.

Like that?

- [Shannon] Careful, careful.

This stick, don't.

The stick.

The stick has tons
of power in it.


Now just drop it.

Bring it forward, you feel it?

Do you feel it?

- Well, I feel
from your fingers.

- It goes...

I study acupressure.

- [David] With the stick?

- With the stick.

- Like, you do acupressure
with the stick.

- Yeah.

That's what I do.

Tons of clients.

- [David] You wanna...

I wanna sample.

- Okay.

Lay down.

- [David] Let me
take my shirt off.

- [Shannon] So
where are you from?

- Where am I from?

I'm from...

I'm from...

I don't know where I'm from.

Does it matter?

- [Shannon] Of
course it matters.

- Why does it matter?

- Where somebody's from
tells a lot about them.

- [David] You don't need
to know where I'm from.

Oh wow.

I feel the energy now.

Are you seeing anybody?

- Yeah, I do.

I have a...

I have a lover, you could say.

- [David] A lover?

- Yeah.

- [David] Yeah?
- Yeah.

- [David] What's his name?

- Michael.

- [David] Michael.

- Yeah.

- [David] So Michael mind
when you give massages

to other guys in your bed?

- No.

- He must be great.

- [Shannon] He is.

- He have great hands?

- [Shannon] Does he?
- Yeah.

- [Shannon] Oh yeah.

Wonderful ones.

You think I have energy in mine.

- Yeah, he's got
really good energy?

- [Shannon] Oh my god.

His energy is incredible.

- Okay, how about mine?

- [Shannon] No.

- No?

- [Shannon] I'd have to tell
you when you're sober, though.

Because intoxicated people,
their energy tends to...

- Go fucked up.

- [Shannon] Yeah, it doesn't,
moves to other places.

- It's fucked up,
it's fucked up.

- [Shannon] Yeah.

How long you here for?

For good?

- Will you cuddle with me?

I don't know.

- You're a lonely
person, aren't you?

- Sometimes.

- You're reclusive.

You like to stay to yourself?

- I like people.

I like you, you're pretty cool.

- Hey.

Wait til you meet the other
people in this apartment.

- Have met a few.

- Have you?

- I met the brothers.

- They're quite a bunch.

- Yeah [laughs], they're fun.

- They ask you into
their apartment?

- How green are your eyes?

- I don't know, tell me.

- They're pretty green.

- They're pretty green.

- Yeah.
- [Shannon] Yeah.

- You have nice, I love
long hair, it's really nice.

- I used to have it short.

But then I decided to grow it,

Michael loves my long hair.

- I bet he does.

- Yeah.

- How long have you
been seeing Michael?

- Oh, Michael...

For, god now it's been
about, 7 or 8 months?

Because I met him
right after I moved.

- Is it love?

- He's a very powerful man.

- Big hands?

- Just hands filled with energy.

Lots and lots of energy.

I like that in a man.


- Yeah?

- You have it.

You have that energy.

- Do I?

- You do.

But you're suppressing it.

- In what way?

- In a...

Just like you said,
you hate yourself.

You know?

As long as you hate yourself.

- Well, I think you can
know that you're kind of

at the lowest of the low,

but you can still feel
powerful about it.

- True.

But as long as
you hate yourself,

the energy's not gonna
have access to get out.

Because you're filled
with so much other crap.

- I don't really
wanna talk about that.

- Okay.

- What?

What the fuck?

- We could at least
be on the bed.

- All right, then.

Let's move.

Do you need the
stick in the middle?

- Stick is my protection.

- [laughs]

Well, let's put it
right here on this side.

- Okay.

- I got it.

- Okay, I got it.

Just put it right there.


- Do you want this or not?

Because you're acting
like you want it,

and then you're acting
like you don't want it.

And I don't know which one.

I mean I'm just...

- I'm fickle.

- You're fickle.

Either you want it or you don't,

I don't understand what...

You don't like go half way.

- How do you feel our energy is?

- I think it's...

Well, I don't know.

- You don't know?

- Because you're kissing me

and then you're
stopping kissing me.

- But that's what
it's all about.

You give a little,
you take a little,

you feel it out.

- Do I kiss you and
then I'll go home,

and then maybe tomorrow
we'll kiss a little more.

And then goes a little
further and then tomorrow...

Or you wanna just cut
through the bullshit

and just do it now?

- You're a very angry
person, aren't you?

- I just don't think there's
any reason to fuck around.

If there's an
attraction, you just...

- This shows where
your energy is.

