Sun (2019) - full transcript

I got them. I'll call you.

My regards to Mr. Chung.

Watch carefully, folks.

See you.

Hervé? It's Sun, I'm in the street.
I'll be right there.

The cops!

Hey, guys. You losing again?

Mr. Sun, right on time.

Careful, they're fragile.

As it's your last run,
I added a gift.

- What do you mean my last run?
- The Chungs decided.

Decided what?

- It's not my fault!
- What's going on?

- Where are you going?
- To see them.

- Stop! They're not there.
- Yeah, I'll see for myself!

My last run!

There you are, Mr. Chung.
You renovating?

What's going on?
The accountant said I was fired.

What a clown.

Mr. Chung?

It's Sun. I do your deliveries.

Your special deliveries.
It's been 5 years.

Mr. Chung?


- Miss Chung!
- Call me Lisa.

Lisa, what's going on?
Your father doesn't look well.

His time has passed.

Times change.
Our Shanghai associates

called me to apply a new strategy.
Our parallel activities are over.

Great news.

I'm sorry, Mr. Pratham,
we won't need your services anymore.

But you'll still need
to make deliveries!

Hey, if you're worried
about the taxman...

you shouldn't be.

I'm starting up my own business.
It's a question of days.

I've worked for your dad for years.
You can't fire me!

Goodbye, Mr. Pratham.

Miss Lisa, one last question!

How much do the others charge?

- 20,000 euros.
- Are there many items?

Yes and no.

- Do they fit in a van?
- Easily.

OK, I see.

I'm telling you,
you're getting ripped off.

I'll do it for half the price.

Look, I really like your energy.

- You're a team player.
- Thank you.

But it's too late.

I sign tomorrow
so deliveries can start.

Well, tomorrow is perfect.

Because I'm ready.
Please give me a chance.

You can get the process
rolling by then?


For starters, I need a temporary
company registration number.

And you'll need to hire couriers.

OK, I got it. The "process," yes.

I guarantee you,
it's as good as done.

Chapter 1: In which our hero
reconnects with his roots

This'll do for now,
but it won't fool anyone for long.

It's now that counts.

Hi, Youssef.

- What's up?
- A guy came to see you.

- An Indian.
- He wasn't Turkish?


Now let's see.


I want the 5 grand you owe me
or I'll take back my scooter!

Sun, open up!

Wait, I can't hear.

I can't hear if there's noise.

Sun, I know you're in there,
open up!

He's taking us for a ride!

- Maybe he's out.
- We saw him go in.

- You sure it was him?
- An Indian?

- You sure it was an Indian?
- I'm sure it was Sun.

I'm just trying to help.

Pass me the crowbar.


Soussaba, can you open up?
I forgot my keys.

Go home, I'm sick of your crap.

C'mon! I'm not kidding, I'm gonna
fall. I can't hold on much longer.

What's up?

What exactly am I for you, Sun?
A hotel?

- What do you mean?
- You come, you go. You never stay.

I thought that's what...

we'd agreed on. Right?

I've decided to be happy.

So, something needs to change.

Oh fuck... Yes, you're right.

I'll change.

But I'd rather change inside.

We'll have coffee and talk it over.
You're so beautiful.

It's over, Sun. I like you,
but I don't love you anymore.

You can't leave me like this!

You OK, dude? Sorry...

I fell and hurt myself.

Are you OK?

I don't speak Hindi.

I am Ashwatthama.

Don't shout.

I'm you're cousin.
See, you're cousin.

- I come from Mumbaï.
- My cousin?

Oncle Mukesh give me your address.

He said that Sunil is a very good man,
he will take care of you.

- You know my mother?
- Yeah, very nice lady.

She's sick?

No, she's fine. She said
you should call more often.

But I'm here to play music,
I am a very talented musician,

I've been training for 23 years.

- But, Sun, I need your help.
- My help?

Yes, because everybody says that Sunil
is so successful here in Paris.

Everybody is really proud of you, Sunil.
All the children sing songs about you.

Sunil is in Paris.
They think that Sunil is...

- What's your name?
- Ashwatthama.



I'm gonna call you, you know what,
I'm gonna call you Ash.

- Hang on. Don't forget this.
- Thank you.

Okay? We gonna have
a small drink at home.

I don't drink,
but I can watch you drink.

Good, good.

I've been watching people
eat and drink all day.

- Yeah? So you like music?
- Yes.

I'm a great sitar player in India.

And I want to play in Paris
like the great Ravi Shankar.

At the mountain of the Gods auditorium.

- The Offlympia.
- Olympia.

Yeah, I'll play there also.
You've heard of it?

Of course, Jacques Brel, NTM...
it's an amazing concert hall,

you're right but it's very complicated
to get there,

because you gonna need
a good manager, good manager.

- Manager?
- Yeah.

- You're the only person I know here.
- Me I don't have the time for that.

The only that I know is in Guadeloupe
Fort-de-France. Ca fait un peu loin.

No, no, no, it will be super easy
for you, please.

- Let me think.
- Please, Sunil, please.

I do that for you because you're my
cousin. And I feel you're talented.

Ok, one last little thing,
I have a friend.

In my apartment, and believe me or not,
he's a big, big producer in France.

A big one. The only think is that yeah,
yeah, yeah, he's a little bit crazy.

You know the world of music,

you gonna have to make him like
believe in your music, convince him.

- Tell me, you can make it?
- I can make it.

Watch out!

Is he the boss?

- He's an idiot!
- Sorry, he's new.

- You see, he thought he was you.
- Shit, Gilbert, that's no reason.

- No, of course not. Come look.
- What?

- It was a waste of energy.
- Why?

Take her away!

Hang on, Gilbert,
you can't do this to me!

I just set up a firm.

That's my work tool.
How will I pay you back?

- Besides, we said tomorrow.
- That was yesterday.

So it's not today.


Take it, look.

- What's this?
- Hey, he's a real Einstein.

