Sumuru (2003) - full transcript

Based on Sax Rohmer's cult novels "Sumuru", this futuristic fantasy takes you to an Earth-colony in the far future, in which women rule and men are used to propagate the race and work in the mines.

Come on, Jake.

There's got to be
something down there.

Give me some readings.


Lower atmosphere radiation
levels are too high.

Without ground boosters, we
can't even detect an elephant.

Any word from the base?


Still a white noise
on all frequencies.

Look, either these people
are dead, out to lunch, or...

Or what?

Or they're just not in
the mood to talk to us.

After 900 years of no contact
with Earth, who'd thunk, huh?


Let's take a closer look.

re-entry sequence initiated.

You know, I've always said
that deep space colonization...

Deep space colonization
is a bad idea.

Well, from where I'm
sitting, that fact we spread

the human gene pool
this far in the galaxy

was a pretty good
investment, huh?

Are you going to tell
them why we're here?

Not yet, I want to
assess the situation first.

Oh, assess?

What's to assess?

I mean, down there is
probably mankind's last hope.

If they don't come to the party,
we're all royally screwed.

Stand by for entry.

Sequence complete.

Prepare for atmosphere re-entry.

Tell me you can fix this.

Radiation's knocked
out all the nav systems.

Entry program is offline.

Manual override complete.

Ah, OK.

Remember flight school?

Manual steering.

Eh, just like riding a bull.

Hold on tight.

Hello, colonists!

This is one hell
of an introduction.

We're losing
altitude real fast.

I gotta get the nose up.

Burn forward thrusters.

OK, three, two, one.


Come on, baby.

One last time.

Come on, baby.

We're still too steep, Adam.

Jake, skids down, now!

Ah, man, this
is going to hurt.

I'm taking the skids down.


Hold on.

Oh man.

We have got to find a
better way of getting

from planet to planet.

Forgot I was strapped down.

Well, we can't stay long.

I'm parked in the
loading zone anyway, so...

Lean on something.

Lean on something.

All right.

Hold that.

Oh yeah.

Nice driving, Wade.

Set you down over here.

Oh yeah.

Welcome to planet
Antares, my ass.

Get off me.

What are you doing?

Damn it, Jake, I'm
a pilot, not a doctor.

Yeah, baby.

Oh, that's much better.

Thank you.

Here, hold this.


Sorry about that.

What's that up there?


What are you talking about?

Looks like a dog.


Relax, Jake.

You're all tranq-ed up.

Planet of the dogs.

Let's go check it out.

Easy, easy trigger.
Just... here.

Hold this.
Put it on there.

I'll go...

More... starbase should be...

Come on.
I'll tell you what.

I'll go check it out.

You stay here.

Put pressure on that.

Told you.

The snake heads are behind us.


Don't be scared.



Snake heads, huh?

Yeah, maybe the snake heads
will catch him, instead of us.

You're late for
sacrifice, boy.

Run, dog, run!

Get out of here!

Take him away.


You OK?


Just juicy.

That was quite a ride.

A good 6.2 on the
old Richter scale.

Yeah, I got that.

What caused it?

Let me guess.

You need some geo scans, huh?

Yeah, I'd appreciate that.

You found anything yet?

I'm not sure.

I'll get back to you on that.



























We hail the great
serpent goddess who

shakes the heart of our world.

We hail the
great serpent goddess.

All powerful snake mother,
receive our offering of blood.

All powerful
snake mother,

receive our offering of blood.

Nice local wildlife.


Queen of planet Antares.

The serpent goddess
returns the sun to our sky.

We all thank the
serpent for our sunrise.

Bring out this sacrifice.

The serpent is ready to feed.

Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.
Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.

Sacrifice, behold
the serpent's face.

Feed the goddess.
Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.

Feed the goddess.



He's my birth brother, Sumuru!

Your brother.

Hold them!

They have defiled the ritual.

Throw them all in the pit.


You know the law, Taxan.

Man kills so man can be
killed, but not women.

Your woman just defiled
our holy sacrifice

and she killed another woman.

