Sun Don't Shine (2012) - full transcript

"Sun Don't Shine" follows Crystal (Kate Lyn Sheil) and her boyfriend Leo (Kentucker Audley) on a tense and mysterious road trip through the desolate yet hauntingly beautiful landscape of central Florida. As the couple travels up the Gulf Coast the disturbing details of their excursion gradually begin to emerge, revealing Crystal's sinister past and the couple's troubling future. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I'm just trying to
talk to you about it.

I'm just trying to talk to you about it,
all right?

I'm not trying to blame you.

Obviously, I'm trying to
blame you a little bit.

No! No!

No! No! No! No!

I gotta finish this.

We don't need to keep
talking about this.

But we do need to keep going.

All right, you can have
a second to rest up.

Want some water?

Yes, please.
Water would be nice.

Don't! You tried
to hit me.

You hit me. No I didn't.

Yes you did.
You hit me.

You see that?
You strangled me.

You had me in a strangle hold.

You're going to tell me you didn't
try to hit me and strangle me?

I think we had a misunderstanding,
but if you thought I tried

to strangle
you I'm sorry. You did.

I'm sorry I broke
your cell phone.

How long does it take
to get to the everglades?

Four hours.

Maybe five.

We gotta take a route
that don't make sense,

if you look at it
on paper, but..

We gotta trip 'em up.

We're going to tampa.

Why tampa?

'Cause I got
a friend there.

And, um...

I think she can
help US out. She?

She got a boat?


But I gotta be alone with her.


Why do you have to
be alone with her?

So no one knows we're together.

Where'd you fucking
throw that thing?

I'm sorry.

Do you see why we don't want

to be putting stuff on the
side of the road like that?

Yes. I do.

I'm sorry.

It's okay, crystal.

I'm sorry.

It's okay, all right?

You ready to go get
our sandwiches now?


It's okay. You
don't need a shirt.

I'll give you mine,
all right. Okay?

Get back up here,
I'll give you my shirt.

We'll go eat our
sandwiches, all right?

Thank you.

You wanna just wait right here?

While I go in for two seconds?


What were you doing over there?

I've gotta buy Marla a present.

Crystal, let's go.

It's gonna take,
like, two seconds.

Can we do this later?

No! I told her i'd
buy her a present.


When did you tell her you were

going to buy
her a present? Before!

You just talked
to her. No I didn't!

Is that what you want?
Give me the mermaid.

I didn't call anyone.

I don't think your girlfriend
is going to help US.

She's not my girlfriend. I know
you talked to your mother back there.

Was she your girlfriend before?

No. Will you just admit that?

I wanna go to a motel.

I wanna go to a motel
and make love.

Did you tell her
you were with me?

You don't want to
make love to me.

You were supposed to
tell her you were at home.

You think I got fat.

Crys, I know you talked to your
mom back there on the phone.

Did you tell her
you were with me?

No I didn't! No, I'm not stupid!

Fuck! I'm going to have to stop.

You want to take me
to this woman's

house so you can fuck her,
and you think I deserve it!

For dillydallying around right there,
it's going to overheat again. I gotta stop.

You wouldn't treat me this way
if I had big fake tits and lips.

I could get a body like that

and then all the men would want
me and you'd be sorry.

You know, that's what
you want isn't it?

You want one of those skinny
girls in the magazines.

I don't like those girls. Yes you do.
Every man does.

You never would have tried to
strangle a girl that looked like that.

I didn't try to strangle you.

You don't want to be with
me because I have a daughter.

That's not true. Yes, it is.

My hips are big from having
Marla and you think it's disgusting.

What do you want me to do?
What else do you want me to do?

I never hit you.

And your hips aren't disgusting,
and I don't like

fucking fake model tits.

Your tits are fine
and your face is pretty.

All right, if you want to be
mad at me for helping you out

on your dirty shit.

Do you know what
this situation is?

Do you know how much
I am helping you out

on this fucked up situation?


Should we go?

We can't fucking go.
We can't go anywhere.

Hey, sir. Y'all having
car trouble?

Not much. We're in good shape. Just
had to pour a little water in the radiator.

I was broken down last week,

on the side of
the road for hours,

until somebody, an angel,

pulled over and helped me.