You felt my energy.

- Look, I don't know anything
about these energies.

I just know what I
know and that's when

two people are looking at each
other and they start kissing.

It's like there's a reason

and they want to go
where they need to go.

- Right.

- Their lips are leading
them where they wanna go.

- Right.

I like that.

Their lips are leading
them where they wanna go.

- Exactly.

So there's no reason to
stop and think about it.

- But what if their
lips don't wanna

lead them that way anymore?

- Well then you...

- Just for that split second.

- And then two seconds
later they wanna go?

- Yeah.

- Then I think you're a tease.

- You think I'm a tease?

- I think you are.

- No one's ever called
me a tease before.

- Because they haven't had
the balls to say it to you.

- Is that it?

- Yeah.

No one likes a tease.

- No one likes a tease.

- No.

- That's funny, a lot
of people like me.

- Hmm.

They like...

I have enough problems
with myself to get sucked

into somebody else's drama.

- Are you insulting me?

- I'm just telling it
like I see it, that's all.

Maybe other people like to
get sucked into your drama,

but I don't know if I do.

- I don't feel like
it's drama, really.

- What do you want?

- I know I don't want
you holding me down,

not letting me have my stick.

So much for neighborly love.

- [David] Yeah.

- Okay.

Oral sex.

I remember when I was about 14.

I started asking
my mom questions.

We had a pretty
open relationship.

About talking
sexually about things.

I asked my mom
what was oral sex.

And she of course explained
it to me in detail.

And I asked her if she liked it.

And she said no.

And she proceeded
to tell me why.

And she told me
that her and my dad,

it wasn't something
that she liked to do.

And she always felt
cheated in the marriage.

Because it was something
that he really likes

and there was this huge
power struggle over it.

And her reasons for
that were that were

when they first started
going out together,

apparently, he had had
this girl in high school,

his sweet heart.

And because they decided
they weren't gonna make love,

they had this huge oral
sex thing going on.

And ever since he told
her that, my mom felt like

it was their thing
and it turned her off.

I guess she felt that when
they were having oral sex,

that he was thinking
about her, not my mom,

but the girlfriend.

And first of all, I probably had

no business hearing that story.

But something that's
interesting was that,

I realized it affected
me in my relationships.


that I never really
trusted a guy.

When he was going down on
me, I never trusted him.

Because I had all these
stories about my mom

and how it didn't feel good.

And how it's something
that men do a lot

with their girlfriends that
they're not gonna marry.

And it's just
amazing looking back.

How inhibited I was
from receiving something

and allowing myself
a sexual pleasure

because of conditioning.

That my mom didn't even
know she was giving me.

But however, I said to myself
that oral sex is one thing,

but I will not cum on a guy's
face until he's married to me.

I hope it's soon. [laughs]

- Hello?



- David.

How's it going?

- Good, how are you?

Come here.

You look great.

Oh my god, I have
no friends out.

When did you come out here?

- I left.

- It took me a while
to get out here too.

What are you doing here?

- I have a friend named Shannon.

- Yeah.

Right next door?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, I met Shannon.

She let me in, she let me in.

- Something went down...

- What did she say?

What the fuck...

What the fuck did she say?

- She just...

I don't know.

- She say I raped
her or something?

- Well, did you?

- No.

Hell no, you know me.

- Well, what the
fuck, what's going on?

- I mean, she invites
me over for beer right?

I bring my, she says
bring your guitar.

And then like she's
moving over me

as I'm playing all my songs.

Totally into me.

And then I go to the bathroom.

- I need you to be really
straight with me about this.

- She's in a room.

And she's like massaging me.

- And then what?

- I kissed her.

I kissed her to see
what was gonna happen.

- And she told you no.

- She told me no.

And then I say what do you want?

And then she kisses me
again, she kissed me.

- Yeah, well, that's
not how I heard it.

- Well, then you heard it wrong.

Do you want...

Do you wanna talk in my room
or somewhere about this?

- Can we just go for
a walk or something?

- Sure, sure.

I mean...

- It's really nice
to see you though.

- Yeah.

- Surprised.

- Yeah, it's weird.

You look great.

- Thanks.

- Yeah, let's go.

- I need to know what happened.

I mean, I don't
need to know, but...

I'm involved.

I don't wanna be
involved at this point.

Because I feel torn.

But I need to know
what happened.

- We were hanging out and he...

Yeah, I invited him over,

yeah, we had a couple beers.

Yeah, he was playing his guitar,

we were having a great time.