It was self-defense.

She still has my protection.

Order your women
to back off, Taxan.

I am goddess in this
temple, and that male

is my chosen sacrifice.

You may be goddess
in this temple, Taxan,

but I am queen of Antares.

The girl serves me.

The boy is her brother.

I hereby pardon him.

You cannot pardon
one whose body is

promised to the snake mother.

I just did.

You want to battle,
goddess, here and now?

You found anything yet?

Not a good time to talk.

A male!

Take him!

Run, Will!

Bring him to me alive.

The ceremony is over for now.

I want to be there when
they find the stranger.

Keep moving, kid.

Ship's just over the hill.


What's that?

That's a star shuttle, kid.

Go, go, go, go, go, go.

OK, so you found the chicks.

Did you have to piss them off?

Shut up, get in,
and lock the hatch!

Who's your friend?

Come on, kid.

Get them!

Whoa, whoa, Adam!

Snake bite.

That's bad.

What are you doing?


I have to!

It's poisoned!



Surrender yourselves!


Lower your weapons.

We take our orders from
the serpent goddess herself.

Taxan sent you
to kill these men.

Woman can kill man.

It's the law.

I am queen here, and
those are my prisoners.

I serve goddess Taxan.

Then go back to
her temple and tell

her that those men are mine.

Temple snake has bit him.

What are you going to do?

He's going to die.

Point a weapon at me
again, I'll kill you faster

than that poison in your blood.

This will kill the
venom of the snake.


Put a guard on the
starship, Dove.

What about these males?

These males, lady, are...


Get Search and Teller
to have a look at that one

and clean this one up.

Going to question him later.



Dog, where are you?





Whoa, I thought you
were the snake heads.

I could have been.

Didn't I tell you to stay
out of the temple zone.

But it's not me.

It's dog.

He keeps on running away.

Will, you must stay away
from the temple guards and

the village, for that matter.


Since you've become
Sumuru's bodyguard,

I hardly see you any more.

Will, it's because
I'm Sumuru's bodyguard

that I'm able to protect you.

If it wasn't for the
queen, Taxan would have

fed you to the snake mother.

I guess.

If something like
this happens again,

Sumuru will choose
another bodyguard.

I'll be disgraced, and then
how will I take care of you?

But you always
take care of me.


Now get out of here.

If I can, I'll come
and see you tonight.

And tell me a story?

And tell you a story.

Whoa, whoa whoa, whoa.

Hey, easy, girl.




How are you doing?

Strike one up for
herbal medication.

- You?
- Oh, you know.

My head feels like I crash
landed on the planet,

not the shuttle.

What do you make of all this?

Well, they speak
our language, which

means they were either
descendants of the colonists

or a tribe that was in
close contact with them.

But apart from the kid, the
only people we've seen here

are women.

Maybe the gene
virus got here before us

and all the men
are already dead.


If the gene virus had eliminated
their ability to reproduce,

the last colonists would
have died like 800 years ago.

Somethings happening
to the men...

it's happening in
this generation now.

Listen, that's not
the worst part.

Hey, kid.

Humor me.

I did those geo
scans you asked me for.

The earthquake was
no isolated incident.

This planet is going through
major tectonic changes...

underground volcanoes,
shifting magma flows,

rapidly fluctuating
magnetic fields.

That explains why
our sensors failed.

Remember Krypton?


Remember what happened?


No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.

This planet
is cooked, Adam.

These people need saving
just as much as we do,

and their time's running out.

How long?

I can't tell unless I know
the frequency of their quakes.

Educated guess, Jake!

All right, two months...

maybe three.

Well, if the gene
virus is already here,

it really doesn't make
a difference, does it?

Hey, how's your med scan?

Just a trace of
the snake venom.

No sign of viral antibodies.
Let's see yours.

Still negative, too.

Hey kid, your
name's Will, right?



I was right.

This planet is being torn apart.

Oh, it's only the
sacred snake moving.

Is that right, huh?

And this happens often?

Yeah, all the time.