So, when I saw y'all pulled over

I figured it was my turn
to return the favor.

Sure. Sure. Sure.

Fortunately we don't need anything
like that, but thanks for helping.

Y'all need a jump?


Well... I thought my
car had overheated too,

and turns out,
it was the battery.

Well can't hurt to try.

Y'all got jumper cables
in the trunk?

No. There's nothing
in the trunk.

Don't got any jumper
cables in the trunk.

Like I said, I appreciate
your helping out,

but this is a normal
problem I have.

I just gotta put some water in
the radiator and let it cool off.

I hear you. I got
a tow truck guy.

I don't need a tow truck guy.

If you can just
put up your phone.

Just gonna sit here
and let it cool off.

Appreciate your help, but...

Suit yourself.

I'll stick around at least,
until y'all get it started.

No good being stuck
in this heat.

Um, I'm in real estate,

and I was taking some clients

to a property.

Had them in the car, the car starts
making this weird rattling sound.

Eight weeks, since I had a sale.

My first sale in eight weeks.

And I could not believe it,
the car just craps out,

just totally shits out
on me right there...

With the clients,
in the car, in the heat.

I had a dog die on me once
in the heat in the car.

They, uh,
they got a zoo up there in Atlanta.

It's a real piece of shit,
I mean, is was a piece of shit.

Olympics came through
and cleaned it up.

They have this thing there called
the cyclorama. Y'all ever been?


It's this big piece of fabric.

They've got all these
civil war battles

painted on 'em.

Appomattox, all these
other ones, anyway.

My parents took me there,
'bout five years old.

Got our dog in the
back seat of the car...

Big great Dane named rommel.

I need to talk to
my girlfriend alone.

No sweat. Go right ahead.

Crystal, get in the car.

Appreciate your help sir.

Good luck.

That man is going
to call the police.

I'm sorry.

I didn't know what to do.

It's not your fault.

You were acting a
little bit alarming,

but it's not your fault.

Put this shirt on I bought you.

We gotta get out of here.



I think that maybe
we should go to a motel.

Just so we can get off the road.

'Cause if that guy
called the cops

maybe they wouldn't be looking
for US there, you know?

We can't go to a hotel.
We've got too much to do.

We've got to get to
Terry's bar by sunset.

I don't want to
go to Terry's bar.

I just want to lie down
in a bed with you.

I just want to go to a motel
and sleep with you.

Did you put the shirt on?


We can't go to a motel, hon.

What are you doing?

I need to get this out.

Do you want help?


Why are you doing that?

I have to get all the blood out.

Help me.


I love you.

Do you think your
plan is gonna to work?

I do.

I think your plan is gonna work.

I'm not good at making plans.

I am better at being
spontaneous and stuff.

I think that's part of why
we're so good together.

I need to know what
you told your mom

when you dropped Marla off.

I told her that Greg and I
needed some time alone,

like a vacation.

Where did you tell
her you were going?

I told her I didn't know yet.

But I told her that people were after him,
like you said to say.

You called her when
we were at the store?


I thought about it.

I just missed her
little voice so much,

and I picked up the phone...

But I changed my mind,

because I knew that you
really didn't want me to.

And I knew that you were right.

It's not that
I don't want you to.

It's just that we gotta
be smart right now.

I know.

When we build
our house in Mexico

or north Carolina,
like you wanted.

Near your mom's.

I was thinking that maybe
you could plan the whole thing

and you could build it,

but I could be in charge
of decorating it.

And everything will be
nice and clean,

and there will be tile and
everything and nice white walls,

and I'll keep it clean,
everyday, with bleach,

if you wanted me to.

And then I was thinking
that you could have some room

in the backyard for all
of your tools and things.

And you could do everything
that you like to do back there.

But then I could have a special
room for Marla and myself

to do what we like to do,
and to decorate it with,

you know, things that she likes.

Like, baby dolls and mermaids
and Princess things.

And then, also, she's really into
dinosaurs right now for some reason.

I don't get it. I don't know.

I guess they're doing some
lesson at school or something.

I mean, she can come later.

Once everything is safe.

She's better with
your mom right now.

I want to go on a boat with you,

or an airplane.

We've never been grocery shopping together,
that'd be nice.

What made you think of that?