What's this?
Hundreds of thousands of rupees.

Ever heard of that?

It's money.

Hey, Ash.

Hey, what's wrong?

I'm you're manager now, okay,
so give me the money, trust me.

5,000 euros with interest:
500,000 rupees.

These are all my family savings.

Yes but it's important to spend
a little bit to win a little more, okay?

- What's he saying?
- It's too much.



Please, you said that I was going
to meet the boss in the music business,

not to be ripped off by some thugs.

350 because it's you.

Give me a minute, I'll ask him.

In the music industry,
you need to roll with the blows.

But if it's too tock'n'roll for you,
it's ok, I bring you back

to the airport Charles de Gaulle Etoile,
direct to Bombay.

It's up to you. Tell me,
you want to play at the Olympia?

Yes, the Offlympia !


I think we're good.
So give me the money.

Let go. Give it to me!

He's playful.

Let's take a closer look at this.

Good. Now, they want to listen
to your music.

You need to play something to convince
them. They're gonna help us.

I don't have my sitar.

I don't give a shit!
You have to use your mind.

He'll sing something for free.


Fucking hell.

I'm having an acid flashback.

Reminds me of Kathmandu.
You ever been?


Sing, sing.

- 140,000...
- It's all there, 350,000.

- Come on.
- But he told me to recount it.

What did he say?

He say that you have amazing voice
and for real they're gonna help us.


May you live for a thousand
and one years for all your good deeds!

Paris will be ours !
Offlympia will be ours !

Hey, Sun.

Hello, Ms. Lisa?

Sun here, Sun & Co. Intl.
10% off in the 10th arrondissement.

Just wanted
to say the process is rolling.

I'm waiting for your instructions.

That's all.
Have a good day. Best regards.

Chapter 2: In which Sun
seizes new opportunities

Are we done? I have to go
to get my sitar today.

We're not done.

Look, today is the day I meet my sitar.

I have to go and see the great
instrument maker, Rama Kapoor.

He lives right here in Paris. Ok?
I need my money.

You don't need anything!

We invested the money.
Do you understand that?


Do me a favor,
I need you to be here, now.

Stop talking and looking for a sitar
or god knows what.

It's not a sitar. It is my sitar.

I ordered it a very long time ago,
before coming here...

Ok, but today's not possible.
The money is not possible.

- Come on.
- No sitar, no delivery.

- Stop it! I'll go with you.
- Really?

We go together.
Otherwise the Indians will rip you off.

Believe me, it's like a snake,
you know, you can not trust them.

What're they doing?

- Ok, fine.
- Okay?

- I will help you.
- That's good of you.

But I won't do any heavy lifting.
My caste forbids it.

No problem.

This is for you. Give me your hand.

Hang on, what's that?

- This is for good luck.
- Thanks, but I don't need any.

Fine, if you don't believe in it,
then you won't get it.

Well, OK...

No, no, everybody wants luck
when they can't have it.

- Sun.
- Xun.

Ms. Lisa isn't here?

She sent me.

Is it a sample?

No, it's the whole lot.

1,250 SIM cards.

I see, that's quite a lot.

I hope you've found your employees.

Of course.

It's taken care of.

How many do you have? Four, five?

Four? Yes, four.
He's the fifth.


Go on, don't waste any time.

If all goes well,
we'll up the tonnage next time.

Or else...

Or else what?

Ms. Chung feels that...

violence is the weapon of the weak.

She says it belongs to the past.


help me become a man of the future.

Good luck, Mr. Pratham.

- I'll see you soon.
- Sure.

- What's the number?
- 63.

67, 69...

Wait, 63!

Hurry up.

I don't want to sit down.

Thank you.

Ash, we can't spend all day here.

- Get up.
- What?

- Get up.
- Why?

He freed himself.

- He got out of prison?
- No.

He's dead.

Oh, shit.

That's a bum rap.

So, I guess we can get going.

But he was a good man.
He'll probably avoid Samsara.

What are you doing?
We are not supposed to eat that.



Yes Samsara. I know Samsara. The
karma thing, the wheel of Fortune.

No. We Indians,
we don't believe in fate or fortune.

It's all about free will.

All of your actions have consequences
on your future.

Listen to me. For me, no future.
Like this, no problem.

You understand? Believe me.

What's that mean?

You have to encourage them.
They're the master's grandsons.

They've just started. Only a dozen years
of practice, no more.

It's a shitty music,
I hope you don't play like that.

Oh shit! I'm sorry.

Fuck, is that...?

It's the dirge that the great Itrashit
Banerjee made for his own funeral.

Have some respect.

Tell them to respect my ears, and after
we can talk about mutual respect.

- Oh really?
- I don't want to hear, get lost.

So, what now? You know,
we should maybe take a guitar. Ok ?

I know guys who'll cut us a deal.

Or a banjo... it's a small guitar,
it's the same.

I don't want you
to be my manager anymore.

Say what?

You're an Indian
but you spit on our culture.

C'mon, chill.

You are stuck in Samsara, you are going
to wander for the rest of eternity

in a series of reincarnations.

You make fun of these people.
You laugh at them. You laugh at me.

You don't even know what it's like
to devote your entire life to music.

I will make to the Offlympia on my own.
And I'm going to take this with me.

No, that's not happening.

I'm going to go back to your apartment
and I'm packing my bag.

Please. Stop.

And if you don't get my money

I don't speak Hindi. Okay?

I will call police.
Now you understand that?



Is this my sitar?

Yeah. The grand master left it for you
before he... disappeared in smoke.

I didn't expect it to be so beautiful.

You don't have something for me?

It's a little wet, was it raining?

Yeah, yeah, it was raining.

I can't take any more.

Chapter 3: In which Sun
makes commitments

The SIM cards!

I don't believe it.


What the...

Ah! If you'd slept a little while longer
I would have already finished.

Ash! Why? What? Why?

It's organized now. You see?
It's like a musical score.