Um, what was that thing you...

Oh, I'll show you.

Is it like an oracle?

Can it tell things about me?

It's better than an oracle.

It tells us if you
have a secret illness.


What are you doing
to my brother?


Just a simple med scan.

He's... kid's in A1 shape.

We need to talk to
this queen of yours.

After she bathes, the queen
will interrogate him alone.


Sounds good to me!

So, sacred snake, huh?


You could take
somebody's eye out.

- Quite a powerful weapon.
- In the right hands.


- But your highness...
- All of you.

Not a difficult weapon
to master for a queen.

So what is your name?


How's your leg?

As good as new.

You've got a way
with snake bites.

There are a lot
of snakes in my world.

So you told the boy
you came on a starship?


We landed because
we needed fuel and...

You didn't land,
star man, you crashed.

And your needs are the
least of my concerns.


You speak our tongue.

Where are you from?

Came from a
planet called Earth.

It's far, far away.


We also believe
that your people came

from there 1,000 years ago.

914, based on your
calendar, to be precise.

Slightly less than 700,
by Antarean standard.

Then you know
about the colonists?

Not much.

My science advisors pieced
some of it together.

We have almost no records
past the last 300 years.

A lesser mind would
think of it as magic.

No, it's just science.

It's a holographic projection.

Tell me the story.

An expedition from
Earth... men and women set

up a terraforming base here.

It was the furthest outpost
humans ever colonized,

far from the trading routes.

For 50 years, Antares star
base sent reports back

to our nearest colony
on Sirius, and then all

of a sudden, contact stopped.

You never tried to
find out what happened?

There was a war, followed
by another one right after it.

When it was over, the
people that survived

needed about 200 years
to rebuild civilization.

Needless to say, an outpost at
the furthest end of the galaxy

was not our biggest priority.

We've been out of touch
with you for nine centuries.


Why have you come here now?

I told you we lost
contact with you.

Why now?

What do you want from us?

Jake and I came here to
help you and your people.

Help us?


Well, your planet is
not in the best of shape.

The core is unstable.

The quakes.

Yeah, they're not caused
by that snake monster

you've got in the pit.

Is that so?

We mine oil and
gas deep in the rock.

And every time our world
shakes, my engineers

measure every movement.

But the sacrificial ceremony
to the serpent goddess.


At one point, our people
got so scared of the quakes

that they turned to
religion for an answer.

Taxan has been feeding
on that ever since.

Taxan is...

A living
serpent goddess.

It is her warriors who shot you.


Seemed to be a lot more
than political animosity

between the two of you.

Taxan has been groomed
by her family to be queen.

She comes from a fine
blood line that produced

four queens in three centuries.

She considers my
throne her birthright,

but Antarean queen is
not born, she is elected.

And the people elected me.

So instead of
accepting defeat,

she opted to form her own party.

A bit of a sore loser.

And a dangerous opponent.

Well, she's not
your biggest problem.


To put it bluntly,
your planet's dying.

That's the cause of the quakes.

We need to evacuate your people
and find them a new future.

A new future where?

Well there's plenty
of other planets

out there with oceans,
forests, snow capped mountains.

We want to help, but
we need you to persuade

your people to leave.


On your starship?

It's lying in the valley,
crashed, burned, destroyed,

like all man's dreams.

What does that mean?

It was
written, long, long,

ago, man brought the
curse of darkness.

Where are the
men of your planet?

Come on.

I'll show you.

The men of Antares.

They're miners digging for
the oil and gas we burn.

The strongest ones are
sometimes selected to maintain

and broaden the cave passages.

Boys and old men down here.

Men have muscles, not brains.

Men are workers.

Women plan, organize,
and make decisions.

It's just the natural
order of things.

It's the natural
order of things?

We keep them alive.

On their own, they'd
never survive.

Men don't have brains?


Man brought the light
of death upon us.

The light was a
judgment on man's pride.

What the hell does that mean?

It's our history.

Men are born to work and
women are born to rule.

What about families,
things like that?