That made you think
about grocery shopping?

No. I just thought
of that on my own.

We should probably stop and
get Terry a nice bottle of wine.


I don't know.

Isn't it normal
when you go somewhere

to show up with a
nice bottle of wine?

Starfish motel.

Buccaneer's way.

Pirate's cove.

Weeki wachee.
You ever been there?


My mom took me there once
when I was little.

We couldn't afford to get in the front,
so we snuck around this back entrance.

And then we went on this boat,
I remember, and there was, like,

an underwater show that we went to in this
big place, and there were all these mermaids

swimming around under water. It was... I
don't know, it was just a really fun place.

I always told Marla that
I was going to take her there,

but I can't afford that, so...

I don't know, maybe someday we'll sneak
around back again, something like that.

Do you think that we could
maybe go there on the way back?


Did you know that mermaids
live forever? No they don't.

The sand dollar.

Briny deep.


Coconut inn.

Tropical shores.

will you please stop reading all the signs?

I have a really
bad headache. I'm sorry.

Crystal palms.

Crystal palms!

That's nice for you.

Shit. That cop's
been following US.

Crystal, do not look back.

Look straight ahead, okay?

What should we do?

Just relax, okay?

Crystal, if he pulls US over,

will you please just act normal?

Maybe we could drive off
down an alleyway and...

What are you doing?! Don't
open that thing! I'm sorry.

That's a terrible idea. Not going
down an alley and using that gun!

All right, we're just gonna calm down,
and if he pulls US over,

we're going to relax and act
like nothing is wrong, okay?

There's nothing wrong.
There's nothing in the trunk.

Just relax.

Oh, shit...

He didn't follow US.

I thought that was gonna
be the last time I saw you.

It's okay.

He's gone now.

It's okay, it's okay,
just relax.

Let's be good together. Let's be
good to one another from now on, okay?


Crystal, relax.

you don't need to do that right now.

Get up off
my pants.Okay.

See, Terry's house
is right there. See it?

That's good,
'cause that's even closer than I thought.

It's closer than I remember.

Fuck! The door
is jammed again.

Will you come out and get me?

I'm sorry.

Crystal, come on. Come help.

Try to do this quickly.

I don't know how
to build a tent.

It's not building a tent,

it's just popping
it up, all right?

And let's try to be a little careful
about how we deal with this.

If we don't fuck it up too bad,

we might be able
to take it back.

See, it's set up.

Grab that.

We need to put the stakes in.

Come on.

It smells like smoke.

That's disgusting.

So you built these
cabinets for her?


Then what happened?

That was it.

You can tell me.
I'm not going to get mad at you.

What else do you want to know?
I built her cabinets.

I went into her bar,

we got to talking.

I was at a job, just down the beach,
and she said...

Asked what I was doing,
I told her I just did

some construction.

She said if I could build cabinets for her,
and I told her no sweat.

So you met her
the same way you met me?

You didn't tell me that.

'Cause you met me when you were

working a job nearby
the bar where I work,

and then you built
cabinets for me and Greg,

so, that's the same.

No, that's different.

How's that different?

All right, I think you should
stop giving her a hard time.

She's our alibi here.

All right? You're
in Jacksonville.

And I'm here alone with her,
and neither of US

are in the everglades dumping
your husband into the swamp.

Will you change out
of those clothes,

and see if she's got
anything else that fits you?

You really shouldn't be walking
around in those clothes.

Does that make sense?


What are you doing?

I was just trying to find
something that fits.

Take that off.

You want me to take it off?


She ever wear this for you?


That's too bad.

What did she wear for you?

Nothing. nothing?

No, she just wore
normal clothes.


Did you have fun with her?

No, I didn't.

That's too bad too.


You okay?

He wanted to make love to me.

That's how it started,

He wanted to make love to me,
and I told him I didn't want to,

because I only wanted
to make love to you.

So he beat me.

He beat you for
a lot of reasons.

He knew I was cheating on him.

Did he tell anyone?

There weren't any marks on me
or bruises or anything,

but it hurt really bad.

And I wanted there
to be bruises,

because I wanted there to be
proof that it had happened.

'Cause I'd been lying
so long to myself...

Crystal, if he told anyone,
they're going to be coming for me.