It was totally, just
mellow, you know?

Really really mellow.

And it was fine until
the point where he was

holding me down.

You know, forcing me
to make some decision.

After knowing this
guy for maybe 4 hours.

And you know what?

I'm not even asking for
your support anymore.

- Hold on a fucking
minute, all right?

Just hold on.

If this is about our friendship.

Then you need to show
that you trust me.

Because maybe there's some
things that I see about you.

That you can't see
about yourself.

Maybe I know where you
make yourself vulnerable.

Maybe I know that
you have issues.

And don't for a second
think that I haven't been

in similar situations where

I've had to make
decisions, all right?

It's not about...

It's not about me and you here.

It's about you.

And it's about what you've
created in your life.

It's about you pawning
shit off on other people.

[rhythmic music]

- Hey.
- [Shannon] Hi.

- I got it for you.

- [Shannon] Thank you.

- How are you?

- [Shannon] Okay.


- I'm doing all right.

Listen, I wanted to
talk to you about...

[rhythmic music]

- He's got my hat.

You got my hat, dude.

- Yeah.

- I don't think...

I think there's not
much to talk about.

I think what happened happened

and right now I'm just...

I don't feel right
talking to you, okay?

- Okay.

I was 19.

And I was visiting the
west coast with my family.

We have cousins out here.

We'd come out every
couple years and

hang out for a few
weeks and stuff.

And it's cool because one
of my cousins is my age.

And we get along pretty well.

We're kind of opposites but
we get along pretty well.

At the time, I was 19 and
he was really into raves.

And so we,

one Saturday night, we
went out to Santa Cruz.

And a lot of times during
the summer, they have raves

out on the beach.

Actually, this one
was on top of a cliff

overlooking the ocean.

It was crazy.

I'm not even really into
techno and that stuff.

But it was kind of fun to
take a lot of drugs and dance.

And there was a lot of
beautiful people there.

So I just had beer in one had

and a nitrous blue in the other.

Joint sticking out of my mouth

and high on ecstacy and acid.

I was out of it.

Just dancing.

At some point, there's like
these red lights going off,

and we all looked
up to the highway,

there's cops, there's like
four or five cop cars there.

It's kind like a
raid, but not really.

Everybody's just kind of has
to disperse and take off.

So we all start trudging
across this meadow,

kind of a back way to our car.

Trudging through these weeds,

and at some point I smile,
I stumble or something.

And there's this
girl sitting there.

She grabs me and she
starts kissing me.

Furiously kissing me.

And I'm just going with it,

because I don't know where
I am at this point anyways.

And next thing I know,
she's undoing my pants.

And I'm undoing her pants.

And we just start
fucking right there.

I remember it vividly

because the grass
was kind of wet.

And right off to the side,
just like two feet away,

was I think a purse,

this silver glittery,
little tiny purse.

I don't know how long this
thing lasted, whatever it was.

But we finished, I finished,

and I got up and I think
I even said thank you.

And I remember, as I
was about to walk away,

I look, and I don't
see the purse.

But whatever.

It wasn't like...

I just remember not
seeing the purse.

I remember seeing
it, not seeing it.

Big deal, whatever, her loss.

So I'm walking back.

I end up finding my
friends and we all start

making our way towards our car.

And we're all like
parked on the highway

like cars on one side,
cars on the other.

They're kind of
helping me to the car.

And I remember I
turned to my left,

and across the street,
I see the girl.

And next to her is this guy.

And he's kind of like,
his body's kind of shaking

like he's about to puke.

But I kind of focus, and this
guy actually has the purse.

The silver glittery
purse in his hand.

And he's sobbing uncontrollably.

Just sobbing.

And I'm just like whoa.

I just remember kind
of falling into the car

and passing out.

- [Voiceover] Is this
like musical chairs?

- [Voiceover] I'll
tell you what to do.

Just keep going in circle.

I gotta go three times.

- [Voiceover] I'm getting dizzy.

- [Voiceover] No, you have
to be turned, to be perfect.

On a side, you have
to choose a side.

- Some directionals.

- [Voiceover] Right.

- You are south.

I am north.

You are west.

And you are east.


- From the east, the sun rises,

the source of light.

Travels to the west,
where the ocean is

where which we are all born.

- From the north comes
the cold wind of winter,

clarity and inspiration.

To the south where the sun
lies and lives and breeds.

The he-hash-iza.

- From the west the sun sets.

- [Voiceover] Dude, the sun
doesn't set from the west.

- Sorry.

In the west, the sun sets.