You don't have those?

My women still
mate with males.

We have to reproduce.

That's not what I meant.

Well, that's all there is.

You see what I mean?

Little kiss before I
end up in the gas mines?

I didn't save your life
to waste it in the mines.

I want to learn more from you.

It doesn't work like that.

We came here in peace.

Men never go anywhere
with peace in mind.

We have peace.

You call this peace?

I call this slavery.

Now what?


Have to do better than that.

Lock him up!

- And the other one, too.
- Get up.


Kill all the guards.

Bring the star man to me.

My pleasure, goddess.

Watch out!



Don't move, alien.





No, Dove, don't die.

Please don't die.



Don't die.

I'm so sorry I couldn't
protect you better.

Will, it's important.

Tell Sumuru what happened.



Oh, Dove.


Dove, don't die.

Dove, Dove!


I am Taxan, living
serpent goddess, leader

of the Antarean faithful.

Yeah, well your
women here just

murdered some loyal Antarean
faithful in the hallway.

I liberated you
from Queen Sumuru.

It doesn't much
feel like liberation.


You fell from the stars?

Yeah, you could say that.

My warriors tell me you
carry the most powerful

weapon they have ever seen.

Actually, your queen
carries that now.

You have other weapons
in your starship?


Join me.

To do what?

Help me defeat the blasphemous
Sumuru in the sacred name

of the temple.

Let me ask you a question.

Is this a religious crusader
or is this a personal thing?

Sumuru believes in
the ways of science,

but science is the god
of man, and man kills.

Yeah, that's the
second time I've heard

this man kills theme today.

You want to elaborate
on that a little bit?

What do you mean?

What do I mean?

What do I mean?

Well, I don't know, that 900
years ago, this place was

a thriving terraforming
colony with farmers,

scientists, family
units... men, women,

children, that sort of thing.

What happened?

Legend has it
that the gods were

angered by man's attempt to
force his will upon the planet.

Lightning fell from heaven.

There was fire without
flames and those

too close were burned...

mostly men.

And the women just took over.

We can rule Antares together.

No, I think sharing with a
man is against your religion.

I am the living goddess.

I make my own religion.

Join me.

What's that?

- What?
- It's a view screen.

It's a relic from times gone.


Don't be afraid.

They're my sacred children.


But they still bite.

The penalty for killing
my sacred serpents is death.

Well yeah, you know,
once bitten, twice shy.

I just pardoned you.


Yeah, sort of.

It's a magic view screen.

It's still got some juice left
in its magic nuclear battery.

Make it light up again.

I can't.

It looks like some of the magic
transponders aren't working.

Give me that magic.

I don't think
that's a good idea.

I am Taxan.

Obey me.

Sorry, goddess.

My magic.

I see you're not into long
running relationships, either.


Take him.

Chain him.

Believe me, we will.

You slaughtered
my guards, Taxan.

I have as much right
to this male as you.

Excuse me?



You broke
the first law...

women never kill women.

Soon, I'll be writing the law.

Raise your hand
against me again,

and you'll answer
to the faithful.

It is you who is going to
answer to the Antarean people.

Your word against mine.

Try and prove it.

- Dove's brother is a witness.
- So am I.


Men giving
evidence against women?


You're wasting your time.


You're right.


Should have
done it a long time ago.

Nice shot!

Nice outfit.

Don't even go there.

We have to get out of here.

We have to get out of this.

Here they come!

Taxan's warriors guard
every tunnel between here

and the City of History.

City of History?

You mean the burn zone?

What are they on about?

No idea, but
apparently, there was

some sort of catastrophic
event hundreds of years

ago called the Light of
Death, which seems to be

the key to their civilization.

Light of Death, burn zone.

According to our data, the
colonists' command center had

a quantum flux power reactor...

way unstable by
today's standards.

You think there might
be a connection?

Come on, gotta go.

Hey Will, let's go.

Where's dog?

He always comes back.

And I'm sure he'll
catch up with us, kid.

It's just right now,
we don't have the time

to wait or to look for him, OK?