I just wanted to know
that it was as bad

as I was telling myself it was.

The first time I stabbed him,

he opened his eyes

and he looked right at me,

and I was so sad

and so scared.

But I kept going,
because I knew I couldn't stop.

I just needed him
to stop strangling me.

You didn't tell me he knew!

He didn't know for sure.
He didn't know for sure.

He was always
saying shit like that.

You just said he knew
you were cheating.

No, I know I said
he knew I was cheating,

but he always said that
he thought I was cheating.

It didn't mean
that he knew for sure.

What the fuck did
he say crystal?!

He said he thought I was
fucking somebody else,

but that doesn't mean anything.

He was always
saying shit like that,

he was always saying
I was fucking somebody else.

He was crazy.
It didn't mean that he knew.

I didn't mean
that he knew for sure.

I just meant that he was
saying stuff like that.

Please don't leave me.

Is your hand okay?

It's okay.

You really shouldn't be
here with me right now.

Let's just find a bar
or something to go to.

Just put something
else on and let's go.


I was just thinking about
the last time I got into a fight.

I don't think I ever
told you about it.

You know how people
think i'm stupid sometimes,

because I'm quiet
and I don't talk a lot?


Well, um...

You know that woman charlene
that works at the bar with me?

She's kind of tall, she's got a
gap between her two front teeth.

Well, I bought this lipstick,

this was, like,
last year sometime.

I came in wearing it and she
said that she liked the color.

So, I told her that she
could borrow it if she wanted,

and she went into the
bathroom and she tried it on,

and she came out wearing it,
but she never gave it back to me.

And so, it was busy and I just
figured that maybe she would

maybe give it back to me later,
but she never did.

And then, like, everyday,
for something like three weeks,

she'd come in wearing
this stupid color.

And I just wasn't
saying anything and

I guess she probably
thought I forgot,

because everyone thinks
I'm so distracted all the time,


So, finally,
one day I had gotten into a fluster...

I was just in a really bad
mood before I went to work.

I was so pissed off.

And I came in and she
was wearing the lipstick

and so, I said to her,

can you give me that lipstick back?

You've had it for
three weeks now."

And she was said she didn't
know what I was talking about,

and tried to pretend
that it was hers.

Can I have a whiskey?

Another whiskey for you?

I told her that she was a liar,

and then she called me a bitch.

And I don't know
what got into me,

but I told her that she was a bitch,
I told her right back.

And then she said that I was...

Just keep that.

For some reason,
she told me that I was a bad mother,

and that just drove
me over the edge

and I slapped her in the face.

And so we were rolling
around on the ground,

and I was getting my
ass whooped because

it turned out that she was a
pretty good fighter, actually.

And then, my boss...

Thank you. Keep it.

Had to drag US off one another.

And it turned out that
neither one of US got fired,

for some reason,
so we still work together,

and we get along fine.

It's a pretty funny
story, I guess.

It's not a funny story.

♪ Like I was made of stone

♪ bone dry from bleeding

♪ every time
I thought of leaving ♪

♪ my voice was taken
from my mouth ♪...

Hey, what's a guy like
you doing in a bar like this?

Say, you're pretty cute.

Will you quit following
me for a second?

You know, my mama

always told me never
to talk to strangers,

but I never really
listened to her anyway.

You seem pretty nice.

You know,
you can buy me a drink if you want to,

but I have to be
honest with you.

I'm totally in love
with somebody else.

But he and I get into
fights all the time,

because he's always pretending

that he knows what
he's talking about,

when really...

I don't think he
really knows shit all

about what he's talking about.

But I love him,
I really love him.

I think he's the only person in
the world that understands me.

I know what I'm talking about.

You do?

I don't think you know
shit about some things.

You understand me?

I think so.

You know what I like about you,

You make it so I don't have
to think about what to say.

I don't even think

too much about it.

You just...
Get me talking.

I think it's because
you ask questions

about how I used to be,

my interests.

It's hard to get to talking,

the way you make me talk.

Did you ever have
a swimming pool?


Yeah, me neither.

When I was real little,
I remember my cousin.

She used to be able
to go into the pool

and hold her breath
for something like two minutes.

I know that sounds crazy,
it doesn't

seem like it's possible,
but now that

I think about it, that's just one of
those things you have in your head...