It's like a piece of shit !
Where are the adresses?

Tell me just where are the adresses?
Where are the adresses?

You don't need that anymore.
I've burnt it.


- You what?
- I've burnt it.

- I should kill you now !
- No, no it's very simple.

Thanks to the Mandala,
I have every addresses memorised.

Okay see, this is all of Paris,

and all the addresses
are right here in my head.

In the morning today,
you deliver all these pink ones.

Then, to save time, on the same street
you deliver the purple ones.

Then you deliver the orange ones, then
the blue ones and then the yellow ones.

Simple, easy. Done!

All the addresses are
in your stupid mind?

It's foolproof. Can't you see?

OK, in Mumbai, every day, hundreds
and thousands of men leave for work.

Now they need food prepared
by a person of their own caste.

Their wives make all this food
in the morning.

But how do they get the food
to the husbands,

because they've already left?

Thank God for the Dabbawallahs.

Their job is to deliver all this food,
flying around on their cycles,

driving just all through
the Mumbai downtown area.

You know, they get through the bylanes
without any confusion.

You know how many mistakes
the Dabbawallahs make each year?

I don't give a shit.

Neither do the Dabbawallahs.

Because the Dabbawallahs
do not make mistakes.

Impure. Stop this.

I'm gonna kill you.

You can't kill me. You and I,
we are descendants of Shaunaka.

We are the Brahman of Adiparvan.

Our legacy goes back
over a thousand of years.

So you must now eat like a Brahman.

I was born in Aubervilliers.

My mother's Indian. I'm half-Indian!

And that's too much.

So eat half then.

I've decided, you help me with my music
I will help you with your business.

How many deliveries this morning?


Are you there?

- 127?
- Yeah.

You got me the sitar,
I made you the Mandala.

Now it's your turn.

What time is it?
You can't imagine the rush I'm in.

- Ash, my cousin. Soussaba...
- A friend.

- A friend?
- Yeah.

I brought you your stuff.

Shouldn't have bothered.

No, I take it back.

Ah, I was looking for this phone.

- I don't think you got it.
- I did.

- We're taking a break.
- It's over.

- Over?
- That's right.

- What's over?
- You know, it's over.

If you're busy,
I'll go to the Offlympia myself.

- Offlympia?
- Yes.

You know the Offlympia?

Can't you get it right? It's not
Offlympia! It's Olympia. Say it.

There we go.

You asked me to change?

This place was a dump.
And today? An international firm.

Sun & Co. Intl.
10% off in the 10th arrondissement.

Not so pushy now, are you?

- Sun & Co. Intl.?
- Right.

I have to recruit 5 delivery guys today.

C'mon, let's go.

Here, my cousin made it.
It's delicious.

Very good.

Why do you let her talk to you
like that?

- Like what?
- She's a gory so...

Chill, she's a pain in the ass,
that's all.


- Gory, like a foreigner.
- And so what?

Are we going to the Olympia?

No, we're going to find you a band.

I don't want a band.
No, I won't do it.

- Won't do what?
- I just want to play at the Olympia.

Non, non, non...I had my man
on the phone yesterday.

And you know what?
He made a few calls.

- It's okay for the Olympia.
- Really?

- Are you happy?
- Yeah!

Olympia, man! But the only condition,
it's you have to find a band. That's it.

It's not very complicated, listen to me,
people are not going to pay

to see a little Indian
playing with a big guitar.

I'm not a little Indian, I'm like
the biggest Indian you can find.

I know.

You can ask my mother,
she will also tell you.

Yes I will.

I don't know how this started,
like Indians are not little.

That's so racist. Chinese,
they are the little ones.

Yes, please. Wait for me here.


I'll be right back.

- Excuse me.
- Don't push!

Who's he think he is?

- Hello, sir.
- Wait your turn.

One second.

OK, I get it.

Right, I see.

I had job offers,
but I see you're not interested.

Excuse me, sir.
People are unbelievable.

Can you...

One minute, OK?

He's my partner.
Can you ride a scooter?

- No problem.
- Amazing.

And can you play an instrument?

Not really.

Not even a few notes?

- Sir, may I help you?
- Hi.

I just need to recruit a few people
and I'll be on my way.

- Sorry, but you can't do that.
- I'm doing it.

Fill out the forms
before you come back.

May I borrow your pen?

- Keep it.
- Thank you!

I love how you encourage free
enterprise in France! Take this.

Here, hurry up.

Ravi Shankar, he never had a band.

Ravi Shankar, mais John Lennon
he had a band.

John Lennon was not Indian. So...

Who knows, maybe in a past life.

I know you agree.
I shouldn't have a band.

Let's go.


There we go. You see that?


Hey, Hervé.

How's it going?

- You OK?
- Yeah, and you?

It's not lunch time yet?

Yep, it's just about that time.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Stop it.

Stop it! Butt out!

Girls, it's lunchtime.

Let's eat
and come back in 2 hours.

You making music now?

- No, I'm looking for couriers.
- Couriers?

Is he one?

No, he dreams of playing sad music
at the Olympia.

- It's shut for renovation.
- I know.

What'll you do, then?

Ash! Don't touch.

Yes? Yes, over here.

- Welcome.
- Hello.

Right this way.

Go on in.

Hello. I'm here.

You hear me?


Mrs. Pierrelée isn't here?

You know, Mrs. Pierrelée...

Ah, Mrs. Pierrelée!

- She's not here?
- No...

She was fired.
Employee cutbacks.

But there's 2 of you.

Yeah, but we're Indian
so we cost less.

Your name, bud? I mean...

You can call me "bud."

No, I don't think so.


- Malus?
- Magnus. It's... a Nordic name.

We can't hear you, you're too tall.

- Should I sit?
- What's your profession?

I was in web design.

Which consists of?

I designed apps.

- "Naps"?
- You know, applications.

But then...
the bubble burst.

The bubble?

You know, the bubble.
The recession.

There was a recession.