Come on, let's go.

So what's this burn zone?

Ancient buildings
at the edge of our city.

Legend says my people
once fled from there.


Yes, away from
the Light of Death.

This badge is handed down
from queen to queen...

a relic from the burn zone.

It's an ancient
faster than light cruiser,

like a passenger
transport version.

There's something like
this in the burn zone?

That's what I'm hoping...

a ship to get you
both off my world.

Come on.

Wait, wait, wait.

If there is a ship like
this, we can take you

and your people with us.

You're rogue males here.

I want you both gone before
there's more trouble...

more women dead.

I will deal with Taxan and
order will be restored.

OK, brain
boy, do you think

you can figure out a way to fire
up that ship after 1,000 years?

Well, quantum flux
reactor in the command center's

probably shot, but
the fusion generators

might be operational.

If we could get them powered up,
then maybe we could, you know,

charge the cells of the ship.

You got a better idea?

Well, it's insane
and highly unlikely.

And no, I don't
have a better idea.

You haven't forgotten
we're supposed

to take some of these people
from Antares home with us.

They're not going
to cooperate with us.

Right now, they
just want us gone.

You mean you haven't told
her what's about to happen?

I'm getting the feeling
that a man's word is not

worth too much on this planet.

What about Earth?

You know, gene virus.

Well, that's not going
to make a difference.

They don't care whether we
need them to survive or not.


Taxan has given the
alarm to her warriors.

All the tunnels are
going to be sealed off.

There goes that never
hitting a woman thing.

I don't know if hitting
would have done any good.

I mean, did you check
the pecs on those chicks?

Well, I know...

What, what,
what, what, what?

I use to hide
here from the Warriors.

There was another way out.


Lead the way.

Over here!

Come, lift me up.


No guards.

Come, let's go.

There's no way we're
fitting in there.

What about that way?

What's that light down there?

We can't go that way.

Why not?

It leads to the surface.


It's a way out.

On the surface, we're going
to be spotted kilometers away.

- Trust me.
- I don't get it.

What's down there?

There's a prison.

A prison.

Sumuru, what the hell is this?

We're wasting time here.

Keep on moving.

These people are
caged up like animals.

That's the way things
are on Antar-ass, Jake.

The women rule
and the men slave.

That is bullshit.

You would like it
the other way around?

Men brought the Light of Death.

It was a judgement
of man's pride.

What are you on about?

It's their history, Jake.


We've got to get out
of here before more

snake heads spot us!

Not now, kid.

How do you open these gates?

We don't.

That wheel over there.


No, no, no.

The other way!

Adam, give us a hand here.

Turn that wheel
and I'll shoot you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come on.

Come on, easy.

Jake, come on.

That thing leaves a mark.

I want you off my planet.

OK, we don't have time
to debate men's rights here.

Men's rights?

Snake heads!

Jake, get that gate open!

Give me my weapon.

Give me my weapon!

Destroying our order
will not be your legacy.

Are you the queen
of all your people

or just the better half?

Get out of there!


Climb up, I command you!

- Now what?
- The surface.

I thought you
said we'd be spotted

if we go to the surface.

It's the only chance I've got.

Come on!

Fresh air.

We cannot stay here.

Taxan's warriors
are right behind us.

Where to?

The burn zone.

Let's go.

Go, go!

I got it.

Appreciate it


My home.

I guess it's beautiful in a
sort of Miami Beach kind of way.

The zone is
behind the mountain.

Let's get going.

They've freed all the males
from the south gas mines.

I sent warriors to
the top of the shaft.

Round up the slaves later.

I went the traitor Sumuru
and the alien heretics.

You know you did
the right thing back

there, letting those men go.

It was stupid.

It goes against everything
Antareans believe in.

Then why'd you let us do it?

I am present when a
child is born on Antares.

The moment the child
leaves its mother

is the last moment
it is truly free.

Seconds later, it
will be decided

whether the child will
live as an outcast

or as part of our society.

To me, that always felt unjust.