I can do just
about anything.

I'll run your electric, run your plumbing,
lay down your concrete.

Build your roof, your walls,
your whole house.

This one guy, I raised his roof

up about four feet.

Said his price is going to go up to
priceless if you get these up a little bit.

At the end of the day,
those ceilings were up 15 feet,

and that man was talking
about how I took too long.

Well, maybe I did
take too long, but...

I just wanted
to go swimming.

I always loved building.

I'd always find a piece of wood.

Look for another piece of wood.

Start putting
those things together.

Build a fort...
Build a fort for my friends.

We'd go up there,

not say much, but at least we
were out of the sight of my mom.

I know that I
haven't been easy to be around,

and I feel really
bad about it, because...

I think you're so good.

I think you're so kind.

I wish that you didn't have
to deal with anything bad.

All right.

Okay, if you need to go to
the bathroom or anything...

Will you come in
and sleep with me?

Honey, I can't. I'm so sorry,
but I can't.

Can you give me a kiss?

I'll give you a kiss,
but I have to get going.

I'm so sorry. Give me
another kiss?

Just a quick one.

Will you slide in
there? I'm so sorry.

I will be back in three hours.

I hope she's gonna
be home. I'm so sorry.

She's on her way home. She's
going to be home very soon.

I'll be back in three
hours. I'm so sorry.



Aw, somebody's been
sleeping in my bed.

Yeah, I was
sleeping in your bed.

You want a drink?
I need a drink.

Fucking bar fight broke out in
there just as I was kicking people out.

Oh, jeez.

Sorry about the mess in here.

I just wanted
a little pizza, you know?

I passed out and
nearly killed myself.

The place was filled with smoke.

It's that stupid doctor.

He gave me some sinus
medication or something.

It didn't mix with the
glass of wine. Not my fault.

There you go, baby bear.

I got something for you.
I got a present for you.

It's in my car though.

Did you change your clothes?

Yeah, just getting comfortable.

Okay. What is it?

It's a mermaid
sitting in a shell.

Aw, she's so sweet.

Thank you, Leo.
That's so sweet.

Can I get through here?

I just need to use the
restroom. Just one second.

What the fuck?

You need any help in there?


You want to watch
some TV or something?

No, I don't want to
watch some TV or something.

So why'd you come here?

Just wanted to say hi.

Had a couple of days off.

So you just wanted to say hi.

Drove four hours,
came to see me?


Are you playing games with me?

Because if you are,

I do not need that shit.

Why are you acting
so fucking weird?

All right, I'm just... I've
been trying to quit smoking.

That's all.

I'm sorry I am acting so weird.

It's not easy.

So you just wanted to see me?



You want to see
a little more of me?

Get the fuck off me, Leo!

Calm down! I'll explain
this in the car. Calm down.

You gave her
the fucking mermaid?!

I'm calling the cops!

Get the fuck out of here!

I didn't think this was
going to happen. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I didn't think
this was going to happen.

Under other circumstances, I could
have had a nice time with you, okay?

And I have in the past,
but I can't anymore.

I told you I didn't
want to come here.

I said I don't want to come here and
you told me that we had to come here.

I told you I didn't want to come here and you
told me you build fucking cabinets for her.

You told me you built
cabinets for her!

I hate you both so much.
I hate you both so fucking much!

I told you I didn't
want to come here!

I told you I didn't want
to come here! Drop the knife.

I told you not to bring me here. And
you said you didn't... you lied to me!

You fucking lied...


We're gonna leave.

All right, we're gonna leave.

I just need to figure out
a couple things, okay?

I'm gonna step outside
for a minute.

Okay, okay...
I'm not going to hurt you.

That's not what this is about. I'm
going to try not to hurt you, okay?

I never thought
I'd be in this situation.

So I have no idea what to do.

I'm not asking for advice,
I just...

It's a good thing I don't
know how to do this, right?

I don't know what you're doing.

I know you don't.

Okay, right, so...

Okay, so, crystal...

We're in a bad position, okay?

Once we leave,
will you not call the cops?

I know you're probably
going to want to call the cops.

Please don't call the cops.

We need a boat.

We're not going to
make it to the everglades,

we probably
wouldn't have either way.

