Sun Children (2020) - full transcript

12-year-old Ali and his three friends.Together they work hard to survive and support their families. In a turn of events that seems miraculous, Ali is entrusted to find hidden treasure underground. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
We'll be back soon.

- Step on it.
- OK.

That's it. Push it up.

Mamad, take this.

The blocks.

No, I mean the blocks.

All of them.

Unlock it, fast!

Someone is coming.

Hide it under the car.


What are you up to?

- What are you doing here?
- I'm lost, sir.

Are you alone?

Lost, really?
Don't panic, I won't hurt you.

If you're lost,
to whom are you sending signals?


Get up!

My pants!

Take the tire and the jack!

Go. I'll call you.

- Get your hands off me!
- Let me go!


Run off, Abolfazl!

Let go of him!

I'll kill you if you come after us.
Got it?

Take this, clown.

Abolfazl, run.


Run, run!

This way!

Come on.

This way.

Get out of there!

by Majid Majidi

OTG, USB, chargers...

Need a sponge?

- How much?
- 5,000. You want one?


Sponges, socks...

- Are you going to visit?
- Yes.

Tomorrow we all go to the park.

Wow, lucky!

Are you coming?

No, I am way behind with my studies.

Plus I have to sell all of these.

Who is the new girl?

Which girl?

Messing with me?

Pretty hair clip.

Hi there,
3 packs of cigarettes.

How much for those boxes?

14,000, bro.

Cool, man.

- I beg you.
- You don't get it, she needs rest.

Five minutes and I'm gone.

I'll owe you one.

Take this back, it makes her sick.
Don't bring it again.

I beg you.

You're driving me crazy. Leave.


Can't handle your kind. Get lost!

You're getting on my nerves.
Not sure I got the pills right!

The visitors are crazier
than the patients!

Reza, over here.

I had something to do.

Tomorrow. Morning.

Will tidy up.

- Ali.
- Yes.

- Keshmiri was here.
- What for?

I told him what happened yesterday.
He placed a new order.

One C200 and two BMWs.

- The order and the deposit.
- OK, go back to your work.


Rahim is looking for you.

He knows?

What if he finds you here?

Give this to me and tell him I'm out!

Where do you think you're going?

Get on the bike.

- Thanks.
- My pleasure.

Come inside.

What are you doing?

Keep moving!

Quick or you'll see.

Get inside.

This way.

Up the stairs.


Get in.

Straight on!

Move it!

Here he is, bro.

I regret my mistake, sir.

- When did you catch it?
- I was bringing it back.

I had no idea it was yours.

I realized it yesterday.

It was one of my boys.
He clipped its wings.

Which boys?

The warehouse boys.

They work with me.

How many?

Three, sir.

Sit down.


How is your mother?

She's not doing well.

How long will she be staying there?

Until she gets better.

Take her out by all means.

I have no place for her.

What if I provide you with a room?

Can you take care of her?

Yes, sir.

Listen carefully.

Under the cemetery, there is a treasure.

There is no way from the cemetery.

The only way is the school's water pipe
across from it.

We'll do it step by step.
Get it?

First you go to enroll at the school.

Then you'll find the basement.

You keep me posted
and I'll tell you what to do next.


Listen, you deal with your boys!

Your responsibility!
I deal with you only.

Get it?

Yes, sir.

And you can keep Lady Bird.
She's yours.

Enjoy her.

So nice of you.

With your permission.

That's it!


Of course, you stupid ass.

The deal of a lifetime!

I want a falafel shop.

- Me, a game net shop.
- Keep it down!

Me, a car wash.
Best business ever.

There are a lot of treasures
in my village.

Always protected by a snake.

These are in the basement?

Show us that one.

See, and you didn't believe me.

Wasn't mine. A friend was busy
and asked me to sell it for him.

Ismael knows.

- What do I sell?
- Razors.

You see, Afghan.


What did you call him? Afghan?

We're all the same.
Afghans and Iranians.

Back to your class!

Take this.

Maybe you forgot the rest
somewhere else.

- Sir, trust me...
- Just leave.

- Safar?
- Yes?

- Where are the files?
- In a minute.

Stand tall!

You, take off your hat!

- Why did you jump over the wall?
- They didn't let us in.

You jump over the wall
when unwelcome?

We're here to enroll.

- We want to study.
- Now?

Where were you until now?
Come back next year.

Next year is too late.

We've found a part time job,
but we need proof of enrollment.

Fill in the forms
and put down your address.

I'll see if I find another school.

What's this?

To be enrolled here.