Yeah, well if sex is a
gauge of somebody's worth,

I'd say Taxan's a
bad example of that.

Still wasn't the
right thing to do.

And thanks to you,
there's chaos.

No chance of returning
to the village.

Oh, like we want to
return to your village.

- Like we even care...
- Jake.

Oh, come off it, Adam.

You can't seriously be
siding with her on this.

Go for a walk.


All of you.
Go, get out of here.

Keep moving.

Come on.

Yeah, for Jake, this is
a little bit more than just


How so?

When he was a kid, his
parents were taken away

and put in a slave labor camp.

He knows what it's
like to have nothing

and be treated like nothing.

Yeah, we're full of surprises.

Better get going.

Yeah, better get going.

Snake heads!


Round up all those males!

Forget them.

Which way do you
think they went?

There's only one place
Sumuru can take them...

the zone.

Goddess, we cannot
enter the zone.

You're under the
serpent's protection.

Follow me.

You heard the orders.


Come on, boy.

Your sister and I used to
climb up this mountain when

we were much younger than you.

She never gave up.

You mean Dove beat you?

You don't beat your queen.

But she could have.

Damn these quakes.

You know, this planet is
really starting to piss me off.

It's the snake mother.

She's angry.

There's a reason
for that, boy.

Our world is ending.


What does that mean?

This planet's old, kid,
which means it can get sick,

like people, and even die.

That's why we've got to
get you out of here, hm.

Come on, let's go.

You know, by now, Taxan
probably has all your people

up in arms against you.

You'd be a lot safer
coming with us.

I can't.

I do not rule my
people, I serve them.

And if I had to,
I'd die for them.

Whatever floats your boat.

This is the furthest
I've ever been.

So how do you know where
this burn zone of yours

actually starts?


Hey, look what I found!

We call him the
keeper of the zone.

When this guy died, I'd
say about 900 years ago,

his bones were
glowing in the dark.

We're OK, though,
because quantum

radiation dissipates real fast.

Yeah, it's low levels now.

The starbase power reactor was
right next to the shuttle bay.

Do you think that
ship's systems are

still going to be functional?

Look, spacecraft are
designed to withstand

extreme cosmic radiation...
even micro-asteroids.

I'd say if she doesn't have a
flat tire, we've got a chance.

Nine centuries
ago, this place had

one hell of a quantum burst.

I mean, this whole area
must have been polluted.

I'd say anyone in the
vicinity of the command center

must be dead within
like three seconds.

to the databases,

the women were working
the terraforming fields

further north.

All they saw was a bright light.

The fire without flame.


Light of Death.


Look, mystery solved, OK.

The colonists blew
themselves up,

mostly women survived,
and they just

rebuilt society to their needs.


Let's go!

Come on!

We're moving out!

Come on!

Come on!

Keep moving!

Everybody OK?





Come on.

Careful, careful,
careful, careful, careful.

OK, let him down, let
him down, let him down.

He's still breathing.

You with us?

Scanning my body again, Adam?

No secret illness, right?

Just like before?

- You betcha, kid.
- Which sickness?

I'll tell you later.

No, now.

Scan her, Adam.

She'll read negative, too.

That's up to her, Will.

Do I pass your test?

You're perfect.

OK, now the truth.

Your planet is dying.

Our world is already dead.


A gene virus...

a long dormant leftover
in our DNA from a gene war

centuries ago suddenly
became active.

It destroyed our
ability to procreate.

There's no cure.

There's no antidote.

Over the last 60 years, human
colonies all over the galaxy

have diminished to the
point of extinction.

So you and Jake...

We're two of the
last clean humans left.

Scientifically speaking,
we're freaks of nature.

Why did you come here?

Your community is
the only healthy gene

pool large enough to support the
survival of the human species.

You came here to...

You test negative
for viral antibodies.

So did Will.

There's no trace of
the gene virus here.

You're our last hope...

you and your people.

If we leave without you,
there is nowhere we can go.

Help us.

Let's find the ship first.

We're here.

Adam, check it out.