I'm sorry I lied.
I didn't get this for you.

Just get out!

Get in the car.

I heard scratching.

I heard scratching.

You didn't hear scratching.

He's dead.
He's very dead.

I know he's dead,
but I heard scratching.

Shut up! Do not talk.

You can't be talking right now.

I need to figure
this out. That's fine

I hate you so much right now.

Okay. I understand that.

And yes, I've had sex with her.

That's all I do
when I get there.

She'd knew something was up
when I didn't go through with it.

Get out.

You wanted to
come here! Get out!

Come on, come on, come on.

Oh, shit.

These your boats?

Not open.

I was hoping I could rent
one of these boats off of you.

Not open.

Well, what time y'all open?

You need to go, please.

Sir, I'm not trying
to cause any trouble.

I just need to rent one
of these boats off you.

Just going to go on
a little canoe trip.

I've seen enough.

You need to leave.
Now, please.




It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...

It's okay. It's okay.

A lot of people forget that,
but we'll find a snake in their yard

and they'll kick it out,
send it over to their neighbors.

We really don't want to do that.

They do help out greatly
with the rodent population,

and diseases.

So, at the same time you're
kicking out the snake,

you'd only be inheriting
a lot more of those.

So, you're definitely
better off...


I'm fucked, I'm fucked,
I'm fucked.

It's okay. It's okay.

Just calm down. Just calm down.

It's okay.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Imagine a place,

serene, tranquil, and peaceful.

A place of weightlessness.

A world as old as time
and as new as a dream.

Behold this beauty
as our story unfolds.

Far out on our sea,

the water is as blue
as the loveliest corn flower,

and as pure
as the clearest glass.

Do I gotta pay to get in there?

I just gotta
go in there two seconds.

Yes, for one.

How much does it
cost?$13 dollars.

How much? 13.

But the reason why we do
the research on diamond backs

is we want to make something
really cool...

And then, also, a lot of people
aren't very familiar with their snakes.

They'll go out in the wild,
they'll come across this species

and they'll mistake it
for a big one.

Is this a human,
or maybe, a prince?

He doesn't swim very well.

In fact,

he looks so helpless.

the little mermaid wanted to help him.

I need you to not
ask questions, okay?

He will surely die.

The little mermaid
rushes to his rescue

and gives him
the breath of life.

She kisses his brow.

His eyes open.

He is surprised.

Do you believe in
love at first sight?

They do.

They spin and twirl
and play together in the sea.

What happened?
What's the matter...

Don't play sweet with
me. Don't touch me.Sorry.

You're a fucking liar.

You've always been
a fucking liar!

And you see what happened.
You'll know this is your fucking fault.

All this is your fucking fault!

You can leave me, it's fine.

I can do this
by myself. No I can't.

I can't fucking leave you.
Get out of the car.

Go! Go!

Grab his legs.

Tip him out.

Go that way.Okay.

Come help me flip him over.

Would you come
help me flip him over?!

You did this.

You did this. You
did this. You see that?

This is your fault.

Do you understand
that? This your fault.

Now help me fucking
turn him over!

Grab his legs and
let me flip it over.

We gotta lift him
in the boat.Okay.

All right, tip... tip it over.

Can you tip
the boat?! Yeah.

All right, now flip him out.

Do you think
they're going to sink?

You think I've ever
done this before?

Answer me.

Say something.
Say something.

Say something.
Say something!

Say something.
Say something!

You deserve all of this.

Marla is going to
be better off...

Marla... the whole world

is going to be better off...




I was thinking about it,

and I don't think
if I lived forever

I could ever meet anybody else
who would do anything like this for me.

Parents are supposed to do it,
but I don't even know if my mom would.

She was always
saying things, like,

raising me was something
that messed up her life,

or she gave up
her life to raise me.

And my dad, I don't even know.

He didn't stay around long
enough to get to know me,

or I didn't have a chance
to mess it up.

And I guess I'd like to think
I'd do it for Marla, but...

I think you're the only one.

I'm not going to let
anything happen to you.


Yeah, you're mine.

You mean it? I'm your girl?

Yeah, you're my girl.

I'd do anything for you.

I'd do anything for you.

I'd do anything for you.

Do you want
me to call the police?

Not yet.