It's free to enroll.

Take your money.

I said take it.


Everyone leaves. You too.

Safar, take them all out.

- Out. Please leave now.
- Let go!

Please, what did we do wrong?

Stop for a sec.

I beg you, sir.
We haven't done anything wrong.

Stop it!

Get out! Out!

Mr. Rafie, come in.

Check the list of kids we recommended
from the past 3 years.

- The brilliant students?
- Yes.

You didn't enroll those boys?

What can I do in this situation?

After 2 weeks only,
they've increased the meal price.

Hello, sir.

You weren't supposed
to increase the prices yet.

It's not 2 or 3 meals but 408!

- Get out.
- You can't force me.

Your small increase
is a big problem for us.

I'll throw you out. You can't fool me.

What's the difference between us?
Aren't we all equals?

We won't leave!

Give me a discount.

Come inside.

You've always been generous
to this school.

What did you write?

We're asked to do addition.

I did the multiplication
and division too.

Great. Continue.

Mohamed Behi?

Yes, sir.

Father's occupation?

He's been absent.

Since when?

As long as I can remember.

Did he ever quit?

Three or four times.

He went to rehab once,
but he started again.

What about you?

My father is in prison.

Mine has been absent too.

What about yours?

I don't have a father. He's dead.

Can I go to the washroom?

Are you done?

As much as I could.

- In total, 37.
- Right. Thank you.

Here, take your SIM card
and your new cell as your prize.

- Use this from now on.
- Cool.

Open the padlock by injecting acid.

- I'll start tomorrow.
- Good boy!

Hey guys! Open the cages!

Let Ali make them fly.


Absolutely, go on.

So cool.

Feed them well so they come back.

- May I?
- Yes, come in.

Why are you late?

Come to the board!

Back to your seat.

- I'm feeling sick, sir.
- I said to the board!

The greatest source of light is?

The Sun.

Why did you answer? I knew it.
The sun is the greatest source of light.

OK, now answer this question.

Substances in our environment...

How many different states
of the substances are there?

Seven states.

Seven states? Name them?

Heroin, grass, crack...

Shut the hell up!

Ask your mom
to burn you an incense stick!

Quiet. Go back to your seat.

No more washroom during class.

Hence the main source of light
being the sun

how many states of substances are there?

- Three states.
- Name them.

Solid, liquid, gas.

Solid, liquid, gas.

This is not a zoo!

What now?

There was a fight.

Out of here! Out!

Keep your head up!

What's this?

Sorry, but he insulted my mother.

How did you hit them?

Won't do it again!

I'm asking how you fought three
at the same time?

I hit two with my head
and I scared one with the knife.

Get up.

Please forgive me.

I told you to stand up.

Please forgive me.

Stand up.

I'm sorry.

Come closer.

How do you hit with your head?

Raise your hand.

Can I take it?

Take it.

Imagine this is a head and this a nose.

With this part of your head,
you hit his nose.

Which part?

This part, under your hair.

You hit it here.

Hit it.

- Really?
- Yes.

Like this, you'll hurt your nose.

No, you have to practice.

Watch out for your eyebrows.

The way Zeidan
hit his adversary during his last game.

When you hit,
you need to quickly withdraw.

Imagine this is the nose,
you have to hit it with this part.

It wasn't my fault!

Go sit down!

You are all expelled. You too.

You come with me.

- Please forgive me! I'm sorry.
- Hitting your classmates!

Get out! Safar throw them out!

Have pity.
Forgive me, please.

We already agreed on the price.

Careful with the food!

We helped bring the food.

Anything else we could do?

- I give you one week. Just one!
- Thank you, that's great!

Don't leave this here.
Take it to the kitchen. Hurry.

Come here!

Get lost! Go!

- What?
- Mind your business!

Go, you hooligan!



What is it?
That's how you take care of my brother?

You're trying to trick him
with the school enrollment

and the treasure story.

Do you have any idea what you're doing?

Do you know what will happen to us
if the school finds out?

No big deal for you
but for us Afghans it would be terrible!

Do you realize
what will happen to us?

We'll be sent to the refugee camp
and then kicked out of the country!

We'd be miserable.

Listen, let it go or else!

I will come to the school
and tell the director everything.

Got it?

Mom, get up. Let's go!

No way. She can't be released.

Plus she can only be released
by her legal guardian.

It's her aunt
but she's sick and lives far away!

I told you, it's impossible.

If I want to take her home,
who should I talk to?

No idea. You're driving me crazy.

Is this the car accident file?