The radiation
levels are radical.

Looks like they've
altered the reflective

qualities of the zone.


Reactor's just behind this door.

Shuttle bay just beyond that.

Control circuits are all blown.

There's no response.

Aw, forget it.


Stand back.

After you, ma'am.

There it is.

Follow me.


What are you waiting for?

Anyone else care to disobey me?

Guys, I found it.

Over here.


Think you can
get the power up?

Hey, I was right.

The quantum flux
reactor did blow.

Must have been one
heck of a quantum wave.

Didn't seem to have damaged
most of the equipment, though.


Everybody cross your
fingers and pray

that the fission generators
are still functional.

Yes, please!

You didn't think mother
nature would spare an idiot

from extinction, did you?


No comment.

Look, it's a pretty
primitive setup.

How many guys that you know
could operate machinery that's

almost a millennium old, huh?


Let's clean this baby up.

Come give me a hand here, kid.


It's just rocket science.

How long before you
can power up the cruiser?

It's going to take
me a while to figure

out if the system is stable,
and I'll get back to you

on that one.

Let's go see if your ancestors
left some horses in the stable.

I'll tell you later.

Not bad for 1,000 years old.

Or many moons or whatever
you guys call it.

Oh yeah.

I'm going to need a vintage
manual for this one.

Power's low.

We're definitely going to
need Jake's generators.

Cover your eyes.

I keep praying we're
getting out of here.

Who says I'm going with you?

You have no future
on this planet.

What future will
I have with you?

You'd have a chance.

A second chance?

That's up to you.

It's humming, Jake.


Welcome back to the age
of interstellar travel

and holographic
swimsuit catalogs, kid.


Cata... you know, a
planet of bootylicious-ness

and you're not even old
enough to appreciate it.

That is a tough break, kid.


Let there be light.

All right!

Let's get this baby
powered up and get

the hell out of this hellhole.

Adam, we've got generator power.

Adam, you copy?

Yeah, we copy, Jake.

You ready for power?

Yeah, juice up
cruiser power storage.

I will fire up the
on-board reactor.

I'm on it.

Oh, and Adam.


Tell that queen friend of
yours that I checked the base

logs up until the accident.

The quantum reactor blew
because of a structural weakness

with the inner tubing.

Probably a freak
reaction to the planet's

more offbeat radiation.

But no judgment,
no Light of Death,

and sure as hell no
fault of the engineers...

male or female.

Yeah, thanks
for the info, bud.

So we were wrong all along.

It's natural.

I think after a
disaster, everyone

looks for someone to blame.

I guess it helps to
channel pain into anger.

That's human.

But our society...

our beliefs... it's all
based on a mistake?

Yeah, I think most
of Earth's cultures

were based on a mistake
of some form or other.

It's making the best
of it that counts.

Maybe now you can do that.

I'm drawing power to
the cruiser's storage cells.

Now hopefully, that'll give
Adam enough juice to power

up the ship's reactor.

What can I do for you, Jake?

You can keep an
eye on those radiation

readouts for me.

Now see, we've got to keep
them below that red line.


Because if we don't,
they're going to blow,

and our chances of
powering up the cruiser

- are going to blow with them, OK?
- I'm on it.

You know, I think
you're going to enjoy

wherever it is we end up going.


I just wish dog's here.


It's going to be OK.

We're going to get out of
here, and then you and I have

a date for some serious fun.

Eyes, watch.



Jake, I think I
heard something.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

What's the deal?

You're supposed to be
watching the readouts.

Yeah, but Jake, I really
think I heard something.

Yeah, yeah,
yeah, whatever.

Red line, kid.
Go, go, go, go, go.

Adam, stand by.

Sending you maximum power.


Sequencing cruiser reactor.

Hit those two keys first.

That one, then that.


Up there!

Adam, what's
your reactor reading?

82% power.

Ready to fly in five.

You got a problem?

My readings are redlining.

I don't know if I can
contain this antique.

Initiate shut down sequence.

I'll give you go
as soon as I can.