Uh, can you ride a scooter?

Yeah, sure.
We had one in the office.

- In the office?
- Yeah, to play with.

We'd go around in circles.

- It was just an electric one.
- Can you play an instrument?

Yes. I play piano.

Can you play a few notes for us?

Sure, I'd love to.

Great, Malus.

Can you wait in the corridor?

And call the next person, please.

This is a scam!
They say there's work.

I'm sure it's not true.
It's a joke by the bosses.

It's pointless.
You here to work or not?

Excuse me, what's going on?

That's our question.
What's this?

Thanks for getting them.
Your name?

- Françoise.
- Good, you're energetic.

I don't like being scammed.


What do you mean?

We're here for jobs.

May I speak? Is that possible?

Technically speaking, we're not
the National Employment Agency.

Then who are you?

Hang on, am I arguing?

Can I talk?


We're the Double Employment Agency.

- A subsidiary. Know what that is?
- Sure.

Apparently not
because you're attacking me.

- Look, let me...
- We're not complete fools!

I'll explain, it's simple.

- I've been appointed.
- By who?

By the State.

They send entrepreneurs like myself,

who need versatile people
like yourselves.

Yes, talented people
who can perform multiple tasks.

My fields are delivery and music.

The future is one job in the morning,
another in the afternoon.

- Maybe a 3rd in the evening.
- Why not nights too?

- Why not?
- Like in Germany.

Like in Germany! Exactly, Malus.

We're freeing up the job market,

2 jobs, means 2 salaries.

That's smoke and mirrors.

Twice as much money,

twice as much chance
of realizing your own projects.

In my world,
unemployment doesn't exist.

- You understand, Françoise?
- I'm sorry... No!

Excuse me,
I'll talk to Françoise alone.

How long
have you been looking for a job?

Pain in the ass...

I don't like her, I tell you,
I don't want her in the band.

Really? She seems nice.


Can you stand in front of the mike?
I have a few questions.

If you don't mind, that is.

- What's your name?
- Charles.

Like Charles Aznavour.

- Charles Aznavour?
- No, Charles is my first name.

You know, Charles.

Next, please.

Hello, welcome.

Talk into the mike, we can...

Can you hear me?

I don't get it.

Stop that!

Is this meat?

I worked for them for 38 years.

So, you see...

it gets you down.

Aeronautics engineer.

What does he say?

He says he played with Aerosmith.

That's why he's so old.

- Can you repair a scooter?
- Sure, I can easily repair a scooter.

- Any engine.
- That could be useful.

It's chips with beef.

- You know Paris well?
- Like the back of my hand.

Where are you from? The burbs?

The Champs Elysées. Why?

The Champs Elysées?

She's full of shit.

You don't feel like talking?

She doesn't need to talk to play, so...

OK, you can stop.

Stop. Bravo!

She's not happy at all.
A true musician!

She reminds me of my mother.

It's not going to work, Françoise.

You don't like it?

To be honest,
it gives me a headache.

So, uh...

Have a nice evening.

- Hang on, this isn't...
- Sorry.

I didn't make it up. This took work.

She reminds me of my mother.

I'm a hard worker.

I miss my mother.

I bet you couldn't do the same
with my darbuka.

Who's he think he is anyhow?


I need to pay the musicians.

So during the day they do delivery,
you understand,

like this everybody will be happy.

Stand over there, I can't hear a thing!

Play somewhere else.

We're going to have to rehearse, a lot.

No, no, we're gonna
make delivery first.

No, we're going to rehearse first.

We're gonna make delivery first.
I'm your manager.

No, we rehearse first,
I'm the musician.

- Non, we deliver first.
- We rehearse first.

- We deliver first.
- Rehearsal first.

- We deliver first, you listen to me.
- Oh God !

Chapter 4: In which everything
is moving along, except the deliveries

I'm happy to gather you here

for the launch of Sun & Co. Intl.
10% off in the 10th arrondissement.

Aren't we rehearsing today?

I'm lost.

If I chose you,
it was for your adaptability.

- Meaning?
- You'll make deliveries by metro.

By metro?

- That's enough of your BS.
- What?

Musician, yes. Courier, why not?

But I want a scooter.
It's part of the work contract.

- A scooter?
- Yes.

- You signed a contract?
- No, but look around! What is this?

You're complaining?
I started out delivering on foot.

Courier is not a job.

I want to make this very clear:
it's a vocation.

Go ahead, whistle.
You don't like it, you take the exit,

turn right at the red light and bingo:
the Employment Agency.

We're not going back there!

It's open another half hour.

Hang on, I'm super happy.

- That's good.
- Don't get carried away so fast.

OK, Ash will help you today
with your supplies.

Got it?
C'mon, let's get moving.

Come on!

- Wish us luck!
- Anything you want!

Without scooters...

Today, you're the boss.

If you have a problem, you call me
on this number. D'accord ?

No, no, this is not a good idea Sun.

No...Why don't you stay for a bit?
I ruin everything, I've never been...

It's impossible. Ok ?
We're late.

I need you. We are Pratham!
The same family. Same blood.

If I can do it, you can do it !

We're the descendants of Shakira.

- ... Shaunaka.
- Shaunaka!

Where do you want to play?
Where do you want to play?

- Olympia...?
- Olympia !

So let's go back to work.
Come on.

He'll give you the SIM cards.

Call me if there's a problem.

Ash, it's me, I'm at the first store,

I don't understand the thing
with the color,

what is the color of the...

Boulevard Barbès.

Green and yellow.

Did he find it?

Cool, it's this one.


Which stop? OK, I'm coming!

What the hell are you doing?

You want me to go under?

Who's he?

He's amazing.
Ash asked him to join the band.

And the deliveries?

Charles started. We'll go later.

No way, later is too late!

Stop right now. Pack it up.

Look, people are giving us money.

Engines are the same.

It's the principle
of fluid mechanics...

That's super cool but not now.


Listen here.