No, it's the woman
whose house burnt down.

Her daughter died in the fire.

Plus her husband is an addict.

So why do you want
to take your mother home so badly?

Your mother is in really bad shape.
She's in shock.

He makes excuses to have us release her.

Dear boy,
she's not in good condition.

If you want her to recover,
you have to cooperate.

Instead of insisting, think of the day
when she's healthy again

and you can take her
to visit friends and family.


I need to speak to you.

Moron! Why the hell
did you tell Zahra about the treasure?

Didn't I tell you
not to tell anyone?

Should I break your jaw?

Tell her we were messing with you.

Got it?

Get lost!



That's Teymour,
the man I told you about.

I'm not going with him!

He's a good man. Go with him to the port.
He'll pay you well.

I don't want this money.

He's an addict.

Stop saying that. Just go.

What's wrong with my job here?


He never lets me keep a job.

Hey bro! We may attract attention!

You go first. I'll catch up later.

So sweet, little chick.

Open it. Let's go in.

My beautiful little chick!

I'll get it for you.

So cute.
Her name could be Goldie?

Get out of there!
The ball isn't in there.

Don't bring her here anymore.
It's dangerous.

There are cats in here.
They might eat her.

Now write down an equivalent fraction.

What about its shape?

Give it up for him.

Where did you learn that Abolfazl?

I worked in construction once.
And this looks like tile work!

You are right.
It does look like tile work.

Give it up for him once more.
Take a seat now.

Your turn.

My town is my home!

Repeat once more.

My town is my home!

Write it down.

Yes, please.

The director wants Abolfazl to pack
his things and come downstairs.

OK! Abolfazl.

Pack your things and go downstairs,
my boy.

Now the second sentence?

- Me!
- Go ahead.

One should not tell lies.

Abolfazl, promise me you won't confess.

Confess what?

Tunnel. Treasure.

Bravo! Show respect to the elderly.

- Repeat the sentence.
- Show respect to the elderly.

Write it down.

- Sir.
- Yes.

May I go to the washroom?
I have stomach ache.

- OK, come back soon.
- OK, sir.

Go see your sister.

You took my notebook!

No, I took mine.

This is yours!
This chicken scratch writing.

Give me your bag!

I'll punish you later!
You'll see!

I've walked a long way for my notebook.

What's this? Tell me.

Take it!
Now I'll be punished because of you!

It's all your fault.


I warned you! You're responsible!

I'll teach you a lesson
when we get home!

What's up?

I took her notebook by mistake.

You ass.

Mamad! Come here.

See, it's closed.

- What's that?
- I don't know.

Tell him to stop!
They can hear you upstairs!


Stop it.
They can hear you!

Such luck!
Now he plays like a champion.

Give me 5,000.

Didn't I tell you
no cigarettes in the school?

- Give me your cigarettes.
- I'll handle it!

Give them to me!

Yes, Maryam.

What the hell were you thinking?

You had no right.
Don't you have a husband?

Hold the line.

Hey you!

What are you doing?

What the hell
are you doing here?

The ball fell down there.

Your ball? Where is it now?

Ali! Come upstairs.
Somebody's here.

- Sir, I messed up.
- Hold on!

Who's there?
Get out of there!

Put it out.

Get out.

Keep going! Don't look back!


Please let us hide here!

- What if he comes from this door?
- We lost him.

What's the matter?

Quiet! I'm talking!

- What's wrong, Mamad?
- Don't know, man!

This is not legal.
You had no right to lock the door!

You'll be in real trouble
if I file a complaint.

Go for it!
I'm not afraid of your threats!

No rent for eight months.
And three eviction notices!

It's all legal!

Is it legal
to throw these kids in the street?

The law requires you
to respect your contract.

No payment results in eviction.
This is not a crime.

OK, but taking the School of Sun hostage
is a crime.

Open the door!

You were supposed pay the rent
before opening the school.

You know we don't get state subsidies.

We only have private donors.

The school must stay open
to be eligible for financial support.

I'm under pressure too.
The landlord wants his money.

We will pay him.
We just need more time.

When we receive financial aid,
we'll pay you.

Just one week, then kick us out.

I pity the innocent kids
under this incompetent director.

Watch your language!

You ignorant man! How dare you?

I'll show you who's incompetent!

Kids, let's climb the wall!

I am the director of the School of Sun,
a school for street children.

Let me tell you about our school.

We have enrolled 280 exploited children,
exposed to all kinds of social harm.

We try to teach them skills,
how to say no,

and manage their anger
to avoid conflicts and criminal acts.