Stand by reactor
shutdown sequence, kid.



Snake attack!

Snake attack!


Jake, no!


I've got to shut
the reactor down!

Where's the traitor, Sumuru?

Over here, Taxan.

She's mine.

You've been queen too long.

You want my crown, Taxan?

It should always
have been mine!

Then come and take it.

Generator's in the red.

- This place is going to blow.
- How long?

- Five minutes, max.
- Power up the cruiser.

Get those blast gates open.

Go now!

Come on!


Let's see if this vintage
baby wants to fly.


That generator's
going to explode.

We got to get out of here.

Launch power up
and blast gates open.


That had to hurt.

We got to go.

Go, go!

What can I do, Jake?

Watch and learn, kid.

Sequencing engine start up.

Vertical thrusters.

No touching.


Please baby, please baby.

Vertical thrusters firing.

Yes, please.

Yeah, didn't see
that one coming.

Full vertical thrust.

Checking main engines.

You getting all this
technical shit, kid?

No, not really.

That's OK.

Neither does Adam.

All righty.

Give it to me, baby.


We just got ourselves a
ride out of here, kid.

Yes, please.

I can't hold these
thrusters on standby.

Where the hell are they?

Here they come!

Go, Jake!

Go, go, go.

Blast gates are lowered.

- We've got full thrust.
- Everybody hang on.

Is it at all possible
you miscalculated

the timeline for this planet?

I hate to admit it, but I
just had the same thought.

Let's hope I can
navigate this thing

through a shaking blast door.

Jake, you want to
do a systems check

and find out how far this piece
of fine, vintage machinery

will take us, please?

I'm on it.

Everything is going to be OK.

We've got a full
manifest here.

Enough... yeah, enough
for a jump to Sirius.

You mean you're flying
through the stars?

You got it, kid.

Next stop, Sirius station.

Hey Jake, take over.

Kid, come get your
first flying lesson.

Those are my people down there.

Listen, I know we lied
to you about our reasons

for coming here.

Men lie, women lie.

There was deceit and
treason in my own circles.

But you saved my life.

You saved mine.

I never needed
anybody's help before.

Well, maybe it's not about
needing someone's help.

But about wanting it?

Jake, set us down on that
hilltop near the temple.

Yeah, but the quakes
are getting worse.


I know.

OK, but we can't stay long.

You know, there's
room in this cruiser

to pick up survivors.

For all of us?

Well, it might be
a little crowded,

but you want to decide
who lives and who dies?

Not anymore.

On your feet.

Stand up, all of you.

We are going on a
great journey together.

It's not one we want, but one
we have to take, nevertheless.

We're going to the stars.

To the stars.

My queen.

You lost this.

I don't want it anymore.

OK, any time, people.

Can we move it along, please?

OK, someone tell me when
we're set to go because I

don't trust this planet.

Almost there.

What the hell was that?

A quake, Adam.

I told you.

Oh, you got
to be kidding me.

That was no quake.

Don't ask.

I'll tell you later.

Aw, man.

I knew this was too
good to be true.


If that thing damages
our thrusters,

we're stuck down here.

You realize that?

Fire up the left
parking booster.


Just do it!


All right.

And on the menu tonight,
ladies and gentlemen,

southern fried snake.

Three, two, one.

Bite me!

Bite me?

Let's get the
hell out of here.

OK, commander Will.

Butt in the chair, eyes on the
screen, hands on the controls.

And pull back real slow.

Like this.

You got it.


So you enter your data.

The nav control
plots a trajectory.

And look.

There's your course to Sirius.

And after that?

After that, pick a star, kid.




Oh dog, I thought I'd
never see you again!

He was at the ladder to the
surface, barking like crazy.

I thought there must be
something or someone really

special up there, and
well, if there wasn't, hey,

I could use some company.

Oh, thank you so much!

Oh, dog.


Guys, look at my dog!

Hey, he found you!

Oh, cute little dog.

What's his name?




It's a name.

A universe.

Ours for the taking.

Let's hope we
don't screw it up.