You're not here to have fun.

You want to earn enough
to buy scooters?

- You bet.
- Then play something decent!

You're not paid to daydream.
You can whistle, right?

Ash, you're gonna start!

You play a guy who digs the music.
Play a bystander.

Here, here.

Don't overdo it.
Charles, be subtle.

Charles! Charles!

Wait till someone comes.


Whistle louder.

Malus, your attack is too slow.

Françoise, speed it up!

C'mon, speed it up.

- What's your name?
- Renaud.

You need to play slower
and calm them down.

Soft power!

Your turn is coming.

Charles, go!

Oh, how nice of you!

That's classy, thanks!

May the gods give you a 1000 lives,
Sun. It's working !

Oh, classy!

Wow, a bill!

Thank you!

Thanks, miss!

Another bill!

Thank you, sir!

Oh, no!

10 euros from the gentleman!

Hello? Yes, Mr. Xun.

Yes, I know
I said we'd catch up but...

I was held up
looking for new scooters.

You'll have
the fastest couriers in Paris.

You can count on me.

Yes, of course.
You can reassure Ms. Chung about...


Best regards.



Police! Let us through!

Time to stop!

Get up!

C'mon, let's go!

Have we lost 'em?

We're coming!


Wait for me!

How do you know the rags?

- The Indian modal music?
- Yes.

It's simple,
free jazz has the same roots.


- You're really a musician?
- Yes.

You play anywhere recently?

Recently no.
Unless you count Fleury prison.

A drunkard interrupted my solo
in a bar and I went berserk.

The sewer system is a perfectly planned
city under the city. It's logical.

There's no subjectivity,
no preconceived notions, you see?

There are no uncertain parameters.

Man's touch is absent.

C'mon, let's step it up.

No-one cares
what goes on under the surface.

That's cool, but where's the exit?


Sun, didn't you say he was supposed
to be a big boss in the music business?

It's the recession, he has 2 jobs.
Like all of us.

Two jobs?

Renaud, you can't ride a scooter?

I took a correspondence course.
I'd love to try one out.

Wait a sec.

- Well?
- Here you go.

- What's this?
- The 5 over there.

Hang on, they're wrecks.
You're not serious.

- Any rupees left?
- No...

Well, then, it's the best I can do.

1, 2, 3, bang!
Mind your fingers.

1, 2, 3, bang! OK, all done.

Don't worry,
everything will be alright.

You won't need to do two jobs
anymore. I'll make good music.

- What did he say?
- Nothing.

Chapter 5: In which we get
to the heart of the matter at last

So you're hiring me?

I'll pay you babysitting hours.


Come here.

Come here. Hurry up.

Today I don't want the day
finish with a concert.

He stays here.

You're gonna work with Soussaba today
hand in hands. OK?

Listen up... We're way behind schedule,
so whoever delivers more than me...

gets a bonus!

I'll give you
a 30-second head start.

Let's go, guys!

Let's go!

Hey Magnus, wait for me!

Good luck!

There you are.

Yeah, what's up?

Don't move, I'm coming.

You called me for this?

Who cares,
you've got the other one!

Hello, Sun & Co. Intl.

In my country you're a very old lady.

In fact, you should have had like
seven grandchildren by now.

You're the best, boss.

Don't waste any time, let's go.

Isn't the ukulele great?

Room for improvement,
but it's a start.

It's excellent, it really is.

Hey, Renaud...

Take it easy.


What? What now?

OK. See you later.

Give me a number 6 or 7.

That one there.

That's good.

Chapter 6: In which our hero
goes through a bad patch

Just in time.
The others are running on empty.

According to my calculations,
we have to start with Françoise.

Then, Juliette...


- Juliette...
- Yeah.

Could you supply her for me?


Well, actually, I don't know...

I don't think she likes me.
She won't speak to me.


she won't talk to anyone.

- Ever. Haven't you noticed?
- Really?

Your method is very modern.

- Bravo.
- I told you

I'm flexible.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

When you've finished this initial order,

give us your bank details.
You'll be paid at 90 days.

What do you mean, 90 days?

What do I do in the meantime?
My guys can't work for 3 months

for free!
- If you catch up

and you deliver by Tuesday...

we'll do our best
to speed things up.

OK, I'll speed up

and finish by Tuesday.

That way, we'll...

get paid...

I'd like that, Mr. Sun.

Ms. Lisa likes you a lot.

Thanks. I like her a lot, too.

It would hurt her a bit
to hurt you a lot.


What'll we do?

Give them the gas
and as many SIM cards as you can.

It's stupid. We can't do
5 days' work in an afternoon.

- Got a better idea?
- Ask Ash.

- What did you say?
- I said: "Ask Ash."

I'm the boss here.
So, from now on, we'll do it

my way.
I'm sick of your whims: "No gas,

no contract!
I hate Indian food!

I'm hungry!" What do you want?
You bust my balls!

Wanna be the boss?
I'll show you something.

Sit down. You look real competent.
2 Shift, 2 Alt.

- That what you want?
- I didn't say that.

- Didn't you?
- No.

Get up. So, you have no trouble
doing what I ask?

- No.
- Well, that's great.

- I'll go.
- Go on.

- What's going on?
- The gas! What?

- What crap have you been up to again?
- What? Nothing.

Besides, what do you care?

You said
we were through, didn't you?


Classy, very nice.
No respect for jam.

Go on. What a festival! Stop.

Enough of the music, OK?
If I wanted background music,

I'd get a radio and tune in
to some good music.

Thanks, very kind of you.

My music is destined to be played
in great halls.

This was a gift I was giving you.

Please, no more gift, no more gift,
no more gift.

- As you like.
- As I like.

But without the frog,
the scorpion will never cross the river.

No way! I don't believe it.

I don't believe it.

No, no, no, Charles.

- Excuse me.
- I'll be right back.

What the hell is this mess?
What did you do?

It's insured, isn't it?