It wasn't easy
to get them off the streets.

During the past three years,

we've supported 57 brilliant students
to give them a future

either in science or in sports.

Now due to financial problems
we have to close the school.

You have helped us in the past.
We are in dire need of your help again.

We only have one week
to solve our problem.

I ask every one of you to help us.

We are all responsible
for every single child here.

Please help us!

Was it OK?


Let me see it.

OK, right there!
Up there!

Play now!

Do your best.

That's fine.

Come here.

See what's underneath!

That's good.

Are you sure they won't hear you?

No worry, sir.
There is lots of noise upstairs.

Mamad! Pull it!


Move over, Abolfazl.

No, he has never been
in any football club.

Talk to him!

Reza! Reza!
Take this call.

- Hello, sir!
- Hello, how are you?

- What an honor!
- How long have you been playing?

From when I was a small kid, sir.

- Want to join our club?
- It's a dream come true!

OK then.
You'll come see us with Mr. Rafie.

Now let me talk to him.

This boy is really talented.
Bring him to the club.

- Thanks so much!
- I'll be waiting.

Abolfazl, close the door.

Come in!


Reza, why did you lock the door?

Ali, I'm leaving.

Where to?

This will change my life.
Do you realize what it means for me?

I'm leaving you, Ali.

I'll kick your ass if you do!

Open the door, I said.

I don't need the treasure.
The club is my treasure.

Soon enough
I'll be joining the National Team.

Abolfazl, open the door.

I said open the door, you ass.

Get lost!

Open the door, Reza,
before anybody shows up.

My mom is so happy about this.

You stupid boy!
There is a treasure down here!

I won't give them a dime.
We'll share it all between us.

Open the door, Reza,
before anybody shows up.

When I get out you'll be dead meat!

You get it, dumbass?

You're always bossing me around!

I don't want to get rich.

You're always threatening to hit me!

Fine, come and hit me!

Come and hit me!

Take a seat.

Hello, Mrs. Rezaie.

Why are you outside?

Why aren't the donors here?
It's getting late.

They will be here soon.

And this is my literature book.

See, finally I ended up in school.
Have a look at the books!

Our school is so cool.

They give us free breakfast and lunch.
We have lots of fun there.

My friends are with me.
We study together.

Abolfazl is in my class.
The other two are next door.

What shall we do?

Mr. Amani?

OK, then we'll start.



You made the kids happy.

Kids, you can start.

Abolfazl Shirzad!

Mr. Larijani!

We already introduced
57 brilliant students to you guys.


You never gave us a penny.

At least help them now.

Nine of them were Afghans.
He's the tenth!

I sign and stamp it right away.
You'll get the papers right now.

God bless you.
Thank you so much.

Thanks a lot. Bye.

Why is Mr. Ahmadi absent today?
Did he inform you?

I was about to tell you.

Being part of the city council
would make things easier for us.

I can get funding

and use this great opportunity.

For the sake of the kids.

That's what candidates say at first.



Mamad! Your dad is upstairs.
He's starting a fight.

My dad?


What do you think you're doing?

Where are you?


What is it?

Come here.
Come downstairs.

Didn't I tell you
not to show up here?

The man is waiting for you!

To hell with him.
I don't care.

I'll stab you first,
then myself.

He's been waiting for 3 days!

Grab the knife! The knife!

Stay back!

Stop, don't beat him.
He's my dad!

Let me pass!

Move aside!

Make room!

Get back!

Shame on you!

Push back!

Safar! Bring some water.

Some water.

Call an ambulance!

Dad! Don't die on me!
I'll do anything you say!

I'll go anywhere you want!
I swear to God!

Don't worry, Mamad.
It's nothing.

Take him to the room!


What's going on?

They arrested Zahra in the subway.


The municipal Police.
She needs someone to bail her out.

To bail her out? OK.

- Heidari.
- Yes, sir.

You'll be responsible for the kid.

Aren't you being too harsh on them?

You do your job, we do ours.

Go to the end of the corridor.
I'll ask them to bring her.

Thanks a lot.

- Mr. Rafie?
- Yes.

- The discharge papers?
- Here you are.

You may go now.

I'll be back soon.

Did they take your stuff?

- Mr. Ramezani.
- Yes.

What is it?

Thank you.

- Ali.
- Yes, sir.

Abolfazl and his family
plan to go back to Afghanistan?

Going back to Afghanistan?

Too bad.

I wanted to send him to Isfahan
for the math exam.

See if he is making excuses

because this exam
is a great opportunity for his future.