And ending the day to start
the cycle all over again.

- [Voiceover] Life
and the death.

All right, next.

- From the south, we
get the deserts and...

- [Voiceover] The dry heat.

- The penguins and the dry...

- [Voiceover] Penguins
in the desert?

- I mean they're far.

They're not in the
desert, but they're...

- [Jared] Sounds good to me.

- [Voiceover] It's fine.

- [Voiceover] Everyone's
brought desert [mumbles].

- [Voiceover] To the
center of the circle.

Which is the focus
of our existence.

- [Voiceover] Which is the point

which brings us all together.

- [Voiceover] The
basis of reality.

- [Voiceover] The earth beneath
us and father sky above.

- [Voiceover] From beyond
which the moon travels.

- [Jared] This isn't
freaking you out, is it?

- No, it's just different.

- [Voiceover] Wait.

It is 5:42 and 35 seconds.

How long is it gonna take?

Dude, you should've
let the guest go first.

- [Voiceover] Welcome,
welcome to the neighborhood.

- [Voiceover] We
are at Dave's place.

- [Voiceover] That's
what the sign says.

- That's pretty cool.

- [Voiceover] So you guys
know this thing is...

- [Voiceover]
Manic, as you were.

- [Jared] Oh, I'm
just getting started.

- [Voiceover] I'm so stoned.

- [Voiceover] How long have
you guys lived down here?

- Wait, when?

When did it happen?

- [Jared] I've only
be here 6 months now?

- [Voiceover] I have no idea.

- [Voiceover] Six months, yeah?

- Yeah, I moved
from the east coast.

- [David] Right, we
were talking about it.

I'm from the east coast too.

- But you didn't know
anybody in common right?

It's funny though, I met
a lot of people out here

who know people in common
or friend of friends.

- [David] Yeah.

Are you okay there?

You want some water dude?

- I'm cool, I'm cool.

- [David] Hey, you guys
know Shannon next door?

- [Jared] Oh, yeah, she
and I are good friends.

- [David] What's she like?

- She's hella fine, dude.

Sometimes I spy on her.

- Yeah [laughs]

Spy on her?


- I can't help it, dude.

- [David] What do you...

You're spying on her?

- [Voiceover] Well, not always.

Just once or twice.

- [Voiceover] Does
she have a boyfriend?

- [Voiceover]
Sometimes, I mean...

I don't know.

- What?

- [Voiceover] You smell so good.

- [Voiceover] You smell so good.

- [Voiceover] I love
the way you smell.

She told me that every time
she's here, it's how she smells.

- [Voiceover] She smells good.

- [David] Is this
the kind of place...

Is this like Melrose Place?

Is this like where everybody
sleeps with everybody

in this building?

You guys know, right?

- [Voiceover] I
don't sleep with him.

- [Voiceover] Actually,

yeah we don't sleep together,
we're brothers, of course.

- [Voiceover] I don't even...

What are you
talking about, dude?

- But lots of people
sleep with each other.

The mailman is having
an affair with [mumbles]

- [Voiceover] The mailman?

How do you know this?

How do you know this?

- She lives on the bottom floor,

I just fucking go up
peek through her window.


- Not the female man, mind you.

Or the boy man.

- [David] What are
you talking about?

- [Voiceover] It's the mail man.

- Has he ever been caught?

- No.

- You guys see
everything, don't you?

- [Jared] Have you ever
looked in my window?

- [Voiceover] What?

- Ever spy on my apartment?

- Do we?

- Do you?

- We won't tell anyone.

Your secret's my secret.

- [Jared] What have you seen?

- You don't know our secrets.

- That's true, you don't know.

- [Voiceover] We know
you're burning in love with

what's her face.

- [Voiceover]
That's not a secret.

What about you?

You dating somebody?

- [Voiceover] When was
the last time you had sex?

- Dude, don't even
go there, dude.

- [Voiceover] [laughs] Why not?

- I don't feel comfortable
talking about it, I'm sorry.

- He's very uncomfortable
with his sexuality.

- [Voiceover] I still
wanna know what you guys

have seen me do.

- [Voiceover] Don't
even talk about that.

- [Voiceover] About what?

- Relationships.

People just always hurt
each other's feelings.

It seems like no one's
ever making up their minds.

And they tend to fuck each
other over pretty hard.

At least that's what
I've experienced.

I've done the same
to other people.

- [David] I just think it's...

I think it's part of just,
it's not like that's new.

I think that's par
for the course.