What insurance?
Insurance is for losers!

What'll I tell the Chungs?

I braked and all of a sudden, bang!

The sidecar flew apart.

It was corrosion.

- What?
- It's a reaction with an oxidant.

- Excuse me.
- Sorry.

Move along, folks.
Get off the road.

- What're you doing?
- Quiet!

You never saw me,
you don't know me, OK?

- Let's see his ID.
- No, he needs surgery.

- Or he'll lose his leg.
- Internal hemorrhage?

Lie down. Give him an IV, please.

My jacket!

- Cut it out...
- Are you a doctor?

Why? Are you sick?

- Show me a card.
- Just a sec.

Look after the patient.
Here you are.

- "10% off in the 10th arrondissement?"
- That's right...

Come on, Sun!

Don't leave me! Faster!


Watch where you're going!


No, I'm...

I'm not Afghan.

So it's true then, you're French?

Yes I'm French. I have my papers.

I could pay taxes if I wanted!

But why do they arrest
French people?

Why? Good question. Good question.
It's a legal mistake!

I'm an honest businessman and...

- Businessman?
- Yes, businessman.

So you can hire us then?
With a contract, no?

After they can't deport us.

It's a little bit complicated. It's a...

There's a recession.
All that...

But you know what, maybe next year.

It will be too late next year.
We're all being deported tonight.

Mr. Pratham...

You're not in custody.
The DA has to study your case.

- Thank you.
- Don't thank me.

You were brought in for identity theft
and failure to stop. That was for show.

In concrete terms,
my colleagues who were on the scene

noted that your scooter wasn't insured

and that it was
an assembly of stolen parts.

They discovered
that the company had no legal existence.

So, we brought in
the Labor Inspection Unit.

Illegal workers,
use of forged documents... OK.

Result: administrative closure.

They'll all show up tomorrow.

I don't understand. I've had
no relations with this scooter. So...

Look, Mr. Pratham,
an uninsured scooter is one thing,

a stolen scooter is another.

Then, there's fraud
and undeclared labor.

Both cost the same:

3 years, 45,000 euros.

Only the fines are cumulative.

With luck, you have a good lawyer
who can keep you out of jail.

We'll keep you here
while we deal with the paperwork.

After that you can go.
We'll call you when we need you.

Oh, I need
the names of your clients.

What clients?
I don't have any clients.

As you wish. With the SIM cards,
we'll find them.

We'll bring them in for questioning.
You should warn them.

Warn who, why?
I don't have clients or a scooter.

It's the procedure.
They have to testify.

You're not serious?
They have to testify?

- That's right.
- Listen...

I can't reimburse them
or return their merchandise.

These people are...

serious, OK?
My neck's on the line here.

I can't help that, Mr. Pratham.

If you feel threatened,
just file a complaint on your way out.

Very funny!

My colleagues will deal
with you. Yannick...

Wait just a minute, Yannick.
Detain me.

- Pardon?
- I wanna go to jail.

Not for 3 years,
I'm a busy man,

but 6 months is OK.
I don't have a family.

- This isn't a hotel.
- No, but your job is to protect people.

Get him out of here.

"Serve and protect!"

Let's go, sir.

- Yannick...
- Come on.

Gentlemen, time to go home.


2... 3... 4... and 5.

Take that off.

Salam aleykoum.

Who put a comedian
with the Massouds?

I'm not a comedian. Your colleague
said I could get political asylum.

- I'm going to Afghanistan.
- Bullshit!

Get in the cell. You'll be out soon.

I'm in danger.
I can't stay in France.

- Get in your cell.
- No, I'm going to Kabul.

- Where are you going?
- Don't bust our balls!

You don't know
what the Chinese will do!

3 of you against 1!

They're getting away!


The passport...

I was stuck in a protest march.

So, it works. Everything is fine.

We're the best.
He sure picked the right guys.

He's not the Messiah.
His scooter hasn't moved all day.

Ash, where's Sun?

I don't know.

He has a lot of work.

What was that music?

This is a piece I composed
for my wedding.


No. I mean...

A wedding had been arranged
with a Brahman girl, just like me.

So what happened?

I've decided I'm going
to think for myself.

I just couldn't marry a girl
I've never met. You know?

So what did you do?

I took the money for the wedding
and I left.

And to avoid shame, my parents let me.

I'm dead to them now.

But then I came here
and I found a new family.

Well, you're welcome.

Let's play music
while we wait for Sun.

Chapter 7: In which we reveal
what we've always known

What're you playing at?

Where were you?

Don't wake people like that.

Where were you all night?

You know I was about to go
to the police right now.

Sit up nice n' straight.

OK? Where is everyone?

- They're coming.
- What are they doing?

You won't learn this in school...

- Watch out.
- OK.

Your note doesn't come from here,

but from deep inside.
It comes up through the body and out.

- Hey!
- Where were you?

- At home.
- Where's Françoise?

Never mind.
No deliveries today.

You're going to record
your first track.

- You think...
- What?

- Spit it out.
- Do you think they are ready?

They'll have to be.

Soussaba gave it to me.

She said it's good if I understand
everything that Sun says.

- Let's go.
- What about Françoise?

- We can't wait.
- I won't go without her.

- What?
- Charles can play the piano.

He's right.
It's all of us or nothing.

- Bad karma.
- Right.

Put your helmet on.
Hurry up. Let's go.

Don't mind us!

- You're late.
- Where's Charles?

He's having a medical.

Soussaba, if anyone asks after me,
you don't know me.


Not bad, guys, but we only have
the studio for 1 hour.

Do they have a name?

Yeah. Ash and... the Couriers.

Ash and the Couriers?!

- What?
- Lousy name!

- It's ridiculous.
- Why?

It's not catchy.
Got anything else?

How about a play on words?
Ash and the Ashtrays? Sounds rock.

Ash and the Ashtrays
sounds even more ridiculous!

You're so negative.
It's terrible. It sucks.

It's no good.