Will do.



What the hell are you doing here?

My foot got stuck.

What the hell are you up to?

Ali, is the treasure really here?

None of your business.
Get lost!


Why didn't you tell me?


That you are going
back to Afghanistan.

I'm talking to you.

Everybody's going back.
My mom said we have to go back too.

All of you?

You have to?

But it's so stupid to leave
when we're almost done.

I'm not the one who decides.

Listen, find a good excuse.

My beautiful chick!

There are cats! Don't go there.

Hi there.

Who opened the door?

Let me explain.

What are you looking for?

- Let me explain.
- I said what are you looking for?



What is he talking about?

There is treasure
at the end of this tunnel.

Underneath the graveyard.

The graveyard?

We're almost there.
Another few meters!

I'm willing to give you a share.

Wait please Mr. Safar!

Wait a second!
For God 's sake.

Please, for God's sake!

Ali, what shall I do now?

You can go. Go!

I know you haven't left wires exposed.

The bulb in the washroom

has blown out 3 times since yesterday.
There could be a short circuit.

The kid was so frightened in there.


No, no.

Classes have already started,
the students are in classrooms.

Let me tell you something.

I think you're used to easy money.

That's exactly it.
Every 2 weeks the same problem.

The school bell is not working.

I have to go around
to announce class is over.

No sir, thank you.

I'll take care of it. Don't bother!

Go and enjoy our money!
Don't need you anymore.

So what shall we do, Ali?

- About?
- Abolfazl.

That's settled.

- Settled?
- Yes, it is.

You need to talk to me?

No, would you like more tea?

No, thanks.

Your ID was left with me.

It's very kind of you, sir.

Mr. Safar.

For God 's sake.

You'll get your share.

Thanks for not telling him.

I swear on my mom's life,
you'll get your share.

What are you doing, Mr. Safar?

Mr. Safar!

For the sake of your child, please!


Who's there?

It's me, Ali Zamani.
I'm one of the students.

What do you want?

Would you open the door.
I'm here to see Mr. Safar.

- He's not in. He's outside.
- He's not in?

- When did he leave?
- Hours ago.

Let him know that I'll be waiting.

Don't waste your time.
Not sure when he'll be back.

Sweetie, play here.
I'll be back soon.

Come on in.

So the perimeter of a square
is one side's length multiplied by 4.

What about the perimeter of a rectangle?


Yes, please!

- Teacher?
- Yes?

School bell is not working.
It's breaktime.

To be continued later.
Don't push each other.

Careful, guys.

Get up Ali, It's breaktime.

Break time.
The bell is out of order.

- Zamani.
- Sir?

Go to the office and ring the bell.
Let's see if it's working.

Sure, sir.

Did you do it?

Yes, the switch is on.

- Leave it on.
- Yes, sir.

Should be that yellow wire.

No dear!
The black wire is the one.

No sir, I am sure it's the yellow one.

You should check it
with the phase meter.

It's not working either.
But I'm sure that's the one.

Shall we bet?

The winner gets a smoothie.

Sure, let's bet on it.

Mr. Rafie.

The police are here.

- Here, in the school?
- Yes, they are coming inside.

here's the coward I told you about.

We summoned you yesterday,
but you didn't show up.

You have to come with us.

- What's wrong officer?
- There is a complaint.

Nothing major.

Nothing major? You broke my nose.

You can't do whatever you want.
I'll teach you a lesson.

Ali, stop it.

- Ali, behave yourself.
- He insulted you.

Where are they taking you?

It's all his fault.

Stay back.

Mr. Rafie.

Where are you taking him, officer?

Call Amani!

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

- Who was that?
- Ali, sir.

Hands off. Stay back.

Mr. Rafie,
I'm coming to the police station.

Stay back.

- Are you sure you threw it in there?
- I threw it and I ran.

- What's that?
- What?


How come we missed this?

I tripped and fell down.

Might be this one then.

Yes, I'm sure this is the right one.

This is another water pipe.
He has to take down the wall in between.

Damn, what to say to the boy?

You make a fuss.
I'll handle him.

Told you not to trust that kid.
He's a loser.

You didn't listen to me

and trusted him.

He will ruin the whole plan
and get us into trouble.

This is not his fault.

On the contrary, he's very capable.

We were told to dig both sides.

If not in one pipe, then in the other.

Did you say the opposite path is closed?


But don't worry, I'll open it fast.

Bravo, go for it.

And call me as soon as you get
on the other side.

OK, sir.

Show me what you're made of.

Keep moving.