Anything that makes it better
than that is like exceptional.

- [Voiceover] Yeah, I think
that she shouldn't use

the stick so much.

The other day, on
the bed in there...

I'm losing the way.

- You're making me sick, dude.

- What?

- [Voiceover] What are
you fucking talking about?

- Were you fucking looking?

- Looking at what?

- I don't know.

- Were you fucking looking?

- Looking at what?

- Look at me, were
you fucking watching

in her room yesterday?

You fucking snoop.

- What's he talking, what
are you talking about?

What are you guys talking about?

- You might wanna get the
fuck out of here right now.

- I don't know what
we're talking about.

- Dude, be cool, man.

- You might wanna get...

Were you looking?

- What are you talking about?

- You don't know me.

- I don't, but it sounds like
you guys know me very well

all of a sudden.

- We just know you're Dave
and you just moved in here.

It's cool.

You don't want funk.

You don't want funk with some
fools from this building.

- What are you
guys talking about?

- Where are you from?

Where are you from, man?

Where are you from?

- I want you guys out
of here right now.

- What are you talking about?

- You know, it's kind of...

It's a good thing.

- I want you guys out
of my place right now.

- This is getting heavy.

- Take your shit.

- This is getting heavy, hey.

- Get your hands off me and
get the fuck out of my house,

you too, Jared.

- What are you talking about?

What did you see doing?

- [Jared] You need
to relax, brother.

You need to explain
what's been going on.

You guys, you should probably...

What are you talking about?

- Get out of here, dude.

- What are you talking about?

- Get out of here.

- No, I'm not gonna leave.

What the fuck you talking about?

- Get out of here.

- We're all sitting here,
we're mellowing out.

- Get out of here!

- Don't you fucking yell at me.

Why you fucking yelling at me?

- Get out of here.

- You gotta chill
the fuck out, man.

This is not how you
deal with people.

- Look, you don't
know me, we just met.

Please, give me some space.

All right?

- [Jared] Fuck you, too, man.

You're spying in my
window, I don't trust you.

I don't trust you.

- Get outta here.

Let's go.

- Don't fucking touch me.

Don't fucking touch me.

This is not even to do with you.

- [David] This is not...

I have nothing, I have no
problems with you, okay?

I have no problems with you.

- [Jared] Then why you kicking
me out of the apartment?

- [David] Because I want this
space by myself right now.

- [Jared] And it's the
way you look at yourself.

It's how you look at yourself.

- [David] Whoa.

You don't even know
what's going on.

You wanna know what's
going on, you talk to them.

- [Jared] That's fine with me.

- [David] You talk to them.

I don't care about you.

[melancholy rhythmic music]

- [David] You know any jokes?

- No.

- You always had a joke for me.

It's not my apartment.

Someone named David
is supposed to be here

but I guess he's not here yet.

When I showed up they
thought I was him. [laughs]

So I'm just, I got this
pretty place for a while.

I don't know how long.

That's the thing, I
don't know how long.

- David.

Your dad's dead.

You're never gonna be
able to bring him back.

You need to let go of him.

You're dragging that sign
all the way across country.

David, you need
to just let it go.

- You know, I came out here.

I came out here for you.

- [Voiceover] I'm
leaving in a week.

If you wanna come with me,

you know where I live.

You have a week
to figure it out.

- Hey
- [David] Hey.

- This is 15, right?

- Yeah, 15.

Who are you?

- I'm Dave.
- [David] Dave.

- Yeah.

I'm moving in.

You Rick?

I think I talked
to you on the phone

about renting the place.

- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm Rick.

- Cool.

- Yeah,

go out, your key's
coming, you're sweating.

- Yeah, I got a bunch of
crap down in the truck

waiting to come in.

- Okay, well then...

- Sorry I'm a little late.

- Yeah, let me get your key.

- Thanks.

- Yeah, here you go.

- Oh, cool, thanks.

- Number 15, there you go.

- Thanks a lot.

You're a musician huh?

- Oh, yeah. Adios.

- Cool.

- Have fun.

- Thanks a lot, man.

[playing guitar]

♪ Let me tell you about the sun

♪ The sun is good,
yeah the sun is love

♪ It's just the sun

♪ Where do you come

♪ Feel the world giving
birth to everyone

♪ Mother sun, mother sun

♪ Like the daughter
I want to have

♪ If I could get you
in my bed, in my head

♪ We'd always be awake

♪ I finally found my home

♪ Together we are alone

♪ I won't fall down again

♪ It's like when I was ten