- Your cousin...
- What?

You finally told him
the Olympia was closed?

Because he talks about it non-stop.

Yeah, I know.

Oh, shit.


It's nothing.

Give the demo
to every concert hall.

Not to the intern or the secretary.

Make sure you see the bosses.

- Meet back at the office later?
- No way!

You're on vacation.

- So long!
- Good luck.

We're gonna be a hit!

You bet!

- Ash, where are you going?
- With the others.

No, come here.


You're staying with me today.
I'll show you Paris.

It's alright,
we can go back to the office.

Are you sure? You don't need to
neglect your business on my account.

Mais non ! Family first.
On you get.

It's Sun, look.

Sun, you didn't tell us
you had a brother!

Is it 'cause he's hotter?

He's my cousin, so hands off!

- He's a saint.
- Give me a smoke.

- What?
- A smoke.

You're gonna get lung cancer!

What's a smoke?
Just a bit of ash, like you and me!

Hey, they are beautiful hein?
Beautiful ladies.

The Eiffel Tower!

The Champs Elysées!

Montmartre! Notre Dame!

The Olympia!

Sorry. On you get.

Hurry up!

Ask him if I'll play the Olympia.
Mountain of gods? Oui?

No, I see a long tunnel.

Ok, let's go. This guy is a liar.

- A long tunnel?
- Liar!

Hello. Hello a lot!

I got the band's name.
I found the name of the band.

Ash and the Ashes.

I thought of it myself.
It's so good.

- Ash and the Ashes!
- I spilled it on me.

Ash and the Ashes.
It sounds good.

Hey Sun... You are more
than a cousin to me.

You are my...


You are a brother to me.

Come here.

You are the most generous person
I've ever met...

I am so grateful to you.

It's OK.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- Thank you!
- You're welcome.

It's me. We can't reach you.
No-one wants the demo. Now what?

Call us back.

Message received today at 7:05 PM.

My clients say nothing was delivered
today. I don't understand. Call me.

- Who is it?
- Soussaba.

What do you want?

Not working?

Well, we finished late.

Is Ash here?

Shit, my keys.

I'm not his mother.

"Me go the Olympia see the hall."


Come on!

- Hey, boss!
- You taking off?

What's "use of forged documents?"

- "Fraud?"
- "No insurance?"

"Administrative closure?"

What does that mean?

- It means it's all over.
- It means we got screwed, right?

It's bullshit.
No company, no contract, no bonus!

Go on, punch him in the face!

It's not worth
me going back inside for him.

Never mind the firm.

Do you want to be couriers forever?
No! We have a band.

That's what matters. I was about to

visit a great concert venue.
- No!

No group without a contract.
No concert without pay.

Yeah, she's right!

So, what do we do?

- Yeah, what do we do?
- OK.

- You're right.
- What does that mean?

That means I'll find a concert hall.

And you guys better be ready.

Where are you going, you crook?
Catch him, dammit!


Ash, it's me.

I'm right in front of you.

Pick up.

Listen to me, don't hang up.

I swear that the hall was closed
before you arrived.

Yes, I... I shouldn't have put
the deliveries first.

But what's done is done.
I can't undo it.

- It's not about the company.
- Is it the money?

I swear I'll pay you back all the money.
To the very last rupee.

It's not about the money.

It was a lie.


I lied to you.

I'm sorry.

But now... I'll do all I can
so you play in there.

Do you hear me?
Trust me.


You're the lie.




Chapter 8: In which
there is strength through unity

OK? She got a fright!

OK, girls?

How you doin'?

OK, guys? How are you? Good?

I'll stand right here.

Alright, guys?

Here we go.

Are you moving house, Sun?

Listen up, my friends.

Thanks for being here.

I know you're busy
and time is money,

especially when you don't have any.
Talking of which,

aren't you sick
of struggling every day,

trying to make ends meet,
dodging the cops,

running after small change?

At the end of the day,
you've sweated, worked like a dog

with nothing to show for it.

The reality is,

we work for people
we don't know, who don't respect us.

We keep their kids,
cook for 'em, cut their hair,

file their nails,
deliver their parcels.

We do everything for 'em,
but we're invisible to them.

I have a plan.
We'll turn the tables.

We'll stop working for them.

'Cause Paris is ours.
Paris is nothing without us.

- Be specific.
- Yeah!

To be specific,
we'll organize a concert.

We'll organize a big concert.

We'll do the promotion,
security, the works.

Sun, are you playing, too?

No, not me. It's my cousin,

my brother, a great artist.

We've put together a band.

The poster.
Ash and the Ashes.

That's the scooter guy!

What do we get out of it?

- What do we get out of it?
- Good question.

We share the risks,
so we also share the profits.

In other words,
we'll all get 1% of the profits.


It's like with cigarettes:
you're stingy!

It won't be in some basement!

We're classier than that.
We'll make people respect us.

We'll play France's greatest hall.

A concert at the Olympia!

- Are you up for it?
- We're up for it!

Tell them not to use the main entrance.
There's another way in. OK?

My friends, you didn't get any?

Share these out.

- Does everybody have flyers?
- Yes!

So, let's go.
Stick to your neighborhood. Have fun.

Tomorrow night at the Olympia!

Hi there.

Hey there.

Hi. Ash and the Ashes
tomorrow at the Olympia.

I got a good deal.
Just 10 euros each.

There's a modern jazz concert.

It's sitar music.
Ash & the Ashes tomorrow.

Electronic music,
so it's traditional Indian music.

What's this?
Have you heard of them?

You go to La Chapelle,
and you to Jaurès.

You can make the security like this?

Here, it's ready.

- Have a good day.
- Thanks.

One-off concert tonight!
Last tickets left!

It's done.

Chapter 9: In which you must
hit the bottom to bounce back up

- Think anyone will come?
- Who knows?

We've handed out 10,000!
Someone will come. Here's Sun.

- Hi, girls.
- Hi.

- What's that?
- My smoke.

- You're crazy!
- Who do you think you are?

- Put that out.
- Unbelievable!

Don't forget, you're my weapons
of seduction, so flash those smiles!

- Chill, the hall's empty.
- Yeah, right.

Frankly, I'm amazed.


But you've spoiled it all.


He doesn't want to see you,
come near you,

or hear about you.

Is that all?

You should've forced him.
You've gone soft.


He's jealous!

I'm sick of all of you.

- He's not happy!
- Work!

Earn your money.

You sure got to him!

Tonight, you're the police.
Okay? You know how to do it?

Do we check people's ID?

No, no, no.
You just take the tickets!

Guys, on your head.

Got it?

No reductions for anyone tonight.

Can't I haggle? Where's the fun?

You can haggle later.

You'll have time to chat
when you hand out all the cash.

What a kick to work here.

It's a dream come true.

Pity no-one will turn up.

- What an optimist!
- You bet!


You look good.

Here's your pay for the deliveries.

Magnus, Juliette, Renaud, and

- There.
- And for tonight?

You'll get it tonight.
There's no-one here yet.

- Where's Ash?
- He won't come.

- What?
- He won't come.

What? You told him
we're playing the Olympia?

Yeah, but he didn't believe it.

It's up to you to talk to him.

- Is it all there?
- Looks like it.


Do the soundcheck.

I'll sort this out.

Is Charles fired?

You told him
he had no musical talent.

Get on with it!

- The Olympia, wow!
- I don't believe it.

I can't let anyone else in here.

So, don't. What can I say?

No-one home. Bye.

Open up, it's me.
Did Soussaba tell you?

We got the Olympia.
I kept my word.

I promised.

I don't care. Go away.

Listen, we're fully booked.
Sold out.

Olympia it's now, it's now
so you have to go.

Put a shirt, let's go.

Good! That is good!

Very good!

Listen to me.

I curse the day that I met you.

I curse you, yes?

You.. Tu...
You curse the day you met me?

Yes, goodbye.

No, no... Sorry,
can I tell you that I'm sorry?

I'm sorry, I changed you.

I'm sorry, because you've changed,
your music has changed.

My music is the same. Okay?
No, no, no...

What Ravi Shankar and George
Harrison did was still Indian. Okay?

They were Indian, my music is Indian.
I am Indian.

What about Soussaba?
Is she Indian, too?


You know nothing about Krishna...

Krishna chose a casteless woman
as his 1000th lover.

You have that in common.
You're her 1,000th lover.

- Then we will move.
- Move?

Start our life all over again.
Yeah. Love is pure.

Love is pure?
Were you born yesterday?

Do you think life is pure?
Music is pure?

I bust my balls, organizing a concert
at the Olympia. It's sold out!

My company went under for you.

I'm flat broke.
I organized your dream,

and you're talking about pure love.

You're right.
I get carried away sometimes.

I don't know what day it is,
but here's your lucky bracelet.

- And you give me back the sitar.
- Non.

- Give me that sitar.
- No, no, no.

- Give me the sitar.
- No, no, no.

- The sitar and I are one.
- Really?

Master Kapoor made it for me.

- Master Kapoor ?
- Yeah.

You think that master Kapoor...

Yes, for me!
And you are just a courier. Ok?

I'm a courier? Just a courier?

Think Master Kapoor
would've given you his own sitar?

It should have burned with him.

You want the truth?

I stole it.

You knew. So give me back the sitar.
I'm gonna burn it.

No, no. Let's not be rash.

I think I should hang on to it
for one more day.


What's done is done. Fate wanted me
to play the sitar tonight.

I thought it was a question
of free will?

Free will is part of it.

I am choosing to play the sitar,
that is part of my free will. Yes.

I'm not going to do this
because you told me to.

I'm never going to do anything
you tell me to... Stop smiling.

I'm still angry with you.
At least for this life.


Are you sure this is
the right direction?

Don't worry, Charles found a shortcut.

Hurry up!

And everybody was able
to enter through here?

Yes, look, it's here.
Stay focussed. Okay?

Thank you for helping me
find my place.

Excuse me.

Let the artists through.

This isn't a department store.
Let them through.

Let's go.

Come on.

- Get the stepladder.
- OK, boss.

Don't call me boss.

Paris, are you there?

Ash and the Ashes!


Touts on the street

Dressed to kill

In the shadows of the Brady

Indians cook tandoori

No need for a stereo

When you live at Château d'Eau

Paris Babel, Paris the rebel

The world is calling you

Paris is nothing without us

Paris is nothing without us

Hairdressers with their scissors

Chat to the rhythm of the Congo

The Kurds empty their trucks

Calling for revolution

The Chinese do manicures

As their old uncles look on

We dream of a different life
But our world is here

Paris is nothing without us

Paris is nothing without us

The Syrian family flees

When the sirens blare

But the slumlords

Still sleep soundly

No need for a stereo
When you live at Château d'Eau

Paris Babel, Paris the rebel

The world is calling you

Paris is nothing without us

Get off me!

Ms. Lisa...

- I was looking for you.
- Quiet!

The police
is going through our accounts

and harassing our clients.

You missed your destiny.

We Indians don't believe in destiny.

But you still made a success
of something.


It's just a family thing.

From now on,

the group is mine.

What about me?

You go away.
You leave Paris tonight.

I'll wipe out your debt,
but you're history.

They won't sign without me!

Françoise will take you
to the labor relations board.

Juliette's quiet,
but speaks volumes.

Magnus is a liar.
He's not a real redhead.

Renaud just got out of jail.
He'll kill you all, one by one.

And Ash...

He's my cousin.

He's an artist.
He'll only talk to me.

Thank you, everyone.

The next song is called
"Dr. Sun

and Mr. Pratham."

Without me...

there's no music.
Without music, there's no profit.

So, what do you want?

I stay on as manager.


I want 10% of the takings.

And I want 5 new scooters.